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Transitional living part of national trial...3

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DERICKUS WRITES HIS OWN SCRIPT Transitional living program blueprints plan for success page 4

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Spring 2011


Restoring trust in family and one another

Mike Bruns, Chairman Ronnie Randall, Vice Chairman Jimmy Lackie, Secretary Paul Bower, Treasurer Jim Barton Jr.

We learn at a very young age about sharing and the joy it brings.

Eric Bolton

Being able to give is an integral part of our relationships with one another.

Kenneth Campbell

For families, giving is a result of love and trust. And it’s about sharing experi-

Marietta Davis

ences and emotions and frustrations with those who have close ties and strong

Lewis Holland Sr.

bonds. In many ways, that is what Youth Villages strives to do with children and

John Hutchins

families – restore that trust and ability to share.

Joanna Jacobson

That’s why our work is challenging and rewarding. Our staff is committed to

Rev. Robert Earl Jones

helping every child succeed, to learn how to trust others again. Your support

Bryan Jordan

of our programs helps ensure we’re not only able to continue that important

Karole Lloyd

work, but expand it to help more children and families.

Mark Medford

Our footprints of success are left in all the communities we serve, and our

Jim Parrish

efforts are being recognized. A new book by Thomas Tierney and Joel Fleish-

Johnny Pitts

man, titled “Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results,” provides practical

Ray Pohlman

guidance for donors who want to get the most impact from their giving. It’s a

Jennifer Queen

great honor for Youth Villages to be included as an example of an organization

Matthew Tarkenton

that delivers real results for the investment donors make in us. Journalist and

David Tyler

author David Bornstein recently wrote about Youth Villages in the New York

Betsy Walkup

Times’ “Opinionator” blog, highlighting why Youth Villages focuses on help-

George White

ing troubled children in their homes in partnership with the child’s family and

Patrick Lawler, CEO

extended support systems. Recognition like this is wonderful – especially for our frontline staff who works so hard for children and families. But for me, the real joy comes from meeting with children and families who have completed our programs. You can see and feel their energy as they discuss their experiences and their emotions. They speak of their past simply as it was and discuss a future of promise and success. They finish each other’s sentences. Most importantly, they laugh. They interact. They share.

Join our networks

Patrick W. Lawler

Chief Executive Officer (901) 251-5000 2


(ZHUH[PVUHSSLHKLYPU[OLÄLSKVMILOH]PVYHSOLHS[O@V\[O=PSSHNLZOHZTLHZ\YLK outcomes of children and families participating in its programs since 1994.



To better meet the needs of children and families in Oregon, the boards of directors of Oregon-based ChristieCare and Tennessee-based Youth Villages have agreed to a merger. ChristieCare, founded in 1859, serves children statewide in Oregon through residential and educational services based in Clackamas County. The merger will allow for expansion of those residential programs and for the introduction of intensive in-home services to help children and families throughout the state. Lynne Saxton, who has served as chief executive officer of ChristieCare, will be executive director of Youth Villages-ChristieCare of Oregon. “We’ve been familiar with ChristieCare’s great work for The above graph reflects the status at one year post-discharge of children who received Youth Villages’ services. This includes youth served in the Intercept in-home services program, transitional living program, foster care, community-based groups homes and residential centers in Memphis.

many years,” Lawler said, “and feel honored to have this opportunity to bring two highly effective organizations together to strengthen help for children and families in Oregon.”


people 17-22 who are aging out of state custody and have little or no support. TL specialists help young people

HELPING AT-RISK YOUTH Youth Villages is partnering with

secure housing; pursue educational

Memphis City Schools and other

program is part of a national clinical

and employment goals; access health

government and community organi-

trial to measure its effectiveness.

and mental health services; learn such

zations to intervene and reach gang-

Conducted by MDRC through

independent living skills as budgeting,

involved youth.

Youth Villages’ transitional living

cooking, cleaning and shopping; and

The partnership, named Gang Re-

Clark Foundation and the Bill & Me-

create and maintain healthy relation-

duction Assistance for Saving Society’s

linda Gates Foundation, the study will

ships with family and others.

Youth, expands the scope of Youth

grants from the Edna McConnell

evaluate the difference between the

“To my knowledge, there are very

Villages’ ability to reach at-risk youth

TL program and usual services avail-

few evidence-based programs for this

who need the most help. Intervention

able in the community. Participants

population,” said Sarah Hurley, direc-

teams comprise representatives from

will be interviewed periodically to

tor of research at Youth Villages. “We

the Memphis City Schools, Memphis

track their progress.

hope the evidence produced by this

Police Department, the district attor-

study will help us convince states and

ney’s office, juvenile courts, outreach

young people who will be randomly

others to increase resources to meet

groups and Youth Villages counselors

assigned to TL or other community

the needs of young people entering

who meet once a week to track the

resources during the next two years.

this critical transition phase.”

progress of youth and create support

The study will involve about 1,600

TL services are available for young

structures to help them avoid the influence of gangs. 3


his age have.”

