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by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Colony neighbors oppose extension The board at the Aquarius Club wants the commission to deny a Colony Association request to extend a re-opening deadline. It seeks support from residents of other neighboring properties.

Photo courtesy of Johnna Brynn

Tim and Heather Roberts

+ Hollywood Haunt Orchid Beach Club resident Heather Roberts celebrated her 50th birthday Thursday Aug 9., with a ‘40s supper club-themed surprise party at Crosley Mansion. It was a scene out of golden-age Hollywood as a band played crooner-style tunes while guests sipped champagne and noshed on apps before dinner. The night was hosted by Heather’s father, Roy Palmer. Susan Palmer, Marilyn Paderewski and Beverly Underwood facilitated the ambiance.

+ Synagogue Open House Are you looking for a temple to call your own? On Sunday, Aug. 26 there will be a community-wide synagogue open house. Ten congregations will open their doors for a tour and to meet the leadership. Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road, will open its doors from 1 to 4 p.m. Call 383-3428 for more information.

+ Taste of the World Foodies unite at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17 at Pattigeorge’s, 4120 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Cook along with Proprietor and Chef Tommy Klauber, who will lead an interactive dinner to teach how to create dishes from India, Greece, Thailand and France. Call 383-5111 for reservations and more information.

Turtle tracks

When Greg Van Howe bought his unit at the Aquarius Club in 2003, he thought its location next to the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort was an asset. Back then, it was a vibrant resort with restaurants and shops within walking distance.

ing that is falling down are visible. “It looks like a broken-down, burned-down slum,” said Van Howe, one of two vice presidents on the condominium’s fivemember board. Most board members are out of town for the summer.


Aug. 19, 1942:

But after the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Association sent a letter stating its intent to ask the Longboat Key Town Commission to grant an 18-month extension of the Dec. 31 deadline for re-


by Matt Walsh | Editor

The late Gen. James Edmundson flew one of his most heroic missions 70 years ago. Fifty-five years later, he met, via letters, the men he saved.

‘Tell it to the Marines’ For the late Lt. Gen. James V. Edmundson, Longboat Key’s most decorated veteran, this coming Sunday, Aug. 19, 70 years ago, was one of his most heroic missions. He earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for sinking a Japanese warship and saving the lives of hundreds of outgunned Marines who were pinned down and helpless on the beach of Lungo Point on Guadalcanal Island in the South Pacific. The odds that he and his crew would survive and be victorious were not in their favor. And it wasn’t until 54 years later, in 1996, that Gen. Edmundson would finally converse, by letter, with some of the Marines who lived because, as the late Admiral C.W. Nimitz put it, of Edmundson and his crew’s “extraordinary achievement.”

... Gen. Edmundson and his wife, Lee, settled on Longboat Key, in a home on the tip of Marbury Lane on north end of the Key after 36 years of extraordinary achievements in three wars (World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War): 181 combat missions, 24 medals, including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star, three Legions of Merit and seven Distin-

guished Flying Crosses. Even post-military, Gen. Edmundson distinguished himself as a leader on Longboat Key, becoming a commissioner and serving two terms as mayor. The Longboat Post Office bears his name. Gen. Edmundson also was the bedrock of the Longboat Key Kiwanis Club, holding court in his home to initiate new members into the expectations of being a Kiwanian. Those who personally remember the general always speak of him in awe. Like many World War II heroes, he was humble. But there was something about him, even when he wore a guyabera shirt at the Thursday Kiwanis breakfasts. Just by looking at Gen. Edmundson, you could feel and sense something special and important. Fellow Kiwanian and retired Army Col. Al Bagot said of Edmundson shortly after he died in June 2001: “Even as a civilian, the general had a military bearing. He was always erect, always polite. He carried himself as if there was this inborn thing about loyalty to country and flag.” But you wouldn’t get a sense of the depths of his heroism un-


File photo

Gen. James Edmundson earned 24 medals for his bravery fighting in three U.S. wars. But letters from those he helped save reflect the true depth of his service.

Without you, we would never have survived ... It is nice to know who was flying the fortress.

Week of Aug. 5 through Aug. 11

Nests.................................4 False crawls.......................6 2012 2011 Nests 623 266 False crawls 466 247

Fast-forward nine years. The resort has been shuttered since 2010. Units that overlook the property can see the deterioration of the wooden buildings. From the beach outside the property, buildings with boarded windows, holes in the wood and sid-

— John W. Burke of Wilmington, Del., wrote to Edmundson

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Longboat Observer


st. armands circle

COLONY / FROM PAGE 1 opening the resort as a tourism property, the board held an emergency meeting by phone and voted unanimously to oppose the request. Without the extension, the property could lose its tourism status, which would result in the grandfathered 237-unit property being limited to six units per acre on 15 acres, or 90 units. The board sent a letter Friday, Aug. 10, to Mayor Jim Brown opposing any extension. It is also asking boards of nearby properties such as Tencon, the Players Club and Seaplace to oppose the petition as well. Mike Boesen, manager of the 10-unit Tencon, located just south of the Colony, said he put Aquarius Club members in touch with a member of his board. “We’ve got 25 boxes worth of rat traps out there,” he said, describing the impact of the Colony in its current state on his property. The Longboat Observer could not reach board members at the Players Club Tuesday for comment. Reached at his Illinois residence, Terry Kall, president of Seaplace’s board, said the board will not meet until October and would need to seek input from unit owners before taking a position. Aquarius Club General Manager Debbie Fulton said she frequently calls police because she notices people wandering through the property. The Aquarius Club’s letter cites the extension granted by the commission in 2011, which extended the deadline beyond the Aug. 15, 2011 date — one year after the property closed — by 16-and-a-half months, stating: “The parties involved in this dispute have apparently squandered the initial extension period and, from our perspective, have made virtually no progress in resolving their issues. How could anyone believe an additional 18 months would do anything other than allow the continuing deterioration of the property! Why would the

by Kurt Schultheis | City Editor

BID extension moving forward A push for a 10-year extension of the Circle taxing district sets the stage for landscape maintenance and a parking garage project.

Robin Hartill

Windows at the back of the resort’s restaurant facing the beach are now boarded.

Commission give up the only leverage they appear to have in moving this forward!” The letter also states that the property’s current state raises health and safety issues and has caused concerns among prospective buyers and renters. Asked to comment on the Aquarius Club’s letter Tuesday, Association Board President Jay Yablon said: “I fully understand and sympathize with their frustration about the state of affairs at the Colony. In a situation where too many people have already cut off their noses to spite other people’s faces, I expect that the Town Commission will have the presence of mind not to follow suit.” Yablon said that the Association has directly addressed any issue reported by the town but has never heard directly from residents of the Aquarius Club. “If there are specific things we can do to work with them to address their specific concerns, we are happy to do so,” he said. “Suggesting that 140 units should be taken away from the Colony is really not the most prudent way to address whatever concerns our neighbors may have.” The Association will bring its request to the commission at its 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4 meeting, which is rescheduled from its usual Monday date because of Labor Day.

The St. Armands Circle Business Improvement District Board of Directors officially agreed to move forward with a 10-year extension of its Circle taxing district during its Tuesday, Aug. 14 meeting. The 10-year extension, Circle officials believe, will help fund future Circle enhancements, including a coveted parking garage. Leading BID organizer and Chairman Marty Rappaport received support for the extension after he told board directors the suggested changes for BID requirements moving forward received commission approval. During the meeting, members emphasized the BID’s top priority would continue to be capital improvement projects if the taxing district is extended. A $233,427 fiscal year budget that begins this fall includes an enhanced maintenance budget line item of $40,000. The Circle is preparing to spend more in the upcoming year to keep landscaping in top shape because the city doesn’t have the money to maintain the Circle. The budget also includes $20,000 for legal expenses, with much of that money expected to go toward funding a BID extension. At least 20% of the Circle’s landowners must now sign a petition for a referendum effort that’s expected to cost at least $15,000. Rappaport also made it known that a Capital Improvement Ad Hoc Committee, formed of Circle residents, merchants and landowners, has formulated a wish list for the Circle that includes asking the city:

• To solve flooding conditions on Circle roads, especially near Plymouth Harbor. • To perform a feasibility study to solve the Circle’s parking shortage and eliminate overflow parking in Circle residential areas. • To bury power lines. •  To provide Circle signage on the mainland and neighboring keys. • To modify Circle curbs. The BID also has plans to relocate its current valet service and provide free valet. The committee also recognizes the need for public bathrooms on the Circle. Realizing that the BID has monies to help fund these projects, Rappaport and St. Armands Circle Association President Diana Corrigan made it known Tuesday that the BID is willing to negotiate and work with city staff to bring Circle projects to fruition, especially when it comes to building a parking garage. “People were parking on our Circle medians this past season, and the ones who can’t find a parking space become angry and tell merchants they won’t shop at the Circle any longer,” Corrigan said. Noting that the city of Sarasota will begin competing with customers when Benderson Development’s University Town Center mall opens, Rappaport said a parking garage is crucial for the Circle. “Before we empower our dollars for such projects though, we would insist services like a valet would be used only if cars can be parked in a parking structure to keep cars off residential streets,” Rappaport said.

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sore spot


by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Merchants make parking pleas to city St. Armands Circle merchants told Sarasota Mayor Suzanne Atwell and Parking Manager Mark Lyons that increased parking enforcement is hurting their businesses. Lynches Pub & Grub coowner Chris Lynch makes it a point to warn visitors when she notices they have parked incorrectly outside her St. Armands Circle restaurant. In recent months, several of her customers have gotten parking tickets, and some have gotten quite upset about it, she said. “It’s not a good advertisement for the Circle,” Lynch said. Angela Johnston, owner of Les Ciseaux Hair Salon and Day Spa, said some customers have gotten so angry over a parking ticket that they’ve insisted it’s the salon’s responsibility to pay it. Last month, St. Armands Circle Association Executive Director Diana Corrigan told the Longboat Observer that some visitors have become so irate after receiving a parking ticket that they’ve returned merchandise they bought from Circle businesses. Circle merchants voiced frustrations with the recent spike in parking tickets Tuesday, Aug. 14 to Mayor Suzanne Atwell and Sarasota City Parking Manager Mark Lyons during a St. Armands Circle Association board meeting. Their complaints stem from a March Sarasota City Commission vote to make parking enforcement uniform in downtown, St. Armands Circle and Hillview’s Southside Village after agreeing to bag downtown parking meters. As a result, parking staff shifted their approach from a broader focus to one that honed in more closely on areas like the Circle, upping enforcement hours to 9 a.m. to 8

The donations-for-beer system is questionable, but the owners of a floating food stand have the licenses needed to do business in the bay.

Mallory Gnaegy

St. Armands Circle merchants say rampant ticketing is causing them to lose business. p.m., six days a week, from the previous 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Since then, many Circle merchants have complained that rules have been applied with little flexibility. They also said that increased enforcement hours leave shoppers with less time to patronize the Circle’s businesses, making it tougher, for example, to enjoy a spa treatment, then shop and dine. Eric Seace, owner of Planet and president of the Circle Association, said one of the key points merchants stressed during the meeting is that St. Armands is different from other districts in the city, with many tourists who aren’t in the area for a long enough period to modify their parking behaviors — a key goal of enforcement. “They’re here for a week, they get a ticket, and then they go home,” Seace said. Lynch said that merchants don’t object to city staff writing tickets when a visitor is clearly over the line. But many merchants argue that the large parking spots,


combined with lines that divide each spot mean that a single vehicle parked incorrectly can result in a domino effect, with customers in many cases mistaking a space that they can fit their car into for an actual spot. Lyons said that parking staff has some discretion in writing tickets and has recently been issuing more written warnings on the Circle. But almost always, city staff takes photographs when issuing tickets, and Lyons brought examples with him to Tuesday’s meeting that show instances in which drivers were clearly outside of the designated space. Lyons said the city is recognizing that each business district within the city also represents a different parking district. “The City Commission instructed us to create consistency across the board,” he said. “For its time, and for the steps that needed to be taken at that point, it was a good move, but right now we’re working to see if there needs to be modifications.”

“We are going to take very seriously what they say,” Atwell said. “Our parking districts are all very, very different, and it’s hard to be very uniform. Obviously we can’t make any decisions right now, but we heard them loud and clear and need to look at it from a budget and engineering point of view.” Circle merchants had several suggestions for the city, such as removing the lines that divide spaces, leaving only the line that runs parallel to the sidewalk, reducing enforcement hours and being more flexible. But Lynch said that for merchants, the issue underscores the need for a parking garage, which they have argued in favor of for years. Lyons said the city supports the idea and will work with the St. Armands Business Improvement District to study the demand for a garage. But for now, visitors to the Circle will get a heads up: In the next few weeks, the city will begin installing signage throughout the Circle warning drivers to park in designated space.

by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Bed taxes show perkier Key in summer Local tourism officials report an increase in summer stays and tourist revenue for the second consecutive year. The summer doldrums are so two years ago. Local hoteliers are reporting a strong summer for the second consecutive year — and Longboat Key’s tourist development tax numbers in both Sarasota and Manatee counties show that this summer is drawing even more tourists than last year, when businesses saw a recovery after 2010’s oil-spill related concerns and past seasons’ economic woes. Tourist development taxes, aka “bed taxes,” which are paid on rentals of less than six months, were up on the Manatee County side of the Key by 16.4% in June and nearly 13.8% in July, compared with the same months in 2011. Although in May, the north end saw a slight dip of 3.6%. In Sarasota County, Longboat Key collected about

Food stand floats through town restrictions

Tourist Development Tax Collections Longboat Key — Manatee County May 2011...............................................................$137,803.96 May 2012...............................................................$132,840.30 June 2011................................................................ $77,493.84 June 2012................................................................ $90,198.74 July 2011.................................................................. $86,373.70 July 2012.................................................................. $98,250.66 Longboat Key — Sarasota County May 2011...............................................................$106,301.92 May 2012...............................................................$120,640.36 June 2011................................................................ $95,381.04 June 2012..............................................................$118,163.74 13.5% more in May and 23.9% more bed taxes in June than it did during the same periods in 2011. Figures for July were not available at press time. Ocean Properties Ltd., which owns the Longboat Key Hilton Beach Front Resort, Lido Beach Resort and Holiday Inn Lido Beach, is

saying “I do” to a recent spike wedding in business. “It has been startling to us the amount of inquiries we’re getting for the end of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 for weddings,” said Karen Rangel, regional director of sales. “For destination weddings, the Sarasota area is becoming very popular.” Rangel said resort guests have booked longer stays than in the recent summers. The resorts got a boost because the Fourth of July fell on

a Wednesday, which led many guests to book five-day stays, instead of staying only for a long weekend. At Casa Del Mar, General Manager D.M. Williams said he believes he also benefited from the Wednesday Fourth of July. He says the resort booked at near capacity for both the weekend before and after the holiday. The resort was up 25% over the previous year in June and July, according to Williams. “If this keeps up and we don’t have any hurricanes before Oct. 1, it will be my biggest year in 31 years,” said Williams, who estimated that bookings for the year would be up 15% from the previous year. Longboat Key, Lido Key, St. Armands Key Chamber of Commerce President Tom Aposporos wasn’t surprised that bed-tax collections were up, based on the chamber’s traffic and phone calls during the summer. “The area seems to have sustained business not at the same level of season, but also certainly better than in years past,” he said.

The latest waterfront dining option isn’t Zagat-rated. It’s probably casual — the kind of place that doesn’t require shoes and a shirt. Directions: Wade out toward the Jewfish Key sandbar, and if you hit dry land, you’ve gone too far. The latest waterfront dining option is a pontoon boat-turned floating food stand that, according to an Aug. 11 Longboat Key police report, was anchoring on the Jewfish Key sandbar. It’s been selling food and drinks, while accepting “donations” for beer — and for the most part, it’s legal. According the Longboat Key police report, officers Dennis Silverio and John Thomas traveled to the floating food stand by way of the department’s boat at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 11, and got permission to board it. The 42-foot vessel was equipped with a kitchen area, refrigerators, coolers, a generator and deep-fat fryers. The boat’s owners, Sean and Jodi Jones, of Parrish, showed police a large ice cooler full of beer and approximately two cases of Bud Light when police asked if alcohol was on board. Jodi Jones agreed to get rid of the beer after police told her that the donation system was akin to selling it. Police said they would forgo filing charges but would document that the couple was asked to move their business from Longboat Key waters. Jodi Jones disagreed with police about where she could do business. The Joneses agreed to leave for the day but said that they planned to seek a final say on whether they could operate their business from the location. The answer walks a fine line — make that the high-tide line, by which the town measures its nautical boundaries. According to Longboat Key Acting Police Chief Pete Cumming, if the boat is moored off the island or attached to sand in any way, it is considered to be in town boundaries and can’t conduct business. Otherwise, it’s in Sarasota Bay, subject to the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Cumming said that there is some gray area, including the donation system for beer. “Alcohol sales aren’t permitted, but (Jones) told me that she never charged for alcohol and would give them a beer but just wanted them to tip,” he said. But he said that Jodi Jones has the proper licenses needed to operate the floating food stand. “It’s sort of a work in progress, but she went above and beyond what she needed to do,” Cumming said. “It appears as though it’s not a Longboat Key matter.” The Longboat Observer was unable to reach the Joneses through the phone number listed on the police report.

