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‘We are A so proud of our golden girls!’ Kay Adlington

Mums Kay Adlington and Ann Tweddle chat about their daughters – Olympic 2012 medal hopefuls, swimmer Rebecca and gymnast Beth. And their daughters reveal why their mums deserve a gold medal, too By Laura Bradder

Ann Tweddle




s Britain’s most successful female swimmer, Rebecca Adlington didn’t inherit her water skills from her family, but she certainly caught their determination. Mum Kay (51), reveals she only took Becky and her sisters, Laura (25) and Chloe (27) to swimming lessons because she didn’t want them to inherit their grandma’s phobia. “My mother is petrified of water and has never been in a swimming pool. Mum spent a lot of time with the girls and we didn’t want them to pick it up from her.” Becky’s determination and have-a-go attitude led to her becoming successful in the pool. “But all the girls are the same: when they get the bit between their teeth, whatever they’re doing, they want to do to the best of their ability,” says Kay. The family had to work around Becky’s heavy training schedule. Kay laughingly admits: “Everybody knows I’m not a morning person!”

✤ Rebecca on her mum “I always say Mum is my absolute hero and I mean it. I couldn’t survive without her. She’s sacrificed so much not just for me but for my two sisters as well. She still does even though we’re all in our twenties. I no longer live at home so she comes round three times a week to cook for me so I have a meal ready after training and she takes my bedding to wash. But I think she knows how much we all need, appreciate and love her. She really is amazing!”

❙ family first ❙

a nted Becky to learn to swim’ But with husband Steve running a business, it was up to her to get Becky to the pool for 5.45am five mornings a week for six years, with Steve taking over on Saturdays. Sunday was Rebecca’s only day off when the family could relax over a roast dinner cooked by Kay. “We never pushed her, but from age 12, she’d train from 6-8am. I never had to drag her out of bed and she never moaned. That stopped me feeling lazy about getting up early in the cold and dark!” After morning training, breakfast in the car and a day at school, Kay would meet Becky with a packed lunch, take her to train from 5-7pm then get her home for 8pm, leaving a meal for the other girls to warm up. Eventually Kay gave up her part time job as an office manager to dedicate herself to family life. “I don’t think I’ve ever resented it though I missed the social side. My other two daughters wanted to do things as well, and I didn’t want to keep saying they couldn’t because of Becky’s schedule.” At the time, Kay and Steve questioned whether they were doing the right thing in backing Becky’s ambitions. “We saw swimming as a hobby, and Becky had done all sorts before – dance, drama, Brownies. How did we know this would be any different?” she recalls. Luckily, it was. Becky reached the Beijing Olympics at just 19. The whole family packed into the Adlington house to watch her 400m final on TV. Kay remembers: “I had to have a cushion in front of my face! When she won we were jumping

Rebecca and screaming - my them. She hadn’t experienced the Ad lin gton (23), 80-year-old dad life that other 19-year-olds had swam to fame at the was punching – no uni, no nightclubs, no 2008 Beijing Olympic Ga the air!” mes, shopping on Saturdays. We winning gold in the 400m Just a year said to her, ‘Becky, you’re and 800m freestyle and bre aking the 19 and you have done the later, though, 800m World Record. Sh e hopes Becky faced unthinkable. You have to to qualify for both even criticism enjoy the fun element to it, ts at the London Olympics du after failing otherwise all the hard work ring the British Trials this to perform as is for nothing.’ I think it did fortnight. well as expected her the world of good, because at the 2009 World she got so upset when it meant Championships. Kay, she didn’t perform well. She as ever, was on hand to support knew what swimming meant to her daughter. She says: “The her then.” opportunities that came after the Kay’s support has held her Olympics were once in a lifetime family together through tough experiences and she had to grab times. When Becky was

‘When she won we were jumping and screaming – my 80-year-old dad was punching the air!’

Olympic medal winner Rebecca bears a striking resemblance to mum Kay YOURS



❙ strap strap ❙

Get you looking Expert tips for making the most of your eyes By Michelle Nightingale he eyes may be a window to the soul but they can also be a big age giveaway. “The eye area tends to show the signs of ageing sooner and more obviously than other areas of the face because the skin is thinner and more fragile,” explains Tara Walker, founder of anti-ageing skincare brand Tara Walkers Dream ( “And of course, the skin surrounding your eyes is constantly subject to repeated facial expressions, which can lead to lines and wrinkles forming.” Youthful eyes start with a good skincare regime and it’s never too late to start.


✤ SKINCARE Prevention better than cure

Eye creams are a must

“After a certain point, you can only do so much for sagging skin – so prevention is so crucial,” explains Tara. Opt for creams containing sun protection and wear sunglasses whenever out in bright sunshine.

