Speed Art Museum 2019 Annual Report

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on itself. These shows spanned time, from the abstract paintings by 42-year old (and Louisville-born) Keltie Ferris to the beauty and cultural history of “tall-case clocks” from the early 1900s.

From the Director:

And they spanned cultures, from the great artists who worked with Hunter S. Thompson in “Gonzo” to a beautiful and

For the Speed, the year that ended on September 30, 2019 really showed what we mean when we say “we invite everyone to celebrate art, forever.”


Inviting Everyone

complicated view of violence and race in the work of former UK professor Ebony G. Patterson. More than ever, the Speed IS Kentucky’s art museum. Forever

We hosted the first Naturalization

Sometimes “forever” is more of a spirit

Ceremony in the “new” Speed on

than a fact. In the Speed’s 93rd year

August 9, 2019. No one will forget the

we lost David Vereen, a member of

place where they became a citizen,

our security team who went through

and I am delighted that 95 new citizens

two transplant surgeries and gave the

from 36 countries became citizens at

Speed far more than he received. David

the Speed. We also signed up half of

was among the best of us because he

them for “Speed for All,” the free family

brought out the best in us, and while I

membership that has now reached

know his spirit lives on in the museum

nearly 500 members.

I’m also proud that we will be naming the open hallway on the way to the

Celebrating Art A two-year series of Kentucky-themed exhibitions allowed us to reflect the beauty and diversity of Kentucky back

Speed Café for David, someone I think Hattie Bishop Speed would have loved as much as the rest of us did.

From the Chair, Board of Trustees In my first year as

This year our family grew in other

Chair of the Speed’s

important ways. A Commonwealth

Board of Trustees,

Circle formed to gather supporters from

I am overjoyed

across Kentucky. A Corporate Council

to see the Speed community grow

gathered local CEOs and executives who

in so many ways.

believe (and invest) in our mission and encourage others to join them. And to

Our Board of Trustees is full of people

the collector groups that have supported

who represent the special strengths that

art acquisitions for over 50 years (Charter

make Louisville great, all grounded in

Collectors and Speed Contemporary)

generosity and thoughtful attention to

we added three new groups supporting

our mission. Our Board of Governors

our curators and their work: Cinephiles,

represents all aspects of a community

Speed Design, and the Art on Paper

and region we love. This year we


reconfirmed the importance of our Alliance of Volunteers, built on decades

The best families grow while also

of volunteer service and now modeled

maintaining strong ties around the

in our Docents, volunteers, and all of us

common ground they share. And I

who give time and attention (and dollars)

am delighted that the Speed family is

to the Speed.

growing while also growing stronger, more connected by an institution with a mission they also share and love.

We welcomed 95 new Americans. On August 9, 95 Louisvillians, originally

The day was made even more special

from 36 different countries, took their

because of our partnership with the

Oath of Allegiance to become United

League of Women Voters, there to make

States citizens at the naturalization

sure the new citizens were registered to

ceremony we hosted. The path to

vote, and our Speed for All team, offering

citizenship is often difficult, and never

all the new citizens memberships to

done lightly. We’re grateful that the

the Museum.

Speed got to be a part of that journey for these 95 new citizens.

We invited families to grow up at the Speed. The Speed Education team welcomed

This year, the Museum also began

guests of all ages to “grow up at the

programming Family Saturdays to make

Speed� by offering programs for guests

family programming more accessible for

ages 0 and up! Museum Play Dates:

many working caregivers. Programming

Baby Bonanza and Toddler Takeover

for Family Saturdays included special

created a new way for families with

cinema screenings, artmaking

young children to experience the Speed,

workshops, storytime in the galleries,

better formatted for their needs, with

family tours of exhibitions, and more!

daytime hours, flexible formatting, and

Our Community Outreach team was able

hands-on activities such as block-

to partner with several organizations in

building and artmaking.

creating special family programming for our Speed for All members, helping to welcome them to the Museum.

