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Thursday, OCTOBER 13, 2011


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by Robin Hartill | City Editor

P&Z to sound off on cell tower The Planning & Zoning Board will consider a proposed stealth tower at Longboat Island Chapel. But a meeting and an open house this Sunday will offer different perspectives on the plan.

The view of a proposed 150-foot stealth cell tower depends on your perspective. “(I’m) sick and tired of important phone calls being dropped,” one resident wrote in one of more than 600 petitions of support submitted as part of the August application for the proposed tower on the Longboat Island Chapel property. The application was submitted by Longboat Key resident and Alpha-Omega Communications

Inc. owner Jim Eatrides and his business partner, Kevin Barile, president of the Tampa-based Ridan Industries II. “Third World countries have better cell coverage,” a resident wrote about north-end cell service. “A necessary evil,” a north-end resident wrote. But the view of the proposal is different to Sheri Trine, who, with her hus-


Lines of communication  Community Information Meeting — 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16, at Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive; 350-9618  Grand Mariner Open House — 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16,

at 599 Dream Island Road; 232-3304  Longboat Key Planning & Zoning Board Hearing — 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, at Longboat Key Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road; 3161966

Courtesy photo

+ Chef Martinez heats up food fest Chef Jose Martinez, proprietor of Maison Blanche on Longboat Key, will be the only chef representing the West Coast of Florida in two appearances this week at Disney’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. On Oct. 13, Martinez, a Michelin star winner, will present a demonstration of his technical interpretation of beef bourguignon. Two days later, he will participate in the Party for All Senses, which begins with the Eat to the Beat concert series and features tasting stations from chefs from all across the U.S. Epcot theme park admission is required.

+ Vote for your favorite IRE photo Starting Saturday, Oct. 15, voting for the Observer Group’s annual “It’s Read Everywhere” contest begins. To vote for your favorite travel photos featuring you — or your neighbors — simply visit our website,, and click on the “Contests” tab on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Entries for this year’s contest IRE contest must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14. Email photos to nschwartz@yourobserver. com.


by Kurt Schultheis | Staff Writer

Scott: Jobs will solve state’s problems Gov. Rick Scott’s visit to the Observer Group prompted discussion on economic growth, the importance of jobs and Scott’s intention to reduce state taxes. Florida Gov. Rick Scott believes the state’s road to economic recovery depends upon the jobs he believes can be created the quickest — those in the hospitality and agriculture industries. Scott, who met with The Observer Group’s editorial board Monday at the company’s downtown Sarasota office, said those two industries will be the driving forces in helping to pull the state out of an anticipated $1.2 billion shortfall this year. The state had previously anticipated a $1.5 billion surplus after cutting the budget approximately $700 million last year. “Tourism will continue to do well,” said Scott, who noted that the Florida Panhandle hotel bedtax numbers were up 100% compared to a year ago when the BP oil spill devastated the region and its tourism numbers. “There’s no reason to expect the agriculture industry won’t have a good year as well, and our ports have big opportunities.” The elimination of a visa requirement for Brazilians, Scott said, will also help bring more tourism to the area. Scott also intends to deliver on a campaign promise that involves bringing 700,000 jobs to Florida in seven years. In a new statement he released over the weekend, Scott said “no matter what the economy might otherwise gain or lose,” his goal

Loren Mayo

Florida Gov. Rick Scott visited The Observer Group’s downtown Sarasota office Monday to answer questions for its editorial board about his agenda for the upcoming legislative session. was always to create that many jobs. “We are going to get there,” Scott told The Observer. “We are adding 10,000 jobs a month right now in the private sector alone.”

Scott said the state and its economic leaders must do a better job of promoting the state and also realize that Florida is competing with everyone else for jobs. The governor said he’s not will-

ing to lure companies to the state with promises of huge tax breaks if they can’t deliver on their promise of jobs and economic growth to


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Vol. 34, No. 11 | Two sections


longboat Observer


Please HelP Stealth Cell Improve North tower FaCtS

longboat Key Cell servICe 1.

longboat Island Chapel

Dear longboaters, after years of work, the town of longboat Key Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z) will hear our application on tuesday, october 18th to construct a stealth cell tower, personal wireless service facility (PwSF) on the property of longboat Island Chapel (lBIC) at 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Attend the Community Meeting sunday, Oct. 16, 12:30 PM at the Longboat Island Chapel for Details of Our Proposal.

we ask for your support and request the town’s approval for the proposed stealth cell tower for the following key reasons:

2. Return the Support Form Below. 3. attend and voice Your support at the

area of Severe lack of Coverage & extreme Need – The placement of a stealth tower at the LBIC property will fill a severe wireless voice and data coverage gap on the north end of Longboat Key. The nearest PWSFs are each more than 2 miles away…the Arbomar & Longboat Harbour roofs (4400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive) and the monopole (non-stealth) tower at the West Manatee Fire Station (10350 West Cortez Road).

longboat Key Planning & Zoning Board Hearing Tuesday, October 18, 9:00 aM at the Town Hall.

Quality of life & Public Safety - A stealth tower will improve quality of life and public safety on Longboat Key by improving cell phone connectivity and reliability for residents, visitors, workers and public safety personnel/emergency responders under normal and emergency conditions. Emergency Medical Technicians in modern ambulances need both reliable voice and high-speed data communications to doctors and hospitals to provide the best emergency treatment possible.

s! Your Opinion Count

one location Needed…No Proliferation - A 150’ stealth tower at LBIC will meet the current and future coverage needs of multiple wireless service providers (cell phone voice, text & data) and their users on the north end of Longboat Key. Only one stealth tower will be needed to provide co-location space for six (6) wireless service providers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS and Clearwire. Because we are not asking for changes in the LBK zoning code, this application will not set a precedent for the proliferation of cell towers. Subsequently, the Town will be able to evaluate and revise its codes for the long term in a rational manner, while still resolving the basic north end coverage issues.

BeTTer Cellular servICe…NOw, NOT laTer!

Correct location, Size & Zoning – A stealth tower at LBIC would be located on the only property on the north end of Longboat Key that is in the correct location for signal coverage, that is zoned correctly (INS), and that is large enough to reasonably accommodate a 2,900 square foot equipment compound. aesthetically Sensitive Solution - The proposed facility will utilize a stealth, unipole, flagless flagpole design that will be less obtrusive than a regular tower and will minimize its visual impact on the site and surrounding area. It is interesting that no one is complaining about the not so beautiful utility poles, transformers and wires along Gulf of Mexico Drive and most of our streets. Cellular communications is now an expected utility and should be treated as such in terms of living with the required infrastructure, especially stealth structures. Impact on & Distances from residential Structures - Based on empirical data, not “opinions”, a stealth tower will not have a detrimental impact on residential property values in the area. Further, the location of the stealth tower on the LBIC property has been chosen to maximize the distances between the PWSF and residential properties, structures and uses in the area.

Proposed Stealth Tower at 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive (Right of Utility Pole)

Foliage & Structural Shielding - The location of the stealth tower has been chosen to take maximum advantage of existing, very dense and tall foliage in order to minimize the impact of the tower on the site and surrounding area. The stealth tower will also utilize an additional landscaped buffer and a wall/fence system to further shield the equipment compound from view on and off the property.

I support the long-needed improvement in wireless coverage on the north end of Longboat Key through the construction at the Longboat Island Chapel of a stealth cell tower similar to the one depicted above.

Meets Zoning Code requirements - The stealth tower meets all current Longboat Key zoning code requirements with the exception of the tower setback from adjoining residential properties, for which we are requesting a departure or modification under the Outline Development Plan application. It is physically impossible to meet the required residential setbacks (the greater of 200’ or 2 times the tower height…300’ for a 150’ tower) on this or all other INS zoned properties on Longboat Key.

Additional Comments: ________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________ Name: _____________________________________________________ Please Print Resident Property Owner I am a Longboat Key Island Worker Visitor (Check all that apply) Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ______________________State:________ Zip: ________________ Email: _____________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________________

radio Frequency exposure levels - Actually, the risk of RF exposure comes from the cellular handset itself, not any nearby cell tower. The inverse-square law states that the RF energy at a distance from a source drops to 1 divided by the square of the distance from the source. RF exposure to cell phone users is reduced when a cell tower is close by because the handsets can operate at significantly lower transmit powers. When a quarter-watt handset is next to a person’s head, it delivers significantly more energy to their body than does the 100-watt RF equipment that is on a cell tower that is 100 feet away and 100 feet above the ground because of the inverse-square law. When a cell tower is in your neighborhood, the handsets’ RF emissions are further reduced from a level that is 1,000 times below the FCC-defined safety level to a level that is 1,000,000 times below the safety limit.

Please return signed form via either:

After more than three years of debate, research and work, we ask for your support so that the north end of Longboat Key will be able to receive the services it deserves and needs from the major wireless telecommunications service providers.

the DaS Non-alternative & other technologies – Our opponents continue to promote distributed antenna systems (DAS) with numerous radios on utility poles and interconnected to a central DAS co-location facility. Due to their high cost, outdoor and other large-scale DAS systems only make sense where there is high user density, e.g., dense downtown areas, major train stations, airports, subways, stadiums, etc. Longboat Key does not have anywhere near the user density required to make the economics of DAS work. Our opponents are now also saying that evolving radio technologies such as Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadio™ will eliminate the need for towers like the one proposed at LBIC. That is not true. The lightRadio™ will incorporate advancements in antenna and software defined radio technology much like some current Wi-Fi equipment. When the lightRadio™ is fully developed, it will not eliminate the need for towers. It will enhance the capacity and capabilities of all types of personal wireless service facilities (PWSFs), whether they are traditional cell towers, micro cell towers, rooftops, DAS, etc. Community Support – Without any aggressive solicitation, more than 700 Longboat Key residents, property owners, workers and visitors have indicated their support for a stealth tower at LBIC.

• Fax to 941-383-8232

we need as many people as possible to come to the upcoming P&Z and town Commission hearings so that our town officials will see that it is time to allow us to improve cell communications on longboat Key’s north end.

• Scan & Email to • US Mail to Alpha-Omega, 6842 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

Thank you for your consideration.

Kevin Barile, ridan Industries II, llC Jim eatrides, alpha-omega Communications, llC

For additional information, please contact or visit:

Scheduled Meetings

Jim Eatrides | 941-350-9618 | Kevin Barile | 813-335-4770 |

Sunday, October 16, 12:30 PM Tuesday, October 18, 9:00 AM Longboat Key Planning & Zoning Board Hearing, Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road



Community Information Meeting, Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive

longboat Observer


what’s in store

by Robin Hartill | City Editor

P&Z staff details concerns about Publix design, access The Longboat Key P&Z staff has concerns about the scale of the supermarket’s proposal for Avenue of the Flowers. The Sept. 13 plan submitted by the Lakeland-based Publix Super Markets Inc. includes more gathering space and fewer parking spaces than its original proposal. It also includes various enhancements, such as landscape enhancements and an improved pedestrian plan. But many concerns remain about the project, according to a Sept. 27 Longboat Key Planning, Zoning & Building Department review of the Outline Development Plan and Site Plan Amendment pre-application conference. According to the review, the general site plan has not changed, “so staff still has

concerns that the design and orientation of the structures is not consistent with the town’s current discussions for the area and the lands near and around the site.” The review states that architectural details have “been changed to improve the design of the buildings from all sides, but staff still has concerns about whether the mass and scale of both the CVS and Publix structure are appropriate to the site and Longboat Key.” Staff is still concerned by the proposed vehicle-access plan, pedestrian walks, bike lanes and off-street parking. Publix will need to provide in-


formation about the number of employees and number and type of vehicles that will be owned by the establishment at its next pre-application conference. Although Publix eliminated four of five previously requested departures, leaving only a request for a code provision that would allow parking to encroach on the 20-foot street-yard buffer required by town codes, staff currently is not able to recommend approval of the departure. “With the excessive number of off-street parking spaces being proposed, staff cannot identify a need for this departure as there is ample

ability for changes of the proposed parking lot design,” the review states. Other concerns include the design of the loading area near CVS, which, according to staff, could adversely impact traffic access in the area and a proposed sign that exceeds the maximum size allowed by town codes. P&Z staff also suggests “the total elimination of a number of parking lanes” to enhance pedestrian and vehicle safety. Comments also include concerns about a CVS drive-thru that, according to the review, “disrupts access from existing GMD cut through and pedestrian access from Publix-retail strip.” Shannon Patten, spokeswoman for Publix, could not be reached for comment.

by Kurt Schultheis | Staff Writer

Circle median project sees delays Work has been delayed for months on a St. Armands Circle median project that will enhance the district while improving safety for pedestrians. Merchants are frustrated with the continued delay of a $450,000 St. Armands Circle median-enhancement project. The project will now be performed during tourist season. Sarasota-based contractor John F. Swift Inc. General Contractors said the Florida Department of Transportation has yet to issue a permit for the project, which was originally expected to begin two months ago and be completed by Thanksgiving. “There is a lot of anger and miscommunication about this project,” said St. Armands Circle Business Improvement District Chairman Marty Rappaport at Tuesday’s St. Armands BID Board of Directors meeting at City Hall. “We don’t set the rules about why this continues to get delayed, but we receive all the complaints.” Jason Swift, president of Jon F. Swift. Inc., said he’s just as frustrated with the delays and has received permission to begin performing some of the median landscaping work until the permit is issued. Swift said his company has received permission to remove the current landscaping in the Circle’s four medians, which it began doing last week, and rope off certain portions of the medians while it performs the work. The company is also making plans this week to pour a new sidewalk that connects to the Lido Key median. “Our goal is to work counter-clockwise to get as much as we can get done before the permit arrives,” Swift said. Swift also promised that any construction areas, which take away some of the Circle’s parking spaces when work is being performed, will be broken down when work is not being completed to preserve the area’s coveted parking spaces. The project, which isn’t expected to create any traffic jams for motorists, is expected to be complete after the holidays. Once the permit is received, median construction will begin first on the Longboat Key thoroughfare to avoid any potential traffic conflicts as residents come back to the island for season. The project will install sidewalks along the Circle’s four medians, allowing mo-

Mallory Gnaegy

Jon F. Swift Inc. began removing the current landscaping in St. Armands Circle’s four medians last week, but the company has not received the necessary permit from FDOT to begin the entire median project.

Median Makeover A St. Armands Circle median project contains the following components: • Refurbishment of medians • Sidewalk installation for safer pedestrian crossing • New benches • New landscaping with shade trees • A different theme for each median torists to exit there and walk down the center of the median to the pedestrian crosswalks near the center of the Circle. This feature is expected to address concerns expressed at traffic workshops about pedestrians exiting their vehicles and jaywalking, creating potential hazards. All of the medians will be completely overhauled, with new benches and new landscaping that includes shade trees. The medians of each quadrant will also have a different theme. Overall, the goal of the project is to

enhance the appearance of the district while improving safety. The $450,000 project is being performed through a partnership between the city of Sarasota and the (BID). Once it’s complete, Rappaport said the Circle would have one last stage left for its capital-improvement project, which includes removing the exposed power lines and building a multi-story parking garage. That last step could take years to complete, Rappaport said, and depends upon when city funds are earmarked toward a garage. The merchants are also considering holding a contest in the coming months for a new St. Armands Circle sign, or signs, that can be drawn up by local college artists. Also at its BID meeting, the BID Board of Directors agreed to allow city staff to investigate a company that submitted the lowest bid ($5,150.70 a year ) for an enhanced maintenance contract that would call for increased trash pickup during season.


lights, camera, action by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Live from Town Hall, it’s the commission Commission meetings and workshops are now live-streamed, but the meetings aren’t the only thing viewers will see. Longboat Key Mayor Jim Brown struck his gavel, called the Oct. 3 regular Town Commission meeting to order and asked those in attendance to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. If you’re one of the 349 viewers who, as of Monday, Oct. 10, clicked on the meeting video at, Brown’s call to order probably wasn’t the first thing you saw or heard when you clicked “play.” You probably saw a commercial that reminded you that you can “now print from virtually anywhere” with HP ePrint. As the meeting continued, you probably saw banner advertisements at the bottom of the screen. “It was a little surprising,” said Maggie Brenner, wife of Vice Mayor David Brenner, who watched the meeting online. “You’re watching this official meeting and then you keep seeing a ‘Sesame Street’ ad.” Former Commissioner Gene Jaleski expressed disapproval of the advertisements in an Oct. 4 email exchange with Commissioner Jack Duncan. “What is a wealthy community doing with adds (sic) on our website?” Jaleski wrote. “I hope this ends as of last night. Also, I have checked with a few neighbors and we all had difficulty getting the video to run and had to play the various controls to start the video with all the ads.” According to Ryan Bodie, whose company, Studio 26 Productions, produces the live-stream video, removing the ads would come at a cost. The website that his company uses to stream the meetings charges a fee of $100 to $250 per meeting to remove commercials; the fee would be passed along to the town. A commercialfree subscription is also available to users for $3.99 per month. Bodie’s company agreed to offer the live-stream service at no additional cost to the town during budget negotiations. The commission considered removing videotaped meetings from its budget but reconsidered after Bodie offered to add live-stream video to its services at no cost to the town. At a Sept. 12 budget workshop, the commission directed former Town Manager Bruce St. Denis to add $10,000 to continue its contract with Bodie’s company on a six-month trial basis. The town will evaluate the service, including the number of viewers the videos receive, after six months. Of the 349 viewers the first live-stream video received, 41 were live viewers, 15 of whom watched the entire broadcast. Bodie said he that he is pleased so far with the results of the inaugural broadcast and wants to work toward generating viewers. “It’s something that needs to grow as we tell citizens that there’s this tool that you can use and invite them alongside to take part in it,” he said.

Instant access All regular Longboat Key Town Commission meetings and workshops will be broadcast on a live-stream basis for the next six months. To access videos, go to http://www. The link is also available at the town’s website,, under the “Meetings & Minutes” tab.


longboat Observer



+ Buchanan’s seat to be challenged Congressman Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, will be challenged for his 13th Congressional seat. Former Democratic state representative Keith Fitzgerald, a New College of Florida political science professor, announced Thursday that he will challenge Buchanan in the November 2012 election. Buchanan is a three-term congressional incumbent who’s decided against running for the U.S. Senate for a chance to serve the constituents of the 13th District for a fourth consecutive term. 

+ Committee recommends Wannemacher Jensen firm A selection committee recommended the firm of Wannemacher Jensen Architects Inc. to assist in the development of a community center at Bayfront Park. The town received 14 bids for the project. The selection committee consisted of five town staff members. In May, the Longboat Key Town Commission directed former Town Manager Bruce St. Denis to begin

+ Commission identifies legislative priorities

Meetings agendas


The Longboat Key Town Commission has identified 16 legislative issues to pursue in its 2011-12 fiscal year. Priorities include supporting state funding for beach renourishment, red-tide research and mitigation, reform of tax assessment of commercial and nonhomesteaded properties and supporting Sarasota Bay Watch’s efforts to establish Sister Keys as an aquatic preserve. For a full list of issues, visit and type “legislative priorities” in the keyword search field.

P&Z Vision Subcommittee Meeting — 9 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12  Code Enforcement Training Meeting — 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14  Longboat Key Town Commission Special Comprehensive Plan Workshop — 1 p.m. Monday, Oct. 17  Planning & Zoning Board Meeting — 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18  Town Commission Regular Workshop — 1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20 All meetings take place at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. 

The most read stories online last week were:

1. “Jim Brown leaves behind a legacy” (Oct. 5) 2. “Photo Gallery: SUP FEST 2011” (Oct. 1) 3. “UPDATE: Key police arrest burglary suspects” (Oct. 5) 4. “Commission to consider interim contract tonight” (Oct. 3) 5. “FULL STORY: Bullock receives one-year contract” (Oct. 5)

+ Mote monitors red-tide algae in Sarasota County

the process of hiring a design professional in accordance with the staterequired consultant selection process, known as the Consultant’s Competitive Negotiations Act (CCNA), which takes at least five months. That leaves open the possibility of a March 2012 referenda vote about a community center.


