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Family Victories from Youth Villages Mid-South

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Spring 2012

A message


from Our CEO

Mike Bruns, Chairman Ronnie Randall, Vice Chairman Jimmy Lackie, Secretary Paul Bower, Treasurer Jim Barton Jr. Eric Bolton Kenneth Campbell Marietta Davis

25 years of helping children and families succeed This work never stops. From our support staff to the front-line counselors and specialists who are on call all the time, helping children and families live successfully is a challenge we relish at Youth Villages. From children in their formative early years to teens and young adults struggling to find their own way, Youth Villages staff coaches and supports youth and families as they work to find a better, positive future for themselves. Thanks to generous supporters, we’re able to expand our efforts and reach

Joanna Jacobson Rev. Robert Earl Jones Bryan Jordan Karole Lloyd Mark Medford Jim Parrish Johnny Pitts Ray Pohlman Jennifer Queen Matthew Tarkenton David Tyler Betsy Walkup George White Patrick Lawler, CEO

more children. The Day Foundation recently announced a $42 million challenge grant for our transitional living program, and we also recently expanded our Intercept in-home services program into the Portland, Ore., area. Twenty-five years ago, I dreamed of being a part of an organization whose sole mission was simply to help children be successful. Because of our staff and supporters, we’ve been able to grow from the merger of two Memphis residential facilities into an organization pioneering change to improve the lives of children with behavioral issues and their families, help youth in foster care transition to productive adulthood and work with troubled children to get them safely back to their families. It’s work we embrace. Every child we work with holds the promise of living a productive, positive life. They deserve to be happy and secure. They deserve the right to succeed or fail and have someone there who cares to

WEST TENNESSEE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Frank Cianciola Lee McWaters Richard Miller Laura Rosas Kevin Ross Joel Smith John Strange Christopher Vescovo Carolyn Wainwright

pat their back or pick them up. They deserve the right to be somebody. They deserve the opportunity to be children. Thanks to your support, many youth are able to experience just that through Youth Villages.

Join our networks

Patrick W. Lawler

Chief Executive Officer 901-251-5000 2

Program Success

*82.7% of youth were in state custody

As a national leader in the field of behavioral health, Youth Villages has measured at admission to the program. outcomes of children and families participating in its programs since 1994.




The Day Foundation announced it will give Youth Vil-

At one one-year year follow follow-up up

lages a $42 million legacy challenge grant primarily to help expand the organization’s transitional living pro-



80% No involvement with the law


At home with family



88% In school or graduated


The graph above represents the status of Mid-South youth at one year after discharge through December 2011. Figures include only youth who received at least 60 days of service and reflect a response rate of 60 percent.

gram that helps older foster children become successful adults. It is the largest single grant ever awarded to Youth Villages and one of the largest ever to a social services organization. Philanthropist Clarence Day, who began the foundation, was a longtime Youth Villages supporter, donating more than $14 million to the organization before his death in 2009. His approach to philanthropy and support of Youth Villages was highlighted in the book “Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results” by Thomas J. Tierney and Joel L. Fleishman, now in paperback. Because the transitional living program is funded mostly through private donations, the grant is crucial


in helping Youth Villages maintain and expand the TL program.

While Youth Villages is helping 1,452 young adults this year through the TL program in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee, there are thousands more in need. Each year, as many as 30,000 children will turn 18 and “age out” of state custody, being left on their own to make their

Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman and author of “I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side and Beyond,” took a few minutes to brighten the days of some of our group home kids in Memphis. Oher was in town for a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Collierville. He met with some youth from the Poplar and Coteswood group homes. Oher’s story is a lesson on what can happen when you have the passion, grit and determination to live up to your true potential, no matter the odds.

way in life as an adult. The grant and its matching funds will allow Youth Villages to serve about 9,000 young adults through TL during the next five years. 3


What’s going on at Youth Villages?

HOLIDAY HEROES SPREAD CHEER DURING HOLIDAY SEASON Thanks to your support, many children in Youth Villages programs are able to enjoy the holidays. We strive to make sure the holidays are a special time for the kids in our care through our Youth Villages Holiday Heroes program, where you can make sure the children receiving help at Youth Villages get to build holiday memories to last a lifetime. This year, more than 850 Memphis-area children were adopted by Holiday Heroes, individuals and corporate and community partners who fulfilled the holiday wish lists of young people in Youth Villages’ programs. Including monetary donations of nearly $20,000, the community gave more than $60,000 to help ensure a happy holiday season.



What’s going on at Youth Villages?

