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A stitch in time… Sheila at work on one of her cushions

‘Cancer gave me a W passion to help others’

How dealing with discomfort after breast surgery gave Sheila Logan new confidence – and an inspirational idea! By Angela Court

hen Sheila Logan was told she had an aggressive and unpredictable tumour in her left breast following her first routine mammogram four years ago, a mixture of shock and uncertainty washed over her. “Being told that I had cancer was a surreal feeling,” she says. “I felt like the diagnosis was being given to someone else, but there was no getting away from it. The mammogram had revealed a tumour hidden deep within




❙ real life ❙

Brainwave: Sheila with her protective Showing off shoulder bag the black cushioned shoulder bag

that you’re not alone.” cushions and bags are now produced Away from the hospital, Sheila’s by a textile manufacturer, and surgical wounds were making available from the company’s website. everyday situations painful. She One pound from every product sold is explains: “I found it difficult to sleep, donated to a cancer charity at the end travelling by car made me anxious, of each year. And Sheila – who still as I was trying to protect myself from works full time in her sales job – hopes sudden stops or bumps in the road, and to eventually raise the company’s when out with friends I was terrified profile so that more people are made that someone would bump into me.” aware of the products. Speaking to other women who “I’ve had great feedback from had been through breast cancer women who’ve bought a bag or surgery made Sheila realise that she cushion,” she says. “Many tell me wasn’t alone in feeling vulnerable. they’ve had their first good night’s “One woman told me she felt as if she sleep since having surgery thanks to wanted to go out with a box around the cushion, while others say they feel her for protection,” she says. more confident when out in crowded “I searched everywhere for products places with the bag under their arm.” that might be useful but, on Sheila is looking forward to her 55th discovering none were available, birthday in October, and says she can’t I decided to try making my own. believe how her life has changed since “I asked my son to bring my 35-year- being diagnosed with breast cancer. old sewing machine down from the “I’m more confident and willing to loft, bought some material and made give new things a try,” she says. “In two products which were a great help 2011 I entered a competition called to me. The Shaped Cushion fitted Glasgow’s Got Business Talent. I had to around me and helped me to talk about my products, which relax while I was sleeping I wouldn’t have been brave ✢ To order products enough to do in the past. I or watching TV, while or find out more about ended up winning, which the Travel Cushion TenderCush, call was ideal for the car. was overwhelming. 07980 470072, visit But I knew I had to “Being diagnosed www.tendercush. produce something with breast cancer or email info@ that would protect me and having treatment when out shopping or seems like a long hard socialising, so I made a road but that road does black cushioned shoulder bag, end, and hopefully give way which was really liberating. It looks to a brighter future. I’d never have and operates like any other bag, but dreamed that having cancer would gave me protection in crowded streets result in me becoming more creative and restaurants.” but now I’m helping others who have Wanting to make these products also been through breast cancer available to other women during their surgery. Just knowing that every bag time of need led to Sheila setting or cushion sold is enabling someone up TenderCush, which carries the to live more comfortably is the best slogan, Comfort from discomfort. The feeling in the world.”

Helping women to regain body confidence UK-wide charity Breast Cancer Care is launching a campaign in October to highlight the huge impact that breast cancer has on body confidence. A spokesman for the charity said: “When treatments end, many women find it difficult to manage ongoing side effects and adjust to the changes to their bodies. This can affect personal and intimate relationships. We’ll be asking for better support to help people regain their body confidence and raising awareness of the free support we provide.” For more details call 0845 092 0800 or visit