Mote Marine Laboratory scientists continue to monitor local waters, after recently finding red-tide algae in southern Sarasota County waters. Water samples Mote collected Oct. 5 threeto-four miles offshore from Anna Maria Island to Stump Pass found low to mod-

erate concentrations of Karenia brevis, the algae that causes Florida red tide. Scientists also analyzed water samples collected Oct. 3 by the Sarasota County Health Department from 16 locations between Longboat Key and Englewood. The samples showed very low concentrations of K. brevis at Manasota Beach and low concentrations at Blind Pass. For updates, visit

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longboat Observer


conservation measures

by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Chinnis reflects on 30 years of changes on Longboat When Rusty Chinnis, founder of Rusty Chinnis Contractor Inc., arrived 30 years ago on Longboat Key from Atlantic Beach, the island looked different than it does today. One of the most obvious changes is the development along the Gulf of Mexico and bayside of the island, he says. “A lot of the mom-and-pop hotels and motels were being bought out and developed into more upscale condos before the economy (took a turn),” Chinnis says. He believes that once the economy gets better that that process will continue. And Chinnis’ company has seen its own changes. He started with home-repair projects and now builds and remodels custom homes. “I worked from the ground up with just a Volkswagen and a skill saw,” he says. His first office was in the Village neighborhood across from Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub; the office building used to be occupied by Ansel McMichen, one of the first builders on Longboat Key. After 15 years, Chinnis recently moved his business out of its Centre Shops location and is in the process of moving into a new office. But Chinnis has done more than just build structures on the Key — he’s done his part to conserve the land, as well. He co-founded the Sister Keys Conservancy in 1989, when Sister Keys went on the market. He and a few other residents wanted to prevent development and to preserve the bay and vegetation on Sister Keys; they raised approximately $50,000 the island LBK - toward 2010 - purchasing I of mangroves. It was priced at approximately $1 million, according to Chinnis.

Courtesy photo

Founder and Co-Chairman of the Sister Keys Conservancy Rusty Chinnis, former Town Manager Al Cox and Harry Christensen celebrate the town of Longboat Key’s purchase of Sister Keys.

The town bought the land a few years later. Chinnis is also president of Sarasota Bay Watch, a group that protects the bay through a variety of ways. He believes both of these groups have contributed to the health of the bay. “The bay has more seagrass, which is good, because seagrass filters and cleans water and gives life to living things that feed birds and fish,” he says. Chinnis believes other businesses should pitch in because he wants the bay to stay healthy. “People take care of their yards, their cars, their bank accounts; they take care of things that matter to them, and they need to do the same for the bay,” he says.


aesthetic amendments


by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Town staff to weed through code issues Torn screening, peeling paint and browning grass can be eyesores. They can also adversely impact the property values of neighboring homes. But these issues are outside the scope of town codes, which are generally limited to weedsand-grass violations and life-and-safety issues. Code enforcement staff can’t issue violations for aesthetic concerns. As a result of ongoing aesthetic issues, some of which are a side effect of increased foreclosures and abandoned properties, the Longboat Key Town Commission considered amending the town’s code Thursday, Oct. 6, at a special workshop. Two weeks earlier at the commission’s Sept. 22 regular workshop, Planning, Zoning & Building Director Monica Simpson told the commission about many of these issues and suggested that the commission consider adopting the International Code Council’s International Property Maintenance Code, which addresses many of these issues, either in its entirety or in parts. Commissioners agreed that many issues needed consideration. But they worried about the extent of enforcement — whether, for example, one piece of fallen fruit from a tree or a small amount of flaking paint would constitute a violation. “Is one picket that’s cracked or something, is that disrepair?” asked Commissioner Phill Younger. Vice Mayor David Brenner pointed out another concern with additional enforcement. “If you’re really going to expand enforcement, there are costs associated with that,” he said.

Code considerations According to a Sept. 30 memorandum sent to commissioners by P&Z Director Monica Simpson, town staff identified the following complaints received that could not be addressed by current codes: • Maintenance of swimming pools • Peeling, flaking and chipping paint • Maintenance of doors, windows and window frames • Maintenance of parking lots • Landscaping issues, such as overgrown hedges, dead vegetation and grass and fallen fruit from trees • Items stored on the exterior of structures

That concern was one that Simpson pointed out at September’s workshop. She said that with current staffing levels of one full-time and one part-time codeenforcement officer, the transition to an amended code would be more “reactive than proactive” and would likely be slow. The commission directed town staff to identify which items from the presented list to pursue and agreed to seek additional community input about code concerns. “I think this is a good starting point,” said Commissioner Jack Duncan. “I think (town attorney) David (Persson) has to play a critical role in this, because whatever we do has to be enforceable.”

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“If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.” Friedrich Hayek “Road to Serfdom,” 1944

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There must be another way There should not be a cell tower behind Longboat Island Chapel. We have seen the issue from a new perspective — from the first-floor and penthouse condominiums of the Grand Mariner on Dream Island Road. And this perspective would change your mind. On the eve of Longboat Key resident Jim Eatrides presenting his application for the cell tower to residents and Longboat Island Chapel congregants at a 12:30 p.m. meeting Sunday at Longboat Island Chapel and to the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Board on Tuesday, Oct. 18, it will appear unfair to Eatrides, his Alpha-Omega Communications Inc. and the cell-tower proponents to be arguing against the tower’s placement without giving their side equal time before the hearings. But they will have ample time to state their case. No matter what the planning and zoning board says, or what we say, ultimately the Town Commission will decide whether a 150-foot cell tower is appropriate for the chapel’s property. Our new perspective — opposing the tower at the chapel — may appear contrary to our oft-stated principle of opposing ordinances and laws that encroach on the use of one’s private property and ordinances that benefit the few at the expense of the many. In this case, the few are the chapel’s neighbors, and the many are cell-phone users. But we also subscribe to the principle that Longboat Key Town Attorney David Persson has maintained for the 20-plus years he has advised the town fathers: That is, the use of private property should be left to the owner of that property so long as it does not inflict harm on his neighbor. “Harm” is the key word. The definition of “harm” lends itself to all kinds of fuzzy interpretations. But in this instance, there is little fuzziness to the harm a cell tower would do to its neighbors. Indeed, we would urge everyone to go to the Grand Mariner and stand on the balconies of these units. Our bet: If you are a proponent of a cell-tower at Longboat Island Chapel, you will change your mind. Make no mistake, cellular phone service on all of Longboat Key is substandard. And heretofore, when experts have studied available options that make economic sense, a cell tower typically emerged as the most viable. But as it is with so many things in life, it’s not a perfect solution. It’s a choice, and every choice comes with trade-offs. As Eatrides will tell residents and the planning board, the benefits of a cell tower are widespread — improved wireless communications for residents, businesses, the Key’s day workers and vacationers; improved emergency 911 reporting; improved and backed-up communications during disasters; improved connections for all cell-service providers and their customers; cost effective; no taxpayer subsidies; and a reliable, financial stipend for the Longboat Island Chapel. But when you stand on the Grand Mariner balconies and think about what Longboat Key is and wants to be, a 150-foot cell tower doesn’t fit — anywhere.

Courtesy rendering

Top: The view from a penthouse unit in the Grand Mariner condos. The rendering of the cell tower has been drawn to scale. Bottom: The aerial photo shows two possible sites from 2010 Alpha-Omega Communications Inc. documents.

Open House at Grand Mariner

Grand Mariner Condos

Longboat Key Realtor Reid Murphy will hold an open house from 12:30 to 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16, at the Grand Mariner to let residents envision a cell tower at the chapel.

It reminds us of the time the Longboat Observer published in its April Fools’ edition a rendering of a McDonald’s restaurant that allegedly was scheduled to open on the north end of the Key. Residents went apoplectic: A fast-food chain on Longboat Key? It comes down to this: What is important to the community at large. Fast-food chains and cell towers don’t fit, regardless of their benefits. Besides, there is a growing desire among many residents and some town commissioners to do what they have been advocating for years: conduct a fresh, independent study on alternatives. Even though Eatrides and this newspaper have reported the flaws of other cellular technologies over the past three years, technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Indeed, many residents have believed from the start of this issue that if the town waits long enough, technology will make cell towers obsolete. That day may be closer than we think. Do a Google search for “Alcatel-Lucent light radio.” You’ll find numerous reports in the telecommunications industry predicting that light radio will eliminate cell towers.

THE CASTAWAY by Jorge Blanco

To wit from the Feb. 7 edition of Global Telecoms Business: “The vendor is even hinting that its rethink of mobile architecture could diminish the dominant role the base station has had for the past 15 years. Antennae will be shrunk into small, multi-standard units that can be installed wherever there is broadband and power, with the control moved into cloud-based systems. ‘It is the death of the base station,’ said Wim Sweldens, president of the wireless division of Alcatel-Lucent. Everyone wants better wireless, mobile phone service on Longboat Key. But likewise, Longboat Key property owners also expect that every structure should work to preserve and blend in with the island’s uniqueness, its subtropical aesthetics and the “casual beach elegance” of a luxury residential-resort community. When you’re thinking of sitting on your porch or balcony, enjoying the smells and sounds of the island’s nature, you don’t want to be looking at a 150-foot pole rising out of the palm trees. That’s not Longboat Key. There must be another option.

longboat Observer





+ Frustrated by false proclamations Dear Editor: Being a resident of this unique island for 10 years, I am increasingly frustrated and even incensed by the false proclamations of certain “special interest” individuals and groups as to what is needed for Longboat Key to magically inflate our property values. Falsehood No. 1: If we only had more commercial properties, then more people would come here to visit and buy residences. Reality: Commercial business is not a “build it and they will come” bet. It is based on demand, and it should be no surprise that as our population has stabilized because we are pretty much built out, then demand stabilizes as well. Building more commercial will not reverse this trend, especially in the deleveraging economic times we are currently in and will be in for years as a result of natural, as well as man-made, economic forces. We are not Miami Beach, nor even Bradenton Beach, and God help us if that is our vision. Falsehood No. 2: If we only had more renters, they would become buyers and save our home investments. Reality: If this were true, then Orlando should have some of the highest prices in the United States, rather than being one of the most depressed foreclosure spots. By the way, ask the residents on Anna Maria

Island how their more liberal rental codes have worked out for them, i.e. more noise, more trash and multiple families and groups squeezing into what were designed as single-family houses for weekends of fun, fun, fun at the expense of the neighboring residents who own their homes. Falsehood No. 3: If only we had a 150-foot “after awhile you won’t even notice it” cell phone tower on the north end as the promoted solution to a maybe problem of cellphone reception, then more people would rent and buy. Reality: Studies have shown that such imposing massive structures are viewed not only as serious eye pollution but may also be a health hazard. Many of us north-end people, myself included, have Verizon and do not have a reception problem. Start with the simple act of changing carriers, and if need be, seriously review any and all current (and near future) technologies that are not so obviously obtrusive. Let’s not add more imposing vertical structures to the already existing unattractive telephone poles, excessive road signs, etc. Despite the efforts of individuals or groups who will gain financially from any of the above at the expense of the other 99-plus% of us, Longboat Key should be allowed to be what has always made it the jewel it is: an exclusive residential community of full-time and vacationhome resident homeowners who take pride in and care for their little slice of this 11-mile strip of tropical beauty. I believe less is more in that what is rare (fewer and better maintained homes and condos), becomes more valuable. If you want to vacation here, then stay at one of the local hotels which are in commer-


cially zoned areas, not in otherwise peaceful residentially zoned neighborhoods. This is what our focus should be, rather than letting it “go to the dogs” (yeah, I’m against dogs on the beach, but I’ll save that for another time). Joseph Iannello Longboat Key

by Robin Hartill | City Editor

+ Cell towers cause fear for health Dear Editor: We hope the parishioners of the Longboat Island Chapel will pray for our health after the cell phone towers are installed. We moved to Longboat Key to continue a healthy lifestyle. We are concerned to hear of Longboat Island Chapel’s (and now, Spanish Main Yacht Club) decision regarding cell phone towers. A review of the literature indicates widespread concern over the radiation emitted causing cancer, brain tumors, leukemia and other illnesses. Cell phone towers have not been around long enough to prove their safety. Awhile back in Italy, people were outraged over the decision to install towers. An article from The New York Times states, “Cesaro residents have long seen electromagnetic radiation from the transmitters as contributing to what they say are increasing leukemia rates … Their fears found a voice in Mr. Bordon, the environment minister, who issued a threat to cut off the power …” We urge everyone on the Key to rethink what is beginning to happen re cell phone towers. Dr. Harold and Fran Blum Longboat Key

File photo

Longboat Pass Bridge connects the north end of Longboat Key to Coquina Beach on Bradenton Beach.

Bridge repair project to begin during season A $1.1 million Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project to repair Longboat Pass Bridge is scheduled to begin in November and continue into spring 2012. But why is the project being done during peak season? “This project is scheduled to take place during the winter months because we are unable to perform construction activities in this area during sea-turtle nesting season, which runs from May 1 through Oct. 31,” wrote FDOT public information officer Trudy Gerena in an email to Acting Town Man-

ager Al Hogle. The majority of work will take place at night, with lane closures controlled by flaggers that will occur between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. weekdays. Lane closures will not take place Friday through Sunday or during holiday periods, including Nov. 18 through Nov. 27, Dec. 23 through Jan. 2, and Jan. 13 through Jan. 17. Daytime work will consist of minor activities, as needed. Quinn Construction Inc. is responsible for the project, which will include bridge repair and painting, in addition to sidewalk reconstruction.

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OCTOBER 2011 Please take notice that a public hearing18, will be held at the request of The Longboat Island Chapel, Inc., to consider the following for property (QUASI-JUDICIAL) located at 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive: TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY

a. take Special Use for abe150 unipole Personal Please notice that Exception a public hearing willHEARING heldfoot at the request of The NOTICE OF PUBLIC Wireless LongboatService Island Facility; Chapel, Inc., to consider the following for property OCTOBER 18, Amendment 2011 located Gulf of Development Mexico Drive:Plan b. at 6200Outline with departures to (QUASI-JUDICIAL) reduce setback for aUse Personal to a. the required Special Exception for a Wireless 150 foot Service unipole Facility Personal 117 feet to the property Wireless Service Facility;line, and extend the expiration time for a special exception 12that to 24 months; and will be held at the request of The Please take from notice a public hearing b. Outline Development Plan Amendment with departures to Longboat IslandSite Chapel, Inc., to consider following for property c. Plan Amendment to allowthe a 150 footService unipole Personal reduce required setbackDrive: for a Personal Wireless Facility to located at the 6200 Gulf of Mexico Wireless Facility and square foot elevated 117 feet toService the property line, and1,800 extend the expiration time forequipment a special compound. a. Special Exception exception from 12 to 24 months; Use and for a 150 foot unipole Personal Wireless Service Facility; c. Site Plan Amendment to allow a 150 foot unipole Personal A quasi-judicial public hearing Planning Zoning Boardtoon b. Outline Development Planthe Amendment with departures Wireless Service Facility and before 1,800 square foot and elevated equipment the proposal will besetback held onfor October 18, 2011, at 9:00 a.m.,Facility or as soon reduce the required a Personal Wireless Service to compound. thereafter as may be heard, at the Townthe Commission 501 Bay 117 feet to the property line, and extend expiration Chambers, time for a special Isles Road, Longboat Key, and Florida. This hearing will be held in exception from 12 to 24 months; A quasi-judicial public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Board on accordance with established quasi-judicial procedures. All interested c. Site Plan Amendment to allow a 150 foot unipole Personal the proposal will be held on October 18, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., or soon persons may appear and be heard with respect to the proposal. as Copies Wireless Service Facility and square foot elevated equipment thereafter as may berelated heard, at 1,800 the Town Commission Chambers, 501 Bay of the proposal and material may be viewed prior to the hearing at compound. Isles Planning, Road, Longboat Florida. This hearing will be in the Zoning &Key, Building Department, 501 Bay Islesheld Road, accordance quasi-judicial Allbe interested between 8:30with a.m.established and 5:00 p.m. weekdays. procedures. Questions may directed persons may appear and be heard with respect to the proposal. Copies the Planning, & before Building atZoning 316-1966. The A to quasi-judicial publicZoning hearing the Department Planning and Board on of the proposal andheld related material may2011, be viewed prior to the hearing proposed amendment will property within corporate the proposal will be on affect October 18, atthe 9:00 a.m., orboundaries as soon at the Planning, & atKey Building Department, Bay Isles Road, of the Town ofZoning Longboat shown on the 501 map appearing at the thereafter as may be heard, the as Town Commission Chambers, 501 Bay between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Questions may be directed bottom of this advertisement. If any person decides any Isles Road, Longboat Key, Florida. This hearing will to be appeal held in to the Planning, Zoning Building Department at considered 316-1966. decision made the Board& with respect to procedures. any matter at The this accordance withby established quasi-judicial All interested proposed will affect within boundaries meeting, aamendment record the proceedings be needed. For such purpose persons may appearof and be heardproperty with will respect tothe thecorporate proposal. Copies Townmay of Longboat Key as shown on the mapof at at the that person need to ensure that a verbatim record the proceedings of of thethe proposal and related material may be viewed prior toappearing hearing bottom ofwhich this advertisement. IfDepartment, any personand decides appeal any is made, record& includes testimony evidence upon which the Planning, Zoning Buildingthe 501 Bay to Isles Road, decision made the Board withweekdays. respect to Questions any matter may considered at this the appeal isa.m. toby be based. between 8:30 and 5:00 p.m. be directed a record of the & proceedings will be needed. For such purpose to meeting, the Planning, Zoning Building Department at 316-1966. The that person may need to affect ensure that a verbatim record of theboundaries proceedings BJ Webb, Chair proposed amendment will property within the corporate made, which record includes testimony evidence upon Planning and Board of is the Town of Zoning Longboat Key as the shown on theand map appearing at which the the appeal is to be based. Published 10/12/2011 bottom of this advertisement. If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Board with respect to any matter considered at this BJ Webb, Chair of the proceedings will be needed. For such purpose meeting, a record Planning that person and mayZoning need toBoard ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings 10/12/2011 is Published made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

band, Ralph, purchased the 14-unit, 20 boat-slip Grand Mariner condominium in April for $9.5 million. Before the Trines purchased the project, it was the target of four separate lawsuits before Bank of America received a foreclosure judgment against it in 2009. She worries that the proposed tower would destroy the view of the harbor that the condominium overlooks and interfere with sales. “It’s devastating,” she said. “For our project, we have six units under contract and six letters from the buyers stating that they aren’t going to buy if there’s a tower.” For both supporters and opponents of the proposed tower, there’s a lot on the line at the Longboat Key Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z) meeting Tuesday, Oct. 18. That’s when the board will consider a special-exception use for a 150-foot unipole personal wireless service facility; an Outline Development Plan Amendment with departures required to reduce the required setback for a personal wireless service facility; and a site plan amendment to allow a 150-foot unipole personal wireless service facility and 1,800-squarefoot elevated equipment compound. The board will make a recommendation, but, ultimately, Eatrides and Barile plan to move forward regardless of the decision and take their proposal to the Longboat Key Town Commission. Eatrides and Barile will hold a public meeting at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16, at Longboat Island Chapel. “We want them to get accurate information and not be making judgments based on misinformation or misjudgments,” Eatrides said. But at the same time, Reid Murphy, of Developers Realty Inc., will hold an open house from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Grand Mariner so that the public can check out the view. “Before they make the decision to be pro-tower, they should look and see what it does to the Grand Mariner and other beachfront properties,” he said. Trine said that many towers have generators that are serviced once a week for 30 minutes that create a noise so loud that it causes the surrounding area to vibrate. But Barile said that modern towers use

a Whisperquiet propane generator that generates a sound at the same volume as an outdoor air-conditioning unit and requires service once a month for 10 to 15 minutes. Trine worries that the elevated platform will be visible from Grand Mariner. But Eatrides and Barile disagree, noting that the tower will be surrounded by an 8-foot security fence, which will be surrounded by a vegetation buffer. Trine also feels that the height of the tower has been misrepresented in renderings submitted with the project. She feels they make the proposed tower appear only slightly taller than light poles and said that many members of the public aren’t aware of its 150-foot height. But Eatrides and Barile say it is a matter of perception and that they commissioned an independent engineering group for the drawings. But the debate extends far beyond the walls of Grand Mariner. In an Oct. 10 email to the Town Commission, Warren Simonds, who lives a block away from the proposed tower, expressed support for the plan and criticized those opposing it. “This stance is similar to the egotistical behavior that we saw exhibited by the IPOC group against the investment that the Loeb Group wanted to make in the LBK Club,” he wrote. “One small ego-centric band of NIMBYs — who want to ruin things for the majority of Key residents need to clearly recognize that what they are doing is patently wrong for the Key.” But the same day, Stephen Spotte, who also lives within a block of the proposed tower, emailed commissioners in opposition to the plan. “That property values will likely decline if a cell tower is erected seems reasonable,” Spotte wrote. “I can’t imagine why anyone would buy an expensive piece of property if such an unsightly structure comprises part of the view.” At least three commissioners have visited Grand Mariner to check out the view. “I understand his concern,” said Vice Mayor David Brenner, who looked at the cell tower site from the condominium. “But the way the system goes is we have to let this go before the P&Z Board and listen to what everybody has to say.”

