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Anawim Center is a facility for the abandoned elderly, physically and mentally challenged, and a few orphans. Located in a rough, contiguous site in Rodriguez, Rizal, the Philippines, the institution needs to replace traditional huts with larger shelters for transients and residents for a very limited construction cost and time constraint..


> cost + time

dormitory for the elderly

scope + quality


Modular impernanent building system (MIBS) is a do-it-yourself, reusable, and transferable building framing system invented by Arch. Philipp Purino. It is a nuts-and-bolts-free type of building as inspired by the indigenous nipa hut. Yet the strategic structural design of its framing system makes it sturdy. The modular design can be modified and redesigned according to specific needs. Assemblage takes two days for a single module. This also encourages users to practice the Philippine tradition of bayanihan where people in a community help each other in building a neighboor’s house.

modular specs

steel channel roof framing

three-module unit (infirmary)

cubice plate connection

steel tube beams + brackets cubic plate connection steel cylindrical pedestal pipe concrete footing

four-module unit (isolation hut)

six-module unit (dormitory)

impermanence as building; building as both a process +/ a product



an indigenous business community

Indigenous Peoples are an integral aspect of the atmosphere of Baguio City, being a meeting place for both these peoples and tourists alike. ‘Meeting’ in this particular case denotes an informal gathering of people.

conceptual development

The development of a business community was proposed as a reciprocal exhange in which the indigenous landscape may not always be composed and passive, nor the tourist view always dominant. The buildings are decided to promote progress but must be rooted within a distinctly historical setting.

The complex holds separate pavilions: a visitor’s center, an ethnologic gallery, a lodgiing facility the administrative buildiing and a multi-purpose trade hall, designed according to an ordering system of movement corridors and then pools of rest and social activities.

view of the center

Design approach is rather intuitive and is simulated to the natural contours of the terrain.

“Making a connection between a built form and what it is to sustain is to shift the design focus away from a building... as a finished product to process, encompassing what is being housed and supported and how it will interface with other processes—thus seeing it as a node at the intersection of flows Anne-Marie Willis, 2000

volumetric study

planar study

exploded axon

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Ysh Cabana Portfolio  

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