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Pelican Press THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2011



how fast? By Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor

County wants more options The Sarasota County Commission Tuesday asked staff to create options that could lead to the completion of the Siesta Key Public Beach improvements as fast as 18 months after their start.

DIVERSIONS The 94-year-old matriarch of Julie Rohr Academy proves she’s still got what it takes to make kids sing.

With interest rates and construction costs so low, the Sarasota County commissioners Tuesday asked staff and Interim County Administrator Terry Lewis to bring them options next month that could result in all the improvements to the Siesta Public Beach being completed as quickly as 18 months, instead of prolonging the work through fiscal year 2024. However, County Commission Chairwoman Nora Patterson told

her fellow board members, “I can’t support anything that’s going to flat shut down the parking for a season.” The board Tuesday also approved a request from project manager Spencer Anderson to allow the firm already under contract, Kimley-Horn and Associates, to proceed with the design and engineering work for the improvements. Included in the motion, which passed unanimously, was the approval for staff to pro-

ceed with getting bids for the construction of a new stormwater drainage system that has been designed to prevent polluted runoff from necessitating future beach closures. Anderson explained that the stormwater pond would be moved in the site plan to the border with the Gulf & Bay Club. Anderson has had numerous discussions with residents of that


Rebecca Baxter

Drainage improvements at Siesta Key Public Beach have been planned to prevent runoff carrying high levels of bacteria to the Gulf of Mexico.



leader of the 1B The Key’s community

policing station has racked up more medals from the 2011 Florida Police & Fire Games. 

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Firefighters get plenty of cheers and accolades during a 9/11 march and other events recognizing the bravery of first responders.


Faster! Faster! Loren Mayo

Gillette Bauer, Susan Pacer and Sofia Mascorro send their Life Savers racecar zooming across a table. Fourth-graders at The Out-of-Door Academy used Life Savers, tape and paper to build their machines. More photos on page 3B.





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Vol. 41, No. 9 | Two sections

slow down

By Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor

Council recommends lower Beach Road speed The Sarasota County Traffic Advisory Council this week approved a Siesta Key Condominium Association request to lower the speed limit from 35 to 30 mph on the section of Beach Road that includes the public beach. The Sarasota County Traffic Advisory Council Monday approved unanimously a request from the Siesta Key Condominium Association for a reduction in speed from 35 to 30 mph on the portion of Beach Road from the Midnight Pass Road intersection to Ocean Boulevard. The recommendation will go before the Sarasota County Commission, which will have final say on the matter. Efrain

Duque, manager of the county’s Mobility/Traffic Engineering Office, said it typically takes his staff five to six weeks to get a TAC recommendation on the County Commission agenda. Staff will start the process immediately, Duque said. Walt Olson, vice president of the condo association, has been working for months to convince county officials of the need for the lower speed limit. However,

Chris Hauber, an engineer with the Mobility/Traffic Engineering Office, told the five TAC members during their regular meeting Monday that traffic studies showed the current speed limit is appropriate. According to standard traffic management practices, the speed limit should be within 5 mph of the speed 85% of the traffic travels, Hauber said. Traffic counts taken this year, he

said, showed that of the 4,250 eastbound vehicles along that stretch of Beach Road, the 85th percentile was traveling 36.4 mph; for the 5,846 westbound vehicles, the 85th percentile was moving at 34.9 mph. A traffic study undertaken in May 2010, he said, showed slightly higher speeds: 40.1 mph for the eastbound traffic and 39.5 for vehicles heading west. TAC member Joseph Glickman said a lot of the signage near the public beach is covered by vegetation, which should be trimmed



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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


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condominium complex regarding the pond’s location. This new plan, Anderson said, is more aesthetically pleasing. It will entail the creation of 130 more parking spaces for the entire park plus the relocation of the tennis courts to an area north of the pond. Over the past months, Anderson and others have been concerned that the county could lose a $1 million grant from the Southwest Florida Water Management District if the drainage project did not get under way by December. That grant is expected to fund about half the cost of the work. After the votes Tuesday, Patterson, who lives on the Key, questioned Anderson about whether he could meet the grant deadline. “We’re going to start construction on that (project) as fast as humanly possible,” he told her. During his presentation Tuesday, Anderson said the estimated cost of the complete beach project was a little less than $17 million. With plans to draw all the funding from the county’s surtax revenue, the final $9 million needed for the work would not be available until fiscal year 2024. The east parking area, with the 130 extra spaces, would not be constructed until fiscal year 2016, he said, while modifications to the existing parking lot would take place in fiscal year 2019. “That’s worse than I thought,” Patterson said of the parking plans. After discussion about how costs probably would grow in the future, Commissioner Joe Barbetta said, “I think we need to look at this project as if we did it all at once.” Just the day before, he said, the county had heard a good report on its financial status, including its bond rating. The county would save money in the long run by accelerating the beach work, he added. “My heart’s where you’re going,”

Rachel Brown Hackney

Residents of the Gulf & Bay Club, whose property abuts the Siesta Key Public Beach, have been working with county staff over the placement of a new stormwater retention pond at the beach. The drawn-out discussions threatened a $1 million grant the county has received to fund half the cost of the project. Patterson said. “My head’s about 80% where you’re going (but) you can’t shut the beach down for a year” to complete the project as fast as possible. Barbetta said he expected the work could take no more than 18 months. But Patterson emphasized the parking concerns. “Just imagine even a single season of shutting down the beach,” she said, especially the impact on businesses and the lost tourist revenue. Perhaps the work could be spread over three years so as not to disrupt the parking, she said. Barbetta reiterated a point he has made in the past — that the county should have “trolleys going in and out of (the beach park) every 10 minutes,” making it possible for visitors not to have to worry about fewer parking spaces while construction is under way. “I hope you’re absolutely right,” Patterson told him. The only commissioner who voiced concerns about accelerating the proj-

ect was Christine Robinson. “I don’t have an appetite for a whole lot of borrowing (of money) right now,” she said. “Let’s make sure we’re not bankrupting some other projects we need,” Patterson said. If the board could see a matrix showing estimated construction costs from doing the project in phases through fiscal year 2024, compared to the extra cost in interest rates from borrowing funds for faster construction, Barbetta said, “I think you will see quickly that there is substantial savings.” Finally, Patterson asked Lewis if he understood what the board was seeking. “We know what to come back with,” he said. The next scheduled update on the project is Oct. 25. At that time, Anderson said he would have the design and construction options, with construction slated to begin in the summer of 2013.

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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

the next step By Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor


sign language

By Rachel Hackney | Managing Editor

County may begin installing bigger signs Because drivers need more time to respond to speed limit changes, Sarasota County may install bigger signs on roads with speed limits of 45 mph or higher.

Rachel Brown Hackney

Although the rainy weather was a deterrent to some beach-goers last week, Access 12 re-opened just before Labor Day with improvements that make it a more desirable location for parking. Signs in the parking lot warn drivers not to back out onto Midnight Pass Road. Instead, they are to use the turnaround on the west end of the access.

County staff concentrates on Phase 2 plans for Access 12

Now that the parking lot and drainage improvements have been completed at Access 12 on the Key, county staff is hoping it can move forward before the end of the year with plans that would allow emergency use of the access to collect beach seaweed. With Phase 1 improvements to Beach Access 12, just south of the Stickney Point Road intersection, mostly complete, county staff members are turning their attention to Phase 2. The access closed Aug. 1 to enable county workers to improve drainage and realign the parking spaces. Over time, the parking lot had become known for standing water following downpours. The project involved replacing asphalt with impervious material, as well as the construction of a turnaround area at the western end of the access, so people parking there no longer would have to back out onto Midnight Pass Road when they were ready to leave. Brad Robertson, the project manager in the county’s Public Works department, said he and

other county staff completed a final walkthrough of the access Sept. 2. He saw one vehicle using the new turnaround area Sept. 8, when he was checking on the last of the final projects, he said. Phase 2 entails modifications that would allow heavy county trucks to use Access 12 for emergency removal of seaweed from Crescent Beach. Presently, the county can use only the Siesta Public Beach access for those trucks, which means longer travel times for the workers and greater fuel expense, county project manager Rob LaDue has reported to the Siesta Key Association. In years past, LaDue said, county staff has had to collect seaweed standing 5 feet high, spreading 30 feet wide and running the entire length of Crescent


Beach. Ideally, he said, county maintenance staff would be able to close Access 12 for one day while workers came in with their heavy trucks to collect such large amounts of seaweed for proper disposal. LaDue said early this month that before Phase 2 work can be undertaken, the Sarasota County Commission would hold a public hearing and consider granting a coastal setback variance request. The law requires all residents within 1,500 feet of the access be notified in advance of that public hearing, he said. Additionally, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will have to issue the county a coastal construction line permit, LaDue said. About three weeks ago, staff requested DEP grant a 60-day extension for

the completion of the permit application. DEP has to rule on the project, because it involves the dunes on Crescent Beach. State officials will want to make sure the county will minimize impact to the flora and fauna in that area, LaDue said. The earliest the County Commission will hold a public hearing on Phase 2 will be December, LaDue said. If the County Commission grants the variance, staff will submit that documentation to the state, too, he said, as part of the application process for the DEP permit. “We actually need both of those permits,” he said of the county variance and the DEP approval, before Phase 2 work can proceed.

By Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor

School board approves millage rates, budget The Sarasota County School District Tuesday approved a drop of 9.6% in millage rates for the new fiscal year. With no members of the public present to offer comments, the Sarasota County School Board took about five minutes Tuesday evening to approve the fiscal year 2011 millage rates and final budget. The new budget reflects an 11.8% decrease in the required local effort millage rate dictated by the state. The total millage rate, 7.635 mills, represents a 9.61% decrease from last year’s rate. One mill equals $1,000 of property tax value; the owner of a $200,000 home, therefore, would pay $53.20 less in school taxes as a result of the vote. Mitsi Corcoran, the district’s chief financial officer, said she had received few calls this year

about TRIM notices because the millage rate was decreasing. “Even though this went really fast, it seems like it’s been going on forever,” Chairman Frank Kovach said after the votes. Board member Caroline Zucker said that was because the board began working on the budget in October. “It’s been a difficult journey,” Superintendent Lori White said. Last month, Kovach proposed the board members take a more active role in suggesting future spending cuts, instead of White and her staff taking the lead on that effort. “There are no easy places to cut anymore,” he said at the time.

“That’s going to be a real, real tough year,” Kovach said. Total appropriations for the 2012 fiscal year are $373.2 million, down 3.18% from the 2011 fiscal year, primarily a reflection of fewer teachers and a move to have employees pick up more of their health costs. More than three-fourths of the budget — 77.91% — pays for salaries and benefits. This school year, the district has about 2,350 teachers, down from about 2,420 last year. However, the official five-day student count was 41,088, which was higher than expected. Last year, enrollment was 41,238. The district will be paying an extra $921,168 in salaries this

year because it had to put 20 more teachers in classrooms to comply with the state’s Class Size Amendment. Enrollment over the past decade peaked in the 2006-07 school year, with 42,460 students. One school board vote Tuesday approved a budget amendment reflecting revenue changes since the board voted July 26 on the tentative fiscal year 2012 budget. The biggest change is a $537,880 increase in federal funding related to extra Medicaid-eligible families in the district. On the opposite side of the ledger, the district expects to pay $1.63 million less for employee benefits in fiscal year 2012, because the cost of the group health plan will be less than originally estimated.

Although they took no formal action, members of the Sarasota County Traffic Advisory Council Monday agreed larger speed limit signs, especially on roads with faster-flowing traffic, would be an improvement. The next step is for the county’s executive director of public works to decide whether the change is feasible. Chris Hauber, an engineer in the county’s Mobility/Traffic Engineering Office, told the five council members that county policy calls for speed limit signs measuring 24 inches by 30 inches. “We almost entirely install 24 by 30,” Hauber said. However, studies had shown that the faster a vehicle is traveling, the farther away a speed limit sign should be visible so a driver can react appropriately, Hauber said. Hauber suggested on county roads with speed limits greater than 45 mph, the county could install signs measuring either 36 inches by 48 inches or 30 inches by 36 inches. At present, signs that large are used only on county roads with speed limits of 50 or 55 mph. On any road with a speed limit of 45 mph, the council agreed the county should have the option of using signs measuring 30 inches by 36 inches. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really gotten to appreciate the bigger signs,” council member Frank Domingo said. The drawback, however, he said, is that if a person becomes accustomed to seeing larger signs in one area and travels to another place where the signs generally are smaller, the person may miss those signs more easily. Council member Joseph Glickman agreed larger signs are a good idea. He added the sooner the county could make the changes, the better.

Rachel Hackney Brown

County roads with posted speeds greater than 45 mph soon may be getting new signs as large as 3 feet by 4 feet, so they are more visible to drivers.


THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

+ Attempted kidnapping investigation still active The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its search for leads in the attempted kidnapping incident reported Sept. 5 at 6703 Midnight Pass Road. Public Information Officer Wendy Rose said Tuesday detectives have been checking footage from surveillance cameras in the area. The 12-year-old victim, whose name was withheld, was walking to her family’s vacation home when the suspect reportedly grabbed her from behind. The victim resisted, and the suspect fled the area. Patrol and K-9 units were used to search for the suspect, but they had no success that morning. The victim described the suspect as a white male, about 25 to 35, about 6 feet, 1 inch tall, with shaggy strawberry-blond hair and a pale complexion. He smelled of cigarette smoke, Sgt. Scott Osborne told members of the Siesta Key Village Association last week. Anyone with information that might be helpful is asked to call Criminal Investigations at 861-4900 or

ogy; local food; ecotourism; and water, energy and resource conservation. The cost of the workshop is $30 for professionals and members of the general public. A rate of $20 is available to students. The cost includes a continental breakfast, lunch and an afternoon refreshment break. Preregistration is required. To register or obtain more information, including sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, visit SustainableCommunities or contact the county at 861-5000.

leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 366-8477. You can also visit

+ Registration open for communities workshop Sarasota County will hold its sixth Sustainable Communities Workshop from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6, at the Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida Event and Conference Center, 4740 Cattlemen Road, Sarasota. Registration is open to the public. This year’s theme for the interactive workshop is “Investing in Our Future: Green Economic Pathways and Partnerships.” Among the workshop topics will be green businesses in the Sarasota community; sustainability savings and wealth creation from more efficient use of local resources, resulting in greater purchasing power for residents and businesses; alternative transportation; investing in today’s students to LBK ensure they have the education and tools necessary to be future leaders on sustainability issues; clean technol-

+ County seeking volunteers for Public Lands Day event Sarasota County Community Services will host a volunteer event from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 24, at Sleeping Turtles Preserve North, 3462 Border Road, Venice, to help celebrate the 18th annual National Public Lands Day. Staff will guide resident and visitor volunteers in planting Florida-friendly - 2010 - K vegetation, removing invasive plants, trimming trees and installing signage. Volunteers should register online in

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perfect person


THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

by Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor

Residents describe the county administrator they want A strong sense of ethics and the ability to work well with people are among the desired traits for the person who will take Jim Ley’s former job as Sarasota County administrator. Integrity, a willingness to listen to and collaborate with others and a desire not to be “the sixth commissioner” were among the top traits listed last week for the person who will become Sarasota County’s new administrator. Experience with governments and business in Florida also was a much-valued résumé bullet point. The average attendance at five focus group sessions hosted last week by John T. Maxwell of the Mercer Group Inc., which is conducting the search for former County Administrator Jim Ley’s replacement, was 25 people. Maxwell said the first session, held at Selby Public Library, drew the largest group, 35; the last, at the North Sarasota Library in Newtown, drew the least, 17. Sessions also were conducted at Phillippi Estate Park and in Venice and North Port. Maxwell said he hoped to have a report ready by early next week that will reflect the public comments. His firm will recruit candidates based on the comments, he said. “We go after the people who meet the criteria that’s been established,” he said. Maxwell anticipated submitting candidates to the commission within 90 to 120 days. “They want this done tomor-

row,” he said. Niki McBride came prepared with a written statement when she arrived Sept. 8 at the Edson Keith Mansion; many of those seated with her at the table offering an “amen” chorus when she concluded. The county needs a new administrator “who is absolutely neutral politically … and should not be making policy,” McBride said. “(He or she should have) strong staff relations across the board … with a record of open and successful communications … which has been missing for more than a decade here. “We do not need an administrator to rule by fear,” she said. “This government has lost very good and capable people.” Virginia Haley, president of the Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the county over the past five years had experienced the creation “of the worst polarized workforce I’ve ever seen.” “I’d like to see a county administrator with a demonstrated strength of character,” Bob Waechter, a Siesta Key Association board member, told Maxwell. Furthermore, Waechter said, the person should understand his role is to implement policy set by the commission. Kerry Kirschner, executive di-

rector of The Argus Foundation and former Sarasota mayor, said the county needs “a strong administrator and not a sixth commissioner.” “One of the biggest issues in this county right now is one of ethics and corruption,” David Schwab said. “The person coming into the job is going to be pressured by a lot of special interest groups (so a strong sense of ethics will be vital).” Cathy Antunes, a member of a citizens group that brought suit against the county over the recruitment of the Baltimore Orioles to the community, said, “I think we’re here primarily because the ethics of our county administrator and the administration have been found (to be) a failure … People who were honest were actually booted out by the old county administrator, which is an unacceptable, horrendous situation.” “I believe we already have very fine ethical guidelines that just aren’t being implemented,” said Catherine Luckner, president of the Siesta Key Association. “It would be a shame to (recruit) someone who thinks his mandate is to come in and clean house,” Waechter said. Mary Dougherty-Slapp, executive director of the Gulf Coast Builders Xchange, said the new

File photo

County Administrator Jim Ley resigned in late May. administrator should be able to create a business-friendly environment in the county. Dougherty-Slapp was among several people who suggested Interim Administrator Terry Lewis would be perfect for the job. “I don’t think he would be easily swayed,” she said. “But I’m going to keep trying.” Lewis later reiterated he has no interest in taking the job fulltime. Susan Chapman, a member of the city’s planning board, was the only person to criticize The Mercer Group for not having done the best possible background check on City Manager Robert Bartolotta when he was applying for his current job.