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SCOTT / FROM PAGE 1A the state. “We can’t give tax breaks to companies unless we hold them accountable,” Scott said. “If they don’t provide what they promised, they need to give the money back.” Once the economy is more stable, Scott said he intends to reduce the state’s business tax, property tax and intangible business tax before reducing the state’s sales tax. Eliminating unnecessary regulations for businesses, Scott said, is also key. When asked what his boldest, most controversial proposal he was likely to submit to the Legislature at its next session, Scott said he’s frustrated with the state’s education dollars and ONLINE: how they are disbursed. Five Things Noting that more than 2,000 people make more than You Didn’t $144,000 a year in the state’s Know About education system, Scott said Gov. Scott changes need to be made so that more Florida students attain science, technology, education and math degrees. “If we are going to change this state, I will do everything I can to help our money go into those education sectors,” Scott said. Scott said he also plans to address the backlog of foreclosures in the next session by considering the allowance of voluntary non-judicial foreclosures to speed up the process. Scott also expressed frustration with Citizens Property Insurance, the state’s insurer of last resort, and said residents are not aware it’s underfunded by $18 billion. When asked about his position on proposals for widening casino gambling in Florida, Scott said he would like the decision to be made at the local level. “What I have said all along is I don’t want to do this as a way to balance the budget,” Scott said. Scott said he’s not likely to commit to a Republican presidential candidate until the state’s primary is held Jan. 31. “It will come down to whom the American public believes can get jobs going again,” Scott said. “You can’t solve anything until you get a job.”


Q&A with Gov. Rick Scott In an hour-long interview Monday with Observer Group editors, Gov. Rick Scott outlined key issues he’ll push in the next session of the Legislature, as well as his outlook for Florida’s economy. To read the complete interview and to see videos of his answers, visit Other than seeing that a budget is passed, what key legislation will top your agenda for the next session? Jobs. We have a big budget deficit that we didn’t anticipate again. We anticipated a $1.5 billion surplus. Instead, we are $1.2 billion short and have to find the money because we are not raising any taxes.

the Supreme Court says Obamacare is constitutional? I am hopeful it will get repealed. If it doesn’t get repealed, it will devastate jobs in our state. Our biggest businesses are hospitality and agriculture, and neither of those industries can afford it. It would also devastate small employers.

Look back for a minute on your first nine months: Are there any decisions as governor so far that you’d like to have back or would like to change? I might do things a little differently, but I wouldn’t make different decisions. People want to know you listened to them, and I would like to come up with a forum where people feel comfortable and can provide me feedback. Town Hall meeting forums are tough when you are the governor.

What will be your boldest, most controversial proposals next session? Changing how our education dollars work. Less than 20% of our graduates get degrees in important areas such as math, education and political science. I will do everything I can to make sure our money goes into science, technology, education and math.

For a long time, Floridians have talked about broadening the sales tax. You, at one point, supported the idea of removing the state portion of the school property tax and perhaps raising or broadening the sales tax. Do you see yourself pursuing any major tax reform — other than eliminating the corporate income tax? I think as the economy gets better, I would like to reduce business, property and intangible business taxes. I would like to reduce the sales tax, too, after all the others. Do you have a plan for the state if

A $1 billion gaming resort with 1,500 hotel rooms is being proposed by a business group for The Forum at Colonial Boulevard and Interstate 75 in Fort Myers, as well as in Broward and Dade. What is your position going to be on widening casino gambling in Florida? What I have said all along is I don’t want to do this as a way to balance the budget. I want the decision to be made locally. It will be interesting to see what makes it to my desk. Are you going to push any legislation again addressing Citizens Property Insurance and Florida’s highly regulated insurance industry? The problem is no one seems to un-

derstand the issue. Citizens is underfunded by $18 billion. We are not going to get it fixed until everyone understands the problem. In terms of your 7-7-7 plan, what is it going to take to get to 700,000 jobs in seven years? We are going to get there. We are adding 10,000 jobs a month right now in the private sector alone. If we do 100,000 this year, we will be on track. But we are losing jobs faster than I thought we would, and we have to understand we are competing for jobs. In what sectors do you think there are the most opportunities to grow the most jobs the quickest? What conditions need to change to make that happen? Hospitality and agriculture. In the Panhandle, our bed-tax revenues are up 100%. I also got rid of the visa requirements for Brazilians, which will increase tourism. There’s no reason the agriculture industry won’t have a good year as well and our ports have big opportunities. Are you ready this morning to commit to a Republican presidential candidate you will support? When can we expect that? No. I met with Mitt Romney last week, and I told him I’m not endorsing anyone right now. I do know it will come down to whom the American public truly believes will get jobs going.

Now Open Until 1PM for the Fall/ Winter Season!

October is

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Did you know... One in four women in the United States will experience abuse in her lifetime.

Lemon Avenue & Main Street New Hours: 7am-1pm every Saturday Fresh Produce • Plants & Flowers Local Seafoods • Prepared Foods • Baked Goods Cheeses & Meats • Local Crafts and more...


An incident of domestic violence occurs every nine seconds.

Approximately 8.8 million children witness domestic violence each year.

Beat the Heat! • Reduce Cooling Costs Up to 30% • Effortless Storm Protection • Eliminate UV Fading • Free Estimates

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) is here to help. SPARCC offers free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Bradenton • 3130 63rd Ave. East

941-752-7473 65759

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship call SPARCC’s 24-hour hotline at 941-365-1976 or the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-500-1119 or visit for a variety of resources and information. SPARCC is the only state-certified center for domestic violence and sexual assault services for Sarasota and DeSoto Counties.

Longboat Key Showroom in the Centre Shops 5390 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Running on empty 9:03 a.m. — 5600 block of GMD. Larceny from Business. A business owner told police that someone broke the gas cap off of her truck and stole 20 to 25 gallons of gas. She also reported that two five-gallon gas cans were empty.

Sept. 28 Cracking the (area) code 12:06 p.m. — 3400 block of Dock on the Bay. Accidental Call. A woman told police that she must have accidentally dialed 911 while attempting to dial her primary residence’s 919 area code.

Change of direction 4:13 p.m. — 5100 block of GMD. Missing Person. A woman told police that her boyfriend went fishing in a small sailboat and had been missing for three hours. As police obtained information, the woman’s boyfriend called to say that he was at a nearby beach and had experienced difficulty getting back to land because of the wind direction.

Sept. 29 White of way 7:34 a.m. — 700 block of Marbury Lane. Vandalism. A woman reported that an unknown person spattered white paint on her driveway and on plants in front of her house.

Sept. 30 Wild nights on Longboat Key 11:12 p.m. — 500 block of Broadway. Noise Disturbance. Police responded to a reported “wild party” and found six to eight people having a cookout. There was no music, and police found that the partiers were no louder than would be expected during normal conversation. Nonetheless, police asked the partiers to keep make sure that no one got loud.

Oct. 1 On lockdown 12:36 a.m. — 700 block of Broadway. Security Check. A restaurant key holder said he would respond after police found the business unlocked. Police left the scene after receiving another call but later returned and found that the restaurant was still unlocked.

Sarasota Bradenton Convention Center | 8005 15th Street E. (Old 301) Behind the Airport in Sarasota, Florida

Disappearing duo

October 16th Preview Noon | Auction 1:00 pm

12:37 a.m. — 5600 block of GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. Police received a report of two unknown people walking around a convenience store but were unable to locate the individuals.

New 20HP Craftsman Tractor w/42" Mower 15,000 Watt Generator w/22,500 watt surge Large stainless steel Gas Grill | 3 Executive Desks with Leather Chairs Leather Sofa With Matching Love Seat White Wicker Queen Bedroom | Bronze Bear With Fish 60" Pair Bronze Wading Cranes | Large Twin Dolphn Fountain in Bronze Bronze Bronco Buster By Remington | Conference Table and Chairs Yamaha Clavinova Player Piano in Ebony Dining Table with Chairs, server & China Cabinet by Thomasville Large Thomasville Entertainment Center Computer Cabinet with Leather Executive Chair Thomasville Queen Bed with Triple Dresser | 9Piece Leather Theater Set Frigidaire Washer & Dryer front Loading in White 12' Pre-lit Christmas Tree | 2 Credenzas | Paintings | Rugs and Runners Great Selection of Jewelry | Plus Much More

Suspicious vehicle 1:54 a.m. — 700 block of Spanish Drive North. Suspicious Vehicle. A man reported a suspicious blue van driving around his neighborhood. Police were unable to locate the van.

Suspended license 10:35 a.m. — Broadway and Bayside Drive. Parking Violation. Police observed a Buick parked illegally and found that the driver’s license of the vehicle’s owner was suspended. The woman admitted to driving to the location and said her license was suspended because of an insurance-company error. Police couldn’t charge the woman because they didn’t see her drive the vehicle but confiscated her license.

terms: CASH, CHECK, VISA, MC & AMEX 10% Buyers Premium CASH & CHECK 12% B.P. Credit Cards Delivery Available | All Sales Are Final | Items Subject to Prior Sale All Purchase are AS IS | Complimentary Food and Beverages

Oct. 2 On the hook

Auctioneer - Lee Fleming | AB884-AU1224

4:55 a.m. — Off the Key. Civil Disturbance. A bridge tender asked police to inform a fisherman of regulations for fishing from a bridge.

941.350.8964 |


Not mulch to see 9:48 a.m. — 700 block of Marbury Lane. Fire. Police and firefighters responded to a brush fire in a flowerbed that possibly started when a cigarette butt was thrown into the mulch. The fire was extinguished quickly with no damage.

Oct. 3 Brush with bad luck 4:21 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD. Property Damage. A woman was unable to avoid paint that spilled in the street, and she drove through the spill, getting paint on her vehicle’s tires and underneath the vehicle. The manager of the construction company responsible for the spill asked the woman to obtain two property-damage estimates and bring them to her office.

Visit our website to read more Cops Corner reports.


Sept. 26


Large Local Estate Being Sold at Auction

Please Please taketake notice notice thatthat a public a public hearing hearing will will be held be held at the at the request request of The of The Longboat Longboat Island Island Chapel, Chapel, Inc.,Inc., to consider to consider the the following following for for property property located located at 6200 at 6200 GulfGulf of Mexico of Mexico Drive: Drive: a. a. Special Special Exception Exception UseUse for for a 150 a 150 footfoot unipole unipole Personal Personal Wireless Wireless Service Service Facility; Facility; b. b. Outline Outline Development Development PlanPlan Amendment Amendment withwith departures departures to to reduce reduce the the required required setback setback for for a Personal a Personal Wireless Wireless Service Service Facility Facility to to 117117 feetfeet to the to the property property line,line, andand extend extend the the expiration expiration timetime for a forspecial a special exception exception fromfrom 12 to 1224 to months; 24 months; andand c. c. SiteSite PlanPlan Amendment Amendment to allow to allow a 150 a 150 footfoot unipole unipole Personal Personal Wireless Wireless Service Service Facility Facility andand 1,800 1,800 square square footfoot elevated elevated equipment equipment compound. compound.

A quasi-judicial A quasi-judicial public public hearing hearing before before the the Planning Planning andand Zoning Zoning Board Board on on the the proposal proposal will will be held be held on October on October 18, 18, 2011, 2011, at 9:00 at 9:00 a.m., a.m., or as or soon as soon thereafter thereafter as may as may be heard, be heard, at the at the Town Town Commission Commission Chambers, Chambers, 501501 BayBay IslesIsles Road, Road, Longboat Longboat Key,Key, Florida. Florida. ThisThis hearing hearing willwill be be heldheld in in accordance accordance withwith established established quasi-judicial quasi-judicial procedures. procedures. All interested All interested persons persons maymay appear appear andand be heard be heard withwith respect respect to the to the proposal. proposal. Copies Copies of the of the proposal proposal andand related related material material maymay be viewed be viewed priorprior to the to the hearing hearing at at the the Planning, Planning, Zoning Zoning & Building & Building Department, Department, 501501 BayBay IslesIsles Road, Road, between between 8:308:30 a.m.a.m. andand 5:005:00 p.m.p.m. weekdays. weekdays. Questions Questions maymay be directed be directed to the to the Planning, Planning, Zoning Zoning & Building & Building Department Department at 316-1966. at 316-1966.TheThe proposed proposed amendment amendment will will affect affect property property within within the the corporate corporate boundaries boundaries of the of the Town Town of Longboat of Longboat KeyKey as shown as shown on on the the mapmap appearing appearing at the at the bottom bottom of this of this advertisement. advertisement.If any If any person person decides decides to appeal to appeal anyany decision decision made made by the by the Board Board withwith respect respect to any to any matter matter considered considered at this at this meeting, meeting, a record a record of the of the proceedings proceedings will will be needed. be needed. For For such such purpose purpose thatthat person person maymay need need to ensure to ensure thatthat a verbatim a verbatim record record of the of the proceedings proceedings is made, is made, which which record record includes includes the the testimony testimony andand evidence evidence upon upon which which the the appeal appeal is toisbe to based. be based. BJ Webb, BJ Webb, Chair Chair Planning Planning andand Zoning Zoning Board Board Published Published 10/12/2011 10/12/2011










longboat Observer



longboat Observer



DR. JOSEPH KLEIN Dr. Joseph Klein has lived through World War I, Word War II and the flu pandemic of 1918. “I’ve witnessed the Model T Ford with all new advances, the airplane increase and innovations. I’ve witnessed telephone (use) increasing, and I witnessed the TV,” says Klein, who turned 100 years old Oct. 3. Today, he uses an iPhone. He remembers when his hero, Babe Ruth, hit 60 homeruns for his favorite team, the Yankees, in 1927. But the most important achievement he has attained is sharing 72 years — and counting — with his wife, Shirley. “She has been the love of my life, all my life,” he says after making a joke that the reason they have been together for so long is because he learned to say, “Yes, Dear,” a long time ago. And now that he has hit the centennial mark, he plans on coasting the rest of the way, because his motto is, “When you’re tired, rest. Don’t push it.” Klein was born in 1911 and grew up in Pennsylvania, where he lived until 1982 when he moved to Longboat Key to retire. He was a pediatrician for 50 years and got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He served in the Army Medical Core in India for

Five things you don’t know ... • Klein is an avid bridge player. • Klein loves watching baseball. • His favorite T.V. program is “Gunsmoke.” • Klein was born a twin. • Klein has accumulated an art collection and has three pieces from The Ashcan School Realist movement.

two years. He was a member of the American Art Committee and took part in getting the American wing of the Vatican donated in 1973. He and his wife have one son, two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The Kleins grew up next door

to one another. Klein’s mother told him at age 16, when Shirley was 9, that he would marry her. “Nevermind, she’ll grow up,” his mom said. Ten years later, they had their first date, but Klein had to leave shortly after to serve in the Army Medical Core. After Klein returned from India, his brother informed him that Shirley was about to be engaged to someone else. “Apparently, you think you’re old enough to get married, so I’m the one who’s going to marry you,” Klein told her. Because Shirley had been in love with him since she was young, she agreed. They married in 1939. “I think I’m very fortunate that he stayed with me this long,” she says with a smile. Klein attributes the longevity of his life to never having a drink of alcohol, not smoking, to being athletic and to having great genes. His brothers lived to ages 94 and 95, and one of his sisters lived to be 96. “Everyone in my family lived long lives,” he says. And even though he says he is “coasting the rest of the way,” he plans to ride a horse at his family reunion this year in Arizona. — Mallory Gnaegy

Mallory Gnaegy

Dr. Joseph Klein attributes turning 100 years old to several factors, including a healthy lifestyle and good genes.


DEntal EmErgEncy SErvicES

846 S. Osprey Ave., Sarasota, FL 34236 | E-mail:

2 weeks. 50+ events. Be there. October 8-23

Eye Center When you want to see your best. 941-365-9700 2020 S. Tamiami Trail

Join us for a two-week community-wide celebration of arts and culture in Sarasota and Manatee counties. The festival expands the energy and excitement of the Ringling International Arts Festival (October 11-16). Theater, dance, music, film, culinary arts and more! Josh Rodriguez courtesy of North Port Arts Center

Sarasota, Florida 34239

Since 1967

REN & S D L I H IE C PART E G R LA LCOME WE r Fare e Light u Men

Paul J Strom, Jr., M.D.


HAPP Y 4 TO 6 HOUR G EA PM TB APR $ 00 PETIZEAR RS 4 P Mon. remium D –Fri. ( Bar O rinks nly)


more details

Check out at or contact us at 1.800.800.3906. Brought to you by: Bradenton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau | Sarasota Arts Council Ringling International Arts Festival | Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau Manatee County Cultural Alliance | Realize Bradenton Sponsors: Bright House Networks | SRQ Media Group | Bradenton Herald Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development tax revenue.

Stone Crab Season Opens Sat. Oct. 15Th

Open 7 days a week 11:30 am to 9:30 pm

Best food, Best Service, Best View Any closer to the water and you’ll need a towel

By Land: 800 Broadway St. • By Sea: Marker 39 on the Waterway North End of Longboat Key • 383-1748 Call Ahead Seating/Reservations for 5 or more


Acceptance, oil on canvas, Beverly A. Smith





LV1819 65990





longboat Observer



2009 & 2010 Top Individual Producer for Michael Saunders & Company’s Longboat Key Offices

Moore homes are sold LD





Longboat Key Bayfront $3,050,000



SO $1,500,000




360 North


St. Armands Waterfront $2,450,000


Harbor Villa Club


$1,375,000 Conrad Beach





St. Armands Bay Front




Emerald Harbor



Emerald Harbor


Bay Isles Harbor Section $1,888,000

Marina Bay




St. Armands Bay View



SO $715,000

Sleepy Lagoon



SO $980,000

Emerald Harbor






Bay Isles Bayou Section $1,750,000

Emerald Harbor









St. Armands Bay Front $3,625,000

Water Club II






Emerald Harbor





St. Armands Bay View








Emerald Harbor

Sunset Beach

Longboat Key Water Front $1,200,000








Emerald Harbor





Water Club II






Longboat Key Beach Front $2,400,000 Water Club I Penthouse










Promenade Penthouse $1,400,000

St. Armands Waterfront $1,895,000

These are just some of the properties Hannerle has sold throughout the worst recession in 70 years.

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

FX 941.296.7722 65019

PH 941.387.7300


significant send-off

We’re Back from Vacation...

longboat Observer


by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Three Course Prix Fixe Menu at the Haye Loft $35 SUNDAY - THURSDAY, 6:00 - 9:00 Live Music Nightly in the Haye Loft 7:30 - 11:00 P.M. 2/19/09 5:02 PM Page 1


Now taking reservations for Chef Ray’s Spring Fall Cooking Classes.

