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by Kurt Schultheis | Managing Editor

Town officials defend legal advice The majority of the Longboat Key Town Commission feels it received proper legal advice regarding the Longboat Key Club’s Islandside project.

+ Cannons offers treasure fer mates Do ye be knowin’ what Wednesday be? Why, ’tis International Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Day. That translation came from in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day Wednesday, Sept. 19. At Cannons Marina, 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, the occasion will translate to free Cannons Marina hats for the first 20 customers who show up between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Some tips for scoring free pirate booty: Instead of “hello” try an “ahoy.” Turn your “for” into a “fer” and always answer a question with an “Aye!” or an “Arrg!” Pirate translation, according to a Cannons’ Marina prepared statement: “The rules be simple, matey. Come by land or by sea, and speak like yer a pirate to receive some booty! Arrg!”

They should be ashamed of themselves. They should resign immediately. They wasted taxpayer dollars. They didn’t follow town codes. Longboat Key town commissioners have heard it all from

some of the residents behind the Longboat Key Club and Resort’s Islandside gates. The residents feel vindicated now that the Florida 2nd District Court of Appeal affirmed a previous ruling that quashed the town-approved de-

velopment order for the resort’s Islandside renovation-and-expansion project. The Key Club intends to resubmit its application any day now. Commissioners have gotten emails, personally heard the

comments and read them in the newspaper. Islandside residents Gerald and Vivienne Ross sent an email to Mayor Jim Brown Sept. 5, urging him and other commissioners to step down. “The present town commis-



+ Les Ciseaux staying on Circle There’s a salon on St. Armands that’s up for sale, but it isn’t Les Ciseaux Luxury Hair Salon and Spa. “We’ve had a lot of phone calls asking if it is us,” said owner Angela Johnston. Johnston wants to get the message out that Les Ciseaux, founded in 1986, isn’t going anywhere. The salon will be waiting for customers at its same old spot at 6 N. Blvd. of Presidents, and the staff is eager to pamper customers with the latest trends they learned on a recent trip to Soho, N.Y. What will fall bring? “Basically, it’s back to the ’80s,” Johnston said. “Twists of the ’80s but with a more sophisticated touch.” Another trend: ombre, in which color fades down from the roots and is lighter on the ends, is also hot for fall.

Peter Iro throws his new pelican friend a piece of bait while fishing Tuesday, Sept. 18, at the Longboat Key town dock.


Rachel S. O’Hara

by Kurt Schultheis | Managing Editor

Engineer labels mid-rise ‘unsafe’ After an engineering firm discovered corroded beams at the Colony, the PZ&B Department posted warning signs at mid-rise hotel tower. A licensed engineering firm has labeled longtime Colony Beach & Tennis Resort owner Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber’s home of almost 40 years “potentially hazardous and unsafe.” The news sparked further outrage

from Longboat Key town commissioners and gave them ammunition in their fight to convince Colony officials to tear down and rebuild the aging resort, instead of renovating it. Commissioners will meet with Colony developers Sept. 24, to fur-

ther discuss the development and the need for a resort re-opening deadline extension. The engineering report led Long-


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Longboat Observer


KEY CLUB / FROM PAGE 1A sioners (except for one) should be replaced, including yourself!” Gerald and Vivian Ross wrote to Brown. “And the attorney (David Persson) representing the town is a disgrace and should be fired immediately.” Earlier this month, Islandside Property Owners Coalition President Bob White told the Longboat Observer: “The fact that the court has upheld the ruling shows that the Town Commission has egregiously exercised its power and abused its code in violation of the law. Frankly, I think that those commission members who are still sitting, who agreed to this, should resign. I think they owe the residents of Longboat Key, as well as the residents of Islandside, an apology.” Listed below are the reactions of the seven Longboat Key commissioners in response to the accusations they received poor legal advice. Commissioners were also asked if they would consider hiring an in-house legal attorney to cut down on legal expenses, which Commissioner Lynn Larson has suggested in the past. A reaction from Town Attorney David Persson is also included. “I don’t feel that we got bad legal advice. The saying always goes that you get two lawyers in a room and end up with three opinions. I tend to think that this was one court’s interpretation. As far as an in-house attorney, I would have to see the positives and negatives of it, first. It was brought up in the past, and there were a lot of costs involved. Plus, the knowledge and experience attorney David Persson offers would be hard to replace.” — Mayor Jim Brown “No one is ever going to get me to apologize or be ashamed of myself over this. We didn’t break the law, and we took what I

still believe was sound legal advice from our attorney. I think the court was wrong, but it’s time to move on amicably in the future, and I hope the IPOC folks can do the same thing. IPOC won that particular battle, and they are entitled to feel good about that. But, frankly, the reaction from some of them is a little disappointing. I’m focusing on the future now and a new application. I think we get incredibly good service from David Persson and have learned how to be efficient with his services.” — Vice Mayor David Brenner “Lawyers will never give you a 100% commitment to anything. In that sense, I believe David and the legal advice we got was consistent from what I would get from any other lawyer. He gave us his best advice, but you can’t predict what’s going to happen. He was forthright about the downside of it, and from the get-go, he mentioned he would rather see code changes first and an application later, but the Key Club thought they could move forward. He was always skeptical that could be problematic. There was never a guarantee we were going to win anything. I never thought we were being misled. I would be totally against an in-house attorney. You end up getting somebody who’s cheaper, inexperienced and won’t have the institutional memory, which is critical to any municipality. Taking a cheap approach to legal advice means you also tend to not go outside to get legal advice when needed.” — Commissioner Jack Duncan “Good legal advice gives you not only guidance but also advises you of choices you face at the beginning, and from what I remember hearing, the choices and the possibilities were clearly laid out for us. An in-house attorney would imply a current

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dissatisfaction with the current system, and I don’t believe one exists.” — Commissioner Terry Gans

“I was disappointed in the legal outcome and in some of the guidance we received from our attorney. Maybe we should have fixed some of the procedural stuff first, but the Key Club wanted to file its application without fixing the codes. The legal guidance was that we were commissioners and we were told we could do what we wanted because we were the decision makers. But, I feel like some of the procedural things could have been handled better throughout the process. I have suggested an in-house attorney because our legal expenses are one of our major expenses. I would like to see ways we can get that under control. We could have someone in-house for everyday matters, and when we need more history, we could go to David Persson for his expertise.” — Commissioner Lynn Larson “I do not feel like we got bad legal advice. I don’t question the court’s decisions. They have a right to make a decision as they choose, I would just note that court decisions are not always indicative of the realties of a situation and often vary from court to court. As far as an in-house attorney, I would have to think about it and would need more information before I could comment on the matter.” — Commissioner Phillip Younger “I was the chair of the Planning and Zoning Board when the application came before us. What people seem to forget is that David Persson was very explicit when he

recommended the applicant work to help make town Comp Plan and zoning changes to the town before an application was filed. But it was (Key Club attorney) John Patterson’s feeling they would rather proceed with the application under the town’s existing Comp Plan and codes. It wasn’t a matter of us not listening but that the client wanted to do it a different way. It wasn’t our decision. If the commission were to look into an in-house attorney, I don’t have a problem with that. I just don’t think they will find a cost savings.” — Commissioner Pat Zunz “Prior to this application coming before the town, my recommendation to the Key Club was we go through the process of having a Comp Plan discussion first and amend the plan as needed before the application was submitted because it just wasn’t clear. It chose not to follow that advice and, frankly, there was logic to what it did, because the lengthy quasi-judicial process allowed it to state its case and convince the majority of the public there was a need to do something with the redevelopment of the club to help the Key, in general. The beauty of what the Key Club did was focus on an application and why they wanted to build the project. They used that as a vehicle to inform the public and the commission about a Key that they felt needed the project to stay up-to-date. It created a sea change of attitude about how redevelopment should be done moving forward. We all knew all along this risk that existed, and that’s why even after approval was made, the town went back and amended its Comp Plan and zoning code. So, the application should be a lot simpler this time of around when it’s re-submitted.” — Town Attorney David Persson

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Longboat Observer


census stats


by Robin Hartill | City Editor

U.S. Census data shows 10-year loss of 40 businesses, 780 jobs on the Key Longboat Key lost a net total of 40 establishments in the past decade and 54 from its peak of 270 in 2005, according to U.S. Census data.

In 2001, Longboat Key was home to 38 retailers and 17 restaurants, according to the U.S. Census Business Patterns Survey. There was a total of 256 establishments — defined by the Census Bureau as a single physical location at which business or services or industrial operations are performed — and 2,909 employees were on Key payrolls for the pay period that included March 12. But by 2010, the most recent year for which data was available, those numbers had dropped. There were just 19 retailers and 13 restaurants. As of March 12, 2010, there were 2,129 employees who worked at 216 Key establishments. The numbers for 2011, which will be released next summer, are likely to show a further drop because the 2010 figures were taken when the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort was still functioning in a limited capacity. Approximately 75 employees lost their jobs when the resort’s bankruptcy case was converted from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 in August 2010, although at its peak in the early 2000s, it had approximately 350 employees. Vice Mayor David Brenner wasn’t surprised to hear about the drop in business over the last 10 years. “You can see it just observing the level of activity here, and I think it’s one of the fundamental issues we have to deal with,” he said. “Probably there are fewer people that are here, and my guess is, fewer businesses,” Brenner said. “All these things have an impact on life here on the Key, real-estate values and so forth.”

Whitney Beach is mostly vacant today but was once home to a grocery store, florist, bar and liquor store. Key businesses haven’t just been hit by the Great Recession. The closure of the Longboat Key Holiday Inn in 2003 led to the net loss of 146 hotel rooms that were replaced with 29unit luxury Positano condominium. The Colony’s collapse in 2010 led to another 237-unit reduction. For many business owners, that loss translated to fewer customers each year. But not everyone agrees about the role of business on Longboat Key. During the commission election in March, in which Brenner won re-election by a narrow 90-vote margin against challenger Ray Rajewski, differences in visions for the island were a key point of contrast. Brenner said that visitors were im-


portant to maintaining services on the island and stressed a mix of residential, commercial and tourism development, while Rajewski emphasized maintaining Longboat Key as an upscale secondhome, vacation and residential community. The role of business on the island will be a major discussion point for a planning study that the town will hire a consultant to undertake to help the town modify its plans and regulations. The framing questions outlined by Town Manager David Bullock include: Given the seasonability of demand, can we expect businesses to thrive or barely survive? Can we enhance the viability of our businesses by working on the mix, match and mesh of commercial/busi-


300 250

100 – 249: 4 250 – 499: 1





2,500 2,000

5 – 9: 25


ness activity? Do we need to provide (financial?) assistance to local commercial businesses? Walter Hackett, a Planning & Zoning Board member who kept a list of businesses that closed on the island and presented it during a P&Z Board meeting in January 2010, also wasn’t surprised by the downward trend, citing a loss of tourism units and calling it a “sign of the times.” “What Longboat needs is shovelready visions, partnerships and updated regulations,” Hackett said. “That will help enable our community to imagine what they want to look like in the future. We need to overhaul local regulations so that they can align with the community’s vision for the future.”


10 – 19: 17


File photo

1,500 1,000

1– 4 employees: 144



2001 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10

2001 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 *2010

TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS Construction Manufacturing Wholesale trade *Retail trade Transportation and warehousing Information Finance and insurance *Real estate/ rental/leasing Professional/scientific/ technical services

2001 4 0 9 38 3 2 21

2002 8 1 15 32 3 3 18

2003 7 2 11 31 3 1 19

2004 8 1 8 29 2 2 19

2005 11 2 8 30 1 3 19

2006 7 1 8 30 3 3 16

2007 5 3 10 25 1 4 20

2008 6 3 8 21 1 3 18

2009 5 4 9 20 1 0 16

2010 3 2 7 19 2 0 17































12 4 12 4

9 4 14 2

11 4 9 3

12 4 8 2

11 5 8 3

15 3 9 4

11 4 11 3

8 3 10 2

7 2 9 3

8 5 8 1





















1 2

1 2

0 0

0 2

0 0

0 0

0 0

0 0

0 0

0 1

Management of companies/enterprises Administrative/support/waste management/remediation services Educational services Health care/social assistance Arts/entertainment/recreation Accommodation/food services Other services (except public administration) Auxiliaries Industries not classified *see line graphs at right

*Retail trade 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5


2001 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08

’09 ’10

*Real estate/rental/leasing 50 40 30


20 10 2001 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08

’09 ’10

Longboat Observer

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In the Kitchen (VIDEO): Longboat Key resident Dale Sprintz shares her recipe for thin french apple tart, a fall recipe that looks and tastes fancy, but that is simple to make.



+ Board members vie for P&Z vice chair seat Planning and Zoning Board member Leonard Garner will be faced with a vice-chair tiebreaker at the planning board’s Oct. 18 regular meeting. During the Tuesday regular meeting, board members Jack Daly, Walter Hackett, Allen Hixon and George Symanski Jr. voted for Hixon to continue his role as vice chair. When no other nominations were made, board member John Wild nominated himself, receiving the votes of B.J. Webb, Jack Daly and Laurin Goldner. When Chairwoman B.J. Webb called for the vote again, the vote was still split and the board agreed to wait until the October meeting to settle the tiebreaker. Webb received unanimous support to continue on as chair of the planning board.

+ Progress report

This week’s Publix photo shows the view of the soon-to-be supermarket from the area to the north of

MOST READ STORIES ONLINE LAST WEEK: 1. “Colony mid-rise building deemed unsafe” (aug. 14) 2. “new application revives project” (aug. 12) 3. “Longboat Key northern trust branch to close” (aug. 11) 4. “news briefs” (aug. 12) 5. “Cops Corner” (aug. 12)

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Bank of America. The building area at the far right is the future Shoppes of Bay Isles.

+ IPOC declaratory relief action postponed Town attorney David Persson informed the Longboat Key Town Commission last week in an email that a hearing scheduled for this

Meetings agendas


 Town Commission Special Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Extension Meeting — 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 24.  Town Commission Regular Workshop — 1 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24.  Town Commission Special Budget Adoption Workshop — 5:01 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24.

All meetings take place at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road, unless otherwise noted. week in Sarasota County Clerk of the 12th Circuit Court, in which the Islandside Property Owners Coalition challenges the town’s recent code changes, has been postponed. The hearing has been postponed because of a trial docket and now may be heard in October or January.

+ LBK Cabinetry opens in the Centre Shops LBK Cabinetry is the island’s newest business. According to owner Eric Crockett, the cabinet solutions company is open for business at the Centre Shops, 5360 Gulf of Mexico Drive. The business will be focused on residential cabinetry on Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, Lido Key and Bird Key. Hours will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment.

+ Correction The Longboat Key Club and Resort can accommodate receptions for 20 to 250 people. The Sept. 13 issue reported an incorrect figure.

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Longboat Observer




by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Islander Club lawsuit scheduled for December trial Resident Valerie Zamberletti alleges that the Islander Club Condominium Association is responsible for water damage and mold growth to her unit. The association denies the claim. A three-year-old dispute between Islander Club of Longboat Key resident Valerie Zamberletti and the condominium’s association is scheduled to go to trial Dec. 3. At the center of the case is Zamberletti’s 11th-floor unit in the condominium’s south tower, which she alleges developed mold and water damage as the result of the association’s negligence. The association, however, says in court documents that Zamberletti failed to follow condominium procedures and that its actions aren’t the source of the unit’s damage. In a January 2010 complaint, Zamberletti alleged that she left her unit Aug. 3, 2009, with the thermostat set at 75 degrees and the humidistat at 60% relative humidity and that she notified the condo’s manager, Robert Mastrippolito, that she would be gone until Aug. 19. The complaint states that the Islander Club had a policy of inspecting vacant units once a week. Zamberletti alleges that her unit, along with others in the south tower, lost power Aug. 12 and needed to be manually reset. The complaint states that Zamberletti “returned Aug. 19 to find mold and water damage

to the carpet, rugs, walls, vents, kitchen cabinets and other areas” in the unit and on her personal property, as well as visible moisture on the surface of most of her belongings. “The Association’s negligent errors and omissions created conditions favorable for mold growth and water damage in Zamberletti’s unit,” the suit states. But the Association’s version of events differs, according to court filings. In an affadavit, Mastrippolito alleged that Zamberletti didn’t follow the established policy of the Islander Club that requires residents to notify the office in person or by phone before vacating their units for an extended period. Mastrippolito’s affidavit states that Zamberletti’s unit wasn’t inspected Aug. 5, because she hadn’t notified the office that she wouldn’t be occupying her unit. The affadavit states that it was determined that Zamberletti would be gone sometime after Aug. 9 and before Aug. 12 “in passing conversation ... that was not in compliance with the Islander Club of Longboat Key policy of notice.” According to Mastrippolito’s statement, former maintenance worker Ted Fralick completed

an inspection of the unit Aug. 12 and noted that the temperature was 78 degrees and the humidity control was at 43. No moisture or mold was noted. Zamberletti told the Longboat Observer that the smell of mold hit her when she walked off the elevator toward her unit Aug. 19, 2009, when she returned. According to the Islander Club, on that date, Zamberletti called the office to have her unit’s water turned back on, however, her neighbor had already turned her water back on, which Zamberletti denies. Less than two weeks later, Zamberletti hired K9 Mold Pro to inspect her property. In its defense, the Islander Club cites the report’s finding that suggests that a pre-existing leak in a dishwasher that was subsequently removed was responsible for damages. “If not for the hidden leak from behind the dishwasher trapping water behind the cabinets and a pre-existing leak behind Ms. Zamberletti’s wall in the kitchen, both of which were not visible from the kitchen, the mold would not have formed,” the Islander’s Club’s answer to Zamberletti’s complaint states. A subsequent report in July 2010 by Breathe Easy determined that damage to Zam-

File photo

Islander Club resident Valerie Zamberletti says her 11th-floor unit developed water damage and mold while she was away in August 2009. berletti’s unit had three causes: an active leak at the lower right corner of the master bedroom window; a water event from the floor above; and a minor dishwasher leak. That report, however, found that damages caused by the dishwasher were likely isolated to the kitchen area. The Islander Club has introduced the firm R.L. James, which installed the master bedroom window in Zamberletti’s unit, alleging that damages “would be a direct and proximate result of the negligent window installation of the window completed by R.L. James ... ” Zamberletti alleges that ongoing mold issues have caused her

to develop pneumonitis. Association President Maggie Brenner declined to comment on the ongoing litigation. It’s not the first time Zamberletti and the Association have been at odds. In 2011, she and the Association reached a settlement in mediation after Zamberletti filed a suit saying she was injured in May 2010, while disposing of a neighbor’s trash after the trash chute opened, fell from its hinges and came down on her right arm. The association, however, alleged that Zamberletti was negligent and failed to mitigate damages by seeking timely and appropriate medical care.