Memphis-area high school

About a year ago, Der-

students who recently were

ickus got into an argument

invited to Washington, D.C.,

with a friend and decided to

for a national youth summit

put his life on a more posi-

on education.

tive path. The friend told

Soon to be a high-school

him about Youth Villages’

graduate, Derickus filmed

TL program, and he made

and reported on the event.

a phone call to check into it

He’d like to do something

himself. It was exactly what

similar as a career, maybe

he needed.

be a TV cameraman. But he needed help to get on track. He needed support

Once he was

to avoid negative influences

in the program,

and peers. He needed to

he began to im-

improve at school, find a job and prepare for his own place. Most importantly, he needed support to further his education. “I’d like to operate a camera for television news,” he said. “I know interacting with negative things won’t get me too far, and I want to go to college.” For Derickus, the Washington, D.C., visit was a small, yet significant step toward success. He’s been in Youth Villages’ transitional living program for almost a year, and his journey to adulthood has a bright future – he plans to attend Tennessee Technical Center before going on to college. He dreams of being the first in his family to do so. Whitney Robertson is his TL specialist. “Derickus had a lot of goals, but he didn’t know how to get there,” she said. “He’s very motivated to succeed, but he lacked the supports many young adults 4

prove at school and even took on

Derickus, right, with TL Specialist Whitney Robertson

more of a leader-

they learn the skills needed

to share a place of his own

to find and keep jobs and

with a relative.

ship role among his peers. He’s

continue their education.

“After I graduate high

Whitney and Derickus

school, I’d like to get a sum-

continue to work on study

mer job, move into an apart-

habits to prepare him for

ment and go to TTC here for

the TL program

education after high school.

graphic design,” Derickus

with their school-

They’re also preparing for

said. “After that, I can go to

job interviews through role-

college and work.”

helping others in

work now. Through a grant from The Day Foundation, Youth Villages’ transitional living program began in 1999 to help youth get a strong start on adulthood in the crucial years between ages 17 and 22. Transitional living specialists help young people learn to deal with the minor and major problems that come with adulthood. They help participants find housing and health services and learn how to access transportation and meet their basic needs. In addition,

playing. He’s established his

The decision to go to

own bank account and man-

trade school instead of a

ages his money. They’re also

four-year college took seri-

going through what will be

ous consideration. He’s mo-

needed to enroll at TTC. Der-

tivated to be the first in his

ickus worked on eliminating

family to go to college, but

negative peer groups and

wanted to have a market-

environments — a difficult

able skill for employment

task because of his location.

first. In Derickus’ case, the

But Whitney said Derickus is

TL program has been a

overcoming an environment

support for him to achieve

that devalues success.

footholds in everyday adult

“He’s aware of it,” Whit-

life. He has a plan.

ney said. “And he’s well on

“I’ve been more of a

his way to improving those

guide to him,” Whitney

areas of his life to be able to

said. “He’s very motivated

be successful.”

and takes everything we’ve

In addition to finding employment, Derickus plans

worked on to another level. He’s very impressive.”


She helped them set behavior plans,

And Tiffany had to learn how to better

plan family chores and worked with

communicate and cope with anger

the family on communication skills.

and frustration.”

With Casey’s help, Tiffany worked on coping better with anger and frustration. “I wasn’t for it at first,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family. They maintain a few souped-up cars to race, getting together in their spare

“I didn’t want someone in my business. But after a while, I recognized what she was telling me to do was working.” Youth Villages’ Intercept intensive

Now, the whole family’s on board, Casey said. Tiffany completed her Youth Villages program

time to work on the cars and get them

in-home services program provides

in April. The family does

ready. On weekends, the work gets

treatment to troubled children and

put to the test on the drag strip. Tiffany

families in their own homes at times

quite a bit together, in-

gets a turn behind the wheel. She gets

convenient for the families. Intercept

a thrill out of those moments when all

family intervention specialists provide

the preparation culminates into a fast

services to the family, rather than just


to the youth, meeting with families at

“I guess I’m an adrenaline junkie,” Tiffany said. “I like going fast. We have fun being together at the track.”

least three times weekly and remaining on-call around the clock. Although the process was slow, Tiffa-

cluding eating meals, completing household chores and watching movies. The family’s supporting Tiffany’s

But home was different. Tiffany, 18,

ny said, she pointed to one incident a

and her mother, Florence, agreed on

few weeks into her therapy when her

educational and career

one thing — there was a lot of arguing

brother began antagonizing her, and

and fighting.

she was able to remove herself from

goals. In fact, Tiffany

“Every day was like a wrestling match,” Florence said. “We were fighting, yelling. It wasn’t good.” “We didn’t get along with each other at all,” Tiffany said. With Tiffany, the stress of being at

the situation before acting out. “I realized the actions weren’t worth the consequences,” Tiffany said. Casey said Tiffany was one of her most interesting young people. “With Tiffany, home was the place

will enter Youth Villages’ transitional living program to support her goals as well.

home began to take its toll. There

that was the most stressful,” she said.

was a history of abuse at a very young

“The family got along and did so much

age. As a result of that and the recent

together, but the fun times didn’t

ence said. “We all have space in the

home environment, Tiffany became

continue at home. I think the family

home to go to. Casey has sure been a

physically and verbally aggressive

had to work through some past issues

positive influence on my family and

with her siblings and mother. She also

and learn to support Tiffany’s goals.