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Chef Raymond’s

Cooking Each class includes:

Let’s Do Sunday Brunch! • Escabeche • Not Just Any Old Fruit Platter! • Breakfast Frittata • Tomato Feta & Olive Salad

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• Gourmet three-course meal • Wine parings with each course



Sunday, March 1

• Take home recipes

Wednesday, March 11

• Coffee & banana nut bread Only 30 students per class Time: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Class fee: $60 per person, prepaid reservations

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If You Go To San Francisco • Pork Stuffed Dumplings & Ginger Garlic Dipping Sauce • Cioppino • Ghirardelli House Made Truffles Wednesday, March 25

Via Duck! • Watercress - Tomato Salad w/Grain Mustard Vinaigrette • Euphemia’s Famous Roast Duckling w/Bread Stuffing & Raspberry-Walnut Sauce • Chocolate Pizza

Carol Fischbein bids Jim Brown a bon voyage.

St. Mary honors Key contributor with Mass Friends and co-workers wished former Mayor Jim Brown bon voyage after the 9 a.m. Mass Wednesday, Oct. 5, which St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church held in his honor. Brown will be moving to California to live with his daughter, Sue. At the Mass, purple flowers lined the altar in honor of Brown’s late wife, Marge, who loved lilacs, and the congregation sang Brown’s favorite hymn, “Lord of the Dance.” Brown’s bridge partner, Brian Howard, shared favorite stories, including ones about a flooded hotel room and the time an opponent licked the butter knife before passing it Brown to use. “Longboat Key and Jim Brown go together like Longboat Key and paradise,” said Observer Editor and CEO Matt Walsh. Walsh spoke about the positive difference Brown made on Longboat Key.

Register Today for These Limited Cooking Classes

TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY PUBLIC HEARING OCTOBER 18, 2011- 9:00 AM Please take notice that a public hearing will be held to consider the following ordinance: ORDINANCE 2011-16 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING CODE OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA, AMENDING CHAPTER 158, ZONING CODE, ARTICLE IV GENERAL REGULATIONS, DIVISION 2. LOT YARD AND BULK REGULATIONS, BY AMENDING SECTION 158.150 YARD REGULATIONS, BY AMENDING SECTION 158.150(C) TRANSITION YARD REQUIREMENTS TO REMOVE THE REGULATION OF TRANSITION YARDS FROM THIS SECTION; BY AMENDING SECTION 158.154 SCREENING REGULATIONS, BY REPLACING SECTION 158.150(A) TO AMEND THE REQUIREMENTS FOR SCREENING AND BUFFERING IN ABUTTING NONRESIDENTIAL AND RESIDENTIAL YARDS AND IN ABUTTING MULTIFAMILY AND SINGLEFAMILY YARDS; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH; PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE. A Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Board on the ordinance will be held on October 18, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard, at the Town Commission Chambers, Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, Florida. All interested persons may appear and be heard with respect to the proposed amendment. Copies of the proposed amendment and related material may be viewed prior to the hearing at the Planning, Zoning & Building Department, 501 Bay Isles Road, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Questions may be directed to the Planning, Zoning & Building Department at 316-1966. The proposed amendment will affect property within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Longboat Key as shown on the map appearing at the bottom of this advertisement. No verbatim record by a certified court reporter is made of these proceedings. Accordingly, any person who may seek to appeal any decision involving the matters noticed herein will be responsible for making a verbatim record of the testimony and evidence at these proceedings upon which any appeal is to be based (see Section 286.0105, F.S.). In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 286.26, F.S., persons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the Town Clerk’ s office at 941-316-1999 forty-eight (48) hours in advance of this proceeding. If you are hearing impaired, please call 941-373-7002. BJ Webb, Chair Planning and Zoning Board Published 10/12/11

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

“Jim Brown is a brilliant, unassuming man who works with people and not against them,” said Town Attorney David Persson. Sarasota Herald-Tribune Executive Editor Mike Connelly spoke about Brown as a columnist; he has written 471 columns for the newspaper. Former Longboat Key Town Manager Bruce St. Dennis gave Brown a flag from Longboat’s 50th anniversary celebration because of Brown’s contribution to it. Longboat Key Mayor Jim Brown, “The Other Jim Brown,” spoke about Brown as a mayor and how he set the standard for what a mayor should be like. Msgr. Gerry Finnegan and the Rev. Emeritus Edward Pick also said a few words. After the service, there was a reception for friends to say goodbye one-by-one.

Rob and Kathy Shimizu, Brown’s niece and her husband

Brown chats with Mary Elizabeth Carey.

Town Attorney David Persson and his wife, Patty. David Persson spoke at the Mass.

fromMCR Vacation June 14 We take MCR && BCBS WeBack take BCBS th

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“Free” for MCR and $35 all others

LAB, XRAY,Surgery, EKG, MinorPhysicals, Surgery, Physicals, Coumadin Testing LAB, XRAY, EKG, Minor GYN, GYNE, Coumadin Testing

5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 205 Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Fri. 9-4 9-5 • Wed. 9-noon

(941) 387-1211

Appointments Preferred, Walk-ins Welcome




Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care

longboat Observer

‘The Artist’s Journey’ What: This discussion explores the challenges of being a visual artist in today’s society with a panel of three artists, members of the Petticoat Painters and graduates of Ringling College of Art and Design. When: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18 Where: Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design, 6860 Longboat Drive S. Info: Call 383-2345. Cost: Donations accepted

‘Praying the Mass is a LifeChanging Event’ — takes place at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, at St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The Ladies’ Guild luncheon will feature speaker Michael Tucci, St. Mary music director, who will discuss liturgical changes in the Mass. RSVP to 383-1220.

Alice Louise Barton, of Sarasota, and formerly of Ohio, Mich., and Longboat Key, died Sept. 30. She was 88 years old. Ms. Barton was born Oct. 7, 1922. She is survived by her sister, Joanne Wessell, of Washington; and daughter, Lynne, of Sarasota. Palms Robarts Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements;

Caleb Livingston Batten

Caleb Livingston Batten, of Longboat Key, died Oct. 6. He was 90. Mr. Batten was born Oct. 25, 1920. He is survived by his sisters, Jackie Culpepper, of Smithfield, Va., and Gwen Perkins, of Williamsburg, Va.; daughters Shirley Friedlander, of New Rochelle, N.Y., and Susan Hunt, of Sarasota; sons Peter, of Herndon, Va., and Robert, of Ashland, Va.; 10 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Palms Robarts Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements;

Hermine Silver Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. This film stars Paul Giamatti, who won a Golden Globe for his performance. The film is based on Mordecai Richler’s novel about a man’s flaws and a women who loves him regardless. Cost is $5 for non-members. Call 3833428.

Hermine Silver, of Longboat Key and formerly of Franklin, Mich., died Oct. 7. She was 79. She was born July 25, 1932. Mrs. Silver is survived by her husband, Howard; daughters Greta and Abby; and three grandchildren. A memorial service was held Sunday at Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to The National Council of Jewish Women.


Casual Italian Cuisine Hand Tossed Brick Oven Pizza LBK ’S NEIGHBORHOOD ITALIAN RESTAUR ANT Since 1990

Early Dining and 2 for 1 Wine or Tap Beer 4:30 - 6 pm Nightly

Located in Mid-Longboat Key in the Centre Shops • 5370 Gulf of Mexico Dr.


IA L A IT DINNER Nightly 4:30 - 10:00

Beer & Wine • 383-0010 • Take Out Available

of Longboat Key • Presbyterian USA

Music Director: Dan Hoffman

Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Sunday worship services at 10 a.m. The Rev. Kenneth Gill is the minister. 383-6491. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold contemporary Sunday worship services at 9 a.m. and traditional Sunday worship services at 11 a.m. The Rev. Mark Bernthal is the pastor. 388-1234. St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold daily Mass at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday Mass at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Msgr. Gerard Finegan is the pastor. 383-1255. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road, will hold Shabbat services at 5:30 p.m. Fridays and 10 a.m. Saturdays. Erev Sukkot service takes place at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12. Sukkot Service takes place at 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 13. Jonathan Katz is the rabbi. 383-3428.

563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key


All are welcome. Please join us in worship!


Sunday Services 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector

Roser Community Church

595 Bay Isles Road

Mediterranean Plaza


Reverend Dr. Bruce Porter Preaching SUNDAY SERVICE • 10:00 A.M. SERMoN: “A Growing Family””

Christ Church of Longboat Key, Presbyterian USA, 595 Bay Isles Road, will hold Sunday worship services at 10 a.m. The Rev. Bruce Porter is the pastor. 383-8833.

The Episcopal Church on Longboat Key

Publix - CVS


Bay Isles Pkwy.

Chris ChurCh

All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will hold Sunday worship services at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. The Rev. David Danner is the rector. 383-8161.

All Angels by the Sea

Gulf of Mexico Drive


Celebrating 100 years of Service in 2013


512 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria

Share Shabbat and more:

Temple Beth Israel 59897

Confession before all weekend Masses


A Center of Jewish Life and Learning in the Sarasota Area

SUMMER MASS SCHEDULE Saturday: 5:00 pm Sunday: 8:30 am & 10:30 am



in Jo

Temple Beth Israel

St. Mary, Star of the Sea,

Msgr. Gerard Finegan, Pastor

Gary Gary A. Batey, Pastor Pastor A non-denominational, traditional non-denominational, traditionalchurch church

Sunday 9Sunday, AM and AM —Traditional Worship 1011 am – Traditional Worship 9 am –Sunday Adult Sunday 10 AM —Adult SchoolSchool & Book Study 10 am – Children and Youth Church School 9 AM —Children and Youth Church School 65120

‘Barney’s Version’ — will be shown at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, at Temple Beth

4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 383-1255


Alice Louise Barton


Republican Club of Longboat Key October Meeting — takes place at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, at the Sarasota Yacht Club, 1100 John Ringling Blvd. Rebecca Odell Townsend, an appellate attorney before the U.S. Supreme Court, 11th Circuit, will discuss “Our Current Constitutional Crises.” Cost is $22 for members; $25 for non-members. Call 3654191.





Friday Evening, 8:00 pm Saturday Morning, 10:00 am Please visit our Judaica Shop 941-778-0414 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria 941.383.3428

Community 567 Bay Isles Road Roser • Longboat Key, FLChurch



Networking at Noon Luncheon — takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13, at Holiday Inn Lido Beach, 233 Ben Franklin Drive. Network with other professionals at this luncheon hosted by the Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $20 for members; $25 for nonmembers. Call 383-2466.


Gary A. Batey, Pastor

A non-denominational, traditional church

Serving The KeyS: Bird/Lido ST. ArmAndS LongBoAT


Sunday 9 AM and 11 AM —Traditional Worship 10 AM —Adult Sunday School & Book Study 9 AM —Children and Youth Church School

24 HOUR SERVICE • • • •

Water Heaters • GarbaGe Disposals instant Hots • Filters all Major branDs pluMbinG Fixtures KitcHen & batH reMoDelinG • Drain cleaninG

Your Longboat Key Plumbers for 34 Years

Certificate # CFC057885





941-778-0414 512 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria


Neighborhood B U S I N E S S | C L A S S I F I E D S | G A M E S | K E Y L I F E | R E A L E S TAT E | S P O RT S | T R AV E L | W E AT H E R


NEWS Pattigeorge’s interactive dinner dishes out a West Coast vibe. PAGE 22A




A three-bedroom condominium at The Shore sells for $637,500. PAGE 18A


See this week’s weather photo contest winner.

by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Patricia McGarry, Artist Keiko Romerstein and Jo Robertson in front of Romerstein’s work “Ballad of the Four Seasons.”

Anthony Congdon, Ian Laidlaw and Charley Leonard


Exhibits Lois and John Halligan

Nick Slimick and Anthony Congdon, with the Sailor Circus, perform a juggling act.

Luis Aponte, Jimmy Brennick, Brooke Olivares and Matteo Caloiaro. Olivares and Caloiaro had their work on display.

Charley Leonard doesn’t just stand on her hands. She does a handstand three feet from the ground while balancing on Ian Laidlaw’s hands, as Laidlaw is hoisted into the air by Anthony Congdon’s feet, which are supporting the pair’s weight. The Sailor Circus was just one of the inspiring artistic components of the “Inspired Journeys” exhibit opening reception, which took place Thursday, Oct. 6, at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design. “Inspired Journeys,” Festival sARTée’s kick-off event, featured two exhibits, “Fresh Paints” and “Provocative Petticoats.” The Sailor Circus, recently acquired by Circus Sarasota, provided entertainment

Chip, Dottie and Al Hixon

with a performance in the courtyard, while Scott Blum Music entertained in the Durante Gallery, where “Provocative Petticoats” had its debut. The artwork was created by members of the Petticoat Painters. In the Cultural Media Room, “Fresh Paints,” an exhibit featuring work of three Ringling alumni, is currently on display. Marty Hartman was honored with the Arts Center’s 2011 “Ageless Creativity” Award. Hartman came in 1945 to Sarasota and cashed in her war bonds for an education from Ringling. She and her husband founded Hartman Gallery and Fine Arts Studio, which was a prominent part of the art scene in the ’50s and ’60s. She has since been a fixture in the art and cultural scenes in the community.

Jim and Barbara Shirley

longboat Observer


#1 BUSINESS OBSERVER By Robin Hartill | City Editor

AG NA TTOP IENTNSALES SNAI SL SEASVL VO LLUU G NAELS EOS VM OE ASSOCIATE ##1E1 A G EN IT M EL U M E for Sarasota and Manatee in in 2009 for for Sarasota and Manatee Counties 2009 in 2009 Sarasota and Counties Manatee Counties

#1 C

+ Colony restoration attracts big names

The resurrection of the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key might get a boost from some star power. Global tennis legend Nick Bollettieri, for one, says he will informally advise the development team. Anna Maria Island restaurateur Sean Murphy also says he will work with the developers, a group that includes Broomfield, Colo.,-based Club Holdings LLC and Windemere-based Miller Group Development. Bollettieri currently runs the Bradenton-based IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy, so he says he has no plans toT h work in an official capacity with the Colony. Still, Bollettieri, with a list of tennis pupils that includes Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova, says the Colony’s decline is disheartening, given it’s where he launched his tennis coaching career in 1975. “If it weren’t for the Colony, I wouldn’t be here today,” Bollettieri says. “I will do everything in my power to give advice to (help) the Colony regain its status as the No. 1 tennis resort in the world.” Last month the Colony’s homeowners association selected Club Holdings to lead a redevelopment effort. Club Holdings’ proposal included a partnership with the Miller Group and Glenn Miller, an original Colony unit owner who knows Bollettieri. Like Bollettieri, Murphy worked at the Colony in the 1970s. And like Bollettieri, Murphy also says the experience was the most formative of his career, especially when he was mentored by longtime Colony Chairman and owner Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber. Murphy owns the Beach Bistro on Anna Maria and says he will work for the Colony in a nondefined culinary consultant role. — Mark Gordon

Ranked in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker in Florida for 2009 Associates in Florida in Florida for 2009 for 2009 Worldwide


REAL ESTATE REPORTS By Robin Hartill | City Editor


+ Susan Mondello joins MS&Co. St. Armands Circle II office Susan Mondello has joined the St. Armands Circle II office of Michael Saunders & Co. Mondello is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has an extensive background as a teacher; she created a program to help students develop their communication skills. She moved in 2000 to the Sarasota area and entered the real-estate industry in 2003. Mondello holds the Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI) and ePro designations.

5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101, Longboat Key

Call 941-383-5577


Bringing People Home Since 1939 MINT CONDITION MODULAR,

superior location, land owned with NO FEES. Only 2 minutes from Anna Maria beaches & Intercoastal. Excellent fishing, park, and boat ramp rental available. Debra Ibasfalean $ 110,000 #M5821342


T h e na me to know in real estate

e name to know in real estate

As seen on Sarasota’s

“Hot ProPerties” Segment Every Wednesday! ICE R P W E


University Park - Custom Lakefront Beautifully maintained 3BR + Den home with 10ft ceilings, his & her bath, quality builtin’s, & expanded great room overlooking the pool/spa and lake. Two car garage. WAS $569,000 $519,900

Promenade Penthouse Prestancia – -Villa D’Este BeautifullyGulfupdated plus 2,612 den Sweeping and Bay two viewsbedroom with sunsets. maintenance freew/villa paint &wet carpet, luxurious sq. ft. 10 featuring ft ceilings,new fireplace, bar, high ceilings, bamboo flooring, upgraded kitchen granite & marble baths, garage. 2 terraces, 2 valuable & master bath. 2-car Golf&community. garage parking spaces included. $ $349,000 999,000

La Firenza - Direct Beach Front Stunning sunsets over the Gulf and partial Bay views from this SW corner 3,521 SF apartment with varying 11 & 12 ft ceilings. Spacious floor plan with 3BR+ family room and den/3.5 BA, full bar and summer kitchen. Oversized private 2-car garage. $ 3,500,000

Water Club II - Georgous Gulf Views Bay, City and Gulf views from this sought after premier 9th floor Dover model with 3,723 square feet, private elevator foyer, three full bedrooms and four full bathrooms. 2 valuable parking spaces incl.

Harbor Acres - Estate Sale 2,808 square foot home in excellent school district with 4 bedrooms, walk-in closets, cove trim & built in furniture in the family room. Outdoor patio with open area and a screened porch. Mature trees, oversized $ 549,000 lot & 2-car garage.

Longboat Key – Direct Beach Front “The Johnson Estate” Gated privacy on 2+ acres w/ 150 ft. of Gulf front. 10,000 SF. 7BR/6.5BA includes separate attached guest wing. New in ‘07. $ 11,500,000

BEACHPLACE III – Direct Gulf Front #304 3rd Floor 2BR/2BA 1,503 Sq. Ft. $695,000 BAY HARBOUR – Longboat Key Bayfront Developer Corner Apt. 3BR 1,250 Sq. Ft. $295,000 RED ROCK TERRACE – Oyster Bay Vacant Lot Lot w/ House Plans $399,000 BEACHPLACE III – Direct Gulf Front #302 3rd Floor 2BR/2BA 1,392 Sq. Ft. $670,000 GRAND BAY II – Direct Bay Views! South Corner 3BR/3BA 2,925 Sq. Ft. $1,395,000 PRESTANCIA – Villa D’este Maintenance Free Villa 2BR + Den $349,000 SIESTAS BAYSDE – Deep Water 3BR/2BA 2,641 Sq. Ft. Private Dock $849,900

Ritz Tower – Bay & City Views PENTHOUSE residence with 4,704 Sq. Ft., 4 BR plus family room and 4.5 bathrooms offers incredible views, wood & marble floors, granite & stainless gourmet kitchen, 10’ ceilings. $ 3,595,000


Andrew Bers, of RE/MAX Alliance Group, has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation. The designation is awarded after the completion of training in foreclosure avoidance with an emphasis on short sales.


The name to know in real estate


+ Bers earns Certified Distressed Property Expert designation


Ackerman Ackerman







La Bellasara - Downtown Bay Front Outstanding Bay, Marina, & City Skyline views! 3BR/4.5BA + study or 4th BR with 3,370 SF. w/ summer kitchen, private elevator lobby, 2-car garage Turnkey furnished. Annual lease available WAS $2,395,000 $2,150,000

SE OU Dr N H stway-4 E P O 9 We un 1 S 121 at & S

Bird Key – Waterfront Opportunity Long wide views of Sarasota’s protected Bay front from almost every room! 4BR/4BA home with many upgrades & an incredible 4,000 square feet under A/C. Screened pool/spa deck and large dock with extra seating area & boat lift, generator, $ hurricane protection. 1,899,999

Water Club I – Direct Gulf Front Gorgeous 7th floor “Island Style” apartment with 3BR/5BA and 3,400 square feet. Amazing water & sunset views from almost every room! Oak wood floors, unique interior finishes, 2 parking spaces & excellent amenities.$2,700,000

Lido Shores - Direct Gulf Front Palazzo Combines 200 ft. of seawalled Gulf front with private Dock and Beach access. This 7,415 SF residence built in 2003 has 5BR/8BA, exercise room, his and her bath & studies, 50 ft pool/spa & 5-car garage.

