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Welcome to our Poster Collection of CHILDREN & YOUTH LEADERS This quiver full of arrows changes everyone's worldview about youth. It comes with awakening and a challenge: that you upgrade yourself, stop being a boring part of the problem, and unleash your hero. The experience of this resource box is ... special. If you immerse yourself in it, a lot of things happen, naturally. "Impossible? Hopeless? Banish these worlds from your vocabulary." To quote Craig and Marc Kielburger. Young people, apathic? Only if they are victims of a world of rigid repression by adults. Young people, powerless? Only if they have lost belief in their own heart, ideals, values, good sense of priorities, and sell out, get stuck in anger or compensations in a search for love and meaning. Like the generations before them have. School time, boring? Only if you are stuck in outdated ideas and models long overcome, but still replicated by adults who grew up in times where global, dynamic, interdisciplinary, self-organized, project-oriented, for sustainability, were unknown in learning culture. YL helps you unfold your right for up to date learning culture - and achieve the original purpose of schools.

These are the new sixties. But way different. Back then, it was twens, marching in the streets, asking for changes in regulation and policies. Many hippies m stuck in the old ways, angry and seeking, not comprehending the genuine spirit of the HIPs (Highly Intelligent People) starting it. Their music sentimental and suffering. It was good! Then! That's done. Today, it is teens taking real, tangible action. And they do so in dimensions unprecedented in human history. Read this paragraph again. And start realizing it. Unprecedented. Once again, it has sparked in California, in the early 90's, with YES! around Ocean Robbins. This wave is now cresting in Canada, with WeDay. Firmly established in 4,000 schools, already, and thriving! Today, things are different in important ways. Today, media, education and the population embrace these new young who shine and do. Pure, untainted by ideology. They call for them. To make sure that people get it, what true Youth Leadership and innovation are - YL is dedicated to convey its pure essence, spirit, HIPs and tools - so this time, the wave may go around the globe in is true core spirit. And to help you become awesome, I say: Join the Clans! Eric, YL Captain


Then these are for you. Here is... what the teens are doing, ... and what the twens are doing There's of course a lot more, and you will meet them through posters and links. But there's one whose story is worth watching, first, for it shows how the magic of youth leadership unfolds.

EACH COLLECTION HAS MORE THAN 30 POSTERS Collection links, for ex., offer - more than 30 SOLUTIONS - more than 30 HEROES - more than 30 STORIES, ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS - more than 30 VIDEOS ... all accessible for free, online We are developing collections on global issues, such as - children and youth leaders - girls and women - peacemakers - the grand changemakers - biodiversity

- soil, food & farming - indian changemakers - asian changemakers - indigenous people IN 10 LANGUAGES

All it takes is A) ONE HOMEWORK Assign each student a hero to research. You can hand out a copy of the poster, and/or assign a name and give them the link to our Poster Collection. This is where they find links to videos, article, interview, website and facebook stream. In general, students can complete the assignment in 15-60 minutes. B) PRESENTATIONS in the next lesson Student simply share their discoveries. This can be a spoken presentation using the poster, a self-created mindmap poster, a flipchart or a collage of visual and text impressions inspired by the visited videos and webpages. The neat thing about this method is that with little effort, the entire class can share a remarkable volume of knowledge, media and inspirational anecdotes. It creates a huge, memorable experience, a worldview-shift to "youth can / there is a world full of solutions." And - each of them will leave their personal note when presenting about what touched them most. After this, you can easily have a sharing round, what inspired most, what was most touching, which causes matter most to whom, and who would like to take action. They'll be fired up for more, because they probably cannot even present all heroes in one lesson. But we have a solution. Read on.

The general reaction to the posters, videos, stories is:

"It has been the most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet student had something to say. Students are asking how they can get involved." This is so inspirational that it appeals to everyone's heart, aspirations and inner hero. It is irresistible. This exercise is so simple, and the resources - videos, posters, articles - so good and rich, that you can do it - in elementary school - in foreign language teaching - in many subjects - in any setting IF YOU CONSIDER THIS PRECIOUS AND IMPORTANT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE - YOU CAN FIT IT IN We know that tight and busy schedules may leave little time for "extras". But there are always opportunities to weave in something of extraordinary educational value. Our special tip is to do this simple, single, special lesson on an occasion that usually allows taking a day off, like a United Nations Day... of Peace, Girls, Food, there are many opportunities. Our collections are tuned to them, we have UNESCO status and we even offer "live" webcasts on UN Days that your entire class or some ambassadors might attend, and also report to the group. Who could deny this? In case any one doubts ... aren't these topics oh so incredibly dear to us? Then we have to provide solutions, role models and tools for action. This is what we have. See next page.

