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Foundation fulfills dreams at annual camp.

unhappy ending By Pam Eubanks | News Editor beauty and the feet

Little Bookworms to close After six years of providing children’s books and family fun to East County residents, the Lakewood Ranch bookstore will close Aug. 12. LAKEWOOD RANCH — There is no bittersweet feeling for Little Bookworms owner Heidi Allwood. When Allwood locks up her shop on Lakewood Ranch Main

Street Aug. 12, she will be doing so for the last time, ending a vision she and her mother, Holly Baracchini, birthed six years ago. “It’s a hard realization,” All-

wood said. “It’s what I’ve wanted to do for my life. It’s difficult to see the plan not work out the way you wanted it to, but you have to be realistic. It has to come down to a business and

financial decision.” The store found its niche offering children’s books and other items, as well as story times,


+ Ranch kids make fashion statement Take note, New York and Paris: Preschool kids at Kids R Kids of Lakewood Ranch may have created the latest fashion trend. Using paper grocery bags and a variety of beads, stickers and other decorations, East County students showed off their creations for Silly Hat Day. The silly hats proved not only to be a great way to keep the bags out of a landfill but also a stylish accessory for just about any occasion.

+ District opens line for parents The Manatee County School District this week opened a special line, called the Parent Information Phone Line, to help parents with back-toschool questions. The purpose of the line is to answer questions about registration, school zones, bus stop locations and times, home education and more. The General Parent Information Phone Line is 708-4971 and will be open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., through Aug. 24. The Manatee County School District Transportation Parent Phone Line is 782-1287 and will be operational from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., through Aug. 19 and from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Aug. 22-24.

cowboy chronicle By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

Even at 93 years old, veteran rodeo man Hub Hubbell still loves working with his trick pony and practicing rodeo stunts.

Pam Eubanks


Rodeo man and East County resident Hub Hubbell, at 93, soon will be immortalized in print. EAST COUNTY — A longtime rodeo man, East County resident Hub Hubbell misses no opportunity to relive his glory days riding bronc horses, shooting targets off his wife’s head and performing

tricks with ropes. And now, even at 93 years old, it seems Hubbell’s glory days are still far from over. Retired Braden River Elementary School media specialist Judith Leipold is helping to bring

those memories — particularly those spent working rodeos — to life for others. Leipold is working on two books based on Hubbell’s life; one is a biography and the other is a children’s tall tale.

“I’m hoping to get (the books) published in about six months,” Leipold says. “It’s about Hub and local cowboys and his friends from out of state. There’s


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He reaches next for a belt buckle he earned at rodeo and smiles as he runs a fina lot of history on the University (Parkway) ger over it. At least a dozen more sit on the area. There used to be a rodeo on the land table nearby, giving testimony to the stunts he owns.” he and his wife, Eunice, completed over the The longtime Sarasota resident met years. Hubbell last year during a training session Hubbell worked on a farm as a teenager at Rosaire’s Riding Academy for Braden before painting houses for a living with his River Elementary’s teachers. Hubbell and uncle. But the rodeo, in particular, always owner Kay Rosaire are longdrew his interest. time friends. He entered his first “real” “I’ve always known him to rodeo in 1932 and agreed to be a folk legend of the area,” ride for nothing — or rather Leipold says. “Anything westfor no pay if he did win — just ern, anything cowboy — it alto try it. ways came back to Hub. I nev“I didn’t have chaps; I didn’t er thought I would ever meet have spurs,” he says. “I rode him, but just by coincidence, a horse later that night. I enit will be a year ago this week joyed it.” (we met).” But when World War II Leipold began working on started, Hubbell enlisted in the book soon after retiring the military. While stationed from education in March. in Georgia, he also worked Hubbell has been busy Hub Hubbell’s home is cattle, cared for horses and hunting through old photo- full of memorabilia. also learned skills that would graphs, newspaper clippings bode well for his future career and other mementos to aid Leipold’s cause rodeos. from his home off University Parkway. “I learned to make belts and do trick roping,” Hubbell recalls. HAPPY AS HECK After completing four years of military Hubbell leaves his screened-in back service, Hubbell again headed back to the porch and heads for the living room, where rodeo, drawn by the travel, the girls and the he can turn on an overhead fan. He opens excitement, he says. the red back door and passes through a “And if you win, boy, you are happy as sparse laundry room. Three cowboy hats heck,” he says. hang from the walls, offering a taste of Hubbell’s passion for all-things cowboy as ‘THE SHOOTING HUBBELLS’ well as his day-to-day chores, which inHubbell, who spent much of his time clude caring for his trick pony, Silver, and promoting and announcing rodeos, literother tasks. ally roped his wife at their first meeting and “I had an interesting life, really,” says took her out for a piece of pie. Three weeks Hubbell, who turned 93 Aug. 3. “It’s been a later, they were married on horseback at a lot of good memories.” rodeo in Ocala in 1952. Hubbell steps into his cozy living room “I was tired of chasing girls,” Hubbell and points first to a stack of poster boards, says of why he settled down. “She was real each complete with photos and articles — nice — had a nice Southern accent.” more than 80 in total — before taking a few The couple moved north and worked at steps toward a coffee table and reaching dude ranches, where they put their rodeo for an old photograph. Everything here is acts together to perform at rodeos and fairs potential fodder for the book, and Hubbell and other venues. has stayed busy hunting through his old Eunice, a champion barrel racer and keepsakes and relishing the memories. trick rider, also had her own dog act and a

goat she had trained to push a baby buggy, and she could cut things with a whip, among other tricks. Hubbell became a well-known bronc rider and horse trainer, even training one who appeared in a movie more than 30 years ago. Hubbell also would use his wife as a prop for his own shooting tricks. “I’d shoot things off her head,” Hubbell says. “We were ‘The Shooting Hubbells.’ It was making a living.” The couple also sold hats, boots and chaps at a little shop they opened to help cover their living expenses. “It was nothing fancy,” Hubbell says. “We were open seven days a week.” Eunice died two years ago in September. She was Hubbell’s one true love and life partner. “She was like me,” Hubbell says. “She had about an eighth-grade education. She could read. She was a beautiful girl.”


Hubbell grins, thinking about what he


Bradenton 941-748-6300 941-504-3792

7016 Lacantera Cir Lakewood Ranch $1,299,000 #A3946862 941-907-9595 Mary Pat Pihl 941-932-3065

9648 18Th Avenue Nw Cir $695,000 #M5813130 Jo Anne Lanza

Bradenton 941-748-6300 941-518-6507

1375 Beach Rd # 312 $679,000 #M5823102 Nell Leffel

508 Spring Ave $569,000 #M5821308 Dana Preston

Anna Maria 941-748-6300 941-705-5510

2036 84Th Street Cir Nw $495,000 #A3917532 Steve Abbott

Bradenton 941-383-7591 941-374-3003

6470 Mourning Dove Dr # 405 $495,000 #A3946842 Traute Winsor

Bradenton 941-383-7591 941-504-1949

9393 Midnight Pass Rd # 605 $359,500 #A3942258 Joseph Brown

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-587-6185

4853 Post Pointe Dr $339,000 #A3946665 Caroline Mazelin

Sarasota 941-907-9595 941-302-7883

4907 50Th W Ave $279,000 #M5823097 Leah Secondo

613 Estuary Dr # 613 $200,000 #M5821903 Debbie Vogler

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8405 Karpeal Dr # 902 $173,400 #A3946568 Diane Fogo Harter

Sarasota 941-907-9595 941-445-2431

5809 Garden Lakes Palm $160,000 #M5823052 Judy Browning

Englewood 941-907-9595 941-932-0032

most likes about working rodeos, before giving his reason. “Maybe showing off, I guess,” he says, smiling. “You’re proud of yourself. You like to be seen, heard.” At his Flying H. Ranch on University Parkway, Hubbell hasn’t slowed much. His front yard is filled with props to practice roping and other tricks, and Hubbell visits them regularly. He says he’s careful, though, because he doesn’t want to distract motorists and cause an accident. He fell off his horse, breaking his neck, when he was 89 years old, while doing a stunt in his backyard. That horse has since died, but Hubbell still works with Silver regularly. The trick pony counts and paints with a paintbrush, among other tricks. Sometimes, Hubbell sells the pony’s paintings at events. “I’ll go crazy if I don’t do something,” Hubbell says. “I enjoy (public relations) work. I like to stay busy.” Contact Pam Eubanks at peubanks@

Bradenton 941-748-6300 941-932-5511

10612 Winding Stream Way $599,000 #A3934052 Stacy Haas

East County 941-907-9595 941-587-4359

7730 Jaywatch Gln Lakewood Ranch $469,000 #A3946619 941-907-9595 Robin Bowman 941-779-5000

1407 Gulf Drive South # 203 Bradenton Beach $450,000 #M5821662 941-748-6300 Patty Brooks 941-545-1194

4004 Avenida Madera $395,000 #A3946728 Adam Cuffaro

Bradenton 941-752-2683 941-812-0791

Bradenton 941-748-6300 941-545-4430

10201 Silverado Cir Lakewood Ranch $269,000 #M5820761 941-907-9595 Stephen Strong 941-201-9662

7922 Indigo Ridge Ter University Park $250,000 #A3946628 941-907-9595 Leigh Simons 941-224-4515

1724 Starling Dr # 202 $228,500 #A3945781 Tara Lamb & Judy Greene

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-266-4873

Braden River 941-907-9595 941-730-3183

3416 Wood Owl Cir # 75A $129,900 #M5818337 Neddy Harkins

5617 Whitehead St # 5617 $123,900 #A3945142 Kathy Lewis

1714 69Th W Ave # C408 $115,000 #M5823091 Kathy Valente

Bradenton 941-748-6300 941-685-6767

Bradenton 941-748-6300 941-730-4941

5508 Summit Pointe Cir # 104 $650,000 #M5820209 Kym Paxton

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220 81St W St $1,395,000 Judy LaValliere

Photos by Pam Eubanks

Silver picks out an American flag hankerchief much to the delight of his trainer, veteran rodeo man Hub Hubbell.

Bradenton 941.748.6300  •  IMG Academies 752.2683 • Lakewood Ranch 907.9595  •  Main Street Sarasota 951.6660  •  St. Armands 388.4447  •  South Longboat 383.7591  •  Siesta Key 349.3444




The board approved a letter to James D. Dye, the attorney handling the claim. “Dear Mr. Dye, The Board of County Commissioners considered your offer of settlement in the attached letter, dated June 15, 2011, regarding the pending Notice of Claim under the Bert J. Harris, Jr. Private Property Rights Protection Act. The Notice of Claim pertains to the 10.32 acres generally located at the southwest corner of the intersection of S.R. 70 and Tara Boulevard. This letter is to formally notify you that the Board of County Commissioners voted to reject the settlement offer contained in the attached letter on Aug. 4, 2011. The county will subsequently provide a timely response under Section 70.001, Florida Statutes, to Lake Lincoln, LLC regarding the required written settlement offer and ripeness decision within the one hundred eighty (180) day notice.”

still holding By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

County sticks by Tara land-use decision Manatee County commissioners last week rejected a developer’s request for $1.9 million for preventing it from developing the property. TARA — Manatee County officials are standing by an earlier decision to prevent further development at the entrance to the Tara community. The Manatee County Board of County Commissioners Aug. 4 unanimously voted to reject a request by Tara’s developer, Lake Lincoln LLC, to be paid about $1.9 million for a 10.3-acre parcel at the southwest intersection of Interstate 75 and Tara Boulevard in exchange for a 45-acre preserve near Jiggs Landing or to have the ability to develop commercial uses on the subject property. Commissioners had voted in October 2010 against allowing Lake Lincoln to develop on the

parcel, which is called Sub-phase III-BB, although the board approved for the entity to build more commercial spaces in the Twelve Oaks Plaza, east of Tara Boulevard, at the same meeting. Lake Lincoln now is seeking compensation for lost entitlements to Sub-phase III-BB, specifically, under the Bert J. Harris Jr. Private Property Rights Protection Act, which provides for property owners to be compensated if they can demonstrate a government action “inordinately burdens” their property. Deputy County Attorney Sarah Schenk declined further comment on the county’s position but said the case is ongoing. “There’s going to be more pa-

perwork on this claim,” Schenk said. “It’s going to take several years to resolve.” Tara Master Association President Bob Dallesandro said residents would continue to monitor the case. “We’re pleased the county is sticking by its original decision,” Dallesandro said. Manatee officials originally voted on Lake Lincoln’s request Oct. 7, 2010, at which time the board denied the rezone of Sub-phase III-BB to a planned development commercial zone district because of site’s limited access and impact to wetlands, among other concerns raised by residents. The county received a claim under the Bert Harris Act April 7, and a follow-up letter, reiterating the request, was received on June 17. Contact Pam Eubanks at

money matters By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

BUDGET PATROL Instead of a millage increase, Manatee commissioners likely will use about $800,000 in extra property-tax revenues to fund the addition of 10 to 11 deputies for the sheriff’s office. MANATEE COUNTY — Manatee County commissioners intend to fund part of Sheriff Brad Steube’s request for 20 more deputies by using a total of $1.6 million in savings accrued by both the county and the sheriff’s office. Property-tax revenues for the county came in about $800,000 higher than expected, and those monies will go toward funding 10 to 11 of the deputies requested. The option, approved unanimously by the board, comes as an alternative to raising millage rates. Commissioners plan to hold a workshop to further discuss whether fourth-quarter Florida Retirement System savings for the sheriff’s office — another $800,000 or so — will be used for capital improvements to the sheriff’s office building and judicial center. The board late last month tentatively approved a slight millage increase — about $11 annually for a $150,000 home —  that would provide the sheriff with $1.6 million in property taxes to pay for 20 more deputies. However, the board had directed Steube to do whatever he could to trim costs so a millage increase could be avoided. “It’s not that we support a tax increase,” Commission Chairman Carol Whitmore said. “We support waiting until (the budget adoption in) September (to decide).” Commissioners can set the millage rate lower than the proposed rate when they adopt the final budget Sept. 1, but they would not have been able to raise it at that time. Steube and County Administrator Ed Hunzeker last week met to discuss options for the sheriff’s office and presented their conclusions to commissioners Tuesday, at which time commissioners opted to avoid a millage increase. Hunzeker said the option ap-


Pam Eubanks

Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube likely will get funding for 10 additional deputies, but not for the 20 he requested. proved by the board seemed to be the most “balanced approach” to the situation. Although Steube has said he has trimmed as much as he can from his budget, several commissioners had continued to ask for reductions before agreeing to increase the millage. “I want to work with the sheriff and keep us safe, but I believe there are areas in the budget we can cut to give him what he needs (without raising millage),” DiSabatino said. Hayes agreed. “I just feel that the sheriff may need these funds, but he hasn’t

proven his case (for a millage increase),” Hayes said. “I feel there are just areas where he needs to take a look at things. I realy hope we do an efficiency report. I won’t support (the increase) without an efficiency report.” Steube said concerns raised by commissioners already have been considered and he has valid arguments for his proposals. For example, although the sheriff’s office has been able to save $1 million and return it to the county for the last two years, Steube said he is not willing to budget $1 million less, as some commissioners have suggested.