Longboat Observer



In the Kitchen (VIDEO): Lakewood Ranch resident Matt Farhat likes to showcase his Lebanese heritage with his cooking. He shows us how to make a Lebanese salad, a recipe that been passed down from his family.


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+ Mote asks beachgoers to preserve turtle tracks

and/or his or her family cannot talk or provide information during an emergency.

Tropical Storm Debby destroyed several turtle nests, but in many cases Debby simply swept away the marker stakes. Many of these nests may still hatch, but their locations are now unknown to Mote’s Sea Turtle Patrol, which patrols the Sarasota County portion of Longboat Key’s beach, and Longboat Key Turtle Watch, which patrols the Manatee County side. Mote is asking beachgoers and property owners to leave hatchling tracks intact so patrollers can find and document these nests. Property owners who want to rake their beaches should wait until late afternoon when possible or after their area has been patrolled for the day. Beachgoers are also asked to avoid placing beach furniture on hatchling tracks and to remove barriers to provide a clear path for emerging hatchlings to find the sea.

+ NOAA ups hurricane season predictions The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center has increased its predictions for the remainder of hurricane season. The revised forecast calls for 12 to 17 named storms, including five to eight hurricanes, two or three of which could become major hurricanes, for the remainder of the season, which runs through Nov. 30. The predictions include the six named storms that have already formed during the season. The NOAA initially predicted a below-average hurricane season in May, with nine to 15 named storms, four to eight of which would become hurricanes, and one to three of which would become major hurricanes.

+ Correction

+ Firefighters distribute information door-to-door

MOST READ STORIES ONLINE LAST WEEK: 1. “employees talks pension worries” (aug. 8) 2. “noaa predicts stormier summer” (aug. 9) 3. “Cvs opens one month ahead of schedule” (aug. 8) 4. “PHoto oF tHe DaY: open for business” (aug. 6) 5. “Longboat Cvs to open sunday” (aug. 3)

Steve Schield is one of three Longboat Key Town Commissionappointed trustees to the General Employees Pension Board. Donna Spencer and Sandi Henley were elected to the board by employees.

Longboat Key firefighter/paramedics will continue going door-to-door during the next two Saturdays in an effort to provide hurricane and emergency medical services information to residents. The effort will first target singlefamily homes, followed by condominiums. Firefighters will also distribute File of Life packets, which include a magnetic folder residents can place on their refrigerators with their medical information, such as the patient’s history, medications, allergies, physician name and hospital choice. The information is used by firefighter/ paramedics in the event the patient

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+ Progress report It’s not quite a sign, but it is the beginning of one. Contractors worked to install metal framing this week on the new Publix that will eventually form the supermarket’s sign. Also this week, CVS began tearing out the roof of its old store after opening its new one on the southwest portion of the Avenue of the Flowers site.

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cutting edge

by Robin Hartill | City Editor


by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Dogs still want a say on access Town software sparks interest to Longboat beaches from other municipalities The dog beach feasibility committee is now the LBK9 Committee and will most likely report to the Longboat Key Town Commission later this fall.

Other communities are taking note of programs, developed by the town’s IT Department and its firefighters, that make emergency response and record-keeping nearly paperless.

Remember Max Goldner? “The answers we’ve found are very Last summer, Max, then a 5-year-old different, but the bottom line is that Wheaton terrier, became the public this does seem to work,” Goldner said. face of canines clamoring for beach The committee’s report will include access after his owners, Nelson and relevant information, but it may not Laurin Goldner, emailed Vice include a recommendation, Mayor David Brenner to sugleaving commissioners to gest that Longboat Key considdecide if and how they want er opening its beaches to dogs. to move forward with the His picture made the front idea. page of newspapers as he The issue of allowing dogs stared out longingly toward the beach access dogged the water from the beach near his commission in late 2011 and Long Island summer home. early 2012, as dozens of resiMax is 6 now, and he still dents emailed commissionwants to go to the beach, acers to express support or opcording to Laurin Goldner, who position for the idea. File photo is one of seven residents who But the town so far is not formed a dog beach feasibility Max Goldner at involved in the issue. a Long Island committee last fall. There’s nothing pending The committee now has a beach. on the issue, no motion on name — the LBK9 Committee the table, and town staff has — and is in the process of condensing not spent any time on it. the dog beach information it gathered Although the commission discussed throughout the season to present to the the idea at an October workshop and commission, most likely in the late fall. reached consensus to appoint a citiThe LBK9 Committee, which consists zens committee to study the matter, of both supporters and opponents of commissioners decided to hold off on the idea, says it will hold off on present- getting involved. ing its report to the commission until At a November meeting, they opted seasonal residents return to the Key. to abandon the motion that would According to Laurin Goldner, the have created the committee and incommittee has focused most closely stead allowed a citizens committee on health issues and impacts on sea to form privately, research the issue turtles and shorebirds, which drew without commission involvement and concern from those against the idea. report back at a later date.

Until recently, Longboat Key firefighter/ paramedics had to flip through a large, three-ring binder to get the information that would help them make the best splitsecond decisions possible. The binders include information such as stairwell locations, building construction details and the gallons per minute that a fire hydrant could pump. But because of new software applications developed by the town’s Information Technologies Department in collaboration with the Fire Rescue Department, firefighters can now access what they need with a tap or two on an iPad. Now, other municipalities are taking note. The Florida Local Government Information Systems Association recognized the software as “Best Application Serving a Public Organization’s Business Needs,” at a July conference, where IT Director Kathi Pletzke demonstrated the software to more than 100 people. Several expressed interest in purchasing the software for their municipalities, which could lead to a new source of revenue for the town. According to Pletzke, software that was on the market when Fire Rescue Chief Paul Dezzi joined LBK first - 2010 - Ithe department three years ago didn’t have the features the department needed. LBK - 2010 - IFor example, interactive maps with different views can help it determine if it can use its 75-foot ladder. “The team didn’t see anything that had


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the factors they required,” Pletzke said. “The town has a full-service IT department, so I asked to take a crack at it.” Dezzi assigned the town’s three deputy chiefs to lead development teams and provide direction. Over a year-and-a-half, the IT and Fire Rescue departments developed a total of three modules. One of those allows for paperless access of many internal records, such as schedules, fleet information and training. The third module allows firefighters to complete inspection forms on iPads, rather than returning to the station to do them. The IT Department has worked to develop similar programs for Longboat Key police who now complete records electronically in the field. The programs could cut costs, but more importantly, they make it easier for firefighters and police to complete records, giving them more time to spend helping people in the community.

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The town is giving longboatkey. org a makeover that will debut Nov. 1. Many of the website’s features are available on the current site, but the website will have a new look, with less information on the home page and more information available through tabs for each department.

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Longboat Observer by Robin Hartill | City Editor

Larcenies double during first six months of 2012 Larcenies more than doubled during the first half of 2012 compared with the same period in 2011, with 67 larceny cases reported to Longboat Key police between January and June, compared with 31 during the first half of last year. Burglaries were up also, with eight incidents during the first six months of the year, compared with six months of 2011. But overall, crime doesn’t appear to be on the rise on Longboat Key, according to Longboat Key Acting Police Chief Pete Cumming, who recently completed an analysis of the first six months’ crime stats for the year. Instead, a few waves of incidents drive crime statistics up on the Key, with its unusually low crime rates. There was a string of larcenies in

March, followed by another string in late June. More than a dozen of the June incidents occurred in the Longbeach Village during Tropical Storm Debby, involving mostly the theft of cash from unlocked homes and vehicles. The weekend after the storm, another string of at least six incidents involving theft of cash and other valuables occurred from unlocked vehicles in Country Club Shores. “My conclusion, based on statistics, beyond those incidents, is we’re at or below normal crime rates,” Cumming said. Police have recovered $12,360 worth of the $71,608 in property reported stolen, according to department statistics. As usual, the Key was nearly free of violent crime, with just two violent offences reported.

BY THE NUMBERS The following offenses were reported to Longboat Key police during the first six months of each year. Offense 2010 2011 2012 Burglary of a residence 13 6 8 Burglary of a non-residence 0 0 1 Total burglary 13 6 9 Larceny from a motor vehicle 16 13 33 Larceny/shoplifting 4 0 1 Larceny from a building 9 5 15 47 31 67 Total larceny 0 0 1 Robbery Motor vehicle theft 1 0 0 Aggravated assault 1 0 1 Simple battery 10 8 1 Forcible sodomy 1 1 0

heard mentality

RNC: Not quite the elephant in the room Local resorts hope to be a peaceful escape from the jungle of the 50,000-strong Republican National Convention crowd this month. Don’t count on a stampede of elephants when the Republican National Convention comes to Florida during the last week of August. More than 50 miles separate the Tampa Convention Center, where the event will take place, and the northern-most tip of Longboat Key. But local tourism officials still hope to market the Key to convention goers as an attractive option for an extended stay in the region or a future vacation — and to promote the area as an alternative to visitors who typically head to Hillsborough and Pinellas counties in August and don’t want to be among the 50,000 expected to converge for this year’s convention. Reports have indicated a mild boost in bookings for hotels closer to the convention in Manatee County, but Sarasota County hasn’t seen any major bookings, according to Erin Duggan, director of communications for Visit Sarasota. The Tampa Bay region is the agency’s No. 1 target market during the months of August and September, so even during a typical summer, it would advertise in the area, according to Duggan. But this year, the organization is also planning an advertising campaign to market the area in August and September to Tampa Bay residents looking

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The ArT

Source: Tampa Bay Host Committee,

for an escape. At Longboat’s Casa Del Mar, General Manager D.M. Williams said Monday that the resort had just sent a message

it. Enjoy the freshest seafood at the only local shucked raw bar with the friendliest atmosphere. It’s fun for the whole family!

The best small businesses in the Sarasota and Manatee area.

The area’s “go-to” guide for arts, entertainment, culture and society. SEASON mAgAziNE provides a complete calendar of the area’s upcoming arts performances and shows, museum and gallery exhibitions and social and charity events.

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Visit our Showroom 401 Manatee Avenue, Holmes Beach 778 - 5622

DeaDline: Tuesday, September 4 Publish Date: Thursday, October 4 Mer ieTy | suM

Here is the traffic the Republican National Committee is expected to bring. But don’t worry, Longboaters. It will stay almost entirely in Tampa, more than 50 miles away from the Key. 50,000 — The number of people expected to come to the Tampa Bay area during the convention 13,000-15,000 — The number of media members that will be in attendance 15,000 — Hotel rooms booked 500 — The number of private vehicles that will be in use 350 — Full-sized charter buses

to the resort’s 4,000 email list inviting convention goers who can’t find a room in Tampa to make reservations at the resort. Sandra Rios, director of communications at the Longboat Key Club and Resort, said the effect of the RNC on bookings has been “negligible.” Rios said the resort reached out to RNC representatives in Tampa but found that the distance would be prohibitive for daily travel because of nightly convention activities. The resort did, however, create a promotion with Travel by Appointment in Tampa to offer RNC special rates for bookings arriving Aug. 27 and departing no later than Sept. 1 in hopes of enticing attendees to consider a longer stay. Karen Rangel, director of regional sales at Ocean Properties Ltd., the parent company of the Longboat Key Hilton Beach Front Resort, Lido Beach Resort and Holiday Inn Lido Beach, said that the company is offering pre- and post-convention rates but predicted that any RNC-related business for its three resorts in the area would be from guests who might have otherwise gone to the Tampa Bay area. “But I think what will happen is that some of the leisure travelers will end up in our area trying to escape the craziness,” said Rangel.

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e TO

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| sP rin

G 20




RNC rundown

Your neighborhood fish house — There’s nothing quite like



by Robin Hartill | City Editor






Longboat Observer



floats at the firehouse by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor July 23

4:32 p.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road. Suspicious Circumstance. A woman drove her sister’s car to the beach and found that her purse and bicycle lock were missing when she returned. The woman thought she locked the car but couldn’t be sure. She was concerned because she was flying home in two days and needed identification for the flight. Longboat Key Police Capt. Monica Quarmby, Town of Longboat Key Human Resource Manager Lisa Silvertooth and Patrol Officer John Thomas

Police and firefighters take a root beer float break Town Hall of Longboat Key’s Trish Granger and Lisa Silvertooth hosted the first Root Beer Float Friday Aug. 10, at the north end fire station. Off-duty police officers joined the firefighters as they took a load off and got their floats on. It was a relaxing 15 minutes of fun jokes and root beer floats. The Town Hall employees even hand delivered some of the makings to on-duty service men and women unable to leave their posts. They plan to host these special fun Fridays every week.

July 24 No car left behind

Drive N. Fire. An electric transformer exploded, causing power outages to surrounding areas. Firefighters were on scene, and FPL was notified.

Construction congestion 8:55 a.m. — 500 block of Golf Links Lane. Parking. A resident reported that construction vehicles are often in the middle of his street, blocking mailboxes and driveways as workers build a new home nearby. Police met with the contractor, who agreed to tell his workers not to block driveways, mailboxes or fire hydrants.

7:04 a.m. — 500 block of Gulf Bay Road. Suspicious Vehicle. Police were flagged down and told that a vehicle has been parked near an office and hasn’t been moved for several days. Police were unable to find a phone number for either of the vehicle’s owners.

Beach bag bandit 12:03 p.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road. Larceny. A man reported that $40 cash and an iPhone were stolen from his beach bag while he and another man were swimming.

July 25 A long walk 10:02 p.m. — Gulf of Mexico Drive and Schooner Lane. Suspicious Person. Police noticed a disheveled-looking man walking on Gulf of Mexico Drive who told them that he was homeless and walking to a friend’s house in Bradenton. The man had a plastic ID bracelet on him that was issued when he was an inmate in the Columbia County Jail. The man had no active warrants and declined a ride to the north end of Longboat Key.

Property Found. A man turned in a gold bracelet with a missing clasp that he found on a bike path.

Aug. 3

Aug. 6 Lost wallet 3:17 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD. Lost/Missing Property. A man said that he lost his wallet at an unknown location on the Key. He had already canceled his credit cards.

Aug. 7 Guess the vegetation buffer worked… 12:58 p.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway. Reckless Driving. A guard reported that an older woman drove the wrong way through the community gates and street, before exiting her vehicle at the new CVS nearby. The woman said that she got turned around while trying to find her way into CVS and was unaware that the new store was open.

Aug. 8 Burn notice

Abandoned water trike 7:43 a.m. — 1100 block of GMD. Property Found. A condominium guard found a water tricycle on the property that didn’t belong to the community. Public Works took the tricycle to the police station.

9:40 p.m. — 500 block of Broadway. Fire. Police and firefighters responded to a possible fire but determined that the source was a chimney filled with lit coals for a barbecue. The fire wasn’t extinguished because it was properly controlled.

Aug. 9

Fire extinguishers 9:26 p.m. — 3000 block of GMD. Fire. Police found three teenagers who had a built a small fire on the beach. The teens said that they were vacationing with their parents and put out the fire after police told them that beach fires are prohibited.

Aug. 5

July 26 Firefighter Paramedic Bryan Bippen and Firefighter Paramedic Brian Kolesa


July 27

No ID, no flight

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy


Egg-cellent advice 8:06 a.m. — 5700 block of GMD. Vandalism. A man reported that someone threw eggs at his vehicle while it was parked in a condominium lot. Police told the man to wash the vehicle and call them if he found any damages.

Visit our website to read more Cops Corner reports.

Lights off

Bracelet bounty 2:10 p.m. — 5600 block of GMD.


11:20 a.m. — 700 block of Spanish

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Town Hall Meeting regarding

BP Oil Spill Claims Hosted by Robert E. Turffs, P.A. Attorney in Sarasota

Date: Monday, August 20, 2012 Time: 6 p.m.-7 p.m. Location: Longboat Key Club & Resort John Ringling East Room 220 Sands Point Road Longboat Key, FL 34228

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EDMUNDSON / FROM PAGE 1 til you went to his home. His library was a museum of his career — lined with military books, medals, gifts from world dignitaries, his general’s flag and the U.S. flag standing as sentries behind his desk chair. He spent many of his retired days talking as a mentor and friend on the telephone to his former colleagues. He was a prolific letter writer. In one binder, entitled “Tell It to the Marines,” the story of Aug. 19, 1942, comes alive through letters between Edumundson and about a dozen of the Marines whose lives he saved. Edmundson triggered the letters when in 1996 he submitted a 365-word query to “The Old Breed News,” a newsletter for members of the First Marine Division Association. “I want to tell you about a group of Marines whom I have never met, but would like to some day,” Edmundson wrote. This is a story of heroism.

