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pension reform by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Town proposes pension freeze The town manager presented proposals to firefighters and general employees that would freeze existing pension plans and transition them to 401(a) plans. Town Manager David Bullock presented a plan during May 4 contract negotiations with the Longboat Key International Association of Firefighters Union that would freeze all benefits in the current plans and open new defined-contribution 401(a) ac-

counts for all fire employees. He made the same proposal to general employees May 7. Bullock declined to comment on plans for the police-pension fund because any proposal must be made as part of a collectivebargaining process. However, he

confirmed that he plans to meet informally with police union leaders over the next few days. The plans presented to both firefighters and general employees would allow vested employees to keep the benefits they’ve accrued and wouldn’t affect re-

tirees or employees who retire before the freeze date. Both firefighters and general employees would contribute a mandatory 3% of their salaries


Photo courtesy of Mary Lou Johnson

Bryce Galley and Nick Acevedo

+ Students are all smiles for science For the past five years, the Longboat Key Turtle Watch has funded two scholarships to the Mote Marine Science Day Camp. In 2012, two fourth-grade boys, Bryce Galley and Nick Acevedo, from Anna Maria Island Elementary, are the recipients.

+ Time to turn off the lights May 1 officially kicked off turtle-nesting season. The Longboat Key Turtle Watch wants to remind residents to turn off or shield lights visible from the waterline, including flashlights and fishing lights. Also, keep the beach clear of trash and remove beach furniture before leaving the beach for the day.

Melissa Herron and her husband, Mike, of Bradenton, are active members of the Longboat Key Turtle Watch. Herron is used to watching Longboat Key’s spectacular sunrises, but this sunset photo, taken on Greer Island, was a more rare sighting for her. She said the lighting was spectacular on this January night, and she couldn’t resist capturing this universal moment between a mother and child, when the mom was showing her child the beauty of the world. Herron’s daughter, Danielle Etienne, jokingly asked her mom why she didn’t submit a photo of the two of them for The Observer’s Mother’s Day photo contest. “This appeals to everyone,” Herron said of the photo. This year’s contest included 25 submissions, and 3,993 total votes were cast. Herron’s winning photo received 1,370 votes. As the winner, Herron will receive a $75 gift certificate.

+ Say cheese for multiple contests


We are seeking photo submissions for our “It’s Read Everywhere” and weather page photo contests. Submit photos of yourself and fellow travelers with a copy of the Longboat Observer on your travels for a chance to win $500 in travel vouchers. Or, submit your best weather photo and be entered into a drawing for a Cannon EOS T3 camera or iPad 2, sponsored by NM Cool Today. Submit photos online at



by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Discussion shows difference in visions

The owner of Whitney Beach Plaza expressed frustration after the Town Commission voted to remove Comp Plan language that would have allowed for an overlay district.

The motion passed 6-1, more than three hours into Monday’s four-hour and 11-minute Longboat Key Town Commission meeting. After the commission voted, a resident stood up. “Can you please explain what

you voted for?” Longbeach Village resident Samir Ragheb asked. “No overlay,” several Longbeach Village residents said to him, referring to the proposed Whitney Beach overlay district. Brian Kenney, whose company, Boston-based Juliani Kenney In-

vestment Capital LLC, purchased the plaza in December 2010, wasn’t there to hear the vote. He left the meeting out of frustration because he felt that residents were unfairly attacking him during Comp Plan discussions. The commission voted to re-

move provisions of its Comprehensive Plan that would have allowed for an overlay district at Whitney Beach. According to Town Planner Ric


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Longboat Observer

PENSIONS / FROM PAGE 1A to the plan — an amount lower than the 10% now required of firefighters and the 6% required of general employees toward their pensions. The town would contribute 10% of the employee’s salary and would match dollar-for-dollar the next 3% of the employee’s pay, for a maximum of 13%. Employees would control the investments in the account and become vested after five years of continuous service, meaning they would control the entire amount in the account, including town contributions. Employees who leave before five years would receive his or her contributions plus interest accrued and could take the funds with them to another employer or cash out and pay required penalties.

Making the case

In PowerPoint presentations to firefighters and general employees, Bullock made the case for why he believes the current system is unsustainable. Before beginning his presentation to firefighters, he said he has probably devoted more time to pensions than any other issue facing the town. Like most municipalities, Longboat Key has seen its revenue drop over the past five years. Taxable property values have dropped from $6.6 billion in 2008 to $4.6 billion. The recession also reduced sales-tax revenues, and interest and investment earnings in the town’s portfolio have fallen. Additionally, periods of lower fuel costs and favorable weather have translated to less

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

income from electricity and franchise fees. Excluding pension costs, the town’s general fund annual operating budget has fallen by $1,839,411 since 2007. But, at the same time, the town’s pension costs have soared, from just more than $1 million in 2007 to more than $2.6 million in 2012. The town’s annual pension contribution will be 60.27% of firefighter payroll and 38.55% of general employee payroll in the next fiscal year. “The town’s annual contribution is increasing at a rate we’re not going to be able to increase and that’s even with a tax increase,” Bullock told firefighters.

Town pension costs

Fiscal years end Sept. 30 Year Police General 2005 $103,000 $381,000 2006 $127,000 $415,000 2007 $222,000 $430,000 2008 $354,000 $400,000 2009 $350,000 $466,000 2010 $403,000 $578,000 2011 $651,000 $743,000 $754,000 $873,000 2012 2013 $797,000 $930,000

Fire Total $347,000 $831,000 $358,000 $900,000 $291,000 $943,000 $797,000 $1,551,000 $616,000 $1,432,000 $1,006,000 $1,987,000 $1,144,000 $2,538,000 $1,281,000 $2,908,000 $1,493,000 $3,220,000 Source: Town of Longboat Key

On the hook

Bullock told the Longboat Observer that his goal is to implement the plan by the end of the calendar year. Any police and firefighter pension changes must be made through collective bargaining. If the town and either union would be unable to agree to changes, one side would declare an impasse, and a Public Employee Relation Commission (PERC) officer would review both proposals and make a recommendation. During Friday’s contract negotiations, Longboat Key Fire Rescue District Vice President Keith Tanner agreed to bring the proposal before firefighters. Firefighters in attendance, however, told the town of their concerns as employees considered “high risk” by the state. They told the town that their retirement age is lower because their bodies wear out quickly due to the rigorous nature of their work.

“You probably don’t want a 65-year-old firefighter climbing up to save you,” firefighter/paramedic Jeff Bullock said. Firefighter/paramedic Jason Berzowski said that he, like many younger firefighters, plans to stay with the town for 20 more years. He said the proposal could mean that he and others would have to stay longer, putting himself at risk and creating a liability for the town. Bullock said that, ideally, the freeze date would occur by the end of the calendar year. Although a union doesn’t represent general employees, he hopes to move them forward at the same pace as bargaining employees. Although pension overhaul will impact employees, it will

also affect taxpayers, who assume the plans’ investment risk and are on the hook for losses. “It has to be paid,” Bullock said. “The question is really how and over what period of time?” Bullock said that solving the pension process would cause “short-term pain” for taxpayers and make a tax hike inevitable. “There’s not a door out of the pension thing that’s going to leave our finances intact,” he said. As the unfunded liability has grown, some residents have suggested a bond issue to eliminate the liability. But according to Bullock, that wouldn’t be the best scenario given current low investment returns. The unfunded liability for all

three pension plans could soon reach $28 million. But, if the market improves, that amount could be reduced. “If you close it, you have to make all of it up,” he said. “But if you freeze it, you can make smart decisions. You’re not dead, but you’re in that state of frozen where it’s not incurring any new liabilities and it allows us to make payments and to monitor investments and bond markets. It also removes the sense of urgency … the way to make this decision is deliberatively and thoughtfully.”

View David Bullock’s PowerPoint presentation.




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Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

revisionist history


by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Welly, White spar on project history In 2004, the town held hearings for the Key Club’s proposed Ca d’Coure plan, but Michael Welly and Bob White have different memories of the plan. It comes as no surprise that Longboat Key Club and Resort General Manager Michael Welly and Islandside Property Owners Coalition’s (IPOC) Bob White remember the Key Club’s proposed project differently. It was 2004, and the plan was Ca d’Coure, a $20 million Islandside proposal that called for 20 single-family units and a new Harbourside tennis club. IPOC was formed in response to the plans, from which the Key Club ultimately withdrew. Welly recalls the plan in a letter sent last week to Key residents in an effort to gain support for the Key Club’s proposed $400 million Islandside redevelopment proposal, which will be the subject of oral arguments June 5 in the Sec-

ond District Court of Appeals. Welly wrote: “Go back as far as 2004 when the club’s Ca d’ Coure project was before the town for approval of its 22-townhome development on the south parcel. The club offered to reduce the scope by 10% and IPOC responded, ‘Not enough.’ The club eventually decided to withdraw the application.” But White disputed Welly’s account in a May 7 email to Islandside residents, in which he challenged Welly’s assertion that IPOC has been unwilling to compromise with the Key Club, both for past project and the current plan. White wrote that the Key Club had already reduced its proposal to 20 homes before the proposal was submitted to the town and

that IPOC’s objection wasn’t the cause for the revision. “The fact that even the reduction to 20 homes only allowed 7 feet between eves of the adjacent residences might have had something to do with their decision,” White wrote. White told the Longboat Observer that IPOC and the Key Club had an agreement in which IPOC’s 11-member condominium association would support plans for the project if the Key Club would put money in escrow with the sale of each unit to repair the Islandside golf course and community clubhouse. Welly said that he didn’t know

all of the terms of all the deals. He told the Longboat Observer that he started his position at the Key Club when the Ca d’ Coure project was in the midst of town hearings. According to Welly, the dealbreaker was that as part of agreement, beyond the 22 town homes, the Key Club could develop nothing additional. “These 20 town homes were the last thing we could build on our property,” he said. He added that ultimately he recommended to officials at Loeb Realty Group, which owns the Key Club, that they withdraw the project because he studied it and de-

cided it wasn’t a good plan. “I thought it was a very iffy project selling 20 town homes for $5.5 million apiece, even in the best of times.” Welly said that the project was “just a bunch of really expensive condos” that wouldn’t have benefited the club in the long term. But is the eight-year-old project still relevant? Yes and no. “Every time Ca d’Coure is brought up, it must annoy Bob,” Welly said. “If it had been built, they wouldn’t have this project before them.” White acknowledged that the statement could be true. “Obviously that would have occupied the south end but they could have come back and proposed more development for the north end,” he said.

Visit to read Michael Welly’s and Bob White’s emails.



by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Colony parties to return for three more hearings U.S. Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May has scheduled three separate hearings in July to better address cases surrounding the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort.

Mallory Gnaegy

Ben Carlson, of St. Petersburg, races to the finish line at the Longboat Key Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon Sunday, May 6, at the Longboat Key Club and Resort. The sprint triathletes swam a quarter-mile, biked 12 miles and ran one mile, while duathletes ran one mile, biked 12 miles and ran three more miles. Carlson was the overall winner. He finished in less than an hour. For more photos, see page 14A.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge K. Rodney May and the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort interests haven’t seen the last of one another. On Wednesday, May 2, May agreed to schedule three separate hearings July 13 — Friday the 13th, as May pointed out — to individually address three rulings following a request by Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Association attorney Jeffrey Warren. Warren felt that the opposing counsel’s arguments were “an effort to lump-tag” events and activities related to the case. Warren’s request came after Miami attorney Jordi Guso, who represents Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee William Maloney, and Tampa attorney Roberta Colton asked May to vacate an August 2010 ejectment order that gave unit owners possession of their units. They argued that May should return possession of units to the trustee and award damages of $7,751,470 to the Partnership that ran the Colony — i.e. Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber and other entities. The damage scenario was one of two options U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday gave May when he remanded the case back to bankruptcy court. He also remanded to the bankruptcy court the Association’s counter claims, previously declared moot, which could significantly impact any award of damages. Guso argued that it would be the result that “maximally vindicates the Partnership’s rights and minimally upsets in either bankruptcy

the decisions that are unduly difficult or impossible to reverse,” quoting Merryday’s rulings. The scenario would fit within the Association’s Chapter 11 reorganization plan, requiring payments to the Partnership of approximately $380,000 per quarter at a rate of 6% interest. With those funds, Guso argued, Maloney could convert the Partnership’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case back to Chapter 11 and operate it as he briefly did in his role as Chapter 11 Trustee or arrange for a sale. The alternative scenario outlined by Merryday of damages of $20,646,312 to the Partnership and no return of units would require payments of approximately $1 million per quarter at 6% interest. Colton told the court to focus on the issue of possession. Vacating the ejectment order would return possession to the Trustee, not the Partnership, she said. The Association had challenged Maloney’s standing in a response to a motion, arguing that as a Chapter 7 trustee, he is charged with liquidating the Partnership and “has no authority to operate any business of the Partnership … ” But Colton argued that Maloney could ask for temporary authority to operate the Colony, and May could convert the case from Chapter 7 back to Chapter 11. She said that unit owners “have not provided even the basic maintenance” on the property since the ejectment order. Both she and Guso argued

that the ejectment order could be vacated because it was based on a judgment that Merryday found to be in error — that the Association was not responsible for various maintenance and repair costs. Warren, however, argued that the court should focus on its task — to determine whether it has cause to vacate its motion. “We’re not here to do anything other than to follow the instructions,” he said. He described any award of damages as “premature” and took issue with some of their claims but said that he could better make his arguments with the cases separated. May agreed to Warren’s request and scheduled the three hearings: One will address May’s ejectment order. Another will focus on Merryday’s ruling that reversed the bankruptcy court’s rejection of damage models outlined by the Partnership’s expert, Dr. Henry Fishkind, and remanded the case to bankruptcy court to determine one of two damage models for the Partnership. A third proceeding will address Merryday’s ruling that remanded the dispute of a recreational lease, which previously allowed unit owners to use the tennis courts when the resort was operating, to bankruptcy court to recommend an amount of damages owed to Klauber and other lessors. May also asked for a sworn affidavit from the parties detailing the current condition of the Colony property.

Longboat Observer

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




John Bowman shows us how to prepare his own recipe for a summer salad, just in time for the warm weather.

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+ Commission makes board appointments The Longboat Key Town Commission appointed members to four town boards at its Monday, May 7, regular meeting. Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) member Andrew Aitken was appointed to the Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z); while current P&Z Board members John Wild and Leonard Garner were reappointed. Kenneth Gorman was appointed to Aitken’s ZBA seat; ZBA members Gaele Barthold and Thomas Bijou received reappointments to the board. Code Enforcement Board Chairman Robert Krosney Jr. and member Glenn Peterson were reappointed to their seats. Krosney and Burt Rosenfield were both reappointed to the Citizens Oversight Tax Committee (COTC). One COTC seat, vacated by Seymour Rudges, remains unfilled. The town will advertise the opening.

+ New P&Z director starts Monday

Meetings agendas


 Code Enforcement Board — 10 a.m. Monday, May 14  Longboat Key Town Commission Budget Workshop — 1 p.m. Monday, May 21  Longboat Key Town Commission regular workshop — 2 p.m. Thursday, May 24

Restaurant & Pub, 760 Broadway, to travel by boat to the mangrove islands to help remove trash and debris. Volunteers will receive a complimentary lunch at Mar Vista after the cleanup. For information, contact Rusty Chinnis, 650-0318, or Andy Mele, 914-204-0030.

+ Key Club ranks No. 11 in top resorts list The Longboat Key Club and Resort ranked No. 11 on Tennis Resorts Online’s annual ranking of the top 25 tennis resorts. The Key Club was one of four Florida resorts that made this year’s list.

New Longboat Key Planning Zoning & Building Director Robin Meyer’s first day on the job will be Monday, May 14. Meyer, 61, is leaving positions as St. Lucie County assistant director of growth management/building and code regulation manager and was chosen from a pool of 62 applicants. He will earn an annual salary of $93,000.

Commissioner Pat Zunz’s service to the town includes past seats on both the Planning & Zoning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Zunz was appointed in 2011 to the District 5 Longboat Key Town Commission seat.

+ Volunteers needed for Sister Keys cleanup

+ Longboat Library switches its hours

Sarasota Bay Watch needs volunteers for the fourth annual Sister Keys Shoreline Cleanup, scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, May 12. Volunteers will meet at Mar Vista Dockside

The Longboat Library, 555 Bay Isles Road, switched to its summer schedule May 1. Summer hours are 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 383-2011.

+ Clarification

IN THE PUBLIC EYE: Tim Mulqueen brings his vision for youth athletics to the Premier Sports Campus at Lakewood Ranch.


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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012



gunky growth

by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Three cygnets are squawk of the town Harmless algae Swans Alan and Beverly became the parents of four cygnets Monday, April 30. Swankeeper David Novak had been awaiting their exit from the nest, which typically takes place five days after hatching. But, when he went to look for the family, he only found an empty nest. Novak was surprised to find that the swan parents and three of the cygnets (it is assumed that a predator or the parents killed the fourth cygnet) had moved to an entirely new location between Winding Oaks and the Longboat Key Club Tennis Gardens. “Typically, they have used both sides of Harbourside Drive,” Novak said. “I never expected them to go such a distance with the small ones.” It is not possible to predict if they will stay in their new location. Novak presumes swans Wendy and Stan, whose eggs are overdue for hatching, have a nest of infertile eggs. Stan has been cruising the waterway, which suggests he has given up hope on the nest hatching. If the eggs don’t hatch by May 9, Novak will coax Wendy from the nest and dispose of the eggs properly so the nest can be used again

next year. “(If not), predators will come and break the eggs and put a lot of bacteria in the nest,” Novak said. Vicki the swan, who has spent time recently at Save Our Seabirds for infections, has started gaining weight, but Novak believes her survival is still in question. “She does tend to spend too much time on land, which is not a good sign,” he says. Novak also thinks two new — unnamed — swans could be preparing to become parents. It is probable that this pair is the offspring of one of the Longboat Key swan couples. Swans typically pair between 2 to 3 years of age and become capable of parenting at 4 or 5 years of age. Swans are territorial, and this pair could decide to fly off the island to make their nest. Swans choose their territory when they prepare to mate. “When they establish territory, that’s when I’ll give them names,” Novak says. Novak is open to swan name suggestions and is hosting a naming contest for the best pair of names. Please email your ideas to Mallory Gnaegy at

surfaces along Longboat’s shore The gunk-like substance is the result of warm weather and moves with the tide and wind.

Photos courtesy of Lou Newman

Beverly keeps watch over her three cygnets as they swim Sunday behind the gates at the Longboat Key Club.

LBK - 2010 - I

LBK - 2010 - I


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The trio of cygnets sticks together while swimming Sunday.

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If you were out for a stroll along Longboat Key’s Gulf beaches over the weekend, you may have been alarmed by patches of brown gunk on the sand. According to residents who emailed the Longboat Observer, it wasn’t pleasant to look at — or smell. But the good news is, it isn’t related to red tide or the BP oil spill nor is it the result of a boater dumping sewage into the water. The sticky, brown substance is a harmless algae that can resemble oil and appears for a couple of days to a week each year, after water temperatures warm up, according to Nick Azzara, Manatee County information coordinator. “Every year our natural-resources department gets inundated with calls, emails and photos from curious beachgoers who want to know what that stuff is, suspecting that it could be algal bloom or oil,” Azzara said. “It’s the result of the Gulf waters growing warmer with the weather. Longboat Key Public Works Director Juan Florensa said that the town received phone calls over the weekend about the substance. “It’s not harmful and certainly it is not red tide,” he said. “We have this every couple of years, and some years it’s worse than others.” The growth typically moves with the tide and wind, meaning that its location is constantly changing. Most reports to the county came from Longboat Key, according to Azzara. Other news outlets reported that the algae was also observed along the shores of Anna Maria Island.

