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Julia Jacobs Barreda hopes to follow in the footsteps of her aunt, Dolly Jacobs. INSIDE by David Conway | News Editor

Driven to succeed

Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Festival Director Lucy Nicandri is in her 10th year of devoting long hours to ensuring the week of events goes off without a hitch. Photo courtesy of Cliff Roles

+ Welcome home, Nik Don’t forget to make your signs and banners for the “King of the High Wire” and bring them to the Nik Wallenda Welcome Home Parade Friday night. The Wallenda parade will start at 7 p.m. and precede the Festival Parade of Boats down Main Street. The parade begins at U.S. 301 and will make its way to Gulfstream Avenue.

+ Diamond in the rough Michael’s On East co-proprietors Michael Klauber and Phil Mancini were presented with the restaurant’s 24th Four Diamond designation from AAA. Michael’s On East was the only restaurant in Sarasota to receive the rating this year. “It’s the highest level of fine dining that would qualify,” Klauber says. AAA gives the Four Diamond designation to establishments that offer fine dining, an executive chef and accomplished staff that demonstrate a desire to meet or exceed guest expectations, including a knowledgeable wine steward, as well as having complex and creative menus; imaginative presentations; and high-quality fresh ingredients. “We focus on today’s innovation in every aspect of the operation,” Klauber says. “Service, technology, food, wine, innovative cocktails — all those things.”

By most measures, Lucy Nicandri is in for a long day. Her morning began at an unmentionable hour — she had to arrive at Heritage Oaks Golf and Country Club by 6 a.m. She’s there to help organize a golf event that’s part of the 29th annual Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Festival. As festival director, Nicandri’s job description is necessarily vague to cover her multitude of responsibilities. In one moment, she’s directing where a display boat should be placed. In another, she’s training the volunteers one last time before people arrive. Next, she’s tinkering with the signs advertising raffle tickets so they’re precisely centered. She’s in a state of constant motion. Look down for 30 seconds, and you’ll lose her. As golfers begin to trickle in, she serves as a de facto greeter — not the perfunctory “Thanks for coming,” handshake, move on sort; she’s doling out hugs at an astonishing rate. Even then, she refuses to be tethered to one spot (let alone a chair), darting off every few minutes to ensure every detail is nailed down before tee time. She never shows signs of slowing down. Occasionally, you get the hint that this isn’t an unusual day for

Mallory Gnaegy

Lucy Nicandri became the festival director in 2004. She works 14-hour days, seven days a week in the six weeks leading up to the festival. Nicandri. A tossed-off reference to “a couple hundred” phone calls she handled last night here, a mention of how her Tuesday workload is even heftier there. This is the “calm” before the storm: the first of 15 events in nine days over the course of the

full-throttle family

festival, which runs through Sunday, July 7. Even that characterization is a discredit to Nicandri, who’s in her 10th year as the director of the Suncoast Grand Prix Festival.

INSIDE: See our “Spirit

of America” section for a Grand Prix calendar.


by Nick Friedman | Community Editor

Racing team takes to the bay again In the high-speed world of offshore boat racing, the father-son team Scott Free Racing proves trust is key. Entering the first turn of a race last year, offshore-boat throttleman and Sarasota resident Steve Kildahl was concerned his son and driver, Stephen, might be a bit gun shy. This was the first time the father-son team had competed together since experiencing their only serious crash on the water. In the previous race, an unexpected wave launched their boat 30 feet into the air, which resulted in a violent crash — the only one

in Steve Kildahl’s 29 years of racing. “In offshore racing, your track changes every lap,” says Steve Kildahl. “What was a flat area on your previous lap might be rough water the next time around. We did a lot of damage to the boat, but, thankfully, it was canopied, and nobody was hurt.” But, as the men approached the turn,


Nick Friedman

Steve Kildahl and his son, Stephen, have raced together for seven years.

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GRAND PRIX / FROM PAGE 1A It ignores all the work that goes into planning the festival — which culminates in 14-hour days and seven-day workweeks in the six weeks leading up to the festival. “Event planning, it’s a gift,” she says. “Either you’re good at it or you’re not. I’m high energy and fast-paced. You have to be.” Nicandri first got involved with the festival in 1986, its second year. She came to Sarasota, alone, the day after she graduated from college and began working at a bank. Eventually, she transferred to a marketing position; her boss suggested she look into volunteering during the Grand Prix. Something clicked. “I love special events, and I love big special events and seeing everything come together,” she says. Since she’s taken over as festival director, she’s been responsible for making what was already a big event even bigger. “Even if you’re not into boat racing, I’m trying to inject different events so we can reach different demographics and different areas of the community — and we can

RACING / FROM PAGE 1A Stephen Kildahl fell back on the trust he and his father had built throughout their six years of racing together. “I just said, ‘Let’s get through this first turn, and everything will be fine,’” he says. In a sport with such high potential for danger, the Kildahls say trust is everything. The two-man team shares the duties of operating the boat’s throttle and steering systems. As the driver, Stephen Kildahl’s job is to steer the boat and keep count of the laps. “I put nine pieces of tape in the cockpit and tear one off after each lap,” he says. As throttleman, Steve Kildahl controls the boat’s throttle, which he must disengage each time the boat bounces out of the water to avoid damaging the motor.

make it a real festival,” she says. The impact of that work goes beyond attracting more people to more events. The Grand Prix benefits Suncoast Charities for Children, which works to help children with special needs in Sarasota, Venice and North Port. Proceeds support agencies that occupy the buildings the charity has constructed; more than $14 million has been used to build facilities, thanks to the festival. Suncoast Charities Board President Jack Cox said Nicandri, who serves as vice president of marketing and special events for the charity, has helped transform the scope of the Grand Prix. Turning a long weekend focused almost exclusively around the race itself into a nine-day series of more diverse events has allowed the festival — and the charity — to appeal to people and companies that didn’t necessarily have an interest in boat racing. “She’s taken this really from a race to a weeklong festival,” Cox says. “It’s really broadened our base.” That broadening has taken work. Nicandri’s duties include securing sponsors; running marketing and public relations;

Both men constantly monitor the boat’s mirrors and communicate about what they see. Traveling at speeds averaging nearly 90 mph in cockpits with essentially no peripheral vision, they rely on each other to have a clear view of their surroundings. “In racing, you really have to trust the guy next to you,” says Stephen Kildahl. “I trust my dad more than anyone in the world, so it’s a real confidence booster to have him in the boat next to me. It allows me to focus purely on racing.” His father agrees. “A team has to be able to gel,” Steve Kildahl says. “Some teams go their entire careers without having that.” Steve Kildahl, 56, began racing 29 years ago. As the owner of Sarasota-based Central Marine, he was raised in the business and followed the race circuits, which he

recruiting event chairs; proofing printed materials; overseeing financial transactions; and managing the more than 300 volunteers who staff the individual events — among other things. During events, she is all things to all people — whatever it takes to guarantee it all goes off without any problems. “I want to be available for last-minute things that may come up, making sure things remain smooth and calm,” she says. She calls the work “organized chaos,” with certain elements remaining up in the air until the last minute. This year, for example, the Festival Parade of Boats was modified less than two weeks before the event was set to take place to also serve as a homecoming celebration for Nik Wallenda. “I live by a saying: It’s not textbook, and you’ve got to be flexible,” she says. Hearing her describe her busiest day — up at 4 a.m.; attending or remotely managing four overlapping events; handling miscellaneous phone calls and emails; wrapping up around 12:30 a.m. — it’s easy to wonder what keeps her going. Burnout is a problem in this field, she

says, and she’s had to increase her focus on maintaining balance in the last few years. She has outlets to ease her mind; in addition to having a supportive network of friends and a supportive boyfriend, she enjoys riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle and walking along the beach. The main thing that keeps her committed, though, is the charity itself. “First and foremost, it’s knowing the agencies that are in the buildings we’ve built and seeing special-needs children, teens and adults getting services,” she says. When the Grand Prix is over, Nicandri’s work will continue. She says it takes about eight weeks to tie up all the loose ends after the festival, at which point preliminary work for next year begins — and she’ll already have a list of what worked this year and what needs to be fixed. It’s a seemingly ceaseless cycle that demands a tireless director. Luckily for Nicandri, it comes naturally. // See a video of Lucy Nicandri in action.

eventually joined in 1985. In 2007, he says he fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams when his son, now 22, earned a special $125,000 — cost of the Kildahls’ current exemption to join him in the cockpit two boat years early, at the age of 16. Together, they’ve won 15 races, in5 — number of races they’ve competed in cluding two world championships, two this year national championships and two at the 94 mph — top speed of the Kildahls’ boat state level, and they say their chemistry in 29 — number of years Steve Kildahl has the cockpit is the secret to their success. been racing As they prepare for the Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix, in which Steve Kildahl 30 feet — length of boat has competed every year since it started 600 — amount of horsepower in the boat in 1984, the men are thankful to share a passion for racing. “To be able to do something like this with my dad is great,” says Stephen Kildahl. “I like the family aspect; we’re so close and we share this as our passion. A lot of families don’t get an opportunity like that.” 2013-05-13BPR.pdf 1 5/14/13 12:03 PM

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monumental decision


by David Conway | News Editor

After debate, Iwo Jima project nixed Tom Savage withdrew his application to donate an Iwo Jima memorial to Sarasota because of commission opposition, but commissioners say they were putting in due diligence. On Monday night, city commissioners expressed concern about fast-tracking the installation of an Iwo Jima monument along the bayfront. As a result, the donation application for the statue was withdrawn. During Monday’s meeting, Commissioner Susan Chapman expressed concern about a special meeting of the Public Art Committee to consider a donation application for the statue and a plaza, at which it would be displayed alongside Unconditional Surrender. Chapman said she believed the meeting, scheduled for July 3, would not receive enough public input due to its proximity to the Fourth of July holiday.


Chapman moved to slow the approval process and send the proposed installation to more committees — Parks and Recreation, Planning Commission and Public Art again — and the motion was passed 3-2, with Commissioner Paul Caragiulo and Mayor Shannon Snyder offering the two dissenting votes. Tom Savage, founder of the Sarasota Public Art Fund, said he pulled his donation application due to a belief that he did not have enough support from the commission for his vision. That vision included the completion of the proj-

ect by Nov. 10, the 238th birthday of the Marines, which necessitated the special meeting of the art committee this week. He said sending the bill to the committees signaled the ultimate intention of the commissioners to deny his application. “We already know the position of the committees,” Savage said. “It’s an exercise in futility.” Perhaps the pivotal vote was that of Vice Mayor Willie Shaw, who Savage said had originally expressed support for the project. Asked about Savage’s decision to pull the application, Shaw said he was sad to see the donation withdrawn. He rebuked the idea that his vote was a signal that he opposed the installation of the statue. He said information presented at the commission meeting caused him to vote for a more protracted procedure. “I would like to see it come out of committee or out of the process before I made any decision,” Shaw said. “There could be information brought forth that we didn’t know before.” Four people offered public comment at the meeting, all of whom expressed unease about the donation. Concerns were raised about the appropriateness of the location; the failure of the statue to receive a minimum bid at auction; the quality of the concrete statue; and the permanence of the display. Shaw cited the existence of a similar concrete statue in Cape Coral,

which was said to have needed significant restoration, as new information presented at the meeting that affected his vote. The vote tally upset Snyder, who voted against the motion. Snyder called it a “sophisticated attack” on Savage rather than a vote on the issue itself. He said there were valid questions about the statue, but that they should have been addressed at the art committee meeting July 3. Snyder also said debate about where the monument should be placed should have given precedence to from where the money was coming. “Why didn’t anyone else write the check and contact the Veterans Administration and try to place it somewhere?” Snyder asked. “The people who raised the money wanted it at the bay, wanted it as an educational thing for young people in the community, and I guess that wasn’t the will of the majority of the commission.” Chapman said Savage’s withdrawal was a signal that he knew public support wasn’t behind him. She said the intent of her motion was only to get a better response from the community on this issue and that the committee’s responses would be valuable public comment. “Citizens are on the committees,” Chapman said. “I thought it was a way to get adequate public input on the project.” Commissioner Suzanne Atwell, who also voted for a slower procedure, said it seemed the process had been hijacked to meet the November deadline Savage had set. Although she acknowledged the significance of the date, she said it was more important to thoroughly vet the project. “We need to take our time on major projects like this,” Atwell said. “We are in charge of land use — this is a decision we have to make about what our legacy is, what goes on one of our most prized pieces of land.”

by Nick Friedman | Community Editor

Developer and dairyman leaves lasting impact Family and friends remember Cy Bispham’s work ethic, humor and zest for life. Hardworking. Funny. Country. Philippines and Japan during World War For those who knew the late Cyrus Bi- II. spham, these descriptions are among the Upon his return to Sarasota, he met first that come to mind when describing and married his wife, Doris, in 1948. They the Sarasota dairy farmer, developer and raised four children while he devoted community leader who helped shape the himself to the family business. In 1950, modern picture of Sarasota. Bispham Bispham helped relocate the dairy farm died Wednesday, June 26, at the age of 87. to the Gulf Gate area, then to property Born in 1925 in Sarasota, Bieast of town in 1952, where it conspham joined a family of tinued to operate until 1987. farmers, which boasts the Bispham devoted the 12 county’s second dairy peryears leading up to his remit. His father, Jackson tirement to developing Bispham, was a former 383 acres of the family’s Longboat Key farmer 1,150-acre farm into who relocated to the the golf and residential mainland after a 1921 community Serenoa, hurricane wiped out which opened in 1990. his crop. He purchased Colleagues say Bifarmland where The spham’s work ethic was Landings exists today, apparent in everything and he filed in 1922 for he did, whether he was the permit to open Bayside working on the farm or Dairy. devoting time to one of his “If you want to talk about many civic commitments. grassroots in Sarasota, the “This is a guy who was Cy Bispham with his wife Bispham family embodies of 65 years, Doris all about community, that,” says Kerry Kirschner, from A to Z,” says Kirschexecutive director of the Arner. “If Sarasota had a hall gus Foundation, of which Bispham was a of fame, he would be in it. He commitcharter member. “Cy and his family are ted his entire life to the betterment of the an institution in Sarasota.” community. Whether it was with his famBispham was known for his tireless ily, church or anything, he was tireless in work ethic, which he developed early in that.” life. As a child, he and his brother, Jack, Bispham served on local, state and nawould wake up every morning at 3 a.m. tional dairy boards, the Sarasota County to milk the family’s 60 cows and deliver Fair Board and the Sarasota County Planthe glass bottles of milk before school. In 1944, he graduated from Sarasota High School, where he was a standout athlete in football, track and boxing. After graduation, Bispham joined the Army as a paratrooper and was stationed in the

Photos courtesy of the Argus Foundation

An avid outdoorsman, Cy Bispham enjoyed bird hunting and continued to shoot sporting clays weekly with a group of friends.

ning Commission. He was a founding member of the County Charter Commission, and he helped found the Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay, the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and the Argus Foundation, which in 2010 honored him with a lifetime achievement award. Buddy Alday, who served on the Sarasota County Fair Board with Bispham, re-

members his ability to get the job done. “Cy didn’t say a whole lot,” says Alday. “But when he did, you’d better listen. If he told you something, you could count on it, and he always helped get things on their way.” Former Sen. Bob Johnson, who worked with Bispham on the County Charter Commission, says Bispham’s contributions to Sarasota are significant. “He helped shape what Sarasota was to become as a county,” says Johnson. “He was complex; he could be down to earth and a good ol’ boy, but he was also very smart. He’s not someone you could just reproduce with a mold.” In addition to his work ethic and legacy in the community, friends and colleagues also admired Bispham’s sense of humor. “Cy was always quick with a joke or a one-liner,” says Tom Dabney, longtime friend and president of Gulf Coast Property Services Inc. “He was humorous in a very country kind of way. He was a dairy farmer — and proud of it. He always told you exactly what was on his mind.” Bispham’s son, Jack, describes his father as an avid outdoorsman and says that he continued to hunt and shoot sporting clays well into his 80s. He and his father enjoyed taking bird-hunting trips as far away as Nicaragua or the Bahamas. “He was the kind of man who didn’t believe in Saturday afternoons off,” says Jack Bispham. “He was never idle, and he always had to have a project or be doing something productive. He was a man full of life, and I hope that’s how he’s remembered.”

Cy didn’t say a whole lot. But when he did, you’d better listen. If he told you something, you could count on it, and he always helped get things on their way. — Buddy Alday, lifelong friend



of The Sarasota-Manatee Originals The Observer has partnered with The Sarasota-Manatee Originals and is producing an online video series. Each episode features one of the more than 50 members of The Originals.

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NEWSBRIEFS + Sarasota taxable values increase 4% this year Bolstering claims of economic recovery, Sarasota County preliminary taxable values exceeded early estimates for the 2014 fiscal year. Sarasota County taxable values increased 4.1% to $40.79 billion this year compared to $39.13 billion the previous year, according to preliminary assessments submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue. Figures provided to taxing authorities in June estimated a 3% increase from the previous fiscal year. Taxable values grew 4.8% to $7.2 billion within the city of Sarasota; 4% to $2.8 billion in the city of Venice; 3% to $3.3 billion in the town of Longboat Key; and 7% to $2.4 billion within the city of North Port.