“I think we’re going to be OK,” Flor-

exhibited self-harming behaviors and suffered anxiety attacks. Tiffany was assigned to Youth Villages Family Intervention Specialist Casey Wood late last year for help. Right off, Casey saw something different with Tiffany. “We started off with a really good girl,” Casey said. “But she needed more support – she has goals and is very determined to see them through.” Casey worked with the family on being supportive of one another’s efforts. Family Intervention Specialist Casey Wood, left, with Tiffany and her mother, Florence


HOLIDAY HEROES HELPS 650 YOUTH Nearly $50,000 was raised during Youth Villages’ Holiday Heroes campaign to purchase Christmas presents for 650 youth in Youth Villages’ programs. More than 25 organizations

EURO FEST A SUCCESS The Memphis Euro Auto Fest last fall was again a spectacular show with

and 139 individuals donated time and money to help ensure children had presents to open for Christmas.

a collection of British, German, Italian and other European cars. It is hard to miss when the show is the centerpiece on the lush grounds of the Youth Villages Bartlett Campus. The event raised $5,000 to benefit Youth Villages’ programs.

HAUNTED WEB THRILLS, CHILLS AGAIN Last fall, the HauntedWeb of Horrors raised nearly $80,000 to benefit Youth Villages’ programs. It is one of many events throughout the year that raise money for such Youth Villages programs as transitional living and mentoring.

ANGELA GETS A RIDE Angela, a participant in Youth Villages’ transitional living program, recently received a car that was donated to Youth Villages. Angela was shocked to tears of joy about the car. She attends Southwest Community College and has a 2-year-old daughter. She was discharged from the TL program late last year. 6

KIDS HAVE A FIELD DAY Each year, staff and youth at Youth Villages’ Dogwood Campus hold a field day. Youth participated in dancing, various races and face-painting and were able to test their skills on a huge climbing wall.


Thanks to  our  many  supporters

The following donors made gifts to Youth Villages between April 1 and Dec. 31, 2010. The board of directors and staff of Youth Villages gratefully acknowledge these thoughtful contributions. If you made a contribution during this time but it is not listed, please call the Youth Villages Development depart-

Soup Sunday a success: Nearly 70 Memphis-area restaurants participated in Youth Villages’ annual Soup Sunday at FedExForum. More than $45,000 was raised to benefit Youth Villages’ transitional living, mentoring and spiritual life programs.

ment at 901-251-4821.

YV Visionary ($50,000+)

Anonymous The Assisi Foundation of Memphis Mr. and Ms. Paul Bower Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bruns The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation The Day Foundation FedEx Corporation Hauntedweb of Horrors Hyde Family Foundations Kresge Foundation The Robertson Foundation

YV Pillar ($25,000 - $49,999)

First Tennessee Foundation Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund Mr. Terry Russell

YV Builder ($10,000 - $24,999)

Bank of Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barton Jr. C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. Cornerstone Systems Goodlett Foundation Ms. Karen Fields Isaacman Mr. and Mrs. D. Bryan Jordan Konica Minolta Business Solutions Mr. and Mrs. James Lackie Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Pitts Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Randall Rose Foundation Mr. R. Andrew Taylor 4YHUK4YZ1HTLZ=PUPUN Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waddell

YV Family Champion ($5,000 - $9,999) American Snuff Charitable Trust 4YHUK4YZ:[L]LU(\Z[LSS Helen L. Siddon Bogan Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. H. Eric Bolton Kele Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Parrish 7ÄaLY0UJ5(:: The Schadt Foundation Inc. 4YHUK4YZ:[LWOLU;HUaLY ,Z[H[LVM,SPaHIL[O*>LH]LY Mr. and Mrs. George White

YV Champion for Children ($1,000 - $4,999) $2,500+ -LK,_:LY]PJLZ Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Flaskamp 9L]HUK4YZ9VILY[ Earl Jones Latecomers Family League Memphis British Sports Car Club Ltd. Menke Foundation 4Y>LUKLSS5VYTHU 4Z=HSLYPL7LH]` The Robinson Foundation Idalia Roth Charitable Trust Walmart Foundation Watkins Uiberall PLLC Mr. John Williams

$1,000+ (PYHUK/LH[:LY]PJL*VTWHU` Mr. and Mrs. Pepper Allen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnhart Ms. Shana Bearden Mr. Edward Boyer The Canale Foundation Inc. Delta Asset Management LLC GE Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldstein Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation Hershey Foods Corporation Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. Ben Landers Mr. and Mrs. John Linthicum Lakeland Lions Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Corey Lynch Mr. and Mrs. William Mathis Memphis Chapter 20 Institute of Real Estate Management - IREM 4LYJLKLZ)LUaVM4LTWOPZ 5VYMVSR:V\[OLYU Mrs. Carol Prentiss 7YPTL(\[VTV[P]L Warehouse Inc. Ring Container Technologies

