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Small Business of the year awards

The Observer SARASOTA

Thursday, JUNE 17, 2010


Grapevine Communications Int’l Inc. WINNER

The big, bad recession can’t bring Grapevine Communications Int’l Inc. down. In fact, founder and President Angela Massaro-Fain and her husband, co-owner John Fain, have embraced the downturn and learned valuable lessons from it. “We attacked the recession rather than joined it,” says Fain. “The recession taught us to take a different approach to target clients more effectively. We have been proactive and have learned ways to be different. Our client family is more diverse now than ever. “The economy forced us to look at how to run the business on a daily basis and we found many ways to reduce overhead,” says Fain. “We reduced costs by $7,000 a month and kept 100% of our staff, while adding new employees. An example where we saved is printing. (One of our staff members) initiated a review of our printing practices and realized Grapevine was spending $1,000 a month on printer cartridges. Once we came up with a better system, we went to spending $400 a month.” Being connected to the community and helping non-profit organizations is an opportunity that Massaro-Fain and Fain don’t take lightly. In fact, Grapevine donated more than $207,000 in pro-bono services in 2009 to groups, such as The Wellness Community, Boys and Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, We Care Manatee, ALS of Florida and Asolo Repertory Theatre, to name a few. “We started out offering free services for at-risk youth pro-


at a glance

Serendipity Racquet Club

Address: 5201 Paylor Lane,


Address: 3600 Torrey Pines Blvd., Sarasota

Start date: 2002 Number of employees when started: Four

Start date:

Number of employees now:



Advice: “Don’t participate in the recession,” Fain said. “We attacked the recession rather than joined. Grow your market share and be aggressive.Then, as the economy comes back, you’ll be in a stronger and better position.The tough economy made us be smarter and work smarter.”

Executive Manager Sharon Petrik and Operations Manager Kate Potts

Biggest challenge: “We’ve had

the challenge of making sure our clients pay on time and manage their bad debts, as well as cash management, which is something that can get a small business in trouble.”

Where do you see your business a year from now? “We

Veterinary Neuro Services

believe that during the last two years we have developed an ongoing plan of client growth and sound financial management. We learned from the recession and are a better business because of it. I envision that we will continue this plan and hope to add one to two employees as the year progresses.”

grams, but, over time, as we’ve grown and understood the community more, we’ve seen more opportunities in which we can help,” Fain says. “The more you get involved in the community, the more you recognize all of the caring and good people are doing, which reinforces what a great place Sarasota is to live.” After being named Small Business of the Year at the Greater

Address: 4937 S.

Tamiami Trail, Sarasota (as of July 1)

Start date: 2002

Photos by Stephanie Hannum

Grapevine Communications co-owner John Fain with founder and President Angela Massaro-Fain Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s awards ceremony, the couple was met with an office full of flowers and hundreds of e-mails from clients, vendors, long-lost friends and even competitors. “It is wonderful to be recog-

nized for all the work our staff has achieved,” says Massaro-Fain. “We have great talent and a team effort, which makes Grapevine successful. Always surround yourself with good people.” — Stephanie Hannum

Owner Dr. Anne Chauvet

Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce | Small Business of the Year AWARDS


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JUNE 2010



Sunovia Energy Technologies WINNER

Photos by Loren Mayo

Somerset Drive, Sarasota

Start Date: 1992

at a glance Address: 6408 Parkland Drive Start date: 2005 Number of employees when started: Four Number of employees now:


Advice: “Surround yourself with

good people.”

Co-founders Drs. Anne-Marie Chalmers and Bo Martinsen

Biggest challenge: “The

2008-2009 financial crisis. As an early-stage company we were dependent upon outside capital to fund our growth. When the crisis hit, it was a very difficult environment to raise new capital. Fortunately, we have a great group of shareholders who believed in us and stepped up to the plate to provide additional funding.”

Digital Image Business Solutions Address: 7216

21st St. E., Sarasota

Start date:


Where do you see your business one year FROM NOW?

“We expect to ramp up the sales of LED lighting products and sales to city governments, municipalities, military and foreign governments. We want people to think of Sunovia whenever they think of energy-efficient lighting.”

