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Thursday, March 7, 2013



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Loevner pours her heart into Florida Winefest. INSIDE

OUR TOWN + Spring forward for Daylight Saving Time Tick tock, tick tock … It’s time to change those clocks. daylight saving Time begins at 2 a.m. sunday, March 10. Move clocks ahead by one hour. We’ll lose an hour of sleep but make up for it with an extra hour of sunshine each evening.

+ It’s ‘up, up and away’ for readers The observer is teaming up with the Florida Winefest & auction to give lucky readers a chance to win weekly prizes. To enter, search the pages of this week’s observer to find the red hotair balloon, then enter the page number you found it on at There are four weeks of prizes, so make sure to read the papers each week for more chances to win. The Florida Winefest & auction takes place april 4 through april 7, in Lakewood ranch. For more information about the festival, visit www.

+ Longboat knows how to vote early only on Longboat Key can you vote and be offered a variety of free beverages and snacks. Mayor Jim brown made a point to applaud the Town clerk’s office and town staff at Monday night’s Town commission meeting, noting that every day for early voting this week, staff is putting out a noteworthy spread of food and beverages for those who cast a ballot. cupcakes, muffins, coffee, tea, root beer floats — the town has it all, and the variety changes daily. “staff is doing it to make the experience better, and I’ve never seen anything like it at a voting location before,” Brown said. “It’s exceptional and very much appreciated.”


Go for the Cure hits the mark for fundraising. PAGE 1B

signs of settlement by Kurt schultheis | Managing Editor

Colony parties talk without lawyers The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort parties will try to settle their differences in an attempt to speed up a settlement and revive the currently shuttered property. The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Association and longtime Colony owner Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber are in settlement talks again. But here’s what’s different about the latest round: For the first time in seven years, attorneys aren’t actively involved.

The Association and unit owners wrapped up three days of closed meetings Wednesday, Feb. 27, at Temple Beth Israel. An Association press release called “the most significant result to emerge from the meetings” last week the “direct dialogue between leaders of the Association and the Klauber family to resolve

all of the legal disputes that have been ongoing since 2006.” Association Board President Jay Yablon announced that Klauber and his daughter, longtime Colony Beach & Tennis Resort General Manager Katie Klauber Moulton, participated in the meetings and agreed to work actively to reach a settlement be-

so happy TogEThEr

fore the meetings began. Klauber attended all three days of meetings, reviewed proposals from developers and acknowledged reasonable progress in a prepared statement. “The Association’s meeting was promising, and I was happy


by robin hartill | city Editor

‘A storybook ending’ Some swans can be happy alone. But some swans just aren’t meant to glide solo. Bay Isles swans Vicki and Henry had been living apart for the past month-and-a-half, after Vicki became sick and longtime swankeeper David Novak took her to Save Our Seabirds, which he thought would be her permanent home. Their separation was short-lived. They’re back together, but they have a new home: the lakeside home of Lakeland veterinarian and swan-care expert Dr. Geoff Gardner. Novak thought Henry might be able to live without his mate when he took Vicki to SOS. She wasn’t swimming normally because of an intestinal disorder. Some swans can live alone and be content. They generally mate for life but can still find love again. Henry could possibly have mated with a female that flew in from another area. But Henry left his home turf and flew into another territory occupied by two females and a male that he tried to fight. Perhaps, in Henry’s mind, Vicki was missing. Novak said Henry wasn’t there when he removed Vicki from the golf course, so perhaps Henry was searching for his mate when he went into the other territory. Placing Henry in a rescue facility alongside Vicki was unlikely because he’s an ablebodied bird who doesn’t need care. Novak, who has worked with the Lakeland-based Regal Swan Foundation to care for Longboat Key’s swans, learned Gardner would be willing to take the swans under his wing. On Saturday, Novak captured Henry and took him to SOS, where he reunited with Vicki. He was disoriented but recognized


Longboat lovebirds Vicki and Henry are together again at their new home — in Lakeland.

photos courtesy of david Novak

david novak holds onto henry before henry boards a van en route to his new home in Lakeland; inset: Vicki and henry reunite at save our seabirds before making the journey to their new home.

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COLONY/PAGE 1A to see the unit owners who attended engage in productive debate and discussions,” Klauber said. “The board brought some qualified professionals to the table, and the attendees had a chance to openly and honestly express their opinions of the various options presented. Afterward we had some honest and candid discussions between us and a few of the board members. Though there remains a great deal of pain for all that has happened these last many years, I think now is the time to align our business interests and get this done. To all my dear friends on Longboat Key, we will make this happen, and I intend to be there with all of you to help cut the ribbon at the grand re-opening.” Yablon is pleased with the progress made last week. Over the last few months, signs that the relationship between Klauber and the Association could be thawing showed in court proceedings, when the Association agreed with Klauber in recent Tampa bankruptcy corporation filings. One of the key stakeholders, Colony Lender LLC, is actively pursing a foreclosure on three Klauber-owned companies, which prompted Klauber to file for bankruptcy in Tampa. The companies represent collateral on a $13 million debt owed to Colony Lender principals David Siegal and Randy Langley. “We are finally at the point where everybody has decided to leave their lawyers at home and talk directly with one another to try to resolve these issues,” Yablon said in a press release. “We have found that, at this point in time, there is much more that unites our interests than divides them. We are now collaborating on strategies not only to settle our own bilateral disputes but to press the other key stakeholders toward resolution, as well, so


that we can soon return to the heavens the star that was once the Colony.” Moulton disclosed she agrees having a conference between members of the Association and her group would be valuable at this time. “There is a time for everything, and now is the time to end the years of dispute and work collaboratively to find a swift resolution to the issues that have plagued our precious Colony for far too long,” said Moulton, in the release. “We are delighted to see the board is open to finding a cooperative route to resolving the disputes. Good and productive dialogue is now under way, and we will not stop until we have succeeded in ending this long nightmare.” Yablon, meanwhile, also shed some light on which way unit owners are leaning. Asked Friday, March 1 whether owners were leaning toward a renovation of the existing units or a teardown and rebuild during last week’s meetings, he said, “A straw poll of owners was taken and, aside from the large block of votes that are controlled by Andy Adams (approximately 50 votes), the overwhelming sentiment from the sampling of owners at the meeting was in favor of a new construction project with an outside developer maintaining only the existing beachfront units.” Yablon said his board and unit owners primarily discussed the redevelopment of the Colony and that a decision should be made by early summer. “In the next several weeks leading up to the Association’s annual meeting May 6 and 7, the unit owners will be taking an advisory vote to help the board determine whether to pursue a rehabilitation of all the existing units or a project that is mostly new construction with the exception of the dozen or so beach units closest to the Gulf of Mexico,” he stated in his press release.

her immediately. Regal Swan Foundation CEO Sheila Bolin placed them both in specialized slings and put them in her van en route to their new home. Novak didn’t travel to Lakeland with them. But, according to Bolin and Gardner, they’re doing well. “Most noticeable was (Vicki’s) position in the water, which was balanced and stable, allowing her to propel herself in a normal manner, something she has been unable to do for more than a year,” Novak wrote in an email Saturday night. And how is the swan-keeper coping? “I’m lamenting the whole doggone thing, to tell you the truth,” he said Monday afternoon. The departure of Vicki and Henry marks the end of an era on the Key. They’re approximately 12 years old and hatched from the nest of the original swan pair, George and Gracie. They were named for longtime Longboat Key Publix associate Vicki Workman and her husband. (His name is George, but, because there was already a George, they named Vicki’s mate Henry, George Workman’s middle name.) For Vicki Workman, the reunion is a happy one. “Do tears tell it all?” she asked. “I was just so afraid that poor Henry would always be on his own.” According to Novak, Vicki and Henry are the most amorous of the three mated Bay Isles pairs. They were often seen rubbing their necks and were always loving parents to their cygnets. They remind Vicki Workman of her and her husband a little bit. “Well, they had more babies,” she said of the pair that in one season had a whopping seven cygnets in their nest. “We have two boys, one granddaughter, one great-grandson, and any minute now, we’re going to have a great-granddaughter.” Novak doesn’t plan to visit Vicki and Henry in Lakeland, unless he happens to

Photo courtesy of David Novak

Swans Vicki and Henry appear to be adapting well to their new home.

be in the area. “They’re really not characters that carry feelings very deeply,” he said. “It’s more like, ‘You fed me yesterday. Feed me today … ’” Like swans, he has to think about survival and territory. Swans Alan and Beverly and Stan and Wendy look like they could be entering nesting mode. And there’s also the male and two females, one of which the male appears to be favoring. Novak describes the male as “good-looking.” He’ll probably nest with his female of choice in the next couple of seasons. But, for Vicki and Henry, Novak thinks of it as a “storybook ending.” It’s appropriate, because they’re actual royalty, descendants of a 1957 pair of swans that Queen Elizabeth II gifted to Lakeland after predators decimated the local population. And, now, their story can end with: “And they lived happily ever after.”

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commercial real estate By Mark Gordon | Business Observer


JEWEL RULE Sarasota real-estate developer Tom Mannausa is behind The Jewel, a 17-story luxury condo tower planned for downtown Sarasota.

Lori Sax

Several downtowns on the Gulf Coast have turned into busy, or almost busy, hubs of building activity — sights not seen in six years in many cases. Will the momentum last? Real-estate developer Tom Mannausa took a rare step for a 19-year-old college kid back in 1977 to jumpstart his career. That’s when Mannausa sold his silver 1969 Corvette, a gift from his dad. Mannausa used the money, $3,250, to buy a student rental property in Kalamazoo, Mich., where he was enrolled at Western Michigan University. He soon used the proceeds he made from that house to put down payments on four more local homes. That was the beginning of what’s now a 35-year real-estate development career. Mannausa’s companies have developed 900 condos and homes in the region, in addition to a few million square feet of retail and office space. Mannausa has personally been the lead developer for at least 50 projects, and he partnered with prominent homebuilder Pat Neal on other projects for nearly 20 years. But Mannausa’s career is now marked with a new purpose: To play a supporting role in the post-recession rejuvenation of downtowns throughout the Gulf Coast. Examples of new downtown projects dot the region. That goes from a $20 million renovation and expansion of a hotel on prime real estate in Naples to the condo conversion of a Clearwater office building. Another example: an abandoned 87-year-old hotel in downtown Bradenton, where Al Capone and Babe Ruth supposedly once stayed, is being turned into a Hampton Inn. (See related stories.)

The rejuvenation project Mannausa is behind is called The Jewel. It’s a 17-story luxury condo tower planned for Main Street and Gulfstream Avenue — the cultural and arts hub of downtown Sarasota. The structure, at a potential 236 feet, would be the tallest downtown building. It would also be one of the first major residential projects built downtown in five years. “And new is new,” says Mannausa. “It’s never been lived in before. It’s new countertops. New bathrooms. New everything.”

‘Moving along’

One city in particular that illustrates the recent transformation of Gulf Coast downtowns is Fort Myers. The city unveiled a new water basin around the Caloosahatchee riverfront in early December, a $5.3 million project. Don Paight, executive director of the Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency, says this project was a necessary environmental fix for storm water and other wastewater pollutant issues. But the project, Paight says, which was paid for mostly through a downtown tax increment financing district (TIF) that collected about $4.5 million, isn’t only functional for excess water. It also has walking spaces, room for festivals and its own sound system. “It’s a very attractive water basin with nice features,” says Paight, “but it’s also intended to attract new development.” Paight says the plan, so far, is working. Five new restaurants have opened




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NEWSBRIEFS + It’s a done deal The Longboat Key Town Commission officially ratified a new three-year contract with the Longboat Key Fire Rescue Union Monday night that freezes the current firefighter pension plan and caps the town’s financial responsibilities moving forward. The town and its firefighters reached an agreement in December to freeze the firefighters’ current pension plan and enroll current and future firefighters in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) plan. The town and firefighters will split required FRS contributions 50/50, with the town’s maximum contribution capped at 13%, according to the agreement. The town began contract negotiations with the Longboat Key Police Department Union for a new three-year contract Tuesday. Town staff is expected to offer the same type of proposal to police officers to freeze the current pension plan at the request of the commission.

+ Union vote is under way for general employees The town’s general employees are currently voting on whether to form a union through the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The vote began Feb. 15 and closes March 6. The Public Employees Relations Commission will tally votes March 7.

+ LBK Chamber is moving to Mediterranean Plaza The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce is moving this week to Suite 5 of Mediterranean Plaza, 595 Bay Isles Road. The chamber has operated out of the Longboat Observer building at 5570 Gulf



 Zoning Board of Adjustment Regular Meeting — 9:30 a.m. Thursday, March 14  Planning and Zoning Board Regular Meeting — 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 19  Town Commission Statutory Meeting — 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 19  Town Commission Regular Workshop — 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 20  Town Commission Regular Meeting — 7 p.m. Monday, April 1

All meetings take place at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road, unless otherwise noted. of Mexico Drive since mid-2008. Executive Vice President Dawn Mims hopes to open the new location Monday, March 11. The chamber will keep its phone number, 383-2466.

+ Longboat Library sale runs through Election Day It’s time to get out the vote at Longboat Key Town Hall, but, before or after you cast your ballot, stop by the Election Days Book Sale at the Longboat Library, 555 Bay Isles Road, located next door to Town Hall. The sale takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on early-voting days through Friday, March 8, and continues again on Election Day, Tuesday, March 12. The sale features gently used fiction and nonfiction books with paperbacks priced at 50 cents and hardbacks priced from $1 to $3.


Look as

young as you SAvEE wITH US | The SA SAv




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Thursday, March 7, 2013



2013 ElEcTion by Kurt Schultheis | Managing Editor

Duncan maps out his second term district 2 commissioner Jack duncan thinks workshops with the colony and north-end stakeholders could stimulate revitalization.

Kurt schultheis

in place for his second term on the

and approving a new Longboat Key Publix and CVS Pharmacy. “The Publix and CVS are steps in the right direction this Key has to build upon,” Duncan said. Duncan’s first term, though, he said, isn’t without what he calls “disappointments.” “The Colony and the north end (Whitney Beach Plaza and various

Age: 63 Hometown: cleveland FAmily: Wife, debbie; a daughter; and two sons Hobbies: Baseball enthusiast; kayaking; running four to five miles a day on the treadmill interesting FAct: duncan and his baseball buddies have made spring training baseball an annual rite of passage each year for more than three decades. duncan has been visiting ballparks all over Florida since 1980 and makes a point to visit arizona spring training ballparks, too. duncan has also seen a ballgame in most major league ballparks nationwide. he says Wrigley Field, in chicago, is his favorite for its combination of charm, history and character.



The only Longboat Key commissioner without a challenger still calls this year’s election “extremely critical” to his second two-year term and what he will be able to help accomplish. “The most important thing going on right now is this election,” Duncan said. “As a commission, we need to continue the work that’s being done. We’re a group that strives for consensus and moving things forward, and that needs to continue.” When Duncan became the District 2 commissioner in March 2011, he let everyone know the town needed a vision and that a clear-cut business plan would be implemented. At a June 2011 Longboat Key Town Commission meeting, Duncan said, “If you want to look at the island as a whole, you need an integrated strategy that includes the north end, the (Longboat) Key Club, the Colony (Beach & Tennis Resort), commissioner Jack Duncan has a plan etc. You name it, it all has to be part longboat Key Town commission. of an overall plan that says, ‘This is what we want to be.’” “I don’t have an agenda,” Duncan Fast forward to today and that said. “If I have one, it’s to put longplan is getting ready to be set in term strategic planning in place for motion, most likely with the help this Key.” of The Urban Land Institute (ULI). In his first term, Duncan lists acULI could be hired soon to talk to complishments that include being residents and Key stakeholders and a part of a group that completed an present a vision for the town that independent study on cellular comwill help it overhaul its codes and munications; helping craft a new Comprehensive Plan. three-year contract for firefighters;

vacant commercial parcels) just sitting there are disappointments,” said Duncan, who says the commission must do more to help in 2013. Duncan hopes to hold workshops on the Colony to get input from unit owners and Association board members. He says similar workshops might need to be held with north-end residents and stakeholders. “We can sit around forever and say we don’t own these properties, but the answer starts to get unacceptable after a while,” Duncan said. “We need to look at ways to stimulate change there.” What he doesn’t call a disappointment is the ruling on the former Longboat Key Club and Resort project that is forcing the town to rewrite its codes. “I had no vote on that project, but I would have voted for it,” Duncan said. “The courts told us our codes need to be updated and gave us a roadmap to do it. That’s a positive thing.” Duncan, an Ohio native, worked his way up the corporate ladder at Wilmington, Del.-based Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (now Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals) before making his way in 1999 to Longboat Key as a permanent resident. Duncan is hopeful new codes and a new long-range plan will spur commercial renovations and applications for aging condos to update their properties. “We are taking the steps now to move Longboat Key forward in the next 25 years,” Duncan said.




taking a stand by Kurt Schultheis | Managing Editor

White questions Pastor’s settlement speech IPOC President Bob White disagrees with candidate Irwin Pastor’s claim of a settlement with Ocean Properties. White said discussions with Ocean Properties ceased after 12th Circuit Court Judge Lee Haworth made his ruling that ordered the town to make changes to its codes and Comprehensive Plan. Asked to respond to White’s statements, Pastor said, “Bob White is a great friend of mine, but we don’t see everything the same and I’m my own man. There is a tentative agreement, and I haven’t broken any confidentiality agreement by saying so.” Pastor said White’s statements prove he is more than the IPOC persona label that many people have placed on him. “I’m ready to move on, there’s more important issues to discuss if I’m elected,” Pastor said. Ocean Properties officials did not respond to requests for comment on Pastor’s statements. Commissioner Terry Gans, whom Pastor is challenging, said Monday, “It’s up to the Key’s voters to make the decision.” “To me, it shows a lack of experience and a lack of judgment,” Gans said. “It was overreaching, and for Bob White to come out and say something about it says a lot.” Gans also questions whether Pastor, if elected, would be able to participate in commission discussions of a future Key Club application. Pastor disputes the claim.


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For weeks, Longboat Key at-large commission candidate Irwin Pastor has told residents he helped broker a tentative settlement offered by Ocean Properties Ltd. for a scaled-back renovation and expansion of the Longboat Key Club and Resort. Islandside Property Owners Coalition (IPOC) President Bob White, though, disputes Pastor’s statements. Pastor is IPOC’s vice president. At a Wednesday, Feb. 27 debate at Bayfront Park Recreation Center, White stood up after Pastor talked about the tentative settlement and described a plan he said was proposed to Islandside residents. White told those in attendance he “would not characterize us (IPOC) as having a tentative agreement.” On Friday, March 1, White explained his statement further to the Longboat Observer. “We have been talking with Ocean Properties, and I am optimistic we can reach an agreement, but to say we have a tentative agreement is not accurate,” White said. Asked about Pastor’s report of a project that calls for roughly 350 tourism and residential units being placed on the south parcel near New Pass, White said, “The things we have been discussing are just concepts, not actual plans themselves.”