Annual Soup Sunday draws thousands to FedExForum to help YV programs More than 2,500 attended this year’s Soup Sunday at FedExForum. In its 23rd year, Soup Sunday featured soups and other foods from 55 area restaurants. The event raised nearly $60,000 for Youth Villages’ programs. Soup Sunday was a great event for the whole family. Along with the fantastic food, the event featured live music and lots of fun for kids, such as the annual Oreo-stacking contest, a magic show and appearances from area team mascots. Since the first Soup Sunday in February 1990 at Captain Bilbo’s in downtown Memphis, community support has provided nearly $800,000 to benefit Youth Villages children and programs.


COLEMAN PLANS TO FOSTER PARENT FOREVER Throughout her life, Karla Coleman loved being around children, particularly as a mentor to young girls. As an adult, she decided to use her love of children to make a positive difference by becoming a foster parent.

Little did Coleman know, she would end up providing a permanent home to three children National Adoption Day is a day of celebration of adoptive families and an opportunity for courts to open their doors and finalize the adoptions of children in foster care. Since 2000, nearly 40,000 children have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day, celebrated the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Above, Alexis gets comfortable with new mom Karla Coleman and a family friend. At left, Coleman and Alexis during adoption proceedings in Shelby County Chancery Court.

in need. Coleman celebrated National Adoption Day this year by adopting her foster daughter, 2-year-old Alexis. Alexis was placed in foster care at birth, having tested positive for cocaine. Youth Villages helped Coleman become Alexis’ foster mother when the baby was just 2 months old and attempts to unite her with birth family members had failed. Two years later, she can officially call Coleman “Mommy.” By joining the Coleman

“I became attached to these children. I didn’t want to see them bounce from home to home.”

family, Alexis also gained a sister and a brother, who both also were adopted from foster care. Coleman adopted her

level. Coleman is excited for Alexis to start preschool in the fall at Immanuel Lutheran School, where Mikhail is currently a first-grader. Coleman credits Youth

Mikhail, now 7. “I became attached to these children,” Coleman said. “I didn’t want to see

Coleman said. “He’ll give

Villages for making the fos-

her kisses and tell her. ‘I love

tering and adoption process

you, Lexi.’”

easy. She says Youth Villages

Despite the setbacks she

provided her with the right

oldest daughter, Kaylin, now

them bounce from home

faced at birth Alexis has

training and preparation she

18, when the girl was 9. In

to home. I wanted them to

come a long way, Coleman

needed to care effectively

2004, Coleman became a

have some permanency.”

says. She has been through

for her children.

foster parent again through

Coleman says Alexis calls

Youth Villages, fostering and

her older brother “Bubba.”

eventually adopting her son,

“Mikhail loves Alexis,”


speech, occupational and

With the help of her case-

physical therapy and is now functioning at her age

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ADOPTION from page 6


worker, she has been able to get

Villages adoption program

support whenever she needs

partners with the state Depart-

services, particularly for Mikhail

ment of Children’s Services to

and Alexis, who are medically

find permanent homes for the


children in our care who have

Coleman also advocates for

In the other states Youth Vil-

encouraging others to become

lages serve, our counselors work

foster parents.

with state officials to facilitate adoption for children who can-

through the training classes, if

not return to their birth families.

they’re interested in becoming

Right now, dozens of Youth

foster parents,” she said.

“A lot of people are afraid to make the commitment, but it’s

Brandon, left, recently was adopted by Ervin. He has been in this home for more than two years, and was in state custody nearly five years. This is the fifth child Ervin has adopted. They are pictured with Chancellor Kenny Armstrong.

adoption as a goal.

foster parenting and adoption,

“I tell them to go ahead and go


Villages kids in Tennessee are hoping to be adopted, ranging


in age from 5 to 18. Profiles are

Selena and Brandon were adopted by parents Danny and Chewanna. The new family is pictured with Henry County Chancery Court Judge Ron E. Harmon. Following the finalization in court, everyone celebrated at the Paris Youth Villages office with cake and presents.

available for many of the children eligible for adoption. The children in our care who

not as scary as you

are available for adoption face

think. Your heart

have suffered some emotional

special challenges. Most of them

may be broken

trauma in their childhood; many

when you hear these

neglect. Many of the children

have suffered from abuse or

kids’ stories, but it

available for adoption have been

will mend.”

many years. Now, their birth par-

in our foster care program for


ents’ rights have been severed, Coleman advises potential foster parents to go into fostering for the right reasons and to

foster to forever homes. They have received counsel-

keep in mind that most foster

ing and good care from us. To

children return to their families.

reach their full potential, all

“No matter how long these

they need now is the kind of

children are with me, I want to

security that only a real family

teach them something that will

can provide.

impact them in the future. Years

Youth Villages offers an array

later I want them to think, ‘Ms.

of training, support and assis-

Coleman taught me this,’” she

tance to potential adoptive par-


ents. Many adoptive parents also

Coleman also said she is ready to take in another child and potentially adopt again. She plans to keep fostering. “I’ll probably be 70 and fostering,” she said with a laugh.