Those dollars, he said, pay for unexpected expenses, such as costs associated with the recent dig for a missing woman on Anna Maria Island. “I can’t predict what unforeseen expenses I may have,” Steube said, noting he’d need to pay overtime to deputies if a hurricane hit the area. “For me, to use my savings (doesn’t seem) like a good use of money.” Additionally, new deputies are an ongoing expense, so providing one-year funding for their employment, as proposed in some funding options, would not have solved the sheriff’s office’s longer-term financial dilemma for training and retaining deputies, Steube said. Steube said 85% of the budget is for personnel expenses, while only 12% accounts for operational expenses, and those have been kept to a minimum by prolonging the life of patrol vehicles, walkie-talkies and other equipment, among other changes. “I think we’ve been very good stewards of the public’s money,” Steube said. “I’m trying to look out for the rainy days.” Steube noted Fiscal Year 2012 will be the first year the public will see any cuts made by the sheriff’s office with the elimination of five elementary school resource officers, but more visible cuts will be required if funding is not made available. County commissioners are set to approve the budget at their Sept. 1 hearing. Contact Pam Eubanks at

BY THE NUMBERS Year Personnel Expenses Proposed FY 2012 $78,608,789 Adopted FY 2011 $81,400,695 Adopted FY 2010 $79,368,094 Adopted FY 2009 $81,238,628 Adopted FY 2008 $80,983,284 Adopted FY 2007 $77,412,325

Operating Expenses $11,520,068 $11,508,513 $11,902,814 $13,148,628 $11,993,511 $11,332,968

Capital $2,004,148 $692,399 $745,092 $2,612,637 $3,743,848 $3,745,603

Total $92,133,005 $93,601,607 $92,016,000 $97,000,000 $96,720,643 $92,490,896

In other business The Manatee County Board of County Commissioners: • Continued to Sept. 1 a public hearing for the approval of a local development agreement for issuance of a fiveyear certificate level of service for Summer Woods, a 562home development slated for a 268-acre site at 2955 53rd Ave. E., Bradenton. • Approved the rezoning of about 13 acres at 1450 Upper Manatee River Road from general agriculture to general commercial. The property is on the west side of Upper Manatee River road, north of its intersection with State Road 64.


By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

Vet clinic slated for S.R. 70 site Lakewood Ranch couple plans to open an 8,000-square-foot veterinary clinic near the Lakewood Walk Shopping Center.

MANATEE COUNTY — Lakewood Ranch residents Dr. Wally and Rene Dabasinkas plan to bring life to a previously bankowned property just west of the Manatee County Tax Collector’s Lakewood Ranch office. Although Manatee County commissioners are slated to formally approve their project — a new 8,000-square-foot veterinary clinic at 10915 S.R. 70 E. — on Sept. 1, they worked out a few details in the approval process at their Aug. 4 land-use meeting. Residents in Braden Pines, for example, worried a county mandate to remove exotic plant species along State Road 70 in front of a lake, would have significant consequences for neighbors. “You take down all those trees, you take down the visual buffer and (open it up) for noise,” resident Robert Lewis said. “We need to keep the integrity of that barrier along that pond.” Commissioners suggested the site owners work with the county to develop a phased-approach to exotics removal and to consider planting additional buffering along the lake’s frontage. Rene Dabasinkas, who will manage the clinic, said she and her husband, a veterinarian for the SarasBanfield Hospital in Sarasota, hope to get final approvals by the end of the month and start construction on their facility in September. The clinic is expected to open in April 2012, she said. “(This location) is ideal for what we have in mind, and we’re looking forward to (opening),” Rene Dabasinkas said. Contact Pam Eubanks at





+ Heritage Harbour home burglarized A home in the 7800 block of River Preserve Drive in Heritage Harbour was burglarized last week. A Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report states the victim on Wednesday night discovered her jewelry was missing from her home. The victim believes someone entered her residence sometime between July 31 and Aug. 3. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at (866) 634-8477.

+ Sports complex, team fight cancer The Premier Sports Campus and the Clearwater Chargers have joined forces to support The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Partial proceeds from three upcoming soccer tournaments will go toward fighting pediatric cancer, including the Nike Cup over Labor Day weekend, the Clearwater Chargers’ Thanksgiving tournament and the Memorial Day festival. “These three tournaments should attract thousands of people to the

Premier Sports Campus,” said Rob O’Nan, president of the Clearwater Chargers, the host soccer club at the campus. “We really wanted to do something to give back to the community with these events.” The Chargers will contribute $15 per team for the first 200 registrants and more per team as the number of registrants increases.

+ Manatee County School Board to sell property Manatee County School Board members last week agreed to sell at least five of the district’s properties. The six sites are valued at about $6 million in total. Sites include a 1.36-acre lot on First Street in Bradenton; a parcel near 234 Manatee Ave. E., Bradenton; a 75-acre property on 26th Ave. W., Bradenton; a 1.7-acre property in Ellenton; and an outparcel behind the district’s support center on 63rd Ave. E., Bradenton. Board members also discussed selling two sites near Braden River High School — a small outparcel as well as a 10-acre site on the corner of Caruso Road.

Primrose kids help animal rescue For the past month, children at Primrose School at Lakewood Ranch have been learning about pets and what it takes to help them. Through the school’s Precious Pets program, children collected more than 500 pet food items and supplies, which they delivered to Honor Animal Rescue on Aug. 4. Additionally, each class from the

school virtually adopted a pet from the rescue’s website as part of the project. ”The children get very excited and they truly believe this is their classroom pet,” Primrose owner Sharon Frank said. “The ‘virtual’ adoption gives the children a real hands-on experience and the ability to learn what it takes to have the responsibility of caring for a pet.”

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help for homecoming


By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

Lakewood Ranch High student launches dress drive


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Kayla Butler is launching a dress drive so students in need can have proper attire for school dances. LAKEWOOD RANCH — Thirteen-yearold Kayla Butler didn’t even attend her eighth-grade dance, but the incoming freshman at Lakewood Ranch High School already hopes to make dances at special for fellow students in need. Butler, now a member of the Silver Stars dance team at Lakewood, is launching a dress drive and is collecting unwanted homecoming and prom dresses, as well as suits, slacks, dress shirts, shoes and accessories for the cause. The items will be made available to students at Lakewood and other schools who cannot afford them prior to homecoming and other big dances. “There’s a lot of kids that go to school who are less fortunate but you would never know,” Butler said. “Maybe they can’t afford (a dress or suit for dances).” The East County resident came up with the idea to hold a dress drive about one month ago. And, with Lakewood’s homecoming football game just weeks after school starts, Butler already has been busy working to collect dresses, suits, accessories, shoes and other school dance attire for fellow students. “It’s a great idea,” Butler’s mom, Sandy, said. “Instead of them going to Goodwill, (people can bring those items here for distribution).” Butler, who attended Haile Middle School last year, already has asked friends to make donations and has posted information about her drive on to solicit donations. She’s also made fliers to distribute at local businesses. “When homecoming comes around, we hope to have a lot (of donations),” she said.


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ub r Cl Rive

Pam Eubanks

Kayla Butler is launching a dress drive to help needy students attend dances.

Go online to learn five things you didn’t know about Kayla Butler.

Broker Associate

C &C

f Gol dale e s Ro

The Butler family is providing space in its barn for donated items and plans to open the building so students can browse through the selection. They also will open it by appointment for students who wish to remain anonymous. Kayla Butler said she hopes to get Lakewood’s counselor involved in helping to identify students who may like to participate in the program. “I wanted to put it out there at Lakewood, but people at Lakewood know people at Sarasota,” Kayla Butler said. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the cause can email Sandy Butler at Contact Pam Eubanks at


olf & le G eda s o R

olf & le G eda Ros


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Three portraits in courage It can be all too easy to get bottled up in policies, politics and personalities and miss the amazing ways in which everyday people accomplish greatness. We have our own examples here in the East County, people whose courage under the fire of life’s arrows are inspiring examples and help us move beyond ourselves to see what is truly important in life.

The Littlejohns

Anthony and Ivette Littlejohn faced the most heart-rending situation that parents can. Their 1-year-old son, Adrian Shawn Littlejohn, had a rare form of cancer. After they battled it with chemotherapy and radiation, the baby died in his mother’s arms in May. But the Littlejohns did not succumb to despair at the funeral. As Ivette said before it: “We are celebrating Adrian’s life with joy … don’t feel obligated to wear black. We want light in the room to remember Adrian’s wonderful smile.” The Littlejohns showed those around them how to appreciate every minute with the ones you love because life can sometimes be jarringly short. They chose not be crushed by the harshest circumstances.

The Rev. Alan Martin

In like fashion, the Rev. Alan Martin of Woodland — The Community Church, was diagnosed with cancer. While he fought the terminal cancer, lost his hair to therapy and endured the pain, he continued serving God in his position as the pastor of worship. In fact, he did not step down until he died, leading worship on the Sunday before his body surrendered to the disease 11 days later at age 53. He told another pastor at the church: “Why sit around the house when I could be out there serving the Lord?” Even in the hospital getting therapy, he prayed for others and ministered to their needs. He sent a letter to another pastor six days before he died, to be read afterward, that would help guide his family, friends and church for after he was gone. Genuine caring about others. He showed courage in being faithful to his calling, despite the circumstances he was dealt. Like Job, he did not shake his fist at God, but served the Lord to the end, finishing the race strong.

Chairman / David Beliles Editor and CEO / Matt Walsh Vice President / Lisa Walsh

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Eleven-year-old Rachel Jaworksi and her parents, Michael and Wendy, remain in a battle. The day after Christmas, 2009, Rachel collapsed on her bathroom floor with two brain aneurysms and a ruptured arterio-venous malformation. She ended up at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg for two months. She lost all of her motor functions and took months of grueling therapy to regain most of them. She can talk, walk, eat and do other basic things. But she has a terribly challenging leftover from the aneurysms and rupture: Rachel has no real short-term memory. Rachel remembers her life before collapsing, and about the last 10 minutes. But that is it. So after 20 minutes, she has largely forgotten those oldest 10 minutes. Yet she is still able to learn concepts and graduated from McNeal Elementary School to Nolan Middle School, where she gets extra help from a one-on-one aide. Her mother says the ordeal has made the family closer and stronger, and being around them reveals ongoing joy in their lives, finding all the positives in a trying situation.


Government debt is a moral failure The moral compass for the majority of our political leadership in both parties is what is right for re-election, not the country’s future. The budget deal last week that averted a possible default by the federal government completely dodged the underlying monster that must be slain before it slays us. We have been living beyond our means for a long time. Every level of government is bigger than we can afford and still maintain a standard of living beyond Argentina. That reality clearly has not set in, not in Washington, Tallahassee or locally. Florida and her cities and counties must balance their budget ROD every year, so pushing THOMSON off tough decisions is not an option. Yet even in an economy that in reality is in a fouryear recession, Manatee County schools increased their taxes, and Manatee County jacked up impact fees and has tentatively approved a property tax increase. State College of Florida increased tuition 8% to cover spiraling expenses, yet planned to buy a $71,000 Cadillac SUV for officials (replacing a 2008 Lexus), that is, until the Bradenton Herald outed them. Gov. Rick Scott is trying to ratchet down

state government but meeting resistance at every level and from every party, including his own. His success so far has been limited, but is a start. Washington, D.C., however, is rapidly destroying our children’s hopes for prosperity, because the compass for the majority of politicians in both parties points toward what is right for the next election, not right for the future of the United States. The numbers tell the story, and they are not the numbers you read about. The media always tend to tell the horse-race story, who is winning and the he-said-she-said of the moment, without providing ongoing factual context that could change the minds of Americans. As a result, more and more Americans simply get frustrated and call down a pox on both parties. The $14.3 trillion debt ($14.4 trillion, $14.5 trillion, depending on what day you read this) is the one looking in the rearview mirror, the one already outstanding to creditors, the one yet to be paid off. All last week’s deal did was lift the cap to borrow more from our children to pay today’s bills, not the debt. The cuts are incredibly tiny, and somehow you just know Congress will find a way to slither out of them. The institution containing our U.S. senators and representatives is incapable of controlling itself.