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poll data by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Average turnout: less than 50% for town elections VOTER TURNOUT: TOWN GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS 2008: Gene Jaleski vs. Bob Siekmann; tourism referenda Registered voters: 6,364 Votes cast: 2,621 Turnout: 41.18%

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2009: Randy Clair vs. Gene Jaleski; capital improvements Registered voters: 6,502 Votes cast: 2,324 Turnout: 35.74% 2010: Lynn Larson vs. Lee Rothenberg; David Brenner vs. Peter O’Connor; Hal Lenobel vs. Phillip Younger Registered voters: 6,330 Votes cast: 2,970 Turnout: 46.92%

Judith Skornicka Schwartzbaum

2011: Term limits, beach bond Registered voters: 6,296 Votes cast: 1,176 Turnout: 18.68%

Senior Vice President Senior Investment Management Consultant Portfolio Manager Financial Advisor

2012: David Brenner vs. Ray Rajewski Registered voters: 6,298 Votes cast: 2,334 Turnout: 37.06%



November 2008 .........................85.62% November 2010 .............................. 71% November 2012 .........................83.32%

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Last March, just 90 votes gave Vice Mayor David Brenner the District 3 seat in the race against his challenger, Ray Rajewski. In contrast, approximately 5 million votes separated President Barack Obama from his challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney, in the November 2012 presidential election. Turnout on Longboat Key was 83.82% for the November election, compared to just 37.06% for the commission race — which is where a single vote is more likely to make a difference. This year’s commission election takes place Tuesday, March 12, and there’s still time to cast your ballot. There are three races on the ballot: Jim Brown vs. Larry Grossman; Terry Gans vs. Irwin Pastor; and Gene Jaleski vs. Phill Younger. The last time the town had three contested commission seats, voter turnout was slightly higher than usual, with 46.92% of voters casting ballots in March 2010. Early voting continues from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Friday, March 8, at Longboat Key Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day Tuesday, March 12. Sarasota County voters cast ballots at Town Hall, while Manatee County voters cast ballots at Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Registered voters are eligible to cast votes in each commission election, regardless of the district in which they reside. According to the Town Clerk’s Office, as of Tuesday evening, 456 ballots were cast at Town Hall, compared to 462 for the first four days of early voting last year.

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Economics of blackmail

For all those Tea Partyers chafing over replace that window may have been saving Gov. Rick Scott’s switcheroo to accept that window money to buy himself a new DON’T FORGET TO VOTE Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid spendsuit and shoes. The suit and shoe makers We recommend for Town Commission: ing in the state, sometimes you just have to are the losers. Jim Brown, Terry Gans, Phill Younger. take ipecac. So for every job Obama keeps going with Look at it this way: It’s either this, or entitlement payments for Medicaid, the another term — or two — of Charlie Crist in economy is deprived of another job. taxpayers will be contributing to Obamthe governor’s mansion. Sure, expanding Medicaid can be argued acare all the while. Pick your poison. as a gain to Florida’s economy. Likewise, Take a look at the chart below. Sarasota The real fact of the matter is this: politics, there will be the Obama-ites who will argue Memorial Healthcare calculated what yes, perhaps. But, the decision was and that if we don’t expand Medicaid, those would happen to its business with and is economic. If the Legislature rejects the who have insurance will continue to pay without the Medicaid expansion. Just on Medicaid expansion, higher insurance and medical costs to pay that hospital system alone, Sarasota Memoit will be an economic for the uninsured’s use of health-care rerial estimates it’s going to lose revenues calamity for the state. sources. This is what is happening now, with because of Obamacare. But the losses over Just ask the CEO of any hospitals pushing those costs on to insured, 10 years would be 32% greater without Florida hospital. paying customers. expanding Medicaid — $178 million versus What’s more, when How to deal with the vast numbers of $122 million. you do the analysis, uninsured is worth another column or a Now multiply those kinds of losses by Obamacare is prima fabook. That’s a deeper topic that starts with cie evidence No. 1 of how 209 hospitals, the number of hospitals in the concept of personal responsibility and Florida. the constant expansion the effects of the perception that health care You can imagine the negative economic of the federal governis not a limited resource and that we are all effects: fewer jobs, doctor shortages (we ment eviscerates state’s entitled to the best health care available. MATT already have that) and all of the attendant rights and ultimately In Gov. Scott’s remarks, he recalls the WALSH trickle-down effects to health-care supplieviscerates your indiagony of his mother who couldn’t afford ers, local restaurants, dry cleaners, grocervidual freedom. Another medical care for an ill brother. Scott says ies, home builders, car dealers, etc. way to put this is — it’s federal blackmail. no one in this great country should have to Indeed, in a study commissioned by the You should read all of Scott’s remarks for worry about that. full context. You likely didn’t see them in any Florida Hospital Association and shared Agreed. But he also knows, as he stated, with Scott and legislators, two researchers of the daily press. They gave you the soundgovernment-run health care is not the best at the University of Florida ran economic bites and screamed over and over again answer. models estimating the economic impact of that the man who ran a national campaign Unfortunately, Scott and the nation’s other expanding Medicaid. Although we’re always 49 governors and 49 legislatures are living, against Obamacare flip flopped and teed suspect of these models, the report noneoff his base. Gotcha! they gloated. first-hand, the calamity that has come from theless provides an eye-opening snapshot But when you read his entire remarks, the ever-expanding federal state. They have you can see the dilemma he and every other of what can be expected over a 10-year lost their sovereignty, the independence of governor who hates Obamacare faces. (Find period in Florida: each state as envisioned by the Founding the entire text at Fathers in the Constitution. Through federal Scott-Medicaid.) bribery and blackmail, Americans have ECONOMIC IMPACT As Gov. Scott stated in his Feb. 20 rebecome shackled to the Federal State — and OF EXPANDED MEDICAID marks: “… There are no perfect options … over the next 10 years, thanks to Obamacare, FOR FLORIDA, 2012-2023 Our options are either having Floridians pay taxpayers will be carrying $6.2 trillion more to fund this program in other states while in federal debt! (Dollars in millions) denying health care to our citizens, or using Fed expenditures ...............$24,445 + Worst of pensions to come federal funding to help some of the poorest Output .............................. $71,322 Step 1: Stop the hemorrhaging. in our state with the Medicaid program as Value-added GDP ..............$44,587 Step 2: Heal the wound. we explore other health-care reforms.” Labor income .................... $31,190 Both are excruciatingly painful. It’s much deeper than that. There are big Indirect business taxes .........$2,606 It appears the Longboat Key Town Comdollars involved that affect Florida’s econJobs ..................................597,172 mission has achieved the first — taking omy — an economy whose three-legged Output = industry revenues; Labor nearly a decade to do it. That is, it finally stool could now be called tourism, health income = (wages, benefits, proprietor staunched the growth in the town firefightcare and real estate. income); Indirect business taxes = local, ers union’s unfunded pension liabilities Consider that of Florida’s 18.8 million state, and federal. with a new union agreement last week. population, 35% of that, or 6.66 million Floridians, fall into the age categories where The amount taxpayers must cover: more heath care is almost a daily part of life — than $27 million for firefighters, police and Mind you, while the above table shows under 5 and 55 and over. other town employees. Now let’s break down those numbers even huge amounts of money and jobs that will With this new firefighter agreement, at flow into Florida’s economy and be spent more: least that future obligation will not grow — on health care and the attendant multipli• Florida’s eligible Medicare recipients: assuming the police union will agree to the ers, this is not new-found money. It’s money same terms as the firefighters. 3.5 million people, 19% of the population. • Florida’s Medicaid caseloads: 3.2 million being taken out of someone else’s pocket Now comes the big pain: healing the (yours included) and being transferred as an wound. That means raising the $27 million people, 17% of the population. unearned entitlement and benefit. Think of all of the medical providers who that will eliminate the debt and making Indeed, it’s Frederic Bastiat’s broken touch those people. sure the funds promised to the town’s emwindow. When a boy throws a rock through Now consider this: To be able to expand ployees will be there when they retire. a store owner’s window, some people will Medicaid, Obamacare is going to take back To some extent, Longboat taxpayers can say: “Great, now the window maker and sign hope a rising stock market will help close over 10 years $700 billion out of Medicare, maker will be able to stay in business.” What the gap. But, the reality is that money must with $155 billion of that coming out of hospitals nationwide. That was money that was they forget is the store owner who must come from Longboat Key taxpayers. expected to reimburse So one of the next, hospitals and healthcrucial issues to face care providers. But the incoming Town HOW OBAMACARE WILL COST SARASOTA MEMORIAL now, under ObamCommission will be acare, that money will how and over what go to expand Medicperiod that money aid. will be raised. So think of the efA few options: fects of Scott and the Issue bonds and Legislature rejecting eliminate the entire an expanded Medicdebt. The attraction aid. It would create to this is that interest a double-negative rates are low. economic whammy. Taxpayers would Not only would then see increased Florida hospitals, docproperty taxes for tors and everyone else however long comserving Medicare pamissioners decide. tients lose reimburseOn that point, the ments on Medicare, question will be: Who rejecting the Medicaid should bear the burexpansion also would den? Today’s taxpaycost Florida; the state ers, or those who live would be unable to rehere for the next five, coup some of the lost 10, 20 or 30 years? Medicare money — Welcome to the new even though Florida commission.



raising the bar by Robin Hartill | City Editor

PAID ELECTION LETTER + Untrue assertions regarding commission Dear Editor: A portion of PIC’s recent ad and email endorsement is provided with the facts, as supported by the public record, inserted in italics. It has been claimed, for example, that the commission broke the law and somehow violated the state constitution in connection with the Longboat Key Club expansion request. However, the town merely did not prevail in civil proceedings. The court determined that codes were unreliable and should be reworked. That is not what the court ruled! In fact, the court ruled that the town code was not ambiguous,(1) as the town argued before the court. Twelfth Circuit Judge Charles Roberts rejected this contention, ruling that the code was not ambiguous and that the town violated the code, characterizing its actions as a “miscarriage of justice that infringed the legitimate expectations of the residents.” In acting upon the application, the town followed long-standing procedure under code of permitting departures so a project could proceed. This does not violate the state’s constitution as alleged. This is also untrue! Following the town’s abortive attempt to revise the town code to accommodate the overdeveloped Key Club project, 12th Circuit Judge Haworth ruled that the town violated the state constitution by attempting to give itself “enfettered discretion” to approve any development plan they wanted. (2) Neither — as has been claimed — have the incumbents or the commission approved or sought to approve some sort of massive and drastic expansion of tourism. They have acted and sought to act in accordance with the town Vision Plan, which was produced with citizen participation; and to effectuate the 2008 citizen referendum approval to allow 250 additional tourist units as replacement for some of the many units lost to other uses


Liquor store tops off Publix plans

over the years. A disingenuous contention. The commission approved 272 tourism units more than authorized by the 2008 referendum for a total of 522 potential additional tourism units. Again, the court ruled against this approval and directed that a key wide referendum was required to approve the additional tourist units. (3) Similarly misleading statements have been made by the opposition and its supporters about municipal pension reform, beach nourishment, town litigation costs in connection with the Key Club application (all town legal expenses associated with the club’s proposal was covered by the applicant). Also not true. Although the Longboat Key Club paid a majority of the town’s legal expenses, it did not pay all the costs, as PIC alleges, including those related in its attempt to change the code to allow its project, nor for the attendant staff time, as the town’s documents confirm (4) and a myriad of other subjects. PIC urges the voters to closely examine and scrutinize all such statements by candidates. It believes that this will lead to the obvious conclusion that Mayor Brown and Commissioners Gans and Younger should be returned to office. PIC so advocates consistent with its primary missions of promoting “good local government” and preserving our “premier residential community.” A close examination and scrutiny of the facts, as suggested by PIC, will reveal the falseness of it allegations, not confirm them. (1) 12th Circuit Court Judge Roberts’ ruling, pages 13 and 19 (2) 12th Circuit Court Judge Haworth’s ruling, Count III, pages 3 and 11 (3) 12th Circuit Court Judge Hayworth’s ruling, page 15 (3) Town of Longboat Key financial data provided Jan. 23, 2013, pursuant to public records request. Bob White Longboat Key

Longboaters, raise your glasses and propose a toast: Within weeks, a new Publix Liquors will fill the storefront next to the grocery store. Will it have a liquor store? That’s the question Longboat residents wanted answered when Publix first announced plans to build a new Key store. Well, Longboaters raise your glasses. Because the answer to that question is: yes. Publix spokeswoman Shannon Patten confirmed the Lakeland-based chain will open a Publix Liquors in the space next to the grocery store at 523 Bay Isles Parkway. “Our Longboat Key customers can expect to see it open within the next few weeks, but the opening date has not been finalized at this time,” Patten wrote in an email to the Longboat Observer. Publix filed plans to build a new 49,000-square-foot store in June 2011. During the Longboat Key Planning & Zoning Board hearing in December 2011, Publix agent Michael Leeds said the liquor-store question was the most common one he had received about the project. Antony V’s liquor store operated in the Avenue of the Flowers plaza before Publix con-

struction began last year. The new store opened Dec. 13, although Publix officials still didn’t announce whether a liquor store would open. Currently, the island is without a liquor store, although Harry’s Continental Kitchens sells package liquor in its restaurant. Richard Juliani, co-owner of Whitney Beach Plaza, confirmed in December he plans to put a liquor store and bar in the shopping center after renovations are completed. The liquor store isn’t the only thing Publix still has in the bag for the Key. On Friday, March 8, installation of a sculpture the chain agreed to donate to the town will begin. Patten didn’t have details immediately available. The new Publix also has a pharmacy area that isn’t currently in operation. As part of its agreement with CVS, which also has a new store at the Publix-owned shopping center, the grocery chain will delay opening the pharmacy during its first 16 months of operation.


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FEB. 17


r o C o ar d n I


FEB. 22

10:40 p.m. — 800 block of Bayport Way. Larceny. A woman put her shoes and orthopedic insoles under a chair before going for a walk on the beach. She returned to find them missing.

GONE BANANAS 3:04 p.m. — Linley Street. Property Found. A fisherman transported police to a yellow canoe that had drifted 300 yards offshore and had the name “Top Banana” on the stern. Police tagged the boat and placed it in the sally port area for safekeeping.

FEB. 21 THE DAMAGE IS DONE 9:47 a.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Road. Property Damage. Police found a directional sign knocked over and a storm drain nearby that was crushed. The damage was possibly caused by a semitruck.

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THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY 4:20 p.m. — 3400 block of Bayou Sound. Animal Nuisance. A woman reported a neighbor was walking his two dogs in October when one got loose and bit her three times. The man agreed to muzzle the dogs for future walks, but the woman recently saw the man’s wife walking the dogs unmuzzled. The wife said she had no plans to muzzle them. Police told the woman they could only require the owners to keep the dogs on their leashes. The woman understood but wanted the incident documented.

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8:59 p.m. — 6800 block of GMD. Civil Disturbance. A restaurant owner has a sign posted on his door stating he only accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover, but a customer tried to pay his bill with American Express, which the owner doesn’t accept because of the transaction cost. It was the diner’s only form of payment available. He agreed to return the next day to pay.

PHILL YOUNGER Knows Commitment

way. Disturbance. A man became angry when a security guard told him she couldn’t allow a commercial vehicle behind the community’s gates after noon on a Saturday without permission from her supervisor, who wasn’t there. The man, who lives in the community, had approached the guard to let her know a veterinarian was on his way to treat his sick dog and that if the dog were euthanized, a commercial van would need access to remove its body. The man told police the guard wouldn’t listen and slammed the door on his hand. Police told the man he would have to take up the issue with his homeowners association.

FEB. 25 ROOM FOR ONE MORE 11:23 a.m. — 6000 block of GMD. Parking. A man parked his car on the sidewalk because a parking lot was full because of construction. He pulled into a spot that opened up after police arrived.

FEB. 23

ONLINE: See a map of where this week's incidents occurred.

BEND THE RULES? 1:08 p.m. — 600 block of Bay Isles Park-

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by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Candidates campaign for sign answers Gene Jaleski and Larry Grossman say more than 10 of their campaign signs have gone missing. It’s a sure sign of election season on Longboat Key: Commission candidates put up signs, and some of those signs disappear. It happens every year. Commission candidates Larry Grossman and Gene Jaleski reported on the disappearance of at least 10 of their signs during the public comments section of the Monday, March 4 Longboat Key Town Commission meeting. “We feel aggrieved, and we feel we have to get to the bottom of what’s going on,” Jaleski said. Jaleski said before the Longboat Observer/Longboat Key Public Interest Committee candidate forum in February, Vice Mayor David Brenner handed him two of his signs and said they were on private property and the property owner didn’t give him permission to place them there. Later, Jaleski discovered Brenner took them from the outskirts of the Lido Shores neighborhood, within city of Sarasota limits. Jaleski said he may file a police report against Brenner, but hadn’t done so as of press time. Brenner, though, told the Longboat Observer he received permission from a Lido Shores property owner to place campaign signs for his fellow commissioners on the outskirts of the neighborhood and that the property where the signs were placed is private. “I’m going to object to this,” Gans said after hearing Jaleski’s complaint. “This is a political statement, and it happened in the city of Sarasota, if it happened at all. This has nothing to do with the town of Longboat Key, and my name being brought into it is unfair because I had nothing to do with it.” “You’re out of line,” Jaleski said. “You’re out of line, sir,” Gans said. Gans asked for a ruling on the appro-

priateness of what was happening before Mayor Jim Brown, whom Grossman is challenging, banged his gavel. “Gene’s got his three minutes … and you’ve got one minute of that left,” Brown said. Jaleski said both he and Grossman contacted city code enforcement because their signs were removed, and they said they believed Gans’ signs were in the right of way, where it’s illegal to place signs. Jaleski and Grossman showed photographs of Gans’ signs. According to Grossman, a city code-enforcement official couldn’t determine whether they were on public or private property. “We’d like to know who took the signs and what happened after that,” Jaleski said, describing the removal as petit theft. “You said they were handed to you by Commissioner Brenner, so they must be in your hands,” Brown said. Jaleski protested, repeating that more than 10 of their signs were removed. Brown said that at least 10 of his campaign signs have disappeared, too. Meanwhile, at the end of the meeting, after Jaleski and Grossman had left, Brenner took advantage of his commissioner comments to tell those in attendance he spent more than an hour earlier in the day with a Florida Department of Transportation official and a city of Sarasota code officer to receive clarification. After a stake was placed showing how far back the signs could be placed from the right of way, Brenner put four signs in the area. “If it wasn’t clear earlier, the attack made by the two gentlemen who left was against me,” Brenner said. “I’m stubborn, and I’ve done my homework.” Managing Editor Kurt Schultheis contributed to this story.

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660 offices, 47 countries worldwide and 19 locations along the Gulf Coast. bonitA bAy SALeS centeR | 239.495.1105 26951 Country Club Drive, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

tHe gALLeRy | 239.659.0099 4001 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 102, Naples, FL 34103

fiftH Avenue | 239.434.8770 776 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102

vAnDeRbiLt | 239.594.9494 325 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples, FL 34108

tHe viLLAge | 239.261.6161 4300 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Suite 100, Naples, FL 34103

bRoAD Avenue | 239.434.2424 390 Broad Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102

MeRcAto SALeS centeR | 239.594.9400 9123 Strada Place, Suite 7125, Naples, FL 34108

eStuARy SALeS centeR | 239.261.3148 1220 Gordon River Trail, Naples, FL 34105

MARco iSLAnD | 239.642.2222 760 North Collier Boulevard, Suite 101, Marco Island, FL 34145


d with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. 12/10/12.