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COLONY / FROM PAGE 1A boat Key Planning, Zoning and Building Department officials to deem the building potentially unsafe, post warning signs around the building and ban people from entering it without permission from town staff. “This makes me sick,” Klauber said. “This all could have been prevented.” Longboat Key Building Official Wayne Thorne sent a letter to affected Colony Beach & Tennis Resort officials Sept. 12, informing them that ProNet Group Inc., a firm hired by Citizens Property Insurance to inspect the building, discovered major concerns. ProNet Group officials observed steel-bar beams and joists sticking out above the roof, “which no longer support their intended design loads.” In a letter to the town dated Sept. 5, ProNet Group explained that steel-bar joists supporting the southeast portion of the fifth floor are severely corroded, allowing the steel joists “to pull away from the east wall support and move downward. “The current condition at these joists indicates that the floor framing system is no longer adequate to support the loads as originally designed,” the letter states. “Since this level of corrosion is consistent with long-term exposure to rain water/moisture migration, it is reasonable to conclude that this condition occurs at other areas and floors of the building.” Vice Mayor David Brenner said the news wasn’t surprising. “I knew this was coming,” Brenner said. “The buildings are falling apart, and it’s frustrating when grown people let their emotions get in the way of common sense.” Klauber, who had residential and office units on the fifth and sixth floors of the building for 38 years, moved out of the building in July and told the Longboat Observer he had three buckets in his unit to catch water and that he had sustained water damage to artwork and furniture. The company’s assessment prompted the town to mandate that a building permit is needed for repairs before the building can be used again. The notice states that any use or occupancy of the building is restricted and must be approved by the town’s building official. In the meantime, to make sure the building is not a danger to other surrounding structures, the town mandated Colony officials hire an engineer


to test the building’s floor and roof to assess its structural integrity. The engineer will provide recommendations to shore up the building where the steel beams, holding up the building, have been compromised. In his letter to Colony officials, Thorne states a contractor must submit an application for a permit to fix the structure by Oct. 8, with work commencing on the building within 10 days of the permit being issued. Extensions needed to fix the building can only be submitted in writing to Thorne. Thorne also notes that a remediation plan to remove mold from the building is being developed and also requires a building permit. Colony Association President Jay Yablon said plans are in the works to fix structural issues, which he said primarily involves repairing a steel joist “with significant deterioration” that sits right below where Klauber’s private pool resides in the building. Town Attorney David Persson, though, said the town is still working with Colony officials “to agree upon the final determination of the existing conditions of the building.” Town Manager Dave Bullock said the town was not allowed into the mid-rise building to inspect it until last week and said town officials can’t inspect the conditions of the individual condominium units unless they are given permission by unit owners. “What we do know is if they intend to open a unit, a building permit is required and that’s when the town can inspect those units for damage, as well,” Bullock said. Commissioner Lynn Larson and others are hoping Colony officials decide not to refurbish the existing units. “This news about the mid-rise only solidifies that Colony owners must be willing to do what’s best for the community and start over on this property,” Larson said. “It’s the smartest and safest thing to do.” Larson said she would be willing to consider giving the Colony additional tourism units from a pool of 250 units if Colony officials agreed to tear down the resort and rebuild. Longboat Key resident Manfred Welfonder’s MW Corp. has told commissioners in the past the property needed to be razed. He still believes his company has a viable plan to rebuild the resort. “A renovation is not feasible, doable or possible,” Welfonder said.


by Kurt Schultheis | Managing Editor

Church steeples on the Key won’t soar to new heights Town planning staff discovered the structure height loophole when it was making changes to its Comprehensive Plan. In the town’s current code, a church steeple on Longboat Key has no height limit. “Right now, the only thing stopping these types of structure from rising as high as they want are flight patterns that might be disrupted,” said Town Planner Ric Hartman. The comment was met with laughter from the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Board, which was charged with setting a limit in its code at Tuesday’s regular meeting at Town Hall. Planning staff discovered the structure height loophole while making changes to its code and its Comprehensive Plan. Although there is an additional 10-foot height limit in the code for parapet walls and other rooftop structures, there is no height limit provided for church steeples, church spires and any other church-related structure sometimes built on top of the roof for aesthetic reasons. The planning board was given a list of church steeple heights to review before making an informed decision. Currently, the highest steeple on the Key is Longboat Island Chapel at 67 feet high, when calculated from ground level. All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church has the smallest steeple at 40 feet from ground level (see sidebar). “We need to know what, if any, height you would put on steeples,” Hartman said. The planning board gave its staff direction Tuesday to establish height regulations for structures like church steeples to be no higher than 10 feet above the current zoning district height. Applicants, though, can be granted additional height for structures such as steeples or church spires through a site plan

File photo

Currently, the highest steeple on the Key is Longboat Island Chapel at 67 feet high, when calculated from ground level.

approval process. “This gives us flexibility — flexibility for the churches and flexibility during the review process,” said planning board member Laurin Goldner. Staff will prepare an ordinance to change the code to establish church steeple heights for the board to review at its Oct. 16 regular meeting. Also at its meeting, the planning board: • Agreed to rezone the land use for a vacant parcel at 5810 Gulf of Mexico Drive from open space to open space conservation land. The property, which sits next to Emerald Harbor, consists mainly of heavily wooded wetlands. • Approved a 10-year water supply plan for the town that’s required by Florida statutes.

Houses of Worship Heights Church Zoning Height Restriction Total height (including steeple) 30 feet 50.10 feet Christ Church of Longboat Key, Presbyterian 30 feet 40 feet All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church Longboat Island Chapel 30 feet 67 feet St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church 30 feet 58.6 feet

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by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Longboat: the virtual reality This town is a quiet, peaceful paradise, right? Maybe not to longtime residents, but it plays its role well in cyberspace.

Social-media plug-in

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Pretty, warm and romantic. It may sound like a profile on Match. com written by a user in hopes of scoring a dream date. But, it’s actually the way users of socialnetworking and travel-review websites describe Longboat Key. Social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest tend to show the best side of the Key. Type in #longboatkey on the microblogging site, Twitter, and you will find mostly Tweets advertising real-estate listings or written by users who want to broadcast to the world that they are heading to the beach. (In Twitter-land, the # symbol is called a “hashtag,” and it’s used to categorize posts and see other posts by topic.) Same goes for Pinterest. Users add the Key’s luxury homes, sunsets and weddings set against the backdrop of a beautiful white-sand beach. You wouldn’t guess that the beautiful beach is the subject of many debates: white sand versus gray sand, along with erosion control and how much it should cost. Or the ongoing legal battles surrounding two of the resorts that have been the site of so many of those weddings: the Longboat Key Club and Resort and the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort. When it comes to Facebook, users also tend to write how much they love about the island. Steve Schewe, owner of Steve’s Fitness, created a Longboat Key Facebook page in 2009 both to promote his business and the area. The page is now under Schewe’s name but amassed more than 5,000 Facebook friends as a Longboat Key page. Schewe said that most people talk about the positive side of the Key on Facebook. “In the two years I had it, I never really once had someone say something negative,” he said. It’s not surprising that social-media users focus on the fun stuff about Longboat Key. Photos of Longboat Key Town Hall — where many of the island’s squabbles take place — wouldn’t look good on anyone’s Pinterest page. You couldn’t sum up a Key Club or Colony battle in Twitter’s 140-character limit; and posting about the latest back-and-forths might get you unfriended from Facebook. You’re more likely to find debates about the merits and drawbacks of Longboat Key from travel-review websites, on which users seek input about accommodations, restaurants and attractions to seek out and whether they should visit Longboat Key or check out another beach, such as Siesta Key or Venice. Some of the reviews are glowing. A reviewer recently described Longboat Key as one of his favorite spots, calling it “remote” and “unspoiled.” “It is referred to as ‘the private island’ because public access to its beaches is extremely limited; one lone beach on the entire Key means that you can enjoy yourself in relative solitude, staking out a patch of sand that seems miles from your nearest neighbor. It seems everyone you’ll meet is either a resident of or renting on Longboat Key.” But, to others, that private feel takes on another meaning: “Longboat Key (is) mostly snobby and not meant for tourists,” a user wrote in response to a question from another user, who described herself as 50 years old and wondered whether she and her husband should stay on Longboat Key or Siesta Key. That description didn’t sit well with another user. “Snobby?” she wrote, listing the many accommodation options beyond condominiums on the Key. “Sure, you’ll find some just as you would find them in Sarasota, or Augusta, or wherever. But you’re also going to find some friendly folks and others who just go about their everyday lives.” Another user added further input. “50 is a very interesting age in Sarasota,





Pinterest is a virtual pinboard site that allows users to “pin” their favorite images from around the web. Users create pinboards of images of things such as dream vacations, fantasy homes, recipe ideas and favorite fashions. At our new Pinterest page, pinterest. com/observergroup, you’ll find boards such as “Living in Paradise,” “Home and Garden,” and “In the Kitchen,” featuring some of our best photos, along with photos from other sites.

because on Longboat Key, you will feel very young, however, on Siesta Key, you will fit right in.” Travel website users don’t seem particularly interested in Longboat Key politics, although a few have expressed concern about one issue: the new Publix — and, specifically, what they will do without it until December. Like Longboaters, they’re curious about whether it will eventually include a liquor store. When it comes to travel websites, Longboat Key hasn’t hit primetime. Longboat Key is mentioned on the Wikitravel Sarasota page, which states that John Ringling intended to build a Ritz-Carlton hotel at the site where the Longboat Key Club is now located. Frommer’s Travel Guide website also lists Longboat Key destinations on the Sarasota page. In its beach section, it describes the many public facilities available for other beaches but notes about Longboat Key: “ ... you won’t be able to hit the beach there, as private houses and condos block access to the Gulf. However, do drive the length of Longboat Key and admire the luxury homes. Then take a right off St. Armands Circle onto Lido Key and North Lido Beach.” (Note to Frommer’s: Longboat Key actually has 11 public beach access spots, although they’re better hidden than most.) But many of the reviews are pretty accurate: Looking for nightlife? Longboat Key probably isn’t your place. A place on Longboat Key that springbreakers and 20-somethings would enjoy? Maybe you should consider Siesta Key, instead. A “quiet little beach place” for the dates of March 26 through March 29 “that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg”? A responded that he has a friend with a penthouse condo overlooking the water. “ ... I’m not certain the arm and the leg would be enough, but I’ll ask her for recommendations.”

Blues on the Bayou ober 4 t c O , y a Thursd . 4 - 6 efits oor ben oin.

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An Alzheimer’s Association® Fundraiser

On October 4, we’re bringing the Deep South to Horizon Bay Sarasota to raise funds for this year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s™— and you’re invited! Come enjoy the soulful sounds of live blues music, sample a variety of Creole flavors and vote for your favorite in our Cajun Cook-off. It promises to be a good time for a great cause, so make plans now to be here.

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Eight years and counting ...

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Dec. 7, 1941: The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Aug. 14, 1945: The Japanese surrendered. World War II ended. Three years and nearly nine months. That’s how long it took the United States to fight and win a war that encompassed nearly the entire earth. Now contrast that with a property owner’s attempt on little Longboat Key to make more productive and valuable what it owns. In February 2004, the previous operating partners of the Longboat Key Club and Resort, Shane Eagan and Tom Rasmussen, submitted plans to re-do the club’s golf courses, redevelop the Islandside clubhouse and spa, build a new tennis center and develop new residences in place of the original Islandside tennis center. A month later, Eagan and Rasmussen were gone. Michael Welly became the club and resort’s new general manager. One of Welly’s first steps was to pull back the Islandside development plans in the face of stiff opposition from Longboat Club Drive neighbors and the town planners. Welly shelved the project for four years before reviving it — this time reconfiguring its size and scope. We all know what happened next. So here we are, September 2012 — more than eight years and millions of dollars later — and not one shovel has turned. If there is anything emblematic of how the land of the free and the constitution delineating limited government have become the antithesis of what the Founding Fathers envisioned, surely the Key Club’s expansion oddyssey is a symbol. It is how we have devolved. What always starts out as well intentioned — i.e. the town’s zoning codes — by the nature of government, laws and their attendant regulatory regimes always grow to confer special favors on one group over another. And they grow at freedom’s expense. Sure, due process and equal protection are as essential as constitutional and private property rights. But the system is seriously flawed when a property owner battles through eight years of government hearings, intervention and judicial reviews — only to start the process all over again. Former Town Commission candidate Ray Rajewski in his recent letter to Mayor Jim Brown (above) makes reference to how the town codes “have served us well over the years” and says “residents bought their homes on Longboat Key for what it is now.” “Served us well”? Debatable to be sure. And to presuppose that land use will remain static ignores reality. Indeed, Longboat Key Mayor Jim Brown, in his response to Mr. Rajewski, bluntly and accurately makes the case that property cannot remain static if it is to retain or increase its value. Look around, Brown says. You can see the deterioration spreading — a phenomenon no one on Longboat Key wants. Indeed, you could argue, if town codes had served the town well, those deteriorating parts of the Key might not be declining as they are. But they are emblematic of a system and regulatory regime that cry for reform. Eight years just to obtain government approval to improve the property you own — that’s misguided.

Town, Key Club are the ‘misguided’ Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 11:37 AM To: James L. Brown Subject: Who is “misguided” Mayor Brown: Now that the Key Club has decided to re-apply for its massive expansion, we will hear more and more as to whether the majority is in favor or the majority is opposed. Based on the courts’ rulings (upheld on appeal),the Town Commission and the Key Club are the “misguided” parties. Whether they or the citizens are the minority, no one knows for sure. The residents should be allowed to vote on the expansion to remove all doubt … Let’s face it, the only ones who come out ahead are the owners of the club. I have often heard that you are an architect. Have you ever submitted plans

to a city or town that were turned down because it was not in compliance with the code? If so, would you have asked the town to change its codes so you could proceed with your out-of-code plans? That’s exactly what you have done. Our town attorney and the club’s attorney rewrote the code, that you approved, so the club can proceed — after the courts ruled against them. Our codes have served us well over the years, and changing them to accommodate an extensive development will not serve this community in the future. Remember why the residents bought their homes on Longboat Key for what it is now … not because of a massive development plan! Enjoy your golf game. Ray Rajewski Bayou Road

this is about ‘the salvation of the FUTURE’ From: James L. Brown Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2012 9:03 AM To: Ray Rajewski Subject: RE: Who is “misguided” Mr Rajewski, I’m glad you pose your quesstions. While I can’t comment directly on the merits of the Key Club proposal, due to being controlled by the rules of a quasijudicial hearing, I will say that I’m glad the Key Club refiled its application. Let me explain my position: While you and others apparently think the proposed redevelopment of the Islandside Key Club is wrong, I believe it is exactly what the town of Longboat Key needs. Apparently as you sit in your doublegated community, you have failed to notice that the community is deteriorating. Only because of the redevelopment of the Publix shopping center will we now have a place to shop that doesn’t look like it will soon collapse. These kind of investments in our community are a must if we are to continue to attracct the kind if future buyer to our island. Even in your neighborhood, most of the houses that sell are demolished, and new homes are built. In case you aren’t aware, Longboat Key is getting old, and the buyers of today expect something better. The reason for this is simple: Most of the properties, condos, single-family [homes] and commercial [buildings] were built before the mid-1980s downzoning of the Key. Approximately 80% of the condos on Longboat are non-conforming. As a result, they are grandfathered as to their zoning. Even more important is these buildings built in that era were built before the modern state building codes and do not meet today’s building standards regarding hurricane provisions and many other modern-life and safety measures. Most of them also don’t live up to the current ideas

THE CASTAWAY by Jorge Blanco

of lifestyle and amenities. That’s why most of them are demolished. If we citizens of Longboat Key continue to sit in our homes and believe that this is paradise and that nothing needs to be changed, we are fooling ourselves. The notion that new construction such as the Key Club will hurt property values is absurd. Exactly the opposite is true. If Longboat Key doesn’t keep up with the trends of today, you will be selling your home to people looking to buy cheap homes, not to people looking to retire in an “elite” community. Look around: the Colony, Whitney Beach, etc., etc., etc. You ask if, as an architect, I had ever submitted projects that were turned down because they didn’t meet the codes. Absolutely, quite often. This is a very common thing in the development of projects. Building and zoning codes are a fluid thing. They evolve. If an architect can show how a modification to an existing code can benefit the community, it is usually granted. This is why all communities have boards of zoning appeals. I think you don’t like our democratic system in this case because it didn’t rule your way. That’s how it works. In the past, I’ve lost on issues I believed in, and I accepted that it was the majority’s decision. I wasn’t happy, but I knew that I wasn’t on the majority side. Move on. I hope you can understand why I feel the way I do about Longboat Key’s need to look at the future and try to keep up with the needs of a changing population. This is what I believe I was elected to do, and I feel responsible to all citizens to protect our community. This is not about more money for the owners of the Key Club, it is about the salvation of the future of Longboat Key. Who is misguided? Jim Brown Mayor

Longboat Observer


opinion | my view


by Mayor Jim Brown

Key Club’s filings will benefit the Key By now, just about everyone has heard the news that the Longboat Key Club plans to file another application for re-development. To me, this is great news! Why? Well, there are many reasons. First and foremost, I’m glad because I think it reaffirms what many of us know to be true — that Longboat Key remains a prestigious, desirable place to both live and visit. As the recent expansion of the Publix and Bay Isles Shopping Center indicates, Longboat Key is a sound business investment, given our affluent demo- Brown graphic, desirable location and enviable quality of life. Many of you have time and again called upon us to protect our “premiere” community. But changes are needed to maintain that perfect balance between quality of life and convenience of services and amenities that make it possible. And I remain committed to ensuring that we foster — and encourage — the right environment to make that happen. The recent news indicates that we are moving in the right direction. Many of our residents believe that Longboat Key is the perfect place to live in its current condition and are cautious about any change. But, I believe that to preserve our present quality of life, we must look to our future, not our past. There is no argument that Longboat is a great place to live, and, for this, we must give credit to the good decisions made in the past. Looking back 25 or 30 years ago, Longboat Key was developing on raw land. Just take a look at some of the aerial photos from the ’70s and ’80s: The Key is almost unrecognizable compared to today. Most of our comprehensive plan, town charter, building and zoning codes, etc. were developed looking at how to regulate and control new development. Today things are different. Longboat Key has been effectively built

out for several years. There is little undeveloped land remaining. So, although decisions made 25 years ago have served us well, we must continue to evolve to ensure that we protect what we have for the future. Today we are entering a period where much of Longboat will be redeveloping —critical to maintain the safety and aesthetic of our structures and to continue to attract and maintain the amenities that our high quality of residents and visitors have come to expect. Think about these facts: Approximately 80% of our condominiums, homes and businesses where built before the down zoning of the mid 1980s. Most, if not all, of these buildings have non-conforming zoning status. More importantly, because of this non-conforming status and our current town zoning codes, it will be difficult to redevelop the properties if, and when, they try to do so. These same properties were also built before the current standard of state building codes were put into place and as a consequence are not built to a very high standard. I would go so far as to say that many of these buildings were built to sell and not to last forever. Remember that this was before Hurricane Andrew, after which the state’s hurricane building codes were developed. The point I’m trying to make is this: Longboat Key has always prided itself as being a vibrant and thriving retirement community, which attracts affluent visitors and residents who expect a certain quality of life. I am concerned that if we do not meet the current challenge and make certain changes, we are going into a period where potential new residents or visitors will pass us by for communities with more updated amenities and better-quality offerings. Don’t get me wrong. The sheer beauty of our Key will continue to attract buyers and even older build-

END OF SUMMER e c n a r a e l C


use areho


.furn www

ings will sell — but will we be still be able to compete for the high-end, more affluent and highly-selective resident? Will we be able to maintain our current property values? Or amenities? The convenience of having an attractive mix of retail and restaurants available without having to cross a bridge? I think not. And it concerns me. A successful and prosperous future for our Key is something we should all support. And I am proud to serve on a Town Commission that is willing and able to meet this challenge and ensure our future is as successful as our past. This is why are we concerned about the Colony and Whitney Beach. Because we are concerned about the future of Longboat Key. This is why we engaged a land-use consultant to advise us. Because we are concerned about the future of Longboat Key. And that is why we are trying to find a solution for telecommunications, trying to enhance and improve our community center, etc. We are concerned about the future of Longboat Key. The world is evolving and so must we, if only to maintain our current quality of life and protect the things that brought us to Longboat Key in the first place. No doubt future homeowners of Longboat Key will be different from the buyers of the past. They expect different amenities and have higher expectations. Let’s rise to the challenge and meet those expectations. So, will I be happy if the Key Club seeks to redevelop? You bet I will be. I’m happy because they recognize that to be competitive in today’s market they have to update and improve upon what they have today. I think all Longboat Key citizens should be excited — and proud — that they are going to the trouble and considerable expense to make the Key Club the kind of place that will continue to draw the right kind of people to the Key. This is why I’m glad that the Key Club is moving forward. And you should be, too. Jim Brown is mayor of Longboat Key.

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Why it is good news for Longboat Key that the Longboat Key Club has decided to re-file its plans for redevelopment.

Longboat Observer


by Edmund Adams

Yes, they built businesses; I’ve seen it firsthand



Sept. 6

I was paying the owner of a Lake they’re dedicated both to the busiCumberland, Ky., boat store for fixing ness and their employees. One of my the fuel gauge on our boat. Bracing his clients recuperated from open-heart brawny arms on his chest-high coun- surgery on a couch in the foyer of his ter, he remarked out of the blue, “The offices. Many business owners durpresident doesn’t think I built this ing these recessionary times have had business. If I didn’t, who did?” to dig into their personal reserves to I told him “roads and bridges.” avoid layoffs. And it goes without say“You mean government,” he ing that they risk everything, including sneered. their homes, to make their businesses In one speech, President Obama in- go. sulted 1.1 million small business ownFinally, what of the president’s ers who generate jobs. Not only does campaign to increase small-business the president seek to up their taxes, he taxes? It’s hard to imagine anything demeans them as unwormore counterproducthy of credit for the jobs tive to job creation. Until you’ve had they’ve created. Because many such According to Obama, businesses operate as to meet a payroll, you didn’t build your you don’t know the LLCs, S corporations, business, the governpartnerships or sole burdens business ment did, and you don’t proprietorships, the owners bear. deserve all those profits, profits to the owners the government does. are taxed as personal The president’s apoloincome. In tough gists may say that what the president times for their businesses, many ownmeant was that we all get help along ers of those flow-through businesses the way, but that’s clearly not the point don’t take out all of the profits they’re he made. taxed on. For every dollar of increased As a 40-year corporate lawyer who tax, the owner has one less dollar for represented dozens of small busi- business operations, paying payroll nesses, many from the beginning, I and hiring new employees. can tell you that the president’s point But the owners are all “rich” and is hogwash. Many of my clients’ busi- “wealthy,” says the president. Just more ness beginnings were quite small: one Obama blarney. If a single mom owns started in a garage, another in the a florist shop, makes $225,000 a year trunk of a car. Today, both of those in her business, has no other income businesses have large state-of-the-art and no assets other than an inventory facilities and dozens of employees. of flowers and vases and two lovely The president says lots of people children she’s putting through college, work hard. Small-business owners of- she’s neither “rich” nor “wealthy.” ten work 12-hour days, seven days a Sad to say, the heart of what the week and pass many a sleepless night. president attacks day after day is our It’s no 9-to-5 job. Until you’ve had to free-enterprise system. He deprecates make a payroll, you don’t know the the success of small business owners burden those owners bear. The burden and advocates the increased transfer can be multifaceted — harassment by to government of business income a banker for payment or persecution that truly can be used to create jobs. by the EPA for an employee’s spill of All this from a president who has a 55-gallon oil drum. A client of mine never created a private-sector job in who had all of those burdens died pre- his life. What does he know about job maturely a couple of years later. creation? Obviously, not very much. The president says that lots of peoEdmund Adams is a retired Cincinple are smart. Successful business nati attorney who lives on Longboat owners are at least street smart, and Key.