... It starts in Edmundson’s own words. “On 19 August 1942, just 11 days after the initial Marine landing on Guadalcanal, things were pretty quiet. My crew and I were sleeping under the wings of our B-17 on the airfield at Espiritu Santo in the New Hebrides, when our boss, Col. Blondie Saunders woke us up early in the morning. “I jumped out in a hurry, because he had Admiral McCain (the senator’s father) with him off of his flagship in Sagun Channel. The Admiral had received a call for help from Guadalcanal. A group of Marines were on the beach at Lunga Point who were being shelled by a Jap warship.  “He came to Blondie to see what the B17s could do, and they came to wake us up because we had the only B-17 on the island that was in commission, fueled, bombed up and ready to go.” That was classic Edmundson — having his wings ready to go. Ever since he was a boy in California, he lived to be in the cockpit of a plane. On this day, young Capt. Edmundson already was an experienced, battle-tested fighter pilot. He was 27. Edmundson and his crew took off in the dark with only half a load — four, 500-pound bombs. It was imperative they hit the Japanese cruiser, because it was a three-hour flight from their South Pacific base. Time was crucial. If they missed, Marine casualties would become even more severe. To make matters worse, Navy reinforcements were days away. Ten days earlier, U.S. aircraft carriers had withdrawn from the Solomon Islands, and the Japanese navy, in a surprise attack a day later, sank a group of Allied cruisers and destroyers. This left the 11,000 Marines near Tulagi island and Lunga Point on Guadalcanal — most of them 17- and 18-year-olds just out of training —with less than half of the food and ammunition they needed. “We were at the mercy of the Japanese,” John W. Burke, of Wilmington, Del., and formerly of Company C, First Battalion, Fifth Marines wrote to Edmundson. “We were shelled and bombed both day and night. We felt so helpless.” “Sixty millimeter mortars, light 30-caliber MG and Springfield rifles were no match for the Jap naval vessel,” Gerald P. McHale said in a letter to Edmundson. And the conditions were wretched. “Between the rain, insects, dysentery, malaria and the Japs, I went from 185 pounds to 139 pounds,” Thomas Gruner, of Browns Valley, Calif., recalled in a letter to Edmundson. “I was as close as I have ever been to being a ‘Section 8.’”


As Capt. Edmundson and his crew approached the scene, cloud cover was heavy. If they were to be sure to sink the cruiser and keep the ship from dodging their B-17, they would have to come in low. They dropped altitude to 5,000 feet — increasing the risk to themselves and lowering the odds of their own survival. “When we got to the area and saw what was going on, we knew one thing — we sure didn’t want to miss that cruiser,” Edmundson wrote in letters to the Marines. “He was pounding you guys on the beach with his heavy guns.” In short order, those guns took aim at Edmundson’s B-17. The cruiser’s heavy antiaircraft fire blasted around all sides of Edmundson’s “Flying Fortress.”

An aerial shot of the Japanese cruiser off Guadalcanal. It’s the tiny, elongated figure in the middle. The dark area is the water; the white is cloud cover.

EDITOR’S NOTE In lieu of our weekly opinion page, it seemed appropriate to honor Longboat Key’s most decorated war hero, Gen. James V. Edmundson, on the 70th anniversary of one of his most heroic missions. Thanks to Cee Edmundson, daughter of the late general, for sharing the general’s archives. — MW ed their “outstanding gallantry and determination” on Guadalcanal and the surrounding Solomon Islands. “The courage and determination displayed in these operations were of an inspiring order,” Knox wrote. Included as a recipient of this citation was a non-Marine — then-Army Air Force Maj. James V. Edmundson. That was not all. Tucked in Edmundson’s binder recalling this hope-and-a-prayer rescue mission This is the 1943 citation from Admiral Chester is a yellowed, typewritten citation from W. Nimitz, awarding the Distinguished Flying Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commandCross to then-Maj. James Edmundson. er-in-chief of the United States Pacific Fleet. “For heroic and extraordinary At the crucial moment, Edmundson’s achievement while participating in aerbombardier, Al Thom, let loose the four ial flight as pilot of a Flying Fortress (B-17 bombs “at minimum train,” meaning all airplane) on August nineteen, nineteen four bombs hit the cruiser within a frachundred forty two, near Tulagi, Solomon tion of a second, making it appear to be one Islands. Without regard for his own safety bomb, an enormous explosion in a shroud he flew his airplane at low altitude through of black smoke and clouds. heavy antiaircraft fire, as a result of which Two of the bombs, Edmundson wrote, a five-hundred-pound bomb hit was obwere near misses. The first and fourth tained just abaft the after turret of an enbombs knocked out the ship’s rudder. emy cruiser. The attack resulted in heavy The second and third hit the ship’s fantail. explosions and intense fire on the enemy Wounded beyond repair and unable to be vessel. His great courage, fortitude and dissteered, the Japanese ship kept turning in regard for personal safety were in keeping tight circles, its guns now silent. with the finest traditions of the naval serAnd then: “You should have heard the trevice of the United States, with which he was mendous roar that came up from the troops then serving.” on the beach,” wrote Glenn Campbell, of This was the citation for the DistinNew Bern, N.C. guished Flying Cross. Marines poured onto the beach to cheer ... their saviors, jumping up and down and waving at Edmundson’s B-17. While Admiral Nimitz’ citation stands as Elated himself by the scene on the beach, the official recognition of Edmundson’s valadrenaline still pumping, Edmundson cir- or, letters from the Marines who were there cled around, and as he put it, “like a nut, on Lungo Point 70 years ago, magnify the I dove down and made a pass along the citation in human terms. beach. As he flew by, Capt. Edmundson John L. Joseph, of Fallston, Md., described “waggled his wings” — a salute to his fellow himself as “one old former buck private countrymen. who was on the beach cheering you and “You couldn’t hear it,” Edmundson wrote your crew of that beautiful B-17. You and to Campbell, “but my crew was yelling just your crew and your blasting that Jap cruiser as hard as you were.” will never know how much we appreciated that act — not only because you got it off ... our backs, but it was a bit of hope that we Running low on fuel, Edmundson pointweren’t forgotten or abandoned.” ed his B-17 back to base at Espiritu Santo “I remember your plane like it was yesfor the three-hour return flight. When he terday,” wrote Homer L. Curtis, of Howard landed, Admiral McCain was waiting. McCity, Mich. “I believe that every man on Cain hugged Edmundson … and cried. He beach defense in both regiments said it: It knew the magnitude of it all — all of those sure was a beautiful site. On behalf of all of boys on the beach and the courage of Edus, we want to thank you and your crew for mundson and his crew. a job well done. I know that I have told that ... story many, many times.” “Without you, we would never have surSix months later, on Feb. 4, 1943, the secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, issued a ci- vived,” wrote John W. Burke of Wilmingtation “in the name of the President of the ton, Del. “I have told many friends over the United States” to the First Marine Division, years of the B-17 that hit and sank the JapaReinforced, under the command of Maj. nese cruiser that had fired on us. It is nice to Gen. Alexander A. Vadegrift, U.S.M.C. It cit- know who was flying the fortress.”

Longboat Observer


+ They hear what they want

producer of wealth, while government is a greedy, inefficient consumer. The pro-union, anti-business attitudes of the Obama administration are as clear as a bell, and they have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on Solyndra and numerous other boondoggles. And now his target is Mitt Romney, a successful businessman who is being demonized. I do not recall this kind of criticism of the wealth of Jack Kennedy. I am not certain that Romney can do it, but Obama has proven that he cannot. William B Allen Harbor Hills

Dear Editor: Thank you for the editorial. Every thinking person who understands a little economics, history and government cannot vote Obama another term. He opposes Democrats and Republicans alike.  Those who found the need to object to you read and hear daily the side they want to hear but have the audacity to reject your opinion. Jules Rauch Longboat Key

+ That settles it Dear Editor: I have read the Observer editorial criticizing Barack Obama, and I found it to be rather lenient. This man and his supporters are driving nails into the coffin of the United States of America, a once great country that, among other things, saved the world from the domination of insane dictators 67 years ago. I am 83 and a Korean War veteran. I never thought I would experience what I have seen in the past few years. How can any patriotic American support a man whose entry into politics was sponsored by a domestic terrorist named Bill Ayers, who hated everything this country stands for and who participated in bombings and other violent acts against government structures? And the personal spiritual adviser of Obama for many years was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright who preached hatred of the U.S. in his sermons — while Obama sat and listened. The economic success of this country, which is unparalleled in world history, was not achieved by government but by the hard work of citizens in the private sector. The business community is a

Dear Editor: I am adding my voice to all the other concerned readers who found your editorial about President Obama unsettling. They have covered all of the salient points concerning the unfair judgments made about a leader who has been working hard and intelligently to solve some of the problems he inherited the day of his inauguration. Trying to help the middle class succeed amidst a Congress stacked with naysayers has been a daunting job but one that Obama continues to believe in. I will vote for him as he fights for my right to have a job; save for my old age; make decisions about my physical person; and have the time and freedom to pursue happiness. There is no room in this democracy of wonderful Americans who all strive for good health, a satisfying job, a good education and a peaceful life to call them to arms when they should instead be encouraged to go to the ballot box. That's what the early settlers and the signers of the Constitution called for.

+ Don’t know Marxism


Dear Editor: The issue about your “antiAmerican” editorial is not about the right of free speech but about the right of stupid speech. To call our president anti-American and Marxist is not only debasing the presidency, but also reveals an utter ignorance of what Marxist communism really is in theory or practice. You may dislike or hate President Obama all you want, but I guarantee that in a communist country under a Marxist president your paper would not operate long.  My family lived under Marxist communist rule for years, and if you believe that our president is a Marxist, you  simply don’t know what you are talking about. Thomas Thiringer Sarasota

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+ Treasonous remarks Dear Editor: After much encouragement from an outraged friend, I read your opinion piece about what you call “The anti-American president.” I have since read the firestorm of responses taking issue with you about your incendiary and treasonous remarks. While I support the First Amendment, it occurs to me that you probably would make such remarks in hopes of creating uproar to get people like myself who don’t normally read your paper. It worked. This seems to be a popular sentiment “anything for business,” even if it hurts our country by creating more divisiveness. You should be ashamed of the part you play in this, and how you shirk your sacred responsibility of fair journalism. But this is just another example of getting what you pay for. What should be expected of a throw-away? Chris Raetz Sarasota



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+ I’ll vote for Obama

I also will no longer support the businesses that give you advertising money. Lucinda Barrett Sarasota

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lunch and learn


by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

LBK Chamber networking steps into center ring LBK Chamber members and guests took business under the big top for a networking luncheon Thursday, Aug. 2., at John and Mable Ringling’s Circus Museum. The group toured the history of the circus, then had lunch in the museum beside vintage ticketing wagons and animal cages.

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Allie Hueter with Building Connections and Robert S. Dinan with SRQ Angler Classic Nichole Lindsay with Tannenbaum Scro, Mark Hanewich with Tannenbaum Scro, Larry Hale with Hale Edwards Associates and Debbie Lamb with Signs Now

Dick Pelton with Longboat Island Chapel and Wendy Webb with ServPro Bradenton

Milo Milkovich with Tequila Cantina and Giulia Salustri with Le Colonne Restaurant

Small Business Council Chairman Larry Bierman, John Wojtyna with Aqua Plumbing and Air, and Nancy Taussig with Barefoot Weddings


The Institute of K9 Behavior


Dawn Mims with the LBK Chamber and Greg Hayes with Higher Standards

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6:30a.m. - 9:00p.m.


Fresh Squeezed OJ, Grab & Go Sandwiches, Hot-Pressed Cubans & Subs, Soups, Coffee, Drinks & Beer Cave (Next to Longboat Ace Hardware)

P: 941 383-6900 FAX (941) 383-2170

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4030 Gulf of Mexico Dr. • Longboat Key • 383.1313

HoLMeS beacH Hardware

3352 East Bay Dr. • Holmes Beach, FL • 778.0999 Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm • Sunday 10am - 4pm


4032 Gulf of Mexico Drive

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golden jubilee

by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor


LoCaL LuXury. InternatIonaL CLout. Gorgeous, 3600+ sq ft home w/beautiful lake, garden and golf course views This 3BR+den residence features hardwood floors, archways, columns, niches, and faux finishes throughout. The home includes a gourmet kitchen and family room, formal dining and living rooms, a den, master suite and two guest bedroom suites. A pool & spa with cascading waterfall, outdoor kitchen and a pool bath are added luxuries. MLS A3962300


Fabulous opportunity in this direct bay front Marina Bay Condominium Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Ryan Soltis, Jack Soltis, Nikki Soltis, Ann Soltis, Mia Soltis, Austin Soltis, Peyton Soltis, Anna Soltis and Lexie Soltis

Jesse and Ann Soltis celebrate 50 years of marriage Fifty years ago, Jesse Soltis waited outside St. Helen Parish in Chicago after confession for his future wife, Ann. He introduced himself, they got a milkshake and the rest is history. Jesse and Ann Soltis married Aug. 18, 1962. In honor of their 50th anniversary, their four sons and eight grandchildren threw them a party Saturday, Aug. 11 at Villa Di Lancia. Family and a few close friends, some of whom traveled from Texas, filled the clubhouse to celebrate. Rev. Edward Pick from St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church renewed the couple’s vows.

This 3524 sq ft residence has a fabulous floor plan designed to take advantage of the stunning panoramic views of the bay and ancient oaks and lives like a bay front home. Newly redesigned the 3 bedroom en suite residence has a large living room wrapped in walls of glass on two sides, separate kitchen & family room & two huge terraces. MLS A3963744


Magnificent Views of the Gulf to tampa Bay from this Water Club Penthouse This furnished 3 bedroom, 4 bath, 3045 sq ft residence will take your breath away when you enter the penthouse from your private elevator. Walls of glass off the spacious living room lead to the private balcony with miles of fabulous beach and sunset views. The master retreat w/private sitting area has his and hers baths and large walk-in closet. MLS A3963869








Brenda and Ross Erickson and Jerry Soltis

440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 Wayne Wagner and Mike Soltis

PH 941.387.7300

Go to to see a video tour on every property

FX 941.296.7722 88943

Rick and Anita Fugiel, Ann and Mike Golightly, Tiffany Soltis and Steve Soltis

1. Promenade Penthouse w/fabulous views of the Gulf Spacious 2135 sq ft penthouse with skylighted foyer, open living area featuring 10 ft. ceilings, marble fireplace, dining area with wet bar and a large master w/two walk-in closets. $749,000 2. Fabulous location in Country Club Shores Views down the canal to the bay from this spacious 3 bedroom home with new great room, kitchen and bathrooms. The great room has vaulted ceilings, skylights and new stackable sliders. Dock with 20,000 lb lift. MLS A3957877 $899,000 3. $200,000 remodel in this modern beach house This 3BR/3B beach house is located in the historic village of Longbeach on LBK. The home is surrounded by a thriving art center, restaurants, a community boat ramp and fishing pier and is a short walk to the beach. MLS A3963866 $369,000 4. Spectacular, private, beachfront, villa You can't see another neighbor from this 3 bedroom + den, Positano residence... just the white sand beach and the turquoise Gulf waters. Stunning, 3343 sq. ft. villa w/enormous wrap terrace & private stairs to beach. MLS A3950796 $3,950,000 5. Beautiful views from this turnkey furnished, Sunset Beach Condo Turquoise blue waters and sunsets year around can be viewed from this remodeled, 2 bedroom condominium. The corner location residence has new kitchen, baths and flooring. MLS A3957661 $549,000 6. Breathtaking & sweeping views of the beach This third floor, corner, Longboat Key Towers condominium is wrapped in walls of glass to take in the fabulous views. Completely remodeled with a modern beach house feel, this residence is located in the LBK Club Island side. $950,000



Longboat Observer


like a good neighbor

by Loren Mayo | Black Tie Editor

Sarasota newcomers bridge new friendships

Brad Elliot and Jack Rayeur

Elaine Charney, Sally Piccolo and Patty Sarlo

Elaine Charney, Sally Piccolo and Patty Sarlo are chatting it up at the Sarasota Yacht Club bar as if they are old friends. Although Charney and Sarlo just met, the two women have already realized they share multiple friendships at Art Uptown, where Charney’s paintings are on display. Charney also happens to be a past president of the Sarasota Newcomers Club, which welcomes new residents to the area each month. The latest meeting took place Thursday, Aug. 9, at Sarasota Yacht Club.

Play A Round Martha Ballard and Angela Johnson

Photos by Loren Mayo

Nancy Bushnell, Donna Van Iperen and Karen Nelson

Pre-Season Golf Membership Opportunity Imagine unlimited use of 45-holes of challenging golf, two driving ranges, six unique restaurants, beautiful white sand beach and poolside amenities, Island House Spa, Fitness Centre and Mind & Motion Studio. Plus, an open invitation to attend over 300 Club events, as well as access to the Marina Village amenities and tennis privileges.

New Golf Members - Join Before November 1, 2012 and receive: • Your choice of a set of custom clubs from TaylorMade, Callaway or Ping* • Six golf lessons with Director of Golf, Terry O’Hara

*Family golf members will receive two sets of custom clubs.

Mackenzie Ball and Patty Riddile

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ Play Bridge!! Beginner Lessons

Learn to

To schedule 9-holes of golf and lunch with Terry O’Hara, followed by a personal Club tour, call Juliette Valin at 941.387.1661 or email

1st FOUR lessons


Play in a game your first day! Modern bridge the easy way in just a few weeks!