We restored artworks. The Adopt an Artwork program,

“What’s New at the Speed,” the Gallery

designed to create opportunities for

1 installation, also features a large

patrons to support the conservation of

scale, 195-year-old work by Kentucky

individual artworks, has already begun

artist Matthew Harris Jouett. The Speed

yielding incredible results within our

partnered with the Archdiocese of

collection after its implementation just a

Louisville, to whom the painting belongs,

few years ago. Several of these works,

to facilitate a massive conservation effort

including intimate sketches and delicate

to restore this masterpiece to its former

preparatory works by artists like Gaugin

glory. The Dead Christ Mourned (The Three

and Seurat, are now on view in Gallery 1

Maries) and the story of its restoration are

at the Museum.

currently on view.


$50,000+ Brown-Forman Corporation and Brown-Forman Foundation Ambassador Matthew Barzun and Mrs. Brooke Brown Barzun Mr. and Mrs. Owsley I. Brown III Dr. Steven E. Epstein and Ms. Cary Brown Dr. Leonard Leight Churchill Downs Inc. Anonymous Mr. James S. Karp and Mrs. Irene J. Karp Ms. Penelope T. Morton and Mr. Clay Morton Dr. Emily S. Bingham and Mr. Stephen R. Reily Ms. Eleanor Bingham Miller University of Louisville Kentucky Arts Council Fund for the Arts Inc. Mrs. Spencer E. Harper Jr. Hilary Boone Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Christina L. Brown

$25,000 – $49,999 Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Dinsmore & Shohl LLP Augusta Brown Holland & Gill Holland, Jr Mrs. Frances Alden and Mr. William O. Alden Jr.  W. L. Lyons Brown Foundation Mr. Ronald J. Murphy and Mrs. Debra M. Murphy LG&E and KU Energy LLC Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC Barr Foundation, Inc. Mr. James S. Welch Jr. and Mrs. Marianne C. Welch Mrs. Connie B. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. James E. Haynes Mr. Frank F. Harshaw and Mrs. Paula C. Harshaw Ms. Laura Lee Brown and Mr. Steve Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chellgren

Aroha Philanthropies Republic Bancorp Inc. Yum! Brands, Inc. Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co.

$10,000–$24,999 Diageo Inc. Maker’s Mark Distillery Mr. Alan K. Kamei and Mrs. Shelly A. Kamei PNC Bank Mrs. Susan Dabney Lavin and Mr. Allan Lavin Estate of Gaby Hereld Mrs. Carolyn M. McBride Mr. William L. McMahan Mr. Michael C. Trager-Kusman and Mrs. Erin T. Trager-Kusman The Gheens Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Vine Dr. Charles C. Barr and Mrs. Lisa E. Barr Mr. William C. Ballard Jr. and Mrs. Julie W. Ballard Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Farrer Mr. Matthew A. Thornton and Mrs. Fran H. Thornton Jefferson’s Reserve Hilliard Lyons Trust Co. LLC/Baird Northern Trust The Honorable and Mrs. John D. Myles Mr. Joseph A. Paradis III Mr. Stephen A. Smith and Mrs. Lisa M. Smith BB&T Calhoun Construction Services JP Morgan Chase Bank Kindred Healthcare Land Rover of Louisville Phocus Sterling Thompson Company Thorntons Inc. Wells Fargo World Wide Technology Mrs. Ellen H. Shapira and Mr. Max L. Shapira Ms. Sandal H. Gulick Mr. Bruce Nethery

