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Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD 2005-2014. UNESCO Youth-LeadeR has been honored with prestigious international awards.

Author Eric Nicolas Schneider YL Founding Director Images and Voices of Hope Award 2012 National Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade of ESD 2005-2014

copyright : Youth-LeadeR photos : featured initiatives or copyleft HQ : Berlin. Germany. Earth Chapters : on six continents

ABOUT YOUTH-LEADER YL MEDIA AND METHODS make youth leadership, change-making and sustainability omni-present in our classrooms and schools. The studentpowered non-formal „youth leadership curriculum“ naturally develops rich benefits for learning culture, inspired students, the greater community and the world. EVERYTHING IN YL IS AUTHENTIC, designed by the most highly recognized young and adult changemakers of our time, with a focus on teen-and peoplepowered model solutions, replicable by young people around the globe. OUR SERVICES provide a year-round, rich interlinked stream of activities, aligned with United Nations Days of the month, in a unique and interactive global community of learners, experts, and social entrepreneurs; they include YL Speakers, Student Club Community, youth-powered Curriculum, UN Day Webcasts, Field Partners, our Reality Game „Change Generation Rising“.

OUR OFFERS EMPOWER ordinary youth and citizens to explore and unfold their inborn changemaker skills following their own time, passion, favorite causes and activities. Sometimes, it only takes minutes to pass on the the right information to the right stakeholder, or replicate a successful model solution. PEOPLE FROM 70 COUNTRIES call these the most inspirational videos they have ever seen. Teachers experience the most energized lessons ever, even the most quiet students having something to say, and asking to get involved. People from Egypt and Syria say that YL gives them hope and carries them through darkest times. Across age groups and cultures, people agree: "YL should be in all schools." We agree. Did we mention that it is available for free? DOWNLOADS are available in up to 19 languages. Surplus from printed card games and books serves to spread youth leadership and supporting young changemakers in the field. FIND OUR MORE about our abundance of offers in our website's Welcome section and menues. And join the Tribe.


WHY WE DO THIS THE SOLUTIONS for a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization with inner and outer abundance for all EXIST. And the best news is that they are implemented by ordinary citizens, not governments, and by youth! There is no reason to wait, but to act and celebrate! YOUNG PEOPLE AT SCHOOL today are leading extraordinary model solutions for local and global issues of our time. They achieve things considered 'impossible', and unattained by adult-led movements! We unite hundreds of these young superhero/ines on our platform. You will meet some of them in this brochure. USING the Super Powers of Young People at School *, many of them operate as student clubs. Their wildly successful and inspirational examples are making headlines, winning awards, and inspiring youth, teachers and citizens around the planet. If ordinary 12-year-old kids can achieve in a hundred places, then kids in a million places can. SELF-ORGANIZED student-club powered service learning has become integral part of learning culture. Child activists mobilize 250,000 active teens from 9,000 schools across North America to unite at We Days, sparking a year-round stream of action in support of their local and global communities. If teachers observe measurable positive changes at 9,000 schools, we can experience them everywhere! WE CAN fix all our problems. Together with grown-up changemakers, we can achieve healthy food abundance for all, curb gang killings by 80%, restore ecosystems, establish Earth Law, practice fluid democracy, create uplifting gender relations. Thousands of mega solutions exist. OUR COMMON DESTINATION is a civilization of awesome in our lifetime. Kids are demonstrating the learning culture of how to grow up as inhabitant and co-creator of that civilization and achieve on full scale. WE PROVIDE the media, methods and services to spark, sustain and cultivate the pertaining culture of Youth Leadership at schools all over the planet. Because we love this planet. And we can make it. *

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ERIC NICOLAS SCHNEIDER ERIC FOCUSSES on upgrading our worldview to 'The Solutions Exist', 'Youth We Can', and inspiring and equipping the Change Generation for creating a world of abundance for all. HE KNOWS a lot of changemakers, genius educators, TED Speakers, spiritual leaders and other special beings. Initiation to sacred traditions has blessed him with a big picture view into the past and future, generalist knowledge, and deep understanding of the essence of cultures, visionaries and model solutions in many fields. He can sniff out angels, and rotten ego behind shiny facades. For Youth-LeadeR it means - only the best. THE ABILITY to shapeshift and switch makes him a good teacher of complex matters in simple language. He sees his role as translator and bridge-builder between cultures and sectors of sustainability + changemaking + youth leadership + education + media, for synergetic win-win-win benefits. THE KNOWLEDGE that the solutions for a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization already exist gives birth to his mission: Making humanity's finest changemaking knowledge, and everything it takes to implement it, available to the people of the world, especially our young generation at school. HIS DAILY CRAFT is to gather best practices, formulate and package them for use in education and by citizens of all walks of life. Over the years, Eric has combined and upgraded many best practices. His favorite achievements are ## adapting avantgarde approaches in Physical Education to changemaking: youth-powered "Informal Sustainability Learning Environments" (ISLEs) at school, which is also an adaptation of "Impact Hubs" (co-working spaces for people with good ideas for the world / social entrepreneurs); ## re-defining "meaningful communication" for a "positive change media culture" for positive change and fit for a sustainable civilization; ## role models and myths for unfolding one's "(Inner) Hero/ine"; ## YL Media (esp. card games and poster sets) enabling daily and long-term presence of hero/ines in our lives ## the global Student Club community growing up implementing humanity's leading solutions; ## designed as a reality game (Change Generation Rising) with fun, changemaking benefits and a new seal and brand of youth leadership; ## upgrading speaker presentations and conferences through simple prep and follow-up action with an impact;