Chef Harry Christensen from Harry’s Continental Kitchens prepares steak harwood, topped with dijon mustard and a port wine reduction.

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Regular County Commission Meeting — 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 9, Robert L. Anderson Administration Center, 4000 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice.

Regular County Commission Meeting — 9 a.m. Wednesday, July 10, Commission Chamber, Administration Center, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota.

County Commission Budget Workshop — 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 10, Third Floor Think Tank, Administration Center, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota.

awareness campaign. And officers arrested two teenagers for underage possession of alcohol Saturday, June 29, according to a news release. Marine deputies will increase patrols during the Fourth of July weekend, according to the release.

+ Sarasota police arrest armed robbery suspect

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Meetings agendas

Courtesy photo

+ Sherrif’s Office targets boaters out on the water The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office conducted 23 boat inspections as part of Operation Dry Water from Friday, June 28, to Sunday, June 30, resulting in one boating under the influence arrest. Marine deputies also issued seven warnings and three boating citations during the national boating under the influence

Sarasota police arrested a 19-year-old suspect in two armed robberies after a short chase at approximately 5:30 p.m. Sunday, June 30, near the intersection of 10th Street and Lemon Avenue, according to a news release. Officer Tammy Featherstone recognized John Coates, a homeless man, from surveillance footage captured during the robbery of a 7-Eleven that happened at about 2:30 a.m. the same day. Coates attempted to elude capture in the Salvation Army on 10th Street, threw a chair at Featherstone and was captured by officers after escaping on foot. Police discovered Coates, who is also

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The Public Works Department decides which streets need the work based on established criteria. Throughout the year, crews use a scale of 1 to 100 to rate roads as they drive around the city. Staff also takes residents’ recommendations into consideration. For more information, contact the project manager, Mike DelRossi, at 3652200, Ext. 6236.

During a June 4 meeting, the Sarasota County School Board voted to move up the demolition of the Sarasota High School tennis courts.

City Commission Meeting Wrapup During the Monday, July 1 City Commission meeting, commissioners:

+ Traffic restrictions set for Fourth of July holiday weekend David Conway

Courtesy photo

+ City’s street-paving project set to start July 8 The city’s annual street-paving project will begin Monday, July 8 and continue through November with about 12 to 13 miles of streets being repaved. During the month of July, 20 streets are scheduled to be repaved. Work progress will depend on weather. Prior to the start of work, signs providing specific dates when crews will be in the area will be posted in neighborhoods.

File photo

• Amended the city code to add Payne Park to the list of parks that require dogs to be on leashes. The commission also voted to designate the playground area of Payne Park as a pet-free zone. • Approved an amendment to the city’s contract with American Traffic Solutions to allow for a hearing process for people appealing citations issued due to red-light cameras. The amendment was created to comply with a Florida law that went into effect July 1. • Agreed to refund $7,993 to Bob Richards and Kenny Barr, owners of The Sports Page Bar & Grill and BK Wine and Spirits. Richards and Barr had paid $10,657 in filing fees for various applications that would allow them to open their business in a new location, but they eventually withdrew their development petitions. The next regular City Commission meeting is scheduled for 2:30 and 6 p.m. Monday, July 15, City Hall, Commission Chambers, 1565 First St., Sarasota.

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Construction is under way at the former site of eight tennis courts at Sarasota High School, despite efforts by residents to prevent the demolition.
A charrette was held last June to organize renovation plans for Sarasota High’s campus.
The option selected at that meeting stated the land the tennis courts previously occupied would become a bus drop-off loop and stormwater drainage area, but many residents objected to that provision when they became aware of it.
 In April, residents near the school who used the courts signed an online petition in an effort to stop the proposed demolition; 842 people have signed it to date. The petition was presented to the Sarasota County School Board in May, but the board voted unanimously at its June 4 meeting to move up the construction of the bus loop in place of the courts, so it would be completed before the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

The Sarasota Police Department investigated a capsized boat discovered near the 10th Street boat ramp after 12:30 p.m. Sunday, June 30, according to a press release. None of the four unidentified adults on board the 15-foot vessel was injured. Fellow boaters rescued the occupants and helped tow the capsized vehicle to shore.


+ Sarasota High School tennis courts demolished

+ Boat capsizes near the 10th Street boat ramp


a suspect in the June 14 robbery of a smoke shop, in possession of a vial containing seven pieces of crack cocaine. Coates was charged with two counts of armed robbery, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of crack cocaine.

Independence Day festivities will affect traffic through the weekend, according to a press release from the Sarasota Police Department. During the fireworks display July 4, parking will not be allowed on the bayfront on the south end of Island Park. The area between Ringling Boulevard south to the Selby Gardens property line will be reserved as a viewing area for pedestrians. This restriction is new this year. During the Festival Parade of Boats July 5, part of the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Festival, public consumption of alcohol will only be allowed from the 1400 to the 1500 block of Main Street, and only from 5 p.m. to midnight. Other affected areas include: • Centennial Park and Boat Ramp, which will be closed at 6 p.m. from July 3 until July 7 • Bayfront Drive from Gulfstream Avenue to Orange Avenue, which will close from 7 to 10 p.m. July 4. • The 10th Street and North Tamiami Trail entry to the Van Wezel and Centennial Park, which will be closed from 9 a.m. July 5 until 6 p.m. July 7. • Several roads will be closed beginning as early as 2 p.m. for the Festival Parade of Boats on July 5.

• crowns • bridges • implants•


Look as

young as you


ruffled feathers


by Robin Hartill | Observer Staff

City commission seeks bird’s-eye view of SOS


City staffers didn’t see rats or mold during an inspection of Save Our Seabirds, but former volunteers and a past employee told them when and where to look.

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-Jack H. H. Age 57,57, Sarasota, FL FL -Jack Age Sarasota,

offers to continue her employment out of her home-based Wimauma facility, opting, instead, to tell the media she was fired. Para, a Fox supporter who organized a rally Saturday in support of Fox that drew at least 50 people, alleged that conditions violated the organization’s $10-a-year lease of the city-owned land. Fox did not attend the meeting or the rally. At Monday night’s meeting, commissioners heard a glowing report from city staffers. “The leasehold was in the best condition we had ever seen it,” Purchasing Manager Mary Tucker reported to the City Commission Monday night. Additionally, SOS CEO David Pilston described the organization’s accomplishments during the past year, which included becoming more responsive to bird calls and creating an online database of birds treated that wasn’t in place before but is required by wildlife permits and extensive renovations to the facility. But, former SOS employee Cally Lajeunesse said she resigned from the organization because she couldn’t stand seeing what she described as “the mistreatment of birds.” She told the commission of black mold covering the ceiling and alleged that rats


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Here’s what Sarasota city staff didn’t find at Save Our Seabirds during an unannounced inspection June 20: rats or black mold. The facility was clean, filled with visitors and free of rats and dead birds. The rats, along with black mold, were there, insisted former volunteers and a former employee during Monday’s Sarasota City Commission meeting. Commissioners were concerned enough about the allegations that they asked staff to investigate further. The commission ordered the initial investigation after former SOS volunteer Greg Para presented a sworn affidavit during a June 19 joint meeting of the Sarasota City Commission and Sarasota County Commission. The affidavit included multiple allegations, including that he had seen rats kill or maim birds on more than one occasion; that the birdcages and pumping systems for the aviary are not adequate and violate the city lease; that the facility does not have permits to care for parrots; and that on five separate occasions he found that parrots hadn’t received fresh food and water in 48 hours due to personnel shortages. The allegations came a month-and-ahalf after the termination of founder Lee Fox, who the board insists rejected two

French S Pine View

Alliance F

Sarasota’s Connec

Tracey Corpora

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At least 50 people attended a rally Saturday organized by former Save Our Seabirds volunteer Greg Para, who said its purpose was to show support for founder Lee Fox. would steal food from birds, making it impossible to know how much the birds had eaten. She said that she has seen rats maim birds and once had to shake her leg to keep a rat from crawling on it. Para told the commission that the inspection, which occurred at 3:30 p.m., should have taken place early in the morning to check for signs of rats. Para also said that SOS doesn’t have proper permits because the permits were in Fox’s name. Pilston said SOS is in the process of getting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permits transferred to the organization. He anticipates having FWC permits by the end of the week. Tucker said that an FWS official told her the agency would recommend approval. Both organizations told her they had no intention of closing SOS. But, when commissioners questioned the investigation, Tucker admitted staff didn’t ask about violations at the facility. Commissioners seemed especially concerned when Lajeunesse showed them a

picture of a black mold spot on the facility’s ceiling. Pilston said the picture was taken in a room that’s in disrepair and isn’t currently used. Pilston also said that the allegations, if true, took place when Fox was in charge of bird care. Commissioner Paul Caragiulo expressed his concerns toward the end of the discussion. “We’ve had folks come down and say one thing very convincingly,” he said to Pilston. “I’m not leveling any charges against you … At the end of the day, I’m uncomfortable with what I’ve seen and heard.” Mayor Shannon Snyder made a motion that passed unanimously, directing staff to investigate issues discussed at the meeting and to gather all reports, including complaints, about the facility from the FWC, FWS and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office from the last five years.


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about euthanasia issues at SOS.



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The principles that guide us We vow, as a nation, we will never forget 9/11. We vow we will never forget the Holocaust. We vow we will never forget our brothers and sisters who in all wars and conflicts gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, for our liberty. Likewise, we should never forget those

immortal words that explicitly, forcefully and eloquently declared the self-evident truths that have served as our moral foundation and principles for 237 years. Now, more than ever in two generations, and given the direction we have let our governments pursue — that of increasingly

collectivist Statism — it is appropriate on this day to think about and reaffirm a commitment to the principles those 56 men bravely declared with their lives, their fortunes and their honor on that day July 4, 1776. Read the Declaration of Independence again. Let us never forget.

. 6 7 7 1 , 4 ly u J , S S E R G N IN CO

States of America, ration of the 13 united have connected The unanimous Decla the political bands which ve sol dis of to le op pe e the Laws of Nature and cessary for on equal station to which n events, it becomes ne d m ma an hu te the l of ara pe e im sep urs ich Co the wh th, the When in clare the causes powers of the ear uires that they should de d to assume among the an req er, ind oth nk an ma h of s wit on m the the opini m, a decent respect to Nature’s God entitle the h certain unaliento the separation. wed by their Creator wit do en are y the t tha l, men are created equa be self-evident, that all ed, ss. We hold these truths to the consent of the govern the pursuit of Happine d an y their just powers from se are Life, Libert ing the it, g riv sh on de oli n, am ab t Me to tha g , or on hts er am alt Rig able tituted People to hts, Governments are ins shall ends, it is the Right of the That to secure these rig es destructive of these in such form, as to them rs com we be t po en its g nm ver izin an Go of org d rm not be an Fo y es uld an ipl r sho nc eve ed pri en h lish That wh ndation on suc ents long estab ile l dictate that Governm vernment, laying its fou wh , wil Go , w fer eed ne suf te ind to e, titu sed nc ins po de to dis d Pru an mankind are more t ety and Happiness. tha Saf , ir wn s the she use ect th ab eff ha of to ce in ly seem most like when a long tra ingly all experien y are accustomed. But is ent causes; and accord it the nsi ht, ich tra rig d wh ir an to t the ms is ligh it for , for the changed es by abolishing r absolute Despotism elv de ms un m the ht the e rig uc to n red tha to evils are sufferable, Object evinces a design ing invariably the same their future security. former and usurpations, pursu ains them to alter their provide new Guards for to d an t, en nm ver Go necessity which constr h suc the ving in w ha off no all ow is h ns, thr tio to suc d ty, rpa an du ; usu their eated injuries and ce of these Colonies an rep fer of y suf tor nt his tie . a pa is rld n the wo tai d to a candid g of Great Bri Such has been s, let Facts be submitte tory of the present Kin thi his e ve Th pro t. en To . nm tes ver Sta Go se of Systems anny over the ment of an absolute Tyr direct object the establish his y for the public good. ed in their operation till olesome and necessar wh st mo the s, Law rtance, unless suspend to t po en im Ass ng ssi his d pre d use an ref s te ha He immedia ht vernors to pass Laws of d to attend to them. would relinquish the rig He has forbidden his Go , he has utterly neglecte ed nd pe sus so en le, unless those people wh op d pe an of d; ts ne tai tric ob dis be ge lar uld Assent sho modation of other Laws for the accom dable to tyrants only. their public Records, He has refused to pass able to them and formi stim ine ht rig from the depository of a t e, tan tur dis isla d an Leg le, the tab in for of Representation ces unusual, uncom legislative bodies at pla . people. He has called together ance with his measures pli ons on the rights of the com o nly firmness his invasi fatiguing them int ma of h apable of se wit inc rpo g rs, pu sin e we po sol po op e the for tiv for Houses repeatedly, whereby the Legisla d; ive cte tat ele sen be pre to Re dangers of ers the ved oth all sol He has dis e exposed to utions, to cause aining in the mean tim g time, after such dissol rem lon te a Sta for d the se; use rci ref s exe ha He for their ed to the People at large turalization of Foreign Annihilation, have return . hin wit ns lsio structing the Laws for Na vu ob con se d rpo an pu ut, t ho ds. tha wit for Lan ; m of priations invasion fro of these States conditions of new Appro prevent the population powers. ns hither, and raising the He has endeavoured to ry tio gra icia mi Jud ir ing the e lish rag ab ers to encou ent to Laws for est Ass his ng ent of their salaries. usi ref ym ers; refusing to pass oth pa by d e, nistration of Justic , and the amount an mi ces Ad offi the ir stance. ted the uc of str ure ob s ten He ha ne, for the le, and eat out their sub pendent on his Will alo cers to harrass our peop Offi of s arm sw r he hit He has made Judges de t d sen tures. ude of New Offices, an the Consent of our legisla He has erected a multit nding Armies without Sta , ace pe r. of we es po tim il in our laws; giving his superior to the Civ He has kept among us, d unacknowledged by ry independent of and an , lita on Mi uti the stit r de con r ren ou to to He has affected a jurisdiction foreign others to subject us to He has combined with n: tended Legislatio abitants of these Assent to their Acts of pre uld commit on the Inh ed troops among us: sho arm y of the s ich die bo wh rs ge lar rde ng For Quarteri hment for any Mu a mock Trial, from punis For protecting them, by States: rld: with all parts of the wo For cutting off our Trade nt: us without our Conse For imposing Taxes on Trial by Jury: cases, of the benefits of ny ma in government, and For depriving us tended offences pre ing therein an Arbitrary s to be tried for lish Sea d ab est yon se ce, be us vin Pro ing ort ng uri For transp e absolute rule into the s in a neighbo nt for introducing the sam System of English Law me tru ins fit d an le mp For abolishing the free ce an exa s so as to render it at on s of our Governments: enlarging its Boundarie fundamentally the Form ng eri alt d an atsoever. s, Law : ble Colonies st valua te for us in all cases wh arters, abolishing our mo ed with power to legisla est inv es elv ms the For taking away our Ch g rin inst us. n Legislatures, and decla tion and waging War aga For suspending our ow ring us out of his Protec cla r people. de ou of by s re, live he t the en d nm oye anny, already our towns, and destr He has abdicated Gover rnt bu s, ast ath, desolation and tyr Co de r of ou d rks wo age rav the s, at sea ple r ou com d to worthy the Head of a Mercenaries He has plundere large Armies of foreign rous ages, and totally un ing rba ba ort st nsp mo tra e the tim in s d thi lele He is at scarcely paral ces of Cruelty & perfidy become the executionbegun with circumstan against their Country, to s Arm ar be to s Sea n. h civilized natio Captive on the hig r fellow Citizens taken , the merciless He has constrained ou elves by their Hands. ms abitants of our frontiers the inh fall to the or on , en ng bri thr to Bre d d ure an ers of their friends us, and has endeavo s, sexes and conditions. insurrections amongst ed destruction of all age ish gu tin He has excited domestic dis un an is re, known rule of warfa itions have been Indian Savages, whose terms: Our repeated Pet le mb hu st the mo the in ned for Redress e a Tyrant, is unfit to be ry act which may defin pressions We have Petitio eve Op by se d the rke of ma s ge sta thu ry is In eve character ed injury. A Prince whose answered only by repeat ir legisruler of a free people. time of attempts by the rned them from time to wa tlement ve set ha d an We . on en ati thr igr bre ns to our Brittish mstances of our em tio cu en cir att the in of ng m to nti d the wa ed dre en r common kin We have remind Nor have We be ed them by the ties of ou ble jurisdiction over us. jur nta con rra the ve wa to ha af un we de an d d en an en be lature to ext magnanimity, They too have their native justice and s and correspondence. them, to on d ld cti ale ho ne d pe an ap con r n, ve ou tio ha t ara up We err here. denounces our Sep uld inevitably int ich wo , wh , ich sity wh ces ns, ne tio the rpa in disavow these usu refore, acquiesce sanguinity. We must, the voice of justice and of con Peace Friends. in r, Wa in nkind, Enemies ma of t res the ld g to the Supreme Judge ho we as ress, Assembled, appealin ng Co ral ne nly pubGe in ca, d States of Ameri of these Colonies, solem sentatives of the Unite rity of the good People pre from all tho Re Au ved the by , sol d Ab ore an , ref are me y the , Na We dent States; that the entions, do, in the en int r ep ou Ind of d an de e totally titu Fre be rec to be t Right ought to n, is and ough of the world for the the State of Great Britai ited Colonies are, and of d Un an se m the the lish at ab een Th est , tw re, be ces cla lish and de contract Allian cal connection y War, conclude Peace, Crown, and that all politi ion, with y have full Power to lev the Allegiance to the British , support of this Declarat tes the Sta for nt d de An . en do ep ht Ind rig d of an y e Honor. ma Fre red as tes t sac Sta r tha Independent rtunes and ou dissolved; and Acts and Things which other our Lives, our Fo h er eac oth to all e do dg to ple d lly an e, tua Commerc ence, we mu tection of divine Provid a firm reliance on the pro