Business Manager Gregg Anderson

Congratulations! We are honored to be named 2010 Greater Sarasota Chamber

Cultural Organization of the Year The Sarasota Orchestra is proud to have been a part of what makes Sarasota so special for more than 60 years.

Courtney R. Wise, MSG 2010 Young Pofessional of the Year Finalist

We will continue to provide outstanding music for the many visitors to our cultural shores and to delight and surprise all those who already call it home.

Congratulations to all the nominees!


ph: 941. 924.3188 RN Geriatric Care Managers, under the Take Care Private Duty Home Health Care umbrella.


health  independence  peace of mind

Come as you are. Leave different.


Craig Hall, co-founder Sunovia Energy Technologies

Although the 6,000-squarefoot building from which Sunovia Energy Technologies runs its LED unit is mostly packed up into boxes — right down to its most-recent award for Technology and Innovation — Craig Hall, co-founder, steps into the lobby wearing a serendipitous smile. “We’re moving to Sarasota,” Hall says. “The county and city have been very supportive, as they have provided us with $100,000 in grant funding. The support of the local government is paramount in allowing young fast-growing businesses like Sunovia to thrive and be successful.” From its industrial-park location in Manatee County, Sunovia develops, assembles and sells products within the LED lighting-and-solar markets, thereby reducing carbon emissions and preserving the environment. Its lighting technologies, marketed under the brand name Evolucia,

are among the most cost-andenergy efficient in the world. “We are partnering with Siemens to replace many of the lights in Sarasota, primarily in downtown Sarasota and on St. Armands Circle, with our energy-efficient LED lighting,” Hall says. “These new LED lights will save our city millions of dollars in electricity over their lifetime. It is very exciting to be on the cutting edge of a huge shift in energy.” For the second year in a row, Sunovia has taken home a top honor at the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Awards. Last year, the company received the award for Green Business of the Year. “The team we’ve put together really has a passion for renewable energy, conservation and the environment, and this passion is far and away the No. 1 reason why we have been successful to this point and why I believe we will continue to be successful in the future,” Hall says. — Loren Mayo

Ambo Foods Address: 3902

JUNE 2010


{ Think Green }


Willis A. Smith Construction Inc. WINNER

Photos by Maria Amodio

Warren G. Simonds, vice president and CMO; David E. Sessions, president; and John LaCivita, vice president of Willis A. Smith Construction.


Willis A. Smith Construction owners didn’t just want to tell their clients about the benefits of green building, they wanted to show them. So, they constructed one of the greenest buildings in the state — their headquarters. The company moved into the building in January 2009 and became the first Florida contracting company to build, own and occupy its own green headquarters. “We really wanted to make a statement in the community,” says David Sessions, Willis A. Smith president. At first glance, the building looks like a regular office. But look a little closer, and you’ll notice solar panels on the roof, a cistern that can hold up to 6,000 gallons of rainwater and a landscape full of Florida-friendly plants. The exterior of the building is also decorated with educational signs containing information about their environmentally friendly landscaping techniques. Educating the Sarasota community about green construc-

nine green projects, mostly in the government sector. When Sessions became president of the company in 2009, he began to diversify its range of projects to include more government work. That diversification has enabled the business to flourish during an economy in which construction work in the private sector has decreased. The company made it through the recession without any layoffs. “If you can diversify and work in both sectors, it tends to help you deal with dramatic swings you might see in the marketplace,” says Sessions. Willis’ management is also working with Sarasota County commissioners to establish incentives for local businesses and homeowners to employ watersaving techniques. “There’s a myth about green building that it’s too expensive,” says Sessions. “You can spend a fortune, or you can do it from a business sense and a practical standpoint. We want to show people that.” — Maria Amodio

at a glance Address: 5001 Lakewood

Ranch Blvd., Sarasota

Start date: 1972 Number of employees when started: Eight Number of employees now:


Advice: “Support your local

organizations and businesses wherever possible.”

Biggest challenge:

“Adapting to the ever-changing economy.”

Where do you see your business a year from now?

