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“I learned just as much about color here living on the Gulf of Mexico as anywhere else,” William Kelley says.

Mallory Gnaegy

Second Nature William Kelley could be the Dr. Seuss of local artists, but his colorful, and seemingly whimsical landscapes are as real as Siesta Key sunsets. ARTS&ENTERTAINMENT COVER STORY CONTINUED ON PAGE 2



THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

// Arts&Entertainment: Colorful life

by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor (continued from page 1)

Second nature William Kelley could be the Dr. Seuss of local artists, but his colorful, and seemingly whimsical landscapes are as real as Siesta Key sunsets.


Mallory Gnaegy

“When you go outside, you’re looking at the light: In the morning it’s one light, in the afternoon it’s another light, and in the evenings it’s another light,” William Kelley says.

rtist William Kelley just returned from a trip to Boston, where his adult children live. The 69-year-old is painting a tree he saw in a public garden on his vacation. He’s using a forest green; his index finger is dyed this color, and there’s paint on the bridge of his nose, as well as his khaki shorts. When told this, he says: “You sound like my wife!” He smiles, then leaves to wash up, allowing one to get lost in the dreamlike landscapes featured in the medium-to-gargantuansized paintings hanging from floor-to-ceiling of the two-story studio space. Most of the work is brightly colored with pink, green, blue, purple, teal and lots of bright yellow. It has unintentional semblances of Dr. Seuss’ colorful, fluffy Truffula trees, but to Kelley, it’s not abstract. “You’ll see all of these colors, and it looks like some of it might be made up,” he says. “But during a 24-hour spectrum, you see

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013


// Arts&Entertainment

Kelley painted this Tuscany, Italy, landscape at Poggio Antico Winery.

“L’Autunno in Tutto il mondo”

Kelley’s painting of Hangzhou, China, is one of his favorites. He loves the reflections in it.

“Café Rivoire” is a scene based on Piazza della Signoria, an L-shaped square in Florence, Italy.

magazine. Beckett saw the ad and wrote a letter saying she’d like to see more of his work. Eventually, it led to Kelley and the cloistered nun becoming pen pals — they still write each other letters to-

day. In 2006, Beckett made a rare excursion from the convent to do art research in Italy. She wrote to Kelley asking him if he’d like to meet. She stayed at one of his Florence studios, one street over

Five things that inspire William Kelley: 1. Living — Every day is a gift. I think you have to use all the talents you’ve been blessed with — financial, athletic, artistic, etc. 2. Light — To be able to capture light and capture it properly in a work is a very difficult but very important task. I look at how light affects everything — everything is about light. 3. Color — I’m just fascinated by color. It’s an amazing thing to see: the post sunsets here, walking on the beach, in Tuscany … Color reflects passion; color reflects warmth; it reflects everything. 4. Music — I have to have music when I’m working. Music inspired some of my early paintings (i.e., The Beatles). When I’m painting in Italy, I have to have soft music. I have a routine: The morning is easier music. The afternoon is standards: Rod Stewart or Pavarotti; then I sort of evolve and as the day goes on Sinatra, The Eagles; and at the end of the day, I’m playing Buddy Holly and AC/DC. 5. Sports — I’m inspired by sports and have been my whole life. I still love playing golf. I like watching my grandkids playing sports. Great athletic performance inspires me. For more information about William Kelley’s work, visit

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William Kelley painted “Autumn” in 2009.

from where Michelangelo grew up. He values the relationship so much that his website and studio is sprinkled with quotations from her letters: “Wonderful work … as profound a vision as one could want. How Cézanne would love you … Magnificent.” But Beckett isn’t the only famous fan Kelley has befriended. He says AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson could be calling any minute because he’s leaving for London the following morning and wanted to have a drink with Kelley before he left town. When Kelley met Johnson 21 years ago, Johnson came as a guest of another area artist, Jack Dowd, to a party Kelley was hosting. “I didn’t know a lot about AC/ DC,” he says. “I didn’t even know who they were — but don’t tell Brian that; he’ll give me a hard time.” He was suprisingly “Thunderstruck” by the music, and it has since become one of his favorite bands. They started playing golf together and have been friends for two decades. Johnson has nine of Kelley’s paintings at his home in Sarasota and seven at his home in London. He even remodeled his Sarasota home’s kitchen around Kelley’s paintings. Kelley’s work used to decorate the dining room of The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort. And he jokes that he won’t let local philanthropist Graci McGillicuddy have any more of his paintings because she doesn’t have room. “There’s a lot of collectors here,” he says. They clearly see the world through William Kelley-colored glasses.