Longboat Key – Boater’s Fantasy 3,435 SF home with 114 feet of DEEP water frontage! Extra large rooms, with living area on one level and tons of ground floor play space. Covered 45x20 slip and Jet Ski dock included. $ 995,000

Sorrento Shores - Rancho del Sol Sprawling waterfront estate on 1.24 acres and 224 feet of Sarasota Bay front! 5 BR/ 4.2 BA with separate 2BR renovated historic guest house. Includes 350 foot deep water dock w $ 2,495,000 18,000lb lift.

Bayport- Sporting Community Beach retreat that lives like a home. Beautifully & freshly remodeled, 3 full BR with sitting areas, and loads of storage, 2 private patios, his/her bath areas. Steps to private beach. $ 629,500

Water Club I - Gulf & Bay Views 6th floor 3BR/3 full BA newly designed & furnished apartment with beautiful water views, private elevator, 10’ ceilings and two expansive terraces for viewing nightly sunsets. Gated community with excellent amenities. Furnished. $ 1,599,00

Grand Bay I – 9th Floor Bay Front Best of both worlds, sunrises on the Bay and sunsets on the Gulf! 3BR/3.5BA with private elevator foyer, 11 ft. ceilings, his & her baths and two large terraces. Many unique interior finishes! 2 garage spaces. $1,150,000

Ritz Tower – Downtown Sarasota Sophisticated Simplicity with Style! 8th floor 2,799 square foot residence with 3BR/3BA in wood, granite & stainless offers a neutral color pallet & gorgeous Bay, Marina, & City views from every room. 2 prkng spaces incl. $ 1,448,000




owned w/bonus room, gourmet chef’s kitchen, expanded living area, shows like a model, designer updates too numerous to list. Priced below replacement. Marc Turner $ 245,000 #A3932025


Incredible opportunity to own 2 adjoining lots west of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Conrad Beach boasts timeless architecture, com. pool & clubhouse. Purchase separately or w/M5815731. Peter Uliano $ #M5815734 260,000


to own in the “Village” on Longboat Key. Turn this into your dream home w/a little TLC, 4BR/2BA, large fenced backyard with room for a pool. Community boat launch, fishing pier & beach access. Teresia Bradford $ 279,000 #M5812424

with view of water, close to IMG. Great floorplan. Will do lease option. Call for details. Jerry Cunningham $ 295,838 #A3941925


Turnkey furnished 40ft deeded boat slip. 1st floor unit with direct walk out to heated pool, carport assigned & tennis. Marcia Bayard $ 424,900 PM5810517

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, LLC ● 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #1, Longboat Key 941-387-1820 Direct ● 800-910-8728 Toll-Free

All of Barbara’s listings are linked Internationally in 13 languages.



Owned and Operated by NRT, LLC.


longboat Observer


real estate | transactions

By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

The Shore condominium sells for $637,500 Norman Halpern, trustee, and Diane Halpern, Sarasota, sold the Unit 116 condominium at The Shore, 5757 Gulf of Mexico Drive, to Charles and Susan DiNatale, Longboat Key, for $637,500. Built in 1975, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,996 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $323,600 in 1996. The following residential real-estate transactions, recorded at the Sarasota and Manatee county courthouses, took place between Sept. 26 and Sept. 30. Of this week’s eight sales, three took place in Sarasota County, and five took place in Manatee County.

BUILDING PERMITS These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of Sept. 30 through Oct. 6, in order of dollar amounts. (GMD = Gulf of Mexico Drive)

Hope Weatherby sold the Unit 13-A condominium at 2525 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Sherilyne Dougherty, trustee, of Alexandria, Va., for $600,000. Built in 1972, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,460 square feet of living area.

Sleepy Lagoon Park

Mallory Gnaegy

Unit 116 condominium at The Shores, 5757 Gulf of Mexico Drive, has three bedrooms, two baths, and 1,996 square feet of living area. It sold for $637,500.

Gary Wegner and JoAnne Jarecki, of Pewaukee, Wis., sold their home at 616 Lyons Lane to Michael Smith and Kathleen Shanahan, Tampa, for $445,000. Built in 1975, it has three bedrooms, two-and-ahalf baths, a pool and 1,755 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $563,000 in 2004.

12 condominium at 7115 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Maureen Burke Hardy, Kevin Burke and Michael Burke, of Hawthorn Woods, Ill., for $265,000. Built in 1974, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,170 square feet of living area.

Fairway Bay II

Spanish Main Yacht Club

Virginia Carr sold the Unit 321 condominium at 2016 Harbourside Drive to T.R. and Jan Price, of Ennis, Texas, for $375,000. Built in 1984, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,442 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $180,000 in 1985.


Keith Evans, of Yale, Mich., sold his Unit

Elizabeth Keymont, Bradenton, sold her Unit 35 condominium at 781 Spanish Drive N. to Larry and Virginia Freed, of Wilbraham, Mass., for $260,000. Built in 1969, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,327 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $205,000 in 2001.

Longboat Landing

Stanley and Teresa Williams, of Spokane

Permit Applicant Amount

4325 GMD


Michael Mullihan


415 L’Ambiance Drive


Robert Bevilacqua


565 Sanctuary Drive


Lisa Marcus


565 Sanctuary Drive


John Bullock


2185 GMD


Steve Cossingham


3030 Grand Bay Blvd.


James Rand

1925 GMD


Sandra Swindal Revocable Trust $21,000


791 Emerald Harbor Drive Alteration

David Edell


415 L’Ambiance Drive


Phillip Mumford


435 L’Ambiance Drive


Kevin Landry


1560 Harbor Sound Drive Alteration

Jeffrey Hotchkiss


512 Schooner Lane


James Captain


690 Linley St.


Judith Clemmons


1908 Harbourside Drive


Michael Levine


6400 GMD 5550 GMD

New Christ Church of construction Longboat Key, Presbyterian Event Town of Longboat Key

Valley, Wash., sold their Unit 105 condominium at 5320 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Living Lifestyles LLC for $224,000. Built in 1981, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,350 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $172,500 in 2000.

Beach Harbor Club

Patricia Klinge, trustee, Indianapolis, sold the Unit C-304 condominium at 3806 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Ralph and

$0 $0

Elizabeth Maxwell, of Richville, Minn., for $210,000. Built in 1970, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,046 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $118,000 in 2000.

Visit our website to read more transactions and to see a map.


Islands West


longboat Observer





Inn on the Beach Club-Suite Updated & Furnished With Sophistication, Detail and Quality. $329,500

L’Ambiance Walk-Down w/ 3 Bedrooms, 4 1/2 Baths Plus Den. 3380 SF $2,495,000


Totally Custom & Spacious Beachplace Penthouse Directly on the Gulf with 3 Bedrooms, Numerous Upgrades, Unmatched Views and Two Parking Spaces. Furnished. $1,499,000




Privately Positioned Family Home w/ over 4,800 SF of Custom Finishes and Wonderful Floor Plan. $949,000

Upgraded Beau Ciel Two Bedroom Unit with City and Bay Views $995,000

Beautiful LaBellasara with over 3100 SF of Marvelous Finishes & Lovely Bay and City Views!




Very Special Updated Beachfront Unit at an Affordable Price. Promenade Two Bedroom with Gulf Views. $549,000

Very Impressive Conrad Beach Beauty Just Steps to the Beach. $999,000



Beautifully Updated 3 Bedroom Island Getaway w/ Tranquil Bay Views and Boat Dock.




Dreamy Coastal Living. Three Bedroom Custom Pool Home With Sparkling Perfection and Delicious Water Views. 995,000

Great Little Beach Getaway with Bay Access $1,950,000

Tranquil and Private Resort-Like Beachfront Estate on Longboat Key.


Distinctive homes presented by Cheryl Loeffler Today, it is not simply about creating a website or advertisement and waiting for buyers to find your listed property. It is about developing mixed-media strategies and integrated partnerships that position our brand and your home ubiquitously throughout multiple print and digital platforms, providing more relevant levels of engagement for consumers to seek out your home and the services offered by Signature | Sotheby’s International Realty. To learn more about our exclusive marketing program, please call Cheryl Loeffler at 941.302.9674. Signature Sotheby’s Top Producing Agent 2010

Each office independently owned and operated

Signature 62296

Cheryl Loeffler | MBA, Realtor | 941.302.9674 | The Plaza at Five Points, 50 Central Avenue, Sarasota, 34236236


longboat Observer

women’s rights


by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Democratic Club holds first meeting of season Attempts to curtail women’s rights in Florida and around the United States was the focus of Wendy Grassi’s speech Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the first meeting of the season of the Longboat Key Democratic Club. The meeting was held in the Harbourside Dining Room at the Long-

boat Key Club and Resort. Grassi, director of public relations for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, spoke on the topic, “Elections Have Consequences.” “Last year was a hard time for women’s health,” she said.

John Clay and Debbie Kreger Above: Edward and Jadwiga Mues

President Murray Blueglass, Director of Public Relations for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida Wendy Grassi and former Democratic Club President Marvin Morse

Left: Harriet Marks and Ina Rae Levi Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

June Ansorge and Eve Kommel

LONGBOAT KEY Stunning 3BR/2.5BA contemporary on

deep water canal. Dramatic 2 story foyer, large living area w/expanses of walls & glass, wet bar & woodburning f/p. White on white throughout. Private split level master suite with screened deck. Over 2500 sq. ft. of screened, multilevel deck areas & heated pool overlooking canal and mangroves. Only 3 houses to the bay & Intracoastal. For a preview go to: $849,000 941.383.5502 or 941.724.7228


TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY TOWN OF PUBLIC HEARING KEY TOWN OFLONGBOAT LONGBOAT KEY PUBLIC HEARING OCTOBER 18, 20119:00 PUBLIC HEARING AM OCTOBER 18, 9:00 AMthe following 18, 201120119:00 AM Please take OCTOBER notice that a public hearing will be held to consider

3174 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

ordinance: Please take the following following Please takenotice noticethat thataapublic publichearing hearingwill will be be held held to to consider consider the ordinance: ORDINANCE 2011-21 ordinance: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING CODE OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCE 2011-21 ORDINANCES OF THE TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA, AMENDING ORDINANCE 2011-21 ANCHAPTER AMENDING THE ZONING CODE THE CODE CODE BY OF 158, ZONING CODE, ARTICLE I GENERAL ANORDINANCE ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING CODE OF OFPROVISIONS; THE OF AMENDING OF SECTION 158.1006 DEFINITIONS, “LANDSCAPING, ORDINANCES OF KEY, AMENDING ORDINANCES OFTHE THETOWN TOWN OFLONGBOAT LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA, FLORIDA, AMENDING REQUIRED” PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING FOR REPEAL CHAPTER 158, ZONING ARTICLE PROVISIONS; BY CHAPTER 158, ZONINGCODE, CODE, ARTICLE II GENERAL GENERAL PROVISIONS; BY OF ALL ORDINANCES CONFLICTDEFINITIONS, HEREWITH; PROVIDING FOR AN AMENDING SECTION “LANDSCAPING, AMENDING SECTION IN158.1006 158.1006 DEFINITIONS, “LANDSCAPING, EFFECTIVEPROVIDING DATE. REQUIRED” FOR REPEAL REPEAL REQUIRED” PROVIDINGFOR FORSEVERABILITY; SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING PROVIDING FOR ALLORDINANCES ORDINANCESININCONFLICT CONFLICT HEREWITH; HEREWITH; PROVIDING PROVIDING FOR OFOFALL FOR AN AN A Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Board on the ordinance will EFFECTIVE DATE. EFFECTIVE DATE. be held on October 18, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard, atHearing the Town Commission Chambers, TownBoard Hall, on 501the Bay Isles Road, A Public before thePlanning Planning andZoning Zoning Board ordinance will A Public Hearing before the and ordinance will Longboat Key, Florida. All interested persons may appear and be heard with be held on October 18, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as may be held on October 18, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as maybe be respect tothe the proposed amendment. Copies of the heard, Town Commission Chambers, Town Hall,proposed 501 Bay Isles heard, atatthe Town Commission Chambers, Town Hall, 501 Bay amendment Isles Road, Road, and related material be viewed prior tomay theappear hearingand at be the Planning, Longboat Key, Florida.may Allinterested interested persons may appear with Longboat Key, Florida. All persons and be heard heard with Zoning &toBuilding Department, 501 BayCopies Isles Road, between 8:30 a.m. and respect the proposed amendment. of the proposed amendment respect to the proposed amendment. Copies of the proposed amendment 5:00 related p.m. weekdays. Questions may be directed the Planning, Zoning & and materialmay may beviewed viewed prior to the the to hearing at and related material be prior to hearing at the the Planning, Planning, Building& Department at 316-1966. TheIsles proposed amendment will affect Zoning Building Department, 501 Bay Road, between 8:30 Zoning & Building Department, 501 Bay Isles Road, between 8:30 a.m. a.m. and and property within the corporate boundaries of the Town ofPlanning, LongboatZoning Key as 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Questions may be directed to the && 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Questions may be directed to the Planning, Zoning shown onDepartment the map appearing at the of this advertisement. No Building at 316-1966. The bottom proposed amendment will affect Building atcertified 316-1966. proposed amendment will affect verbatimDepartment record the by a court The reporter is made proceedings. property within corporate boundaries of the Townofofthese Longboat Key as property within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Longboat Keythe as Accordingly, anymap person who mayatseek appealofany decision involving shown on the appearing the tobottom this advertisement. No shown on the map appearing at the bottom of this advertisement. No matters noticed will be responsible for making verbatim record of the verbatim record herein by a certified court reporter is madea of these proceedings. verbatim record byperson a certified court reporter isupon made of these proceedings. testimony andany evidence atwho these proceedings which any appeal is tothe be Accordingly, may seek to appeal any decision involving Accordingly, any person who seek appeal any decision involving the based (see Section 286.0105, F.S.). In to accordance with the Americans matters noticed herein will bemay responsible for making a verbatim record ofwith the matters noticed herein will be responsible for making a verbatim record of the Disabilitiesand Actevidence and Section F.S.,upon persons a is special testimony at these286.26, proceedings whichneeding any appeal to be testimony and evidence at these proceedings upon which any appeal is to be accommodation to participate in thisInproceeding contact the Town based (see Section 286.0105, F.S.). accordanceshould with the Americans with based (see Section 286.0105, F.S.). In accordance with the Americans with Clerk’ s office 941-316-1999 forty-eight hours needing in advance of this Disabilities Actat and Section 286.26, F.S.,(48) persons a special Disabilities and Section F.S., needing a special proceeding.ActIf you hearing 286.26, impaired, pleasepersons callshould 941-373-7002. accommodation to are participate in this proceeding contact the Town accommodation to 941-316-1999 participate in this proceeding shouldincontact theofTown Clerk’ s office at forty-eight (48) hours advance this BJ Webb, Chair Clerk’ s office 941-316-1999 forty-eight (48)call hours in advance of this proceeding. Ifatyou are hearing impaired, please 941-373-7002. Planning and Zoning proceeding. If you are Board hearing impaired, please call 941-373-7002.   Published 10/12/11   BJ Webb, Chair  Webb, Chair BJPlanning and Zoning Board Published Planning and10/12/11 Zoning Board Published 10/12/11  

Michael Saunders & Company Cathy C. Meldahl P.A. Licensed Real Estate Broker

Talk to Tina Today - Longboat Key’s International Connection

Serene Bayou ViewS highlight this inviting and tastefully updated 2 bedroom 2 bath home in a park like setting located in a pet friendly Gulf to Bay community. Beach side tennis, private beach, boat docks, kayak launch, 3 heated pools, a fishing pier & more are awaiting you …

offered at $299,000 Short Sale

Longboat Key Realty 65422

6000 Marina Drive Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Tina Rudek • 941-920-0303 •

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At Home... Turn to us for help!

Lic. #299993609

Lic. #299993726

A Private Duty Home Health Agency Exceptional Care, Service and Support • Complimentary Home Evaluation • Administration of Medication • Errands, Shopping, Transportation • Activities of Daily Living • Personal Care Bathing • Meal Preparation • New Born & Mom Assist program



Your Extended Family • Trusted • Experienced • Caring

Sarasota (941) 388-3117 Venice (941) 484-3242 Englewood (941) 474-4455 Bradenton (941) 795-7000



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You may not know what you’re looking for, it. but now you know where to


To be notified of special events and open houses, we invite you to join our private registry at

6429 Gulfside Road Quiet, charming and very private beachfront home with enormous views of the Gulf. Situated on a private cul-de-sac, you are protected from the activity on Gulf of Mexico Drive. Totally renovated to perfection, the generous & flowing floorplan encompasses 3,247 square feet and spans two levels of sumptuous living. $4,495,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

1730 Caribbean Drive Tamara & Todd Currey

$1,995,000 941.587.1776

1727 Bahia Vista Street Cindy Migone

$1,945,000 941.812.7438

1324 S Lakeshore Drive Joel Schemmel

$1,695,000 941.587.4894

1361 Harbor Drive Sara Boudarga

$1,499,999 941.321.6352

712 Riviera Dunes Way Arnie DuFort

$1,300,000 941.224.8602

8 S Washington Drive Cindy Migone

$1,299,000 941.812.7438

232 Bird Key Drive Jo Rutstein

$2,799,000 941.587.9156



$2,349,000 941.356.4552


$1,195,000 941.928.3424

851 North Shore Drive Terry Hayes

$999,000 941.302.3100

301 N Shore Drive Cheryl Loeffler

$995,000 941.302.9674

7025 Saddle Creek Circle Brian Wood

$950,000 941.928.8408

891 North Shore Drive Terry Hayes

$894,999 941.302.3100

22 Sandy Cove, 502 Roberta Tengerdy

$549,000 941.321.2292

©MMX Signature Sotheby’s International Realty, licensed real estate broker. ®,™ and SM are licensed trademarks to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

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6326 Midnight Pass Road, Penthouse 509 Peg Davant

524 Spoonbill Drive N Judie Berger


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will work for food


by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Interactive dinner produces top chefs

Hostess Emily Walsh Parry, Chef Tommy Klauber and hostess Stephanie Hannum

Chef Tommy Klauber, along with Stephanie Hannum and Emily Walsh Parry, hosted a Californicationthemed interactive dinner Thursday, Oct. 6, at Pattigeorge’s restaurant. To go with the theme, food was prepared simply with fresh ingredients. For every interactive dinner, Klauber teaches guests how to prepare each course at their tableside stations; then it’s up to the attendees to recreate the evening’s fare. The three courses consisted of seared curried diver scallops; seared sea bass over zucchini noodles with red pepper coulis; and fresh mission figs flambé with amaretto and almond ice cream.

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Tennis player Robert Seguso prepares scallops.

Sandi Taylor and Nicole Clark

We are pleased to unveil our New Golf Membership. Imagine unlimited Anne Shuleri and Catherine Dal

use of 45-holes of challenging golf, two driving ranges, six restaurants, beach & poolside facilities, Island House Spa, Fitness Centre and Mind & Motion Studio. Plus an open invitation to attend Club activities as well as use of Marina Village amenities and some tennis privileges. Call today for details and to schedule your private tour.

Enjoy the magnificent beachfront setting with pristine white sand & warm Gulf waters.

Play a match at our USTA award-winning Tennis Gardens.

Reenergize mind and body at our 9,000 sf Island House Spa.

Dine at six very distinctive, elegant to casual, onsite rstaurants.