DOWNTOWNS / FROM PAGE 3A in the area around the basin in the last three months, he says, and retail vacancies are beginning to fill up. “Things are moving along,” says Paight. “Despite the economy, downtowns on Fridays and Saturdays are busy again.” Another factor in the city’s downtown plan is to partner with a hotel developer for a project that would be built next to the Harborside Events Center. City officials have been in talks with Sarasota developer John Meshad on that project. Meshad’s JWM Management has owned and built more than 1 million square feet of retail and office space in Sarasota and Atlanta. The company also developed the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta. Meshad says plans are in the early conceptual stages, and he hasn’t officially committed to building the hotel. He says he wouldn’t even consider a hotel there without the events center, but with it, he hopes a project makes sense both for him and Fort Myers. “They have been struggling with booking events there because they don’t have a hotel,” says Meshad. The Jewel, meanwhile, will have 18 units that range in price from $1.25 million to $4.1 million. The project will feature LED lights inside and outside, and include two floors of retail space. The third floor of the building will be an amenity deck with a yoga room, 20-meter pool, sauna, synthetic putting green and tennis court. “Our amenity floor is absolutely spectacular,” says Mannausa. “It will be very country club in appearance.” The Jewel sales office opened in November and 16 out of 18 units were under reservation by Feb. 13, Mannausa says. A reservation included a deposit of $50,000 for one of 10 half-floor units or $100,000 for one of eight full-floor units. The buyers, adds Mannausa, make up a diverse group of active baby boomers.

More projects

Validation came quickly for Mannausa. He says he received multiple offers to sell the entire development by the fall, when word of the project spread in Sarasota real-estate circles. Three offers were

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Prized location

Mannausa says he expects to convert those reservations to purchase agreements by April 15. Demolition of buildings on the property could then begin by July, he says, and the project could take about 16 months to build. Mannausa made his first financial commitment to The Jewel in December 2010, when he bought a vacant lot at the corner of Gulfstream Avenue and Main Street for $870,000. He bought the land in a short sale from IberiaBank, which had taken over the property from the estate of local developer Samuel Hamad. The price, for a prized location, was certainly recessionera cheap. Yet even then the normally optimistic Mannausa was guarded about the project. “The risk was diminished, but it was still a big investment,” he says. “It’s been a long time since anything new has been developed.” Mannausa moved ahead with the project in spring 2012, when he bought two adjacent properties: the Sports Page Bar & Grille and Living Walls Furniture & Design. He paid just less than $3 million for those stores, which will likely move to other downtown locations.



who sold a $15 million auto sales software firm in 2010, is also buying properties in his adopted hometown. Biter’s downtown purchases, going back through late 2011, include retail space on the ground floor of the Palm Avenue parking garage; the former Century Bank building on Fruitville Road, now home to the HuB, a business incubator, and Biter’s new firm, Dealers United; and two buildings on Main Street. Biter spent more than $8 million on those acquisitions. His goal with some of the properties is to eventually build apartment buildings that are priced for young professionals. “I’m very excited about what’s going on downtown,” says Biter. “I want to invest in downtown. I’m bullish on the area.”

a p m a T

PROJECT: Arts district residential tower

LOCATION: Between Cas s and Tyler Streets, in downtown Tam pa OWNER/DEVELOPER : Greg Minder, president of InTown Group LLC, and Phillip A. Smith, president of Framework Group LLC, are partners in the development. Minder’s com pany previously partnered in dev eloping Tampa’s 34-story, multifa mily Element tower, completed in 2008. Smith, who has a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard University, has dev eloped and built more than 3,700 apa rtments along the U.S. East Coast. COST: Estimated at $85 million including $81 million for con , struction and $4 million for the land. DETAILS : The plannned apartment tower has more than 30 sto ries, with 350 apartments and 10,000 squ are feet of retail space on the ground floor. The still-unnamed tower is slated for land owned by the city in the downtown arts district, next to the Stra z Center for the Performing Arts. The Tampa City Council has approved the developers’ plan to buy the land. Howev er, the property still needs to be rezoned, and the final design needs app roval from the council. The land sale is expected to take place in June, says Mark House , managing director at the Beck Group in Tampa, an architecture and constructio n firm that is part of the project team. “All the surveys are being done,” he says. “A city block has to be created.” City pla nners are working on proposed cha nges to nearby streets to accommodate new traffic in the arts district. The tower is expected to become one of the anchors of fresh com mercial development along the Hill sborough River. According to Tampa officials, the arts tower will be the first major downtown development in nearly five years. — Denise Kalette


in excess of $10 million, he says. But he passed, saying he wanted to see The Jewel through to completion. The Jewel is noteworthy for its size and location, but the renewed development interest in downtown Sarasota stretches further. Other examples include The Queue townhouses on Ringling Boulevard and the Homes of Laurel Park, a 26-home project just south of Main Street. Several successful entrepreneurs, moreover, have been buying property downtown, both for future investments and potential real-estate development projects. Canadian businessman Lou Donato, for example, bought five buildings with more than 23,000 square feet of retail space and a vacant lot on Main Street last year. Donato, who owns two restaurant chains in Canada, paid $4.3 million for the properties. Downtown Sarasota resident Jesse Biter,




drive, chip, putt, party by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

Beachplace residents get into the swing of things Forty Beachplace residents competed in the association’s seventh golf outing Friday, March 1, at Bent Tree Country Club. The crowd then celebrated at a cookout at the the Beachplace clubhouse. Abner Ragins emceed the event. Sid and Ann Friedman worked with Judy Reed and Linda Buyher on decorations,

which included green tablecloths and miniature flags to resemble putting greens. Jerry Cronin, Ed Abramek, Dave McClu and Nick Luman were on the winning foursome, which shot a 69.

David and Linda Buyher

Ed and Linda Abramek Ron and Carol Stephani with Betty and Jack Keelin

Photos by Katie Hendrick

Sid and Ann Friedman with Judy and Jeff Reed

Diane Deutch and Nancy Bronska won the chipping and closest-to-the pin contests, respectively.

Helen and Abner Ragins



State Certified General Contractor

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


· What does your Condo or Homeowners Insurance cover? · Do I really need wind or flood insurance? · Are your coverages sufficient? · What is the purpose of Citizens Insurance? · What is happening to Citizens Insurance? · Is the Citizens Insurance I have reliable? · If I get a notice from Citizens Insurance canceling my coverage, is there an alternative? · Do I need Uninsured Motorist insurance in Florida since it is a “no fault” state?


5330 Ashton Ct., Sarasota

S 7 DAY OPEN 9:30pm

Since 1969

Since 1967

am to 11:30



Come To The PIC Sponsored Insurance Forum

TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013 • 7:00 PM

492-5200 1955 So. Trail, Venice



HAPP HOURY 4 to 6 pm

Come Get Your Bib On!

at THE LONGBOAT ISLAND CHAPEL, 6200 Gulf Of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key

Serving Fresh Local Seafood & Local Stone Crab Claws Open 7 Days 11:30am - 9:30pm

Best Food, Best Service, Best View Any closer to the water and you’ll need a towel

By Land: 800 Broadway St. • By Sea: Marker 39 on the Waterway North End of Longboat Key • 383-1748 Call Ahead Seating/Reservations for 5 or more



This Forum is not sponsored by any insurance company or agency; it is an informational session and there will be NO solicitation of business.


Thursday, March 7, 2013




I care about the future of Longboat Key. I will encourage responsible redevelopment and progress to keep our Key a premier destination for home buyers, visitors and residents.

Irwin Pastor 104159

How to Live a Happy, Healthy, Pain-Free Life by Following the Advice of 377 Sarasota Doctors



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lass doors and a mirrored wall flood Maryanne Maier’s St. Armands Key home with natural light, illuminating nearly two-dozen acrylic paintings the owner created. Maier’s passion began at her artist mother’s insistence. “Growing up, she’d paint me whatever I wanted,” she says. “Then, when my youngest child went to kindergarten, she decided, ‘Enough.’ It was time for me to learn.” Maier’s mother provided a canvas, paint and a photo of a little red barn with directions to copy it. Turns

out, Maier inherited some talent. A friend offered to buy the barn painting, and Maier had “all the encouragement” she needed to sign up for night classes. Maier subsequently earned a fine-arts degree from Paier College of Art in Hamden, Conn., and has won awards at juried shows in New England. She’s traveled to picturesque locales, such as Paris and Provence, to paint. But her favorite “muse” is just around the corner from her home. From thousands of daily runs along the beach, she has a clear mental picture of tides, surf, sand,

IN HER OWN WORDS ON HER MUSE: “Watching the seagrass wave, the water crash, the clouds move, the sun go up or down, you feel the pulse of the Earth.” ON SUCCESS: Hear Maier recount her invitation to the White House at seagrass, sunrises and sunsets. “This is my niche,” she says. “I would curl up and die if I wasn’t running and painting the beach.” — Katie Hendrick


Why eyeLAsh


Beverly Katzenberger, RN


MARCH 12, 2013







TOWN OF  LONGBOAT  KEY   GENERAL   MUNICIPAL   LECTION   MARCH   2,  2013   Polling Locations OpenEfrom 7:00 AM to17:00 PM Polling   Locations   Open  Bay from  Isles 7:00  Road, AM  to  7Longboat :00  PM   Key FL Precinct 201 is located at 501 Precinct  201  is  located  at  501  Bay  Isles  Road,  Longboat  Key  FL   Precinct 95 is located at 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key FL Precinct  95  is  located  at  6200  Gulf  of  Mexico  Drive,  Longboat  Key  FL  

Looking for a NEW Property Management Company? We offer two separate programs:

Full Service Property Management for Condominiums and Homeowners Associations. OR Full Monthly Accounting Service, without any Property Management Services.



Our offices are locatedÊ on Longboat Key:Ê Harbour Square Office BuildingÊ 4134 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Unit 203Ê (Next to Pattigeorge’s Restaurant)




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Thursday, March 7, 2013


COMMUNITYCALENDAR Another Season, the 2013 Lord’s Warehouse Fashion Show and Luncheon — starts at noon at the Longboat Island chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico drive. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in the church office or at the Lord’s Warehouse next door. call 3836491. Longboat Key Historical Society — meets at 7 p.m. at christ church of Longboat Key, Presbyterian, 6400 Gulf of Mexico drive. Joy Baker will speak about the Villa am Meer property. contact the historical society at

FrIday, March 8 Republican Club of Longboat Key — meets from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at sarasota yacht club, 1100 John ringling Blvd. Bob McMillan, chairman of the Panama canal, who was commissioned under President George h.W. Bush, will speak about the history and transformation of the canal. Tickets cost $23 for members; $25 for nonmembers. call ruth strauss at 383-5349. Friday Night Live Service — takes place at 8 p.m. at Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles road. The service will include professional instrumentation and lively music, including Broadway songs by Jewish composers. call 383-3428.

saTurday, March 9 Aging in Paradise Health Fair — runs from 9 a.m. to noon at the Longboat Island chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico drive. The fair will feature educational booths and screening stations. call 224-8766. Annual Community Juried Exhibition Opening Reception — takes place from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Longboat Key center for the arts, a division of ringling college of art and design, 6860 Longboat drive s. rsVP is required. call 383-2345 or email lbkca@

MONday, March 11 Community Cancer Support Group — meets from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Mondays, at all angels by the sea Episcopal church, 563 Bay Isles road. The group welcomes cancer patients, long-term survivors and caregivers. call 3838192.


St. Patrick’s Day on St. Armands The celebration kicks off at 5 p.m. Friday, March 15 and saturday, March 16, with a warmup party at Lynches Pub & Grub, 19 Blvd. of the Presidents, with Irish stepdancers, bagpipers, green beer and corned beef and cabbage. The party will continue at 11 a.m. sunday, March 17, at Lynches, along with other circle businesses that will offer specials. a “hangover Party” will follow at noon Monday, March 18, at Lynches. call 388-5550.

TuEsday, March 12 Community Support Group — meets from 10:30 a.m. to noon at all angels by the sea Episcopal church, 563 Bay Isles road. The group is open to those seeking a safe place to reflect upon life transitions. call 383-8161.


TuEsday, March 19 Sixth Annual Operation Kindness Tennis Round Robin Fundraiser — starts at 2:30 p.m. at the Longboat Key club & resort’s Tennis Gardens. a cocktail party, raffle and live and silent auctions will follow in the harbourside dining room. Proceeds go to the Wounded in action Family Foundation. call 703-517-1068.

Long hours and hard work come with being a Longboat Key town commissioner, but the pay is still nothing.

In March 1980, George H.W. Bush was running to be the Republican presidential candidate. He stopped at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport for a rally, but his wife, Barbara, stuck around an extra day


Longboat Key Democratic Club — meets from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Longboat Key club and resort’s harbourside dining room, 3100 harbourside drive. Former state senator and current gubernatorial candidate Nan rich will present “a democratic Vision for Florida’s Families.” Tickets are $25. send checks to Longboat Key democratic club, P.O. Box 8025, Longboat Key, Fla., 34228.

Value of being a commissioner: priceless, according to voters

+ Barbara Bush makes LBK stop


Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce Brown Bag Lunch — takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at sunTrust Bank, 510 Bay Isles road. call 383-2466.

FrOM ThE archIVEs by Robin Hartill | city Editor

How much is the position of Longboat Key town commissioner worth? The answers may vary among the seven men and women at the dais and the three challengers seeking seats this year. On March 9, 1999, voters had their say on the LONGBOaT matter, when 55.88% of LOrE those who participated in the town’s general municipal election opposed compensating commissioners $2,000 annually. Three years later, in 2002, 65.21% of voters cast ballots against paying commissioners $4,800 per year. Whether you support or oppose commissioner pay, you can be certain that when commissioners discuss issues late into the night at meetings, they aren’t doing it for the overtime pay.


to attend a reception March 7, 1980, on Longboat Key. Barbara Bush received a “modest” escort from Longboat Key police, according to the Longboat Observer, and the Fogarty family hosted her. She was “every inch a lady, impeccably dressed, neatly coiffed and exuding charm, confidence and grace.” Although Ronald Reagan would get the candidacy that year and, ultimately, the presidency, the majority of Longboat Republicans voted for Bush in the primaries the following week, with 375 voting for Bush, compared to 256 for Reagan.

+ Mishap put traffic on lockdown

The New Pass Bridge frequently got stuck in the open position during the 1980s before construction of a new bridge in 1988. But what happened March 4, 1982, really left traffic in a jam. A woman got disgusted, locked her car and left. When she returned, she found she had locked her keys in her car, which forced police to work quickly to get the keys out of the car to get traffic flowing again when the bridge re-opened.

Gene and Elisabeth

I have lived on Longboat Key for 26 years, served as commissioner and contributed to the community.

I offer Longboat Key taxpayers honest, intelligent and informed government.

The time has arrived to replace a commission with 3 years of failed policies, that have stalled our community. It is time for a new beginning. Longboat Key needs commissioners with a real PLAN for our future that includes all property owners. Paid political advertisement approved by campaign for Gene Jaleski for commissioner at-large


Thursday, March 7


ThursdAy, M Arch 7, 2013

family drama

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Was it the view? Or the low association fees? Sarasota Audubon Society’s John Ginaven doesn’t know why Longboat Key’s bald eagles chose the condominium they began nesting in years ago. Whatever their reasons, their choice of a nesting environment was highly unusual, because bald eagles seldom nest in areas populated by humans. The eagles have become celebrities in their own right on the Key, so it’s fitting they have celeb-style drama. Ginaven detailed the saga in a presentation, “The Bald Eagles of Longboat Key: A Soap Opera,” he gave Thursday, Feb. 21, to the Longboat Key Historical Society. The male and female bald eagle seemed to be happy in their nest five years ago. But, in 2008, a younger 4-year-old male Ginaven calls “the Interloper” arrived to challenge the older 12-year-old male. Typically, the older male would win if his territory were challenged, but the younger male won this fight. Later, Ginaven saw a blurb in a newspaper about a pair of bald eagles fighting on the golf course. He’s pretty sure if witnesses were correct in the descriptions they gave police, it was the female fighting her former mate. She remains paired with the younger male. “I think they call them ‘cougars,’” Ginaven said of females like her. The nest the bald eagles have chosen is old, with damaged needles. Ginaven joked he tried to convince the eagles to pick a different tree, because he worried it would collapse, which it did in 2010. This year’s nest is in the same tree and is also fragile, as a result. It holds two young. If it were to fall before

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robin hartill

Mary Lou Johnson, who photographed the eagles, with John Ginaven

Nester Numbers 36 — The number of days after which eagle eggs hatch. 6 to 8 feet — The typical wingspan of a bald eagle. 5 — The number of years it takes for a bald eagle to develop adult plumage. 1-4 — The number of eggs laid in a bald eagle nest; florida nests typically have two.

they learned to fly, the young birds would have to go straight to Save Our Seabirds. Bald eagles typically fly north around April.

Researchers sometimes track them by banding their talons. The young are like snowbirds in that they sometimes head as far north as Canada. When it comes to older birds, there aren’t many volunteers lined up to attempt to band an adult eagle’s talon, so tracking them is difficult. Ginaven suspects Longboat Key’s adult eagles stay further south, perhaps soaring to Georgia or the Carolinas before returning around September. Like the celebrities they are, the eagles desire privacy — as do their neighbors who live in the surrounding condominiums. That’s why neither Ginaven, nor the Longboat Observer, will publicly reveal their exact location on the Key.

by Robin Hartill | city Editor

fdOT signed off on the removal of 88 signs from a two-and-a-half mile stretch after citizens organized to express concerns about sign pollution near Key attractions.

1.75 L

Evan Williams Bourbon

The bald eagles of Longboat Key have a story that’s worthy of a soap opera, according to John Ginaven.

Group seeks fewer signs, more scenery

1.75 L


by Robin Hartill | city Editor

Eighty-eight signs have disappeared over the past yearand-a-half along a two-anda-half-mile stretch from the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota through the New Pass Bridge. They weren’t stolen or taken away because they didn’t comply with codes. Lou Costa, who also serves as chairman of the Bird Key Enhancement Committee, is part of a small group of engineers that formed last year to work with the city of Sarasota and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to remove excess signage from the gateways to Sarasota’s tourist destinations. According to Costa, efforts began after renovations to Bird Key Park were completed as part of the West Bayfront Multi-Use Recreation Trail (MURT). “You looked at it and you can’t believe it,” he said. “All the signs are sitting there, and it’s a milliondollar view.” Longboat Key residents took on a similar effort in 2010 and 2011, when they successfully convinced FDOT officials to remove 68 sign posts and 49 signs from Gulf of Mexico Drive. “A lot of this is because of the Longboat effort,” Costa said. “If Longboat did it, we could do it.”