Zackery recently was adopted by Jamie and Victoria in Madison County Chancery Court. Chancellor James F. Butler congratulated Zackery and his family and expressed to Zackery that he obviously had a big fan club because of the number of people who attended his adoption hearing.

and they are ready to move from

are eligible for continuing adoption subsidies from the state. You can complete a short inquiry form online if you are interested in adopting a child in our care and our adoption staff will contact you to provide more information.

JOHNNY MACK Johnny Mack, seated, was adopted by his Youth Villages foster parents, Antonio and Tiffany. The new family is pictured with Shelby County Chancellor Walter L. Evans. His Youth Villages counselor, Keisher Carter, attended the finalization in court along with DCS Permanency Specialist Tarvis Davis.


JENNIFER LEARNS SUCCESS MEANS BEING PART OF A FAMILY TEAM In many ways, Jennifer’s family had normal family issues that became exaggerated. Then they got out of hand. Her father, David, often worked odd hours well into the night to help them get by. He couldn’t do anything about the tension at home, the verbal abuse, the outbursts of anger between Jennifer and her mother. “There was a history of issues,” David said. “It led to a lot of tension in the home.” Jennifer quit going to school; she abused drugs and became physically and verbally aggressive. “The mother and Jennifer escalated each other with their behavior,” said

Jennifer, right, with her father, David, and Tiger

Tanesha Carr, Youth Villages family intervention specialist. “They had begun to make progress, but it didn’t last.” At the time, Jennifer said she didn’t

This time, Jennifer was ready to change. “They knew what to do,” Tanesha

care, and admitted the program

said. “They already had safety plans

wasn’t effective.

and de-escalation plans in place, so

“I had animosity toward both of my

Jennifer rescued a puppy near their home and brought it back. She washed the dog, washed the dishes and also cooked dinner for David. “I have a soft spot for animals,”

we used the time as a refresher and

David said. “But Jennifer takes care of

parents and I wasn’t going to listen

also to discuss more parenting and

him. She brought him back from being

to anyone,” she said. “I didn’t trust

relationship skills.”

malnourished and he’s doing great.”

anyone.” Shortly after starting Youth Vil-

One skill was keeping cool heads

Tiger’s a bundle of energy, and is

when a family member began pushing

evidence of the happy home because

lages’ Intercept intensive in-home

another’s buttons. Tanesha also had

of his interactive and playful nature.

services, Jennifer was admitted to the

to build trust with Jennifer. And while

And even though the family’s been dis-

Girls Center at Youth Villages Bartlett

the relationship between Jennifer and

charged a few months from Intercept,

Campus for her aggression and self-

her mother improved, it was still a

they still practice what they learned.

harming behavior. At the Girls Center,

problem source. After a few months,

The de-escalation plan is still posted.

Jennifer worked on her anger issues

the mother decided to leave, and Jen-

They still have disagreements.

and learned coping skills. Through

nifer seemed to do a lot better. First,

working on her trauma narrative, she

she began going to school. Second,

charged,” David said. “But we’ve

was able to gain a better grasp of her

she began doing her homework. She’s

worked very hard. We’re a team. We

situation and what led to her behav-

even on track to graduate high school

were fortunate to have a counselor

iors. She began to turn things around

this spring.

who would visit us late at night after

and completed treatment, returning

“Jennifer’s doing a remarkable job,”

home and to the Intercept program.

David said. “Many times when I come

Tanesha met with the family some-

“We still had issues when we dis-

I’d gotten off work.” Jennifer plans to attend college after

home from work, which could be

high school and is interested in pediat-

times late into the evening so David

early or late depending upon the calls

rics. She hasn’t missed any school, and

could participate. As part of the

I receive, she’s at home, doing her

is motivated to graduate.

program, she met with the family an


average of three times a week. She was on- all 24 hours a day for them. 8

And as a reward, David made a concession.

“We work more as a team,” Jennifer said. “Our relationship is a lot better.”


Thanks to our many supporters

The following donors made gifts to Youth Villages between June 30 and Dec. 31, 2011. The board of directors and staff of Youth Villages gratefully acknowledge these thoughtful con-


tributions. If you made a contribution during this time but it is not listed, please call the Youth Villages Development department at 901-251-4821.

YV Visionary ($50,000+) Anonymous Mr. and Ms. Paul Bower Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bruns FedEx Corp. Hauntedweb of Horrors Hyde Family Foundations Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Randall The Assisi Foundation of Memphis The Day Foundation The Jenesis Group The Robertson Foundation

YV Pillar ($25,000 to $49,999) Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Pitts, Jr.