“I was severely disappointed in (the firm’s) services,” she said. “There were some unpleasant surprises.” Those surprises included a hospital nurse’s allegation that Bartolotta had tried to smother his gravely ill wife. The vetting of the county administrator candidates should be much more thorough and public, Chapman said. Mollie Cardamone, a former city commissioner, drew laughter during the Phillippi Creek Estate session when she summed up the comments. “We need the absolute perfect person,” she said. Then, looking at Maxwell, she added, “That’s your job.”

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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

Pelican Press opinion | our view “If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.” Friedrich Hayek “Road to Serfdom,” 1944

Editor & CEO / Matt Walsh, mwalsh@ Executive Editor / Lisa Walsh, lwalsh@ Associate Publisher-Multimedia / Emily Walsh Parry, Managing Editor / Rachel Brown Hackney, Assistant Managing Editor/Design / Jess Eng, County Editor / Robin Roy, rroy@ City Editor / Kurt Schultheis, kschultheis@ Community Editor / Loren Mayo, lmayo@ Black Tie Editor / Molly Schechter, Arts & Entertainment Editor / Heidi Kurpiela,

City financially out of touch

Three out of five Sarasota City Commissioners and city staff still do not get it: The city must keep prioritizing and cutting costs, not raise taxes. Naturally, city staff paints the picture of a city that has been cut to the bone and needs to increase taxes to avoid damaging cuts. Voting last week to increase property taxes, three city commissioners bought it. “To cut ourselves any further, we’ll be bleeding all over the place,” said Commissioner Willie Shaw. But what the city chose to fund with the tax rate hike puts the lie to that sentiment. The majority of the $800,000 tax increase is going to fund the operations of the Lido Beach pool, some neighborhood parks and the newly opened Robert L. Taylor Complex in North Sarasota, a luxurious community center replete with indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts; a walking trail with fitness stations; exercise rooms; dance studio; art room; computer lab; teen room with a 65-inch high-def TV and Xbox

360; pool, ping-pong and air hockey tables; childcare; a 350-seat multipurpose room with stage featuring a 360-degree projector; swimming pool, state-of-the-art kitchen; amphitheater and playground areas. Not exactly core services that, if cut, constitute “bleeding all over the place.” Two points are consistently missed here. First and foremost, it is morally wrong to force a tax increase on many city residents who are themselves living on the edge of solvency. Vice Mayor Terry Turner seems to be one of the few who understands this moral aspect. “It’s not fair to citizens to increase the millage to protect government when our citizens are not protected,” he said. “We increase that burden on the taxpayer.” And, remember, it is not for cops, as the public ploy goes. It is to operate a luxury community center that never should have been built, plus a beachside pool and some parks. To people struggling mightily to make it month to month, cutting a com-

munity center and beachside pool hardly constitutes “bleeding all over the place.” Second, it solves nothing. It delays either more cuts or yet higher tax increases next year. Guaranteed. City staff is building the following year’s budget on rosy assumptions that the economy and real estate will come back strong and still includes another tax increase. That is a train wreck. This was yet another kick-the-can-downthe-road moment. Next year will be worse because the city is unwilling to right-size government with what residents can afford. The city’s cost foundations remain too high, and the services that the tax increase will pay for prove it. Commissioners need to start seeing their first constituency as all residents and taxpayers — the most taken-for-granted and overlooked of all city groups — not just city employees. Staff cannot do that. We’d hoped Commissioner Paul Caragiulo would be the swing vote in that direction. His pivotal vote to raise taxes is disappointing.

Web Editor / Eddie Kirsch, Editor-Editorial Pages / Rod Thomson,


Director of Advertising / Jill Raleigh,

Government does not create jobs

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Government turns efficient private-sector jobs into inefficient government ones. And then does it far more than necessary. Does government create jobs? It seems like a no-brainer. Pretty much everyone recognizes that government does not create jobs, certainly not net jobs. The best it can do is relocate them at a premium through taxes, taking from the private sector and putting in the public sector. Even President Barack Obama recognizes this reality, writing that “governments do not create jobs” in the Times of London newspaper. Everyone seems to understand that employing people is not the same ROD “creating” jobs. THOMSON asWell, almost everyone. Thomas Tryon, opinion-page editor at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, wrote recently a column headlined, “Contrary to the new mantra, government does create jobs.” Tryon points out that, according to the Bureau of Labor, 19,000 people were employed by local government in Sarasota and Manatee counties. State and federal workers bring the number to 24,000. “In our area, government directly provides 10% of all non-farm jobs,” he wrote. His thesis boils down to this: Look at all the people working for government! How can you say government does not create jobs? Here is how: The private sector creates

jobs. It creates wealth. It innovates and produces products and services for more than it costs, thereby producing a profit. Most companies generally tend to reinvest some or all of their profits back into their firms, creating more jobs and opportunities — more net jobs. By force of law, government takes a portion of those profits that could be reinvested by the company or invested in some other fashion in the private sector and spends the money on government jobs. See, that doesn’t really create jobs in any sort of “net” way. It changes the employer and most economists — even Keynesians — acknowledge the private sector is more efficient than the public sector. See, the government doesn’t buy and sell, generate a profit and then hire more people. It hires people by taking other people’s profits, or part of their earned income or a portion of a purchase, and paying government employees. It’s a transfer. Saying government “creates” those jobs is kind of like arguing that a mosquito “creates” human blood because, gosh, look at all the human blood in the little pest. This is not to say that every government job is a blood-sucker, or that government work is inherently inferior. But recognize that every one of them exists by sucking tax dollars from the productive, more efficient private sector and diverting the money to the less efficient

THE CASTAWAY by Jorge Blanco

government sector, resulting in fewer net jobs. None “created.” An accurate way to look at those 24,000 jobs that Tryon believes government created is to see those are costing the private sector more than 24,000 jobs by limiting what efficient companies have left to reinvest. Those 24,000 are a cost, not a benefit. Some of those jobs — cops, judges, firefighters — are necessary. But the government did not create them. The private sector did. Government is just the passthrough employer, using the wealth the private sector generated. Consider some of the avenues by which the money is diverted: federal income tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, corporate tax, sales tax, property tax, gasoline tax, communication services tax, intangible tax, doc-stamp tax, unemployment tax, tangible property tax for businesses, pollution tax (which includes any petroleum product, pesticide, chlorine, etc.) license fees, impact fees and on and on. This reflects that simple economic reality that government cannot inject money into an economy without taking it out first. It cannot “create” jobs without first taking jobs. This is not a debate about stimulus spending — a theory for economic growth that has now been discredited at least five times (Hoover, Roosevelt, Ford, Bush II, Obama). Or about the cronyism and political pork inherent in government spending. Those things only contribute to the public-sector inefficiency that results in the following truism: Government just does not create jobs. In the net, it actually destroys jobs. Rod Thomson can be reached at


THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR + More regulations for renters is sensible

Dear Editor: In response to your article on short-term rentals, I offer the following. I live in a singlefamily district in the village area and have had several noxious neighbors wake me up in the middle of the night. Some were short-term renters, some 30-day renters and some annual renters who partied late into the night with an open fire that wafted smoke into my windows. The problem was not isolated to short-term renters. I’ve met some nice families who were short-term renters, became friendly and have now made Sarasota their home. In fact, there are some long-term renters who are a greater nuisance. So, do I call zoning and ask them to enforce broad-brush property rights restrictions? No. Do I blame the landlords? Yes, somewhat, in their shared responsibility with their rude tenant. My point is we have laws against disturbing the peace and limiting the number of unrelated persons per household, and if we enforce those laws, all that is needed is a nonemergency call to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office to send a deputy to the door and some effort on the part of the landlords to restrict spring-breakers and

late-night parties outdoors. When visiting the Florida Keys, I stayed on Key Colony Beach, a large single-family neighborhood with both annual owner occupants and weekly renters. I spoke to the neighbors and stopped by city hall to ask some questions and found they enforce the number of occupants. Also, the landlords and rental agencies will not rent to the young, rowdy crowds. In fact, the notice at the residence had a list of rules for vacationers, including no loud parties after 10 p.m. The city, landlords and residents all benefited from the revenue and boost to the local economy. None of the residents had a problem with the weekly renters, which helped fund their golf course, fishing pier, beach, tennis and bocci courts. Moreover, the article has the ordinance language quoted as “not more than one rental in a 30-day period,” which, if correct, means that it can only be rented once in a 30-day period with no mention of minimum lease period. Where some may see an opportunity to close the door to newcomers, further restrict property rights and put some out of business, I see an opportunity here for an economic boost in tough times. Bob Stahlschmidt
 Siesta Key



The truth about Social Security With a national debt of $14.587 trillion, the U.S. is on track for bankruptcy. Don’t be fooled by politicians. The largest part of the federal budget is entitlement spending. Nobody wants to touch entitlements, but basic math demands we feel the shock before we all get burned. The Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), also known as Social Security and Medicare, was designed based on purchasing political power, not care for the afflicted. Kalahar In the largest scam ever perpetrated upon Americans, politicians have stolen the money and cooked the books. In simple terms, FICA is a Ponzi scheme, in which people on the top collect as long as they can get others below them to pay in. As the baby boomers retire, the takers outstrip the payers, and like all Ponzi schemes, this is when the system will collapse. Your FICA deductions are supposed to be placed in a “trust fund” providing retirement income and health-care benefits when you need them most. Social Security is not like a private pension, however, in which money is saved, invested and grows for the rainy day of retirement. FICA is a pay-as-you-go system, meaning that the taxes paid by today’s workers are immediately sent out to pay beneficiaries. If Social Security revenues ex-

ceed expenditures, the surplus is credited to the trust funds in the form of U.S. government “nonmarketable” bonds that are not worth the paper on which they are printed. When the bonds mature, they are rolled over into new bonds. In short, the government confiscates the public’s hard-earned money, writes IOUs from one branch of government to another and pays off mature bonds with newer IOUs so the trust fund appears solvent. The real wealth earned from hard-working Americans goes into the general fund of the Treasury, where it is spent by politicians as fast as it is confiscated. As everyone knows, you cannot spend and save the same money. In fact, the Social Security trust fund is actually a white metal file cabinet. When the federal government takes cash coming into Social Security, it writes the trust fund a bond on a laser printer located at the Bureau of the Public Debt in Martinsburg, W.V. It is then stored in a three-ring binder and locked in the bottom drawer of a fireproof filing cabinet. The agency has about $2.5 trillion in bonds sitting in the binder. Some will say they are all backed by the “full faith and credit of the U.S. government.” But when political faith is a fraud and our credit is flawed, good

luck getting your benefits. The trust fund balances are real current-dollar claims on the Treasury. To repay those IOUs, the government will have to: raise taxes, borrow the needed funds from private markets, reduce or cut other federal programs, reduce Social Security benefits by increasing the retirement age, link benefits increases to longevity or lower automatic adjustments to benefits based on inflation. In 2017, when Social Security begins paying out more than it takes in, the percentage of spending for entitlements in the federal budget will begin to rapidly expand, forcing massive cuts in other programs. The trust fund will become fully exhausted by 2041, overwhelming the budget and forcing the U.S. to borrow itself into insolvency — or forcing Congress to raise taxes catastrophically. Not even the all-powerful Oz can spend other people’s money, write an IOU to himself and then on some future day expect to use those IOUs to fund the Emerald City. It’s time to pull back the curtains. It’s in everyone’s self-interest to stop the train and de-energize the “third rail” before it runs us over. Dean Kalahar teaches economics and psychology at Sarasota High School and has authored three books, including “Practical Economics.”

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10:48PM H

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if the county approves a change in the speed limit. He visited the site recently and found the stop sign at the beach intersection by the tennis courts to be covered. “I didn’t even know it was there until I got out of the car and walked down there,” Glickman said. Hauber replied county staff maintains a balance between the appearance of natural vegetation and trimming to make signs visible. “It looked like they didn’t do too good a job,” Glickman said. Then, TAC member Frank Domingo asked how the entrances and exits at Siesta Public Beach may change by the proposed improvements. Duque replied the last plan he had seen called for every beach intersection to

have ingress and egress, whereas the current parking lot has just one entry point and several exits. Domingo raised the prospect of the county putting a roundabout on Beach Road to achieve the effect of a lower speed limit. “People get used to (roundabouts) really quickly,” he said. “We can certainly suggest that to the design staff,” Hauber said. “That might be one of the possibilities.” When the council asked for any public comments, Olson made a statement during which he referenced his May 16 letter requesting the lower speed limit. He and his wife had conducted an experiment at the crossing area from Beach Way to the beach during March and the first half of April, he said. They pressed the switch that illuminates the ground

lights at the crossing and observed the actions of drivers. About onethird did not stop at the crosswalk with a person standing at the curb, ready to step onto Beach Road, Olson said. About half of the other cars stopped, “but did so on a near-panic basis,” he said. “It was a last-minute type of stop.” Reducing the speed limit would provide more opportunity for vehicles to stop safely when pedestrians are trying to cross the road, he said. Olson also said the county plans to install a radar sign near the Beach Way intersection that will flash vehicles’ speeds as they approach. That radar sign should be installed within the next two months, Duque said. His office is working with the procurement department on the matter.



The Siesta Key Condominium Association has succeeded in the first part of the process to get a reduction in the speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph, along with crosswalk improvements on Beach Road.

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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


Michael D. Welly General Manager, Longboat Key Club & Resort Sarasota

Snowbirds flock to Longboat Key Club & Resort in Sarasota. General Manager Michael Welly credits their success to meticulous planning. It’s the same with energy efficiency. They had a Business Energy Evaluation from FPL. Our expert examined cooling, heating, ventilation and water heating systems. We told him where their energy dollars are going, how their usage compares to similar businesses and how they can save. Thanks to our advice, they made a plan and implemented energy efficiency improvements. Now, Michael can spend more time focusing on his guests and less time thinking of energy costs.

“Behind every success story, there’s a successful plan.”


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6:18 p.m. — 800 block of Paradise Way. Burglary and Grand Theft. The female victim reported she had answered her door about 4:30 p.m. to find a male about 6 feet tall, weighing about 300 pounds and speaking with an Italian accent. He intro-

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Expires 2/5/11 Expires 7/16/11 Expires 2/5/11 Anyof Frame Order 3:06 Expires p.m. — 1100 block Moonmist 7/16/11 Any Frame Order Court. Grand Theft. A woman reported when she went to check on her daughter’s condo, she noticed the TV was missing. The daughter, who livesExecutive in California, last Gulf Gate Gate Executive Gulf Golf Course was in the condo the Course weekend before July Golf 4, the woman said. time, theSiesta daughPLAY GOLF justAt22that miles from Siesta Key. PLAY GOLF just miles from Key. This beautiful 27tohole hole course favorite terThis purchased a TV replace oneisis that had beautiful 27 course aa favorite for stolen local golfers. golfers. We are family (and kid) kid) for local family (and been in June.We Theare rental company friendly, inexpensive, and very convenient. friendly, inexpensive, that handles the condoand toldvery the convenient. Sheriff’s Gulfno Gate Golf Coursethe the perfect place Gulf Gate isis the place Office oneGolf hadCourse rented unitperfect since the for your next golf outing. Enjoy the beautiful for your next golf outing. Enjoy the beautiful owner had left in July, and the firm could lake views views andkeys. nature while playing playing or or lake and nature account for all the The while condo showed simply rest atthe the bar. All the doors and rest at bar. nosimply signs of forced entry. Men’s and Women’s rentalclubs clubs Men’s and Women’s rental windows were secured with deadbolts and areavailable. available. are boards. The deputy reported he did not 27Hole Holecould Executive Courseentry 27 Executive Course believe someone have gained 2550 Bispham Road, Sarasota 921-5515 2550 Bispham Road, Sarasota 921-5515 without causing damage to the••security Just22miles milesfrom from Siesta Key’s SouthBridge Bridge Just Key’s South measures taken afterSiesta the June break-in. Open77am am––77pm pm••Sorry, Sorry,no noCredit CreditCards Cards Open


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att oueerbbii a D ara arrb oorartD Ba raa sirrtbb a vi lsoB a A a B it it 3 is 3 is 9 v 3 9 9 v 4 o 4 4 o -2 -2 ls -2 72277 AAls rr9r299 te en te nnte cee ell cC vveve aara oouurr TTrrT

Sept. 8

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6578 Superior Ave. 6578 1 p.m. — Siesta Superior Public Beach.Ave. Grand Theft. A Sarasota County Parks and 924-6656 Rec924-6656 reation employee reported someone had taken an unsecured beach wheelchair from the Siesta Beach Pavilion area. The incident occurred between Aug. 22 and Sept. 6, the employee said. People who are disabled or who have difficulty walking out to the Gulf of Mexico typically use the beach wheelchairs. It is doubtful the suspect made a fast getaway.


