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Dry pet food kibble is actually a major contributor to pets’ poor oral hygiene by Norm Shrout


ow can this be, you ask? It’s hard and crunchy, right? Dry food brands allege that their dry food help keep your pet’s teeth clean. Many companies put these claims on their packaging. Curiously, the pet food industry allows these unscientific claims, but they are far from the truth. This leaves pet parents believing that dry food not only cleans teeth, but that no other pet oral care measures are needed. The unfortunate oral-integrity losers are the pets. To clean teeth, dry pet food would need to cause consistent and substantial abrasive action against the pet’s tooth during chewing, especially near the gum line. In reality, dry food shatters when the pet’s teeth apply pressure to it, forming a sticky paste that smears across the teeth. This is a perfect medium in which plaque (the start of oral hygiene problems) can form. Another compounding factor is the substantial amounts of simple carbs contained in most dry pet foods that tend to aggressively stick to the teeth. Dental disease has become firmly entrenched as the number one health condition in pets; nearly 80% of cats and dogs have some degree of dental disease by age three. That’s because the vast majority of pets are consuming dry food alone, without any other oral hygiene protocols. Another unfortunate factor is that periodontal disease can contribute to other systemic health issues like heart disease, diabetic complications, as well as kidney and liver concerns.

Pet parents can prevent periodontal disease by investing 5 minutes a day on pet teeth brushing. This is the most effective way to remove food particles and disrupt plaque growth, which can return in as little as 24 hours. Another proven method is a specific seaweed food additive. Don’t rule out the added effectiveness of supervised chewing on safe, durable chews, including animal body parts and high quality dental chews. Keep in mind that wolves are not stricken with the periodontal disease that dogs endure because they do not consume processed dry food and they chew on raw bones. It is understandable that the convenience of dry pet food makes it so universal. But if you stop and actually look at the drawbacks of feeding non-ancestral dry pet food, poor oral hygiene is just one of many reasons not to rely on it exclusively. Dry pet food is highly processed, exactly like human fast food. So it should not come as a surprise that is has more substantial health risks associated with it than the fewer benefits. In closing, the next time you might be shopping for dry pet food, please consider the many other types of pet food that may be better for your pets’ oral integrity including dehydrated, freezedried, and fresh diets, as well as home prepared meals. Ask your local independent retailer, they will confirm that these foods can have a more positive effect on your pet’s dental dynamics. When it comes to their oral hygiene, health and overall well-being, it is clear that pets cannot live by dry food alone.

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E-Waste Recycling Collection Saturday, January 19th, 11am-3pm at Boofy’s Recycle your old electronics, appliances, and computer equipment for free to help raise funds for local nonprofit Paws To People. (Please, no TVs, microwaves, or vacuum cleaners.)

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Hayden...... he was rescued from Valencia County Animal Control in 2012. He was approx. 5 mos. old. He was very shy and needed a lot of patience and love. His first foster brought him a long way and as he started coming to adoption events, it was clear he hated it. Hayden soon found himself in a predicament a second time. His foster was moving out of state and he needed somewhere new to crash. Since he knew me from the adoption events, and I knew the special care he would need, I decided to foster him. At my home, he found a friend in Sara. They would play and wrestle together and had so much fun. As he went to adoption events with Sara, he would hide under his bed and she would be SUPER crabby with everyone but me. When they got home it was clear they wanted to stay and to stay together. After several months of this, I decided that since Hayden had been here for 3 years and Sara two, I would keep them. He became a very easy going cat and now he is the F. A.T. Katz ambassador. He is our TV star and at events. He has been foster daddy to a couple litters of kittens and remains very understanding toward other cats and kittens. He would like to thank all of his voters and was happy to donate his winnings to his F.A.T. Katz family.

Photos by Allen Winston, winstonfoto.com

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Family Care for Family Pets! ABQ PetCare is a well-established, full-service, animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic services for your pet through our in-house laboratory and several external laboratories. Our veterinarians are well experienced, so you can feel your pets are in the best care!

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Are You Living With A “Dominant” Dog? By Almudena Ortiz Cué M.A. CTC, CPDT-Ka, Tellington TTouch cert.


few weeks back I had a client leave me an urgent message on my answering machine. She had recently adopted a dog from the shelter and was now concerned that the dog she thought of as “perfect” was indeed a “dominant” dog. On the phone, she frantically told me that she needed help right away as her dog was very dominant and she, a petite woman, could not control her dog when he acted in such a way.

Now, if we look at the scientific literature (and there is plenty), the definition of dominance changes. First off, the term dominant does not appear as a “stand-alone” term but it is linked with the word “social” as in social dominance. This is an important distinction and here is why: according to the scientific literature, dogs are not dominant by nature or by temperament. A dog may challenge another dog when it comes to the acquisition of a valuable resource— and it is the dog who decides what is valuable not the human. Dogs may also challenge I asked her to define for me what she meant by dominant. The a given dog in a specific context but not in another. In essence: receiver went silent. social dominance is When I asked again defined in the animal What these scientific findings mean to the human-dog she said: Well, he behavioral literature relationship is that we, too, should relate to our dogs as jumps on the bed as fluid. It is based uninvited, he darts “partners” in a life of mutual collaboration and friendship versus on the relationship out the front door between individual my client’s viewing her dog as “dominant” or adversarial. whenever the door competition for is left ajar or when valuable resources we are walking out the door together and he will not budge from his as well as being context specific! For example: Laika who is our only favorite resting place when I ask him to move. Ahh, I thought, now we dog, has to share the spotlight, her toys and her home etc, whenever are getting somewhere. I have a client’s dog stay with us for training. I have witnessed many times how Laika and the guest dog negotiate over resources — be it So what exactly is a “dominant” dog? The answer depends on the larger bed, the privileged spot next to me when watching a video, whom you ask. The popular notion of a dominant dog is pretty much and on and on. In other words, Laika, who normally lies on her bed, exactly what my client described on the phone. In addition, a dog readily allowed the visiting dog to take her (larger) bed when she is that growls when groomed, jumps or leans on people or does not more interested in lying outside in the sun. It is not that she cannot come when called, is also often referred to as acting “dominant” or is lie on her bed, but, in this context, she is willing to share a coveted “dominant” by temperament. resource because she would rather lie somewhere else. Continued on page 12



Pure. Pleasure. Your puppy is your best friend. And only the best will do. So,when it’s playtime, go natural.