these colors.” He explains that anyone who’s ever watched a Siesta Key sunset from start to finish has seen all of these colors. It has been said that Tuscany, Italy, where he spends part of his year, has the best light, but Kelley thinks Sarasota’s light is just as great. He knows, because he has lived here since 1981. In the ’80s, his sales-and-consulting business allowed him the free time to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where students would paint landscapes. “When I was doing that, I’d become aware of it,” he says. “It” being the way his eyes interpret how light hits objects and reflects, making them look brightly colored, or even imagined. “It’s like I’m in a different world now!” he says. He typically places a strong emphasis on trees and landscapes; though, one of the earliest pieces he has hanging in his studio is a 1977 portrait of The Beatles in Sgt. Pepper getup painted in a Rembrandt style. A piece he currently has in the works is “L’Autunno in Tutto il Mondo,” or “Autumn All Over the World.” “How does it go? ‘Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree,’” he says reciting a line from “Trees” by Alfred Joyce Kilmer. He thinks they are the epitome of structure, color and diversification — plus, he thinks the changing color is phenomenal. Kelley is captivated with trying to capture the exact color he sees. It was his Tuscany, Italy, landscapes that attracted the eye of BBC art historian Sister Wendy Beckett. In 2000, a gallery advertised his solo show in Art News



THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

// Arts&Entertainment


HEARD By Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor |

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Loveland Follies presents “A Really Big Shoe, the Life and Times of Ed Sullivan” from Thursday, May 30 through Sunday, June 2, at Venice Theatre.

 Loveland Players give the audience heart It’s the 18th anniversary performance of the partnership formed between Venice Theatre and The Loveland Center. The Loveland Center provides social services to adults with disabilities, and every year the center puts on a performance at Venice Theatre. The center’s actors have rehearsed every Thursday at Venice Theatre to put together a production that takes the audience on a journey through all the famous performers on “The Ed Sullivan Show” — from The Beatles to The Andrews Sisters. Tickets are $15. For more information, call 488-1115.

 Firemen’s wish granted A fire truck parked outside the Sarasota Opera House the morning of May 23 wasn’t there to put out any fires. Sarasota Opera hosted a special ceremony for the Sarasota County Fire Department, because Sarasota Opera nominated the department for a $20,000 grant from the Fireman’s Fund Heritage Program. The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. and the National Trust Insurance Services LLC’s program award fire departments with grants. Three Sarasota Youth Opera singers performed at the event. The Sarasota County Fire Depart-

Fire Chief Mike Tobias, National Trust Insurance Services representative Brian Phoebus, Fireman’s Fund Representative Randall Burr and Sarasota Opera Executive Director Richard Russell ment was able to purchase a fire extinguisher simulator to help teach community members what to do in case of a fire. It also bought several hundred smoke detectors.

Photo by John Revisky

Danny Gardner, Frances Bradley, Christopher Erk, Noah Racey, Lauralyn McClelland, and Anthony J. Russo

THEATER // ‘Pulse’

The end is near for our online video series, “Patron Saints.” It spotlights supporters of the arts and the venue to which they donate. These people are an important part of what keeps our arts community so vibrant. If you haven’t seen it yet, there are still two weeks left. Peter Salefsky is this week’s Patron Saint for the nonprofit theater company PLATO. PLATO is a new performing-arts group, and, as of now, is looking for a permanent home, so patronage is essential. Salefsky says Peter Salefsky he believes in Artistic Director Kyle Turoff and her mission. He’s known her since she was a young girl performing on the stage at The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre. Turoff considers Salefsky her saving grace. Learn more about Salefsky and PLATO at by clicking on the “Black Tie” tab. Or, you can head to our YouTube channel: YourObserverVideo, and look for Patron Saints.