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

long-term leader


by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Commission wants ‘interim’ taken out of manager’s title The Town Commission considers options for entering into a long-term agreement with Town Manager David Bullock. The word “interim” has been hovering around David Bullock’s town manager title since October when the Longboat Key Town Commission approved his contract. But the word could soon be a thing of the past. Vice Mayor David Brenner suggested at the end of the Monday, May 7, regular meeting that the commission drop the word and enter into a more permanent agreement with Bullock. Town Attorney David Persson said that the commission could extend the length of Bullock’s contract, which expires Sept. 15, 2012, and gives the option to renew. Persson suggested as an alternative that the commission could “put to rest” the possibility of conducting a nationwide search for a permanent town manager — the path that the commission initially planned to take in finding a long-term replacement for former Town Manager Bruce St. Denis, who held the position since 1997. Brenner said that although the latter was his original intention, he is happy with Bullock. “We could go through a nationwide search,” he said. “I know darn-well we would not get a better candidate than we already have.” Commissioner Lynn Larson asked that any future contract reflect a state law passed last year that typically limits severance pay for government employees to 20 weeks. St. Denis received a severance package totaling $268,364.81 — the equivalent of

one year’s base salary, deferred compensation and medical-insurance premium contributions, in addition to unused vacation time — an agreement that was legal because it predated the law passed last year. Larson also praised Bullock but said that she didn’t think any pay raises would be appropriate in the town’s current budget situation. “Did anybody say that?” asked Mayor Jim Brown. “No, but I’m making that perfectly clear before we start,” Larson said. “Just for my perfect clarity, I wouldn’t accept a salary increase if you offered it,” Bullock said. The commission directed Persson to begin drawing up language for a new contract. Commissioners didn’t give specifics about what they wanted the contract to include; however, any individual commissioner can speak privately with the town attorney about the contract or any other issue without violating Sunshine laws. Prior to becoming town manager, Bullock worked for Sarasota County for 17 years, including 14 years as deputy county administrator. He receives an annual salary of $180,000 in addition to a retirement contribution of $32,040 per year, or 17.8% of his salary. Bullock’s current one-year contract allows for 30 days’ severance if terminated without cause but does not allow for severance if the commission does not opt for renewal.

Hartman, the decision limits the height of Whitney Beach to what is permitted by its current zoning designation — three stories, or a maximum of 40 feet. According to Kenney, without an overlay district, the plaza lacks the flexibility that would facilitate development. “We feel like now we can’t get the tenants we need,” Kenney said on Tuesday. “Based on what we saw last night, we got the idea that the property’s value will go down and that it may not be a viable investment.” Before the Comprehensive Plan amendments came up at Monday’s meeting, the commission heard a presentation from the Longboat Key Revitalization Task Force about its north Longboat Key revisioning project. The project began with New College students, working under the direction of sociology professor Dr. David Brain, interviewing north-end stakeholders and later expanded to an online survey. In late January, 32 stakeholders participated in a planning charrette. Nine identified themselves as north-end residents, while 21 came from other parts of the Key. Ideas generated included a boutique hotel at Whitney Beach, the revitalization of the Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant property and a mini-seaport look at the waterfront. A team of professional architects and designers then held a sketching session and created three renderings that incorporated many of the ideas. From the beginning, Revitalization Task Force Chairman George Spoll has emphasized that the exercise wasn’t meant to develop concrete plans. Instead, it was a community-based idea intended to generate interest in the planning process. But many Village residents expressed worry about the renderings presented. “With the garish lights of Moore’s, all we need is a Ferris wheel and we can be Coney Island on the bay,” Ragheb said. Resident Craig Walters told the commis-

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sion that alternatives for Whitney Beach Plaza hadn’t been thoroughly evaluated and criticized the planning project. “The project is flawed because it is based on the assumption of a hotel,” he said. But, when the commission began considering Comprehensive Plan amendments, many residents who spoke referenced the project and the renderings, which were still in place. Corrine Ragheb said during Comp Plan discussions that she felt anger that southKey residents were coming into the Village and telling them what they needed to do. Resident Linda LaSota pointed to the renderings of the Moore’s boardwalk and asked the commission if they were trying to turn it into “some cheap Disney-type place.” But acting Longbeach Village Association President Michael Drake told the commission to focus on what he believed was the main issue: the potential for a 55foot structure. “Most of the people here — that was their concern,” he said, referring to the thinning crowd. “At 30 feet, people came out for the Arts Center, and they weren’t asking for any departures. Fifty-five feet is almost three times higher than 75% of homes in the Village.” Kenney spoke briefly at the meeting, saying that he never intended to build up to 55 feet. But, he expressed frustration to the Longboat Observer that many residents appeared to take ideas generated as part of the exercise as actual plans. “No one knows what a hotel would look like,” Kenney said. “There’s no applications for a hotel.” “The north-end revitalization project was done out of the goodness of George Spoll’s heart to aid in the revitalization of an area of the island that desperately needs it,” he said. Kenney plans to go back before the commission when it considers the Comprehensive Plan amendments on second reading June 4.


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Investment Advisors Established in 1981

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Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




just got QUiCK & eASY Featuring

(opeN ) 6:30a.m. - 9:00p.m.

featuring Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Grab & Go Sandwiches, Cubans, Meatball Subs, BBQ Pulled Pork, Soups, Coffee, Ice Cold Drinks & Beer Cave

Photos by Robin Hartill

The Publix construction site, as visible from the Bank of America parking lot, has been cleared of most of the debris from the old store.

Old Publix is a knockout 78201

The old Publix is history. Contractors have completed the demolition of the former grocery store located on the Avenue of the Flowers and have removed most of the debris. CVS also continues to rise to the occasion of reopening its new store by September, with walls of the new structure taller than they were a week ago. Currently, just a sidewalk separates Town Plaza II from the Publix construction site. Your Fitness Instructor, White Sands Cleaners and Nails of Longboat Key remain open as construction continues. Contractors meet with town staff every week. Town Manager David Bullock signed off on extended construction hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday for the month of May. The extended schedule allows the contractors to complete lengthy tasks, such as concrete

P: 941 383-6900 FAX (941) 383-2170 4032 Gulf of Mexico Drive (Next to Longboat Ace Hardware)

The Publix construction site extends back to Town Plaza II. pours, in a day as they work to complete and open the new CVS by September and new Publix by December. — Robin Hartill

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THURSDAY, May 10, 2012

Observer opinion | our view LONGBOAT

“If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.” Friedrich Hayek “Road to Serfdom,” 1944

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5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, Fla. 34228 941/383-5509

Years of reckoning are here Step two has now begun: Sell the plan to the employees. This is the long-awaited public unveiling of how the Longboat Key Town Commission wants to address that frustrating, everfestering problem of the town’s $28 million unfunded employeepension liabilities. Late last week and Monday, Interim Town Manager David Bullock released to the public two Powerpoint presentations that contain the details — the depth of the problem, how it came about and proposals to the town’s fire union and general employees to help keep the town from digging a deeper hole. As we have invoked on many occasions on this subject, the first rule to solve this problem is that funny cliche: When in a hole, quit digging. So for about the past four months, Longboat Key commissioners immersed themselves in executive sessions with Bullock to strategize how finally to get out of this abyss. It starts with Bullock depicting in vivid easy-to-understand detail the nature of the issue for all to see. The three graphs on this page, three of many, essentially tell the story — a story that has been told for nearly a decade (the full Powerpoints can be found at, see pension story). Bullock didn’t say it explicitly in his Powerpoints, but he told us Tuesday: Two definitive conclusions are these — the pension plans are unsustainable, and “to get out of this hole, there is no alternative but new money.” Additional, new taxes. Before that, the pension plans need to change — in fact, you would think they must change dramatically. But the town’s proposals appear far from dramatic, and for good reason. The more dramatic the change, the higher the short-term tax pain for residents. Key features of the proposed plans include:

fered in the private sector, this still would be a sweet deal. Rare these days are the businesses the size of the town ($15 million in annual TAXPAYERS’ YEARLY PENSION CONTRIBUTION revenues) that can match a 13% annual contribution to an employee’s 401(k). Indeed, it seems that feature should be suspended until the unfunded liability is wiped out or at least dramatically reduced. Despite that, one of the positive features of the town’s proposal is that it should keep the town from digging a deeper pension hole. If employees accept the defined contribution plan, the town is not locked into hitting the 8% annual return that is required now. The investment returns will be govANNUAL INVESTMENT RETURN erned by the market — as they are COMPARED TO 8% ASSUMPTION in private-sector defined contribution pension plans. Going forward, then, with all new and existing employees, the town will avoid adding new unfunded obligations. Which brings us to that $28 million and how to pay it down. Bullock says the commission considered shutting down the existing pension plans altogether, but that would have triggered a requirement to produce $28 million immediately — a big shock and hit to taxpayers. In contrast, freezing the existing pension plans gives the town flexTOTAL AMOUNT TAXPAYERS MUST FUND ibility. It allows the town to make variable payments over time. It allows the town to adjust its annual contributions in concert with how the pension plans’ investment portfolios perform. If the returns hit the 8% mark or above, the amount owed will fall. But no matter what happens, there is no way around it: Longboat Key taxpayers’ property taxes are going to go up. Indeed, how much higher and for how long likely will be Step Three in the Town Commission’s A FEW MORE FACTOIDS strategy to address this longstandFirefighters ing issue. That is yet to come. • Taxpayers’ annual contributions to the fire plan have To be sure, if you look at Bullincreased 430% in eight years, from $347,000 to ock’s Powerpoint presentations, $1,493,000. he shows that even if the pension • As a percentage of payroll, taxpayers’ contribution For current and funds’ investment returns averhas grown from 16.8% to 60.27%, an increase of retired employees: aged 7% growth for each of the 359% since 2005. • All employees — current or next 16 years, Longboat taxpay• The employees’ contribution has remained at 10%. retired — would keep all vested ers’ contribution to pay down General Employees benefits. the unfunded liabilities would • Taxpayers’ annual contributions to the general • No new benefits would accrue average about $2.5 million a year employees’ plan have increased 244% in eight beyond the date the plan is frozen. years, from $381,000 to $930,000. until 2029. From then until 2041, • Employees hired after the date those payments would total a little • As a percentage of payroll, taxpayers’ contribution has grown from 13% to 38.55%, an increase of 297% the plan is frozen would be able to more than $1 million a year. As we since 2005. participate only in a new definedall know, however, 7% returns are • The employees’ contribution has remained at 6%. contribution retirement account, optimistic. similar to a 401(k) plan. That plan The days of reckoning — no, Source: Town of Longboat Key would be established for every the years of reckoning — are here. employee, current and new. Longboaters have known for a long time this was coming. At the • The town would match the next 3% of The New Plan moment, the announced course of employee contribution dollar for dollar. • The town would contribute 10% of the action appears reasonable, however painful • The maximum town contribution employee’s base salary. it’s going to be. Even so, more can be done would be 13%. • There would be a mandatory employee to pare the employees’ pensions — an For town employees, vis-a-vis what is ofcontribution of 3% to the 401(a) plan. equal share in the pain.


THE CASTAWAY by Jorge Blanco

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

Cops BID discusses outdoor


by Kurt Schultheis | City Editor

April 26

seating issues on Circle St. Armands Circle Business Improvement District Board of Directors Chairman Marty Rappaport told the BID board at its Tuesday meeting the referendum language for its BID extension has been crafted and will be presented to commissioners for first reading and public hearing June 18. The BID is seeking to approve a 10-year extension of the BID-taxing district.

April 28 Duck duty 7:43 a.m. — 4400 block of GMD. Animal Rescue. Police rescued eight ducklings trapped in a swimming pool and turned them over to a wildlife agency. The ducklings’ mother hadn’t been seen for several days. REGISTRATION PROCESS 9:31 a.m. — 400 block of GMD. Boat. Two community board members called police to report a boat parked at their dock. Police found the boat to be in violation and wrote to the board president, asking him to contact them about registration.

working progressively,” Litchett said. “I think things have gotten better.” Although Rappaport suggested the city consider pulling a restaurant’s outdoor seating permit for a month as a result of a violation, Litchett said it’s doubtful the city will do anything more than follow its code-compliance procedures: code hearings and possible fines for repeat offenders. City code does not allow for any more tables and chairs in the city’s public right of way than the city has given them permission to utilize. Restaurants are also required to post outdoor seating-requirement permits, which include a map of the outdoor seating that was approved.

April 29 Canine campout 8:06 a.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road. Camping. Police warned two men and a woman with a dog, who, according to a turtle patroller, had arrived on the beach about 5 a.m. and had set up a tent. Town ordinances prohibit all three humans from being on the beach between

11 p.m. and 5 a.m., however, canines are prohibited at all times. VIDEO VOYEUR? 8:07 p.m. — 6600 block of GMD. Suspicious Person. A woman reported that a suspicious man was walking toward her home from the beach but turned around after she let her dog out. The man then walked up to the woman’s neighbor’s house and appeared to be looking in windows and taking video. Police found footprints leading from the woman’s home to the beach but weren’t able to find the man.

April 30 UNLucky numbers 4:32 p.m. — 4000 block of GMD. Disturbance. After a disagreement about lottery tickets with two cashiers, a man told police that he was shorted $10 at a convenience store. The clerks both told police that the man became agitated because he wanted his lottery numbers on one page instead of 10 individual pages. The man said that he would provide a written statement but has yet to do so.


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GETTING GRILLED 4:51 p.m. — Longboat Drive South and Linley Street. Fire. Police and firefighters responded to a report of an unattended grill fire but found several people sitting in their driveway a few feet away from the grill. Police determined that no violation occurred.

Fender bender 4:48 p.m. — Gulf of Mexico Drive and North Shore Road. Property Damage. After receiving a call about roadway debris, police found several pieces of a Nissan’s bumper and a traffic sign lying in the dirt with its post broken.

Commission to review BID referenda


April 29

Problem marks the spot 11:30 a.m. — 500 block of Dream Island Road. Boat. Police contacted the maintenance supervisor of a private channel after noticing that the daychannel markers were in disrepair.

Business Improvement District board members want city staff to crack down on excess outdoor seating and the hodgepodge of restaurant furniture on St. Armands. If Bill Carman says there’s a problem with St. Armands Circle, city staff listens. Carman, who closed Carman’s Shoes and Handbags on the Circle after 45 years in December 2010, attended a St. Armands Circle Business Improvement District (BID) Board of Directors meeting Tuesday, May 8, to inform city staff that the mixed bag of tables and chairs is affecting “the look” of the Circle. “I drove over here from Longboat Key and saw tables and chairs of all different colors littering the Circle in the northwest quadrant,” Carman said. “I’ve been here for 46 years, and it doesn’t even look like that section is part of the Circle anymore. It just looks like a big party.” Director of Neighborhood Development and Services Tim Litchett told BID directors his code-enforcement staff is getting ready to make another round of inspections of restaurants soon and will make sure restaurants are in compliance with outdoor seating restrictions. Litchett noted that inspections in August led to 15 code warnings for problems with seating and too many tables at Circle restaurants. In December, Litchett said, only five code warnings were issued to restaurants; there were no violations in January. “We have the tools in place and are


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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

ExcEptional REal EstatE oppoRtunitiEs

QUEENS HARBOUR $2,290,000 custom home w/over 4600 sF of lux. living spaces. on picturesque bay front lot, private dock. ian addy & Gail Wittig 941-387-0100

LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS $769,000 Wonderful beach views and glorious sunsets. 2 BR/2 Ba, unFR., behind the gates of the longboat Key club Gail Wittig & ian addy 941-961-8850

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $899,000 Gorgeous views from this totally remodeled 3BR, 2300+ sq ft, home. Mls#a3957877 Hannerle Moore 941-387-7300

LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS $899,000 Hamptons style on the beach! Beautifully renovated, 2BR with den. Beautiful sunsets. Judy nimz 941-374-0196

HIGHLANDS BRIDGE,THE MEADOWS $529,950 Gracious home, golf & lake views, huge lanai, new roof, 3BR+den, 3 1/2 Ba Judy nimz 941-374-0196

LONGBOAT KEY TOWNHOME $949,900 island living with boating water, dock & beach access. audrey singer 941-350-2588

BIRD KEY GARDEN $685,000 Endless possibilities in this tropical retreat. audrey singer 941-350-2588

LONGBOAT BEACH HOUSE - DIRECT GULF FRONT $599,000 2BR/2Ba First floor corner, updated, turnkey Furnished. Mike nink 941-914-2805

$339,000 $275,000 LONGBOAT HARBOUR PLAYERS CLUB #D104 $897,000 707 EL CENTRO/SPANISH MAIN 2BR/2Ba Direct Bayfront updated Ground updated 2BR 2Ba in boating community Gulf Beach & sunset Views 3BR, 3Ba 941-993-3388 Floor condo Mel & Jan Goldsmith 941-356-6673 pam charron Bruce & Jenine Meyer 941-266-8303

SARASOTA, FL $1,100,000 DiREct BaY FRont, great boating water, short distance to Gulf of Mexico & world famous siesta Key. anna Kaminski 941-374-3200

GRAND BAY $1,095,000 condo, 3BR 2.5Ba, luxurious and spacious w/ views of Bay, Gulf, Golf course and city of sarasota. anna Kaminski 941-374-2300

SARASOTA - DAWN ST. $299,000 WEst oF tHE tRail 3BR, 2Ba open split plan, cathedral ceilings, screened lanai and open patio. anna Kaminski 941-374-2300

SEA PLACE $297,000 tastefully furn., updated Master Ba, 24hr security, tennis courts, fitness center & heated pool. anna Kaminski 941-374-2300

Longboat Harbor • 4330 FaLmoutH Dr. #207 $269,000 Beach and Boat access, turn Key Furnished 2BR/2Ba condo w/ full range of amenities. larry Zeigler 941-228-2612

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES $1,950,000 Mediterranean waterfront, 2 Master BR suites w/ 2 additional BR and 2.5 Ba. a Boat dock and lift. Brigitte & Kristina von Kessel 941-266-2174

2040 ORIOLE DR. $1,995,000 4BR/4Ba direct bay views from your patio with spectacular sunsets. protected boat basin. Brigitte & Kristina von Kessel 941-266-2174

3403 WINDING OAKS DRIvE $680,000 Behind gates of longboat Key club, 3BR,3Ba condo/villa w/ view of lake and golf course, and its own pool & spa. Brigitte & Kristina von Kessel 941-266-2174

LONGBOAT KEY - GULF OF MExICO $329,000 Direct views of sarasota Bay! Friendly complex offering a pool and deep water docks. Maureen curtin 941-228-5121

opEn WEEKEnDs 9:00aM – 4:00pM

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Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

455 Longboat Club Rd # 504 #A3949498 $1,750,000 Diana Michel

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-266-2677

545 Sanctuary Dr # A803 #A3944852 $1,399,000 Saint Cacchiotti

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-809-0787

128 Golden Gate Pt # 501B #A3949677 $1,275,000 Maureen Horn

Sarasota 941-383-7591 941-539-3384

3030 Grand Bay Blvd # 374 #A3955796 $1,095,000 Anna Kaminski

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-374-3200

3 Winslow Pl #A3946401 Craig Abbott


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-383-1990

166 Golden Gate Pt # 52 #A3932434 Jenifer Schwell


Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-780-0968

500 Halyard Ln #A3957877 Hannerle Moore

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-387-7300

601 Longboat Club Rd # 1103S #A3940481 $874,000 Sylvia Zimmerman & Marlene Liberman

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-5022

Ranger Ln #A3948853 Barbara Dumbaugh


Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-350-3743



501 Harbor Point Rd Longboat Key Michael Moulton 941-928-3559


$3,795,000 941-383-7591

3616 Fair Oaks Pl Longboat Key Ian Addy Pa 941-961-8850


$2,290,000 941-383-7591

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506 Jackson Dr Diane Otis Stirling

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$1,675,000 941-388-4447

1701 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 603 #A3940075 $599,000 Sandi Layfield

Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-914-2807

2109 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 1501 #A3957936 $585,000 Marcia Salkin & Paulene Soublis

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-376-6121

674 Norton St #A3947537 Emmy Lou Gilbert


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-807-1764

7149 N Longboat Dr #A3937245 Timothy Field, P.a.


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-0332

240 Sands Point Rd # 4301 #A346178 $449,000 Gail Wittig

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-228-1985

1925 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 406 #A3959511 $439,000 Susan Matteoli PA

Longboat Key 941-951-6660 941-356-1335

600 Linley St #A3939104 Bobbi Banan


Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-356-2659

731 Fox St #A3921603 Cathy Meldahl


Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-724-7228

523 Sutton Pl # 523 #A3941718 Bruce & Jenine Meyer


Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-266-8303

4235 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # G203 #A3936274 $249,888 Eileen Burke

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-266-8949

3710 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # A13 #A3955407 $249,000 Dede Curran

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-928-3255

3808 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 103 #A3957718 $209,900 Stephen Harris

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-780-2352

VACATION RENTALS Veranda Beach Club 800.411.5511 White Sands of Longboat 800.230.2428


Longboat Key 941-374-1606



$1,200,000 941-388-4447

582 Ranger Lane #A3951890 Gail Kayajian

Longboat Key $7,500 941-552-4200

1975 Gulf Of Mexico Dr #A3957313 Gail Kayajian

Longboat Key $5,500 941-552-4200

Search for properties from your smartphone at

Mid Longboat 383.5502 • South Longboat 383.7591 • St. Armands 388.4447 • Main Street 951.6660 • Palmer Ranch 966.8000 • Siesta Key 349.3444


3559 Fair Oaks Ln Tak Konstantinou

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

Thursday, May 10 Networking at Noon –— starts at 11:30 a.m. at Holiday Inn Lido Beach, 233 Ben Franklin Drive. Introduce your business, get to know fellow business representatives and enjoy a lunch overlooking the scenic Lido Beach at this Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce event. Cost is $20 for members; $25 for non-members. Call 383-2466 for more information.