4BF Natural Rubber Pet Toys. Safe. Non-toxic. Plant-derived. Incredibly durable. And amazingly fun. For you and your dog. Available in local pet stores and at


4BF Natural Rubber Pet Toys m a k i n g p l ay p o s s i b l e f o r p e o p l e


pets since


4BF USA is a local, New Mexico small business!

- Dunbar, Ian PhD, BVetMet, MRCVS, 1989, The Macho Myth. Dr. Dunbar’s Behavior column. August issue American Kennel Gazette. Also found in: http:// www.dogstardaily.com/training/macho-myth - Friedman, S.G. PhD and Brinker, Bobbi: 2001,The Struggle for Dominance—Fact or Ficition? - A Bird’s Eye View. Original Flying Machine 6, 1720. Also found in: www.behaviorworks.org - Friedman, S.G., (2008). What’s Wrong with this Picture, Effectiveness is not Enough. Good Bird Magazine, 4(4), 12-18. - Luescher, A.U. DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVB, Purdue Univ. and N.C, Guy, DVM, Atlantic Veterinary College, Dominance Aggression Revisited, 1999,

Continued from page 10

The good news is that dogs, for the most part (as well as other animals with complex social structures), resolve a conflict by not having one to begin with. Instead, they learn how to negotiate based on the specifics of the relationship with another dog(s) at a given moment in time. What these scientific findings mean to the human-dog relationship is that we, too, should relate to our dogs as “partners” in a life of mutual collaboration and friendship versus my client’s viewing her dog as “dominant” or adversarial.

(Summer) AVMA Meetings, New Orleans, LA - Mech, L. David 2008, Whatever Happened to the Term Alpha Wolf? International Wolf, Winter. Also found in: www.wolf.org - O’ Heare, James, 2008 Dominance Theory and Dogs. Ottawa, Canada: Dog Psyche, 2nd edition. Almudena Ortiz Cué is a graduate of the renowned San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers, a nationally certified professional dog trainer (CPDT) and a certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner for Companion Animals. She is the owner of C.H.A.C.O. Dog Training & Behavior Consulting in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. For more information please visit: www.chacodogtraining.com

The scientific theory of social dominance asks that dog guardians/owners recognize that the behaviors they are labeling as displays of dominance are, for the most part, ways by which a dog is either communicating, i.e. ‘I have not been taught to like being brushed/ handled so I am letting you know by snarling or growling,’ or the dog is just being a dog and simply wants to lay down on something soft, like our beds. If you want to learn more…

PET PHOTOS WITH SANTA! Picture with Santa when you donate $5 or a bag of pet food!

Saturday, December 15th from 10am-2pm Bring your pets and get a picture with Santa!

All donations will be given to a local organization!

To get a picture with Santa, please bring $5 or a bag of pet food. We will also be accepting donations such as beds, toys, leashes/collars etc.

Stop by for refreshments!

*All donations will be given to a local organization!

ABQ PetCare 9032 Montgomery Blvd, NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 505-299-8387 Saturday December 15th 10am-2pm


Merry Christmas Happy New Year

GROOMING / SELF SERVICE BATH ALL NATURAL PET FOOD & TREATS/ SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES 7634 Louisiana, NE Albuquerque NM, 87109 / 505.200.0624 / www.DukeCityDoggery.com Open Daily: Mon. 10 AM – 4 PM / Tues. thru Fri. 10 AM – 5 PM / Sat. 9 AM – 5 PM Closed Sun. / Grooming Hours start at 8 AM

ask the


Winter Pet Safety Tips by Laura Hedemann, dvm


intertime is such a fun time of year. There’s lots of fun

to a dog except that cats often like small, dark places to curl up.

activities for the family, people are generally cheerier

An interesting thing about a cat outside in the cold versus a dog is

(shopping malls excluded), and Starbuck’s has extra

that a cat will curl up anywhere warm that they find, and sometimes

delicious latte flavors available. But the winter also

this means on the engine of a car. Newer cars are more difficult for

brings with it bitter cold temperatures and the occasional desert

cats to get into, but it should always be a consideration that there

snow storm. These can both be problematic to our furry friends.

may be a sleeping cat under the hood of a car. The most danger-

First is the cold itself. Just because our four-legged friends have fur coats doesn’t mean they are insulated from the cold.

ous situation is someone who is only going to be parked for a quick errand and the engine doesn’t fully cool. The moving parts of an engine and the limbs/tail of a cat are not a pretty

Think about how bundled up you get to go outside


for a day of skiing or sledding? People dress in several layers, the outermost waterproofed

One final outdoor winter hazard that we some-

usually, and still get cold after running around

times forget about out here in the desert is

in the cold. Dogs and cats are the same

the salt used to prevent icing on sidewalks/

way. Larger dogs built for cold weather

roads. From this perspective we are lucky

(think huskies, saint bernards, etc.) prob-

that we don’t get much moisture. The salt

ably have similar tolerances to the cold as

gets on the paws when the dog or cat is

a person bundled up for a short trip outside

walking on the sidewalks, just like it gets on

- they can play out in the cold/snow for a

our shoes or tires. The salt can be irritating

few hours, but if they’re just sitting around

to the skin itself, but most pets will lick it off

they get cold rather quickly. Smaller dogs or

their paws. Fortunately, most of these salts just

dogs with shorter coats are less tolerant of the

cause a little GI upset - meaning the pet may not

cold. So when we get our bitter cold snaps during the winter - bring your pets inside. If there is absolutely no way

want to eat, may vomit, or may have diarrhea. Some of the more irritating salts can cause ulcers. In the quanti-

to bring the dog inside - without a human in the house the dog eats

ties they get on their paws on a walk, this is the usual extent of the

the dry wall, chews the kennel bars, etc. - make sure there is a dog

problem. This is easily fixed by wiping the paws clean as soon as

house or other similar structure that protects from wind/rain/snow.

the pet returns home so that there is no time to lick it off. If your

This means that it should be enclosed, and preferably has a floor or

pet gets into your stash of salt you should call our office for further

bedding material (ie hay) to protect the dog from the ground.


Outdoor cats are similarly cold-tolerant as small dogs are - mean-

These are some of the big outside dangers related to this season

ing that they lose body heat quickly. Indoor/outdoor cats should be

and things to keep in mind and remember. If you have any ques-

restricted to indoors to protect from the cold. A truly outdoor barn-

tions about how to prepare your pet for the winter, please contact

type cat should be provided with an adequate warm shelter, similar

our office.