442 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key 941.387.1602 • • Sue Bassett-Klauber and Murf Klauber enjoy the interactive dinner.

longboat Observer


games | deal us in

By Donna Swan | Contributing Writer

Precision bidding promises high-card points The one-club opening bid, when playing Precision, promises 16-plus high-card points, which says nothing about distribution. South’s three notrump bid showed a heart stopper with no long suit and typically 15 to 16 high-card points. North’s four notrump bid was quantitative, which invited a slam. Now put yourself in South’s position. Perhaps you were a bit optimistic with your bid, but your side does have 33 high-card points. On the surface, it looks like you need the ace of diamonds. Is there another plan? You have 11 top tricks and the possibility of leading up to dummy’s king

of diamonds. If West has the ace of diamonds, you are home free. But East is sure to have the ace of diamonds to go with his six hearts. West did not lead his partner’s suit, likely because he does not have one. You can put pressure on West by running your winners. With the opening lead in dummy, cash the king of hearts. West shows out and the queen of hearts, then unblock the top spades in dummy. Follow with the Jack of clubs and play a club back to your hand. Cash the black suit winners, down to the heart ace and 10 and the diamond kingseven in the dummy. On your fourth

spade, discard the diamond nine. East now holds the Jack and nine of hearts and the ace and queen of diamonds — he is stuck. If he throws a diamond, you put him in with the bare ace of diamonds, then he is forced to lead into dummy’s 10 and ace of hearts. If he discards a heart, you play to dummy’s ace of hearts and 10 of hearts and concede a diamond at the end. This is known as a squeeze without the count. Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.”



♠ 6543 ♥— ♦ 10 9 6 4 3 ♣ 10 9 8 7

Bidding: West Pass Pass

The Observer’s “It’s Read Everywhere” photo contest is now online at Visit our website, YourObserver. com, to upload your photo submissions from now until Oct. 15; photos submitted directly to the paper will automatically be uploaded to our website. Online voting takes place from Oct. 15 to Nov. 7. Winners will be announced in the Nov. 10 issue of the Longboat Observer. Email your entries to or mail them to the Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, COLORADO. Emerald Harbor residents Nicole Wallace, Sharon Shreiber and Armand Longboat Key, Fla., 34228. Mazius took their Longboat Observer on a recent trip to Breckenridge, Colo.

♠ AK ♥ A 10 4 2 ♦ K752 ♣QJ5


♠ 10 8 2 ♥ J98653 ♦ AQ South ♣ 4 3 ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣



QJ97 KQ7 J8 AK62

North 1 1♣ 4NT Pass

Opening Lead: 10

East 1 ♥ Pass Pass

South 2 3NT 6NT

1 Precision: strong, artificial, forcing 2 15 to 16 high-card points

observerSudoku Edited by The Mepham Group

Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column and box. See answers on page 25A. © Tribune Media Services


what you are missing... DOWNTOWN W/DIRECT BAY VIEWS! 3-4Br/3Ba/2CG w/pvt elevator, detailed & high ceil, crown molding, marble, builtins, gas fp, granite, imported cabinets, MBa w/jetted tub & bidet, state-of-theart sys, 2 balconies in secure bldg w/ amenities! MLS#A3943537 $1,500,000

FURN W/PANORAMIC BAY VIEWS! Downtown/2-3Br/2Ba/1CG w/faux & artisan finishes, crown moldings, wood cabinets, ceramic tile, granite, plantation shutters, walk-in closets, open-air balcony & pvt laundry in secure building w/ amenities! MLS#A3929596 $450,000

MODERN DOWNTOWN BAY FRONT! 2Br/2Ba/1CG w/marble, granite, Corian, tile & bamboo flrs, furniture quality cabinets, built-ins, architectural elements, fp, updated eat-in kitch. & baths, pvt balcony & laundry, secure building w/ amenities! MLS#A3942652 $400,000

DEVELOPER CLOSEOUT PRICING! Owner Financing Available - Waterfront homes on Little SRQ Bay w/views & upgrades in a gated comm. w/amenities; pool, spa, fitness plus a full service marina w/Harbor MSTR, docks, rackominiums & wet slips available! Starting at $399,000

SIESTA KEY, REMODELED & FURN! 2Br/2Ba/1CP w/bonus rm, den, raised ceil, tile, plantation shutters, granite, crown moldings, wood cabinets, & w/d included in Island Reef w/resort-like amenities; pools, tennis courts, docks, beach access & more! MLS#A3943588 $425,000

BEAUTIFUL BAY VIEWS! 3Br/3Ba/2CG w/upgrades; ceramic tile, granite, raised panel cabinets, quality appls., ceiling details, MBr w/2 walk-ins & jetted tub plus pvt balcony in gated comm. w/amenities; pool, tennis, kayak, dock/fishing pier & more! MLS#A3947207 $375,000

GULF & BAY VIEWS! Furn & updated 2Br/2Ba/1CP end res w/views in EVERY rm, remodeled kitchen, upgraded baths, neutral carpet & tile, raised panel cabinets & pvt open-air balcony in the renovated Aquarius Club on LBK w/amenities! MLS#A3934996 $599,000

DOWNTOWN W/VIEWS! Completely remodeled 3Br/2Ba/2CG w/diagonal tile, granite, furniture quality wood cabinets, SS appls, pocket doors, modern MBa w/Roman shower & dual sinks, pvt balcony in Bay Plaza w/full service amenities! MLS#A3939930 $725,000

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UPDATED DOWNTOWN BAY PLAZA W/ VIEWS! 2Br/2Ba/1CG w/bay views wood laminate flrs, tile, built-ins, crown moldings, granite, raised panel cabinets, new SS appls., hurricane shutters, pvt laundry & balcony in secure bldg w/full amenities! MLS#A3946299 $700,000


longboat Observer



RAINFALL Mon., Oct. 3 Tues., Oct. 4 Wed., Oct. 5 Thurs., Oct. 6 Fri., Oct. 7 Sat., Oct. 8 Sun., Oct. 9

North 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.04 0.22

Mid 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.06 0.47

Month to date: 2011 1.32 in Year-to-date:

South 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.06 0.12 0.15 0.49

2010 0.01 in.

2011 2010 40.34 in. 33.74 in.



Thurs., Oct. 13



Fri., Oct. 14



Sat., Oct. 15



Sun., Oct. 16



Mon., Oct. 17



Tues., Oct. 18



Wed., Oct. 19





Temps. High Low 87 67 87 69 87 68 87 70 82 70 79 70 81 70

Tues., Oct. 4 Wed., Oct. 5 Thurs., Oct. 6 Fri., Oct. 7 Sat., Oct. 8 Sun., Oct. 9 Mon., Oct. 10

Record Temps. High Low 94 (1990) 55 (1974) 93 (1990) 58 (1974) 95 (1989) 58 (1979) 94 (2009) 56 (2010) 93 (1986) 52 (1987) 92 (2009) 57 (1987) 93 (2009) 51 (2000)

Average Gulf water temperature: 77.1




Thurs., Oct. 13



8:34a 7:44p

Fri., Oct. 14



9:09a 8:03p

Sat., Oct. 15



9:48a 8:24p

Sun., Oct. 16



10:34a 8:48p

Mon., Oct. 17



Tues., Oct. 18



Wed., Oct. 19




Oct. 20 Last

Oct. 26 New

11:29a 9:18p Nov. 2 First

Nov. 10 Full

PHOTO CONTEST: Enter your local sunset, sunrise or weather-related photos for The Observer’s weather photo contest, sponsored by Cool Today. Please include where you took the photo when submitting photos, as well as your mailing address. Each week’s winner will receive a $50 restaurant gift card. Please send your photos to the Longboat Observer, 5570 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Fla., 34228, or email them to Visit to click on our interactive weather button, which features current weather conditions, weather radar and a five-day forecast.


Ellen Letourneau submitted this sunset photo, taken in the 3300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive.


STAYING PUT by Allen Loggia

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2. J Z G I J Z Y H B N C D J R G D Y H B R I K Z R G N C B J G H S B H D V H







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Last weeks Cryptograms 1. Check these wacky songs with a picnic theme: “Tastes Good” by the Ant Invaders and “Leave my Honey Alone” by Bears in the Camp. 2. Mom was proud of her corn on the cob and bragged about it at the picnic. As she described how she prepared the vegetable, her friend said: “Go ahead, give me an earful!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Items Under $200 For Sale

Condos/Apts. For Rent

Real Estate Wanted

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

ADVERTISE YOUR merchandise with the total value of $200 or less in this section for FREE! Limit 1 ad per month, 15 words or less. Price must be included. No commercial advertising. Ad runs 2 consecutive weeks. Email ad to: or online at:

LONGBOAT HARBOUR Condo For Sale by owner. Turnkey or Rent minimum 3 months. 2BR/2BA second floor bay view, active community. Call John or Paulette 352-391-9006 or 631-455-6826.


Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 Homes & Condominiums Studios to Six Bedrooms Beachfront, Intercoastal or Garden Excellent Service & Staff

BIMINI BOAT Top & Boot never used. 149" width. Frame. $97. 941-929-7297. BOYS BEDROOM set, mattress, boxsprings, dresser, shelf, linens, & sports locker storage. $160 941-747-2412. LAWN MOWER: Toro Power: 21 inch. Model #20036. $200. 941-342-1940. ORIENTAL VASE Blue/Green Multi Color 18"High $50. 941-383-3966

Autos For Sale 2002 MERCEDES S500: black, 32,900 miles. Ex. condition, dealer maintained, $15500. 941-780-7922.

Autos Wanted AUTOS WANTED! Let me take the hassle out of selling your car. Cash offered today! Call Mike, 941-713-2277.

Boat Slips For Rent/Sale BOAT SLIP. High and dry, indoor, for sale or lease. Southend of LBK at the Boathouse. Owner financing available. For info, call 941-544-5597.

Boats Boats are selling very well. My passion is selling boats. 70+ sold this year, both big and small, many in less than 2 weeks. I keep it real simple. Longtime resident, many references. “Lets talk about selling your boat”. Island Boat Sales. Dave, 941-228-3489,

PARADISE ON LBK! Newly decorated 2BR/2BA. First floor with freebies. Steps to beach and bay. Details: (unit 701). Available January and/or February 2012. 615- 376-9448. SEAPLACE CONDO: 2BR/1BA, Steps to beach, Gulf views. W/D in unit, New dishwasher, Storage & Parking, 2 Pools, Tennis, all included. $1395/obo. 1 year lease. Call 301-529-5600.

Storage STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.



“Take our video tour at”


“Where People Return Year After Year”

BEACHPLACE: DIRECT gulffront apartment, beautifully decorated 2BR/2BA. Available Dec. 1, 2011. Photos available. Call 917-846-4416. LBK SPECTACULAR BAY VIEWS from every window. 2BD/2BA, Newly renovated. Available Dec. 1st. Pets Ok. 5 min walk to beach. Bob 860-705-0111 or



CONRAD BEACH, LBK. Upscale 2 BR furn home. Community pool. Beach access. Non-smoking. No Pets. Annual or Short Term. 3 mo. minimum. Owner/Agent, 941-544-0214.

Find Treasure!

Condos/Apts. For Rent

Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

LBK: TANGERINE BAY CLUB. Luxurious decorator furnished Penthouse, 4BR/4.5BA. Full garden/ pool/ Bay views. Granite kitchen, 2 private terraces, outdoor gas grill, 2 car garage, FIOS, Beach Club access/ 3 month minimum. Non-smoking. No pets. E-mail or call for availability, rates, photos., 202-363-0740.

LIDO BEACH Vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 1-800-734-3370.

FREE Wireless High Speed Internet

SALES POSITION WANTED. Sales lady has over 20 years experience in retail sales, lady’s fashions, home accessories, gifts and toys. Strong customer relations experience. Reliable, hours flexible. 941-650-5719.

LBK VERANDAH BEACH RESORT: 2BR/2BA Full Gulf view, 4th floor, completely furnished. Available December 10th-December 17th. $2000 negotiable. 516-993-6507.

941-388-3921 - 888-388-3921 941-650-1857 Visit us at:


Positions Wanted

LBK SEAPLACE: 2BR/1BA Furnished Condo, Top floor, Bay view. Non-Smokers. Available December thru May. 2 month minimum. $2900/mo. 941-924-3180.

Resort Properties, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker Full Service Condominium Management

Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228

Say You Saw it in 941-387-9709 877-705-2460

LIDO BEACH CONDOMINIUMS Weekly - Monthly - Seasonal

Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925

PELICAN HARBOUR LBK- FULL BAY VIEW, boat slips, beach, tennis and pool. Custom wood and granite kitchen opens to dining & living room for a Great Room effect. 2BR/2BA. No weight limit for dog. $349,000. Steve or Craig Abbott, Michael Saunders & Company. 941-374-3003.


LBK: SEAPLACE, 2BR/2.5BA Town House, partial Gulf views, nicely furnished, lanai+ terraces, full kitchen, living, dining area, beach club access (sauna, gym, tennis, w/pool), walk out to the beach, breathtaking sunsets. Rental: Jan-May $3800 +11% tax/mo. June-Dec. $2300 +11% tax) 2 mo. min.


DISCOVER THE OTHER ISLAND in Sarasota Bay. Waterfront 3BR/2BA/2CG condo on private Island. Virtual tour at, click Tidy Island tab. $249,900. Katharine Pepper, RoseBay Real Estate. 941-792-9459.

DESIRABLE HISTORIC Village of Longboat Key: 610 Russell St., 3BR/2BA, split plan, great room with large patio room attached, fenced-in backyard with outside patio deck. One year lease required. $1850/mo. water and lawn care included. 407-701-5009.

SENIOR LOOKING to purchase precious metals, time pieces, coins, jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707.

BEACHFRONT LONGBOAT KEY CONDO Rare 3BR/2.5BA with beautiful views of Gulf of Mexico. Remodeled kitchen and baths, W/D, pool, tennis, spa, photos available. or 416-569-6659

Condos For Sale


Merchandise Wanted

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

STUDIO APARTMENT for rent at Lerfald Landings on a canal across from Whitney Beach. Water included. $700 month. 1 year lease required. (941)565-1401, (941)792-0411.

Homes For Rent

General Merchandise

Sarasota Luxury Rentals Please phone - Vicki: 941-356-5610

SPELL-BOUNDING FULL BAY VIEWS. Location is everything. Walking distance to downtown, St. Armands Circle and the Gulf beaches. Boating and fishing are only steps away. 2 bedroom condo, ground floor, covered parking, some furniture is available/unfurnished, boat dock included. Newly renovated pool. 55 and older community. $1200/mo. for 12 months or $1500/mo. for 8 months. Tenant pays electric. Please call Karin Stephan at 941-504-4435.

Garage/Moving/Estate Sales

THRIFT SHOP: LORD’S WAREHOUSE. Hours: Mon., Weds., & Sat., 9a.m. to 1p.m. Non-profit. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, other items. 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. 941-383-4738.

For Qualified Waiting Clients

LONGBOAT KEY Cottage: furnished, 2BR/1BA, carport, sunroom. 5/minutes to St. Armands, 10/min. to downtown. Available Season 2012 $4000/mo. includes water, sewer, garbage and lawn care. Pets considered. 941-554-4248. LONGBOAT KEY PIERRE CONDO on the beach. 8th floor. 2 bedroom plus den/convertible 3rd bedroom. Garage parking. Furnished. 2,410 sq ft. Available 10/1/11 thru 9/30/12, or any portion. Pool, tennis, fitness center. Outstanding Gulf of Mexico and sunrise views. 3 guest suites in bldg. for occasional company. Photos available. 248-310-8308. LONGBOAT KEY. Gulf front, heated pool on beach, 1BR/1BA condo, full kitchen, dining, sleeps 4, king pillowtop. 617-328-7145.

Want to find a great deal on something you’ve always dreamed of?

LONGBOAT: 2BR/2BA, updated unit. Gorgeous bay views, with all amenities. Available Winter Season 2012. 2/month minimum. 941-387-6486. LONGBOAT: DIRECT Beachfront Condo, 2BR/2BA. $2000+ tax/mo. April-December. 727-501-3675. ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Weekly or Monthly. May through January. $1600/mo. 351-5101.

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This week’s crossword answers

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ANTIQUE VIOLIN $200 with bow and case. 941-358-8511.

LONGBOAT KEY Towers Condo For Rent Gulfront. Behind gates of Longboat Key Club. 2BR/2BA. Furnished with incredible views of gulf and bay. W/D. 24-hr. security. Pool & fitness center. Available now. Call (717)968-2001.

26A 26A Classifieds Vacation/Seasonal Rentals THE WESTCHESTER GULF FRONT 2BR/2BA, open, direct views, tennis court, 2 heated pools, steps away from the sand, breathtaking sunsets. 941-228-5671.

WEEKLY RENTALS. Luxurious, fully furnished 1 - 4 bedrooms. Condominiums and Cottages. Beach to Bay. On-site management. Pools, tennis, boat slips. Visit: for information and virtual tours. 800-333-7335, 941-383-3117.

Weekly/ Monthly/ Seasonal Rates Beachfront, Bayfront and In Between Houses or Condos Reservations 941-383-6127 Visa/ MC 800-352-0367 5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101 Longboat Key, FL 34228 Rental office 9a.m. - 5p.m. M-F Ask about our special rates! Wagner Realty Since 1939 Adult Care Services

Home Improvement/ Remodeling

Personal Services

HOME AIDE COMPANION. 6 years experience, CPR trained, bi-lingual, HHA, Certified. Excellent references. Clarita Douglas, 407-535-2569.




I come to your home or office.

Auto Transport RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer & associate. Drive your car to the North and back. 941-713-1596, 941-720-0426.

Cleaning BRAZILIAN CLEANING Service by Maria. Residential/ Commercial. Meticulous Cleaning. Excellent References. Free Estimates. Reliable. Lic./ Ins. 941-400-3342 CLEANING HOUSE: Trustworthy. I am proud to say that I am a reliable, honest, and affordable. I am a Christian woman (JW) with high values, and trusted person. Please contact me for a free estimate at 941-773-0940. ELER CLEANING SERVICE. Residential cleaning, 10 years experience. Affordable and reliable. Call for free estimates and references. Alessandra, 941-301-6493.

Computer Services

Carpentry, Painting, Property Caretaking, Roof Leaks/ Coatings, Power washing, Dock Repairs.

Bill Paying & Account Reconciliation Organizing Personal and Business Files Budgets & Financial Reports Federal and State Tax Returns

Excellent service. 30 years experience.

BONDED & INSURED Over 25 yrs. experience

941-383-5765 Home 941-962-4867 cell LBK Resident Licensed/Insured

Telephone: 941-749-5646

Pet Services


DOGGY HOTEL. 24 Hour Daycare. Brown Avenue near Bee Ridge and 41 behind Sleep King (new owner). First day FREE. Meet and greet and get a treat. 941-554-4620.

All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Free Estimates & Custom Designs. Expert Marble & Travertine Installation Floor & Walls

OWN A MAC/IPHONE/IPAD? MacTutor offers 21 years experience. Unlimited free telephone follow up. (941)812-3887

Call Ashdown Flooring, Inc. LICENSED (941) 726-3077 INSURED

Grout Cleaning & Sealing Service Available


Doors SLIDING GLASS Door Repair. Roll-in Roll-out Construction, Inc. 941-321-9010,

HANDYMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE Reliable & Prompt. 25 Years Experience 5 Years in Bradenton Area. Flooring, Masonry, Doors, Carpentry and Water Damage ... etc. Call Scott at 941-536-1770. IKEA KITCHEN Certified Installer Design, assembly and install expert. 941.726.2662 Sergio.


Home Services HOUSEKEEPER PROFESSIONAL, reliable +17 years prev. employer. Housekeeping, driving, shopping, cooking, house sitting. Live out. 941-323-3336.

Painting/Wallpapering CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. 941-744-1020. 35+ years experience. PASTEL PAINTING. Interior/ exterior, neat, reasonable. Wallpaper/ wallpaper removal. Supplying LBK clients with over 17 years experience and customer service. Licensed/Insured. Owner operated. Paul, Cell: 941-315-3033.