opinion | my view


by Andrew Clayton

I choose liberty; denounce surveillance The NSA’s surveillance of Americans is a breach of the Constitution. How would you like the government tracking who visits your home or how you spend your money. “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.� — Thomas Jefferson On this extraordinary day in American history, July 4, it is always worth reflecting on the reasons we celebrate Independence Day, particularly in light of the revelations about the federal government’s monitoring of innocent citizens’ phone calls and emails. Clayton Those who support government surveillance cite their belief that such efforts make us all safer. I disagree. The government’s surveillance of innocent Americans is a breach of its fundamental obligations to safeguard our constitutionally protected rights. And, by its breach of those obligations, the essence of our democracy is imperiled. As every youngster should know, the fourth day of July commemorates the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. That extraordinary instrument was conceived and drafted by a group of brave rev-

olutionaries who subscribed to the belief that government should exist for the purpose of securing our rights under “natural law.� The second paragraph of the Declaration contains the most inspirational statement of human rights ever written: “We hold these truths to be selfevident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.� Throughout the 20th century and into the present, this country has prided itself on those ideals and has attempted to spread throughout the world the concept of freedom and democracy at great cost to its citizens’ lives and national treasure. In the 20th century alone, more than 670,000 American service members died, and many more shed blood in the interest of preserving freedom and preventing tyranny around the world. But, are

we truly safe from tyranny here at home? Our country changed after Sept. 11, 2001. In our zeal to prevent a recurrence of such a horrific tragedy, we have wittingly and unwittingly allowed our government under both political parties to become ever more powerful and intrusive in our lives. Hence, most of us grudgingly endure body scans at airports and surrender shampoo bottles that contain more than 3.4 ounces of fluid. Nonetheless, we have not knowingly and willingly consented to the much more intrusive conduct of government snooping through our email and/or its recording the identity of those with whom we communicate. There is no articulable reason for us to allow it now and thereby abandon our natural right to privacy — our fundamental right to be left alone by our government. Some of our fellow citizens say that if someone is not doing any-

thing “wrong,� there shouldn’t be anything to worry about if the government wants to maintain records of our communications, or where we go, or even what we write. But that point of view begs the question: What if their definition of what is acceptable behavior today is later defined as “wrong� by a future political class or some nameless, faceless bureaucrat? Would such lawabiding citizens truly feel comfortable with government agents standing at their street corner recording the identity of visitors to their home, or monitoring where they went or who they visited or how they spent their money? Does it really matter if that kind of surveillance is conducted in person or through some hyperpowered NSA data center? Do you unqualifiedly trust the government always to do the right thing? The mere fact that we have sophisticated technology to conduct surveillance — whether by NSA electronic snooping or

The federal government under Presidents Bush and Obama has attempted to justify snooping on all of us as necessary for our safety. I’m not buying it, and our Constitution forbids it. Given the choice between safety and liberty from the government’s invasion of our privacy, the choice for me is clear. I choose liberty.

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drones flying above — does not justify its use against our fellow citizens in the absence of a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. The Fourth Amendment protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures, requiring a judicially sanctioned warrant that is issued only when there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. Obviously, no probable cause exists to permit the monitoring of every citizen’s emails and phone records. The British poet and academic C.S. Lewis wrote several decades ago, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.� The federal government under Presidents Bush and Obama has attempted to justify snooping on all of us as necessary for our safety. I’m not buying it, and our Constitution forbids it. Given the choice between safety and liberty from the government’s invasion of our privacy, the choice for me is clear. I choose liberty. Andrew Clayton is a Sarasota attorney.

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JULY 22nd





June 25


Corner June 26

HOT TEMPERS 6:34 p.m. — 900 block of Beach Road. Battery. A man claimed he was punched after starting an argument with another man over his baggy pants. He said they agreed to fight in the parking lot, but things got heated quickly, and they started fighting on the beach. The man who threw the punch said the fight started after the man, who got punched, verbally abused the women the assailant was hanging out with, and he only hit him after the other man threw the first punch.

June 26 RIPPING DVDS 8:30 a.m. — 500 block of Kumquat Court. Petit Theft. A man stored his DVD player inside a church to charge it and then left the area. He returned an hourand-a-half later to find that the DVD player and two DVDs were gone. Officers reviewed video surveillance, but it did not show the inside of the chapel.

HIT AND RUN 11:40 a.m. — 1300 block of First Street. Battery. A man got involved in a verbal altercation with another person in the computer room of a library. The person eventually slapped the man in the face before leaving the library. Police could not locate the suspect.

DRINKING AND RIDING 12:40 p.m. — 500 block of N. Washington Boulevard. Petit Theft/Shoplifting. A woman reportedly stole two cans of an alcoholic beverage from a convenience store. She was found with the two cans sitting by her leg. While in the back seat of the patrol vehicle, the woman attempted to drink one

NO SMOKING 6:45 a.m. — 1500 Block of Boulevard of the Arts. Dispute/Fight. A man complained that employees inside an office were smoking cigarettes, which he claimed was in violation of federal law. The general manager of the office said it is not a violation because no food was being sold and the business is private. When the man was informed the office was not violating any laws, he argued it was a government building because there were government postings inside the lobby.

of the beverages while handcuffed. The beverage was taken from her and poured out.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR 4:30 p.m. — 5000 block of Barrington Circle. Dispute/Fight. A woman said she and her friend were sunbathing at her complex’s pool when a neighbor started yelling at her for being at the pool. The sunbathing woman said the neighbor had been harassing her for weeks, and that the neighbor tried to run over her friend with a motorized scooter. The neighbor told police the pool was closed until June 27; that the sunbathing woman swore at her; and that she left the area and called management. The neighbor denied trying to run over the woman’s friend. // See a map of this week’s incident locations.

smelly squabble

by David Conway | News Editor

Dumpsters cause a stink for Siesta Key business Although the problem has temporarily been solved, one Siesta Key business manager says she will not be able to get former customers to return. There was something rotten on the island of Siesta Key, according to Prudie Varro. In August, Varro noticed the dumpsters on adjacent properties were being left out in the open. The distinct odor of garbage was more than an unpleasant nuisance for Varro, the manager of resort Sunsets on the Key; it was harming her business. “My guests were writing me, ‘We love the place, we love the staff, we love the resort, the village, the beach, but that smell — we’re not coming back,’” Varro said. She knew an ordinance required the offending properties — located at The Arches and Key Corners — to conceal trash containers from the street, because in 2006 she had to outfit Sunsets on the Key with such an enclosure. Varro reached out to various government entities with little success. When she talked to code enforcement, she says she was told the blame rested with waste management. “I would do that every couple of months, and nothing happened,” she said. On June 21, almost 11 months after her first complaint, she sent an email to the County Commission, the Siesta Key Association and Visit Sarasota County — whomever she could convince to get something done. Thanks in part to a passionate response from Michael Shay, vice president of the Siesta Key Association, citations were issued to offending properties June 24, and the dumpsters are now off the street.

David Conway

Uncovered dumpsters caused one Siesta business to lose customers.

It’s a victory for Varro, but the protracted battle came with a cost. “I don’t get old customers back,” she said. “They’re gone; they’re not coming back.” Shay understood why Varro was frustrated with the county’s pace, but he was satisfied with how quickly everything came together when it was brought to the highest level. “We all know that code enforcement is understaffed,” he said. “I think that, as in any business where you are understaffed, things fall between the cracks.” Varro doesn’t believe this is the end of her issues. “What I’ve seen in the past is, it gets the attention and the problem is resolved — for now,” she said. “Then, slowly but surely, it starts creeping back in again, and we’re right back to where we started. It’s really hard to keep up the fight.”


ADHD? If so, he or she may qualify to participate in a research study for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. During the study, participants receive: • Regular evaluations of their ADHD • Study related medical care • Study medication at no cost No medical insurance is required and compensation for time and travel may also be provided.

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8043 Cooper Creek Boulevard, Ste. 107 • Bradenton, FL 34201



the lAke Club 16505 baycross drive Beth Pheney

siestA key 941.224.8602 $3,999,000

the ConCession

AnnA MAriA islAnd 893 north shore drive Victoria Horstmann

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7729 red Cedar lane Joel Schemmel

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594 bay isles road Gigi Silverberg

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1321 oak Point Court Courtney Green

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hidden river

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13,203 associates. 623 offices. 49 countries worldwide. 19 locations along the Gulf Coast. CleArWAter | 727.585.9600

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Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. 6/26/13.




Destination: East County

SERIES SUMMER | Observer staff s nk ba Eu Pam by

Eastern Manatee County may not have beaches or famous museums, but it has plenty of local flavor, winding rivers and parks in which to relax with your family. Consider these options for spending your summer days and nights:


1 2












Tom Bennett Park


Gas needed: 1/8 a tank

Mixon Fruit Farms

2525 27th St. E., Bradenton Mixon Fruit Farms owners Bill and Janet Mixon have turned this longtime family-owned citrus grove into a destination of its own. A gift shop offers unique items, as well as Mixon-grown citrus, Mixonlabeled wine and other treats. Guests can stop in its café area for lunch and the grove’s orange-swirl ice cream. Patrons also can catch a tram tour through the groves and an on-site wildlife rescue.

400 Cypress Creek Blvd., Bradenton The East County may not have beaches, but this quaint park, named after the local businessman who previously owned the property, is a great stop to start for a relaxing morning. Guests can hike or bike along 1.2 miles of trails or start a game of sand volleyball. Families with children also can enjoy a unique web-inspired playground. Areas for fishing, playing soccer or having a picnic in the shade also are available.


total mileage:

4 17 miles

Linger Lodge Restaurant & Campground

7205 85th St. Court E., Bradenton The sound of a doorbell ringing alerts restaurant staff when new patrons enter this unique local eatery. With a scenic view of the Braden River, this site first was home to a fish camp in the 1940s. East County resident Frank Gamsky opened the Linger Lodge Restaurant and RV Resort in the late 1960s. The restaurant, now under different ownership, shows off the creative handiwork of Gamsky, a taxidermist. Over the years, the restaurant has earned several national


“shoutouts,” including being named one of the “Top Five Weirdest Restaurants in America” by Al Roker. Its more unique menu offerings include fried green tomatoes, alligator ribs, gator stew and frog legs. Other menu favorites are fried catfish and the lodge’s awardwinning gumbo. Patrons still can take a look at the lodge’s famous — and fake — “roadkill menu,” which features delicacies such as “chunk of skunk.”

Jiggs Landing

6106 63rd St. E., (Braden River Road) Bradenton While at Linger Lodge, consider grabbing a dessert to go, before heading to this quaint little spot along the Braden River. With fishing piers, picnic pavilions and even a small playground, there’s plenty of things to do as you watch the sun set.

total trip TIME: 8 hours

Ú Geocaching Manatee County now offers a “GeoTour,” which takes geocachers through county parks and preserves to see the area’s native habitat. Before heading out, individuals can print a geocaching passport from You can find other caches while you are exploring, by accessing New to geocaching? All you need is a cellular phone with GPS capabilities and coordinates of treasures to be found. Ú Play Ball! The Bradenton Mauraders bring America’s favorite pastime to the East County. This month, the local baseball team has games July 6-8; July 17-24; and July 29-31.

total COST:

A Healthy Bay Is Everybody’s Business

Please join the Sarasota Bay Watch for an exciting evening of food and fun!

SATURDAY, August 3 At the Sarasota Yacht Club 6pm Cocktail hour - Cash bar 7pm Dinner

85 per person includes dinner, entertainment and auction A limited number of group tables are available: 10 persons for $750 8 persons for $600 $

Register at or call:

(941)232-2363 for more info.

Sponsored by:









Coldwell Banker


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Sarasota, Cherokee Park $1,999,000 4/4 Tammy Garner 941374-4161 MLS#A3973717 )35843

Sarasota, Bird $4,759,000 5BR/5+BA w/panoramic bay & Intercoastal views. Stunning, modern design. Mary Hale/George ApSarasota, John Ringling Estates 3/2.5 Linda 7065_SWFL SAR_Real Trends Drop $1,695,000 In_SAROB 10.25x1.5_10.25x1.5 6/7/13 3:40 PMKey Page 1 pel 941-323-2371 MLS#A3939198 )34941 McKenzie 941-388-3966 MLS#A3978715

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Osprey, Sorrento Shores $1,650,000 3/3 Jennifer Mullineaux 941-487-5600 MLS#A3980116 )72931

Lakewood Ranch, $1,049,000 4/3.5 Stacy L Haas-Goodwin, PL 941-587-4359 MLS#A3978380 )45230

Sarasota, Ocean Beach $669,000 3/3 Lois A. Seropian 941349-4411 MLS#A3974070 )26886

Sarasota, Silver Oak $860,000 4/4.5 Timothy Daniels 941-9663602 MLS#A3980008 )45361

Sarasota, Palmer Farms $499,900 3/2 Brock Doyle 941-3668070 MLS#A3979950 )35841

Sarasota, Barton Farms $435,000 4/3 Shirley Lagrange 941349-4411 MLS#A3978965 )26880

Sarasota, Three Oaks $399,900 4/3 Frank St. Pierre 941-4875600 MLS#A3978763 )26930

Sarasota, Long Common $259,900 2/2 Dennis Yoder 941-3494411 MLS#A3976091 )73079

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Call 866.600.6008 from your smartphone and enter the  code to receive our mobile brochure with multiple photos, details and a virtual tour for any of these properties. © 2013 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International, the Previews International logo and “Dedicated to Luxury Real Estate” are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The property information herein is derived from various sources that may include, but not be limited to, county records and the Multiple Listing Service and it may include approximations. Although the information is believed to be accurate, it is not warranted and you should not rely upon it without personal verification. *Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate is ranked number one in closed residential buyer and/or seller transaction sides in Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Naples/Fort Myers and number one in residential sales volume (calculated by multiplying number of buyer and/or seller transaction sides by the sales price) in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg according to data submitted to REAL Trends by NRT LLC.

Eye Center 2020 S. Tamiami Trail

Paul J Strom, Jr., M.D.


When you want to see your best. 941-365-9700



Sarasota, Florida 34239

J.L. BAINBRIDGE & c o m pA N y, I N c .

Investment Advisors Established in 1981

Jerry L. Bainbridge





by Randi Donahue | Managing Editor


JULY 5. Before there were Suncoast Offshore Super Boat Grand Prix events to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday week in Sarasota, there were the Land ’n’ Sea Freedom Races on Siesta Key Beach. Sunday, July 1, 1984, more than 17,000 people attended the Second Annual Siesta Key Land ’n’ Sea Freedom races. About 15,000 competitors came out for the event, which included a 5K run; sailboard and skimboard contests; a volleyball tournament; and demonstrations in aerobics, breakdancing and jazzercise. The event also included a fashion show. Budweiser provided the beer, and Walt’s Fish Market catered the event. All proceeds of the event were given to Big Brothers and the Boys & Girls Club of Sarasota County. It wasn’t fun and games for everyone, though. Paramedics treated one women for heat exhaustion.

Fay E. Bainbridge


K. David Schoonover

Mike Salerno was one of the finalists for the 12-and-under skimboard competition.

Joel G. oldham


Visit our website to download our annual report and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

JULY 2. In 2004, for the second consecutive year, and in spite of high levels of bacteria that had been discovered in the water earlier that spring, Siesta Key Beach was listed on the Clean Beaches Council’s annual list of “Blue Wave” beaches. Each “Blue Wave” beach was certified as clean, healthy and environmentally well managed. Siesta Key was one of three beaches in Southwest Florida to receive the designation that year. Venice and Caspersen beaches also made the list.

John B. Leeming

(941) 365-3435


1582 Main Street | Sarasota, Florida 34236

June 28. Erosion must always be considered on barrier islands. A new bike path in 1979 on Siesta Key was no exception. At barely a week old, Siesta Key’s new $133,866 bike bath between Turtle Beach and Sanderling Road began showing signs of aging. The first heavy rain washed away the back slope and exposed the drainage pipe, sending dirt cascading onto neighborhood lawns. The county engineering department had cut economic corners and scattered seed instead of sodding. Had the back slope been sodded, as called for in the original plans, the problem would have been avoided, residents believed.