Saturday, May 12 Behind the Science: Kayaking — takes place from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway. Kayak with Mote through Sarasota Bay and discover the marine animals and plants that thrive in Florida’s costal waters. All equipment is provided. Cost is $20 for members; $24 for non-members. Call 388-4441, Ext. 514, for more information. Sarasota Bay Cup — starts at noon in two different locations. More than 50 yachts spanning from Tampa Bay and Naples are expected to compete in the oldest sailboat race on the bay. Cost is $30 entry fee per boat. Contact Bill Jacobs, with Bird Key Yacht Club, at 356-3568 for more information and registration or visit and click on Sarasota Bay Cup.


DON’T MISS Sister Keys Island Cleanup What: Sarasota Bay Watch, Mar Vista and the town of Longboat Key are joining forces to host a Sister Keys Island Cleanup. When: 8 a.m. Saturday, May 12 Where: Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub, 760 Broadway St. Info: Free. Visit for more information.

Tuesday, May 15 Behind the Science — takes place from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway. This program, designed for all ages, will introduce participants to the marine animals and environments that inspire Mote’s research. Cost is $8 for members; $10 for non-members. Call Gina at 388-4441, Ext. 514, for more information.

The 2012 Longboat Key Challenge — takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 19, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, May 20, at Bayfront Park, 4052 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Exhibits, vendors, food, demonstrations and entertainment will be featured along with spectator-friendly races of kayaks, paddle boards, stand up boards, rowing and more. The event is hosted by the Longboat Key, Lido Key and St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce. Cost is $45. For more information, visit

Early Dining and 2 for 1 Wine or Tap Beer 4:30 - 6 pm Nightly

Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops • 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


IA L A IT DINNER Nightly 4:30 - 10:00

Beer & Wine • 383-0010 • Take Out Available

Golf Lessons

SUMMER Rates • Book a Tee Time • 941-751-4211 WEEKDAYS

aFtER 12 WITH $



48 PM


REGULAR COUPON RATE Rates Valid May-October 2012

Photos by Dora Walters

Gwen Mooney

Marilyn Hoyt and Carol Conover

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a r g o e t S

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incipals ese, Pr u n K a o l. c o m Michele dan & il : F V c o n n e c t @n e c t i o n . c o m r o J n Ja e-ma cationcon


Breakfast & Lunch


6600 River Club Blvd. Bradenton, FL 34202 • 751-4211

Serving The KeyS: Bird/Lido ST. ArmAndS LongBoAT


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Ashly Leopaldi and Barbara Lawson

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Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant & Marina put a special twist on the usual Kentucky Derby party at its celebration Saturday, May 5, at the restaurant. Because Derby Day was also Cinco de Mayo, in addition to a slew of colorful hats, a Mexican touch was added. While the ladies stayed with pretty, floral hats, one brave man, Jay Daspit, wore a straw sombrero. The top-hat honors went to Gwen Mooney, who decorated her hat with miniature horses, rows of pearls and a first-place blue ribbon. She then added a sparkling necklace for a Latin flavor. Refreshments served included Mexican salsa and nachos.

w w w. f l v


3720 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key, FL 34228 941-387-9709

Since 1994

• 99% of our guests state they will rent from us again • Great Vacation Rental Properties • Great Services and Staff • We are the best at what we do


24 HOUR SERVICE • • • •

Water Heaters • GarbaGe Disposals instant Hots • Filters all Major branDs pluMbinG Fixtures KitcHen & batH reMoDelinG • Drain cleaninG

Your Longboat Key Plumbers for 34 Years

Certificate # CFC057885





Casual Italian Cuisine Hand Tossed Brick Oven Pizza

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Moore’s celebrates Derby Day with a Latin twist

Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20



by Dora Walters | Senior Editor


Harry’s Wine Tasting to Benefit Longboat Key Turtle Watch — takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. at Harry’s Continental Kitchens, 525 St. Judes Drive. Taste a variety of wines from around the world and enjoy hors d’oeuvres. The Longboat Key Turtle Watch will benefit $5 from every ticket sold. Cost is $10. Call 3830777.

36838 60177





Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012



SUSAN LEVINE When Longboater Susan Levine retired from her fulltime job in health-care marketing in 1998, it wasn’t to eat bonbons and lounge on the couch. Levine became a community activist for social justice. “There’s just so much work to do!” she says. Since her 2005 breast-cancer diagnosis, Levine has dedicated her life to becoming “a oneperson crusader” for causes that advance the wellbeing of women. “You get a diagnosis like that and you think, ‘What about that next birthday or anniversary?’” she says. “It’s like the calendar ends because you can’t see past that day.” Levine is lucky; she is a survivor. She had early detection, no cancer in her lymph nodes, she was post-menopausal, and her doctor was aware of some groundbreaking tests. She also didn’t need chemotherapy on top of radiation. “Lucky is a good thing!” she says. She joined the Northeast Ohio Susan G. Komen affiliate soon after her recovery and traveled the country to share her story. She was also the only breast-cancer survivor to serve on the affiliate board, and she took advantage of an opportunity to make a difference by

educating people. “It really made me think: How was I going to proceed with the rest of my life?” she says. Levine had already been doing grassroots work in Ohio before she was diagnosed and even before her retirement. She worked with organizations whose core missions were economic empowerment, equal pay for equal work, promoting/protecting the vote, supporting female government candidates and more. Levine is serving her second term on the National Board of the National Council of Jewish Women. She travels to New York and Washington, D.C., to speak up on women’s economic empowerment, social justice for women and women’s issues. This year, she opened her home for the Longboat Key Garden Club’s Home and Garden Tour, because, according to her, the club does good work for the community. She also hosted a trunk-show boutique to raise funds for the Southwest Florida Susan G. Komen affiliate, and she co-chaired the raffle and auction committee for Go for the Cure Sports Day at the Longboat Key Club. She appreciates that the money raised is used in the local

Levine dedicates her time to promoting grassroots efforts and women’s issues.

Mallory Gnaegy

A pink shirt signifies Susan Levine’s life-changing breast-cancer survival. community, and she knows it makes a huge impact here. “When you do this grassroots work, you’re really doing work in these (area) people’s lives,” she says. “I see it as paying it forward.” Levine has pure compassion in her voice when she speaks about her causes, and she uses hand motions to get her point

across. Her face is sincere, and she leans forward when she really gets going. “If I know I help just one more person get to a doctor in time or if I can provide books for a group of school children,” she pauses as if she’s going to follow with the words, “then I’ve done my part.” But Levine is driven to do

even more. Instead, she says, “I have more work to get done, that’s for sure!” — Mallory Gnaegy

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Levine.

Fifth Third Bank: Bringing Financial Wellness to You

License # CGC043438




Fifth Third Bank’s eBus, a mobile classroom with technology, is making a stop in your community.



Republican Club of Longboat Key

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Manatee County Housing Authority 5631 11th Street E. Bradenton, FL 34203

Annual Poolside BBQ Bash

Join us for a free educational event featuring refreshments and entertainment for kids, and bringing you information on:

Sunday, May 20 th 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

• Making Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) • Job-Link Services

Sarasota Yacht Club 1100 John Ringling Boulevard

• Self Sufficiency Programs • Credit Counseling

Music by Melanie Massell Band

• Foreclosure Counseling • Loss Mitigation

Yes, Mr. President ... Republicans Can Dance!

• Down Payment Assistance in Florida • Small Business Training Information

Open to Public $ 25 per Person, Cash Bar Equal Housing Lender. © Fifth Third Bank 2012.

Call us or refer to for HARP specific eligibility requirements and guidelines. Mortgage products offered by Fifth Third Mortgage Company, 38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45263 an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee. Fifth Third Mortgage is the trade name used by Fifth Third Mortgage Company and Fifth Third Mortgage-MI, LLC. Lending subject to credit review and approval.


Please call Ruth Strauss 383-5349 for reservations and mail check to RCLBK, P.O. Box 8181, Longboat Key. Fl. 34228.


Member FDIC.


Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




Selected Varieties,

Selected Varieties,

750 ml

1.75 L



Belvedere Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Pinnacle Vodka

Colleen Shannon

Ciroc Vodka

Stephen Dezzi and his father, Longboat Key Fire Chief Paul Dezzi

Selected Varieties,

1.75 L

1.75 L



750 ml

100 Proof,

Myers Original Rum

by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.75 L

14.99 Jack Coconut Rum

Nick Victor-Smith, with sponsor High Intensity Detailing, and Sarasota Open Director Tony Driscoll


Damien Blumetti

Competitors sprint toward finish line

J&B Scotch 1.75 L

1.75 L



750 ml

1.75 L



Buchanan’s 12 Year Scotch

Red Stag Bourbon

Selected Varieties, 750 ml

Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Eagle Rare 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon 750 ml



750 ml

Selected Varieties, 750 ml



Crown Royal Special Reserve

Disaronno Amaretto

Maggie Adler, Wendy Davis, Tess Rosales, Bill Mestrezat and Christina Holmes

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Cointreau 750 ml

750 ml

Andrea Savino, Debby Savino and Kylie Savino

24.99 Hendrick’s Gin 750 ml

On May 6, while many people were undoubtedly enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed, more than 150 individuals from Florida were swimming, biking and running their way to the finish line set up at the Longboat Key Club and Resort. It was a 7 a.m. start for the sprint triathletes who swam a quartermile, biked 12 miles and ran one mile, while duathletes ran onemile, biked 12 miles and ran three more miles. Participants ranged in age from 19 to 71, and not a single person looked like it was a struggle. Perhaps they were motivated by the song, “Eye of the Tiger,” which was blaring from the welcome tent. Ben Carlson, of St. Petersburg, was the overall winner. He finished in less than an hour. This was the first of two triathlon events sponsored by the Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce. This weekend’s event featured a sprint course, which is shorter than the international Longboat Key Triathlon, which takes place in October.

Volunteers Kim Freiwald and Dr. Pamela Letts

31.99 Cabo Wabo Reposado Tequila 750 ml

Visit to find the store nearest you. Liquor items are only available at Publix Liquors. E-Jax/Mia/Lakeland 4C-Thursday


Prices effective Thursday, May 10 through Wednesday, May 16, 2012.

Police Capt. Pete Cunning with security officer Tony D. Grecio

Teri Mohler and Rhonda Delcampo

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


Coldwell Banker


FLORIDAMOVES.COM Build your career with Florida’s industry leader. Visit today.

Sarasota, Southpointe Shores. $1,893,000 4/4 MLS#A3958918 Linda Weber 941-504-2000

Longboat Key, Grand Bay. $1,050,000 3/3.5 MLS#A3935817 Barbara Ackerman 941-387-1820

Sarasota, Southpointe Shores. $999,000 3/2 MLS#A3957930 Sandy Endres 941-735-2527

Lakewood Ranch. $869,900 4/4 MLS#A3956216 Sharon Klein 941-928-7447

Open Sat/Sun 1-4pm 7985 Royal Birkdale Cir Longboat Key, L Ambiance. $1,795,000 2/3.5 MLS#A3959627 Bruce Myer 941-387-1859

From Sarasota to Shanghai and Bradenton to British Columbia, Our Coldwell Banker offices around the world welcome you with the same sign, exceptional service and real estate expertise. ®

Mainland Sarasota Sarasota, Indian Beach. $1,995,000 Elliott Mitchell, 941-387-1867 Spectacular views from this 3/4 acre bayfront home in historic Indian Beach MLS#A3957644 Longboat Key, Longboat Key Yacht. $924,500 James Brown, 941-366-8070 Endless gulf views in this 3BR/2BA penthouse on the beach. MLS#A3945298 Sarasota, Broadway Promenade. $294,900 Martina Coppenrath, 941-724-3339 Tasteful & elegant this spacious 2BR+den has a wonderfully revised flr plan. MLS#A3950144 Sarasota, Emerald Gardens. $279,900 Monica Roche, 941-809-5954 Carefree living pool home in great school district. 4BR/2BA. MLS#A3954634

Longboat Key, Grand Bay. $839,000 3/3 MLS#A3956097 Judy Kepecz-Hays 941-387-1825

Sarasota, Woodland Park. $249,000 Pablo Arthur, 941-387-1878 Best value in Woodland Park! 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bath 2271 Sq ft. Pool quiet & private. MLS#A3957732

The Keys Sarasota, Roberts Point. $2,799,000 Patrick DiPinto, 941-323-0033 7,214 SF Masterpiece on Siesta Key. 3 Bayfront lots, 151 ft of waterfront!! MLS#A3951470 Longboat Key, Bay Isles. $2,145,000 Mike Greve, 941-806-9444 Stunning custom wtrfrnt home in prestigious harbor section of Bay Isles. MLS#A3953976 Sarasota, Bird Key. $1,950,000 Lynne Koy, 941-387-1803 Spectacular home surrounded by water w/sunset views to lengthen your day! MLS#A3953753 Longboat Key, Westchester Condo Apts. $535,000 Toni Giliberti, 941-284-9208 Beautifully landscaped community with 2 heated pools and tennis courts. MLS#A3955295

Longboat Key, Grand Bay. $1,495,000 3/3.5 MLS#A3942023 Roger Pettingell 941-387-1840

Sarasota, Siesta Rev Resub. $475,000 Mary Lieberman, 941-366-8070 Mid-century modern island house! 3BR/3BA, 2 car garage. Walk to beach!

Longboat Key, Sleepy Lagoon Park. $775,000 3/2 MLS#A3959525 MLS#A3959288 Kathy Scott 941-388-3966

Longboat Key, Promenade. $450,000 Michelle Musto, 941-809-3714 Gulf views, 2BR/2BA, 1585 sf, furnished, concierge, tennis & heated pool/spa. MLS#A3950319 Longboat Key, Privateer North. $449,000 Bruce Myer, 941-387-1859 2BR/2BA Furnished home w/bay views from the 8th floor of Privateer North. MLS#A3954713 Sarasota, Sarasota Harbor. $239,000 Babette Paige, 941-388-3966 2BR/1BA Maintenance free, 55+ ground floor. Full bay view. MLS#A3959079

Manatee Bradenton, Waterlefe Golf & River. $744,900 Evelyn Adolfsson, 941-388-3966 Tile-roofed 3BR/3BA riverfront contempo in a gated community. Dock. MLS#A3956750

Sarasota, Secluded Oaks. $629,000 3/4.5 MLS#A3957919 Leah George 941-780-0597

Sarasota, Condo On The Bay Tower I. $450,000 2/2 MLS#A3959180 Lynn Robbins 941-366-8070

Venice/Osprey/Nokomis Osprey, Oaks 2. $1,240,000 Brian Maher, 941-388-3966 High style & practicality with this tile-roofed 3/4 home. Gated community. MLS#A3956689

Residential ❙ Commercial ❙ Mortgage ❙ Rentals ❙ Corporate Relocation ❙ Closing Services © 2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International, the Previews International logo and “Dedicated to Luxury Real Estate” are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.




Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

BKYC members tip their sombreros and Derby hats Bird Key Yacht Club decided there was no need to choose which holiday to celebrate; instead they went with a joint theme Saturday. While some went for the best sombrero, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, others donned their most creative Kentucky Derby hats. Even the menu featured dual-themed cuisine.

Alicia Sterling Brynmawr, Lana McDonald, Lynda Kunkin and Melanie Simonsen

Cade Sibley, Barb MacLean and Jeri Cushman

Mary Lou Johnson and Cheryl Viera

Give Mom



1st FOUR lessons 1st first FOUR lessons Play in a game your day! in aweeks! game your first day! Modern bridge the easy way in justPlay a few


For three or more boxes Whether you need to... send a package, print documents open a mailbox, ACCess the internet, or ship something big...

EASYBRIDGE IS HERE!! Modern bridge the easy

way in just a.m. a few weeks! BeginsMothER’s Thurs., DAy Sept. 23 • 9:00-11:30 WEEkEnD spECIAl the gift of unconditional In-Between Bridge Club - Town & Country Plaza



tss s i l a i c e t p s S li ia g c n i e r p a ing S ecialisttss PPhhyyssiicciiaannss HHeeeaarrin lissts iali ingg SSppeccia

2542 17th St., Sarasota, FL 34234 Hours: M-F 11am-7pm S-S 11am-5pm 941.366.2404

Michelle golden

ecialits s pe t Sp nnsss H ia s HeeraairrningggS PPhhyyssic s li ia ian c icia e ea rin Sp

e v ’ e W a G r ! e g v ’ n i e n d e n W p a r O G ! g n i n e p O ! ! d g n e i n v e o p O M d Move !

chiyarsnicasiannHsdHea PhysPiG ranndd oose

s to Ch n o s a e R 0 1 p To aring 19 e H s n ia ic s y h P nuary 17,s 18 & 19 & 19 JaSnpueacria li1s77t,,p11.m 8& 8 y . 1 a y J r 5 a Janu .m. - 18 & 19 0a

17, .m.

p.m. to many ry.We’re - 55convenient a0n J1 .m Come byu toa visit! a p 1 . . toaids .m Come by to visit! We’re convenient many a .m p 1. Over 25 years experience Hearing 0 1 -5 . Audiology, Enjoy gourmet coffee and pastries .minthere a physicians and is plenty of parking 0 1 Enjoy gourmet coffee and pastries physicians and there is plenty of parking and Patient in Care morning—and appetizers and Enjoy gourmet coffee and pastries right outside our door. Enjoy hospitality in the the morning—and appetizers and Enjoy gourmet coffee and the pastries right outside our door. Enjoy the hospitality wine in the afternoon! We’re excited 2. Donna Simmons is Board Certified in Audiology wine in the afternoon! We’re excited in the morning—and appetizers and ofinour our gourmet coffee bar. bar. You’ll find findand us one one thegourmet morning—and appetizers of coffee You’ll us to you our home! We’re to show show you our new home! We’re just just wine in afternoon! We’re excited 3. Sarasota'sblock "Doctor's Choice" fornew Hearing Care wine in the the afternoon! We’re excited south of Waldemere at the corner of three blocks from ourhome! formerWe’re location, to show you our new just 4. Expert in Fitting and Programming Hearing Instruments Osprey Avenue and Hawthorne Street. convenient to many and three blocks from our former location, three blocks from ourphysicians former location, Call Patient Care Coordinator Danelle Boyce Sarasota Memorial. There’s plenty of 5. Invisible Hearing Aids With Highest Technology Call Patient Care Coordinator Danelle Boyce convenient to many physicians and Sarasota Memorial. There’s plenty of convenient to outside many physicians and parking right our door. 364-2222 . for an appointment at Memorial. There’s plenty. of parking right outside our door. 364-2222 an appointment at 6. Red CarpetforSarasota Treatment Sarasota Memorial. There’s plenty of Donna DonnaM. M.Simmons, Simmons,M.C.D. MCD parking right outside our door. Donna M. M.C.D. DonnaCertified M.Simmons, Simmons, MCD parking right outside our door. 7. Personalized Concierge Services Board Audiologist Donna M. Simmons, MCD $ Board Audiologist Certified 900 Donna M. Simmons, MCD Donna M. Simmons, M.C.D. $ Allowance Certified Audiologist 8. Convenient Location near Sarasota Memorial Hospital Please join usBoard at our new location Trade-In $ 900 900 towards a pair of Board Certified Audiologist Please join us at our new location at at 1700 South Osprey Avenue! Please join us at our new location Board Certified Audiologist Trade-In Allowance $ Allowance Please join us at our new location Trade-In STARKEY WI SERIES 9. Plenty of parking 900 towards a pair pairof of Please join us atOsprey our new location at at 1700 1700 South Osprey Avenue! towards Hearing aAids. This at South Osprey Avenue! RSVP today at: 364-2222 Please join us at our new location Trade-In Allowance 1700 South Avenue! STARKEY WI SERIES STARKEY WI SERIES Week Only! 10. 100% Guarantee! You will LIKE and USE your Hearing Aids Every Day. towards a pair of Hearing Aids. This Hearing Aids. This Free consultation and hearing hearing aid reprogramming! at 1700 South Osprey Avenue! RSVP today at: 364-2222 364-2222 today at: FreeRSVP consultation and aid reprogramming! 1700 South Osprey Avenue! STARKEY SERIES Week Only! WeekWI Only! Hearing Aids. This Week Only!