Mr. and Mrs. Wray Rodgers Satco Inc. 4YHUK4YZ9H`TVUK:JO\S[a Mr. and Mrs. John Sheahan Ms. Leigh Shockey Southeastern Asset Management Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Steepleton Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Whitman Keller Williams Realty Xerox Corporation ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund

YV Leader ($500 - $999)

Mrs. Joy Applebaum Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Black Mr. James Bones Mr. Alan Bosworth Mr. Arturo Carrillo Ms. Jennifer Case Mr. Michael Chance Church of the Holy Spirit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen 4Y1VOU+\UH]HU[ 4YHUK4YZ5VYTHU(SHU.H[LZ .VYOHT:JOHMÅLY0UJ Mr. James Harris Dr. Paula Ann Herring Mr. Bryan Hunt International Paper Corporation Jim Keras Subaru Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee 4Y+H]PK3LL Mr. Wade Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Maury Mr. Donald Mayer Mr. Phil Meeks The Memphis Coin Club Inc. 4LTWOPZ.YPaaSPLZ Montague-Betts Company Moss Foundation 5H[PVUHS.\HYK7YVK\J[Z0UJ 4Y.YLNVY`5VYY Odyssey Medical Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pohlman 7V^LYWSH`=PKLV.HTLZ Red Deluxe LLC Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church Mr. Doyle Sanders :*:61HPS+P]PZPVU

*P]PSPHU»Z-\UKYHPZLY Smith Imports LLC South Family Foundation Mr. Richard Spell St. Mary’s Episcopal School Mr. John Strange Stratas Foods Mrs. Wendy Thompson Unum 4YHUK4YZ:[LWOLU=LZJV]V =P[YV(TLYPJH0UJ Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Ward >LSSZ-HYNV(K]PZVYZ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen White Mr. Timothy Williams Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zyriek

YV Friend (Gifts up to $499)

Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar Abston ACH Food Companies Inc. Ms. Della Adams Mr. Kenneth Agee Mr. Frank Allen Mr. James Allen Richard H. Allen Jr. America’s Charities Ms. Susan T. Anderson Mr. John Ang Mr. Terrence Anton Appraisal Consulting Group Archer’s Auto Care Inc. Mr. Tim Argo (ZRL^/HYNYH]LZ Harcourt & Associates Inc. Auto Connection Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bachman 4Y*OHYSLZ5)HLY Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baer Mr. Bob Bailey Mr. C. Kirk Baird Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baker Mr. and Mrs. Alan Balducci Mrs. Misty Barnes Ms. Camille Forsythe-Barrie Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barron Mr. W.S. Beckwith Mr. James W. Bendall Mr. and Mrs. Tony Berardi 4Z9LNPUH)P]LUZ Mrs. Anne Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. William Bledsoe Mr. and Mrs. John Blose Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bond Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Boone Mr. Larry Boone Thomas L. Borgognoni CPA Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd Bradshaw & Company Insurors Ms. Alethea Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bragg Mr. Guilbert L. Brandon Mr. Zach Brewer Dr. Eric Brey Ms. Susan Breymaier Mr. and Mrs. William Brigance Dr. and Mrs. Brown Brooks Mr. and Mrs. William Brown Mr. Michael Browne Dr. Kenneth Brunson Mr. Thomas Cahal Ms. Sheila Calloway Mr. L. Hunt Campbell

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CONTRIBUTIONS, Ms. Ernestine Canty :RPW(UK5HUJPL*HYYPLY Mrs. Stephanie Carson Central BBQ Central County United Way 4Y:[L]L*OHUJL` Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Chandler Mrs. Robin Cheney Mr. Esteban Chiquete Christian Women’s Fellowship Decatur Mr. and Mrs. Billy Clark 4Y2L]PU*SH` Ms. Patricia Clayton Ms. LaRose A. Coffey Dr. Sherrye Cosby Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cothran Mr. and Mrs. Preston Cox 4Y+H]L*YVJRL[[ Mr. Harry Crockett Mr. Marc Cutler D & B Properties Inc. D.L. Sells Inc. D.S.G. Inc. Ms. A. Daneman 4YHUK4YZ1\Z[PU+H]PZ 4Y*HYS+H]PZ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeBiaggio 4YHUK4YZ2L]PU+LSHUL` Mr. Warren Delollo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Denton Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dillard Dobbs Ford on Mt. Moriah Mr. William Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dugan Ms. Leigh Ann Dye Dyer County, Tenn. 4H`VY»Z6MÄJL Dyersburg Insulation Company Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Earl Mr. Thomas Eaton Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Edelmuth ,S]PZ7YLZSL`-HU*S\I ,S]PZ!;HTWH)H`;*)-HU*S\I 3H^[VU»Z,S]PZ-YPLUKZ Mr. Terry Emery Mr. Karl Erdman Ms. Janet Ethridge ,_LJ\[P]L:WLHRLYZ)\YLH\ Mr. James Farmer Mr. Scott Ferguson Mr. Harry Ferrell -PKLSP[`0U]LZ[TLU[Z Dr. and Mrs. William Fidler -PYZ[*P[PaLUZ5H[PVUHS)HUR Fisher Realty & Auction 4Y2L]PU-SV`K Mr. Thomas Floyd Fraternal Order of Police Mrs. Cynthia Freeman Mr. Ruben Freyre Dr. K. K. Fung Mr. John Fuqua Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gaia Mr. Greg Galewski Mr. Larry Galloway Mr. Thomas Gamble Mr. John Gately Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Gatlin Mr. Jason Gebke Ms. Lynette Gebke General Appliance and Furniture Company General Heating & Cooling Incorporated