Joy ride

Sept. 9

10:25 p.m. — 3800 block of GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. A woman said that her car was in perfect condition July 14 but had since been used without her knowledge. The car had sand throughout the passenger compartment and spilled liquid on the dashboard and throughout the rear seat and rear compartment area. The woman told police that the spare key she left in her condo was missing and that the only person with a spare key to her condo unit is the association president. Police told her to change the ignition lock and talk to her association about security.

Creepy caller

Sept. 8 Fishing for something 12:59 a.m. — Longboat Pass Bridge. Suspicious Circumstance. A bridge tender called police about suspicious vehicles parked near his car on the north end of the bridge and said he was concerned about his car being damaged. While police spoke to the bridge tender, a man walked up and said he was looking under the bridge for fishing action and that he was the owner of the vehicle parked nearby.

dent in THE bank account 12:58 p.m. — 4600 block of GMD. Property Damage. A man reported that he left his Cadillac in a resort parking lot all weekend and discovered a large dent in the bumper. The man said that there was no damage to his vehicle or cars parked nearby an hour-and-a-half earlier, although there was a shopping cart nearby. He estimated that repairs would cost $1,000.

Sept. 9 That’s not convenient 6:50 p.m. — 4000 block of GMD. Public Service. Police noticed that the lights were off at a convenience store and the doors were locked. An employee told police

s s llow e pi sardine a e r f 2 n of se of ca ha & a h purc or set wit matt

3:45 p.m. — 3000 block of GMD. Harassing Phone Call. A woman said that she has been receiving phone calls for the past few months from unknown numbers. During the calls the caller tells her that he is a technician who needs to service her computer. The woman always tells him that he has the wrong number and hangs up.

that the store was closed for the remainder of the day because of a power outage.

Sept. 10 You’re fired 7:16 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD. Battery. A woman and the manager of the restaurant where she works reported that another employee who wants to date her took her cell phone and wouldn’t give it back. After she felt the phone in his back pocket, he tried to kiss her and grabbed her by the throat. She threw ice water on him, and he pushed her down and grabbed her arms. The woman got her cell phone back and didn’t want to press charges. The manager fired the suspect but reported that he returned later that night and cut one of the victim’s tires.

Sept. 12 Sleeping on the job 8:14 a.m. — Guard Shack, Harbourside Drive North. Warrants. A security guard reported that a man with long hair and a beard was sleeping under a tree. The man told police that he works for a construction company that is doing work on Longboat Key and that he takes the bus from Sarasota and then waits for his employer to pick him up. Police confirmed his story. They also confirmed that he had a warrant in Sarasota County and arrested him.

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MEMORIAL PLANS by Robin Hartill | City Editor

LocaL LuXury. InternatIonaL cLout. Spectacular, private, beachfront, european villa You can't see another neighbor from this 3 bedroom + den, Positano residence...just the white sand beach and the turquoise Gulf waters. The stunning, 3343 sq. ft. villa has an enormous wrap terrace, private stairs to the beach and an additional private 1900 sq. ft. paver garden area. Only the finest materials have been used throughout. MLS A3950796


Fabulous opportunity in this direct bay front Marina Bay condominium File photo

Longboat Key Police Chief Al Hogle, pictured in 2007.

Community teams up to remember Al Hogle This year’s First Responder Golf Tournament is named in honor of the late Longboat Key police chief. Since the death of Longboat Key Police Chief Al Hogle, the community has come together to honor the life of the man who spent nine-and-a-half years as the island’s top cop. The latest effort to memorialize the police chief will come this Friday, Sept. 21, during the Longboat Key Club and Resort’s second First Responder Golf Tournament, which this year is named in honor of Hogle. Sandra Rios, director of communications at the Key Club, said that naming this year’s tournament after Hogle was a natural choice. “Last year, the tournament was in remembrance of Sept. 11,” Rios said. “I think each year, depending on the situation, it’s an opportunity to honor someone within the first-responder community.” This year’s tournament benefits the Police Athletic League of Sarasota County Inc. and the Child Protection Center Inc. “We are deeply honored to once again be hosting this charity golf tournament as a way of honoring our local emergency-response teams,” said Michael Welly, general manager of the Longboat Key Club and Resort, in a prepared statement. “We want to show our appreciation for their dedication and service to our communities and to remember Chief Al Hogle, a man who was respected by all and whose generosity and commitment to our community will continue to live on in our hearts. I look forward to seeing our community leaders, first responders and local residents out on our course Sept. 21, in support of charities that were important to the chief.” The tournament isn’t the first event named in honor of Hogle since his May 14 death in a motorcycle crash. During the summer, Longboat Key’s Fourth of July Freedom Fest parade was named the Al Hogle Freedom Fest. But, soon, Hogle will also get a permanent memorial at the town’s Public Safety Complex, where the police station is located. According to Longboat Key Police Chief Pete Cumming, the town will plant a magnolia tree with a plaque that states: “In memory of Al Hogle, chief of police.” A dedication ceremony will take place at a later date that has not yet been set.

If you go First Responder Golf Tournament in memory of Longboat Key Police Chief Al Hogle

This 3524 sq ft residence has a fabulous floor plan designed to take advantage of the stunning panoramic views of the bay and ancient oaks and lives like a bay front home. Newly redesigned the 3 bedroom en suite residence has a large living room wrapped in walls of glass on two sides, separate kitchen & family room & two huge terraces. MLS A3963744


Gorgeous, 3600+ sq ft home w/beautiful lake, garden and golf course views This 3BR+den residence features hardwood floors, archways, columns, niches, and faux finishes throughout. The home includes a gourmet kitchen and family room, formal dining and living rooms, a den, master suite and two guest bedroom suites. A pool & spa with cascading waterfall, outdoor kitchen and a pool bath are added luxuries. MLS A3962300


Magnificent Views of the Gulf to tampa Bay from this Water club Penthouse This furnished 3 bedroom, 4 bath, 3045 sq ft residence will take your breath away when you enter the penthouse from your private skylighted foyer. Walls of glass off the spacious living room lead to the private balcony with miles of fabulous beach and sunset views. The master retreat with private sitting area has his and hers baths and large walk-in closet. MLS A3963869


Beautiful views from this turnkey furnished, Sunset Beach condo Turquoise blue waters

$200,000 remodel in this modern beach house

Breathtaking & sweeping views of the beach

and sunsets year around can be viewed from this 2 bedroom condominium. The entire, corner location, condominium has been remodeled beautifully with stone tile flooring, two new bathrooms and a new kitchen.

This 3BR/3B beach house is located in the historic village of Longbeach on LBK and has been completely remodeled...everything is new. The home is surrounded by a thriving art center, excellent restaurants, a community boat ramp and fishing pier and is a short walk to the beach.

This third floor, corner, Longboat Key Towers condominium is wrapped in walls of glass to take in the fabulous views. Completely remodeled with a modern beach house feel this condominium is located behind the prestigious Longboat Key Club Islandside.

MLS A3957661

MLS A3963866

MLS A3964597




What: The tournament is open to the public and limited to 128 players. The entry fees is $135 per player and includes a continental breakfast, greens fees, cart, practice balls, awards luncheon, beverages, beer, wine and prizes. It will be played at the Harbourside Golf Course, with an 8 a.m. shotgun start. Contact Terry O’Hara, director of golf at Longboat Key Club & Resort, to register at 387-1631 or When: 8 a.m. shotgun start, Friday, Sept. 21

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228

PH 941.387.7300

Go to to see a video tour on every property

FX 941.296.7722 91171

Where: Longboat Key Club and Resort Harbourside Golf Course



ghost riders

Certified Cat Behaviorist Jacqueline Munera’s Saturday, September 29

• Session I, noon to 1:30 p.m. • Session II, 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The class fee is only $15 and includes lecture and hands-on with Cat Depot cats.

Registration and payment is by telephone or in-person only.


View the electronic edition of The Observer before the print edition hits the newsstands.


Contact Corey Roscoe at 941-366-2404. 941.366.2404

by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Trolley ridership has been down during the first seven months of the year.

“Cat CliCker training”

2542 17th St., Sarasota, FL 34234 | Hours: M - F 11am -7pm • S - S 11am - 5pm


Key trolley hits reverse, with 12% drop

A Rescue, Adoption, Education & Resource Center


Longboat Observer

Bed-tax collections, along with anecdotal evidence from local hoteliers and business owners, suggest that the Key has had its busiest summer in recent memory. But you wouldn’t guess that from looking at the latest Longboat Key trolley ridership numbers. Average daily ridership for the route was down 12% last July compared to July 2011, according to data provided to the town by Sarasota County Area Transit. In fact, the number of riders was down for every month except for April during the first seven months of the year in comparison to 2011. Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce President Tom Aposporos, who led a group that gathered trolley information in late 2010 and early 2011, cautioned against reading too much into the de-

Sign up on

crease. With already low numbers, a fluctuation of just a few riders could amount to a substantial increase or decrease. Aposporos said that the real question is how the town should define success. Many riders are Longboat Key workers or visitors. But the decline in tourism units, most recently through the loss of 237 units two years ago at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, translates to a loss of riders, as well. “The real question we need to face is how many riders there are for mass transit for Longboat Key,” Aposporos said. Mayor Jim Brown, who questioned the $42,000 Longboat Key gives to Manatee County to fund its leg of the trolley route during budget discussions, needed more information.

Trolley tally The following numbers represent the average daily ridership for the Longboat Key route on MCAT and SCAT vehicles combined. Month January February March April May June July

2011 389 326 287 218 203 203 207

2012 231 259 250 239 185 186 182

Source: Sarasota County Area Transit

“I am suspicious of the numbers we got and need to see more data,” Brown said. “Sarasota County is in the midst of finding a new Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) director, so we will need to create a dialogue with that person when he or she comes aboard. There also must be a dialogue with Manatee County before a decision is made to fund this route at the end of the year.” Aposporos said that he would like to see a comprehensive effort between the town and transit officials to draw attention to the trolley, with the chamber playing whatever role officials believe would be most helpful.

Get out of the street...

1 Look for the featured opeN

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2 Grab your smartphone

Fresh Squeezed OJ, Grab & Go Sandwiches, Hot-Pressed Cubans & Subs, Soups, Coffee, Drinks & Beer Cave (Next to Longboat Ace Hardware) 88373

4032 Gulf of Mexico Drive

P: 941 383-6900 FAX (941) 383-2170

Longboat ace Hardware

3 Get to know local

4030 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key • 383.1313

HoLMeS beacH Hardware

3352 East Bay Dr. • Holmes Beach, FL • 778.0999

businesses and learn more about what makes them tick!

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm • Sunday 10am - 4pm

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Featuring Maine Lobster, Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, Shrimp & More.


By Land: 800 Broadway St. • By Sea: Marker 39 on the Waterway North End of Longboat Key • 383-1748 Call Ahead Seating/Reservations for 5 or more


Best Food, Best Service, Best View Any closer to the water and you’ll need a towel 90399

Open Thurs. - Sun. 11:30am - 9:30pm

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4995 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 500 #A3950796 $3,950,000 Hannerle Moore

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-387-7300

277 S Polk Dr #A3959723 Phyllis Garfinkel


Lido/St. Armands 941-951-6660 941-302-6400

3351 Sabal Cove Ln #A3956467 David Simon

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 248-342-3551

1800 Ben Franklin Dr # B-310 #A3959712 $1,185,000 Carol Aviles

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750 Tarawitt Dr #A3960186 Sharon Freeman

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775 Longboat Club Rd # 205 #A3937844 $695,000 Sania Allen

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800 N Tamiami Trl. PH 1608 #A3961090 $795,000 Linda A. Page


2625 Colony Ter #A3954850 David Simon


Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-400-8764


1441 Rebecca Ln., Oyster Bay Landings Sarasota Linda Dickinson 941-350-3304


$3,975,000 941-966-8000

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225 Sands Point Rd # 6204 #A3965538 $315,000 Terri Derr

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3330 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 303D #A3965046 $285,000 Doris Bushman

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5230 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 201 #A3953684 $199,900 Cathy Meldahl

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VACATION VACATION RENTALS RENTALS VACATION RENTALS Veranda Beach Veranda Club Beach Club Veranda Beach Club 800.411.5511 800.411.5511 800.411.5511 White Sands White of Longboat of Longboat White Sands ofSands Longboat 1221 N Palm Ave # 101 #A3963402 800.230.2428 800.230.2428 800.230.2428 Peggy Mock


Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-356-3584

4810 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # V9 #A3949703 $221,000 Diana Kryszak

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-993-4078


565 Sanctuary Dr # A103 Longboat Key Douglas Parks 941-400-9087


$785,000 941-388-4447

1975 Gulf Of Mexico Dr #A3957313 Diann Thelen

Longboat Key $5,500 941-552-4200

2295 Gulf Of Mexico Drive # 92S #A3965244 Diann Thelen

Longboat Key $2,500 941-552-4200

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Mid Longboat 383.5502 • South Longboat 383.7591 • St. Armands 388.4447 • Main Street 951.6660 • Palmer Ranch 966.8000 • Siesta Key 349.3444



Photos by Harriet Sokmensuer


Longboat Observer



yachts ahoy!

by Harriet Sokmensuer | Observer Intern

by Harriet Sokmensuer | Observer Intern

Longboat Key Chamber puts Italian spin on networking The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce met Wednesday, Sept. 12, at Le Colonne Restaurant on St. Armands Circle, for its monthly Business After Hours. Members socialized and talked business over drinks. Tom and Charlene Creel organized the event.

Catherine and Arthur Armitage

Florida Council of Yacht Clubs sails into BKYC

Christine Koch and Steve Boris

David Robinson and Brian Kins

Alan Hazley, Stephanie Culloch and Ramona Glanz

Milo Milkovich and Guilia Salustri Photos by Harriet Sokmensuer

Barbara Chalson, Bill and Grace Masters and Bob Chalson

Judy Skversky, Helen Daruszk and Greg Hayes

Photos by Harriet Sokmensuer

Harry Perlet, commodore of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs, and his wife, Leslie, are Sarasota Yacht Club members.

Field Club members Jim and Lynn Keller

Café Don Giovanni

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Delicious Dinners Mon.-Sat. 4:30-Close

Osso Buco • Veal Chop • Chicken • Lamb • Fresh Seafood  Sea Bass • Dover Sole • Pasta • Pizza

Golf Shoes

Call for reservations 383-0013

No other discounts apply



5610 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key

Bird Key Yacht Club hosted 35 yacht clubs from the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs last weekend. Delegates of neighboring clubs, including Sarasota Yacht Club, attended the twoday event. A gala dinner took place Saturday, Sept. 15, with delegates dressing in cocktail attire.

4260 Ironwood Circle ∙ Bradenton Fl 941-792-3288 •

LEARN FRENCH at Sarasota’s Leading Resource for French Language & Culture

All levels Native teachers Small groups Children’s classes

available thru our head professional

Weekday or Saturday classes

Have Your Next Golf Outing Here!

Start week of October 8, 2012

SUMMER Rates • Book a Tee Time • 941-751-4211 WEEKDAYS



Alliance Française de Sarasota 200 S. Washington Blvd. Towles Court Pavilion, Sarasota, FL



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Caddy Shak BAR & GRILL

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500 Keith Pointe Drive Cindy Migone

$3,995,000 941.812.7438

240 Sands Point Road, 4601 $1,100,000 Charlotte Hedge 941.350.0100

360 N. Washington Drive $2,495,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

5008 64th Drive West Martha Marlar

2366 Landings Circle Shellie Young

3014 Gulf of Mexico Drive $790,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

$799,000 941.713.5458

$1,899,000 941.812.0455

690 Cedar Street Cheryl Loeffler

941.302.9674 $3,249,000

455 Longboat Club Road, PH2 Mark Huber



941.713.5458 $3,600,000

1300 Benjamin Franklin Drive, 1106 Marian Kovalsky & Mark Huber 941.780.2899 $2,499,000



7012 Riverview Boulevard Shellie Young


2050 Ben Franklin Dr., A402 $1,695,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

222 Morningside Drive Shellie Young

$1,499,000 941.713.5458

741 Binnacle Point Drive $1,497,000 Jaci Krawtschenko 941.284.3789

108 Willow Avenue Terry Hayes

1425 Gulf of Mexico Dr., 406 $645,000 Teri Sax 941.228.5578

1212 Ben Franklin Drive, 409 $599,000 Karin Stephan 941.504.4435

$749,000 941.302.3100

Other Fine Properties

vENiCE iSLAND 338 West Bay Drive Terry Herschberger

$2,495,000 941.468.8439

EAGLE PRESERvE ESTATES 9991 Eagle Preserve Drive $1,225,000 Chris & Elizabeth Shiparski 941.375.1148


RiviERA DuNES $1,199,000 941.224.8602



5760 Midnight Pass Rd., 301 $575,000 Thomas Netzel 941.308.1083

4345 Highland Oaks Circle $575,000 Fernando Viteri 941.400.7676

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3310 Riverview Boulevard $2,495,000 Martha Marlar 941.812.0455

712 Riviera Dunes Way Arnie DuFort

941.356.2435 $1,595,000

BAY iSLAND SHORES 762 Siesta Drive Sheldon Paley

$2,200,000 941.356.1857

PRESERvE AT HERON LAKE 7475 Preservation Drive Cindy Migone

$1,175,000 941.812.7438

BAYSHORE ESTATES 328 Parkdale Drive Susan Dahn

$574,900 941.408.3021



6512 Midnight Pass Road, 202 $2,199,000 Peg Davant 941.356.4552

LAKEWOOD RANCH 6918 Dominion Lane Pat & Julie Warren


4946 Brywill Circle Greg Hudson

$809,000 941.302.1485


$549,000 941.928.3424

$1,950,000 941.809.8431


$874,900 941.350.7044

5128 Windward Avenue Judie Berger

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RivER POiNT 3723 4th Avenue NE Devon Davis

$500,000 941.720.2053

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Longboat Observer


COMMUNITYCALENDAR Wednesday, Sept. 19 Republican Club of Longboat Key Kickoff Social/Dinner — begins at 6 p.m. at Sarasota Yacht Club, 1100 John Ringling Blvd. Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent will speak. The event will also give each attendee three minutes to share thoughts and ideas about the upcoming election in an open-mic night. Tickets are $30 for members; $35 for nonmembers. Mail checks to the Republican Club of Longboat Key, P.O. Box 8181, Longboat Key, Fla., 34228.

Friday, Sept. 21 Al Hogle First Responder Golf Tournament — begins with an 8 a.m.

shotgun start at the Longboat Key Club and Resort’s Harbourside Golf Course. The tournament is named for the late Longboat Key Police Chief Al Hogle and benefits the Police Athletic League of Sarasota County and the Child Protection Center Inc. Tickets are $135 per player. Contact Terry O’Hara, director of golf at Longboat Key Club & Resort, to register at 3871631 or terry.ohara@longboatkeyclub. com. ‘A Mighty Light Flight’ and ‘Lightly Might Fly’ Reception — takes place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design, 6860 Longboat Drive S. The event is a reception for artists Mark

joining forces

by Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

Humphrey and David Juengel whose “A Mighty Light Flight” exhibit is currently featured at the Arts Center. The “Lightly Might Fly” exhibit was curated by Humphrey and Juengel and features the work of New College and Ringling College students. For information, call 383-2345.

Saturday, Sept. 29 Sarasota Bay Watch Fourth Annual Monofilament Cleanup — takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with volunteers meeting at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, 1717 Ken Thompson Parkway. Teams of volunteers will clean up fishing line that is often discarded and can be fatal to birds and other wildlife. For information, call 232-2363.

Businesses come together at East Meets West Expo Hundreds of local professionals crossed county boundaries to attend the fourth East Meets West Business Expo Wednesday, Sept. 5, at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance and the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce teamed up to organize the event, which promotes economic growth by joining members of local businesses from both Sarasota and Manatee counties. The event featured exhibits, raffle prizes and complimentary tastings from local restaurants.

Play A Round

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

Audrey Marten and Anna Rees enjoy some food from Mr. Bones.