YV Leader ($10,000 to $24,999) AutoZone United Way of the Mid-South C.H. Robinson - Memphis Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Jordan Mr. R. Andrew Taylor Nollie and Amanda Henington Trust Gossett Motor Cars Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barton Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Crews Goodlett Foundation Valero Energy Foundation

YV Protector ($5,000 to $9,999) American Snuff Charitable Trust Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Steven Austell BancorpSouth Mr. and Mrs. H. Eric Bolton Mr. and Mrs. James Hertwig Rose Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tanzer The Schadt Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waddell


itting down at my computer early in the mornings and late at night, I found running websites with race information and began emailing race directors around the world. Several days later, packages began arriving. And more packages. And boxes. And boxes. And boxes from across the planet. Beautiful, high quality marathon, ultra marathon, trail run, half marathon, 10K, 5K, Ironman Triathlon shirts began arriving from as far away as Ghana, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland, Egypt, Jamaica, Tanzania, Bahamas, Ecuador, Germany, Liberia, Bahrain, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong and Canada (a total of 25 countries so far). They also came from 25 different states including races on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the Big Sur Marathon, Yuma Territorial Marathon, Eugene Marathon, Cow Town Marathon, Run Crazy Horse, Paavo Nurmi Marathon and even the world renowned Boston Marathon sent 20 stunning marathon shirts! And the icing on the top (of the world) and the bottom (of the world) were shirts from the North Pole Marathon, and the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Shirts from all seven continents. Even finisher medals (close to 500 from various races). — Bryce Gaudian, guest column, Albert Lea Tribune, Nov. 6, 2011

Nearly 4,000 running and race shirts from all over the world, including Antarctica, recently were donated to Youth Villages. The shirts are awarded to Youth Villages’ running club members for achieving certain distances. Since 1998, the running club incorporates volunteers leading running sessions biweekly for youth in care. In addition, youth in the program participate in area 5k and 10k races. The shirts were donated through the efforts of Bryce Gaudian of Albert Lea, Minn., who learned about Youth Villages through his support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. An avid runner, Gaudian contacted race directors and organizers, asking if they would donate extra shirts to the Youth Villages running program. Gaudian also raised more than $11,000 for Youth Villages running in the St. Jude marathon in December.

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CONTRIBUTIONS YV Builder ($1,000 to $4,999) Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnhart Dr. Nancy Biggs Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boone Ms. Jennifer Case Judge and Mrs. Robert Childers Mr. Bruce Edenton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Flaskamp Mr. Spencer Fullen Mr. and Mrs. Jay Harvill Mr. Clay Hiett International Paper Corporation Inventory Locator Service, Inc. ILS Mr. Jeff Jackson Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ben Landers Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lavelle Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Corey Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Myron Mall Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Mathis Mr. Richard McKinley Medtronic Memphis British Sports Car Club LTD. Mid-South Recreation, Inc. Mr. Jerry Norman Oden Mrs. Carol Prentiss Red Deluxe, LLC Ring Container Technologies Mr. and Mrs. D. Wray Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schultz Mr. and Mrs. John Sheahan Signet, Inc. Southeastern Asset Management, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Steepleton Ms. Barbara Tatge The Canale Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Lucy Turnbull Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vogt Watkins Uiberall, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Mr. and Mrs. Spence Wilson Xerox Corporation

Friend of Youth Villages (Up to $999) Mr. Fayaz Abdul ACH Foods Cos., Inc. Ms. Gertrude Adams Albert Lea Seed House, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Albin Dr. J.E. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alexander Mr. James Allen Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Amadio Mr. and Mrs. Porter Anderson Ms. Vallee Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Kent Anderson Ms. Susan T. Anderson Ms. Patricia Andrews Mr. John Ang Mrs. Joy Applebaum Arlington Liquors