Barton L. Bainbridge






Louis H. Cohen, MD

Board Certified, Urology


Dr. Cohen joins Intercoastal Medical Group, a patient-focused health care provider comprised of more than 65 board certified physicians in multiple specialties. Dr. Cohen’s area of expertise includes treatment of: l BPH l Erectile Dysfunction l Prostate Cancer l Overactive Bladder l Urinary Incontinence l Bladder Outlet Obstruction l Kidney Stones

3800 S. Osprey Ave. • Sarasota • 366-4144 • We also carry a complete line of accessories and bike clothing

Open Monday - Saturday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Dr. Cohen offers a multitude of in-office, non-invasive procedures including: l Cystoscopy l No scalpel vasectomy l Prostate Biopsy l Urodynamics l Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation l Transurethral/microwave therapy

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Undergraduate: Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine Residencies: Urology - University of Minnesota Medical Center & Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC; General Surgery - University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

Get an 18 seer super high efficiency aC system for only $29.66*per month! only for a limited time! *Monthly investment represents the purchase price and all associated savings over the life of the system


Same day appointments often available

A Patient Focused, Multi-Specialty Group National Expertise l Six Locations


3333 Cattlemen Road, Suite 106, Sarasota, FL 34232


941-379-1860 Serving Florida for over 60 years LIC#CMC041072




play ball


by Jen Blanco | Sports Editor

Sam Miller, right, high-fives a teammate after scoring a run for the Sarasota National 10/11 All-Star team.

Payton Leach makes contact in the fourth inning of the Sarasota National 10/11 All-Star team’s game versus North Port June 25.

Little League All-Stars swing for the fence

Drew Branton races down the first base line after hitting a double in the fourth inning.

The Sarasota American and Sarasota National 9/10 and 10/11 Little League All-Star teams welcomed the start of the District 16 Little League All-Star Tournament June 21, at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota. The tournaments ran through June 27, with the winners advancing to their respective Section 6 tournaments. The Sarasota American and Sarasota National 11/12, Junior and Senior All-Stars opened their tournaments July 1 and will continue play through July 9.

Photos by Jen Blanco

Ten-year-old Kyle Upman got the call on the mound for the Sarasota American 9/10 All-Stars June 25.

Ten-year-old Carson Long races down the first base line after drawing a walk.

Tony Schiavo is one of the pitchers for the Sarasota National 10/11 All-Star team.

Beads, F.O.B.

Sarasota’s finest selection of beads & findings.

ClassesRepairsToolsBooksJewelry Exciting things are happening at... Celebrating 20 Years July Events

July 16 - 20: Kady’s Trunk Show Shop for semi-precious beads, fresh water pears, Venetian style Beads & More.

OPEN HOUSE - JULY 19 Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in business on July 19, from 3-7 pm Join us for light refreshments and special sales. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

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Custom Picture & Mirror Framing

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Ooh La La 2705 Mall Drive French Bakery Baked Fresh Daily! 941.922.0169

Play Golf just 2 miles from Siesta Key! This beautiful 27 hole course is a favorite for local golfers. We are family (and kid) friendly, inexpensive, and very convenient. Gulf Gate Club is the perfect place for your next golf outing. Enjoy the beautiful lake views and nature while playing or simply rest at the Bar.

Men’s and Women’s rental clubs available.

27 Hole Executive Course 2550 Bispham Road, Sarasota

(Just 2 miles from Siesta Key’s South Bridge) LV6084

● Over

(Closed 4th of July)

Croissants Breads Pastries

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Frame It Up

Open Tuesday thru Sunday


open 7 am–7 pm Sorry, no Credit Cards. 116580

Gulf GatE

as Sarasota’s Finest Bead Store

Join us for classes all summer long!




The Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce Proudly Presents the 23rd Annual

athlete of the week

by Jen Blanco | Sports Editor

Kylie Warner

Siesta Key Fourth of July Fireworks

Sarasota High senior point guard Kylie Warner scored 11 points to lead the Navy team to a 79-73 come-frombehind victory over the White team in the FABC Futures Shootout June 17, at Berkeley Preparatory School. In addition to playing in the FABC Futures Shootout, the 17-yearold has spent the offseason playing with the Sarasota Sting — the Lady Sailors travel-ball team — in preparation for her final season at Sarasota High.

VIP Party Thursday, July 4th at 5PM, prior to the big fireworks display at Siesta Key Public Beach You don’t want to miss this!

Jen Blanco

I was surprised we won. I knew it was even (in terms of) the amount of talented players, but I was surprised when we came back after being down 17-3 at one point in the first half.

I enjoy having a bond with my teammates and being able to work together as a team. It’s not so much one person doing everything; it’s the team concept that I enjoy the most.

It was definitely a learning experience playing with stronger and taller players. It was kind of hard playing with people you didn’t know, but throughout the game we started realizing each other’s strengths. I learned that playing with different people is a lot different than knowing how to play. The chemistry was a lot different.

My fondest basketball moment was with the team two years ago, when we worked our way up to being able to play against Sebastian River in the Class 7A-Region 3 quarterfinals. They were a really wellorganized team. They had players who were going to Georgia Tech, and we were going up against them. For us to get there was a big accomplishment.

About three weeks prior to the game, my coaches told me I had been chosen. I was actually surprised I got chosen. It was definitely a boost to my confidence in myself, and it was a really good experience.

VIP Package Information:

• Convenient reserved on-site parking • On-site catered picnic dinner for two • Beer, wine and soft drinks • Live musical entertainment

I like the way Dwyane Wade plays. He always looks for the pass before the shot. That’s the way I play. I always look for the extra pass.

For Tickets or Registration for this event, please contact the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce at 941-349-3800 THANK YOU to our generous sponsors who make the fireworks possible! VENDORS / IN-KIND SPONSORS

from and take

Jamaica Royale

HOME OF THE BRAVE ($500 - $999)

Hibiscus Inn & Suites Mary Lund Miguel’s Restaurant Richard Franchi Siesta Key Association Wentzel’s Heating & Air Conditioning

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Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Penny Trego Next to the Best Nick & Julia Marsala Notary to Go Palm Island Association Pat Denault Rental Depot Sea Club II Sea Shell Condominium Seaside Resort Rentals & Management Siesta Dunes Siesta Isles Siesta Key Bike & Kayak Siesta Key Hardware & Garden Siesta Royale Siesta Sun Beach Villas Siesta Tees

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DO YOU SRQ? 114985

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Home in Spice Bay sells for $2.25 million.

Campers showcase talent at Circus Sarasota camp.

See this week’s standout local weather photo.

PAGES 18-19A


PAGES 20-21A

eager eaglets


Jay Daniel, Ric Romanoff and Steele Harris, with Connor Flick, her father, Dieter, and Martin Sobel

by Yaryna Klimchak | Community Editor

hirteen-year-old Connor Flick and 14-year-old Steele Harris have made a commitment to learn to fly. The teens spend their Saturdays in an airplane hangar surrounded by every tool imaginable. Charts, instructions, wires and bolts lie scattered across various tables as the children study them alongside Experimental Aircraft Association members. The teens and EAA members are building an RV-12 out of an airplane kit. Connor and Steele are just two of the youth interested in the ins and outs of what it takes, not just to fly a plane, Those interested in getbut to also build ting involved one. can contact “When you are a Martin Sobel pilot, you just fly,” at 539-4806. says Steele. “When you are building it, you see the bare bones of the inside of the plane and you see how everything works together and get a better feel for it.” The idea for the plane-building project started with the Young Eagles Program. The national program, which started in July 1992, teaches children about aviation and airplane safety. The goal is to introduce youth to flying. It became particularly enticing with the promise of a free flight at the end of the program. EAA Chapter 180, the Sarasota chapter, takes children through the Young Eagles Program every third Saturday of the month. But, because the members wanted to keep children involved in aviation after they received their Young Eagles certification, they sought a more in-depth

project — building a working airplane with community youth. So, six of the EAA members formed a corporation, RV-12 Inc., and pitched in to purchase the $60,000 airplane kit from Van’s Aircraft. Next, they recruited students at area schools. The plane building began in January 2012 with 12 interested teens and pre-teens. Because a few of the EAA members are flight instructors, they agreed to give participants a onehour flight lesson for every 25 hours they spend building the airplane. This helps the teens and preteens to receive a sport pilot license from the Federal Aviation Administration; they need at least 20 hours of flight time. A bonus of building the plane is that future pilots have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a plane they will eventually be able to fly. Due to the summer months, hectic schedules and loss of patience for such a long project, many of the 12 students have left the program. Steele and Connor have stuck it out. After dedicating more than 100 hours to building the plane, Steele and Connor say they have learned many lessons, including commitment. “It takes passion to wake up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning when you can do anything else,” Steele says.


Ric Romanoff, Connor Flick, Jay Daniel and Steele Harris put on the left wing of the RV-12.

Photos by Yaryna Klimchak

The EAA member mentors continue to be a motivating factor for him. “They are here for you if you need help,” he says. “They are going to show you how to do it the right way, and they won’t tell you to go do something else because you don’t know how.” Members expect to have the RV-12 in the air by December. “I think it’s an excellent thing for any child to broaden their horizon. This is a precise way to learn new skills and it is a wide, diverse facet,” says Dieter Flick, Connor’s father and EAA Chapter 180 member.

STATS RV-12 FACTS Category: Light sport aircraft; two-seat, all-metal, side-byside airplane Fastest cruising speed: 120 knots, or 138 miles per hour Fuel capacity: 20 gallons; it can fly for about 4.5 hours without refueling Weight: 740 pounds; gross weight 1,320 pounds


You’re invited to our place Worship Service 10:00 Chapel Kidz 10:00 Coffee fellowship on deck. Adult Bible Study 9:00 114843

Nursery open for 10:00 service

The Rev. Kathleen Wiggins

50 % off fIRST GRooM!

Join our food Club

easy rear entranCe for drop off & piCk Up 941.388.DoGS (3647)

1465 Main Street | Sarasota, FL. 34236



for an appointment!



counselor staff

6519 Midnight Pass Rd., Siesta Key



rotating managers


Full service bar & drive thru package window

junior counselors Photos by Yaryna Klimchak

(Located on south side of building).

 Reese Dennis, 10, practices on the web for the final showcase.

Free hot dogs steamed in Sauerkraut ready at noon every Saturday!!!

Casual Waterfront Dining


hours before their perfomance

Camp counselor Alison Krizen helps camper Sarah Windom, 10, balance on the globes.



e h T At

! k e Cre


Fresh local seafood served in a casual atmosphere. IT’S A SARASOTA TRADITION!

e M eet

marina restaurant tavern




th of July

A L A S K A N K I N g C R A b, M A I N E L O b S T E R M A Ry L A N D S O F T S h E L L S & F L O R I DA g RO u p E R AVA I L A b L E A L L W E E K E N D ! w w w. c r o w s n e s t - v e n i c e . c o m

1968 Tarpon Center Dr, Venice

9 4 1 . 4 8 4 . 9 5 5 1

Come & See...why our customers say we are the best kept secret in Sarasota.

Broiled • Steamed • Baked Blackened Grilled • Cajun • Combo Pots • Fresh Seafood Platters • Seafood Pasta • Chicken Steaks • Soups & Salads

Fredy Mayer chef/owner


(941) 925-4444

5353 S. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota Sun.–Thur. 11am–10pm • Fri.–Sat. 11am–10:30pm




Open 7 days a week ~ 365 days a year 10:00 A.M. ~ 2:30 A.M. Weekly Sunday 12 noon ~ 2:30 A.M. 90318

u Selina Piros, 8, practices tricks in the hammock.

In a one-week camp, Campers train ...



& Packa

300 campers

Serving “Key” People Since 1949


Campers learned circus tricks on a triple trapeze, ladder, globes, tumbling, hammock and the web June 10 to June 26, at Circus Sarasota Circus Camp. The camp held three sessions for children ages 6 to 15. Campers attended a one-week camp, a twoweek camp and a three-day mini camp. At the end of the one-week and two-week camps children showcased what they learned in a mini circus performance for family and friends.

By the Numbers

...collect Doggy Dollars and Kitty Kash and use it toward your next purchase!

Call today



3-Course Meal with a $ Bottle of House Wine … Offer expires August 31, 2013



by Yaryna Klimchak | Co mmunity Editor

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, here I am at:

Sunday Schedule




Siesta Key Chapel Presbyterian 4615 Gleason Ave.

1 mile north of Siesta Key Village off Ocean Blvd. 349-1166


Open Wednesday - Saturday 4:30 - 9:30 PM 3809 South Tuttle Ave. Sarasota 927-8716









New eNglaNd Seafood at itS BeSt! Mon.-Thurs. 11:30-9 pm, Fri. & Sat. 11:30-9:30 pm Open Sundays 5-9pm 941-349-2323 • 5157 Ocean Blvd. •

award winning family recipes Open Daily 7:30 am-2:30 pm • 140 Avenida Messina Also located in Lakewood Ranch & at the Expo on Clark 941-346-2750 • Bringing italy to siesta key Sun.-Thu:4-10pm Fri-Sat: 4-11pm Happy Hour: 4-6pm daily. Reservations Recommended • 5104 Ocean Blvd. 941-349-1423 •

SieSta Key

KATIE RIZENOUR, 12 years old

Grace Milton, 8, practices tricks on the triple trapeze.

What have you learned at camp? I have learned how to do the duo trap, where we hold people with two people, and sometimes there are two people holding one person on the same trapeze.

Ava Michel, 9, and Abigail Loeffer, 8, watch their campmates perform acts during practice before the final show.


How has your flexibility gotten since being here? It’s gotten pretty good because we stretch every morning.

new england seafood at its Best! Mon.-Thurs. 11:30-9 pm, Fri. & Sat. 11:30-9:30 pm Open Sundays 11:30-9pm • 5157 Ocean Blvd. 941-349-2323 • Happy Hour daily • live entertainment 2-For-1 Daiquiris 3-7pm • Lunch Specials Mon.-Fri. 5250 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key • 325 John Ringling Blvd., St. Armands 300 W. Venice Ave, Venice 941-349-8697 •

Why do you want to continue with acrobatics in the future? I just love learning new things abut the circus, because how they did it always looks really easy, but it’s really not. What was the most challenging part? The challenging part was deciding which act I wanted to do.

siesta key’s most affordaBle kid friendly seafood restaurant! Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner • 1200 Old Stickney Point Rd. 941-349-3885 •

Venice’s waterfront landmark since 1976. Boat or Car • Lunch & Dinner • Open Daily 1st Floor Tavern • 1968 Tarpon Center Dr. 941-484-9551 • food and fun for all ages Lunch & Dinner Served from 11:30 am Live Entertainment 7 Days a Week • 1600 Harbor Drive S. 941-488-1456 •


Where are we today? We are Circus Sarasota Circus Camp. It’s a summer camp for kids where we get to learn new things.

rky’s Sha on the pier

What would you tell your friends about this camp? It was really fun, because I love just watching the circus. Everyone loves watching the circus, and (it’s fun) to get to be a part of it. I have learned it’s really fun. I want to go to Sarasota High because then I could do the circus in high school. What does it take to put on a circus act? It’s very different for each act. You have to learn different skills for different acts.

Devan Chauvet, 9, passes a spinning plate to campmate Clementine Schwartz, 8.

ONLINE: See more photos and watch campers at Circus Sarasota Circus Camp online at


GlutEn FrEE MEnu

~ Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in Town ~ Kids’ Menu


Clayton’s Breakfast then conquer

Happy Hour 11am - 7pm Early Bird 4 - 6pm 2 CoursE suMMEr

spECials $ 99 from



1256 Old Stickney Point Rd., Siesta Key | 941 - 349 - 2800 |

Open Tues. - Sun. at 11AM 6727 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota • 941-706-1654



thE world




real estate | transactions

By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

Four-bedroom home in Spice Bay sells for $2.25 million The following residential real-estate transactions took place between June 17 and June 21. A home in Spice Bay tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Perrone Construction Inc. sold the home at 1220 Sharswood Lane to Scott and Debra Losch, of Sarasota, for $2.25 million. Built in 2012, it has four bedrooms, four baths, two half-baths, a pool and 3,947 square feet of living area.

feet of living area. It previously sold for $115,600 in 1983.

Forest Lakes Country Club Estates

Peter Branning and Martha Boston sold their home at 1817 Brookhaven Drive to Andrew O’Connor III, of Key West, for $240,000. Built in 1977, it has three bedrooms, three baths and 2,165 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $300,000 in 2003.


Oyster Bay Estates

1324 S. Lakeshore LLC sold the home at 1324 S. Lake Shore Drive to Charles Knowles, of Sarasota, for $1.25 million. Built in 2004, it has four bedrooms, fourand-a-half baths, a pool and 5,408 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1,475,000 in 2008.


Robert Salie, of Nokomis, sold his Unit PH1707 condominium at 800 N. Tamiami Trail to Sylvester Bonarti and Maria Diaz-Bonarti, trustees, of Sarasota, for $725,000. Built in 2007, it has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths and 2,797 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $620,000 in 2009.

Plaza at Five Points

Eric and Jodi Sobol, of Sarasota, sold their Unit 16A condominium at 50 Central Ave. to Roy Williamson, trustee, of Sarasota, for $715,000. Built in 2005, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,595 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $605,700 in 2005.