“It’s hard to predict, but we’re fortunate to have some larger projects already planned.”

tion is a big part of the company’s philosophy. John LaCivita, Willis vice president, received the Leadership Award at the Celebrate Outstanding Leadership Luncheon this year. “There’s a sense of responsibility,” says Sessions. “Our goal is to try to educate others.” Willis is currently working on

MyGreen Buildings LLC Address: 205

N. Orange Ave., Sarasota

Start date:


Owner Steve Ellis

The Schimberg Group Address: 73 S. Palm Ave., Suite 303, Sarasota Start date:

February 2004

Barron Schimberg

INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS The Construction Dispute Resolution Specialists

ICC extends its congratulations to all the Finalists and Winners of the 2010 Greater Sarasota Chamber Small Business Awards ICC Offers Expert Support to:


Frank G. Berlin Sr. Young Business Of The Year Presented by the

Headquartered Locally

- Working Worldwide 42212

Sarasota Chamber Of Commerce

Sureties • Commercial Lenders Attorneys • Architects • Engineers Developers • Owner Representatives

9015 Town Center Parkway, Suite 110

Lakewood Ranch, FL



JUNE 2010



Sarasota Orchestra

at a glance

Pineapple Ave.

Start date: 1949

Start date:



Number of employees now: More than 200 Advice: “Honesty and people

— two guiding things.”

Biggest challenge: “In

Joe McKenna, president and CEO of the Sarasota Orchestra nominated to be a finalist in the Cultural Organization category because of its steady hand and forward approach. “It’s an affirmation of all of the great things we strive to be every day,” he says. “It is an especially nice year for our staff and musicians to enjoy

the recognition. The best thing of all is, in this busy, hectic world, the chamber stops to look around and recognize the great things happening in the community.” McKenna’s next step is to make certain that culture prevails in the community and for the

Ann & Alfred Goldstein

TheRApy & RehAbiliTATiON CeNTeR AT

the nine years I’ve been here, more than what the challenges are, it is more interesting to think of what character has been displayed with how the challenges were met. The name change in the 60th year was a huge undertaking, but we did it through preparation, smart planning, compassion and execution, all with the best long-term interest of the organization and community in mind.”

Robin Roy

orchestra to continue to be a main attraction that keeps people coming to the Sarasota area. “We have to start thinking about assets that may not be affected by this oil situation, and culture is certainly one of them,” McKenna says. — Loren Mayo

Owner Bob Turoff

Sarasota Film Festival Address: 332

Cocoanut Blvd.

Start date:


Where do you see your business one year FROM NOW? “We will continue to be

shaped by three things — economic forces at work, which are bigger than all of us; continued radical change in technology and how we live and behave; and a huge demographic shift, which will continue to happen.”

T hank s

Sarasota Orchestra CEO Joe McKenna is not a look-back kind of person. He prefers to respect traditions, but go through life with a forward attitude and forward thinking, both of which probably contributed largely to the Sarasota Orchestra’s ability to change its name, almost seamlessly, for its 61st season. “We’ve kept a pretty steady hand through pretty extraordinary times,” McKenna says. “As far as the demographic shift, it’s been an intense year, and the orchestra has made its way through the shift with great concerts and education, showing resilience and depth of character to all of the people involved with it.” McKenna says the Sarasota Orchestra was

Address: 25 N.

Address: 709 N. Tamiami Trail Number of employees when started: Volunteer-run


Golden Apple Dinner Theatre

Board President Mark Famiglio


A Non-Profit Senior Care Community

Offering a Complete Range of Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Services Physical Therapy

BIG THANKS to the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce,

Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Aquatic Therapy

941-365-0250 42022

Pines of Sarasota • 1501 North Orange Avenue • Sarasota, Florida


the judges and the entire community for supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast and “changing the way children grow up in our community.” It goes without’s because of our amazing staff members, volunteers/mentors, board members, donors, and endless supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters Sisters, that this award has been bestowed upon us!




JUNE 2010


Frank Maggio

Elise Lipoff


Frank Maggio said if he didn’t win the Young Professional of the Year Award, he would have felt like the Susan Lucci of the Sarasota Young Professionals Group. “It’s the second year I’ve been nominated and also a finalist,” Maggio says. Maggio has been a member of YPG since 2004 and serves as its volunteer chairman. Last year, he held the at-large board member position and for the past four years has served on the volunteer committee. He went through the Leadership Sarasota program in 2007 and has been the co-chairman of the youth-leadership program for two years. His next goal is to head the adult-leadership program. Maggio spends his time networking and establishing connections with other likeminded individuals — people who are involved in the community and are young,

Age: 28

relations specialist

From passionate restoration, to new construction of your dream home, MyGreenBuildings collaborates with creative architects and designers to provide exactly what you want without sacrificing the environment to get it.