my breast, so close to the breast bone that I could not have felt anything by checking for lumps. I tried telling myself it was good that I’d had the mammogram so the cancer was picked up, but I wasn’t thinking straight. My daughter and sister were with me, so I wanted to keep my emotions under control. I was trying to act normally and take in what the doctor was telling me. But the fact that I had cancer was looming large in my mind. At that point I had no idea what would happen or what the outcome would be. But then I pulled myself together and thought ‘right, what do I need to do to get this sorted.’ ” Sheila, from Renfrewshire, Scotland, had surgery to remove the tumour along with lymph nodes under her left arm. Fortunately the cancer had not spread, but chemotherapy followed, which left her feeling that her life revolved around hospital appointments. “The treatment took me away from my everyday routine,” she says. “Before diagnosis I was a busy mum of two, working full time in internal sales. Then, suddenly, I was in a hospital environment having one treatment after another. I felt a huge affinity with other women who were going through the same experience. “You’re in a bubble and all of you know how the others are feeling. Sometimes you don’t even need to speak about it because there’s an understanding between you. It’s comforting to know


Her compassion for children injured by landmines was clear to see

Diana ...why her

magic lives on

As a new film about her final days is released, we look at the life-changing legacy left by the People’s Princess… By Laura Bradder n incredible 16 years after her tragic death in a Paris car accident, Princess Diana is still making the news. Whether it’s speculation about the way she died, sadness at the fact she will never meet her newborn grandson, or opinions on the new Hollywood film documenting her final days, it seems so many of us are still interested in the Princess who made such an impact during her

A 22



short life. So what exactly is it that makes her legacy so enduring? When she married into the Royal Family in 1981, Diana was a young girl who seemed naïve of the world she was about to enter. But over the years, she showed a determination to do things her way. Royal commentator Charlie Jacoby, a writer and expert on the Royal Family, says her legacy cannot be underestimated: “New royals always find new ways of doing things, but Diana became a real game-changer. She was the best at it, at a time when the Royal Family was perhaps unwilling to


Spotlight The challenge of playing Diana

be modernised.” Charlie says she came along just at the right time: “The attitude that the public had to the Royal Family, which had been very respectful and almost fawning, was disappearing. They had become jaded, and wanted something else from them – the heart which Diana gave.” Diana’s tenderness came across in the charity work that she threw herself into. Her work with landmine charity the Halo Trust was instrumental in bringing the issue to the forefront of the public’s conscience – a legacy that Prince Harry is continuing to this day with visits to the landmine sites. She was also a pioneer in challenging the stigma associated with AIDS, becoming a patron for the National AIDS Trust. “Diana knew that her public profile meant any cause she supported would receive enormous public attention,” says Meghan Smith, communications officer for the Trust. “For this reason, she chose to support causes which were not considered popular, as she knew it was here that she could make a major difference.

‘William and Catherine can learn from the issues that haunted Diana’

Far left: Naomi mirrors Diana’s look on her fateful last day alive in Paris in a black jacket and white trousers and capturing her glamour in an off-the-shoulder dress

“There are many iconic images of Diana, but perhaps one of the most symbolic is the picture of her holding hands with a person with AIDS in a hospital bed. She was the first prominent public figure to do this at a time when HIV and AIDS were surrounded by prejudice. People warmed to her energy for life, personal touch and empathy, and she paved the way for more public figures to be involved in charity work. Her passion to make a change was inspirational.” This ability to mix with people from all backgrounds, along with her willingness to reveal snippets of her own life, meant that Diana fast became one of the most famous faces of the Eighties. Charlie Jacoby says she helped ease the Royals into a more celebrity-led era: “Being part of the Royal Family is slightly different from being a celebrity, but Diana somehow managed to create a bridge between the two. It allows them to exist in a celebrity culture without doing too much damage to their image.” Perhaps the most important legacy Diana has passed on, though, is through her resolve to keep life as normal as possible for her beloved boys, William and Harry. Charlie says: “As a mother, she was very different from previous generations of royals. The boys went to schools nearer to home, rather than Gordonstoun