Pre-Season Golf Membership Opportunity Imagine unlimited use of 45-holes of challenging golf, two driving ranges, six unique restaurants, beautiful white sand beach and poolside amenities, Island House Spa, Fitness Centre and Mind & Motion Studio. Plus, an open invitation to attend over 300 Club events, as well as access to the Marina Village amenities and tennis privileges.

New Golf Members - Join Before November 1, 2012 and receive: • Your choice of a set of custom clubs from TaylorMade, Callaway or Ping* • Six golf lessons with Director of Golf, Terry O’Hara

Kevin Cooper and Tom Aposporos representing the key chambers — Siesta and Longboat.

*Family golf members will receive two sets of custom clubs. Deanna Mixon and Shawn Crane

Membership Office • 101 Longboat Club Road Longboat Key, FL 34228 •


To schedule 9-holes of golf and lunch with Terry O’Hara, followed by a personal Club tour, call Juliette Valin at 941.387.1661 or email

Michael Kulaw, Rick Halloran and Amy Hammer

Longboat Observer



Coldwell Banker


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Sarasota, Bird Key. $5,195,000 5/5.5 MLS#A3939198 George Appel and Mary Hale 941-366-8070

Sarasota, Southpointe Shores. $1,893,000 4/4 MLS#A3958918 Linda Weber 941-504-2000

Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $2,900,000 4/5.5 MLS#A3959244 Judy Kepecz-Hays 941-587-1700

Longboat Key, Villa Di Lancia. $1,475,000 2/3 MLS#A3958599 Patrick DiPinto 941-323-0033

Open House SUN 1-4 309 S. Washington Dr. Mainland Sarasota Sarasota, Saint Armands. $2,000,000 4/3.5 MLS#A3962835 Carolyn Donnelly 941-350-9900

From Sarasota to Shanghai and Bradenton to British Columbia, Our Coldwell Banker offices around the world welcome you with the same sign, exceptional service and real estate expertise. ®

Mainland Sarasota Sarasota, Indian Beach. $1,995,000 Elliott Mitchell, 941-387-1867 Spectacular views from this 3/4 acre bay front home in historic Indian Beach MLS#A3957644 Sarasota, Coral Cove. $999,000 Sandy Endres, 941-735-2527 Beautiful & private bay front, 1/4 acre+ lot with dock & boat lift. MLS#A3955827 Sarasota, Bay Plaza. $799,000 Barbara Ackerman, 941-387-1820 Beautiful 2BR/2+BA waterfront condo. Elevators, exercise rooms. Garage. MLS#A3964206 Sarasota, Pelican Gardens. $175,000 Jonas Forslund, 941-266-1761 Updated studio villa across from Lido Beach, near Lido park & St. Armands. MLS#A3908408

The Keys Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $1,385,000 3/3 MLS#A3965127 Toni Giliberti 941-284-9208

Longboat Key, Water Club. $4,399,000 Judy Kepecz-Hays, 941-387-1825 Feels like a home on the beach. 5,300 sq ft of splendor; southwest corner. MLS#A3954815 Sarasota, Bird Key. $3,690,000 Barbara Ackerman, 941-387-1820 Bank owned waterfront opportunity new in 2007 on a wide protected boat basin. MLS#A3956290 Longboat Key, Sanctuary. $2,300,000 Judy Kepecz-Hays, 941-587-1700 Amazing views from this SW beach front corner home; 3,115 sq ft plus bonus room. MLS#A3964212 Sarasota, Bird Key. $1,199,000 Lynne Koy, 941-387-1803 Enjoy the prime of your life in this exhilarating 4BR/3+BA home. MLS#A3964740 Sarasota, 524 Beach Road. $1,150,000 Ellen O’Day, 941-366-8070 Gulf of Mexico, beach front PH, 3/2. Sunsets from your balcony. MLS#A3962337 Longboat Key, Beaches Of Longboat Key. $895,000 Barbara Miller, 941388-3966 LBK gulf to bay views 2/2 luxury condo. Beach side. Gated comm, concierge. MLS#A3960675

Sarasota, Siesta Key. $1,395,000 3/3 MLS#A3956792 Roger Pettingell 941-387-1840

Longboat Key, Inn On The Beach. $1,025,000 2/2 MLS#A3954004 Bruce Myer 941-387-1859

Sarasota, Just Reduced. $644,500 Candi Rosenthal, 941-387-1876 Incredible gulf & bay views of downtown Sarasota! Striking upgrades. MLS#A3961830 Sarasota, One Watergate. $599,000 Kathy Hoonhout, 941-388-3966 Stunning bay front 2/2 condo. Renovated, gorgeous water & city views. MLS#A3960972 Sarasota, Harbor Towers Y And R. $429,000 Joe Boguszewski, PA, 941388-3966 2BR/2BA Penthouse with dramatic views. Lots of amenities, priced to sell. MLS#A3901152 Longboat Key, Seaplace. $289,000 Roger Pettingell, 941-387-1840 Updated, turnkey furnished 2BR/2BA. Secure community, steps to the beach. MLS#A3962626 Sarasota, Siesta Beach House. $269,900 Michael Dyer, 941-366-8070 2BR/1BA just steps from the beach. Turnkey furnished. Great investment! MLS#A3965221

Longboat Key, Grand Bay. $995,000 3/3.5 MLS#A3958113 Bruce Myer 941-387-1859

Longboat Key, Diplomat. $334,900 1/1 MLS#A3964216 Jackie Kleppinger 941-388-3966

Longboat Key, Longboat Harbour. $254,900 Lynne Koy, 941-387-1803 Bask in the charms of this rewarding 2BR/2BA condo. Community tennis. MLS#A3962328

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free bird


by Harriet Sokmensuer | Observer Intern

Recovered hawk takes flight When Sparky the hawk came to Save Our Seabirds’ hospital last September, her legs and beak were damaged and her feathers were completely burned off. The 7-month-old bird had been severely injured when she flew into a methane burner at a local landfill, and her chances of survival were small. But, one year later, with the help of the Save Our Seabirds staff, Sparky returned to the wild. Sparky’s road to recovery began with a month of intensive care. She soon began showing signs of recovery, and by mid-November Sparky was well enough to be moved from the shelter’s hospital to the recovery wing. Sparky went through outdoor physical therapy to ensure that her wings functioned properly, and she slowly began hunting for prey — a necessity for any wild animal. To keep Sparky wild, volunteers were only in direct contact with her for two months — the rest of the time she was in her pen with other rescued birds. As Sparky grew stronger, she befriended an older female redshouldered hawk. With her new friend’s encouragement, Sparky began to not only hunt, but to compete with other hawks for prey. When Sparky was ready to return to the wild, Executive Director Lee Fox and volunteer Bev Meadows released her Sept. 5 in Red Bug Slough Preserve. A younger male red-shouldered hawk was released with her. SOS staff hoped they would stick together for the first couple of days. Even though the volunteers weren’t in direct contact with Sparky for more than a few months, it was hard for them to let her go. “It’s bittersweet,” said Fox. “I feel sad but also proud of her for having the tenacity to stay the

After sustaining life-threatening burns Sparky’s road to recovery and back to the wild is complete.

OBITUARIES John Alexander Connor

John Alexander Connor, 89, of Sarasota, and formerly of Longboat Key, died Sept. 6. Born Feb. 8, 1923, in Luss, Scotland, Mr. Connor enjoyed worldwide travel for both business and pleasure. He retired from his position as vice president of Bechtel Corp. in Toronto and San Francisco and went on to become active in local government, golf associations, Bird Key Yacht Club and the St. Andrews and Caledonian societies. Mr. Connor is survived by his wife, Marjorie; daughter, Alison; son, Colin; and many cousins, nieces and nephews. Services will be held at a later date in Scotland. Memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association,, or Plymouth Harbor Foundation, 700 John Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, Fla., 34236.

Marianne Hart Lee Fox and Bev Meadows release Sparky.

Photos by Harriet Sokmensuer


Sparky is released one year and six days after she was rescued. course, get better and get back to the wild.” After she left her cage, Sparky stayed close by long enough for Fox and other staff members and volunteers to say their goodbyes before flying out of sight.

Save Our Seabirds is located at 1708 Ken Thompson Parkway and is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Save Our Seabirds is free and open to the public. Donations are accepted. If you or someone you know finds a bird in need, call SOS at 388-3010. To volunteer, contact Save Our Seabirds or go to saveourseabirds. org and download an application.

Marianne Hart, 90, of Bloomington, Ill., and Longboat Key, died Sept. 16. Born Oct. 18, 1921, in Normal, Ill., she married Harvey Hart June 12, 1943. Mrs. Hart graduated from University High School and Illinois Wesleyan University. She was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and a member and past president of the IWU Alumni Association. Mrs. Hart was a member of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Bloomington and volunteered for many years for the American Red Cross in Bloomington and the Brokaw Service League in Normal. She served on the Centrillio Girl Scout Board, YWCA Board and Day Nursery Board. She was also a member of the McLean County Art Center and the McLean County Historical Association. Mrs. Hart was preceded in

death by her husband, Harvey; son, Anthony; and sister, Nancy Akerley. She is survived by her brother, George Fearheiley Jr., of Torrence, Calif.; daughter, Julie Hart, of Longview, Texas; four grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. A private family graveside service will be held at Park Hill Cemetery in Bloomington. There will be no visitation. Carmody-Flynn Williamsburg Funeral Home in Bloomington is responsible for arrangements.

George Albert Stevens

George Albert Stevens, 84, of Lexington, Mass., and Longboat Key, died Sept. 3. Born Jan. 31, 1928, in Detroit, he grew up in Clarksville and Fairmont, W.V., and spent his high school years in Tarpon Springs. Mr. Stevens served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He was a 1949 graduate of Harvard College and passed the Massachusetts bar exam in 1957. He was a former pharmaceutical executive, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Mr. Stevens was preceded in death by his first wife, Margaret; son, Charles; and brother, Edward. Mr. Stevens is survived by his wife of 38 years, Dolores; son, Andrew, of Gloucester, Mass.; daughters, Linda Stevens, of Cambridge, Mass., and Elizabeth Kempey, of Hoboken, N.J.; two grandchildren; and brother, David, of Port Washington, N.Y. A private family mass was held Sept. 10. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to The Wounded Warrior Project, P.O. Box 758517, Topeka, Kan., 66675 or online at Online tributes can be written at douglassfh. com.

All Angels by the Sea

St. Mary, Star of the Sea,

563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key

Welcomes you to Mass


The Episcopal Church on Longboat Key


All are welcome. Please join us in worship! Website:

Sunday Services 9:00 a.m.

The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector



4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 383-1255

Saturday: 5:00 PM Sunday: 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM Daily Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM Confession before all weekend Masses Msgr. Gerard Finegan, Pastor



Growing in Jesus’ Name

Donald Buck, Worship Leader Sunday Service 10:00AM

Come join us as you travel your journey of faith.


An InterfAIth CommunIty ChurCh founded In 1956

The Community Church on Longboat Key

Sunday Worship Service

10:00 a.m. The Rev. Kenneth Briggs, Preacher Sermon: “Integrity” 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida 34228 Telephone: 383-6491 web:

The LORD’S WAREHOUSE Thrift Shop is open every Saturday this summer 9 am - 1 pm. Donate or purchase clothing, jewelry, furniture and other items. (941-383-4738)


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Specializing in Veal • Chicken • Fish • Pasta Maker of the World’s Largest Pizza

Open 7 days • 11AM to Midnight 201 N. Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach 778-0771 or 778-0772

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Any Size Pizza!


6400 Gulf of Mexico Drive • 383.8833 •


Sermon: “Christianity Simple & Fresh, Part 2”

Neighborhood B U S I N E S S | C L A S S I F I E D S | G A M E S | K E Y L I F E | R E A L E S TAT E | S P O RT S | T R AV E L | W E AT H E R



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A home in Country Club Shores sells for $635,000. PAGE 20A


See this week’s weather photo contest winner.

by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Walking history

The Longbeach Preservation Task Force got a surprise history lesson last spring. The newly formed group, which aimed to establish a Longboat Key Historic District in the Longbeach Village, learned that the Florida Division of Historical Resources had already designated part of the Village as historic — in April 2009. The group has since developed a walking tour of the historic parts of the Village that is available at the Longboat Key Historical Society’s website, For a history lesson, we decided to walk the walk — and see what we could find about the historic sites through our archives, the Task Force’s guide, Longboat Observer founder Ralph Hunter’s “From Calusas to Condominiums” and Lora Colvin Whitney’s “Hail This Feisty Village!” So, lace up your walking shoes or get out your bicycle and make a date with 125 years of Longbeach Village history — all in just under a mile.

The Longbeach Preservation Task Force developed a historic walking tour of the Village that takes strollers through the north end’s historic hot spots.


Start at the east end of Broadway, near Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub and Moore’s Stonecrab Restaurant, 760 Broadway. The restaurants are home to colorful histories (as well as seafood dishes). The Rufus and Annie Jordan House on Mar Vista’s property is one of the 12 oldest structures on Longboat Key. Early Key developer Rufus Jordan built it as his personal residence in 1912. It survived a 1921 hurricane that wiped out most island development. It became a fish camp in the 1940s and then a popular pub in the 1950s. Its present owner, Ed Chiles, bought the restaurant in 1990. But, according to the local lore, the ghost of former owner Wayne Nimmo, who used to play his bagpipes up and down Broadway, still watches over Mar Vista today. Next door, the Moore family opened Moore’s in 1967. Current owners Alan Moore, Paul Moore and Robert Hicks worked at the restaurant during its first year, but they were lower on the management chain: They were kids washing dishes for 50 cents an hour. In the early days, it wasn’t just the food that drew customers. The restaurant had a pet dolphin named Jackie that was injured in Key West and couldn’t go back to the wild. The restaurant adopted Jackie and made a pinned off area of Sarasota Bay behind the restaurant Jackie’s home. Jackie washed out to sea during an unnamed storm in 1990,

One of the original block houses that was built around 1915 is located in the 600 block of Broadway. but his story is a happy one: He joined a dolphin colony in the bay.


Check out the historic marker at the very east end of Broadway, notice the Sarasota skyline to the south, then walk or bike west on Broadway and see the Jordan Mar Vista house (the one that dates back to 1912), six block houses also built by Jordan, a second historic marker at 620 Broadway, the former Longbeach Hotel at 601 Broadway and several other early houses that date back to the 1920s. The first marker commemorates Left: The historic marker at 621 Broadway tells the story of Longboat Key’s first home, the exact location of which is unknown.

the original town dock, where, beginning around 1895, the Mistletoe steamship would dock every other day on its routes between Sarasota and Tampa. Before then, the few farmers and fisherman on barrier islands had little contact with the outside world. “The Mistletoe was a savior to those isolated farmers and fishermen on the barrier islands, bringing news, mail and contact with other humans, few of whom ever ventured to the mainland,” according to Ralph Hunter’s “From Calusas to Condominiums.” The second marker tells the story of Longboat Key’s first home. Thomas Mann was the first known settler who actually lived on the Key. A Civil War veteran, Mann moved to Braidentown (now Bradenton) with his family in 1872, then relocated to the north end of Longboat Key in 1887 or 1888 — possibly to avoid the Yankee-hating vigilantes or the yellow fever epidemic on the mainland, according to Hunter’s book. Mann was awarded 144.47 acres in what is now the Village, south of the area of present-day Spanish Main Yacht Club, through the Homestead Act of 1862. Mann lived on the Key in a thatched hut, the exact location of which is still unknown.
 Across the street from the marker is a private home at 601 Broadway. The residence is the former Longbeach Hotel, which, built by 1913, was the island’s first hotel.

Photos by Robin Hartill

Four cottages built in the style of the Whitney cottages are located on the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design property.


Turn south (left) on Longboat Drive South and see Whitney cottages (on the right). Gordon and Lora Whitney came to Longboat Key in 1935 and built 13 cypress cottages on the Gulf and bay that they named Whitney Beach. In the 1950s, the Whitneys relocated the cottages, many to the Village, because of severe erosion on the beach. The Whitney cottages are located in the 6800 and 6900 blocks of Longboat Drive South, the 700



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Longboat Observer


real estate | transactions

By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

Take Palmer under I-75 overpass, take first right on Porter, down 1 mile on East side. 66448 35396

Visit us at 6321 Porter Rd, Unit 1 • Sarasota, FL 34240 • 379-4037

Remodeling By Design...

Lee Heineman

Construction & Design


Rachel S. O’Hara

This home at 1125 Bogey Lane has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,367 square feet of living area. It sold for $635,000.

Home in Country Club Shores sells for $635,000 CBC1251443

4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr. #206A


Providing design services for Interiors, Kitchens & Baths

The following residential real-estate transactions took place between Sept. 3 and Sept. 7. A home in Country Club Shores tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Beth Callans sold her home at 1125 Bogey Lane to William and Debora Calpin, of Alpharetta, Ga., for $635,000. Built in 1971, it has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,367 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $600,000 in 2009.


Local Business Giveaway!

John and Carmon Kington, of Jefferson, Ky., sold their Unit 202 condominium at 1145 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Domus Partners LLC for $522,500. Built in 1980, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,392 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $392,000 in 1998.

Silver Sands

Gwendolyn Kirch, of Indianapolis, sold her Unit 247 condominium at 5841 Gulf of Mexico Drive to James Needham for $370,000. Built in 2004, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 760 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $665,000 in 2005.

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Irwin and Cynthia Tober, of Sarasota, sold their Unit M2-104-B condominium at 1945 Gulf of Mexico Drive to Randy and Mary Moore, of Weedsport, N.Y., for

Spanish Main Yacht Club

Tullio and Joanna Cavosi, of Olyphant, Pa., sold their Unit 197 condominium at 750 El Centro to Robert and Helen Bridges, of Washington, Va., for $212,000. Built in 1967, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,093 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $91,000 in 1990.


Lido Surf and Sand

Jaleh Van Wagner, of Sarasota, sold her Unit 710 condominium at 1102 Benjamin Franklin Drive to Carolyn Spann and Linda Spann Crothers, of Oak Island, N.C., for $567,500. Built in 1976, it has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths and 1,516 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $125,000 in 1979.

Lido Shores

Richard Agosta and Peter Agosta, of Yonkers, N.Y., sold their Unit 405 condominium at 350 S. Polk Drive to Victor Aluise and Stephen Mandeville, of Ocean Grove, N.J., for $255,000. Built in 1977, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,036 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $19,400 in 1998.

PLAYERS CLUB This 2BR/2.5BA on the third level offers split plan, spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets, eat-in kitchen, updated bathrooms, Tommy Bahama furnishings, a wall of mirrors, ample storage plus large exterior storage room. New a/c in 2011 and expanded master bath in 2010. Gated community with 24 hr guard. Under building parking near the elevator. 4 Har-Tru tennis courts, 70' heated pool and spa and separate children’s pool, clubhouse, putting green, firepit and fitness center are a few of the amenities. A3853575 $625,000 941.383.5502 or 941.724.7228


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$340,000. Built in 1978, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,532 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $359,000 in 2001.

3174 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

Michael Saunders & Company Cathy C. Meldahl P.A. Licensed Real Estate Broker

1451 Global Ct. Sarasota, FL 34240

Your Granite, Marble and Quartz Specialists


The best small businesses in the Sarasota and Manatee area.

Residential and CommeRCial

Commercial Work includes: Hard Rock Hotel, Raymond James stadium, tampa international airport, Walt disney World, Ritz Carlton




Serving the West Coast of Florida for 40 yrs.