Loren Mayo

Frank Maggio, volunteer chairman of the Sarasota Young Professionals Group

energetic and focused. Although he spent nine years in the banking industry, Maggio is currently pursuing employment opportunities concerning his biggest passion — Florida State University, his alma mater — and what he calls “philanthropic adventures.” “There are always 20 to 30 of us who want to do things for not-for-profits and do something that means something,” Maggio said. — Loren Mayo

Courtney Wise Profession: Execu-

tive director, Take Care Advisor

Age: 29

Congratulations, Key Sailing owner,

Janet Hamel Solomon

Winner 2010 Small Business Awards, Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Winner Current Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year nominee 2010 Tourism Leader of the Year, Sarasota County Visitors and Convention Bureau Featured Women on the Scene, Visit America, Travel Series, Herald Tribune, SNN News 6, ABC 7, Bay News 9, Fox 13, Sarasota Downtown and Beyond, Pelican Press, Observer and Many More!

High performance – Quality construction – Expect more.

KeY SaiLinG iS

View our recent work at Give us a call for a free consultation on your next project, 941.366.7280

Officially recognized as a full five star attraction, and currently independently rated “Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Sarasota” on Trip Advisor/Things to do, Sarasota. Official Educational Vessel by Sarasota County Proclamation, Official Key to the city of Sarasota on board. 2010 film site for Sarasota Film Festival and national TV.


Call or email: 941-346-SAIL (7245) • Affordable Dolphin and Sunset Charters

residential 205 N. Orange Ave., Suite 1-SE, Sarasota, FL


Jan is celebrating 50 years in Sarasota. She and her USCG Master Captain Husband Rev. Tim Solomon sail about 7,000 miles annually from Marina Jack, across from the Bay Front Veteran’s Park named in honor of her father, Chaplain J.D. Hamel. 41993


peak performance

FINALISTS Profession: Public




JUNE 2010


Janet Hamel Solomon WINNER

Photos by Stephanie Hannum

Key Sailing owner Jan Solomon aboard Key Breeze

In 1999, Key Sailing owner Janet Hamel Solomon returned home — and there is no place like home for this entrepreneur. Daughter of Sarasota symphony violinist Jean Hamel and Chaplain J.D. Hamel, the namesake of the Bayfront veterans park, Solomon holds tight to her hometown Sarasota roots. Along with her childhood sweetheart, Tim, by her side, Solomon serves up a daily dose of joy to anyone that steps on her vessel, Key Breeze, which boasts having travelled 20,000 miles with almost 10,000 guests in the last three years. Her joy comes from providing customers with an experience that is intimate and customized; her trips have been rated as Sarasota’s most popular tourist attraction for two years running on Trip Advisor. The secret behind Solomon’s success began with a tragedy and life-changing experience. Solomon suffered facial nerve dam-

age from an attempted kidnapping while living as a missionary in Colombia, but she chose to live with the pain and smile through it, which she does best. “I am not defined by my physical pain,” she says. “If anything, I am marked by the blessing of a second chance at life.” That smile and joyful attitude keeps clients returning for dolphin-sighting cruises, romantic sunset cruises and even weddings out on the water. (Solomon’s husband is a U.S. Coast Guard master captain and minister.) “I feel I’m a successful entrepreneur because I can work 24/7 and never feel like I’m working, because there is no way this is a ‘job,’” says Solomon. “Success on the Key Breeze is when every single guest has such a personalized experience that they feel they have their own sailing yacht on hold for family and friends.” Solomon says her success comes from putting in the hard work to make her dream a reality. “We don’t realize we are in

at a glance Address: Docked at Marina

Jack, P.O. Box 51173, Sarasota

Start date: 2007 Number of employees when started: Two

Judith V. Cuppy Address: Senior Home Companions Inc., 3902 Somerset Drive, Sarasota Start Date: 1992

Number of employees now:


Advice: “My advice is to try to

do something impossible, because anyone can do the alternative. Live your dreams!”