Southwest Veterinary Medical Center is proud to serve Corrales, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque Westside, North Valley and surrounding areas. Call to schedule an appointment 10141 Coors Blvd NW Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87114

(505) 890-8810 mysouthwestvet.com Still independently owned and operated for over 40 years!

The best care for you pets in the North Valley, Los Ranchos, and Country Club areas.

OUR SERVICES Dental • Diagnostics Exams and Consultations • Microchipping Nutritional Counseling • Pharmacy Preventative Medicine • Surgery Vaccinations

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Santa Fe Claus off any extreme temperatures. In one case, he tried for five years before he finally was able trap a particularly ‘slippery’ cat. Perhaps it is his former military training, as well as mindset, which endows him with such great fortitude, never giving up on these presumably helpless beasts. His service to feral cats and kittens not only benefits our vagrant animal population, but it helps improve the overall conditions in our city as well. The exhausting process of trapping and identifying kittens and cats is really only half the battle. Each creature must be assessed for adoptability before being examined and sterilized at the Spay/Neuter Clinic. Those who are considered ‘permanently wild’ are released back into their colony; but, as such, are no longer able to breed. Those who show an interest in human interaction are moved to foster homes.



avid Schultz is someone who might be called an ordinary man, quietly living out his retirement years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His appearance, however, is not ‘ordinary,’ and many are often struck by his uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus: he has a long white beard, rosy cheeks, and a hefty frame. After serving 20 years in the Air Force, he put in another 30 years working in the construction industry. He has certainly contributed to society, and now deserves to be able to enjoy his free time and, perhaps, rest a bit. Yet, this is not the case

for Schultz, as he has been, and is still, on a mission to capture and attempt to socialize homeless (feral) cats. His goal is that these cats might be adopted into ‘forever’ homes. So, rather than choosing to spend his days making furniture from reclaimed wood, he spends many hours, both day and night, lurking in the shadows, trying to identify and trap these feral felines. He believes this is, ultimately, for their own good. And this effort is no small task, as he must search dumpsters, abandoned cars, and alley ways in order to locate these elusive creatures. After discovering their urban lairs, he sets up traps complete with enticing treats, in an attempt to be successful. One of his ‘secret weapons’ for successfully luring a cat is KFC’s original-recipe drumsticks, which he hangs from a string inside the trap. He then covers the trap with a tarp or blanket, to provide a sense of security for the cat, as well as fend

Schultz also prides himself on being a foster parent to at least half a dozen felines at a time. Furthermore, over the years, he has permanently adopted several. He tells countless stories about his experiences, and cherishes every cat, regardless of its disposition or its resistance to being domesticated. He bestows names upon each of them, cuddles with each one regularly, and most importantly, has an intuitive connection with all cats; a connection that requires no spoken words. His loving presence and demeanor allows these animals to feel safety and some degree of trust, possibly for the first time in their short lives. He emphasizes the importance of regular interaction and handling with each one, in order that they may become loveable (by human standards), desired, and hopefully adopted. Schultz stresses, however, that there aren’t enough volunteers to do this job. As a longtime volunteer with Felines

and Friends in Santa Fe, he hopes that more cat lovers and animal advocates will step up to help with this effort. He wants everyone to know that he considers this a very worthy cause, and hopes that others will either give of their time, make donations, or consider adopting at least one of these magnificent, four-legged beings into their family. Please take a moment to look at the Felines and Friends website which shows all cats and kittens that are ready for adoption; each one has a biography and a photo. Anyone who wishes to meet some of these wonderful creatures in person, may visit the Felines and Friends Adoption Center located inside of Petco (Cerrillos Road at St. Michael’s Drive), during their regular hours of operation. Thank you David Schultz, and all of the volunteers at Felines and Friends. Thank you for all that you do to make our world a better place, and for reminding us that we all deserve to be loved and granted a second chance in life. We are eternally grateful to you, and we’re certain that all the cats whom you have saved over the years are grateful to you as well.

The mission of Felines & Friends is to provide a second chance for cats and kittens so that they may be able to live out their lives in loving homes. www.fandfnm.org Phone: 505-316-2281

TECA TU See us at the DeVargas Center 542 N. Guadalupe St, Santa Fe NM

Santa Fe’s Unique Shop for Pets & Their People • Pet Apparel • Neckwear • Toys • Comfy Beds • Travel Accessories • Gourmet Treats & Food

DeVargas Center 165 Paseo de Peralta • Santa Fe 505.982.9374 • tecatu@gmail.com

We’re ALWAYS happy to help with your canine, feline and wild bird needs.


Proudly serving companion animals and their people (and wild birds) in Eldorado and surrounding communities for 12 years.

7 Avenida Vista Grande • Santa Fe, NM 87508 In the Agora Shopping Center

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Pet-Friendly Patio 624 Old Las Vegas Highway Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-466-3886



sERvING sANTA fE & suRROuNDING AREA 105 s. sT. fRANCIs DR. sANTA fE, NM 87505

Tullivers Natural Pet Food in Santa Fe offers High-Quality Natural Dog and Cat Food, Raw Pet Foods, Supplements, Remedies & a Variety of Pet Supplies. Visit us Today!

807 Cerrillos Rd • Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 (505) 992-3388 • www.tulliverspetfood.com

Walking Burqueno Dogs By Mrs. Tea

My dogs Kali and Winston are Burquenos. Their paws are calloused from the heat. Their nails are well worn by concrete and rock. Kali pulls goat heads out of her paws with her teeth and swallows them. When Winston starts limping, I use a 12 inch stick to scrape the sticky goat head away; otherwise he won’t let me touch his paws. He’s real sensitive about anything going around his flappy dew claws. Only Kali seems to get the cactus sticks in her coat. Their leashes keep us all together. One of the best parts about being a Burqueno dog is walking to Old Town to check out the early morning smells left from the tourists. The gallery and shop owners pet them and say, “Come on in! Bring the dogs and look around.” Walking well on the leash didn’t come overnight. We practice as near daily as we can. When that lingering-for-a-smell moment comes around, I count the seconds like my friends do with their dogs, “One - two - threeeee!” Then I give the leashes a tug to move along. We walk like a wolf pack. The alpha is in the middle. That’s me. Winston’s the macho male on my left. Kali’s the right side girl. An expert told me to keep a connection going by talking to them. So, from time-to-time I speak to them in meaningful ways. We’re a pack. Introducing Winston who thrills at his Albuquerque walks. Copyright retained by the author. Permission granted for the November 2018 issue of PetMag.