Mrs. Martha W. Slaughter and Dr. Mark S. Slaughter Mr. and Mrs. Colin J. McNaughton Blue Grass MOTORSPORT Highland Cleaners Ms. Anne B. Ogden Reverend Alfred R. Shands III Mr. Richard H. C. Clay and Mrs. Elizabeth F. Clay Dr. Paula and Mr. Michael J. Grisanti C&H Audio Visual Services Clifton Foundation Inc. Mr. and Ms. Thomas O’Grady Mr. Ozair M. Shariff Mr. Antony Beck and Mrs. Angela Beck Ms. Holly H. Gathright and Mr. Joseph R. Gathright Jr. Mr. Charles W. Hebel Jr. and Mrs. Carol W. Hebel Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Diaz J. Clifton Rodes Fund Ms. Hilary Bates Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Ballantine Dr. Laurence N. Benz and Mrs. Patricia G. Benz Ms. Eliza Brown Mr. Jim P. Gray II Mr. Matthew E. Hamel and Mrs. Lena B. Hamel Ms. Amelia B. Huneke Mr. Lee W. Kirkwood and Mrs. Rosemary T. Kirkwood Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Latts Mr. Lionel Leventhal Mr. Todd P. Lowe and Ms. Fran C. Ratterman Mrs. Lopa Mehrotra and Mr. Rishabh Mehrotra Mr. Bruce C. Merrick and Ms. Karen M. McCoy Mr. David L. Power and Mr. Bruce Hardy Mrs. Lindy B. Street Mrs. Ann C. Wells and Mr. Darrell R. Wells Mrs. Suzanne W. Whaley Hell or High Water Derby City Gaming Glenview Trust Co. Hard Truth Distilling Company Jackson Family Wines The Audience Group Wiley, Inc.

$5,000–$9,999 Dr. Jonathan Hodes and Mrs. Janet W. Hodes Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc. Mr. Douglas A. Edwards and Mrs. Shalonda Edwards Mr. Trace Mayer and Mrs. Karen Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Robinson Mr. Lawrence A. Shapin and Ms. Ladonna M. Nicolas Mr. Mark H. Oppenheimer and Mrs. Gail C. Oppenheimer Mr. Roger L. Cude and Mrs. Kathie L. Cude Anita Wright and Bill Wright Ms. Heather Kleisner New Riff Distilling Lift a Life Foundation 21C Museum Hotel Mrs. Federica E. Fields and Mrs. Patience Fields Mrs. Colleen B. Beach and Mr. James W. Beach Mr. Spencer E. Harper III Ms. Patricia W. Ballard Esq. Monteverdi Tuscany Mr. Robert E. Kulp Jr. Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation Ms. Carol B. Matton Mr. J. M. Barr II and Mrs. Sally Barr Mr. J. Paul Keith III and Mrs. Sarah Keith Ms. Linda F. Wheeler Genscape, Inc. Beam Suntory Mrs. Linda Valentine and Mr. Christopher Valentine Kaplan Johnson Abate & Bird LLP Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Morton Dr. Jeffrey P. Callen and Mrs. Susan M. Callen Mrs. Jane F. Welch Mr. and Mrs. J. Macklin Cox Ms. Jennifer M. Blair Mr. Eric K. Doninger and Mr. Lee Hensley Mr. John J. Werst III and Mrs. Marilyn Werst Mrs. Marilyn Werst and Mr. John J. Werst III Mr. Mathias L. Kolehmainen and Ms. Juliet C. Gray Mr. Theodore S. Rosky and Mrs. Jackie

R. Rosky Major General Dillman A. Rash Fund Mrs. Stephanie S. Fellon and Mr. Andrew R. Fellon Mr. John C. Bajandas and Mrs. Natalie B. Bajandas Mr. and Mrs. J. McCauley Brown Mr. Stephen P. Campbell and Ms. Heather McHold Mr. and Mrs. D. Brett Hale Mr. and Mrs. Culver V. Halliday Mrs. Julia Kolp-Carstanjen and Mr. William C. Carstanjen Ms. Helen C. Powell Mr. Edward Rhawn and Mrs. Helen D. Rhawn Merkley Kendrick Jewelers Butchertown Grocery Hardscuffle, Inc. Justice Real Estate, Inc. Kentucky Select Properties Spalding University Spectrum Reach Walker Mechanical

$500–$4,999 Ms. Jen Massalo Mr. Danny Wimmer Dr. Laman A. Gray Jr. and Mrs. Juliet H. C. Gray Estate of Herbert F. Boehl Dr. Rebecca A. Terry and Mr. Peter Thompson Ms. Joyce Meyer and Ms. Lisa Stemler Mr. Erik Eaker and Mr. John E. Brooks Mr. Peter A. Howard and Mrs. Johanna G. Howard Mrs. Anna C. Tatman and Mr. Jeff Tatman Mr. and Mrs. Chuy Ostos Mrs. Helen Lee Fugitte and Mr. James R. Fugitte Mr. James R. Voyles and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Voyles Jim Beam Distillery The Corbin Financial Group of Raymond James Ms. Miriam E. Ballert Mr. Douglas H. Owen Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth

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Mr. Charles O. O’Koon and Mrs. Sarah C. O’Koon Ms. Michelle H. Heit Mr. J. Graham Switzer Travel Muse Inc. Dr. Heather B. Bass and Dr. Kaveh Zamanian Mr. and Mrs. John S. Greenebaum Representative John A. Yarmuth and Mrs. Catherine Yarmuth 21 Skye Design Western Kentucky University Foundation Mr. Neville N. Blakemore III and Ms. Jessica R. Bird Mr. Henry W. Brockman and Mrs. Mary C. Brockman Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer and Mrs. Linda Bruckheimer Mr. John P. Francis and Mrs. Charmaine S. Francis  Mr. J. Ronald Geoghegan and Mrs. Leslie L. Geoghegan Mrs. Ann E. Georgehead and Mr. Glen D. Georgehead Dr. Steven D. Glassman M.D. and Mrs. Sylvia Glassman Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Kleisner II Mr. Frank Luecke and Mrs. Jo Ann E. Luecke Mr. Boyce F. Martin III and Ms. Melea K. East Mr. W. Patrick Mulloy II and Mrs. Francie Mulloy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paramore Mrs. Peggy Patterson and Mr. Charles E. Patterson Mrs. Elizabeth P. Spalding and Mr. Jon Spalding Dr. and Mrs. Maynard L. Stetten Mr. Todd Skaggs and Ms. Jean W. Wells Mrs. Cheri C. White and Mr. James B. White Mr. Orme Wilson III and Mrs. Mary Wilson Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse Altsheler-Durell Foundation, Inc. Ernst & Young LLP The Cralle Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Debbie L. Huddleston-Mitchell and Mr. Joseph S. Mitchell III Mr. and Mrs. Glen F. Raque Mr. Gordon Jackson and Mrs. Lisa Flannery

Ms. Janet M. Denuyl Ms. Susan Moremen Mr. Marc Abrams Mrs. Randolph Brown Brad Brunson Ms. Ruth H. Cloudman Mr. David S. Kaplan and Mrs. Elizabeth Kaplan Mr. Guthrie L. Zaring and Mrs. Lisa S. Zaring Mr. Christopher Ryan and Ms. Rosalie Rosenthal Mr. Steven A. Bass and Mrs. Mary T. Bass Mrs. Mary C. Boland and Mr. Ryan P. Bodman Mr. and Mrs. John Y. Brown III Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Dangremond Ms. Rebecca Edwards and Mr. William Edwards Jr. Ms. Helen L. Heddens Mrs. Amy D. Lapinski and Mr. Sterling A. Lapinski Mrs. Marianne R. Rowe Mr. Earl Sikes and Mrs. Norma Sikes Mr. Mark K. Wourms and Ms. Patricia L. Johnson Angel’s Envy Distillery Luckett & Farley The Mildred V. Horn Foundation Mr. Chuck Schnatter Christie’s McConnell Center Mr. and Mrs. W. Stewart Cobb Mr. John J. Davis III and Mrs. Ann P. Davis Dr. and Mrs. William K. Stubbs Dr. Ted Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith Republic National Distributing Company Mr. Darren Cain Mr. Shawn Hadley and Mr. David McGuire Mr. Brent Bruner and Mr. Matt D. Carter Peggy Stevens Ms. Maud C. Welch Mr. and Mrs. H. Hewett Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brown II Ms. Jean W. Frazier Ms. Sandra A. Frazier Mrs. Rachel L. Greenberg and Mr. Craig Greenberg Ms. Jessica Knapp-Ziegler and Mr. Michael Ziegler