Free Free consultation consultation and and hearing hearing aid aid reprogramming! reprogramming!

One block south of Waldemere at Hawthorne


1700 South Osprey Avenue




ST06789964 ST06789964

RSVP today at:for364-2222 FreeDoctors consultation and hearing aid Choice in Sarasota Morereprogramming! than 20 Years Call PhysiciansFree Hearing Specialists Today consultation and hearing aid reprogramming! Doctors Choice in Sarasota for More than 20 Years to schedule your FREE consultation.

We’ve got you covered!




easybridge! is here!!

Adopt a catFruitville or kitten on& Beneva, Unit 612 Inside Courtyard Sarasota, FL NW corner Mother’s Day weekend and 941-355-6940 Michelle receive a beautiful soft bed Begins Sat., June 2Golden • 9:00-11:30 am In honor of Mother’s Day, all and certificate for one year In-Between Bridge Club moms will receive a flower on of nail trims. (value $200) Mother’s Day weekend. Town & Country Plaza, NW Corner Fruitville & Beneva Unit 612 Inside Courtyard • Sarasota, FL Stop by and visit the 130 cats and kittens waiting for their loving home and enter a chance drawing for a one hour massage.

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Free piCk - Up on LongboAt key

Learn to pLay bridge!

LEARN TO PLAY BRIDGE Beginner beginner • Lessons

Rescue, Adoption Education Resource Center

Diane Martin-Gaillet and Bernard Gaillet


Joan and Lee Schoenherr with Karen Gallagher

5380 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key 941.383.8989

• Office supplies • Shipping supplies • Greeting cards • Tervis Tumblers • Printer cartridges • LBK souvenirs

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


17A Summer Memberships Reduced 50% BOTH COURSES OPEN ALL SUMMER

>> Continued from Page 1A

August 1 - October 31, 2011

One Low Price for theSUMMER Entire Family!! SPEND THE


GOLF $250 • TENNIS $125 • SOCIAL $62.50 All Memberships include Dining, At Palm Aire Fitness (24/7Country access) & Pool. Club! Awesome Deal - Covers the Entire Family! Golf Includes Unlimited use of all Amenities:


• 36 Holes of Championship Golf • No green fees or court fees • Practice • Cart2012 Fees apply MayFacilities/Range 1 - October 31, $ • 10 Tennis $Courts Some Walking GOLF 500 | TENNIS $250 |•SOCIAL 125 • Jr.AllOlympic Pool w/lap lanes Kids under 16 Play for Free Memberships include•Fitness • Jr. Golf & Tennis Clinics Pool and Dining! Visit our website details: Awesome Dining for andfullSpecial Events Calendar Curbside to go • Guests Welcome Courtesy photos

Team Euphemia Haye has raised approximately $8,000 for JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes this year. Additionally, $5 from each of Chef Ray Arpke’s cookbooks sold through May will go to JDRF. The group pictured was part of the Longboat Key walk April 21, at Joan M. Durante Park. The Arpkes’ daughter, Kate, has juvenile diabetes, and the Arpkes participate in the walk each year.

Contact Renee Woods ~ Director of Member Services ~ 941-556-0782

5601 Country Club Way, Sarasota ~ Two Miles West of I-75, Exit 233 University Pky ~ Small Food Minimum ~ Refundable Security Deposit Waived

82773 59295

+ Euphemia Haye walks to cure juvenile diabetes

+ Msgr. Finegan prepares for pilgrimage St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church Msgr. Gerard Finegan leaves this week for France to pray at the Marian shrine of Lourdes. While there, he’ll help care for the sick and crippled.

+ Don’t get crabby, eat more stone crabs Take advantage of your last week to consume fresh stone crabs until their return next season. Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant’s last day serving stone crabs is Tuesday, May 15. Get them while they are hot — or cold, if that’s your preference.

+ Public Tennis Center team declared champs The Longboat Key Public Tennis Center 75 team was the champion of the 201112 Suncoast Senior Men’s Tennis League. The league consisted of tennis clubs from both Sarasota and Manatee counties. There were 15 players who made up the winning team: Andy Thomas, Jim Bakle (captain), Marty Edelman, Fred Erman (co-captain), Hugo Mori, Jack Daly, Kent McCreight, Bob Ross, Dave Rothgaber, Don Hartsfield, Pete Hankins, Wolfgang Wostl, David Kaufman, Fred Wilson and Marty Hauselman.

Strike Out Stroke

for National Stroke Awareness Month

With hard work,

Wednesday, May 16 4:30 to 6 p.m.

I will make it

and show the people

who never

believed in me. Complimentary wine, hors d’oeuvres and refreshments Reservations: Call (941) 954-1911 by May 14

Personalized Assisted Living 2186 Bahia Vista Street Sarasota, Florida 34239 (941) 954-1911


call Girls Inc. at (941) 366-6646 or visit

Ads created by Girls Inc. Media Girls and Clarke Advertising and Public Relations.

Your story continues here… ®  Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office.  52140-ROP01-0512  BC

Assisted Living Facility # AL7099 82551

To donate or volunteer to make a difference in a girl’s life,

Join us at Bahia Oaks Lodge on May 16 for our Strike Out Stroke event, hosted in conjunction with the Stroke Association of Florida. Enjoy live music, meet professional baseball players from the Bradenton Marauders organization and learn how you can support efforts to reduce the incidence and impact of strokes in our local community. You may even go home with a deluxe gift basket. Make plans today to be here!

Longboat Observer


by Dora Walters | Senior Editor


Pamela Chapman

Pamela Chapman, of Sarasota, and formerly of London and Longboat Key, died May 1. Mrs. Chapman was born and raised in Finchley, Greater London, U.K. She worked in the city of London, until her marriage in 1954. She then left London and went to work for the United Kingdom Civil Service until the birth of her daughter. She then moved with her husband to Geneva and worked as a financial controller for the World Council of Churches refugeeassistance program until her retirement. In 1993, she accompanied her husband to Dallas. In Dallas, Mrs. Chapman was an active member of the project, Wives Support Group, and appeared on television to protest to President Clinton the early termination of the project in which her husband was engaged. After a visit to Sarasota, she decided to reside here permanently, first on Longboat Key, then in Palmer Ranch. While a resident of Longboat Key, Mrs. Chapman was an active member of Sarasota Yacht Club’s women’s group and entertainment committee. She remained a member until her death. She is survived by her husband, Gerald; daughter, Claire; and three grandchildren.

Katherine Alexandra was named music director at the Longboat Island Chapel earlier this year.

Katherine Alexandra takes on role as music director Russian–born Katherine Alexandra is a talented vocalist; she has won numerous honors as a concert pianist. Her dream for many years had been to come to the United States. Six years ago, while Alexandra was visiting her sister in Spain, her dream came true when found out she had won the green card lottery. “I was overwhelmed,” she said. “This gave me a chance to apply for immigration to the United States. It took more than six months of filling out papers and interviews before I was finally able to realize my dream.” Because she knew no one in the U.S., she chose her destination solely on climate. Alexandra’s health had suffered in Moscow’s bitter-cold winters, so it had to be somewhere warm. She chose Florida, specifically, Orlando. It was late April when she moved. “It was warm — very warm and very humid, but I loved it,” she recalled. Just weeks after her move to Orlando, she heard about Sarasota and decided it was the next place on her journey. Alexandra started her musical education when she was 4 years old. She graduated summa cum laude from the Moscow Conservatory with a specialty in concert piano performances. In Russia she performed with the Russian Symphony Orchestra and won several international piano competitions. After her move, Alexandra slowly be-

gan making her voice — and piano — heard in the Sarasota area. She was an accompanist for the Sarasota Ballet; performed at the Polo Grill, The East Village Cabaret and The Glenridge Performing Arts Center; and has had two concerts at the Chelsea Center of St. Thomas More Catholic Church. For two years she was music director at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church. Her most recent role is as the Longboat Island Chapel music director; she came on board earlier this year. Alexandra still works closely with St. Thomas More Music Director Alex Dilan, who remains her exclusive composer, lyricist, arranger and keyboardist. In March, Alexandra and Dilan presented a concert of classical and pop music, “Katherine Raises the Roof,” at the chapel. It was a kick-off for the chapel’s roof-raising campaign, and it sold out. According to Alexandra, there are additional concerts planned but no dates set. In addition to her schedule at the chapel, Alexandra and Dilan continue to perform locally. Her new dream involves a contract with a recording company. “All I need is a manager and an agent,” she says with a wide smile. Then, turning serious, Alexandra adds, “It was my dream to come to the United States — the land of opportunity. So, why not make my new dream come true?”

Richard H. Hall

Richard H. Hall, of Bradenton, and formerly of Cape May Point, N.J., and Longboat Key, died May 1. He was 85. Mr. Hall was a member of Kirkwood Presbyterian Church of Bradenton. In 1950 he graduated from the University of Miami. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy and served in World War II. He was also the retired executive vice president for Strawbridge & Clothier, in Philadelphia. He will be remembered for his never-ending smile, his hearty laugh and his generous spirit. He was predeceased by his wife of 63 years, Dorothea Hall. He is survived by brother, Robert S. Hall; daughter, Lynne C. Feller; granddaughter; and two great-grandchildren. A service was held Saturday, May 5, at Kirkwood Presbyterian Church. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Kirkwood Presbyterian Church or Tidewell Hospice Bradenton House, 2504 34th Ave. W., Bradenton, Fla., 34205. Brown & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory were in charge of arrangements. Condolences can be posted at

563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key All are welcome. Please join us in worship!

Sunday Services

383-8161 Website:

8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Wednesday Eucharist and Anointing 10 a.m. The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector

Come join us as you travel your journey of faith.

The Reverend Dr. Bruce Porter Sunday Service 10:00AM Sermon Sermon “Title of sermon “Blessings goes herefrom and Home” here”

An InterfAIth CommunIty ChurCh founded In 1956

Sunday Worship Service



10:00 a.m.

The Community Church on Longboat Key

The Rev. Charlie Shook, Preacher

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




Four-bedroom Gulf of Mexico Drive home sells for $3.3 million.

Longboat Harbour stays true to Derby Day traditions for party.

See this week’s weather photo contest winner.


coming up roses



by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Kelly Orr and Dana Magee

Winner’s Circle

The Kentucky Derby Committee: Sandy McAdaragh, Kay Goodman, Mari Zevin and Sharon Wright

Dean DuCray, aka Col. Sanders

Sarasota Yacht Club members may have made bets on horses in the Kentucky Derby May 5, but the sure bet was that part of the proceeds went to the Sarasota Yacht Club’s Charitable Foundation and will benefit area children. But the Kentucky Derby

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

wasn’t the only competition; the women were competing for the best hat prize. It was such a rousing party that Kentucky’s own Col. Sanders decided to head south to celebrate the day at Sarasota Yacht Club.

Lisa and Steven High

Cherie Gorenstein and Donna Myers

Phyllis Myers with Barbara and Drew Cervasio

LaVerne Stellas and Mary Mitchell

Phil Warman and Patricia Radziwill with Darlene and Carmen Scoma


Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

real estate | transactions

By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

PAMPER YOURSELF and live on the beach at the Beach Residences, a Ritz Carlton managed property. This 4100+ sf residence has 3 bedrooms, a family room, formal living room and dining room. It is exquisitely finished and decorated and has remarkable views of the Gulf, the Bay, and downtown Sarasota.....................................................Furnished $3,895,000 WINDWARD BAY - 2 penthouses with amazing bay views, tennis, 2 pools, boat docks, deeded beach access. 2 pets allowed ...........................................................................................................................$269,000 and SOLD $239,000 MARINA AND BAY VIEWS at Bay Harbour on the south end of LBK – just minutes to St. Armand’s Circle. 2/2 with screened porch ...................................................................................................................................................................................$319,000 WhItNEY BEAch - a 1/1 with views of Bishops Bayou and a 1 bedroom, 2 bath with a view of the beautifully landscaped grounds. Beach, bay, tennis, boat docks, fishing pier. Pets allowed.......................... $225,000 and $199,900 BANYAN BAY - a very relaxed atmosphere for this ground floor 2/2 designed for island living. Tennis, pool, beach, fishing pier, pet friendly. ..................................................................................................................................PENDING $259,900 hARBOUR LINKS - 3/3 corner villa with double garage on the golf course at the LBK Club. Beach Club membership. Pet friendly.........................................................................................................................................................SOLD $379,000 LONG BEAch - 2 charming homes in historic Longboat Village. This is truly a family neighborhood in walking distance to the Art Center, beach, fishing pier and restaurants................................................................. $395,000 and $399,000 BAYPORt 2/2 in beach to bay community with tennis, Olympic size pool and 27 acres of tropical landscaping..$339,500 hARBORAGE ON BRADEN RIVER 2/2.5 town home with courtyard and double garage. .....PENDING $157,900 WILDEWOOD SPRINGS 2/2 updated lakefront villa in wooded setting. 15 minutes to the beach.. ..........$119,500 BOBBIE BANAN, REALTOR 356-2659 • 383-2659

Mallory Gnaegy

This home at 611 Mourning Dove Drive has four bedrooms, five baths, a pool and 4,326 square feet of living area. It sold for $3 million.



Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, FL (941) 388-4447

Ambassador’s Circle


Luxury on the Water Call Reid Today! 941.232.3304

NEW Luxury Condominiums GRAND MARINER

David Miller, trustee, and Sally Kendall sold the home at 6051 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Cannons by the Sea LLC for $2,075,000. Built in 1970, it has one bedroom, one bath and 750 square feet of living area.


Grand Bay

MAGNIFICENT BAYFRONT ESTATE 4/BR main house + 2/BR guest house. 1+ acres 75 ft. bayside pool 2 docks w/ lifts. $8,400,000

Anne Johnston, trustee, and Louis Johnston, of Longboat Key, sold the Unit 193 condominium at 3060 Grand Bay Blvd. to Robert and Jeanne Starck, of Moon Township, Pa., for $950,000. Built in 1994, it has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths and 2,369 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1.3 million in 2004.

EXQUISITE CUSTOM Open floor plan flows to outdoor living area w/ private views. LG Master + 3 guest suites. $4,250,000

Casa del Mar

James and Frances Kaczmrek and Kenneth and Chritine Kareta sold their Unit 9-A condominium at 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Bernt and Marja Ivarsson, of Ontario, Canada, for $870,000. Built in 1973, it has three bedrooms, one bath and 1,152 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $200,000 in 1984.

Seaplace VI

M.F. and T.M. Kent, Sarasota, sold their Unit G8-109-K condominium at 1925 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Arnold Simonsen, trustee, of Buffalo Grove, Ill., for $870,000. Built in 1978, it has three bedrooms, three baths and 2,698 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $465,000 in 1992.

Sleepy Lagoon Park

Gary and Lisa Jodat, of Bradenton, sold their home at 800 Marbury Lane to Restco LLC for $750,000. Built in 2005, it has three bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 2,301 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $975,000 in 2005.




These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of April 27 through May 3, in order of dollar amounts. (GMD = Gulf of Mexico Drive)

BEST BUY ON THE BEACH Gulf front estate 1+ acres. Gated w/private boardwalk to beach. $4,500,000

BAYFRONT ESTATE 100 ft. on the bay and along one side, plus guest house. $1,995,000 DIRECT BAYFRONT NEW MEDITERRANEAN 5BR MASTERPIECE Magnificent pool/patio bayside, plus large patio off master suite overlook Sarasota Bay vistas plus Sarasota skyline.Terraces offer multiple areas for enjoying the outdoors plus fireplace and kitchen. Designer upgrades and special treatments throughout this BAYFRONT BEAUTY. $8,700,000 HARBOUR VILLA CLUB Fantastic 2/2 Bayfront Penthouse. New windows & decorating. Fabulous views. 40 ft. boat dock $550,000 or 2/2 End Unit $495,000 RITZ CARLTON TOWER RESIDENCE 10th floor views of Sarasota Bay to Big Pass, and views of Marina Jack. Southeast corner with two large terraces and morning sun. $2,595,000 SARABANDE 8th FLOOR Gorgeous corner condo w/ panoramic views of Sarasota Bay, the Marina, city skyline plus Gulf sunsets. Luxurious finishes & amazing amenities! $1,595,000 WESTWAY ESTATE – 210 FT. DIRECTLY on New Pass, views to Gulf, outstanding sunsets. 4 BR main home plus 4 BR guest house. Gorgeous courtyard pool, dock, private beach access. The ultimate in designer finishes! $8,900,000

Developers Realty Inc. Lic. R.E. Broker • 1266 1st St., Suite 9, Sarasota, FL 34236


WESTON POINTE Stunning 3/BR EXQUISITE TROPICAL BEACH HOUSE w/boat dock. Bright, open w/private 3/BR home + 3/BR guest house. Tropical $6,895,000 outdoor living area. $995,000 pool, lush landscaping. HIDEAWAY BAY HOMES Exceptional home, full bay views. $2,249,000 Custom 5,000 sq. ft. canal home. Deep water dock accommodates 50 ft. boat. A great family home. $1,995,000 SEA GATE Gulf Front Split Floor Plan 2BD/2BA. Sunsets, tennis & beach. $749,000 LONGBOAT KEY CLUB - INN ON THE BEACH Gulf front 2BR $995,000; Gulf front Club Suite $445,000 SABAL COVE Spacious 4BR w/first level master suite. Exquisite lakefront! Bay Isles subdivision, deeded beach. Close to tennis. $1,695,000 LIGHTHOUSE POINT GULF SIDE 196 ft., Gulf front with private beach plus Gulf side pool. 5 Bedroom/master downstairs. Incredible design finishes, high volume windows maximize water views. $8,900,000 BAYFRONT ESTATE Gated, Private, 1 acre estate w/5,000 square foot 5 bedroom home on deepwater channel. Spectacular Bay vistas. Private beach access. Boat dock & lift. BAYFRONT LIVING AT ITS BEST! $2,500,000 OLD FLORIDA CHARMING 4,400 sq.ft. Home w/193 ft. unobstructed Bay vista. Dock your boat and launch your kayak from your own private beach. $3,250,000 ORCHID BEACH GULF FRONT SPECTACULAR! 7th floor. Gorgeous Gulf, Beach and sunset views plus bay vistas. 3,600 sq. ft. 3BR/3.5BA Master suite beach side. Incredible designer finishes throughout. Walk to St. Armands. Private 2 car garage. $2,675,000 UNIVERSITY PARK NEW LISTING Former Dan Najjar model. Gorgeous 3BD/3BA in private lakefront setting. Many custom upgrades. $950,000

The following residential real-estate transactions took place between April 16 and April 27 for Manatee County and April 23 through April 27 for Sarasota County. A home in Longboat Key Bayfront tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Frank and Ellen Kaman sold their home at 5200 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Joseph and Clare Welch, of Plymouth, Mich., for $3.3 million. Built in 2010, it has four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a pool and 5,703 square feet of living area.