Asolo Repertory Theatre has put its heart and soul into this new musical production. World premieres are intrinsically exciting, but Noah Racey’s “Pulse: The Beat of Song and Dance” was pulse-racing delight. Anyone with a heartbeat at the opening night fell in love with the performers, and for lovers of tap, it was an 80-minute euphoric evening. “Pulse” is a sophisticated synthesis of American dance through the decades. Writer, choreographer and performer Racey’s concept successfully combines the qualities of all the great musicals, from their Vaudeville circuit origins through stage, movies and up to the rhyming couplets of rap, to which Racey echoes the sound of footsteps, our primordial connection to the rhythm of life. Director Jeff Calhoun has honed and tweaked the performances into pulsating perfection. Each individual song and dance is loaded with wit and self-awareness, each performer at his or hear peak of execution. These talented artists give it everything they’ve got; they tap rhythm with all parts of

their bodies, drumon the floor, sing from their hearts and utter quick apostrophes of sound from their guts. Beginning with Frances Bradley, a tall drink of wow, whose delicious singing is only surpassed by her divine hoofing, the cast is an amazing compilation of talent and personality. Christopher Erk’s dancing skills were also featured in “Tap Dogs”; Danny Gardner, dance captain, just finished touring with “Here to Stay”; versatile Anthony J. Russo toured with Cirque du Soleil’s “Banana Shpeel”; and Lauralyn McClelland’s hauntingly lovely voice has been heard in “Grease,” “Rock of Ages” and “West Side Story.” Musical Director Aaron Gandy, with orchestrator Steve Orich and arranger Ross Patterson, delivers a rich tapestry of classic tunes in a thoughtful way you’ve never heard before, brought to life by musicians you want to hear again.  George M. Cohan’s “Nothing New Beneath the Sun” opens the show and introduces Tobin Obst’s aptly minimalistic, urban set and costume design. Racey orients the audience to his theme with a spoken-word musical speech, inviting all to “just breathe,” “rest from trying” and pay attention to the rhythm of life. — Paula Atwell

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

// Arts&Entertainment: SPotlight


by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

SMF starts summer on a high note Get in tune with the 49th year of Sarasota Orchestra’s event, the 2013 Sarasota Music Festival. Most Sarasota Orchestra musicians are off for the summer season, but Sarasota Orchestra is still buzzing with summer symphonies. In fact, the orchestra’s website has a countdown to the second of the June 3 start of the 2013 Sarasota Music Festival. This Sarasota Orchestra event has brought up-and-coming, college-aged musicians to the area to perform chamber music for three weeks since 1965. It includes nine concerts as well as lectures and student recitals. Sixty students were selected from a group of nearly 500 who auditioned to participate in the intensive learning experience, in which they work alongside and perform with more than 40 professionals. It’s such a rewarding experience that students make a musical exodus to Sarasota from as far as Taiwan, South Korea, China and Australia. But just because they’re students doesn’t make them amateurs — these 60 musicians come from the best conservatories in the country: Oberlin College and Conservatory, Yale School of Music, Rice University, New England Conservatory, Curtis Institute of Music and The Juilliard School. This means these students are on their way to being tomorrow’s professionals, and Sarasota receives the chance to see them on their way. For instance, former SMF student David Coucheron is now the concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony. Coucheron will return Saturday, June 8, to Sarasota to perform the Bruch Violin Concerto. Two other festival alumnae are returning as faculty — flautist Christina Jennings and violinist Noah Bendix-Balgley. And, in case you already miss the Sarasota Orchestra musicians, this year violinist Daniel Jordan and pianist Jonathan Spivey have joined the music festival staff.

if you go Artist Showcases When: “Brilliance and Beauty” Thursday, June 6; “Songs of Amour” Thursday, June 13; and “The Power of Music” Thursday, June 20. All concerts are at 4:30 p.m. Where: Holley Hall, 709 N. Tamiami Trail Cost: Tickets $20 to $25 Info: Call 953-3434 Festival Concerts When: “Move to the Music” Friday, June 7; “A Musical Melange” Friday, June 14; “Fall in Love” Friday, June 21. All concerts are at 8 p.m. Where: Sarasota Opera House, 61 N. Pineapple Ave. Cost: Tickets $25 to $40 Courtesy photos

Sarasota Orchestra musicians violinist Daniel Jordan and pianist Jonathan Spivey are on the staff of Sarasota Music Festival.

Info: Call 953-3434 Saturday Symphonies When: “Dramatic Flair” Saturday, June 8; “Walk in Nature” Saturday, June 15; “A Celebratory Finale” Saturday, June 22. All concerts are at 8 p.m.