Thanks to our many supporters

Mr. Daniel Armitage Mr. William Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Donald Austin Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Back Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey Ms. Mary Baird Mr. James Baker Ms. Alison Baker Mr. Joseph J. Balkin Bank of Bartlett BankPlus Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bargiacchi Mr. Ryan Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Barousse Bartlett Rotary Foundation Ms. Judy Beach Mr. Albert Bean Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Becker Ms. Anita Bell Mr. and Mrs. Steve Berger Mr. Donald Berube Beta Sigma Phi Laureate Omega Mrs. Mollie Bird Ms. Lisa Bivens Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bjorklund Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blackwell Mr. Robert Bledsoe Mr. and Mrs. William Bledsoe Mr. and Mrs. John Blose Mr. Edward Boduch Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bond Mr. James Bones Mr. and Mrs. John Bookas Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd Mr. Edward Boyer Ms. Carole Bragg Ms. Alethea Bragg Mr. Guilbert L. Brandon Ms. Anne Bratcher Mr. Ronald Brewer Mr. Keith Brewer Mr. George Brewton Mr. and Mrs. William Brigance Brinker International Ms. Susan Britton Ms. Jennifer Brooks Dr. and Mrs. Brown Brooks Mr. Armstead Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael Browne Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bruzelius Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryce Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Bublitz Ms. Patricia Buchignani Mr. and Mrs. Paul Budd Buffalo Wild Wings Burleigh Consulting Group, Inc. Mr. Dana Capocaccia Mr. Michael Caradine Ms. Shirlee Cardwell Mr. and Mrs. C. Victor Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carroll Ms. Susan Carruthers Mrs. Stephanie Carson Ms. Anne Carter Mr. Paul Chambers Ms. Monica Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Chandler Mr. Edward Charbonnet Chick-fil-A Mrs. Nancy Cleland Mrs. Rachael Cocke Ms. Ilona Coffee Ms. LaRose A. Coffey Ms. Anne Coggin

FedEx employees adopted a cottage at Youth Villages’ Bartlett and Dogwood campuses and adopted four young people at the Girls Center for Holiday Heroes. In total, FedEx fulfilled the holiday wishes of 25 youth, totaling about $1,875. In addition, FedEx employees also raised $1,200 to outfit the cottages with Wii game systems and additional gifts.

Mr. Robert Cohen Steen Coleman Mr. David Coleman Ms. Marion Commerford Contractors, Inc. Mr. Andre Conway Mr. Anthony Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Sean Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cothran Ms. Barbara Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Alton Criswell Lauren Crosby Crye-Leike of Arkansas, Inc. Crye-Leike of Mississippi, Inc. Crye-Leike REALTORS Crye-Leike South, Inc Ms. Michelle Cuevas Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Dagastino Ms. Liesl Danley Mr. Michael Danner Mr. Ralph Davis Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Davis Mr. and Mrs. Victor DeBacco Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeBiaggio Ms. Ruthann Dekorsey Mr. Mike Dennison Mr. Brad Denzin

Mr. Sanjay Desai Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dillard Dixie Metal Products Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dixon Radu Dorneanu Mr. William Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Carl Drake Mrs. Eileen Drew Dr. and Mrs. Evan Drumwright Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Drushell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dudek Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dugan Mr. Jim Duke Mr. Brett Dunagan Mr. and Mrs. John Dunavant Mr. F Richard Dunlap Ms. Leigh Ann Dye Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Earl Earl’s Boat World Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Edelmuth Mr. George Ehrhardt Mr. Smith Elder Ms. Sally Ellis

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CONTRIBUTIONS Dr. Jerry Engelberg Ms. Kay English Mr. and Mrs. Walter Exline FedEx Services Mr. Fernando Fernandez Dr. and Mrs. William Fidler Ms. Karen Fields Isaacman Dr. John Flor Mr. Kevin Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Chris Foote Ms. Jessica Foster Mr. Michael Fowler Mr. Nicholas Francis Mr. Steven Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fristick Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gaia Mr. Thomas Nath Garland Ms. Natalie Garnett Mr. Steve Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gasteiger Mr. John Gately Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alan Gates Mr. and Mrs. James Gattas Mr. John Georgias Ms. Jere Gerard Dr. Lydia Gibson and Mr. Jack Gibson Mr. Eric Gibson Mr. Richard Gill Mrs. Maureen Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gillespie Mrs. Aimee Ginsberg Ms. Benita Giovannetti Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gladney Ms. Janna Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldstein Mrs. Glenna Gonzales Dr. Richard Gordon Ms. Sarah Gratz Mr. William Graves Greater Knoxville Process Service Ms. Kathy Green Mr. and Mrs. Carlvin Greenway Ms. Dorothy Greibrok Mr. and Mrs. Billy Griesbeck Mr. Hal Griggs Mrs. Debra Griste-Evans Mr. David Gross Mr. Steve Gulfstrom Mr. and Mrs. Darvin Habben Mr. and Mrs. Mark Halbert Mrs. Sadie Hall Mr. Robert Hall Lesley Hansford Mr. and Mrs. John Harbor Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris Ms. Linda Harris Ms. Lori Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hartman Dr. Fred Hatch Mr. Brian Hatley Mrs. Allison Havercamp Mrs. Beulah Hawthorne Mrs. Mary Grinter Hayes Mr. Ferd Heckle Mr. James Hedin Mr. and Mrs. John Heirigs Mr. Kevin Helms Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Herren Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hickey Mr. George Higgs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Himmerich Mr. and Mrs. James Hinson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hodges

Thanks to our many supporters

Representatives from Kele Inc. were Holiday Heroes. Kele Inc. adopted the Brooks Cottage at Youth Villages’ Dogwood Campus, fulfilling the holiday wish lists of 10 youth.