Floors, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, patio and pool decks. WANTED - HOUSE OR CONDO ON THE BEACH! I have CASH BUYERS from Europe looking to invest in a second home with 2-3 BR on Siesta, Lido, LBK or Anna Maria. Call Helmer 941-592-8853 - Realtor at Dawn Cohen Int. - Lic. Real Estate Broker.

Personal & Business Bookkeeping Accounting/ Taxes

   

Cmagik -, LBK resident. Over 20 years experience PC or MAC. Computer service, setup, tutoring or web design. TV/ computer/ stereo integration. Digital camera, iPod/ iPhone help. Call Cort, 383-3878, 587-5588.

Home Improvement/ Remodeling Waterfront Property

longboat Observer THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2011 Thursday, October 13, 2011

20 years design background. Licensed - Insured - LBK Resident References upon request. 941-383-2659


Woodworking CUSTOM/MANUFACTURED CABINETS for kitchens, baths and office, crown molding and trim work. Paul, 941-238- 8033.

4 Easy Ways To Place your Classified ad Call 941-955-4888 Fax 941-362-4808 Email

Personal Services CARING COMPANION. Mature, responsible lady, seeking position as a companion. Prepare meals, run errands. Hours are flexible. Florida resident over 25 years. Florida driver’s license. References available. 941-650-5719.

Online at We gladly accept all major credit/debit cards.


what you are missing... Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

Local News that’s


THE LONGBOAT longboat ObserverOBSERVER THURSDAY, Thursday, OCTOBER October 13, 13,2011 2011





Carpentry - Painting - RooďŹ ng

always home™

Kitchens & Baths

30 Years on Longboat Key


second home peace of mind d






Home watch | Homecare | Concierge

‹Carpet Cleaning‹Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning ‹Dryer Vent Cleaning‹Mold Remediation OFF ‹>H[LY*SLHU\W‹6KVY9LTV]HS‹ Pressure Washing. 941-225-4770 ^^^7\YV*SLHUJVTWLWZÅ

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Refinishing South Florida Tub & Tile ReďŹ nishing

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All Work Warranted




27A Classifieds 27A

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UĂŠ, *,-ĂŠEĂŠ, "   UĂŠ 7ĂŠ " -/,1 /" ĂŠ UĂŠ  , 9ĂŠ- ,6 ĂŠ Family Owned & Operated UĂŠ7/ ,ĂŠ / ,2 Florida State Cert. Master Plumbers UĂŠ- 7 ,ĂŠEĂŠ , ĂŠ    ĂŠ #CFC1426596




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We Cure Sick Grout!

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longboat Observer


RogeR sells hARBOR


Located behind a private set of security gates at the Longboat Key Club, each of the 67 homes are situated on deep water which will accommodate the largest of vessels. The lots are oversized, and the homes are substanis just across the street. In Bay Isles, on a full-bay view lot with over 185' of water frontage. Custom floor plan offers the best of open living. $2,195,000

RogeR sells GRAND

BAy Building 4 on the southern side means no buildings will ever block your view. Beautifully furnished and overlooks the marina, golf course and downtown. Two parking spaces. $1,495,000 Deep water dockage for your boat. Sunny southern exposure makes this 4BR house light and bright! $1,295,000 High floor, 3BR/3½BA, Antigua plan. Amazing views of the pool, golf course, downtown and bay from the wraparound terraces. $1,149,000 Expansive panoramic bay views from this Antigua floor plan in Building 2. Third-floor level views from the first living level which offers amazing outdoor living space. This offering is the best value in Grand Bay. $999,000

On Your Mark, Get Set, Sell!


New Listing

It's the middle of October, fall is here and the summer weather is behind us. The real estate inventory is at multiyear lows, and buyers have more reason than ever to want to purchase Sarasota-area real estate. Think about it...the Sarasota lifestyle is as good as it's ever been... high-level culture abounds; amazing, clean, refreshing waters surround us; restaurants with exceptional offerings are easy to find; golf, tennis, boating and shopping are all within short distances to our homes. Who wouldn't want to live in Sarasota and our barrier islands?

 A one-of-a-kind contemporary home located directly on Turtle Beach. Custom built with 3BR, den, private elevator and house-level pool. $2,495,000

Bay Isles Lovely, current and ready to enjoy! This home is warm and inviting, light and bright. New kitchen with family room that opens to a sunny pool area. Near the beach club, marina and shopping. $739,000


▲ Delightful Brighton floor plan with over 3,000 feet including 3 full bedrooms. Updated and beautifully furnished. Sunset Gulf views. $1,395,000 Dover plan offers an incredible value. 3BR/3BA, wood floors in living areas AND fully furnished. Partial Gulf views and beautiful, expansive garden views. $999,000 PROMENADE Wrapping around the southern corner, this 3BR/3BA is turnkey furnished and has views of the Gulf, bay and city. $799,000 L’AMBiANCE This is by far your best value at L’Ambiance. In a building where the average price this season is over $2 million, you can live in this 3BR/3BA residence with southern 3rd floor Gulf views. Lovely finishes throughout. $1,199,000

SEAPLACE Direct Gulf views, 2BR/2BA in the midrise building. Good condition and ready to enjoy; fully furnished. $499,000 Completely renovated, 2BR/2BA with walk-out to beach. Ready to enjoy. Furnished. $379,000 Gorgeous direct bayfront views with deep water boating. This 3BR/2BA has more than 3,200 sf to enjoy. $1,095,000 BiRD KEy

▲ Incredible views from this 5,780 sf bayfront home located on a coveted lot with 278' of deep water frontage. $3,495,000

▲ Sunset views. This beautifully updated, 2BR/2BA has a wonderful rental history. Turnkey furnished. $349,000 Terrific value, this 2BR is located in the popular G-4 building. $319,000 Gulf views. Lovingly updated 2BR, furnished and ready to enjoy. $299,000

5BR waterfront home with high ceilings and open floor plan. $1,299,000 Lovely 3BR on one of Bird Key’s best streets. New seawall and cap, open pool and charming home. $1,095,000

▲ Direct bay view! Four bedrooms, open floor plan, upscale finishes and soaring ceilings. Located on the coveted Mourning Dove Drive. $3,295,000 A true garden house, surrounded and protected by lush vegetation and fruit trees. 3BR/3BA with vaulted ceilings, open kitchen and pool area. $725,000

▲ 3BR/2BA mid-canal home in terrific condition. $625,000 Incredible value for this southern facing, deep water 3BR/2BA home! $549,000

roger c. pettingell Luxury Waterfront SpeciaLiSt


TOWELS COURT Downtown Sarasota... a residence, a studio or commercial venture. 2BR/2BA plus garage; next door is a full studio with bath and kitchen. Ample parking. $459,000

COUNTRy CLUB ShORES Lovely Tuscan-style home looking down the canal and out toward the bay. Major landscaping and interior renovation. Just steps to the beach. $849,000


Residential Real estate d e d i c at e d t o L u x u ry e S tat e S M oWned and operated by nrt, LLc

941.586.6668 Visit if you would like a copy of our list. You may also click on this QR code with your smartphone, call our office, or send us an email.


tial. The private Bay Isles Beach Club

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ARTISTIC LICENSE by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

Heidi Kurpiela

“Jini is one of the most interesting women I’ve ever met,” says Jini Mount’s gallery roommate, Beverly A. Smith. “She’s not sleepy. She knows what’s going on at all times. She’s very, very clever.”

A life uncommon I

Jini Mount is a painter, sculptor, ice skater and now an actress. Is there anything this 84-year-old Renaissance woman can’t do? The Celery Barn proprietress invites us into her colorful world.

t took Jini Mount a long time to find good work as an actress. Sixty years, to be exact — not that she’s counting. A sprightly feminist with piercing blue eyes and a wicked sense of humor, Mount moved in the early 1950s to New York City to work as an actress. But, as she likes to say when discussing her

unconventional past, she got sidetracked by other opportunities. There were her days as a swimsuit model for White Stag, her gig as a vacuum cleaner spokesmodel for Lewyt Vacuums, her seven-year stint as a professional ice skater with “Holiday on Ice” and, of course, her career as a sculptor and painter.

In between all of this, Mount — a brazen tomboy from western New York, who studied English and drama at Ithaca College — raised two children, studied painting at the Art Institute of Miami, ran a gallery in Atlanta and, in 1963, despite her disdain for killing animals, competed in a women’s spearfishing competition in Seattle.




Historic Asolo’s guest artist manager / 4


Children First Flip-Flops and Fashion fundraiser PAGES 7 and 8

HOME & GARDEN Botanical paradise / 11

2  ■ Diversions



At 84, she’s embarked on more adventures than this reporter has notebooks. Yet, it was her adventures as a grandmother that inspired her latest and most taxing project — a movie. The 20-minute short film, “A Lot in Common,” is Mount’s love letter to her 4-year-old grandson, Kian, a curly-haired preschooler whom Mount refers to as a male Shirley Temple. To get it off the ground, she collaborated with Sarasota filmmaker Jacqueline Serrano, whose 2009 black-and-white love story, “Amoureuse Fantasy or Reality,” is one of Mount’s favorite short films. Much of the script was pieced together using actual dialogue plucked from Mount’s interactions with Kian. “What do you call a child who is wise beyond his years?” Mount asks. “Gifted? Talented? Unusual? Whatever it is, that’s Kian.” Mount was so impressed with her grandson’s vocabulary that she began picturing his words in a movie format. She began to picture the vignettes: a grandmother and a grandson playing games in the park, strolling hand-in-hand along the beach, mixing cake batter in the kitchen. Much like her paintings, she saw something cinematic in ordinary real-life situations. She saw something touching and universal in the spontaneity of Kian’s words, something profound. She saw herself as a girl — a girl who once lopped off all her hair so she could play outdoor

games with the boys. “I’m very old and he’s very young,” Mount says. “My mind is going out and his mind is coming in.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who’s familiar with the artist knows this is just Mount being self-deprecating. Most Sarasota artists and art collectors know Mount, a whitehaired spitfire, as the owner of the Celery Barn, the biggest and brightest neon-green art gallery in Towles Court. A member of the Florida Artist Group and the Petticoat Painters, Mount is still as provocative and outspoken as she was when she was a 30-year-old art student in Hans Hofmann’s winter school. “A lot of women from her generation would be more subdued,” says artist Beverly A. Smith, whose BAS Studio and Gallery operates out of the Celery Barn. “Not Jini. She’s an athlete. She’s a dancer. She’s theatrical. She’s funny. She was at my house last Christmas and my son had to roll up the rug so she could dance, because that’s what she does when she’s home. She rolls up the rug and dances.” But even tireless eccentrics get exhausted from time to time. Perched at a glass table in her Palm Avenue condo, Mount is a little less fiery than usual as she sips from a cup of green tea and nibbles on biscotti. After two weeks of filming, she’s exhausted. Acting is more grueling than she thought. “I wanted to be an actress,” she sighs. “Now that I know how difficult it is, I’m glad I didn’t

DID YOU KNOW? • Kian was born on Christmas Day four years ago in the Celery Barn. Jini Mount was so nervous about her daughter’s midwife-assisted birth that she refused be there for it. “I fainted dead away at the thought of her going into labor without a doctor or anesthetic,” Mount says. • When Mount first moved 25 years ago to Florida, she taught figure drawing workshops out of a real celery barn in Venice. “When I heard about Towles Court, I decided that was the place I needed to be,” she says. • Mount is currently writing a science-fiction novel about a planet on which all the women are named after their mothers. • Before she moved into her Palm Avenue condo, Mount lived for a year with her husband on a boat in Venice. “I’m not the housewife type,” she says. “I don’t like to mop floors. Needless to say, I loved living on the boat.” • Mount skied until she was 83 years old.

Jini Mount, in her mid-20s, on tour as a professional ice skater with “Holiday on Ice.” pursue it.” Her 18th floor condo unit, which faces Sarasota Bay, is home to some of her most beloved paintings, a collection that includes impressionistic images of elephants roaming the African plains, bicyclists crowding the streets of China and her granddaughter playing under a tree in the grass. After spending more than a decade creating large public art sculptures, Mount says she’s content to just paint for a few

hours every day. “I think if I were younger, I’d have had a marvelous time in the movie business,” Mount says. “I’d have been fine just rolling with it.” She mentions that she fell during the first day of shooting. She and Kian were at the Children’s Garden pretending to be pirates. They were dueling with play swords, fake fighting over a hidden treasure chest when Mount jumped across a short bridge and hit her head on a log.

Two weeks later, she’s still sore. “I guess I got so excited about being a pirate, that I forgot my age,” Mount says. “Then again, we did seven takes, so I suppose after that many duels it could have happened to anyone.”



Mon-Fri 10A-4P (Main Floor $40 - Balcony $35)




A salute to the movie music of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, box office stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Fri – Oct 21 – 7:30 pm Sat – Oct 22 – 7:30 pm Sun – Oct 23 – 4:00 pm Holley Hall in the

Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center

D e t a i l s a t w w w. a r t i s t s e r i e s c o n c e r t s . o r g


Sunday, October 30, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 1, 7:30 p.m. Historic Asolo Theater “Suites & Sweets” Jessica Mathaes, violin Benjamin Loeb, piano Korngold: Suite from Much Ado About Nothing Vaughan William: The Lark Ascending Franck: Violin Sonata in A Major


Historic Asolo Theater Box Office




MOUNT from 1







art scene HEARD

HOT TICKETS ‘Doctor Idol’: Sarasota

doctors jam for a good cause at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, at Michael’s On East. The third annual “Doctor Idol” competition, sponsored by the Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, will benefit

by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

+ Anna Paquin indie slated to shoot in Sarasota While hobnobbing this week with the cast and crew from “A Lot in Common” (leading lady Jini Mount is this week’s Diversions cover girl), I walked away with an interesting scoop. According to Art Director Courtesy photo Annette Actress Anna Breazeale, a Paquin low-budget indie flick by writer/director Shana Sosin is scheduled to begin shooting Oct. 22 in Sarasota.

Sosin’s script is based on her life story about growing up the daughter of a marijuana smuggler. Susan Dynner, who won the Jury Prize for Originality of Vision at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, is producing the featurelength film, which will star “True Blood” actress Anna Paquin. Perhaps the movie will need extras. If so, let’s hope the age and costume stipulations are less upper-crusty than that which the director of last month’s Jennifer Lopez caper was looking. Those of us under 30 who don’t own ballgowns would like our turn at a Hollywood close-up.

+ One man’s dead palm is another man’s tiki pole After stormy weather ravaged many of Anna Maria Island’s cabbage palms, waterfront business owners figured they’d be shelling out big bucks to have the trees removed. Enter local artist Jeff Chouninard, who last week transformed some of the dead trunks by carving them into tiki poles. Chouninard, who owns Surf Soul Tiki, has already turned three dead trees in front of the BeachHouse Restaurant on the south end of Anna Maria into tropical décor. If you see Chouninard around town, be sure to praise his resourcefulness. When most people would have fired up a stump-grinder, this guy picked up his whittling knife.

+ ‘Whimsical’ demolition under way on the North Trail Southland Inn, which Lee purchased earlier this year for $950,000. She says she plans to spend the next couple of years expanding her art museum and converting what’s left of the existing motel into office and studio space. “I’m always on the lookout for more space,” Lee says. “I don’t know the schedule (for renovating the exterior) yet, but we will probably paint it sometime.” Who wants to bet she paints it pink?

Courtesy photo

Jeff Chouninard shows off his trunks.

+ Blanco’s ‘Zephyrus’ makes waves in South Carolina

Rachel S. O’Hara

Mary Lee shows off her new land acquisition.


The pink flamingos at the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy are spreading their wings. Mary Lee, the Sarasota art collector who in 2008 purchased the old Kancha Buddhist Center on North Tamiami Trail for $1.55 million, painted it pink and turned it into a museum for her eclectic art collection, has now gobbled up the parcel next door. Demolition has already begun on the 29-unit

the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County. The talent competition/fundraiser has become one of the must-see events of the year. Where else can you see a gastroenterologist, ophthalmologist and neurologist rock out to Ozzy Osbourne? Tickets are $25. For more information, visit www.doctoridol. org or call 685-0367.

Sarasota sculptor Jorge Blanco was one of 20 sculptors selected by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry for its public art exhibition on Hilton Head Island, S.C. Blanco’s 14-foot aluminum “Zephyrus” is currently on display through the end of the year at Hilton Head’s Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn. The Venezuelan-born sculptor, who was chosen out of 339 applicants for the event, is competing against juried artists from across the country for a spot in Hilton Head’s permanent public art collection. You can vote for Blanco for the exhibit’s People’s Choice Award by visiting

“Zephyrus,” by Jorge Blanco



4  ■ Diversions >>



by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

The people pleaser The Historic Asolo Theater’s guest artist manager shares his secrets to keeping calm under pressure during the Ringling Museum’s busiest week of the year. IF YOU GO

The Ringling International Arts Festival runs through Oct. 16 at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. For a complete list of performances, visit where he always keeps a scrap of paper and a pen that clicks. He’s fastidious when it comes to organization. The paper is for recording reminders throughout the day. The pen is for blowing off nervous energy during staff meetings. “It doesn’t make noise when it clicks,” he says with a chuckle. “There’s nothing worse than listening to someone anxiously click a pen in a meeting.” Kohlmann has become a master at keeping the festival’s stars happy. To do so, he’s had to overcome language barriers, secure work visas, negotiate contracts and book hotel and plane accommodations. He’s had to coordinate rehearsals and hotel shuttle bus schedules. He’s had to make sure there’s a plate of fresh fruit in Argentinean actress/singer Soledad Villamil’s dressing room and a pet-friendly hotel for pianist Anne-Marie McDermott’s Maltese, Samantha. Because the theater doesn’t supply performers with alcohol, he’s had to track down a nearby bar that serves local craft beer for New York City-based street band Asphalt Orchestra. He found one on North Tamiami Trail — Growler’s Pub, a favorite watering hole

Heidi Kurpiela

“I love to be surrounded by artists,” Michael Kohlmann says. “They always find a way to do what they love, and they always reinvent themselves so nothing is ever the same.” among Ringling College of Art and Design students. “You don’t have time to sit and stew or wonder, ‘How am I going to do it all?’” Kohlmann says. “You just do it.” He thrives off fueling the creative spirits of artists. It’s why he’s in the theater business and not the banking business. He says he tried once to work in the box office as a business manager but found nine-tofive paperwork dull and uninspiring. “I decided I’d rather be around the people creating the art,” Kohlmann says. “It energizes me. When art is done really well, you see parts of yourself in it. I see it here with the festival. The energy of these performances has a profound effect on people.” As much as he adores theater, Kohlmann is not out auditioning for parts. He prefers to work offstage. It’s where all the stories are, anyway.

Take this one: In the early 1980s, shortly after Henry Fonda finished filming “On Golden Pond,” he played an old cowboy facing death in a play at the Hartman Theatre in Connecticut. Kohlmann was the show’s property master, which meant he was tasked with helping an aging Fonda get in and out of his costume. Kohlmann remembers it well. Fonda would get off stage exhausted. He’d lie on a cot, close his eyes to relax, and Kohlmann would begin the process of tugging off Fonda’s boots and jeans. With only a minute-and-a-half to complete the costume change, Kohlmann had to work fast. He didn’t mind the job. In fact, it’s become one of his most interesting claims to fame. “I took Henry Fonda’s pants off 38 times,” says Kohlmann. “No one in my circle of friends can say that.”

