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Edition V July 2020 Editors Damian Rayne Gosia Malawska

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The MUSE Gallery (UK Charity for the arts No.1162300) 269, Portobello Rd. London W11 1LR Twitter: Muse_Gallery Instagram: Muse_at_269

About... In our online version, we focus on partner organisations, guest artists and residents to bring you a preview of ‘what is’, and ‘what’s to be expected’. We also have links to a wealth of online content this month, including: sound art files for music producers, virtual tours and interviews with our partner organisation (The Galleries Association) and a cross section of counter-culture to be found in West London. The Muse was established in 2003 as an artist-led organisation, supporting both gallery and studio elements. Our gallery is situated in the heart of North Kensington, amongst the Georgian houses of Portobello Market. We host an annual residency programme with subsidised studio space and further show opportunities for recent graduates. Throughout the year we open our doors to artists, curating the space to present a balance of emerging and established professionals.In 2020 we are proud to support three new residents and a diverse list of national and international artists. We hope you enjoy a collection of work in this periodical; hopefully collectable images, whether online or printed — accessible art for our readership.

Front cover: Marina Junqueira Photoboxing, Things N1

COVID19 changes Private views will be translated to adhere to social distancing throughout the summer at The Muse. We will be inviting our audience to book slots within Covid opening hours on a given Friday (10 – 4) or Saturday (10 – 4). This will be a fifteen-minute tour of the gallery, supervised by an associate and with light refreshment available. Artists are invited to be present where possible, at their discretion. Attendees may visit the gallery in couples, up to three people at a time, unless within a family group or support bubble. Bookings for the private view will be published along with the marketing campaign for the show three weeks in advance of the opening date. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to our mailing list here: next PV: OFFICIAL ACCESS TO THE MUSE IN JULY From 3rd July, we will be allowing people to book appointments to visit the show at The Muse. This will be through an Eventbrite page as advertised in The Museletter, one updated each month. T1. The time slots will begin on Friday 3rd, starting at 10:00am every 15 minutes until 12:00. T2. Then from 12:00 – 2:00 we will allow the general public access for 15 minutes, no more than two people at a time, maintaining social distancing. T3. From 2:00 – 4:00pm we will again be by appointment only, with an option of allowing public access, if no slots have been booked or if people would like to book at the door.

Alla Samarina Elements of Life 25 June - 4 July

Adam Zoltowski Islands

9-25 July


Mixed media on paper


Photoboxing TowerBridge, Mixed media on Photograph 85cm x 62cm, 2020

Photoboxing The Tube, Mixed media on Photograph 82,3cm X 61,3cm, 2020.

RESIDENCY PROGRAM 2021 COMPETITION Since 2004 The Muse / Gallery & Studio has supported a residency program offering recently graduated artists subsidised studio space, a gallery to exhibit work and establish both client and industry connections. This year we will be hosting a group show, awarding the residency positions on the 2021 program to a few successful participants. We invite artists of all disciplines, those who have graduated over the past two years (2018-2020) with a BA minimum qualification, to submit work for an initial group show. All artwork will be subject to review by our panel of esteemed industry professionals, curators and collectors. For applications, we require: a short statement (no more than 400 words), a CV and 10-15 images as JPEG. All work is to be submitted as a linked folder (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.). Although websites are appreciated, simple URL’s will not be accepted as applications for this year. The deadline for submissions will be at 9am on 31st September 2020 Selected artists will be informed of the decision on the15th of October, with final confirmation required by the 18th October. All applications need to be sent to: Email subject: [insert name] / Residency Program 2021 To view previous residents check:

‘Artist led, Artists followed.’ Subject to a successful application, we also offer exhibition space to more established artists at a nominal commission. With limited slots per year, we look to our panel of affiliated artists and esteemed professionals to elect shows and offer comprehensive appraisals to those proposals still in need of refinement. Intermittently, we also open our doors to community arts projects, musicians, film makers and live performers to fill the calendar with events from ‘Sound art’ to ‘Counter-culture’ evenings and associated seminars. Our residency program continues to offer a subsidised platform for candidates, along with two group shows during their time with us. This opportunity is a grace period to continue with the momentum of university in a commercial environment and bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. We also offer paid invigilation and the chance to continue arts practice with less financial restraints for the term of the award; artwork sold by residents at The Muse is not subject to commission. As a UK charity for the arts, we work towards both public and private sector funding for our residents and visiting artists, with professional development working alongside our team during shows hosted throughout the year. From competition to residency... Selected works will be exhibited in November 2020. Based on the work submitted for the group show, our curators will then award 3 or 4 artists with a residency that will start on 4th January 2021 and finish 26th June 2021 The residency will begin with a group show starting in January 2021 and conclude with a second group show in July 2021. Further to the residency program, a chosen resident will be awarded a one-month solo show during our 2022 calendar year. The residency is open to those from disciplines including: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and photography. (We urge applicants in any 3D media, to assess the practicality of the working environment by visiting the gallery prior to submissions). The Muse / Gallery & Studio will provide: studio space, technical support, curating and mentoring for all exhibitions with further network opportunities available through collaborative shows and access to events and a core group of associated professionals. We support final group shows with a limited materials / marketing budget and associated advertising opportunities with arts periodicals. For any further information or simply to start a conversation with someone in the know, please contact us at: or better still, pop by at 269 Portobello Road, London W11 1LR (nearest Tube Ladbroke Grove) and meet the team face to face.

Residency at the Muse...



Sharing experience wiht emerging and established artists

People and space The veggie lunches from next door are very good too Coral C “I’m in love with morning light and shadows on the studio walls” Gosia / 2014 My advice would be to engage with the local community as much as possible. Build up contacts and friendships and get to know what’s going on in the area. Recognise its not just a space to use, you are part of a community - both at the Muse and beyond. Finally enjoy the experience. Eat, drink and shop locally - soak it all up. Mark T

Meeting amazing, fascinating people.

A safe & creative space for graduates to transit into thr working art world! P.S Don’t get distracted too much by the local markets! PPS. It’s not just about making art but making friends! SamY.H 2016

Camden Coffee next to Ladbroke G station. Veggie lunch next door. Falafel from the market. Mark T. “Allow yourself to immerse in the space and follow its guidance” “The people! The generous time and great studio space” Coral C

The Muse Gallery Residency Program 2003 - 2020 2003/04 Corinne Charton-Grahn Hannah Plumb Louisa Loakes Anne Windsor 2004/05 Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury Julia Hayes Patricio (Pato) Bosich Rebecca (Becky) Cross 2005/06 Jayson Singh Agata S. Hamilton 2006/07 Masaki Yada Zoe Schoenherr 2007/08 Evy Jakhova Rose O’Gallivan

2008/09 Alice Hall Cecilia Sandrini 2009/10 Richard Taylor Cecilia Sandrini 2010/11 Charli Clark Caroline Jane Harris 2011/12 Kathryn Maple John Nicol Andreea Mandrescu Ian Robinson 2012/13 Mathew Vieira Stephanie Smart Coral Churchill Luna Jungeun

2014 Katie McCain Eugene Macki Gosia Łapsa-Malawska 2016 Gemma Milligan Nicholas Cheeseman Samantha Y. Huang 2017 Diego Brambilla Lawrence Calver Yole Quintero 2018 Josephine Cottrell Mahaul Harley Leca Mark Tamer 2019 Daisy Cowley Yuichiro Kikuma Yambe Tam

2020 Hugo Lami Cecilia Di Paolo Rory Watson




Way home for Lockdown, still from video


Way home for Lockdown, drawing 100x70cm, charcoal pencils and spray.






Native Handshake Junior Tomlin was born and raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London. He excelled in art from an early age, copying comic books with precision and flair, also creating accurate copies as gifts for school friends. Renowned for his stunning flyer and record cover art, mostly produced during the golden era of rave culture, Junior’s visionary work combines influences from sci-fi, surrealism, fantasy, futurism and comics. The result is a collection of artwork that defined an era and earned him the title ‘The Salvador Dali of Rave’. He worked with a range of seminal rave promoters from 1989 onwards including Telepathy, Dreamscape, Slammin’ Vinyl, One Nation, Dream Odyssey and Ravealation, plus a wide variety of influential labels, such as Kickin’ Records, React, ZTT and Mute. Throughout the nineties Junior’s work commanded the attention of thousands of ravers, providing the perfect visual accompaniment to what was a revolutionary new movement. Junior was also a colourist on a variety of famous comic titles including Judge Dredd, Action Man, And Transformers, he worked for Marvel (Panini), Titian, and 2000AD

Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art Showcasing the mastermind behind some of the most iconic rave flyers and record covers of the late eighties and early nineties, Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art is a comprehensive insight into Junior Tomlin’s incredible back catalogue.