Mrs. Janet Hogan Mr. James Holland Ms. Mitzie Holliday Reverand and Mrs. John Holt Hospitality Contract Services, Inc. Mrs. Kate House Mr. Frank Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Yancey Hughes Mr. and Mrs. George Hume Mr. Efe Igbide Mr. William C. Irby, Sr. Mr. John Ireland Mr. Rick Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. John Jahr Ms. Lillian Jahr Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jeffries Ms. Nancy Jih Jimmy Gouras Properties Ms. Jane Johnson Mr. Callen Johnson Ms. Cierra Johnson Mrs. Constance Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Miss Jane Jones Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Ms. Diane Jones Mary Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones Mr. Robert Jones Ms. Betty Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jordan Mr. David Kabakoff Ms. Kathryn Kabel Mr. David Kabelik Mr. Joe Katterjohn Mrs. Jerita Kearnes Ms. Joan Ketchen Mr. Thomas Kimbrough Ms. Patricia Kinahan Dr. and Mrs. Truman Franklin King Ms. Carrie Kinsella Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kirkland Mr. Joe Kirsch Mr. R. Michael Kiser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klick Mrs. Ellie Klipfel Ms. Virginia Kloppenburg Kona Ice Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kozelsky Mr. Daniel Kriebel Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kriewall

Mr. and Mrs. James Lackie Mr. and Mrs. John Lambert Mr. Taylor Lamberth Mr. Ben Landess Mr. Robert Lanier Mr. and Mrs. David Laubach Mrs. Jackie Lautar Mr. and Mrs. William Lawler Ms. Robin Lawless Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Mr. Ken Lee Mrs. Florence Leffler Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lein Ms. Carol Leppert Mr. Larry Levingston Ms. Susan Lewis Mr. Wade Lewis Mr. Latedrick Lewis Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewter Mr. Frank Liddell Ms. Lasonja Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lightly Dr. George Lipsey Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lit Mr. William Loeb Mrs. Kathleen Longoria Dr. George Lord & Dr. Sarah Hurley Mr. David Lotz Mr. Robert Lundy Dr. and Mrs. Douglas MacGaw Ms. Lynette Magee-Praytor Miss Irwin Magevney Mr. Matthew Mangold Ms. Therese Mangold Mr. Daniel Marder Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marsh Mr. Hal Martens Mr. Michael Martin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin Ms. Cynthia Mauleon Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Maury Mr. Harvey Maxwell Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy May Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mayer Mr. Kenneth McClain Mr. John McClanahan Mr. Dave McConnico Mr. Brad McDaniel Mr. Hank McDowell Mr. Russell McGoff

Ms. Ann McKee Mr. and Mrs. Kenny McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Mickey McLellan Ms. Gale McMillin Ms. Tracy McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Dick McStay Mr. and Ms. Logan Meeks Memphis Chapter 20 Institute of Real Estate Management - IREM Mercedes-Benz of Memphis Mr. and Mrs. Steve Merfeld Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Merritt Mr. Christopher Meyer Mr. Jerry Michie Microsoft Corporation Mr. Dolan Mills Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Mills Ms. Ellen Minderman Mr. William Mize Dr. and Mrs. Tom Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. S Mead Moore Mr. Darrell Moore Ms. Jessica Moore Rev. Wilbur Moore Mrs. Vicki Moore Mrs. Ann Etta Moore Mrs. Caprice Morgan Mr. Kevin Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Morreim Ms. Frances Morrison Mr. Sam Muffoletto Mrs. Therese Mulvaney Mr. and Mrs. Jim Murgatroyd Mrs. Melia Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray, II Mr. and Mrs. David Nehilla Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Alano Nelson Mr. Kevin Nelson Mr. Eric Nielsen Mr. Peter Nilsen Mr. and Mrs. William Nix Ms. Lauren Noelker Mrs. Linda Norton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Norton Ms. Rosa Nugent Mr. Warren Clyde Nunn Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Brien Mrs. Legertha O’Neal Ms. Jennifer Obermark Mr. Francis Odette Ms. Sharon Olden Mr. James Orick Mr. and Mrs. Dan Otten Mr. and Mrs. Kent Otterman Mr. Jeremy Overall Mrs. Roberta Owens Mr. and Mrs. Joe Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pallme Mr. and Mrs. Scott Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Neil Palmer Ms. Letanshia Parham Mr. Joseph Parker Ms. Deborah Parnell Pat’s Prints and Framing Mrs. Evelyn Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Peeples Mrs. Dianne Person Judge and Mrs. Curtis Person Jr.

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Youth from the Youth Villages Bartlett Campus recently visited with athletes from the University of Memphis football and soccer teams to learn more about the importance of education and athletics.