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The Jaworskis

THE CASTAWAY by Jorge Blanco

The real debt is what we have by law promised to pay in the future minus the revenues we expect in the future. Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff put that number at $211 trillion. It is called the fiscal gap, the net present value of all future expenses minus all future revenue. That $211 trillion was not on the table in these debates, because it includes the enormous financial and political liabilities of Social Security and Medicare payments. That means senior citizens. Senior citizens are organized, and they vote. Re-election trumps future hopes. Moral failure. There are three ways to deal with the fiscal gap between future revenues and expenses: Raise revenues, cut spending or a combination of both. • Raising revenues. Theoretically this could be accomplished through economic growth. Unfortunately, economic growth is included in Kotlikoff’s assumptions already. So that gap exists with economic growth. The other revenue source is to increase taxes. The brazenly political way to do that is increase taxes on the rich — the majority voting to take from the minority — who already pay far more than their fair share. The top 1% of income earners pay nearly 40% of all income taxes. But beyond that, there just aren’t enough rich with enough money to make a dent in the gap. According to the IRS, about 2% of U.S. households have an income of $250,000 and above. If Congress taxes 100% of




MY VIEW/PAGE 6 income above that, it would raise $1.4 trillion. One time. People don’t work for free. Spurious tax increases on corporate jets and yachts would raise laughably paltry amounts, if anything, and hurt workers in those industries as a luxury tax did in the 1990s. That is heinous politicking to the ignorant. Immoral. Corporate taxes are already some of the highest in the Western world. But if we took 100% of all the profits of the Fortune 500 companies, we would raise $400 billion. One time. Companies don’t work for free, either. Without ever making the argument that tax increases hurt economic growth, which itself is an economic truism on which both parties largely agree, it becomes obvious that increasing taxes on the rich will not close the gap in any appreciable way. It only helps reelection chances. Moral failure. There is only one place to get the kinds of money that the tax-increasers want. The middle class. En masse, that is where most of the country’s wealth is. And even the most fervent tax-raiser



+ A 3% cut in pay is still a 3% cut in pay

Dear Editor: It continues to amaze me how Rod Thomson can twist the truth to pit people in the middle class against each other. He argues that by having a 3% cut in state payments for retirement, such workers “are still winners because that 3% of income is still theirs.” The fact

will not propose broad middle-class tax hikes because that is a sure method to losing re-election. There is no way to slice it. Revenues cannot solve the fiscal gap. • Cutting spending. This is the heart of the matter. To win political points and the next election, Congress and presidents from both parties have for decades promised huge entitlements they have not funded. Entitlements they cannot fund because they are simply too big. The problem here is moral, also. And not just in Congress but among senior citizens. They demand their current level of services, including built-in increases even though it comes on the backs of their children and grandchildren. There is no nice way to say it. I wrote a column about a decade ago saying the Greatest Generation was becoming the Most Selfish Generation because it demands entitlements far above what it paid for. In our community, I was angrily hooted for that. But has it not been borne out? And we can be confident that my generation of boomers will far surpass our parents in selfish demands from others. And that will be

our ruin. And our children’s. We probably have already reached the point at which senior citizens and those nearing their benefits have the numeric clout to vote themselves representatives who will give them benefits at the destruction of their own children. There is one glimmer of hope: A balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow for deficits only in times of emergency decided by some supermajority of Congress. The federal government must have a legal blockade on spending, because Congress is indisputably incapable of stopping. Our highest political leadership is like a raging alcoholic with a bottle of Jack Daniels climbing into his Cadillac SUV. The bottle must be taken forcibly and the drunk sent to rehab before he kills himself and others. A coalition of thinking, productive Americans needs to force a dramatic re-evaluation of government’s role — one that is affordable now and for generations. That will be needed for any chance of a constitutional amendment, for a sharp change of D.C. leadership and for hope.

is that the 3% cut to payments that is going into pensions is a cut not a win. Workers in fact are forced to use their income to patch up that cut, and then he wants to call that winning?! I wonder who really thinks that 3–3=6. He argues it helps the economy because the pension funds are invested. The problem in this argument is that prior to July 1, there was 3% from the state being invested in the pension funds and the full income of the workers spent by them as consumers or going into other investments. Now, 3% of income is going into the pension fund, but there is less money with which to buy things, including the goods and services advertised in this newspaper.

There is no way around the fact that: 1) The majority of state workers are not overpaid, they are in the middle class or lower; and 2) a 3% reduction in takehome income is not a gain, it rather is a tax on one sector of the middle and lower class. Furthermore, state workers pay taxes, including property taxes. I would rather not get tax cuts. I get more per dollar by investing in public education than on a video game for Christmas or outings to the theater. If you think you can get more for less, consider why do most of politicians and wealthy Americans pay dearly for their children’s private schools? You get what you pay for. Sarah Hernandez Sarasota


Cops Corner MANATEE

The following information was gathered from incident and arrest reports obtained from the Manatee County Sheriff ’s Office.


Reported Aug. 2

10:25 a.m. — 8467 Cooper Creek Blvd. (Marshalls). Lost property. The complainant reported he lost his wallet at an unknown location. He believes it fell out of his pants pocket while he was in Marshalls. The wallet wasn’t discovered missing until the complainant left the store and reached the gym. He has checked with lost and found department at Marshalls, but no one had turned it in. The store has security cameras, but he wasn’t allowed to view the tape.


1:15 p.m. — 11205 State Road 70 E. (Publix). Criminal mischief misdemeanor less than $200. The victim stated an unknown suspect(s) smashed the driver’s side window of his vehicle. There is no video coverage available. The estimated cost of the damage is $193.52.


Reported Aug. 4

5:37 p.m. — 4200 block of 74th Terrace E. Identity theft. The complainant reported an unknown person had used his wife’s identity to open several credit accounts. The victim was notified from letters received from the credit card companies.

See more Cops Corner reports online.

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special events and other family activities. Allwood said the decline in the book industry overall — one that has taken retail giants such as Borders — as well as the recession — have made it impossible for the store to stay profitable. Costs associated with the opening of a failed bookstore for adults three years ago also added to Allwood’s ongoing expenses and debts. “We tried to hang on as long as we could,” Allwood said, noting she put the business up for sale in January. “We’ve tried to exhaust every option we could before deciding to close. It’s no fun. The saddest part when I think through things is the kids, who have loved to come here and spent time and enjoyed books, not being able to do that any more. Even my own son is pretty upset about it.” Patrons are being encouraged to stop in before the store closes Friday to use their gift cards, find bargains or say hello, Allwood said. “I just want to thank everyone for being so supportive over the File photo past six years,” Allwood said. “We’ve made some Heidi Allwood and Holly Baracchini opened Little truly close friendships Bookworms in March 2005 on Town Center Parkway. The and felt like a part of shop later moved to Lakewood Ranch Main Street. people’s lives in this Allwood’s sister, Heather Anderson, area and we’ll miss that greatly.” Baracchini resumed work full time as a who served as the store’s manager, is still nurse in September, and Allwood started seeking employment. Contact Pam Eubanks at peubanks@ work about five weeks ago at Charles A. Roy Roofing, where she will be responsi-

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By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

Continental Conviction Creekwood resident Wendy Lynn Parlier is finding her path to health in helping nature’s gentle giants.

CREEKWOOD — When Wendy Lynn Parlier crossed the finish line of her first marathon about two years ago, she didn’t finish in record time — or even in what’s considered a “good” time — but she had completed the biggest goal of her life. She believed the triumph would propel her further on her pathway to health. “I thought I was going to run two weeks later, and then I woke up one day and realized it had been a year since I put on my running shoes,” Parlier said. “I didn’t miss it.” But Parlier did miss how she felt afterward and the confidence she’d gained from dropping about 70 pounds. And she realized, if she wouldn’t run for herself, she would have to do it for a cause. “I thought, ‘What would motivate me enough to do this on every continent?’” Parlier said. “It would be to help manatees and dugongs (another large water mammal similar to the manatee).” In conjunction with World Oceans Day last month, the Creekwood resident launched her campaign, Marathon Aquatica, a quest to help protect manatees and dugongs by running seven marathons on seven different contiSPONSORSHIP nents. “I wanted to show supINFORMATION porters that I’m willing to For information about go to each continent … Wendy Lynn Parlier’s to show my commitment efforts or to make a donaand to ‘take’ my supporttion to the South Florida ers along for the journey Museum on her behalf, with every challenging visit www.marathonastep of a marathon,” said Donations Parlier, who loves to travare securely processed el. “Every step that I take through www.ActiveGiving. will represent one more com, a professional and step taken to help protect secure third-arty billing manatees and dugongs.” company backed by the Parlier’s North AmeriVeriSign security system. can fundraising camDonations are tax deducpaign, dubbed “Share Our table. Space … With Manatees” For information will benefit the South about the South Florida Florida Museum’s Parker Manatee Aquarium, Museum, visit www.southwhere Parlier volunteers once a week as part of the manatee care team. Her first marathon is the Space Coast Marathon Nov. 27 near the Kennedy Space Center. Parlier will cover the costs and associated travel expenses of her race and subsequent races but is seeking sponsorships to benefit the manatees and dugongs directly — with cases of lettuce or financial donations for their food. The lettuce, which comes in $25 cases, will feed Snooty, the museum’s resident manatee, as well as manatees and dugongs being rehabilitated in the Parker Manatee Aquarium. Parlier is hoping to raise $25,000 in sponsorships by Dec. 1, to help offset the roughly $75,000 annually the museum spends on food for the aquarium. “I’m on a journey to health, but the manatees at the South Florida Museum are also on their pathway to health,” Parlier said. “(The museum is) putting a great investment in helping these manatees return to the wild. “I’m willing to go the distance,” she said. “But, I’m just running the marathon. It’s everybody else who’s going to help the manatees.” Although Parlier’s first marathon will benefit manatees and dugongs in the care of the South Florida Museum, she will be working with other well-established U.S.-based, non-profits that have programs for manatees and dugongs on other continents. Parlier said she is eager to help educate the public about each non-profit and the plight of manatees and dugongs, which are declining in number because of loss of population, overhunting and other causes. “It’s a chance to help causes all over the world,” Parlier said. “(This first race) is the most ambitious one. This is a $25,000 goal.” At more than 200 pounds, Parlier is quick to point out she is not an athlete. She shed 70 pounds while training for her first marathon but recognizes she still has a long way to go before she’ll be able to accomplish all her goals. She hopes to improve her time with each race, and must if she wants to finish. The marathon in Antarctica, for example, has a six-and-one-half-hour time limit, while the race in West Africa has a five-hour time limit. To stay accountable to donors, Parlier is posting her training schedule, as well as her progress, on her blog, www., and on Marathon Aquatica’s Facebook page. Contact Pam Eubanks at

“Being from here, seeing manatees, knowing how endangered they were, I’ve always had that connection with (them),” said Wendy Lynn Parlier of why she chose to run for manatees and dugongs. Parlier began her intense six-month marathon-training program last month. Pam Eubanks


step by step





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ndation camp fulfills dreams

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disabiliDHD and r enjoyed nd crafts, other ac-

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Cyle Pigott enjoyed the week with counselor Dylan Williams.



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EAST COUNTY Observer 14 THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2011 fun in the sun By Pam Eubanks | News Editor

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Cornerstone brings beach to Lakewood at annual VBS Nearly 70 children gathered at Cornerstone Church of Lakewood Ranch Aug. 1-5 for the church’s annual Vacation Bible School. This year’s event, themed Beach Bash, featured Bible stories, games, arts and crafts, music and more.


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real estate | transactions


By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

Waterlefe home sells for $730,000 The following residential real estate transactions took place between July 25 and July 29. A home in Waterlefe Golf and River Club tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Joseph and Mary Jo Veltri, Bradenton, sold their home at 10204 Discovery Terrace to Ronald and Dianne Roughead, Bradenton, for $730,000. Built in 2003, it has three bedrooms, three-and-one-half baths, a pool and 3,921 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1,125,000 in 2005.

Piney River

Brian and Deborah Foster, of Murphy, N.C., sold their home at 8450 Linger Lodge Road to Don Cotton, Bradenton, for $399,900. Built in 1999, it has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 3,588 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $308,500 in 1999.

St. James Park

Margaret and Robert Long, Sarasota, sold their home at 6628 St. James Crossing to David and Cheryl Hacker, of Dayton, Ohio, for $380,000. Built in 1992, it has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,205 square feet of living area.

Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour

Jack and Mary Smigel, of Boonville, Ind., sold their home at 9036 Willowbrook Circle to Eugene and Lorraine Zeiner of Lansdale, Pa., for $203,000. Built in 2006, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,162 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $385,300 in 2006.