Katie hendrick

A citizens group wanted a view of Bird Key park that would be unobstructed by signage. The signs that were removed were primarily traffic-related, such as no parking in the right of way signs that were often just a half-mile apart on the Sarasota side of New Pass Bridge. FDOT also removed eight of 12 nofishing signs from New Pass Bridge while keeping one on each corner. Costa emailed Longboat Key Commissioner Jack Duncan after reading Duncan had asked town staff to re-

search whether it would make sense to join the Florida Scenic Highway Program. Costa wrote that the idea falls into his group’s “big picture.” Duncan said he has asked Public Works Director Juan Florensa to continue to research the issue. “As it develops, we will learn more,” Duncan said. “Maybe there’s some partnerships we can form, but it’s too soon to tell.”





+ Walters takes undercover assignment


Wanna know what recently retired Longboat Observer Senior Editor Dora Walters is doing now that she isn’t covering events? Why, she’s covered in snow. Walters sent us this photo of her snowcapped home in Morganton, Ga., this week. We trust that her dog, Mickey, and cat, Charlotte Louise, are doing their best to keep her warm.

+ Esther Cook has fun, food-filled birthday week Arbomar resident Esther Cook celebrated her 80th birthday Thursday, Feb. 28, not one day, but seven. Helping her ring in the big 8-0: 25 friends, primarily from Arbomar and St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church. As a special treat, her friend, Kathy Kozbial, flew down from Fishersville, Ky., Monday, Feb. 25, Kathy Kozbial and Esther Cook staying through Sunday, March 3. Cook first met Kozbial, a nurse, 35 years ago in Michigan, when accompanying her husband to his doctor’s appointments. The two went from acquaintances to close friends 21 years ago, when Kozbial read Cook’s husband’s obituary and then paid her respects at his funeral. “We’ve been fast friends ever since,” Cook said. With a milestone birthday and an out-of-towner in tow, Cook had multiple excuses to indulge, which she did with pleasure. Here’s a rundown of her gastronomic whirlwind of a week: • Café L’Europe • Cedars • Jack Dusty’s at the Ritz Carlton • Ruth’s Chris Steak House • Marina Jack • Lazy Lobster — three times

+ Johnson recognized as community hero Longtime Girls Inc. of Sarasota volunteer “Mr. Bill” Johnson was awarded a $50,000 Community Heroes grant from the Tampa Bay Lightning Tuesday, Feb. 26, in recognition of his volunteer work above and beyond the call of duty. “That’s Mr. Bill for sure,” said Kay Mathers, Girls Inc. executive director. “We were floored, but we felt really confident that Bill exemplified everything they were looking for in terms of community colunteerism.” Johnson will determine how the money will be distributed to Girls Inc. Lightning owner Jeff Vinik, along with his wife, Penny, launched the Community Heroes initiative at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season to distribute $10 million dollars to deserving Health_Fair_AD_Layout 1 2/20/13 AM Pagethe 1 Tampa Bay commugrassroots community heroes11:30 throughout Longboat Key resident Bill Johnson, center nity over the course of five years.



+ Visiting pup has presidential dog-elganger “Hey, you look like Bo Obama.” We’re guessing that Jetty Work hears that a lot. He’s vacationing with his owner, Veronica Work, from Annapolis, Md., and caught our eyes because of his uncanny resemblance to the first dog — minus the surrounding Secret Service agents. Both are Portuguese water dogs, but Work says the markings around Jetty’s paws are more even than Bo’s. And if Bo is half as nice as Jetty, he surely gets our vote for the (non-partisan) position of canine in chief.

Saturday, March 9th | 9 a.m to 12 Noon LONGBOAT ISLAND CHAPEL INDOORS AND OUTDOORS

25 Medical Resources on site providing essential Healthcare Information


Bloodmobile: Here’s your opportunity to give the Gift of Life

For three or more boxes


Whether you need to... send a package, print documents open a mailbox, ACCess the internet, or ship something big...

We’ve got you covered! 5380 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key 941.383.8989

• Office supplies • Shipping supplies • Greeting cards • Tervis Tumblers • Printer cartridges • LBK souvenirs


Longboat Key Fire Department Ambulance and paramedics will provide educational material

Blood Pressure Hearing Exam Eye Exam


LECOM medical students will be taking vital signs

For more information call 941.383.6491 or visit our website at


Free piCk - Up on LongboAt key




treasure hunt by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

Crowd descends on Royal Rummage Sale Debbie Causey and Margie Hinderliter left the Royal Rummage Sale at St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church, a mere 30 minutes after early-bird shoppers were allowed in Friday, March 1. Why? They ran out of room in the SUV they arrived in, having purchased a slew of items including a palm tree, a bird house and golf clubs. The friends, who waited in line for

45 minutes to get into the sale, said, next year, they’ll bring two vehicles. The annual sale, which spans two days and raises money for Catholic schools in Sarasota and various local charities, attracted 500 shoppers in the first hour alone, said volunteer Sandy Finnegan. “People started lining up at 9 a.m. — three hours early, in the rain,” she said.

Anthony E. Derry

Anthony E. Derry, 79, of Longboat Key, died Feb. 22. Originally from Hereford, England, Mr. Derry served with the Royal Marines and as a police officer. He later had a distinguished career in the licensed industry, rising to chairman and CEO of Whitbread PLC’s International Wine and Spirit interests. He was an avid traveler who leaves behind many friends around the world. Mr. Derry is survived by his wife, Micky; children, Ann, Ceri and Mark; four grandchildren; and two greatgrandchildren. A memorial service was held Wednesday, Feb. 27, at Toale Brothers Funeral Home. Memorial donations may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Joanne Stutzke and Barbara Milano

Geoffrey Hoyt Morse

Mike Ortega, Jane Bagot and Ken Simpson volunteer at the sale.

Geoffrey Hoyt Morse, 64, of Venice, died Feb. 7. Mr. Morse dedicated 20 years of service to Sarasota County, retiring as an engineering inspector for the city of Sarasota. He is survived by his mother,

Gus Swoboda poses with his “goodies”: golf clubs and cookbooks.

Edith, of Longboat Harbour; his brother, Richard; and his significant other, Vicki Orr.

Rosalie Ann ‘Ro’ Wheeler

Rosalie Ann “Ro” Wheeler, 83, of Sarasota, died Feb. 26. Born in Wakefield, Kan., Mrs. Wheeler attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kan., where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. A passionate volunteer, Mrs. Wheeler served on many committees, including the Junior League, the Smithsonian Institute of Washington, D.C., and the Meridian House International of Washington, D.C. Mrs. Wheeler retired to Sarasota, where she enjoyed the beach, biking, tennis and the area’s many cultural opportunities. She was an active member of All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, March 15, at the Marion Presbyterian Church in Marion, Kan. Memorial donations may be made to the Wakefield Museum, 604 Sixth St., P.O. Box 1973, Wakefield, Kan., 67487.

All Angels by the Sea The Episcopal Church on Longboat Key

563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key All are welcome. Please join us in worship!

Sunday Services

St. Armands Key Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship 10 a.m.


Visitors Welcome

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Sunday Worship Schedule

Sermon: “One Great Hour of Sharing!”

Contemporary Service of Joy • 9:00 a.m. Sunday School (Youth & Adult) • 10:12 a.m. Traditional Worship Celebration • 11:00 a.m. The Reverend Mark A. Bernthal

6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive • Longboat Key, Florida 34228 Telephone: 383-6491 • web: The LORD’S WAREHOUSE Thrift Shop Open Mon., Wed., Sat., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

God’s work. Our hands.

St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Welcomes you to Mass

Share Shabbat and more:

Saturday: 4:00 PM & 6:00 PM Sunday: 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM M-F in Lent: 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM / Sat. 9:00 AM Stations of the Cross 5:00 PM Friday during Lent Holy Thursday: Mass at 5:30 pm Good Friday: Stations at Noon/Service at 3 pm Saturday Easter Vigil: 8:15 pm Easter Sunday: 6:45 am, 8 am, 9:30 am & 11:30 am





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Jo i

A Center of Jewish Life and Learning in the Sarasota Area


6321 Porter Rd, Unit 1 • Sarasota, FL 34240 • 379-4037

Temple Beth Israel


4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 383-1255



An InterfAIth CommunIty ChurCh founded In 1956


The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector

Serving Longboat Key since 1996 ❑

All ages, infants to seniors (MCR & BCBS accepted) Visitors, tourists, snowbirds, full-time residents Worker’s compensation - drug screens, injuries

Dr. Pamela J. Letts Board Certified

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Family Physician

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Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 205

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Appointments Preferred, Walk-ins urgent care only


10 a.m. Wednesday, Holy Communion and Anointing



8:00 a.m and 10:00 a.m.






Ringling College libRaRy assoCiation

toWn Hall 2013 saRasota’s PReMieR leCtURe seRies

Monday, March 11, 2013 Morning Lecture: 10:30 AM | Evening Lecture: 7:30 PM For more information, please call 941-925-1343 The Captain Mark Kelly lectures are sponsored by:

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Thanks to all of our generous sponsors.


ThursdAy, M Arch 7, 2013

ROGER SELLS LUXURY WATERFRONT PROPERTY For the 3rd time in five years, Roger has been named: #1 Realtor in both Sarasota and Manatee Counties • #1 Single Coldwell Banker agent for all of Florida


GRAND BAY Grand Bay is a wonderful community, with warm people who are pet friendly! The views of the bay, city, bridge, marina and golf course are truly amazing! There are seven different floor plans, ranging from well-appointed two bedrooms to spectacular penthouses. The amenities include pools, jacuzzis, private club with bayfront workout center, tennis and a wonderful Beach Club.

1. Relish sunsets and wonderful vistas of the twinkling lights of downtown. Walk-in, fall in love and move right in. $1,395,000

❶ ❺

2. Southern exposure! 3BR/3½BA, Antigua plan offers sprawling bay, city and golf course views from every room. $1,390,000

LA BELLA SARA Gorgeous bay and city views from this 3BR plus den and two-car garage. Perfect condition. Furnished. $2,495,000

RITZ TOWER RESIDENCES Enjoy stunning sunsets from nearly every room in this exquisite 3BR, 2,990 sf residence. Furnished. $1,498,000


3. Lovingly updated 3BR/3.5BA Biscayne former model with wraparound southern views of the city, golf course and bay. $899,000

BIRD KEY Fabulous, 4BR plus den direct bayfront home. Beautiful city views and deep water for boating. Over-sized three-car garage with workspace and built-ins. $4,495,000

4. South side 3BR/3½BA Biscayne with marina and city views. Walls of windows. $849,000


LONGBOAT BAYSIDE Palatial estate with views of the bay and downtown Sarasota. 5BR plus office, formal living and dining rooms. Heated pool. Spacious 3-car garage. $2,495,000


LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS One back from the bay. This 3BR/3BA is in a prime location! Light, bright and open. $999,000 This 3BR home is on the sunny southern side of Putting Green Lane. $749,000 This gorgeous 2BR/2BA direct Gulf residence has been completely renovated. Enjoy Gulf sunsets on one private terrace and tranquil bay breezes on the other. $995,000


SANCTUARY This 3BR/3BA is light and bright. Includes one covered parking space. $799,000

WINDING OAKS Live the ideal Longboat Key lifestyle in this 2BR/2BA beach retreat. Direct access to the beach and bay, heated pool, clubhouse and community boat moor. $239,000

BAY ISLES A boater’s dream! On a protected, deep water harbor, this 4BR/4½BA home has soaring ceilings, a cook’s kitchen and an open layout. With 160' seawall and 2 docks. $1,399,000 A boater’s dream with deep-water dockage and multiple boat lifts, this property offers two separate homes. $1,295,000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES A private community directly on the Gulf. Indoor swimming pool, elevator and a short walk to the beach. $999,000

5. 3BR/3½BA Biscayne plan with wraparound bay and pool views. In wonderful condition. May be purchased furnished. $799,000 Gorgeous, direct Gulf views from this completely updated 2BR beachfront residence. Furnished. $1,295,000

SEAPLACE Spacious corner residence. Light and bright with winter sunsets. Furnished. $575,000 Updated, beautiful kitchen, new baths in this 2BR/2BA residence. Gulf views. Steps to the beach. Furnished. $449,000 Spacious 2BR/2BA with upstairs living area. Steps to the beach. Furnished. $349,000 Terrific value, this 2BR is located in the popular G-4 building. $309,000 Recently updated 2BR/2BA beach retreat. Turnkey furnished. $289,000

THE OAKS Cliff Scholz-designed 4+BR with over 5,000 feet of quality construction on the bayside. Spectacular outdoor living areas. $1,095,000 3BR villa with lake and golf course views. Maintenance-free. Furnished. $599,000



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Thursday, March 7, 2013

pink ladies



Three-bedroom Bay Isles home sells for $1.75 million. PAGE 10B

Home & Garden Tour volunteers celebrate. PAGE 4B

HEALTH Isabella Paspa has embraced fitness her entire life. PAGE 14B

by Katie Hendrick | community editor

Carol Meese, Bunny Skirboll, Sandra Leshman and Anita Cohen

Cancer Crusaders Lynn Walters and Cris Meyers, Go for the cure co-chairwomen

Karen Pizzarello, Stephanie Anzel, Marcy Klein and Suz Reiman

A steady downpour Tuesday, Feb. 26, cut short scheduled tennis matches and golf rounds, but 150 women from the Longboat Key Club put on rose-colored glasses for the remainder of Sports Day. The ladies also enjoyed a luncheon in the Harbourside Dining Room. Sports Day, the third fundraiser in the Go for the Cure series, included a silent auction of more than 50 items. Proceeds from the

event go to Breast Health Sarasota, a treatment center that focuses on cancer prevention and early detection. Cris Meyers and Lynn Walters, Go for the Cure co-chairwomen, presented BHS with a $27,000 check Friday, Feb. 22. The donation came from money raised during Casino Night, Wednesday, Feb. 13.

See more photoS / page 2B

Tennis co-chairwomen Judy Kozlowski, Diane Gans and Beth Scheible

event chairwoman Donna Pettinato with Suellen Kaeb, of Breast health sarasota

Gloria Bergman



J.L. BAINBRIDGE & c o m pA N y, I N c .


Investment Advisors Established in 1981

Jerry L. Bainbridge

Fay E. Bainbridge

K. David Schoonover

Teresa Simmons and Chris Currie

Joel G. oldham

We offer both an equity growth program and balanced equity/income programs.

Jayne Weiss and Linda Schroeder, golf cochairwomen

John B. Leeming

Visit our website to subscribe to our monthly newsletter on investing. 1582 Main Street | Sarasota, Florida 34236 102600

(941) 365-3435

Barton L. Bainbridge

Maggi Buterbaugh, Sue Hanes and Patsy Garno

Nancy Chamos and Jean Tarsy

Andi Munzer and Barbara Sanandres

Take the Virtual Dementia Tour at HORIZON BAY


Ten Minutes That Will Change Your Life If you have ever wondered what it’s like to have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, we invite you to join us at Horizon Bay for the Virtual Dementia Tour. For ten minutes of your life, you will feel what it’s like to have dementia or a related memory challenge. This life-changing tour will take you into the world of dementia patients and help you gain a valuable new perspective on Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is sure to be an eye-opening experience that you won’t soon forget. Make plans now to take this memorable tour.

License #CGC043438


Tuesday, March 12 • 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Complimentary admission

Showroom by Appointment: 5610 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Suite 3

RSVP to 1-888-691-7694 by March 8.

Assisted Living Facility #AL8261 ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office 20449-ROP01-0313 SW

Casual Italian Restaurant Delicious Dinners Nightly 4:30-Close

Osso Buco • Veal Chop • Chicken • Lamb • Fresh Seafood  Sea Bass • Dover Sole • Pasta • Pizza

Call for reservations 383-0013 5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key


Your story continues here…

LBK • (941) 383-9215

Café Don Giovanni 105473

Independent Living Personalized Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 730 South Osprey Avenue Sarasota, Florida 34236




Thursday, March 7, 2013


conservation matters By Katie Hendrick | community Editor

Katie hendrick

Jean White, Rusty Chinnis, Susan Landau and Virginia Sanders

Garden club learns about preservation Longboat Key contractor Rusty Chinnis spoke to members of the Longboat Key Garden Club Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Windward Bay. Chinnis’ presentation centered on the Sister Keys Conservancy, a grassroots group established in 1989 to protect the mangrove islands off the north end of Longboat Key from becoming the Shangri-Isle Club, a proposed resort complete with a yacht club, condominiums, mansions and a small landing strip for airplanes. The meeting was especially meaningful for former club president Virginia Sanders, who spearheaded conservation efforts with Chinnis. “A few of us read about the plans in the paper and thought, ‘Oh, god, no!’ So, we tried to persuade the town to buy the islands,” Sanders said. “(Town leaders) were interested but didn’t have the money, so we formed the conservancy and raised it ourselves doing all kinds of things, such as bake sales and public service announcements asking for donations.” It took a few years to raise about $50,000, but the group’s determination made an impression: In 1992, the town of Longboat Key approved approximately $1 million for the purchase of Sister Keys. Later, the conservancy received the backing of the Audobon Society. “Our story shows what you can do if you work at something,” Sanders said. “It was fun hearing Rusty recount it.”

Bringing People Home Since 1939

5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101, Longboat Key

Call 941-383-5577


WAGNER REALTY ARE YOU LOOKING for a beautiful, light & bright, updated, cozy condominium with great views? Look no further! This unit is located on Bishop’s Bayou and is close to all amenities. Dia Wilson $213,900 #M5835118


We work to safeguard local water sources.

That’s our promise. At Mosaic, our 3,000-plus Florida employees place the utmost value on the resources we all share. Before we begin phosphate mining operations, we work with regulators to identify key wetlands, streams and floodplains for preservation. In other areas that we mine, we restore water flows through state-of-the-art reclamation. Whether preserved or reclaimed, these waters are monitored to ensure their quality is sustained for future generations. Join in Mosaic’s promise at

from this 2BR/2BA TKF condo. Updated kitchen, W/D, new A/C June 2012, 2 pools, tennis & beach access. $30 per month for boat slip. Pets OK. Seller to pay 1/2 of main. fee for 2013. Dorothy Cook $249,000 #A3939881

CONRAD BEACH Incredible opportunity to own 2 adjoining lots west of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Conrad Beach boasts timeless architecture, com. pool & clubhouse. Purchase separately or w/ M5815731. Peter Uliano $260,000 #M5815734

Maron Run Headwaters Reclamation Project Active South Fort Meade Mine, Polk County

SPACIOUS AND DESIRABLE 2BR/2BA CONDO with great view of Sarasota Bay! TKF, tile floors, central vac. & upgraded kitchen. 2 pools, tennis, boat docks only $12 per mo. Beach access. 2 pets OK. Dorothy Cook #A3969335 $269,000

PENTHOUSE BAY VIEW LBK 2BR/2BA designer furnished, boat docks, beach cabana, pets welcome. A must see. Great complex, shows like a model. Best value on LBK . Hurry! Marc Turner $399,000 #A3926740 on west side of Gulf of Mexico Dr. Enjoy beach walks, lazy sun filled beach days, colorful sunsets & beautiful landscaping. 3BR/3BA main house w/1BR/1BA in-law apt. Van VanArtsdalen $599,000 #M5832791






garden club gala by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

at New College

MARCH 2013

NEW TOPICS NEW COLLEGE MAR 21, THE PROBLEMS, PROMISE AND POTENTIAL OF SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA, with Ambassador James McGee (retired), who will draw upon his 30-year Foreign Service career including experience in six African nations. He will address leadership challenges in the region and how the US government is moving forward on the bilateral and multilateral fronts. Details: 5:30 p.m., 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Tickets $15

Jack and Phyllis Black with Susan Phillips and Steve Branham

Homeowners, volunteers enjoy Home & Garden Tour party

MAR 27, SEA LEVEL RISE IN FLORIDA: IS IT TIME TO START BUILDING THE ARK? with world-renowned climate scientists Henry Pollack and Pier Vellinga, who worked on assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Drs. Vellinga and Pollack will discuss how we might mitigate the risks to our natural and built environments. Details: 5:30 p.m., 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Tickets $15

Homeowners and volunteers involved with the Longboat Key Garden Club’s Home & Garden Tour, held March 2, enjoyed some relaxation and revelry the night before. Susan and Lenny Landau hosted about 60 people in their Queen’s Harbour home for the potluck dinner to celebrate the group’s hard work. Tour proceeds go toward scholarships and grants for students pursuing careers in environmental fields.