Sleepy Lagoon

New 3 Bedroom, 3,200 to 3,400 sq.ft. Bayside condos with terraces and outdoor grills. Each condo comes with a private 2 car garage. Amenities include boat docks, clubroom, exercise room, plus bayside pool/spa. $1,700,000 to $2,400,000

EMERALD HARBOR NEW HOME 4BR w/ top of the line finishes & amenities. Privacy and Bay views on wide canal. $2,385,000

Gulf of Mexico Drive home sells for $3.3 million

Address Permit Applicant Amount 1910 Harbourside Drive Alteration Alan Port $300,000 Alteration Marvin Sweet, trustee $102,240 535 Sanctuary Drive 1000 Longboat Club Road Alteration Palma Gottschalk, trustee $85,163 4600 GMD Alteration Linda Sloan $81,610 Richard and 601 Golf Links Lane Alteration Jacqueline Meckstroth $81,184 2425 GMD Alteration Andrew Terzis $48,511 Windward Bay 4500 GMD Alteration Condominium Association $42,000 Alteration Rodney McColloch $30,000 4800 GMD 520 Bayport Way Re-roof Chester Chmielewski $15,863 6700 GMD Alteration Robert Gridley $10,621 1590 Harbor Cay Lane Demolition Andre and Jean Butterfield $10,000 2317 Harbour Oaks Drive Alteration Andrew Deuble $8,925 4825 GMD Alteration Michael Lee $8,883 Sands Point 100 Sands Point Road Alteration Condominium Association $8,551 1145 GMD Alteration Jane Wright $8,000 2317 Harbour Oaks Drive Alteration Andrew Deuble $7,000 593 Juan Anasco Drive Alteration Dale Cebert $6,200 518 Bayport Way Alteration Barbara Fleisher $5,565 508 Bayport Way Alteration Earl Lawson $4,850 Gerald and Janet Liguori, Alteration Patricia Tobin $4,659 711-720 Bayport Way 535 Sanctuary Drive Alteration The Sanctuary $2,435 586 Lyons Lane Alteration Cathy Grippi $2,311 545 Sanctuary Drive Alteration The Sanctuary $2,100 541 Harbor Point Drive Alteration Thomas Diener $1,900 7110 Longboat Drive E. Alteration Raylene Willborn $769

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


Proudly Presenting The Best Of





500 Keith Pointe Drive Cindy Migone

941.812.7438 $3,995,000

464 Golden Gate Point, 703 Sharon Chiodi



941.713.5458 $4,399,000

361 South Boulevard of Presidents Lisa Morris 941.544.3332 $3,150,000



1521 71st Street NW Shellie Young A3957821

941.587.4894 $2,495,000


228 Seagull Lane Lisa Morris

$2,495,000 941.544.3332

464 Golden Gate Point, 404 $2,250,000 Arnie DuFort 941.224.8602

340 South Palm Avenue, 212 $1,999,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

5008 64th Drive West Martha Marlar

$1,899,000 941.812.0455

990 Blvd. of the Arts, 601 $1,595,000 Barbara Mei 941.893.7417

258 Golden Gate Point, 201 $1,525,000 Gigi Silverberg 941.993.3695

1798 Lincoln Park Circle Jo Rutstein & Joan Koplin

$1,345,000 941.587.9156

50 Central Avenue, 12f Fernando Viteri

615 Owl Drive North Joan Koplin

990 Blvd. of the Arts, 602 $985,000 Barbara Mei 941.893.7417

1188 North Tamiami Trail, 601 $895,000 Craig Cerreta 941.993.2502

1340 Westway Drive Carol Budnik

$1,195,000 941.400.7676

$1,190,000 941.315.3221

Other Fine Properties

SARASOTA 1513 Caribbean Drive Ziad Sleit

$2,200,000 941.928.5493

1140 Sylvan Drive Terry Herschberger

$849,900 941.716.1042

1800 Bayshore Drive Devon Davis

$590,000 941.497.9483

5128 Windward Avenue Judie Berger


$795,000 941.720.2053

NOKOmiS 2036 Tocobaga Lane Dee Gomber

$1,690,000 941.468.8439

NOKOmiS 105 Sunset Drive Brad Tritschler

vENiCE 550 West flamingo Dr., 105 $595,000 Bruce Gebbie 941.400.5622


$1,900,000 941.928.3424

SARASOTA 7025 Saddle Creek Circle $899,000 Brian Wood 941.928.8408

$750,000 941.893.7792

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SARASOTA 145 Beach Road Judie Berger


$549,000 941.928.3424

OSPREY 38 Osprey Point Drive Carol Clark & Paul Clark

BRADENTON $1,574,200 941.350.4500

BRADENTON 991 fish Hook Cove Pat & Peter Evans


$695,000 941.928.8424

8223 Regents Court Toi Estes

$525,000 941.497.9483

10902 Winding Stream Way $519,900 Pat & Peter Evans 941.928.8424

NOKOmiS 881 Hillcrest Drive Dee Gomber

7044 Hawks Harbor Circle $1,399,000 Brian Wood 941.928.8408

$679,000 941.896.2317


PALmETTO 712 Riviera Dunes Way Arnie DuFort

$1,199,000 941.224.8602

LAKEWOOD RANCH 13642 Legends Walk Terrace $610,000 Pat & Julie Warren 941.350.7044

BRADENTON 6902 River Birch Court Charles Totonis

$500,000 941.524.8299

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Longboat Observer

tasty traditions

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

by Dora Walters | Senior Editor

LBH party features winning Derby Day traditions

Carolyn Varnum, Jeanne McIvor and Yolanda Noyes

Photos by Dora Walters

Longboat Harbour residents gathered for a Kentucky Derby party Saturday, May 5, at the clubhouse. The more than 90 attendees enjoyed a Kentucky-themed buffet organized by Kentucky native Maggie Edger. The feast of Derby traditions featured trays of miniature Hot Browns, Benedictine sandwiches and a bowl labeled “Kentucky dip,” which had to be filled frequently. Other members of Edger’s committee, her husband, Don, and Carol and George Beddie, were kept busy making authentic mint juleps. The ladies’ hats were colorful creations. One of the most original toppers was Sheila Weiser’s. The front of her bright red, wide-brimmed hat was labeled: “Gone lingerie shopping,” and the back view was a bra. John Bock, with his black derby and handlebar mustache, took top honors for the men.

Joyce Madurek and Clarise Pellegrino

Sharyn Ford and John Bock

Kathy Lee and Donna Hodan

Madeline Raftery

Looking for RESULTS?

Sue Troup, Kay Owen and Suzanne Schwing

Talk to Tina Today - Longboat Key’s International Connection SPACIOUS PENTHOUSE offers serene Gulf views and large open terrace. Located in a beautifully maintained seaside community surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Offered at $475,000

Sarasota’s Legendary


Grande Dame of Real Estate UnbELiEvabLE 37 Years of Expertise

Longboat Key Realty

Tina Rudek -

595 Bay Isles Road, Suite 120 E, Longboat Key GRI, TRC, CPC • 941-920-0303 •

COVERT I 2BR/1BA with glassed lanai overlooking

UnpaRaLLELEd Service UnRivaLEd Results

the pool is one of the best buys on Longboat Key. Perfect for the retiree, full time resident or use as a winter retreat. Well maintained, small bayfront complex with deeded beach access and low maintenance fees. A short distance to The Centre Shops, Durante Park with 32 acres of trails and playground, Publix and St. Armands. A3953684 $219,900




Michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker Longboat Key South • 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

3174 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

941.383.5502 or 941.724.7228

Michael Saunders & Company Cathy C. Meldahl P.A. Licensed Real Estate Broker


Trudee Trudell

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




ET N T NCounties S EASL inE S LV LUME 1 1 AA GG Eand N INIS AL V 2009 O UO ME for## Sarasota Manatee

Ranked in the top .5% of # 1 C O##L11 DCColdwell W B N EKARENRK A AE GGREENN OO LED EL T C LLW DLW ELA LB LAKN BAssociates AT GENT Banker in Florida for 2009 in Florida for 2009 in Florida for 2009 Worldwide

Barry and Faith Peterson, of Bradenton, sold their two homes at 7060 Longboat Drive E. to Peter and Margaret Stanton, of Phoenix, Md., for $650,000. The first, built in 1994, has two bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 1,512 square feet of living area. The second, built in 1967, has two bedrooms, one bath and 753 square feet of living area. They previously sold for $1,186,000 in 2005.

Winding Oaks


forfor Sarasota and and Manatee Counties in 2009 in 2009 Sarasota Manatee Counties

Ackerman B A R B A R A Ackerman

Mary and Harry Moore sold their Unit 11 condominium at 3421 Winding Oaks Drive to Donald and Charlotte Cooper, Daniel Cooper, Scott Vaughn, Tanya McDonald and Maria Ziolkowski, of Reading, Pa., for $625,000. Built in 1988, it has three bedrooms, three baths and 2,679 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $540,000 Th in 2000.

Aquarius Club

John Paulich sold his Unit 5-C condominium at 1701 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Harold Leupp and Carol Leupp, trustees, of Holland, Ohio, for $540,000. Built in 1975, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,551 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $312,000 in 1997.

Beachplace I

Harry and Gayle Yaverbaum, of Harrisburg, Pa., sold their Unit 103 condominium at 1115 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Carol Staitman and Jamie Rogers, of Rockville, Md., for $478,500. Built in 1979, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,503 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $255,000 in 1998.





T Th h e en anm i nw r ei n a l rees a t al t e e state a em teo tkon okwn o

As seen on Sarasota’s

“Hot ProPerties” Segment Every Wednesday!

e name to know in real estate Ritz Hotel Residences - 12th Floor Water views from all rooms! 2,011 SF w/ wood floors, custom-fitted closets, & unique Venetian plaster walls. Large master suite with sitting $1,098,500 area & marble bath.

Water Club I – Direct Gulf Front Gorgeous 7th floor apartment with 3BR/5BA and 3,400 sq. ft. Amazing water & sunset views! Oak wood floors, unique interior finishes, 2 parking spaces $2,700,000 & excellent amenities.

La Firenza - Direct Beach Front Built in 2007, private southwest corner 3,521 SF residence with 3BR + den/family room and varying 11 & 12 ft. ceilings has endless unobstructed Gulf views and sought-after $2,795,000 enclosed two-car garage.

Siesta Bayside – Deep Water Canal SHORT SALE, Gorgeous waterfront updated home. 2,641 sq. ft., 3BR/2BA, large tropical patio area with pool/spa, boat dock with lift & floating jetski dock. Includes 12 sunset cruises! $769,900

The Landings – Eagles Point Wide open water views! 3BR/2BA in THE best building in The Landings. Turnkey furnished with secure garage parking. $419,000

Ritz Tower – Bay & City Views PENTHOUSE residence with 4,704 Sq. Ft., 4 BR plus family room and 4.5 bathrooms offers incredible views, wood & marble floors, granite & stainless gourmet kitchen, 10’ ceilings. $3,595,000

Coral Cove - Bay Front Beauty Mainland Mediterranean Perfection with 130’ of waterfront, 5BR, theater, library, family room, infinity edge pool/spa, dock, jet-ski lift and 4-car garage. $3,195,000

San Remo Shores - Deep Yacht Basin On 160’ of waterfront has 5BR/5.3BA & 7,582 SF of luxury. Home theater, office, media room and rooftop widow’s walk. Private dock & 4-car garage. $3,995,000

Ringling Pointe – Stunning Direct Bay Front On 145 feet of deep water with 5BR/3.5 BA, a 2,200 SF master suite, 1,000 bottle wine room, private dock, wading & lap pool & 8-car garage. $3,950,000


Kurt and Elfriede Collitz, of Longboat Key, sold their Unit 203 condominium at 4525 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Ronald and Tamara Harden, of Villa Hills, Ky., for $380,000. Built in 1979, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,340 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $150,000 in 1980.

Harbour Links at Longboat Key Club

Charlotte Laven, trustee, of Chestnut Hill, Mass., sold the Unit 2035 condominium at 2035 Harbour Links Drive to Brian and Phyllis Keenan, of LaGrangeville, N.Y., for $340,000.

Sand Cay

Bird Key

Robert Taylor and Pamela Taylor, trustee, of Sarasota, sold the home at 611 Mourning Dove Drive to Tracy D’Andrea, trustee, of Longboat Key, for $3 million. Built in 1998, it has four bedrooms, five baths, a pool and 4,326 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $3,075,000 in 2002. Kerlyn Holdings Ltd. sold the home at 534 Bird Key Drive to Dale Asplund and Michele Ulrich-Asplund, of Southbury, Conn., for $925,000. Built in 2002, it has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,793 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $889,000 in 2010.

St. Armands Division of John Ringling Estates

Thomas and Dona Blake, of Sarasota, sold their home at 509 S. Washington Drive to Paul and Sharon Strain, of Baltimore, Md., for $1,525,000. Built in 1996, it has four bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,633 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1,275,000 in 2003. Samuel and Debra Cusano, trustees, of Sarasota, sold the home at 36 S. Washington Drive to Frank Walker, trustee, of Sarasota, for $1,225,000. Built in 1947, it has three bedrooms, four baths, a pool and 3,117 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1.3 million in 2003. MEB Capital Inc. sold the home at 8 S. Washington Drive to Karen Hostoffer, trustee, of Highland Heights, Ohio, for $1 million. Built in 2008, it has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, a pool and 3,488 square feet of living area.

Kingston Arms

James and Laura Turner, trustees, sold the Unit 14-A condominium at 500 S. Washington Drive to Larry and Carol Raike, of Malta, N.Y., for $300,000. Built in 1963, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,035 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $240,000 in 2011.

Embassy Villa

David and Joan Landrey, of Sarasota, sold their Unit 19 condominium at 800 S. Blvd. of the Presidents to Beachwalk LLC for $215,000. Built in 1972, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,090 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $185,000 in 2000.

Visit our website to see a map of this week’s real-estate transactions.


Lido Shores - Direct Gulf Front Palazzo 200 ft. of sea-walled Gulf front with private Dock and Beach access. This 7,415 SF residence has 5BR/8BA, his and her bath & studies, 50 ft. pool/spa & 5-car garage. $7,900,000

University Park - Custom Lakefront Beautifully maintained 3BR + Den home with 10ft ceilings, his & her bath, quality built-in’s, & expanded great room overlooking the pool/spa and lake. Two car garage. $449,500

BANK OWNED Bird Key - Outstanding Waterfront Opportunity Built in 2007 on a wide protected boat basin. Home has 8,071 square feet, 5BR/5.5BA, guest wing with separate entrance and more! Infinity edge pool, boat dock, and 4-car garage. $3,850,000

Grand Bay III - Beautiful Water Views Light and bright 3BR/3.5BA residence in Building 3 with nine foot ceilings, spacious floor plan and wrap around terraces for enjoying views of Sarasota Bay. $799,000

The Bougainvillea House - Tudor Revival Renovated in 2006 on 3 lots with 4BR/3.5BA + separate guest house totaling 4,857 square feet. Home exudes old world charm while offering today’s modern conveniences. Wood floors, marble, pool, & 2-car garage. $1,290,000


Prestancia D’Este Sarasota Ritz Tower – –VillaDowntown Beautifully plus2,799 den Sophisticatedupdated Simplicitytwo with bedroom Style! 8th floor maintenance featuringinnew paintgranite & carpet,& SF residencefree withvilla3BR/3BA wood, high ceilings, bamboo flooring, upgraded kitchen stainless neutral color pallet gorgeous & masteroffers bath.a 2-car garage. Golf &community. Bay, Marina, & City views from $ every room. 349,000 $1,149,000 E E NEW PRIC INCREDIBL

Grand Bay-Bay, City, & Golf Course Views Sought-after south facing corner residence with 3BR/3 Full Baths, private elevator foyer, wraparound terrace, wood floors, stainless appliances, granite wet bar. $1,050,000


Longboat Key – Direct Beach Front “The Johnson Estate” Gated privacy on 2+ acres w/150 ft. of Gulf front. 10,000 SF. 7BR/6.5BA with attached guest wing. New in ‘07. www. $11,500,000

Water Club II - Gorgeous Views Gulf, Bay & City lights views from this premier 9th floor Dover model. 3 full BR+den/4.5BA, 10’ ceilings, Saturnia marble floors, private elevator foyer. 2 parking spaces. $2,395,000

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, LLC 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #1, Longboat Key 941-387-1820 Direct ● 800-910-8728 Toll-Free

All of Barbara’s listings are linked Internationally in 13 languages.


Crescent of Sarasota Inc. and Sunvest Enterprises Inc. sold the Unit 115 condominium at 4725 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Ronald Palicka and Karen Palicka, trustees, of Naperville, Ill., for $220,000. Built in 1974, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,032 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $637,500 in 2006.

Owned and Operated by NRT, LLC.


Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

little red corvettes by Mallory Gnaegy

Ian Addy & Gail Wittig 941.387.0100

565 Sanctuary Drive, #A302 | Longboat Key | PENDING

3616 Fair Oaks Place | Longboat Key | $2,290,000

3315 Gulf of Mexico Drive | Longboat Key | $3,800,000


Community Editor

A 1959 frost blue Corvette

Chevrolet Corvettes take over St. Armands There were some little red Corvettes — and frost blue, yellow, black, white and silver Corvettes, too — Saturday, May 5, at St. Armands Circle Park. The classic Corvette show brought in Corvette clubs from all over Florida to see who would be named best in show.

5251 Gulf of Mexico Drive | Longboat Key | SOLD

Longboat Key Club & Resort | From the low $200’s to $1,000,000’s

601 Longboat Club Road # S303 | Longboat Key | $769,000

Liana Olefirenko

Ned Grossman and Shelly Lazarus

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 34228

• Leading Specialists at Longboat Key Club & Resort

Steve and Kathleen McKenna, of Lido Key

• 61+ Years of Combined Real Estate Sales Experience • 2010 & 2011 Top Sales Team Michael Saunders & Company, Longboat Key

Barbara Milian, Ian Addy PA, Gail Wittig

What’s Hot in Real Estate?


We invite you to take advantage of our team’s experience and allow us the opportunity to present you with a complimentary

Sarasota & Manatee counties’ premier full service rental & property management company.

market analysis of your property.

LeaSing diStinctive propertieS to extraordinary peopLe Four office locations in Sarasota & Manatee counties


Sarasota - 129 N. Pineapple Ave., SRQ, 941-953-6000 S. Sarasota - 7222 S. Tamiami Tr., Ste. 104, SRQ, 941 - 927 - 7222 University PKWY - 5899 Whitfield Ave., Ste. 200 A, SRQ, 941 - 359 - 3435 W. Manatee - 5917 Manatee Ave. W., Ste. 609, Bradenton, 941-792-6900 |


• Team Sales Exceed $195 Million Since 2005

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




Direct Bay Front Estate-Size Property Comprised of Three Buildable Lots. $3,249,000

Bayfront Elegance! Almost 4,000 SF of Open Living Space in This Fabulous Sarabande Residence. Dramatic Sunset Views! $1,999,000


Perfectly Positioned on a Wide Canal, this Stunning Home has been Meticulously Remodeled and Updated to Exacting Standards. Over 4600 Square Feet of Spacious Waterfront Living! $2,495,000



Award-Winning, Florida Green Certified Contemporary Masterpiece on Cocoanut Bayou w/ Over 6200 SF of Amazing Living Space Plus Guest Apartment. $4,900,000

Great Little Beach Getaway with Bay Access $1,850,000


L’Ambiance Areca on the 7th Floor with Wrap Around Terrace and Sweeping Views of Gulf, Bay and Golfcourse! Spacious interior with first class finishes. $1,595,000



Exquisite Alinari 15th Floor Unit w/ Magnificent Views of Bay Out to Gulf! $499,000

Tranquil and Private Resort-Like Beachfront Estate on Longboat Key. $4,495,000


Peacock Bay Estate w/ 5 En-suite Bedrooms, Guest Suite, Superb Views and Unparalleled Architectural Finishes! $8,595,000



Beautifully Updated 3 Bedroom Island Getaway w/ Tranquil Bay Views and Boat Dock. $1,699,000

Nicely Updated Direct Gulf Front Beachplace Unit. Bring Offers! $629,000


Modern Luxury Four Bedroom w/ over 4,000 SF of Brilliant Living Space and Sweeping Water Views. Very Private! $2,895,000

Distinctive homes presented by Cheryl Loeffler Today, it is not simply about creating a website or advertisement and waiting for buyers to find your listed property. It is about developing mixed-media strategies and integrated partnerships that position our brand and your home ubiquitously throughout multiple print and digital platforms, providing more relevant levels of engagement for consumers to seek out your home and the services offered by Signature | Sotheby’s International Realty. To learn more about our exclusive marketing program, please call Cheryl Loeffler at 941.308.6554.

Offering The Finest Services Of Real Estate

Each office independently owned and operated

Signature 79497

Cheryl Loeffler | MBA, Realtor | 941.302.9674 | Betsy Sublette | Realtor | 941.284.8483 | The Plaza at Five Points, 50 Central Avenue, Sarasota, 34236236


Longboat Observer

athlete of the week

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


By Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor


When Jean Goetze isn’t teaching French at the Arts and Community Enrichment Center in Sarasota, she is active. To celebrate her 50th birthday while living in Paris, she and a friend learned to Rollerblade as a challenge. Since breaking her wrist, she hasn’t taken it up again. She and her husband also enjoy playing pétanque, the French form of bocce ball, but haven’t yet found a group to play with on Longboat. Goetze plays tennis three times a week, tries to swim twice a week and jogs one morning a week. She plays tennis at the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center or at Grand Bay and switches it up between mixed doubles, women’s doubles and singles with her husband, Jean-René. What got you into tennis? I tried it when I was a teenager, but it was so frustrating. Then in my young 30s, I was a mom and really connected to it. Then, I stopped (playing) for 25 years and started again a year ago when we moved here (to Longboat Key from Paris).


What is the most difficult aspect? Keeping the focus. Focusing on the ball and keeping my grip strong.