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ogden Mrs. Alice B. Walter and Dr. Henry J. Walter Mr. Jason P. Zachariah and Mrs. Laura M. Zachariah The Woodford Reserve Distillery Mrs. Karen A. Casi and Mr. Paul A. Casi II Ms. Emily Digenis and Mr. Hunter C. Sattich Mr. Flint Breckinridge and Dr. Karin J. Breckinridge Mrs. Lora Coomes and Mr. Mike Coomes Mr. Brett H. Corbin and Mrs. Samantha Corbin Mr. Patrick D. McLane and Mr. Todd Cain Dr. Osman M. Shariff and Dr. Lindsay Shafer Mr. Tony Varda and Mrs. Heather A. Varda Ms. Phoebe A. Wood Louisville Film Society Mr. C. Barret Birnsteel and Mrs. Laurie A. Birnsteel Mr. William S. Borden and Mrs. Carol C. Borden Dr. Robert L. Mullins Jr. and Mrs. Sharon M. Mullins Mr. Joseph W. Oldham and Ms. Elsa Oldham Dr. Keith Auerbach Mr. Jonas Hurley and Mrs. Julie Hurley Ms. Caroline H. Boone and Mr. Douglas Gossmann Mr. Michael T. Burns and Mrs. Elizabeth Kennan Burns Ms. Kristen Cripe Mr. Tim C. Peters and Ms. Lois Mateus Peters Arc Athens Inc. Mrs. Patricia J. Kantlehner and Mr. William A. Kantlehner III Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Emke Mrs. Suzanne Spencer Dr. and Mrs. T. Bodley Stites Mr. Bart L. Greenwald and Mrs. Deborah W. Greenwald Brandeis School of Law Mrs. Moira M. Scott Payne and Mr. Willie Payne Ms. Lisa B. Ewen Mrs. Jennifer Garst Ms. Sandy K. Heydt Mrs. Marjorie McCall Mrs. Katherine J. Oyler and Mr. W. Kent Oyler III Mrs. Victoria Phillips and Mr. J. Donald Phillips

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Ms. Jill B. Gaynor and Mr. John D. Gaynor Jr. Mr. L. Reed Gernert and Mrs. Susan R. Gernert Dr. Jeffrey D. Glazer and Dr. Karen J. Abrams Mr. John R. Gregory Mr. Kenneth H. Hagan Jr. and Mrs. Angela Hagan Mr. Robert S. Harlow Jr. and Mrs. Marcia Harlow Mr. Grafton S. Harper and Ms. Elizabeth Van Denburgh Tim and Caroline Heine Dr. Albert B. Hoskins III and Mrs. Judy Hoskins Ms. Katherine D. Johnson Mr. Nick Johnson Ms. Wendy Kobler Ms. Lori Kommor Mr. Kevin Kramer and Mrs. Jennifer Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lewis Dr. Nancy C. Martin and Dr. Fred J. Hendler Ms. Sueanna I. Masterson and Mr. Steven J. Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCarthy III Dr. and Mrs. Roy J. Meckler Dr. Roy J. Meckler and Mrs. Lynn Meckler Dr. M. Lynnie Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller Ms. Jennifer Moore Mr. and Mrs. Victor Morris Mr. R. Charles Moyer and Mrs. Sally Moyer Ms. Susan H. Norris Mr. Bill K. Oldham and Mrs. Suzanne K. Oldham Mr. Houston M. Oppenheimer and Mrs. Betty Oppenheimer Mrs. Alexandra Ortiz and Mr. Isaac Ortiz Mr. Patrick D. Owen and Mr. Norman Dixon Mr. Stephen T. Owen Mr. Thomas R. Pardue Jr. and Mrs. Brooke P. Pardue Mr. Duane Parker and Mrs. Sarah Parker Mr. Henry M. Potter and Mrs. Sharon S. Potter Mr. Patrick M. Potter and Mrs. Heidi H. Potter Dr. James E. Redmon Jr. and Mrs. Jane A. Redmon Mrs. Judith Shapira Dr. and Dr. Arthur L. Shechet Ms. Abby Shue Mrs. Gail P. Slater and Dr. A. David Slater 