SCRATCH DAYS Theatre at The Muse

Saturday 1st August Performance online 7.00pm Q&A 8.30pm THE FIELD a play by Mark Norfolk The Muse Gallery and Ka Zimba Theatre as part of SCRATCH DAYS at The Muse, are pleased to present The Field, Mark Norfolk’s timely play about the life of 19th century activist, William Davidson featuring members of the cast from the West End production of Witness For The Prosecution.

This year we’re hosting our annual theatre productions ‘Scratch days’ online, using webinar technology. ‘Scratch days’ was established as a low risk platform for writers and directors to workshop material in front of live audiences. Originally the onbook production ‘Readings’ with The Muse Group Theatre, directed by Penny Bosworth, the platform grew to include other emerging and established talent, including our current writer laureate Mark Norfolk. In 2020, we are hosting one play per month starting in May with ‘Resurrection of a Post Rape Zombie’ and in June with ‘Cornucopia Soup’, both written by Mark Norfolk and directed by Jeffery Kissoon, and in August “The Field”.

With the abrupt closure of UK theatres in March due to Covid-19, the thrilling murder mystery by Agatha Christie closed its doors with just a few weeks to go for the current cast, leaving behind a distinct sense of anti-climax. But now, largely due to actor and director Jeffery Kissoon, some of the cast have an opportunity to ‘tread the boards’ together one more time, albeit digitally, in a play that coincides with the 200th anniversary of one of the most politically charged periods in British social history. Tackling themes such as equality, poverty, race and justice, The Field reflects on a slice of British history often overlooked. Synopsis Not long after the Peterloo Massacre, Jamaican-born William Davidson attends a meeting of the radical group, The Spencean Philanthropists where he meets charismatic leader Arthur Thistlewood and is persuaded to carry out an audacious plan to topple the government. However William is caught and charged with high treason. His wife, Sarah Davidson, learns of her husband’s offence when she is visited by the police and is horrified at what it means for her young family. As William and Sarah face up to the consequences of his actions, William makes a final heartfelt plea from the dock about the rights of English men to protest against tyranny. Cast includes: Sarah Davidson - ALEXANDRIA GUELFF Arthur Thistlewood - OWEN OAKESHOTT Tom Swaggart - KEVIN McMONAGLE William Hulton - MARK GRINDROD William Davidson BENJAMIN CAWLEY The Jailer/Guard GEORGE HOWARD Thomas Trafford RILEY STEWART directed by Jeffery Kissoon written by Mark Norfolk Ka Zimba Theatre c/o: PL Productions Ltd

book your tickets online on Eventbrite

JK Taylor


Galleries on the Tour After Nyne Gallery 10 Portland Road Holland Park London W11 4LA Daniel Benjamin Gallery 120 Kensington Park Road London W11 2PW David Hill Gallery 345 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HA Design Museum 224-238 Kensington High St London W8 6AG Elephant West 62 Wood Lane London W12 7RH Frestonian Gallery 2 Olaf Street W11 4BE London Graffik Gallery 284 Portobello Road W10 5TE London Japan House 101-111 Kensington High St London W8 5SA The Muse Gallery 269 Portobello Road W11 1LR London Serena Morton Gallery 343 Ladbroke Grove London W10 6HA Unit One Gallery|Workshop 1 Bard Rd, London W10 6TP Westbank Arts 3-5 Thorpe Close London, W10 5Xl Whitewall Galleries Central 100 Westbourne Grove London W2 5RU