in Scotland where their father and grandfather had gone, and she took them on tour with her instead of leaving them for long periods of time. But the main difference was her warmth and the public displays of affection – she was always ready with a hug.” The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look likely to continue this trend – their tenderness towards each other has always been clear, and the affection they share as a family unit now Prince George has arrived has made them adored by the public. They are already very independent – staying with the Middletons after George’s birth showed they will continue to make their own choices. But, as William’s protectiveness over Catherine and their privacy has shown, they will also be able to learn from the issues that haunted Diana. “I think it’s great that Catherine is able to look at Diana’s life and see both the good and the bad,” says Charlie. “It will pave the way for her to put her own mark on the next generation of the Royal Family.” One thing’s for sure, though – there will never be another Diana, and the impact she left on so many lives will never be forgotten. “She was an icon, somebody to look up to and believe in because of the values you could see she stood for. She is a truly hard act to follow.” YOURS




Like mother like son: Harry continues Diana’s work with her landmines charity

Australian actress Naomi Watts (45), spent months perfecting her portrayal of the Princess in the new film Diana – including watching the infamous Panorama interview repeatedly to get her mannerisms and voice just right. She’s certainly got the look off to a tee – but can she make the Diana magic sparkle on the big screen? ✢ Diana is in cinemas nationwide from September 20



Give your brows some TLC and enjoy the rewards today hey’re often the most neglected part of your face, but tidy, well-maintained brows can make you look younger. “As we get older, well-groomed brows are like a mini-face-lift; they give structure to your face and accentuate your eyes,” says brow guru Shavata Singh. “Brows tend to thin with age and the odd grey hair creeps in but have them tinted and they’ll look instantly fuller – cleverly applied brow make-up will have the same effect.”


Brow beaters

✢ Have your brows professionally shaped to find the best shape. ✢ Pluck in natural light and use a big mirror as well as a hand mirror to see the overall effect. ✢ Never try to get both brows identical – they’re not twins! ✢ Tweeze daily taking a few hairs at a time from each side rather than doing one then the other.


you should know By Beauty Editor, Michelle Nightingale



Quick and free, most of us have plucked our own brows, but beware it’s easy to be heavy handed and hairs can take weeks to regrow – if at all. While tidying away the odd hair is fine, remember brows thin naturally with age so now’s a good time to turn to an expert.

WAXING Waxing is quick and easily pulls out the finer hairs that you often miss when plucking. If you’re brave enough you



can even wax your brows at home using one of the many waxing kits available. Have them professionally shaped every so often so you have a guide to follow.

THREADING An ancient method where cotton thread is used to ‘lasso’ and pull out the hairs – even the finer ones. Threading gives neater, more precise results than waxing because the hairs can be removed in rows. There’s less room for error and it’s quick!

THE COMPLETE KIT Benefit Brow Zings, brow shaping kit (£23.50) contains wax for shaping, powder to fill gaps and tweezers to tackle stray hairs.

FOR TIDY BROWS These Shavata slanted tweezers (£19.50) are designed to give easier and more accurate hair removal, so are great if your vision is less than perfect.

TO OPEN YOUR EYES Apply the Benefit Brow Lifting Pencil, (£15) under each brow arch to give a lifted look. Brows should start before the eye, not after, and ideally each one should line up with the top of your nose on either side YOURS


FOR THINNING BROWS Eye Candy XLR8 Lash and Brow Serum (£19.99), proven to thicken lashes and brows in four weeks using growthstimulating and conditioning ingredients.

Brow bars on test Want groomed brows for less? We asked mother and daughter Bonita Carter and Patricia Bridges to put two high- street brow bars to the test.

BROW THREADING Where: Superdrug, Milton Keynes Cost: £5 How long did it take: 10-15 minutes Bonita (40) says: I usually pluck my brows, so was interested to see what improvements threading would give. The brow bar was located at the front of the store in the main shop window so not terribly discreet! I found the brow technician friendly and professional and felt instantly at ease. I liked the results threading gave – my finished brows are nice and neat, so I’d go again for a quick fix. It’s a great price, but the service lacked a personal touch and seemed to be aimed at a younger age. There wasn’t any aftercare advice and no product recommendations to keep my brows 3 5 looking good. ✢ There are 200 brow bars based in Superdrug stores nationwide, to find your nearest call 0845 671 0709.