Ms. Betty Williams Mr. Samuel Wilson Ms. Mimi Wilson Mr. Jeffrey Wingo Mr. Markus Winkler Mrs. Mary Broach Winsley Mr. Craig Witt Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Wold Ms. Courtney Wright Mr. Major Wright Ms. Simone Wright Mr. Allen Yanta Mrs. Rosemarie Yoon Mr. Russell Young Mr. and Mrs. Dan Young Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Young Ms. Kay Zachary Mr. and Mrs. George Zettler Mr. Elmer Zurakowski

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Honorariums January - June 2011

Drs. Wayne and Roseanna Capooth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

1986 Board of Directors Mr. and Mrs. James Gattas

Ms. Shirlee Cardwell Ms. Liesl Danley

Mr. Peter Abell Dr. Lydia Gibson and Mr. Jack Gibson

Mr. Stuart Eugene Carkeet Sr. Mr. Hugh Peterson

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Corby Church Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Ms. Nancy Cook Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mrs. Lisa Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robeson Ms. Cindy Creech Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Dr. and Mrs. Elzie Danley Ms. Liesl Danley Mr. Clarence Day – Day Foundation Grant Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Mrs. Susan Deason Mr. and Mrs. John Wade Mr. and Mrs. James Downs Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Miss Lydia Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. F. Richard Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

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Food with Class Anonymous

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Levy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

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Ms. Dodie Gumaer and Mr. Michael Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

Gage Logan and Team Ms. Dee Wallace

Ms. Annette Hamilton Dr. J. E. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Bart Harris Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hefferon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Frankie Honeycutt Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Loney Huchens Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. Paul Ireland Ms. Barbara Tatge Mrs. Lois Jacobson Dr. J. E. Albright Mr. Cody Jameson and Mr. Will Jameson Mrs. Peggy Kretzer Mrs. Theresa Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. Bill Johns Ms. Betty Williams Dr. and Mrs. Warren Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. Larry Kezele Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Dr. Ann Kolker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kretzer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

Santa? ... SANTA!

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Myron and Dianne Mall Mrs. Lucy Turnbull Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Marler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mathis Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Ms. Betty Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Bob McClendon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Dr. and Mrs. Howard Misner Dr. J. E. Albright

Each year Delta Airlines invites children from local nonprofit organizations to enjoy a “flight” to the North Pole. This year, kids from Youth Villages, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House all boarded the flight. The special guests enjoyed snacks and sang carols while the fantasy flight headed to the North Pole. As our “sleigh” reached the gate, the kids were allowed to open the window shades in time to see Santa waiting on the tarmac for them. Once inside the North Pole gate, they were treated to milk and cookies, face painting and a balloon artist.

Ms. Carol Morse Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Ms. Claire Owen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Partee Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. John Pettey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Jack Picanso Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mrs. Sue and Pat Prendergast Caleb, Melissa, Harlow and Declan Sweazy

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Ms. Carol Prentiss Dr. J. E. Albright

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Ms. Luella Jenkins Crye-Leike Inc. REALTORS

The Frank White Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Spence Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Spence Wilson Sr.

Mr. Taylor Yost Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

The BancorpSouth Foundation recently supported Youth Villages by donating $7,500 to the transitional living program.

Mr. Bruce C. Edenton Jr. Mr. Michael Caradine Mr. Ramon Castillo Chuck and Nancy Cleland Mr. Bruce Edenton III Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Merritt Ms. Cathleen Wigand The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation

Mrs. Helen Lee Ireland John and Debi Bookas Van and Dorothy Criswell Ms. Laura Fackler Ms. Kathy Green Ms. Tamara Tankersley Hanks Mr. James Holland Jimmy and Linda Hopper Mr. Larry McCage John and Terry Neal Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc. Ms. Holly Trowbridge Youth Villages development staff

Mr. and Mrs. Blake White Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin


Thanks to our many supporters

Members of the British Sports Car Club of Memphis presented Youth Villages with a donation of $6,000, raised at the annual EuroFest auto show, held each fall on Youth Villages’ Bartlett Campus.

Mrs. Shirley Joan Kolp Key Ms. Susan Britton Mr. Mike Dennison Ms. Carol Leppert Bill and Ty Sigler

Ms. Linda Rolleri Burleigh Consulting Group Inc. Ms. Mona Kenny Mr. Jason Paul Ross Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

Mrs. Mary Norris King John and Debi Bookas

Sam Runyan Dr. and Mrs. George Henriksen

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Gavin Louise McDill Miss Taylor Schuh Mr. Howard Mueller Mrs. Rosemarie Yoon Ms. Alice Plummer Mrs. Julie Weitzer Ms. Beulah Pruett Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Ms. Brenda Redmon Susan and Terry Carruthers

Ms. Grace Schuchart Ms. Bonnie Walker Dr. Daryl W. Shaw Ms. Patricia Walsh Dr. Frank T. Turnbull Mrs. Lucy Turnbull Mr. Donald Urschel Mrs. Carolyn Urschel Ms. Geraldine T. Vise Crye-Leike of Arkansas Inc. Mr. Kevin Watson Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dixon


provide innovative prevention or

Officer Patrick W. Lawler joined

reunification services that help

other child advocates for a round-

children avoid foster care entirely,

table discussion with President

reunite with family members

Obama’s Domestic Policy Council

more quickly or find new families

staff last fall at the White House.

through adoption.