Lake Vista Residences

Casey Yniguez and Kimberly Yniguez sold their unit A-406 condominium at 7804 Lake Vista Court to Anita Enzinna, of Lockport, N.Y., for $200,000. Built in 2006, it has three bedrooms, two-and-one-half baths and 2,138 square feet of living area. It previously previously sold for $513,600 in 2006.

Visit our website to read more East County real estate transactions.

Jen Blanco

This Waterlefe Golf and River Club home has three bedrooms, three-and-one-half baths, a pool and 3,921 square feet of living area. It sold for $730,000.

Magnolia Hammock at University Place

Clive and Hazel Sillis sold their home at 7625 Heyward Circle to Gordon and Julie Albert, Bradenton, for $379,000. Built in 2006, it has four bedrooms, four baths, a pool and 3,294 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $325,000 in 2009.

GreyHawk Landing

William and Veronica Jakusovas, Bradenton, sold their home at 259 Dove Trail to Stephen Hayes, of San Jose, Calif., for $287,500. Built in 2004, it has four bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,625 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $361,200 in 2004. Brett and Sheri Steward, Holmes Beach, sold their home at 13010 Peregrin Circle to William and Melissa Delaney, of Sterling, Va., for $265,000. Built in 2002, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,521 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $325,000 in 2008.

Rosedale Golf and Tennis Club

Joseph and Erela Meyer sold their home at 8726 52nd Drive E. to Daniel and Aline McAllister, Bradenton, for $279,000. Built in 1994, it has three bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 1,837 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $455,000 in 2005.


Neal and Renee Kohn sold their home at 11718 Soft Rush Terrace to Jack and Joyce North, Lakewood Ranch, for $265,000. Built in 2000, it has four bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,404 square feet of living area.

River Place

SP1 Inc. sold the home at 6984 74th St. Circle E. to Milad and Georgette Shoufany, Bradenton, for $246,500. Built in 2005, it has three bedrooms, three baths and 2,544 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $526,800 in 2005.

Now e le at th er b a l i a v t a th Cen l a e H t Breas at nch ood Ra Lakew Center l Medica

3-D Mammography

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Chaparral II

Wolfgang Sammet and Silke Schoebinger sold their home at 6841 Wagon Wheel Circle to Hugh and Deanna Carson, Sarasota, for $242,000. Built in 1999, it has three bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 1,825 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $182,800 in 1999.


Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. An important new screening tool in the detection of breast cancer is now available at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. Breast tomosynthesis, or “3-D mammography” allows physicians to examine with precision the first

Jorge and Cecilia Mejia, Davie, sold their home at 7433 Loblolly Bay Trail to Anthony and Brenda Vertuca, of Powell, Ohio, for $235,000. Built in 2000, it has four bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 2,232 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $335,000 in 2004.

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Todd and Maureen Taliaferro, of Plymouth, Mich., sold their home at 7349 Wexford Court to Brett Werle, Bradenton, for $215,000. Built in 2006, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,630 square feet of living area. The property previously sold for $139,000 in 2005.

Old Grove at Greenfield Plantation

Vince Nunez Enterprises LLC sold the home at 523 Country Lane to Bryan and Kristi Giuliano, Bradenton, for $215,000. Built in 2002, it has four bedrooms, three baths and 2,401 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $282,000 in 2004.

Unlike traditional two-dimensional images of the breast, the 3-D mammogram allows physicians to examine breast tissue one layer at a time, detecting very small cancers. A tomosynthesis exam is very similar of time.

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Carlyle at the Villages of Palm-Aire

Braden Pines

Paulette Constantino, Sarasota, sold her home at 10868 Forest Run Drive to Jennifer Yordy and Brian Balmer, Bradenton, for $208,000. Built in 1989, it has four bedrooms, two-and-one-half baths, a pool and 1,995 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $150,000 in 1997.

8330 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 (941) 782-2100 Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Get the free mobile app at 50471

Harold Rucker and Roberta McReynolds, trustees, sold the home at 4912 Creekside Trail to Marc Geballa, of Davidsonville, Md., for $210,000. Built in 2000, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,142 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $176,500 in 2000.



ATHLETE OF THE WEEK Pitcher Logan Newton leads Storm team. 19



By Jen Blanco | Associate Editor

BRSC kicks off new academy Braden River Soccer Club Director of Coaching Kai Haaskivi will launch his own academy later this month.

Courtesy photo

Kai Haaskivi spent two years as an assistant coach for the U.S. U-17 National Team. Now, he serves as director of coaching for the BRSC.

LAKEWOOD RANCH — From the time he was 5 years old until he walked onto Finland’s National Team, Kai Haaskivi spent three months every summer in what he considers heaven. As the son of the former director of coaching for the Finnish Football (Soccer) Federation, Haaskivi spent his childhood at the Finnish Sports Academy surrounded by members of Finland’s National Team.

There, Haaskivi first picked up a soccer ball and began repeating everything he saw out on the field. “For me it was like heaven,” Haaskivi said. “When the players went inside for lectures, I had all of the fields and balls to myself. So I got used to the repetition.” Now, Haaskivi, the director of coaching for the Braden River Soccer Club, who spent 19 years playing professionally in Finland





We are ready for some football! By this point, many of you are probably wondering the same thing. How long before prep sports, particularly football, finally return to the East County? Sure, the summer provides a nice break from the rigors of the prep seasons. It provides an opportunity to catch any number of Little League games; a youth swim meet or two and perhaps even a junior golf tournament. JEN But by midBLANCO August, I am ready for a change of scenery. Luckily for all of us, myself included, the high school sports seasons are right around the corner. The golf and volleyball teams already have held their tryouts, and the swimming and cross country teams are building upon their summer training. And this week, the Braden River, Lakewood Ranch and The Out-of-Door Academy football teams all held their first official organized practices of the fall, giving coaches a chance to see just how conditioned and prepared their teams are for the upcoming season. After all, the regular season will be here before we know it, and that brings me to my final topic of conversation — the East County Observer Football Guide. Next week, the entire sports section will be dedicated to all

and the United States, is hoping to share his knowledge of the game with the area’s young upand-coming soccer players. At the end of the month, Haaskivi will launch the Kai Haaskivi Soccer Academy at the Braden River Soccer Club. “I’d like to think I’ve got quite a bit to give,” Haaskivi said. “It’s a demand brand of training. The

By Jen Blanco | Associate Editor

Jen Blanco

Braden River Middle School Principal Randy Petrilla played football and basketball and ran track while attending Sarasota High School.

GLORY DAYS Braden River Middle School Principal Randy Petrilla played quarterback for Sarasota High in the early-to-mid 1970s. RIVER CLUB — There was nothing Randy Petrilla enjoyed more in high school than looking up into the stands on a Friday night in the fall and seeing his family and friends cheering him on. The Braden River Middle School principal spent four years playing quarterback for Sarasota High School in the early-to-mid ‘70s, and it was on the field where Petrilla and his Sailors teammates made great plays and vied for district championships. But Petrilla will be the first one to tell you that sometimes

your most memorable moments on the field are the ones you would most like to forget. Such was the case for Petrilla. During his junior year, Sarasota was playing rival Riverview in the coveted Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Day. It was the biggest game of the year, and the Sailors were trailing by two points. Petrilla simply was trying to get the offense into field goal range; the Sailors had one of the best field-goal kickers in the area standing on the sideline. Petrilla lined up under center and called an audible — only

the play didn’t happen the way Petrilla had hoped as he went one way and all of his teammates went the other way. Petrilla fumbled the ball, and the Rams recovered it, securing the victory. “I don’t think I came out of my room for three days after that,” Petrilla said. Later, Petrilla redeemed himself, as he led Sarasota to victory the following year in the final Turkey Bowl to be played on Thanksgiving Day. “It was huge,” Petrilla said of


Courtesy photo

Randy Petrilla played quarterback for the Sailors in the early-to-mid 1970s.


+ Buffalo Creek LL registration dates set Buffalo Creek Little League Baseball and Softball will hold open registration for its upcoming fall season from 6-8 p.m., Aug. 19 and 26; and 9 a.m. to noon, Aug. 20 and 27. Registration, which is open to all players, ages 4-16, will be held at the Buffalo Creek Sports Complex, 8100 69th St. E., Palmetto. For more information or to register online, visit

+ Registration coming for soccer club The Braden River Soccer Club will host registration for its 2011 fall recreational program this month. Registration for its 10-game season, which begins in October, will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Aug. 13, 20 and 27; and 6:30-8 p.m., Aug. 17, at the BRSC fields, 5490 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., located behind Lakewood Ranch High School. Registration fees are $95 for U5-U7, $105 for U8-U10 and $115 for U11-U18. Those wishing to register are asked to bring cash or a check along with a parent or guardian photo ID. A state-issued birth certificate is also required for new players. For more, visit

+ Baldwin finishes as state runner-up Lakewood Ranch High golfer Connor Baldwin finished second in the boys 16-18 Florida State Junior Match Play Championship July 27-30 at Lake Jovita Golf &



Easter Seals students participate in Olympics The Bradenton Gladiators recently hosted the Gladiators Olympics for Easter Seals students, allowing students to compete among their peers, have fun and put their skills to the test. Students competed in the 40-yard dash, 20-yard pro shuffle, and a kick, pass and punt challenge. Winners were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and all participants were given certificates for their achievements.

The combined number of games the Suncoast Storm 98 and 02 teams won at the USSSA World Series July 23-30.


The number of teams who participated in the Gulf Coast FCA 7 on 7 Shootout July 26 at Braden River High.

Winners include: 40-Yard Dash: Justin Suggs (gold), Marquette Simmons (silver) and Matthew Stewart (bronze) 20-Yard Pro Shuffle: Allan Stine (gold), Dontrale Ward (silver) and Suggs (bronze) Quarterback Throw: Suggs (gold), Simmons (silver) and Eric Garvin (bronze) Punting Competition: Garvin (gold), Suggs (silver) and Ward (bronze)


Country Club in Dade City. Baldwin defeated Ryan Stovash of Orlando in 19 holes to advance to the finals. He then defeated Gabrial Ormacha, of Miami, 2 & 1, Matt Mullarkey, of Crystal River, in 21 holes, and Brady Hollenbacker, of Fleming Island, 3 & 2 in the semifinals. In the finals, Baldwin fell to Palm Harbor’s Dustin Dingus 3 & 2 in the final match.

The number of golfers Lakewood Ranch High School’s Connor Baldwin defeated before falling in the final match of the boys 16-18 Florida State Junior Match Play Championship July 27-30.


Hanging in Balance: Ten Emerging Chinese Artists


The number of silver medals Out-of-Door Academy freshman Alexandra Bradbury won at the USA Weightlifting National School Age Championships.

The total Mike Callahan, Dr. Jose Goldberg, Dick Novak and Lou Brodersen scored to win the two best ball net MGA event Aug. 6 at Stoneybrook Golf Club.


August 12 – September 17, 2011

is known as the…


...because often it has no symptoms.

Selby Galleries I &II: Ten young contemporary Chinese artists living in two cultures—China and Europe—explore identity that embraces neither culture but seeks resolution through individual rather than cultural modes in their work. Curated by Prof. Qin Jian of Xiamen University, Fujian, China.

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Director’s Tour: Mon., Aug. 15, 11:30 a.m. Reception: Thurs., Aug. 25, 5 - 7 p.m. followed by Curator Talk at 7 p.m.


Selby Gallery Hours Monday-Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Contact Us 2700 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL, 34234 Phone: 941.359.7563 or 941.351.5100 Email:

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the Turkey Bowl. “So many people came out that they actually turned it into a bowl game.” A native of Iowa, Petrilla moved to Florida when he was 11 years old. He started seventh grade at Brookside Junior High in Sarasota, where Petrilla joined the football team. The multi-sport athlete also joined Brookside’s basketball and track teams and also played baseball for Babe Ruth Little League. “I really liked playing for my friends and family,” Petrilla said. “Playing back then, when you looked up into the stands you could see your friends cheering

you on. That was pretty neat.” Petrilla didn’t set out to play quarterback; but after doing some initial agility workouts, his coaches decided to put him under center. Petrilla played quarterback for Brookside before moving on to Sarasota. Petrilla continued to play football and basketball and run track in high school, lettering in all three sports. Initially, Petrilla wanted to play tennis, but he was told to run track instead. “I really wanted to play tennis, but football players ran track,” Petrilla said. “It was so they could keep track of you.” During his time under center, Petrilla helped Sarasota

contend for district titles every year and also led the Sailors to perhaps their biggest upset in school history — defeating nationally ranked Merritt Island on their home field. “After the game, their quarterback came into the locker room and congratulated us as a team,” Petrilla said. “That was pretty gutsy as a quarterback to come in and do that.” At the time, there weren’t as many schools to play, so Petrilla and his teammates often played Southeast and Manatee, along with schools from as far away as Tampa Plant. Upon graduation, Petrilla had offers to play football at the next level, but he chose to not pursue

collegiate athletics. “I had opportunities to play after high school, but it became like a business,” Petrilla said. “I played for fun, and in the college ranks it’s about winning at all costs.” Petrilla went on to work in construction and as a chef at Café L’Europe and the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort before eventually pursuing a career in education. Now as Braden River Middle’s principal, Petrilla spends his free time watching his Panthers excel on the athletic field. In addition, Petrilla also enjoys watching college football, especially the Florida Gators, and attends the Turkey Bowl and some

of the other local rivalry games. “There are a lot of great college sports in Florida,” Petrilla said. And when he’s not busy working or watching sports, Petrilla enjoys getting out on the tennis court with his wife, Kim. “I think athletics teaches you a lot about the type of person you are,” Petrilla said. “It’s not all about winning. It’s also about building character. You can learn as much from losing as you do from winning. “I like the team piece,” Petrilla said. “It’s not all about you. Everyone is working hard for the same goal.” Contact Jen Blanco at



things football. We’ll provide an in-depth analysis of the upcoming season for the Pirates, Mustangs and Thunder. We’ll take a look at the new districts and how they will play out, as well as identify the players to watch this fall. We’ll also earmark all of the East County’s must-see games. We’ll provide you with an inside look at all three East County squads, so that by the time the season officially kicks off with the annual Preseason Kickoff Classic Aug. 26, you’ll know everything there is to know about your favorite local teams. The goal is simple: When Hank Williams Jr. once again asks his famous pigskin question, you can lift your foam fingers high into the air and declare, “Yes! We are ready for some football!”