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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

County releases job creation figures In light of current discussions about whether governments create jobs, Sarasota County Deputy Administrator Dave Bullock last week showed the county commissioners that their use of economic stimulus funds and advancement of county surtax projects from fiscal years 2008 through 2011 translated to jobs for about 2,900 people. “And I think it probably made a difference in (those people’s) lives,” Bullock said. During the four years he cited, the county spent $82.4 million in stimulus money. The county’s non-stimulus spending totaled $226.2 million. The stimulus funds resulted in about 770 jobs, with wages of about $26.3 million, according to a chart Bullock provided the commission. The non-stimulus job total was about 2,130, with wages of approximately $51.8 million. “I think it’s worth noting … that the capital projects (involved) by and large backlogged facilities … that we knew that this county was going to have to construct within the next few years anyway,” said Commissioner Jon Thaxton. “We just moved (the projects) up two years” to create jobs, he added.



By Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor

County more pessimistic than state on property values Sarasota County staff projects taxable property values will drop 4% in fiscal year 2013, while the state is projecting a 2.7% increase. Moody’s is even more pessimistic than the county. Sarasota County’s budget officials are continuing their trend in being more conservative than state budget-watchers when it comes to property tax values. During a budget workshop Sept. 6, Deputy County Administrator Dave Bullock presented a chart to the County Commission showing state projections compared to that of the county for fiscal years 2013 through 2017. As of Aug. 11, he said, state officials estimated the county would see taxable property values rise 2.7% for fiscal year 2013, while the county estimated the value would drop 4%. “We are more pessimistic than the state,” Bullock said. Moody’s, the internationally known credit rating service, is even more pessimistic than county officials, Bullock told the commission. Its analysts predict county taxable property values will decline by 6% in fiscal year 2013, he said. At least state budget officials had dropped their projections over the past year, Bullock added. In August 2010, the state was estimating taxable property values in the county would rise 5.8% by fiscal year 2013. Referring to state officials, Bullock added, “In fiscal year

Norman Schimmel

“In fiscal year 2011, (the state officials) were pretty good … in fiscal year 2012 … not so good,” said Deputy County Administrator Dave Bullock.

State Projections of Taxable County Value Fiscal Fiscal Fiscal Fiscal Fiscal

State estimate as of August 2011 year 2013 2.7% year 2014 4.2% year 2015 5.4% year 2016 6% year 2017 6.1%

2011, they were pretty good” with their projections; “in fiscal year 2012 … not so good.” “All we can hope is maybe it’s

County estimate -4% -1% 0.0% 1% 2%

minus 2% or minus 3% instead of minus 4%,” County Commissioner Joe Barbetta said of the fiscal year 2013 projection.

Bullock also said the Moody’s representative with whom he spoke “was really discouraging … and I’ve seen the model (Moody’s uses); it’s a comprehensive, very sophisticated model.” Commission Chairwoman Nora Patterson said the question never would be whether the county would be able to pay its bills, because county officials always would make certain they did not default on payments. The commission has tapped its reserve funds to plug budget holes the past two fiscal years. For fiscal year 2012, county budget Interim Chief Financial Planning Officer Steve Botelho said $33.1 million would be coming from reserves. Bullock also noted expected increases by fiscal year 2013. “We are starting to show a 3% annual increase in expenses — that’s all expenses, fuel and electricity and the thousands of goods and services (for which the county contracts),” he said. “We know we’re going to have to deal with salaries (too).” Continuing with projections, Bullock said the county is not looking at a shortfall in meeting its projected budget, without an operating fund millage rate increase, until fiscal year 2015. Then, he said, the shortfall has been projected at $24.9 million. He called the number “our best conservative estimate.” By fiscal year 2015, he said, the county will have no reserves remaining except its emergency hurricane fund. “To state the obvious, 2015 is the place where we don’t have an answer right now,” Bullock said.

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6135 Beechwood Ave.



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

remembering the heroes By Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

(North of Stickney Point and West of US 41)


Sunday Morning Worship Services 9:45 am Traditional Worship Service in the Sanctuary with Choir & Children’s Church 10:15 am Informal Worship Gathering in the Community Center Sanctus Pax A Wednesday Evening Prayer Service From 6:15 to 6:45 pm


Child care available

You’re invited to our place Worship Service 10:00 Sunday School 9:00

The Sarasota County firefighters make their way down Main Street Sunday, Sept. 11, for the remembrance march and celebration.

Coffee fellowship on deck. Nursery open for service

The Rev. Kathleen Wiggins 61688

Learn to pLay bridge!

The Sarasota Firefighters Benev-

Lessons olent Fund held a remembrance

1st FOUR lessons Free! 1st first FOUR lessons Play in a game your day!

in aweeks! game your first day! ge the easy way in justPlay a few

BRIDGE IS HERE!! Modern bridge the easy

way in just a.m. a few weeks! Sept. 23 • 9:00-11:30 Bridge Club - Town & Country Plaza

easybridge! is here!!

Town & Country Plaza, NW Corner Fruitville & Beneva

941-365-7875 Michelle golden


-355-6940 BeginsMichelle Thurs., Sept. Golden 22 • 9:00-11:30 am In-Between Bridge Club

march Sunday, Sept. 11, from Five Points Park to Payne Park. Following the march, there was a Sept. 11 memorial celebration that included food, drinks, live music and activities for children, including the Sarasota County SWAT team’s obstacle course. People also took the time to walk across the street to see the city of Sarasota World Trade Center Memorial and city of Sarasota Police Memorial that were both dedicated earlier in the day.


ville & Beneva, Unit 612 Inside Courtyard Sarasota, FL

Unit 612 Inside Courtyard • Sarasota, FL

Firefighters march in honor of Sept. 11

Helena Dunham, 5, and Haley Dunham, 8, wore matching dresses for the remembrance march and celebration. Their father is firefighter Tony Dunham.

Martin O’Malley, 3, watches the fire trucks Sunday, Sept. 11, during the remembrance march.

Russell Aetomu, 8, from Pack 11 of the Boy Scouts, tries to make it through the Sarasota County SWAT team’s obstacle course.

Companions Home Helpers Personal Care CARING FOR SENIORS SINCE 1994

3800 S.TAMIAMI TRAIL, #104 Sharon Anderson, BSN Chrystal Pruitt, RN


We are changing the face of aging! HHA#299993288


1 mile north of Siesta Key Village off Ocean Blvd. 349-1166

Sunday Schedule


Siesta Key Chapel Presbyterian 4615 Gleason Ave.

O PLAY BRIDGE Beginner beginner • Lessons





THURSDAY, september 15, 2011



By Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

City dedicates 9/11 memorial

The city of Sarasota World Trade Center Memorial features a beam from the World Trade Center. The memorial has four identical plaques on each side.

A crowd gathered at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, for the dedication of the World Trade Center Memorial and Police Memorial at the Sarasota Police Department. The city of Sarasota World Trade Center Memorial is dedicated in memory of the 2,997 victims, including the 343 New York firefighters, 37 Port Authority police officers and the 23 New York

police officers who lost their lives on 9/11. The city of Sarasota Police Memorial is dedicated in memory of Officer Warren David Jones, who served for two years; his end of watch was Saturday, April 5, 1975. Both memorials received wreath presentations, and many people took photos in front of both memorials before and after the presentation.

Dr. Clifford Smith reads the words on the city of Sarasota World Trade Center Memorial plaque to his grandsons, Devon Saxman, 7, and Jaden Saxman, 11.

Wade Chapel rings the bell during the moment of silence at 8:47 a.m., the time when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower.

The Rev. David Stone, police chaplain, leads the crowd in prayer.

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

County Commissioner Joe Barbetta, Norman Schimmel and Mayor Susan Atwell stand, while Police Chief Mikel T. Hollaway speaks to the crowd. Right: This photograph, by Norman Schimmel, was donated to the Sarasota Police Department.

Let Experience Work For You

The “Power of 5”

Monday, September 19th

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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011



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St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church 5394 Midnight Pass Road; 349-4174; Saturday Vigil: 4 p.m. Sunday: 8 and 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Daily Mass (Monday through Saturday): 8 a.m. Confessions: 8:30 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 3:30 p.m. Saturdays

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adds magic touch to ‘Disenchanted’ musical / 18


LONG NOTE by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

“If you practice discipline and good manners in music class, you’ll see it in everything else you do,” Julia Rohr says.

Heidi Kurpiela

The music ma’am The 94-year-old matriarch of Julie Rohr Academy proves she’s still got what it takes to make kids sing.


ulia Rohr has a reputation for being strict. The 94-year-old music teacher admittedly has little patience for slackers. Her pupils and her colleagues know this. Even her daughter, Julie Rohr McHugh — a bubbly 65-year-old for whom Rohr purchased her private

school on Fruitville Road — refers to Rohr as a disciplinarian, followed by this label: “old school.” “Kids used to say they felt sorry for me,” McHugh says. “They didn’t know my mother wasn’t stern at home.” Stern is the last thing Rohr appears to be on this particular morning. Dressed in a green tracksuit decorated with fabric, painted butterflies,


Rohr teeters merrily across the lobby at Julie Rohr Academy on a gold cane bedecked in rhinestones. McHugh, Rohr’s only child, trails closely behind. An ageless motherdaughter duo, the two are inseparable. Together they’ve touched thousands of lives in Sarasota and have served as tireless champions for youth music programs.



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

ROHR from 15A Their greatest legacy is, of course, the academy that bears their name. With its focus on visual and performing arts, JRA has staged about 150 musicals over the course of 37 years. Rohr, with her pink lipstick, flashy cane and halo of white hair, is the grande dame of the school, which she purchased in 1973 when it was a rundown day care with only 17 kids on the roster. She famously bought the building so McHugh, who followed in her mother’s footsteps, would leave her post teaching music at a Fort Lauderdale middle school and return to Sarasota for work. “You know how mothers are,” Rohr says. “I was determined to have my daughter near.” The plan worked. McHugh took over the school the following year and embarked on the herculean task of overhauling a neglected building with grease splatters so thick on the kitchen walls it took weeks to scrape them clean. “I thought it would take a miracle worker to change this place,” McHugh says. “But Mother kept saying we could do it. I tell ya, when she sets her mind to something … ” “What?” Rohr asks. “You’re the one who did it.” Humble as she is, Rohr has set her mind to many things since she and her late husband, former Sarasota Concert Band Director Arthur Rohr, moved in 1953 to Sarasota. A classically trained violinist, Rohr played the viola in the Sarasota West Coast Symphony,



Auditions for “Sarasota’s Got Talent” will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, at the Plymouth Harbor Auditorium, 700 John Ringling Blvd. The entry fee is $25 per person or $50 per group. Performance categories include 12 and under, teen (ages 13 to 17), adult (ages 18 and up) and group. The final competition will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, at Elevation Academy, 582 McIntosh Road. For more information, call 371-4979.

Photos by Heidi Kurpiela

“I don’t think anyone ever mouthed off to my mother,” says Julie Rohr McHugh of her mother, Julia Rohr, pictured here directing the Sarasota Boys Choir in the 1970s. founded the Sarasota boys and girls choirs, led an all-accordion band and for 48 years directed the Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church Choir and the Sarasota Choral Society, for which she still serves as director emerita. “I’ve always felt that music was as important as math or science,” says Rohr, who during her nearly 30-year tenure as a music teacher in Sarasota County taught in every public elementary school in the district. “Music helps everything else in the brain develop.” Perhaps this is why her brain has stayed so sharp.

Three years ago, she suggested creating “Sarasota’s Got Talent,” a performing-arts competition in the vein of her three favorite TV programs: “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” The school opened the contest to children and adults; the auditions are held at the Plymouth Harbor Auditorium. The first year, 35 performers auditioned. Last year, that number doubled. “Working with children all of these years has kept my mother young,” McHugh says. “Teaching and being with her grandchil-


dren and great-grandchildren has kept her in a youthful frame of mind. Although, if you ask her, she’ll say she’s old.” The two women are sitting sideby-side in Rohr’s tiny wood-paneled office at JRA. Even though she retired from teaching in 1982, Rohr still gives piano lessons and keeps an office at the school. Her desk is cluttered with photographs, stacks of sheet music, an assortment of awards and a glass jar of jellybeans. Among the framed accolades is a plaque from the city of Sarasota proclaiming Nov. 28, 2004, “Dr. Julia W. Rohr Day.”

“When she complains about being old, I tell her most women her age are in nursing homes,” McHugh says. “And here she is driving, shopping and working.” McHugh emphasizes the word “working,” to which Rohr rolls her eyes and shrugs. As much as she’s scaled back her involvement with other organizations, Rohr continues to throw her weight around at JRA. “The teachers here have learned that when she says, ‘Jump,’ they ask, ‘How high?’” McHugh jokes. “When she needs a new cane bedazzled, the art teacher bedazzles it.” Rohr chuckles quietly to herself. Some schools have a mascot. The Julie Rohr Academy has a matriarch –– and she rules with a sparkly cane. “All the children call me ‘Dr. Rohr,’” Rohr says, referencing her 1991 honorary doctor of liberal arts degree from her alma mater, Shenandoah University. “I always get a charge out of that.”

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The clash between the sexes is unleashed as a theatre company produces a musical version of Taming of the Shrew.


Thank You To Our Sponsors




THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


art scene HEARD

+ DWB receives a whirlwind facelift

by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

Molly Schechter

Bert Minot and Bev Crawford with one of the new displays.

Designing Women Boutique is apparently recession proof. Not only did the consignment shop see a 25% increase in sales this year, but also it ushered in a new estate liquidation and downsizing department and added 800 square feet of new office space to its North Tamiami Trail location. And the makeover continues. In just one weekend last month, DWB Development Director Pam Day and a team of volunteers (Annie Sundeen,

Bev Crawford, Butch Amerson, Bert Minot and John Day) enlarged and remodeled the sales floor. The group clocked more than 400 hours primping the store before its Aug. 15 grand reopening. If you haven’t stopped by the boutique, you should. The entire north end of the store now houses pretty home furnishings and accessories, while the south end showcases DWB’s famous stock of designer duds.

+ s/ART/q gets graphic with its tees

+ Baby, I’m back! Wondering where I’ve been all summer? Yeah, me too. In case you missed the photo of my new favorite subject –– Baby Henry, who made an appearance in this column following his June 5 birth –– here’s another shot of the little guy. (You know us new moms. We’re relentless when it comes to baby pictures.) Anyway, I’m back from the abyss, and by abyss I mean maternity leave, and by maternity leave I mean the haze of sleepless nights, soggy burp cloths, dirty diapers

Heidi Kurpiela

and endless consoling of inconsolable cries. Ah, who am I kidding? I’m still in the thick of it. But, I’m happy to be back to work, because the only arts and entertainment in my life right now is a musical rattle that never shuts up and a stuffed dog that sings “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in a cringe-worthy falsetto. Thank you to Loren Mayo for doing a killer job with this section while I was away. If you see Loren around town, please give her a hand for a performance well done. And, please, by all means, tell me my baby is cute.

dozens of s/ART/q volunteers who dry, fold and organize hundreds of pieces of apparel faster than it takes most people to do one load of laundry. The Sept. 10 event served up a variety of designs, including an old lady in a superhero cape done by the always-enigmatic Brian Haverlock. The print was a sleeper hit among new parents

+ Golden Apple goes ‘Butch’ for bucks The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre has found its niche. Between Drag Queen Bingo and last weekend’s “Butchlesque Fashion Show,” the Apple is quickly becoming the poster theater for gender-bending entertainment. The 40-year-old dinner theater

brandishing white baby onesies. Also a hit among infants: Tim Jaeger’s ode to John Ringling — an illustration of the circus magnate dressed as a dorky tourist in knee socks and a Hawaiian shirt. One can only assume that if Ringling were still around, he’d be in line at the print party, hoping to jazz up his tailored suit coat.

recently filed to become a nonprofit organization to pay off its debts. With events such as “Butchlesque,” billed as a fundJamie Arena raiser to help save dons a mean the Apple, it looks like the theater is moustache.

Heidi Kurpiela

Ariana Franco at work.

on the upswing of its struggle. The Sept. 10 show sold out well before it opened. None of this, however, seemed to fluster the female models, many who had never walked a catwalk before — and in men’s clothing. Said Gail Forbes: “I heard the lights will blind me, so I won’t see how many people are out there. That’s what’s keeping me calm.”

DINNER FOR TWO SPECIAL$59.95 Includes a choice of starter, entrée & select bottle of wine per couple. For a Limited Time Only! Eight Starters and Eleven Entrees to choose from!

10 Ounce Prime Sirloin topped with lump crab and finished with béarnaise Offer Expires October 10th.

Join us between 5:00 - 6:00 and receive a complimentary dessert to share. View the full “Special Menu”on our website.

431 St. Armands Circle 941.388.4415 | 64300

On a walk with my little ham.