Mr. William K. Steinmetz and Mrs. Donna L. Steinmetz Dr. Charlotte G. and Mr. John C. Stites Ms. Mary C. Stites Dave Sweet and Ms. Patricia Swope Ms. Elizabeth Thornberry and Ms. Leslie Texas Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thurstone Mr. John Tiano and Mrs. Alice F. Tiano Mr. Samuel G. Tyler IV and Mrs. Mary Tyler Mr. Todd Underhill and Mrs. Colleen Underhill Mrs. Sally Vail and Mr. Thorne Vail Mr. Thomas A. Van Mr. Stacey Wade and Mrs. Dawn Sibley Mr. and Mrs. George J. Wagner III Mr. Robert Wang Mr. Joshua T. Watkins and Mrs. Mandy Watkins Mr. Frank F. Weisberg and Mrs. Barbara Weisberg Mr. and Ms. Jeff P. Wheatley Mr. and Ms. William T. Young Kentucky Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution May Wetherby Jones Foundation NAWCC Inc. - KY Bluegrass Chapter 35 RJ Thieneman Family Foundation The Dayton Foundation The Dunbar Foundation U of L Ulmer Center Mr. Paul R. Paletti Jr. Mrs. Linda M. Spielberg and Mr. Gregg I. Spielberg Mr. H. Edgar E. Hill and Mrs. Karen R. Hill Mr. Ryan Rogers Mr. Donald F. Kohler Jr. and Mrs. Ann Kohler Mr. Stephen George and Mrs. Erin George Mr. Jeff Howard Laura and Michael Jones Mrs. Doris B. Jones and Mr. Robert L. Jones Dr. Lori Warren and Mr. Martin McClelland Mr. Michael Pitt Ms. Jade Saing Mrs. Kaitlyn Voet and Mr. Eric D. Voet Ekstrom Library Ms. Mary Katherine Sharman Mrs. Britney Wimsatt and Mr. Alex Wimsatt

Ms. L. Anne H. Dishman and Mr. Gary Miller  Dr. Stanley A. Gall M.D. and Mrs. and Mr. Christine M. Huskisson Mr. John Moorin Ms. Rebecca Switzer and Mr. Lawrence Pemble Ms. Bridget L. Dale Dr. Stephen Stansbury Mr. William L. Ellison Jr. and Mrs. R. Linda R. Ellison Mr. Dennis Haack Mr. Jeremy Schell Dr. Greg Steinbock and Mrs. Beth Steinbock U of L Department of Orthopedic Surgery Network for Good Ms. Rebecca L. Crowley Speed Art Museum Protection Services Team Mr. Marshall C. Bassett and Mrs. Mary C. Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Brennan Dr. Robert B. Burton and Mrs. Patricia F. Burton Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark IV Dr. and Mrs. James G. Gay Mr. and Mrs. W. James Host Mr. Kevin L. Howard and Mrs. Libby T. Howard Mrs. Sherry K. Jelsma Mrs. Eugenia C. Luallen and Mr. Lynn Luallen Mr. Pete Mahurin and Mrs. Sarah J. Mahurin Mr. Stanley Murrell and Ms. Mary K. Martin Dr. J. William McRoberts and Mrs. Marlie McRoberts Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Meng Mr. and Mrs. John B. Milward Mrs. Lois D. Powell and Dr. Robert W. Powell M.D. Mrs. Erin D. Rouse Mrs. Julia Talbott Katz and Mr. Michael Katz Ms. Cathy C. Wilson Kentucky Owl Distillery Mr. Julian Van Winkle III Rabbi Laura H. Metzger and Cantor David A. Lipp Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weinberg Ms. Janet R. Dakan Ms. Lynn V. Lewis Mrs. Ann L. Ellerkamp Ms. Robin J. LeMastus