NEW MUSIC NEW COLLEGE MAR 15, EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC MEETS BLUEGRASS, panel discussion with bell hooks and professors Stephen Miles (New Music director), David Brain (of the band Passerine) and Kariann Goldschmitt, 3:30 p.m., 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Free (no reservations necessary)

Voices from Native MAR 16,Florida CROSSROADS 5: BLUESX with special guests David Manson, Passerine A FREE LECTURE SERIES and New College musicians, 8 p.m., 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Tickets $15; $5 for non-NCF students; free for New College faculty, staff and students

Al Clarizia and Barbara Kerwin

Susan and Lenny Landau

Photos by Katie Hendrick

ARCHAEOLOGY FEST MAR 16, ARCHAEOLOGY FEST / VOICES FROM NATIVE FLORIDA for all ages with guest speaker C. Randall Daniels (Sakim), Carrier of Traditions for the Apalachicola, 10 WED • NOV 14, 2012 • 6PM a.m.–1 p.m., 410 College Dr., Free (register Brian Zepeda Seminole Tribe of Florida for the lecture at Mildred Sainer Pavilion 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota


SAT • MAR 16, 2013 • 10AM-1PM

MAR 12, MADAME PROUST, 7 p.m., 5313 Bay C. Randall Daniels (Sakim) Carrier of TraditionsShore for the Rd., Apalachicola Free (no reservations necessary) New College Public Archaeology Lab 410 College Dr., Sarasota

MAR 19, PROUST’S RECEPTION IN THE ANGLO-AMERICAN WORLD, 7 p.m., Presented by 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Free (no reservations necessary)

Please RSVP at Funding for this program was provided through a grant from the Florida Humanities Council with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of the Florida Humanities Council or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

MAR 26, PROUST, THE ARTS, AND NEUROSCIENCE, 7 p.m., 5313 Bay Shore Rd., Free (no reservations necessary)

Joan Partridge, Richard Perlman and Lillian Sands


Tickets & Reservations: 941.487.4888 |

Christina Filkins, bookended by former mayors George Spoll, left, and Ron Johnson, right

Richard and Valerie Thackray




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YOUr HOme. YOUr AirpOrt.



rock and roll by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

19445 Ganton Ave. olf

sion G

s ConCe

ConCession open House MARCH 9TH & 10TH fRoM 12-4

Homesite 36 Phase I, Lake and Preserve view offered at $225,000 Homesite 32 Phase I, Lake and Preserve view offered at $225,000 Homesite 15, Phase I, Preserve view offered at $160,000.

former Designer showcase Home Lakeview, elevator, theater, 4 car garage. Pruett built. $2,295,000

19416 Ganton Ave. ssion



Custom Built by John Cannon Homes $ Private setting, Wine Cellar,Home Theater. 1,998,500


8334 Market Street #A150 • Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 E-mail: • Cell: 780-4329


Photos by Katie Hendrick

Top 1% Producer in Real Estate Sales for Sarasota & Manatee County!

REID MURPHY Luxury on the Water Call Reid Today! 941.232.3304


Kristine Saldivar, of Take Stock In Children Manatee County, with Candice McLeod and Lisa Bechtold, of Take Stock in Children Sarasota County

SYC Charitable Foundation hosts a raucous evening One hundred-and-eighty people boogied to the music of Stormbringer, a rock band featuring Rick Derringer, Chris Anderson and Larry Crane (former lead guitarist for John Mellencamp) during the Sarasota Yacht Club Charitable Foundation’s Rock & Roll Gala Saturday, March

2. The event raised scholarship money for students pursuing courses in marine biology, marine engineering, marine science and seamanship. The foundation works with Take Stock in Children to identify worthy recipients in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Gated 4BR home plus a separate 2BR guest house on private one acre+ ! Casual elegance with bayside pool & 2 docks w/lifts. $8,400,000

Sarasota Yacht Club Charitable Foundation board members Mike McAdaragh, Diane Stabile and Frank Wright

Anthony and Karen Puccio

MEDITTERANEAN BAYFRONT ESTATE $8,700,000 WESTWAY ESTATE ON NEW PASS $8,900,000 5BR 10,000 sq. ft. masterpiece. Views plus dock. 4BR home + 4BR guest house. 210’ frontage with dock.

SARABANDE DOWNTOWN BAYFRONT $1,395,000 GRAND MARINER BAYSIDE $1,700,000 - $2,400,000 8th Floor corner w/views of bay, marina, skyline & gulf sunsets. Luxury 3,200 - 3,600 SF 3BR condos with boat docks.

David DeMarco and Linda Shaiman with Cheri and Kelly Ireland

OLD FLORIDA CHARM BAYSIDE $3,250,000 4,400 SF home w/ open views, dock & private beach.


DREAM ISLAND ROAD $850,000 Tim Seibert School of Design 3BR home on wide canal.

DREAM ISLAND ROAD $1,625,000 INN ON THE BEACH CLUB SUITE $345,000 4BR canal home on sailboat water w/dock & lift. Completely updated deluxe unit w/bay and sunset views.

Developers Realty Inc. Lic. R.E. Broker • 1266 1st St., Suite 9, Sarasota, FL 34236

Roxzene Hunter and Mari Zevin

Melissa Gindling and Todd Lewis




TOP SALES ASSOCIATE – Ranked in the Top .5% of Coldwell Banker Associates Worldwide





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pRO pR OpER Ti Es Catch my Real Estate segment every Wednesday on Sarasota's

also on Verizon Fios Channel 26 Direct 941-387-1820 Toll-Free 800-910-8728 The Players Club - Gulf Views Fully furnished apartment in beautiful condition Gulfside on Longboat Key in a gated community. 1,800 SF, two bedrooms + a den off of the kitchen that could be a 3rd sleeping area. $699,000

Water Club I - 9th Floor Former Model Glorious Sunset, Beach and Bay views, beautifully turnkey furnished with many updates and a private garage. Featuring a luxurious master suite with state-of-the-art marble & wood bath, three custom fitted closets and marble floors. $1,995,000



Grand Bay II - Bay, City & Golf Course Views Beautiful three full bedroom corner apartment has gleaming wood floors, granite surfaces and stunning water views from the wraparound terrace. 2 Parking spaces are included. $1,340,000

Ritz Carlton Hotel Residences - 12th Floor Water views from all rooms! 2,011 SF w/ wood floors, custom-fitted closets, & unique Venetian plaster walls. Large master suite with sitting area & marble bath. $1,098,500

The Bougainvillea House - Tudor Revival Renovated in 2006 on 3 lots with 4BR/3.5BA + separate guest house totaling 4,857 square feet. Home exudes old world charm while offering today’s modern conveniences. Wood floors, marble, pool, & 2-car garage. $1,159,000



The Main house has a beautiful great room, a large Master suite with sitting area and a room size closet. The guest wing includes a bedroom plus study/3rd bedroom. Enjoy unobstructed Bay views, pool with fountain, & boat dock with lift.

E PRIC th St NEWenilwoIrLY K A 1703OPEN D


Kenilworth Estates - New Construction Just completed model home West of the Trail is beautifully staged with 5BR/4.5 Baths built by DR Horton. 4,363 SF. $799,990

Beachplace - Direct Gulf Front Walk-Down

Corner apartment, completely turnkey furnished with sparkling views of the Gulf of Mexico. 3 full bedrooms, new granite & stainless kitchen, and wood floors.



4BR/4.5BA Art Rutenburg home with 4,300+ square feet, beautiful lake and golf course views, and high $1,175,000 quality finishes throughout.

Laurel Oak - Lake View


CHOICE SUNSET CORNER LOCATION & RARELY AVAILABLE largest 3,400 sq ft floor plan. 3 possible bedrooms with en-suite full baths, plus a powder room and a separate study.

THE JOHNSON ESTATE DIRECT GULF FRONT $10,450,000 Ringling Pointe – Stunning Direct Bay Front On 145 feet of deep water with 5BR/3.5 BA, a 2,200 SF master suite, 1,000 bottle wine room, private dock, wading & lap pool & 8-car garage. $3,490,000 N


Ritz Carlton Hotel Residences - 14th Floor Social Membership Now Included. Amazing Bay & city views from this lovely furnished residence featuring two bedrooms + den and three full baths. Custom interiors, wood floors. $1,295,000


Beaches of Longboat Key Sweeping Gulf, City and LBKC Golf Course views from this lovely SW corner sixth floor apartment with three bedrooms and three full baths. Updated wood & granite kitchen. Hurricane shutters. $1,250,000 E PRICSUN 1-4 NEW SE Drive U O N H er OPE 763 Tyl

Longboat Key - 150 Feet of Beachfront Gated privacy on 2+ acres directly on the Gulf of Mexico. 10,000SF, 7BR/6.5BA with attached guest wing.

Sea Gate Club - Direct Gulf Front Feels like a beach house! Gulf, beach and sunset views from every room of this 2BR/2BA split floor plan. Offered entirely turnkey furnished. $649,995

Sleepy Lagoon - Direct Gulf Front

Beautiful Hampton Style 4BR/3BA home on 100 ft of pristine beach front. Renovated in 2007. Wood & marble floors, outdoor jacuzzi and 2-car $2,950,000 garage.

Lido Beach - Best Waterfront Value Gated

Coral Cove - Bay Front Dream Mainland

Bay Plaza - Sparkling Bay Views Beautifully renovated 2BR/2BA residence w/ bamboo floors, granite & stainless appliances on the 11th floor in exciting downtown Sarasota. $799,000

Siesta Cove - Waterfront Short Sale An incredible opportunity to live in a premier neighborhood, on a superb waterfront lot in a gorgeous 4,869 SF home. Open waterfront views. $2,495,000

$2,995,000 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, LLC 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #1, Longboat Key


Captivating City & Bay views with 4 bedrooms and 7,452 SF of quality and elegance. Outdoor living at its best! Infinity-edge pool, 2,460 SF of terraces, boat dock & lift.

All Barbara’s listings are linked Internationally in 13 languages.


Owned and operated by NRT, LLC


Mediterranean perfection with 130' of direct waterfront, 5 bedrooms, home theater, library, family room, infinity-edge pool, boat dock with lift and 4-car garage.

Mediterranean inspired residence w/protected Bay views, within walking distance to Lido Beach and St. Armands Circle. 6BR/6.5BA on 148 ft of waterfront.




HIGH NOTE by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

drama queen by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

Asolo Repertory actress performs for Christ Church Carolyn Michel, an actress currently in her 22nd season with the Asolo Repertory Theatre, gave parishioners at Christ Church of Longboat Key, Presbyterian, a pithy overview of her career following the congregation’s semi-monthly dinner Wednesday, Feb. 26. Michel’s career began with her role as a tulip in a grade school play and included a stint on Broadway with famed writer Sid Caesar. During the presentation, titled “My Life in the Theater: From Ingenue to Character Actor,” Michel performed five monologues and assumed a range of personalities, such as a Southern teenage flirt and an elderly Ukrainian woman reflecting on her time in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II.

Photos by Katie Hendrick

Eric Bowden, Will Roberts, Leah Dexter and Jenny Townsend, of the Sarasota Opera Studio Artists

Temple Beth Israel Men’s Club hosts opera night The Men’s Club of Temple Beth Israel hosted 10 studio artists from the Sarasota Opera Tuesday, Feb. 26. Soprano Lindsay Barche opened the performance with the dramatic aria, “Un bel di,” from Giacomo Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly,” which followed with 14

Howard Millman, director of the Asolo Theatre Co., with his wife, actress Carolyn Michel

Dick Dorsch and Vicki Workman

Vice Mayor David Brenner and his wife, Maggie

Photos by Katie Hendrick

Donald and Elisabeth Buck

equally spectacular pieces by Giuseppe Verdi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jacques Offenbach and more. During an intermission, several temple members praised the singers and described opera night as a favorite annual activity at the temple.

Bill Cohodas and Lynn Stahl

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Talk to Tina Today - Longboat Key’s International Connection Brand New Beach Front Residence

Approved Architectural plans for 5300 sq.ft. 5BR/6.5BA offering luxurious details on spectacular property with full Gulf and gorgeous sunset views. Offered at $4,500,000 104817

Own a cottage on Anna Maria or any other island you choose to call home.

Longboat Key Realty

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Pre ConstruCtion $149,990 25% Down • $990 Mo.

Luxurious 4th floor corner residence in Sarasota’s signature bayfront building! This 3br/3½ ba+study and bar is perfect for entertaining both inside and out! Over 825 sq. ft. Of balconies with terrific views! $2,795,000

For information on your AquaVILLA built to be your home away from home call Allan Bazzy 941.840.4030 or write to


LaLande Properties, licensed real estate broker

106593 “Talk To Tonni Today”


Realtors Welcome!

Tonni Welch, Realtor




IN GOOD FASHION By Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

chic style by Katie Hendrick | Community Editor

BKYC members model Met fashions at monthly style show Bird Key Yacht Club held its monthly style show Thursday, Feb. 27, drawing 140 members. The Met, on St. Armands Circle, provided the outfits, which included designer labels, such as Class Cavalli, Marc Cain and Diane von Furstenberg. Models also showed off member June Simmons’ jewelry.

Tom and Heidi Thomas with the Rev. David Danner

All Angels style show helps alleviate hunger Carole Ann Burrows and Bea Chafee

The ladies of All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church held their 18th annual fashion show Wednesday, Feb. 27, at the Sarasota Yacht Club. The event featured sportswear and accessories from Dillard’s and raffle prizes, including wine, jewelry and gift cards to Dillard’s, The Lazy Lob-

Joyce Steele, Donna Purves and Carol Erickson

Lynn Woo, Pat Maxson, Beverly Henry and Marge Stapleton model Dillard’s sportswear.

Photos by Katie Hendrick

Ginger Mermin

Photos by Katie Hendrick

Penny Auch and Millie Citti

ster and Harry’s Continental Kitchens. Proceeds went to All Faiths Food Bank, Manatee Food Bank, St. George’s Food Pantry and Resurrection House. “We’re here to be with old friends, make new friends and, as a bonus, alleviate hunger,” organizer Heidi Thomas said.

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real estate | transactions By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

Three-bedroom home in Bay Isles sells for $1.75 million The following residential real-estate transactions took place between Feb. 18 and Feb. 22. A home in Bay Isles tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Gerald and Ann Allen, trustees, of Longboat Key, sold the home at 3521 Bayou Pointe to Peter Morris and Sandra Morris, trustees, of Longboat Key, for $1.75 million. Built in 1996, it has three bedrooms, four baths, a pool and 3,687 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1,565,000 in 2009.

BUILDING PERMITS These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of Feb. 22 through Feb. 28, in order of dollar amounts. (GMD = Gulf of Mexico Drive)

The Beaches of Longboat Key South

Anthony D’Atria and Mirella Fuda, of Saddle River, N.J., sold their Unit 206 condominium at 775 Longboat Club Road to Paul and Maria Maheras, of Cambridge, Mass., for $590,000. Built in 1984, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,524 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $830,000 in 2006.

The Players Club

John and Lois Stangel, of Mount Kisco, N.Y., sold their Unit 304 condominium at 1465 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Raymond Danniels, of Ontario, Canada, for $577,000. Built in 1981, it has two bedrooms, three baths and 1,548 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $690,000 in 2003.

Longboat Landing

Arthur and Ismay Drummond sold their Unit 102 condominium at 5320 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Joe and Audrey Lewis, of Libertyville, Ill., for $422,000. Built in 1981, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,323 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $122,000 in 1991.

Harbour Villa Club at the Buccaneer

Bigcreek LP sold the Unit 107 condominium at 615 Dream Island Road to

Katie Hendrick

This home at 3521 Bayou Pointe in Bay Isles has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool and 3,687 square feet of living area. It sold for $1.75 million.

Jerome and Elizabeth Henin, of Winter Park, for $330,000. Built in 1985, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,293 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $500,000 in 2006.

LIDO KEY L’Elegance on Lido Beach





517 Bay Isles Parkway


Publix Super Markets Inc.


1281 GMD


Jane Kidd


455 Longboat Club Road


Maureen Armstrong, trustee

609 Triton Bend

New roof

Walker Collier Real Estate Holding $21,500

6700 GMD

Handrail and waterproofing

Whitney Beach Condominium Association


547 Bayview Drive

Install lift

Samuel Boddie


525 Hornblower Lane


Gerald Lindaman


7025 Bayside Drive


James Rule


1945 GMD


Jane Gonzales


510 Birdie Lane


Bart Alford


700 Longview Drive


Richard Christman



Sandra Hanan, trustee, of Sarasota, sold the Unit B-106 condominium at 1800 Benjamin Franklin Drive to Arnold and Anne Wood, of Swampscott, Mass., for $1,405,000. Built in 1996, it has three bedrooms, three baths and 2,070 square feet of living area.

Orchid Beach Club

Jeffrey Byroade, of Alum Bank, Pa., sold his Unit B404 condominium at 2050 Benjamin Franklin Drive to Thad and Kathryne Piatkowski, of Roswell, Ga., for $1.25 million. Built in 2005, it has three bedrooms, three baths and 2,936 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $985,000 in 2005.

The Beach Residences

The Mason Financial Group Inc. sold the Unit 307 condominium at 1300 Benjamin Franklin Drive to William and Ana Muller, of Milford, N.J., for $785,000. Built in 2005, it has one bedroom, two baths

and 2,197 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1,028,000 in 2005.

Visit our website to see a map of this week’s transactions.


