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This exciting computer-illustrated story of the night Jesus calmed the storm is a fun way to introduce children aged 4–8 to the Jesus who stopped raging wind and waves with just a few words. Jesus Calms the Storm shows children that they can trust Jesus, who has power to save and who is God’s Son. ISBN 978-1-925041-04-0 9 781925 041040

Jesus calms the storm-COVER.indd 2-3

Designed and illustrated by Shan Joseph Written by Natasha Percy

23/08/13 12:45 PM

In no time, the wind was roaring, and the waves smashed and crashed over the side of the boat, almost tipping it right over. Jesus calms the storm-TEXT.indd 8

23/08/13 12:40 PM

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The disciples were cold, wet and afraid as they tried to hang on to the boat. ‘Where is Jesus?’ they wondered. Jesus calms the storm-TEXT.indd 9

23/08/13 12:40 PM

Jesus was not afraid. He stood up and spoke sternly to the wind and waves. ‘Be quiet!’ he commanded. Jesus calms the storm-TEXT.indd 12

23/08/13 12:40 PM

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Jesus calms the storm