Eric Schneider

Eric Schneider

Berlin, Germany

Youth-LeadeR (YL) is a resource platform and community for facilitating the emergence of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization.

"How can we make humanity's finest sustainability solutions and role models part of daily life of our global young generation at schools? And equip them for action?"

We design MEDIA, METHODS and SERVICES to make this possible.

We focus on the replication of model solutions by sparking and cultivating a youth leadership culture and changemaking climate among young people at school, globally. We publish in 19 languages.

This is very powerful. Join us as YL MESSENGER to spread youth leadership in schools around you, beginning by contacting investors in 100 YL Starter Packs for 100 classrooms. Using our letters and brochures, this may take only a few minutes and kickstart amazing changes in your city.

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