main ingredient for participation is a willingness to work.” The academy, which is open to boys and girls of all skill levels, will offer a junior academy for players ages 9-14 and a senior academy for players ages 15-18. In addition, the afternoon academies will be open to players from all clubs — not just the BRSC. “The door is open to ones who feel they need help with their game and have an interest to improve,” Haaskivi said. “I don’t really care whose shirt you’re wearing, but I can only help the ones who show up.” Those who choose to participate in the academy will spend two to four days a week out on the fields working on their own individual training programs. “We’re flexible,” Haaskivi said. “We’ll create an individual path together. It’s more individualized

training. The idea is to supplement what you’re already doing. The practices will be competitive and intense, but it’s the only way you improve. “I believe with a couple days a week we can put together a program that everyone benefits from, and hopefully they’ll go back to their clubs and play better,” Haaskivi said. “It’s not a way for me to strike it rich. It’s a way for me to give back.” In addition to running his own academy, Haaskivi also will maintain his current role as the director of coaching, through which he’s responsible for coaching, educating and developing the league’s existing coaching staff. Haaskivi also will continue to coach the BRSC’s U13 boys team. “I do my part as a coach, too, so I can stay in touch,” Haaskivi said. “It’s a combination of both. In a way I try to lead by example on the field, and I also see what

I need to do to develop and upgrade our coaching staff.” Haaskivi joined the BRSC two years ago. At the time, Haaskivi thought the area would be a good potential location for his future soccer academy. Haaskivi has wanted to start his own academy for as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until his father, Olavi, passed away three years ago that Haaskivi began reading his father’s old coaching books and manuals and realized now was the perfect time to fulfill his dream. “I felt like putting my playing experience at the highest level and his knowledge and information to use not only for kids in the area but coaches as well,” he said. “I have the time to give back, and I feel like I have something to offer.” During his 19-year professional career, Haaskivi played in 692 games in which he tallied 450

goals and 602 assists. He was an eight-time indoor All-Star and was named MVP of the 1980-81 NASL indoor regular season and finals and the 1987 MISL All-Star Game. Haaskivi played professionally for the Finnish National Team and Finland’s Premier League before moving in 1978 to the United States, where he began playing for the Dallas Tornado of the North American Soccer League. He went on to play for the Houston Hurricane and Edmonton Drillers before moving on to the Major Indoor Soccer League where he played for the Houston Summit, Cleveland Force, Baltimore Blast and Cleveland Crunch before retiring in 1992. For more information on the Kai Haaskivi Soccer Academy at the Braden River Soccer Club, visit Contact Jen Blanco at jblanco@

We Can Train Any Dog!


“I’ve been working with On Command K9 Academy for 12+ years. They trained my Cocker Spaniel, Chance, in 1997. I’ve been enthusiastically endorsing and referring On Command since. The results, even with difficult cases, are remarkable.”

OPen HOuSe

register before Sept. 1st, get 2 extra skating passes. email questions to

laBOr day HOCkey tOurnament (sorrysnkaote September 3rd & 4th Free admission

public y or Saturda y) Sunda

Monday-Friday 10am-noon, 2pm-3:50pm Saturday 1:15pm-3:15pm, 8pm-10pm Sunday 1pm-3pm

The Humane Society United States Senior Director

11:00 - 5:00 pm Free Hair Cut for Kids 11:30 am - 4:30 pm Face Painting 12:30 - 5:00 Soccer 1:15 - 3:15 Public Skating (normal price) 1:30 (ages 3-5) 2:00 (ages 5-12) Free Tae Kwon Do Class 2:00 Get an Autograph from our Olympians 2:00 - 3:00 Free Stretching Class 3:15 - 4:15 Free Broomball 3:30 - 5:30 Free Still Life Art Class 5:30 - 6:30 Free Chinese Class • Public Skating Coupon Books:

Mark Jacobs

Training Director/Certified Dog Trainer

call 941-416-3489

• Guaranteed Results • All Breeds, All Ages • Obedience Training • Behavioral Problems

• Lifetime Warranty • Personal Protection • Vet & Police K-9 Recommended

Ed’sJoinTavern Us for the

2 AnnuAl RetRo PARty! nd

Buy 2 get 1 Free

DJ Jeremy will be spinning your favorite tunes from the 70’s and 80’s

• Free Arcade Games • Karate Demonstration • Rachel's Purses & More 10%OFF • Fitness Center: 3 months $69.99 (one day only)

★ give awayS ★

• Basic Skills Session (Session 511) • 6R Martial Arts Gift Basket • Rachel's Purses Purse & More • Massage Gift Certificate

Summer Sizzlin’ Steamers & Icy Cool Cocktails

Enjoy Steamed Clams and Peel & Eat Shrimp!

(no purchase necessary for any prize)

Ed’s Tavern


Celebrate with us! Have your Birthday Party Here! Call for more details!

To view our Public Skating Hours visit us or call 941-723-3663 I-75 to exit 224, behind Prime Outlet Mall

Like us on


• How Government Works by Senator Mike Bennett • Figure Skating History, Figure Skating Rules, etc by OUR Olympians • Stretching Classes by 2010 Olympians' Massage Therapist • Still Life Art Classes by a Professional Artist • Music Theory for Beginners • Orchestra Music

Saturday, auguSt 20

A Jersey Joint in Lakewood Ranch 907-0400 •

Open Daily11:30 am-2 am • 10719 Rodeo Dr. • Lakewood Ranch


Ellenton Ice & Sports Complex is proud to sponsor the home school skating program. Fun ClaSSeS inClude…

– Debbie Parsons-Drake




“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle, I just wish he didn’t trust me so much”

athlete of the week

LOGAN NEWTON Twelve-year-old Logan Newton pitched three games for the Suncoast Storm 98 team, finishing with a 2-1 record and helping lead the Storm to a 3-3 record at the USSSA World Series July 23-30. The

Nolan Middle School seventh-grader also hit over .500 for the tournament with three triples and two doubles while leading the team in RBIs. Here is an inside look at this week’s Athlete of the Week.

Of the positions that you play, which is your favorite? Pitcher. It’s the most challenging position on the field, and I always like a challenge.

Do you have a favorite TV show? “Ghost Whisperer.” I’ll sit there for like six hours and just watch that.

Christ Presbyterian with the emphasis on Christ

What’s your favorite Olympic sport? Swimming. It looks so hard. I can’t believe people are doing this.

What did you enjoy the most about playing in the USSSA World Series? You get to play against teams you wouldn’t normally play against, including some state champions from other states. It’s just fun.

Our aim as a church is to reach the unreached and the poor, especially in India, and at the same time to grow in our own faith.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A photographer or maybe a journalist. If you could play any other sport for a day, what would it be? Skateboarding. It’s not really a known sport, and I just want to try it.

How did you get into softball? My sister also plays. I would always watch her games and catch on. I just liked it. What do you enjoy the most about softball? You get to be with your friends, be active and be outside.

Who is your biggest role model? My dad, Jimmy. He always backs me up, and when I need to go out he encourages me in whatever I choose to do. Who was your favorite Disney princess? Snow White. This poor old girl has to overcome the wicked witch, who is trying to kill her because she’s prettier. . — Jen Blanco

Do you have any siblings? I have a sister, Taylor, who will be 16 years old Aug. 17.

SUMMER WORSHIP TIME 10:00am Traditional service starts in the Fall.

748-3363 60978

What’s the toughest part about being a pitcher? You always have to work at it. You can’t take a few weeks off, or you won’t be very good.

(Mother Teresa)

We are located at 515 Upper Manatee River Rd, which is just 1/2 mile north of SR-64.

We Will Never Forget Coming Sept. 9 Special 9/11 Memorial Editions of the Longboat Observer, Sarasota Observer, East County Observer and Pelican Press.

10th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks The editorial staffs of the Observers and Pelican Press will bring back to life the events in Sarasota, Longboat Key and Venice that connected our region to this tragic day. • President Bush at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort the night before and morning of the attacks • Terrorist sightings on Longboat Key • How the terrorists trained in Venice • How President Bush learned of the attacks at Emma Booker Elementary • Where are they now? Updates on the many area residents who were directly involved in the day of and weeks after.

SHARE YOUR MEMORIES Tell us where you were. Share a special memory. Write a tribute. Send us a photo. Go to:;; or email

East County Observer Managing Editor photographed President Bush as he made his 9/11 announcement at Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota.

Be a part of this Special Tribute.


To advertise, call 366-3468.





Temps. High Sun., July 31 91 Mon., Aug. 1 91 Tues., Aug. 2 92 Wed., Aug. 3 92 Thurs., Aug. 4 91 Fri., Aug. 5 91 Sat., Aug. 6 94 Average Gulf water temperature: 90.4


Ranch 0.17 0.01 0.00 0.01 0.00 0.97 0.00

Aug. 21 Last

Aug. 29 New

Sept. 4 First

Lakewood Ranch 3.5 Sun., July 31 5.3 Mon., Aug. 1 7.0 Tues., Aug. 2 5.9 Wed., Aug. 3 4.8 Thurs., Aug. 4 5.0 Fri., Aug. 5 6.6 Sat., Aug. 6

Lakewood Ranch resident Randy Cowart took this photo of the sun setting over Bradenton Beach. PHOTO CONTEST: Enter your sunset, sunrise or weather-related photos for The Observer’s weather photo contest, sponsored by Cool Today. Each week’s winner will receive a $50 restaurant gift card. Send your photos to the East County Observer, 1970 Main St., Fourth Floor, Sarasota, FL 34236, or email them to Please include the name and contact information of the photographer and when and where the photo was taken. Also, please include “photo contest” in the subject line.

Visit to click on our interactive weather button, which features current weather conditions, weather radar and a five-day forecast.

2011 28.49 in

Month to date: 2011

1.99 in


Aug. 13 Full


Lakewood Sun., July 31 Mon., Aug. 1 Tues., Aug. 2 Wed., Aug. 3 Thurs., Aug. 4 Fri., Aug. 5 Sat., Aug. 6




Sunrise Sunset Thurs., Aug. 11 6:59 8:12 Fri., Aug. 12 7:00 8:11 Sat., Aug. 13 7:00 8:10 Sun., Aug. 14 7:01 8:09 7:01 8:08 Mon., Aug. 15 Tues., Aug. 16 7:02 8:07 Wed., Aug. 17 7:02 8:07


Low 76 78 77 80 80 76 78

O B S E RV E R C RO S S WO R D Edited by Timothy E. Parker

CRYPTOGRAMS by Myles Mellor 1. L A B









Y E E M K P Y L K I J G I U F Y J C VA BU B K L X Y KC , “ X K N J ABUB,” VUILB: “EKXPBX.” 2. H U W B Y W P Y J H W V W P X Y Y U Y J R A H R M U S A H L Y . H B C J ’ R R X S RC X D J M Y X V H LY W J B H B C J ’ R R X S R C X D J U H J Y.