Biggest challenge: “The biggest challenge for our business is weather. We always have a waiting list of guests who want to sail, but I have canceled for rain, galeforce winds and any condition that makes for less than a five-star experience.” Where do you see your business OnE year from now: “In

a year I hope that as many locals and global tourists know where the Key Breeze is docked as they do where to find the Unconditional Surrender statue.”

Alex Miller Address: Mercedes Medical Inc., 7590 Commerce Court, Sarasota Start date: 1993 (Miller started in 1995)

business, because we’re having so much fun,” says Solomon. “No one who works on a yacht in Sarasota with their childhood sweetheart should complain about anything.” — Stephanie Hannum

Thank You ...

Ambo Foods is proud to be nominated as a finalist for the 2010 Greater Sarasota Chamber Technology & Innovation Small Business Award.

In ovation ever


To our Grapevine team, our vendors and clients (not to mention those fantastic judges!) on voting us the 2010 Frank G. Berlin, Sr., Small Business of the Year awarded by the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to the Herald-Tribune Media Group and Diane McFarlin who sponsored the event.

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Recipient of 80 ADDY® Awards ~ Since 2003 2010 Small Business of the Year ~ Sarasota Chamber 2010 Small Business of the Year ~ Finalist for Manatee Chamber 2009 Top 25 Advertising Agency SW Florida ~ 6 Years In A Row 2009 Top 500 Gulf Coast Companies ~ 2 Years In A Row 2006 Young Business of the Year ~ Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

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Pictured left to right: John Fain, Executive Vice President & Partner of Grapevine; Diane McFarlin, Publisher of the Herald-Tribune Media Group and Angela Massaro-Fain, President & Partner of Grapevine.

941.351.0024 ~



JUNE 2010



CertaPro Painters

International Construction Consultants

Proud Recipient of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s 2009 Small Business of the Year Award

WINNER David McCulla mapped out everything from costs to revenue when he started International Construction Consultants in 2006. For the first three years, the company was in line with its costs, but an unfortunate turn of events made him suddenly change his plans. On Memorial Day weekend 2008, McCulla’s youngest son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Then, one year later, McCulla’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. For two years, McCulla changed his business plan and put his family first. “I had to sort of put everything on hold,” says McCulla. “I took a step back and said, ‘OK, let’s consolidate and let’s maintain.’” ICC flatlined in terms of growth and expansion during those two years, but it survived and remained successful. Now that McCulla’s son’s cancer is in remission and his wife is on her last round of treatment, McCulla is ready to pick up right where he left off. “We’re putting a new plan into place,”


Photos by Maria Amodio

David McCulla, founder and president of International Construction Consultants

Would like to Congratulate Jack Falter all of the 2010 Sarasota Chamber’s Winners and Finalists!

CertaPro Painters

says McCulla. “We’re expanding, doing more advertising and going to more trade shows. “I’m one of these types where I’d rather achieve something in small steps. When you take steps that are too big, you can end up tripping and falling on your face. We are progressing, and that’s what’s important.” — Maria Amodio


When it’s time to paint, Hire the Best!

A New Approach Financial Planning Address: 1990 Main

St., Suite 750, Sarasota

Start date: April


Founder Tom Roberts


Congratulations to Alex Miller, CEO of Mercedes Medical for being a finalist in the Women Entrepreneur category.

Interior Painting Free Color Consultation

Exterior Painting Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning

Over 1,300 local satisfied customers We specialize in delivering what we promise

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Mercedes Medical is a laboratory products distributor that serves 10,000 physician offices and hospitals nationwide.