 Music Festival spotlights artist Sarasota Music Festival has featured a local artist each year since 1987. The artwork is used on all the festival marketing material — for instance, you can see it on this year’s program. Local artist Julia Gorbaty’s painting, “Music,” which has semblances of the bayfront and Ringling Bridge, is this year’s featured piece. It’s available for purchase by calling 487-2730.

Where: Sarasota Opera House, 61 N. Pineapple Ave. Cost: Tickets $29 to $55 Info: Call 953-3434

“Music” by Julia Gorbaty

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

// Arts&Entertainment: Movie must-sees

Presenting Fine Properties from



by Pam Nadon | Film Critic

This summer's movie lineup looks incredibly hot. And when temperatures soar, there's no better place to beat the heat than chilling out in a dark movie theater. My advice: Be cool. Skip the predictable, big-money blockbusters and dive into some quality films that require an attention span. Feed your mind, and check out the following:

‘DIRTY WARS’ rountree drive

Documentarian Richard Rowley exposes how the United States has "fundamentally changed the way it makes war." Based on the investigative work of reporter Jeremy Scahill. June 7


Perfect home exudes quality craftsmanship and refined finishes showcasing an excellent utilization of space with multiple gathering and entertaining areas. Panoramic water views entice your senses as you imagine yourself swimming by the bay or dining on the multiple terraces.

‘THE WAY, WAY BACK’ There's nothing like a summer-comingof-age film in July. Fourteen-year-old Duncan (Liam James) is dragged to his mom's (Toni Collette) boyfriend's (Steve Carell) beach house but finds solace in the friendship of a wacky water-park manager (Sam Rockwell). It received the only standing ovation at Sundance. Directed by Nat Faxon, who won an Oscar for coscripting "The Descendants." July 5

isLander cLub, 115


This beautifully renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,470 square foot condominium with Gulf to Bay panoramic views, and expansive 36’ balconies is an entertainers delight, with wet bar, wine room, custom kitchen, marble floors and other updates throughout.

Courtesy photos

‘THE LONE RANGER’ Johnny Depp sets the record straight regarding Tonto; he portrays him as a "proud warrior." Armie Hammer plays the masked vigilante and describes the film as "A biga** comedy-Western rock opera.” Huge money pick ($215 million) but looks well worth the price tag after having seen the jaw-dropping trailer. Gore Verbinski directs. July 3


‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ Ryan Gosling has Oedipal issues in this crime thriller set in Bangkok. When his brother is murdered, mom (Kristin Scott Thomas) forces him to hunt down and kill the perpetrator — hence, the title. Gosling teams up once again with his "Drive" director, Nicolas Winding Refn. Can't be anything less than hot. July 19

promenade, 804 $749,000 Gorgeous custom Lube’ kitchen with granite counters, range hood, breakfast bar, all open to huge living area. Panorama of gulf, bay, city as far as the eye can see. Olympic size pool, spa, fitness, tennis, formal and informal community rooms, and security.

‘PASSION’ Director Brian De Palma is back and with a vengeance. In a remake of Alain Corneau's final film, "Love Crime," he goes for the jugular. Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace play dueling advertising boss and protégé, respectively, who resort to murder when one steals credit. Rumored to be "return to form" De Palma. Yes! July

Mads Mikkelsen won the Best Actor award at Cannes last year for his portrayal of a teacher wrongly accused of a horrible crime. The more he fights to clear his name, the more hostile the community becomes. Mikkelsen's performance is so powerful it gets under your skin. I had the chance to catch this film at this year's Sarasota Film Festival. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg. July 12

‘FRUITVALE’ In 2009, an Oakland policeman shot and killed Oscar Grant at the Fruitvale train station. Footage of the senseless shooting of another black man in an urban environment went viral and provoked massive protests against police brutality. Director Ryan Coogler's outrage convinced Forest Whitaker to produce. Michael B. Jordan stars as Grant. July 26

‘AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS’ Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara play a married couple expecting a baby. During a robbery, she shoots a cop (Ben Foster), and her hubby takes the blame. When he escapes from jail four years later, all hell breaks loose. Director David Lowery's work in this highly anticipated film is being compared to Terrence Malick's. Nice. Aug. 18

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‘BLUE JASMINE’ Woody Allen's latest Freudian foray into complicated relationships stars Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett as a happily married couple — but not for long. He trades her in for a younger model. As usual, everything is on the QT regarding the details of Allen's latest release, but his films always make the must-see list. July 26


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High school big-shot hooks up with an ugly duckling and they go looking for his deadbeat dad. Each is out to save the other in this thought-provoking film about adolescence and “grown-ups.” Nice casting with Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley in the lead roles. Directed by James Ponsoldt. Aug. 22

Joseph Gordon-Levitt directs, scripts and stars in this "story about how we objectify each other rather than really connecting." In the title role (inspired by Don Juan), he plays a self-centered womanizer and porn addict. Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore come to his rescue. August *All release dates subject to change.


THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013



by Molly Schechter | Food Editor

plan now tO


Savor Sarasota

a program of the sarasota orchestra Robert Levin, Artistic Director

and save

Courtesy photos

Michael’s On East Savor Sarasota menu reincarnates this Longboat Key snapper, created by Michael Klauber about 30 years ago at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort. plum tomatoes, green apples, toasted peanuts and citrus ginger mojo vinaigrette, named in honor of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Arts-y ahi tuna panini on grilled Cuban bread with beefsteak tomato, red onion, leaf lettuce and cheddar cheese, a little doggerel rhyme celebrating local arts activity. Dinner entrées … Longboat Key snapper with lump crabmeat, basil and sundried tomato beurre blanc, sweet potato spears and sautéed haricots verts, a dish Michael Klauber created during his tenure at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort in the early 1980s. St. Armands citrus roasted jerk chicken with grilled red onions, mango, orange-and-ginger salsa, sweet plantains and red-bean rice, celebrating John Ringling’s St. Armands Circle. Desserts … Lido lemon and coconut bombe of lemon mousse on a coconut macaroon base garnished with whipped cream and lo- A Florida-citrus treat of cal blueber- lemon mousse on a crunchy coconut macaroon base. ries. There are additional options in all the categories, plus two specialty drinks: a Siesta Key kiwi mojito with local rum handcrafted in small batches by Drum Circle Distillery and Mabel’s rosewater cocktail of champagne, St. Germain (elderflower) liqueur and edible rose petals. The drink and wine pairings are $5 during lunch and $10 during dinner. Pineda developed the Savor Sarasota menu with co-proprietors Michael Klauber and Phil Mancini, as well as pastry chef Catherine Tighe. They bounced ideas around for a couple of months before deciding to pay tribute to Sarasota’s own cuisine. Their test market is the restaurant’s wait staff, about whom Pineda says, “They know their customers; they are right 100% of the time.” The official time period for Savor Sarasota is June 1 through June 14. However, the Michael’s On East menu will be available through June 30; Mattison’s Forty-One, Mattison’s City Grille and Pattigeorge’s run all summer through September. Other restaurants start their own summer-long specials at the end of Savor Sarasota, among them Savory Street, Bijou Café and Euphemia Haye. That’s good to know if you can’t savor as much of Sarasota as you’d like in just two weeks.

Clockwise starting from left: Nadir Khashimov, violin; Sichen Ma, piano; Lea Hausmann, violin; Francesca Dardani, violin; Mark Yee, cello; David Coucheron, violin (center)

Don’t miss the cultural jewel of June. Now in its 49th season, the Sarasota Music Festival is again bursting onto the local arts scene, breaking fresh artistic ground. Known around the world for attracting the top collegeaged student participants and faculty artists from the best music programs and symphonies, the Festival provides unique experiences for audiences to enjoy twelve different breathtaking concerts. See our website for concert programs, schedules and tickets. 2010 Festival participant David Coucheron, now the concertmaster with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, performs the Bruch Violin Concerto with the Festival Orchestra on Sat., in June 8.

June 3 - 22

Sarasota une


never sounded so

Tickets on sale now | 941-953-3434 Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.