BROW WAXING TO FILL GAPS Long lasting, waterproof and with a handy brush, the Marks & Spencer Autograph High Definition Eyebrow Pencil, (£6) gives good results for a great price.

FOR NEAT BROWS Keep stray hairs in place without any stickiness with the Limited Collection Brow & Lash Gel from Marks & Spencer (£5/6ml).

Where: Benefit Brow Bar in Debenhams, Milton Keynes Cost: £11.50 How long did it take: 15-20 minutes Patricia (67) says: My daughter usually plucks my brows and they’re quite unruly and greying. The brow bar was in the centre of the store, but the staff were friendly and approachable so I felt comfortable. They were professional and offered advice on aftercare and even gave me a mini makeover, which was a nice touch. They showed how to make-up my brows without pressuring me to buy anything. It didn’t hurt, was quick and the results look great. I’d definitely use this service again – it’s great value and the customer 5 5 care aspect is high.


✢ To find your nearest Benefit Brow Bar call 0800 279 4793 or visit www.benefitcosmetics. STOCKISTS: Eye Candy available at Boots 0845 609 0055; Benefit 0800 279 4793; Marks & Spencer 0845 302 1234; Shavata Brow Studio 0208 993 8333


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Five solo lunches worth savouring Cooking for one doesn’t have to be boring! Put some zing back into lunchtime with these tasty ideas

Top Tip Want something more substantial? Try using a naan bread pizza base instead!

All rECiPES SErvE onE Mini Pizza with Peppers, Courgettes and Pine Nuts Forget the grill – give your muffins the pizza treatment! Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes

n 1-2 tbsp tomato purée n 1 English muffin base n 1/4 yellow bell pepper, deseeded and thinly sliced 96


n 1/4 courgette, thinly sliced n 1/4 red onion, thinly sliced n 1 clove garlic, chopped n Salt and pepper n 30g (1oz) mozzarella, chopped n 2 tsp pine nuts


n 1-2 tsp olive oil n Torn basil, to garnish 1. Heat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6 and grease a baking tray. 2. Spread the purée over the muffin base, arrange the vegetables and garlic on top and season to taste.

Per serving 290 cals

Fat 17g

Sat fat 5g

3. Sprinkle with cheese and pine nuts, and drizzle with oil. 4. Cook for 10-15 minutes, until the vegetables are tender and lightly browned. 5. Sprinkle with torn basil to serve.



Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Chicken Roulades Make this mouthwatering chicken favourite with leftover bacon

n 1 skinless, boneless chicken breast n Salt and freshly ground black pepper n ½ tbsp tarragon, chopped n 40g (1½oz) mozzarella, thinly sliced n 25g (1oz) strong cheddar, grated n 2 rashers streaky bacon n new potatoes, cabbage and red onion wedges, to serve 1. Heat the oven to 200°C/400°F/ Gas Mark 6. 2. Place the chicken breast between 2 sheets of cling film. Pound with a rolling pin until thin. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and half the tarragon. 3. Place mozzarella slices on top

Broccoli and Cheese Mini Quiche Can be eaten over two or three days – refridgerate once cooled Per third of quiche Fat 448 cals 36g

Sat fat 21g

Preparation time: 20 minutes, plus 30 minutes chilling Cooking time: 20 minutes

n 37g (1¼oz) butter n 75g (3oz) plain flour, plus extra for dusting n Pinch salt n 1 egg, beaten n Water, if needed For the filling n 125g (4½oz) broccoli n 60g (2oz) cream cheese n 1 egg n 50ml (2fl.oz) half-fat cream n 20g (¾oz) Parmesan, grated n 1 spring onion, chopped Seasoning n Grated nutmeg

Per serving 501 cals

Fat 30g

Sat fat 15.5g

and sprinkle with grated cheddar. 4. roll up the chicken, tucking in the sides to enclose the cheese. Wrap the bacon around it and place on a baking tray. Season to taste. 5. Cook for 20-25 minutes until there are no traces of pink juice. Sprinkle with remaining tarragon. 6. Serve with potatoes and vegetables as suggested.