Mr. James Getman Mr. and Dr. Jack Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gillespie Ms. Aimee Ginsburg Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gladney Ms. Stephanie Goldberg Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program Mr. Jeffrey Good Ms. Susan Gore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gray Ms. Katherine Green 4YHUK4YZ*HYS]PU.YLLU^H` Mr. and Mrs. Don Gregson Mr. Robert Hall Hand Surgery Clinic PLLC Mrs. Kelly Hanks Lisa Harl Summers Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris Ms. Lori Hartman Dr. Fred Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Brian Heim Mrs. Jane Heineke Ms. Andrea Henderson Clay Hiett Mr. George Higgs 4Y+H]PK/PNO[V^LY Mr. Richard Hill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill Mr. and Mrs. John Holden Mr. James Holland Mr. Josh Hopper Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hopper Mr. Robert Huber Mr. and Mrs. George Hume Mrs. Kristen Hunter Mr. Martin Hurley Mr. John Ireland Ms. Pamela Irons Mr. Richard Jacobs 1HaaLYJPZL Ms. Lois Jensen Mrs. Dawn Jewell Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Jewell Mr. Anthony Johnson Ms. Carol Jones Mr. Jerry Jones Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. Roy Jones T. J. Jones Mr. Erik Jorgensen 4Y+H]PK2HILSPR Mr. and Mrs. James Karas Mr. Lee Kelley Mr. Charles Kelly Kelly Law Firm Mr. and Mrs. Cory Kennedy Mr. Jimmy Kennedy Mr. Gerald Ketchum Mr. and Mrs. L. Kimbrough Dr. and Mrs. Truman Franklin King Mr. Gregory King Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kirkland Mr. R. Michael Kiser Kiwanis Club of Bartlett Kiwanis Club of East Memphis Klinkhammer Acoustical Inc. Mrs. Ellie Klipfel Ms. Janice Kolb Mr. Greg Lacki 4Y2L]PU3HMH]L Mr. and Mrs. Clay Lafferty Marci Lambert Photography Lanigan Worldwide 4V]PUN >HYLOV\ZPUN0UJ

Mrs. Melinda Lankenau 4YHUK4YZ+H]PK3H\IHJO Mr. and Mrs. William Lawler 4YZ-SVYLUJL3LMÅLY 4Y+H]PK3LZP\R Mr. Joseph Lewis Ms. Susan Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lightcap Mr. and Mrs. Lou Loeb 4YHUK4YZ9VILY[3VUNÄLSK Mrs. Judy Long 4Y4HU\LS3VWLa 4Y+H]PK3V[a Lowery’s Body Shop Mr. Robert Lundy Krishnamoorthy Madhusoodhanan 4HNKV]P[a-HTPS`-V\UKH[PVU Malco Theatres Inc. Ms. Therese Mangold Ms. Jenn Marshall 4HY[PU6\[KVVY(K]LY[PZPUN Mr. Tom Martin Mrs. Kathleen McCarter Mr. Kenneth McClain Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick Ms. Tiffany McCoy Mrs. Jamie McCulley 4YHUK4YZ+H]PK4J+HUPLS Mrs. Brenda Mcfarland Mr. Russell McGoff Ms. Janet McGraw Ms. Betsy McInnes Mr. Jon McKnight Mr. Darryl McMillan The Medtronic Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Logan Meeks The Melting Pot Memphis Area Association of Realtors 4YHUK4YZ2L]PU4LUJRL Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Merritt Mr. Jerry Michie 4Y+H]PK4PSSZ Mr. Dolan Mills 4Y2LS]PU4PSSZ Mr. Gregg Mitchell Mr. M. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery Mr. H.B. Moriarty Mr. Josh Morris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morton Mr. and James Mulroy Mr. Thomas Munhollen Mr. and Mrs. Porter Mysinger 4Y1:JV[[5LHS 4YHUK4YZ7H[YPJR5PLTHU 4Y7OPSSPW5VISL 4Y1LYY`5VYTHU 4Y1VOU5VYYPZ 6RSHOVTH-HUZMVY,S]PZ 4Y9HUK`6SP]LY Olympus Mr. James Ormsby Ms. Jacqueline Owens Mr. and Mrs. Joe Padgett Mr. and Ms. Dan Pallme Ms. Kathy Palmer 4YHUK4YZ5LPS7HSTLY Mr. Joseph Parker Pat’s Prints and Framing Mr. Micky Pearson Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc. Ms. Charlotte Peterson 7ÄaLY0UJ Ms. Diana Pingel

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April 2010 to December 2010 Ms. Catherine Adams Mr. Lloyd Adams

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Cindy Creech Charles and Sharon Martin

Mrs. Nhung Hurst Mrs. Robin Beaudoin

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Beeler Ms. Wanda Duncan

Mr. Patrick M. Crump Ms. Michele Crump

Mr. Paul “Spunky” Ireland Bertha Hamilton Club (T. F. W. C.)