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BUILDING PERMITS These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of Sept. 7 through Sept. 13, in order of dollar amounts. (GMD = Gulf of Mexico Drive)


MOULTON Certified Residential Specialist

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Address Permit Applicant Amount 5931 GMD Alteration Pamela Ketchum $2,011,600 1591 Harbor Cay Lane Alteration Turner Porter $264,000 8 Winslow Place Alteration 8 Winslow Place $253,000 Alteration Nina Toshiyuki $140,000 2110 Harbourside Drive Windward Bay Alteration Condominium Association $137,000 4888 GMD Alteration Mary Block, trustee $125,000 3030 Grand Bay Blvd. Alteration Thomas Janes $96,432 535 Sanctuary Drive Alteration Timothy Walroth $91,795.83 600 Putting Green Lane Alteration Axay Kalathia $82,000 614 Norton St. Re-roof Longboat Arms Association Inc. $81,935 3320 GMD Alteration Sue Korach, trustee $81,780 535 Sanctuary Drive Alteration Monroe Berkman $72,922 565 Sanctuary Drive Alteration George Dougan $70,501.42 565 Sanctuary Drive $65,640 40 Lighthouse Point Drive Alteration Ashridge Holding Ltd. Alteration Andrea Feldmar $47,000 2103 Harbourside Drive Alteration Robert Wakefield $41,000 2721 GMD Alteration Linda Cahill $20,000 5393 GMD Alteration Nelson Goldner, trustee $18,000 1 Winslow Place Alteration Brenda Lee $16,600 5757 GMD Arbormar Alteration Condominium Association $16,394 4485 GMD Re-roof Gail Macbeth, trustee $15,900 601 Yardarm Lane Casa Del Mar Alteration Condominium Association $14,670 4621 GMD Alteration Olive MacLeod $14,044 511 Edlee Lane Sea Club I Re-roof Condominium Association $12,600 4141 GMD Re-roof Jay Knudson Trust $10,400 895 Spanish Drive S. Longboat Arms 3330 GMD Alteration Condominium Association $10,000 2301 GMD Alteration Rob Giddy $9,975 Alteration Michelle Fabozzi $7,020 812 Marbury Lane Alteration Ellie Hartog $5,800 7175 GMD Alteration Paul White $5,690 771 Old Compass Road Re-roof Wallace Krapf $4,800 675 Penfield St. Alteration Thomas Crowe $2,523 531 Birdie Lane Alteration Eric Dranoff, trustee $2,500 1945 GMD Alteration Timothy Walroth $1,800 600 Putting Green Lane Alteration John McGrath $1,203.86 4234 GMD

BIRD KEY - Custom 2001 built 3,500sf bay front home, top of the line throughout. A3963202 $2,575,000

BAY ISLES - Custom designed 6,000sf 5BR home in exclusive gated neighborhood. A3959515 $3,795,000

RITZ BEACH RESIDENCES -Elegantly designed 3,300sf 3BR condo. A3959431 $2,800,000

WATER CLUB - Direct Gulf front 3,400sf 3BR furnished condo. A3957287 $2,650,000

ST. ARMANDS TOWERS - Sophisticated furnished 3BR Penthouse. A3953612 $1,695,000

LBK GULF FRONT LOTS - 2 lots totaling 2.25 acres w/ 200’ of gulf frontage. A395884 $6,000,000

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 Office 941.383.7591 | Mobile 941.928.3559 |

#1 AGENT IN SALES VOLUME for Sarasota and Manatee Counties in 2009


TOP SALES ASSOCIATE for Sarasota and Manatee Counties in 2009

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am T“hT eh en an m e et ot ok k n no oww i ni n r reeaal l eesst taat tee ”





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The name to know in real estate

Ritz Hotel Residences - 12th Floor Water views from all rooms! 2,011 SF w/ wood floors, custom-fitted closets, & unique Venetian plaster walls. Large master suite with sitting area & marble bath. $1,098,500

Fairway Bay - Longboat Key Townhouse 2BR/2.5BA turnkey furnished vacation getaway! Fresh, and bright with ceramic tile, central vacuum, fireplace, bonus area and private 1 - car garage. Bring the family! $359,000

Tessera - Downtown Sarasota Beautiful 3BR/3.5BA residence with higher ceilings, marble floors, expansive terrace & a private 2-car garage. Sought-after community located in the heart of downtown. $1,198,000


Bay Plaza - Sparkling Bay Views Beautifully renovated 2BR/2BA residence w/ bamboo floors, granite & stainless appliances on the 11th floor in exciting downtown Sarasota. $799,000

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Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, LLC 81584

Lido Beach - Best Waterfront Value Gated Mediterranean inspired residence with protected Bay views located within walking distance to Lido Beach and St. Armands Circle. 6BR/6.5BA on 148 ft of waterfront. $3,499,900


Sleepy Lagoon - Direct Gulf Front Beautiful Hampton Style 4 bedroom/3 bath home on 100 ft of pristine beach front. Renovated, down to the studs, in 2007. Wood & marble floors, outdoor jacuzzi and 2-car garage. $3,690,000

Ritz Tower Residences – Incredible Opportunity unique 4th floor walk-down to amenity level with four bedrooms, 4 baths and 3,659 square feet of easy living space. Soughtafter floor plan, marble floors, wood cabinetry and stainless appliances throughout. 2 valuable parking spaces incl. $1,395,000

Grand Bay 1 - Beautiful Bay Views Spacious corner apartment with 3BR/3BA, nine foot ceilings, marble & wood floors, and new stainless kitchen appliances. $875,000 Great water views.

The Bougainvillea House - Tudor Revival Renovated in 2006 on 3 lots with 4BR/3.5BA + separate guest house totaling 4,857 square feet. Home exudes old world charm while offering today’s modern conveniences. Wood floors, marble, pool, & 2-car garage. $1,290,000

Ringling Pointe – Stunning Direct Bay Front On 145 feet of deep water with 5BR/3.5 BA, a 2,200 SF master suite, 1,000 bottle wine room, private dock, wading & lap pool & 8-car garage. $3,850,000

BANK OWNED Bird Key - Outstanding Waterfront Opportunity Built in 2007 on a wide protected boat basin. Home has 8,071 square feet, 5BR/5.5BA, guest wing with separate entrance and more! Infinity edge pool, boat dock, and 4-car garage. $3,690,000


Meridian at the Oaks Preserve Fully upgraded former Avigon model corner apartment with sunsets from 14 windows! Three bedrooms, three bathrooms plus a den provide 2,600 square feet of living space. Two garage parking spaces. $329,000

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well maintained 2/2, 1st flr. unit, park at your door, W/D, extra storage, partially furnished, enclosed patio. Heated pool, close to Publix, Target & restaurants. Foster Lewis $44,900 #M5828133


Excellent location, 4BR/2.5BA, with den & fireplace. Needs updating. 51st St West and 10th Ave Drive W. Room for a pool. As is. Marc Turner $115,000 #A3962668


Completely updated, spacious 1/1 villa w/all top of the line finishes in each room. View of your dock on deep water canal. Heated pool, tennis, short drive to beach. Teresia Bradford $139,900 #M5829836

WATER VIEWS from this 2BR/2BA

TKF condo. Updated kitchen, W/D, new A/C June 2012, 2 pools, tennis & beach access. $12 a month for boat slip. Pets OK. Seller to pay 1/2 of main. fee for 2012. Dorothy Cook $249,000 #A3939881


Incredible opportunity to own 2 adjoining lots west of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Conrad Beach boasts timeless architecture, com. pool & clubhouse. Purchase separately Peter Uliano or w/M5815731. $260,000 #M5815734


2 BR/2 BA waterfront condo w/a great view of the bay! Deeded 30’ boat slip, updtd. bath, kitchen & nicely furnished. Tennis, large htd pool, spa & comm. boat ramp. Turnkey furnished. Marcia Bayard $379,500 #M5818101


Longboat Observer


VILLAGE TOUR / FROM PAGE 19A block of Longboat Court, the 7000 block of Lois Avenue and the 6800 block of Pine Street.


Turn left on Hibiscus Way and notice the Whitney-style cottages in front of the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design. Then, stop in to check out the latest art exhibit. The Arts Center was founded in late 1952, and this season will celebrate its 60th anniversary, making it three years older than the town of Longboat Key. In 1951, Allis Ferguson, who had recently been widowed, Gordon and Lora Whitney and George and Grace Yerkes came up with the idea of an Arts Center during a freighter trip to New Orleans. Ferguson and the Whitneys donated the land for the Arts Center. On Dec. 6, 1952, and Dec. 7, 1952, the Arts Center held a gala and opening. The entire community chipped in to open the Arts Center; they gave everything from monetary contributions to plumbing, wiring, building and plantings. Some residents even brought beer and soft drinks to construction workers at the site each day. The current exhibits on display at the Arts Center are, “A Mighty Light Flight,” featuring the steel sculptures of Mark Humphrey and oil paintings of Dustin Juengel; and “Lighty Might Fly,” an exhibit curated by Humphey and Juengel that showcases the work of students at the Ringling College of Art and Design and New College of Florida.

block houses

Proceed east on Hibiscus Drive, go left onto Poinsettia Av-

Bruce Myer

Photos by Robin Hartill

Today’s town dock extends into Sarasota Bay and faces Jewfish Key. enue, and right onto Linley Street. Look at the old frame houses to the left followed by two of the first block houses. The frame houses were constructed throughout the Village during the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s. The block houses were built around 1915 from local sand and mortar from forms acquired from Sears Roebuck and are located in the 600 and 700 blocks of Broadway and the 700 block of Linley Street.


See the kayak launch site looking out over Sarasota Bay and Jewfish and Sister Keys, then, walk out onto the town dock. Both Jewfish and Sister Keys are pretty to look at from afar, but they have interesting histories of their own. Jewfish Key now has just more than one-dozen homes as well as a nature preserve. According to local legend, Spanish explorers buried hidden treasure on the island in the 1500s. The island was actually two islands until the 1930s, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredged the In-

tracoastal Waterway and needed a place to put spoil. Legend has it that two investors who owned the two islands agreed to let the Army Corps deposit it to form a single island in exchange for the deed to the island and a case of whiskey. In the early 1980s, developers proposed a development called the Shangri-Isle Club for Sister Keys that would include a landing strip for airplanes, yacht club, boat dock, condominiums and homes. After seeing the islands advertised by developers in 1989, Anna Miller, Rusty Chinnis and Virginia Sanders joined together and formed the Sister Keys Conservatory to maintain the keys as undisturbed mangrove islands. In 1992, the town purchased Sister Keys and has maintained the islands as wetland habitats. Proceed north on Bayside Drive, which becomes Lois Avenue. Then, stop by Moore’s or Mar Vista for a meal overlooking Sarasota Bay. You’ve seen approximately 125 years of history in just under a mile. You’re probably tired. So enjoy some fresh seafood, cool off with a beverage or two and toast to the next 125 years of Village history.


Selling Luxury Real Estate for over 32 years! PENDING!


Owned and operated by NRT, LLC

FAIRWAY BAY - 2BR/2BA with large FAIRWAY BAY - #312 2BR/2BA with FAIRWAY BAY - 2BR/2.5BA stylishly FAIRWAY BAY - 2BR/2BA Furnished views of bay, downtown and Ringling private walk down and beautiful bay updated & furnished townhome with corner Penthouse. One covered parking bridge. $369,000 views. $319,000 boat dock. $429,000 $399,500 space. NEW LISTING!

GULF OF MEXICO DRIVE - 3BR/2.5BA SANCTUARY III - 5th Floor, 3BR/3.5BA TWIN SHORES - 1BR+Den/2BA home LIDO BEACH CLUB - #1009 - 2BR/2BA estate on large lot with bay views & corner residence with Gulf, golf and with Bay view in 55+ mobile home Furnished with Gulf to Bay view from private canal. $1,979,000 bay views. $1,799,000 community. $84,500 3 terraces. $649,000 PENDING!

of all Sarasota & Manatee Realtors Rated in the Top 100 agents in Florida


BEACHPLACE - Direct Gulf front FAIRWAY BAY 2BR/2BA corner home LIDO BEACH CLUB - 2BR/2BA furnished GRAND BAY - 2BR+Den/3.5BA with 2BR/2BA furnished residence with 3 w/expansive water views, and one condominium home with partial Gulf Bay, golf course & downtown views. year rental history. $649,000 covered parking space. $429,000 views. $449,000 Offered furnished. $995,000 PENDING!


PIERRE - 2BR+Den/3BA furnished LONGBOAT HARBOUR TOWER - Furnished SLEEPY LAGOON - End lot - 2BR/2BA #2603-04 Gulf front double $1,025,000 residence. Modified, open floorplan 2BR/2BA home with direct Gulf front DIRECT AND ENDLESS WATER VIEWS! #5103 Golf Course view $239,000 with partial Gulf views. $949,000 views and one carport. $439,000 $895,000 Club Suite #2202 Gulf front $399,000

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate • 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Ste. 1 • Longboat Key • At the Charthouse


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Lynne Koy ◆



presents her



GRAND BAY - Enjoy expansive views across Sarasota Bay all the way to downtown Sarasota from this elegant 3BR/3.5BA furnished condominium residence. This custom home, on the market for the very first time, has been tastefully decorated and the two covered parking spaces right next to the elevator are an added bonus! $1,499,000

Tour Lynne’s properties at At The Chart House on Longboat Key

Broker / Associate, CrB, CrS, GrI Previews International Property Specialist International President’s Premier, Involved Citizen: Sarasota Opera, SPArCC, Make-a Wish, Meals on Wheels, Breast Cancer Awareness

BIRD KEY - Stunning residence to be built on this spacious garden parcel in the well established neighborhood of Bird Key. This two story 2,970 Sq. Ft. home will have 4BD/3.5BA and a fabulous pool and spa. $1,199,000

BIRD KEY - 4 BR/3.3BA Location! Location! This beautiful custom home has it all - fabulous downtown views across Sarasota Bay, granite kitchen with milkglaze cabinetry, “Morning Room” with 8 Step crown molding, gorgeous pool, dock & lift. The first floor master suite has stunning Bay views and the second floor “Great Room” has “forever” Bay views from the terrace. $3,690,000

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ST. ARMANDS - Spacious 4BD/3BA PRIVATEER - Stunning gulf views from custom built home with elegant marble every room in this 2BR/2BA updated condminium entryway set on a wide canal, just steps home. Fully furnished with a sophisticated sense to shopping and dining in world renowned of style $635,000 St. Armands Circle! $1,899,000


CLUB Fabulous Gulf views with endless winter sunsets from this 2BD/2BA furnished condominium with courtyard entry and additional storage. $575,000

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SEAPLACE - Northwest winter sunsets ISLANDER CLUB - Direct Bay to beach views! SEAPLACE – Enjoy tranquil Northwest gulf and sultry breezes will greet you from your two spacious terraces in this beautifully updated, furnished 3BR/2BA condominium home. $560,000

Kitchen and baths have been upgraded to include views in this tropical setting. Open space, updated granite and stainless steel with rich wood cabinetry. This kitchen and baths, 2BD/2BA, sold furnished. 2BR/2BA, 1,235 Sq. Ft. condominium home is located in $399,000 the South tower and is priced to sell. $525,000



Rarely available BEACHPLACE - Priced to Sell! Unfurnished SEAPLACE – Enjoy tranquil views in this Townhouse, 2BD/2.5BA with 2BD/2BA residence w/Partial Gulf views w/new tropical setting. Open space, updated kitchen and attached garage and spacious terrace paint and carpet! Seller will hold mortgage @ 5.5% baths, 2BD/2BA, sold furnished. $369,000 overlooking tropical garden views. w/$100,000. $449,000




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games | bridge bites

by Brian Gunnell | American Contract Bridge League

Thrust and parry


East made a couple of fine defensive plays on this deal, but Declarer parried with some good plays of her own and eventually prevailed. West’s 2♠ was pre-emptive, showing a six-card suit and a weak hand. West leads the K♠, and Declarer ducks the first round, just in case West was being frisky and bid 2♠ on a five-card suit. The purpose of that “hold-up play” is to make sure that East is out of Spades when he later gains the lead. Declarer wins the second round of Spades (East pitches a Club) and must flush out East’s Aces in order to reach nine tricks. She leads the K♣, but East cleverly ducks that, making his own hold-up play to shut out Dummy’s Club suit. Declarer persists with Clubs, and East wins the second round, then exits with a Diamond. Next comes the K♥, but, again, East holds up his Ace and holds up yet again when Declarer plays the J♥. East has succeeded in keeping Declarer from reaching Dummy, but only temporarily. Declarer leads another Heart, which East must win. Again, East exits with a Diamond. Declarer cashes the remaining Diamond winners and loses the fifth round to East. East’s remaining card is a Club, and that gives Declarer her ninth trick. It took a while, but, finally, at trick 13, Declarer reaches Dummy! Post Script: If Declarer had held three Clubs instead of just two, East would have wanted to duck the second Club and win the third round. How did East know to win the second round instead? His helpful partner gave him a count signal, playing the two on the first round. By playing a low Club, West showed an odd number. If West had held a doubleton, he would have played his high Club to show an even number. Nice defense by E-W, albeit in a losing cause.

Vulnerable: North, South


♠ 652 ♥Q543 ♦ 42 ♣ Q J 10 3 West


♠ K Q J 10 9 3 ♥ 762 ♦5 ♣842

♠4 ♥ A98 ♦ 10 9 8 7 6 ♣A976 South

♠ ♥ ♦ ♣

A87 K J 10 AKQJ3 K5

Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column and box. See answers on page 26A. © 2012 Universal Uclick

Visit for more about the game of bridge or email Contact Brian Howard, owner/director of the Bridge Center of Bradenton, at 795-8981.


Find your new home at Century 21 Dockside Realty Associates FINE HOMES & ESTATES Discover the Dockside Difference Experience, Impeccable Service Integrity and talented hard work --- that is our commitment to you! t


unDEr c

ViLLa PaLMEraS in PrEStancia. 3BR/2BA maintenance free golf course villa. $279,000.

WinDWarD bay

2BR/2BA Penthouse updated kitchen & bathrooms with new furniture. $379,000.

SaraSota Harbor EaSt - Light & bright end unit with bay views. 2 bedroom 2 bathroom turnkey furnished. full amenities.. $279,000

Pete Snyder | (941) 383 - 1051 (941) 356 - 6824 |



SoLyMar -

Beachfront gated community of nine residences. Turnkey furnished. Reduced to $2,495,000

Longboat Harbour - Beach getaway, canal $ views & boat dock. Turnkey furnished. 209,000

PLayErS cLub Spacious & updated 2BR/2BA condominium. $ Coming to the market soon. Be the first to see it! caLL ME

Vizcaya - One of the finest condo homes on Longboat Key. 3200 sf of sheer luxury in impeccable as new condition.

Longboat Harbour -

Pamela J Hagan | (941)232 - 0788 |

Luxury 2BR/2BA Downtown condo w/unobstructed water views and awesome sunsets. Huge pool/spa, Fitness club, 24 - hr. concierge, guest suite and the best location Downtown. $775,000



Delightful 2 bed 2 bath with water views. Turnkey furnished ready to move in. Boat $ slip available. Priced to sell. 255,000

Michael granston | (941) 504 - 8018 | • •

before you buy or sell, let’s talk over lunch at our neighbor’s, the Dry Dock!


941.383.1051 4 08 gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, Fl 34228

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Weather Photo Contest Winner

Record Temps.





Tues. Sept. 11



98 (1925)

62 (1924)

Wed. Sept. 12



95 (1948)

65 (1956)

Thurs. Sept. 13



95 (1963)

65 (1956)

Fri. Sept. 14



95 (1997)

64 (1913)

Sat. Sept. 15



95 (1951)

62 (1984)

Sun. Sept. 16



95 (1958)

64 (1976)

Mon. Sept. 17



95 (2005)

65 (1927)

Chandra Riccio took this sunset photo near Whitney Beach on Longboat Key.


Win an iPad 2 or Canon EOS T3 camera. Enter your

Average Gulf water temperature: 84


Thurs. Sept. 20

Highs 3:13a 6:26p


Fri. Sept. 21



Sat. Sept. 22



Sun. Sept. 23



Mon. Sept. 24

7:56a 11:32p


Tues. Sept. 25

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Wed. Sept. 26

10:45a 11:59p



Lows 8:13p


Sunrise/sunset Thurs., Sept. 20 Fri., Sept. 21 Sat., Sept. 22 Sun., Sept. 23 Mon., Sept. 24 Tues., Sept. 25 Wed., Sept. 26

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O B S E RV E R C RO S S WO R D Edited by Timothy E. Parker










Q RV V X J H O Z D E J Z . D P I B G Z I H Q X I G X C R AQ ?

2. G B F Y L E T Y Y F Q F M V T V V F V H P G I M G T E P G P Q Z M Y D P H Y M Y : “IKFGTZ


T G G T L B M V. ”







$179 Installed

Whole House Surge Protection Protect Your lnvestment! Must present at time of service. Can’t be combined with others.