Doesn’t the s/ART/q print party suit Sarasota to a tee? (Sorry, I can’t resist a good pun.) For the third year in a row, the artists of s/ART/q prove if you ink it, they will come. The Rosemary District’s HuB once again hosted the popular screen-printing party, which now runs like a well-oiled machine thanks to the




THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

by Heidi Kurpiela | A&E Editor

Score lore


Music Director Michael Sebastian returns to his Golden Apple stomping grounds with a feisty new musical about disgruntled Disney princesses.

nomadic lifestyle and the variety of theater credits it affords him, he says there’s nothing quite like musicdirecting a show at the Golden Apple. A cello major from the University of Michigan, in 1978 Sebastian moved to Sarasota to play for the Florida West Coast Symphony, where he served as its principal cellist for six years. Tired of stringing Bach, Sebastian took a gig as a keyboardist with a top-40 cover band. At the time, it was 1985. Bob Seger and Huey Lewis dominated the radio. “I loved it, but I still felt like I was exclusively doing one thing,” Sebastian says. “I still wanted to mix it up.” After a three-year stint working as the music director on a cruise ship, he returned to Sarasota, landed “South Pacific” at the Golden Apple and was soon hired as the theater’s resident music director. The job taught him how to work fast. The 40-yearold dinner theater has notoriously short rehearsal

Smokey Robinson “He turned to the string section and said, ‘I should have hired a synth player instead.’ Ouch.”

Bernadette Peters “She’s got drive like no other.”

Paige O’Hara (the voice of Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”) “She was so delightful, so talented and so humble.”

Johnny Mathis “He’s pathologically shy.”


“Disenchanted” runs Oct. 11 to Oct. 23, at The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, 25 N. Pineapple Ave. For more information, call 366-5454 or visit

Heidi Kurpiela

“The score is my bible,” Michael Sebastian says. “If I can’t translate what’s in the hard copy of the score, I don’t have the right to be a music director.” periods — one week to 10 days. It taught him the delicate art of stroking an actor’s ego or, as Sebastian describes it, “getting inside an actor’s head and learning what makes ’em tick.” It’s also where he met

his husband and current manager, Mark Marvell, the theater’s former box office manager. “We have a really long and wonderful history,” Sebastian says. “Both personally and professionally.” He even digs the Golden

Apple’s music pit, which, unlike most orchestra pits, is located above the stage instead of below it. “It’s cool up here,” Sebastian says, tugging at the dusty black curtain that keeps his piano from being spotted by the audience. “You can misbehave and no one knows.” His first show back is “Disenchanted,” a new musical about bitter fairy-tale princesses whom Sebastian describes as “quick, smart and bitchy.” No, he’s not being judgmental. The musical’s full title –– “Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom” –– is curiously missing from the theater’s website. “It has its raunchy mo-

ments,” says Sebastian, who is looking forward to meeting the 10 females who will round out the cast. The musical, which opens Oct. 11, hasn’t been cast yet. In the meantime, Sebastian has begun the process of “internalizing” the score, a process he repeats with every musical, no matter how many times he’s seen other productions of the show. “I always find something in the score that I’ve never seen before,” Sebastian says. “With the last show I did, the composer wrote ‘Congrats! You did it,’ at the end of the score. With this show, the composer wrote, ‘A tempo di insane.’ That’s a first.”

Presenting the 2010-2011 “Standing O” award nominees …

Black Tie Bash

Season’s Greetings Cocktails Hors d’oeuvres Music The “Standing O” Awards Prizes


for your favorite standout woman, man, couple, event and invitation on

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Community Foundation of Sarasota County’s Season of Sharing

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The “Standing O” winners will be announced at Black Tie Bash “Season’s Greetings” on Thursday, Sept. 29, at the Longboat Key Club & Resort Tennis Gardens.


Michael Sebastian is happy to be home again. He’s happy to be home in Sarasota after wrapping his last show in New Hampshire, and he’s happy to be home at The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, where he got his start as a music director 20 years ago on the 1991 set of “South Pacific.” “It feels so good to be back,” Sebastian says. More than 12 years have passed since he worked on a show at the Golden Apple, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he banters back and forth with the theater staff. It’s as if he never left. Strolling through the mostly empty theater on a Tuesday afternoon, Sebastian tosses one-liners back and forth with Kyle Turoff, the theater’s managing director. The Golden Apple’s former resident music director, Sebastian now spends his time on the road traveling from theater to theater, orchestra pit to orchestra pit. Although he loves his

Red Skelton “Before each show, he put a single red rose on every woman’s chair in the orchestra.”


E-mail 63576



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011




by Molly Schechter | Food Editor

Two out of three Jpan chefs: owner Daniel Dokko and Bao Kosai Tep

IF YOU GO Jpan Restaurant and Sushi Bar 3 Paradise Plaza 954-5726 Owner: Daniel Dokko Hours: Lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday Dinner from 5 to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 5 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday The restaurant is closed on Sunday. tuna wrapped with rice paper, edamame puree and cherry tomatoes and tuna tataki (see recipe below). For a main course, he suggests traditional tempura and a combination sushi boat for three to four people. And for dessert, he suggests a tempura fig. His lunch recommendation is a lunch bento box priced from $8.99 to $12.99. Dokko, 28, learned the restaurant business from the scullery up and has done virtually every job in the kitchen and the front of the house. At Amura, Orlando’s largest Japanese restaurant, he rose from chef to general manager. He came in 2008 to Sarasota and built a team including his right-hand man, Bao Kosai Tep, also 28, with whom he worked in Orlando and later recruited from Atlanta, and Victor Ahn, 21. The three chefs practice their art daily and create new masterpieces on a monthly basis.

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Forty years ago in this country, sushi was exotic — a rarity sought out and enjoyed by a culinary intelligentsia. Today, you can buy it in plastic containers at your supermarket, and in some ways, that’s good news. But there is more to sushi than fish with rice. It’s a legitimate culinary art form that requires talent and skill. And eating sushi can be an artful, unique dining experience. That’s what it is at Jpan Restaurant & Sushi Bar, tucked away on the north side of Paradise Plaza. The menu delivers raw fish treated with respect in all the conventional guises and some uniquely Jpan ways. There are the expected Japanese classics, here called “kitchen entrées” — tempura, teriyaki, miso sea bass and more. The black-garbed servers are knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant, and the place manages to be simultaneously tranquil and lively. This is sushi — the experience — as well as sushi — the food. What gives Jpan a twist is the heritage of chef/proprietor Daniel Dokko, who was born and raised in Brazil. “Sushi has a clean taste, so it goes really well with fruit,” he said. He means tropical fruits — for the most part: kiwi, mango, strawberry and Asian pear. He says the idea is popular with customers. An example from the list of Jpan’s specialty rolls: Aloha Roll, made of shrimp tempura and cream cheese topped with mango and coconut. Other specialties include low-carb options such as Cucumber Delight, which consists of tuna, salmon, kani and asparagus wrapped in transparently thin cucumber. In an economy that has been hostile to restaurants, Jpan is thriving. Just three months ago, Dokko doubled the size of his place so it now seats 90. The art of the food finds its match in a wall decorated by a collaborative effort of Professor DongHuy Kim, from Ringling College of Art and Design, and Dokko’s 3-year-old son, Dario. Asked what he would recommend to a new customer visiting for the first time, Dokko’s appetizer choices included the Summer Breeze roll of white and regular


Sushi emerges as a culinary art form

Supporting the Arts …



10 ounces fresh tuna Chichimi pepper powder Spring salad greens mix 1/2 lemon 2 teaspoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons mirin 2 teaspoons sake 2 teaspoons rice vinegar 1 tablespoon spicy sesame oil


• Block of tuna should be about 2 inches wide by 3 inches long and 1 inch tall. • Chichimi powder is a blend of seven spices available in oriental markets. Coat tuna with chichimi powder. Sear on all four sides in an extremely hot non-stick pan, about five seconds per side. Put tuna in an ice water bath to stop cooking and cool.

Put a handful of spring mix in the center of a plate, slice the tuna paper thin and arrange around the greens. Combine remaining ingredient for sauce and pour over tuna.

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Photos by Molly Schechter

Jpan Restaurant’s tuna tataki appetizer is made with an extremely hot non-stick pan.



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

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Manatees still spark humor for the SKA.

Entrepreneurs enjoy weekly inspiration.

See this week’s Siesta photo weather page.





by Rachel Brown Hackney | Managing Editor

Siesta Olympian Sgt. Scott Osborne, leader of the community policing station on the Key, has been winning medals since 2002 in the Florida Police & Fire Games.

When Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Scott Osborne finishes his shift on Siesta Key, he doesn’t just head home to relax. He takes off on a run; then, three or four days a week, he spends another hour weight training in the garage gym of a good friend. “I love to train,” he says. “I love to stay in shape.” His athleticism doesn’t just keep him fit for his job as the officer in charge of the Village’s community policing station — it also has enabled him to rack up multiple medals since 2002 in the Florida Police & Fire Games, law enforcement’s version of the Olympics. This year, he brought home a gold medal in the five-stand skeet competition and bronze in the low-light shooting and tactical shotgun events from the games in Port St. Lucie. Osborne, 40, also participated in the sporting clays, skeet, doubles skeet and riot shotgun events. Thanks to incentives from the Sheriff’s Office, he has won more than enough compensated hours to keep taking time off every year to go to the games. Each gold medal is worth 24 hours; each silver, 16; and each bronze, eight. “I’m very fortunate the sheriff does that,” he says. “It’s a great incentive to stay in shape.” The games are open to all Florida law enforcement officers, firefighters and military personnel. State corrections officers also participate, Osborne says. Federal law enforcement personnel in the state compete, too.

This year, Osborne competed primarily in shooting events.

Sgt. Scott Osborne’s favorite event in the Florida Police & Fire Games is the sporting clays event. According to the website, www., about 5,000 competitors annually represent more than 200 agencies in more than 45 Olympicstyle events. The Sheriff’s Office often takes top honors overall in its category, because departments are divided by size for the competitions. Additionally, individuals generally compete with others in their age range. Registration is always Father’s Day weekend. Osborne’s events are spread out from Monday through Wednesday. His favorite event is the sporting clays, which requires participants to shoot from 10 different stations. “You don’t know where the ‘birds’ are coming from,” he says, noting they fly up from behind the shooter at times. One of the other more enjoyable events, Osborne says, is riot shotgun skeet. In past years, Osborne has participated in weightlifting and running events. One year, he competed in the Toughest Competitor Alive, which includes seven events in one day: a 3-mile run, a 100-meter dash, shot put, bench press, an obstacle course, as many pull-ups as the participant can do at one time, then a 20-foot

Courtesy photos

Osborne competes in a weightlifting event during the Florida Police & Fire Games.

rope climb using arms only. Although he won the silver medal, Osborne says it wasn’t that much fun. “It takes all day long,” he says, emphasizing each word. The competition typically runs from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Osborne makes a point of cross

Rachel Brown Hackney

training to keep in shape, but he especially enjoys running. He competed in the 2009 Space Coast Marathon in Titusville, and he’s done a half marathon in St. Petersburg. “I’m trying to get into the New York City Marathon, but (because contestants are chosen by lottery) I’ve been denied three years in a row,” he said. He also participates in many 5Ks, as well as numerous runs on Siesta Public Beach. “We need to spread the desire to want to stay in shape to more people,” Osborne says, adding he has been on the move since he was a boy. “I was a very active child. My mother has said she hopes I get what I gave to her with my own children.” So far, however, he admits his 6-year-old son, Cody, and his 11-yearold daughter, Anastasia, are not that keen on running with him. Beyond the physical benefits of the games, Osborne says, they are a valuable means of getting to know other law enforcement personnel. “You make great contacts with all the agencies (from) all over the state,” he says. “It’s like spring break for cops and firemen. Everybody gets to let loose a little bit. It’s a good time.”



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


Manatees spark light-hearted comments The subject matter was serious, but both Siesta Key Association directors and audience members injected more than a little levity into the Sept. 1 discussion about protecting the manatees in the Grand Canal. Dave Thomas, a new member of the SKA’s environmental committee, at one point drew some laughter when he mentioned an incident from the previous evening. He was watching TV at 7:50 p.m., he said, when he spotted “an obviously large ripple and splash RACHEL in the water,” referring to the canal. BROWN The source was a HACKNEY manatee, he said, about 10 to 12 feet long. “He didn’t want to stop for a drink,” Thomas said. “He just kept going.” Thomas spoke again, as he had at the August SKA meeting, of how he had been observing a pod with as many as 10 manatees making its way through the canal to graze on the seagrass growing at the furthest point. His visitor the night before, he said, probably was “some guy staggering home from the grass bar.” Dr. Allan Worms, a wildlife biologist and retired professor, told Thomas the “he” was more likely a “she.” The females generally are larger than the males, Worms said. Thomas explained that he is “not constantly on a vigil” to spot the creatures. “I happen to work at home, and I look out the window a lot,” he said. Later, audience member Shawn Glen Pierson asked whether wildlife or county

officials had made any effort to undertake some “social engineering” with the manatees’ movements. “They go where they want to go,” responded Nancy Deckard, a Gulf & Bay Club resident. As the group discussed how narrow the canal is in places, making it difficult for the manatees to move far enough away from speeding boaters, SKA President Catherine Luckner drew more laughter when she joked that the canal needs redlight cameras. Finally, after Sarasota County Commission Chairwoman Nora Patterson suggested a sign alerting boaters to slow down could be put on the bridge over Midnight Pass Road near the Mangrove Point Road intersection, board member Ann Kaplan added, “Put ‘no littering’ and ‘no living under the bridge’ also” on that sign.

Mistaken identity SLOW SPEED ALL YEAR




It turns out that the photo of the solitary snowy plover chick in the Sept. 1 Pelican Press was taken by photographer Mike Mosca instead of Catherine Luckner. Mosca stopped in last week to talk about how much time and patience it requires to get those adorable shots. He said he also had to keep his camera covered with plastic, so windblown sand wouldn’t ruin his images. One day, he said, he felt especially rewarded when two chicks climbed out of their nest and looked around. It didn’t take long, though, before Mom and Dad showed up to shepherd them back to the nest. Luckner said she had not realized she had mixed in a small group of photos from contributors with her own shots. Because Luckner and her husband, Bob, were among the volunteers who checked nests regularly over the past months, she also had considerable opportunity to photograph the endangered birds.

And speaking of the manatees, I received a call last week Map courtesy of Sarasota County from a 21-year Key resident who As shown in the map, the speed zone for the Grand Canal also lives on the Grand Canal. on Siesta Key is “slow speed minimum wake,” which is a Ernie Buel read my Sept. 8 arMoving on ticle about the manatees, which lot slower than some boaters travel through the waterway, Licensed massage therapists said the speed limit in the canal according to residents who live along the canal. Brent Bullock and Carol Gonzais 25 mph. lez have relocated this week from That “is like five or 10 times faster than is officially “slow speed minimum wake,” The Massage Store to Siesta Key Massage what people normally do,” he said. in Siesta Center. Their first official day which means just enough speed for a I suggested he call Rachel Herman was Sept. 12. vessel to maintain forward momentum. from the county’s Natural Resources Bullock has been working on the Key Apparently, I was still confused about Department, because she had discussed for 20 years. Gonzalez isn’t far behind the canal speed after the Sept. 1 SKA the speeds during her Sept. 1 SKA her, at 15 years. Both are excited about meeting. Thanks to Buel and Herman, I presentation. Later that day, Herman am pleased to be able to clear that up for seeing clients at their new “home.” emailed me to say the speed in the canal readers and for myself. They may be reached at 349-8140.

Thanks to the generosity of these advertisers in our 9/11 editions, a $1,000 donation will be made to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. We Will Never Forget.

To make additional contributions to The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, go to:

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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


GRAND PRIX by Loren Mayo | Community Editor


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Students send Life Savers soaring Fourth-graders at Outof-Door Academy spent the morning of Sept. 8 building homemade race cars out of Life Savers, tape and paper. The goal was to see which race cars could go the farthest distance the fastest. Some teams added paper



beneath their cars, because that enabled the cars to move faster. Others built walls and a base and added sticks to the bottoms of the cars. A few children agreed that the best part of the activity was getting to snack on the Life Savers candy.

New Location! - Sarasota & Tampa

Left: Averie Robinson, Hayley Latta and Jacob Flake



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Photos by Loren Mayo

Sofia Mejicanos and Jane Scheiber

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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

social gathering By Loren Mayo | Community Editor

Chambers of commerce meet in the middle The East Meets West networking social event took place Wednesday, Sept. 7, at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. More than 75 vendors attended the event, hosted by the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance and the

Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key, Siesta Key and Gulf Coast Latin chambers of commerce. In addition, Big Cat Habitat brought out its babies — a tiger, lemur and chimp — for showand-tell.

Ghandi is a resident of Big Cat Habitat.