McClellan Park

Clifford and Maria Roles, of Sarasota, sold their home at 1741 S. Oval Drive to Dennis Jesse, of Sarasota, for $700,000. Built in 1993, it has four bedrooms, four

Phillippi Gardens

Yaryna Klimchak

This home at 1220 Sharswood Lane has four bedrooms, four baths, two half-baths, a pool and 3,947 square feet of living area. It sold for $2.25 million. baths, a pool and 2,793 square feet of living area.

Sarasota Bay Club

Sarasota Bay Club LLC sold the Unit 1003 condominium at 1301 N. Tamiami Trail to Irene Murphy, of Sarasota, for $495,000. Built in 2000, it has one bedroom, one-and-a-half baths and 1,161 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $365,000 in 2001.

Huntington Pointe

William and Marilyn Milburn, trustees, of Sarasota, sold the home at 4090 Hearthstone Drive to Edward and Susan Stofko, of Sarasota, for $425,000. Built in 1991, it has four bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,703 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $203,900 in 1991.

Condominium on the Bay

Michael Burger and Joan Cable,

trustees, of Sarasota, sold the Unit 402 condominium at 888 Blvd. of the Arts to Joan O’Bryan, of Sarasota, for $375,000. Built in 1982, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,288 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $310,000 in 2012.

Pelican Cove

Donald and Judith Black, of Monroe Township, N.J., sold their Unit 212 condominium at 1603 Bayhouse Point Drive to Edwin and Victoria Meyer, of Sarasota, for $281,000. Built in 1976, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,216 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $135,000 in 1995.

Gulf Gate East

Vera Luetteke, trustee, of Tampa, sold the home at 6691 Easton Drive to John and Kimberly Klunder, of Sarasota, for $265,000. Built in 1983, it has three bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 1,664 square

Jon Baldwin Jr., of Sarasota, sold his home at 5716 Volsella Place to Robert and Julie Zaykoski, of Old Forge, N.Y., for $230,000. Built in 1960, it has three bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 1,513 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $190,600 in 2010.


Herbert Weiss and Ellen Weiss, trustees, of Winter Park, sold the Unit PH524 condominium at 524 Beach Road to A and L Paradise LLC for $915,000. Built in 1981, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,698 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $215,000 in 1984.

Sara Sands

Janice Heilbrunn sold her home at 5025 Higel Ave. to Jeffrey Houden, of Waunakee, Wis., for $725,500. Built in 1958, it has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 1,693 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $550,000 in 2009.

Sarasota Beach

Blanche Dillon sold her home at 263 Island Circle to Jason and Christina Caskill, of Sarasota, for $705,000. Built in 1953, it has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,994 square feet of living area.


8121 Midnight Pass Rd #A3979746 $895,000 Dan Freed

Siesta Key 941-966-8000 941-735-0770

6208 Midnight Pass Rd # 300 #A3977373 $725,000 Tara Lamb & Judy Greene

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-266-4873

1104 Ben Franklin Unit Dr # 816 #A3980203 $699,000 Karen Landis

Sarasota 941-966-8000 941-400-6049

1909 Georgia Ave #D5792796 $599,000 Robert Lorence

Englewood 941-473-7750 239-682-2106

1640 Bay Harbor Ln #A3980326 $2,299,900 Kristine Niehaus

3371 Diamond Key Ct #C7044300 $499,000 Ken Parr

Punta Gorda 941-505-5555 941-916-1252

1188 N Tamiami Trl # 602 #A3979875 $495,000 Susan Matteoli PA

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-356-1335

1125 W Peppertree Dr # 707 #A3966346 $489,000 Ellen Wells

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-544-4849

408 Autumn Chase Dr #N5780754 $469,000 Nancy Richardson

Venice 941-485-5421 941-223-9771

722 Oak Bend Way #A3962103 $450,000 Harvey & Ethel Lovelace

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-376-4950

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-586-7390

765 Boundary Blvd #D5792783 $449,900 Michael Hollenbeck

Rotonda West 941-473-7750 941-286-0880

FAMILIAR FACES. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Showcase your property to over 6,500 affiliate branches in 52 countries. 2939 Longleat Woods #A3979976 $419,900 Marci Mcfarland

1329 S Lake Shore Dr #A3978308 $2,250,000 Kim & Michael Ogilvie

Sarasota 941-966-8000 941-961-3390

7129 Roland Oaks Cir #A3980440 $399,000 Alison Elizalde

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-928-9217

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-376-1717

712 Anna Hope Ln #A3980361 $351,250 Linda Bastian

Osprey 941-966-8000 941-321-6203

5911 Midnight Pass Rd # 204 #A3980437 $349,400 Veronika Bajtala

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-544-2134

5855 Midnight Pass Rd # 316 #A3971714 $339,000 Drew Russell

Siesta Key 941-966-8000 941-993-3739

20581 Pezzana Dr #A3979695 $329,000 Linda Bastian

Venice 941-966-8000 941-321-6203

6235 Aventura Dr #A3978793 $314,000 Brian Loebker

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-735-4393

5707 Timber Lake Dr #A3980141 $299,000 Janice Perry

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-228-0848

1712 Old Summerwood Blvd #A3980351 $289,000 Christine Del Monte

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-266-6733

7354 S Leewynn Dr #A3980204 $275,000 Susan Mitchell

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-780-5085





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These are the largest city of Sarasota and Sarasota County building permits issued by Sarasota County and city of Sarasota for the week of June 17 through June 21, in order of dollar amounts.





1727 Arlington St. 420 Woodland Drive 635 Columbia Court 235 Cocoanut Ave. 182 Golden Gate Point 2106 Floyd St. 5071 Bay Shore Road 1500 North Drive 921 Caloosa Drive 2437 Clematis St.

Renovations Enclosure Remodel Bathroom Demolition Remodel Remodel Seawall Addition Re-roof

Katherine Zimmerman Dorothy Albright Christopher Jaensch Derin Parks Marie Hoffberg Hunter Roberts James Unnever Michelle McNeil James Young Jr. Louis Southwick III

$75,000 $46,990 $28,500 $23,000 $20,000 $20,000 $15,000 $13,502 $13,329 $12,825




839 Siesta Key Circle 9397 Midnight Pass Road 6311 Seagate Ave. 420 Beach Road 1081 Shire St. 1081 Shire St. 8037 Via Fiore 1976 White Feather Lane 2227 Brookhaven Drive 5880 Midnight Pass Road

Remodel Renovations Addition Remodel Addition Garage Remodel Re-roof Re-roof Renovations

Donald Williams Thomas Hess Robert Humes Robert Conway Eric Calkins Eric Calkins David Bouverat James Dorricott J.C. Jordan Michael Rieger

Amount $405,422 $158,566 $98,000 $70,000 $65,000 $65,000 $63,172 $37,000 $36,340 $35,000

636 Beach Rd #A3980360 $5,750,000 Linda Dickinson & Kelly Quigley

Siesta Key 941-966-8000 941-350-3304

Source: Sarasota County; city of Sarasota

Crescent Arms

Robert Schaller, Lawrence Schaller, Barbara Schaller, Thomas Bestpitch, Kara

Punta Gorda 941-639-0000 774-766-0248


10322 Windsong Rd #C7044987 $177,999 Cathy Schultz

Sarasota 941-966-8000 941-993-3334

1111 Ritz Carlton Dr # 1505 #A3966943 Diane Lyons

2505 Casey Key Rd #A3971580 $8,900,000 Deborah Beacham

407 Gondola Park Dr # 407 #N5780872 $214,900 Scott Johnston

7819 Moonstone Dr. #A3980114 $175,000 Michael Bruno

Sarasota $9,000 941-552-4200

2050 Benjamin Franklin Dr # A301 #A3974539 Diann Thelen

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-350-5542

3603 N Point Rd # 801 #A3938726 $1,395,000 Barbara McDonald

Osprey 941-966-8000 941-356-5367

3347 Sabal Cove Way #A3976159 $1,350,000 Nora Johnson & Denise Mattmuller

Longboat Key 941-951-6660 941-809-1700

11527 30Th E Cove #A3980344 $1,350,000 Ann Moore

Parrish 941-951-6660 941-320-8461

1111 Ritz Carlton Dr # 1101 #A3941343 $1,295,000 Christine Del Monte

Sarasota 941-349-3444 941-266-6733

221 Osprey Point Dr #A3980355 $1,279,000 Betty Mullinnix & Steve Abbe

Osprey 941-966-8000 941-928-3441

304 Sunrise Dr #A3978266 Terri Healey


Nokomis/North Venice 941-966-8000 941-320-0389

546 Freeling Dr #A3971775 $980,000 Sarah Mcguire

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-809-1478

5290 Avenida Navarra #A3978165 $950,000 Mark McCann

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-685-7624

1780 Island Way #A3949557 $900,000 Lenore Treiman

Osprey 941-966-8000 941-356-9642

535 Beach Rd #A3965053 Rudy Dudon

Siesta Key 941-349-3444 941-234-3991 // Read more real-estate transactions and see a map.

Venice 941-493-2500 941-232-5482

Sarasota 941-966-8000 941-320-3229


3519 Brookline Dr #A3972950 $269,900 Elaine Adair

Bestpitch, Lawrence Schaller Jr. and Danielle Schaller, of Orchard Park, N.Y., sold their Unit 304-S condominium at 6312 Midnight Pass Road to William and Susan Pollard, of Massillon, Ohio, for $525,000. Built in 1968, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 977 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $950,000 in 2005.

1201 Cowpen Ln #A3970739 $1,550,000 Lee Byron and Sue Keal

3665 Calliandra Dr #A3980356 $210,000 Donna Baranowski

4030 Deberry Dr #A3980182 $165,375 Paul Desantis

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-504-3951

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-875-3699

Sarasota $8,500 941-552-4200

484 Circlewood Dr # N-5 #N5780565 Robin Sullivan

Venice $1,100 941-485-5421

Casey Key 941-383-7591 941-376-2688

Mid Longboat 383.5502 • South Longboat 383.7591 • St. Armands 388.4447 • Main Street 951.6660 Palmer Ranch 966.8000 • Siesta Key 349.3444 • Venice 485.5421 • Englewood 473.7750



SLR5 Properties LLC sold the home at 4847 Commonwealth Drive to Gregory Stein, of Sarasota, for $544,000. Built in 2008, it has three bedrooms, three-anda-half baths and 2,850 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $262,500 in 2010.

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-266-7555


Siesta Beach

888 S Orange Ave # Phc #A3980196 $1,985,000 Jennifer Linehan


New Seafood-lovers reel in the fun SARASOTA Observer

nature made


fresh catch

by Nick Friedman | Community Editor

by Nick Friedman | Community Editor

at shrimp and lobster festival

Photos by Nick Friedman

Dorothy Tiberii, Grace Riker and Katherine Johnson

Alejandra Powell and her daughter, Natalia

Palmer Ranch welcomes Culverhouse Nature Park

Photos by Nick Friedman

J.B. Leeming, Robby Lyle and Ali Benac with Christina and Charles Harrod Seafood fans flocked to downtown Saturday, June 29, to take part in the annual Sarasota Farmers Market Shrimp and Lobster Festival. Guests enjoyed fresh seafood and live music while browsing vendors’ booths.

Residents gathered Saturday, June 29, to celebrate the opening of Culverhouse Nature Park in Palmer Ranch. The new 82-acre park is one of seven trailheads on the Legacy Trail and features opportunities for picnicking, hiking, bicycling and gardening. Sarasota County Parks and Recreation, Friends of Sarasota County Parks, Friends of The Legacy Trail, Friends of Palmer Ranch Parks, Friends of Culverhouse Community Garden, the Sarasota YMCA and the Palmer Ranch Master Association hosted the open-house celebration.

Above: Mike Wernicoff with his daughters, Wallis and Edlyn


Right: David and Erika Lewis

Right: Nancy and Jerry Schrantz

Kevin A. DAlton, Realtor®

A Midsummer Night’s Wish

941-918-0570 | 941-928-9106 cell

RemAx AlliAnCe GRoUP | 2000 Webber Street | Sarasota


SENSATIONAL VIEWS OF 4TH GREEN & FAIRWAY! Fabulous 2BD/2BA + Den Veranda, granite counters, upgraded cabinets, newer appliances, tile, beautifully furnished & decorated, enclosed lanai, near pool, garage, golf equity incl., tennis, fitness. OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4PM 9621 Castle Point Dr. #1023......................$234,900


SPECTACULAR GOLF & WATER VIEWS OF 5TH GREEN, FAIRWAY & LAKE. Updated maintenance free 2BD/2BA + den Villa. New tile, appliances, stone counters, fans, fixtures. Villa freshly painted throughout. Spacious lanai with heated pool & spa with new pool heater. Full golf equity membership included. Tennis, fitness center, Clubhouse................$349,000

Central and Northern Florida

Saturday, July 13th

Custom Homebuilding and Remodeling by Mark 5300 Carmilfra Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34231 Office 941.650.9499 • Fax 941.925.8625

BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED & FURNISHED MAINTENANCE FREE VILLA with gorgeous golf views. 2BD/2BA + den, built-ins, upgraded cabinets, corian, mirrored dining, crown molding, large master-suite with 2 walk-in closets, spacious lanai with heated pool, 2 car garage. Golf equity incl., near Costco, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Publix................................... $338,000

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


WONDERFUL TERRACE CONDO, views of 8th fairway, recently updated with tile, berber carpets, new furniture, fresh paint, new AC, new appliances, near pool, golf equity incl., near Costco, Lowe’s, Kohl’s...........................................................................$151,000

Thank you to our Sponsors:

RemM BY New Home Construction Room A New Home C Remodels Gar $1,250 CUSTOM HOMEBUILDING & REMODELING BY MARK Remo New Home Construction • Remodels • Room&Additions • Garages CUSTOM HOMEBUILDING REMODELING

Room Additions Room Ad GaragesNew Home Construction Gara


Tickets starting at $100 Sponsorships available starting at Call 952-WISH

New HomeNew ConstNew ruction Remodels Room Additions Garages


Remodels Room Additions Garages



JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. | WWSB ABC7 Mercedes Medical | Jay Goodley Entertainment Inc. Custom Homebuilding and by M Custom and CustomHomebuilding Homebuilding and Remodeling by Remodeling Mark Observer Media Group | Spotlight Graphics Custom Homebuilding and Remodeling by Mark Remodeling by Carmilfra MarkSarasota, 5300 Drive, Sarasota, 5300 Carmilfra Drive, Florida 34231 Florida 3423 Custom Homebuilding and Remodeling by Mark Ritz-Carlton Members Club Serving Sarasota Area for the Last 16 Years 5300 Carmilfra Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34231 Office 941.650.9499 • Fax 941.925.8625 Office 941.650.9499 • Fax 941.925.8625 5300 Carmilfra Drive, Sarasota, Florida CONSTRUCTION, INC. 34231 DOCs — Drs. Anderson and Brannan CONSTRUCTION, INC. 5300 Carmilfra Drive, Sarasota, 34231 Office 941.650.9499 • Fax FL 941.925.8625 Office 941.650.9499 • Fax 941.925.8625Office 941.650.9499 • Fax 941.925.8625 Shumaker, Loop, & Kendrick,CONSTRUCTION, LLP CONSTRUCTION, INC. INC. Custom Homebuilding and Remodeling by Mark 5300 Carmilfra Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34231 Office 941.650.9499 • Fax 941.925.8625





Do you love taking photos? We want your best photos of sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, etc. Submit your local weather photos for a chance to have your photo published in the paper! TemperatureS

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Tuesday, June 25



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95 (1969)

64 (1966)

Friday, June 28



96 (1998)

65 (1937)

Saturday, June 29



96 (1998)

67 (1928)

Sunday, June 30



100 (1998)

67 (1973)

Monday, July 1



96 (1998)

61 (1948)

Average Gulf water temperature: 88 RAINFALL

Sunrise / sunset

Tuesday, June 25


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Thursday, July 4

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Monday, July 1


Monday, July 8

6:42a 8:28p

Year-to-date: 2013 2012 18.50 in 23.11 in.

Tuesday, July 9

6:42a 8:28p

Wednesday, July 10

6:43a 8:27p

Month-to-date: 2013 2012 1.62 in 0.00 in.

 Richard Chen submitted this photo, taken recently on a foggy, wet morning in Village Walk on Palmer Ranch.


Scan the QR code on your smartphone to submit your weather photos! Or visit and click on the “Contests” tab.

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On the Pacific Beach shelter Bessemer locale Hardwood tree Kind of lamp used in auto headlights Drenched Nationals, prior to 2005 Put one’s wits to the test Stretched out Homer’s path Takes home Refer to Brazil’s ___ Paulo Castle protectors One of Franklin’s two certainties “... falls ___ on the plain” Masseuse’s workplace Bishop’s hat Unfathomable chasm False front? Talk foolishly Counterpart of ma’am One way to seal a deal Not perfectly upright Stylebook concern Da Vinci model Panettiere of “Nashville” Ness of “The Untouchables” Prepared to propose Construction wood, sometimes Mess hall drudges, briefly Car scar Behind-the-scenes sages “Cut that out!”