## the student-powered YL Curriculum making Youth Leadership omnipresent at school, in conventional units, subjects and learning culture; ## alignment with UN Days to nurture awareness of the UN, and enhance UN Days from boring commemoration to relevant days of action. ERIC'S WORK has been honored with the Images and Voices of Hope Award 2012, also known as the alternative Nobel Prize for media with world benefit; laureates include the founders of TED and Frontline. He is also a member of UNESCO's National Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in Germany. ERIC HAS PRESENTED in Kosmos Journal, at the Evolution of World Order Conference (Toronto), the Unifying Aspects of Culture (Vienna), International Democratic Education Conf. (Sydney), UNESCO World Conference on ESD (Bonn), National Teacher Conf. (Argentina), World Summit for Media with World Benefit (New York), NightScience Camp (Paris) and more. FURTHER AREAS OF EXPERTISE include responsible nature and ecocultural travel, holistic volunteering, traditional cultures, alternative education models, dialogue culture, cocreative group processes, actionoriented conference design, intentional communities, bodywork, personal development and healing. YOUNG PEOPLE respect him for his energy, vision, upliftment, depth, integrity and honesty.

HE IS A HIGHLY VALUED networker, consultant, campaign designer, workshop leader, inspirational speaker and mentor. People call Eric a hero, which makes him smile and point to the young people featured in YL. HE DRAWS HIS INSPIRATION from the magnificient Universe, and is pretty much living Lord of the Rings, Matrix and the D.A. for real. When he's not in front of the screen, groups of young elves, and teachers of wizardry, you may run into him on rocky beaches, doing art, acro yoga, keeping the fire at sweat lodges, drumming or dj'ing from 4 decks. He'd like to join Ocean in the water with sharks. Eric is father of a wonderful son, operates from his home base in Berlin, enjoys a non-killing lifestyle, and feels most happy when helping people awaken, liberate and empower themselves to live their dreams for the good of all. This includes the global YL volunteer team, which is the myriads of hands manifesting YL in 19 languages. FUN FACTS: Eric has many has many politically incorrect and blissful stories to tell around the campfire. He threw his last tv set from a 2nd floor window in 1999, and has been free from the time thief ever since.

ONLINE VOLUNTEERS Building YL in ways replicable anywhere (zero finance, free softwares), harnessing the power of volunteering, drawing 11,000 volunteers (10% of the total flow of the United Nations's online volunteering program) from 70 countries in 20 languages, coordinating, writing, translating, and YL Teams India and Youth Rising for Peace winning the prestigious United Nations Online Volunteering Awards 2010 and 2012. Inspired, many members have changed career paths to activism and solutions journalism.

HERO/INES Essential part of Youth-LeadeR are of course the youth leaders, donating their stories, media, and actively collaborating in the community in webcasts, media and project development, campaigns and outreach. They are a special breed whose list of awards would fill this brochure.

MAGICIANS YL collaborates with grand visionary changemakers of our time, bringing their solutions to young people, and involving them in taking them to scale. In Change Generation Rising, we call them Magicians since they wield grand magic transforming society. A magic that YL Clubs and Warriors learn to wield as well.

PARTNERS We have friendly alliances with networks in media, education and changemaking. We may have good friends in common.

YES! Youth for Environmental Sanity Earth Guardians Free The Children Me To We Lemonaid Warriors Conserve it Forward Donate Don't Dump Books With No Bounds Empower Orphans Volunteen Nation Project Orangs Kids Right To Know Project T.G.I.F. Veg Youth One More Generation G.I.V.E. Coralganics Open Doors Literacy Project Pacha's Pajamas TED N+ Noticias Positivas Argentina Eco Walk The Talk Changemakers, Ashoka Blue Economy

The United Nations Decade of ESD The United Nations Decade of Biodiversity Charter for Compassion The Eco-Tipping Points Project asa The Amphibians Survival Alliance, IUCN Environmental Education Media Project Cure Violence Sea Shepherd Water Inspired Surdham's Kitchen Divest Harvard Stop Street Harassment Campaign Global Campaign for Making Ecocide a Crime against Peace LINGO Leave It In The Ground Coalition Dirty Industry Not for Profit Victory Humanity Law