Classes Begin:


Membership Office • 101 Longboat Club Road Longboat Key, FL 34228 •

EasybRidgE is hERE!! In-Between BrIdge CluB

Thursday, Sept., 13 • 9-11:30am Call Michelle Golden


Town & Country Plaza NW Corner Fruitville & Beneva Unit 612 ♦ Inside Courtyard ♦ Sarasota, FL 88426

Longboat Observer


6604 Gulf Of Mexico #A288788 Saint Cacchiotti


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-809-0787

870 Jungle Queen Way #A3938200 Sylvia Zimmerman


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-5022

Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-356-6777

1341 Tangier Way #A3963652 Jennifer Linehan


Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-266-7555

1800 Ben Franklin Dr # B-310 #A3959712 $1,185,000 Carol Aviles

166 Golden Gate Pt # 52 #A3932434 Jenifer Schwell


Sarasota 941-388-4447 941-780-0968

392 Firehouse Ln #A3933524 Mary Defrank

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-544-0214


3322 Bayou Rd #A3939673 Jeffrey Porterfield


Longboat Key 941-907-9595 941-228-1047

260 North Shore Rd # 2 #A3956001 Michael Moulton


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-928-3559

1912 Harbour Links Cir # 11 #A3956627 $699,900 Linda Driggs

Longboat Key 941-951-6660 941-374-2920


50 Central Ave # 17Phd Sarasota Stephanie Church 941-724-5448


$2,495,000 941-388-4447

7100 Longboat Dr Ann Martin & Joanna Benante


$1,595,000 941-388-4447

Longboat Key 941-356-7717

OUR OUR GLOBAL AFFILIATIONS AFFILIATIONS OURGLOBAL GLOBAL AFFILIATIONS showcase showcase your property your property showcase your property to to over 6,500 to6,500 over affiliate 6,500 branches affiliate branches over affiliate branches in in 5252countries incountries 52 countries

200 Sands Point Rd # 1103 Longboat Key Ian Addy Pa 941-961-8850


$1,100,000 941-383-7591

4621 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 12A #A3962313 $639,000 Richard Perlman

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-228-8580

1465 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # B304 #A3953575 $625,000 Cathy Meldahl

Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-724-7228

8259 Deerbrook Cir #A3963800 Audrey Singer


Sarasota 941-383-7591 941-350-2588

5621 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 203 #A3952383 $479,900 Janis Collier

Longboat Key 941-951-6660 941-313-1212

7149 N Longboat Dr #A3937245 Timothy Field, P.a.


Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-0332

1908 Harbourside Dr # 402 #A3960936 $420,000 Julie Klick

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-780-6001


Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-356-2659

16120 Rawls Rd #A3963529 Bruce & Jenine Meyer


Sarasota 941-383-5502 941-266-8303

4401 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 503 #A3957128 $344,500 Sandi Layfield

Longboat Key 941-383-5502 941-914-2807


Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-228-2612

4235 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # G203 #A3936274 $249,888 Eileen Burke

Longboat Key 941-388-4447 941-266-8949

4235 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 81 #A3957075 $225,000 Sherri Mills

Longboat Key 941-383-7591 941-350-7112

VACATION VACATION RENTALS RENTALS VACATION RENTALS Veranda Beach Veranda Club Beach Club Veranda Beach Club 800.411.5511 800.411.5511 800.411.5511 White Sands White of Longboat of Longboat White Sands ofSands Longboat 600 Linley St #A3939104 800.230.2428 800.230.2428 800.230.2428 Bobbi Banan

4330 Falmouth Dr # 207 #A3953706 Lawrence Zeigler


500 Halyard Ln Hannerle Moore

Longboat Key 941-387-7300


$899,000 941-383-7591

3808 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 301 #A3955949 $4,000

Longboat Key 941-552-4200

2729 Gulf Of Mexico Dr # 12 #A3957297 $2,000

Longboat Key 941-552-4200

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Mid Longboat 383.5502 • South Longboat 383.7591 • St. Armands 388.4447 • Main Street 951.6660 • Palmer Ranch 966.8000 • Siesta Key 349.3444




Longboat Observer

black and white


by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Sarasota Yacht Club members have different takes on ‘evening casual’ The Sarasota Yacht Club’s Black and White Ball Saturday, Aug. 11, was a classy affair — or as classy as “evening casual” can be. Guests had different takes on the party attire as some wore suit jackets with button-down shirts and cummerbunds, shorts and high socks. While other couples were a mix-and-match of eveningwear and casual clothing.

OBITUARIES Rita June Greenberg

Rita June Greenberg, of Long Island, N.Y., formerly of Longboat Key, died Aug. 6. She was 83. Mrs. Greenberg was preceded in her death by her husband, Alvin and daughter, Caren. She is survived by daughter, Linda, and two grandsons. Services were held Aug. 7. Funeral arrangements by Riverside Nassau North Chapels in Great Neck, N.Y.

Milton Lucow

Milton Lucow, of Sarasota, died May 28. He was 87. Mr. Lucow was born Oct. 4, 1924. He grew up in Detroit and at age 9, started working in his parent’s stall at the Eastern Market. He met his wife, Audrey Kline, when he was captain of the Central High School football team. They married in 1947. After fighting in Europe during World War II, Mr. Lucow attended his freshman and sophomore years at Wayne State University. After two years of undergraduate, he entered law school at Wayne. In 1948, he

Mary Lou and Ernie Schulz

graduated and was admitted to the Michigan Bar. He was a founding member of Garan, Lucow, Miller P.C. Mr. Lucow was a founding member of Temple Emanu-El. He became its youngest president in 1960. He was then president of Tam-OShanter Country Club; president of United Hebrew Schools; president of Detroit Service Group; chairman of the Midrasha College of Jewish Learning; chairman of many divisions of the Detroit Allied Jewish Campaign and president of Temple Beth Israel. In 2000, while he was Sarasota Florida’s General Campaign Chair, he was selected to serve on the National Board of United Jewish Communities. Mr. Lucow is survived by his wife, Audrey; daughter, Cindy Stegman; son Michael Lucow; and three grandchildren. Contributions may be made to UJA, 130 E. 59th St. New York, N.Y., or Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road, Arrangements were made by the Ira Kaufman Chapel.

WORSHIP SERVICES All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church, 563 Bay Isles Road, will hold Sunday worship services at 9 a.m. The Rev. David Danner is the rector. 383-8161. Ken D’Agostino and Pamela Hill

John and Barbara Sulton

Cheryl Walstad and Jody Fountain

Christ Church of Longboat Key, Presbyterian USA, 595 Bay Isles Road, will hold Sunday worship services at 10 a.m. The Rev. Bruce Porter is the pastor. 383-8833. Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold Sunday worship services at 10 a.m. 383-6491. St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, 40 N. Adams Drive, will hold contemporary Sunday worship services at 9 a.m. and traditional Sunday worship services at 11 a.m. The Rev. Mark Bernthal is the pastor. 388-1234. St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church, 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive, will hold daily Mass at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday Mass at 5 p.m. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Msgr. Gerard Finegan is the pastor. 383-1255.

Mary and Nick Toomer and Eleanor Williams

Courtney and Lee Goodman

Temple Beth Israel, 567 Bay Isles Road, will hold Shabbat services at 5:30 p.m. Fridays and 10 a.m. Saturdays. Jonathan Katz is the rabbi. 383-3428.

Come join us as you travel your journey of faith.


Sunday Worship Service


An InterfAIth CommunIty ChurCh founded In 1956

10:00 a.m. The Rev. Paul Scheele, Preacher Sermon: “Where Are Our Chickens?”

The Community Church on Longboat Key

6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida 34228 Telephone: 383-6491 web:

The LORD’S WAREHOUSE Thrift Shop is open every Saturday this summer 9 am - 1 pm. Donate or purchase clothing, jewelry, furniture and other items. (941-383-4738)

All Angels by the Sea

St. Mary, Star of the Sea,

563 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key

Welcomes you to Mass


The Episcopal Church on Longboat Key


Sunday Services 9:00 a.m.

The Rev. David L. Danner, D. Min., Rector



4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key, FL 34228 383-1255

Saturday: 5:00 PM Sunday: 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM Daily Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM Confession before all weekend Masses Msgr. Gerard Finegan, Pastor



All are welcome. Please join us in worship!

Growing in Jesus’ Name The Reverend Dr. Bruce Porter Sunday Service 10:00AM Sermon


6400 Gulf of Mexico Drive • 383.8833 •


“Being an Eagle When Surrounded by Ducks”

A RT S | E N T E RTA I N M E N T | FA S H I O N | F O O D | G A R D E N | H O M E | S O C I E T Y



THURSDAY, August 16, 2012

by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

Mallory Gnaegy

“I’m not an activist. I just feel it’s important for people to understand that it’s all right to be different,” Magida Diouri says.

coming attraction Fabulous Independent Film Festival founder Magida Diouri’s “reel” world revolves around her worklife. Diouri’s goal is to enrich Sarasota by promoting indie films that may otherwise go unseen.


s a toddler, Magida Diouri would descend the stairs from the floor where her family lived, to her family’s theater on the lower

level where independent movies were screened. When Diouri was 2 years old, her father, Claude, rented two houses in Brussels and in-

stalled an art-house theater. Cinéma le Styx was one of the first art-house theaters in Belgium, and to this day remains the smallest.


BACKSTAGE PASS Ballet maven Loipa Araújo reflects on her past students and her plans for the future.


EDIBLES A preview of Guiliano Hazan’s latest cookbook. PAGE 20

‘Crimes of the Heart’ Banyan Theater Company features a caddy comedy. PAGE 19



Styx was a reel-to-reel theater with two projectors — a method becoming extinct under modern digital technology. To screen a movie in reel-to-reel, two projectors project the image from two different windows on to a screen while a projectionist peers through a third window to know when to change each reel. Diouri would sit at the projectionist’s window and watch the moving pictures. She couldn’t hear the sound of the movie. “The only sound I had was the sound of the projectors,” she says. Diouri describes the fuzzy, gentle ticking drone as “reassuring.” She called this theater home for half of her life and still goes back to visit Styx, and her family, at least once a year. Growing up in a theater clearly influenced Diouri’s path. She studied studio art at the University of Kentucky because of her fascination with images. After experiencing an ice storm with no power and intense cold, she made the decision to relocate to sunny Sarasota where her life continued to revolve around film. Diouri started working at Burns Court Cinema in 1998; it was the featured independent films that made her want to work there. “It always goes back to (films),” she laughs. “At least I’m consistent on that one.” Diouri started out selling popcorn at Burns, then became the projectionist. Eventually she was the manager, then moved on to operations and finally landed in the role of artistic director. During her time as artistic director, she organized the 10-day CineWorld Film Festival that screened 60 to 80 films. She also organized special weeks highlighting different cultures: a Polish week, an Italian week, etc. She worked with non-profit organizations such as Global Film Initiative that promotes cross-cultural understanding through film. And she also organized the Sarasota Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The Sarasota LGBT Film Festival spanned two days and featured local actors and directors. The festival was

(continued from page 15)

discontinued in 2010, after its 12th year. Sarasota Film Society Executive Director/CFO Barbara Caras said it was because of a lack of support and decreasing attendance. Diouri spent about nine-and-ahalf years with Burns Court and resigned in 2007. These days, she spends less than two months of the year traveling the world to different film festivals. She hits all the big ones: Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. Diouri sees about six films a day during festivals. When she returns home, she watches screeners sent from production companies. And naturally, she goes to movies whenever she gets the chance — mostly independent flicks. “I always feel that I’m playing catch up seeing films I haven’t seen,” she says. For six months of the year, she works as the programmer for Sarasota Film Festival, responsible for the shorts program, foreign films and negotiating terms. Diouri also owns Broken Rules Productions that on Aug. 18 and 19 will put on the second Fabulous Independent Film Festival. “I realized (the Sarasota LBGT Festival) wasn’t going to happen and I thought, ‘Well, I’ve always wanted to try something like this on my own,’” Diouri says. The first Fabulous Independent Film Festival in 2011 featured four films and three shorts. It took place for one day but had an attendance of 300 people. This year, it will feature six films, six shorts, three parties and it will span two days. Diouri cannot wait to share her handpicked selections out of the 35 screeners she watched in preparation for the festival. “It’s the one chance to see something (Sarasotans) won’t see otherwise,” she says. She stresses there is more to it than just any night at the movies. “It’s a celebration of diversity,” Diouri says. She hopes one day LGBT life will just mesh with everyday life, without separation. The festival is

In the Studio with Magida Diouri. A&E Editor Mallory Gnaegy sits down with film buff Magida Diouri. Learn who her favorite director is and find out the last film she saw.

art scene

HEARD by Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

+ If you build it, they shall come

Mallory Gnaegy

“I think film is a good medium to tell stories, and I think stories are wonderful to allow people to think,” Diouri says.

meant as a platform for sharing stories of diversity. “Stories and films have the power to just make you think, smile and enjoy something or not.” She isn’t trying to change people; for the record, Diouri is straight. But it wouldn’t matter to her if someone thought differently. “I’m a big idealist. I like society to accept everyone the way they are without trying to change or label them,” she says. And while she doesn’t consider herself an activist, she does have a message to share: “I feel it’s important for people to understand that it’s all right to be different.”

IF YOU GO The Fabulous Independent Film Festival When: Aug. 18 and Aug. 19 Where: Burns Court Cinemas, 506 Burns Lane, Sarasota Cost: $8 to $10 per film More information: For a film guide, tickets and more information visit

Development associate Jon Donk and marketing associate Audra Lang took me on a constructionsite tour of the of the new FST’s Gompertz Theatre. “Please mind our dust,” they said, as we walked through the Mallory Gnaegy construction mess. The The old Gompertz space, which is groundbreaking took next door to the new space, will be place in January, and rented out for storefronts. construction will last through January 2015. Gompertz Theatre, the café and lobby space are set to open Nov. 30; Cabaret is set to open in January 2014; and the Lab theater space will complete the phased project in January 2015. Donk says that it’s been an all-hands-willing effort, and that he helped paint. It’s all coming together. You can see the progress with a photo tour at

+ Cat is out of the bag In January 2011, Diversions featured East County resident Maria Wirries, the up-andcoming ice-skating, dancing and singing teenager. For her 15th birthday celebration Sunday, Aug. 12, Wirries was surprised by about 20 guests at Cat Depot. A cat pod, “Maria’s Manor,” was named in her honor. This winter, Wirries found a stray cat, Artemis, to whom she became attached to. Wirries arranged to have the cat live at Cat Depot until he was adopted. courtesy of Molly Schecter As a gift, Cat Depot volunteer Maria Wirries cuts the ribNancy Colby gave Maria photo bon for the Maria’s Manor of Artemis the stray. “Grandpa” pod at Cat Depot Gregory Friedman, and his wife, Ileen, hosted the party. Those in attendance included her mother, Jeaneen Wirries; Beatrice Friedman and her aide Samantha Craig, a Cat Depot volunteer and the family’s link to the facility; Dr. Joseph Holt, artistic director of the Gloria Musicae professional chorus with which Maria performs; her teacher and accompanist Alan Corey; Seth Wertz, Sandra Orlando, Sue Bennett, Harold Ronson and The Observer’s Molly Schechter.