But wait, we are not finished, there are three more very special things that this Poster Set and YL offer you. These Posters allow you - to set a powerful spark of inspiration in just one lesson - to connect them with many subject topics - to use them on a "day off" in remembrance of a UN Day Okay. On top: While addressing a global issue - and the huge challenges coming with them, maybe for the first time you offer - proven solutions - real people doing it - even youth, and big! - and ways to get involved - taking the solutions to scale - and becoming part, working with these heroes This is unheard of. And this makes all the difference. ALSO, because once "Students are inspired to take action." you, as a subject teacher, get into trouble, because you have to respond to this grand enthusiasm with "we cannot", and this is a terrible frustration. But with YL, you can tell students "okay, great, this is what it's about. Now listen, you know I cannot do this with you in class, - but YOU can do it, in the shape of ecoclubs, or even outside school - because you have all the tools, actions, community and contacts from Youth-LeadeR, to work with those people, for real." And as an educator, you know - that is how true learning happens. And there they are - an intrinsically motivated bunch of awesome youth, ready to take action. And to make it happen, you simply use the Posters as a public Exhibit... and evolve it into a student-powered Learning Environment.

"These are the most inspirational videos I have ever seen. They make me feel I want to get up and do something, too." "Ameena is so amazing. She makes me feel strong, too." "Every single story speaks with the voice of the Buddha." "These are the best role models. It should be in all schools." Well. Make them available around the clock. And exchange for new heroes every month. "80% of human behaviour is shaped by role models, subconsciously, copy-paste. Like all mammals do." Here are the ones awakening our inner hero/ine, our most noble qualities, along with concrete tools and community. The posters' presence makes a difference. Like colours do. On top, this "Wall Display" offers you novel opportunities: - It reaches the entire school community over prolongued period of time, and makes positive change part of "reality". - It offers you an inspirational STAGE for opening a conversation about "what changes would you like to see happen? - A small team of students (like an ecoclub) can manage it with monthly posters and videos, campaigns, fundraisers, even missions and "live" webcast encounters with recognized youth leaders, global experts involved in humanity's leading solutions for a sustainable civilisation... in the shape of YL Clans, the activities can even be framed as a curriculum, with credits, levels and value for real life CVs. This SPACE is a true, vibrant Learning Environment .. for humanity's best changemaking knowledge... fit for schools ... without stress on class time. Please - Make It Happen!

"80% of human behaviour is shaped by role models. Subconsciously, copy-paste, like with all mammals." This said, you get a idea of the shortcomings of decades of advocacy, green media and education. Where ARE the role models qualifying as inhabitants of a global, peaceful, just, sustainable and thriving civilisation? We are almost speaking about a 'new species', right? - very different from angry, apathic citizens of ex-monarchies amazed by simple electronic gadgets and indulging in obscene consumption. Unless we all are such citizens - how can such societies exist? But even more challenging is - where are the ones bringing this new civilisation about? The ones with ideas, love and vision, the drive to stand out, be different and live the most noble qualities of our inner 'heroes'? Here They Are. In lush, beautiful, inspirational form, interlinked via qr-codes, links, electronic worksheets, inspirational videos, rich articles, deep interviews, DIY-tips, teaching tips and actionpacks ... these people, their world, vision, feeling and solutions become alive and easily comprehensible. By diving into these visuals and stories, you get a chance to walk with these heroes on their journey, feel like being in their projects, addressing and solving grave issues you also feel concerned about, but may yet not have had opportunity, tools and support networks to make a change and take action. Now You Do. And if you decide to make this world of inspiration, action and ever expanding avenues part of your lifestyle there is a global community of actions, the YL Clans, available! Spend time with these people - and your inner hero will grow beyond anything you can imagine. More about the power of Role Models at and

mail web phone +49 178 1819 476 Berlin, Germany

YL POSTERS Children & Youth Leaders  
YL POSTERS Children & Youth Leaders  

An ever-growing collection of the finest children and youth leaders around Planet Earth, driving model solutions in every aspect of sustaina...