Some dog owners, I understand, don’t have the time to spend on such walks. Their pets jump or weedle out of their backyards. They’re going to get their “migratory experience” somehow. In any case, daily walking is a must for all dogs and ranks even higher in their life priorities than affection. Plenty of dog owners with full time jobs know this. So, evening is when most of the Burqueno dogs come out.

Unique Crates

Where Design Is The Difference

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Made in USA Albuquerque, NM

Your One Stop Shop for all your Dog, Cat and Wild Bird supplies.

CLEAN DOG! HAPPY DOG! WITH HEAD TO PAW GROOMING. Introducing Dog Grooming at Three Dog Bakery Albuquerque! Your pup will love our head to paw treatment! Experienced staff, great prices, and a FREE Pupcake with every service! Make an appointment today,

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ery The Bak for Dogs

9821 MONTGOMERY BLVD NE SUITE B / 505.294.2300 email: 3dogabq@gmail.com www.3dogbakeryabq.com Mike Montoya (Manager)

Full-Service Grooming Dog & Cat Food Wild Bird Feed & Supplies Treats, Toys & Accessories 505.404.2094 240 S. Camino Del Pueblo Ste D, Bernalillo, NM Next door to the FreightHouse Kitchen & Tap


$5OFF Grooming

New Customers Only Expires 1/31/2019

Family Owned and Operated Since 1999

Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service, Inc. 132 Mountain Park Place NW Albuquerque, NM 87114




re you looking for a caring, dignified, and respectful way to honor your beloved companion? At Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service, Inc. we offer a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and jewelry to create the perfect

memorial for your best friend. Our caring and professional staff are ready to care for you and your family in your time of need. We offer free home removal, Equine included, in Albuquerque and Corrales (a pick-up fee is applicable outside of these areas). We also pick up and deliver, free of charge, from and to ANY veterinary clinic in our service area (charges may apply for Equine services). Our service area extends as far North as Taos, as far West as Gallup, East Mountains, as far South as Truth or Consequences, and everything in between! We also highly respect and offer discounts to our Military (both active duty and veteran) and their families, first responders, rescue and foster families, senior citizens, and more!

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we help people see

breakfast ¢ 99 sandwich

* Egg & cheese with croissant or bagel with purchase of any drink at regular price . Expires 1/31/19

Dozen Donuts


$ 64 9 Limit 2 w/coupon

good at all donut mart locations open on holidays

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uch re!



Your Beloved Companion Deserves the Best.

In-Home Custom Care VaCatIon Pet sIttIng serVICes

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ince 2002, Positive Links has played a significant role in raising public awareness about “The Link” between all forms of family violence—against spouses, children, elders, and companion animals—through training, advocacy, education, and especially through our biannual New Mexico Conference on The Link between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence. Originated by the State of NM under the administration of Gov. Bill Richardson, this conference and all our work has relied on nonprofit fundraising since 2011.

Bridging the Gap “The Link” is well established through social scientific research, but not yet reflected in our legal system. Even conventional wisdom tells us that domestic violence, animal abuse, child and elder abuse often occur together, but they are still treated as wholly separate problems by agencies that do not routinely communicate with each other on these cases. Because family violence is an underreported, hidden crime, “Link” awareness greatly expands opportunities for professionals to intervene. The biannual New Mexico Conference on The Link, along with customized trainings that are offered throughout the year, have trained thousands of professionals around the state —police, judges and prosecutors, social workers, animal control officers, therapists, healthcare workers, and educators—to understanding the connection between different forms of family violence and how to intervene. Local, national and international experts offer information and advice on how agencies can work together to create new safety nets for our most vulnerable populations. By offering scholarships to individuals whose agency’s budget lacks the funding to cover travel and conference fees, we have never turned anyone away from this critical training. Throughout the year, we also bring specialized trainings (at low or no cost) to communities around the state, including remote rural areas and Native American communities where this type of training can make an immediate difference in saving lives. So far in 2017, for example, we have offered half-day conferences tailored to law enforcement, and to therapists, in Las Vegas and Las Cruces.

Advocacy Positive Links also provides background information to elected officials and government staff working on policies related to “The Link.” Rep. Jim Dines (R-Abq) has been working with us to encourage “Link” training for all family-welfare and public-safety staff. Positive Links has also supported the passage of “Link Awareness” proclamations in the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County and the New Mexico Legislature.

Education and outreach Positive Links regularly works to increase public exposure to “The Link” by exhibiting at conferences, conventions, and festivals; working with other domestic violence/animal advocacy groups; and advocating awareness of “The Link” in journalistic reporting on family violence. We rely on public and private donations to continue this important work! Contact: thelink@e-solved.com (505) 410-3884 Visit: thelinknm.com Positive Links is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax ID#: 81-1271759.

Animal-friendly Domestic Violence Shelters Positive Links works closely with the domestic violence community to ensure the safety of women who may desperately need to escape family violence, but cannot because of concern for the safety of their companion animals. We provide data, funding, and planning to allow kenneling of companion animals —still not available at the vast majority of shelters.

Positive Links chairman Tammy Fiebelkorn with NMDog founder Angela Stell at a spay/neuter clinic organized with the Pueblo of Laguna in 2016.


*LEGAL WOOF: Valid only at Camp Bow Wow® Albuquerque. One per customer. Must present coupon. Camper must have passed interview, be spayed or neutered (if over 6 months), and be current on all vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Other restrictions may apply.



Our reward-based dog training programs will satisfy all of your pup’s needs! Camp Bow Wow’s premier dog training offers flexible programming for every dog and every lifestyle. Our training methods are designed to best suit the dog and parent while using reward-based techniques. Our safe, family-friendly training is fun and effective and enriches dogs at every stage of life. Whether it’s in a group setting, private lessons or training while you’re away, our Camp Bow Wow Certified Trainers will work to design a program that meets your needs and your schedule.


Call Camp Bow Wow and talk to a trainer about your training and obedience needs today!