Tom Quatrale, Erin Henderson, Margie Hindman and Baltimore Clermonso

Jason Babel, Diana Willis and Brittani Froug

6631 Midnight Pass Rd. Crescent Plaza (1/4 Mile So. of Stickney Pt. Rd.)

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Freitag Abend – Gebratener Fisch à discrétions $14.95 Samstag & Sontag Abend Brathühnchen & Grill Rippen à discrétions $16.95 Kinder $8.95 (wir akzeptieren keine Gutscheine für diese Spezial Menüs)


Teahouse at Asian Arts

✦ Come dine in one of Sarasota’s most unique Asian Cafes.ExperiencethemysteryoftheOrientwithJapanese Palmistry by Hannah. Sip Infused Sakes and play Mah Jongg. Shop for Asian Art, gifts and decor. Open Mon.Sat. 11:30am-8:30pm. • 5437 Fruitville Rd. at Honore • 941-343-9727 •

Siesta Key Broken Egg

Frühstück & Lunch von 7:30h – 14:30h Abendessen von 17:00h – 22:00h Happy Hour Jeden Tag von 16:00h – 19:00h 64268

941.349.2800• 1256 Old Stickney Point Rd. off Midnight Pass Rd., Siesta Key

Daily 5-6 pm Open Daily


3809 South Tuttle Ave. Sarasota

Kim Blakeney and Marcetta Dyer

✦ Serving “Award Winning” food for over 24 years. Indoor & outdoor dining, catering and takeout available. Siesta Key open daily 7:30am-2:30pm • 140 Avenida Messina • 941-346-2750. Lakewood Ranch location open Mon. 7:30am-2:30pm and Tues.Sun. 7:30am-9pm. Now Open at the Expo on Clark! • 941-922-2764 •

Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar

✦ The Very Best in Florida Seafood, Traditional Fare & Specialties served in a Casual, Fun Atmosphere! Voted #1 Clam Chowder in the World! Nightly entertainment in the Backroom Saloon & great drinks & snacks at the Sneaki Tiki Bar. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Kids Menu available. • 1200 Old Stickney Point Rd. • 941-3493885 •

Daiquiri Deck

✦ Featuring an extensive menu of Snacketizers, Soups, Salad Sensations, Bodacious Burgers, Specialty Sandwiches, Wraps, Pizzas and of course

“Early” DinErs’ ComplEtE mEnu Daily 5:00-6:30 pm

14 ChoiCEs of main CoursEs: All Include Appetizer, Salad, Dessert & Beverage From $15 95


Sy Wolf and Jackie Griese

Photos by Loren Mayo

daiquiris. Happy Hour daily, 2-for-1 daiquiris 3-7pm. Lunch specials Mon. through Fri. Live entertainment. • 5250 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key • 941-349-8697 • www.

Lobster Pot

✦ In the Center of Siesta Key Village, Lobster Pot is Siesta Key’s New England Seafood Restaurant. Open for lunch & dinner Mon.-Sat. and dinner seasonally on Sundays. They offer everything from fresh fish cooked the way you want it... to Steak, Chops, & Chicken... to Homemade Soups and more... Premium Wine & Beer. • 5157 Ocean Blvd. • 941-349-2323

Venice Crow’s Nest

✦ Venice’s waterfront landmark since 1976, Featuring casual fine dining overlooking the Marina & Venice Inlet. Voted ‘Venice’s “Best Overall Restaurant”’ seven years, and “Best of Award of Excellence” from the Wine Spectator. Fun casual atmosphere in The 1st Floor Tavern • Boat or car • Lunch and dinner • Open daily • 1968 Tarpon Center Dr. • 941-484-9551

Sharky’s on the Pier

✦ On the Gulf, only Sharky’s offers a gulf side seat for your enjoyment. Enjoy the Tiki bar, live entertainment, food and fun for all ages. Enjoy fresh seafood and other entrees while overlooking the Venice pier. For more information or directions, call 941-488-1456 or


Melissa Elasmar and Danica McLaren

Sande Capin and Susan Steinbrink


THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

motivated muggles


Fresh Seafood

by Loren Mayo | Community Editor

Tapas Specials Peruvian Specialties

Peruvian American Cuisine South American Tapas

American Favorites


Seasonal Specials Vegetarian Dishes

6621 Midnight Pass Road in Cresent Plaza

Gluten Free Choices

Open 5:00 – 9:00 pm Tuesday – Saturday

Select Wine & Beer

Daniel Miller, captain of the Ringling College of Art and Design team

Quidditch sweeps through campuses

Rob Rankin and Doosun Shin

about everyone my age, but the great thing about Quidditch is that you don’t have to know the books to play,” Miller says. “We started out as kind of a ragtag club because we wanted to bring the sport to campus, and now we compete on a national level with other teams from around the world and have become the official sport on campus.” On Saturday, Sept. 10, the Florida Quidditch Conference held daylong matches during which several Florida college Quidditch teams competed at the 17th Street Park. The Ringling team caught three golden snitches during their five matches. Miller has played basketball and football for the majority of his life, but he says Quidditch is out-ofthis-world. “It’s more fun than any other sport I’ve tried,” Miller says.




Value Menu



Take Out Available 24 Hours

3701 Bee Ridge Rd. 927-3080

Not Valid On National Holidays • Not Valid With Any Other Coupon Or Offer • One Coupon Per Check Per Visit • Taxes And Gratuity Not Included • No Change Returned • Certificate Has No Cash Value • Expires 9/21/11 • Not Valid Without Coupon

with Fries ...only $395 and receive a

FREE Breakfast (A $5.00 Value)



7 Wings $

Thanks Sarasota for voting us BEST CHICKEN WINGS


Full Breakfast Every Day We Deliver! 5495 Fruitville Road 379-4444 at Sarasota Crosings

5733 Clark Road (at I-75)


! k e e Cr

Fresh local seafood served in a casual atmosphere. IT’S A SARASOTA TRADITION!

e M t ee

Broiled • Steamed • Baked Blackened Grilled • Cajun • Combo Pots • Fresh Seafood Platters • Seafood Pasta • Chicken Steaks • Soups & Salads (941) 925-4444


5353 S. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota Sun.–Thur. 11am–10pm • Fri.–Sat. 11am–10:30pm



e h T At


Join our club at


Casual Waterfront Dining

Try Some Of These Tasty Items...


$2, $4, $6, $8

Local, Organic Sustainable

Nick Lennon

Original $2.99 Grand Slam Breakfast Is Back! 64264

You don’t have to be Harry Potter to play the magical wizarding game of Quidditch. Although you may not able to zoom through the air on a broomstick, the earthbound version — Muggle Quidditch — still has its perks. Daniel Miller, captain of Ringling College of Art and Design’s Quidditch team, started playing the game as a freshman. “I grew up reading Harry Potter like just

Internet Specials


Photos by Loren Mayo

Daniel Hanks

Four Course Tapas Dinner $24.00 or Sunset Special 20% off when seated by 5:45 pm


Shruti Anand, Ali Fishman and Kathryn Doering

Takeout & Catering


Something you simply must do!



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

By Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

• Avoid Last Minute Decisions! • The Plan Everyone Should Make - Have You?

170 Honore Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34232

Palms - Robarts Funeral Home & Memorial Park



• Contact Our Experienced Team to Learn More

Derek Bishopp, Andre Kasberger and Doug Smith

Entrepreneurial spirit thrives in meetings


SAVE 20% OFF * ALL POTTERY Take advantage of the

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

Savings on Our Huge Selection of Pottery!

Clint Chapman and Clayton Thompson, owner of Clayton’s Siesta Grille

*Excludes already reduced items and items on consignment

Offer Good 9/16/11 - 9/29/11


OPEN: Monday–Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 8am–4pm

5020 Lorraine Road • Bradenton, FL

The Young Entrepreneurs of Sarasota gathered for their weekly luncheon Tuesday, Sept. 6, at Clayton’s Siesta Grille on Siesta Key. The educational support group welcomes entrepreneurs of all ages. Each week a member volunteers to give a presentation on a famous entrepreneur, so the attendees can discuss the person, analyze what the person did and learn from that entrepreneur’s experiences. Last week, YES member Vinny LaBash focused on Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.

Olga Ovchiyan and Nelly Camardo

Gloria Ponziano and Adam Miller


Registration Saturday, October 8th 8:30 am - Noon Girls and Boys 11/2 - 15 years old!

Make Us Your

- Trophies and End of the Season Pizza Party - Family Member Discounts - 4 Open Skate Passes with FREE Skate Rental - Payment Plan Available


Early Registration Discount of 15% OFF IF YOU SIGN UP BEFORE OCTOBER 8th Ice Skating Competition Friday, Sept 23rd - Sunday, Sept 25th - Call for Details

Mark Your Calendars!







I-75 to exit 224, behind Premium Outlet Mall

Call or check our website for public skating times

Annual Golf Memberships /MO


condo, 891 Norwalk Dr. $ 143,900 #203 Venice. 2/2+den, lake view, SORRENTO VILLAGE: rental, 31 Cavallini Dr. 3/2/2 villa, $1300/mo



7233 Pine Needle Rd. 3/3 pool home in gated Sanderling Club, amenities, Call Barb Gahry at 941-586-3936 or Ellen Wells at $ 629,000 941-544-4849. RIVENDELL: 714 Shadow Bay Way, Osprey, 4BR, 3BA, 3CG + office/den + hobby room, solar heated $ 419,900 pool/spa. Close to Pine View School.

5 day advance tee times Trail fee or cart leasing options available

LEARN MORE Call or visit the Golf Shop today!

G VENICE VILLA: 611 RMarcus St. Bank approved short ACT PENDIN NT

CO from extended lanai. sale. 2/2/1, Great views



Barbara Gahry, GRI, SFR

941.922.2188 •

Michael Saunders & Co.

941-966-8000 (office) 941-586-3936 (cell) 8660 S. Tamiami Tr. Sarasota, FL 34238


VILLAGE WALK: 7674 Uliva Way, Oakmont model, pool, 3BR, den, 2BA on one of the best lots. $399,900 64390

$ 64259

Halloween Party at Ellenton Ice Saturday, October 29th 11:30 am - 5 pm


THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

By Adam Hughes | Research Editor


A home in Siesta Revised sells for $2.1 million

Rachel S. O’Hara

This Solymar Drive home, which has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, a pool and 2,959 square feet of living area, sold for $890,000.


Angela Damon, Montverde, sold her home at 3913 Solymar Drive to Lynne Hansen, trustee, of Oakton, Va., for $890,000. Built in 2002, it has four bedrooms, threeand-a-half baths, a pool and 2,959 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1,546,700 in 2004.

Siesta Woods

Marcony and Sander Oliveira, of Northampton, Pa., sold their home at 5188 Siesta Woods Drive to Timothy and Renee Cookerly, of Brownsburg, Ind., for $587,500. Built in 1985, it has three bedrooms, twoand-a-half baths, a pool and 1,688 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $367,500 in 2008.

Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club

Thomas Towler, trustee, Sarasota, sold the Unit 105 condominium at 5916 Midnight Pass Road to Larry Howenstein, Fairview Heights, Ill., for $515,000. Built in 1971, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,240 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $695,000 in 2004.

US Bank, N.A., trustee, sold the Unit 501 condominium at 5916 Midnight Pass Road to Michael Ciccolini, of Uniontown, Ohio, for $402,100. Built in 1971, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,240 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $400,000 in 2000.

Source: Sarasota County; city of Sarasota

Gulf and Bay Club Bayside

Kenneth Cornacchinoe, of Martinsville, Ind., sold his Unit 1319-C condominium at 1319 Siesta Bayside Drive to Kathleen Gallison, Sarasota, for $415,000. Built in 1988, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,280 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $417,500 in 2009. Kathleen Gallison, Sarasota, sold her Unit 1342-C condominium at 1342 Siesta Bayside Drive to Betty Macleod, of Melrose, Mass., for $381,500. Built in 1988, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,280 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $398,000 in 2009.

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Lakewood Ranch 941.907.8183 Nokomis 941.488.0707

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Allan and Pauline Santor, trustees, North Port, sold the home at 5102 Sandy Cove Ave. to Christopher and Tami Judge, of New Albany, Ohio, for $400,000. Built in 1962, it has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, a pool and 2,286 square feet of living area.


Sara Sands

Visit our website to read more real-estate transactions.


Michael Lofino and Barbara Gigante, trustees, of Beaver Creek, Ohio, and Staten Island, N.Y., sold their Unit 1 condominium at 5919 Midnight Pass Road to Peter and Erin Schwartz, of Maineville, Ohio, for $1.25 million. Built in 2003, it has three bedrooms, four baths and 3,833 square feet of living area.

Amount $90,000 $72,000 $50,000 $32,500 $30,000 $22,000 $15,000 $10,000 $9,785 $6,273 $6,187 $5,500 $5,400 $4,870 $4,720 $4,492 $3,600 $3,500 $3,015 $2,000 $1,904 $1,364




Tecce--TTA TTA Services Inc. TonyTony Tecce Services

941-346-0071 941-346-0071


*This annuity is issued by Bankers Life Insurance Company (“Bankers”), 11101 Roosevelt Blvd. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33716 (dba. Western Bankers Life Insurance Company in Texas). This annuity has certain limitations and potential penalties, which are fully set forth in the

BLIC 5950 0811

Boca Siesta Bayside

Address Permit Applicant 1690 Summerhouse Lane Boatlift George Perreault, trustee 6480 Midnight Pass Road Renovations Wade Patry 1163 W. Peppertree Drive Renovations Richard Fisher 6326 Midnight Pass Road Remodel Raymond Messman, trustee 5830 Midnight Pass Road Remodel Brian Ganey 6342 Midnight Pass Road Renovations Gregory Kite 5858 Midnight Pass Road Remodel Stephen Craig 309 Avenida Milano Renovations David Wightman 3913 Higel Ave. Re-roof Sheldon Sandman 813 Idlewild Way Mechanical Ronald Erickson 5049 Higel Ave. Pool Cage John Bace Jr. 445 S. Shore Drive Alteration Shirah Levine 1055 Peppertree Drive Mechanical Stanely Issokson 6267 Midnight Pass Road Mechanical Robert Chitty 1257 S. Portofino Drive Shower James Tschirgi 5770 Midnight Pass Road Mechanical Marie Kunz 9150 Blind Pass Road Mechanical Zohar Bar 6415 Midnight Pass Road Mechanical Sharon Cunningham 1080 Peppertree Lane Ducts Edward Tenkman 5230 Avenida Navarra Re-roof Lucille Macchia 724 Treasure Boat Way Garage Door Joan Athman 8897 Midnight Pass Road Door Taggart Smith




The following residential real-estate transactions took place between Aug. 29 and Sept. 2. A home in Revised Siesta tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Ogden House Partnership, Sarasota, sold the home at 100 Ogden St. to Robert and Michele Lomnitz, Sarasota, for $2.1 million. Built in 2007, it has five bedrooms, four-and-ahalf baths, a pool and 5,739 square feet of living area. The property previously sold for $850,000 in 2005.

These are the Siesta Key building permits issued by Sarasota County and city of Sarasota for the week of Aug. 29 through Sept. 2, in order of dollar amounts.

BLIC 5950 0811

real estate | transactions


*This annuity is issued byInterest Bankers Life Insurance Roosevelt Blvd. orN., St. Petersburg, FL 33716 (dba. Western Bankers Life Insurance Company in Texas). is annuity has certain limitations and agreement governing the annuity. rates are current at the timeCompany of publication(“Bankers”), and are subject to11101 change. Decreasing withdrawal surrender penalties may apply overare five years. does not or legal advicegoverning and has not authorized any of itsInterest agents to rates give taxare or legal potential penalties, which fullyBankers set forth in give thetax agreement the annuity. current at the time of publication and are subject to change. Decreasing withdrawal or surrender penalties may apply over advice. For tax and/or legal advice, please consult a qualified advisor. Bankers is not connected with and does not represent in any way the Social five years. Bankers does not give tax or legal advice and has not authorized any of its agents to give tax or legal advice. For tax and/or legal advice, please consult a qualified advisor. Bankers is not connected with and does Security Administration or any department, agency or authority of the United States government or any state, local or municipal government. not represent in any way the Social Security Administration or any department, agency or authority of the United States government or any state, local or municipal government.

Gulf Gate Golf Executive Course

Play Golf just 2 miles from Siesta Key! This beautiful 27 hole course is a favorite for local golfers. We are family (and kid) friendly, inexpensive, and very convenient. Gulf Gate Club is the perfect place for your next golf outing. Enjoy the beautiful lake views and nature while playing or simply rest at the Bar.

Men’s and Women’s rental clubs available.

27 Hole Executive Course 2550 Bispham Road, Sarasota

(Just 2 miles from Siesta Key’s South Bridge) 64396


open 7 am–7 pm Sorry, no Credit Cards.

CA$H for

Siesta Key’s Corner Grocery & Epicurean Oasis

GOLD! Joseph’s Jewelers

Boar’s Head Deli Meats and Cheeses

1211 Old Stickney Pt. Rd., Siesta Key, FL • 312-0472


2300 Bee Ridge Rd., Ste. 403 Colonnade Shopping CenteR • 922-8965


A Neighborhood Store with a Boutique Feel

• Deli Salads & Sandwiches • Quality Meats • Gourmet Foods • Ready-to-Go Meals • Party Trays & Platters • Gift Baskets • Premium Cigars • Full Service Grocery • Florida Lottery


By Mark Gordon | Gulf Coast Business Review

One of the more prominent realty firms on the Gulf Coast, Sarasota-based Michael Saunders & Co., will attack the residential reManicure Pink & White al-estate market with a “think big” Shellac Color and Nails Gel strategy. The firm recently hired Spa Pedicure Full Set +Gel a new director for its expanded $ $ $ rental division, part of a $750,000 investment in rental real estate. reg.$30 reg.$35 reg.$40 with this coupon Valid thru 9/28/11 with this coupon Valid thru 9/28/11 with this coupon Valid thru 9/28/11 It plans to hire at least nine fulltime rental agents in the coming months and up to six more people for inside office jobs. Books to make “We felt strongly this was the best long-term decision,” Saunders your hair said. “Our consumers demanded it. stand on end. And our agents demanded it.” The division will work with both Books to make property owners and tenants. It you fall in love. will also work with short-term, long-term, seasonal and annual Books to 7/20 Insertion Date: rentals. inform you. Client: Keiser Michael Saunders & Co., founded University Sarasota in 1976, previously ran a rental dit 231-1267-PP-Evidence-5x4 u Job We have itProduct/Pub: all!Number: vision Check Orise that marketed and managed Pelican Press p $ 1 Sur Revision 2 Revision 3 Revision 4 more than 800 units in Charlotte, s 5x4 Size: g a B and Sarasota counties. JM Production: Manatee AS Proofer 1: sold that division eight 7/6 Work Date: Saunders AS Proofer 2: years ago to focus on the thenburgeoning housing boom.