The meeting with Melody

Roundtable participants dis-

Barnes, director of Pres. Obama’s

cussed the use of evidence- and

Domestic Policy Council, focused

research-based practices and

on the recently passed Child and

stressed the importance of mea-

Family Services Improvement

suring outcomes to determine

and Innovation Act. Other White

effective programs to be imple-

House roundtable participants in-

mented on a large scale.

cluded Jonathan Greenblatt, new

“One of the children we helped

director of the White House Office

in Florida was 14 years old and

of Social Innovation and Civic

had been in foster care since

Participation; Racquel Russell,

he was a toddler,” Lawler said.

special assistant to the president

“He lost his entire childhood to

for mobility and opportunity; and

foster care. But we were able to

John Carson, office of public en-

use intensive in-home services to


support him through a successful

The law is one of the only big bi-

Early support from Optimist Club key to YV success

adoption placement. This act will

partisan initiatives passed by Con-

mean that more foster children

gress so far this year. It expands

across the country will receive the

the Title IV-E waiver program to

help they need to grow up in fami-

allow more states to use federal

lies – not foster or group care.”

foster care funds to develop or

Pictured above, left to right, are Will Roberson, Optimist president; Peter Abell, Youth Villages assistant director of development; Patrick Lawler, chief executive officer, Youth Villages; and Jim Gordon, Optimist member. Lawler, a White Station Optimist member since 1981, recently spoke at an Optimist meeting about the early support of Youth Villages from Memphis Optimist Clubs. He also spoke about the Day Foundation grant. Memphis Optimist Clubs have been a long-time supporter of Youth Villages.

YV opens Indiana office Youth Villages has begun helping children and families in Indiana, opening its first office in Madison. The private nonprofit organization is partnering with the Indiana Department of Child Services to provide intensive help to troubled children and their families in their own homes. Youth Villages is helping children and families in Decatur, Ripley, Dearborn, Jefferson, Switzerland and Ohio counties from its Madison office.

Looking for information

about a planned gift? Whether

Marler Stone

introduction to planned giving. A

you’re planning

category titled “How Can I…,” lists

a gift through

all the vehicles included in a plan,

your will or by

including wills and bequests, gifts

setting up a trust

of appreciated stock and gifts of

for Youth Vil-

real estate, with examples.

lages or another

In addition, there is a section on

nonprofit, Youth

“why everyone needs a will,” a glos-

Villages can

sary of terms, an estate intention


form and even a planned giving

The Youth Vil-

gift would mean in your unique

donations and planned giving that


Simply visit and click Donate, and you’ll find an

calculator to see what a planned

lages website has information on may be valuable to you.

Join our networks

For information, contact Marler Stone at 901-251-4820 or e-mail 15

YOUTH VILLAGES 3320 Brother Blvd. Memphis, TN 38133 (Address Service Requested)


A private nonprofit organization, Youth Villages this year will serve more than 18,000 children and their families from offices in the following cities: Alabama: Auburn, Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville Arkansas: Jonesboro, Little Rock Florida: Lakeland, Miami, Tampa Georgia: Atlanta, Douglasville Indiana: Bloomington, Jeffersonville, Madison Massachusetts: Lawrence, Plymouth, Springfield, Woburn, Worcester Mississippi: Biloxi, Greenwood, Hattiesburg, Hernando, Jackson, Tupelo New Hampshire: Manchester North Carolina: Asheville, Boone, Charlotte, Concord, Greensboro, Greenville, Pinehurst, Raleigh-Durham Oregon: Portland Tennessee: Chattanooga, Clarksville, Columbia, Cookeville, Dickson, Dyersburg, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, Linden, Memphis, Morristown, Nashville, Paris Washington, D.C.

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Founded in 1986, Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization with a national reputation for offering the most effective programs and services to help emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully. Youth Villages’ Evidentiary Family Restoration™ approach involves intensive work with the child and family, a focus on measuring outcomes, keeping children in the community whenever safely possible, and providing unprecedented accountability to families and funders. The EFR approach produces lasting success for children, with success rates twice that of traditional services at one-third the cost of traditional care.

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