Call Today! 505-881-3647

Doggie Dash & Dawdle

At Balloon Fiesta Park November 4, 2018

Howl and Growl

At Boofys Best for Pets October 28, 2018

Music, Dogs & Rides

At Cafe Bella November 16th

Haunted Kanine Karnival

At Pet Food Gone WIld October 21, 2018

Furry Burque Film Festival

At the Guild Cinema November 17,2018

Dia De Los Muertos marigold parade November 4, 2018

tnm e p r u o @y M.com rPetN www.You

Cover Contest

We Love Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Turtles, Llamas, Birds, Snakes, Pets! Email your favorite picture of your pet to: Pets@wildpetfoodplus.com

ceasar salad

Bucky 2

Benicio Del Kitty









cousin vinny & aby









Olive Oyl

thor, mika & cario




rocky & max


marco & Chinga










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Your Local rescue

kings’s ferret rescue Reinforcing our commitment


ur main focus at King’s Ferret Rescue is to rescue and rehabilitate ferrets that have been abandoned, abused, neglected, mistreated, etc. We rescue ferrets from all types of backgrounds... From those whose families simply do not have the time, energy, or finances to care for their ferret any longer, to those who come from horrible situations where intervention is required to save their life.

ADOPTING A FERRET If you wish to adopt a ferret, we HIGHLY SUGGEST doing proper research first to ensure that a ferret is the right choice for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have as well! We recommend

a meet and greet, where the potential adopter, and their family, roommate, etc (everyone who lives in the home) come to meet the ferrets to see if there’s anyone they bond with, and to answer questions, observe interactions, etc. An adoption application must be filled out as well. An initial home check will be performed, to help the adopter find/assess/fix any potential hazards to the ferret(s) and assess purposed play/living area for the ferret. A veterinary reference is required the adoption process. We ask for a Veterinary reference to ensure that the chosen veterinarian is knowledgeable with treating ferrets. King’s Ferret Rescue is comprised of the two founders, owners, and current sole caregivers, Ashley and Daniel King. We’ve been rescuing ferrets “unofficially” since 2011. We recently got out first home (August 2017) and started

https://hailtotheking240.wixsite.com/kingsferretrescue-1 https://www.facebook.com/ferretrescuenewmexico/ paypal.me/kingsferretrescue 505-907-9697 hailtotheking240@yahoo.com talking about making an “official” rescue. We reside in the state of New Mexico, where currently, there are essentially ZERO resources for ferrets or ferret owners. We have a wonderful Veterinary team with a Primary Care Veterinarian that is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind when it comes to these little guys. Their clinic is open 24 hours a day, which allows for us to take ferrets at any hour if there is an emergency situation. If you would like the Vets information so that you may use them yourself, would like to make a donation, or have any kind of questions, please feel free to contact them with the following information.

VCA Eastside Veterinary Hospital 9901 Montgomery Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 Dr. Shirley Russman DVM Phone 505-292-5353 EXT. 138 Fax 505-296-2979 Email: shirley.russman@vca. com

In Loving memory

In Loving Memory



Owner: Heidi Neumayer

Owner: Geri Lynn Matthews Stephanie Kaylan, Founder of Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue, is saddened to announce that Bindi, the Coyote x Wolf x Husky Ambassador for WWFR, passed peacefully in her arms on October 13th, 2018 from cancer which manifested rapidly and without warning.

In Loving Memory

Bindi honorably represented Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue and recently modeled for Sandia Pet Products, Inc. in Your Pet magazine. Blessings to you, my sweet Bindi, Consummate Ambassador

Your Pet is special.

Your Pet Memorandums come with an 8”x10”

portrait keepsake

Wanagi Wolf Rescue is a 501(c)3, nontaxable organization.

Bindi touched the hearts of thousands around the world. We are all sure he bounded over the Rainbow Bridge at full, strong, graceful speed. Thank you all for your love, kindness & generosity in helping pay Bindi’s vet bills. If you would like to make a donation in Bindi’s honor please contact us at www.wanagi-wolf-fund.org.


Owner: Stephanie Kaylan

visit www.YourPetNM.com for more information and online order details.





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o! i t a P ly

d n e i r F t e P ur

o t i Vis

1919 Old Town Rd NW, Ste 6 • ABQ,NM (505) 842-5434• www.backstreetgrillot.com

Pizzeria Luca iTaLiaN BiSTrO & WiNe Bar

8850 Holly ave. Ne Suite J West of Trader Joe’s on Paseo Del norte check out our menu @ www.pizzerialuca.com Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

Bring your 4 legged companions & Enjoy our Pet Friendly Patio!


4501 Juan Tabo NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 505-275-8311


Your Perfect Brew, Food, & Pet Friendly Patio Is Waiting For You

Visit our Petio!

Locally owned, family friendly, great service, pet friendly patio, & quality food!

You’ll find them all here at the Range Café.

At The Barley Room!

5200 Eubank Blvd NE / www.barleyroom.com SEE OUR PET MENU

iendly Pet Fr Patio

RANGE CAFÉ COTTONWOOD 505.835.5495 / www.rangecafe.com 10019 Coors Blvd NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 Sun – Thur 7AM TO 9PM / Fri – Sat 7AM TO 9PM

4800 Montgomery Blvd NE • ABQ, N.M

505.465-8188 | rockandbrews.com/albuquerque Mon-Thu 11:00 am – 11:00 pm • Fri 11:00 am – Midnight • Sat 10:00 am – Midnight • Sun 10:00 am – 11:00 pm



PIZZERIA LUCA Italian Bistro & Wine bar


ring your friends, family, and four-legged companions for a wonderful time out on our pet-friendly patio. Enjoy a day or evening out with your furry loved ones. Taste some of our world wines & local beers and enjoy a truly authentic Italian experience. Paws up!

Pizzeria Luca iTaLiaN BiSTrO & WiNe Bar

8850 Holly ave. Ne Suite J West of Trader Joe’s on Paseo Del norte check out our menu @ www.pizzerialuca.com Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

Bring your 4 legged companions & Enjoy our Pet Friendly Patio!

797-8086 www.PizzeriaLuca.com

A PASSION FOR PET NUTRITION An exceptional expertise in nutrition, an uncompromising dedication to quality and a passion for pets - that’s the Pinnacle pet food holistic difference!