571 Putter Ln #A3968685 $2,250,000 Linda A. Page

Longboat Key 941-951-6660 941-504-0123

2105 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 3501 #A3952430 $995,000 Susan Mcleod

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-928-4445

230 Sands Point Rd # 3101 #A3960738 $950,000 Ian Addy Pa

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-961-8850

1425 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 104 #A3956718 $795,000 Mel & Jan Goldsmith

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-356-6673

8011 Longbay Blvd #A3964509 $4,199,000 Michele C Burnett

800 N Tamiami Trl. PH 1608 #A3961090 $795,000 Linda A. Page

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-504-0123

6338 Laguna Dr #A3957942 $795,000 Audrey Singer

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-2588

1485 Gulf Of Mexico Dr #A378777 $750,000 Michael Yawitz

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-587-8091

392 Firehouse Ln #A3972882 $715,000 Mary Defrank

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-544-0214

750 Tarawitt Dr #A3971896 $695,000 Sharon Freeman

Sarasota 941-383-7591 941-928-1542

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-545-0899

1485 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # A401 #A3945458 $599,000 Christina Landry

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-376-4498

FAMILIAR FACES. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Showcase your property to over 6,500 affiliate branches in 52 countries. 8037 Via Fiore #A3958077 $599,000 Julie Jordan

1300 Benjamin Franklin Dr # 601 #A3973365 $3,895,000 Bobbi Banan

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-388-4447

1000 Longboat Club Rd # 603 #A3968910 $549,000 Catherine De’Ath

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-350-9799

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-356-2659

4401 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 905 #A3973910 $524,900 Sandi Layfield

Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-914-2807

3438 Winding Oaks Dr # 43 #A3971914 $495,000 Jim Hanrahan

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-780-1035

210 Sands Point Rd # 2503 #A3968180 $444,000 Maureen Horn

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-539-3384

4030 Penshurst Park #A3966185 $439,000 Judy Nimz

Sarasota 941-951-6660 941-374-0196

690 Linley St #A3967460 $390,000 Tama Traberman

Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-225-3351

2039 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 204 #A3972416 $360,000 Tom Delaney

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-387-3990

4540 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # Ph5 #A3968113 $359,500 Richard Perlman

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-228-8580

250 Sands Point Rd # 5101 #A3937380 $309,000 Joan Boltax

Longboat Key 941-951-6660 941-350-6390




BUSINESS OBSERVER Explore now on your phone or tablet.

By Robin Hartill | City Editor

+ AMI Water Shuttle adds Longboat Key stop

+ Mote Marine, Whole Foods team up for Giving Challenge Mote Marine Laboratory and Whole Foods Market in Sarasota have teamed up for the 36-Hour Giving Challenge online fundraiser. The event began at 7 a.m. Tuesday, March 5 and will end at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 6. It raises money for nonprofit organizations in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties through matching funds and incentive grants. According to a prepared statement, Whole Foods is supporting Mote by helping it raise awareness, and it also provided a filming site for a Mote Giving Challenge video. The Ritz-Carlton Beach Club also served as a filming location. To give, visit before 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 6.

+ Key Club to host orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Moor The Longboat Key Club and Resort will host a cocktail reception and talk with

721 Broadway St #A3957385 $279,000 Jenifer Schwell

3330 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 303D #A3965046 $279,000 Doris Bushman

333 Firehouse Ct #A3970242 $239,000 Maureen Horn

Your Fitness Instructor has moved to its new location at 511 Bay Isles Parkway in the Shoppes of Bay Isles. Petar Sibinkic is the owner of the personal-training studio. Its new phone number is 383-FITT (383-3488). local orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Moor, founder of the Advanced Sports Medicine Center. Moor will focus on strategies to keep golf and tennis players injury-free. The event takes place from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, at the Islandside Dining Room, 361 Longboat Club Road. Cost is $15 plus tax, which includes appetizers and one drink ticket. The event is open to the public. For reservations, call 387-1587.

3440 Mistletoe Ln #A3967784 Diann Thelen

Longboat Key $12,500/month, 120 day min 941-552-4200

988 Blvd Of The Arts # 1011 #A3973133 Debbie Lane

1339 Westway Dr #A3939250 $7,500,000 Christina Landry

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-376-4498

1241 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 707 #A3919693 $2,495,000 Michael Moulton

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-928-3559

1748 Cherokee Dr #A3973717 $2,100,000 Tammy L. Garner

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-374-4161

631 Ranger Ln #A3957780 $1,950,000 Kristina Von Kessel

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-266-2848

565 Sanctuary Dr # B104 #A3971860 $1,950,000 Hannerle Moore

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-387-7300

455 Longboat Club Rd # 504 #A3966609 $1,749,000 Diana Michel

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-266-2677

870 Jungle Queen Way #A3938200 $1,599,000 Sylvia Zimmerman

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-5022

2525 Mulberry Ter #A3972554 $1,395,000 Leonard Giarrano

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-724-0690

1241 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 305 #A3970747 $1,350,000 Susan Fox

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-544-6648

206 Westmoreland Ct #A3970626 $1,295,000 Barbara Dumbaugh

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-350-3743

3230 Founders Club Dr #A3969311 $1,149,000 Sue Brown

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-720-7832

+ Island Pursuit holds ‘Meet the Designers’ event Island Pursuit, 357 St. Armands Circle, will hold a “Meet the Designers” event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, March 9. The event will offer a chance to meet designer Mahi Gold. For information, call 388-2849.

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-383-9253

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-539-3384


Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-356-2659


4500 Gulf Of Mexico Dr PH 5 #A3949325 $249,000 Bobbi Banan

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-780-0968

+ Your Fitness Instructor moves to new location

523 Sutton Pl # 523 #A3941718 $249,000 Bruce & Jenine Meyer

4810 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # V9 #A3949703 $221,000 Diana Kryszak

Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-266-8303

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-993-4078


The Anna Maria Island Water Shuttle Service now offers north Longboat Key stops at 12:05 p.m. and 2:20 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant and Pub and Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant on Broadway. The shuttle service transports passengers aboard the “Island Pearl” to dowtown Bradenton, Palmetto, Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key. Cost is $5 for a oneway service and $10 for a day pass. For information and a schedule, visit

Sarasota $3,000 941-552-4200

1932 Harbourside Dr # 251 #A3967780 Diann Thelen

Longboat Key $1,900 941-552-4200

VA C AT I O N R E N TA L S 3315 Bay Shore Rd #A3973036 $9,990,000 Klaus Lang

Mid Longboat 383.5502 • South Longboat 383.7591 • St. Armands 388.4447 Main Street 951.6660 • Palmer Ranch 966.8000 • Siesta Key 349.3444

Sarasota 941-383-7591 941-320-1223

White Sands of Longboat 800.230.2428


Veranda Beach Club 800.411.5511

market watch



by George Rauch | Contributing Columnist

No clear path for the investor exists We need to step back, take a look at our investment life and redefine where profits will come from in the future. More than any time in our lives as Americans, paper assets are in danger of falling apart. There are reasons our best investment moves may be to liquidate most paper assets other than several dozen existing AAArated international corporations. How could America’s great economy be fallGEORGE ing apart? Is it just “politicians” again? Does RAUCH history repeat itself? History doesn’t repeat itself, but the characteristics of man, bred into all of us, pass from generation to generation. Man does not change. Laws,

governments and societies change, but man’s characteristics are the problem. They are generally recognized as the seven deadly sins of pride, envy, greed, anger, lust, gluttony and laziness. Government is the ultimate power in man’s Earthly life. Government attracts people who crave power at any price. “At any price” in history has meant borrowing large sums of money to sustain their time in power, which leads to currency meltdowns from inflation. Money is always borrowed to either pay for war or pay for government welfare programs. Currency meltdowns are not planned. They occur over a prolonged period of time as a result of government overspending. The overspending is financed by debt. The money made to supplement the government’s spending is put into the economy in the form of added currency. The additional cash in the economy causes the

GOVERNMENT DEBT As of Jan. 31, 2013 Total federal spending Federal spending deficit

$16.5 trillion $3.5 trillion $1.1 trillion

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

$15.6 trillion Government debt is 106% of GDP.

Total state, local and federal spending

This is “third world-type” debt, by which time most countries would have crashed and burned. $6.5 trillion Equals an astounding 42% of GDP.

46% of government spending (the $1.1 trillion deficit) is borrowed money, which the government makes out of paper, and which is backed by nothing. We pay interest on that debt every year, forever.

24 YEARS OF U.S. DEBT INCREASES President Bush Sr. Clinton Bush Jr. Obama Total

Debt increase $1.5 trillion $1.5 trillion $5 trillion $5.7 trillion $13.7 trillion

No. of Years 4 8 8 4 24

price of goods and services to increase. This “inflation” of prices is “OK” until the inflation accelerates and the country’s currency becomes worthless. Our economy is on the verge of a currency collapse. Economic crisises are usually accompanied by an increase in the reach and power of government, coupled with a decrease in the resources and the freedom of individual citizens. Government uses its taxing power to literally gobble up an economy’s cash. Let’s verify this by looking at a few statistics (see box at left). Bearing those numbers in mind, look at the chart that shows 24 years of U.S. government debt increases. Take note these 24 years include 12 years of Democratic and 12 years of Republican presidencies. Both major political parties are culpable in running up the debt of this country.

Average per year $.04 trillion $0.2 trillion $0.6 trillion $1.4 trillion $0.6 trillion

The real danger is the increase in debt has reached amounts in which it cannot conceivably be paid off. Alarmingly, interest payments on our debt are so great that we must borrow money simply to make the interest payments. This is a prescription for disaster. All socialist economies overwhelm themselves by borrowing money simply to sustain the government: Argentina, Spain, Greece and, before that, England, France, Spain again, Rome, Greece, etc. America is the greatest of all of those past civilizations, and we’re making the same mistakes that crushed them (see box above). Economic statistics tend to confuse the public. They are so large that citizens get “billions and trillions” mixed up. One easy way to understand the economic crisis is to compare annual government spending and indebtedness to a family’s annual

It’s stIll Mrs. rogers’



MOULTON Certified Residential Specialist

Grande Dame of Real Estate 39 Years of Experience

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Advising, Buying, and Selling with a Personal Touch! 941.284.7373

Michael Saunders & Company,

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RITZ BEACH RESIDENCES -Elegantly designed 3,300sf 3BR condo. A3959431 $2,800,000 NEW




Licensed Real Estate Broker

Longboat Key South • 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

Andree Huffine presents Sarasota Bay Club 1299 and 1301 N. Tamiami Trail


“This impressive enclave defines luxury retirement living and provides a lifestyle where residents are indulged with an unsurpassed selection of amenities and services that delivers on the highest of expectations.” WATER CLUB - Direct Gulf front 3,400sf 3BR furnished condo. A3957287 $2,500,000 NEW


BIRD KEY - Stunning remodeled, pristinely maintained 3BR canal front residence. A3972343 $1,675,000.


1299 N. Tamiami Trail #1027

10th floor penthouse unit with stunning Bayfront views over Bird Key, Lido Key and Longboat Key from Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen. 3 bedrooms, 2/1 baths. MLS#A3973745 $1,250,000

ST. ARMANDS TOWERS - Sophisticated furnished 3BR Penthouse. A3953612 $1,595,000

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 Office 941.383.7591 | Mobile 941.928.3559 |

1301 N. Tamiami Trail #414 106550

LBK BAYFRONT LOT - 100’ wide with deeded beach access. A3971918 $1,975,000

4th Floor end unit Degas Floor Plan with panoramic views of Sarasota Bay. 2 Bedroom plus den. MLS#A3969687 $731,850 106670

Andree Huffine 941.232.4052

Certified Luxury Homes Marketing Specialist



Lynne Koy

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STATISTICS U.S. tax revenue ................................................................................. $2,400,000,000,000 Federal expenditures........................................................................... $3,500,000,000,000 New debt............................................................................................ $1,100,000,000,000 National debt.................................................................................... $16,500,000,000,000 Recent budget cuts ..................................................................................$40,000,000,000

Remove eight zeros and pretend it’s our household budget

presents her

Annual family income ..............................................................................................$24,000 Money spent on living ..............................................................................................$35,000 New debt on household credit card..........................................................................$11,000 Outstanding balance on your credit card ................................................................$165,000 Total budget cuts .......................................................................................................... $400

be 8,140 points instead of 14,000 (current yield of 2.5% on the Dow, divided by average long-term yield of 4.3%). If we do have further severe currency deterioration from inflation, only the leastindebted international companies would be safe to hold. In addition to safety, those companies should have the greatest probability of growing if the economy continues to react in the future as it has acted the last 10 years. Investors should be wary about what type of asset can weather, and succeed, through a “day of reckoning.” Properly financed real estate is going to be the best opportunity to preserve wealth. It always has been. The world’s population continues to double every few generations, and the supply of real estate is limited. Other hard assets history has proven it wise to own, through both good times and bad times, are gold and silver. Both have been used as currency for more than 8,000 years. Although the stock market has done well the last 50 years, gold, silver and income-producing real estate have done better. A day of reckoning wipes out paper assets. Bonds become worthless and get settled for pennies on the dollar. Stocks with high price-earnings multiples fall the fastest, and stocks that pay dividends weather the storm. Highly leveraged companies are usually bankrupt, recapitalized and sold because the original stockholder’s investment becomes worthless. Such is it with governments ultimately requiring a reconstitution of the monetary system, when government can no longer meet its obligations. Simple math indicates we’re there! No clear path for the investor exists today. These times call for defensive investments to ensure capital is preserved. The conservative investor will own only AAA-rated stocks and hard assets that will maintain, and grow, in value with further currency deterioration such as real estate, gold and silver. Caveat Emptor.

PHILL YOUNGER Knows Commitment


SPICE BAY Located in the private gated community of Spice Bay on Siesta Key is the Bonaire a truly luxurious residence with a Dutch West Indies style built by Perrone Construction. With four en suite bedrooms, guest quarters and your own boat slip this beautiful home offers the best of everything!



LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS harming Elegance with Breathtaking

KEITH POINTE - Remarkable Sarasota Bay front home surrounded by

BAY ISLES - Graceful 3BD/3.5BA home overlooking tranquil lake. This

PLAYERS CLUB Fabulous Gulf views with endless winter

Gulf, Bay and City Views from this 3BD/3BA Penthouse residence. This was the home of Mr. Arthur Ferrante of Ferrante & Teicher fame now being sold by his wife. Soaring ceilings, open floor plan and oversized windows welcome the sun and the sea. $1,999,000

is Florida living at its best! Volume ceilings, crown molding, marble gas fireplace with raised hearth, wood flooring and dramatic Master Suite are a few of the lovely features in this lovely residence. $799,000

George Rauch, Longboat Key, is chief executive officer of Bradenton-based General Propeller and a former Wall Street investment banker.

SEAPLACE - Northwest winter sunsets and sultry breezes will greet you from your two spacious terraces in this beautifully updated, furnished 3BR/2BA condominium home. $519,000

ISLANDER CLUB - Direct Bay to beach views! Kitchen and baths have been upgraded to include granite and stainless steel with rich wood cabinetry. This 2BR/2BA, 1,235 Sq. Ft. condominium home is located in the South $389,000 tower and is priced to sell.

BEACHES Enjoy breakfast in your spacious eat-in kitchen and fabulous direct gulf views from this beautifully updated 2BD/2BA condominium home with a beautifully crafted master suite. $795,000

SEAPLACE – Completely remodeled and beautifully furnished, 2BD/2BA with NW gulf views and spectacular sunsets. Every creature comfort is waiting for you, just bring your bathing suit. $429,000

INN ON THE BEACH - Direct Gulf Front views! 1BD/1BA Club Suite with first class amenities and a fabulous rental $389,000 program.

SEAPLACE – Updated kitchen with warm pecan cabinetry and granite counters in this 2BD/2BA condominium home with Southwest Gulf and bay views and miles of sand and beach. $375,000

ISLANDER CLUB – Beautifully SEAPLACE – Enjoy tranquil views in maintained 2 BD/2 BA condominium home, this tropical setting. Open space, updated completely furnished with gorgeous garden kitchen and baths, 2BD/2BA, sold furnished. and bay views. This is the friendliest floor in $349,000 the building. Priced to sell! $389,000

SEAPLACE – Direct Gulf views and sunsets to lengthen your day from this 2BD/2BA fully updated beautiful gulf front condominium home. Priced to sell! $595,000


RE - ELEct

Tour Lynne’s properties at

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Political advertisement paid for and approved by Phill Younger for Longboat Key Commission (At Large).

At The Chart House on Longboat Key


sunsets from this 2BD/2BA furnished condominium with courtyard entry and additional storage. $545,000

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“I’ve known that for 28 years.”

E2 t 1 O VMaR

lush tropical landscaping. Open bay views, gourmet kitchen, spacious patio with summer kitchen on 175’ of waterfront with oversized dock. $3,899,000


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income, spending and indebtedness. We can then see just what kind of shape a family would be in had they behaved economically the same way our government behaves. You can see the average family who spent money like the government would have been bankrupt a long time ago. What the public has difficulty grasping is our own federal government is bankrupt, as these numbers bear out. Further, looking at “recent budget cuts” one can see they amount to nothing on a relative basis. The current Dow Jones Industrial average is selling at 14,000, representing a price-earnings ratio of 14.4 times earnings, and a dividend yield of 2.5%. The average long-term price-earnings ratio and yield on the Dow Industrials is 14.5 times and 4.3%, respectively. The price-earnings ratio indicates the market is selling at a historically average price relative to corporate earnings. The Dow’s dividend yield suggests the market is overpriced by 50%. The reason the market is even at these average price-earnings levels is due to the $10.7 trillion that has been created out of nowhere and put in banks during the last 12 years. Brokers and bankers are the first borrowers of money the Fed makes. They are also the largest donors of money to political campaigns. It, therefore, behooves the government to make sure the market stays at “reasonable” levels, because investors selling stock is the primary source of political campaign money. Although this is all interesting information, what does it have to do with the market? On one hand, we know there will be continued “stimulus” (new money the Fed creates) of around $100 billion a month, roughly what is happening now, and what has happened the last several years. We also know there have been no meaningful cuts in government spending and that the debt is so great we must borrow money simply to pay interest. This is “third world-ish” political/economic behavior and cannot be sustained. At some point, the market, even with $100 billion a month added to it, is more likely to stay stable in this range of trading or go down and trade more based upon yields, rather than go much beyond where it is presently. If the market traded based upon yields, the Dow Industrials would



Thursday, March 7, 2013

wiLd wEEKEnd by Katie Hendrick | community Editor

Mackenzie, Greg, Pearl and Maddie Para with Chico the parrot

sarasota arts Festival highlights Key wildlife Fish, fowl and foxes were among the many creatures depicted in paintings, sculptures and other art forms Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3, during the Sarasota Wildlife Arts Festival at Ken Thompson Park on City Island. The event, which benefited Save Our Seabirds and the Sarasota Rotary Club Foundation, included a juried fine-art show and a wildlife symposium, featuring presentations by specialists such as Kev-

in Carroll and Dan Strzempka, who developed a prosthetic tail for Winter, a bottlenose dolphin who lost her tail after getting tangled in the ropes of a crab trap. Their story was documented in the 2011 film, “Dolphin Tale.” More than 50 people huddled around the prosthetists to learn about the fitting process, Winter’s physical therapy and the artificial limbs they’ve created for other animals, ranging from dogs to sea turtles.