arasota foodies, residents and visitors, alike, are making their lists and checking them twice in anticipation of Savor Sarasota, the annual summer promotion Visit Sarasota County hosts. The organization kicks off its eighth season June 1. Even the most ambitious eater who goes out to lunch and dinner every day for the program’s two weeks won’t be able to sample all the options because there are 45 participating restaurants — the largest number ever. Each one is offering a prix-fixe luncheon of two or more courses for $15 and a prix fixe, three-course dinner for $29. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Whether ’tis nobler to experience established favorites such as the Bijou Café and Café L’Europe or to experiment with newer places such as The Blue Rooster or Darwin’s on 4th; whether ’tis wiser to go casual to Barnacle Bill’s Seafood (one of 12 newcomers to the program this year) or the Dry Dock Waterfront Grill; or to go for the stature of Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse or Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, visit for a full list of participating restaurants and visit for menus and more information. The best news is that it’s hard to go wrong. The remarkable value is everywhere. And restaurants go all-out for this much-anticipated and highly regarded promotion. Michael’s On East, which has been part of Savor Sarasota since its inception, has created a complete menu for the promotion, an extension of the eatery’s series of monthly epicurean adventures to places as distant as Greece, France and Executive Chef Jamil Morocco. For Savor Pineda led the develSarasota, it has made opment of the Savor an adventure out of Sarasota menu at our own backyard, Michael’s On East. featuring “The light and local coastal cuisine of Sarasota,” according to Executive Chef Jamil Pineda. He calls it, “our own melting pot, influenced by what grows in our climate and Caribbean cuisines including Jamaican, Haitian and more.” Some examples are: Lunch entrées … Selby sugarcaneskewered pork tenderloin salad of coffeerubbed, grilled meat on organic greens with Florida orange segments, oven-dried

3 8


THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013



by Robert Plunket | Contributing Writer

Great Enough for Gatsby

Jay Gatsby would feel right at home in Sarasota. With our wealthy newcomers and lavish social life, it’s the perfect place for a glamorous multimillionaire with a mysterious past. He’ll need a gorgeous, drop-dead home, of course — one with plenty of space for opulent parties out by the pool, plus a wood-paneled library for planning those business deals, and a gigantic master closet for all his beautiful shirts. And the gardens, of course: “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” Here’s a selection of three Sarasota homes that measure up to the Gatsby mystique, each one guaranteed to suitably impress a lost love — and maybe win her back.

1. Gatsby on Siesta 4011 Shell Road This walled and gated estate on north Siesta has an expansive pool area that’s perfect for Gatsby-esque parties — there’s even a stage for the orchestra, right over the waterfall. The interior is equally impressive. Mediterranean in style, with Venetian gothic details (think Cà d’Zan) and frescoed ceilings, it boasts five bedrooms, five baths and four half-baths. A wealthy bachelor would love this place: It’s full of studies, dens, a billiard room, a screening room and a secluded rooftop terrace with bar, accessible by elevator. Indoor/outdoor spaces are particularly nice, with verandas, dining areas and an outdoor kitchen. There’s also a private beach. Priced at $10.9 million. For more information, contact Joel Schemmel of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty at 941-587-4894.

Photos courtesy of Premier Sotheby’s

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With Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers, you can disperse and diffuse the sun’s rays, filling your rooms with natural radiance. Mix and matchSince them 1993 throughout Reader’s Choice your home. Save now. Ask for details today.

Sarasota Yacht Club RSVP to Jenny at ageVital 941-388-0800 Wine and Hors d’oeuvres - no charge

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rebate per each additional unit


rebate per each additional unit.

$100 rebate each additional unit



SAVE APRIL 3 – JUNE 14, 2013

Two different ways to brighten your day.


With Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings

® and LuminetteCurt Privacy you can disperse and Sheers, Janet Mattson

and diffuse the sun’s rays, filling your rooms with natural radiance. Mix and match them throughout your home. Save now. Ask for details today.

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* Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 4/3/13–6/14/13 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. A qualifying purchase is defined as a purchase of any of the product models set forth above in the quantities set forth above. If you purchase less than the specified quantity, you will not be entitled to a rebate. All rebates will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. This rebate offer may not be combined with any other Hunter Douglas offer or promotion. © 2013 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas.

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ecko Joint & Spine

rebate per each additional unit.

Wallcoverings & Blinds, Inc....Since 1989

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$50 2 Silhouette® * rebate each Window Pirouette® Window Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers rebate additional unitDouglas. Shadings © 2010 Hunter Douglas. ® and ™ are trademarks of Hunter 1 Luminette® Privacy Sheer

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2 Pirouette® $ SAVE PLUS Window Shadings rebate $25 ® each * rebate 2 Silhouette $100 $ rebate additional unit Window Shadings rebate $50 ® eachOwners * 1 Luminette $Janet & Curt rebate Mattson, 100 $ rebate additional unit Privacy Sheer rebate

© 2010 Hunter Douglas. ® and ™ are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.



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4 Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades


Summertime Health Seminar.