Top Tip Using readymade pastry will shave a good 40 minutes off your preparation time!

1. rub the butter into the flour and salt, until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Mix in the egg and just enough water to form dough. Shape into a ball, then wrap and chill for 30 minutes. 2. Heat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6 and butter an individual quiche tin. 3. Boil the broccoli for 1-2 minutes, then rinse and drain. Mix in the cream cheese, egg, cream and half the Parmesan. Add the

spring onions and season to taste, including nutmeg. 4. roll out the pastry on a floured surface, then line the tin. 5. Spoon in the filling, sprinkle with remaining Parmesan and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. YoUrS



Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes


0 1 BEST... of the

MAGICAL tours If you’d love to walk in famous footsteps, or simply fancy a novel day out, these are the tours for you! ✢ Magical Mystery Tour From Tourist Information Centre, Liverpool Docks If you’ve had a Hard Day’s Night, you can become a Day Tripper with this Liverpool tour that is sure to Please, Please You! A two-hour bus trip visits some of the Fab Four’s favourite spots, including the church hall where John and Paul met, Penny Lane, and the Cavern Club. Daily at11.30am and 2pm. £15.95 per person. Call 0151 236 9091 or visit the-magical-mystery-tour

✢ Ghoulish Glasgow

✢ Beatrix Potter Tour From Windermere Tourist Information, Lake District Visit Beatrix Potter’s favourite places including her childhood home, where she wrote many of her tales. A lake cruise is included; look out for hedgehogs in bonnets or frogs in waistcoats!

From George Square You can explore Mon-Thurs until Oct 31, low season Glasgow’s spooky tours can be arranged. side from the comfort Adults £58, children £42. of a double decker Call 0844 2471007. bus. This chilling, audio tour commentary is suitable for anyone over the age of eight with a love of scary tales. ✢ Gavin & Stacey Tour, Vale of Glamorgan Ghoulish Glasgow is available on all City Sightseeing Glasgow From Barry Island station ‘recorded commentary’ Fans of the hit TV series can journeys. Simply plug in your find out ‘what’s occurring’ headphones (they’re included on this special tour. Travel in in the price) then tune into the Dave’s Coaches to see Gwen Ghoulish Glasgow channel – and Stacey’s home, Ness’s and be brave! amusement arcade and Gavin’s Year round, times vary. Adults £9, favourite chip shop. children £7. Call 0141 204 0444 or visit Ghoulish-Glasgow



Every Sat at1.30pm until Nov 2, (additional dates in Dec). Adults £23, children £18. Call 0844 2471007.

✢ Leeds Castle Segway Tour


Maidstone, Kent For a truly unusual view, why not zip around Leeds Castle on a two-wheeled Segway? They’re so easy to master and there are 500 acres of stunning parkland waiting to be explored.

Eight tours daily, until Oct 31. Scenic tour £20, Adventure tour £35. Call 0845 619 0007.

✢ London Fact or Fiction Tour

✢ King Arthur Tour

From Freddie Mercury Statue, Tottenham Court Road Can you separate the porky pies from the truth? Includes a brewery that once exploded, the secret tombs of Soho and the tale of a monarch who was killed by a mole.

✢ Jane Austen Walking Tour From Abbey Churchyard, Bath If you are thrilled that Jane Austen is to be the new face on the £10 note, take a walking tour of the scenes that inspired her. Experience a tailor-made trip that could including the author’s home or some of the settings for Northanger Abbey. Sat, Sun and Bank Hols at 11am. Adults £9, children £7. Call 01225 443 000.