• Pinnacle is a Fresh Meat Line • Pinnacle contains Quinoa which supplies Amino Acids which are the Building Blocks for the tissues and major organs • Pinnacle is a Super Premium Food with Super Foods to build the Immune System and sustain quality of Health


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Made in the USA 16321 East Arrow Hwy Irwindale, CA 91706

I’m So Happy I Have A Champion Pet Door!! • New 3-flap system offers best protection from extreme heat and

cold, drafts, insects, or driving rain

• Maximum energy efficiency is at least

3.5 times that of a single-flap pet door

• Smart Door Remote • Pet Door Options For Your

Champion Sliding Glass Patio Door

• Highest Quality • Efficiency and Protection • Backed by a limited, no-fault 5-year prorated warranty • Soft, flexible PVC vinyl flaps allow for easy pet access • No exposed screws to harm pets • Impact-resistant GE Lexan1 security cover

with positive-action pin lock • 3 different colors to match your Champion door

• 11 standard sizes




To serve you better, Champion Window Mfg. reservres the right to make improvements to the products. Therefore some products and product information may change. Not all Champion stores have all products. Product style maye vary from state to state. ®Champion LLC 2018

505-604-5104 / MilliganScapes.com Licensed, Insured and Bonded


SUMMER winter SPECIALS specials



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• Waterfalls

Sprinkler Installation & Repairs • Fertilizing Services • Weekly Maintenance Programs • Power Raking • Landscape Consultant & Design • Planting & Sodding • Xeriscaping • Pond Installation & Maintenance • Retaining Walls • Sprinkler Start-up • Low-Voltage Lighting • CONTRACTS AVAILABLE •


On purchase of $5000 or more. MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF SIGNED AGREEMENT. With this coupon only. Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 7/31/18. Offer Expires 1/31/19


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Yes, you CAN teach an old cat new tricks! The old adage goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But your kitty will love you more if you teach it new “tricks” – no matter its age! Cats are highly intelligent, motivated, and very trainable. I believe training is essential to your cat’s well-being and advise every cat guardian to try it. It’s fun for the whole family! I don’t like to call them tricks; I prefer to call them “behaviors” because we’re not exploiting your cat’s performance for financial gain! In your cat’s mind, he’s acting out a behavior that he thinks will trigger you to give him a treat. The psychological difference between training dogs and cats is: A dog will perform and repeat a behavior to please you since they see you as a pack mate; he craves the attention of the pack — particularly the pack leader. Instinctively, your cat has

no pack or hierarchical structure, so it will respond to something it wants - a positive reinforcement, then he’ll quickly think he has control over you! My cat, Tabasco, knows many entertaining behaviors such as: “sit”, “come”, “stop”, “sit up”, “high five”, “high ten”, “jump through hoop”, “up”, “down”, “turn around”, and we dream up new stuff all the time to teach him.

Why should I train my cat? Here are 5 reasons why cat training is great for your cat:

1. Mental stimulation – In the wild,

cats spend about 6 hours a day hunting. When we confine them to a life indoors, they often get bored. The more mental stimulation you can give your cat, the better it will feel; and the better it feels, the fewer behavior problems you will encounter. (Note: I’m not suggesting letting your cat hunt outdoors for six hours a day is good. I’m not an advocate of outdoor feline



roaming, as it leads to a shorter lifespan for your cat by exposing it to disease and predators.) 2. Confidence – A cat feels accomplished when it successfully learns a behavior and receives positive reinforcement, and accomplishment increases self-esteem and empowers your cat. The sense of empowerment creates emotional satisfaction for your cat. 3. Choice – Training gives your cat the power of choice. “Choice” is one of the ten essential needs for cats; without it, cats feel trapped and will emotionally shut down. 4. Enjoyment – Training a cat is fun for both you and your cat! Your friends will be amazed that your cat responds to your requests willingly and sharing your cat’s trained behaviors helps to debunk the myth that cats are aloof and disengaged.

5. Strengthens the bond you share – A strong bond between

you and your cat can improve the emotional and physical health of both of you! A study from the National Institutes of Health has shown that caring for pets can help

improve a person’s cardiovascular health, lower heart rates and blood pressure. Research at NIH suggests that the human-animal bond has value in child development, elder care, mental illness, trauma recovery and the rehabilitation of incarcerated persons.

How do I train my cat?

There are many different training methods; I use classical conditioning and the positive reinforcement quadrant of operant conditioning. You’re not forcing anything; you’re promoting cooperation. This means when kitty is doing something you like, you reward him. When he’s doing something you don’t want, you ignore it. It’s that simple. First, you need to figure out what your cat’s favorite reward is. It can be as simple as cat treats, or canned food, but some cats don’t value those things. The reward you are looking for should be of high value to your cat. Here is how you find out what your cat responds best to: Gather these items:

• Cat treats • Canned cat food • Jar of chicken baby food (chicken only, no vegetables) • Sliced turkey lunch meat (not smoked) – cut into small (no bigger than half inch) square pieces Put a little of each of these on a paper plate. Get your cat, present the plate and see what he goes to first, and what he avoids. Whatever the favorite is, will be the high value reward you use. Second, get a clicker or something that makes a clicking sound (like a ballpoint pen.) I use the Clik Stik because it has a retractable target built into it. You can use anything that isn’t too loud – just be sure

it is an unusual sound; something your cat doesn’t normally hear. Then you’re going to “load the clicker”, which is teaching the cat when it hears the sound, it gets something good. Simply toss your cat the favored treat and when it goes to eat it, click. Repeat this about 8-10 times. Now you’re ready to begin teaching a specific behavior. You’re going to use “Capturing” as the first technique. “Capturing” simply means you’re going to watch for your cat to do something you want to teach it, such as “sit”. Behaviors that are natural to your cat have the most potential for building success for you and your cat. As soon as your cat sits, click, then toss a treat. Be sure to break commercial treats in half and distribute very small tastes of other treats so your cat doesn’t fill up too quick. Toss commercial cat treats and lunch meat and deliver the canned or baby food on a spoon or tongue depressor. Every time your cat sits, click then treat. After he’s done this about 10 times, begin to add a verbal cue – say “sit” just as his butt touches the floor (at the same time you click.) Then move the verbal cue forward a tiny bit; just as you see him in the process of sitting, before his butt touches the floor, say “sit”, then click. Repeat this several times and begin to move the “sit” forward to where you see him shifting his weight to sit. Soon you will be able to say “sit” and he will know what to do. If you have a nervous cat who doesn’t like to sit around you, then you can use the luring technique. Hold the treat about a foot over his head and push your hand back over his head. His head will follow the treat and result in a sitting position. Targeting is also useful for many things, such as teaching your cat to get up or down from something. You can use the Click Stik target or make your own by gluing a cat toy/puff ball to the end of a stick. Hold the target about five inches from your cat’s nose and he will naturally want to sniff it. As his nose touches the target, click, then reward. Begin holding the target farther and farther from his nose, and then moving it away from him so he begins to learn to follow the target. I like to use the verbal cue “touch” when training targeting. Cats are very observant and smart and will pick up on training and cues very quickly. Remember, if your cat performs a behavior you do not like, simply ignore it.