9am-7pm Appt & Walk-ins Welcome




Certificates Available


349-0067 Used Book Heaven

“The Arches” 5216-D Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key


ew n a r e UnCov h t a p r e Care



“Best Public/Semi Private Golf Course in Sarasota”


Bobby Jones Golf Club is a 45 hole municipal facility named for the legendary Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., who personally dedicated the facility on Sunday, February 13, 1927.

Keiser offers in-demand degreees in:

Summer Hours • Tee Times 6:45 AM - 6:30 PM

Crime sCene teChnology




Also Offering Degrees in:

u Criminal Justice u Legal Studies u Paralegal Studies


with Bobby Jones Summer Card *Plus Tax - Prices Subject to Change

1.877.821.5041 231-1267-PP-Evidence-cst-5x4.indd 1

The firm maintained a few rental-focused contracts after it sold the division, though, including two Longboat Key resorts. Saunders sought to get back into rentals full-time over the past year, when several trends showed the demand, along with clients and agents who saw the need. One of her first moves was to hire Jayci Grana, a rental properties executive from Orlando, to run the division. Grana is incoming president of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, an industry-lobbying group. Grana says one key to the rental unit is that the brokers will be paid a salary, with a commission on top. Most other firms take a commission-first approach. The rental division also has an improved website, says Grana. Grana says in many local markets the rental dynamic is slated toward more demand, less supply. So she expects an onslaught of business. “A lot of people are renters by choice,” says Grana. “There are a lot of tenants out there.”

We Honor All Discount Cards SOme LiKe it HOt $ 83* 13 5 Days Advance Tee Times 11 AM-3 PM (No rain checks) Click or Call *Plus Tax - Prices Subject to Change 941-365-GOLF(4653) 1000 Circus Boulevard • Sarasota, FL 34232



THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

MS&Co. sees growth


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7/6/11 8:59 AM

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ofer 2:

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ofer 1:

real estate




ion 1

Mai Beauty


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THURSDAY, september 15, 2011



Wed., Sept. 7 Thurs., Sept. 8 Fri., Sept. 9 Sat., Sept. 10 Sun., Sept. 11 Mon., Sept. 12 Tues., Sept. 13


2.68 0.00 0.12 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.01

Sept. 20 Last



Sept. 27 New

Month to date: 2011 2010 3.41 in. 0.67 in. Year-to-date:

2011 2010 35.08 in. 40.15 in.

Oct. 4 First

Oct. 12 Full


Temps. High Low 86 73 86 75 89 72 89 74 90 75 92 75 93 73

Wed., Sept. 7 Thurs., Sept. 8 Fri., Sept. 9 Sat., Sept. 10 Sun., Sept. 11 Mon., Sept. 12 Tues., Sept. 13

Record Temps. High Low 98 (1970) 61 (1960) 96 (1991) 65 (1960) 95 (1948) 65 (1997) 97 (1948) 64 (1963) 98 (1925) 62 (1924) 95 (1948) 65 (1956) 95 (1963) 65 (1956)

Average Gulf water temperature: 83.7



Sunrise 7:16 7:16 7:17 7:17 7:18 7:18 7:18

Sunset 7:35 7:34 7:33 7:32 7:31 7:30 7:28

Karenia brevis, the Florida red tide organism, was not detected alongshore or offshore Sarasota Friday, Sept. 9, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

TO SUBMIT PHOTOS: Please send your photos to the Pelican Press, 1970 Main St., fourth floor, Sarasota, Fla., 34236, or email them to Please include where you took the photo when submitting photos, as well as your mailing address. Visit to click on our interactive weather button, which features current weather conditions, weather radar and a five-day forecast.


Thurs., Sept. 15 Fri., Sept. 16 Sat., Sept. 17 Sun., Sept. 18 Mon., Sept. 19 Tues., Sept. 20 Wed., Sept. 21

Carolyn Bistline took this photo of a less-peopled portion of the beach on Siesta Key.

O B S E RV E R C RO S S WO R D Edited by Timothy E. Parker

CRYPTOGRAMS by Myles Mellor 1. C Y U H D F U R L Y O Z G Q K C O B R Q F M M K P F D H R K D F U R K P C X J ’ U X P C U L Y O Z G U H P K H B R Z Y J M K P.



1 Thing 5 Low, deep voice 10 What some losses are taken in? 16 Scottish beret 19 “... for a ___ pittance” 20 American dogwood 21 Ridicule, in a way 22 Mispickel or cinnabar 23 Capable of prudent planning 25 One way to fight 27 Helps with the dishes 28 Atlanta research university 30 Teeniest Greek letter? 31 Satisfies, as thirst 33 Simple sweepers 34 Fez adornment 36 Many crosswords feature them 37 Paper purchases 38 Huckabee of politics 39 Greeted wordlessly 40 Saxophones, bassoons, etc. 42 Stirring time? 45 “Beware the ___ of March” 46 Monetary unit of Samoa 47 An Alfred Hitchcock film appearance, e.g. 48 “Green Eggs and ___” 50 ___ Aviv, Israel 51 Playful, as a kitten 53 Clavell novel set in Hong Kong 54 “Ciao, Caesar” 55 Curtis in the hair care aisle 57 ___ alcohol, gasoline additive 59 Bar on a guitar 60 All three red properties in Monopoly 62 Causes of distress 63 Backslide 66 Laundry unit 67 They’re prepared for

breaks French ladies 5 Unidentified planes, 68 Carpenter’s cutter to the military 69 Unpaired, as a sock 70 Greatest possible, as 6“... ___, dust to dust” 7 Assumes a reading a degree position 73 Where to find lashes 8 Keep company with 75 Bit of financial 9 Chose from the planning, for short menu 78 ___ out (barely make 10 The Chords hit do) 11 “A Farewell ___” 79 Purposely stay just (Hemingway) out of reach, e.g. 12 Golfer Sabbatini and 80 Grp. that rolls out the actor Calhoun barrels 13 Suffix with “meteor” 81 Tiny bit of matter 14 “Zip-A-Dee82 Ancillary Doo-___” 84 Wretchedly bad 15 O’Hare 86 Class clown announcement 16 Commotions 87 Member of 40-Across 17 Craggy ridge 88 Diets 18 Olympic prize 90 Military school 24 Irritated students 26 First-generation 91 One who states his Japanese-American views 29 Extinct New Zealand 94 Jughead’s topper birds 95 Compound used in 31 Where some people street lights have it made 96 Hawaiian coffee 32 Cool and balanced grounds 33 Shout from those 97 Elizabeth of huddled together? cosmetics 34 ___ pedis (athlete’s 98 The Good Book foot) 99 Kind 35 Ohio tire town 103 Amenable to other 36 Airhead 38 Salivary gland perspectives swelling 108 Armed Forces’ 40 Comes down in recreation grp. buckets 109 “Seinfeld” friend 41 “Do it or ___!” 110 Dictionary subject 42 Boat’s wind catcher 111 Brown, bubbly 43 Fast, intellectually beverage 44 Chalet overhangs 112 Holiday in Vietnam 46 “A ___ Grows in 113 He once ran a Mickey Brooklyn” Mouse operation 47 Low-lying islands 114 Patrol car wailer 49 Apportion (with 115 TV statuette “out”) 51 Debilitating bug 52 Bread machine need dOwn 53 This and this 1 Global currency org. 56 Caboose’s place 2 “Coffee or ___?” 58 It brings down the 3 To do it is human house 4 Collective title for

59 Airplane Flying Handbook org. 60 Soothing succulent 61 Liquor in a white Russian 62 When stolen, it stays in place 63 “Harper Valley PTA” singer Jeannie C. ___ 64 With a cast of thousands 65 Some baby boomers dropped it 67 “At no ___ to you” 68 Workout units 70 Horseshoe-shaped lab item 71 Saxophone type 72 Medieval weapon 74 Brooklynese “y’all” 76 A delivery man has one 77 Arena equipment 81 Group of spectators 83 Man with a big fish story? 84 Checkout counter annoyance 85 Like dark clouds 86 Prefix with “graphy” 88 Chilled out 89 Corporate structure? 90 Guys with medallions 91 “Yeah, however ...” 92 Composure under duress 93 Fort Knox bar 94 Drive home a run 95 Door-hanging hardware 98 Boo-Boo or Pooh 100 Opposite of AAA, in footwear 101 Frazier foe, once 102 ___ in rabbit 104 Tire inflation abbr. 105 ___ Perignon (expensive French champagne) 106 Boston’s Liberty Tree, for one 107 “A ___ at the Races”


Last weeks Cryptograms 1 A baseball umpire became a bouncer at a bar, as he had gotten really good at throwing people out. His friends said he was way off base. 2. My wife and I, both baseball fans, were checking out a very good game on TV. She suddenly commented, “Talking about high and outside, the grass needs mowing.”

Thursday, September 15, 2011 15, 2011 Thursday, September

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BIG PLATTER. Pottery Barn, white, never used, in box. $25. 927-5689. Cash please. BRUSHED METAL Lamps for sale: Dining room and hall $170.00 for 2. 941-923-3386. COCKTAIL TABLE: extra large, square, 48” each side. 5 Glass inserts on top. $65 927-2299. FILE CABINETS: 1-4 drawer, 1-2 drawer, legal, $45/ea. Lounge chair, $70. Desk, wood, $40. 941-922-6859. ORBITREK ORBITAL trainer, $80. Bazooka driver, $100. Both in good condition. 941966-2096. REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER WITH automatic defrost, 18.2 cu. ft., excellent condition. $150.00. 941-918-8987. REFRIGERATOR: WHITE, side by side. 24"cu., excellent condition. Asking $195. 941-544-7575.

FLEA MARKET. Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. Saturday, September 17, 10a.m.-5p.m. & Sunday, September 18, 10a.m.-4p.m. For info: 954-4165 GARAGE/MOVING SALE. Furniture, tools & other household items. 5341 Beneva Woods Circle, Sarasota. SAT 9/17 8AM to 1PM. LONGBOAT KEY & PRESTANCIA ESTATE SALE Friday 9/16: 9:00 – 1:00 (#’s at 8) Saturday 9/17: 9:00 – 1:00 Airport Mall 8251 West University Parkway (Old US 301 east of airport)

SOFA & Matching loveseat: loveseat opens to twin size bed. Like new condition. $199. 941-4846726. SOFA GOOD condition, pale gold $50.00. Kitchen stove vent $30.00. Tv 27” $30.00. 941-922-2046. WATERFORD CRYSTAL: decanter, sugar & creamer, never used, $99.00 for all three. 941- 726-6083.

We are wall to wall on this sale of two great estates with upscale decorative items, art and furniture. There is something for every taste with quality white and brown wicker (including Henry Link) for every room of the house and lanai. Gorgeous King, Queen & Twin bedroom sets in modern styles; many desirable glass-top dining room sets & large modern dining table w/6 chairs & buffet. Bow-front fruitwood secretary/desk by Karges. Lots of collectibles from India and the orient; huge collection of framed original art & posters; beautiful rugs; fine costume jewelry; sterling silver, lamps for every décor; fine china, crystal, and house wares and so much more. We are wall to wall on this fun two-day sale and look forward to seeing you there!

WHITE TABLE Skirts: 13x29, flame ret., 5 new, 1 used once, $120. Orig. $300. 924 6653. WICKER CHEST $40. Glass-top table, 36" diameter $60. Brown resin wicker rocking chair, $60. 941-966-0972. WINDOWS: GLASS Doorlite Windows, 2 FREE. Used. Approx. size each: 53 x 19 inches. 941-3 43-5140. WORKMATE: BLACK & Decker Deluxe Dual Height with collapsible wood vise, $20. 941-923-1757.

Autos For Sale

AUTOS WANTED! Let me take the hassle out of selling your car. Cash offered today! Call Mike, 941-713-2277.

Furnishings UPSCALE CONDO: Contemporary King bedroom with leather headboard, large front load washer & dryer with stands. Green leather sofa and loveseat (like new). La-Z-Boy sofa sleeper. Haverty’s 9 piece formal dining set with large china cabinet. Lexington TV stand. 58” plasma TV. Lexington wicker sofa sleeper & bedroom suite. Drexel iron baker’s rack (marble shelf). Le Barge mirror. 5 piece home office group. Set of 3 tall bookcases. Thomasville iron & oak dining suite (cost $3500+ new). Manatee Furniture 3015 1st St. Bradenton, 10 Blocks north of DeSoto mall on US Hwy 41. 941-745-2596

in The

Observer Classifieds

Affordable Senior Housing






s!DMISSIONTOOFLOCALATTRACTIONS3OME ATTRACTIONSMAYREQUIREADDITIONALFEES s#HECK IN3UNDAYTHROUGH4HURSDAYFOR ADDITIONALLUNCHVOUCHERANDDINNERDISCOUNT * Available April 24 to December 21, 2011. Holiday weekends excluded. Based on double occupancy. Tax, tip & resort fees extra. Type of accommodation subject to availability. Bayside condominiums available at different rates. ** An 18% gratuity will be added by lunch and dinner vendors. ***Limited to one per customer.

FOR RESERVATIONS, CALL (800) 243-9076 or (239) 597-3144 9225 Gulfshore Drive North, Naples, Florida 34108

Business Opportunities HIRING FASHION Directors. Looking for people who want a career that is fun, flexible and fashionable. PT or FT; earning potential is limitless. If you love fashion and enjoy people, this is the job for you. Call 941-713-4770 or E-mail: MAKE 5%-7% RETURN GUARANTEED! On small construction project in Osprey 5% for 36 months or 7% for 72 months, use your attorney or ours. This a a safe and fantastic, opportunity! 100% secured by Real Estate $400k required. or call Don at 941-966-4292 or 267-474-7457. Wholesale Retail 2 locations Nets 240,000 Price 450,000 + inventory Franchise to net 110,000 price 85,000 Commercial lawn co. nets 140,000 price 200,000

WWW.ABBEXINC.COM 941-365-3833

930 N. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota, FL 34236

941-953-9585 800-955-8771 TDD/TTY Rentals from $427-$588

Utilities & Cable Included

Homes For Rent ANNUAL RENTAL: Longboat Key, Twin Shores Mobile Home, 55+, private beach, 2BR/1BA. Call Karen (813)377-6864. LIDO SHORES: Waterfront home 3BR/3BA. Pool, Dock, Private Beach access. Walking distance to world class shopping and restaurants! Furnished or unfurnished. Annual rental. $5100/month. Call 941-928-1542.


$425mo-1 bed/bath mobile homes. 55+ community. No Pets. 5811 14th St. W. Bradenton. Sarasota Real Estate Assoc, Inc. Greg Nowak 941-809-6034 OSPREY: BAYACRES 2BR/2BA/2CG, Great neighborhood, close to Beaches & Shopping. Fenced back yard. Lawn cutting included. Non-smoking. $1200/mo 941-586-5834. TOWNHOUSE: OUR house on the beach. 1600/sq.ft. 1st floor, across from Siesta Key Beach, totally renovated, 2BR/2BA, tennis and pool. Reference required. $1925/mo. 609-560-5098.

Homes For Sale One Site for All Your Needs! Property Search Homes - Condos - Golf Communities Foreclosures - Short Sales

Help Wanted

Thinking of Selling?

Merchandise Wanted

DRIVERS - TEAMS: $6,000 Team Sign-On Bonus when you team drive for Werner Enterprises! Call Now for details! 1-888-567-4856.

Every property I Market includes a Virtual Tour and more

SENIOR LOOKING to buy precious metals, time pieces, coins, jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707.

HAIRSTYLIST WANTED Rental, Salon Capelli, Siesta Key Village. Must have clientele. 941-349-5257 or leave message 941-320-2356.

Call Me for an aggressive Internet plan to market your home.


Homemakers/ Companions CNA’S/ HHA’S

LARRY BRZOSTEK RE/MAX Alliance Group 941-993-3125

MY MOTHER-IN-LAW wants to visit Longboat Key from West Orange, NJ for Thanksgiving. She does not want to fly. We pay ROUNDTRIP gas, tolls, etc. Please call Janet, 941-387-0102, ext. #19 or E-mail:

Storage STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.

Things To Do ATTENTION MOMMIES! The Trading Tot, a new brand of chic children's consignment boutique, is coming soon to Downtown Burns Court! We are now collecting chic consignment merchandise including: * Clothing * Shoes * Strollers * Cribs * Accessories


Condos/Apts. For Rent


Photos: Sale by: PREMIUM ESTATE LIQUIDATORS To benefit Y programs for at-risk children

2002 MB E430: Every option, new tires, 83K new, KBB 10K. Asking 8K OBO. Private Party, 941-993-7659.

Autos Wanted

Things To Do

If you are interested in adding to your tot's college fund, let's work together! Contact me: * (We do not accept big box store brands.) *

You Can Make a Difference. Help seniors stay independent. We provide: non medical care, personal care, meals, light housekeeping, transportation & companionship. Flexible hours available- F/T, P/T, Overnight, Weekends and Live-In. Positions available in Sarasota/ Bradenton/ Venice. To work now fax resume to 941-929-7438 or email: FL Reg #HCS227965, #HHA299992670




Garage/Moving/Estate Sales ***********EXCEPTIONAL ESTATE SALE*********** by Nancy Dunn LLC 941-925-1993 Friday & Saturday, 9/16-17 9am-2pm 6757 Taeda Drive (Serenoa Golf Club*) off Clark Road - 1 mile east of I-75 ---------------------------18th & 19th Century Antiques, Fine Art, Sterling, Fine China, WWII Sword & Memorabilia, Model Ships, Old Toys & Games, Coke Collectibles, Vintage Clothing & Accessories, 1000’s pieces of Jewelry (many Sterling), Baby Grand Piano, Children’s Furniture, Asian Furnishings, Full Kitchen & Garage, Much-Much More ! ---------------------------for pictures go to *Note there will be no signs within Serenoa tickets @ 8am


Items Under $200 For Sale ADVERTISE YOUR merchandise with the total value of $200 or less in this section for FREE! Limit 1 ad per month, 15 words or less. Price must be included. No commercial advertising. Ad runs 2 consecutive weeks. Email ad to: or online at:



Real Estate Wanted LUXURY ANNUAL RENTALS WANTED for qualified waiting clients. Furnished or unfurnished. Licensed Realtor. 941-356-5610.