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Call 800.331.2716


JUNE 2010


FINALISTS Circus Sarasota

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast WINNER Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast (BBBSSC) started as Big Brothers of Venice in 1968. Each year, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides one-to-one mentoring to 1,700 children, ages 6 to 18, in six counties in Southwest Florida. The mentoring has had a powerful impact on academic performance, self-confidence, attitude and relationships of the children. “The only thing that holds children back is their opportunity to connect with others,” says President and CEO Joy Mahler. “You will impact children just by showing them the way, letting them know you care and by being consistent and reliable — change will occur.” Mahler says the key is attracting volunteers, who have education and life experience and who can connect and relate that experience to youth. The program is based on connectivity — expanding a child’s network so he can succeed. “Our focus right now is looking at how well we serve the children in our program — and which children

Photos by Stephanie Hannum

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast President and CEO Joy Mahler

we are serving,” Mahler says. “It’s not how many, but how well we are serving.” However, like most other nonprofit organizations in Sarasota, Big Brothers Big Sisters felt the ripple effect of the recession. “The economy impacted everyone involved — our staff, our families and our volunteers,” Mahler says. “There’s an increased need in a declining environment.” As that need continues to grow, the non-profit has been creative in


partnering with more than 100 corporate partners that provide volunteers and financial support. Its creative strategies in partnering with other businesses include greater time flexibility and opportunities for volunteers to mentor youth. “Bigs in School” mentors continue meeting with youth through the summer at libraries and other locations; and volunteer opportunities include partnerships with majorleague sports teams that provide tickets and outings. “The biggest opportunity out of the challenge of the economy is to seek smaller contributions given by more people,” says Mahler. “Philanthropy will never go away — we just adjust to the new normal.” Big Brothers Big Sisters and Mahler’s commitment to excellence was instrumental in their win of the Sarasota Chamber’s Non-Profit Organization Award last week. “Winning this award is a tremendous affirmation of what we achieve in the community through mentoring,” Mahler said. “It’s an affirmation to volunteers — they do the real work.” — Stephanie Hannum

President Companions


ome Senior H


at a glance

Start date:


Address: 101 W. Venice Ave., Suite

34, Venice

Start date: 1968 Number of employees when started: Two Number of employees now: 33

Co-founders Dolly JacobsReis and Pedro Reis

Advice: “Develop a solid business

plan and monitor your results consistently. If it appears you are under producing, have a backup plan. I’ve often heard ‘the key to life is how well you adjust to Plan B.’ A mustdo for small business and non-profits is to stay with your mission/vision with a commitment to quality.”

Biggest challenge: “The

economy impacted everyone involved — our staff, our families and our volunteers. There’s an increased need in a declining environment.”

Pines of Sarasota Address: 1501

N. Orange Ave., Sarasota

Start date:


Where do you see your business ONE year from now? “We

have altered our business plan to adjust to the economy and what we understand to be the new normal. A year from now, Big Brothers Big Sisters will be serving more children with added program components based on evaluated needs.”

President/CEO John Overton


A Safe and Reliable Source for Quality, In-Home Care & Companionship ppy u C y d u J & Owner

Address: 8251 15th St., Suite B, Sarasota

Since 1992


ionship &

For Seni



ors by A Senior H ctive Sen o comforta me Companion iors SM s can he bly rema lp your lo affording in in the understa peace of mind fo home of their c ved ones h n r allow pe d that this is a m you and your lo oice while ople into ved one a jo r step s caregive r and do your home. I pe for most familie . I rsonally our care extensiv s to in giv e and offe ers are compas background che terview each r sio c matchin a lifetime of exp nate, trustwort ks to ensure tha g of care erience a t hy and h giver to have the onest nd carin c g li s Unlike o ame caregiver h ents will ensure . Our careful e t Many of her agencies, we lping you with that you will your nee our care never ju d g compan y started ivers have been st send who is a s. vailable. . We prid our com with us s p e in each ind anion/homemak ourselves on ca ce the refully m ividual s ers to m eet the s ituation competit atching .O pe iv We are a e in the area b ur rates are am cial needs of ec o for 18 ye private local Flo ause we are not ng the most rida Age ars and c a to do som ncy. We franchise. apitalize h o e ave bee n t h Activ ing m We wou ld love t eaningful with e older people w n here o t compan ho want ionship have an opport heir time. and hom unity to p e care fo Kindest r your lo rovide R ved one Judy Cu egards, s. p Presiden py t & Own er

Fully Bonded, Insured & Licensed. NR#30211323, in the State of Florida with the Agency for Health Care Administration



Small Business Awards  

Small Business Awards

Small Business Awards  

Small Business Awards