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ART: Roy Laws


I know I have said it before, but my favorite type of art is anything to do with music. In a sea of many artists, during a show this past fall, I was drawn to the works of artist Roy Laws. He says he is not at all musical, but he loves music, especially old country. “Robert’s Western World is the greatest bar, because they play all the good stuff, “ Roy said. “People have a connection with it.” This connection is what inspires him to paint musicians and guitars, his primary focus. Recently, Roy invited me to his home studio and gave me a tour of the entire home, which is full of his work. I loved hearing the stories behind each piece and the techniques he used that usually go way beyond a brush and paint. Roy considers himself an abstract expressionistic artist, while using lots of bold colors. He has painted in many forms, but right now he is focusing on acrylics. His gigantic works of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Sr., Willie Nelson, Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe are amazing. The thing he enjoys most about painting those subjects is the aforementioned connection. Admirers tend to share meaningful stories with Roy about the ones in the paintings. His Willie Nelson piece takes me back to 8-tracks in a station wagon going on family trips, when I was little. I have some sort of memories about all of them, though. You can often see Roy’s art during the Franklin Art Scene. Last month, he showed at Landmark Booksellers, while my friends and I played music. Landmark is always the happening place during the Scene! Roy paints on such large canvases that you can see them from the other side of the street. He says he wants his art to “stop traffic”. It certainly does. Find out more about Roy Laws at


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April book 2014 web res