Berean-Gideon Class Second Baptist Church 4Y/HY]L`4H_^LSS:Y

Delta Asset Management Staff and Management Mr. and Mrs. D. Dwight Drinkard

Mrs. Lois Jacobson Dr. J. E. Albright

Ms. Jayne Berube Mr. Donald Berube

Ms. Marie Denelsbeck Mr. Jerry Heston

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Beverly Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. James Downs Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Brent Blankenship Ms. Kimberly Blankenship

Dr. Constance Durbin Mr. Jerry Heston

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Blumenfeld Dr. J. E. Albright

Judge Donna M. Fields Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Ms. Gail Bobicz 4Z4HY[`5PJOVSZ

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Filderman Charles and Sharon Martin

John and Debi Bookas Pat and Jan Lawler

Dr. Ann Florendo Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Carol Boscaccy Ms. Sandra Lewis

Ms. Shelley Fragale Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Janey Brandon Ms. LaRose Coffey

Gina at Holliday Flowers Twentieth Century Home and Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bruce Charles and Sharon Martin Paige Bruce Charles and Sharon Martin Parker Bruce Charles and Sharon Martin Kali Lane, Delaney Jade and Grant Michael Bruns Pat and Jan Lawler

Mr. Russell Jason Gegenheimer Ms. Eunice Liljeberg Mr. and Mrs. Milton Grant Charles and Sharon Martin Ms. Katherine Green Mr. Jeffrey Green Dodie Gumaer and Michael Whelan Charles and Sharon Martin Ms. Annette Hamilton Dr. J. E. Albright

Mrs. Carolyn Anderson Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Mike Bruns Mr. Frederick Carter Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hertwig Pat and Jan Lawler Mr. Jim Ronchetto

Elizabeth Ashley Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Brady Bynog Charles and Sharon Martin

Dr. Chris Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Kert Johnson

Ms. Lynda Austin 4Z4HY[`5PJOVSZ

Ms. Courtney Bynog Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Harris Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. John Avila Ms. Wanda Duncan

Ms. Victoria Bynog Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hawkins Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Larry Bagby Ms. Carolyn Urschel

Kaye and Erin Cancel John and Penny Albertine

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hefferon Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Alexander Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Gary Hamm Mr. Michael O’Donnell

Ms. Julia James Jimmy and Mary Ann Graham Mrs. Theresa Jennings Charles and Sharon Martin Ms. Jeanine Scott Johnson Ms. Lucille Owen Dr. and Mrs. Warren Johnson Charles and Sharon Martin Larry Kezele Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kretzer Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krupp Dr. J. E. Albright Jimmy and Margie Lackie Mr. Donald K. Carson Mr. Frank M. Langford Jr. Jimmy and Mary Ann Graham Bill Lanier and Carol Raines marriage Mr. Frederick Goldsmith Mr. Patrick W. Lawler George and Bena Cates Mr. and Mrs. Pat Lawler Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ledbetter Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. Lawrence Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Leonard Mr. Kelly Levy +\Z[P5PJOVSZHUK(TILY5PJOVSZ Mr. and Mrs. Leon Levy Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. Adam Liff Ms. Jane Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lindquist Charles and Sharon Martin

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Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lindsey Charles and Sharon Martin

Mrs. Carol Prentiss Dr. J. E. Albright

Ms. Dorothy Westmoreland Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Fred Carvey Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Lindsey Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Joan Ray 4Z4HY[`5PJOVSZ

Elise and Bob Westmoreland Mr. Tom Moss

Dr. Wisdom Coleman Bank of Bartlett

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Livesay Charles and Sharon Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Reed Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wetter Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bell Jr.

Mr. Dean “Papa Dean” Cowden 4Y:HLLK,YPJ5PH

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ludwig Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Lisa Reid Ms. Katie Shotts

Mr. and Mrs. Blake White Charles and Sharon Martin

Judge W. Frank Crawford Mrs. Lucy S. Crawford

Jack and Julie Lunn Ms. Maredith Adsit

Mr. Cliff Reyle Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Ms. Beth Washington

The Frank White Family Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Charles M. Crump Ms. Michele Crump


James Andrew Dabney 4YHUK4YZ1HJR:[L]LUZ

Judge Karen R. Williams Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Mr. Clarence Day Mr. Ferd Heckle

Lake and Anna Claire Williams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Goin

Mrs. Linda Dickens Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Dagastino Ms. Martha Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Wade

Dianne and Myron Mall Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shockley +YHUK4YZ:[L]L;\YUI\SS