Personal Lowdown on Local Lockdown in W11 Meike Brunkhorst | factor-m | Alla Samarina’s opening night at the Muse was the final of three private views I visited in the week leading up to Friday the 13th of March – and the last visit to a physical gallery before lockdown ... ... her name still visible on the shuttered gallery window as life became much smaller and Portobello became a local village with not a tourist in sight. There is a lot of comfort in the familiar when the world goes into collective shock, and I was particularly grateful to have some local anchors. Lockdown has definitely shown what you can and can’t do without, and we probably all have an idealised vision of a post-pandemic world. Like so many freelancers working in the arts, my business flatlined and I needed something to keep my mind focused. Time to read all those books, declutter the wardrobe and grow my own veg! In theory at least. My April routine mainly consisted of daily exercise and home cooked meals, visibly balanced in favour of the latter. I can’t imagine surviving lockdown without social media and all the amazing stuff happening on tiny screens. I feel almost nostalgic about the early days before we all became experts at video conferencing. Some personal favourites include a virtual pub quizz led by curator Lee Cavaliere, domestic disco with Jarvis Cocker, daily lunchtime chats with Stacie McCormick, creative workshops with Marguerite, loads of artist interviews, particularly those presented by Koenig Galerie in Berlin and Home Cooking. By May my brain was ready to absorb more than just snippets of information again and I signed up to a short course at the Node Centre for Curatorial Studies. I look forward to a second module in July. I still haven’t got bored enough to sign up to Netflix, while cancelling a fair few subscriptions that no longer feel relevant and no longer clicking through to every virtual viewing room. I can’t wait to see art on actual walls again and look people in the eye when having a conversation. I’ve greatly enjoyed my first socially distanced visit to an artist’s studio and wonder when we can all safely meet for an opening at the Muse again. Just like my physical life in the real world revolves around art, so has my lockdown experience. Witnessing #artistsupportpledge unfold and prosper, as well as creative examples of auctions and fundraisers to help artists let down by the system are wonderful signs of solidarity and collaboration, and have provided a welcome counterbalance to negative news headlines and bad politics. While the doors to the world are slowly starting to reopen, traffic is drowning out birdsong again and people are queuing for fast fashion, it is worth listening to alternatives from creative minds – especially black artists and thinkers. Lockdown life savers: Doorstep deliveries Fruit & veg: Devlin’s on Portobello Road Plants: Holly & Nikki on Golborne Road Keeping Fit Rikki’s Sunday (and Wednesday) workouts Instagram hero/ines Home Cooking Show Marguerite Stacie McCormick Koenig Galerie Lockdown learning Node Centre for Curatorial Studies Open University free courses Black voices Akala Aja Barber Roger Robinson

COMMUNITY PIERS, what’s on your mind?

Piers, what’s on your mind… Well, I tell you what’s on my mind. What’s on my mind is how little is on my mind. Uhm As we get to, obviously we’re at a point where some of us still believe in lockdown…where as there seems to be an almost nightly massive street party on Portobello Road, where all my daughter’s friends hang out. They seem to be very post lockdown…Uhm but those that are still in the lockdown mindset…I fine that I’m worried that all those social faculties like the muscle memory to remember people’s names… I’m finding myself starting on anecdotes and then not quite remembering what the key issue or any of the main players in the anecdote are…never mind the sweet polish of your verbal delivery… So, do you think we’re going to have a period of social atrophy after lockdown? Social atrophy is a very very good description. Uhm I mean you’ve got all those. If one has all one’s tool dealing with social situations. For instance, if I arrive at a party I tend to aim towards the back wall of the party as quickly as possible, allowing me to scope the scene…its also usually quite often where the drink is…uhm and then the next thing you do is go up to the most interesting person in the room and engage in a conversation. I worry if.. you know, in the new world, you go up to the most interesting person in the room not having an opening gambit and what’s worse they wont have a cunning put down, so… The quality of communication is in the balance… Yeah, so on one hand there is the atrophy of those social muscles…and on the other there will be a lack of content. Because if you think about it…you meet someone at a party and between what you did at work, what you did last week, where you went on holiday you know… throw in the weather. We can still talk about the weather… we seem to talk about that more than ever. We might have to learn some jokes.


Get a joke book, excellent advice. Maybe Portobello Radio should produce a brand-new big book of post lockdown jokes.


You know, you’ve been focusing on the spoken word. Can you introduce comedy into the mix. We certainly can and that reminds me. Stand-up comedy would be a great addition to the program. Yes… yes or semi comic spoken word, which you can find actually on any of the Roughler Club specials from Portobello Radio Because we don’t have a comedy club around Portobello Road necessarily, do we? We don’t Plenty of comedians, I think we’ve got enough comedians Great.Well thank you Piers. That’s a relief because I literally ran out of things to say then…