✢ Tours of Brighton Sewers From underneath the pier You may not think it, but this Victorian construction is truly a thing of beauty. In fact, someone once popped the question down there! Your guide is a qualified engineer and you’ll get a real workout, climbing ladders and exploring in a fetching hard hat!

Tours, including transport and meals, cost £85 per person, walking tours £25. Call 01840 770413 or visit www. cornishheritagesafaris.

Seasonal tours twice weekly until Sep 28. Adults £12, children £6. Call 01903 272606.

✢ George Best Tour Ken Harper’s Taxi, Belfast No one knows a city quite like a taxi driver. Charming cabbie Ken Harper offers several tours, and on this one you’ll learn more about the local lad who made it big at Manchester United. Or take a political, historical or CS Lewis-themed journey with Ken instead. Tour lengths and prices vary, £30 minimum fare. For enquiries and bookings, call 0289 0742711 or 07711 757178, or visit



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3pm Weds, 6.30pm Fri, £20 per person. Call 0844 504 8080.

From St Materiana’s Church, Tintagel, Cornwall Discover the county’s hidden gems with Cornish Heritage Safaris. For drama, history and legends, try the Arthurian Tour that includes Tintagel Castle and the site of King Arthur’s final battle. Keen readers will also enjoy spotting locations connected with Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Jamaica Inn.

❙ star chat ❙

My lessons from life…

Actress Samantha Bond, 51, talks Downton Abbey, parenthood and the heartache of losing her mum… You just hope everything will be OK with your children (Samantha has two children – Molly (21) and Tom (20) – with her actor husband, Alexander Hanson). The fears that a parent carries around in their heart are huge and constant, and one just hopes more than anything they use the common sense you pray you have instilled in them. You don’t dare to have big dreams, you just want them to be safe.

✢ Care about other children, too You look at your own children in their warm, safe, cosy home and it pulls on your heartstrings that there are those who don’t have that comfort. I sponsor a child with the charity ActionAid because as you get older and

think about how privileged your life is, it’s important to be able to give something back.

✢ Grief never fades For the first three years after my mum died I wrote letters to her constantly, telling her all the good and bad things that had happened. I don’t think the sense of loss ever really goes away. Almost daily there are some things that you only want to tell your mum. I still have chats with her, and I like to think there are answers coming from above.

✢ Downton is a dream To be on a show that big is thrilling (Samantha plays Lord Grantham’s sister, Lady Rosamund). I had a very jolly time this year, and Lady Rosamund has a great plot towards the end of the series. And I got to meet Shirley MacLaine! It really is something meeting a legend like that. I had to concentrate on not falling at her feet!

✢Working with big stars teaches you so much The biggest lesson with people like Maggie Smith and Judi Dench is when you’re on stage with them. It’s like you’re riding a donkey on the beach at Blackpool, and then all of a sudden this thoroughbred racehorse comes along and you’re kicking your donkey as hard as you can to catch up! They teach you honesty, commitment and concentration in your performance.

✢ Friends are your chosen family There was a huge value placed on friendship in my childhood. My beloved friends are some of the most precious things in my life. When you work as hard as Alex and I do, I think it’s very important to relax and refuel with the ones you love. ✢ Samantha is supporting ActionAid’s Children in Conflict campaign. To find out more about sponsoring a child, call 01460 238000 or visit www.action ✢ The new series of Downton Abbey starts this Sunday (September 22) on ITV1. ✢ Samantha was talking to Laura Bradder.


Samantha, with husband Alex and as Lady Rosamund YOURS


My mother, who was a strong, passionate, intelligent woman. She would have hated the word ‘feminist’, but that’s absolutely what she was. She was a working mother in the Sixties and was often the major breadwinner, so she reared me to be hardworking, and with a strong moral core.


✢ Parents never, ever stop worrying

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Yours magazine issue 176