Keep sessions short

You will want to have no more than three 10-minute sessions a day with your cat. Cats preserve their energy as much as possible, which is why they sleep most of the day, then play in short bursts. In the wild, a cat’s small (rodent) food source does not provide much energy in the form of calories so your cat is wired to be very wise about not expending more energy than the food received will provide. This means if you demand more than the cat thinks the return will be, he will quickly lose interest. Most of all, have fun! Email me pictures of your cat doing the new behaviors he learns so I can share on Cat Behavior Solutions social media. Send to molly@catbehaviorsolutions.org.

by molly devoss cftbs (c ert i f ied f el ine

trai ning and b ehav ior s pec i alis t ), R m (R eik i mas t er ) , cat b ehav ior s ol ut ions




y a d i Hol t e P r u o Y iori r p t s fir r u o s i


Hours M AM to 8 P





week 7 dAys A or Great f ys! tawa Quick Ge

4201 Marna Lynn NW • Albuquerque, NM

visit us online @ www.caninecountryclub.com

! ! s g n i v a S Make Your




quired) e r t i s o p e d (

Dogs Cats

Pictures with Santa thursday dec 13th Westside Location

and for pets staying over the Christmas Holiday- $5+ tax digital copy emailed and $10+ tax print and email copies.

Give us a Call !! We can take


appointments up until 11 AM to get pets ready for Family photos.


We give a roast beef and rice dinner ($5+tax) for the pups that are boarding -upon request.

The The BEST BEST Bunny, ine p H ap

Kitty, Hamster

ss CALENDAR has arrived!

T S E B e h T

synthetic pet turf specialists

Start the New Year off right

with fluffy pet joy by visiting lulu.com today for your 2019 “Bunny, Kitty, Hamster Happiness” calendar!

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shop/j-mummey/2019-wall-calendarbunny-kitty-hamster-happiness/ calendar/product-23762815.html

Full-Service Pet Grooming at Your Doorstep since 2004!

if you want a professional job...

call us!


• Clean Dogs • No More Dirt • Save Water • No Yellow Spots

Bath & Brush also available



“Personal Loving Care - From My Home To Yours”

Prices starting at

Linda Simon, Owner / Pet Stylist Call for appointment 505-342-5766

$6.95 per square


Got Poop? 10% FF O We Scoop! Expire


abqPoopPatrol.com Serving Albuquerque & Surrounding Areas


s 11/3


Nail Clips Always $5. All Breeds Cat & Dog Grooming.


5700 4th St. NW Suite C / 505.342.1876 / Lois Landavazo







Pin Up Pups Pet Salon


hen I arrived, somewhat unannounced, at Pin Up Pups Pet Salon, I felt immediately at ease. The front waiting area of the shop has been carved out, away from the front entrance; its homey and relaxing ambience is chock full of retro-collectibles, comfy furniture, and low-lit lamps with interesting shades. A very subtle mix of natural fragrances provided pleasant relaxation. I felt completely removed from the bustling metropolis; a film noir from the 40’s was playing ... think Rita Hayworth, Barbara Stanwyck, and Glenn Ford. The salon’s eclectic decor conjures ‘ooh lala’ and boho chic. Bright blue walls feature framed pictures of 40’s pin-up models (many of whom are posing with pets); a straight line of pristine pill-box hats are displayed along one wall near the ceiling. The collection of hats belonged to owner, Veronica’s great grandmother. In the back room, where all pets (cats, dogs, and some exotics) are groomed, I caught a glimpse of bright pink walls. Veronica invited me back; we gossiped while she lovingly worked on a very white Maltese named Neige, who seemed to enjoy having his newly-clean fur trimmed. Perhaps Neige believed in the shop ‘s motto: “Walk in with a Mess—Walk out with a Model.” Pin Up Pups Pet Salon is family-owned; Veronica and her wife, Marina are the sole groomer and bather (respectively). It’s a lot of work, of course, but the upside is that the customers and their pets always get to see a familiar face. Veronica has been in the pet-grooming business for well over ten years. At age 22, she chose to sell her beloved ’67 Mustang in order to rent shop space and step out on her own. She was fortunate to have been guided, early on, by Master Groomers. The shop itself will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in January.

Pin Up Pups Pet Salon is partnered with, and works closely with, Bridges to Home Rescue. Veronica and Marina provide pro-bono grooming services in order to help improve the lives of abused, rejected, and abandoned pets. One featured kitty-cat, who hopes to get adopted, is housed in a cattery at the front of the shop; cats are fostered regularly. Veronica is the moderator for ABQ Groomers on Facebook. This female grooming-duo definitely possesses a young, fresh, and very vibrant energy that is ‘energizer-bunny’ strong. The salon is uniquely hip, but these women definitely know how to pamper all pooches, and cater to everyone, not simply the in-crowd.

Only since July has the salon been in its new location near Constitution and San Pedro; previously it had occupied space at Laramie Square. Pin Up Pups Pet Salon has definitely cornered the pet-grooming market in the surrounding area; it’s close to Nob Hill, Uptown, and Coronado Shopping Center. Many loyal customers have been counting on Veronica’s pet-grooming expertise for a very long time. There are a multitude of items on the menu, and many of them sound absolutely scrumptious. Shampoo-wise the choices varied from things like oatmeal, and French lavender to seasonal combinations like Pumpkin Spice (fall) or Sugar Cookie (winter). Wednesdays at the shop tend to be extra busy thanks to $4 Nail Trims; but don’t let that stop you from dropping in, Veronica and Marina would love to meet both you and your pet(s).