THE MOST FASHION�FORWARD Two different ways WINDOW COVERING MEETS to brighten your day. THE LATEST IN TECHNOLOGY.With Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings and Luminette® Presenting our state-of-the-art motorized system, PowerRise® 2.0 with Platinum™ Technology. Now you can operate your Pirouette® window shadings with a sleek, hand-held remote or Privacy Sheers, you can dispurse wireless wall switch. No wiring needed! The motor quietly raises and lowers the shadings, giving you precise control of vane operation for just the right amount of privacy and light and diffuse the sun’s rays, filling control. To learn more, call or stop by today. your rooms with natural radiance. per unit Celebrating 23 Years!

M & M Wallcoverings & Blinds 4801 S Tamiami Trl Ste 7 Sarasota FL M-F: 9:00-5:00 10:00-3:00 Closed 941-925-7800

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* Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 4/3/13–6/14/13 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. A qualifying purchase is defined as a purchase of any of the product models set forth above in the quantities set forth above. If you purchase less than the specified quantity, you will not be entitled to a rebate. All rebates will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. This rebate offer may not be combined with any other Hunter Douglas offer or promotion. © 2013 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas.



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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013



2. Gatsby on the mainland 3315 Bay Shore Road This lavish 11,000-square-foot estate, constructed in 1987, is credited with reestablishing Bay Shore Road as one of Sarasota’s most prestigious addresses. Built by a wealthy Egyptian expat, it has entertained international celebrities and the town’s elite. Though it’s been remodeled and renovated, it still retains many of its original Moorish elements, including the exotic window arches and the spectacular pool area, with separate

guesthouse, pool house and tennis court. Set on two-and-a-half acres of tropical landscaping, with a beautiful lawn running down to the water, the home, itself, can only be glimpsed from the street — a secluded setting for those who want privacy yet convenience to downtown, just minutes away. Priced at $9.9 million. For more information, call Klaus Lang of Michael Saunders & Co. at 941-320-1223.

Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

3. Gatsby on Longboat 5965 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Set right on the beach on Longboat Key, this home has all the details Gatsby would approve — including a two-story library inspired by the one at the Biltmore estate. He would also appreciate the double mahogany stairway in the main hall, the handcrafted wrought-iron railings, the two complete master baths, the programmable lighting system, the butterfly garden and the three outdoor showers.

Photos courtesy of Michael Saunders & Co.

There’s also a separate three-bedroom guesthouse. The pool, with direct access to 150 feet of beachfront, has a mosaicencrusted table and stools — shaded, fortunately — to allow in-pool dining and cocktails. No doubt Daisy would approve. Priced at $9.4 million. For more information, call Barbara Ackerman of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate at 941780-6045.

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4950 Fruitville Road • Sarasota Just West of Honore , Opposite Goodwill 941-487-7974


MyGreenBuildings is ready to handle your project from design to completion. From luxury waterfront homes to remodeling of bungalows to ultra performance green homes, we’ve built it.

Call us now to start building your dream! 941.366.7280


205 N. Orange Ave., Sarasota, FL (by City Hall)

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Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm



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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

by Stephanie Hannum | Diversions Managing Editor

social studies: DAWN EPSTEIN One of the Y Angels and equally as dedicated to Children First and The V Foundation, Dawn Epstein makes a difference in the Sarasota community — in a quiet, but impactful way. We have lived here only

five years, and, with our amazing group of friends and connections, we are constantly amazed how our life has turned out here. We love having people to our house to enjoy the space. Most important to us is the connection with people.

I went to Clearwater High

School and my husband, Mitchell, and I both went to University of Florida. When looking to move from Atlanta, we drove down and looked at Clearwater, St. Pete and then drove to Sarasota and fell in love with it. Mitchell always wanted to be close to the Gator games and my dream was to always live on the water. Shortly after, my parents followed me down here as well.

We’ve been married 24 years (in August), but I’ve known him for 33 years — we met at college and were just friends for a long time. Debbie Dannheisser got me involved in the YMCA — we clicked right away and she’s been one of my closet friends ever since. All the YMCA people have welcomed me with open arms. We started out involved in the birthday parties for the kids at the Bowman ranch — Debbie and her group of girlfriends brought everything for the parties — cake and gifts. That was really rewarding. We then put together the steering committee for Y Angels to raise awareness for homeless students — there are almost 1,000 in Sarasota County. The Y provides school supplies, bus transport and mentoring.