TO THE ER, STAT! by Potter Stern

ACROSS 1 Transparent, as stockings 6 Skull caps? 12 This and taxes are certain 17 Stadium munchie 19 Washed-up fighter 21 Former White House pooch 22 Bearlike 23 Horse breed 24 Comments to the audience 25 Makes additional changes to text 27 Carpenters or army bugs 28 Handles the food for the party 29 Davy the frontiersman 33 Rabbit homes 35 Ambulance letters 38 Where Michael rowed his boat 39 Mild cheese 40 Spingarn Medal org. 43 Pint contents 44 Computer drive insert 46 “Get outta here, cat!” 50 Boston Pops, e.g. 53 “Murder, ___ Wrote” 54 Stuffed full 56 Nerd from “Saved by the Bell” 57 Old West group 59 Littlest litter members 60 Provides coverage for 63 Partner of “famous” 64 Pertaining to the largest human artery 65 British fliers of WWII 67 Dog breed

70 71 74 75 78 79 80 83 85 86 88 89 91 92 93 94 97 98 101 103 104 106 111 112 116 117 118 119 120 121 122

developed in England Relative of a Keogh plan Puzzling situation Italian coin Sail support part Ski lodge quaff Like chalet roofs Most bloody Tissue near the tonsil Two for tennis? Sunday singer Father in Montreal Night watchman Moo ___ pork (Chinese dish) Big name in tractors “___ upon a time ...” Jefferson and Voltaire, religiously Boxing official, briefly Cowboy, at times More splendid, in the ‘50s Sauce for seafood It may be deserted or uncharted Mentor’s tutee Mammoth film of 2002? Three-syllable foot, in poetry Read through Used a foil Tackle or center Nosing out, as in a race Unravels Syllable before the last After-Christmas store events


1 ___-of-the-moment 2 Where the buck

stops 3 Ill at ___ (uncomfortable) 4 “National Velvet” author Bagnold 5 Mysterious, as some old inscriptions 6 Mud bath venue 7 It often gets in a jam 8 What’s put before the carte? 9 Like some oak leaves 10 Free-throw reward 11 Trick-taking game with 32 cards 12 Remove weaponry from 13 A-list members 14 John on the Mayflower 15 Layers, as of a wedding cake 16 Brand name on some toy trucks 18 Kind of tropical fish 20 Reply 21 Knotty craft 26 Distress call at sea 30 Scorch 31 Nuts for Coke? 32 “... ___ he drove out of sight ...” 34 More than like 35 “Dukes of Hazzard” deputy sheriff 36 He eulogized Julius 37 Martyr, essentially 41 “Big Brother” host Julie 42 Shopping center? 44 It performs on Sunday 45 Perceive 46 Evidence of drunkenness 47 Small metric unit 48 Essence from rose petals 49 Electrical coil inventor 51 Deep-sea diver’s device 52 Drive-___ window 53 Bookmaker’s margins? 55 Amateur’s antonym

58 LaBeouf of Hollywood 61 Fitzgerald of jazz 62 Wood fragment 64 Deep passion 65 News broadcast summary 66 Battery end 68 It’s indicated by a line on a chart 69 Cogito ___ sum 72 “Going, going, ___!” 73 Former Chinese chairman 76 Dry as a desert 77 Opposite of sink 79 Draw forth, as something latent 81 Dried and withered 82 Not kosher 84 Turned a blind eye toward 86 On the best-dressed list 87 “Don’t say a word!” 90 Common rooftop item, once 91 Black or Red body of water 93 American Indians relocated from Missouri 94 Excavate further 95 Fifteen percent of a bill, often 96 Type of twill 98 One who puts the punch in punch 99 Venue for some basketball games 100 Keach of “Mike Hammer” 101 Nonelectric shaver 102 Four make an acre 103 Minor quarrel 105 Short cut 107 Roman getup 108 Vile’s apt anagram 109 Heredity unit 110 Fractions of joules 113 Ostrich relative 114 “Erie Canal” mule 115 Cause of some blowups


Thursday, September September 20, 20, 2012 2012 Thursday, Thursday, September 20, 2012

Items Under Under $200 $200 For For Sale Sale Items

WOODEN DRESSER: Six drawers, very good WOODEN DRESSER: Six drawers, very good condition. 33"x54”x18.5", $50. 941-751-0815. condition. 33"x54”x18.5", $50. 941-751-0815.

Antiques/Collectibles Antiques/Collectibles FRENCH ANTIQUE Full Size Bedroom

FRENCH ANTIQUE Full Size Bedroom Set. Set. FRENCH ANTIQUE Full Size Bedroom Set. 6 & Condition. 6 pieces, pieces, Beautiful Beautiful & Perfect Perfect Condition. 6 pieces, Beautiful & Perfect Condition. Jackie 941-416-5102. Jackie 941-416-5102. Jackie 941-416-5102.

Autos Wanted Autos Wanted Wanted Autos AUTOS WANTED! Let me take the hassle out of

AUTOS WANTED! WANTED! Let Let me me take take the the hassle hassle out out of of AUTOS AUTOS WANTED! Let me take today! the hassle of selling car. offered Call Mike, selling your your car. Cash Cash offered today! Call out Mike, selling your car. Cash offered today! Call Mike, 941-713-2277. 941-713-2277. 941-713-2277.

Boat Slips For Rent/Sale Boat Slips Slips For For Rent/Sale Rent/Sale Boat

BOAT BOAT SLIP SLIP FOR FOR RENT/SALE RENT/SALE BOAT FOR RENT/SALE HOUSE ON LONGBOAT KEY. BOAT SLIP BOAT HOUSE ON LONGBOAT KEY. BOAT HOUSE ON LONGBOAT MIDDLE-LEVEL COVERED AND UP MIDDLE-LEVEL COVERED AND SECURED SECUREDKEY. UP MIDDLE-LEVEL COVERED ANDPER SECURED UP TO $150.00 MONTH TO 29.5 29.5 FEET. FEET. RENTAL RENTAL $150.00 PER MONTH OR OR TO 29.5 MARKET FEET. RENTAL PER MONTH OR BELOW SALE. 313-343-0184. BELOW MARKET SALE.$150.00 313-343-0184. BELOW MARKET SALE. 313-343-0184. FOR FOR SALE SALE OR OR RENT, RENT, fantastic fantastic high high and and dry dry FOR OR RENT, fantastic high and Call dry boat slip, S. location. boat SALE slip, superb superb S. Longboat Longboat location. Call boat slip, superb S. Longboat location. Call 941-371-1866. 941-371-1866. 941-371-1866. LONGBOAT LONGBOAT KEY KEY Moorings Moorings Boat Boat Slip Slip for for Rent. Rent. LONGBOAT KEY Moorings Boat Slip Yacht N-7, accommodates up to 45 Yacht Club Club Slip Slip N-7, accommodates upfor to Rent. 45 ft. ft. Yacht N-7, accommodates to 45 ft. Boat with Electric, Water, Boat Club with Slip Electric, Water, & & Wi-fi. Wi-fi.up$400/mo. $400/mo. Boat with Electric, Water, & Wi-fi. $400/mo. 941-928-1542. 941-928-1542. 941-928-1542.

Boats Boats Boats

Boats Boats are are selling selling very very well. well. Keeping Keeping it it real real Boats sellingon well. Keeping real simple, “Business a II need simple, are “Business onvery a Handshake”. Handshake”. needit more more simple, “Business a Handshake”. I need more Boat Sales. boats. 941-228-3489. Island Boat on Sales. boats. Island 941-228-3489. boats. Island Boat Sales. 941-228-3489.

Furnishings Furnishings Furnishings

HERMAN HERMAN MILLER MILLER Swag Swag Desk, Desk, Perfect Perfect Condition, Condition, HERMAN Desk, Perfect Condition, Like $1000. Bo Sleeper Sofa, Like New, New,MILLER $1000.Swag Bo Concept Concept Sleeper Sofa, Like New, $1000. Bo Concept Sofa, perfect Condition, $550, Desk $200. perfect Condition, $550, Desk Sleeper $200. Design Design perfect Condition, $200. outdoor Design Within and Room and Within Reach Reach and $550, Room Desk and Board Board outdoor Within Reach andall. and Board outdoor furniture. must Tampa, 813-839-7386. furniture. must see see all.Room Tampa, 813-839-7386. furniture. must see all. Tampa, 813-839-7386. LEATHER LEATHER SECTIONAL SECTIONAL 8 8 piece piece includes includes 3 3 LEATHER pieceOnly includes 3 Recliners power), 4 Recliners (2 (2 SECTIONAL power), Med. Med. 8brown, brown, Only 4 weeks weeks Recliners (2 power), Med. brown, Only 4 weeks old. Paid $2400. Sell $1625. 941-355-3327. old. Paid $2400. Sell $1625. 941-355-3327. old. Paid $2400. Sell $1625. 941-355-3327.


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST, FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER21ST, 22ND, FRIDAY SEPTEMBER SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND, & SUNDAY SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 22ND, 23RD SATURDAY & SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23RD Numbers out at 8a.m. & SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23RD Numbers out at 8a.m. Doors open 9a.m.-4p.m. Numbers at 8a.m. Doors openout 9a.m.-4p.m. Doors open 9a.m.-4p.m. 4469 Golden Lake Drive, Sarasota, FL 34233 4469 Golden Lake Drive, Sarasota, FL 34233 (McIntosh Lakes offSarasota, of McIntosh) 4469 Golden Lake Drive, FL 34233 (McIntosh Lakes off of McIntosh) (McIntosh Lakes off of McIntosh) House filed with Fine Antiques House filed with Fine Antiques Listed Artist House& with FineArt, Antiques &filed Listed Artist Art, French Sterling, &French Listed Artist Art, Sterling, Men’s Wrist French Watches & Pocket Watches, Sterling, Men’s Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches, Marble BustWatches from the & Baroque Period of Men’s Wrist Pocket Watches, Marble BustAnne fromStuart the Baroque Period of Queen of England, Marble Bust from the Baroque Period of Queen Anne Stuart of England, Miniature Portraits Painted on Ivory, Queen Anne Stuart of England, Miniature Portraits Painted on Ivory, Napoleon Chest, Electronics & TV’s, Miniature3rd Portraits Painted on Ivory, Napoleon 3rd Chest, Electronics & TV’s, Lamps, 3rd Clocks, Occasional Chairs, Napoleon Chest, Electronics & TV’s, Lamps, Clocks, Occasional Chairs, LotsClocks, of Chinese Antiques, Lamps, Occasional Chairs, Lots of Chinese Antiques, Massive Antique Wood Bodhisattva. Lots of Standing Chinese Antiques, Massive Antique Standing Wood Bodhisattva. American Furniture, Antique Dolls, Massive Antique Standing Wood Bodhisattva. American Furniture, Antique Dolls, Antique Swords, Antique Rugs including American Furniture, Antique Dolls, Antique Swords, AntiqueTea Rugs including Herat Rug, English Boxes, Antique Swords, Antique Rugs including Herat Rug, English Tea Boxes, Top Demilune, HeratMarble Rug, English Tea Boxes, Marble Top Demilune, Luneville French Tulip Plates, MarbleFrench Top Demilune, Luneville Tulip Plates, MidLuneville Century Furniture, Leather Sofa, French Tulip Plates, Mid Century Furniture, Leather Sofa, & Sterling Page Turner, Mid Ivory Century Furniture, Leather Sofa, Ivory & Sterling Page Turner, Washer & Dryer, French Military Ivory & Sterling Page Turner,Items, Washer & Dryer, French Military Items, Umbrella Stand, Items, WasherSatsuma & Dryer, French Military SatsumaCarved Umbrella Stand, Large Wooden Antique Buddha, SatsumaCarved Umbrella Stand, Large Wooden Antique Buddha, Costume Large WoodenJewelry, CarvedGarage Antiqueitems, Buddha, Costume Jewelry, Garage items, Lots of Kitchen items, Costume Jewelry, Garage items, Lots of Kitchen items, Rod IronLots Dining Room Table & Chairs, of Kitchen items, Rod Iron Dining Room Table & Chairs, Pool Furniture, Lots of Brik-a-Brak! Rod Iron Dining Room Table & Chairs, Pool Furniture, Lots of Brik-a-Brak! Pool Furniture, Lots of Brik-a-Brak! For information and pictures, visit: For information and pictures, visit: look under Sarasota For information and pictures, visit:and look under Sarasota and Extraordinary Art & Estate Sale or call look& under and Extraordinary Art EstateSarasota Sale or call Ken Art 941-356-3318. Extraordinary & Estate Sale or call Ken 941-356-3318. Ken 941-356-3318.

General Merchandise CENTRAL AIR: brand new, still in box, 10 year warranty all parts, $1449. Call 941-243-5236.

This week’s Sudoku answers HOUSE CLASSIFIEDS HOUSE CLASSIFIEDS LP # 87127 LP # 87127 HOUSE CLASSIFIEDS LP # 87127

General Merchandise Merchandise General

CENTRAL AIR: brand new, still in box, 10 year CENTRAL new, in box, 10 year warranty allAIR: parts,brand $1449. Callstill 941-243-5236. warranty all parts, $1449. Call 941-243-5236. THRIFT General SHOP: THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE. Merchandise THRIFT SHOP: THE WAREHOUSE. Next to Longboat IslandLORD’S Chapel. Summer Hours: Next to Longboat Island Chapel. Summer Hours: THRIFT SHOP: LORD’S WAREHOUSE. Saturday: 9a.m. THE to 1p.m. Clothes, jewelry, Saturday: 9a.m. to 1p.m. Clothes, jewelry, Next to Longboat Island Chapel. Summer furniture, other items. 6140 Gulf of MexicoHours: Drive. furniture, items. GulfClothes, of Mexico Drive. Saturday:other 9a.m. to 6140 1p.m. jewelry, 941-383-4738. 941-383-4738. furniture, other items. 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. 941-383-4738. Merchandise Wanted

Merchandise Wanted

SENIOR Merchandise LOOKING to purchase precious metals, Wanted SENIOR LOOKING purchase time pieces, coins, to jewelry and precious antiques. metals, Please SENIOR LOOKING purchase precious metals, time pieces, coins, to jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707. timeMarc, pieces, coins, jewelry and antiques. Please call 941-321-0707. call Marc, Musical 941-321-0707. Instruments

Musical Instruments

ROLAND Musical DIGITAL Intelligent Piano KR-570. Instruments ROLAND DIGITAL Intelligent Piano170 KR-570. Hammer-action keyboard, 270 tones, styles. ROLAND DIGITAL Intelligent Piano170 KR-570. Hammer-action keyboard, 270condition, tones, styles. Numerous features. Excellent $1,850. Hammer-action keyboard, 270condition, tones, 170$1,850. styles. Numerous features. Excellent 941-806-7066. Numerous features. Excellent condition, $1,850. 941-806-7066. 941-806-7066. Storage


STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure Storage STORAGE RV/ Trailer. facility, lowFACILITY monthlyBoat/ rentals, Clark RdSecure area. STORAGE Boat/ RV/ Clark Trailer.RdSecure facility, lowFACILITY monthly rentals, area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662. facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662. 941-809-3660, Help 941-809-3662. Wanted

Help Wanted Help Wanted

POSITION: ICE PILOT / ICE NAVIGATOR PILOTqualified / ICE NAVIGATOR US POSITION: Company ICE seeking contract Ice US Company seeking qualified service contract Ice Pilot/Ice Navigators for shipboard during Pilot/Ice Navigators for shipboard service during the 2012 navigational season in the OSC of the US the navigational season and2012 Canadian Beaufort Sea. in the OSC of the US and Canadian Beaufort Sea. possess and present To be considered, you must To beapplication: considered, you must possess and present with with application: • Valid Captain’s License (Master Ocean Waters • Valid Captain’s (Master or Near CoastalLicense over 1600 T) Ocean Waters orminimum Near Coastal overice 1600 T) •A 2 years experience with Master • Alicense minimum 2 years ice operating experience Master onboard ships in with Arctic Ice license onboard ships operating in Arctic Ice regimes and demonstrated icebreaker escort regimes and demonstrated icebreaker escort experience/expertise. experience/expertise. • Working knowledge and interpretation experi• Working and interpretation ence withknowledge ice imagery products such asexperiMODIS ence with such as MODIS and WWOice Iceimagery Charts,products ScanSAR W radarsat, and Iceinformational Charts, ScanSAR radarsat, and WWO other ice charts.W Icenav and andhazard other ice informational Icenav ice radar experiencecharts. is preferred butand not ice hazard radar experience is preferred but not essential. essential. • US citizenship •• Successful US citizenship results of Offshore Medical required. • Successful results of Offshore Medical required. Please apply in writing prior to Sept 25, 2012 Please apply writingofprior to Septand 25,qualifi2012 including a fullinresume experience including cations to:a full resume of experience and qualifications to:Recruiting Recruiting 2015 CityWestBlvd, Suite 900 2015 CityWestBlvd, Houston, Tx. 77042 Suite 900 Houston, Tx. 77042 Ref: #OSC6/12 Ref: #OSC6/12

Condos/Apts. For Rent Condos/Apts. For Rent 2BR GULF Front condo for For rent for the season. Condos/Apts. Rent Available 12/1/12. 90 day minimum. Full amenities

Available 12/1/12. day minimum. 2BR GULF Front 90 condo for rent forFull theamenities season. 2BR GULF Front condo for rent theamenities season. and covered garage. Behind theforFull gates in the Available 12/1/12. 90 day minimum. Available 12/1/12. 90 day minimum. amenities Pierre. 865-603-3126 orBehind 865-549-5070. and covered garage. the Full gates in the and covered garage.orBehind the gates in the Pierre. 865-603-3126 865-549-5070. owner. Stunning, updated, BEACHPLACE BY Pierre. 865-603-3126 or 865-549-5070. beautifully furnished 2bed/2bath. parking Stunning,2 updated, BEACHPLACE BY owner. owner. Stunning, BEACHPLACE BY views. spaces. Fabulous Heated pool, tennis, beautifully furnished 2bed/2bath. 2 updated, parking beautifully furnished 2bed/2bath. 2Annual parking exercise rooms, clubhouse. Available or spaces. Fabulous views. Heated pool, tennis, spaces. views. Heated pool, tennis, Seasonal. Negotiable. Call 716-864-7911. exercise Fabulous rooms, clubhouse. Available Annual or exercise clubhouse. Available Annual or Seasonal.rooms, Negotiable. 716-864-7911. LONGBOAT BAYPORTCall BTC2BR 2BA Gulf front Seasonal. Negotiable. Call 716-864-7911. viewswifi-Monthly rentals 813-541-8876. LONGBOAT BAYPORT BTC2BR 2BA Gulf front LONGBOAT BAYPORT BTC2BR 2BA Gulf front LONGBOAT HARBOR: 2BR/2BA, top floor, eleviews- wifi-Monthly rentals 813-541-8876. viewswifi-Monthly rentals 813-541-8876. gant, furnished, bay/harbor views, pool, tennis, LONGBOAT HARBOR: 2BR/2BA, top floor, eleactivities, private beach. 2BR/2BA, 941-544-4509. LONGBOAT HARBOR: floor, elegant, furnished, bay/harbor views,top pool, tennis, gant, furnished, bay/harbor views, pool, tennis, activities, private beach. 941-544-4509. activities, private beach. 941-544-4509. Condos For Sale

Condos For For Sale Sale Condos

SEAPLACE: 3BR/2BA, NW corner view, see the sunset. Private parking,NW tennis court, pools, SEAPLACE: 3BR/2BA, corner view,2 see the $619,000. 941-383-1402. SEAPLACE: 3BR/2BA, corner view,2see the sunset. Private parking,NW tennis court, pools, sunset. Private parking, tennis court, 2 pools, $619,000. 941-383-1402. $619,000. 941-383-1402.

Homes For Rent

Homes For RentKey. Annual 3+ BEDROOM 2 Bath,For Longboat Homes Rent or Seasonal. 2Across street from 3+ BEDROOM Bath, Longboat Key. Beach. Annual 3+ 2Across Bath, Longboat Key. Annual Sunset deck, unobstructed viewsSingle car or BEDROOM Seasonal. street from Beach. or Seasonal. Across furnished, street from Beach. garage, washer/dryer, utilities. 55+ Sunset deck, unobstructed viewsSingle car Sunset unobstructed viewsSingle car community. Non-smoking, No pets. Annual, garage, deck, washer/dryer, furnished, utilities. 55+ garage, washer/dryer, furnished, utilities. 55+ $2700. 941-232-1357. community. Non-smoking, No pets. Annual, community. Non-smoking, No pets. Annual, $2700. 941-232-1357. LONGBOAT KEY HOME FOR RENT $2700. 941-232-1357. 3BR/1BA, sq/ft. FOR New RENT roof, New A/C, LONGBOAT1300 KEY HOME LONGBOAT KEY HOME FOR Completely remodeled. ClosetNew in Master, 3BR/1BA, 1300 sq/ft.Walk NewinRENT roof, A/C, 3BR/1BA, 1300 sq/ft.deck, NewinCarport roof, A/C, Covered Porch. Boat w/laundry Completely remodeled. Walk ClosetNew in Master, Completely remodeled. Walk Closet $1500/mo. in Master, room. Fully applianced. 1 yr.inCarport Lease. Covered Porch. Boat deck, w/laundry Covered Porch. Boat deck, w/laundry $1500/deposit, 727-686-5037. room. Fully applianced. 1 yr. Carport Lease. $1500/mo. room. Fully applianced. 1 yr. Lease. $1500/mo. $1500/deposit, 727-686-5037. $1500/deposit, Real727-686-5037. Estate Wanted

Real Estate Estate Wanted Wanted Real

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals Rentals Vacation/Seasonal


Weekly - Monthly - Seasonal Vacation/Seasonal Rentals Weekly - Monthly - Seasonal

Island. Professional non-smoking couple seeks For Qualified Waiting Clients Qualified Waiting Clients annual For rental. 941-348-7688.

Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals Vacation/Seasonal Rentals 941-225-1356 941-225-1356 392 FIREHOUSE LANE, LBK - Newer 2 BR home email:

email: in charming seaside neighborhood. 1 block to Personalized attention busy roads to cross. Heated communiPersonalized attention with professional honest advice. ty pool. with Clean & nicely honest decorated. professional advice.No pets. No 25smoking. Available- References short or available long term. Years Experience 25 Years Experience - References available Owner/agent, 941-544-0214. Part of the Florida International Realty of Sarasota Group. Part of the Florida International Realty of Sarasota Group.