Marlene and Alex 3,290 55:56 Lancaster’s first-place

If you could have a superhero power, what would it be and why? To change other people’s thinking and attitudes, because there are people I love in my life and I don’t necessarily agree

with where they are going. If you could play with any person in the world, with whom would you want to play? The first person that comes in my mind is Chris Evert Lloyd. I’d want to have lessons from her.

Time for firstplace champion, Ben Carlson, of the Longboat Key Triathlon and Duathlon sprint series Sunday, May 6.

winning bridge score in Couples Bridge May 1, at Sarasota Yacht Club .


Time for Longboat Key Fire Chief Paul Dezzi in the Longboat Key Triathlon and Duathlon sprint series Sunday, May 6.


Bringing People Home Since 1939

5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101, Longboat Key

Call 941-383-5577


Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever played? Here! I’ve played all over Longboat, and every place is gorgeous. What is the breakfast of champions? Plain, nonfat yogurt, half a grapefruit, uncooked oatmeal with a little fruit and some tea.

Courtesy photo

The first year Joan Kelly has been named Captain of the Year at the Longboat Key Public Tennis Center. Pictured are Marsha Thompson, Manager Kay Thayer, Fanny Younger, pro Claudiu Retean, Kelly and pro Eric Hinchman.

What’s your favorite aspect of the game? (Her husband, Jean-René Goetze, jokes, “Getting the ball over the net.”) Seeing progress. Seeing it start to come together. Also the camaraderie.

“short stories” Do A LittLe DreAMiN’

DOWNTOWN W/DIRECT BAY VIEWS! 3-4Br/3Ba/2CG w/pvt elevator, detailed & high ceil, crown molding, marble, builtins, gas fp, granite, imported cabinets, MBa w/jetted tub & bidet, state-of-theart sys, 2 balconies in secure bldg w/ amenities! MLS#A3943537 $1,375,000

Gated boating community just across the street from the beach. Deeded boat slip. Build your dream cruise pad all for $183,632---lot only. Jerry Cunningham #A3950841 $183,632

FURN W/PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS! Downtown/2-3Br/2Ba/1CG w/faux & artisan finishes, crown moldings, wood cabinets, ceramic tile, granite, plantation shutters, walk-in closets, open-air balcony & pvt laundry in secure building w/ amenities! MLS#A3929596 $450,000


#305 w/beautiful bay, pool and marina views. This complex has 2 pools and deeded beach access. Owner can have 2 small pets. Susan Klement $199,000 #M5823008


9th FLOOR WITH BAY VIEWS - DOWNTOWN! Custom remodeled 2Br/2Ba/1CG w/ wood laminate flrs, tile, modern cabinets, built-ins, crown moldings, 2 pvt balconies, hurricane shutters & personal laundry in secure building with full service amenities! MLS#A3951357 $775,000

GATED BAY FRONT COMM! FUR 3-4Br/3.5Ba/3CG w/views, Lr/Dr, eat-in kitch., MBa w/jetted tub, elevator, bonus rm, plantation shutters, sec & cent vacuum sys, balcony & heated lap pool in exceptional location next to CC amenities & IMG academy! MLS#A3955851 $750,000

Incredible opportunity to own 2 adjoining lots west of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Conrad Beach boasts timeless architecture, com. pool & clubhouse. Purchase separately or w/M5815731. Peter Uliano $260,000 #M5815734

SIESTA KEY, REMODELED & FURN! 2Br/2Ba/1CP w/bonus rm, den, raised ceil, tile, plantation shutters, granite, crown moldings, wood cabinets, & w/d included in Island Reef w/resort-like amenities; pools, tennis courts, docks, beach access & more! MLS#A3943588 $399,000

2Br/2BA CoNDo

great view of Sarasota Bay, furnished, tile floors, upgraded kitchen, 2 pools, tennis, boat docks only $12 a month. Beach access. 2 pets OK. Seller pays $5,000 toward maintenance fee for 2012. Dorothy Cook $289,000 #A3950932


Gorgeous white sand beach & Gulf view as you walk thru the door. Nicely furnished w/large screened lanai. Gulf to Bay community w/heated pool, tennis & cabana w/BBQ. Teresa Bradford #M5812253 $569,000 BEAUTIFUL BAY VIEWS! 3Br/3Ba/2CG w/upgrades; ceramic tile, granite, raised panel cabinets, quality appls., ceiling details, MBr w/2 walk-ins & jetted tub plus pvt balcony in gated comm. w/amenities; pool, tennis, kayak, dock/fishing pier & more! MLS#A3947207 $345,000

DOWNTOWN BAY VIEWS! 2Br/2Ba/1CG corner unit w/2 pvt balconies, tile flrs, Lr, sep. Dr, kitch. w/breakfast bar, MBr w/ walk-in closet and pvt bath; dual sinks & soaking tub, hurricane shutters & pvt laundry in secure building w/full service amenities! MLS#A3950907 $465,000

DOWNTOWN END UNIT W/BAY VIEWS! Updated 2Br/2Ba/1CG w/open plan, Lr, Dr + den/study, wood flrs, ceramic tile, built-ins, mirrored walls, Corian, raised panel cabinets, jetted tub in MBa & 2 pvt balconies in Bay Plaza w/full service amenities! MLS#A3958024 $800,000

short stories: KeY West stYLe

On the water, 3BR/2BA, den, workshop & fitness room. Mint condition, open floor plan, 3+ car garage & boat dock. Close to the beach. Jerry Cunningham $789,713 #A3952755


PENTHOUSE W/WATER VIEWS! 3-4Br/3.5Ba/2+CG w/travertine & marble flrs, high ceil., crown moldings, plantation shutters, built-ins, furniture quality cabinets, granite, Corian, MBr w/lg walk-in + 2 baths & pvt balcony in gated comm. w/amenities! MLS#A3958973 $925,000

Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

games | bridge bites By Brian Gunnell | American Contract Bridge League

Voyage of discovery Forgive the grandiloquent title: We are not talking here about Lewis and Clark, nor the HMS Beagle, nor even Christopher Columbus. We merely refer to Declarer’s intelligent (but hardly epic) play of the K♣ in the following deal: Just in case it happens to be a really useful clue, we should point out that East’s 1NT showed 15 to 17 HCP. The defense cashes three Hearts, then East shifts to the

A♦ followed by a low Diamond. How do you play the trump suit? All things being equal, you would play a Spade over to the King and then finesse the Jack on the way back. This might seem even more appealing when you remember that East opened 1NT and, therefore, has most of the missing HCP. But remember also that East has already shown up with AKQ♥ and A♦. That’s 13 HCP. So, you

can see that if East has the A♣ that gives him 17 HCP and no room for the Q♠ … and if East does not have the A♣ then he must have the Q♠ for his 1NT opening. What’s needed here is a so-called “discovery play” before tackling trumps. After winning the Diamond return, you play the K♣ in order to smoke out the Ace. When East shows up with that card, he’s up to his maximum quota of 17 HCP, and now it’s a certainty that West has the Q♠. That being the case, you ruff East’s Club re-

turn and take an immediate finesse of the 9♠! The K♠ is now cashed, then it’s back to hand with a Club ruff (fortunately there is no overruff from West). The remaining trump is extracted, and it’s eight tricks for those who did some counting and discovering! Visit for more about the game of bridge or email Contact Brian Howard, owner/director of the Bridge Center of Bradenton, at 7958981.


BRIDGE HAND Vulnerable: East, West



♠ K9 ♥854 ♦ Q 10 ♣ Q J 10 8 4 2

♠ Q84 ♥ J 10 7 ♦ 9652 ♣975


♠ ♥ ♦ ♣


♠ 73 ♥ AKQ2 ♦ A874 ♣A63

A J 10 6 5 2 963 KJ3 K

Bidding: South West 2 ♠ Pass

CHILE. Longboat Key residents Rosemary and Bill Dilgard stand with their Longboat Observer in hand in front of a memorial to Ferdinand Magellan located in Punta Arenas, Chile. In 1520, Magellan passed this point when navigating the Straits of Magellan.




East 1NT Pass

Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column and box. See answers on page 29A.

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS: Headed on a great vacation? Make sure to take your Observer along! Send your entries to nschwartz@

© 2012 Universal Uclick


MOULTON Certified Residential Specialist

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker




BEACH RESIDENCES - Experience the Ritz-Carlton lifestyle in this elegantly designed 3,352 sf residence, is a must see. A3959431 $2,800,000

BAy ISLES RESIDENCE – Beautifully designed 6,000 sf 5BR residence in this exclusive neighborhood w/ deep water dockage. A3959515 $3,799,000


For May 31 st Editions Diversions, Longboat & East County Observers Space Reservation: 11 a.m. Thursday, May 24 Materials Due: 3 p.m. Thursday, May 24

BIRD KEy - 3BR garden home w/ pool in great condition and well maintained. A3954462 $575,000

COUNTRy CLUB SHORES – Canal front new construction WATER CLUB - Direct Gulf front 3BR furnished 3400sf condo residence will contain 3,300sf, 4BR & office. A3958487 $1,395,000 in sought after LBK building w/ great amenities. A3957287 $2,650,000


Sarasota Observer/Pelican Press Space Reservation: 11 a.m. Friday, May 25 Materials Due: 3 p.m. Friday, May 25

THE GRANDE - Exquisitely appointed gulf front Penthouse residence, 3260sf 3BR, 1450sf terrace w/ a two car garage. A3955033 $1,950,000

ST. ARMANDS TOWERS Experience the view from this sophisticated furnished 2550sf 3 BR Penthouse overlooking the gulf & city skyline. A3953612 $1,695,000


440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 Office 941.383.7591 | Mobile 941.928.3559 |


For more information contact your advertising sales representative. 941.366.3468


Longboat Observer

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012



Weather Photo Contest Winner

Record Temps.





Tues., May 1 Wed., May 2

89 90

70 71

92 (1986) 51 (1965) 92 (2010) 48 (1999)

Thurs., May 3



95 (1990)

52 (1998)

Fri., May 4



94 (1991)

51 (1971)

Sat., May 5



91 (1991)

46 (1971)

Sun., May 6



90 (1984)

54 (1970)

Mon., May 7



93 (1984)

55 (1970)

Average Gulf water temperature: 77


Highs — 3:25p

Thurs., May 10

Lows —

Fri., May 11



Sat., May 12





Sun., May 13





Mon., May 14





Tues., May 15

9:54a 10:38p



Wed., May 16

10:19a 11:44p




Sunrise/sunset Sunrise 6:45 6:44 6:43 6:43 6:42 6:42 6:41

Sunset 8:09 8:09 8:10 8:10 8:11 8:11 8:12

Dawn DiLorenzo submitted this sunrise photo, taken overlooking Sarasota Bay. May 20 New

May 12 Last

May 28 First

PHOTO CONTEST: Win an iPad 2 or Canon EOS T3 camera. Enter your sunset, sunrise or weatherrelated photos for The Observer’s weather photo contest, sponsored by . To enter your photos, visit, and click on the “Contests” tab in the upper-right corner. Weekly winners will have their photo printed in the paper and will be entered into a drawing for that month. The monthly winner will choose between an iPad 2 or Canon EOS T3 camera.

June 4 Full


Thurs., May 10 Fri., May 11 Sat., May 12 Sun., May 13 Mon., May 14 Tues., May 15 Wed., May 16


fuRniTuRe ShOPPinG by henry Quarters

Edited by Timothy E. Parker


1. E


N D Z W P M M S Z V.

















ACROSS 1 ___-to-order (custom) 5 Poor-box contribution 9 “Enjoy the Silence” band: Depeche ___ 13 Carve in marble 17 Ancient Greek athletic competitions 19 An alarm may end it 20 End of the Lord’s Prayer 21 Superman’s kind of vision 22 TV addict 24 Florist’s accessory 25 Provide for free 26 Side dish at a Chinese restaurant 27 Contemptible one 29 Structure made from poles and hides 30 It has its ups and downs 31 Simple Roman garment 32 Dorothy clicked hers 33 Feeds, as hogs 36 Antiquity’s antithesis 40 Deafening 42 Diplomat’s forte 43 Cleans by hard rubbing 44 Bawdy 45 Faux ___ (blunder) 48 Ukraine port city 51 Angler’s tools 52 Ball of confusion 54 ___ king (how chicken might be served) 55 Peter of “Parenthood” 57 Goes down like the Titanic 58 Tenor’s opera standout 59 Sultry

61 ___ rug (small floor 123 ___ out a living covering) (barely gets by) 62 Olympics broadcaster Jim dOwn 63 Member of a British 1 Pepper spray brand advisory board 2 Excitedly 69 Finger foods at a anticipating 3 “The King of Spanish restaurant Queens” first name 72 “___ in a Manger” 4 Renders unreadable, 73 Outstanding debts as data 77 Thickening agent in 5 “Ctrl” neighbor foods 6 “King ___” 78 Band of eight (Shakespeare 80 Part of USPS tragedy) 83 “Anna Karenina” 7 “... I ___ man with author Tolstoy seven wives” 84 Prayer-starting 8 Weightlifters’ words assistants 86 Whittle (with 9 Virtuosos (var.) “down”) 10 A Middle Easterner 87 Potato gadget 11 Hotel worker 89 “Game, ___, match!” 12 112.5 degrees from S 13 Go above and 90 Favoritism or beyond discrimination 91 Barroom brawls, e.g. 14 An expression 15 Animal crackers 93 Apply asphalt animal 94 Central points 16 Excessively 95 Desolate promotes 96 Eyelid application 18 Drives off, as a fly 97 Archaeological 19 Wise legislators fragment 23 Tissue thickness 100 Locomotive tracks 28 Complain about 102 Fleshy seed covering trifles 104 Almost too 29 Dull landing sounds coincidental 33 Greek colonnades 105 Silent film star Gish 34 Punch bowl 108 What some doors accessory do 35 “... sailed the ___ blue” 112 Be a breadwinner 37 Beige hue 113 Cordage fiber 38 Seeks the affection of 114 Police informant 39 Without a stitch on 116 Type of racing 41 Has a credit-card 117 Keep the engine balance running in park 44 Hawaiian island 118 “Hot” winter drink 45 Use of a company 119 “___ circumstances car, e.g. beyond our control 46 One of the ...” continents 120 Affliction of the 47 “Don’t move, Fido” eyelid 49 Gull-like predators 121 ___ and terminer 50 Persian Gulf resident 122 Baited a state 52 Outward appearance trooper 53 Oyster shell interior

56 Boxing great Muhammad 57 ___ Lanka 60 Accessory for an oldtime flying ace 61 Former first daughter Carter 62 “Natural High” singer Haggard 64 Archibald and Thurmond of the NBA 65 Bedside pitcher 66 Work at lacemaking 67 Assumed the lotus position 68 Lobster pot 69 Art colony of New Mexico 70 Fit of shivering 71 Line made by a comb 74 The A of E.A.P. 75 “Superman” actor Christopher 76 Achier 78 Applying to ears 79 Woman with a gavel 80 Aura of doom 81 Cookie favorite 82 One with powers of foresight 85 “Humble” place to live 86 Continues 88 Afterword 91 “___ Flanders” 92 Tough to comb 94 Kind of benefit 95 Aquarium apparatus 96 Angry 97 Bird feeder bits 98 Artichoke center 99 Orderly grouping 101 Airline seating option 103 Agent, briefly 106 At the apex of 107 “Lymph” follower 109 Big scallion 110 Mark a ballot 111 Nephew of Cain and Abel 113 “About the Author” blurb 115 ___ man out

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Items Under $200 For Sale

Commercial Property For Rent

Homes For Rent

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

DOG STROLLER for 1 or 2. Perfect. Must. see. Was $175. Now $65. 941-383-9770.

COMMERCIAL LOT with boat dock. 407 Pine Ave Anna Maria $399k or build to suite 2000/SF commercial space @ $4/month and/or 3BR/2BA apartment $1,900/month. Great investment on best street in Anna Maria. 813-340-4420.

3BR/2BA Longboat Key canal front home with boat dock. Unfurnished. 5 minute walk to beach/ restaurants. Annual rental: $1800/mo. 941-778-6601.

BEACHFRONT LONGBOAT KEY CONDO Rare 3BR/2.5BA with beautiful views of Gulf of Mexico. Remodeled kitchen and baths, W/D, pool, tennis, spa, photos available. or 941-953-3438

LADIES ITALIAN Bike, 20 in. Bike also folds, easy transportation, $25. Phone 941-488-3843.

Autos Wanted AUTOS WANTED! Let me take the hassle out of selling your car. Cash offered today! Call Mike, 941-713-2277.

Boat Slips For Rent/Sale BOATHOUSE ON Longboat unit for sale on east end, second level. $30,000, reasonable offers welcomed. Call Mike, 941-952-0308. BRADENTON BOAT CLUB -- HIGH AND DRY STORAGE LONGBOAT AMENITIES WITH CORTEZ PRICING. Only $11.00 per ft., per month 12 months, $11.50 per ft, per month 6 months. Located on Cortez Rd, 1600 ft. of the most beautiful, peaceful canal in West Florida, lands you in the Intercoastal waterway. Unlimited daily use of the facility and launching to include: engine flushing and boat washdown. Full mechanical service, Detailing Service and boat sales. COME SEE US NOW, 1st month $200.00 regardless of size of boat. We have grown 250% in the last year and will soon be at full capacity. Call 941-795-3625 FOR SALE OR RENT, fantastic high and dry boat slip, superb S. Longboat location. Call 941-371-1866. LBK MOORINGS Slip Rental, 65’ Open Water View (R/8) Dock, $500/per month annual. 813-500-0566.

Boats Boat Washing. Time for a Spring Cleaning? An intermediate detail will have your boat looking great. Meticulous detailed wash, interior hand wax and all stainless+. $100-$200. 941-228-3489. Monthly services available $3.50/foot. Boats are selling very well. Center Consoles, Deck boats and Walk Arounds are definitely in demand. Let’s talk about selling your boat. Keeping it simple, “Business on a Hand Shake”. I buy boats too. Island Boat Sales. 941-228-3489. SEARAY AMBERJACK, Sport Cruiser. 38/ft. includes bow pulpit and swim platform. Beam: 13’5”. Asking price $82,000. 612-840-5640.

Furnishings COPENHAGEN IMPORTS teak dining set extension, table 6 chairs, china cabinet, $2500. 941-383-1022. LEATHER LOVESEATS: 2 Copenhagen Imports, wine color, 72" ea. $500/ea or b/o. 941-383-1022. TWIN MATTRESS sets (4) and 1 Queen size set. 941-383-3844.

General Merchandise STEREO COMPONENTS. Multi CD player, receiver, speakers, sub-woolfer, other units. Most under $200. 941-383-1022. THRIFT SHOP: LORD’S WAREHOUSE. Hours: Mon., Weds., & Sat., 9a.m. to 1p.m. Non-profit. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, other items. 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. 941-383-4738.

Merchandise Wanted

Homes For Sale

Condos/Apts. For Rent BEACH-TO-BAY CONDO at Bayport BTC Newly decorated 2bed/2bath. First floor, end unit. Free local phone, cable, Wi-Fi. Monthly rentals beginning May 2012. Contact owner at 615-376-9448. BEACHPLACE CONDOMINIUMS for Rent, special summer rates on Longboat Key! Units are: 2 bedroom, fully furnished, with covered parking, WiFi and cable included. Seeking tenants looking for a Summer or Fall-stay, rates are negotiable. Steps to the beach and minutes from St. Armand's Circle. To view the properties, please email BEACHPLACE, LBK. Casual beachfront living in 2BR/2BA, balcony condo. Olympic pool, health club, tennis courts. Available April through December, $2000/mo. Also available January through March, $5000/mo. Call for info. Contact Elizabeth/NYC. 212-570-2950. LBK BEACHPLACE Delightful 3 BR/ 2BR corner apartment. Two balconies with private walk-down access. Tastefully furnished, parking, heated pool, tennis courts, exercise room. Non-smoking, by owner. Available year-round $3500/mo or monthly (negotiable depending on season). Call 847-431-1822 or email LONGBOAT HARBOUR: Fall 2012 through Feb. 2013. 2BR/2BA, Bay View, Private Beach, Second floor. Non-smoking. No pets. 410-984-4435, LONGBOAT KEY - ON THE BEACH AT THE PIERRE: Fabulous views. 2,410 sq/ft. 2 bedroom plus den/convertible 3rd bedroom. 3 baths. Available 5/1/2013.

