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september 20,2010 Women’s Biggest Fears About Relationships Fashion: Work Chic Money Talk: Your Future Financial Planning

Quote of The Week “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

Editor’s Note Hi Readers, Lingering phobias of past relationships keep some women away from the dating game; a number of these fears are unwrapped in this week’s issue of Your Style eZine. Plus “Money Talks” examines your future financial plan and lots more.

Live. Love. Laugh a Lot.

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Money Talk: Your Financial Future Planning


ong-term financial success not only takes discipline, it is a discipline in itself. Regardless of how much or little you earn, everyone should have a financial future plan that serves as their roadmap to the future.


Spend Less Than You Earn This sounds very simple but it is the number one rule to consider when planning your financial future, and it is often taken for granted. Spending more than you earn is the easiest way to get oneself into debt, and incomes don’t necessarily increase in the short run, so it might not be long before its one credit card paying for the other.


Budget, Budget, Budget This is a mere extension of rule one. Having a budget is one thing but sticking to it is a completely different story. A budget helps you to track your expenses and expenditures. This way, you are sure to find ways of prioritizing as you identify the trends in your expenses. No matter how insignificant expenses may seem, they do add up over time.



Retirement Contribution Plan Age 65 seems far away now but the earlier you start planning for your retirement the better it is. If your employer doesn’t have a retirement plan contribution, make every effort to contribute to an Individual Retirement Plan (IRA). This is fast becoming popular at many local financial institutions.


Insurance Coverage We are from a culture where it is automatic to associate insurance with death. An insurance plan goes beyond death as there are various plans that you can benefit from without the requisite kicking of the proverbial bucket. Find a plan that fits within your lifestyle and your budget. Always review your insurance and plan and update your beneficiaries if deemed necessary.


Investments With the rapid rate of inflation today, an investment plan is a sure way of protecting the money you earn today for tomorrow. Beware of phony investment schemes with outrageous returns to lure you in. Invest your money with a legitimate financial institution that has the track record to prove it. advertisment

Have a Savings Account “It’s not what you earn but what you save”. Unless you have a trusty crystal ball handy you may want to prepare for the unforeseen. Think of your savings account as a reward to yourself. To make things smoother, you can have a portion of your income deducted which goes straight to your savings account.

Beware of phony investment schemes with outrageous returns to lurk you in. Invest your money with a legitimate financial institution that has the track record to prove it.

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Fashion:Work Chic

ork attire does not have to be boring, especially now with the changes in the professional environment. Business casual has now become more popular and enables you to add your own personal style, while remaining classy and polished.

jazzy This fitted long-sleeve black shirt features a spread collar and button front with a white pencil shirt that fits above the waist. Accessories with black belt and red open toe shoes add a little ‘jazz’ to the attire.

Sophisticated This sophisticated two-piece pencil skirt suit in a light brown features a V-neck jacket with four-button front with basic peach cami inside.

seasonally simple White ruffled front blouse with collar over black pants. Black jacket optional depending on what day it is. your style eZine

cover story Simple & Trendy Short-sleeve double-breasted jacket with mandarin collar over brown pants with a button closure on the zippered fly.


Classic with a twist Simple black cami with a red pencil skirt complement by beige sailor jacket.


business suit White ruffled front blouse with collar over black pants. The jacket transforms the outfit from business casual to business suit.

Outfits are available at Kabella’s Shop # 6, Premier Plaza, Kingston 10.

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Women’s Biggest Fears About



t is not strange to hear women equate being single with being independent, while voicing their strong sentiments that men do not complete them. While we can agree that no relationship should be had simply for the sake of being in one, many women use their strong opinions to hide the fears they have about relationships that prevent them from moving forward. Fear of Not Being the “Perfect” Match Everybody remembers the “You complete me” scene from Jerry Maguire, but unfortunately the completion takes place long after those initial sparks stop flying. Find out as much about a partner before any serious commitment is made. No one wants to hear that they were a “right now” rather than a “right”. What should be understood, however, is that no couple will ever be 100 per cent compatible, so another “c” word will be very important…”compromise”. Compromise should however, always be mutual. Fear of Being Alone If you are a person who itches at the thought of being single then there might be a problem in the making. Fear of being alone will keep individuals in damaging relationships and lead them to unwise ones. Learn to give yourself time to assess your needs and you might find a more fruitful experience. Fear of Abuse Nobody should take abuse, be it physical or verbal. Women should watch out for early signs of abusive tendencies. Psychologists and common sense recommend that a woman should walk away from the first signs of an abusive relationship.

While we can agree that no relationship should be had simply for the sake of being in one, many women use their strong opinions to hide the fears they have about relationships that prevent them from moving forward. Women in particular, believe men are more likely to cheat in a relationship or that all men cheat. This sentiment, while understandable, is rather unfair to the good men that are out there but especially unfair to yourself. Assess each person on their merits and proceed accordingly. Fear of Closeness and Intimacy After several halfhearted attempts at a relationship, you may have made up your mind to stay far away from such troubles. This can lead to damaging, seemingly innocuous arrangements that start out in convenience but normally end in hurt. No one really wins in a relationship based just on sex and even though you might say it is your choice, most people really want a relationship in which you can connect with the other person, while sharing their fears, dreams and aspirations.

The Fear of Unfaithfulness Many people today believe that having one partner is merely a myth and that it died along with our great grandparents.

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relationships Hollywood stars who share your fears….. Most women believe that relationship woes with the opposite sex are restricted to average females. Truth be told, even famous Hollywood women had to deal with such issues.

Halle Barry - “I did not want my marriage to end. I felt like my world was coming apart. I was begging and pleading with him because I always thought my marriage would be for life,” said Halle Berry on her first marrige. Her second marriage also turned sour with R&B singer Eric Benet and his numerous infidelities.

Mary J. Blige - Queen of hip-hop soul Mary J. Blige had carried her baggage of abuse, drugs and alcohol for years with her; all of which she endured during a relationship with Jodeci’s lead man K-Ci. She often discloses that she is just now learning how to trust men and is currently married to Martin Kendu Isaacs going on seven years.

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