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Of the ten (10) employees that I have been able to interview: • •

1 Employee said that she was not there long enough to make any determinations 1 Employee said that she tunes out everything in the office

Of the remaining eight (8) that spoke with me: • • • • • • • •

8 Employees say that she is verbally abusive, yelling at them, and it can be heard throughout the building 7 Employees say that she is Rude, Berates them Embarrasses them, Humiliates them, Belittles the employees and that it can be heard throughout the building 7 Employees say that she is unprofessional 7 Employees say that she creates a stressful work environment 5 Employees said that they are in fear or terror to ask any questions because of the abusive reactions 6 Employees say that it is great when she takes time off 4 Employees described her as actions as explosive, that she blows up or goes off 3 Employees said that she uses profanities when yelling that can be heard throughout the building and that they have had to apologize to citizens in the lobby

Possible Violations of Town Rules: Chapter 3.01 B - Promoting good will Chapter 3.11 A - Employees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not discredit Town, fellow employees or themselves Chapter 3.11 B Employee shall avoid conduct or speech that is inconsistent with good order and discipline Group 1 Offenses 11. Violation of published Town or departmental policies 14. Violation of Standards of Conduct in section 3 Group 2 Offenses (up to and including termination) 8. Insubordination (not following directive of Mr. St. Denis) 18. Discourteous, insulting, abusive or inflammatory language or conduct towards the public of co-worker 20. Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with fellow employees or supervision

10-14-2011 Employee A Monica is fair; she treats everyone the same way She gets frustrated with people who don’t want to do their jobs She does yell and raise her voice to get people to do their work She does use profanity but everyone does She is under a lot of stress She gives people extra time off without counting it and this is how they repay her Employee B On many occasions she is very stressed out She stopped me from reviewing building plans at the building department. She wanted me to pick up plans review them at the fire department and return them the same date. This was done without looking at it to see what the impact was going to be on the work product. This made me unproductive and interfered with my doing my job and getting all the plans reviewed as I could not get all the plans I needed to review at one time. The plans would not be ready for me to pick up and I would have to sit and wait wasting time while they get the plans for me. When I brought this issue to Monica to try to fix the concerns she said “I am a department head and you are being disrespectful” She does not discuss the implementation of new processes with employees prior to implementing to see what the impact of the change is going to be. This action is a recipe for disaster Some days she is just explosive She on numerous occasions berates, embarrasses and humiliates her employees in front of other people People are in fear and terror as to how she is going to react when asked for clarification on a task She causes a stressful work environment I was in the front with customers one day and could hear her say “what the [expletive] is this” Did not know what this was about She causes a lack of cooperation between her staff and others Constant abusive treatment When meeting with employees on her staff away from the office we discuss the “Daily Beatings” which is what they call the morning meeting with Monica She takes out her stress on good employees Left the fire department completely out of the latest process with the cost on the new resolution causing a last minute shuffle to get completed She has the knowledge but she beats the “[expletive]” out of her people I have never heard any of the people spout off back at her

Employee C I consider her to be very unprofessional She yells and berates people all the time I am not in the crosshairs and have not been for about a year but I have been there and it is not pleasant She can be heard yelling all though the building It is a stressful work environment when she is at work She is a dictator You have to stay out of her way You can hear her throughout the building. She is very loud and you are always thankful when it’s not directed at you. It is great when she is not at office Even wanted us to bring in all old shirts for her to inspect before she would order new shirts this year Employee D I have been treated very unprofessionally Yelled at and Berated She just goes off When she is berating me it can be heard all through the building in the lobby All I am doing when this happens is asking for clarification of a task Then she just goes off on a rant It makes you afraid to ask questions This new system was enacted without working out the concerns She even thinks employees are steeling paper so she keeps it under lock and key in her office It is frustrating She creates a stressful work environment for all When she takes a day off it is great because the stress is gone She needs professional help She is very disrespectful She micro manages She has lost it and its getting worse There used to be a respect at the office but it is gone. Employee E I’m too new to make a judgment She did give me a job

10-15-11 Employee F She is frustrated when people don’t meet deadlines I tune out the people while at my desk Employee G I hear her yelling at employees It is very unprofessional She belittles and demeans employees She is out of line Some days she is nice then it’s like a switch flips and she blows up She has caused moral to be very low We are afraid to approach her never know how she will react It is a stressful work environment that affects the employees She is quite insulting to some of the people Not too much to me because I stand up to her She prays on the weak I don’t know that we can fix her ways The yelling can be heard through the building I would like to close my door to the area so we did not have to hear her yelling She is like a prison guard from an old movie very mean I hope she gets help This should be a professional atmosphere but it is not Employee H The public can hear her yelling I was the target of her about a year ago when I asked her a question on how to do something she said “A [expletive] monkey could do it” I told her that “why don’t we hire a monkey then” This was not professional it was embarrassing to me as she did this in front of other employees She sometimes makes the area very stressful She is good at what she does But she makes things uneasy around the office She is loud She is rough on [employee] he takes it but he should not have to She is like the abusive mother abusing you all day then trying to make up with cookies I feel sorry for the people when I hear it It is great around the office when she is out It is embarrassing and can be heard through the building You can be up front and you hear a lot of cursing its like “F” this as she is yelling and it is heard by the public You’re in fear of how she is going to react when you ask a question She was a great co-worker but has poor management skills

Employee I She is verbally abusive Attacking me threatening me to fire me or demote me Yells at me in front of other employees This is embarrassing to me You can hear her yelling through the building I feel like the abused child She is like an abusive mother Can’t ask questions without being yelled at We have a little outhouse figurine that we pass around so we know who is in the outhouse that day She goes after the men more than the women She is unprofessional I’m afraid to even talk to people on the phone because she hears the conversation and will start yelling at me Very stressful when she is at work So bad I’m breaking out in a rash from the stress and having to see a Doctor Employee J Feels the interview should be done with HR or Attorney Reynolds present Will meet on Monday if we would like with Lisa present Employee K I am a temp employee so I’m not there all the time She has a mean streak She has moods I try to work on days when she is not there She creates a bad environment you never know when the bomb is going to go off I have seen her meanness and rudeness to some employees She causes a very stressful environment, It’s sad You know when you walk in the building if it’s been a bad day I have heard her yelling it is very unprofessional I can hear her yelling from my work area It’s not a good environment when she is acting like that

Interview notes  

Interview notes