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O. Levine Mrs. Paula A. Cohn Ms. Christine Corbin and Mr. Allen Corbin Mr. Charles Crosby and Mrs. Sherri Crosby Mr. Conrad Cultraro and Mrs. Doris Cultraro Ms. Linda M. Dabney Mrs. Mandy W. Decker Mr. Ghislain d’Humieres Ms. Anne G. Discher Ms. Sandra Dodge Mr. Scott W. Dolson and Mrs. Patricia A. Dolson Mr. William P. Donley Jr. and Ms. Terri Burt Mrs. Marcia E. Dorman Mr. Andrew J. Douds and Mr. David G. Mawn Mr. Eric Eatherly Ms. Anne S. Edwards Mr. Christopher S. Egan and Mrs. Heather L. Egan Mrs. Kathy S. Emrich and Mr. Rob C. Emrich Mr. Paul Esselman and Mrs. Michele Esselman Mrs. Mary Fallot and Mr. Mike Fallot Mr. Benjamin F. Few Jr. Mrs. Phyllis E. Florman and Dr. Larry D. Florman Mr. M. Gregg Fowler and Mrs. Leslie J. Fowler Ms. Ritu J. Furlan Mr. J. Tim Galbraith and Mrs. LuAnn S. Galbraith Mr. Joseph Glerum Dr. James H. Graham and Mrs. Cheryl L. Graham Mr. Jerry E. Grasch and Mrs. Linda Grasch Mrs. Miranda Grimm-Juby Mrs. Cindy R. Grissom and Mr. Greg Grissom Mr. Jay B. Gulick Jr. and Mrs. Mary Oliver O. Humke Rev. James F. Hackett Mrs. Amber A. Halloran and Mr. J. Paul Halloran Mr. Kenneth S. Handmaker and Mrs. Judith H. Handmaker Mr. and Mrs. Craig Henderson Ms. Ingrid D. Hernandez Mrs. Lucy Herrmann and Mr. Scott Herrmann Mrs. Mo M. Howe and Mr. Scott Howe Mr. Tommy C. Humphries Mrs. Jenifour Jones Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Joseph III Mr. Charles J. Kane Jr. and Mrs. Robyn C. Kane

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Dr. Theodore M. Shephard-Shlechter and Mrs. Rae Shepherd-Shlechter Ms. Virginia L. Speed Mr. and Mrs. F. Hunter Strickler Dr. and Mrs. James L. Sublett Dr. Richard A. Sweet and Mrs. Barbara E. Sweet Mr. Walter J. Swyers Jr. and Mrs. Jamie W. Swyers Mrs. Skye Tarr and Mr. Chad Tarr Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Thornewill Mr. R. Gregory Treitz and Mrs. Harriet C. Treitz Mrs. Lisa Turner-Schikler and Mr. Ken Schikler Ms. Arlene P. Tuttle Mrs. Meg Vogt Mrs. Michelle Ward Mrs. Stephanie Weaver Mr. J. Kendrick Wells III and Mrs. Claudia C. Wells Mrs. Catherine Werner and Mr. James Werner Ms. Lee Ann Whelan and Mr. Patrick Whelan Mrs. Heather H. Whipple Ms. Dakota Willimon Mr. J. B. Wilson Dr. Thomas M. Woodcock and Mrs. Nancy H. Woodcock Mrs. Ruth N. Wukasch Mr. Laurence J. Zielke and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Cox Ms. Kelly Zullo and Mr. Edward Culpepper Cooper Bardstown Bourbon Company Bonhomme Foundation Rosey Posey Sophisticated Living Magazine V.V. Cooke Foundation Mr. William A. Kantlehner IV 

Household member deceased

Condensed Statement of Activities & Financial Position: Fiscal Year 2019

Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Activities

Assets Cash and cash equivalents Receivables


Cash restricted for capital improvements

Gifts, grants, memberships, and sponsorships


Auxiliary activities


Net investment gains, endowment

$184,382 $1,309,673

Total Revenue


Expenses Physical plant and security


Administration and information technology


Curatorial, education, and exhibitions




Auxiliary activities


Membership, marketing, and public relations




Total Expenses


Change in Net Assets


$12,688,239 $4,427,832



Property and equipment, net


Other Total Assets

Investment income, endowment


$1,221,117 $131,159,985

Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable and other liabilities


Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


The condensed statement of financial position and statement of activities reflect information taken from the Museum’s financial statements audited by MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP.

Total Assets listed do not include the value of the Museum’s Collection.

Physical plant and security includes depreciation of $3,052,274

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