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I LIVE HERE engages a diverse population of young Californians, and asks them to expand the environmental conversation by including their voices and perspectives into this critical dialogue.

Elements - Pre-Populated Media        - Artography, a digital platform        - Educational Materials & School Programs        - Live Events

PRE-POPULATED MEDIA Youth Speaks is creating a series of videos that speak to the environment from multiple perspectives from throughout California. These videos will be used to spark a broader environmental conversation by inviting young people from California to add their voices, and move toward action as active members of their environment.

ARTOGRAPHY, A DIGITAL PLATFORM. Artography is part of a larger Youth Speaks project mapping the changing demographics of the United States through spoken word. I Live Here focuses specifically on California to speak to the multiple environmental factors that are impacting us positively and negatively. I Live Here recognizes that to be environmentally literate means you know that you are part of an active eco-system that you impact, and that impacts you. This is where young Californians can tell their stories.

EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS & SCHOOL PROGRAMS Youth Speaks is creating a series of educational materials for teachers, schools and nonprofit organizations to:     

- generate responses and videos to be added to the I Live Here/Artography Map - generate local action in communities

In addition, beginning in the winter of 2012, Youth Speaks will pilot an Environmental Literacy School Assembly and Workshop Program that will visit no fewer than 10 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

LIVE EVENTS Through two landmark Youth Speaks programs Life is Living and Speak Green - Youth Speaks will work with local community members in Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton, Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Inland Empire, San Jose and other California Communities around environmental issues, green living, sustainability, and wellness.

CONCLUSION & PARTNERS By moving youth into the center of the conversation around today’s critical environmental issues, while reflecting the diversity of the changing demographics of the State, we can create opportunities for a new generation of leaders to emerge articulate, thoughtful, engaged, knowledgeable, and unafraid to speak. Partners include the Redford Center, The Center for Vulnerable Populations, The California Diabetes Project/UCSF, USGBC, Youth Radio, California Brave New Voices Network,  S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation & The  Stephen Bechtel Fund

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