Robert Gaglio and Benjamin Moore of Photos by Katie hendrick save Our seabirds with Rick Hughes Dan Strzempka, David Pilston, Lee Fox of the sarasota rotary club and Kevin Carroll

Bruce Myer 941.387.1859

aerobic grandma by Molly Schechter | contributing columnist

Paspa is picture of health Isabella Paspa is a living advertisement for the benefits of exercise — lots of exercise. She will be 73 years old in May and says she has never felt better, never been in such good shape, never been so mentally relaxed. “Exercise is key,” says Paspa. “When you move, you’re going to keep moving. And when you stop … ” Stopping is something Paspa doesn’t often do. Her typical day starts at 6 a.m. By 7:30, she is in a fitness class at the Longboat Key Club — whichever is on the schedule. MOLLy She does another class at schEchTEr 8:30 and then plays tennis, three to four times a week. Several days a week, Paspa plays golf. On many afternoons, she is back at the Key Club for a late-day fitness class. In the evening, she is often in the swimming pool at her condominium. Paspa takes just about every class the Key Club offers, from stretch to spinning, with stops along the way for a wide variety of muscle strength and conditioning sessions. She raves about the new classroom and says the class program is “the best it’s ever been.” Pushed to name her favorite kind of exercise, she says “Pilates and yoga, especially yoga on the beach.” There’s a reason. When Paspa and her late husband, Dr. Alex Paspa, were living in New York, they moved into a new penthouse apartment where she set about creating a rooftop garden. She was supposed to call her husband when the delivery people showed up with the soil, but she decided to move the heavy bags herself. The result was two painful injured disks in her back. She credits yoga and Pilates with helping to heal her spine. Born in Bosnia, her family later moved to Yugoslavia. Paspa came in 1966 to the United

Molly schechter

“aerobic Grandma” Isabella Paspa at her home-away-from-home, the Longboat Key club Fitness center

States. Her first husband died in 1969. She met Alex Paspa while dining at Piccolo Venezia, a Queens, N.Y., restaurant that was popular with Bosnians. The couple moved in 1993 to Longboat Key when Alex Paspa retired. They enjoyed 32 years together before he died in 2008. At 5 feet, 9 1/2 inches tall, Paspa weighs 143 pounds and wears a size six. She has no arthritis and no osteoporosis. She drinks a lot of milk but takes no supplemental calcium. She is a bona fide “Aerobic Grandma” to a total of six grandchildren. Molly Schechter is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a specialty in older-adult fitness plus YogaFit Instructor Training, SCF Yoga Fundamentals I and II and Power Pilates™ Mat Certifications. She teaches classes at the Bayfront Park Recreation Center and the Longboat Key Club. Email her at mschechter@Your

Longboat Key’s Top Realtor!


• First in Number of Homes Sold • First in Sales Volume of Homes Sold • First Class Results Source: Mid Regional MLS for Longboat Key,, 2012

Owned and operated by NRT, LLC



Longboat Key for 33 years! 1980 - 2013

BEACHPLACE - Bldg. 8-#505 Direct gulf front 2BR/2BA completely remodeled and beautiful! $769,000

FAIRWAY BAY 222- 2BR/2BA beautifully updated and furnished 2nd floor home with bay views and one covered parking space. $389,000

PLAYERS CLUB - 2BR/2BA second floor GULF OF MEXICO DRIVE - 3BR/2.5BA home in the “A” building. $525,000 estate on large lot. Bay views & private canal. $1,979,000

LIDO BEACH CLUB - 2BR/2BA furnished condominium home with partial Gulf views. $429,000

SEAPLACE - Furnished 2BR/2BA in M-1 LIGHTHOUSE POINT- 4BR/4.5BA + Office. COREY’S LANDING - 6BR/5.5BA, over building with tasteful updates and par- Beautiful home with pool, deepwater 4,800 SF of fine living with Bay and golf $1,495,000 tial Gulf views. $399,500 dock & serene water views. $3,995,000 course views. OPEN HOUSE


EMERALD POINTE SOUTH - Peaceful KEY TOWER SOUTH #10C - 2BR/2BA, 3BR/3.5BA newer lake front villa in the 10th floor Lido Beach home - direct $649,000 cul-de-sac. $699,900 gulf views. JUST REDUCED!

REDUCED $100,000!


GRAND BAY #222 - 3BR/3BA/2HB, 2nd EMERALD POINTE S- 3BR/3.5BA pool SANCTUARY III - 5th Floor, 3BR/3.5BA floor home with golf course, bay and villa beautifully detailed and updated. corner residence with Gulf, golf and $649,900 bay views. $1,799,000 tennis views. $845,000 NEW A/C 2013!

PIERRE - 2BR+Den/3BA furnished residence. Modified, open floorplan with partial Gulf views. $849,000

SEAPLACE - 2BR/2BA, 2nd floor home in G3 bldg. PRICED TO SELL! $249,000

FAIRWAY BAY 121 - 2BR/2BA Corner HARBOUR OAKS - Spacious 3BR/2BA BEACHPLACE - BLDG. 11-#103 villa on hole #3 of White Egret Harbour- 2BR/2BA furnished with private walk residence with great water views, side golf course. $459,000 down and 2 parking spaces. $459,000 two terraces and one covered parking space. $439,000

INN ON THE BEACH #5103 Golf Course view. $239,000 Club Suite #2202 Gulf front. $399,000


LONGBOAT KEY MOORINGS - The west coast’s largest marina has a 45’ slip just for you! $79,500

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate • 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Ste. 1 • Longboat Key • At the Charthouse







Ian Addy & Gail Wittig










941.387.0100 UN

















Longboat Key Club & Resort | Starting from $429,000 to $1,195,000


3010 Grand Bay Blvd. #473 | Grand Bay | $1,199,000


601 Longboat Club Road # S303 | Longboat Key Towers | $749,000

BRAZIL. Longboat Key residents Mary Zuckerbraun and Joseph S. Levine read their Observer while at the statue of Christ the Redeemer high above Rio de Janeiro. The Longboaters also visited Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Punta del Este and many islands along the Brazlian coast.

912 Boulevard of the Arts | Condo on the Bay | $795,000

6600 Bayou Hammock Road | Longboat Key Village |$1,499,000







8112 Midnight Pass Road |Siesta Key | $499,000

Headed on a great vacation? Make sure to take your Observer along! Enter your travel photos into our annual “It’s Read Everywhere” photo contest! Visit, and click on the “Contests” tab in the upper-right hand corner to submit your entry. Safe travels!







Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 34228

• Leading Specialists at Longboat Key Club & Resort GERMANY. Laura and Bob Vukovich take a break from shopping to catch up on their Observer news while at the Regensburg Christmas market in Germany in December. The couple also visited the markets in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria, and Passau, Germany, and Nurenberg, Germany.

Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column and box. See answers on page 17B.

• 61+ Years of Combined Real Estate Sales Experience • Team Sales Exceed $195 Million Since 2005 • 2010, 2011& 2012 Top Sales Team Michael Saunders & Company, Longboat Key

Barbara Milian, Ian Addy PA, Gail Wittig

We invite you to take advantage of our team’s experience and allow us the opportunity to present you with a complimentary market analysis of your property.


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Thursday, March 7, 2013



record Temps.





Tuesday, Feb. 26



87 (1962)

27 (1967)

Wednesday, Feb. 27



86 (1927)

31 (1974)

Thursday, Feb. 28



88 (1997)

31 (1935)

Friday, March 1



87 (1997)

35 (1986)

saturday, March 2



88 (1997)

30 (1941)

sunday, March 3



87 (1963)

30 (1980)

Monday, March 4



87 (1973)

30 (1943)

average Gulf water temperature: 66


highs 11:51a 9:23p

Thursday, March 7


Lows 3:30p

Friday, March 8




saturday, March 9




sunday, March 10




Monday, March 11





Tuesday, March 12









Wednesday, March 13


SuNRiSE/SuNSET Thursday, March 7

sunrise 6:49a

sunset 6:34p

Friday, March 8



saturday, March 9



sunday, March 10



Monday, March 11



Tuesday, March 12



Wednesday, March 13



March 11 New

Stan Singer submitted this sunset photo, taken on a chilly evening at Beachplace on Longboat Key.

March 19 First

WEaThEr PhOTOs: Enter your sunset, sunrise or weather-related photos and it could be published in one of The Observer’s newspapers. To enter your photos, visit, and click on the “contests” tab in the upper-right corner. Make sure to include where the photo was taken. March 27 Full

april 2 Last



Edited by Timothy E. Parker

ACROSS 1 5 9 13 18 19 20 21 22 25 26 27 28 29 32 34 38 39 40 41 42 44 46 47 49 50 51



X F K T T,










52 53 54 56 57 59 60 61 63 68 69

Tattle Hoofbeat sound Daughter of Rhea Repeats a secret Nabisco cookie Trailblazing Daniel Molecule building block Befitting a monarch Place for aspiring novelists “___ Breath You Take” At pique’s peak? Further a felon Driving-range aid “A League of Their Own” actress Hirer’s opposite Garden pavilions Attended to pressing needs? Inch furtively “No doubt about it” Big Apple letters Identifying name Wealthy people Sunbather’s desire Numbers to crunch Relative of bananas? Walk in water Book of apostolic deeds Frosted flakes? Uninspiring Bellowed “Slow down!” Frightened horse Pod veggies Like xenon Female sib Clay shapers Bread or whiskey type “Kiss From ___” (Seal song)

71 Bank’s property claim 72 Mars’ outer moon 74 Emporium 75 Devised (with “up”) 78 Address for King Arthur 79 Monastery resident 82 Capp of the comics 83 Uncle’s wife 84 Big desert of Asia 85 Horsewhip 86 Roller in Reno 87 Cultural surroundings 89 Abnormal breath sounds 91 Start of the Lord’s Prayer 92 Listened, in days of yore 94 Without worldly sophistication 96 Christmas eave decoration? 99 Won’t take “no” for an answer 100 Biscuit served with tea 101 Skirt slit 102 “Love ___ neighbor” 103 Lowly laborer 104 Russian pancakes 105 Civilian clothes, for a soldier 108 They allow people on the road 114 City near Salt Lake City 115 Creep like lava 116 Big fight site 117 Be charitable 118 Preparation of hemp leaves 119 Vase-shaped pitcher 120 A ___ sum 121 Discharge


1 Take to the body shop, perhaps 2 Make a goof 3 Flowery muumuu accessory 4 Hand moisturizer, e.g. 5 Contra ___ (California county) 6 Brat Pack alumnus Rob 7 “Woman” singer’s woman 8 A pop 9 Comeback candidate 10 Anesthesia of old 11 Part of a tooth 12 Electric guitar need 13 Mild currents 14 Flood embankments 15 Get more mature 16 You might stand a round here 17 Underhanded 19 Former German chancellor Willy 23 White-tailed eagle 24 Unfunny Marx 28 Added filing aids to 29 “Great ___ think alike” 30 Certain IndoEuropean 31 Why you may be forced to rest 32 Disgusting dirt 33 Bad time for Caesar 34 “Johnny B. ___” (Berry classic) 35 Slab in the meat department? 36 Speaker’s skill 37 Able to feel 39 “Little” film mouse 40 Lake Tahoe lift 43 Arm of the sea 45 Inundated 48 Wonderment 51 Barley bristle 53 Counterpart of 61-Across 54 Attack from all sides

55 White House feature 58 Follow, as in Simon Says 59 Proper companion? 60 “Real” attachment 61 A precondition for Nirvana 62 Afghani neighbor 64 Delight 65 OK for consumption 66 Creepy 67 Tell a tall tale 70 Chester White’s home 73 Blockhead 75 Delicately pretty 76 Game regulations 77 Wife of Geraint, in Arthurian lore 78 Chardonnay alternative 80 Ancient Greece’s legislative assembly 81 White heron 84 A big one can spread from ear to ear 87 Fitting like gears 88 Expose, as a plot 90 Agate material 93 Yarn chaser 95 Highly rated 97 Sugar source 98 Bakers’ coats 100 Take by force 101 “Elder” of ancient history 103 Boat front 104 Ran in the wash 105 “Family” members 106 “That’s revolting!” 107 Cosmetic safety grp. 108 Female deer 109 Wharf rodent 110 Respectful title in India 111 Nurse, as a cocktail 112 Serpent’s pigeon? 113 Attach, as a patch


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Items Under $200 For Sale


19" SANSUI LED/LCD HDTV bought new 5/12 seldom used, $75. 941-893-0238. ADVERTISE YOUR MERCHANDISE with the total value of all items $200 or less in this section for FREE! Limit 1 ad per month, 15 words or less. Price must be included next to each item. No commercial advertising. Ad runs 2 consecutive weeks in 1 Observer. (No phone calls please.) (Please provide your name and address) Email ad to: Online at: Or mail to: The Observer Group P.O. Box 3169 Sarasota, Fl 34230 MIRROR: 30”X54”, Florida theme, with gold trim, $50 o/b/o. Call 941-794-0649.

Condos For Sale

CEDAR FOLDING BAR SET hand-crafted in the US. Includes tile inlay bar w/fold down leaves, six bar stools. Also, umbrella and folding bar cover ($300 options). Interior moveable shelf allows for storage of stools. Fully assembled - new - never used. Current market value: $1900. Asking $1250. Phone 941-923-6739.

Homes For Rent

Autos For Sale

3BR/3BA ACROSS from Longboat private beach 55+. Single car garage, updated, granite/ stainless kitchen. Private ground level patio. $1950/mo. Annual. $2700/mo. Seasonal. 941-232-1357.

2012 MINI Cooper S: white pepper, 1,750 miles. Private $21,500. 941-321-6722.

Autos Wanted AUTOS WANTED! Let me take the hassle out of selling your car. Cash offered today! Call Mike, 941-713-2277.

Boat Slips For Rent/Sale BOAT SLIP FOR RENT. High, dry, indoor marina. Excellent S. Longboat boating location. Call 941-371-1866. BOATHOUSE ON LBK. Unit 1224, 31', 2nd level. For Sale/Rent. If interested, call Melissa, 941-383-0308. LBK MOORINGS: Slip N10 for discount rent, 48’ slip. Hurry, won’t last! Call 630-421-0000.

Boats 28’ 2004 Chaparral Signature 260 Cruiser $39,500. 38 Hours, Generator, A/C, TV, DVD, full head, camper enclosure, GPS, windlass, CD player, cockpit table, sink, lift. kept by year round LBK resident. Call 941-302-4089. Boats are selling very well. Season has been especially busy with over 30 boats sold, many within 2 weeks, some in days. 17 Year resident, many references. Keeping the process simple, doing “Business On A Handshake”. Big or small, we sell them all. I also buy boats. Call Dave, (owner) 941-228-3489. Cruise or Fish Hyatt Sarasota Docks 32’/53’ Yachts - 2hrs./2 months 941-383-5232

Consignments MANATEE AUCTIONS. Entire estate or one piece. Let us sell it for you. Delivery and pick-up available. 941-527-6571. AB3263, AU4284.

Furnishings GOLDEN MEDICAL Bed, $4200 new, $3000/obo. Pride Lift Chair, $800 new, $400/obo. 941-955-8970, Cell: 941-879-7884, leave msg. Reserved Space

Visit us online LP Reserved Space at This week’s Sudoku answers


Merchandise Wanted CASH FOR Old Military Items. Swords, uniforms, insignia & old guns. Call 941-416-3280. SENIOR LOOKING to purchase precious metals, time pieces, coins, jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707.

Religion NEVER FAIL Novena- May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored, and glorified throughout the whole world, now and forever. Most sacred Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You. Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, pray for me. St. Teresa, child of Jesus, pray for me. St. Jude, helper of hopeless cases, pray for me, and grant this favor I ask. Say this prayer 9 times a day for 9 days and publish. -MM

Storage STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.

Help Wanted ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintenance of personnel, grant, contract files and documentation in compliance with government and VA polices. Liaise with granting and government agencies. Track personnel training records and training schedules, maintenance of research records, provision of necessary documentation and administrative support for grant submissions, other duties as assigned. EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 years administrative experience. VA administration and scientific research experience preferred. Must be PC proficient with excellent organizational, written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Background check required. The Roskamp Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please send résumé and cover letter to

Condos/Apts. For Rent 1BR/1BA IN the Village. Year lease. Walk to Whitney Beach. Small pet. Non-smoking preferred. 941-565-1401. BEACH-TO-BAY CONDO at Bayport. Newly decorated 2 bed/2 bath. First floor, end unit. Free local phone, cable, wi-fi. Monthly rentals beginning mid-May 2013. Contact after 6:00 pm: 317-896-2334. GORGEOUS LIDO KEY CONDO. Beachfront, spacious 2BR/2BA, fully furnished. Pool. Garage Parking. Available immediately. 6 mo. minimum. 443-829-0287, 800-950-9191. L’AMBIANCE, LONGBOAT KEY. Beach front 2BR/3BA condo on high floor with wrap-around deck, 270 degree views over the Gulf, Sarasota Bay and LBK Club. Sunrises, sunsets with light all day through floor to ceiling windows in all rooms. View at: Call John at 203-984-8477 E-mail: LONGBOAT BAYPORT BTC- 2BR 2BA Gulf front views- wifi-Monthly rentals 813-541-8876. LONGBOAT KEY, 2BR/1.5BA, on CANAL. $2500 MARCH, Plus 11% tax and $100 cleaning fee, total $2875 for the MONTH. Call Jim, 941-650-1266. PALMER RANCH condo: 1BR/1BA, $940/mo. Gated, W/D, new carpet/ paint, pool, parking, gym, tennis. 941-302-0621.

Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925


General Merchandise

THRIFT SHOP: THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE. Next to Longboat Island Chapel. Season Opening October 1, 2012: Mon., Wed., & Sat., 9a.m.-1p.m. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, other items. 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. 941-383-4738.


“Take our video tour at”

LONGBOAT KEY CLUB FLOATING WEEK, every other odd year. Beautiful large 2 bed/2 bath with private Balcony over looking tropical bay cove/directly across street from Gulf of Mexico. Price includes this year use Week 28, July 13th. Only $1000. Sandy, 407-234-9551.

HAMMOND COLONNADE ORGAN Excellent condition, owners guide plus multiple sheet music, $450. You move! 941-923-8892.

1989 MERCEDES-BENZ 560SL, Hardtop & Convertible, special garnet color, 76,000 miles, always garage kept. Service records available. $18,000. 941-993-2244.


LONGBOAT KEY Condo For Sale By Owner. Turnkey apartment, 5th floor end unit. $550,000. 1455sq.ft. Under Air. Direct Gulf view, see the sunrise over Sarasota Bay through your bedroom window and panoramic sunsets over the Gulf from your balcony. A truly million dollar view at half the price. For appt. call Al, 941-383-1741.

PACK AND Play, Evenflo w/bassinet, $45, almost new. 941-383-8900.

1968 CORVETTE Convertible: burgundy, tan interior completely redone. New bumpers, new top, 350 4/speed, power steering. Many new chaise parts. Drives nice. Must see. $24,900. 941-383-4907, 508-237-1232.

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

“JUST A STORY” The Treehouse, brand new home, 3200/sq.ft., 3BR/2BA. Boat dock, beach, gated sub., pool, open floor plan, elevator. Owner financing. $899,000. Jerry Cunningham, 941-321-8848, Keller Williams.

LARGE HOME for Rent: Exceptional Location Across street from the Gulf of Mexico- On Longboat Club Road inside LBK Club (Island Side) 4700 sq.ft., 5 bdr, 4½ bath, pool, 3-car garage. Interior completely renovated in 2011. Available January-March 2014 $10,250/month Mature non-smoking, pet-free couple only: Call 203-500-5666.