Judge Kay S. Robilio Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Mr. Myron M. Mall Mr. and Mrs. Bob Craddock

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Robinson Dr. J. E. Albright

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Marler Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Roberta Rogers Ms. Carolyn Urschel

Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Martin Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Lee Rone Ms. Frances Morrison

Spence and Becky Wilson The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mathis Charles and Sharon Martin

Judge James F. Russell Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Woods Charles and Sharon Martin

Betty Matthews Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Richard P. Shaw II Mr. and Mrs. William Bird

Miss Adrianne Yost Charles and Sharon Martin

Judge John R. McCarroll Jr. Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Mr. Virgil Shutze Cindy and Phillip Whitaker & the Boys

Mr. Taylor Yost Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Bob McClendon Charles and Sharon Martin

Sister Barbara Spencer Mr. Dan Wortham

Mayor Keith McDonald Mr. and Mrs. H. Larry Hilbun

Mr. Rodney Spencer 4Y+H]PK@V\UN

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McDonnell Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Christine Stark Ms. Katherine Werner

Ms. Karen Miller -LK,_:LY]PJLZ¶244.9:

Mr. Robert Stephenson Ms. Katie Shotts

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Misner Dr. J. E. Albright

Judge Jerry Stokes Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Carol Morse Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swain Charles and Sharon Martin

Ms. Marti Nichols 4Z.HPS)VIPJa

Ms. Jill Terry Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Ms. Beth Washington

Mr. Jonathan Robert Bargiacchi Mr. James Burns

Mr. Ron Terry Ms. Barbara Moore

Mrs. Wilma H. Block 4Z,SPZL/L[aLS

Ms. Sandi Tucker 4Z:\aHUUL(SMVYK Paul and “Kay” Lela Little

Mr. Cameron Bradbury Jimmy and Margie Lackie

Mr. and Mrs. Don Walker Charles and Sharon Martin

Mr. Robert Leo Brady Mrs. Joan Carbone Mr. and Mrs. Keith White

Ms. Gladys Jackson Ms. Diane Jones

Cecilia and Tom Walters Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shockley

Mr. Bob Bratten Mr. W. J. Michael Cody

Ms. Barbara S. Katterjohn Mr. Joe Katterjohn

Judge Robert S. Weiss Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Childers

Ms. Mary Stella Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schrecker

Mrs. Phyllis M. Keene Mrs. Patricia Pass

Mr. Jason Noel Ms. Beth Washington Mr. John O’Kane Ms. Lynn Merrill Ms. Claire Owen Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. Scott Palmer Ms. Beth Washington Mr. and Mrs. John Pettey Charles and Sharon Martin Mr. and Mrs. Jack Picanso Charles and Sharon Martin



April 2010 to December 2010 Mr. Floyd Adams Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dagastino Victor Adams’ grandfather Thomas and Carol Jenkins Ms. Erma Allen Mrs. Lila Shirey Henry and Hazel Allen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Allen Ms. Mary Bigler Bailey Bailey Insurance

Mr. Allen Duck Mr. and Mrs. Yancey Hughes Earnestine and Georgia Mr. Colis C. Chambers Mrs. Carol Wehrem Garbuzinski Mrs. W. M. “MiMi” Max Roy Mr. Charles B. Godwin Jr. 4YHUK4YZ:[L]LU:WPYV Ms. Betty Jean Gorden Mr. Charles Boehm Mr. Aubrey Gray 1HTLZHUK,SPaHIL[O+Y\TTVUK Mr. Charles William Griesbeck Pat and Jan Lawler Ms. Mary Ann Hamilton 4YHUK4YZ5LPS.\Z[HMZVU Mr. W. D. Harrison Ms. Ann Harrison Mr. Elbert Leroy Hinds Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hinds Mr. Jason Hundt Dr. Thomas D. Shockley Jr. Ms. Margaret Hurley Ms. Jane Hemphill Pat and Jan Lawler Ms. Sonja Luecke +H]PKHUK*VUUPL4PSSZ

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CONTRIBUTIONS, Mr. Terry “Dusty” Kidd Crye-Leike Inc. Realtors Crye-Leike Insurance Agency Inc. Ms. Elizabeth LaVelle Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mrs. Nelle Penick Lewis Mr. E. G. Adams Mrs. Linda Coleman Mr. Ralph Conlee 4Z4HY`+H]PZ Ms. Sara Dean 4YZ4HYNPL/HaLSYPNN Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Ms. Ann Peel Mr. Daniel Roark Ms. Kathleen Seacat 4YHUK4YZ:WLUJLY:\SSP]HU ;OLYLZZHHUK*VUZ[HUJL=PUJLU[ Mr. S. T. McCullough Mrs. Deborah Williams Mr. G. E. Melton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yoon Mr. Phillip Miller 4YHUK4YZ*OYPZ[VWOLY=LZJV]V Mr. James Dean Milligan Ms. Stacy Gleneck 4YHUK4YZ>PSSPHT5P_ Mr. Paul Montgomery ;OL:[L]LHUK+LIIPL)\YMVYK-\UK Mr. Gene R. Mueller Ms. Gale Mueller Mr. Tony Orick Mr. James Orick Mr. Brandon Paudert Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yoon Mr. Elvis Presley – Elvis Week 2010 Miss Cecilia Solar Ms. Helen Prudhomme Mr. J. Prudhomme Dr. Daryl Winston Shaw Ms. Patricia Walsh 4Y(\Z[PU:[\IISLÄLSK Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. Emmett Sullivan 4Z4LSPUKH:HPaHU Mr. L. K. Thompson III 4Z=HSLYPL;OVTWZVU Mr. John F. Twist Jr. Jimmy and Margie Lackie Mr. Jay Uiberall Jimmy and Margie Lackie Mr. T. J. Waits Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sowell Ms. Joan Wallace Ms. Betty Faulkner