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Longboat Observer



Longboat Observer



Proudly Presenting The Best Of








500 Keith Pointe Drive Cindy Migone

941.812.7438 $3,995,000

464 Golden Gate Point, 703 Sharon Chiodi

941.587.4894 $2,495,000

785 North Shore Drive Terry Hayes

941.302.3100 $2,399,999

340 South Palm Avenue, 212 Cheryl Loeffler

941.302.9674 $1,999,000


6429 Gulfside Road Cheryl Loeffler

$4,495,000 941.302.9674

640 Rountree Drive Mark Huber

$4,195,000 941.356.2435

6201 Gulf of Mexico Drive $3,999,999 Carol Budnik & Victoria Horstmann 941.893.7792

360 North Washington Drive $2,749,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

657 Halyard Lane Mark Huber

222 Morningside Drive Shellie Young

$1,499,000 941.713.5458

741 Binnacle Point Drive $1,497,000 Jaci Krawtschenko 941.284.3789

240 Sands Point Road, 4601 $1,100,000 Charlotte Hedge 941.350.0100

3014 Gulf of Mexico Drive $790,000 Cheryl Loeffler 941.302.9674

1425 Gulf of Mexico Dr., 406 $645,000 Teri Sax 941.228.5578

$1,895,000 941.356.2435

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4070 founders Club Drive $1,575,000 Brian Wood 941.928.8408

8810 fishermens Bay Drive $1,300,000 Dennis Girard 941.809.0041

WATERLEfE 1012 Rainbow Court Pat & Peter Evans

$699,900 941.928.8424

SORRENTO SHORES 413 Sorrento Drive Terry Herschberger

$595,000 941.468.8439

RivERSiDE COuRT 1933 Riverview Blvd. Martha Marlar

$699,000 941.812.0455

PRESTANCiA 7417 Monte verde Joel Schemmel

$1,899,000 941.812.0455

1212 Ben franklin Dr., 409 $599,000 Karin Stephan 941.504.4435

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8130 Perry Maxwell Circle $1,999,000 Jerry Zaback 941.350.6885

5008 64th Drive West Martha Marlar

$585,000 941.587.4894

WATERLEfE 991 fish Hook Cove Pat & Peter Evans


1732 Grande Park Drive Bob Linthicum

THE fOREST 9309 Swaying Branch Road $719,000 Brian Wood 941.928.8408

998 Laguna Drive Bradway Price Team

$625,000 941.809.8431


$539,900 941.228.9206

TERRA CEiA 5515 2nd Avenue Circle West $799,900 Devon Davis 941.720.2053


9345 Swaying Branch Road $687,000 Brian Wood 941.928.8408


$549,000 941.809.8432

$885,000 941.809.8431


$695,000 941.928.8424

1321 Oak Point Court Courtney Green

LYONS BAY 122 Bayview Drive Bradway Price Team

10902 Winding Stream Way $519,900 Pat & Peter Evans 941.928.8424

LAKEWOOD RANCH 13642 Legends Walk Terrace $610,000 Pat & Julie Warren 941.350.7044

BAY ACRES 336 Bay vista Avenue Ziad Sleit

$500,000 941.928.5493

Our Office Locations LONGBOAT KEY | 941.383.2500 546 Bay Isles Road Longboat Key, Florida 34228

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Longboat Observer



By Mallory Gnaegy | A&E Editor

Loipa Araújo

arms since he was 8-months-old. (He’s) a little like my son,” Araújo explains of her connection to the dance festival. She not only watched him grow, and taught him when he was “a little one,” but taught him for the last three years of his career at ABT. Araújo has been based in Madrid, where she was the director of choreography and interpretation at King Juan Carlos University, but come September, she will take on the role of associate director to the English National Ballet, in London. It was another special relationship with a past student and new artistic director of the ENB, Tamara Rojo, that will bring her there. “I think, ‘I’m 71. It’s about time to slow down, stop traveling so much,’ but now this comes,” she laughs, “I feel young again.” She considers herself the wealthiest woman in the world with all of her successful “sons” and “daughters” from around the world whom she has taught. “You become satisfied, not because of what you do, but because of what the others do ... when you give, that is the most beautiful thing in the world,” she says. Araújo attributes her success to the many wonderful teachers she

Mallory Gnaegy

Loipa Araújo works with the The Carreño Dance Festival Summer Intensive students. “The most important thing for us is to feel that when they finish (this) stage, they are better dancers,” says Araújo. had along the way. She was just 5 years old when she took her first dance class. It was with Blanca “Cuca” Martinez, sister of Alicia Alonso, one of the founders of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba who taught her to enjoy dance and gave her a great base. And Fernando Alonso taught her what she considers the most important lesson: “You have to try to achieve perfection. You’ll never get it, but in your trying you will become a better dancer,” she says. “It works that way in life, too.” Araújo began teaching what she calls “little ones” in 1962, at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. She believes she enjoyed it so much because it’s in her blood. Her mother was a great teacher and her father was a psychiatrist who taught her-

Independence Plus the Security of On-Site Healthcare Services

about people. “You have to treat students individually, and not as a group,” she says, “Each of them should feel like you are giving the class to him.” Treating her students with respect is one of her biggest principles as a teacher. Their success becomes her success. “(When) you see someone who never has stood en pointe, have their first steps en pointe … I enjoy (that),” she says. She also loves it when she reads about her past students in the newspaper. But sometimes, just a phone call from a former student brings her joy. “Sometimes (Carreño) has called me (saying): “Maestra, I need you,” Araújo says, “And that makes me so happy, to know that what I gave him is still in him.”

IF YOU GO The Carreño Dance Festival: ‘Junior Stars of Tomorrow’ — The culmination of three-weeks of rehearsals of nearly 100 young pre-professional and advance dance students from around the world. When: 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 Cost: $30 ‘Festival of Stars’ — Features internationally recognized artists José Carreño, Julie Kent, Melanie Hamrick, Misty Copeland, Rubinald Pronk and Gennadi Saveliev sharing the stage with young dancers of the Summer Intensive. When: 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24; 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25 Cost: $20 to $65 Where: Sarasota Opera House, 61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota Info: Call 328-1300 or visit

JUNIOR STARS OF TOMORROW: $ 1 5 AGes 17 & Under, $ 30 adult Festival of Stars: $ 20 , $ 55 , $ 65

Tours By Appointment Call Kathryn Cooper or Dana Moe (941) 552-3284


1301 N. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, Florida 34236



n this ballet town, most people know the name José Carreño. He retired from New York City’s American Ballet Theater as a principal dancer last summer; he had a stint on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and for the duration of August, his namesake Carreño Dance Festival consumes the Sarasota Opera. But to Carreño’s own ballet teacher, and one of the four jewels of Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Loipa Araújo, “He’s still a boy; he’s not a man,” she says as she smiles and affectionately points to her heart, “He’s my boy.” Araújo joined the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in 1955, and became a principal dancer 10 years later. Currently, the Havana-born 71-year-old has been guest teaching at the Royal Ballet in London, the Royal Danish Ballet, Ballet Natcional de Marseille, the Paris Opera, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Operá Nacional de Bordeaux and here in Sarasota. This is Araújo’s second year as master teacher at the Carreño Dance Festival Summer Intensive. Although she typically teaches professionals, this summer she’s working with young talent and pre-professionals from around the world. “I have had Carreño in my

Longboat Observer





Photo courtesy of Don Walker

theater >> ‘Crimes of the Heart’ Set in the Deep South, but inspired by Anton Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters,” “Crimes of the Heart,” is an utterly charming play about three sisters who reunite at a crucial intersection of their lives. It garnered its Jackson, Miss.-born author, Beth Henley, a Pulitzer Prize in 1981. The play is a testament to the idea that the best comedy is born from tragedy. Under the direction of Barbara Redmond and produced by the Banyan Theater Company, the play is fast-paced and inyour-face funny. Its tone is laced with Dixie sarcasm, for example, a woman is described as “cheap Christmas trash.” The inciting incident of the plot is the return of a sister, who has shot her husband. When asked why she shot him, another sister answers, “She didn’t like his looks.” The well-written play is backed up by a wealth of wonderful acting. Maxey Whitehead is perfect as Lenny Magrath,

the eldest, put-upon sister who’s fearful of winding up a spinster. She describes the act of phoning a potential boyfriend as “... my heart was pounding ... I could see my blouse moving back and forth!” Georgia Mallory Guy, as interfering cousin Chick Boyle, is marvelously obnoxious and petty. Christopher Swan is amazingly apt as jilted Doc Porter, considering he had only 36 hours to prepare for his part because the original actor suddenly dropped out. Lanky Jesse Dornan brings his own comic touch to the part of passionate lawyer Barnette Lloyd. Kelly Campbell is ironic, spontaneous and compelling as Meg Magrath, the sister who was expected to be the most successful, but whose career has fallen desperately short of those expectations. Lucy Lavely employs a well-chosen blend of petulance and naivety as Babe Botrelle, the youngest sister who recently hospitalized her husband. The story takes place in the kitchen of the Magrath sisters’ house in Mississippi, which has been thoughtfully decorated by Set Designer Jeffrey W. Dean. Costume Designer Timothy Beltley provided the circa 1974 period-correct outfits that add interest and character depth to the performance. — Paula Atwell



Lucy Lavely as Babe and Kelly Campbell as Meg in “Crimes of the Heart.”


Pre-Labor Day


>> ‘The Well-Digger’s Daughter’

Courtesy photo

Daniel Auteuil and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey in “The Well-Digger’s Daughter.”

Stunning, sun-drenched cinematography, a soaring score and Auteuil’s standout performance are just three of many reasons to catch “The Well-Digger’s Daughter.” The audience is transported back to a simpler time when morality played a huge role in people’s lives. Owning a motorbike or an automobile was a big deal. Old-fashioned suddenly seems so capriciously captivating when watching this beautiful film. “The Well-Digger’s Daughter” is a tale about ordinary people who become extraordinary when they do the right thing. As Auteuil observes: “It’s a magnificent story of love, tenderness, sorrow and forgiveness.” Let’s face it; there aren’t many of those in movie theaters these days. — Pam Nadon


50% OFF


Pamaro Shop Furniture Pamaro North: 7782 N. Tamiami Trail 941-355-5619 Pamaro East: 5465 University Pkwy. 941-359-0025 Pamaro South: 4586 S. Tamiami Trail 941-923-3299 W W W. T H E PA M A R O S H O P. C O M


The new film, “The Well-Digger’s Daughter,” is a breath of fresh air. Not a single super hero, explosion, CGI or murder inhabit this lovely piece of French filmmaking. The gifted actor Daniel Auteuil, in his first excursion as a director and writer, has woven an engaging tapestry of storytelling framed by the breathtaking charm of Provence, France. Auteuil stars as Pascale, the widowed well-digger and father to six daughters, in pre-World War I France. Pascale’s eldest beloved daughter, Patricia (the gorgeous Astrid Bergès-Frisbey), is seduced by Jacques Mazel (a bland Nicholas Duvauchelle), a pilot whose parents are the wealthiest family in the region. She gets pregnant, he’s called to duty and then goes missing in action. Blindsided and wounded, Pascale confronts Jacques’ parents with Patricia’s dilemma. Not wanting to contaminate their gene pool, they erroneously and rudely dismiss Patricia as a gold digger. To avoid shame, Pascale ships his daughter off to live with an aunt who’s also a fallen woman. When Pascale is persuaded by his assistant (a wonderful Kad Merad) to visit Patricia and his new grandson, he has a change of heart. He invites her back home where the Mazels are also experiencing a shift in feelings when they find out Jacques is reported dead.

20 >>

Longboat Observer



by Molly Schechter | Food Editor

Family recipes and family memories “This was a special cookbook for me. It is not just a collection of recipes; it is a recollection of what growing up was like in my family.” This is from Sarasota cookbook writer and cooking teacher Giuliano Hazan. He is speaking about his recently published “Hazan Family Favorites – Beloved Italian Recipes.” Growing up in the Hazan household must have been, well, delicious. Giuliano’s parents are Marcella and Victor Hazan, who reside on Longboat Key. Marcella is to Italian food what Julia Child was to French — an articulate, knowledgeable writer and teacher with an intense passion for sharing


See Giuliano’s video about his family and history at

the joys of her cuisine with others. Victor is a recognized authority on Italian food and wine. “Hazan Family Favorites” is Giuliano Hazan’s fifth book and it is a charmer, richly illustrated with family photos. As Marcella says in her foreword, “The recipes Giuliano has chosen and brought up-to-date derive from the traditional cooking of our families … you are vouchsafed a look at my son’s own account of the sources from which he nourishes himself and his family today.” This cookbook will send you for Post-its to mark the dishes you want to make. The first one on my copy is only on page 19. It says, “Have a pizza party” because he makes it sound so easy. Here is Giuliano on pizza: “When we are in the States, we miss the pizza from our favorite pizzerie in Italy, so we sometimes make a home-style baker’s pizza that does not require a professional wood-burning pizza oven. Our kids love to participate in making it; I’ll never forget a deep-blue pizza our daughter Gabriella once made by mixing food coloring into the dough. For one of our girls’ birthdays, we threw a pizza party. I prepared the dough the day before, giving it time to rest. The day of the party, we put out a variety of toppings and everyone made their own pizza.” I’ll serve the pizzas with the Hazan family’s Insalata Mista, about which Giuliano writes, “At home we have a salad like this almost every day and our girls have learned how to dress it. I taught them the same way I learned it from my parents, using a proverb rather than a recipe. The proverb says


Pan-Roasted Pompano Start to finish: 15 minutes Yield: 4 servings


3 tablespoons butter 4 pompano filets (1 1/2 to 2 pounds), skin on Salt Freshly ground black pepper 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice


• Put the butter in a nonstick skillet large enough to accommodate all the fish, or divide the butter in half between two smaller skillets, and place over medium-high heat. When the butter foam begins to subside and the butter just begins to darken, put the fish filets in, skin side up. When the fish is lightly browned, after 3 to 4 minutes, turn the filets over. Season with salt and pepper, add the lemon juice and cover the pan. Continue cooking until the fish flakes easily when prodded with a fork, 4 to 5 minutes. • When the fish is done, the liquid in the pan should be a sauce thick enough to coat a spoon. If there is still too much liquid, raise the heat to high until it has reduced. If the pan is too dry, add a little water, loosen the cooking residue on the pan bottom, and let the sauce reduce. you need four people; a wise person for the salt, a generous person for the extravirgin olive oil, a stingy person for the red wine vinegar, and a patient person to toss – thirty-four times, according to my father – so that every bite is evenly coated. I sometimes add a fifth person: a wealthy person for good balsamic vinegar.” “Hazan Family Favorites” has many recipes that are apt for Florida right now in the heat of summer. Most are simple. Marinated, grilled chicken breasts calls for only seven ingredients including the salt and pepper and its one-hour start-to-finish time includes 45 minutes for marinating. The recipe here for pan-roasted pompano has only five ingredients. It comes with Giuliano’s recollection of his snowbird paternal grandparents’ condo in Hallandale: “It was during these Florida escapes that I became enamored of the sweet, melt-in-


Giuliano Hazan’s Pan-Roasted Pompano

When the sauce is ready, turn the fish so the flesh side is well-coated then transfer it to a serving platter and pour the sauce over it. Serve at once. Notes: Giuliano Hazan buys his pompano at Captain Brian’s. At this time of year, they do not always have it but it can be special ordered. Cost is $16.95/pound. Hazan suggests yellowtail snapper as an alternate or any fairly mild, sweet fish. your-mouth flesh of pompano. My mother cooked it in an arguably un-Italian but nonetheless delectable style, pan roasting it with butter and lemon. Seafood in Italy is almost always cooked in olive oil rather than butter, but if they had pompano in Italy, I think it would create an exception to that rule.” Giuliano and Lael Hazan’s daughters Gabriella, 13, and Michela, going on 8, are growing up much as their father did in the family tradition. And as Marcella Hazan says in her foreword to the book: “There is more to that tradition, however, than a mere sum of its recipes. It is the act of cooking itself that constitutes tradition, a tradition that looks to the production of a fresh meal for the family as the manifestation of a bond of affection and kinship, as the affirmation of identity, as a personal moment of nourishment and celebration.”

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A four-bedroom home on Bird Key sells for $4.7 million.


increasing population

WEATHER See this week’s weather photo contest winner.



by Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Up close, scallops have a row of blue eyes.

Joe and Leslie Panzarella

Lauren Kabat

Above: Gianna Sparks, Jillian Herbst and Patrick Herbst Right: Approximately 93 scallops were found in the search. Seven were found last year.

Photos by Mallory Gnaegy

Chairman of the board of Sarasota Bay Watch Rusty Chinnis and volunteer Justin Bloom search for scallops.

The fifth annual Sarasota Bay Watch Scallop Search took place Saturday, Aug. 11, launching from Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub. Last year’s Sarasota Bay Watch Scallop Search uncovered seven scallops in the bay. This year’s numbers were remarkably higher, with 93 recorded scallop finds. Last winter was the first season for Sarasota Bay Watch’s scallop restoration efforts, and it proved a success. “The scallops have found a way to survive, and that’s why what we have been doing holds so much promise,” said Rusty Chinnis, chairman of the board of Sarasota Bay Watch. More than 100 volunteers decked in snorkel gear took boats out to various locations around the bay to search for scallops. Scallop restoration is a 10-year effort and a three-step process involving fundraising, searching and releasing. The area where the group released 4 million scallops in December was searched, but according to Chinnis, it takes a few generations of scallop releases to see significant growth. In June, the group hosted Scallopalooza, which raised enough funds to hold three more scallop releases. Each release of around 10 million scallops costs approximately $4,000.

Robin Callahan, Rita Stonehouse and Linda Powers

Luke Campbell


Longboat Observer



by Loren Mayo | Staff Writer

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, here I am at camp: It’s Friday, Aug. 10 — the last day of Creative Kids Summer Camp at Art Center Sarasota. Kai Worrell is peering over Luis Fridegotto’s left shoulder and watching him shade-in some fancy cartoons in his sketchpad. “Can you rip off your braces and can I have them?” Kai asks? To Luis’ right is Casey Anderson, who seems to be as equally interested in Luis as Kai is. “Does it hurt to get a nose ring?” Casey asks for no particular reason. Luis isn’t sure about giving up his braces anytime soon, but laughs nonetheless. And although he doesn’t have one, he thinks getting a nose ring might hurt a little bit. On the opposite side of the art room is camp instructor Erika Neff, who is in town on her summer break from college. She’s helping Sophia Miller create a story about a fairy, which has just caught the attention of Soleil Worrell. When Sophia deems the story complete, Erika reads it aloud, while the girls listen intently. After lunch, the campers will round up their favorite works of art — sock animals, robots and clay creatures and make a presentation to their parents.


Casey — Kai and Luis, but mostly Luis. Leilani — Sticking my hand into the clay. It’s icky and mushy. Or, sticking my feet in paint. I still haven’t gotten it off my nails. Luis — I always share ideas with the kids. Sophia — Drawing. Leilani Lyons

Lucy — Learning how to draw stuff and doing stuff and making clay projects. Cora — We make a lot of stuff. Painting.

By the numbers

100 Shrinky Dinks made


Stuffed creatures

Sophia Miller and Soleil Worrell


Sock animals


Clay creatures

at the last week 7 Kids of camp Luis Fridegotto’s artwork

Kai Worrell

Watch a video of art camp online at

Cathy has lived and worked on Longboat Key for almost 40 years! 88439

Longboat Key Realty

5 Water bead sculptures

one of the best buys on Longboat Key. Perfect for the retiree, full time resident or use as a winter retreat. Well maintained, small bayfront complex with deeded beach access and low maintenance fees. A short distance to The Centre Shops, Durante Park with 32 acres of trails and playground, Publix and St. Armands. A3953684 $199,900

Approved Architectural plans for 5300 sq.ft. 5BR/6.5BA offering luxurious details on spectacular property with full Gulf and gorgeous sunset views. Offered at $3,995,000

595 Bay Isles Road, Suite 120 E, Longboat Key GRI, TRC, CPC • 941-920-0303 •

Camp instructor Erika Neff transcribes Sophia Miller’s story about a fairy.