This week’s crossword answers

SENIOR HOME COMPANIONS, INC. is looking for ACTIVE SENIOR CAREGIVERS, HHA’S AND CNA’S. Flexible hours available F/T, P/T, overnight and weekends. For information please call (941) 924-0494 between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. NR#30211323.

Condos/Apts. For Rent 1BR CONDO for rent. Pool, shared laundry. No pets. Assn. requires $50 dep. for background check. Walk to new Publix on 41. $595 mo Call 941-925-7485.


BAY VIEW: 2BR/1BA updated condo with water, sewer, cable, close to all, unfurn. 941-914-1759. STUDIO EFFICIENCY: Annual rental, $150/wk plus utilities. Deposit $275.00. No smoking, no pets. Call 941-484-3656.

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Reach us online 24/7

Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

11B Classifieds 11B


OBSERVER/PE Thursday, September 15, 2011

THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

Room For Rent

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals


Home Services

HONORE & 17th St. House privileges, furnished, W/D, cable, pool, close to I-75 and shopping. $475/mo. or $125/week. 941-379-5479.

LONGBOAT KEY PIERRE CONDO on the beach. 2 bedroom plus den/convertible 3rd bedroom. Garage parking. Furnished. 2,410 sq ft. Available 10/1/11 thru 9/30/12, or any portion. Pool, tennis, fitness center. Gorgeous Gulf, golf course, sunrise views. Photos available. No pets. 248-310-8308.

EDLA’S CLEANING SERVICES: Residential Commercial, New Construction. Meticulous, deep cleaning top to bottom. We Guarantee. Affordable & Reliable. Excellent References. Free Estimates. Licensed & Insured. 30% off first cleaning. 371-9869.

HOUSEKEEPER LADY, 60, healthy, able, neat, reliable...17 years previous employer. Housekeeping, driving, shopping, cooking, house sitting. Full or part time. Live out. 941-323-3336.

Adult Care Services

FREE ESTIMATES! Call Dottie, detailed cleaning. 24 Years Exp. Lic./ Ins. Residential/ Commercial. Dottie, 941-321-6645.

NOTARY PUBLIC Sarasota, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Will Travel Call for appointment and rates. 941-232-0960

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals BOULEVARD OF The Arts, 12th floor 2BR/2BA, recent high-end renovation, beautifully decorated, European kitchen, stainless appliances, excellent security. Panoramic views of Sarasota Bay, boat dock available. Annual or seasonal available. 941-724-4703, 412-310-8436.


A LENDING HAND HOURLY OR 24/7 CARE Assistance with Personal Care/ Shopping/ Transportation/ etc. Excellent references, Insured and Bonded. Call 941-809-3725.

GREENMAGIC CLEANING. Residential & Commercial. Great work. Excellent references. Affordable Rates. Come home happy. Lic./Ins. 941-780-4248.

EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER: Mature lady will drive, shop, organize, etc. Available 24/7. Excellent refs. Valentina, 941-376-1728. HOME AIDE COMPANION. 6 years experience, CPR trained, bi-lingual, HHA, Certified. Excellent references. Clara Douglas, 407-535-2569.

HIGH-END HOUSEKEEPER/ Personal Assistant. Thorough and meticulous. 11 years experience Excellent references. Call 941-266-5595.

HOME CARE COMPANION seeking P/T position. Please call Ellen, 941-924-8443. IN-HOME CARE/ COMPANIONSHIP/ HOMEMAKING available all hours; days, nights, weekends. Call 377-4465 for more information or visit our website @ Lic. #30211372 Bonded & Insured. SENIOR IN HOME CARE: Compassionate care for you or your loved one. Delicious healthy meal preparations, laundry, shopping, transportation, and companionship. Affordable and dependable. References. Call Louise 941-416-3014.

RENTALS 4 NIGHT MIN. GULF FRONT/ GULF VIEW Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925 “Take our video tour at� Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228

Auto Transport


“Where People Return Year After Year� “INTENTIONALLY BETTER� LIDO KEY. Seasonal rental on beach. Months flexible, 3 month minimum. 3BR/2.5BA, large terrace, direct view of city/ bay/ Siesta Key. Tennis, Olympic pool, spa, gym. 215-833-5967.

BETTY’S HOUSECLEANING Service. High quality cleaning. Reasonable rates. Licensed. References. Call 941-650-6180. BRAZILIAN CLEANING Service by Maria. Residential/ Commercial. Meticulous Cleaning. Excellent References. Free Estimates. Reliable. Lic./ Ins. 941-400-3342


Pressure Cleaning

Doors SLIDING GLASS Door Repair. Roll-in Roll-out Construction, Inc. 941-321-9010,

R.J. DAVIS WHOLESALE FLOORING, LLC. Tile Setter, Wood Floor Installer. Lic./Ins. 10 Years working in Lakewood Ranch custom homes. You buy the material, we install. 941-586-8996. WATER HEATERS, faucets and small plumbing repairs. Reasonable rates. License #CFC1426756. 941-737-0349.



Visit us online at

OfďŹ ce in Palmer Ranch 8586 Potter Park Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238

Sharon M. Guy


Frank Beck Upholstery



In shop free estimates Pick up and delivery services available





6!,"%2.)53s'2!&4/.34s3!2!3/4! &,







941-921-7552 63942


We Use Organic Products











SMS Mobile Marine Service *36)LVKILQGHU,QVWDOODWLRQÂ&#x2021;2XWERDUGV ,2ÂŞVÂ&#x2021;,QERDUGV Call for appointmentÂ&#x2021;941-232-3523

Unique Cleaning Service Call Liz for the Best Price


941-724-4278 Estimates



Allow me to do my very best for you!



call for more information about The service directory!

3204 Gulf Gate Dr., Sarasota (Across from the Library)

The Observer Service Directory Call 955-4888 to advertise.

Home Furnishing Restoration and Upholstery Specialist!

This space could be yours!

On Site or In Shop


Bullseye! Reach a Targeted Audience


941s 925 s 2447




$ ' 9 , 6 2 5 <  ) , 1 $ 1 & , $ /  7$ ;  6 ( 5 9 , & ( 6



Sharon M. Guy, P.A.


VALâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; S







Home Improvement/ Remodeling

Law OfďŹ ce of

Gulf Gate Village 6568 Superior Ave., Sarasota, FL 34231

MAX POWER Washing. Professional Power Washing! Licensed and Insured! Free Estimates. Call 970-262-3601.




Painting/Wallpapering CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. 941-744-1020. 35+ years experience. NULOOK PAINTING AND DECORATING From regular painting to color washes, wood graining and textures. 15 Years experience with references. Design and color consultation. Call 941-445-4218 or visit our website:

MOBILE HOME REPAIRS AND RESTORATIONS. Licensed. Insured. Absolutely excellent references. Everything you need and more! Call and ask for R.J., 941-586-8996.

A CLEANING EVEN YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW WILL APPROVE! Every time, guaranteed! Lic./Ins. Bonded. Pamela, 941-320-0023.

FREE Wireless High Speed Internet

MENNONITE DOES Housecleaning - Weekly, BiWeekly. Thorough Cleaning. Experienced with Excellent References. Please call 941-955-0064.

HANDYMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE Reliable & Prompt. 25 Years Experience 5 Years in Bradenton Area. Flooring, Masonry, Doors, Carpentry and Water Damage ... etc. Call Scott at 941-536-1770.

RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer & associate. Drive your car to the North and back. 941-713-1596, 941-720-0426.


HOUSEKEEPING: HONEST, dependable, detail oriented. Clean-outs, organizations. Large or small jobs. Great rates and flexible schedules. 25+ years experience. Excellent references. 941-650-5198.

Legal Services


Classified Ads Bring Results 941-955-4888

The Service DirecTory

WorkS for you!



957-4762 (cell #) 504-3168

Call Anytime

63937 63612







In-Home Consultation & Do-It-Yourself Plan





PATIO REPAIRS Furniture Repairs FurnitureSales Sales &&Repairs 63285 38056



HANDYMAN Frustrated depending on unreliable servicemen? (OUSEHOLD2EPAIRSs0AINTINGs4ILEs#ARPENTRY &ANS,IGHT&IXTURESs0RESSURE7ASHING-ORE Licensed/Insured 941-544-0920 Free Estimates


Repair Express


Girl Friday

(cell) 780-3346


Native Son Landscape Services, Inc. GO GREEN!




(941) 524-7089





Temporary Assistance for your Life & Business Debbie Talmadge

Grab Bar Installations & Handyman Services Licensed & Insured GLENN KROECKER 3803243-01



Pet Care




than Dewey RESPONSE NaPainting COMPANY








Lic. #ER0013984


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Quality Workmanship for Over 25 Yearsâ&#x20AC;?

)UDQNOLQ.HQQ\Â&#x2021;Electrical Contractor



Satisfying Customers for 21 years in Sarasota County


of Sarasota


COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Interior & Exterior Pressure Washing Pool Decks Drywall Repair Family Owned & Operated


Please call for a free estimate today


RedeďŹ ning Interior Design


provided with each project





Pressure cleaning services

s Warranties provided for all exterior services s No job too small

s Interior and Exterior painting s Color selection and consultation

Quality Work with a Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Touch

Free Estimates 941-685-9949



Beautiful Interior Design on a Budget




Seamless Aluminum Screen Rooms








(941) 232-4648 62989







â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Commercial & â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Faux Finish Service House Painting Services â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Licensed / Insured â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Power Washing

Over 25 years of experience


Mottern :2 20 2':2 5.,1*&







UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;LĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;VÂ?Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;>vĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;­£ŽĂ&#x160;`Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;VĂ&#x17E;VÂ?iÂś UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;}iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;VÂ&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;iĂ&#x192;Â&#x2DC;½Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;i>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;ÂŤĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;>Â?Â?Âś


Fully Licensed and Insured





U.S. DOT No. 1915800



â&#x20AC;&#x153;No Job Too Smallâ&#x20AC;?


We sell boxes!



Michael Koch Concrete, Inc.





s0/,9 0%"",%%0/89 s4%8452%$#/.#2%4% s2%3%!,2%0!)23 s).4%2,/#+).'"2)#+0!6%23 Free Serving Sarasota 355-1148 Estimates Since 1979 3!2!3/4!s"2!$%.4/.s6%.)#%



1Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s At Home Services 1




Custom Surfaces Inc.

Reasonable Prices ,IC


Phone (941) 704-4278 Fax (941) 538-3781


Pay ONLY for w hat you USE!


941-923-440 0

Dave McCarthy

UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;ÂŤiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; >LÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;>}iĂ&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;v>ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Ă?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;LÂ?iĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC; Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;,Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;7Â&#x153;Â&#x153;`Ă&#x160;,iÂŤÂ?>Vi`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x153;>Â?Â?Ă&#x160;,iÂŤ>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC; UĂ&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Â&#x2C6;Â?iĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x160;7Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2026;iÂ?Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}


Sarasota and Manatee Counties

)##s$/4 &,-/6%23)-




31 Years Experience, Prompt, Reliable Service, I Call Back My Customers, Keep My Appointments, AND Your Satisfaction is My Goal.





Since 1967

Residential Concrete Specialist



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will move anything from a couch to a householdâ&#x20AC;?








Cell #809-7311

Dave McCarthy




Lic. & Ins.


HOME REPAIR SERVICE s./*/"4//3-!,, s3#2%%.2%0!)23 s0!).4).'$297!,, s4),%2%0!)23 s&-5#(-/2%





Peggy Bess 735-3362

Patios - Driveways - Sidewalks


Licensed Lic. #38333 References

Free Estimates Lawn & Landscape Maintenance 64286

) Carpentry ) Indoors ) Remodeling ) Ceramic Tile ) Water & Fire Damage ) Kitchen/Baths

Email / Internet / Skype Windows XP, Vista, 7 Word Processing Investment Monitoring Antivirus / Antispyware

Pegatronics Computer Instruction

State Lic. CR CO25291

CURTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lawn Service


Learn Computer Basics in Simple Terms




Work at your own i speed a Become i independent with i your computer a i Affordably priced! i

PRESS THE SARASOTAPELICAN OBSERVER/ THURSDAY, september 15, 2011 Thursday, September 15, 2011


12B Classifieds

Fast Quality Service at Reasonable Rates Ins./Lic. #RF0048866

Disposal Special $139 Installed Reg. Price $179 Installed

$20.00 OFF






Check our Web Page!

Licensed & Insured State Lic CFC056748

Make Your Phone Ring Team Up With Classifieds



Summer Sale Discount FPL Solar Rebate Federal & Local Rebates

Serving Sarasota for 27 Years

(limited time only)



Family Owned & Operated

(941) 737-4305

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Insured

10 Years Experience



925-8448 Classified Ads Bring Results 941-955-4888


Save 25-100%


off your electric bill with




A Limb OnService Out Tree



All Major Credit Cards Accepted



Family Owned & OperatedsThird Generation Master Plumber



Complete Plumbing Services & Repairs Residential, New Construction and Commercial No Overtime, No Trip Charge No Job Too BIG or Too SMALL. We DO IT ALL!



General Plumbing Services Inc.

Classifieds 13B 13B

THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


Windows - Doors - Mirrors - Screens Glass - Awnings - Shower Doors - Vinyls Re-Vinyls - Parts - Home Service

)-0!#47).$/73s(522)#!.%3(544%23 FREE ENERGY ANALYSIS AND ESTIMATE

364.5900 |

All Vinyl Liner Pools


h504/34!.$!2$7).$/73sv 35--%230%#)!,3

GAF ELK CertiďŹ ed




Insured Licensed

Prices Include:



ARROW FENCE 753-8714


OFF + Additional 

For Senior Citizens

Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;>VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-VĂ&#x20AC;iiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;

Servicing All Your Fencing Needs FREE ESTIMATES 63808

UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160; Ă?Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;7Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;`Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Ă&#x160; Â?i>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; Starting at $89 UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x153;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;v>ViĂ&#x160; Â?i>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; Starting at $69 UĂ&#x160;,Â&#x153;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160; Â?i>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Starting at $299

SCREENING Ask us about Superscreen Rescreening pool cages, lanais, etc.

(941) 536-5971


Lifetime Residents Owner/Operator

Free Estimates

FRE EstimaE tes


Call Now for a Free Estimate (941) 962-0395

Insured and Licensed Professional Service Since 2005

Sell your service with success. Advertise in The Observersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Service Directory

Call 955-4888

SAVE 20% off

thE rEgulAr pricE with a 12-week commitment


*12 week commitment required




Every 4 weeks!

*12 week commitment required


159 Every 4 weeks!







Environmentally Friendly



Vinyl Specialist Since 1970




Lic./Ins. se Window Washin i r n Su d Pressure Cleanin g


Lic# SCC131149985


(941) 761-9864

Call Patrick Owner/Operator





Vinyl Liner Replacements & Repair on All Vinyl Inground & Above Ground Pools

Family Owned Since 1977





THURSDAY, september 15, 2011



Gulf & Bay Club



Siesta Keyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Premier Condominium Community


941.376.1717 MICHAELSAUNDERSCOM 941.376.1717sWWW3ARASOTA&INE(OMESCOMs+IM/GILVIE sWWW3ARASOTA&INE(OMESCOMs+IM/GILVIE MICHAELSAUNDERSCOM Set on a pristine natural spring fed lake, this Unbelievable expansive views! The â&#x20AC;&#x153;wowâ&#x20AC;?

-AIN3TREETs3ARASOTA &LORIDA -AIN3TREETs3ARASOTA &LORIDA 941.376.1717 serene and peaceful setting is hypnotizing.

Beautifully maintained, this ranch home with very open floor plan features 3 bedroom suites, one with a separate entrance, and a large screened lanai surrounding a heated pool overlooking the lake. The perfect home 1801 Main Street in the perfect environment. Minutes to the Sarasota, Florida 34236 Field Club. $629,000

factor hits you right away when you arrive at the landing and witness the spectacle. Warm and gracious interiors which exude the ambience of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Over 6,000 sq. feet of quality construction. Neighborhood beach just steps from your door. $3,650,000.