P.S., I’M HUNGRY by Oscar Puma ACROSS

1 Looks slack-jawed 6 Illinois city next to Champaign 12 Animated Springfield minor leaguer 19 Dispatch boat 20 Lions, tigers and bears, e.g. 22 Carson’s sidekick 23 Seafood entree 25 Running off at the mouth 26 Like a sauna occupant 27 Cheap cigar 28 Pol with a six-year term 29 “___ the ramparts we watched ...” 30 Joe-___weed (perennial herb) 31 Marine snail 33 Be victorious 35 Gym climbing material 38 “Good Times” actor John 41 Clown’s height enhancer 43 Ajar 47 Lennon’s bride 48 Mortise’s woodworking mate 50 Zodiac lion 51 Nerve network 52 Intimate talk 54 Flirt with 57 Petty clash 58 Radioactive element 59 “The House of the Seven Gables” locale 61 Vitality 62 Memo 63 “How ___ this happen?” 65 Tokyo “ta-ta!” 69 Mommy’s triplets? 72 Singing twosome 73 Boyfriend 74 “The ___ Who Loved Me” 75 “Who’s Who” entries

76 Sleep-clinic study 77 Mule’s parent 78 Give one’s approval for 80 Get misty-eyed 81 It’s deserted in fantasies 82 Do simple math 84 Two-time National League batting champ Lefty 86 Annapolis, for Maryland 88 Nabors role 90 Attach a yoke or harness to 93 Having a soothing effect on the skin 95 Sorrel-colored horse 96 ___ Tome and Principe 97 Foolish or scatterbrained 98 Get older 99 Concludes 100 Egg-hitting-the-floor sound 103 Monk’s head covering 104 Barely squeezed (out) 105 ___ de cologne 107 Boise’s state 109 In the doldrums 111 Words that end bachelorhood 114 Moving aid 116 Humiliates 119 Like some screams 123 Rotary engine 125 Shine some kielbasa? 127 Greet warmly 128 The “T” of MTA 129 Warship warrant officer 130 Used bricks 131 Housemate of Bashful 132 Kicked off the poker betting

dOwn 1 Disparities 2 Openly concede 3 Stemmed item

4 Make like Houdini 5 Like a chimney sweep 6 Java brewer 7 “Friends” friend 8 Thai currency 9 Quiver filler 10 Equine exclamation 11 General assemblies? 12 Problems for parents and babysitters 13 Soda bottle feature 14 Muscat citizen 15 Body art, in slang 16 Cincinnati’s state 17 Fried cornbread 18 MIT grad, perhaps 21 Wheat used for livestock feed 24 Deli bread 32 Bagpiper’s attire 34 From Oslo 35 Capitol feature 36 Burdensome 37 Picnic favorite 38 Deficiencies of red blood cells 39 Bon ___ (clever remark) 40 Change for a five 42 Romanian monetary unit 44 Sauteed entree 45 Greek letter 46 The Wallendas don’t use one 48 Skater Babilonia 49 Musical practice pieces 53 NYC-Boston direction 54 Rocker Eric 55 Attention-getting shout 56 “I love”, in Latin 60 Member of the prosecutor’s office (Abbr.) 61 Faux ___ (social missteps) 64 Owing, as a debt 66 TV network with a peacock logo 67 Remove heat via currents

Last weeks Cryptograms

68 Kansas City baseball team 70 Hodgepodge 71 Extracted metal from 73 Scolding word to a dog 79 Queue before Q 81 “Rocky ___”(film with Mr. T) 83 Hard to see through, as fog 85 Toy building block brand 87 Tissue layer 88 “Post” opposite 89 Hither’s partner 90 Distribution 91 Forty winks 92 Performances for one 94 Trim, as a lawn 101 Suit to the circumstances 102 Fifer’s drums 103 Trig function 104 Phonograph innovator 106 Birdlike 108 Fit for use, in Islam 109 Mineral spring site 110 Resort isle near Venezuela 111 Gossip column tidbit 112 Russian assembly 113 Spheres 115 Scholarship consideration 117 Latin being 118 Drop off at FedEx, perhaps 120 Sail support 121 Flu symptom 122 Give for a while 124 Sis’s sib 126 Sow’s quarters

1. Fish in the water eat other fish and sometimes grow as much as an inch a month. Yet, once caught, they grow an inch a minute! 2. It was quite a problem. We all knew the team needed a good makeover. Our offensive line was so bad the quarterback used to signal for a fair catch on the snap!

Thursday, August 11, 2011 Items Under $200 For Sale


A/C WINDOW unit: 8000 BTU With remote. Like new. $85.00. 708-5243.

SARASOTA BARGAIN Thrift Store & Consignment Center. 1635 12th St., Sarasota. Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers. Furniture, Beds, Dressers, Sofas, Tables, TV’s, Records, Books, etc. Don’t give your items away, let us sell them for you! Delivery & pick-up available. 941-812-0587.

ADVERTISE YOUR merchandise with the total value of $200 or less in this section for FREE! Limit 1 ad per month, 15 words or less. Price must be included. No commercial advertising. Ad runs 2 consecutive weeks. Email ad to: or online at: BACK MASSAGE-HOMEDICS Shiatsu Cushion fits on chair. New $199.99. Sell for $100. 941524-8867. CLOTHES: ABERCROMBIE & other name brands. Girls: s/m/l $65.00 for all. 941-739-0725. DINING TABLE: glass top, washed wood base, 60x42, $125. 941-376-1641. GALLAWAY DRIVER54 GBB graphite titanium senior flex. Excellent cond. $70. 941-358-9700. MAGELLAN GPS Roadmate 1475T with car cradle, ac, car chargers and manual. $85. (941)756-1182. MOVING BOXES: Enough to move a 3-4 bedroom house including wardrobe boxes, two flat screen tv boxes. $50 941-405-4745.

Business Opportunities

Plants/Trees LARGE WHOLESALE TREES 14-15’ Maples, Cypress, Sycamore, Sweetgum: $95.00 each. 16-18’ Maples, Live Oak, Laurel Oak, Cedars: $275 each. 15 Acres of native trees to choose from. 40 varieties, various sizes available. Delivery & installation available. By appointment only. Contact Eddie @ 941-232-9377 or

Schools/Instruction PRIVATE PIANO INSTRUCTION in your home. All ages. 20 years experience. Bachelor Music Piano. 1st Lesson Discount. 941-776-7381.

Dirt Bikes/Go-Carts/Mopeds


08 KLX 140L: like new condition, garage kept. $1150. 941-713-6041.

STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.

LAKEWOOD RANCH ESTATE- Aluminum 5-piece patio (cost $1700-Restoration Hardware) now $699; Sofa & loveseat (Robb & Stucky) like new $850. Henredon and Drexel bedroom sets, Stearns & Foster Beds, Stiffe lamps, Stanley Entertainment Center for plasma/LCD ($350@Robb &Stucky) $995. 5-piece Cherry Home Office w/2-lateral files, La-Z-Boy sleeper, much, much, more. Manatee Furniture 3015 1st St. Bradenton, 10 Blocks north of DeSoto mall on US Hwy 41. 941-745-2596

You Can Make a Difference. Help seniors stay independent. We provide: non medical care, personal care, meals, light housekeeping, transportation & companionship. Flexible hours available- F/T, P/T, Overnight, Weekends and Live-In. Positions available in Sarasota/ Bradenton/ Venice. To work now fax resume to 941-929-7438 or email:

Merchandise Wanted SENIOR LOOKING to buy precious metals, time pieces, coins, jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707.

SOFA TABLE: glass and brass, like new. $80 o/b/o. 941-776-5950.


Help Wanted Homemakers/ Companions CNA’S/ HHA’S

Business Opportunities Distributor Sarasota Nets $98,000. Price $350,000. Commercial Lawn Co nets $140,000. Price $200,000. 20 Commercial acres with 2 nice homes Punta Gorda nets $144,000. Price $1,100,000.

It's Your Time to Shine! Become an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Swiss Anti-aging Skin Care, Cosmetics, Nutrition. 941-758-2233

Help Wanted PART TIME SERVERS. Shifts are 2.5 hours each, include nights and weekends @ $7.50 ph. Apply in person to: Desoto Beach Club 5201 Desoto Rd, Sarasota, FL. Newspaper is seeking a fast paced, detail oriented Typesetter for a part time position in Sarasota, Florida (Part time hours will range from 20-40 hours per week, depending on volume). Must be able to type at least 75 WPM with great accuracy and proof read typed material and make corrections.

Condos/Apts. For Rent 1 BR apartment E. Bradenton. Furnished, includes utilities, W/D, TV, AC, WIFI. $550 covers all. 941-209-9004.

Homes For Rent LUXOR MHP

$425mo-1 bed/bath mobile homes. 55+ community. No Pets. 5811 14th St. W. Bradenton. Sarasota Real Estate Assoc, Inc. Greg Nowak 941-809-6034

This week’s crossword answers

Ideal candidate will have strong computer software and hardware skills. Legal background preferred. Please email resume to: Please specify WPM typing speed for consideration.



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WWW.ABBEXINC.COM 941-365-3833 EDUCATORS/NURSES $25K-100K. Free car. Exotic trips. Residual income. Ongoing Training. Fastest Growing Industry. Listen 941-366-4586.

in The


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22A Classifieds Cleaning

Health Services

Pet Services

A CLEANING EVEN YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW WILL APPROVE! Every time, guaranteed! Lic./Ins. Bonded. Pamela, 941-320-0023.

THE RESIDENTS of University Park Country Club lost over 3000 pounds last year. And that is a TON of weight!!

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Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925 “Take our video tour at�

Computer Services

Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228

OWN A MAC/IPHONE/IPAD? MacTutor offers 21 years experience. Unlimited free telephone follow up. (941)812-3887


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“Where People Return Year After Year�

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Adult Care Services CAREGIVING BY TINA HOURLY OR 24/7 CARE Assistance with Personal Care/ Shopping/ Transportation/ etc. Excellent references, Insured and Bonded. Call 941-586-7278 IN-HOME CARE/ COMPANIONSHIP/ HOMEMAKING available all hours; days, nights, weekends. Call 377-4465 for more information or visit our website @ Lic. #30211372 Bonded & Insured.

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Personal Services YOUR PERSONAL BOOKKEEPER, LLC Gail Sunray, Owner Personal & Business Bookkeeping Accounting/ Taxes

Fax your ad along with your name, address, phone # and which Observer you want to be in to 941.362.4808 or mail to:

I come to your home or office.

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RedeďŹ ning Interior Design


In-Home Consultation & Do-It-Yourself Plan


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No phoNe orders accepted. No commercial advertisiNg iN Free-Bee sectioN.




Ads may also be emailed to:

BONDED & INSURED Over 25 yrs. experience Ready When You Are â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Classified Ads, The Way to Sell


The Observer Group P.O. Box 2234 Sarasota, FL 34230-2234

Bill Paying & Account Reconciliation Organizing Personal and Business Files Budgets & Financial Reports Federal and State Tax Returns

Showroom: 3801 N. Washington Blvd. (State Road 301) 1 mile S of University Parkway


Free rt Expetation ul Cons

Many Local References

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Pressure Cleaning

Find out about the local program that helped them get healthier quickly and safely. FREE Health coach provided- no contracts or fees. Visit: or call (941)400-8336


Vacation/Seasonal Rentals CASA DEL MAR BEACH RESORT

THE EAST COUNTY OBSERV THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2011 Thursday, August 11, 2011






A Professional Licensed & Insured Pool Company


in Lakewood Ranch*



/-Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/ ,/ -Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; -



5900 S. Tamiami Trail



528 Brandon Blvd. E.


HOURS: Mon-Fri 9AM-5:30PMs3ATAM-2:30PM

61168 62049


OFF + Additional 

For Senior Citizens Prices Include:

Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;>VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-VĂ&#x20AC;iiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;


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BUG BUSTERS 3790 14th St. W.



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THE EAST COUNTY OBSERVER EAST COUNTY Observer Thursday, August 11, 2011




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100 Osprey Point Drive This private estate, Malvern Oaks, sits gracefully on a double bay front lot adjoining the gardens of Historic Spanish Point and is the crowning jewel on one of Sarasota’s most prestigious avenues, Osprey Point Drive behind the gates of The Oaks Bayside. The grandeur of this Georgian-style home is steeped in the English tradition of the village that bears its name and has been masterfully renovated by National award winner Gary Roberts of Bamboo Homes. $6,400,000 Carol Clark & Joel Schemmel 941.350.4500

1135 Bayshore Drive Bob Linthicum

$1,499,900 941.228.9206

7220 Proctor Road Judie Berger

$1,350,000 941.928.3424

700 El Dorado Drive Bradway Price Team

$1,295,000 941.809.8431

13623 Legends Walk Terrace Pat Warren

$1,280,000 941.350.7044

818 Nancy Gamble Lane Devon Davis & Bridget Smith

$750,000 941.720.2053

998 Laguna Drive Bradway Price Team

$749,500 941.809.8431

5000 Marina Drive Paula Y. Wesley

519 Fernwalk Lane Sharon Chiodi

$695,000 941.809.0380

286 Santa Maria Street Cindy Marovich

$597,000 941.408.6041

200 52nd Street Victoria Horstmann

$580,000 941.518.1278

7910 Kennedy Lane Courtney & Jason Green

$574,900 941.809.8432

6902 River Birch Court Charles Totonis

$525,000 941.524.8299

376 El Greco Drive Terry Herschberger

$329,900 941.468.8439


$2,495,000 941.809.7580


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5880 Jamila River Drive Stephen L. Lingley

$2,995,000 941.492.7515

A RT S | E N T E RTA I N M E N T | S O C I E T Y | F O O D | FA S H I O N | D é C O R


Q&A by Loren Mayo | Community Editor




St. Armands kitchen receives contemporary update / 7

REVIEWS: ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘The Savannah Disputation’ / 5 Courtesy photo

When Sarah Lane watched Amanda McKerrow dancing “Giselle” at The Metropolitan Opera House, that moment inspired her to dance with the American Ballet Theatre. In the photo above, Lane dances a peasant pas de deux in ABT’s “Giselle,” at the Met.

Dancing queen Look out, Sarasota. Natalie Portman’s famous dancing double will pirouette her way to town this month for the Carreño Dance Festival.


f Sarah Lane looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve watched this prima ballerina dance both parts of the fragile white swan and her evil twin, the black swan, as Natalie

Portman’s double in the 2010 feature film, “Black Swan.” Lane, a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre, in New York, will join Artistic Director José Manuel Carreño in the Car-

reño Dance Festival this month, at the Sarasota Opera House. Last week, while on vacation in Spain with her husband, Luis Ribagorda, Lane agreed to an email Q&A with The Observer.



Peper shares his other personas. / 4

2  ■ Diversions



LANE from 1

What’s in your ballet bag?