COVERT I 2BR/1BA with glassed lanai overlooking the pool is

Brand New Beach Front Residence


Kai — Casey and Luis.

Kai Worrell

Talk to Tina Today - Longboat Key’s International Connection

Tina Rudek -


3174 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

941.383.5502 or 941.724.7228

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The best small businesses in the Sarasota and Manatee area.

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L’Ambiance Sabal with 3 Bedrooms, 2 Spacious $1,690,000 Terraces and Huge Gulf Views.

Gorgeous enProvence unit w/3 Bedrooms Plus office. Full Gulf Views, Generous Terraces and Private 2-car Garage. $2,695,000


Tranquil and Very Private Resort-Like Beachfront Estate on the Gulf of Mexico. $4,495,000



Magnificent Bay and City Views! Spacious Orchid Beach 3 Bedroom, 3 1/2 Bath Unit That Feels Like a Private Home! Turnkey furnished, too! $1,695,000

Award-Winning, Florida Green Certified Contemporary Masterpiece on Cocoanut Bayou w/ Over 6200 SF of Living Space + Guest Apartment. $4,900,000


Bayfront Elegance! Almost 4,000 SF of Open Living Space in This Fabulous Sarabande Residence. Dramatic Sunset Views! $1,999,000



Custom 4 Bedroom, 3 ½ Bath, Multi-Level Home with Beautiful Views of the Gulf and its Mesmerizing Sunsets. Very Open, Airy and Bright!$790,000

Tranquil and Private Resort-Like Beachfront Estate on Longboat Key. $4,495,000


Perfectly Positioned for Wide Water Views, this Stunning Home has been Meticulously Remodeled and Updated. Over 4600 Sq. Ft. of spacious Waterfront Living! $2,495,000



Seaplace Direct Gulf Front Unit Impeccably Renovated and Updated with Oversized White Tile, Granite & Stainless Kitchen and Crown Moldings. $639,000

Very Impressive Conrad Beach Beauty Just Steps to the Beach. $999,000


Modern Luxury Four Bedroom w/ over 4,000 SF of Brilliant Living Space and Sweeping Water Views. Very Private! $2,749,000

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real estate | transactions

ota and Manatee Counties in 2009 #1 Agent in condominium sales #1 COLDWELL BANKER AGENT for Sarasota and Manatee Counties in 2009

Four-bedroom Bird Key home sells for $4.7 million

Sarasota Manatee for W E L Lin B A N K in& EFlorida R A2009 G ECounties! NT

Ranked infor the 2009 top .5% of Coldwell Banker Associates Worldwide in Florida






T h e n a m e t o k n o w i n REALTOR r e a l e s®t a t e

As seen on Sarasota’s

“Hot ProPerties” Segment Every Wednesday!


to know in real estate Bay Plaza - Sparkling Bay Views Beautifully renovated 2BR/2BA residence w/ bamboo floors, granite & stainless appliances on the 11th floor in exciting downtown Sarasota. $799,000

The Bougainvillea House - Tudor Revival Renovated in 2006 on 3 lots with 4BR/3.5BA + separate guest house totaling 4,857 square feet. Home exudes old world charm while offering today’s modern conveniences. Wood floors, marble, pool, & 2-car garage. $1,290,000

The following residential real-estate transactions took place between July 30 and Aug. 3. A home on Bird Key tops all transactions in this week’s real estate. Charles and Judy Gifford sold their home at 364 W. Royal Flamingo Drive to Yi-Lan Yang, of Sarasota, for $4.7 million. Built in 2007, it has four bedrooms, five-and-ahalf baths, a pool and 6,289 square feet of living area.

John Ringling Estates

Jeffrey and Cornelia Peterson sold their home at 343 S. Blvd. of the Presidents to Robert and Deborah Zimmermann, of Sarasota, for $2.15 million. Built in 2001, it has four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a pool and 3,787 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $2,328,000 in 2008. David and Lois Trotochau, of Sarasota, sold their home at 133 S. Blvd. of the Presidents to David and Anita Juliano, of Wilmington, Del., for $2.1 million. Built in 2002, it has four bedrooms, three-and-ahalf baths, a pool and 4,660 square feet of living area. Susan Porter, trustee, sold the home at 315 S. Washington Drive to Stephen and Janice Dyck, of Sarasota, for $1.6 million. Built in 2005, it has four bedrooms, three baths, a pool and 2,650 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $1.3 million in 2010. Keith Bednarowski and Mary Bednarowski, trustees, of Hennepin, Minn., sold the home at 100 N. Adams Drive to James Jordan Jr., of Darien, Conn., for $1,175,000. Built in 1953, it has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, a pool and 2,800 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $682,500 in 2008.

Fairway Bay - Longboat Key Townhouse 2BR/2.5BA turnkey furnished vacation getaway! Fresh, and bright with ceramic tile, central vacuum, fireplace, bonus area and private 1 - car garage. Bring the family! $359,000

E HOUS PM OPEN Su n 1-r4ive & ler D Sat 3 y 76 T

Ringling Pointe – Stunning Direct Bay Front On 145 feet of deep water with 5BR/3.5 BA, a 2,200 SF master suite, 1,000 bottle wine room, private dock, wading & lap pool & 8-car garage. $3,850,000

Lido Beach - Best Waterfront Value Gated Mediterranean inspired residence with protected Bay views located within walking distance to Lido Beach and St. Armands Circle. 6BR/6.5BA on 148 ft of waterfront. $3,499,900

The Landings – Eagles Point Wide open water views! 3BR/2BA in THE best building in The Landings. Turnkey furnished with secure garage parking. $395,000

Longboat Key Towers

Mary Stein, trustee, of Mequon, Wis., sold the Unit S-1103 condominium at 601 Longboat Club Road to Frank and Mary Bonanno, of Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., for $785,000. Built in 1970, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,458 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $347,500 in 1995.

Sanctuary III at Longboat Key Club Sleepy Lagoon - Direct Gulf Front Beautiful Hampton Style 4 bedroom/3 bath home on 100 ft of pristine beach front. Renovated, down to the studs, in 2007. Wood & marble floors, outdoor jacuzzi and 2-car garage. $3,690,000

By Adam Hughes | Research Editor

Peter Gluck, of New York, and Carol Rickard, of Osprey, sold their Unit B-406 condominium at 545 Sanctuary Drive to Kenneth Newmark, trustee, of Cincinnati, for $778,000. Built in 1991, it has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths and 2,375 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $485,000 in 1991.

Ritz Tower – Bay & City Views UnBELIEvABLE vALUE PEnTHOUSE residence with 4,704 Sq. Ft., 4 BR plus family room and 4.5 bathrooms offers incredible views, wood & marble floors, granite & stainless gourmet kitchen, 10’ ceilings. $2,995,000

E HOUS OPEN1-4 PM D r Su n i rd Key 204 B

Nick Friedman

This home at 364 W. Royal Flamingo Drive on Bird Key has four bedrooms, fiveand-a-half baths, a pool and 6,289 square feet of living area. It sold for $4.7 million.

Country Club Shores

Frank and Janice Cook, of Longboat Key, sold their home at 540 Golf Links Lane to Charles and Terri Kirley, of Kansas City, Mo., for $760,000. Built in 1968, it has three bedrooms, two baths, a pool and 2,235 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $819,000 in 2003.

Bayport Beach and Tennis Club

Terence Bloom and Robin Bloom, trustees, of Kent, United Kingdom, sold the Unit 716 condominium at 716 Bayport Way to Alan and Lois Portnoff, of Bryn Mawr, Pa., for $630,000. Built in 1980, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,134 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $184,500 in 1990.

The Beaches of Longboat Key

Michael Foulkes and Linda Brennan, of Ontario, Canada, sold the Unit 304 condominium at 775 Longboat Club Road to Linda Brennan, trustee, for $610,000. Built in 1984, it has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,602 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $580,000 in 2010.

Fairway Bay

Jerome and Myra Goldstein sold their Unit 413 condominium at 2020 Harbourside Drive to Christian and Matthew Goetz, of Greenlawn, N.Y., for $587,000. Built in 1984, it has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,905 square feet of living area. It previously sold for $312,500 in 1994.

Visit our website to read more real-estate transactions.


BANK OWNED Bird Key - Outstanding Waterfront Opportunity Built in 2007 on a wide protected boat basin. Home has 8,071 square feet, 5BR/5.5BA, guest wing with separate entrance and more! Infinity edge pool, boat dock, and 4-car garage. $3,690,000

Ritz Hotel Residences - 12th Floor Water views from all rooms! 2,011 SF w/ wood floors, custom-fitted closets, & unique venetian plaster walls. Large master suite with sitting area & $1,098,500 marble bath.

Tessera - Downtown Sarasota Beautiful 3BR/3.5BA residence with higher ceilings, marble floors, expansive terrace & a private 2-car garage. Soughtafter community located in the heart of downtown. $1,198,000

Meridian at the Oaks Preserve Fully upgraded former Avigon model corner apartment with sunsets from 14 windows! Three bedrooms, three bathrooms plus a den provide 2,600 square feet of living space. Two garage parking spaces. $329,000

These are the largest building permits issued by the Longboat Key Planning and Zoning Department for the week of Aug. 3 through Aug. 9, in order of dollar amounts. (GMD = Gulf of Mexico Drive)

All of Barbara’s listings are linked Internationally in 13 languages.

Owned and Operated by NRT, LLC.


Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, LLC 201 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #1, Longboat Key • 941-387-1820 Direct ● 800-910-8728 Toll-Free

Address Permit Applicant Amount 2110 Harbourside Drive Alteration Peter Small $95,000 3115 GMD Alteration Robert Mikulay $90,000 Buttonwood Cove 3500 GMD Alteration Condominium Association $53,000 Buttonwood Cove 3540 GMD Alteration Condominium Association $53,000 Buttonwood Cove 3630 GMD Alteration Condominium Association $53,000 Buttonwood Cove 3660 GMD Alteration Condominium Association $53,000 690 Longboat Court Addition Maryanne Cobb $29,750 6681 GMD Alteration Mark Tormey $25,000 3750 GMD Alteration Paradise Properties LLC $20,000 596 Spanish Drive N. Alteration Sandra Brut-Christensen $19,512.60 1261 GMD Alteration Water Club II $15,000 574 Norton St. Alteration John Sizemore $10,875 648 Marbury Lane Re-roof David Goldsberry $9,800 512 Lyons Lane Alteration Warren Girle $7,500 4525 GMD Alteration Florence Scheiner $6,050 3453 GMD Alteration Joseph Mocnik $4,800 100 Sands Point Road Alteration Malcolm Ross, trustee $300

Longboat Observer



Coldwell Banker


FLORIDAMOVES.COM Build your career with Florida’s industry leader. Visit today.

Sarasota, Lido Beach. $3,499,900 6/6.5 MLS#A3962291 Barbara Ackerman 941-387-1820

Holmes Beach, Ilexhurst. $2,750,000 4/3.5 MLS#A3964006 Martie Lieberman 941-366-8070

Longboat Key, Bay Isles. $2,145,000 3/4.5 MLS#A3953976 Mike Greve 941-806-9444

Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $1,750,000 4/4 MLS#A3951622 Judy Kepecz-Hays 941-587-1700

Open Sat/Sun 1:30-4:30pm 536 Spinnaker Ln Sarasota, Saint Armands Division. $1,899,000 4/3 MLS#A3954781 Lynne Koy 941-387-1803

Established in 1906. Leading the Way for 106 Years. As Coldwell Banker® celebrates its 106th anniversary, we remain committed to our founding principles of integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction. From San Francisco in 1906 to Florida in 2012, our trustworthy and innovative real estate services have helped generation after generation achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Mainland Sarasota Sarasota. $799,000 Mary Clarke, 941-388-3966 West of Trail & 2 lots! Beautiful newer home on a canopy tree St. Must See! MLS#A3961218 Sarasota, Bays Bluff. $272,900 Sandra Gardner, 941-366-8070 Stunning waterfront views from bay front condo in downtown Sarasota. MLS#A3963786

The Keys Longboat Key, Bay Isles. $1,290,000 Linda Weber, 941-504-2000 Located on a deep waterway behind gates of the LBK Club. 4BR/3BA, 4392sqft. MLS#A3958820 Longboat Key, Bay Isles. $799,000 Roger Pettingell, 941-387-1840 Wonderfully secluded 3BR/3+BA home w/sprawling golf course & lake front views MLS#A3956808

Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $1,575,000 3/4.5 MLS#A3958332 Judy Kepecz-Hays 941-387-1825

Sarasota, Terr East. $725,000 Jo Ellyn Yturraspe, 941-366-8070 2BR/2BA condo over looking the Gulf of Mexico! MLS#A3963982 Open Sat/Sun 1-4pm. 1750 Benjamin Franklin Dr G, Sarasota. $650,000 Candi Rosenthal, 941-387-1876 Incredible Gulf & Bay views of Downtown Sarasota! Striking upgrades. MLS#A3961830 Sarasota, Lido Regency. $599,900 Tom Fynes, 941-504-9282 Spectacular panoramic Gulf, Bay & City views w/2BR/2BA; turnkey furnished. MLS#A3951944 Longboat Key, Seaplace. $399,000 Lynne Koy, 941-387-1803 2/2 Updated kitchen, granite counters, solid wood cabinets, SW Gulf views. MLS#A3941459 Longboat Key, Fairway Bay. $369,000 Bruce Myer, 941-387-1859 2BR/2BA retreat with awesome views of the bay, downtown & Ringling Bridge. MLS#A3962616 Longboat Key, Cedars East Condo. $339,900 Michael/Mary Nell Moore, 941-321-8594/941-266-7740 Cedars East updated 2BR/2.5BA townhouse; fulltime residence/rental income. MLS#A3958914

Longboat Key, Country Club Shores. $1,295,000 3/3 MLS#A3963974 Roger Pettingell 941-387-1840

University Pk, Warwick Gardens. $1,299,990 4/3.5 MLS#A3964011 Joe Cinque 941-387-1805

Sarasota, Embassy Villas. $319,000 Lynn A. Luken, 941-388-3966 Embassy Villas, charming renovated 2BR/2BA, just steps from lido beach. MLS#A3961780 Sarasota, Lido Shores. $275,000 Michelle Musto, 941-809-3714 Great location! Great value! 2BR/2BA, turnkey frnshd, 4th flr w/Gulf views. MLS#A3945835 Sarasota, Siesta Harbor II. $260,000 Nikki Boguszewski, 941-302-4676 Irresistible value & price! 2/2 condo on waterfront site. Dock, elevators. MLS#A3945887

Manatee University Park. $449,500 Barbara Ackerman, 941-387-1820 Custom lakefront home with screened pool, 4BR/3BA & 2 car garage. MLS#A3945128 Bradenton, Wildewood Springs. $219,900 Scott Norris, 941-387-1880 Relax under the key lime tree in your own, private courtyard. MLS#A3962801

Venice/Osprey/Nokomis Longboat Key, Inn On The Beach. $1,025,000 2/2 MLS#A3954004 Bruce Myer 941-387-1859

Sarasota, One Watergate. $599,000 2/2 MLS#A3960972 Kathy Hoonhout 941-388-3966

Nokomis, Casey Key. $2,249,000 Louis Wery, 941-387-1816 Adorable 3BR/3BA beach cottage offers very desirable Gulf-to-Bay location. MLS#A3954550

Residential ❙ Commercial ❙ Mortgage ❙ Rentals ❙ Corporate Relocation ❙ Closing Services © 2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International, the Previews International logo and “Dedicated to Luxury Real Estate” are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.




Longboat Observer



Ian Addy & Gail Wittig

+ Bonsack appointed to International Spa Association Board of Directors


Director of Wellness at Longboat Key Club and Resort Kristi Bonsack has been appointed to the International Spa Association Board of Directors. ISPA is a professional organization and voice representing the spa industry worldwide. Bonsack has more than 15 years of experience in the wellness industry and currently manages the spa, fitness center, mind & motion studio and other wellness initiatives for the Key Club. Her threeyear term will commence in October. Bonsack

912 Boulevard of the Arts | Condo on the Bay | $795,000

3616 Fair Oaks Place | Queens Harbour | $2,290,000

8347 Midnight Pass Road | Siesta Key, FL 34242 | $4,490,000


By Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

+ CYD of Sarasota County honoring Michael Saunders The Community Youth Development of Sarasota County will honor Michael Saunders as its seventh annual leadership breakfast, Wednesday, Sept. 12. Each year, the CYD recognizes community leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to empowering youth leaders in our community. In addition to Michael Saunders, Sen. Lisa Carlton, R-Fla., will be honored. The breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m. followed by a program at 8 a.m. Tickets can be purchased at

REAL-ESTATE REPORTS Longboat Key Club & Resort | From the low $200’s to $1,000,000’s

+ The Continental Group arrives on Longboat Key Continental Group (TCG), a FirstService Residential Management company, has announced four new management contracts for condominium associations, three of which are on Longboat Key. These contracts include the Fairway Bay 3 Association (The Atrium), Bay Harbour Condominum Association and La Firenza Condominium Association. “We are extremely pleased to be expanding our portfolio in such a key market like Sarasota, with these excellent properties,” says Mark Stoops, president of the North Florida region of The Continental Group. The Continental Group, founded in 1990, manages and maintains 1,500 associations and more than 310,000 residential units, with corporate headquarters in Hollywood.