THE SCIENCE BEHIND YL THE SOLUTIONS for a global, peaceful, just , thriving and sustainable civilization exist. Even the support networks are available. What's needed now is that people go beyond admiring hero/ines, and start learning, replicating, and taking these solutions to scale. As they are implemented by ordinary people, it can be simple. POSITIVE CHANGE MEDIA CULTURE conveys genuine changemaking spirit and knowledge of how to replicate solutions, and offers direct links to get support. We pioneer this media culture. ROLE MODELS shape 80% of human behavior, much of it subconsciously. Copy-paste. Role models are also our greatest asset in transformational learning processes, such as changemaking. To overcome the dark age of unsustainability, we need to fill our days with inhabitants and co-creators of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization. In one word: hero/ines. EDUCATION SYSTEMS & SOCIETY, contrary to earlier youth movements in history, wholeheartedly embrace youth leadership. In fact, it is the epitome and manifestation of guiding principles of schooling, education for sustainable development, life skills, global citizenship education, social entrepreneurship and more. What teachers, principals, parents and students need are the media, methods, activities and partners for sparking and cultivating this learning culture, with 'our new highly gifted', empathic young people with priorities for organized as student clubs at its core. YOUTH LEADERSHIP is the movement of our time. Despite their celebration in media and awards, people are yet not fully aware of the Super Powers of Young People at School: Daily community of hundreds. Free infrastructure. Genuine spirit. Media presence. Good public status. Donor support. Win win benefits. TIME!

YOUTH-LEADER UNITES the high end powers of these domains in everything we do, and makes these 'magic wands' applicable by teachers, youth and citizens caring for positive change.

WHO IS IN THERE ? Well, it's truly the most highly respected young and adult changemakers of our time. Maybe you are familiar with some names. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Babar Ali, Adora Svitak, Cassandra Lin, Gabrielle Posard, Robyn Hamlyn, Craig Kielburger, Rachel Parent, Avalon Theisen, Taylor Finderup, Zander Srodes, Chloe Maxmin, Mayerly Clavijo, Nellie Shute, Namaste Nepal, Madi and Rhiannon, Lulu Cerone, Molly Burke, Hassan Saeed...

OUR UNIQUE BENCHMARK 1. a tangible, successfully implemented model solution 2. replicable by young people at and beyond school 3. well visually present on the internet, to learn from 4. accessible by email or webcast for tips and replication = PROVIDING ALL THAT PEOPLE NEED FOR REPLICATION. To name a few grown-ups: Holly Kearl, John D. Liu, Polly Higgins, Ocean Ramsey, Usha Vishwakarma, Indira Ranamagar, Gerry Marten, Jane McGonigal, Anita Sarkeesian, Ameena Matthews, Paul Watson, Edgard Gouveia, Vandana Shiva, Miriam Clements, Lester Brown ...

"These are the best role models. I have been searching for such heroes throughout my teaching career. I need these for all my classes." You will meet a few of them in this brochure.

ALL GEARED FOR ACTION with ACTION PACKS for each hero/ine from study to implementation short- and long-term at home and abroad Use of these media and student-powered - starter session - presentations, exhibits - actions, fundraisers, projects unfolds a year-round stream of changemaking activities, connecting class and student clubs and global changemaker community.



7. and ACTIVITIES in public space, uniting students across classes and grades.






Lack of media variety Lack of multi-lingual materials Lack of topic variety Limited finance and time Lack of solutions Lack of role models Lack of relevant action opportunity Lack of empowerment for self-organized follow-up by inspired students Lack of outside partners Lack of dialogue and feedback Lack of flexibility for tailored projects Lack of "live" interaction with heroes Lack of interesting field partners Lack of girl and colored hero/ines Lack of constant flow of opportunity

Abundance of media in up to 19 languages on the full spectrum of positive change with minimal need for finance or time Focus on solutions, huge solutions Humanity's finest role models today Rich choices of activities on many levels One session can spark self-organization by inspired students as YL club Strong, multifaceted global network Personal interaction, community, collab High flexibility and competence Dozens of YL Speakers on-site / online Extraordinary field partners Global hero/ines, and way more girls !!! Monthly UN Days action and more



Lack of visibility in class Lack of visibility in public school space Narrow focus of topics and causes Limited exciting activities Lack of relevance for subjects Lack of acknowledgement by teachers Lack of acknowledgement by peers Low participation by peers Limited impact Limited media presence Limited reach to other schools Limited support by adults Lack of supportive community Lack of access to hero changemakers Lack of support and inspiration

High visibility; exhibit, game, presentations High visibility; exhibits, actions, ISLE, ... Favorite causes for everyone, superb media Wide range of alternating, exciting activities High relevance and quality for all subjects The "new, highly gifted", assistant teachers Shared enthusiasm through Starter Session Higher short- and long-term participation Methods and model solutions for high impact High media presence Demand as speakers, offers like exhibits High support in response to great action Daily global community of action Personal interaction with hero/ines always Year-round flow of inspiration



Lack of reach Lack of replication Lack of community of action Lack of access into schools Lack of media fit for education Lack of neutral support in general Lack of finance Lack of hero community Lack of steady collaborative action

Global reach in 19 languages Focus on replication by young people Focus on huge YL club community Strong promotion of their stories to schools Their media and services fit for school use Long-term, unconditional scaling Fundraisers for them, new partner options Global community of kind superhero/ines Year-round, aligned with UN Days


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