Vacation/Seasonal 3BR, UPDATED, Rentals Vacation/Seasonal Rentals TASTEFULLY 392 FIREHOUSE LANE, DECORATED. LBK - Newer 2 BR home 392 FIREHOUSE LANE, LBK - Newer 1 2 BR home GULF & neighborhood. BAY VIEWS. in charming seaside block to in charming seaside neighborhood. block to CALL CYNTHIA 407-492-5749 busy roads to cross. Heated1 busy roads to cross. Heated community pool. Clean & nicely decorated. No pets. ty Clean Available & nicely decorated. No term. pets. No pool. smoking. or pricing long BEACHPLACE ON LBK: short Special until No smoking. Available short or long term. Owner/agent, 941-544-0214. end of December for beautiful 2BR unit, first Owner/agent, 941-544-0214. floor, modern furnishings, enclosed parking. Call BEACHPLACE 941-807-0897 forBEACHPLACE details. 3BR, UPDATED, 3BR, UPDATED, TASTEFULLY DECORATED. TASTEFULLY DECORATED. DEL MAR GULFCASA & BAY VIEWS. GULF & BAY407-492-5749 VIEWS. CALL CYNTHIA BEACH RESORT CALL CYNTHIA 407-492-5749 BEACHPLACE ON LBK: Special pricing until RENTALS 4 NIGHT MIN. BEACHPLACE ON LBK: Special pricing end of December for beautiful 2BR unit, until first end December for FRONT/ beautiful 2BR unit, first GULF GULF VIEW floor, of modern furnishings, enclosed parking. Call floor, modern furnishings, enclosed parking. Call 941-807-0897 for details. 941-807-0897 for details. Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925


“Take BEACH our video tour at” RESORT BEACH RESORT

RENTALS 4 NIGHT MIN. Office OpenRENTALS 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.MIN. 4 NIGHT 4621GULF Gulf ofFRONT/ Mexico Drive GULF VIEW GULF FRONT/ GULF VIEW Longboat Key 34228 WASHER/ DRYER IN EVERY UNIT Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Reservations: Visa/ MC BEAUTIFUL KITCHENS Fax: 941-383-5549 941-383-7925 Fax: 941-383-7925 LARGE HEATED POOL GULFSIDE “Take our video tour at” “Take our video tour at” FREE Wireless High Speed Internet Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Office4621 Open 7 Return Days, 9Year a.m. - 5 p.m. “Where People After Year” Gulf of Mexico Drive 4621 Gulf of Key Mexico Drive Longboat 34228 Longboat Key 34228 “INTENTIONALLY BETTER” WASHER/ DRYER IN EVERY UNIT WASHER/ DRYERKITCHENS IN EVERY UNIT BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL DIRECT GULF FRONT atKITCHENS Beachplace: LARGE HEATED POOL 2BR/2BA, LARGEGULFSIDE HEATED internet. POOL nicely furnished, wireless Available December 2012 GULFSIDE through December 2013. Non-smoking. Call Diane or Speed Mike 847-913-4562 . FREE Wireless High Internet FREE Wireless High Speed Internet “Where People Return Year After Year” Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 “Where People Return Year After Year ” Homes & Condominiums “INTENTIONALLY BETTER” Studios to Six Bedrooms “INTENTIONALLY BETTER” Beachfront, Intercoastal or Garden Excellent Service & Staff 2BR/2BA, DIRECT GULF FRONT at Beachplace: DIRECT GULF FRONT at Beachplace: nicely furnished, wireless internet. 2BR/2BA, Available FLORIDA VACATION nicely furnished, wireless internet. Available December 2012 throughCONNECTION December 2013. December 2012 through December 2013. Non-smoking. Call Diane or Mike 847-913-4562 . Non-smoking. Call Diane or Mike 847-913-4562. 941-387-9709 877-705-2460 Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 Homes & Condominiums Homes Studios&toCondominiums Six Bedrooms LBK BEACHFRONT 3BR condos, heated StudiosIntercoastal to1BR Six &Bedrooms Beachfront, or Garden pool, Beachfront, furnished. Intercoastal Starting ator $900 Gardenweekly. Excellent Service & Staff Outrigger Resort, 941-383-3844. Excellent Service & Staff LBK FLORIDA BEACHPLACE Beachfront, VACATIONCondo. CONNECTION FLORIDA VACATION CONNECTION 2BR/2BA. Elegantly furnished, internet access, heated pool, covered parking, exercise room. Available Sept, Oct., Dec. 2012 only. Non-smok941-387-9709 941-387-9709 ing/ pets. By owner. 941-383-1884. 877-705-2460 877-705-2460 LBK SANCTUARY. Beachfront SW corner 3BR/3BA. Available 1BR January thrucondos, March heated 2013. LBK BEACHFRONT & 3BR LBK BEACHFRONT 1BR & 3BR heated Call pool,941-587-1700. furnished. Starting at condos, $900 weekly. pool, furnished. Starting at $900 weekly. Outrigger Resort, Available 941-383-3844. LBK SEAPLACE. January-April. Lovely Outrigger Resort, 941-383-3844. 2BR, equipped, W/DCondo. in unit, lanai, garden LBK fully BEACHPLACE Beachfront, LBK BEACHPLACE view, steps to beach, furnished, pool,Condo. tennis, fullBeachfront, clubhouse 2BR/2BA. Elegantly internet access, 2BR/2BA. Elegantly furnished, amenities. Great! Non-smoking. Noaccess, pets. heated pool, covered parking, internet exercise room. heated parking, exercise room. 770-314-6321. Availablepool, Sept,covered Oct., Dec. 2012 only. Non-smokAvailable Sept, Oct.,941-383-1884. Dec. 2012 only. Non-smoking/ pets. By owner. LBK: NEW YEARS’ WEEK. Veranda Beach ing/ pets. By owner. 941-383-1884. Resort, 2BR/2BA, +LR sleep sofa. LBK SANCTUARY. queen Beachfront SW NEWLY corner LBK SANCTUARY. Beachfront SWamenities corner FURNISHED, partial Gulf view. All 3BR/3BA. Available January thruresort March 2013. 3BR/3BA. Available January thru March 2013. to included. Photos available. December 29th Call 941-587-1700. Call 941-587-1700. January 5th. By owner. 860-567-0122, E-mail: LBK SEAPLACE. Available January-April. Lovely LBK Available January-April. Lovely 2BR, SEAPLACE. fully equipped, W/D in unit, lanai, garden 2BR, fully equipped, unit, full lanai, garden view, steps to beach, W/D pool, in tennis, clubhouse view, steps toGreat! beach, Non-smoking. pool, tennis, full No clubhouse amenities. pets. LIDOGreat! BEACHNon-smoking. CONDOMINIUMS amenities. No pets. 770-314-6321. Weekly Monthly Seasonal 770-314-6321. LBK: NEW YEARS’ WEEK. Veranda Beach LBK: YEARS’ WEEK.sleep Veranda Beach Resort,NEW 2BR/2BA, +LR queen sofa. NEWLY Resort Properties, Inc.sofa. Resort, 2BR/2BA, +LR queen NEWLY FURNISHED, partial Gulf view. sleep All resort amenities FURNISHED, partialavailable. Gulf view. AllBroker resort amenities Real Estate December 29th to included. Licensed Photos December 29th to included. Photos available. January 5th. By owner. 860-567-0122, E-mail: Full Service Condominium Management January 5th. By owner. 860-567-0122, E-mail: 941-388-3921 - 888-388-3921 941-650-1857 Visit us at:


Real Estate Estate Wanted Wanted Real WANTED 2BR/2BA unfurnished on Anna Maria WANTED WANTED 2BR/2BA unfurnished oncouple Anna seeks Maria Island. Professional non-smoking Island. Professional non-smoking couple seeks annual rental. 941-348-7688. LUXURY ANNUAL RENTALS annual rental. 941-348-7688. For Qualified Waiting Clients

Say You You Saw Saw it it in in Say Contact - Sarasota Luxury Rentals 941-225-1356 email:

Personalized attention with professional honest advice. 25 Years Experience - References available Part of the Florida International Realty of Sarasota Group.


LIDO BEACH Vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom Resort Properties, Inc. condos overlooking beautifulInc. Lido Beach. Resort Properties, Licensed Real Estate Broker Rental condo. Weekly Licensed rates. Lido RealDorset. Estate Broker 1-800-734-3370. Full Service Condominium Management Full Service Condominium Management LONGBOAT HARBOR: 2BR/2BA, top floor, ele941-388-3921 - 888-388-3921 gant, furnished, bay/harbor views, pool, tennis, 941-388-3921 - 888-388-3921 941-650-1857 activities, private beach. 941-544-4509. 941-650-1857 Visit us at: Visit usKEY. at: LONGBOAT Gulf front, heated pool on beach, 1BR/1BA condo, full kitchen, dining, sleeps/4, king pillowtop. LIDO BEACH Vacation paradise. 1617-328-7145, & 2 bedroom LIDO BEACH Vacation paradise. & 2 bedroom 857-939-1049. condos overlooking beautiful 1 Lido Beach. condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Lido1BR Dorset. Weekly rates. condo. ON THE Gulf w/pool. condo,Rental sleeps 4. Nicely Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 1-800-734-3370. furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining 1-800-734-3370. area, W/D inHARBOR: building. Weekly or Monthly. LONGBOAT 2BR/2BA, top floor, May elethrough January. $1600/mo. 351-5101. LONGBOAT HARBOR: 2BR/2BA, floor, elegant, furnished, bay/harbor views,top pool, tennis, gant, furnished, bay/harbor views, pool, tennis, TH. Special Offer SEAPLACE CONDO, activities, private beach. 941-544-4509. activities, private beach. 941-544-4509. $2000/Month plus tax. Sept. to Dec. 2012 and LONGBOAT KEY. Gulfminimum. front, heated pool Jan. 2013. 2 month 2 bedrooms, LONGBOAT KEY.rental Gulfcondo, front, heated pool onbath, beach, 1BR/1BA full kitchen, 2 fully equipped, direct beach full access. on beach, 1BR/1BA condo, kitchen, dining, sleeps/4, king pillowtop. 617-328-7145, Ask: dining, sleeps/4, king pillowtop. 617-328-7145, 857-939-1049. 857-939-1049. UNIQUE CONTEMPORARY 2BR/2BA Condo ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely withTHE gorgeous view of mangrove bayou on LBK. ON Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining All amenities including best furnished, phone,Weekly fullkayak, kitchen, living,beach. dining area, W/Dcable, in building. or Monthly. May Available to mature, non-smoking coupleMay or area, W/D in building. Weekly or Monthly. through January. $1600/mo. 351-5101. single January. for the $1600/mo. season. 4351-5101. month minimum. through TH. Special Offer SEAPLACE CONDO, $4500/mo. No CONDO, pets. 770-335-9211. TH. to Special SEAPLACE $2000/Month plus tax. Sept. Dec. 2012Offer and $2000/Month plus tax. Sept. to Dec. 2012 and WEEKLY Luxurious, fully furnished Jan. 2013. RENTALS. 2 month rental minimum. 2 bedrooms, Jan. 2013. 2 month rental minimum. 2 bedrooms, 1 - 4 bedrooms. Condominiums Cottages. 2 bath, fully equipped, direct beachand access. 2 bath, fully equipped, direct beach access. Beach to Bay. On-site management. Pools, tennis, Ask: Ask: boat slips. Visit: for UNIQUE CONTEMPORARY 2BR/2BA Condo information and virtual tours. 800-333-7335, UNIQUE CONTEMPORARY 2BR/2BA Condo with gorgeous view of mangrove bayou on LBK. 941-383-3117. with gorgeous view of mangrove LBK. All amenities including kayak,bayou best on beach. All amenities including kayak, best beach. Available to mature, non-smoking couple or Available mature, non-smoking or single fortothe season. 4 month couple minimum. Weekly/ Monthly/ Seasonal Rates single for the season. 4 month minimum. $4500/mo. No pets. 770-335-9211. $4500/mo. No pets. 770-335-9211. Beachfront, Bayfront and In Between WEEKLY RENTALS. Luxurious, fully furnished Houses or Condos WEEKLY RENTALS. Luxurious, fully furnished 1 - 4 bedrooms. Condominiums and Cottages. 1 - 4 bedrooms. Condominiums Cottages. Beach to Bay. On-site management.and Pools, tennis, Beach Bay. On-site management. Pools, tennis, boat to slips. Visit: for Reservations 941-383-6127 boat slips. Visit: for information and virtual tours. 800-333-7335, Visa/ MC information and virtual tours. 800-333-7335, 941-383-3117. 941-383-3117. 800-352-0367

Weekly/ Seasonal Rates 5360 GulfMonthly/ of Mexico Dr., Suite 101 Weekly/ Monthly/ Seasonal Rates Beachfront, Bayfront In Between Longboat Key, and FL 34228 Beachfront, Bayfront and In Between or Condos RentalHouses office 9a.m. - 5p.m. M-F Houses or Condos Reservations Ask about our 941-383-6127 special rates! Reservations 941-383-6127 Visa/ Realty MC Wagner Visa/ MC 800-352-0367 Since 1939 800-352-0367 5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101 5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101 Longboat Key, FL 34228 Longboat Key, FL 34228 Auto 9a.m. Service Rental office - 5p.m. M-F Rental office 9a.m. - 5p.m. M-F WE WANT TO BUY YOUR VEHICLE!!!

Any Make, Any Model, Any Condition. Ask about our special rates! No Title Ask - Noabout Problem! Lien rates! - No Problem! ourBank special Paying up to $30,000 for Vehicles. Wagner Realty Call AJ now at Wagner Realty 813-335-3794 for aSince Free Quote 1939 or 813-531-4298.

Since 1939 Auto Transport

RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Drive your car North or South and back. 941-713-1596.

DID WE get your attention? You bet we did! DID WE get yourCleaning attention? You bet we did! Make your ad stand out with COLOR. KEY LINENout haswith expanded our MakeCLEANERS your ad & stand COLOR. Only in The Observer Classifieds. services. now offer Residential Cleaning. Only inWe The Observer Classifieds. Family owned for 24 years on LBK. Quality and Call 941-955-4888 to advertise. Call 941-955-4888 to advertise. Service, now in your home. 941-383-1222.

WINDOW WASHING. Single mom, hard worker, 10 yrs.+ experience. Honest and reliable. Call Mari, 941-404-5083, 813-317-9759.

This week’s Crossword answers



This week’s Cryptogram answers 1. Several surveys have shown that hard work never killed anybody. But why take the risk? 2. This classified ad did not get a lot of responses: “Guitar for sale. Pure sound and no strings attached.” CROSSWORD_ANS_092012

27A Classifieds 27A Classifieds 27A

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Telephone: 941-749-5646 LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT We can help with... Transportation, Personal Errands/Shopping, Doctor Appts, House Sitting, Home Organization, Social Events Pet & Special Projects of all types. Services Jill JonesHOTEL. 941-587-4715. DOGGY 24 Hour Daycare. Brown Avenue

All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Free Estimates & Custom Designs.

Call Ashdown Flooring, Inc. LICENSED (941) 726-3077 INSURED



/,6 ,/ Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;,  Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;, / Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-/ Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/ ,,<<" ,iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x160; Â?i>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;-i>Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2030;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;,iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;Ă&#x203A;>Â?

ISLAND CONCIERGE. No time? We can help you. Shopping, errands, travel arrangements, etc. 941-778-3203.





PRO-PLUMBING WORKS, LLC. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where the Customer Comes Firstâ&#x20AC;?

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will move anything from a couch to a householdâ&#x20AC;?


Phone (941) 704-4278 Fax (941) 538-3781


UĂ&#x160;, *,-Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;, "   UĂ&#x160; 7Ă&#x160; " -/,1 /" Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;  , 9Ă&#x160;- ,6 Ă&#x160; Family Owned & Operated UĂ&#x160;7/ ,Ă&#x160; / ,2 Florida State Cert. Master Plumbers UĂ&#x160;- 7 ,Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; , Ă&#x160;    Ă&#x160; #CFC1426596

Since 1975

Classified Ads Bring Results 941-955-4888


We sell boxes! U.S. DOT No. 1915800










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Make Your Phone Ring Team Up With Classifieds

941-955-4888 WINDOWS

Wash Lic./Ins. rise Wisnudreow n u Cleanin ing S and Pres g


Environmentally Friendly




Independently Owned and Operated Franchise

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Call Now Before Storms Hit Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Get Caught Offguard $25 OFF with mention s&ULLPLUMBINGSERVICES of this ad s3EPTICTANKPUMPING Â&#x2C6;ViÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;`i`Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i`




South Florida Tub & Tile ReďŹ nishing

Waly Precision


Fully Licensed and Insured

Reserved Space PAINTING LP Reserved Space

 -//" Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ,/9Ă&#x160;  "7-

-!2).!$2 (/,-%3"%!#(s/0%.3!4



OR 778-4461




27 Years Experience

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Call Ashdown Flooring, Inc. LICENSED (941) 726-3077 INSURED

in the




SayProfessional You Saw it in Services

Dave McCarthy



Grout Cleaning & Sealing Service Available


SMS Mobile Marine Service *36)LVKILQGHU,QVWDOODWLRQÂ&#x2021;2XWERDUGV ,2ÂŞVÂ&#x2021;,QERDUGV Call for appointmentÂ&#x2021;941-232-3523


near Bee Ridge and 41 behind Sleep King (new owner). First day FREE. Grooming by Mark. Meet and greet and get a treat. 941-554-4620.

Expert Marble & Travertine Installation Floor & Walls

Grout Cleaning & Sealing Service Available



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OFF + Additional 

For Senior Citizens Prices Include:

Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;>VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-VĂ&#x20AC;iiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;


SECUR-ALL INSURANCE AGENCY x£äĂ&#x160; 9Ă&#x160;- -Ă&#x160;," ]Ă&#x160;-1/ Ă&#x160;ÂŁĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;"  "/Ă&#x160; 9]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;­ - Ă&#x160;-1 /,1-/Ă&#x160;  ÂŽ

941-383-3388 -/"*Ă&#x160; 9Ă&#x160;

Ă&#x160; /Ă&#x160;9"1,Ă&#x160;" Ă&#x160; /-]Ă&#x160;- ,Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ", Ă&#x160; - ,




Personal Services

FIND IT! Say You Saw it in Expert Marble & Travertine Installation Floor & Walls



pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. BONDED & INSURED 941-744-1020. 35+ experience. Over 25years yrs. experience


Roof Repairs, Coatings, Painting, Power Washing, OWN A MAC/IPHONE/IPAD? MacTutor offers 21 Property Management, Home Watching. LBK years experience. free telephone follow Resident. Lic./Ins. Unlimited 941-962-4867. up. (941)812-3887

TILE SERVICES TILE JOHNTILE GUBERNAT Residential/ Commercial. Handyman Repairs, All Variations Ceramic Tile Washing, Roof Repairs, Coatings, of Painting, Power Supplied & Home Installed. Property Management, Watching. LBK Free Estimates & Custom Designs. Resident. Lic./Ins. 941-962-4867.


ď&#x20AC;´ Bill Paying & Account Reconciliation ď&#x20AC;´ Organizing Personal and Business Files CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. ď&#x20AC;´ Budgets & Financial Reports Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair Federal andWallpaper State Taxinstallation Returns & removal, ď&#x20AC;´ retexturing. and


Computer 20 years design Services background. Licensed - Insured - LBK Resident References request. Cmagik - LBK resident,upon servicing our island year 941-383-2659 round for over 12 yrs. Bachelors Degree with 20 yrs. experience, PC or MAC. Professional help with computers, iPad/iPhones and tutoring. References uponGUBERNAT request. JOHN SERVICES Call Cort: 383-3878, 587-5588 Residential/ Commercial. Handyman Repairs,

20 years design background. TILE AND STONE REPAIR Licensed - Insured - LBK Resident Interior/Exterior, Expertupon Solutions & Warranties References request. Ozzie Lopez, 941-822-1743 941-383-2659

CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. 726-1802Licensed & insured. Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair LIC/ INS and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. 941-744-1020. 35+ years experience. TILE AND STONE REPAIR Interior/Exterior, Expert Solutions & Warranties Personal Services Ozzie Lopez, 941-822-1743 LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT We can help with... Transportation, Personal Errands/Shopping, Doctor Appts, House Sitting, Home Organization, Social Events TILE & Special TILEProjects TILE of all types. Jill Jones 941-587-4715.


Cleaning $20/hr. HANDY MAN SERVICES Bonded-Honest - Reliable. 941-536-3869. KEY CLEANERS & LINEN has expanded our services. We now offer Residential Cleaning. Family owned for 24 years on LBK. Quality and ISLE TILE Service, now in your home. 941-383-1222. FOR â&#x20AC;&#x153;QUALITY AND EXPERIENCEâ&#x20AC;? WINDOW WASHING. Single mom, hard worker, 10 yrs.+ Floors, experience. Honest showers, and reliable. Call bathrooms, Mari, 941-404-5083, backsplashes,813-317-9759. patio and pool decks.