Homes For Sale CONRAD BEACH, LBK. Upscale Island home built in 2004. 1961sf 2BR + Loft. Quaint Gulfside neighborhood. Community pool & beach access, no busy roads to cross. 941-544-0214, Owner/Agent.

Mobile Homes 55+ ACTIVE ADULT COMMUNITY Village on the Greens Vacation homes $5,000 & up Co-Op land owned Licensed RE Brokerage 941-758-4955

Real Estate Wanted WANTED LUXURY ANNUAL RENTALS For Qualified Waiting Clients Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals 941-225-1356

Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228


“Where People Return Year After Year” “INTENTIONALLY BETTER” FALL RENTAL. THE CASTILLIAN. Beautiful 4th fl. Gulf front unit, 2BR/2BA. Available Sept.-Dec. monthly. Contact: L’AMBIANCE, LONGBOAT KEY. Beach front 2BR/3BA condo on high floor with wrap-around deck, 270 degree views over the Gulf, Sarasota Bay and LBK Club. Sunrises, sunsets with light all day through floor to ceiling windows in all rooms. 3 month minimum. View at: Call 203-984-8477 E-mail: LBK C.C. SHORES. VACATION PARADISE HOME w/ dock, 3BR/2BA/2CC, recently renovated and furnished. Wireless high speed internet, cable, plasma TV, phone. huge heated pool, lanai/ electric shutters, W/D, walk to beach. No pets. Non smoking. Sleeps 5. For photos:, Property ID#257978. $4500/mo. Owner, 941-504-1492. LBK: BEACHFRONT. BOOK NOW for your next season rental. 1BR & 3BR condos. Starting at $1250. The Outrigger Resort, 941-383-3844. LIDO BEACH CONDOMINIUMS Weekly - Monthly - Seasonal Resort Properties, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker Full Service Condominium Management 941-388-3921 - 888-388-3921 941-650-1857 Visit us at:

email: Personalized attention with professional honest advice. 25 Years Experience - References available

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals BAYPORT, LONGBOAT KEY. Beautifully furnished 2BR/2BA, direct Gulf view, lanai, sundeck, tennis, pool, fitness center, premium cable TV, hi-speed wireless internet, more. Available December 2013-January 2014. 954-476-1137,

LIDO BEACH SPECTACULAR GULFVIEW 9th Floor/Balcony Turn-key Furnished 1059sqft 1 Bed/1.5 Bath 60 Day Minimum 941-356-1855 Available 4/1/13 LIDO BEACH Vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 1-800-734-3370.

This week’s Crossword answers

BEACHPLACE 3BR, UPDATED, TASTEFULLY DECORATED. GULF & BAY VIEWS. CALL CYNTHIA 407-492-5749 CONDO: 2BR/2BA, on bay with beautiful view, beach access. Available May 2013 through May 2014. Bob, 502-216-5255. DIRECT GULF FRONT at Beachplace: 2BR/2BA, nicely furnished, wireless internet. Available April to December 2013 and for the 2014 Season. Non-smoking. Call Diane or Mike 847-913-4562. Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 Homes & Condominiums Studios to Six Bedrooms Beachfront, Intercoastal or Garden Excellent Service & Staff FLORIDA VACATION CONNECTION 941-387-9709 877-705-2460



This week’s Cryptogram answers 1. I’ll have to think twice before giving it a second thought. Still, if it’s a prickly issue, I will be ready to venture a third opinion. 2. This is an actual computer message alerting users to a bug: “Fatal error! the keyboard not found. Press any key to continue!” CROSSWORD_ANS_030713

18B Classifieds


Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

Adult Care Services

LONGBOAT KEY BEACH FRONT, 1BR, 2BA Sands Point condo with Gulf views, large living room, den and beautifully renovated kitchen. 2-3 Month minimum. Call 203-984-8477 or email:


LONGBOAT PORTOBELLO BEACH FRONT 2BR/2BA Condo. Details and Virtual Tour at Phone 815-919-5357

Caregivers/Companions  Hourly 24/7 Care Phone: 941-809-3725 Toll Free: 877-507-4040 License #230506 & #30211577

ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Weekly or Monthly. May through January. $1600/mo. 351-5101. PLAYERS CLUB Penthouse: Summer rental 2013. 3BR/3.5BA, 7 rooms, furnished, rooftop courtyard, 4 Har Tru tennis courts, parking garage. 3 month minimum $5000 +utilities monthly. E-mail: or 941-778-3687. SUNSET BEACH, LBK. 2BR/2BA. Pool, Spa, 2+ mo. rentals. No pets. Available May-Dec., 2013, Jan.-March, 2014. 248-330-7675.

ADULT CNA seeks live-in position. Will give loving and compassionate care to the sick or elderly. Experienced, honest, dependable. Excellent Palm Beach and Sarasota references. E-mail:, 561-856-5584.

WEEKLY RENTALS. Luxurious, fully furnished 1 - 4 bedrooms. Condominiums and Cottages. Beach to Bay. On-site management. Pools, tennis, boat slips. Visit: for information and virtual tours. 800-333-7335, 941-383-3117.

Weekly/ Monthly/ Seasonal Rates Beachfront, Bayfront and In Between Houses or Condos Reservations 941-383-6127 Visa/ MC 800-352-0367 5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101 Longboat Key, FL 34228 Rental office 9a.m. - 5p.m. M-F Ask about our special rates! Wagner Realty Since 1939

PROFESSIONAL GUARDIAN: Case Manager, Health Care Surrogate, Power of Attorney, Personal Representative, Trustee, Advocate and Companion for Elderly and Developmentally Disabled. Bonded, Patient and Compassionate. Call SueAnn Sanders, National Certified Guardian, Notary. 941-915-3797. SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY, RN. Your private nurse for home/hospital. MA/FL Licensed (RN3001642). References. 941-761-2656.

Alterations/Upholstery ALTERATIONS, 25 years exp, 941-383-6949.

Auto Service WE WANT TO BUY YOUR VEHICLE!!! Any Make, Any Model, Any Condition. No Title - No Problem! Bank Lien - No Problem! Paying up to $30,000 for Vehicles. Call AJ now at 813-335-3794 for a Free Quote or 813-531-4298.

Auto Transport RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Drive your car North or South and back. 941-713-1596.

cLassifiEd LinE ad PricE First 15 words ................... $15 per week Each Add’l word ...............................50¢ 15% discount for 4 week Run Yellow color $5 per Week Reserved Space per Week Border low as $3Space LP as Reserved call: 955-4888 Email: online:

Adult Care Services 25 YEARS experience in Manatee County, 7+ years experience with Hospice. Willing to do errands, transportation, personal care. References available. 941-465-3869.


LONGBOAT KEY. Gulf front, heated pool on beach, 1BR/1BA condo, full kitchen, dining, sleeps/4, king pillowtop. 617-328-7145, 857-939-1049. LONGBOAT KEY: 2BR/2BA, beach, pool, tennis, like brand new. $3493/mo. Available March 15th. 941-321-8848.

WANTED: 2014 WINTER RENTAL Two months on Longboat Key either on the Gulf or Bay, w/view. 2BR/2BA. Wanted: for months of mid-January, February & March. Needs to be Pet-friendly for our 8 lb. Havanese dog. Please reply to 973-228-4069.

THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 2013 Thursday, March 7, 2013



Find Treasure! Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

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Painting/Wallpapering CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. 941-744-1020. 35+ years experience.

Personal Services





Personal & Business Bookkeeping Accounting/ Taxes

30 YEARS experience. We take pride in pleasing customers. Homes, schools, churches, resorts, offices.... 941-756-4570. EDLA’S CLEANING SERVICES: Residential Commercial, New Construction. Meticulous, deep cleaning top to bottom. We Guarantee. Affordable & Reliable. Excellent References. Free Estimates. Licensed & Insured. 30% off first cleaning. 941-536-7447.

Computer Services Cmagik - LBK resident, servicing our island year round for over 12 yrs. Bachelors Degree with 20 yrs. experience, PC or MAC. Professional help with computers, iPad/iPhones and tutoring. References upon request. Call Cort: 383-3878, 587-5588 OWN A MAC/IPHONE/IPAD? MacTutor offers 21 years experience. Unlimited free telephone follow up. (941)812-3887

Home Improvement/ Remodeling

I come to your home or office.

   

Bill Paying & Account Reconciliation Organizing Personal and Business Files Budgets & Financial Reports Federal and State Tax Returns BONDED & INSURED Over 25 yrs. experience Telephone: 941-749-5646

Pet Services DOGGY HOTEL. 24 Hour Daycare. Brown Avenue near Bee Ridge and 41 behind Sleep King (new owner). First day FREE. Grooming by Mark. Meet and greet and get a treat. 941-554-4620.


FOR “QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE” Floors, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, patio and pool decks. 20 years design background. Licensed - Insured - LBK Resident References upon request. 941-383-2659

JOHN GUBERNAT SERVICES Residential/ Commercial. Handyman Repairs, Roof Repairs, Coatings, Painting, Power Washing, Property Management, Home Watching. LBK Resident. Lic./Ins. 941-962-4867. SKEDMAR HANDYMAN SERVICES. Tile, hardwood flooring, painting, pressure cleaning, window cleaning, light electrical, light plumbing. No job too small. Licensed and insured. 941-914-8508. STEVE ALLEN FLOOR COVERINGS PROFESSIONAL TILE & MARBLE INSTALLATION


TILE TILE TILE All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Free Estimates & Custom Designs. Expert Marble & Travertine Installation Floor & Walls Grout Cleaning & Sealing Service Available

Your source for local Classifieds

ALL TYPES OF MASONRY Specializing in concrete driveways, pavers, decorative concrete, stone work, patios. Call for free and honest estimates. 941-525-2435

ON THE BEACH with LARRY every TUESDAY 10:00 AM Beach Access Road 1mi N of Publix, past SEAHORSE


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Landscaping & Lawn Service CEDARS FALL LAWN MAINTENANCE. Complete landscape services. Landscaping, fertilization, irrigation, maintenance. Licensed & Insured Commercial/ Residential. Workman’s comp. Steve, 941-376-2324.

Call Ashdown Flooring, Inc. LICENSED (941) 726-3077 INSURED


Pressure Cleaning THSC PRESSURE WASHING. Residential, commercial. Roof, window cleaning and more. High quality work, we go the extra mile! Call 941-565-3935.

Tax Professional TAX PROFESSIONAL 20 years experience. Specialize in Seniors and Small Business. Will review last 3 years Tax Returns for Free. 25% disc first year for new clients. Located in Lakewood Ranch. EZ Tax Planning, 941-924-6754.

Tree Services BRANCH BROS All phases of Tree Work, Licensed & Insured, Free Estimates. 941-232-2144.

Woodworking FINE FINISH carpentry, crown & deco moldings, cabinetry (kitchens & baths), all types of built-ins, decks, doors & windows. Paul, 941-238-8033.








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104045 38056


FurnitureSales Sales &&Repairs Furniture Repairs #USHIONSs3LINGSs2E POWDERCOATING #USHIONSs3LINGSs5MBRELLAS

Since 1974




CNA/Home Health Aid

Buy 1 grab bar & get 1 FREE

Your Bathroom Safety Specialist Always reachable at


Caring, Compassionate, Gentle and Kind Caregiver Provides activities of daily living, errands, shopping, transportation & light meal prep.



WorkS for you!


1st Class Caregiver

The Service DirecTory



Lewisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Professional Services



Call 941-350-1204

Sarasota, FL

Precision Carpentry & Remodeling, LLC Custom trim, molding, cabinetry, re-facing and/or built-ins. ANY kitchen or bath remodeling that you may need



Specializing in: s2AKING -OWING

CHRISTIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 778-3924





UĂ&#x160;, *,-Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;, "   UĂ&#x160; 7Ă&#x160; " -/,1 /" Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;  , 9Ă&#x160;- ,6 Ă&#x160; Family Owned & Operated UĂ&#x160;7/ ,Ă&#x160; / ,2 Florida State Cert. Master Plumbers UĂ&#x160;- 7 ,Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; , Ă&#x160;    Ă&#x160; #CFC1426596

Since 1975





Dave McCarthy Operator/Owner

Phone (941) 704-4278 Fax (941) 538-3781

 -//" Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ,/9Ă&#x160;  "7-

-!2).!$2 (/,-%3"%!#(s/0%.3!4

Any Plumbing Service in March-April receives FREE Advantage Plan


OR 778-4461


Dave McCarthy

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will move anything from a couch to a householdâ&#x20AC;?


John MacIver III

Call 955-4888 to reserve your space.

Licensed & Insured since 1993

Bill Spence 941-993-7994


SMS Mobile Marine Service *36)LVKILQGHU,QVWDOODWLRQÂ&#x2021;2XWERDUGV ,2ÂŞVÂ&#x2021;,QERDUGV Call for appointmentÂ&#x2021;941-232-3523





Classifieds 19B 19B




LONGBOAT Thursday, OBSERVER March 7,




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25 Off That Day Service!


LIC# CFC1427462



Â&#x2C6;ViÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;`i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i`




We sell boxes!









U.S. DOT No. 1915800


Fully Licensed and Insured

DeaD on TargeT DeaD on TargeT



Visit: WWW.EASTOFTHE75.COM Paul Wolbers, Ph.D., Realtor, Your Local Country Property Specialist

:gd\o]ddĂ&#x203A;9Yfc]jĂ&#x203A;I]ka\]flaYdĂ&#x203A;IÂ?<Â?Ă&#x203A;Ă?Ă&#x203A;(941) 350-4527Ă&#x203A;Ă?Ă&#x203A;hogdZ]jkÂłn]jargfÂ?f]l


Wash Lic./Ins. rise Wisnudreow n u Cleanin ing S and Pres g


Environmentally Friendly


  s   h504/34!.$!2$7).$/73sv 30%#)!,


The Observer Service Directory CallThe 955-4888 to Service reserve Directory your space. Observer Call 955-4888 to reserve your space. INSURANCE


Free Estimates


OFF + Additional 

For Senior Citizens Prices Include:

Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;>VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-VĂ&#x20AC;iiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;




SECUR-ALL INSURANCE AGENCY x£äĂ&#x160; 9Ă&#x160;- -Ă&#x160;," ]Ă&#x160;-1/ Ă&#x160;ÂŁĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;"  "/Ă&#x160; 9]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;­ - Ă&#x160;-1 /,1-/Ă&#x160;  ÂŽ

941-383-3388 -/"*Ă&#x160; 9Ă&#x160;

Ă&#x160; /Ă&#x160;9"1,Ă&#x160;" Ă&#x160; /-]Ă&#x160;- ,Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ", Ă&#x160; - ,


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Longboat Key, Lighthouse Point. $3,995,000 5/4.5 MLS#A3970900 Linda Weber 941-387-1863/941-387-1859

Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $2,699,000 4/5.5 MLS#A3959244 Judy Kepecz-Hays 941-387-1825

Sarasota, Sapphire Shores. $2,495,000 5/3.5 MLS#A3971224 Roger Pettingell 941-387-1840

Sarasota, Spice Bay. $2,349,000 4/4.5 MLS#A3968053 Lynne Koy 941-387-1803

Open Sat/Sun 12-5pm 1220 Sharswood Ln Longboat Key, Pelton Place. $2,950,000 5/3.5 MLS#A3972031 Barbara Ackerman 941-387-1820

While You Sleep,Your Home is Traveling theWorld. Our unrivaled Internet reach and 3,100 offices in more than 50 countries will showcase your house to buyers around the globe, 24/7. Mainland Sarasota Sarasota, West of Trail. $1,700,000 Lynn Robbins, 941-366-8070 Custom 4BR/4.2BA, pool, gated enclave on the bay. Sophisticated elegance! MLS#A3974017 Sarasota, Bay Plaza. $799,000 Barbara Ackerman, 941-387-1820 Beautiful 2BR/2+BA waterfront condo. Elevators, exercise rooms. Garage. MLS#A3964206 Sarasota, Granada. $549,000 , 941-387-1829 Choose the stylish ambiance of this tile-roofed 3BR/2+BA residence. MLS#A3970498 Sarasota, Alinari. $327,500 Martina Coppenrath, 941-383-6411 To look is to love! Beautiful 2BR/2BA condo. Elevators, exercise rooms. MLS#A3972742

Longboat Key, Bay Isles. $1,995,000 3/4.5 MLS#A3953976 Mike Greve 941-806-9444

Sarasota, Whisperwood. $279,000 Michael/Mary Nell Moore, 941-3871851/941-387-1839 Golf course view, 2BR/2BA/Den, 2,288 SF in the Meadows w/2-Car Garage. MLS#A3971692

The Keys Longboat Key, Longboat Key Ests. $2,199,000 Stacy Haas-Goodwin, 941366-8070 Magnificent 3BR/3+BA canal front home w/65’ dock & beautiful bay views! MLS#A3972555 Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $1,449,000 Judy Kepecz-Hays, 941387-1825 Reward yourself with rich styling in this tile-roofed 4BR/3+BA residence. MLS#A3972038 Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $1,385,000 Toni Giliberti, 941-3871808 3BR/3BA with unobstructed views of Bay; minutes to St. Armands Circle. MLS#A3965127 Longboat Key, Grand Bay. $849,000 Roger Pettingell, 941-387-1840 Score a superior lifestyle in this inspired 3BR/3+BA condo. Elevators. MLS#A3972144

Longboat Key. $1,979,000 3/2.5 MLS#A3966810 Bruce Myer 941-387-1859

Sarasota, Bird Key. $899,000 4/2.5 MLS#A3966330 Louis Wery 941-387-1816

Sarasota, Siesta Key. $595,000 Kathy Hoonhout, 941-388-3966 Beach front Siesta Condo. 2/2 renovated and tky furnished. Great rental. MLS#A3969740 Sarasota, Ocean View. $589,500 Barbara Miller, 941-388-3966 Fenced 3/2+ home with Hurricane Resistant Doors. Water Views and Sunsets. MLS#A3972009 Longboat Key, Seaplace. $399,500 Bruce Myer, 941-387-1859 Welcome the good life in this outstanding 2BR/2BA condo. Community tennis. MLS#A3971138 Sarasota, Bay Oaks. $369,000 Carolyn Donnelly, 941-350-9900 Siesta bayfront, remodeled 2BR townhome w/super views, new windows & doors. MLS#A3968364 Sarasota, Sarasota Harbor. $220,000 Babette Paige, 941-388-3966 Full Bay View! 2BR/1BA condo. Maintenance free 55+. Boat docks available. MLS#A3968525

Manatee Sarasota, Bird Key. $749,000 3/2 MLS#A3962892 Lynn McDonald 941-366-8070

Longboat Key, Sea Horse Beach. $299,000 1/1 MLS#A3973202 Jackie Kleppinger 941-388-3966

Bradenton, Stoneybrook. $497,000 Karin Swanson, 941-383-6411 Immaculate 4/5BR, 3BA, 3897sqft fantastic view of the 12th hole MLS#A3959527 Bradenton, Harmon Park. $60,000 Monica Roche, 941-387-1815 Get a very smart start with this satisfying 3BR/3BA home. Fenced. MLS#A3973898

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