Units for Sale - All Furnished: B-309 2B/2B - Water Views ....$799,000 D-309 2B/2B - Water Views ....$750,000 D-608 2B/2B - Water Views ....$715,000 C-107 2B/2B - Water Views ....$549,000 C-205 2B/2B - Water Views ....$537,000

SaraSota: Condo and Home Sales 9-05-11 thru 9-12-11

Geoff Rossman REALTORÂŽ (941) 544-3232

RE/MAX Tropical Sands 1211 Old Stickney Pt Rd. Siesta Key FL 34242

Zip Code Address


sold priCe Zip Code Address

siestA Key Condo sAles 6327 MIDNIGHT PASS RD # 832 MIDNIGHT COVE II $230,000 34242 5657 MIDNIGHT PASS RD # 709 WHITE SANDS VILLAGE $181,000 34242 6140 MIDNIGHT PASS RD # 902 HORIZONS WEST $250,000 5254 AVENIDA NAVARRA # 108 VILLAGE WEST $375,000 34236 lonGboAt Key Condo sAles 34239 1241 GULF OF MEXICO DR # 404 WATER CLUB $1,270,000 34239 4965 GULF OF MEXICO DR # 201 POSITANO $2,725,000 34233 doWntoWn sArAsotA Condo sAles 1650 PINE TREE LN # 201 BAYOU HOUSE $74,500 34233 850 S TAMIAMI TRL # 321 CENTRAL PARK $89,000 34231 1268 11TH ST # 2205 BROADWAY PROMENADE $157,000 34231 850 So TAMIAMI TRL # 125 CENTRAL PARK II $130,000 34231 34231 sArAsotA Condo sAles 1525 PELICAN POINT DR # 201 PELICAN COVE $245,000 34238

34242 34242 34242 34242 34228 34228 34236 34236 34236 34236 34231


sold priCe

siestA Key sinGle FAMily HoMe sAles 120 ISLAND CIR SARASOTA BEACH $1,250,000 5050 COMMONWEALTH DR SIESTA BEACH $1,425,000 doWntoWn sArAsotA sinGle FAMily HoMe sAles 165 TYLER DR LIDO BEACH $440,000 2105 BOUGAINVILLEA ST LONG MEADOW $75,000 2414 TANGERINE DR SOUTH GATE $169,900 sArAsotA sinGle FAMily HoMe sAles 4427 DIAMOND W CIR EMERALD GARDENS $232,960 4011 SOUTHERN MANOR CT COUNTRY MANOR $260,000 1735 WHARF RD TROPICAL SHORES $70,000 7449 CURTISS AVE GULF GATE WOODS $148,000 4335 OLIVE AVE FLORA VILLA $122,500 3106 LOCKWOOD TER GULF GATE $132,000 pAlMer rAnCH sinGle FAMily HoMe sAles 8529 GREAT MEADOW DR TURTLE ROCK $315,000

Based on information compiled from the Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc. This information may or may not include all listed, expired, withdrawn, pending or sold properties of one or more members of the Mid Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service.


The POWER of+


Amenities include: 2-Fitness Centers, Barbecue areas, 24-hr. security, 3-pools (incl. Lap Pool), 8-tennis courts, 3-saunas, Shuffleboard, Library, Racquetball court, Basketball court, Covered parking, 2-clubhouses, Lighted fountains, Fresh water lake & much more!

941-349-3000 Seasonal Rentals Available One Month Minimum Gulf & Bay Club Realty,LLC 5730 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota, FL



+How You Benefit

+Quality Media for your message

Weekly audience of more than 65,000 readers.

Sarasota Observer One of three Observers named top weeklies in Florida.

Two respected newspapers for the price of one.

Diversions Section Named top entertainment section in North America by Suburban Newspapers of America.

Deepest neighborhood penetration of any print media in Sarasota. Deeper penetration in the Sarasota zip codes with the biggest buying power. Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top weekly-newspapersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; website. DISTRIBUTION

Increased distribution with no increase in advertising cost.

Sarasota Observer Pelican Press


Sarasota Observer / 31,000 Pelican Press

ZIP CODES 34229. 34231. 34232. 34233. 34235. 34236. 34237. 34238. 34239. 34242


Pelican Press The same award-winning city and county government reporting.The one and only community newspaper for Siesta Key.

Local news thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s





THURSDAY, september 15, 2011

Christy Neff

Judie Berger Trust





â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best in Client Satisfactionâ&#x20AC;? FIVE Consecutive Years

WEST OF THE TRAIL Professional Proficient Proven Results









Lowest Price in Sanderling Club... The picture perfect family house! Charming 4 bed, 2.5 bath home, built in 2007, with 2245 sq.ft. Walk to Southside Village & Mortonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market. Beautifully appointed inside and out, plenty of room for a pool! A3945862 Listed for $515,000.

7233 Pine Needle Rd. Lowest priced home inside the gates at Sanderling Club. Constructed of block and pecky cypress wood. 3BR/3.5BA 2/Kitchens. $629,000

High- End Luxury WATERFRONT RENTAL! 878 Freeling Drive WEST OF THE TRAILBreathtaking NEIGHBORHOOD Bay views,









Walk to Siesta Key Beaches...



Your Siesta Isles Siesta Key



2BR/2BA on 1/3 acre on mainland, minutes to Siesta Beach, shopping & dining. Lowest price home on large lot west of the Trail! New Price $165,000


Â? over $17,000,000 sold

Five Star Best In Client Satisfaction

in THE LAST 12 months




Easy bike or walk just 3 blocks to worldfamous Siesta beaches, restaurants and galleries. Move in ready 2BR/2B turnkey furnished unit in bayfront community with tennis, fishing pier, two pools & more. $249,000 GRI, CRS, LTG, BROKER/ASSOCIATE

Judy Arreola,


1519 Pelican Point Dr. #BA289 Call Stephen P. Stevens Waterview. Relax on your glassed in lania and out over Clower Creek and the boat harbor entrance at 941.349.6636 canal! MLS#3942373 $129,000 Stevens & Salt, Inc. Realtor



Judie Berger, PA, ABR, GRI



Judy Arreola, 941.349.3444 GRI,GRS,LTG,Broker Associate

Kristina Talkie,/CEAN"LVDs3IESTA+EY &,s 941.266.8858 GRI,Realtor 5100 Ocean Blvd.¡ Siesta Key¡ 941.349.3444

Your Golf to Gulf Ip et, sIt nullamc onsequis Real Estate Professionals ad magna aut adionullaTeam consequ The ARREOLA/TALKIE ipsumsandre conummolore del doTHEY KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD lore eleniat in henibh eum eugiam quipit wisl utatetummy nonsectet volor incillandre dui tie feugiating etueraessis am dolore modo odolum vercipisi.

Marie Monsky,

GRI, RealtorÂŽ

Specializing in Residential Properties in Sarasota and Manatee Counties as well as the Barrier Islands

Direct (941) 350-3245 Office (941) 383-7591

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

BIRD KEY CANAL HOME - $1,395,000 ...features 2910 sq. ft. of luxury with 3bd/3Ba suites; remodeled kitchen, family room w/built-ins and wetbar plus separate ofďŹ ce; all facing charming pool area and canal view. 10,000 lb. boat lift gives easy access to bay. MLS#A3947858

View virtual tours at



Ip et, sIt nullamc onsequis AT F IV E P OINT S THE P LAZA ad magna aut adionulla consequ SAR ASOT A , FL. 34236 ipsumsandre conummolore del dolore eleniat in henibh eum eugiam quipit wisl utatetummy nonsectet volor incillandre dui tie feugiating THE BEST etueraessis amOF dolore modo odolum vercipisi.


Ip et, sIt nullamc onsequis ad magna aut adionulla consequ Schemmel Property Group has closed or pending ipsumsandre conummolore del do-sales of over eleniatĆ&#x17D;0+Ć&#x17D;/$+3/!Ć&#x17D;0$!/!Ć&#x17D;Ăľ*!Ć&#x17D;,.+,!.0%!/Ä? in henibh eum eugiam Ĺ&#x2039;øúĆ&#x17D;)%((%+*Ć&#x17D;0$%/Ć&#x17D;5!.Ć&#x17D;* lore Ć&#x17D;%/Ć&#x17D;,.+1 quipit wisl utatetummy nonsectet volor incillandre dui tie feugiating etueraessis am dolore modo odolum vercipisi.

Ip et, sIt nullamc onsequis ad magna aut adionulla consequ ipsumsandre conummolore del dolore eleniat in henibh eum eugiam quipit wisl utatetummy nonsectet volor incillandre dui tie feugiating etueraessis am dolore modo odolum vercipisi.

olum vercipisi.

Ip et, sIt nullamc onsequis ad magna aut adionulla consequ ipsumsandre conummolore del doThe name to remember... the realtor to call when planning to buy or lore eleniat in henibh eum eugiam sell residential property! quipit wisl utatetummy nonsectet volor incillandre dui tie feugiating etueraessis am dolore modo odolum vercipisi.


4839 Givens Street 3746 Prairie Dunes Dr. 1175 Coquille St., #301 3930 Prairie Dunes Dr. Ip et, sIt nullamc onsequis $2,199,000 $475,000 $450,000 $345,000 adTownhouse, magna aut adionulla Custom-designed, one- Custom-built 4BR/4BA in Gulfside Immaculateconsequ 3BR/3BA of-a-kind, Zen-like idyllic Country Club of Sarasota. Furnished 2BR/2BA in a conummolore pool home with expanipsumsandre del doretreat on the tropical 4700+sf. Foyer w/French charming tropical setsive views of the 9th lore eleniat in henibh eum eugiam island of Siesta Key. 1½ doors to living & dinting. Updated in 2005. hole at Country Club of acres of elegantly landing rooms. Sliding glass Under-building Sarasota. Move-In Ready! quipit enclosed wisl utatetummy nonsectet scaped park-like grounds. doors open to caged parking for 3incillandre cars. Huge Great Room with volor dui tie feugiating 3BR/3.5Bath, pool. pool area & golf course Deeded beach access. golf course views. etueraessis am dolore modo odMLS#A3944247 MLS#A3948448 MLS#A3942289 MLS#A3944157

Marie Monsky...



Kristina Talkie, GRI, REALTOR 941.266.8658





Golf Gulf

ÝÚÿĆ&#x17D;!6**!Ć&#x17D;.%2!Ć&#x17D;Ä&#x201C;Ć&#x17D;Ĺ&#x2039;ÿúÄ&#x20AC;Ä&#x17D;áááĆ&#x17D;Ä&#x201C;Ć&#x17D; *0.+/0(Ć&#x17D;0!.35Ć&#x17D;ĨĆ&#x17D;+..!*0+Ć&#x17D;$+.!/

Your To real estate Professionals


The Team They Know your neighborhood ßøÄ&#x20AC;Ć&#x17D;!.*3('Ć&#x17D; *!Ć&#x17D;Ä&#x201C;Ć&#x17D;Ĺ&#x2039;Ă˝Ä&#x20AC;ĂźÄ&#x17D;ááá Private Setting â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Oaks Bayside

ÞúÝÄ&#x20AC;Ć&#x17D;% #!Ć&#x17D;+ Ć&#x17D;Ä&#x201C;Ć&#x17D;Ĺ&#x2039;ÝÝÄ&#x20AC;Ä&#x17D;ááá 0+*!.% #!Ć&#x17D;+*Ć&#x17D;()!.Ć&#x17D;*$

Joel Schemmel

Schemmel Property Group 941.257.9861 Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal housing opportunity.


Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Owned and Operated by NRT,LLC




2BR/2BA on 1/3 acre on mainland, minutes to Siesta Beach, shopping & dining. $180,000



Best Boating Water on the Key! Deep Water Docking. Minutes to the Gulf of Mexico Call me on this one...







THURSDAY, september 15, 2011


Life Insurance AwArENESS MONTH

The following NAIFA – Sarasota Federation members actively promote Life Insurance Awareness Month All our members are held to the highest standards in the life insurance industry. James P. Ball, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Martin Faust

George Quarterman, CLU, LUTCF

Bernard H. Barrie, LTCP

Jackie Felix

William Riley, LUTCF

Robert W. Blaike James P. Ball, CFP, CLU, ChFC Steven P. Fishman

Dorsey Hoskins’ father Bryan felt a tingling in his arm. The diagnosis—an inoperable brain tumor. Six months later, he died at the age of 33, leaving his wife to raise Dorsey and her sister Hattie. Fortunately, Bryan bought life insurance when he married, and again when his daughters were born. Thanks to Bryan’s foresight, Dorsey, Hattie and their mom are taken care of. Are you prepared should the very worst happen? Without adequate life insurance, your financial plans may be just a savings and investment program that dies when you do. Consult a qualified insurance professional to help you create a plan that will continue to provide for the ones you love.

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their families’ financial futures. For more information about life insurance or tips on finding a qualified insurance professional, visit or call 1 888-LIFE-777.


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S C I H T E F O E D O C A F ce em and tr te s e h ig h in n fessio

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• To hold my pro y ability. m f . o e t g s e ti s b re e p th ’s it of my clients to s d e e n e th ll lfi • To fu confidences. eficiaries. ’ n e ts b n e ir li e c th y d m n a in • To mainta e to my clients ct ic rv e s ry la p m e • To render ex dards of condu tions and attain their n ta s l a n io s s fe pro surable obliga in • To adhere to t c te ro p to ts clien • In helping my my clients’ ctive. to je l b a o ti n ty e ri s s u e c e s ts l financia honestly all fac d n a ly te ra u c c • To present a h continuing g u ro th e g d le . s w decision crease my kno in d n a ls il k s y • To perfect m might help le p m a x e y m . t n a o educati such a way th in s s e in s u b y y profession. m m in e s o th f o s • To conduct regulations l standard d a n n a io s s s w fe la ro le p b a e raise th spect to applic re h it w d e rm profession. y m f o e c ti c • To keep info ra in the p tively related c u m e tr s th n o e c rv e re s a b s o and to whose service rs e th o h it w te • To coopera of my clients. s d e e n e th g n ti to mee


Dorsey Hoskins

Rothenburg, LUTCF Susanne Lynn James Jackson Eric Bock, Bewley, CLU Michael Fuller, CFP, CLU,Leslie ChFC Jeffrey David Russell, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF David CLU, ChFC Braden Bunch CLU, ChFC Ronnie Grubbs, LUTCF Paul JorgensenJohn Russo, EA Eric Bock, William J. Chase Orion Marx, CFP, Thomas Cannizzaro, CFP,III, CLU,CLU, ChFC ChFC Nicole Hamer NikkiChFC, SonekeoCLU, CRPC Thomas CFP, CLU,Barry ChFC McConville Ric Coffey, Jr.,Cannizzaro, LUTCF Hart, ChFC, LUTCF,Dean CASL, RHU Kathy Suter, LUTCF RicJ.Coffey, Lou Marinaccio John Costa Jr., LUTCF Gregory Hitt Lynn Suter M. Collins, CLU, GBDS, Carmeron RHU Jolly Larry C. Mercer, CLUSwithers, CLU, LUTCF AlTaylor Costin, LUTCF Richard JohnCostin, J. Costa Gary Mesko Patty Thompson, CLTC Sandra LUTCF, FIC Paul Jorgensen Al Costin, LUTCF, Warren Middleton, CFP Randall Crete, CFP, CLU FIC Hayden Ljpp James B. Tollerton, CLU, ChFC, RHU Sandra Costin, Robert JDTollerton, CLU, RHU Steven Dahlquist, CLU,LUTCF, ChFC FIC Orion Marx, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CRPCH. Mitchell, Taylor M. Randall CFP, CLU ChFC,LUTCF CLU, LUTCF Stanley Dean,Crete, CLU, CPCU Larry C. Mercer, CLU Alfredo E. Ordonez, David Wampler, Steven Dahlquist, Petzold, CRPCCLU, ChFC Majorie W. DeCanio, CFP CLU, ChFC Robert H. Mitchell, J.D. Robert “Rob‚“ Sara Anne Weichel, Stanley Dean, CLU, CPCU Charles Nord, CLU George Quarterman, CLU, LUTCF Cody Dolly, CLTC Bobby Whitley, LUTCF Majorie W. DeCanio, William Riley, LUTCF Michael Dorman, CLU, ChFC CFP Alfredo E. Ordonez, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF Jean Williams, LUTCF Cody Dolly CLUCLTC David Russell, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF Curtis Eskew, Jr., CLU, Carolyn Pope Michael John Russo, EA Cari Fallen Dorman, CLU, ChFC Cliff Eskew Craig Smith, CRPC Curtis Eskew, Jr., CLU, CLTC Steve Smith, CLU, ChFC Martin Faust Kathy Suter, LUTCF it’s prestige. ce n a h n e to y Jason Flatch Lynn Suter eem and tr ty. ion in high est ili b ss a fe y ro m p f y o m st Patty Thompson, CLTC To hold P. Fishman my clients to the be •Steven s of d e e n e th ll lfi To fu •Michael Fuller,clCFP, CLU, JameseB. ences. s. Tollerton, CLU, ChFC, RHU nfidChFC eir beneficiari th my ients’ co d in n a ta in ts a n m ie cl To • David Groebel lary service to my David Wampler, LUTCF ive. security object uct l d a n ci co n f a render exemp o n fi s To ir rd • e a in th Weichel, CLU, ChFC Ronnie Grubbs, Sara d attaAnne ssional stand profeLUTCF obligations an ons. le b ra su • To adhere to in ct nts’ decisiLUTCF prote y clieWhitley, m to to ts Nicole Hamer Bobby l n a ie ti n cl e y ss m e . all facts • In helping ing education rds of honestly h continuWilliams, ly andCASL, g u te ro ra u th Barry Hart, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF ssional standa Darlene PFR, e cc feCLTC g a d t ro n p le w e o th n k e y is m ra • To prese ht help d increase le migWilliams, Gregory LUTCF ct my skills an at my exampJean th y a w a • To perfeHitt ch ice su

Pelican Press 09.15.11  

Pelican Press 09.15.11

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