Condos For Sale DISCOVER THE OTHER ISLAND, Tidy Island in Sarasota Bay. Great Bay front townhouse, 2/2/2 plus loft. Pet friendly. $390,000. Katharine Pepper, Rosebay Real Estate. 802-363-9973. FULL AND UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW of Gulf and beach from every room and both balconies. Sunsets are viewed year round from both patios. One balcony offers views of Ringling Bridge, Sarasota and its night lights. 2/2 behind the gates in Privateer North, all amenities. Priced to sell quickly at $599,900, 941-587-8572. LIDO BEACH Penthouse, 3BR, 2BA. City and bay views. $749,000. David or Lois Trotochau, Yacht Harbor Realty, 941-388-6400. LONGBOAT KEY Club complex. By Owner. Private club suite, tennis, view, 650/sq.ft. $299,900. 708-267-6704.



Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925 “Take our video tour at” Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228

SARASOTA PROPERTY DEALS Invest in Property with great Rental returns


941-225-1356 UNIVERSITY PARK C.C. Upscale renovation on unique custom courtyard home w/separate guest suite & 3 car garage. Gutted in 2007 & rebuilt with quality finishes. Ray Routh custom cabinetry, 24" travertine thru out, exotic granites & marble. Private courtyard pool/spa. $799,900. Owner/Agent 941-544-0214.

Real Estate Wanted WANTED LUXURY ANNUAL RENTALS For Qualified Waiting Clients

FREE Wireless High Speed Internet

“Where People Return Year After Year” “INTENTIONALLY BETTER” DIRECT GULF Front. Large 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, desirable location. Full Gulf views from every room. No Smoking. No Pets. 201-694-9222. Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 Homes & Condominiums Studios to Six Bedrooms Beachfront, Intercoastal or Garden Excellent Service & Staff FLORIDA VACATION CONNECTION

Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals 941-225-1356 941-387-9709 877-705-2460

email: Personalized attention with professional honest advice. 25 Years Experience - References available

Find Treasure!

Storage STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.

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PENTHOUSE LIVING Truly the most private beachfront home in the sky! Exquisitely furnished and finished and offering four true bedrooms. Gas fireplace and cooktop as well as a private two-car garage are among the unique features. The Water Club is a Premier Gulf front community on south Longboat Key. Gated and secured, these concierge buildings offer the ultimate beach front lifestyle. The floor plans, each with private elevator entry, are spectacular and spacious. The community amenities, including the 18,000 square foot club house, are unparalled. Water Club Building II • 3,435 square feet • four bedrooms • three and one-half baths • $2,895,000 • fully furnished •



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Luxury Marketing is the Difference

Roger C. Pettingell, Waterfront Luxury Specialist 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive Suite 1, Longboat Key, Florida 34228 office: (941) 387-1840 cell: (941) 586-6668 fax: (941) 827-9444 website: blog: e-mail:

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A RT S | E N T E RTA I N M E N T | S O C I E T Y | F O O D | FA S H I O N | D é C O R


THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


By Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor



Foundation’s ‘Cirque du Gold’ / PAGE 11

BACKSTAGE PASS Michael Gray takes the scenic route at The Players / PAGE 6 Heidi Kurpiela

“We were dealt such a legion of blows for five years that people weren’t sure if we’d be around next year,” Kyle Turoff says of the financial drama surrounding The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre. “Well, we’re here, and we’re not going anywhere, come hell or high water.”

Golden comeback

Money woes, be damned. With Kyle Turoff at the helm of Sarasota’s newest non-profit theater company, The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre is hoping to shed its financial drama.

Kyle Turoff is sitting at a table inside The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, sharing ideas for arts programming with a theater patron. Around her, a million things compete for her attention:

the wait staff, her twin boys, her parents, her husband, nagging hunger pains. If Turoff is flustered by any of these distractions, it doesn’t show. She simply continues to conduct busi-

ness as she always does: with honesty, humor and unflappable focus. Carole Kleinberg interrupts. “You gotta get all these people out,” Kleinberg says. “I have a rehearsal to start.”



lives up to its name, and a backyard receives a makeover / PAGES 8-10

2  ■ Diversions >>


“Yes, yes, I know,” Turoff says, shooing what people remain from the inaugural meeting of the Arts Lover’s League, a support group organized with the purpose of providing outreach between area schools and PLATO, the new non-profit theater company operating out of the Golden Apple. “I’m working on it.” Kleinberg is PLATO’s associate artistic director. Turoff is its president and artistic director. Together, the women are building a new identity for the 41-year-old dinner theater. First on the agenda: clearing up confusion about what Turoff refers to as “the separation between church and state.” Or, in other words: outlining the differences between PLATO and the Golden Apple. “People are like, ‘Who’s Plato? What’s Plato?’” Turoff says. “The explanation is so long, it’s easy to see why there’s been confusion. Basically, the Golden Apple is no longer producing theater. PLATO produces the theater, and Golden Apple provides the venue. It’s that simple. Kind of.” PLATO — an acronym that stands for Professional Learning and Theatrical Organization — is a lifeboat for the fledging dinner theater, which, over the course of the last few years, has been crippled by debt, downtown parking shortages and a failed development project in Lakewood Ranch.

Launched late last year in an effort to keep the theater from going under, PLATO is eligible for grant funding and charitable donations that the Golden Apple, as a for-profit company, is not. “There were people who said for years that the theater should go non-profit,” Turoff says. “It was just something we never really wrapped our brains around. We had followed a certain model for years, and that was just the way it was. We were very insular in that regard, always chasing the dollar in our own little world.” The theater is insular no more, thanks to several strategic moves that Turoff hopes will keep the venue on its feet. Last year, to help pay its bills, the Golden Apple sold its Pineapple Avenue building for $1.7 million to a commercial real-estate company with an arrangement to lease the space for several years. In addition to this transaction, it launched an aggressive $250,000 fundraising campaign; organized PLATO’s board of directors; and hired Kleinberg, the former artistic director of the Banyan Theater Company, to help lead the company. At the helm of all these changes is Turoff, a fasttalking character actress and the only daughter of Bob and Roberta Turoff — the Broadway lovebirds who in 1971 opened the landmark dinner theater. “She’s the future of the place,” Kleinberg says. “She’s

smart. She’s spirited. She’s got great ideas, and she’s patient. She’s got a huge task ahead of her and a very full plate, but I know she’s up to it. I’ve been around for a long time, so I speak from experience when I say she can make it happen.” To Turoff, the Golden Apple is more than just a family business. It’s a home. It’s where she and her older brother, Ben, grew up. It’s where, at age 4, she made her stage debut as Ngana in “South Pacific.” It’s where, on the nights her mother had a show, she would watch the actresses apply their makeup and fake eyelashes, then, during intermission, fall asleep on a cot in the women’s dressing room. “I can’t tell you how many times I woke up after the women had come in from their bows,” Turoff says. “I was that comfortable.” And she’s still that comfortable. As she makes her way to the front of the house, a babysitter approaches Turoff with two 3-year-old boys clinging to her side. The boys — Kennedy and Avery, Turoff’s twin sons with husband, Trez Cole, the theater’s technical director — have their mother’s dark hair and big eyes. When they’re not in school at the Julie Rohr Academy, they’re at the theater in the company of a babysitter. Already little hams, Turoff recently caught them singing

on stage between auditions. “I have a hard time getting anything done when they’re around,” she says. “Can you blame me? I miss the days when I could hold them and cuddle them. They grow up too fast.” As the boys amble past, Turoff calls out to whoever is listening: “Please tell my husband to feed the kids.” When no one responds to the command, she repeats it once more then sighs. “I have a hard time delegating tasks,” she says, “and letting go of control.” Admittedly, Turoff was one of the last people in the Golden Apple’s inner circle to agree to PLATO. In all her years of working in show business, she never had to answer to a board of directors or write a grant proposal or seek donations from area businesses and philanthropists. In all her years of designing posters and playbills, she never had to reach out to advertisers. As a for-profit company, it was never an option. “There’s been a huge learning curve,” she says. “But it’s all good. It’s reinvigorated all of us, including my mother and father. Things are very hands-on right now. It feels a lot like it did when I was a kid and my parents would get a call from the manager on a duty about a leak in the bathroom. We’re all working harder now than we’ve ever worked before, because this is it. It’s make it or break it, baby.”

IF YOU GO The PLATO season will include four musicals and three straight plays, beginning with this month’s “Moonlight and Magnolias,” directed by Carole Kleinberg. The play, which stars local actors Chris Caswell, Ryan Fitts and BJ Wilkes, is the true Hollywood story about the creation of the “Gone With the Wind” script. The show runs through July 1, at The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre. For tickets, call 366-5454 or visit

d d

d d

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

(Continued from page 1)

h t 9 1 Y A M Y A D T S


STORE CLOSING at Lakewood Ranch Main Street


50 -75%

at Lakewood Ranch Main Street


50 -75%









THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




art scene HEARD

+ RCAD hosts Florida Artist Group symposium

by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

+ Ballet principal takes his final bow It goes without saying that we’re going to miss Sarasota Ballet dancer Octavio Martin. A principal with the company for six years, Martin announced last week that he would be leaving the organization due to contract disputes. Also departing: his wife, ballet mistress and Martin Sarasota Ballet School instructor Yaima Franco. The news came on the heels of the company’s final performance, “Theatre of Dreams” program, for which the dancer choreographed one of five world premieres. According to managing director Mary Anne Servian, the 38-yearold Cuba native “sent hints that he might not be coming back

about a year ago. We had some inkling that this might be his last year.” Says Servian, “We wish Octavio and Yaima the best of luck and we regret that we were unable to come to terms on his contract.” Director Iain Webb says he’s in no hurry to replace the principal, who was the oldest and highest paid dancer on the Sarasota Ballet roster. “The company, the way it stands at the moment, is just fantastic,” Webb says. “I’ve got brilliant principals, and, yes, Octavio has given a lot and it’s sad that he’s decided to go, but I’m not worried that it’ll affect any of the stuff we’ve got planned. I’m happy about where the company is headed. It’s a shame that for him, at this point in his career, he’s not going to be a part of it.”

+ New gallery opens in the Rosemary District Here’s my first thought upon learning that Sarasota contractor Jake Brady had opened a gallery in the Rosemary District that exhibits minimalist art in concrete frames: How on earth do you hang such heavy things? Certainly the walls of the new MillerBrady Fine Art Gallery are stronger than drywall. Why not see for yourself from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday, May 11, at the gallery’s grand opening reception? Located at 614 Florida Ave., the space houses original paintings by Brady’s lifelong friend, Spokane, Wash.,-based artist Eric Miller. For more information, follow MillerBrady Fine Art on Facebook.

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed May 11, with a reception at that the Sarasota talent pool is 5 p.m. in the Selby Gallery pretty deep. Well, guess what? and continues into the month The same can with tours of the be said for the Ringling campus, entire state. the future Sarasota Proof of this Museum of Art can be found (SMOA) and an at this year’s animation workshop Florida Artist led by a Ringling Group Exhibit faculty member. and Symposium This year’s juror, at Selby Gallery esteemed painter on the campus and printmaker Courtesy photo of Ringling Tom Nakashima, Artist Tom Nakashima College of Art will give a presentaand Design. tion of his work at 11:30 a.m. The 62nd annual statewide Saturday, May 12, at the Ringling exhibition, which runs May 11 College Auditorium. to June 1, features the work of I suggest you swing by Selby professional painters, sculptors Gallery to peruse the work of this and photographers, all of whom year’s artists. Many of them are come with an impressive amount local, including painter Susan von of industry cred and diverse bodGries, mixed-media artist Meg ies of work. Pierce, sculptor Ofra Friedman The show kicks off this Friday, and photographer Jean Germain.

+ Sarasota filmmaker takes horror flick overseas Who doesn’t love candy — I mean, “Candy.” Filmmaker Sage Hall has had nothing but sweet success with “Candy,” the eight-minute short she produced and starred in two years ago. Hall’s film noir debut put her on the indie horror map last year when it was selected to screen at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild boardroom in New York City. The piece has since gone on to play the Underground Horror Film Festival in Tulsa, Okla., the SAC Sci-Fi Horror Show in Sacramento, Calif., A Night to Remember Film Festival in


italian restaurant & wine bar bringing

to siesta key


San Francisco, and the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival in Beverly Hills, Calif. Now it’s traveling to Ireland to screen May 17 and May 18, at the University College of Dublin File photo with the Viscera Sage Hall Film Festival. May I suggest that for her next project Hall, a wedding videographer by day, direct a horror picture about a jilted bride who stalks her ex-groom? Bridezillas are all the rage these days.




‘The Full Monty’: Haven’t had the pleasure of watching six out-of-work steel workers strip down to their skivvies? The Players Theatre has extended its manly musical romp, which stars Artistic Director Jeffery Kin, through the end of this weekend. Get your tickets now and be prepared to blush. This ‘Monty’ isn’t for the prude of heart. Call 3652494 or visit

+ RIAF reveals its 2012 festival lineup The Ringing International Arts Festival (RIAF) is back with another eclectic variety pack of performances. Now in its fourth year, the Ringling Museum’s annual collaboration with New York’s Baryshnikov Arts Center runs Oct. 10 to Oct. 13 on the museum grounds. The festival kicks off Wednesday, Oct. 10 with the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG) in the Mertz Theatre, followed by dinner with RIAF artists in the museum galleries. Also on the festival bill: Shantala Shivalingappa, whose interpretation of her native India’s traditional Kuchipudi dancing looks downright hypnotic, the OBIE-winning and vaguely vaudevillian Pig Iron Theatre Company and a chanting folk ensemble from the Republic of Georgia. Pianists Adam Tendler and Phyllis Chen will shake up the solitude inside the museum’s Skyspace exhibit — Tendler with his from-memory recital of John Cage’s complete “Sonatas and Interludes” and Chen with her tinkering on the toy piano.

mother’s day est.

at one of the most elegant restaurants on siesta key!

regular À-la-carte menu offered

4:00 - 11:30pm

please call 941-349-1423

5104 ocean blvd • siesta key village open for dinner Tues.-Sun. 4:00pm-11:30pm reservations recommended



Exquisite International


italian restaurant & wine bar

4  ■ Diversions >>

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


FILM >> ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ The idiom “between the devil and the deep blue sea” describes a choice between two undesirable situations. In Terence Davies’ new film, “The Deep Blue Sea,” the celebrated director invites his audience to witness this as two people pay a high price for their indiscretions. As the film opens, Hester Collyer (Oscar winner Rachel Weisz) is in the throes of committing suicide. Her selfish lover, Freddie Page (Tom Huddleston), has opted to play golf with his mates rather than celebrate her birthday; or so she thinks. Her radical reaction to his shenanigans is a clear indication of how one-sided and dysfunctional their relationship is. Hester’s mother-in-law-from-hell (deliciously played by Barbara Jefford) passes on a tidbit of wisdom to her, stating, “Passion always leads to something ugly.” It’s a foreboding remark, because Hester leaves her loving yet passionless husband, Sir William Collyer (Simon Russell Beale), for his friend, the penniless former Royal Air Force pilot, aforementioned, Freddie. Throwing caution to the wind of passion, Hester seals her fate. Weisz (“The Constant Gardener”) gives an Oscar-caliber performance as a woman obsessed by a man whom she knows can never love her equally. Witnessing the loss of dignity so central to her character, one can’t help feeling the immense pain she endures. The extreme talent Weiz possesses exquisitely manifests in her facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. Her commitment to passion is shear perfection and a joy to behold. Davies (“The House of Mirth”) has not only assembled a grand cast, he paints a beautiful picture. Darkly lit rooms, golden,

Courtesy photo

Tim Huddleston and Rachel Weisz portray a disfunctional couple in “The Deep Blue Sea.” grainy shots and intertwined, naked bodies seem worthy of framing. Set in 1950, England is still recovering from the Blitzkreig. There’s a flashback of Londoners huddled beneath the city in the Underground as the Nazis bomb from above. It’s incredibly moving as a soldier sings “Molly Malone.” Flash-forward: The ruins ironically analogous to their personal circumstances surround Hester and Freddie.   “The Deep Blue Sea” conjures up memories of other great films about unbridled passion. I was secretly hoping for a jump onto the train tracks or a mouthful of arsenic. But, alas, in the end we’re left with a dose of hope.  — Pam Nadon

DaRuMa-MothersDay Ad5x4.pdf


12:02:06 PM


Relax and Mingle at the Bar Experience Elegant Dining Inside or Alfresco


Private Dining & Off Premise Catering Available

Dinner for Two


Available nightly starting at 5:00 Includes a choice of starter, entree and a select bottle of wine. $ 95 per couple


Join us before 6:00 and receive a complimentary dessert to share.

Special available starting May 14th! Visit our menu online at


941.388.4415 431 St. Armands Circle |


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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012




MUSIC >> Sarasota Orchestra’s ‘Journeys to Genius’: Shostakovich It’s been only a few seasons since Sarasota Orchestra began its “Journeys to Genius” series. The series combines history and music into compelling narratives with actors and singers, videos and musical examples and, finally, a complete performance. Last week’s Journey, “Shostakovich: Truth or Consequences,” was probably the most successful yet, for two reasons: The conductor, Dirk Meyer, worked with Stephen Schlow, chair of the UCF Film Department in Orlando, to come up with a gripping script; and even with the severe limitations of the video and sound systems in the Sarasota Opera House, things ran smoothly, allowing the storytelling and music-making to take center stage. The Meyer-Schlow collaboration brought underscoring to the storyline, so as the actors, Eric Pinder and Stephan Jones, took on varied roles in Soviet history, from Stalin to Shostakovich, the live music gave their script an urgency and immediacy that only music can do. The story also gave us a lot to think about and, at times, to question. What, for example, would Shostakovich’s music have sounded like if the Soviet government had not forced him to compose music that

would be interpreted in different ways by different people? Stalin, they pointed out, heard a triumphant march in the now famous Fifth Symphony, while noncommunists could easily hear intended sarcasm, contempt and mockery. The storyline, which pointed out the political propaganda espoused by the Soviet regime, might also be heard as a 21st-century western view of socialism. Political reality versus artistic reality is, after all, still floating around today. But what was then called “leftist” is now on the “right” and what was then right, in some quarters, seems to have become wrong. Politics aside, Meyer’s comparison of the repeated notes in Beethoven’s Ninth and Shostakovich’s Fifth, and the final 44 or so minutes devoted to the complete performance of the Shostakovich symphony were extraordinary. And tenor Adam Ulrich’s brief excerpts of works by Mussorgsky and Shostakovich added just the right varietal color. As insightful as the historic videos, designed for the first half by Austin McKinley, were, even more stunning was Steve Lemke’s live camera work zooming in on principal players and section configurations, giving the audience a chance to peer inside the orchestra to see, as well as hear, how this (now) romantic work is designed. Yes, there were some notquite-unison sounds among the strings in unison sections, but the overall performance was mesmerizing, and it showed us a side of Meyer we were most happy to see. — June LeBell

THEATER >> ‘Reel Music’ Florida Studio Theatre’s musical review, “Reel Music,” now playing in its cabaret theater, is a zippy, zany celebration of musical cinema. Developed by Richard Hopkins, Rebecca Hopkins and Jim Prosser, with additional assistance from Amanda Cayo and Jessica Mingoia, the patter is snappy, the transitions clever and informative and the musical selections scrumptious, spanning nearly 100 years of aural treats. The talented cast members, under the sizzling direction of Bill Castellino, begin showing off their hot and considerable “stuff” with a nod to silent movies. The history of movie musicals began with the very first “talkie,” to wit, “The Jazz Singer,” which starred Al Jolson. What follows borders on parody, but is a seriously fun ballroom dance through the genres. Costume designer Nicole Wee throws everything from Mexican sombreros for “Carioca” to “Puttin’ on the Ritz” top hats into the mix. In Act II, she dresses the ladies in yummy sherbet green and pink chiffon ’50s designs. Music Director David Nelson is a marvel of unpredictability. The arrangements are little unexpected gems, never failing to surprise and delight, as well as to invoke nostalgic shivers of recognition. The range of the performers matches that of the songs. L.R. Davidson breaks the audience members’ hearts as she puts her lovely voice to “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” while Matt Mundy quickly mends them with “Make ’Em Laugh.” Gil Brady provides preventive care with the lyrics “Ay-yi-yi means I love you.” The songs make us “Follow the Yellow

Photo coutrtesy of Maria Lyle

Matt Mundy, L.R. Davidson, Gil Brady and Liz Power perform in “Reel Music.” Brick Road” on a journey “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to Casablanca, and “As Time Goes By” to “Moon River” where “It’s Wonderful,” we learn “How much do I love you?” in thrilling fourpart harmony. Afterward, we dwell on our “Memories,” stunningly sung by Liz Power. Act II brings even more laughs, thrills and movie trivia with “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Most impressive is the creative cast ensemble of movie songs, sans lyrics, including “Chariots of Fire,” ”Superman,” “Rocky,” “Pink Panther” and “Mission Impossible.” Another set in an impressive array of highlights was Power’s moving rendition of “Windmills of Your Mind.” This show is a cannot-miss moment for music and movie lovers, alike. — Paula Atwell




Mike Wilton, Bud Polley and Arnie Vance

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

BACKSTAGE PASS By Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

Scenic route Michael Gray is listening to classic rock and maneuvering his way around a warehouse stocked with decades’ worth of dismantled scenery and props. As he walks among the pieces, he can picture them on stage at The Players Theatre, where he’s worked on and off as a set designer since 2000. There’s the polka-dotted toadstools from “Seussical,” the pirate ship from “H.M.S Pinafore,” the transparent bistro backdrop from “Dear World” and the winding staircase from “Mame” that was used in so many other Players productions Gray is beginning to lose count. “We store a little more than we should,” he says, his voice muffled by the loud whir of a box fan, which serves as the only form of air conditioning in the muggy scene shop. “It comes in handy, though. When we were in production for ‘The Full Monty,’ we were able to pull most of the set from stock. Right now, we’ve probably got (scenery from) 15 different shows on stage. It’s all just reconfigured. That’s the thing about scenery. You can rework it and no one notices.” A seasoned set designer and Sarasota native, Gray, who was hired last season as The Players’ technical direc-

Set designer Michael Gray has worked at amusement parks and the Home Shopping Network, yet he feels most at home in The Players Theatre’s scene shop.