73 Attendance fig., often 74 Help for the hapless 75 More quick to the helm 76 Hit for Leo Sayer “More ___ Can Say” 77 Omsk’s land 80 Horror film fare 81 “___, meenie, miney, moe ...” 82 Fail 84 Self-love 89 Kenan’s old partner on Nickelodeon 90 Climb down 93 Instruct 94 Make ___ at (try to pick up) 96 Adult doodlebug 97 Young newt 98 Corny bit? 101 Ready to be drafted? 103 Off the payroll 104 “I love” to Latin lovers 107 “Not guilty,” e.g. 110 Location for a concert 114 Cause of Cleopatra’s demise 115 Bandmate of Keith and Charlie 117 Profession for a very high-minded smart person 122 Easily irritated 123 One way to come into some money 124 Calls it a career 125 “Let’s Make ___” (game show) 126 Branch of geology that studies the shape of the Earth 127 Abraded 128 Robert of “G.E. College Bowl”


1 The brother in “Am I my brother’s keeper?” 2 “All My Ex’s Live in ___” 3 Old photo tint 4 President’s concern 5 Sighs of relief 6 Buckwheat was a little one 7 “Bitter” drink 8 Hard-to-see specks 9 Ottoman official 10 Cloven-hoofed creature 11 Any minute 12 Assistance 13 Alphabet chain 14 Blood typing system 15 Skewer 16 BMW rival 17 Hot sandwich 18 “Zip-___-Doo-Dah” 20 Second-largest Great Lake 24 “Acid” 26 Bearded brethren in buggies 31 Prepares for publication 33 Outward flow 34 Have a fever 35 Three-tone chord 37 Coveted quality 38 Source of sickness? 39 Many a Groucho Marx quip 40 Say further 42 Where some great ideas are formed 43 ___ Aviv 44 It’s often left hanging 45 Paths for flight attendants 46 Advisory group 48 Fuel-yielding rock 50 Brushed leather 52 Acid neutralizer 53 Brother or father 54 Black eyes 57 Obtained 60 Soviet leader who preceded Mikhail 61 Word that’s an ayeful

64 “Do, or do not. There is no ___.” 65 Small Russian turnovers 67 They’re played at the track 68 Door-to-door pitch 70 Barker and Rainey 71 Blackstone craft 72 Seashell seller in a tongue twister 76 Arizona State home 78 Revealed the true nature of 79 Unit of wound thread 82 Consumer’s protective agcy. 83 “Funeral in Berlin” author Deighton 85 Partook of, as food 86 NBA official 87 Curiosity victim, in an old saying 88 Wall St. “500” 91 Last word for Ripley 92 Cloning need 95 City in western California 99 Cleaned the slate 100 Breathers, musically speaking 102 Common pipe material, briefly 103 Bad smelling 105 Cheapskate 106 Based on base eight 107 Snobbish highbrow 108 “The ___ Ranger” 109 Empty room sound 111 Blarney Stone land 112 “... ___ the twain shall meet” 113 “Do ___ others as ...” 116 Richard Petty’s racing son 118 “Before” in only one syllable 119 “Whether ___ nobler ...” 120 Shoat’s home 121 Feeling of fury 122 Billy Blanks workout: ___ Bo CROSSWORD_070413

Thursday, July 4, 2013 Thursday, July 4, 2013 Thursday, July 4, 2013

Items Under $200 For Sale ADVERTISE YOUR MERCHANDISE with the total value of all items $200 or less in Items Sale this sectionUnder for FREE!$200 Limit 1For ad per month, 15 words or less. Price must be included ADVERTISE YOUR MERCHANDISEnext to each item. No commercial with the total value of all itemsadvertising. $200 or less in Ad runs 2 consecutive weeks in 1per Observer. this section for FREE! Limit 1 ad month, calls please.) 15 words or (No Price must be included next to (Please provide your name advertising. and address) each item. No commercial to: in 1 Observer. Email ad Ad runs 2 consecutive weeks (No phone calls please.) at: and address) (Please provide Online your name Email ad to: Or mail to: The Observer Online at:Group P.O. Box 3169 Sarasota, 34230 Or mailFlto: EASY CHAIRSThe (2): Observer matching,Group yellow, comfortable, P.O. Box 3169 $30 each. 941-924-5093. Sarasota, Fl 34230 GIFT CARD: (childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoes), EASY CHAIRS (2): cards matching, $100. Itunes gift (2), yellow, $10/ea.comfortable, Best offer. $30 each. 941-924-5093. 941-360-0612. GIFT (childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoes), HIGH CARD: Cosco, folds, $15. Pack N Play: $100. (2), $10/ea. offer. Cosco,Itunes $25.giftAllcards in very good Best condition. 941-360-0612. 941-926-7254. HIGH CHAIR: Cosco, folds, model $15. Pack N Play: HOOVER VACUUM cleaner, #4500, $25. Cosco, All in800very condition. Magellan $25. Road Mate GPS, good w/all accessories, 941-926-7254. $50. 941-383-9700. HOOVER VACUUM new. cleaner, KINDLE. ALMOST Put model 2 books#4500, on it, $25. then Magellan Mate$50. 800 941-955-5787. GPS, w/all accessories, went backRoad to paper. $50. 941-383-9700. LARGE WICKER chair w/cushion, $15. KINDLE. ALMOST new. Put 2 books on it, then 941-383-9700. went back to paper. $50. 941-955-5787. MATTRESS: QUEEN, 1 year old, box spring & LARGE WICKER chair $15. frame in great condition, $200.w/cushion, 414-333-3539. 941-383-9700. PILATES PRO Chair with handles, 6 DVDs, 4 MATTRESS: QUEEN, $100. 1 year old, box spring & months old. Sacrifice Call 941-366-7456. frame in great condition, $200. 414-333-3539. RECLINER: GREEN sail cloth, comfy, good buy. PILATES PRO ChairNokomis. with handles, 6 DVDs, 4 $35. 941-587-8271, months old. Sacrifice $100. Call 941-366-7456. STOVE: G.E., white, 30â&#x20AC;? self-cleaning, good RECLINER: GREEN sail cloth, comfy, good buy. condition, $125. 941-349-3860. $35. 941-587-8271, Nokomis.

Wanted STOVE: G.E.,Autos white, 30â&#x20AC;? self-cleaning, good condition, 941-349-3860. TOP $$ PAID FOR YOUR WE BUY $125. CARS. VEHICLES. Call Hawley Motors, 941-923-3421. Autos Wanted

Boat Slips For $$ Rent/Sale PAID FOR YOUR TOP WE BUY CARS. VEHICLES. Call Hawley Motors, 941-923-3421. BOAT SLIP FOR RENT, up to 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. High, dry, indoor marina. Excellent boating location. By the Slips Rent/Sale monthBoat or yearly. PrivateFor owner, 941-371-1866. BOAT SLIP FOR RENT, up to 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. High, dry, FOR RENT. Inside boat boating slip at The Boat House, indoor marina. Excellent location. By the Longboat Key. Up to 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122; LOA. Great location. month or yearly. Private owner, 941-371-1866. $225/mo. 352-634-4788. FOR RENT. Inside boat slip at The Boat House, Longboat Key. Up to 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122; LOA. Great location. $225/mo. 352-634-4788.


Real Estate Wanted

Things To Do Boats Cruise or Fish Hyatt Sarasota Docks 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122;/53â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Yachts - 2hrs./2 months 941-383-5232 Cruise or Fish Hyatt Sarasota Docks 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122;/53â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Yachts - 2hrs./2 months Garage/Moving/Estate Sales 941-383-5232 SALE AUNTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;SSale ESTATE AUNTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ESTATE - 7188 Grey Squirrel 7188 South Grey Squirrel Blvd., Sales Blvd., Woodside off of Bispham, Saturday Garage/Moving/Estate Woodside South of Bispham, 8am-2pm. Contents of off world travelers villa. 8am-2pm. Saturday Antiques,ESTATE artifacts from around the Squirrel world, AUNTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Sale - 7188 Grey antique furniture,South 2 bedroom sets, desk, bookBlvd., Woodside off of Bispham, Saturday Contents ofglassware, world travelers villa. Antiques, cases, china, paperweights, lamps, 8am-2pm. Contents of world travelers villa. artifacts from around world, antique bamboo furniture, jardineres, wood Antiques, artifacts fromthe around thecarvings, world, pottery, Asian pieces, paintings, etchings, full furniture, 2 bedroom sets, desk, antique furniture, 2 bedroom sets,bookcases, desk, bookkitchen andglassware, more. china, paperweights, lamps, cases, china, glassware, paperweights, lamps, bamboofurniture, furniture, jardineres, wood bamboo woodcarvings, carvings, pottery, Asian pieces, paintings,etchings, etchings, full pottery, Asian pieces, paintings, General Merchandise full kitchen and more. kitchen and more. COMPLETE KITCHEN. Kraftmaid Ivoryhall cabinets with corner sink, disposal, smooth top General Merchandise range, microwave. MUST SEE! SARASOTA. 260-667-3837. KITCHEN. Kraftmaid Ivoryhall COMPLETE cabinets with corner sink, disposal, smooth top Merchandise range, microwave. MUST Wanted SEE! SARASOTA. 260-667-3837. CASH FOR Old Military Items. Swords, uniforms, insignia & old guns. Call 941-416-3280.

Merchandise Wanted

SENIOR LOOKING to purchase precious metals, CASH FORcoins, Old jewelry Military Swords, time pieces, and Items. antiques. Please uniforms, & old guns. Call 941-416-3280. call Marc,insignia 941-321-0707. SENIOR LOOKING to purchase precious metals, time pieces, coins,Storage jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707. STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. Storage 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662. STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.

ONEY $AVE AM nd MAkE MONEY Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

GARAGE SALE As low as $15 for 1 week! Get a discount when you run your ad in more than one Observer.

Call 941.955.4888












* Available through December 18, 2013. Holidays and weekends s!DMISSIONTOOFLOCALATTRACTIONS3OME excluded. Based on double occupancy. Tax, tip & resort fees extra. ATTRACTIONSMAYREQUIREADDITIONALFEES

WANTED Real Estate Wanted LUXURY ANNUAL RENTALS WANTED For Qualified Waiting Clients LUXURY ANNUAL RENTALS Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals For Qualified Waiting Clients 941-225-1356 email:

Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals Personalized attention 941-225-1356 professional honest advice. email: 25 Years Experience - References available Personalized attention with professional honest advice. 25Vacation/Seasonal Years Experience - References available Rentals

LANDLORD ALERT!! We have Tenantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s!!! Wanted: 1-3BR Homes/Condos,Rentals Furnished or Vacation/Seasonal Unfurnished. Siesta Key Realty Incorporated, 941-349-8900,ALERT!! LANDLORD We have Tenantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s!!! Type of accommodation subject to availability. Wanted: 1-3BR Homes/Condos, Furnished or * Available through December 18, 2013. Holidays and weekends Bayside condominiums available at different rates. ON BEACH OR BAY!! 1-3 Bedrooms, Weekly or excluded. Unfurnished. Siesta Key Realty Incorporated, ** An 18% gratuity will be added by lunch and dinner vendors. Monthly. Available Immediately. Based on double occupancy. Tax, tip & resort fees extra. 941-349-8900, ***Limited to one per customer. Seaside Management, 941-923-6077. Type of accommodation subject to availability. Bayside condominiums available at different rates. ON BEACH OR BAY!! 1-3 Bedrooms, Weekly or FORwillRESERVATIONS, PEPPERTREE Siesta Key: 2BR/2BA, ** An 18% gratuity be added by lunch and dinner vendors. Monthly. AvailableBAY, Immediately. upstairsManagement, unit, Gulf views. Turnkey furnished, ***Limited to one per customer. Seaside 941-923-6077. CALL (800) 243-9076 or (239) 597-3144 garage. Available July through Dec. $4000/mo. 9225 Gulfshore Drive North, Naples, Florida 34108 FOR RESERVATIONS, Lisa Beach Agent, E-mail: PEPPERTREE BAY, 941-374-9133 Siesta Key: or 2BR/2BA, upstairs unit, Gulf views. Turnkey furnished, CALL (800) 243-9076 or (239) 597-3144 garage. Available July through Dec. $4000/mo. 9225 Gulfshore Drive North, Naples, Florida 34108 Lisa Beach Agent, 941-374-9133 or E-mail: Business Opportunities PRIVATEER WINTER 2014. 3 month rental. JAN PRO CLEANING FRANCHISE: $950 Down 2BR/2BA with full Gulf views. Pool, tennis, Required, Financing Available for growth, Includes beautiful beach and watch complete sunsets Business from two balconies. Please call3 1-203-803-0655 PRIVATEER WINTER 2014. month rental. customers. Earn up toOpportunities $10,000 Month+. for more information. with full Gulf views. Pool, tennis, Call 941-907-8141. JAN PRO CLEANING FRANCHISE: $950 Down 2BR/2BA Required, Financing Available for growth, Includes beautiful beach and watch complete sunsets from two balconies. Please call 1-203-803-0655 Accounting customers. EarnHelp up to $10,000 Month+. Wanted for more information. Call 941-907-8141. HOUSECLEANER for Company. Car needed, STEPHEN M MUSCO CPA Tax Preparation, Suite D. Experience helpful. Background Checked. Bring 1487 Second Street, Accounting Help Call Wanted Across from Whole Foods. home $300-$400/wk. Drew 941-445-5844. Call for M an MUSCO appointment: CPA Tax941-914-1866 Preparation, HOUSECLEANER for Company. Car needed, STEPHEN EmailSecond Street, Suite D. Experience helpful. Background Checked. Bring 1487 Positions Wanted Across from Whole Foods. home $300-$400/wk. Call Drew 941-445-5844. Care Services an appointment: 941-914-1866 WATER FITNESS/SWIM Instructor. Certified & Call for Adult insured experienced with rehab, specialty Email Positions Wanted populations, boomers plus. Reach your goals CUSTOMIZED INDIVIDUAL CARE. Offering nonmedical and medical careServices plans developed and Adult Care and have fun! Your pool, my equipment. WATER FITNESS/SWIM Instructor. Certified & designed to fit individuals needs. Includes homeAnne, 806-9655. insured experienced with rehab, specialty making, errands, doctor visits, transportation, populations, boomers plus. Reach your goals CUSTOMIZED INDIVIDUAL CARE. Offering nonmeal prep. with special dietary needs, and medand have fun! Your pool, myRent equipment. medical and medical care plans developed and Condos/Apts. For ication supervision. To customize a plan for your designed to fit individuals needs. Includes homeAnne, 806-9655. loved oneerrands, and for details, 377-4465 or visit our DEER CREEK on Palmer Ranch Villa. 2BR/2BA + making, doctorcall visits, transportation, mobile or online at den, 2 car garage, lake view. Close to mall and meal prep. with website special dietary needs, and medFor Rent Lic. #30211372. Bonded and Insured. LegacyCondos/Apts. Trail. Community pool, gated. $1700 ication supervision. To customize a plan for your month/annual. 941-685-6726. DEER CREEK Available on Palmer8/1. Ranch Villa. 2BR/2BA + loved one and for details, call 377-4465 or visit our EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER available P/T-F/T. den, 2 car garage, lake view. Close to mall and mobile or online website at SIESTA KEY $500 and up. Reserve Vacation Private care for loved ones. Excellent background Legacy Trail. Community pool, gated. $1700 Lic. #30211372. Bonded and Insured. Rentals, NOW! 1, 2, & 3 bedroom units. and references. 941-735-7769. month/annual. Available 8/1. 941-685-6726. Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual. EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER available P/T-F/T. LICENSED 6 loved bed ones. assisted living background residence. Furnished/Unfurnished. SIESTA KEY $500 and up. Reserve Vacation Private care for Excellent Beautiful, private941-735-7769. room/ bath available in Sarasota. Call SiestaNOW! Key Realty, visit and Rentals, 1, 2, 941-349-8900 & 3 bedroomorunits. references. Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual. Alzheimer's and Hospice patients welcome. Excellent local 941-350-7907. LICENSED 6 references. bed assisted living residence. Furnished/Unfurnished. SIESTA KEY - Coquille, furnished, gulf side, Call Siesta Key Realty, 941-349-8900 or visit Beautiful, private room/ bath available in Sarasota. 3BR/2BA, steps to beach, avail 8/1/13. Annual Alzheimer's and AutoHospice Transport patients welcome. $2100/month, Seasonal 8/1 - 11/30 $1700/month. Excellent local references. 941-350-7907. SHIP YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV anywhere in 941-228-4004 SIESTA KEY - Coquille, furnished, gulf side, Great rates, fast quotes. Call 3BR/2BA, steps to beach, avail 8/1/13. Annual the United States. Auto Transport WHISPERINGSeasonal SANDS: 8/1 2BR/2BA midrise bldg. Hawley Motors, 941-923-3421. $2100/month, - 11/30in$1700/month. unfurnished annual. Completely remodeled, new SHIP YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV anywhere in 941-228-4004 kitchen, baths. 38 ft. lanai. 55+ community, the United States.Carpentry Great rates, fast quotes. Call NO pets. $1700/mo brokers please) bldg. Call Hawley Motors, 941-923-3421. WHISPERING SANDS:(no 2BR/2BA in midrise 717-385-4047. unfurnished annual. Completely remodeled, new CARPENTRY & REMODELING. Serving Sarasota kitchen, baths. 38 ft. lanai. 55+ community, since 1982. Exterior siding and wood rot repairs. Carpentry NO pets. $1700/mo (no brokers please) Call Interior alterations, trim work and doors. Kitchen 717-385-4047. installations. Drywall repairs. Built-in cabinets and CARPENTRY & REMODELING. Serving Sarasota bookcases. RON VOIT 941-228-7601 since 1982. CALL Exterior siding and wood rot repairs. InteriorThis alterations, work and answers doors. Kitchen weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;strim Crossword installations. Drywall repairs. Built-in cabinets and 930 N. Tamiami Tr., bookcases. CALL RON VOIT 941-228-7601

Affordable Senior Housing

JEFFERSON Affordable SeniorCENTER Housing Sarasota, FL CENTER 34236 JEFFERSON

Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

930 N. Tamiami Tr., 941-953-9585 Sarasota, FLTDD/TTY 34236 800-955-8771

Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

941-953-9585 Rentals from $427-$588 800-955-8771 TDD/TTY

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Utilities & Cable from Included Rentals


Utilities & Cable Homes For Included Rent LV2908

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LUXOR MHP $450/mo-1 bed/bath mobile homes. Homes For Rent 55+ community. No Pets. 5811 14th St. Bradenton. LUXORW.MHP Sarasota Real Estate Assoc., Inc. $450/mo-1 bed/bath mobile homes. Greg Nowak 941-809-6034 55+ community. No Pets. 5811 14th St. W. Bradenton. Sarasota Real Estate Assoc., Inc. Homes For Sale Greg Nowak 941-809-6034 PALM ISLAND/SIESTA KEY. New listing: Waterfront S.F. on large lot w/great boating water Homestotally For remodeled Sale Mexican and views. 4BR/3BA, villa w/heated pool, dock and within PALM ISLAND/SIESTA KEY. davits, New listing: walking distance tolot beach and village. Waterfront S.F. on large w/great boating water Owner/agent, Siesta Beach Realty/Steve and views. 4BR/3BA, totally remodeled Mexican Whitmore, 941-993-5722. villa w/heated pool, dock and davits, within walking distance to beach and village. Owner/agent, Siesta Beach Realty/Steve Whitmore, 941-993-5722.


This weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cryptogram answers 1. The trouble with the freeway: he who hesitates is not only lost but miles from the next exit. 2. This is a pretty logical philosophy for a selfish child: Saw it, wanted it, had a crying fit, got it!


25A Classifieds 25A


THE SARASOTA OBSERVER/PE THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2013 Thursday, July 4, 2013 Cleaning

Landscaping & Lawn Service

EDLAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CLEANING SERVICES: Residential Commercial, New Construction. Meticulous, deep cleaning top to bottom. We Guarantee. Affordable & Reliable. Excellent References. Free Estimates. Licensed & Insured. 30% off first cleaning. 941-536-7447.

Computer Services COMPUTER TECHNICAL Support. H/W & S/W problems solved. Virus/Malware removal; data recovery; Windows problems; email and internet issues; Upgrades; Networking. A+Certified tech. Navy trained electronics tech veteran. 941-225-0046.

ALBERTOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S REFINISHING Of Fine Furniture, Antiques, Gold Leaf, Cane, Rush, Upholstery. Quality Work. Call: 941-296-5427.

Home Improvement/ Remodeling JIM ZALLER'S Carpentry & Home Repairs LLC. Carpentry, doors, door inserts, construction demolition, debris hauling and much more. Call 941-232-6744.


ALL TYPES OF MASONRY Specializing in concrete driveways, pavers, decorative concrete, stone work, patios. Call for free and honest estimates. 941-525-2435


LP Reserved Space

CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. 941-744-1020. 35+ years experience. RICK STEAKLEY PAINTING. Interior/Exterior. Pressure Washing. Wallpaper Removal. Drywall Repairs. Reasonable. Reliable. Professional. 30+/years experience. References available. Free Estimates. Lic./Ins. 941-228-7605,

You never know what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find in the classifieds!

Pet Services DOGGY HOTEL/GROOMING. 24 Hour Daycare. FREE Daycare with groom (we are the best). 3925 Brown Avenue behind Sleep King. 941-554-4620.

Pressure Cleaning JACK'S DETAILED Pressure Washing. Homes and flat work, window washing, pool decks. Free estimates. Licensed and Insured. 941-979-7095. E-mail:


(ONESTYs)NTEGRITYs1UALITYs6ALUE In shop free estimates Pick up and delivery services available

Allow me to do my very best for you! (OURS-ONDAY &RIDAYAM PMs7EEKENDSBYAPPOINTMENT 115494




Call 955-4888 to reserve your space.


with this ad Why clean a carpet that way?

Place Your Ad Online 24/7

Capture Carpet Cleaning System





Call 941-488-8016



941-724-4278 Estimates

On Site or In Shop

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941-955-4888 CLEANING


3204 Gulf Gate Dr., Sarasota (Across from the Library)



Sofa $xäĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x192;i>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;$40



Carlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Professional Carpet Cleaning


Mercyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cleaning Service Commercial and Residential Best Prices in Town

We Use Organic Products


Cell (941)



WorkS for you!


Call Liz for the Best Price



The Service DirecTory


Unique Cleaning Service





Serving Sarasota and Charlotte County since 1991.


SMS Mobile Marine Service *36)LVKILQGHU,QVWDOODWLRQÂ&#x2021;2XWERDUGV ,2ÂŞVÂ&#x2021;,QERDUGV Call for appointmentÂ&#x2021;941-232-3523

Ph. 376-4228

Specialize in Dry Cleaning Carpet, Upholstery and Oriental Rugs

Sharon M. Guy, P.A. OfďŹ ce in Palmer Ranch 8586 Potter Park Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238



Home Furnishing Restoration and Upholstery Specialist!

941s 925 s 2447


You wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t clean a good suit with water.


Frank Beck Upholstery




Your source for local Classifieds



Sharon M. Guy

FINE FINISH carpentry, crown & deco moldings, cabinetry (kitchens & baths), all types of built-ins, decks, doors & windows. Paul, 941-238-8033.



Gulf Gate Village 6568 Superior Ave., Sarasota, FL 34231


Want to find a great deal on something youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always dreamed of? Reserved Space

IRRIGATION REPAIRS, Maintenance, & Pressure Washing. 14 Years of experience. Residential & Commercial. References available. 941-567-7055.

OWN A MAC/iPHONE/iPAD? MacTutor has 21+ years experience teaching Apple products. I speak English, not â&#x20AC;&#x153;Geekâ&#x20AC;?! (941) 812-3887

Furniture Repair

Pressure Cleaning PRESSURE WASHING: Residential and Commercial. ECO Cleaning. Roofs, lanais, pool areas, etc. Roof coating also. 941-756-4570.

Find Treasure!

FREE ESTIMATES! Call Dotty, detailed cleaning. 24 Years Exp. Lic./Ins. Residential/Commercial. Looking for year-round customers! Dottie, 941-321-6645. HOUSE CLEANING, housekeeping, pet sitting, window washing. Excellent services by European couple. 941-350-8072.



Michael Koch Concrete, Inc.



FurnitureSales Sales &&Repairs Furniture Repairs #USHIONSs3LINGSs2E POWDERCOATING #USHIONSs3LINGSs5MBRELLAS

Free Estimates

Your Bathroom Safety Specialist Always reachable at


Custom Surfaces Inc.




s./*/"4//3-!,, s3#2%%.2%0!)23 s0!).4).'$297!,, s4),%2%0!)23 s&-5#(-/2%




Mottern :2 20 2':2 5.,1*&



References can be supplied





â&#x20AC;&#x153;FIX IT - DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T REPLACEâ&#x20AC;?



Sarasota Gate & Access





â&#x20AC;˘ Installation â&#x20AC;˘ Access Control â&#x20AC;˘ Maintenance â&#x20AC;˘ System Design

of Sarasota


We install and repair Franklin Kenny â&#x20AC;˘ Electrical Contractor all things electrical!


A Private Company Serving the Palmer Ranch Area Since 2007


NO Job Too Small

Are You Having Dryer DifďŹ culties? 114713






In-Home Consultation & Do-It-Yourself Plan


Lic. & Ins.


Mr. Mover

10% Off

Ask About

Apartment, Home & OfďŹ ce Moving & STORAGE

10 FREE Senior Citizen Discounts! use of 4 FREE wardrobe BOXES w/ Any Move



Call NOW For Your FREE GUARANTEED Price Quote!


Visit us online for your moving checklist & helpful tips!

MO V I N G Dave McCarthy

RedeďŹ ning Interior Design

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will move anything from a couch to a householdâ&#x20AC;?



11548 81135


Over 27 years experience with a reputation second to none.






Beautiful Interior Design on a Budget

Specializing in the restoration and preservation of 18th & 19th century furniture and objects of art


By Appointment only



David Vallone Restorations Inc. Antique Furniture Restoration


Free Estimates Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;LĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;VÂ?Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;>vĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;­£ŽĂ&#x160;`Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;VĂ&#x17E;VÂ?iÂś UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;}iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;VÂ&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;iĂ&#x192;Â&#x2DC;½Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;i>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;ÂŤĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;>Â?Â?Âś


CURTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lawn Service


Watching your home when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re away



Team Up Today With Classifieds 941-955-4888

116255 116425


Pick-up and delivery service!

4914 Lena Road, Unit 103, Bradenton, 34211 (off I75/SR70 E)



116425 116255

Free Service Call! LIGHTHOUSE ELECTRIC ($59 value) 3690387-01


of Sarasota

We install and repair )UDQNOLQ.HQQ\Â&#x2021;Electrical Contractor all things electrical!


Lawn mowers - weed eaters chain saws - blowers pressure washers - air compressors - generators gokarts - ATVs - scooters

LP Missing: # 116405


Free Service Call! LIGHTHOUSE ELECTRIC ($59 value)






www.boltelectricďŹ&#x201A;.com Lic. #ER0013984



Call Mark 941-928-2263

941-363-6333 377-2272



The Observer Service Directory Observer CallThe 955-4888 to Service reserve Directory your space. Call 955-4888 to reserve your space.

PRO Sliding Glass Door Repair


(cell) 780-3346 Licensed & Insured


DeaD DeaD on on TargeT TargeT


941-363-6333 377-2272


We are bonded, very honest & trustworthy handymen.



All types of Services from Painting to Home Improvement Call Mike Handy Man Services




Cell #809-7311

Reliable Handy Man Services









957-4762 (cell #) 504-3168 HOME REPAIR SERVICE


(<&86 635 Thomas 720

Buy 1 grab bar & get 1 FREE


Since 1967

Residential Concrete Specialist Patios - Driveways - Sidewalks



Licensed Lic. #38333 References




State Lic. CR CO25291

) Carpentry ) Indoors ) Remodeling ) Ceramic Tile ) Water & Fire Damage ) Kitchen/Baths






s0/,9 0%"",%%0/89 s4%8452%$#/.#2%4% s2%3%!,2%0!)23 s).4%2,/#+).'"2)#+0!6%23 Free Serving Sarasota 355-1148 Estimates Since 1979 3!2!3/4!s"2!$%.4/.s6%.)#%


Licensed & Insured




Reasonable Prices


Servicing the Sarasota area since 1999

Driveways s3IDEWALKS


116081 38056

â&#x20AC;&#x153;No Job Too Smallâ&#x20AC;?

SARASOTA Observer THE SARASOTA OBSERVER/ THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2013 Thursday, July 4, 2013

)##s$/4 &,-/6%23)-

Dave McCarthy Operator/Owner

Phone (941) 704-4278 Fax (941) 538-3781


26A 26A Classifieds



25 Off That Day Service!




Disposal Special $179.95 Installed Reg. Price $229.95 Installed


Ă?Ă&#x203A;I]^]j]f[]kÂŁ@fkmj]\ÂŁCa[]fk]\ :YddĂ&#x203A;mkĂ&#x203A;YlĂ&#x203A;941.349.4800 =I<<Ă&#x203A;<JK@D8K<J J]jnaf_Ă&#x203A;JNĂ&#x203A;=dgja\YĂ&#x203A;kaf[]Ă&#x203A;~Â&#x2020;Â&#x2020;~

Â&#x2C6;ViÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;`i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i`


Fast Quality Service at Reasonable Rates Ins./Lic. #RF0048866

PAINT JOB BOYS LLC (941) 232-4648

Family Owned & OperatedsThird Generation Master Plumber

Complete Plumbing Services & Repairs Residential, New Construction and Commercial No Overtime, No Trip Charge No Job Too BIG or Too SMALL. We DO IT ALL!




han Dewey RESPONSE t a N




Licensed & Insured State Lic CFC056748

Advertise your business in


The Observer Service Directory. Call 941-955-4888 to advertise

Professional Wallpaper Removal and Custom Interior Painting ,)#).352%$s&2%%%34)-!4%3

Certified Pool Operator Licensed & Insured CPO# 34-275198


Residential & Commercial


Grow your business

38 Years Experience

All Work Guaranteed



Joe Murray, Owner




Specializing in Re-RooďŹ ng & Repairs

in the Service Directory

Licensed & Insured



Joan Loomis 941-525-3133


/, Ă&#x160;, "6Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/, Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;*,1  Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-*, Ă&#x160;   Â&#x2021;1*>Ă&#x2022;Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2026;iÂ?Â?Ă&#x160;7Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;LV>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;7Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;9>Ă&#x20AC;`Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x153;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x160;", t

929-9309 or 356-5616 Cell

Fully Insured


State Licensed Contractor #CCC057066

Ludwig Volksheimer


Roofing Inc.


Protecting your home since 1996

The Experts in Re-Roofs And Repairs


Free Estimates. All Work Guaranteed. ONE STOP TO ALL YOUR ROOFING NEEDS


Shingle, Tile, Flat, Metal





10 Years Experience


Housecleaning, Meal Preparation, Errands & Babysitting Experienced, with References

(941) 966-2960

Â&#x2039;)LZ[7YPJLVU7HST;YPTTPUN Call Bob Â&#x2039;:[VYT7YLWHYH[PVU/H\SPUN 4\SJOPUN Â&#x2039;3HUKZJHWL+LZPNU 0UZ[HSSH[PVU 780-2267 Â&#x2039;4VU[OS`:OY\I7Y\UPUN Licensed Landscape ANY OUTDOOR PROJECT & Insured

All Tree Work



Call today to reserve your space





Mark Scaperotta




Pool & Spa Maintenance Weekly/Monthly Pool Service Pool Cage & Deck Cleaning



We gladly accept all major credit/debit cards.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Quality Workmanship for Over 25 Yearsâ&#x20AC;?


Call Now for a Free Estimate (941) 962-0395


COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Interior & Exterior Pressure Washing Pool Decks Drywall Repair Family Owned & Operated

Pet Care

Ask us about Superscreen Rescreening pool cages, lanais, etc.


Florida State License # CC1329883








All Major Credit Cards Accepted




General Plumbing Services Inc.

â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Commercial & â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Faux Finish Service House Painting Services â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Licensed / Insured â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Power Washing

$20.00 OFF



LIC# CFC1427462

Salon Capelli Aveda-Hair Salon



5057 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key Village


T N I A LPR IGN Ă?Ă&#x203A;NYddhYh]jĂ&#x203A;8dl]jfYlan]Ă&#x203A;@\]Yk Ă?Ă&#x203A;:gdgjÂŁ;]ka_fĂ&#x203A;:gfkmdlaf_ WAL DES Ă?Ă&#x203A;;jqoYddÂŁK]plmj]Ă&#x203A;I]hYaj Ă?Ă&#x203A;=YeadqĂ&#x203A;Fof]\ÂŁFh]jYl]\







Wally and Cindy Wodzien

27A Classifieds 27A

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lic./Ins. se Window Washin i r n Su d Pressure Cleanin g




Environmentally Friendly


  s   h504/34!.$!2$7).$/73sv 30%#)!,


Free Estimates


OFF + Additional 

For Senior Citizens Prices Include:

Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;>VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-VĂ&#x20AC;iiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;



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sIesTA KeY




Attention Home Buyers and Sellers...

Ashton Lakes Realty, Inc.

My top priority is going beyond the expected to deliver an Exceptional Real Estate Experience for home buyers and sellers. As a highly trained sales professional I will help you find the home of your dreams or in selling your present home.

2951 Clark Rd., Sarasota, FL 941.924.4832

We provide a very friendly and professional service to our Seller & Buyer

Coldwell Banker Real Estate provides 3,100 Offices Worldwide, with 286 Offices in Canada and will be seen on 550 + Websites.

If you are planning to sell your property anywhere in Sarasota County, please call or email me, Philip Abraham, to find out what â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best for Lessâ&#x20AC;? means to you!!!