26 June – 5 July 2020 To mark KCAW’s original 2020 dates and to celebrate the Festival’s 3rd anniversary, KCAW will present unique digital content shining a spotlight on our borough’s unique cultural variety. From 26 June – 5 July 2020, tune in every day on to discover new and exclusive digital content, including self guided tours designed by the KCAW Advisory Board, and immersive short films inside the studios of artists living and working in our area of West London. This will be displayed alongside the incredible events hosted and organised by local galleries, museums, artist studios, and in support of the gradual awakening of our streets. Find out more and sign up for updates at ​ + OPEN DOORS 360 Have a personal sneak peek into artists studios filmed during lockdown. Painters, sculptors, actors and dancers have opened the doors to their studios and their favourite spots in West London, to deliver immersive 360 degree short films about their practice. Created by artist and filmmaker Maya Sanbar with Damian Rayne of Muse Films. Tune in every day at 7pm for a new 5-minute film featuring your favourite artists, including Mark Eli, Alison Jackson, Joe Rush, and Terence Stamp. ​ + CURATED WALKING TOURS ON GO JAUNTLY Join behind-the-scenes adventures through Portobello Road’s Literary Tours to Chelsea’s Artists Walk, as part of series of curated guided walks around Kensington and Chelsea, designed by the KCAW Advisory Board and local cultural icons. Every day from 26 June – 5 July a new walk across this incredible part of London will be revealed on and the Go Jauntly app. Make sure to sign up the KCAW our newsletter and follow KCAW on Instagram @kcawlondon for daily updates. Kensington + Chelsea Art Week will now take place from 1–11 October 2020, to coincide with National Poetry Day and London’s annual art fair season. Find out more and register to take part: Mark Elie, Artistic Director and Founder of the Mark Elie Dance Foundation and Portobello Dance School (PDS) announces the 25th Anniversary of this pioneering dance company that has successfully developed young talent in Notting Hill and across London for a quarter of a century. Mark is one of the UK’s most successful classically trained professional dancers having enjoyed a stellar career with some of the world’s leading companies; Rambert Ballet, Lisbon’s Ballet Gulbenkian, and legendary Arthur Mitchell of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. During his career Mark has worked alongside an array of award winning dancers and choreographers such as Nathan Geering, Brenda Edwards MBE, Noel Wallace, Mbulelo Ndaen, and Namron OBE. However, Mark has been uniquely inspired by the formidable Matriarch of British classical dance Carol Straker, award winning Choreographer, Dancer, Author and member of the Council of International Dance of UNESCO, and a Fellow of Royal Society Arts (FRSA) and an Assonate Professional Teacher Dancing. It was in 1980 when Mark set about his life-long mission to make classical ballet more inclusive. In 1994 he set up his own dance foundation in west London’s vibrant north Kensington and Chelsea. Mark believes that regardless of class or racial background, young dancers should be able to learn and enjoy the language of classical dance and have access to affordable lessons. A dream he has helped realise for the thousands of young dancers who have trained at the Portobello Dance School. Many of whom have gone on to perform in West End shows, on TV and film including the critically acclaimed “Billy Elliott” stage production. Former students now enjoying successful careers in leading UK dance companies and institutions include luminaries such as the gifted Kym Alexander, now dancing with the Rambert Company, the talented Salome Pressac-Hewitt, currently with the Rambert 2 Company and stunning dancer Rae Aslam now with Ballet Black’s Youth Company. Now celebrating its 25th Anniversary the School has faced many challenges but has survived for a quarter of a century. From the iconic Tabernacle building Portobello Dance School runs it’s busy Saturday school with classes in ballet, jazz, street dance and tap as well as outreach projects for local schools. Mark’s award-winning “Dance Showdown” (2012 and 2015) at Cadogan Hall has also nurtured some amazing young dancers and another important project is the popular Summer School during August which this year was funded by John Lyons Trust. The project engages local children aged 8 – 15 some of whom had never been able to afford professional dance classes with professional tutors who have successful roles in West End productions including Jordan Alexander who plays Michael Jackson in “Thriller Live”. The students also have the opportunity to visit West End stage performances as part of their Summer school experience. The PDS resumes in September each year with the Saturday school and the calendar culminates with the annual Christmas show at the Tabernacle, Powis Square. Portobello Dance School, 35 Powis Sq, London W11 2AY. For school enquiries requests email: and for images or interviews call 07947 484021 website

CALENDAR 2020/2021

COVID-19 dates TBC

Alla Samarina Elements of Life 25 June - 4 July

Adam Zoltowski Islands 9-25 July

Hanna Ten Doornkaat Essentially Grey

17th September - 4th October

Portobello Film Festival 1st-13th September 2020

Residency Final Show Hugo Lami Cecilia Di Paolo Rory Watson 8th - 25th October

Marina Junqueira 29th October -

Residency 2021 Competition

12th - 22nd November

8th November

Yuichiro Kikuma

26th November 13th December Artist in Residence 2019

Paul Smith

4th February 21st February

Claudia Boese Jane Frederick Gosia Lapsa-Malawska Mary Romer 14th - 31st January 2021

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