Eye creams may seem an unnecessary extra cost, but the skin around the eye area is ultra sensitive, so using a specially developed eye cream is a must. “Eye creams are specially formulated for the delicate eye area and are particularly important for mature skin as they help to replenish lost moisture and plump up wrinkles so they’re less obvious,” says Tara. Pop the cream in the fridge overnight and you’ll help banish those tell-tale under-eye bags, too.


Top model Twiggy protects her eyes in the sun




Origins Plantscription Anti-ageing Eye Treatment (£35/15ml) promises to help repair the signs of ageing, diminishing the appearance of crows’ feet and firming sagging skin.

❙ strap strap ❙

ounger ng eyes


✤ MAKE-UP Conceal under-eye bags “Dark circles are one of the most difficult eye issues to treat, but the right concealer goes a long way in hiding trouble areas and making you look fresh and youthful,” says Tara. Avoid thick clogging concealers and instead choose a lightweight formula in a shade as close as

And we don’t mean sticking to boring eye make-up – just avoid too much sparkle! “If you have crows’ feet and crepey lids then bright sparkly eye shadows will only draw attention to these areas and overpower what should be the main focus – your beautiful eyes,” explains Tara. “Neutral shadows can look amazing and a softer shade of brown eyeliner is much more flattering than harsh black – particularly for day wear. A

The temptation may be to just slap on creams the way you would your normal moisturiser, but it’s really important to be gentle around your eyes. “Apply by patting the cream into the skin around the eye socket,” says Tara. “Be gentle and avoid dragging or pulling as this will not only aggravate sensitive skin but is likely to encourage further sagging and fine lines to form.”


Use gentle formulas “Most eye make-up can be easily removed with your usual cleanser, provided you use a gentle formula that’s suitable for sensitive skin,” explains Tara. “However, for stubborn waterproof formulas you may need to use a specially formulated eye-make-up remover that eliminates make-up traces without you having to scrub and tug your skin.” Boots No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-up Remover (£7.75/100ml) is ultra gentle and even removes waterproof mascara.

Max Factor Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer (£7.99/NO SIZE) has a light diffusing formula that’s great for covering dark areas.


Play it safe

Be gentle

Laidbare Pack Your Bags Lighten & Tighten Eye Cream (£7.99/30ml) is specially formulated to tackle dark undereye circles and is a must-have for fighting fatigue.

possible to your natural skin tone – too light and you’ll draw more attention to the area.

wonderful way of creating the illusion of younger looking eyes is to use a primer before eye make-up as this will help your make-up stay put and also improve the appearance of crepey lids by preventing powder settling into lines.” Avon Anew Beauty Youth-Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit in Shimmering Walnut (£10/5g) contains a lifting primer to smooth out lines, a highlighter shadow to brighten eyes and a crease-proof shadow.


Don’t forget brows! Don’t overlook your brows. “You’ll be amazed at what a difference having your brows shaped can make – it’s one of the easiest ways to turn back the clock,” says Tara. Have them professionally shaped and then use this as a guide plucking out stray hairs as they reappear. If yours have become sparse then fill in gaps with a brow pencil. Use light strokes and

carefully smudge with a cotton bud to soften the line for a natural finish. Boots No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown (£7.75) and No 7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara in Brown (£12.50/7ml), create gorgeous wide-awake eyes. Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer (£6) glides on easily for a natural finish.




Now visit for more beauty and skincare advice

Stockists: Avon 0845 601 4040; Boots 0845 070 8090; Laidbare 07917 177 557 www.touchmyface.; Max Factor nationwide; Origins 0800 731 4039.


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MaGNIFIcENT cover up in style with our pick of the most stylish and budget-friendly macs around By Jo Winch

BrigHt on trend


✤ Pink mac, £49, 8-24, Isme

✤ Beige with black pipe detail, £65, 8-24, Isme

✤ Heather wears: Purple mac, £35, 10-20, F&F at Tesco; blouse, £20, s-l, apricot; jeans, £39.50, 8-22, Marks & Spencer; shoes, £26, 3-9, Next; necklace, £12, Next.

✤ Blue mac, £25, 8-18, George at asda




StockiStS: Apricot; Bon Prix 0844 556 5400; Debenhams 08445 616 161; F&F at Tesco 0800 505 555; George at Asda 0800 952 0101; Isme 0844 811 8112; Marisota 0871 231 2000; Marks & Spencer 0845 302 1234; Next 0844 844 8939; Tu at Sainsbury’s 0800 636 262. Details correct at time of going to press


macs £25!

Style notes

inVest For a rainY daY

sPot tHis in tHe aisLe

WeeKend stYLe D casual mac, £40, 8-20, debenhams

D Red mac, £80, 12-24, Marisota

D Polka dot, £28, 8-18, George at asda

D Beige mac, £29.95, s-l, Bon Prix

D Belted beige mac, £29, s-l, apricot

cLassic trencH

D Beige mac, £35, 8-18, Tu at Sainsbury’s


now visit for all the latest fashion advice


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Essential health c at 50, 60 & 70+



✤ The NHS health check

If you’re aged between 40 and 74, you should be called for an NHS health check every five years. The check aims to help you lower your risk of four common, but often preventable conditions: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. Your GP or practice nurse will measure your height and weight and work out your BMI, take your blood pressure, check your cholesterol levels and ask you about your family history and any medication you’re currently taking. Based on your results, they’ll give you personalised advice to help you lower your risk. If you haven’t been invited for a check yet, enquire at your local surgery.

