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APR 26

2010 Five Tips To Great Make-Up It Takes Two: The Dynamic Duo of Yahdie Conscious Decorating Your Home Finding Your Style

Quote of The Week Men spend their lives in anticipations,—in determining to be vastly happy at some period when they have time. But the present time has one advantage over every other—it is our own. Past opportunities are gone, future have not come. We may lay in a stock of pleasures, as we would lay in a stock of wine; but if we defer the tasting of them too long, we shall find that both are soured by age. -Charles Caleb Colton

Editor’s Note

The scope of our feature stories in this week’s issue looks at two young fashion designers, who are steadfast in making their fashion designing skills known to Jamaica, and by extension the rest of the world. In addition, in this issue we will help our readers find their own designing style for their home and more. Have a fun filled week.

Live. Love. Laugh a Lot. Cover Photography by Warren Buckle

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skin care and beauty


To Great Make-Up

Wearing too much eyeliner is not only detrimental to your look, but it can be harmful to the health of your eyes and the skin around them.


Photo Courtesy of Nicki Make Up

SUITABLE MAKEUP Wear makeup that is suitable for the occasion. If you are going to the beach, you should not wear the same makeup as you would if you were going out to Fiction or the Quad. When you are in daylight your makeup should be lighter than when you are out in the evening. That is, “less intense” rather than “lighter”.


DO NOT OVERDO There is nothing a man hates more than when a woman’s makeup is overdone. Wearing too much makeup can make you look gray (meaning old?) or clown-like. Powder - Too much face powder causes that ghostly white or “bleached” effect in photos taken at night. The flash used in nighttime photos is reflected off the particles in the powder (the effect is intensified when the face powder is a formula with mixed in light reflectors. e.g. anti-aging formulas). A good way to change the situation to your advantage is to only wear the powder in the areas that get oily the most. Luckily those areas are also the spots on your face that light naturally hits: the t-zone (the forehead and down the bridge of the nose), the cheek bones and the chin. This will achieve the matte look you want and help define the planes of your face in photos.

Foundation - Too much foundation messes up your whole look. Anything that goes on after too much foundation is apt to smudge...very easily. This is because it leaves none of the natural skin exposed for pigment and other ingredients in your eyeliner, etc. to adhere to. It also makes you look unpolished and indicates that you may not know how to handle your natural beauty. This is never a good thing if you’re on the market. A good way to think of foundation is as a base. Only use enough to cover the necessary areas and blend it well. Eyeliner - Wearing too much eyeliner is like using an entire jar of peanut butter to make one sandwich; it’s obvious to anyone that it’s too much. Eyeliner does not need to be applied in layers. Wearing too much eyeliner is not only detrimental to your look, but it can be harmful to the health of your eyes and the skin around them. Long wearing formulas tend to dry the skin out and are prone to flaking. That’s not a good look. Stick to two layers at the most. Eyeliner is for defining and accentuating the eyes, so the focus should not be the eyeliner itself. Mascara -Too much mascara makes you look like you are just trying too hard. Thick, clumpy, wadded up lashes are not attractive. That as well as dry, brittle and sparse lashes is the effect of wearing too many coats of mascara. Many mascara formulas dry out and flake. This can lead to flakes falling into and irritating your eyes. It’s usually just uncomfortable, but it can lead to corneal abrasions and subsequent eye infection. So stick to three or four coats at the very most.

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HAIR COLOUR Hair colour should complement one’s skin tone. Always try to keep hair colour close to your natural shade. Keep up your hair colour and avoid showing growth at roots. OVERALL LOOK Avoid colours that clash. The complete look should be natural and should complement each other. For dark skin and hair use darker shades and for light skin and hair use lighter shades. TOUCH UPS To avoid your makeup fading or creasing, touch ups regularly throughout the day give you a fresh look. your style eZine

cover story

It Takes Two

Yahdie Conscious & Their Shared Passion for Fashion

Originally we started out doing t-shirts, cutting them up in various styles and printing Yahdie Conscious on them


n the song “Time of Your Life”, American rock group Green Day sang, “Time grabs you by the wrist; directs you where to go.” This is true for the dynamic duo of Jamie Spence, 24, and Jaye-Ann O’Conner, 23, who have both been trying their hand at fashion designing since they were attending St. Andrew High School for Girls. What was once considered a hobby for the business partners and friends has turned out to be a fulfilling enterprise. The idea of Yahdie Conscious started while the two were in upper sixth form. “Originally we started out doing t-shirts, cutting them up in various styles and printing Yahdie Conscious on them,” reminisced Jamie. However, it was not until during their first year at the University of the West Indies that they actually had their first fashion show. This led them to realize that designing could actually pay off even though it was primarily a hobby. “Our thing was being creative with what we had when we first started out, cutting up skirts and stuff to make them look hip and funky, which we actually thought was cool at the time,” laughed Jay-Ann. In 2006, they had an official launch for their line in New York followed by a launch locally. Both get inspiration for designs from different places. It is this unique, creative flair that makes Yahdie Conscious what it is today. For Jamie, it could be listening to a song or watching a