+ Andrew Bers makes a switch Broker-associate Andrew Bers has joined the team at Premier Sotheby’s International Realty. He was previously at RE/MAX Alliance Group.


Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker

Bringing People Home Since 1939 5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101, Longboat Key


440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 34228

well maintained 2/2, 1st flr. unit, park at your door, W/D, extra storage, part furnished, enclosed patio. Heated pool, close to Publix, Target, restaurants. Foster Lewis #M5828133 $44,900

• Leading Specialists at Longboat Key Club & Resort


• 2010 & 2011 Top Sales Team Michael Saunders & Company, Longboat Key


on Longboat Key! Charming 1BR/1BA home located in popular bayfront, 55+ community of Gulfshore. Perfect for beach retreat or full time home. Kelly Belisle #M5829396 $99,000

• 61+ Years of Combined Real Estate Sales Experience • Team Sales Exceed $195 Million Since 2005


3080 Grand Bay Boulevard #535 | Grand Bay | $549,000

601 Longboat Club Road # S303 | Longboat Key Towers | $769,000

By Mallory Gnaegy | Community Editor

Barbara Milian, Ian Addy PA, Gail Wittig

Short Sale “Just a Story”

Beach & boating dream! 1BR/1BA Longboat Harbour canal view, peaks of the Gulf, 3rd flr. condo, lives like a resort, deeded “beach house”, 4 pools and more! Jerry Cunningham $189,000 #A3958810


Incredible opportunity to own 2 adjoining lots west of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Conrad Beach boasts timeless architecture, com. pool & clubhouse. Purchase separately Peter Uliano or w/M5815731. $260,000 #M5815734

We invite you to take advantage of our team’s experience and allow us the opportunity to present you with a complimentary market analysis of your property.


great view of Sarasota Bay, furnished, tile floors, upgraded kit., 2 pools, tennis, boat docks only $12 a month. Beach access. 2 pets OK. Seller pays $5,000 of maintenance fee for 2012. Dorothy Cook $289,000 #A3950932



Canal front, deep water access with no bridges. 3BR/2BA with pool in the amazing city of Cortez. Family living at its finest. Debra Ibasfalean $385,000 #M5826860

Longboat Observer


Lynne Koy ◆



presents her



BIRD KEY 4 BR/3.3BA Location! Location! This beautiful custom home has it all - fabulous downtown views across Sarasota Bay, granite kitchen with milk-glaze cabinetry, “Morning Room” with 8 Step crown molding, gorgeous pool, dock & lift. The first floor master suite has stunning Bay views and the second floor “Great Room” has “forever” Bay views from the terrace. $3,690,000

Tour Lynne’s properties at At The Chart House on Longboat Key

Broker / Associate, CrB, CrS, GrI Previews International Property Specialist International President’s Premier, Involved Citizen: Sarasota Opera, SPArCC, Make-a Wish, Meals on Wheels, Breast Cancer Awareness

LONGBOAT KEY TOWERS Charming Elegance with Breathtaking Gulf, Bay and City Views from this 3BD/3BA Penthouse residence. Soaring ceilings, open floor plan and oversized windows that welcome the sun and the sea. The Eastern terrace was enclosed to welcome a “simply charming sun room.” $2,275,000

ST. ARMANDS Spacious 4BD/3BA custom built

home with elegant marble entryway set on a wide canal, just steps to shopping and dining in world renowned St. Armands Circle! $1,899,000

• Top AgenT in Closed sAles on longboAT Key • Top AgenT in Closed sAles on bird Key

Global Marketing:

PLAYERS CLUB – Wonderful Gulf views PROMENADE - Stunning Southwest SEAPLACE

Rarely available from the 30’ long open balcony; w/southern views of the Gulf of Mexico, Downtown Townhouse, 2BD/2.5BA with exposure. Tastefully furnished 2BD/2.5BA and the Bay from this 2 BR/2BA attached garage and spacious terrace condominium. $699,000 condominium w/a woodburning overlooking tropical garden views. fireplace. $679,000 $489,000

Follow me on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube

You can search Lynne’s website in 13 languages – including English.

SEAPLACE – Direct Gulf views from this CASTILLIAN - Direct Gulf views from this KEY TOWER SOUTH - Great Views

tropical stunner! Impecably decorated and 2BD/2BA fully furnished condominium home of the Gulf, Downtown Sarasota and the John maintained with loving care this 2 BD/2 BA fully with beautifully updated lobby, tropical grounds, Ringling Bridge from this 2BR/2BA updated furnished condominium home is being sold at an secured entry, pool and tennis for your pleasure. condominium home. $479,000 incredible price. $489,000 $485,000


BEACHPLACE - Priced to Sell! Unfurnished SEAPLACE – Recently updated kitchen with LONGBOAT HARBOUR – Sunny Northeast exposure

2BD/2BA residence w/Partial Gulf views w/new warm pecan cabinetry and granite counters in from the charming 2BD/2BA condominium with wide bay paint and carpet! Seller will hold mortgage @ 5.5% this 2BD/2BA condominium home with Southwest views, enclosed lanai and some newer appliances. This w/$100,000. $449,000 Gulf and bay views and miles of sand and beach. furnished residence comes with one covered parking space $399,000 and deeded beach access. $279,000



Owned and operated by NRT, LLC


Longboat Observer


games | bridge bites By Brian Gunnell | American Contract Bridge League

THE TRUMP COUP This week’s deal contains a little bit of magic whereby a “certain” trump loser evaporates into thin air thanks to some well-timed Declarer play. Against your 6♠contract West leads the J♣. You finesse the Queen but that loses to the King and East returns a Club to Dummy’s Ace. It was a fine slam, but it got worse when that Club finesse lost. Now you must pick up the trump suit for no losers. You run the 10♠

and it holds. You say a silent “Yippee!” but that quickly changes to “Rats!” when you repeat the finesse and West shows out. How will you overcome this setback? East still has K7♠ but there are no Spades left in Dummy with which to repeat the finesse. That might seem like a certain trump loser but you have a resource, it’s known as a Trump Coup. For this to work you must shorten your trumps down to two

(the same length as East) and also make sure that you win the 11th trick in Dummy. If you can do that, then when you lead from Dummy at Trick 12, East will be forced to ruff in front of you, thereby losing his “sure” trump trick. So, after the second trump finesse wins, the play goes: K♦; A♦; Diamond ruff; over to Dummy’s Q♥; Club ruff; back to Dummy’s J♥. The A♥ is now cashed and at Trick 12 Dummy leads a Club (or Diamond) and East is forced to ruff in front of

you. Great stuff! Be sure to realize that you needed both those ruffs in your hand; if you had not shortened your trumps to the right length then there would have been no Trump Coup.

BRIDGE HAND Vulnerable: N/A


♠ 10 9 ♥AQJ ♦ A543 ♣AQ52 West

Visit for more about the game of bridge or email Contact Brian Howard, owner/director of the Bridge Center of Bradenton, at 7958981.


♠2 ♥ 10 8 3 ♦ J 10 9 6 ♣ J 10 9 8 4

♠ K765 ♥ 9654 ♦ Q72 ♣K7 Declarer

♠ AQJ843 ♥ K72 ♦ K8 ♣63

IT’S READ EVERYWHERE ITALY. Longboaters Jean and Terry Griffin catch up on their hometown news while celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary in Positano, Italy, on the Italian Riviera.

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS: Headed on a great vacation? Make sure to take a copy of your Observer along! Visit and click on the “Contests” tab in the upper-right hand corner to submit your entry.

Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column and box. See answers on page 30. © 2012 Universal Uclick


S aint C acchiotti, MICHAEL

PA, Direct: 941.38.SAINT (387-2468) Cell: 941.809.0787 Toll Free: 877.581.3444

MOULTON Certified Residential Specialist

Michael Saunders & Company


Licensed Real Estate Broker


It takes a lifetime to become an experienced professional and only minutes to realize you’re working with one!



BIRD KEY - Custom 2001 built 3,500sf bay front home, top of the line throughout. A3963202 $2,575,000

LBK GULF FRONT LOTS - 2 lots totaling 2.25 acres w/ 200’ of gulf frontage. A395884 $6,000,000

SAnCTuAry GuLF To bAy Enjoy amazing views of the Gulf, Bay, golf course and beyond in this 2,375 SF, 8th floor residence located behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club. Sold Turnkey furnished. $1,299,000

TAnGerIne bAy CLub Embrace tranquil

Bay views from this impeccably maintained residence overlooking the Bay, lagoon and enticing island pool. 2,210 SF of luxurious living, 2-3 BR, 2.5 BA, and 2 car garage. $825,000


BAY ISLES - Custom designed 6,000sf 5BR home in exclusive gated neighborhood. A3959515 $3,799,000

COUNTRY CLUB SHORES - Canal front 3,300sf 4BR new construction residence. A3958487 $1,395,000 SunSeT HArbor bAyFronT Enjoy spectacular sunsets and endless water views from this direct Bay front lot with deeded boat slip located in private and gated community. $699,000

SunSeT HArbor Build your dream home behind the gates of Sunset Harbor. Lot with marina views located in a private and gated enclave of 9 homesites with deeded boat slip. $450,000

2009 - 2012 Five Star: 440 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL 34228 Office 941.383.7591 | Mobile 941.928.3559 |

Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agent! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Access Virtual Tours & MLS at michael Saunders & Company, Licensed Real Estate Broker 440 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 34228 • 941-383-7591

Exclusive affiliate of Christie’s Great Estates & Leading Real Estate Companies of the World


WATER CLUB - Coveted southern exposure 3,000sf furnished residence w/city view. A3919693 $2,495,000 86869

THE GRANDE - Exquisitely appointed Gulf front 3BR Penthouse w/ private garage. A3955033 $1,950,000

Longboat Observer





Weather Photo Contest Winner

Record Temps.





Tues. Aug. 7



97 (1989)

62 (1982)

Wed. Aug. 8



96 (1987)

68 (1971)

Thurs. Aug. 9



96 (1993)

70 (1971)

Fri. Aug. 10



97 (1981)

69 (1967)

Sat. Aug. 11



95 (1984)

67 (1972)

Sun. Aug. 12



96 (1984)

70 (1972)

Mon. Aug. 13



96 (2005)

68 (1994)

Average Gulf water temperature: 87


Thurs. Aug. 16

Highs 1:21 a 11:59 a

6:17 a

Fri. Aug. 17

1:34 a 12:42 p

7:01 a

8:25 p

Sat. Aug. 18

1:49 a

1:25 p

7:46 a

8:52 p

Sun. Aug. 19

2:08 a

2:11 p

8:33 a

9:20 p

Mon. Aug. 20

2:32 a

3:00 p

9:23 a

9:48 p

Tues. Aug. 21

3:01 a

3:57 p

10:19 a

10:16 p

Wed. Aug. 22

3:36 a

5:05 p

11:23 a

10:44 p


Sunrise/sunset Sunrise 7:02 7:02 7:03 7:03 7:04 7:04 7:05

Natalia Cava took this sunset photo from Bird Key Park.

Sunset 8:07 8:06 8:05 8:04 8:04 8:03 8:02

Aug. 17 New

Aug. 31 Full

Aug. 24 First

Sept. 8 Last

PHOTO CONTEST: Win an iPad 2 or Canon EOS T3 camera. Enter your sunset, sunrise or weatherrelated photos for The Observer’s weather photo contest, sponsored by . To enter your photos, visit, and click on the “Contests” tab in the upper-right corner. Weekly winners will have their photo printed in the paper and will be entered into a drawing for that month. The monthly winner will choose between an iPad 2 or Canon EOS T3 camera.


Thurs., Aug. 16 Fri., Aug. 17 Sat., Aug. 18 Sun., Aug. 19 Mon., Aug. 20 Tues., Aug. 21 Wed., Aug. 22

Lows 7:56 p


Edited by Timothy E. Parker



2. C M Q













59 Safecracker, in slang 61 “Dukes of Hazzard” 1 Cobra cousin deputy sheriff 6 He eulogized Julius 63 “Able was I ___ I saw 10 “Buyer beware” Elba” phrase 64 Ballroom blunder 14 Barley used in 65 Speeders step on it brewing 18 Arab chieftains (var.) 68 Help even when it’s inconvenient 19 Length times width 72 Lock opener 20 Praise to the skies 73 Doctoral candidate’s 21 “Young exam Frankenstein” 75 Poisonous snake assistant 76 “Don’t move, 22 Car dealership’s doggie!” promotion 77 Cross to bear 24 Nostalgic pathway 79 Bathroom wall26 “Take ___ Train” covering, often (Duke Ellington 80 “Gone With the song) Wind” estate 27 When a plane is 82 Whom the seeker expected in (Abbr.) seeks, in a kid’s 28 Show one’s pearly game whites 84 Cuddly-looking 30 Hepburn of classic Australian marsupial films 88 Elaborate fraud 31 Some male dolls 89 Dragged into court 33 Coin-toss call 90 “Captain Blood” star 34 It flows through Flynn Egypt 91 Royal name in 35 All the stage is his Norway world 92 “Skeptic” or “cynic” 38 ___ Gras (Louisiana attachment festival) 93 It may cut things 39 Subscription close continuers 95 On-off connector 43 Landing spots for 96 Practice piano piece Santa 97 Hairdresser 44 Bawl 101 Old geezers 45 Snack with coffee 103 Cambodia’s ___ 47 Gretchen who Rouge played Bettie Page 104 “___, poor Yorick!” 48 Terrible thing for 105 “Positive thinking” one to waste advocate Norman 49 Fish with a big net Vincent 51 Agcy. that conducts 106 Does and ewes, e.g. workplace 108 Word before “puff” inspections or “keg” 53 Orchestra 111 Check the figures woodwind again 54 Move furtively 112 Highest card 56 Weirdly strange 113 Prefix with “ballistic” 57 “Us” opponent or “lite” 58 Not authentic

117 It may cause you to stop 119 Alfred Noyes subject 122 “___ Trek” 123 Puts up a picture or door 124 Molecule part 125 Believer of a sort 126 Some pajama parts 127 Painter Warhol 128 “With shoes on,” at a diner 129 Pest-control brand

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 23 25 29 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41


Union Jack holder Eastern housemaid 5,280 feet First light Balaam’s beast Trading centers Opera diva’s solo ___ up (accelerate an engine) Salad type Skating leaps Copycat’s request Agcy. that won the 1969 Peace Prize Muscle injury Bathroom problem Actor who married Temple “The ___ Ranger” Card with three pips “Bobby” director Estevez Fox home Christmas season Neither liberal nor conservative Ambulances’ destinations (Abbr.) Striped upholstery fabric Infernal region What the Venus de Milo is missing Nickel or dime Sound quality “... to form a ___ perfect union ...” Sorority hopeful Commence, as a venture First-year player

42 44 46 50 52 53 55 60 62 65 66 67 69 70 71 74 78 81 83 85 86 87 94 96 98 99 100 102 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 114 115 116 118 120 121

About to doze off Plated dino “To be or ___ to be” Some tipplers “You’re ___ one, Mister Grinch” Frequently, poetically What’s tapped at a beer bust Nanny and billy ___-climber (exercise machine) Like some architecture or romance novels Lyrical song style Sub meat Hoist into the air Add water Curly’s loud laugh Superman’s nemesis Luthor Prognosticator Wood-shaping tool Extremely long time divisions 2011 grad, now Fill with freight Affirm as true Where whales roam ___ out (barely manage) Some volume controls Take to the hills Catwoman portrayer Kitt No longer in style Buddy Holly’s “___ Sue” Knucklehead Chop down, as a tree “Hey, buddy!” “Beetle Bailey” canine Alternative to a sandwich Part of an orange Very excited Give off, as fumes Red, itchy patch “Hang ___ your hats” “The Streets of ___ Francisco” “What was ___ think?” There’s much of this in Shakespeare CROSSWORD_081612

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Items Under $200 For Sale

Homes For Rent

METAL SCULPTURE: beautiful, $75. Oil painting, $50. Call 941-383-1210.

DEEP WATER ACCESS Boater’s Dream: residential rental in south Longboat Key. 3BR/2BA, approx. 1720 sq.ft., only minutes to Sarasota Bay and open Gulf. 100/ft canal frontage with pool. Yearly lease at $2500/month + utilities. Call 228-327-7801.

Autos Wanted AUTOS WANTED! Let me take the hassle out of selling your car. Cash offered today! Call Mike, 941-713-2277.

Boat Slips For Rent/Sale FOR SALE OR RENT, fantastic high and dry boat slip, superb S. Longboat location. Call 941-371-1866.

Boats Boats are selling. My passion is selling boats and I sell a lot of them. Local - Reputable - Honest. Let’s talk about selling your boat. Keeping it simple, “Business on a Handshake”. I buy boats too. Island Boat Sales. 941-228-3489.