Extra shoes, lamb’s wool, bunion spacers, leg warmers, Thera-Band, foot roller, massage ball, bobby pins, sewing stuff (needle, floss, extra ribbons, elastic and scissors), iPhone, gum, a snack and perfume.

What kind of little girl were you? I was definitely a very girly girl. I loved my Barbies, doing my hair, dressing up, singing and writing poems. I liked to play house with my two little brothers and I usually tortured them by dressing them up. I loved my cat, M&M, and, of course, she got dressed up once in a while, too.


Did you grow up prancing around in a tutu or were you more of a tomboy? Yes, I loved to dance around — tutu or not. I would drive my mom crazy by twirling around the kitchen while she was trying to cook.

Where did you grow up? We lived in the country outside of Memphis, so I didn’t mind getting dirty. I liked to pretend to cook with grass, flowers and mud. Our neighbor was a real cowboy, so we got to go horseback riding.

Which dancers did you idolize as a girl? Only my teachers and classmates, because I didn’t see my first professional fulllength ballet until I was 16. Then, I went with a friend and her family to see Amanda McKerrow in “Giselle,” at the Met. That’s the first moment that I was inspired to dance at American Ballet Theatre.

Do you have any dancing superstitions or rituals? Well, I have my faith, which conquers any silly superstitions. I grew up in a Christian family, and it’s always been an important part of who I am. As for rituals, I guess all professional dancers have their own process to prepare for a show. We know when to sew and break in our shoes, do our hair/ makeup, stretch, warm up, put on our costume, go over choreography and rosin our shoes. I like to listen to music while I get ready. Having that consistency helps me to feel calm and focused.

WHAT: The Carreño Dance Festival

and Summer Intensive programs

Courtesy photo

Sarah Lane joined American Ballet Theatre in 2003 and was appointed a soloist in 2007. Here, she dances in “The Sleeping Beauty.”

What music do you listen to before performing? I like U2, Coldplay, Linkin Park, One Republic, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant, Crystal Lewis — I like everything. I like to mix it up, because I get bored.

Is the life of a ballerina realistically portrayed in the movie “Black Swan”? No. There are some things that do exist, but in the movie they are completely extreme and ridiculous. Those things happen in many other professions, as well. The dancers who have endured to become professionals and have long careers are smart, healthy and love what they do. We enjoy creating beauty and emotion. That is ballet — and it wasn’t portrayed at all in “Black Swan.”

How did you land the Natalie Portman dance double job? The casting people, or one of the costume ladies, saw me in class at ABT. The director and producer asked to be introduced to me after a performance.

WHEN: Summer Intensive programs

are currently being held at the Sarasota Opera House. “Festival of the Stars” final performance takes place at 5 p.m. Aug. 27. COST: Summer intensive per-session admission passes start at $10; four sessions are $36. Final performance tickets range from $15 to $50. INFO: 328-1300 or

Have you ever dance doubled in any other films? No.

What are your favorite ballets and roles? My favorite is MacMillan’s “Romeo and Juliet.” I love “Giselle,” too. I, also, love many Jiri Kylian works.

for the Carreño Dance Festival, at the Sarasota Opera House. How did you get involved? José (Manuel Carreño, artistic director) asked me to be a part of his summer program.

Are you close with José? We have danced together several times, and it’s always been a treat. He is such a great partner. He makes all the steps feel so much easier. He has a wonderful personality and energy onstage to connect with. Such an artist is rare to none.

What dances will you be doing? I am doing the Black Swan pas de deux with José.

Have you ever been to Sarasota? I believe once when I was in ABT Studio Company and once to do a “Nutcracker.”

Will you have any time to sightsee while you’re here?

I’m not a huge fan of the dance movies that have been made, but I have friends in “Center Stage.” “White Nights” and “Mao’s Last Dancer” were very good.

I guess we’ll see. I’ve been traveling a lot, so I’m pretty content just being there, teaching and dancing. I think that my husband, (Luis Ribagorda) corps de ballet dancer in ABT, will accompany me. He is friends with José as well.

If you weren’t a dancer, what career would you have chosen?

Is there something you’ve been looking forward to doing once you arrive?

What is your favorite dance movie?

Writer? Physical therapist? No idea, really!

You’ll be heading to Sarasota this month

Enjoying the nice weather and time out of the crazy city. Other than that, I’m open to suggestions.

August 12 – September 17, 2011


Hanging in Balance: Ten Emerging Chinese Artists Selby Galleries I &II: Ten young contemporary Chinese artists living in two cultures—China and Europe—explore identity that embraces neither culture but seeks resolution through individual rather than cultural modes in their work. Curated by Prof. Qin Jian of Xiamen University, Fujian, China.

what you are missing...

Director’s Tour: Mon., Aug. 15, 11:30 a.m. Reception: Thurs., Aug. 25, 5 - 7 p.m. followed by Curator Talk at 7 p.m. Selby Gallery Hours Monday-Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Contact Us 2700 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL, 34234 Phone: 941.359.7563 or 941.351.5100 Email: Location Selby Gallery is located on the Ringling College of Art and Design campus, one-half block east of 2700 N. Tamiami Trail on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Way in Sarasota. Visit on the Web:


SU A 5 t DA MM NN h Y E UA -F R L RI S DA A Y LE 1


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art scene HEARD by Loren Mayo | Community Editor

+ Gloria Musicae artistic director seeks singers for musical commemoration The Sarasota Orchestra has asked Joseph Holt, artistic director of Sarasota’s professional vocal chamber ensemble, Gloria Musicae, to select singers in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, Venice and Fort Myers area to participate in a musical commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Singers should be currently or recently affiliated with one of the area’s vocal organiza-

tions. Gloria Musicae, Key Chorale, Florida Voices, Belle Canto and other local community church and synagogue groups have also been contacted to find singers for these special placement auditions. The goal is to find 75 singers to form a chorus to represent every singing group in the area. For information on auditions, rehearsal times and performance calls, contact Rachel Assi at 551-206-3919.

+ Night of comedy to benefit homeless youth McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre owners Les and Pam McCurdy and the Y Angels, led by Debbie Dannheisser, have partnered to host a night of comedy to benefit Sarasota County’s homeless youth. The awareness event will raise donations to help homeless students with their back-to-school needs — backpacks, calculators, writing materials, shoes, uniforms, etc. The Y Angels are members of the Y Foundation of Sarasota’s Community

Coalition for Children. This year the group has selected the School House Link, a collaborative venture of the Sarasota Family YMCA and the Sarasota County School District. The pre-show meet and greet starts at 6 p.m. with the curtain rising at 7:30 Thursday, Sept. 8, at McCurdy’s, 3333 N. Tamiami Trail. Tickets are $20 per person, and premium tables of four are $100. Call 9253869 or visit

HOT TICKETS Naarai Jacobs to serenade at scholarship concert: Naarai Jacobs,

daughter of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe’s founding Artistic Director Nate Jacobs, will present her first scholarship concert 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota, 3975 Fruitville Road. Jacobs, who has appeared in numerous WBTT productions, will

sing some of her favorite pop, R&B and show tune songs. Most recently, she has starred in the company’s “The Motown ’60s Revue.” She is entering her sophomore year at Howard University’s School of Performing Arts, in Washington, D.C. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door (checks or cash only). Scholarship opportunities are also available. Call 371-4974.

+ Sarasota Ballet appoints new development director On Monday, the Sarasota Ballet announced the appointment of Noreen Delaney as development director. Delaney joined the ballet staff for the 2009 and 2010 seasons before joining Sarasota magazine and has been an account executive for Vanity Fair and Allure magazines. In her role as development director, Delaney will be responsible for individual gifts, donor relations and related development initiatives. “I am thrilled to be rejoining the Sarasota Ballet as development director and to be part of such a growing, dynamic and innovative dance company,” said Delaney in a prepared statement. Michael Scott, former development director, is now business manager and will be responsible for events, corporate sponsorships and special projects. “Noreen will bring her enthusiasm and passion for the Sarasota Ballet to her position as development director,” said Sarasota Ballet Director Iain Webb. “We welcome her to our team.”

Gabrielle Ayala, 12, Carson Sandiford, 17, Tanner Bleck, 13, William Dugan, 14, Alexandra Burman, 13, Gabrielle Mengden, 12, Rachel Mengden, 15 and Michael Mengden, 15, participated in summer intensive classes on Monday. Rachel S. O’Hara

+ Carreño Dance Festival kicks off with intense summer programs The Carreño Dance Festival and Summer Intensive began Aug. 4 and will run through Aug. 27. Intensive dance classes led by heralded leaders in the dance world, such as Loipa Araujo, José Carreño, Rinat Imaev and Liz Bergmann, are being offered during the next few weeks. Dance enthusiasts can purchase observer passes for $10 per session; or four sessions for $36.

The special closing performance, “Festival of the Stars,” takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. Aug. 27 and features international stars such as Sarah Lane (see this week’s Diversions cover story on Pages 1 and 2), who is known for her role as Natalie Portman’s dance double in “Black Swan,” Carreño and others. Tickets range in price from $15 to $50. Call 328-1300 for ticket information.

Ready... Get Set...

DIANAIRA Close Out Sale!

AUGUST 11-13

10am–6pm Discontinued colors and styles at DRASTIC REDUCTIONS! Diana is flying in with her samples and discontinued items, and will give you a Sneak Preview of her 62048

364 St. Armands Circle • 941-388-1974



4  ■ Diversions >>



by Loren Mayo | Community Editor

Alter ego It was just another Friday morning in Sarasota, when Marie Antoinette waltzed out of the John Carl Spa & Salon, frolicked through the library parking lot in flip-flops, pressed one palm against the nearest column and the other on her hip and struck a pose. The now glittery flower-adorned turquoise coat started out as a $3 tablecloth from a yard sale three years ago at the Marie Selby Public Library. Even then, Ray Peper knew it would become a French coat, and he knew that he’d need a hat complete with a clock to complement it. Both will be on display in Art Center Sarasota’s exhibition, “The Other Persona,” which opens Aug. 25. Peper’s display is titled, “Out of Mind: Costumes and Ephemera.” Other artists showing their works in the exhibit are Joe Proietti, Vicki Chelf and Jeff Schwartz. “The only pattern I had was a Johnny Depp pirate coat, so that’s what I used,” Peper says, fluffing the coat and stretching the material out as if he’s about to curtsey. “I enhanced it with Dollar Store flowers brushed with silver paint and added a glaze of sparkle glue to make it shimmer.” The sparkle glue has left its dusty mark in the shower, all over Peper’s Sarasota apartment and in Key West, where he used to live. He’s entered nearly 250 broaches in the exhibition, in addition to 15 items, spanning from hats to masks. “It’s amazing what sparkle glue and Dollar Store flowers and paint will do,” Peper says. “I’m making this because it’s a little more spectacular than what I had in the closet. Three of my best costumes are in Baltimore at the American Visionary Art Museum.” One of his hats, inspired by “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” features airplane wings found at the flea market on the Circus Sara-

Art-lovers will have the chance to chat with Ray Peper while he works his magic on a costume made of Barbie dolls for Circus Sarasota’s gala and a Halloween costume titled ‘Ghosts of the Titanic.’

IF YOU GO WHAT: Community opening reception for

“The Other Persona” WHEN: Reception runs from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25; exhibition runs through Oct. 22. Ray Peper will be onsite from 1 to 3 p.m. most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Aug. 30 to Oct. 1 to chat as he works on two costumes. WHERE: Art Center Sarasota, 707 N. Tamiami Trail INFO: Call 365-2032 or visit sota lot, a bird made from a fabric pillow and a safari-helmet nest. “I’ve taken a whole rack of stuff over to the art center,” Peper says. “A Davy Jones costume made out of commercial fishnet, a golden dragon costume that’s double-faced — the front is a Thai dancer princess and the back is a golden dragon made of cupcake foil and a Jackson Pollock wedding dress. It’s 8 1/2 yards of fabric collaged with yarn and fabric to look like thrown paint, and the bridal veil is topped with a paint can.” Also on display is a piece that resembles a lacy pirate coat, but is actually leopard fabric underneath sheer fabric, which Peper once paraded around in while wearing a pirate ship hat. “I had to make a political statement,” he says. “I was a pirate in the rose garden. All of this started with Fantasy Fest, in Key West. Last time I was there, I was Marie Antoinette in underwear.”

OTHER PERSONAS Vicki Chelf calls the series of paintings to be displayed at Art Center Sarasota “Food is Sacred.” It is her reaction to how she sees society’s tendency to take food for granted. She wants to inspire viewers to reconsider their relationship with food. Jeff Schwartz’s works explore gathering places. One of his pieces features the Hob Nob, one of his usual lunch spots, where he likes to people watch.

Loren Mayo

“I wake up some mornings at 1:30 a.m.,” Ray Peper says. “When I wake up with an idea, I have to get sketchbook and write it down. I have a studio on the second floor of the apartment. I go up there to sew or do whatever. A lot of it has been therapy.”

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4950 Fruitville Road—Just West of Honore (Opposite Goodwill)




Joe Proietti is a Chicago native who creates art and assemblages from found objects, pencil drawings and paint. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art, the Alexandra Palace “Art Spectrum,” the Akademy der Kunst, the St. Paul Museum of Art, the Nortfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences and New York University’s “Small Painting” exhibition.