Call me today and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get started... 941.924.4832

A Rivendell Resident

Janet C. Lorie 941.993.3885

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate â&#x20AC;˘ 423 St. Armands Circle â&#x20AC;˘ Sarasota, FL 34236


Discover a hidden waterfront gem

This grand custom â&#x20AC;&#x153;California Styleâ&#x20AC;? home is located on the tranquil and coveted south side of Freeling Drive, an exclusive private cul-de-sac nestled on the highly desirable north end of Siesta Key! Breathtaking, expansive and panoramic sunny southwest views of Roberts Bay, 100 feet on protected deep sailboat water, 5 minutes by boat to Big Pass & the Gulf of Mexico, or minutes by car to downtown Sarasota or the #1 Siesta Key Beach. 5/6 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths and 4,009 sf plus 1,035 sf of interior extra storage space. Dock w/2 boat lifts holding 16,000 lbs & 10,000 lbs and jet ski lift. Dock can also fit a large yacht. MLS#A3971493 $2,399,000

Mary Nimptsch,



BA, Realtor

Mobile: 941.284.0099 Email:

Certified International Property Specialist

Top Producer and Top Lister 2008-2013 â&#x20AC;&#x153;FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction Realtorâ&#x20AC;? 2008-2013


...close to downtown Sarasota yet a world away. One of the great estates on Bay Shore Road, a neighborhood of exceptional residences spanning the architecture of the Ringling era to todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contemporary style. This sophisticated bay front property of 2.5 acres with 240 ft on Sarasota Bay offers a resort lifestyle in the middle of the city including an oversized pool, professional tennis court, and kayaking on the bay. Built in 1987 as a palatial palace, the home was completely redesigned in 1993 by the architect who built the Bill Gates estate in Seattle. Recently updated again, the home boasts a quality of design and construction superior to many other residences of similar size. The 11,000+/- square-foot residence with guesthouse and pool house encompasses Moorish architectural style with contemporary elements. The grounds are a tropical oasis with exotic tree species hiding the mansion from street view. MLS#A3973036 $9,990,000


There are place money canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t buy, for all others call Klaus Lang

Michael Saunders & Company Living Area Unit A Interior

Licensed Real Estate Broker

8660 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida 34238

(941)918-9011 or (941)356-5849



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SiestaKeyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sPremier PremierCondominium CondominiumCommunity Community Siesta

Gulf &Licensed BayReal Club Realty,, LicensedReal RealEstate EstateBroker Broker Licensed Estate Broker


5730Midnight MidnightPass PassRoad, Road,Sarasota, Sarasota,FL FL 34242 34242 5730 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota, FL 34242 5730


5760Midnight MidnightPass PassRd,#d-602 Rd,#d-602 5760 Fullyfurnished furnished22bedroom, bedroom,22bath bathcondo condo with with beautiful beautiful Fully viewsof ofthe thebeach beachand andcourtyard. courtyard.New NewA/C. A/C. views Pricedat at$639,900 $639,900 Priced 5760 Midnight Pass Rd,#d-605 5760 Midnight Pass Rd,#d-605 Fullyfurnished furnished22bedroom, bedroom,22bath bathcondo condo with with updated updated Fully appliancesand andnewer newercarpet. carpet.Great GreatView. View. appliances Pricedat at$679,900 $679,900 Priced

Gulf&&Bay BayClub Clubisisaagulf gulffront, front,gated gatedcommunity community Gulf locatedon onover over30 30acres acreswith with780 780feet feetof ofbeach beach located frontage.Amenities Amenitiesinclude include33heated heatedpools, pools, frontage. tennis courts, courts,aa fitness fitness center centerwith withspa, spa,aaclubhouse clubhouse 88 tennis with library library and and multiple multiplebarbeque barbequeareas. areas. with

Available RentalsAvailable Monthly Rentals Monthly

Marc Turgeon, Turgeon,GRI GRI Marc Sales&&Rental RentalManager Manager Sales

Thomas Thomas Fastiggi Fastiggi Broker Broker Broker





941.376.1717 941.376.1717 1801 Main Main Street Street 1801 Sarasota, Florida 34236 Sarasota, Florida 34236

HIDDEN HARBOR HARBOR ON ON SIESTA SIESTA KEY SIESTA KEY KEY HIDDEN Masterful 2007 Coastal Traditional 6 BR; 6,655 s.f. home with BR; 6,655 s.f. home home with with Masterful 2007 Coastal Traditional 6 BR; 6,655 s.f. timeless design in a Siesta Key tropical neighborhood with tropical neighborhood with timeless design in a Siesta Key tropical neighborhood with unending views views down down the the length length of of boat basin. of aaa boat boat basin. basin. unending $4,195,000 $4,195,000

WEST OF THE TRAIL WEST OF OF THE THE TRAIL TRAIL WEST Desirable west of the Trail home with very open floor plan that Desirable west of the Trail home with very open open floor floor plan plan that that Desirable west of the Trail home with very shows like a model! 3-4 bedrooms, family room, separate living shows like a model! 3-4 bedrooms, family room, separate living shows like a model! 3-4 bedrooms, family room, separate living and dining rooms, fabulous pool area. and dining dining rooms, rooms, fabulous fabulous pool pool area. area. and $825,000 $825,000 $825,000 116598

Making Things Happen... Bob Ruiz and Sheri Lasley ď&#x192;&#x2DC; Siesta Top Horizon Horizon Realty Realty Listing Listing and and Selling Selling Agents Agents on on Siesta Key! Key! Key! Top

Price Reduction! Price

Sarasota Sarasota Harbor Acres Harbor Acres 1333 Vista Drive 1333 Vista Drive

Siesta Key Siesta Key Key --Siesta 1248 Northport 1248 Northport 1248 Northport Drive Drive Drive

Ideal location!!! Short Ideal location!!! location!!! Short Short Ideal walk to Siesta Beach walk to Siesta Beach walk to Siesta Beach and minutes to the and minutes minutes to to the the and Gulf from this charmGulf from this charmGulf from this charming 3/2.5. Deep water ing 3/2.5. 3/2.5. Deep Deep water water ing dock in exclusive dock in exclusive dock in exclusive Royal Palm Harbor. Royal Palm Palm Harbor. Harbor. Royal $999,000 $999,000 $999,000

This fabulous fabulous estate estate This home is is perfect perfect for for an an home extended family family -extended en-suite bedrooms bedrooms 55 en-suite plus in-law suite with with plus in-law suite outdoor living at its best. outdoor living at its best. $2,500,000 $2,500,000

Siesta Key Key -Siesta 1303 Dockside Place 1303 Dockside Place Justacross across the the street street Just from Siesta Beach from Siesta Beach this spacious spacious 3-4/3 3-4/3 this with deeded deep with deeded deeded deep deep with water boat dock water boat boat dock dock water and garage ideal and garage garage isis is ideal ideal and for the boater for the the boater boater for and beachgoer. and beachgoer. beachgoer. and $695,000 $695,000 $695,000

Sheri Lasley Lasley Sheri

941.400.4186 941.400.4186

Siesta Key Key -Siesta 9393 Midnight 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Road, 605N 605N Pass

Surrounded by water Surrounded by by water water Surrounded on three sides, three sides, sides, on three enjoy sunrises and enjoy sunrises sunrises and and enjoy sunsets from this sunsets from from this this sunsets lovely 2/2 on the lovely 2/2 2/2 on on the the lovely south end of Siesta. south end of Siesta. south end of Siesta. The Pointe affords The Pointe Pointe affords affords The every amenity. every amenity. every amenity. $369,000 $369,000 $369,000

Bob Ruiz Ruiz Bob

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Recent Sales RecentSales Sales Recent

6285 Midnight Pass Road,Unit 307 6285Midnight MidnightPass PassRoad,Unit Road,Unit307 307 6285 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 606 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 606 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 606 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 603 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 603 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 603 351 Tierra Mar Lane, #4 351Tierra TierraMar MarLane, Lane,#4 #4 351 7990 Royal Birkdale Circle 7990Royal RoyalBirkdale BirkdaleCircle Circle 7990 9393 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 605 9393Midnight MidnightPass PassRoad, Road,Unit Unit605 605 9393 9397 Midnight Pass Road, Unit 506 9397Midnight MidnightPass PassRoad, Road,Unit Unit506 506 9397

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Just Listed Riegels Landing Beauty! Bring Your Boat!

#1 Agent in the Siesta Key Office for 22 years!

Island Paradise Living! ced!

Just Redu

5829 Riegels Harbor Road


Zen-Like Canal Front Home!

de MANIO office: 941-349-2922


cell: 941-914-5540

• 2,789 SF, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 2 Car Garage, Heated Pool. • Kitchen updated in 2011 with dark granite counters. • No maintenance GAF Decks and PVC railings with lighting embedded – 2011. • Dockage for 2 boats: 40’dock plus a 10,000 lb boat lift. • Direct access to Intracoastal. • A short walk to Siesta Key Beach! MLS A3980520 $1,495,000

140 Avenida Veneccia

5444 Azure Way

• 2,560 SF, 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, 1 Car Garage. •Gulf Views from Master Bedroom Suite. • Solid wood cabinets, granite counters & Sstainless steel appliances. • Outdoor shower • Covered Loggia under building for al fresco dining and entertaining. • A short walk to Siesta Key Beach and Siesta Key Village! MLS A3977131 $975,000

• 2,300 SF, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage, Pool. • Renovated and Expanded in 2002. • Vaulted ceilings and skylights. • Maple cabinets and stainless steel counters in Kitchen. • Multiple outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. • A short walk to Siesta Key Beach! MLS A3977291 $1,125,000

Voted Sarasota Magazine’s Five Star Agent “Best in Clients Satisfaction” 8 Years in a Row Coldwell Banker - International President’s Premier Agent

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate 5145 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, FL Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Owned and Operated by NRT,LLC

Selling Sarasota’s Finest Waterfront and Golfing Communities Siesta Towers


Casa Mar

Quiet OnThe Key-- No Pets, Free Laundry, Limited Renters. Easy to Village. Fabulous Building Renovations to this amazing mature structure in process. New Windows. New Paint. New Landscaping. New Hallways. Rush in for the opportunity -- Elegant Living with Beautiful views. Stunning move-in ready end unit. Full Gulf & City View. Fabulous Sunsets. 200 ft of common ground pristine water front on Big Pass. Skyline full Gulf of Mexico & City views. MLS#A3956326 $1,280,000

Strathmore Villas


New Cabinets. New Appliances. New Floors. Granite Countertops. Over 300 feet of Private Beach Frontage on World Famous Siesta Beach. Casa Mar-Four Years as “Best of Sarasota” Award because it’s Where your family and friends will gather for quality time ALL the time. Play tennis or shuffleboard, then bask in the sun by one of our two large sparkling swimming pools. Stroll down palm lined walks that lead to the beach and enjoy one of Florida’s specular sunsets. MLS#A3980591 $195,000


Dock your lifestyle INTO this attached villa home! For a full time resident who wants to move in right now! Pristine and quietly kept neighborhood, this beautifully large and happy home is in amazing condition. Leave nothing behind! There is so much space. Want some panache? Add your granite countertops to this kitchen/update ceiling and voila’...sparkle to please yourself! Best private boat docks for value: Less than $15 a month slips?!! Sunsets by boat.Tranquility and Fishing! MLS#A3975448 $155,000

Sandra LaFlamme, GRI

941.961.5069 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate 5145 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, FL

Presenting Properties at Gulf and Bay Club




Magnificent sunset views from your living room, bedroom and kitchen. Beautifully renovated and decorated. Offered at $775,000

You are a few quick steps from the powder white Siesta beach, or one of 3 pools. Lovely renovated unit being sold furnished and ready to move into. Priced at $750,000

At Beachaven

650 feet along a well landscaped mall to the #1 beach in America (2011). This 2 Bedroom plus Bonus Room, 2 Bath Townhouse, is one of the largest in Beachaven, with 1764 sq. ft. of living space (1,533 under air) plus an attached garage with opener. Very open 2nd story with hardwood floors and a 21 x 31 Great Room, 11 x 12 Bedroom and 7 x 17 Bath. First floor Bedroom is 21 x24 and features a Terrazo floor. All windows and doors are hurricane rated w/ impact glass. Stair-lift to 2nd floor. Baths have grab-bars. $640,000


Call Kay Neary 941.780.3135

End unit overlooking pool, lake with fountains with Gulf views. Priced at $549,000

Owned and Operated by NRT,LLC


Call Stephanie Kitsemble at 941-313.0874

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Mortgage Amortization Table (Monthly payments per $1,000) Shirley Dabringhaus Broker

Selling Sarasota Since 1988 Ich spreche Deutsch

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Well appointed 2/2 condos directly across from Siesta Key Public Beach. Rates starting at $4,500/month in High Season. Includes all furnishing, utilities, WiFi, covered parking.

941.587.9288 2013 Five Star Real Estate Agent - 6x Recipient

2100 Constitution Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34231



Comfortable 2/2 on Longboat Key overlooking the Beach & Gulf. Pool, fitness, clubroom, covered parking. Rate: $4,800/month in High Season. Includes all furnishings, utilities, WiFi.

% Rate


























































Judie Berger


Trust THE REALTOR WITH PROVEN RESULTS “As an attorney for over 30 years in NJ and PA, I’ve represented hundreds of clients in real estate transactions. Judie has represented me in Siesta Key transactions. In my opinion, a real estate professional’s experience, unsurpassed knowledge of the

5831 Riegels Harbor Road - $1,895,000

Siesta Key pool home near beach. 50’ dock on sailboat water in gated community - 4 beds/4.5 baths

530 Yardarm Lane - $1,050,000

5229 Cape Leyte Drive - $849,000

Longboat Key sailboat water, one block to beach and bay, pool. 3 beds/3 baths. PRICE REDUCED $100,000

Deep boating water on Siesta Key, near the beach with great views. 3 beds/2.5 baths pool home on a large lot



marketplace, competence, and utmost integrity are prerequisites of the best of the best... Judie defines them all.” Joseph Honer, Esq. Siesta Key, FL and Media, PA

2120 Sonoma Drive East - $594,000

Tuscan style 3,238 sf pool home. 28,000+ sf lot with golf course views 3 bd/3 baths, office

5128 Windward Avenue - $500,000

Charming Siesta Key waterfront pool home on quiet street. 4 beds/3 baths with updated kitchen and bonus room

Top producer on SieSTa Key - premier SoTheby’S inTernaTional realTy a leader in SaraSoTa reSidenTial SaleS VoTed SaraSoTa magazine’S FiVe STar agenT “beST in clienT SaTiSFacTion” 7 yearS in a row Specializing in luxury marKeTing and negoTiaTion diScreeT conSulTaTionS

709 Treasure Boat Way - $1,550,000

Custom 4 beds/3 baths Siesta Key waterfront pool home. Exquisite appointments, large patio, and outdoor kitchen – perfect for entertaining



Siesta Key


Judie Berger

PA, ABR, GRI 116590

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Peter LAuGhLin has built a stellar reputation providing one-of-a-kind opportunities in Sarasota’s luxury home market since 1990. He consistently assists buyers and sellers in making choices that positively impact their lifestyles and wealth. ContACt Peter At Peter.LAuGhLin@SothebySreALty.Com or 941.356.8428

Connecting people to their lifestyle dreams. WE ARE In A unIquE OPPORtunIty In tIME Your real estate holdings is your vehicle to achieve your dreams. Yes, you can create freedom.

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7922 HoLiDay DRiVE SouTH 5BR • 5Ba • 2PB • 12+CG 8,505 SF $7,900,000


uniquely amazing properties


2910 CaSEy KEy RoaD

4BR • 3Ba • 2 PB • 4CG 4,393 SF $2,645,000 CaSEy KEy

880 SiESTa DRiVE 4BR • 4.5Ba • 3CG 4,036 SF $2,395,000 SiESTa KEy

3988 LoSiLLiaS DRiVE 4BR • 3.5Ba • 3CG 4,840 SF $895,000 PRESTaNCia


Top Producing Agent Team in Sarasota 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Joel Schemmel, J.D. 941.587.4894 Sharon Chiodi 941.809.0380 Tracy Eisnaugle 941.232.3358

5BR • 5Ba • 3CG 5,027 SF $845,000


SPG | Schemmel Property Group

7500 CaLLE FaCiL 3BR • 2.5 Ba • 2CG 2,574 SF $429,000


Results: • 420 Beach Road, 801 Pending • 525 S Shore Drive Pending • 7661 Calle Facil Pending • 6512 Midnight Pass Road, 206 Pending • 199 Whispering Sands Drive, 102 Pending • 4308 Camino Madera Closed • 1324 S. Lakeshore Drive Closed • 6260 Parmeron Lane Closed • 519 Fernwalk Lane Pending • 4176 Escondito Circle Closed • 4531 Las Brisas Lane Closed • 5786 Sandy Pointe Drive Closed • 5288 Descanso Court Closed • 4296 Las Palmas Way Closed • 7535 Botanica Parkway Closed • 385 N Point Road, 601 Closed • 8808 Enclave Court Closed • 1368 Harbor Drive Closed • 7832 Estrella Court Closed • 7424 Monte Verde Closed • 4634 Mirada Way, 32 Closed

3483 Cummings Road | Hendersonville, North Carolina | 39.77 acre | $3,875,000

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French Willow Farm is a 39.77 surveyed acre country estate. The main home is a country farm style with high ceilings, wide center hallways, large windows, and an amazing veranda that looks over the rolling terrain and beyond to the mountains.

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