Garage/Moving/Estate Sales ESTATE SALE FRI-SAT 9am-4pm No. at 8:00am Sterling Flatware, Waterford Crystal, Vintage China, Antique Brass Bed, Records, Jewelry, Vintage Clothing, Books, Dining Rm Table, Display Cabinet, Antique Dresser & Beds, Antique Mirrors, Rocking Horse, Doll Buggy, Kitchen Items, Linens, Depression Glass, Disco Ball, Wedding Dress, and much more!! Address: 283 Interstate Blvd, 34240. Exit 210 Fruitville. Go I75 E on Fruitville. R on Interstate Court, R on Interstate Blvd to sign. 941-685-8808. FLEA MARKET. Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. Saturday, August 18, 10a.m.-5p.m. & Sunday, August 19, 10a.m.-4p.m. For info: 954-4165.

General Merchandise CENTRAL AIR: brand new, still in box, 10 year warranty all parts, $1449. Call 941-243-5236. THRIFT SHOP: THE LORD’S WAREHOUSE. Next to Longboat Island Chapel. Summer Hours: Saturday: 9a.m. to 1p.m. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, other items. 6140 Gulf of Mexico Drive. 941-383-4738.

Merchandise Wanted SENIOR LOOKING to purchase precious metals, time pieces, coins, jewelry and antiques. Please call Marc, 941-321-0707.

Musical Instruments VINTAGE GIBSON F-5 MANDOLIN. Lloyd Loar signed and dated 2/18/24. Very good, excellent condition. Professionally appraised at $225,000. Accepting reasonable offers. Call 248-620-0125 or E-mail:

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals


BEACHPLACE 3BR, UPDATED, TASTEFULLY DECORATED. GULF & BAY VIEWS. CALL CYNTHIA 407-492-5749 DIRECT GULF FRONT at Beachplace: 2BR/2BA, nicely furnished, wireless internet. Available December 2012 through December 2013. Non-smoking. Call Diane or Mike 847-913-4562. Exceptional Vacation Rentals Since 1994 Homes & Condominiums Studios to Six Bedrooms Beachfront, Intercoastal or Garden Excellent Service & Staff FLORIDA VACATION CONNECTION 941-387-9709 877-705-2460 LBK BEACHFRONT 1BR & 3BR condos, heated pool, furnished. Starting at $900 weekly. Outrigger Resort, 941-383-3844. LBK BEACHPLACE Condo. Beachfront, 2BR/2BA. Elegantly furnished, heated pool, tennis court, covered parking, exercise room. Available Sept, Oct., Dec. 2012 only. Non-smoking/ pets. By owner. 941-383-1884.

Resort Properties, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker Full Service Condominium Management 941-388-3921 - 888-388-3921 941-650-1857 Visit us at:

Reservations: 941-383-5549 Visa/ MC Fax: 941-383-7925 “Take our video tour at”

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals 392 FIREHOUSE LANE, LBK - Newer 2 BR home in charming seaside neighborhood. 1 block to busy roads to cross. Heated community pool. Clean & nicely decorated. No pets. No smoking. Available short or long term. Owner/agent, 941-544-0214.

LIDO BEACH CONDOMINIUMS Weekly - Monthly - Seasonal


Open House ISLAND PARADISE on Longboat Key. Stunning Key West waterfront home. Spectacular amenities grounds and views. Dock, pool walk to beach. Open house, August 17, 18, 19. 840 Tarawit, 5600 GOM.

Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

LIDO BEACH Vacation paradise. 1 & 2 bedroom condos overlooking beautiful Lido Beach. Weekly rates. Lido Dorset. Rental condo. 1-800-734-3370.

Office Open 7 Days, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4621 Gulf of Mexico Drive Longboat Key 34228

LONGBOAT KEY Towers Condo For Rent Gulffront. Behind gates of Longboat Key Club. 2BR/2BA. Furnished with incredible views of Gulf and bay. W/D. 24-hr. security. Pool & fitness center. Minimum 6 months, $5000 or yearly, $2500 Available now. Call (717)968-2001.


LONGBOAT KEY. Gulf front, heated pool on beach, 1BR/1BA condo, full kitchen, dining, sleeps/4, king pillowtop. 617-328-7145, 857-939-1049.

“Where People Return Year After Year” “INTENTIONALLY BETTER” LBK SEAGATE Fabulous Gulf Views from every room. 2BR/2BA, Balcony 30 ft. from beach. King in Master, Twins in Guest. Pool, Clay Tennis Court. 3/mo. minimum, $5500/mo. 6/mo. Seasonal Rates available. Call Brian 416-785-1506.

ON THE Gulf w/pool. 1BR condo, sleeps 4. Nicely furnished, cable, phone, full kitchen, living, dining area, W/D in building. Weekly or Monthly. May through January. $1600/mo. 351-5101.

LBK SEAPLACE. Available January-April. Lovely 2BR, fully equipped, W/D in unit, lanai, garden view, steps to beach, pool, tennis, full clubhouse amenities. Great! Non-smoking. No pets. 770-314-6321.

Weekly/ Monthly/ Seasonal Rates Beachfront, Bayfront and In Between Houses or Condos

LBK, PRIVATEER Condo: beachfront, 2BR/2BA, newly furnished, heated pool, tennis court, exercise room. Available January to April 2013. Non-smoking. No pets. 941-383-9473.

Reservations 941-383-6127 Visa/ MC 800-352-0367

LONGBOAT EXCLUSIVE BEACHFRONT Privately owned beachfront 2000sq.ft. home on Gulf, 13 steps to the beach. 2BR/2BA, sleeps up to 10 - perfect for 2 couples or large families. Fully furnished gourmet kitchen, laundry, covered parking, heated pool, outdoor gas grill, private beach. Spectacular references. No pets. Non-smoking. Photos: Weekly or monthly:

5360 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 101 Longboat Key, FL 34228 Rental office 9a.m. - 5p.m. M-F Ask about our special rates! Wagner Realty Since 1939 SEAPLACE CONDO LBK, BEAUTIFUL TOWN HOUSE, 2 BEDROOMS, 2-1/2 BATH at the 2 1/2 miles white sandy beach, offering maximum privacy, nicely furnished, master bed room with king size, visiters’ bed room with 2 single beds, both with large bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, equipped laundry, large living, dining area, spacious screened lanai+ terraces, direct access to tropical garden, 2 parking spaces, 2 swimming pools, 1 kiddy pool, free beach club (library, sauna, gym, tennis, w/pool, breathtaking sunsets, barbecue grills). Ask for pictures if interested. Minutes to Ringling circle or Sarasota City. Rental: Jan-May US $3,790, June-Dec US $2,950, 2 mo. min. rental, add 12% tax, $100 admission fee, 400 US$ security deposit, US $80 final cleaning, ask for conditions of 3 month or full year rental, more information with

Storage STORAGE FACILITY Boat/ RV/ Trailer. Secure facility, low monthly rentals, Clark Rd area. 941-809-3660, 941-809-3662.

Help Wanted CAREGIVER FOR Longboat lady: Three 12-hour day shifts, 11am-11pm. Must have private duty experience in personal care, wheelchair transport, cognitive issues. Seeking patient, intelligent lady, college degree preferred, healthy cook, pet friendly. Clean driving record, no smoking, references. Start $13+/hour, paid on W-2. 941-780-4284 or LICENSED LPN/RN P/T, immediate opening. Female patient near St. Armands Circle, private home. Call 703-780-0809.

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Condos/Apts. For Rent PRIMERE LOCATION in Sarasota. Walk to town or take your boat out....Three bedroom, three bath,1st floor condo, pool, hot tub with a 30/ft. private dock. Enclosed 2 car garage. Located at 888 S. Orange 2-A behind Selby gardens. Asking $4,500 month or b/o yearly lease. Call Jennifer, 941-780-0968.

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Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

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HOUSE CLASSIFIEDS LP # 56733 Your Choice for local Classifieds Your Choice for local Classifieds Your Choice for local Classifieds Ready Ready When When You You Are Are Classified Ads … the Way Ready When You Areto Classified Ads … the Way to Sell Sell Classified Ads … the Way to Sell

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LONGBOAT BAYPORT BTC- 2BR 2BA Gulf front views- wifi-Monthly rentals 813-541-8876.

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Longboat Observer LONGBOAT OBSERVER Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Vacation/Seasonal Rentals

Home Improvement/ Remodeling ISLE TILE FOR “QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE� Floors, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, patio and pool decks.

Waterfront Property

20 years design background. Licensed - Insured - LBK Resident References upon request. 941-383-2659

Cleaning WINDOW WASHING. Single mom, hard worker, 10 yrs.+ experience. Honest and reliable. Call Mari, 941-404-5083, 813-317-9759.

JOHN GUBERNAT SERVICES Residential/ Commercial. Handyman Repairs, Roof Repairs, Coatings, Painting, Power Washing, Property Management, Home Watching. LBK Resident. Lic./Ins. 941-962-4867.

Computer Services


Cmagik - LBK resident, servicing our island year round for over 12 yrs. Bachelors Degree with 20 yrs. experience, PC or MAC. Professional help with computers, iPad/iPhones and tutoring. References upon request. Call Cort: 383-3878, 587-5588

All Variations of Ceramic Tile Supplied & Installed. Free Estimates & Custom Designs.

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Observer Classifieds

I come to your home or office.

   

In print and online

Bill Paying & Account Reconciliation Organizing Personal and Business Files Budgets & Financial Reports Federal and State Tax Returns BONDED & INSURED Over 25 yrs. experience

A pOwerful COmbInAtIOn

Telephone: 941-749-5646

Call Ashdown Flooring, Inc. LICENSED (941) 726-3077 INSURED

Professional Services


Pet Services

SUMMER SPECIAL! $50 for 50 minute massage. Longboat Massage, Liz Yerkes, MM#12915. 4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Suite 208., 941-387-0857.

DOGGY HOTEL. 24 Hour Daycare. Brown Avenue near Bee Ridge and 41 behind Sleep King (new owner). First day FREE. Grooming by Mark. Meet and greet and get a treat. 941-554-4620.




Personal & Business Bookkeeping Accounting/ Taxes

Grout Cleaning & Sealing Service Available

ISLAND CONCIERGE. No time? We can help you. Shopping, errands, travel arrangements, etc. 941-778-3203.




Expert Marble & Travertine Installation Floor & Walls

OWN A MAC/IPHONE/IPAD? MacTutor offers 21 years experience. Unlimited free telephone follow up. (941)812-3887


Personal Services

LARGE WATERFRONT parcel located in desirable West of Trail location. Incredible views!! Priced for immediate sale $1,495,000. Cindy Migone Premiere Sotheby's Intl Realty, 941-812-7438.

in the

Painting/Wallpapering CARLO DATTILO PAINTING. Licensed & insured. Interior/ Exterior painting including drywall repair and retexturing. Wallpaper installation & removal, pressure washing. Residential & commercial, condos. Honest & reliable. Free estimates. 941-744-1020. 35+ years experience.

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CHRISTIE’S 778-3924


UĂŠ, *,-ĂŠEĂŠ, "   UĂŠ 7ĂŠ " -/,1 /" ĂŠ UĂŠ  , 9ĂŠ- ,6 ĂŠ Family Owned & Operated UĂŠ7/ ,ĂŠ / ,2 Florida State Cert. Master Plumbers UĂŠ- 7 ,ĂŠEĂŠ , ĂŠ    ĂŠ #CFC1426596




Since 1975



U.S. DOT No. 1915800

Fully Licensed and Insured


We sell boxes!


Independently Owned and Operated Franchise






FurnitureSales Sales &&Repairs Furniture Repairs #USHIONSs3LINGSs2E POWDERCOATING #USHIONSs3LINGSs5MBRELLAS




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Lic./Ins. se Window Washin i r n Su and Pressure Cleaning g Environmentally Friendly






Chuck Burns Owner





OFF + Additional 

For Senior Citizens Prices Include:

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The Service DirecTory Reserved Space LP Reserved Space

WorkS for you! 88653

Dave McCarthy

Phone (941) 704-4278 Fax (941) 538-3781

h504/34!.$!2$7).$/73sv 30%#)!,

Free Estimates

PRO-PLUMBING WORKS, LLC. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where the Customer Comes Firstâ&#x20AC;? 88111

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LIC# CFC1427462



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will move anything from a couch to a householdâ&#x20AC;?

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Call Now Before Storms Hit Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Get Caught Offguard $25 OFF with mention s&ULLPLUMBINGSERVICES of this ad s3EPTICTANKPUMPING



Dave McCarthy




Waly Precision

 -//" Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ,/9Ă&#x160;  "7-

-!2).!$2 (/,-%3"%!#(s/0%.3!4

Team Up Today With Classifieds â&#x20AC;˘ 941-955-4888


OR 778-4461


WEEKLY RENTALS. Luxurious, fully furnished 1 - 4 bedrooms. Condominiums and Cottages. Beach to Bay. On-site management. Pools, tennis, boat slips. Visit: for information and virtual tours. 800-333-7335, 941-383-3117.



27 Years Experience

Call 955-4888 to reserve your space. INSURANCE

SECUR-ALL INSURANCE AGENCY x£äĂ&#x160; 9Ă&#x160;- -Ă&#x160;," ]Ă&#x160;-1/ Ă&#x160;ÂŁĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;"  "/Ă&#x160; 9]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;­ - Ă&#x160;-1 /,1-/Ă&#x160;  ÂŽ

Ă&#x160; /Ă&#x160;9"1,Ă&#x160;" Ă&#x160; /-]Ă&#x160;- ,Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ", Ă&#x160; - ,



941-383-3388 -/"*Ă&#x160; 9Ă&#x160;


Longboat Observer


SUMMER WINDS DOWN We enjoyed a wonderful summer this year. Much of our family time was spent in Sarasota. The boys participated in local camps, while an overactive summer real estate kept the rest of us busy. One week of our summer was spent outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we went to a dude ranch! As you can see, our boys fit right it. Jake (8)

It is time for Sellers to start planning for the upcoming season. As I am sure you have noticed or read in the papers, the inventory of available properties is hitting 10-year lows. After selling more than $40 million so far this year, my own inventory is also very low. If you are considering selling your home, now is the time to begin. As hard as it is to imagine, October is only six weeks away. Call us today to set up your listing consultation appointment. Max (6)



A wonderful, pet-friendly community with views of the bay, city, bridge, marina and golf course that are truly amazing! The floor plans range from well-appointed two bedrooms to spectacular penthouses. The amenities include pools, jacuzzis, private club with bayfront workout center, tennis and a wonderful Beach Club.

Bird Key is an exclusive waterfront community, located between Sarasota and Lido Key. Just past the guard house you will find 510 oversized home sites with beautiful homes, wide streets and underground utilities. Bird Key is a boater’s dream, with deep waterways and easy access to Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.


3 bedrooms, 3½ baths

Rarely available fourth-floor Antigua features sweeping water and golf course views from nearly every room. Relish Gulf sunsets and wonderful vistas of the twinkling lights of downtown Sarasota. Walk-in, fall in love and move right in.



5 bedrooms, 6½ baths

Exquisite direct bayfront home on Mourning Dove Drive. Built in 2002, this estate property has it all – exercise room, media room, cook’s kitchen, three-car garage and gated entry.



COUNTRY CLUB SHORES Updated from top to bottom in 2008. Charming pool and garden views. Light, bright and ready for your personal touch. $725,000

PROMENADE On one of Siesta’s most coveted streets, this deep-water home offers lovely views and great space. $1,395,000


August 26

1-4pm Immaculately furnished direct Gulf front to enjoy sweeping sunsets and panoramic views. Recently updated with a flourish of neutral colors, custom finishes plus light and bright spacious rooms. $829,000

BEACH HARBOR CLUB Direct Gulf, 2BR/2BA penthouse has stunning views from nearly every room. Updated and redesigned. $649,000 This beach getaway can be the ideal retreat or investment. With its own private beach access, heated pool and wonderful clubhouse, there’s no reason to ever leave Beach Harbor Club. $249,000

Sign up to receive a customized, monthly market snapshot. You will receive, by email, the industry’s most impressive market reports, packed with up-to-the-minute MLS market and property information, plus interactive photos, maps and graphs. Visit if you would like a copy of our list. You may also scan this QR code with your smartphone, call our office, or send us an email. Completely renovated, this 3BR/3BA waterfront home is ready for you and your boat! The best materials were used in the renovation, including marble, granite and woodworking. $1,295,000


GRAND BAY Antigua, 3BR/3.5BA, views of bay, pool, golf course, and downtown from wraparound terraces. $1,049,000

PENDING Overlooking Harbourside Golf Course and its lakes, this 4,500+ sq. ft. home is ready for you and your family! $799,000

Roger has listed and sold more than $1 billion in local property.






LONGBOAT HARBOUR TOWERS Rarely offered in this direct gulf front building, this 3BR corner residence enjoys beautiful sunsets! $619,000 Spacious 2BR/2BA with separate upstairs living area. Light and bright and literally steps to the beach. Furnished. $349,000 Terrific value, this 2BR is located in the popular G-4 building. $299,000 Recently updated 2BR/2BA beach retreat. New master bath, newer carpet. Turnkey furnished, ready for your personal touches. Just steps to the Gulf shore. $289,000

Longboat Observer 08.16.12  

Longboat Observer 08.16.12

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