We appreciate our good fortune every day and are grateful we are able to make a difference in our community. I taught yoga for a while in Atlanta — and took teacher training 12 years ago. I used to teach blind people, employees at a dentist’s office and at a healing center. I really enjoyed teaching, but I need to learn more. I’m really into Kundalini

yoga now — it is really different. There is less focus on poses and more on breathing, energy and meditation and chanting. I love the feeling you get from that. I go to various places; there are a lot of great teachers here. Mitchell started attending yoga in Atlanta and fell in love with it. He also did teacher training a couple years ago. It’s such a great compliment to any other sport.

I started painting when

I was 39. I remembered I took a painting class in college and even though I didn’t think I was good, I remembered loving putting the paint on the canvas. I have so much fun using acrylics and paper to create bright colorful images and textures. There is freedom and excitement in the creation of a piece — as long as I don’t get hung up on the outcome, I love it.



love stand-up

paddle boarding. One of my favorite things about being on the paddleboard is the excitement of seeing dolphins and manatees so close. They sometimes perform for us, swim with us and play around. We also see birds and fish and friendly people. I

Photo by Stephanie Hannum

just love being out on the water with the sun shining and the breeze blowing. It is very freeing and calming.

It was around the same time as my mom died that I got into healthier living. My daughter was in Montessori school and one of the moms I met there was very influential to me in the way I looked at health. I learned about the connection between nutrition and our bodies and that has changed our lives.  We all eat dinner at home

almost every night and enjoy cooking simple, healthy and fresh. Mitchell is a great griller, so we eat a lot of fish, chicken, and I love kale. Although we eat healthy, we sure do love ice

cream, too. Balance is important in every aspect in life. Courtesy Mitchell got Mitchell and Dawn Epstein with daug hter Melanie very interested

in learning about wine after we traveled to Italy together shortly after we were married. I enjoy drinking wine but he is passionate about it. He loves buying it and learning about it. So we make a great team — I love to cook simple, healthy, flavorful foods and he loves to pair it with good wine.

We’ve been to wineries

in Napa, Sonoma, Washington, Oregon and many regions of Italy. We did a bike trip in Denmark and look forward to doing some more active vacations. One

of my favorite recent vacations was to Washington and Oregon, where we hiked in the mountains, went white-water rafting, did some wine and beer tasting and ate great local food. 

I traveled for two months with a girlfriend after we graduated college. We both saved up money from summer jobs and traveled through Europe with a Eurail pass and backpacks, staying in hostels and pensions. It was an incredible experience, and I have loved traveling ever since.

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the songs of Kander & Ebb

Sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida.

Richard Hopkins, Artistic Director



“Maybe This Time,” “New York, New York” and “All that Jazz”

Zak Edwards, Taprena Michelle Augustine and Peter Gosik. Photo by Brian Braun.

Featuring songs



1241 N. Palm Avenue, Downtown Sarasota

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013


Observer readers and

advertisers are a class act. They have high expectations. They expect the best. We strive to deliver the best — in print and online, every day, every week. We are proud that the Local Media Association, an organization of 2,200 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, named two of our papers

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

Asleep on the Job BuT noT uS!

Talk to the team that has been

Selling Sarasota Successfully for over 20 years

Tom & Pat Hanly (941) 388-2331

Hanly & Associates St. Armands Circle • Sarasota, FL 34236 •


7000 sq ft of elegant living space, 4 BR, 7 Baths, Elevator, Exercise Room, Game Room, Home Theater. Heated Pool, Dock, 2 Lifts, Jet Ski Lift. Nothing overlooked. Fabulous Home



3rd in from Sarasota Bay. Living Room with soaring ceilings, Dining Room, Family Room off open Kitchen. 4 Bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, 3 Car Garage. Roof Deck, Pool, 68’ Dock, newer seawall.



Better then new. Gulf beach club membership included, Golf course & lake views. 4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths, Family Room, Loft. Screened Lanai and Pool. Turnkey furnished. PRICED TO SELL



Nicely updated, 1 block to Yacht Club. 3 BR, 2 BA. Family Room, Laundry Room/Office. Lanai, Pool and 2 car garage. Newly painted - inside and out, new carpets, new microwave and range.


Diversions 05.30.13  

Diversions 05.30.13

Diversions 05.30.13  

Diversions 05.30.13