Adopted from Animal Humane


t f i g e h t e giv

of hops e pets

to homeles

o! Make a life-saving gift to Animal Humane New Mexic

AnimalHumaneNM.org • 505.938.7938


CALL TODAY! 505.243.6239 424 San Felipe St. NW • Old Town - Albuquerque, NM


• Play days start at only $15 • Sleepovers start at only $30 Ask about our 10-day daycare passes and weekly daycare rates as low as $75 per week. • 1st day always FREE (meet & greet day) • Over 1,000 S.F. of climate controlled kennel-free environment • Large backyard with pinon trees • Overnight dogs never left alone • All day indoor/outdoor supervised play • Develop your dog’s social skills • Relieve guilt from leaving your dog home alone • Overnight drop-off/pick-ups (7days a week 7:30am-7:00pm) • Daycare available Monday-Friday’s Only • Overnights available 7-days a week




Proof of vaccinations Shots required (rabies, Bordatella, Distemper & Parvo) No Vicious/ Aggressive dogs allowed

Serving the Rio Rancho area since 2008




oxer Rescue of Albuquerque is a non-profit group of volunteers to save Boxers around New Mexico. Our adoption fee structure is $150 over 1 yr, $250 6 month-1 year, $330 for under 6 months. All dogs come micro-chipped, current on shots and spayed or neutered. We are looking for boxer lovers who want to help out by fostering, adopting or donating (anything helps our dogs and all donations go directly to their care). Please complete an application online - with complete details. And note that we do not normally know much about a dog’s background. We try to make sure we get a better picture of our dogs but things can happen when they move to a new environment and another pack. Also, we prefer to adopt out male/female packs but will always work with anything that comes our way. All of our dogs are spayed and neutered (and we do not work with any breeders in the area since we have plenty who need homes). We do evaluate how they fit in the house, and will be, and we will adopt out to others who responsibly fix their dogs too. But please ask us anything and we will try our best to answer what we can - sometimes very honestly, but respectfully.

Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque, Inc. P.O. Box 1460 Cedar Crest, NM 87008




Butch & Sundance Current Update:

This cute little boy Maxx, decided it would be a good idea to eat a wash cloth. Well, needless to say a $2,300.00 surgery was necessary to remove. We recently took in a couple of brothers (Butch and Sundance). Unfortunately they both had parvo-virus and required hospitalization costing thousands.



Mention this ad when you schedule a FREE solar consultation today and SunPower by Positive Energy Solar will donate $100 to Animal Humane NM! Love what you hear? We’ll donate $400 more when you go solar! Call or click today to schedule your FREE consultation! 505-484-2789 | www.positiveenergysolar.com

We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays! VCA

Veterinary Care Animal Hospital and Referral Center has been serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe and the surrounding counties and communities since 1982. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive advanced care in our 22,000 square foot, AAHA accredited veterinary facility. We offer a full complement of specialty services, including Internal Medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, and Radioactive Iodine Treatment, ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality veterinary care available.

RADiOACtiVe iODine tReAtMent

inteRnAl MeDiCine (7 day a week coverage) Phil Ries, DVM, DACViM

Dawn nolan, DVM

Greg Kuhlman, DVM, DACViM

OnCOlOGy ( 6 day a week coverage) Diane Schrempp, DVM, MS, DACViM


Barbara Kitchell, DVM, PhD, DACViM

nancy Mclean, DVM, DACVO

SuRGeRy (7 day a week coverage) Glen Bonin, DVM, DACVS-SA Akiko Mitsui, DVM, DACVS-SA

( 6 day a week coverage) Stacy Peterson, DVM, DACVO

CRitiCAl CARe/ eMeRGenCy 24/7/365

Sean Gallivan, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA

Christa Bernhard, DVM, DACVeCC

Janet Blair-Wells, DVM

Rebecca Brahm, DVM

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point to realize about this dreaded disease, however, is that just as in people, many forms of the disease can be easily treated, managed, and even cured. Early detection and specialized care are leading to increased survival and cure rates in almost all the types of cancers that afflict pets. From surgery to chemotherapy to radiation therapy, veterinary cancer specialists can offer your pet the very latest diagnostic and treatment options and the best chance of survival. With optimal treatment, cancer in many cases simply becomes another manageable chronic disease. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, it is important not to become What Is A Veterinary Oncologist? overwhelmed. Ask your veterinarian to write down the most imA board certified veterinary oncologist is a veterinary internal portant points for you to review later. Although the disease is serimedicine specialist who has also obtained additional training ous, treatment decisions generally do not need to be made quickly. in veterinary oncology. A veterinary oncologist has specialized If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, however, you will either want knowledge in the diagnosis of cancer, the staging of tumors, the development of treatment plans, and the administration of chemo- to have your general practice veterinarian work in consultation with a veterinary oncologist, or be referred to one of these specialtherapy. ists for your pet’s treatment. When your pet is faced with cancer, a veterinary oncologist will typically work in concert with your pet’s general practitioner Veterinary oncologists typically treat: veterinarian in order to obtain the best possible medical outcome • Common Cancers • Endocrine tumors for your pet. A veterinary oncologist can help your pet by devel• Skin tumors • Osteosarcoma oping treatment plans that incorporate one or all of the following options: • Mammary tumors • Hemangiosarcoma • Surgery • Lymphosarcoma • Chemotherapy • Immunotherapy While your general practitioner veterinarian can diagnose and treat many health problems, certain diseases like cancer require the care of a doctor who has had specialized, intensive training in veterinary oncology.

Why Does My Pet Need A Veterinary Oncologist?

Just as in humans, a pet with cancer typically needs the help of an oncologist to help diagnose and treat the disease. Veterinary oncologists determine the most appropriate course of treatment and coordinate the treatment program for pets with cancer. They also frequently serve as consultants to veterinarians in private practice to ensure that their patients receive the best treatment possible for their cancer. You can be assured that a veterinarian who refers you and your pet to a veterinary oncologist is one who is caring and committed to ensuring that your pet receives the highest standard of medical care for his or her illness. While in some cases, your veterinarian may be able to simply consult with the veterinary oncologist about your pet’s care, in other cases it is necessary to actually refer you and your pet to the veterinary oncologist for more advanced diagnostics and treatment. Board-certified veterinary internists/oncologists may also have access to specialized diagnostic or treatment tools that a general practitioner veterinarian may not have.

Will My Regular Veterinarian Still Be Involved?

In most cases, your regular veterinarian will still supervise your pet’s veterinary care and will work in tandem with the veterinary oncologist and any other members of your pet’s veterinary health care team.

Did You Know?

Dogs and cats have higher age adjusted incidence rates for many kinds of cancers than do humans. For example, dogs are 35 times more likely to get skin cancer than are humans. They suffer from 8 times the amount of bone cancer and 4 times the amount of breast cancer.

My Pet Has Cancer. Now What?

Cancer does appear to be becoming more common in pets, most likely because they are simply living longer. The most important

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