Ms. “Teena” White Wallace Ms. Betty Faulkner Mr. Ernest Mathew Watson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson Mr. Kevin Watson Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dixon Mr. Jimmy G. Weatherford Mrs. Patricia Pass Mr. Allan E. Wolf Ms. Aimee Ginsburg Mr. Alton Wood Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Abell

Gifts In Kind

April 2010 to December 2010 Anonymous Abe’s Ribeye Barn Acorn Research, LLC (K]HUJLK:LY]PJLZ0UJ Altruria Elementary School PTA Ms. Michelle Anderson Arbonne Arcade Restaurant Ardent Studios Arlington High School Beta Club Aunt Bea’s Doghouse Auto Zone )LSOH]LU<UP]LYZP[` Boy Scout Troop 450 Buffalo Wild Wings )\YR»Z)L]LYHNL Shawn Carter Casual Male Big & Tall Central BBQ Ms. Carol Chenault Citadel, Memphis Radio Group Coca Cola Bottling Company *VTTLYJPHS9VVÄUN*VTWHU` The Commercial Appeal *VYKV]H*P]P[HU*S\I Costco Curry Funeral Home Diamond Jaxx Mr. and Mrs. Ted Donaldson DoubleTree by Hilton Jeff and Chelsea Dubey Dyersburg Country Club at the Farms Mr. John Edwards Mr. Mike Elsenrath Eye Care Group FedEx Food Rite 4Y4PRL-YPaaLSS -;5-PUHUJPHS*HWP[HS4HYRL[Z Ms. Peggy Hall Ms. Kathy Haynes /LHS[O -P[ULZZ4HNHaPUL Mr. Zack Hill Mr. Rob Hoyle Huey’s 0U[LYUHS9L]LU\L:LY]PJL employees Jaco-Bryant Printers Inc. 1H]H*HMt Ms. Teresa Jenkins Ms. Michelle Jones Kiwanis Club of Bartlett Kroger

Looking for  information

about  a  planned  gift? Whether you’re planning a gift through your will or by setting up a trust for Youth Villages or another nonprofit, Youth Villages can help. The Youth Villages website has information on donations and planned giving that may be Marler Stone

valuable to you. Simply visit and click Donate, and you’ll find

an introduction to planned giving. A category titled “How Can I…,” lists all the vehicles included in a plan, including wills and bequests, gifts of appreciated stock and gifts of real estate, with examples. In addition, there is a section on “why everyone needs a will,” a glossary of terms, an estate intention form and even a planned giving calculator to see what a planned gift would mean in your unique circumstances. For information, contact Marler Stone at 901-2514820 or e-mail

Lane Auto Parts 4Y1VL3LPIV]PJO The Lighting Source Logan’s Roadhouse Mr. Tom Longinotti Lupo’s Italian Restaurant Ms. Linda G. Maddox Ms. Sally Maier Manners Men Shop Ms. Joyce McFarland Memphis Folk Alliance 4LTWOPZ:WVY[4HNHaPUL Menage Fine Stationery & Gifts 1VYKHU5LTL[O 5L^@V\:HSVU :WH 5PRL 4Y/V^HYK5VL 5VSHU»Z0UJ O’Charley’s 4Z)YHUKP6SP]LPYH Orpheum Theatre Ms. Annette Owens and Ms. Sheila Waters Mr. Chris Pennington Pepsi Americas Performance Food Group Premium Refreshment Ms. Jeanine Rankin Red Lobster 4Y2L]PU9LPSS` Riggs Supply Company Mr. Mike Riggs The Rotary Club VM5VY[OLHZ[:OLSI`*V\U[` Ruby Tuesday

Mr. Marlin Rudolph Ms. Mona Russell Ms. Echelle Rutschman Mr. Ron Shinault Shogun Mike and Jocelyn Sisson Mr. Derek Smith :V\SZ]PSSL-V\UKH[PVU Southwestern Distributing Ms. Jamesa Sponseller Spring Creek Ranch :[YH`LY<UP]LYZP[` Sweet Peppers Shawn Todd Walmart Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warder 4Z1HJRPL>OP[LÄLSK Brandon and Juliana Williams

To all those who have supported our work by making a gift, thank you. Your continued support and generosity allow us to provide the most effective services to children and families across the Mid-South. 11




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