Heidi Kurpiela

“I have a shop behind our pool at home,” says Michael Gray, technical director at The Players Theatre. “My daughter is always asking to come inside and tinker. It’s adorable.” tor, has worked backstage at almost every performing-arts organization in town. Between his work at The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre, the Asolo Repertory Theatre and Sarasota Opera, he estimates he’s built more than 150 show sets. “I originally thought I’d go into film and TV,” Gray says. “This seems like a better fit. It’s a fun job. It keeps me busy, and each month is something new.” The 38-year-old got his start in carpentry straight out of

high school, working for the Sarasota-based construction company, Maglich Homes. He was a good builder, but admittedly too antsy to perform the same tasks over and over. Eager to pursue a more creative industry, he transferred from State College of Florida (then Manatee Community College) to Florida State University, where he studied design technology and dreamed of following in the footsteps of his godfather, Sarasota native Steve Rothman, who in the 1970s moved to California to revitalize the

Pasadena Playhouse. “I was never really interested in acting,” Gray says. “I like being behind the scenes. It’s neat to sit in the audience and know that I made something for a couple hundred bucks. It’s satisfying.” Adrenaline junkies can appreciate his handiwork as well. After college, Gray worked for a company in Orlando that built many of the fake rock walls that surround the rides at Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. “I’ve done a lot of different jobs,” Gray says. “About eight years ago, I worked for the Home Shopping Network, setting up stages for Suzanne Somers, Richard Simmons and Wolfgang Puck. I worked from noon to midnight, moving sets in and out. I got to be on TV, but it wasn’t glamorous.” Despite his celebrity coworkers, rolling in kitchen countertops and cookie-cutter bedroom sets for 12 hours a day paled in comparison to building pirate ships and making it rain on stage, the details of which Gray won’t divulge. “(Stage rain) is a theater secret,” Gray says. “Although, if you really wanted to know, you could Google it pretty quickly.”

THE STORY BEHIND ‘JADA’S ROBOTS’ Inspired by the funny little box-shaped robots his young daughter, Jada, often scribbles in her notebooks, Michael Gray started building quirky box-shaped figures out of found objects and antiques. Many of the pieces, which are sold at Ashby Art & Antiques in Towles Court, are functional, such as this shelf-like design, titled “BanJoe.” Gray says he scours estate sales, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore location and Architectural Salvage to find antique crates, cabinet pulls, table legs, faucet heads, brass fittings and doorknockers. Although the collection is named “Jada’s Robots” after Gray’s daughter, in conversation, the set designer usually refers to them as his “little dudes.” He’s hoping his work appeals to art collector Mary Lee, the owner of Sarasota’s Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy. “They’re designed to make you laugh,” he says of the robots. Sounds like the perfect fit for the eccentric North Trail museum.

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May 11 – June 5, 2012

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012





by Molly Schechter | Food Editor

A pearl of an oyster bar There’s a new kid on the block near the Hollywood 20 movie theater: it’s the Half Shell Oyster House, and it has an enticing promotion to get you in to try its wares. From 3 to 6 p.m. daily, you can have oysters on the half shall, freshly shucked to order and served with cocktail sauce and horseradish for 50 cents each. Not a fan of raw oysters? Any time the restaurant is open, which happens to be seven days a week starting at 11 a.m., you can order the oyster combo of three each of oysters: charbroiled, Bienville, Rockefeller and Orleans, for $17. There is a little something special in how they prepare each of these classics: a touch of cream cheese enhances the texture of the Rockefeller filling, for example. And the restaurant prepares its own blends of spices and herbs for all its dishes, oyster and otherwise. The po-boy sandwich comes in three varieties: shrimp, Voodoo shrimp or oysters. They are all made on bread from New Orleans’ Gambino Bakery, a necessity for authenticity, according to Half Shell Oyster House owner and President Dino Miranda, and all are served with


Half Shell Oyster House Bienville Topping Yield: topping for 30-dozen oysters Start to finish: 30 minutes Note: This is a restaurant-sized recipe; adjust downward for amount you wish to prepare.


Half Shell Oyster House Address: 1991 Main St. Phone: 952-9400 Website: Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday. Sunday brunch is 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

INGREDIENTS: 12 ounces butter 3 cups bacon, chopped 1/2 cup minced shallots 1 1/2 cups minced garlic 1 1/2 cup diced mushrooms 5 pounds chopped shrimp 2 cups chives, minced

your choice of sides, including fried okra (Southern boys, take note!) and exceptionally crisp French fries. “Fully-dressed,” the po-boys come with lettuce, tomato and onion. The Voodoo sauce is a chutneylike sweet-and-sour condiment. To start, Miranda suggests the oyster combo, followed by a cup of crab-andshrimp gumbo made fresh in-house daily. His entrée recommendation is Polynesian mahi-mahi topped with homemade pineapple salsa, the entrée special for May. For dessert, his recommendation is housemade, cinnamon-roll bread pudding. “Anybody can put whipped cream on

Photos by Molly Schechter

President/owner Dino Mirando and Manager Jaime Jackson with their oyster combo: Orleans, Bienville, chargrilled and Rockefeller. bread pudding,” says Miranda, so he serves his with a Myers rum sauce. Half Shell Oyster House is in the space long occupied by Zoria and then briefly by the Main Street Oyster Bar. Miranda describes its ambience as “polished casual” and says his goal is to put a lot of value in his pricing so as not to be just an occasion restaurant but one folks will visit frequently. Guest checks average $7 to $13 per person for lunch, $13 to $25 for dinner. The daily lunch combo is any

two of a half po-boy, salad or a cup of soup, plus a hot or cold beverage for $9. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and a private dining room that can accommodate 48. The regular customers give the impression that Half Shell Oyster House will be around for a while. Take, for example, the octogenarian couple that comes in twice a week and orders three-dozen oysters; they eat 30 of them and take six home to fry for lunch the next day.

2 cups milk 2 cups white wine 2 cups grated Parmesan cheese 1 1/2 teaspoons white pepper 2 1/2 cups Italian bread crumbs 2 pounds lump crab meat 1 pound crab claw meat

DIRECTIONS: • Sauté butter and bacon until browned in a large braising pan. (Hint: It’s easier to chop bacon when it is frozen.) • Add shallots, garlic, shrimp and mushrooms, and sauté until shrimp turn pink. • Add remaining ingredients, except the crab meat. • Remove from heat, and then fold in the crab meat. • Shuck oysters and broil to cook them. Spoon about one tablespoon of hot topping on each. Broil 3 to 4 minutes, until browned and bubbly. Serve immediately.



CLOSES MAY 13 82657

“My wife and I may


351-8000 • ASOLOREP.ORG

moving to Sarasota


Bay Club we plan


on having the time of our lives. Now we dine downtown, take in concerts at Van Wezel, and look forward to the beautiful sunsets on Sarasota Bay.” Our New Life At

Sarasota Bay Club Is A Masterpiece.

S 80052


be retired, but since

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

by Loren Mayo | Black Tie Editor

The pond house Nora and Billy Johnson have always believed in naming their homes. They call their current residence on South Lake Shore Drive the “Pond House,” because of the “pond” (lake) in the backyard. You wouldn’t know it unless you’d toured the inside of the Pond House, but there’s also a koi pond indoors, just past the kitchen. “Our cottage in Michigan is called ‘The Roost’ because it’s where all the bats used to roost before we bought it,” says Nora Johnson. “It’s a fun and easy way to refer to your house, and it gives it an identity.”

Photos by Loren Mayo

“It was Billy’s idea to put the pond addition on,” says Nora Johnson. “There was a natural kind of void there.”

On the other side of the Chicago Architectural Salvage door, the second story overlooks the foyer, which is adjacent to a living room filled with Kriestle Forge lighting.

This Bible is an heirloom from Billy Johnson’s family.

“Florendo Rozante was a member of the Young Masters Society at the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. He did four (portraits) of my son and a larger one of my daughter.”

“This bed is from Florence, (Italy). The antique dealer marched my grandmother into her own room and said, ‘This is the bed you’ve been looking for!’ It’s the best thing we own.”

Step Into “Vintage Living”

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Vicki’s 1920’s Vintage Homes 705 Palma Sola Blvd.


2074 Constitution Blvd. Sarasota 34231 | Phone: 921-6709

“We were in Asia for eight weeks when we spotted this painting in Hanoi, (Vietnam). We didn’t buy it at the time and never found anything else we loved as much the whole trip. When we got home, Billy tracked down the gallery in Hanoi. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of his resourcefulness.”


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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

by Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

Escape artist When updating the outdoor scenery of a home, many people automatically think about which plants they should buy in order to change the look of the landscape. Landscape architects, however, must imagine how best to incorporate hardscape such as patios, pools, pavilions and pergolas into the big picture and complement the plant life. David W. Young, the founder of the landscape architectural firm DWY, recently helped a couple from Minnesota recreate their seasonal retreat on Bird Key. Young’s goal was to make the exterior space a more pleasant environment so the couple could enjoy the outdoor habitat of their waterfront home. “The exterior was functionally challenged and aesthetically inconsistent with a leaking pool and cumbersome, multi-level red clay brick patio and a stoop area, just large enough for a small table and two chairs,” Young said. Today, the home’s exterior features a water wall, water garden, lap pool, spa, dining terrace, pavilion, pergola, grill, fireplace and outdoor shower. Young says the success of that transformation is evident from the owner’s reaction that it’s better than she could have imagined.

BEFORE: Located in the side yard, the existing pool and cracked deck provided limited space for entertaining and relaxing.

BEFORE: The backyard had a small sitting area. which was the owners’ primary space for enjoying the bay.

AFTER: The view looking toward the aluminum pergola, outdoor shower, grill and water garden.

Courtesy photos

AFTER: The newly designed space takes full advantage of the views to the bay, while creating a modern aesthetic that meets the owners’ style. This view looking south includes the modern, aluminum, reading pergola surrounded by water, with LED lighting and ipe slats to reduce sun; linear fire trough; water wall; water garden; grill; and mini fridge.

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AFTER: The view of the backyard and rear of the home with new lap pool with integral cover; clear glass skirt to buffer cool bay breezes while in the pool; and overall continuity with architectural aspects of the residence.

Barbara Vanderkolk Gardner

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Black Tie

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

Co-Chairwomen Dawn Epstein, Debbie Dannheisser and Denise Mei

Lindsay Degg


INSIDE: Mother-anddaughter duo Courtney and Sue Wise / PAGE 15

Nicolette Fornasari


Left: Lyric Wallenda and Dennis Stover

By Loren Mayo | Black Tie Editor

It’s fun to stay at the … circus! Cirque du Gold Co-Chairwomen Debbie Dannheisser, Dawn Epstein and Denise Mei and several helping hands transformed the Sarasota Family YMCA from its usual gym equipment-filled state into Cirque du Soleil bliss. The space was fabulously adorned with costumed circus characters performing everywhere you looked: A life-sized Slinky corralled a group of guests in the silent auction room and appeared to start a dance-off. Nicolette Fornasary dazzled guests with slow, graceful movements from a trapeze and, after a quick costume change, was spotted carrying a hula-hoop; and let’s not forget Simon Arestoe in his inflatable wrestling suit or Yetty Wallenda, who pranced from room to room dressed as a colorful box with polka-dotted tights and hot-pink shoes. Cirque du Gold is the Sarasota YMCA’s largest fundraiser and celebrates 21 years of “going for the gold.”

Yetty Wallenda

Olga Coronas

See more photos on page 12

Beverly Bartner, Flori Roberts and Anne Weintraub

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

COVER JUMP / CAMERA READY GULF COAST CHEESE FEST CHEESE BALL benefiting G.WIZ SCIENCE MUSEUM Saturday, April 28 | Polo Grill and Bar, Fête Ballroom

Kelly Gettel Incoming G.WIZ CEO Sara Rankin Wilson with outgoing CEO Molly Demeulenaere

Left: Ashley Gaw


Candice and Kevin Miller


Fay Holliday with Kathie Longwell

Catrina Liott

Simon Arestoe Left: Dave Brackett and Joanna Pace

Photos by Pam Eubanks

Tracy Freeman with Broc Smith

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012





Lynn Guilford, Carla Harris and Arthur Guilford at the Gems of Philanthropy Luncheon Friday, April 27, at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Above: Susan Roosa, Mary Bensel, Jean Allenby-Weidner and Joan Campo-Liga at the Designed to Give: Designing Women Boutique Salon Series Thursday, April 26. Left: Melanie Martin and Lauren Ann Walsh at the Designing Women Boutique Salon Series. Chairwoman Tish FitzGerald and Mary Jane Brantley at Rags to Riches, benefiting Joy Inc. Monday, April 30, at Michael’s On East.

Irene Shatz, Chairwoman Toni Armstrong and Cece Dwyer at the Sarasota Orchestra Association Spring Luncheon Wednesday, April 25, at Michael’s On East.

Sarasota Orchestra Association President Anne Scott with Anita Kincade at the Sarasota Orchestra Association Spring Luncheon.

Visit to see more photos from this week’s events

Tricia McKay-Powers and Elena Cassella at the Gems of Philanthropy Luncheon.

Photos by Loren Mayo, Nick Friedman and Rachel S. O’Hara

Laura Proctor and Gail Hruby at Rags to Riches, benefiting Joy Inc.

Aya and Roy Sewell with John Bolton, middle, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., at the 2012 Lincoln Day dinner Friday, April 27, at the Sarasota Memorial Auditorium.

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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


black tie tales by Loren Mayo and Molly Schechter | Observer Staff

+ Wedding bells She is the founder of Sarasota Ballet and Designing Women boutique; he is one of Sarasota’s most generous and beloved philanthropists. They have been good friends for more than 20 years, and come the second week of August, they will be husband and wife. Congratulations and best wishes to Jean Weidner and Al Goldstein. And … yippee!

Courtesy photo

Al Goldstein and Jean Weidner

+ A man and his dancin’ shoes Phil King says the shoes he wore to the YMCA Cirque du Gold bash Saturday, May 5, have been dancing from city to city and country to country since the ‘70s. He bets he’s danced more than 1,000 times in them. Ronelle Ashby says she helped Phil celebrate his 40th birthday at her apartment in Paris, and, yes, the shoes were there to celebrate Phil’s birthday, too.

+ Catching up with Cornelia

+ Tidbits

Always beautiful, poised and perfectly put together. You’re picturing Cornelia Matson, right? BT caught up with her Monday, April 30, at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Chairman’s Circle, when she happened to mention “her wine” was stocked in a particular corner at Michael’s Wine Cellar. She’s owned a vineyard, located in France, for the past 14 years and happily told several entertaining tales about how, still to this day, she and her friends can be found pulling the stems from grapes by hand to ensure everything is tip-top quality. She’s also the vineyard’s official (and self-proclaimed) “pool girl,” who will go to any length to make sure the vines are trimmed to perfection and the area around the pool is spotless — even if it means accidentally falling in. The best part — she invited BT out sometime to stomp grapes.

Making mischief? … A dozen or so of Margaret Wise’s BFFs convened last week to conceptualize an event in her honor this coming December. The grand ball will be the debut of Katherine Harris and Anders Ebbeson’s new home on the bayfront. The BFFs included Alex Quarles, Bev Bartner, Kim Githler, Deb Knowles, Carolyn Michel, Molly Schechter, BJ Creighton, Nikki Sedacca, Veronica Brady, Susan Buck, Diane MeNeil and Raul Molina. The party will benefit two of Wise’s favorite charities: Asolo Rep, of which she is past president, and the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation, a board she presently heads. It is hard to imagine a more deserving honoree ... Beautiful is as beautiful does … There was a precious energy wherever Paulette Blair was present. She took enormous delight in her family, her community and her life, even when it was difficult.

Loren Mayo

Loren Mayo Molly Schechter

The list of events that this beautiful lady started, supported and showed up for is as long as your arm and Sarasota is diminished by her death April 28 ... The circle of life … This will take some getting used to! Lady-about-town Renee Sheade became a greatgrandmother Saturday, May 5, when her granddaughter, Rene Mavashez, of Beverly Hills, Calif., gave birth to a 6-pound, 6-ounce baby girl. Mazel tov!

Tommy Klauber and Dick Woodall

+ Cheese, please BT is getting a little obsessed with men and their fancy jackets. Therefore, it was hard to resist showing off this photo of Gulf Coast Cheese Fest co-founder Tommy Klauber in his brown-andwhite jacket, which he wore to the first official Cheese Ball April 21, at Fête Ballroom. What did Tommy have to say about his jacket, you ask? It's the cheesiest thing he owns. (BT begs to differ, actually.)

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012



“They’re not your mother’s pearls. I wear them for work or go casual and wear them with jeans.”

“Nanette is my obsession. The dresses just fit so nicely and are classy but very feminine. I specifically picked the Florida coral color and not black.”


by Loren Mayo | Black Tie Editor J. CREW NECKLACE



guestfashioneditors MOTHER-ANd-daughter

Sue and Courtney Wise


“I’m not a jewelry person or a pin lady, and I don’t like necklaces. However, all of these are gifts from my office staff so they hold tremendous significance and I’ve fallen in love with them.”

What do you covet from your mom’s closet? “I love that purple flower pin of mom’s. It’s so delicate and detailed. I also love the history that goes with the pin. It’s a piece that has beauty and meaning.”

What do you covet from your daughter’s closet? “Courtney has a pair of patent leather cognac boots from Cole Haan that I would definitely add to my wardrobe. They’re classic boots with the fun of patent leather — stylish, but not trendy.”



“My fiancé thinks I have a little bit of a problem ordering shoes from The UPS man knows me. I have a tight schedule but time to online shop. These are my silver crackle heels.”


“All I used to do was suits, suits, suits. I got this for the rehearsal dinner, and I was not inclined to wear something that I bought for work.”

“They were the Saks Fashion fix and definitely splurge shoes. Behind the labels, it’s the quality.”


“You can tell this is a popular dress when the dry cleaner recognizes it.”

ADRIANNA PAPELL “It looks like a Black Halo dress. I love the style of it and how it fits. It’s kind of my little black dress with a kick to it.”

“This was the dress for my first daughter’s wedding. I like that it had a jacket, so I could adjust the attire and get out on the dance floor.”



“Red bags have always been my signature. I watched it for six months and finally bought it. I found out the other day that my staff always checks my office for my bag, because if it’s there, I’m in.”

“Yes, I got this at Saks. I dress pretty conservative for work, and it’s hard to find dresses with a little bit of sleeve style.”


“Courtney is always professional, trendy and tasteful. She’s big into accessories, which is my downfall. She dresses like a leader. If she comes to work and there’s a spontaneous meeting, she’s prepared. She shops mostly at J. Crew and Banana Republic — staples that still have a mix of trendy and classic.” — Sue


“My mom used to wear traditional, boxy suits. Now that Erika and I are working for the company, she’s opened up to patterns and dresses and gotten a little more creative with her wardrobe” — Courtney




“I needed a simple but fun bag for work. I love that the inside is filled with polka dots and that my laptop fits. Plus, it was a bargain.”


(941) 365-2494

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We Buy

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012


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Longboat Observer 05.10.12  

Longboat Observer 05.10.12

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