music video and thinking that the person should be wearing a dramatic, girly or strong article of clothing. Jaye-Ann draws from things she sees around her and trends that are happening. Designing for these ladies seems to be natural, as they admit that designing a sketch can be completed in a short time. “Often, the difficulty is getting the seamstress to carry out that design, but we are lucky to have found some pretty good seamstresses,” said Jamie. Their fabrics are all bought locally and are creatively transformed when a design is completed. “When choosing fabric we try not to choose anything that will stand out too much in a negative light, so that people will identify with a [particular fabric] store right off the bat,” said Jamie. Jaye-Ann further explained that they aim to be different. “We try to purchase from smaller fabric stores where the fabric is not so popular,” she said. The intent is to provide unique designs that will complement their clients’ individual styles.

Perfect Timing Thanks to the support of family and friends who don’t mind modeling their designs at fashion shows, these ladies are fully focused on pressing forward even though they are still in the first few developmental stages. your style eZine

cover story

It Takes Two

Yahdie Conscious & Their Shared Passion for Fashion

They have finally decided to take what was once a hobby to the next level. “The name Yahdie Conscious is trademarked and Jamie has left her job, and eventually I want to leave my job. Fashion designing is so much cooler than anything I have ever done,” said Jay-Ann, who currently works in Radiography at the University Hospital of the West Indies and is a final year Health Science in Administration Management student at the University of Technology. Many people would probably consider Jamie crazy for leaving her job at the Bank of Jamaica, especially for someone who pursued a degree in Economics. To many, she might have had the dream job. “I battled with it [the decision] for a really long time, and then I thought to myself, there is no way Yahdie is going to take off with both of us working full time,” said Jamie. “I would rather put the idea to an end rather than have it dragging along seeing that it would not make any sense to be pumping money into a project and not reaping maximum benefits or commit fully to it.” It is no secret that many local designers have thrown in the towel; many of whom started out the same time as Yahdie Conscious. Jamie and Jaye-Ann however, refuse to follow suit. Both acknowledge that they are still growing and are nowhere close to where they want to be. They see themselves moving beyond the region and competing globally, dressing an international celebrity and on the New York and London Fashion Week runway. Plans are in place to launch an online store soon. There are no limits to what these ladies can do, and they are definitely on the right track

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cover story

It Takes Two

Yahdie Conscious & Their Shared Passion for Fashion


Pulse Model Search in Mandeville Fashion Block 2008 Magnum King and Queen Live Show 2010

Fave Designer: Jamie: Jamine Di Milo Jaye-Ann: Marc Jacobs Birth Sign: Jamie: Pisces Jaye-Ann: Gemini Local Celebrity would love to work with: Jamie:Tami Chynn Jaye-Ann: Tami Chynn International Celebrity with style: Jamie: Rihanna Jaye-Ann: Rihanna

Yahdie Conscious designs can be found at Stanley and Empress Boutique 94 Hope Road. Open Wednesday to Saturday. Also they will be having a Massive Blowout Sale and Lyme this Saturday May 1 @ Village Blues Bar,Orchid Village 12-6pm.

home and garden

Decorating Your Home Finding Your Style

Knowing what makes you most comfortable when decorating is very important.


aking your home your personal space, one that nurtures you, is your primary aim when decorating. This means the style should reflect your personality (not that of your friends and

relatives). In the world of decorating there are various styles, for example, traditional, modern, country, styles with various ethnic influences and combination of two or more styles referred to as eclectic. Knowing what makes you most comfortable when decorating is very important. Start to get in tune with what is your true style by being more observant of things around you. Here are a few pointers:

* Your dress style is also a good indication of your design style. Do you like simple lines or frills? Your closet should give you a good idea of what your favourite colours are. * Visit home stores and show rooms and see what catches your eyes. Some stores are laid out in complete settings and this makes it even easier. As you become more observant of what attracts you, you will begin to notice a trend developing. Should you lean towards different styles then a blend (eclectic) of two is what you should employ. Make one dominant and add elements of the other – unifying with accessories and the use of colours. advertisment

* When watching television look closer at the set decoration – are there things you like about the setting – furniture design; colours; the coziness of the space * Observe your home and make note of your favourite things – are you a metal and glass person or definitely wood. Do you like straight lines or very curvy or ornate pieces? * Study the photos in decorating magazines – mark the rooms which really appeal to you – move in closer and see which details make the room “work” for you. * What type of hotel décor appeals to you? – A cozy country style “bed and bath”, one with traditional furniture and accessories or an ultra-mod city high rise with all the contemporary trappings – Hotels usually have clearly defined styles.

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April 26, 2010

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