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The Good News about the Lord Jesus goes out to the World...

Jesus died and then his dead body was buried in a tomb

and soldiers set to guard it ...

In the morning 3 days later an earthquake shook the earth The tomb broke open... and the body of Jesus was gone because

He appeared to a lot of people

Then he told them they had to GO TELL everybody everywhere ... but first they had to wait until he sent them his SPIRIT!

Right then a cloud came and he went up into it


He’s gone back to God his Father



He will be back! ... same as you saw him go he will return one day

So they waited praying in Jerusalem for 7 weeks

Then it happened

... the sound of a great rushing wind ...

... and flames landing on each of them then they were Listen, I can filled with God’s Spirit ... talk another language ????? God was in them and they began to speak other languages

Crowds rushed to find out about the noise and the followers told them ... It’s the power of Jesus

They’re speaking my language! His Spirit has come to live in us

What does this all mean? Are you all drunk?

God has acted as he promised. He has sent his Spirit to live in us, men, women and young people alike

and mine too ... How do they do that?


... anyone who calls

on the Name of the Lord will be saved!

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