✤ Your pain More than half of Britons experience pain on a weekly basis, according to research by UK scientists. The researchers say that many of us find it hard to express our pain and how it affects us – and that many of us are failing to use painkillers in the right way. Lloydspharmacy has a new free pain service. Specially-trained staff are available to discuss your pain and help you find the right treatment. As well as advice, they can also discuss alternative treatments. To find out more, visit your local Lloydspharmacy, call 0845 600 3565 or visit www. 60



of your p o t n o g in p e Ke lp you e h ld u o c h lt a he ber of m u n a ff o e v a st could problems and erious s a t c e t e d n e ev re it condition befo o far. Many o t s e s s re g ro p re free on a s t s e t h lt a e h ake sure m o s , S H N e h t s out you don’t mis ✤ Your teeth

Your dentist doesn’t just look at your teeth; during a routine check-up they’ll look for signs of other health problems, such as heart disease and oral cancer. Scientists have linked gum disease with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, so getting your teeth checked regularly and taking care of your mouth and gums is very important. How often you see your dentist depends on how healthy your teeth and gums are. You may need to be seen every six months, but if you have no current problems your dentist might not need to see you for up to two years. You can find a local NHS dentist by calling NHS direct on 0845 4647.

h checks IN YOUR


✤ Your eyes

An eye test doesn’t just show whether or not you need glasses, it can also detect early signs of a number of conditions. Your optometrist can pick up a range of health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts and glaucoma during a routine eye test. You should have your eyes tested at least every two years and if you’re over 60 it’s free. According to Age UK, nearly two million people over 60 don’t take advantage of their free eye test. Wearing the right lenses and looking after your eyes could help your vision to stay clearer for longer and could also help you avoid harmful falls due to poor eyesight.

✤ Your bowel About 80 per cent of bowel cancers develop in people over 60. If you’re aged between 60 and 69, you will be invited to take part in screening every two years. The screening isn’t invasive, it’s just a simple stool test. You’ll be sent a faecal occult blood testing (FOBT) kit in the post and you send a stool sample to the laboratory for analysis. If you have an abnormal result, your GP will recommend further tests. If bowel cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stages, the chances of surviving for a further five years is 90 per cent, and a complete cure is usually possible. Ask your GP if you haven’t already been invited for testing.

✤ Your skin Even if you’re vigilant about slapping on the sun cream, you should still check for signs of skin cancer. Deaths from melanoma among people over 65 have tripled in the last 30 years. Your risk increases as you age because melanoma is linked to cumulative sun exposure over your lifetime. Check your moles for any changes in colour, shape or size and report anything unusual to your GP. Look out for signs of

non-melanoma skin cancers, too, such as a sore that does not heal within four weeks, or becomes itchy or bleeds. Be wary of small lumps that are shiny and pink. The quicker you get checked the better, because skin cancer is best caught early. And what about the 70s? Turn the page to find out YOURS



❙ star chat ❙

‘My story’s safe with Elaine’ Susan Boyle tells Yours the real reason why the rags-to-riches story of her extraordinary life has been turned into a stage show By Alison James t’s almost three years since Susan Boyle’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent when she wowed audiences across the country, and ultimately the world, with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Misérables – and her life changed beyond recognition. The former voluntary worker is now a global superstar who has sung for the Pope and will perform before the Queen at this year’s Diamond Jubilee



celebrations. It’s been a remarkable journey, about to be retold on stage in the musical entitled, fittingly, I Dreamed A Dream. Susan’s to be played by Scottish singer, actress and entertainer Elaine C Smith of Rab C Nesbitt fame – and she’s cock-ahoop at the casting. “I’m flattered an actress of Elaine’s

prowess should choose to play me,” says Susan (51). “She’s very talented and there isn’t anyone better to play me! She’s a fellow Scot with a great understanding of how I tick. I’ve worked closely with her and been able to have a lot of input. It’s almost an adaptation of my book, Who I Was Born To Be. Without giving too much away it will definitely take you on my journey and the emotional highs and lows.” A warm friendship’s grown too. “We hit it off straight away,” reveals Elaine (53). “ When I initially mentioned to Susan that I’d like to come over to hers for a cuppa to chat about the production, she replied ‘That would be nice but I’ve got two houses!’ I told her to stop bragging and we had a laugh. “There are striking similarities in our lives.

‘The show will take you on my journey – and the emotional highs and lows’ YOURS





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