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Supper clubs made their big debut in the 1930s and have recently started regaining popularity. In today’s busy, day-to-day world, they make a great excuse to set aside one night a month and enjoy time with friends. The idea is that you get several couples involved and you rotate who hosts the dinner. Here are a few tips if you’re interested in getting one started in your circle, or just need some ideas to refresh the one you’re in.



START SMALL. This type of atmosphere calls for an intimate group. Four or five couples keeps a decent rotation, but also allows everyone to sit at one table. BE CONSISTENT. As you already know, people’s calendars book up faster than a Garth Brooks comeback concert. Pick a set date like the second Saturday of the month and stick to it. The less variation, the more likely everyone will attend and the event will stick. OFFER CHILDCARE. The number one reason your friends will cancel on you will likely be due to babysitting snafus. If you have young children in your group, head this issue off by keeping a sitter on the schedule. PICK A THEME. When it’s your turn to host, get creative with your menu. Set a fun theme such as Italian Bistro, Fiesta, or Hoedown and create your tablescape, drink offerings, background music and food around the idea. HIRE A CHEF. If you’ve been in a club for a while, your theme list has likely been exhausted. To add an unexpected flair, bring out your inner Real Housewife and hire in a chef to cook for you. BE ADVENTUROUS. This is a great way to try new recipes with a judgment-free group. Bust out that French cookbook that’s stuck in the back corner and channel your inner Julia. One of your biggest deterrents from starting up a supper club may be the intimidation factor. If the kitchen isn’t your comfort zone, prepping a meal can be daunting. Don’t let this stand in your way. Everyone has a tried and true meal that they can prepare. Stick to the basics of what you’re confident in. Whole restaurants have been constructed around the adoration of a grilled cheese, so it doesn’t take a complicated approach to please. The point is to relax and enjoy time with friends in a comfortable environment. Bon Appétit!


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Your Williamson March 2017