Enjoy Summer in the City with special prix fixe menus at


3 course dinner $3295 2 course lunch $1695


1287 First St | 366.8111 |


Michael Kohlmann should be stressing out. He should be losing his patience and biting his nails. He should be snapping at co-workers and making disgruntled statements about how no one appreciates the guys who work backstage at the Ringling International Arts Festival (RIAF). In the very least, he should be grumpy. Instead, Kohlmann is cheerful, laidback as usual. Perhaps that’s why he was hired a year ago to be the guest artist manager for the Historic Asolo Theater at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. “I’m not much for stewing on what needs to be done,” says Kohlmann, a veteran stagehand from Stockton, Calif. “I just do it.” His job is an especially big one this time of year, thanks to RIAF. The giant six-day performing-arts event features a rotating repertory of 10 companies, many of which are based outside the United States, which makes the task of organizing travel arrangements more complicated and time-consuming. Since the museum announced RIAF’s 2011 lineup in March, Kohlmann has exchanged hundreds of emails with company managers in New York, Argentina, Ireland and Italy. “It’s all a big game and a puzzle,” he jokes. “It’s a piece of cake when you’re only dealing with the logistics of one company early in the year, but as the festival gets closer and you’re managing 10 companies, it gets much more intense.” Kohlmann gestures to his shirt pocket,

You Are Cordially Invited to a Cosmetic Surgery Seminar

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Discover Sarasota’s newest dining and entertainment experience. Sizzling steaks. The freshest seafood. Incredible munchies. Live music and more. The perfect place to chase your blues away!


Revolutionary New Hair Restoration for Men and Women with NeoGraft 1st in the Tampa Bay Area ~ As seen on Fox News

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Ladies Sing the Blues for Breast Cancer - 10/18 Little Black Dress Night - First & Third Thursdays Free Craft Beer Tastings - Last Friday Every Month

The Latest in Surgical and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation 10:30AM - 11:00AM - Registration & Continental Breakfast 11:00AM - 1:30PM - Presentation Location: The Ritz-Carlton 1111 Ritz-Carlton Drive, Sarasota, FL 34236

1 9 3 6 H I L LV I E W S T • 9 4 1 - 3 6 6 - 3 0 1 0 W W W. O C E A N B L U E S . N E T

Michael E. Jasin, MD

Board Certified for Facial Plastic Surgery Selected One of America’s Top 100 Physicians International Speaker and Instructor AAAHC Fully Accredited Facility Observer Generic-10-13.indd 1

10/7/11 10:17 AM



Reservations Required by October 21st Call: (813) 975-3223 or Email:






Theater Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill team up in “Moneyball” to compile a team of baseball misfits that ends up setting a world record.

Courtesy photo

>> ‘Moneyball’ Too much hype can be a bad thing. Sometimes it raises expectations to unattainable levels. The usually elusive Brad Pitt is everywhere promoting his new film, “Moneyball.” And that costs lots of money. Ironically, the film’s subject matter is all about cash and the lack of it in professional baseball. When the Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane (Pitt) can’t produce a team to reach the World Series, he’s convinced it’s due to a lack of money. He turns to an Ivy League statistics genius (Jonah Hill) who advocates Sabermetrics, a statistical approach to drafting players. Together they compile a team of misfits, revolutionary in its concept, and end up setting a world record. In 2002, the Oakland A’s won 20 consecutive games in a season, and although they didn’t make it to the World Series, the game of baseball was reinvented. “Moneyball” is a good story and slickly scripted by Aaron Sorkin (“The Social Network”) and Steven Zaillian (“Schindler’s List”). But it’s obvious that there was a different film in mind than what ends up

on the screen. The immensely gifted Robin Wright, as Beane’s ex-wife, has only one scene and yet receives top billing. Brief scenes between Beane and his daughter seemed to be tossed in for no reason. Perhaps the fact that director Steven Soderbergh spent a great deal of time promoting the movie as semi-documentarial accounts for the superfluities. Bennett Miller (“Capote”) replaced Soderbergh when he and the studio parted ways. Two outstanding performances by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Arliss Howard are dreamy to behold — effortless perfection. Pitt is fine, but since his over-the-top small role in “True Romance,” I’ve never seen him stretch (well, almost in “Inglourious Basterds”). Based on Michael Lewis’ book, “Moneyball” is more of an insider’s guide to the inner workings of baseball. I loved such films as “A League of Their Own” and “Bull Durham” because you didn’t have to know anything about baseball to fall under their spells. “Moneyball” strikes out on that level and dashes my great expectations. — Pam Nadon

>> Florida

Studio Theatre: ‘Just Desserts’

What would you do to win a luscious cupcake the size of a baby’s head? Breakdance for 30 seconds? Spit on a gerbil? Lick a gravestone? The cast of Florida Studio Theatre’s latest improv comedy show, “Just Desserts,” did all of the above and more opening night. The show is organized into improvised scenes based on theater games, with a designated performer assuming the role of director. The audience shouts “Yes!” or “No!” at the end of each scene, and the director is rewarded or penalized. At the end of the show, the winning director receives his or her “just desserts.” The opening-night audience members were delighted by the antics of the “sugarholics” assembled to entertain them. My neighbor, who’d never seen live improv before, declared to me, “I loved it.” The show was as funny as a mouthful of marshmallows, which came spouting out of the maw of Adam Ratner during one scene. “Just Desserts” was appropriately full of spit-takes — ah, my favorite. Two guys chewing, like chipmunks, an entire box of crackers, without swallowing, produced the most sidesplitting minutes I ever spent in a theater. A close second was Ratner in a subway musical scene in which he had to spit-take a mouthful of water before singing. Ratner has been performing improv in various guises at FST since he was a “wee lad.” He is the co-author of the children’s play, “Jack and the Enchanted Beanstalk,” also currently in production at the theater. “Just Desserts” is directed by Jeremy Lamb, a veteran of Second City; director of Available Cupholders, an Austin,Texas,-


“Just Desserts” runs at 8 p.m. Saturdays, at Florida Studio Theatre, 1241 N. Palm Ave., through Oct. 29. For information, call 366-9000 or visit

based improv troupe; and executive producer of Austin’s Out of Bounds Comedy. Under his direction, the first scene was an interview with an expert on unicycles, featuring Christine Alexander as the interpreter for the deaf. As one example of Alexander’s notoriety for this scene, her “sign language” for the word “Sarasota” is an elderly person using a walker. A founding member of FST and Lazy Fairy improv troupes, Alexander produces and Back Patio Productions. Steve Turrisi, who was rightly belittled by his teammates as a first-time director and made to call his dad, who happened to be in the audience, nevertheless claimed the giant cupcake in the end. He is, after all, apparently the only person in the troupe capable of performing any type of sound effects. As chock-full of nutty deliciousness as the performances were, the show should have allowed the audience members to compete for a cupcake as well. A scene called “Arms” was especially successful, thanks to the efforts of two onlookers chosen to go on stage to serve as the arms of two performers. The more animated the arms, the funnier the scene. — Paula Atwell

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6  ■ Diversions





Alan Jay Lerner


Frederick Loewe

ADAPTED FROM George Bernard Shaw’s Play Pygmalion ORIGINAL PRODUCTION DIRECTED BY Moss Hart DIRECTED BY Frank Galati


941-351-8000 OR 800-361-8388 ASOLOREP.ORG




Courtesy photo

Seventeen-year-old Sirena Huang played with pianist Lee Dougherty Ross during a recent Artist Series concert.

Linda A. Page

>> Artist

Series Concerts of Sarasota: Sirena Huang, violinist

What makes a career — I mean a major career — in music? We’ve all heard performers who seem to have less talent than others but, somehow, have made it into the stratospheric realm of superstardom. So, what makes their careers more soaring than others? We heard a teenage violinist named Sirena Huang the other day in a “soiree” recital with pianist Lee Dougherty Ross for the Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota. The performance, held in the home of John Fischer (executive director of the ASCS) and Jim Weisenborne, had the perfect setting: warmth and charm, in a generous, rectangular music room equipped with two massive pipe organs and a Steinway grand. It was not as big as a concert hall but certainly right for chamber music of this type. Huang also had warmth and charm. This petite slip-of-a-girl is personable, wellspoken, bright and the essence of contained exuberance. She attacks her gorgeous Guarneri with a power and fearlessness that brings out the best in this incredible instrument. She began her program with Giuseppe Tartini’s “Theme and Variation on a Theme by Corelli,” arranged by Fritz Kreisler. She pounced on the opening notes before the applause for her entrance had died down. From then on, the room was hers. She plays, as the best of the violinists have always done, with her whole body, breathing with the phrases, moving with the music and, at the same time, getting out of her own way so the composer’s intention shines through. But we can’t overlook Ross, co-founder and artistic director of the ASCS and Huang’s partner at the piano, who played with a beauty and expressiveness, not to mention technical prowess, that gave the young violinist the kind of supportive assurance necessary in a recital. Their collabora-

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Royal St Andrew

Imagine it – 2,900 Sq Ft with 91 Ft of Bay views. Unique 3B plus den & 3.5B with 2 sun rooms - all with full Bay views. Largest residence in the building. 2 covered parking. Never before listed. Walk everywhere! $989,000 MLS#A3945192

Siesta Key

Siesta Key Beach House - only 2 short blocks to Siesta Village and the Country’s #1 ranked Beach! Built in 2000, 3B/3B, large deck, oversized 2 car garage, big fenced yard. Newly painted, new tropical landscaping. $539,000 MLS#A3946363

1350 Main St. - Bay Views

Rarely available, 2 bed/2 bath with big Bay views from 12th floor. Heart of downtown location - walk everywhere. Guest suite, fitness, club rooms, huge pool deck with grills, extra storage and 24 hr concierge. $599,000 MLS#A3948428

1350 Main St.

Heart of Downtown - One of a kind designer showplace on Palm Ave. 24 hr. concierge, recreation deck, heated pool and spa. State of the art fitness center, conference room, and on site management. 1BR/1.5B. $399,000 MLS#A3944875


Early DINING TUES - SaT 4pm – 5 pm 10 Menu Choices for Just $10 each Wednesday - OSSObUCO SpECIal Open for Dinner Nightly • Serving Lunch Tues. - Fri.

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2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 66140

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tion in Kreisler’s well-known “Liebesleid” was so stylistically Viennese, I was surprised Kreisler didn’t make an appearance to applaud their lilt. Best of all was their performance of Pablo de Sarasate’s “Zigeunerweisen,” which they bit into with an impassioned gutsiness that was perfect for this wandering gypsy-ofa-piece. I wish you could have heard how Huang handled the glissandos that so many seasoned violinists play impeccably but without the sense of style she brought to them. Hers were shimmering and shivery, sounds reminiscent of Rabin and Shaham. There were a few moments when Huang’s enthusiasm and youth got the best of her, such as when, in the Grieg C minor sonata, some of her pizzicatos lost their focus, she rushed the third movement, and, occasionally, her pitch went sharp, especially in some of the large ascending intervals. But I’m nitpicking. This is stuff that will even out with age, experience and the ability to channel that exuberance and make her playing both exciting and flawless. This brings us back to the question of what makes a super career. Huang is 17. She’s working with one of the finest violin teachers at Juilliard, and the school has found her worthy of using one of their best instruments for her performances. She’s smart, personable, attractive, musical, an excellent technician and passionate. One would think that if she continues along this track, she’ll become one of the great violinists of the 21st century. Yet, so much can happen in a life, and only the future will tell what will become of this young performer. Will she become a musical household name, join a string quartet and become a chamber musician or join an orchestra where she’s assured of a regular income and a home base? Stay tuned. — June LeBell


Black Tie

CAMERA READY Freedom Awards Banquet Page 10



Black Tie Editor The crowd of guests resembled butterflies in their beautiful, bright sundresses and colorful footwear in the warm, bright sunshine at Children First’s “Flip Flops and Fashion.” The event, held Sept. 30, at Sharky’s on the Pier, set records for revenue and attendance with more than 320 guests. The event is a favorite of Children First Director of Marketing and Special Events Angie Stringer. “The involvement of the children and the sale of our traditional ‘Helping Hands’ really ties it to our mission

Colleen Shoemaker and Amy Buck

to strengthen children and families by improving the quality of their lives through a comprehensive approach to development, education, health and well-being,” Stringer said. The fashion show featured wearable clothes for kids, moms and dads from Captain’s Landing, L Boutique, L Kids and Sunbug. The kids in attendance stole the show more than once. President and CEO Philip Tavill gave a particularly heart-warming speech to an already warm-from-the-sun audience.

See more photos on page 8

Barbie Nilsen, Leslie Jones and Debbi Hamilton

Photos by Peter Acker

Co-Chairwomen Nola Hietbrink, Kristy Cail, Donna Pachota and Jackie Rolfes

Lindsey and Jason Hutchison

Children First President and CEO Philip Tavill addresses the crowd.

Kem Lindsay

Justin Pachota with Jeremiah and Ryela

Kelly Morrell is upstaged by Jackson Scibelli.

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Renee Phinney

Beth Harrison and Joni Hyde


Continued from page 7

Jamie Lotz and Laura Merritt

Models do a final walk-through.

Hollie Walterson tries on necklaces.

Virginia Charlotte and Elma McKay

A colorful centerpiece adds to the event’s sunny atmosphere.

Sarah Ferguson with Elle

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black tie tales

+ Black Tie Affair Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Programs

Key to the Cure “Pink Party” • 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, Saks Fifth Avenue • Guest ticket $45, patron $100 • Reservations www. or 917-1286

by Molly Schechter | Social Editor

+ Equality Florida honors Donald Geike The largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community presented its 2011 Voice for Equality Award to Donald Geike. The real-estate executive is the founder and president of G.R.E.E.N. — the Gay Real Estate Executive Network, and has been an active proponent for LGBT rights in Sarasota for nearly a quarter-century. There were 250 guests, nearly twice as many as last year, including Nadine Smith, the organization’s exceptionally eloquent executive director, and Joe Saunders, state field director. Among the locals: Mayor Suzanne Atwell, Barbara Banks, Jan Chester, George Cole and Judy Zuckerberg, Marjorie Floyd, Linda Jacobs, William

+ A safe haven for Pongo

There will be a lot more to do than eat and drink at this popular party. Have Nuovo put

+ Tidbits

Molly Schechter

Mayor Suzanne Atwell and honoree Donald Geike Johnson and Paul DiPlacido, “The Bobs” Nosal and Trisolini, Bob Plunket, Dennis Rees and Felice Schulaner and Kyle Turoff. Ken Shelin did such a good job with the “ask” that the event exceeded its fundraising goal by 10% — no mean feat in these days.

What inspired Patty Ragan, a retired teacher-turned-businesswoman, to create a sanctuary for apes no longer working in the entertainment industry or wanted as pets? It started with five months she spent at an orangutan rehab center in Borneo on an Earth Watch mission. Then, a tourist attraction in Miami asked her to care for a baby orangutan. She learned that although apes typically work until age 6 to 8, they can live to

They danced the summer away … If you weren’t here, you missed all the medals that Gloria Moss and Susan Jones collected at the Triple Crown Dancesport Championships at the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota. And you missed the nearnonagenarian gentleman who went directly from competing on the dance floor to his walker without missing a beat. His feet may have been slow but his carriage — perfection! … A new stage for an old pro

be 60, and she realized there was no place for them to “retire.” She decided to do something about it. The resulting Center for Great Apes, less than an hour from Sarasota, is the only sanctuary for orangutans and one of only nine for chimps. It is home to Pongo, her original ward, who came to Ragan weighing four pounds at age 4 months and now weighs 270 pounds at 21. It’s a story worth hearing in more detail at www.

a feather in your hair for $10 or play with a trunk full of props and photograph or videotape yourself for the same donation. There is no charge for a balloon bracelet or flower by balloon artist Josh Sizemore and his crew. Place (and track) your bids on silent auction items, including a pink paddleboard (and lessons) using Bid-Pal iPhones. Learn who won the Breast-ofShow competitions. And, pretty please, wear pink.

… It may only be a walk-on part, but Cliff Roles says he is thrilled and excited to be part of the ensemble in the Asolo Rep’s forthcoming production of “My Fair Lady” … A taste of friendship … Sunny O’Flynn, Ingrid Bookbinder-Keating and JoAnn Nevins are co-chairing a new event to benefit the Center for Healthy Aging at the Senior Friendship Center. The clinic provides medical and dental services for patients unable to pay. There will be fare from local restaurants and wine from the New Zealand

vineyard of center supporters Drs. Bob and Pat Gussin. The event takes place Nov. 3, at Selby Gardens; $50 per person. For reservations and information, contact Jane Icely at 556-3215 … Just call her Alice … That’s the new sobriquet for Margaret Wise, who will host the second Mad Hatter Tea benefiting the local chapter of the American Red Cross Dec. 6, at her Harbor Acres home. Diane McNeel is chairwoman. For reservations and information, call 3719300, Ext. 223 …

+ Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Stylish Sarasota witches and warlocks can celebrate their big night at Designing Women Boutique’s final Casual Gourmet Dinner of the year Oct. 31. Hosts are Gary Ficht and Butch Amerson. Amerson is the cook and a bit of a card; his menu includes scare-ribs, pigs-in-bandages, grave-lox and terror-yaki tenders. Ficht, an interior designer, is in charge of décor, which will feature haunted hedges, dancing witches brooms and devil-onlyknows what else. Tariff is $50 per person. For reservations, call 366-5293 or stop in the shop.

Molly Schechter

Center for Great Apes founder and President Patti Ragan poses with a cardboard cutout of Pongo.

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26th Annual Freedom Awards Banquet Sarasota County Branch, NAACP Oct. 6, at the Hyatt Regency

Photos by Molly Schechter

Trevor Harvey, president of the Sarasota Chapter NAACP

The 2011 Freedom Award winners were Col. Steven Burns (public service); Wendy Hopkins (President’s Award); Lovette Harper (lifetime achievement); Dr. Cheryl Smith (education); Mimi Goodwill (President’s Award); Dr. Gordon Michalson (President’s Award); and Johnny Hunter Sr. (business and industry).

Co-Chairwomen Cynthia Howard and Jone Williams

Brooklyn Elizabeth The 2011 Freedom Award for Community Service winners the Rev. Neil and Shirley McArthur


Kick Back your Heels & Dress to Kill at

Pinstripes & Penguins NOV. 18


India Lambert and U.S. Navy Seaman Clarence Cheaves

Marvin Hendon and Malik Harvey

what you are missing...

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by Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

Botanical paradise This residence, located on the south end of Siesta Key, is home to a variety of plants, including both green and white bamboo, a variety of different types of irises, crinum lillies, birds of paradise, corkscrew palms and a few coconut trees. For six years, Grant’s Gardens has managed the landscaping and maintenance of this property. Although the majority of the landscaping around the house and pool was in place 15 years prior to Grant’s Gardens involvement, Grant’s is now in charge of the lighting, the irrigation and the plants on the property.

The home has two waterfalls, surrounded by a variety of plants, that fall into the lagoon-like pool.

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

A grouping of leaves from a cardboard plant in the front yard show the plant’s tough and sharp edges on the leaves and the stems. A blooming orange bird of paradise

A grouping of petite pink dwarf oleander

A single walking iris shines in the light of the sun.

A blooming crinum lily

The green and white bamboo is a unique feature of the property’s landscaping.

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John V. Dunne, MD, FACS, Board Certified (941) 907-3400 • (877) 414-VEIN (8346)


5678 Fruitville Road Sarasota, Florida 34232 Telephone: 941.378.5678


Talis ® C Classic Elegance

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Including Homesite

• Semi-Custom Construction • 100’ x150” Home Site • Minutes to Beachs • Minutes to Dining/Shopping • Minutes to I-75 • Just 3 Minutes to Publix



Santa Maria Floorplan from


Furnished Models Available Immediate Occupancy or Leaseback

941.567.2658 Take Exit 193 • South to E Venice Ave • Proceed 2.2 miles

The Harbour

• Resort-Style, Active Adult, Maintenance-Free Gated Community • Just Minutes to Publix

Furnished Models Available Immediate Occupancy or Leaseback



941.309.3917 Located on Lockwood Ridge Road 2.4 miles North of University Parkway South of SR70 • Models located at 6773 41st Street Circle East, Sarasota

* See Sales Assoc. for details on which floor plans qualify for $25,000 toward lot premium upgrades/options, or closing costs, not including “The Harbour.” Offer expires 10/31/11.


www.Medallion Models Open Mon-Sat 10-6 • Sundays 11-6

Longboat Observer 10.13.11  

Longboat Observer 10.13.11