Theater >> ‘The

Savannah Disputation’

If you haven’t been “saved” yet, you’ll feel holier than thou after you’ve seen “The Savannah Disputation” at Florida Studio Theatre. Director Kate Alexander, who describes the play best as reflective of a “dogma eat dogma world,” energetically and shrewdly referees this hilarious smackdown between two Christian super sects. Although it initially opened to mixed reviews in New York and has been dismissed by highbrow critics as a funny but silly and insubstantial sitcom, the play has undergone a recent, highly successful revival. Playwright Evan Smith was inspired to write a religious satire during the 2002 midterm elections, while he was living in Savannah, Ga. He was intrigued by the sudden intrusion into politics of the religious right, so he launched into a study of the Bible and the views of Protestant evangelicals and their detestation of the Roman Catholic Church. Even funnier than the skewering of fanatically held beliefs are the characterizations Smith contrived to represent those beliefs. He’s accomplished the seemingly impossible task of bringing to life characters simultaneously stereotypical and vulnerably believable. They are empathydeserving beings doing their best to find comfort in the face of their own mortality. FST has a brilliant and beatifically entertaining cast for this production. The main characters in the ensemble are two Catholic spinsters, in whose living room the action takes place. Like so many sisters, Margaret and Mary can be described as a salt-and-pepper pair. Susan Greenhill fabulously captures

IF You Go

“The Savannah Disputation” runs through Sept. 4. Florida Studio Theatre is located at 1241 N. Palm Ave. For ticket information, call 366-9000 or visit www.

every nuance of Margaret, a kind, loving, naive, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly innocent who declares, “I’m smart enough to know I’m stupid.” Greenhill is an FST veteran who has appeared in numerous TV shows. Lisa McMillan, recently seen in “Sheer Madness” at FST, provokingly plays Mary, self-satisfied, strong-willed and outspoken, to perfection. Her Broadway credits include “La Cage Aux Folles.” Lindsey Wochley plays Melissa, the door-to-door evangelical who comes calling at the sisters’ home. Wonderfully unexpected, her character is more of a hot babe than a card-carrying missionary, and her approach to her messianic calling is more reminiscent of a well-organized vacuum salesperson working her way through college. Sheffield Chastain as Father Murphy successfully straddles a fine line between prototypical Irish priest and realistic, lonely individual. Chastain made a hilarious appearance in “The 39 Steps” this year at FST. April Soroko captures the visuals in both scenic and costume design. David M. Upton provided the lighting design, with stage management by Will Willoughby. — Paula Atwell

Courtesy photo

>> ‘Rise

Caesar, an intelligent chimpanzee played by Andy Serkis, is fostered by neurogeneticist Will Rodman, played by James Franco, in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

of the Planet of the Apes’

If animal abuse tears at your heartstrings, you better skip “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Although the apes are not living creatures, the film’s astounding effectiveness at portraying them as such can be difficult to watch. Last year’s Oscar nominee, James Franco (“127 Hours”), stars as Will Rodman, a neurogeneticist who’s involved in creating a drug to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease. Working for a drug company greedier than hedge-funders, Will is forced to test it on chimpanzees. The effects are startling. The chimp’s IQs soar. The experiments are halted when one goes berserk, and Will fosters her baby, Caesar. Caesar (Andy Serkis, in an Oscar-worthy performance) has inherited the genetic alteration from his mother. As he ages, he becomes intelligent enough to play a “decent game” of chess. But as we all know, chimps become apes — and apes become dangerous. So, when Caesar gets busted for biting a neighbor, he lands in a shelter for simians. This is when the film becomes disturbing. Caesar and his cell-

mates are brutally abused by their “caretakers.” The first half of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is mildly tiresome. But when the apes organize and decide to exact revenge, all hell breaks loose on the streets of San Francisco. Incredible camerawork (by cinematographer Andrew Lesnie) captures apes defying gravity and reeking havoc on the Golden Gate Bridge. One can’t help but to cheer them. Director Rupert Wyatt (“The Escapist”) deserves credit for concocting wizardly computer technology that makes apes out of human beings. It’s mind-blowing to behold. But on so many other levels the film falls short. Lame dialogue, a flimsy plot and bad acting keep “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” from being the great film it should have been. Aside from its shortcomings, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is a visual treat and definitely a prerequisite for the probable upcoming sequel. Let’s hope they do the franchise justice in the future. — Pamela Nadon




Star Of American Ballet Theatre


Soloist, American Ballet Theatre And NATALIE PORTMAN’S Double In BLACK SWAN

In a Suite Including White Swan and Black Swan from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’



in ‘Softly As I Leave You’

MELANIE HAMRICK and gENNAdI SAVELIEV of American Ballet Theatre



SARASOTA OPERA HOUSE 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27 Tickets $50, $35, $15 Sarasota Opera Box Office - 941.328.1300 or online: More information:

At Sarasota Bay Club, Retirement Means Having The Time Of Your Life. ~Tours By Appointment~

Call Kathryn Cooper Director of Sales

(941) 552-3284

Luxury Residences Starting In The $300’s • 1301 N. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, Florida 34236 60700

Sarah Lane, eatre American Ballet Th

6  ■ Diversions




SELBY GARDENS — Sixth annual Selby Instructors’ Summer Showcase, in the Museum of Botany and the Arts, runs through Oct. 2. Located at 811 S. Palm Ave.; 366-5731;

ALLYN GALLUP CONTEMPORARY ART — “Florida Landscapes: Another Look,” featuring works by James Couper, Heidi Edwards and Bruce Marsh, runs Aug. 11 through Oct. 1. Located at 1288 N. Palm Ave.; 366-2454;

STATE OF THE ARTS GALLERY — “Dive in to the Art World,” featuring water interpretations by Sarasota’s legacy artists, runs through Oct. 1. Located at 1525 State St., with exhibit of gallery artists. 955-2787;

ART CENTER SARASOTA — “The Other Persona,” featuring artwork ranging from fantastic costumes to assemblages, by artists Ray Peper, Jo Proietti, Viki Chelf and Jeff Schwartz, runs from Aug. 25 through Oct. 22. Opening reception takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. Aug. 25. Located at 707 N. Tamiami Trail; 365-2032; ART UPTOWN — Third annual Dog Days Art Show runs through Aug. 25. Opening reception takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 12. Located at 1367 Main St.; 9555409; DABBERT GALLERY — “Summer Showcase,” featuring the works of six sculptors, one printmaker, 23 painters, one pastel artist and one photographer, runs through September. Located at 76 S. Palm Ave.; 955-1315; ELIZABETH STEVENS GALLERY — “Easy Living,” featuring gallery artists, runs through August. Located at 1945 Morrill St.; 365-4222; LOCAL COFFEE & TEA — “Ticki Towne Collection,” featuring works by Maryjo Floryjanski, runs through Aug. 17. Located at 5138 Ocean Blvd. in Davidson’s Plaza on Siesta Key; 870-2671; RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART — “Voices of Hip-Hop in Art” runs through Aug. 14. Ongoing exhibitions are “Crosscurrents of

to 7 p.m. Aug. 12. Galleries located onehalf block east of 2700 N. Tamiami Trail on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way; 359-7563;

WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTER — “Te Amo,” an exhibit of artwork by Anita Wexler, runs through September. Located at 340 S. Tuttle Ave.; 366-1700.


“The Wave,” by D.L. Steiner, can be viewed at the State of the Arts Gallery. Design: Asian Export Ceramics,” “20th Century Abstract Art from the Ringling Collection” and “The Art of Jade.” Art After 5 takes place from 5 to 8 p.m. every Thursday in the art museum and Circus Museum. Tickets: $10, adults; children, 6 to 17, $5; children under 6, admitted free. Tickets for the museum are $25, or $20 for seniors 65 and up; children ages 6 to 17, $10; children 5 and under, admitted free. Art museum free to all on Mondays. Located at 5401 Bay Shore Road; 351-1660. Admission includes the Ringling Museum of Art, Cà d’Zan mansion, Circus Museum, Mable’s Rose Garden and grounds. RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN — “Hanging in Balance: Ten Emerging Chinese Artists,” runs from Aug. 12 to Sept. 17. Opening reception takes place from 5

TOWLES COURT GALLERY WALK — Art walks take place at 6 p.m. every third Friday of the month. Many galleries and restaurants are open for evening strolls and dining; live music is also featured. Parking on Adams Lane; 365-8683. Next art walk will take place Aug. 19.


FRIDAYFEST — One Night Rodeo playing country hits takes place Aug. 12. Bird Street Players performing funk, soul and reggae takes place Sept. 16, at the Van Wezel, 777 N. Tamiami Trail. Guests invited to bring blankets or lawn chairs; vendors to offer food and beverages. Coolers, weapons prohibited. 953-3368; www.vanwezel. org. GLENRIDGE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER — “Songs, Stories & Mr. Chatterbox,” featuring Roberta MacDonald, takes place at 8 p.m. Aug. 20. Tickets: $15 or $10 for GPAC family. Located at 7333 Scotland Way. 552-5325;

HERMITAGE ARTIST RETREAT — State Teachers Artist Residency artists will do readings and performances from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 12. Located at 6660 Manasota Key Road, Englewood. Free; 475-2098.


ART CENTER SARASOTA — “Clay’s Life,” featuring Frank Colson in a melodramatic comedy about Carla O’Brien’s philosophy regarding how the creation of ceramics parallels transitions in human life, takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. Aug. 23. Admission is $5 for ACS members; $8 for non-members. Located at 707 N. Tamiami Trail; 3652032; BANYAN THEATER COMPANY — “Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun,” by Norm Foster, runs Aug. 11 to Aug. 28. Tickets: $28.50. Located in the Jane B. Cook Theater, 5555 N. Tamiami Trail; 351-2808; FLORIDA STUDIO THEATRE — “Our Son’s Wedding” runs through Aug. 14. “The Savannah Disputation” runs through Aug. 28. Located at 1241 N. Palm Ave; 3669000; GOLDEN APPLE DINNER THEATRE — “Stop the World — I Want to Get Off” runs through Sept. 4. “Drag Queen Bingo Bonanza: The Show” takes place at 6:30 p.m. every Friday. Tickets: $5. Located at 25 N. Pineapple Ave.; 366-5454; VENICE THEATRE — “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” runs Aug. 12 to Aug. 28. Tickets: $12 to 27. Located at 140 W. Tampa Ave., Venice; 488-1115 WESTCOAST BLACK THEATRE TROUPE — “Dynamic Duets of the ’70s” runs Aug. 16 to Aug. 28. Tickets: $25. Located at 1012 N. Orange Ave. Call 366-1505; email


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by Molly Schechter | Food Editor

Kitchen remodel: from ‘whew’ to ‘wow’ Carolyn Michel and her husband, Howard Millman, love their St. Armands home, which has a large kitchen (304 square feet) with wonderful light. But it was original to the 1970s house and had not been updated. The room was functional and familiar but tired — and they were tired of it. So, Michel put together a team for a major remodel. She knew she wanted contractor Gregg Kaplan, of LBK Contractors and Design, who had redone the home’s bathrooms. She considered many options and portfolios before choosing David Asher, of Eurotech Cabinetry, and Ginny Galer, of Tradewinds Interiors. She also knew what she wanted and told her team: “More contemporary, but not ultra, and we need to find a home for everything.” She wanted to be sure that the kitchen remained warm and inviting and a reflection of her. The process took two years, though the actual build (from bare studs) was accomplished in only seven weeks. Two decisions were difficult. Relocating the refrigerator took a lot of persuasion. And the choice between a stainless steel or black composite sink was only made when both were viewed on-site. The Michel-Millman kitchen not only meets but exceeds the couple’s expectations. There is more efficient use of space and more storage. “Before, a lot of stuff was outside

David Asher, of Eurotech Cabinetry, and Gregg Kaplan, of LBK Contractors and Design, and their client, Carolyn Michel. because there was no room for it in the kitchen,” Millman said. “Now, it is all in — and we have empty drawers.” He is the one who argued for the bold and stunning “Blue Bahia” granite. The beauty of this makeover is that when it was done, there was not one thing that Michel and Millman wished they had done differently — remarkable in any remodel and especially so with a kitchen. And it is testimony not just to the creativity and skill of both the clients and resources but to their patience, communications and collaboration, as well. Most tellingly, Michel says, “I wanted it to be, ‘Wow! I love my kitchen.’ And I got, ‘Wow, I love my kitchen.’”

EXPERT ADVICE Here’s what Carolyn Michel’s team would recommend to those considering a kitchen makeover.

David Asher

“The client should be heavily involved in planning the kitchen. The homeowner is always the best designer.”

Ginny Galer

“The client should really know their living and cooking habits and keep the ‘walking triangle’ (stove to refrig-

Above: A wall of essentially dead space, right, became wall-to-wall storage and display space. A same-size picture window replaced a three-panel one to great effect.





Above: Interior designer Ginny Galer cites the removal of the suspended upper cabinets over the peninsula as the most outstanding feature of the new kitchen.

Above: The designers recessed the full-depth French door refrigerator to give it a built-in look. The decision to move it was one of the toughest for the owners to make.

erator to sink) to no more than 17 feet total. It is practical to have deep drawers for pots and pans and as many roll-outs behind doors as possible so one doesn’t have to stand on one’s head to get things.”

Gregg Kaplan

“The quality of the end result will parallel the quality of communications between client and team members; the better the communications, the better the outcome.”

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Vi Bay

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ad Barb

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