20 YRS. EXPERIENCE ISLE TILE CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE 726-1802 FOR â&#x20AC;&#x153;QUALITY AND EXPERIENCEâ&#x20AC;? LIC/ INS Floors, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, patio and pool decks.

RETIRED LONGBOAT KEY police officer. Drive Home Improvement/ Remodeling your car North or South and back. 941-713-1596.

YOUR PERSONAL BOOKKEEPER, LLC URBANTREND RENOVATION Tile & Marble Gail expertSunray, installation Owner Kitchen & Bath remodeling Fine carpentry & entertainment unit Personal & Business Bookkeeping Stone floor restoration/maintenance Accounting/ Taxes 20 years experience in Sarasota Insured & Lic#CGC1519607 Free estimate callto941-306-7778 I come your home or office.

Kitchen & Bath remodeling STEVE ALLEN FLOOR COVERINGS Fine carpentry & entertainment unit Stone floor restoration/maintenance TILE & MARBLE 20 yearsPROFESSIONAL experience in Sarasota INSTALLATION Insured & Lic#CGC1519607 Free estimate call 941-306-7778 20 YRS. EXPERIENCE




Cmagik - LBK Auto resident,Service servicing our island year round for over 12 yrs. Bachelors Degree with WE WANT TO BUY PC YOUR VEHICLE!!! 20 yrs. experience, or MAC. Professional help Any Any Model, Any Condition. withMake, computers, iPad/iPhones and tutoring. No Title No Problem! Bank Lien - No Problem! References upon request. Paying up to $30,000 for Vehicles. Call AJ now at Call Cort: 383-3878, 587-5588 813-335-3794 for a Free Quote or 813-531-4298. OWN A MAC/IPHONE/IPAD? MacTutor offers 21 years experience. Unlimited free telephone follow Auto Transport up. (941)812-3887 Home Improvement/ Remodeling Home Improvement/ Remodeling Personal Services URBANTREND RENOVATION Home Improvement/ Remodeling Tile Home Improvement/ Remodeling Home Improvement/ Remodeling & Marble expert installation


THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 THE LONGBOAT OBSERVER Thursday, September 20, 2012 Thursday, September 20, 2012 Computer Services


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Sales 1. 100 South Warbler Lane 2. 611 Mourning Dove 3. Water Club 602 4. 9250 Blind Pass Road 5. 200 Bird Key Drive 6. 604 Mourning Dove 7. L’Ambiance H802 8. Grand Bay 466 9. Sanctuary A201 10. Water Club 204 11. 520 Harbor Cay 12. 2869 Alex McKay Place 13. 658 Mourning Dove* 14. Grand Bay 261 15. 658 Mourning Dove* 16. 485 E Royal Flamingo* 17. Grand Bay 211 18. Tangerine Bay 512


Sold Price $3,300,000 $3,000,000 $2,212,500 $1,900,000 $1,675,000 $1,650,000 $1,500,000 $1,300,000 $1,300,000 $1,200,000 $1,075,000 $1,075,000 $980,696 $975,000 $950,000 $950,000 $925,000 $856,250

Sales 19. Grand Bay 172 20. Water Club 208 21. 1930 Wisteria Lane 22. Promenade 402 23. 581 Golf Links 24. 8419 Midnight Pass Road 25. Seaplace 412 26. 1125 Bogey Lane 27. 432 Partridge 28. 551 Yardarm Lane 29. 530 Wedge Lane* 30. Grand Bay 626 31. 512 Cutter Lane 32. 512 Halyard Lane 33. Beach Place 103 34. 552 Ranger Lane 35. Seaplace G7-403 36. Regency House 404

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Pending Contracts 1. 607 Mourning Dove 2. Mourning Dove 3. 561 Cutter Lane 4. 601 Yardarm Lane

List Price $3,995,000 $2,599,000 $1,295,000 $849,000

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LONGBOAT HARBOUR TOWERS On one of Siesta’s most coveted streets, this deep-water home offers lovely views and great space. $1,395,000

BAY ISLES A boater’s dream with over 200' of water frontage on a protected, deep water harbor. Lovely 4BR with high ceilings, cook’s kitchen and open floor plan. $1,399,000 Overlooking Harbourside Golf Course and its lakes, this 4,500+ sq. ft. home is ready for you and your family! $868,000 Updated from top to bottom. Charming pool and garden views. Light, bright and ready for your personal touch. $725,000

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Art in her veins

by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor


Make-A-Wish of Central and Northern Florida’s ‘Rock of Ages’


BACKSTAGE PASS Choreographer Jolie Rand provides a fresh take on the musical ‘Applause.’ PAGE 5

Mallory Gnaegy

Jackie Peters Cully will cover six leaves a night for her upcoming art installation in May. The paper she uses is leftover from her other projects painting silk clothing and scarves.

NATURALDESIGN Textile designer Jackie Peters Cully teaches community members how to make artful leaves for her upcoming art installation. The nature-inspired project will be featured in May, at Art Center Sarasota.


hat another artist might discard, Jackie Peters Cully sees as another medium for her craft — she uses all of it. A silk scarf in the making, sits on blank brown parchment paper. As she paints color on the fabric, dye seeps

through onto the protective sheets of parchment below it. Cully then uses a roll of toilet paper to rub the ink into the silk. The rolls of toilet paper, colored in streaks of bright dye, will next be used in a skirt she is producing in April for the iconcept fashion show fundraiser.


HIGHLIGHTS Fundraising support pours out for South Florida Museum at ‘Vinology’ PAGE 4

2  ■ Diversions


The leftover colorful parchment paper will be used for a special installation coming to Art Center Sarasota in May. Four hundred colorful leaves will hang from ceiling to floor — the result of a community project that she has initiated with the help of the Art Center. “Oh, it’s a beautiful story,” she says of how the idea came formed. It started when Cully found two leaves outside of her house. She brought them inside, and they sat on her bookshelf for six months. Using polymer glue, she eventually covered the leaves with the dye-stained parchment from her latest textile design project, and they sat for another six months. “I couldn’t figure out what to do with them, but I knew something would happen because that’s the way my life goes,” she says. It was an artist friend of Cully’s, who, upon seeing the leaves, suggested she turn them into an art installation — Cully’s first. Cully could envision what it would look like, but she knew the project would need more leaves than she could produce on her own. Cully recalled an article she read about a Nigerian artist who taught boys in his community how to flatten bottle caps for an installation on which he was working. The idea spurred the solution to her massive leaf installation. “It’s going to be a community project,” Cully says. No two leaves will be alike. They will all be different shapes, sizes and varieties; and a differ-


(continued from page 1)

Jackie Peters Cully’s colorful leaves. For her community project, each side of the leaf will be decorated by a different person. ent person will design and decorate each side of the leaf. Cully has already led three workshops at the Art Center to teach local children how to decorate the leaves. “We’re (hoping) to do Boys and Girls (Club), Booker High School, The Friendship Center and the Women’s Resource Center, among other places,” she says. The first workshop for adults was held Monday, Sept. 17. She plans to host at least one a month until the installation takes place. Cully tries to make six leaves a night. As a retired textile designer, her paper placement has a defined sense of purpose that reflects her artful eye. In July, the installation will be moved to Florida Craftsman Gallery, in St. Petersburg. But Cully has aspirations for it to keep moving. “You know what I hope?” she asks with hushed excitement. “That it goes to New York.” New York City is a place she knows well; it was there that

Cully achieved her childhood dreams. She was the first black stylist and textile designer in the United States. “Since I was 5 years old, I knew I was going to be an artist,” Cully says. When one of her high school teachers in Boston found out Cully (then Peters) was going to study at The Art Institute of Chicago, she told her that there was no place in the fashion market for a black artist. “But I didn’t pay any attention to her,” Cully laughs. “I was going to be a fashion designer.” While most women her age were getting married or studying to become secretaries, nurses or schoolteachers, Cully was attending art school in Chicago. Around 1951, Cully moved to Paris to continue learning. After a year in one of the fashion capitals of the world, she returned home to Boston and began her search for a job as a dress designer. “There were no black designers; just as my teacher said,” Cul-

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

A sketch of Jackie Peters Cully’s art installation. Cully’s goal is to create 400 leaves, but she will work with as many as are completed.

In the Studio: Watch the participants at Art Center Sarasota cover leaves in this week’s In The Studio.

ly says. She eventually moved to New York. But, she was encouraged to pursue textile design when a Vogue editor saw her portfolio during an interview. It was a good fit. After 12 jobs in 12 years, Cully had made a name for herself. “It was always upward, better jobs and bigger places,” she says. Cully became well-known for her textile designs and was featured in many publications, from The New York Times to Ebony. She also sold her designs to the likes of Macy’s and Oscar de la Renta. By 1966, Cully held one of the highest positions she could — a stylist at a design house. Then, in 1979, she took the next big career: She stepped out on her own to start Jackie Peters Design Studio.

By 1966, Cully was making an unheard of salary in the highest position she could hold — a stylist at a design house. Then in 1979, she took the next big career step going out on her own to start Jackie Peters Design Studio. In 2000, Peters retired from textile design and moved to Sarasota, but she continues to make her mark on the world of design, one leaf at a time. “I think if you have a passion, no matter what it is … don’t ever give up,” she says, “Stick around for the miracle that can happen in your life.”

To find out about Cully’s free leaf workshops, visit Art Center Sarasota’s website:

2 0 1 2

Independence Plus the Security of On-Site Healthcare Services

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art scene

+ Young boy enjoys first museum visit



Follow me on Twitter @MalloryGnaegy and on my Facebook page, Mallory Gnaegy (Observer), to get the latest A&E scoop.

by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

To submit A&E listings or news tips, call 366-3468, Ext. 364 or email me at

+ Eviction may have been a drag, but have no fear Drag Queen Bingo will still take place every Friday in its new home at The Players Theatre. Miss Beneva Fruitville announced last week that, starting in October, The Players would take on the queens in all of their glory.

File photo

Producer Laura Daniel Gale, aka Lady LaLa; original dame Mariel Purdon, aka Mademoiselle Rowdy Pants; Boylesque performer David Charlton, aka Top Hat Dave; and founding dame Virginia Hughes, aka Miss Petite Coquette

+ Get ’em while they’re hot And I’m talking tickets; the women (and men) of Black Diamond Burlesque are always hot. I attended the troupe’s September show, and it was a blast, from the whipped cream and gorilla suit, right down to the clothes-eating snake. And I haven’t been able to get Top Hat Dave’s tassels out of my head since that show. It might seem early to buy tickets for an Oct. 20 show, but the the group sold a quarter of the October show’s tickets before they even went on stage this month. I hear it’s going to be a Halloween-themed affair — full of tricks, treats and lots of tease. Call 925-FUNY for tickets or go online to

Local writer Pamela Beck has a column, called ARTdart, on Sarasota Visual Art’s website. One of her recent columns about art and youthfulness is a not-to-be missed piece. Beck’s piece recaps the story of a John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art docent’s recent tour. The docent was in awe of Michael, a little boy on her tour. Michael’s excitement and enthusiasm, as told by Beck, was impressive and scholarly. He asked questions and had an almost professional take on seeing the museum for the first time. The story reminds you to trust future generations and to see things through innocent eyes. I’ll provide a link on my Facebook page, Mallory Gnaegy (Observer).


+ We’ve got talent, yes we do

Sarasota is crawling with talent — I’ve seen it with my own eyes. But, I dare you to prove it in person at the fourth annual Sarasota’s Got Talent auditions. Auditions take place 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, at Plymouth Harbor. All ages are welcome to the event sponsored by Julie Rohr Academy. The first-place winner in each category wins $200 and the claim to fame of being the most talented of 2012. Call 371-4979 for an audition time.

Hot tickets

Popcorn Bob’s latest Movie Magic reviews feature “Sleep Walk With Me,” “Possession” and “The Imposter.”

>> s/ART/q Print Party: Bring clothing, bags, pillowcases or anything you might like to get screen printed with a local artist’s design to the s/ART/q third annual Print Party. The event will take place from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22 and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 23, at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center, 525 Kumquat Court, Sarasota.

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HIGHLIGHTS by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

South Florida Museum uncorks an evening of ‘fun’draising The glasses were certainly half full Friday, Sept. 14, at South Florida Museum’s fundraising event, Vinology. Seminars were offered to examine, evaluate and understand the science of wine. Attendees learned about pairing various varietals with small bites offered from Anna Maria Oyster Bar, Harry’s

Continental Kitchens, The Lazy Lobster, Michael’s On East and other restaurants. There were plenty of opportunities to say hello to Snooty, the museum’s resident manatee, and stroll through the exhibits, all in the name of raising funds for South Florida Museum’s education program.

J.P. and Beth Machek

Bob and Diane Beck

Val Shaw with Vanessa and Neal Finelli

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Rebecca Fortson, Laura Leiter, Kellie Holcomb and Jenevieve Donovan

Rena Carideo, Amer Lucas and Tanya Hasse

Jim Rawe, Brian Hoban, Kennedy Legler and Tommy O’Brien

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By Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

Rand’s Rundown: Best overall production she’s ever seen: “Young Frankenstein” on Broadway in 2008 Show she would love to choreograph: “Bye Bye Birdie” Favorite show she’s choreographed: “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” Favorite show in which she’s performed: a national tour of “Guys and Dolls” A show she hasn’t seen but wants to: “In the Heights” Show she’s most looking forward to during Sarasota’s upcoming season: “Sideshow” at The Players Theatre

Mallory Gnaegy

“I have to say that, honestly, (the process) hasn’t been difficult,” choreographer Jolie Rand says. “I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to choreograph at The Players … I have the opportunity to do what I love to do in a place that’s my home.”

Players’ choreography sure to garner some ‘applause’ N

estled among the glowing lights of the Vegas Strip lived choreographer Jolie Rand and her daughter, Nikki. Rand was leading a Broadway children’s theater that she founded, called Broadway Bound, and she was simultaneously choreographing shows for high schools and a local community theater. Vegas wasn’t all that bad, but Rand was ready to leave the drone of electronic slot machine sounds and streets bustling with tourists. “(Nikki) was going into high school, so we thought we needed a change; we wanted to move to a family-oriented community,”

Rand says. Nikki, also a dancer, now attends Booker High School. Rand’s parents live in Sarasota, and she and her daughter would visit frequently. In 2010, they moved here permanently. Rand was glad to come to a warm place away from the hustle and bustle. Two days after arriving in Sarasota, Nikki auditioned for “Mame” at The Players Theatre and was cast. “When we walked through the doors, Jeffery (Kin) was so warm, giving and kind ... We’ve never gone to any other theaters — it’s our home,” Rand says. Rand, who started as a triple

threat (dancer, singer and actress) at age 9, has been involved in theater her whole life. At age 17, after attending a performing-arts high school, Rand spent summers in Atlanta performing and dancing at Six Flags Over Georgia. It was there that she befriended DeWayne Barrett, a fellow performer and now a fellow Sarasotan. Rand tapped her way to a dance school in New York and a professional dance school in London where she began to excel outside of performance. “My leadership skills as a dance captain and choreographer were noted early,” she says. “So, I knew

if I couldn’t perform that it was a skill that was already honed and recognized.” Rand continued to perform but “got heavy into the choreographing and directing” in the early ’90s. She began choreographing at Broadway star Terrence Mann’s regional theater in North Carolina on and off for two years — it was her first big job. But she’d also worked with Barrett creating choreography for the themepark show at Six Flags. When Rand first settled here, it had been some time since she had performed, but she dusted off her dance shoes and took the stage with her daughter in The Players’ “A Chorus Line” in February. She also directed the Summer Sizzler, “Stay.” But, because she had choreographed professionally, she was hoping for something more. “Jeffery knew that I was interested (in choreographing), so he provided me with this opportunity,” Rand says. After listening to the music from “Applause,” Rand had a vision. Created by meshing current Broadway choreography and different dance styles, Rand says she took a fresh approach to the musical, which runs Thursday, Sept. 20, through Sept. 30, at The Players. “It’s not the ‘Applause’ people might know from the ’70s,” she says. “It’s a new take … the choreography is alive, and the staging and directing is hip and current.” One of most enjoyable elements of choreographing is

ip bersh aived m e M W n Feeed Time o i t a i t imi nit for a

IF YOU GO ‘Applause’ When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20. Runs through Sunday, Sept. 30 Where: The Players Theatre, 838 N. Tamiami Trail Tickets: $25 For more info: Call 3652494 or visit

raw Our fres oyst h, sh ers a ucke re de d licio us!


spending time with her daughter, who is the dance captain for the show. “It’s a great way to raise a teenager — to have (the same) passion and do what we love to do,” she says. Rand hopes to continue working with The Players Theatre in the future. “They opened the doors, and we’re staying,” Rand says. “We love it here.”



Dock and Dine and Have Some Wine

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6  ■ Diversions >>


camera ready By Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

ALSO OUT YOUTH’s 20th Anniversary Gala Sept. 7 | Polo Grill

Bev Alter, Jordan Panuelo, Mark Bowers, Kathy Carbone and Ed Folts

Maggie Davenport, ALSO Out Youth assistant director, and Greg Taylor, board president

Zara Barrie, Zamarit Rodriguez and Erika Mudafort

Ann Friedman, Mark Steinwachs and Sarasota Mayor Suzanne Atwell

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

Roger Capote and Jim Wilson with Wilson’s children, Brandon and Alexis

Joey Panek and Carrie

Nishit Patel, Cody Dolly and Brandon Ikerd



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Saturday \ N O V E M B E R 1 7 \ Noon - 2 pm Longboat Key Club & Resort \ 301 Gulf of Mexico Dr.





camera ready By Rachel S. O’Hara | Staff Photographer

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

Sarah Robbins, Amanda Mason and Katie Wyatt with Alene and Jimmy Fowler

Make-A-Wish OF Central and Northern Florida’s Rock of AGES Friday, Sept. 14 | Michael’s Wine Cellar

We don’t take the responsibility for your giving decisions lightly. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will help you connect with the causes you care most about. And give you peace of mind to know your gifts will have the greatest impact—on you, your family and in the lives of others—for years to come. Now that’s return on investment. Jenn McAlister, Kimberly Marlow and Renee Phinney

Zara Barrie’s shoes

To learn more, visit or call 941-955-3000. Ask us how easy it is to give through a donor advised fund.



Molly Klauber and Bridget McGrath

Phil Mancini, Mike Mancini and Brent Greeno

More than 100 people attended Rock of Ages Friday, Sept. 14, to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

8  ■ Diversions

$10 museum admission

October 10–13, 2012

with your purchase of any stage production or film

• • • •


ensemble basiani shantala shivalingappa pig iron theatre company mark morris Dance group anD mmDg music ensemble

Sarasota / Bradenton, Florida

experience a riaf


film for only $10 Carmen and Geoffrey

Carmen de Lavallade and Geoffrey Holder, two living legends of American dance, are the subjects of this documentary by Linda Atkinson and Nick Doob. Filmed over several years in the US, Trinidad and Paris, the film features interviews and dance performances with Alvin Ailey, Herbert Ross, Lester Horton, Joe Layton, Duke Ellington, and Josephine Bake.

Directed by Linda Atkinson and Nick Doob (80 minutes) Thu, OcT 11: 2:00 hisTOric AsOLO TheATer TickeTs: $10

Joseph Brodsky: In the prIson of LatItudes

This film about Nobel Prize-winning poet and essayist, Joseph Brodsky blends interviews, cityscapes and audio of Brodsky to create a poetic homage to one of the 20th century’s great literary talents.

Directed by Jan Andrews (60 minutes) Fri, OcT 12: 2:00 hisTOric AsOLO TheATer TickeTs: $10

park avenue armory event by The Merce cuNNiNghAM DANce cOMpANy AND LaByrInth WIthIn Directed by pontus Lidberg (90 minutes) sAT, OcT 13: 5:00 MerTz TheATre TickeTs: $10

THe DirTY DOZen BraSS BanD

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s historic final performances, concluding the Company’s globetrotting Legacy Tour and celebrating the late, great choreographer’s life and work. AND A haunting take on jealousy, Labyrinth Within posits a man, a woman, and an elusive lover in a series of intense pas de deux. Danced to a score by David Lang, the work features New York City Ballet principal Wendy Whelan, Giovanni Bucchieri and Pontus Lidberg, who also directed the film.

SaT, OcT 13: 6:30

riAf closing night pArty muSeum memBerS $75 nOn-memBerS $85

Join us in the Museum of Art Courtyard to enjoy an array of New Orleans inspired cuisine and raise a toast to RIAF 2012. Featuring the world-famous New Orleans music machine, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, whose name is synonymous with genre-bending romps and high-octane performances. “Twenty-five years from its New Orleans debut, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band continues to be a national treasure: steeped in both the past and the present, impossible to categorize, and mighty funky.”

Music / Dance / Theater / Film

photo: michael weintrob

– The New York Times


for ticKEts, cAll (941) 360-7399 or

Longboat Observer 09.20.12  

Longboat Observer 09.20.12