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YORK BORN & READ! Delivered monthly to every home and business in York and the villages n Issue 92 July 2011

Happy Birthday to us... 8 years and still going strong

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the best of york

the best of york


the best of york

Welcome... 6 Best of York 34 Health & Beauty 44 Weddings 46 Your Family 56 Your Pet 58 Your Home 72 Your Environment 74 Your Garden 82 Your Motors 87 York on a Fork 92 Your Events 107 Trades & Services 125 Your Jobs Cover Picture: Many thanks to Photographer Lewis Outing for this months cover image.

Not sure what the weather will be doing by the time you read this – at the moment, it’s hard to tell what it’s going to be doing by lunchtime! But it wouldn’t be Britain if we didn’t start the day with a heatwave and end it in a downpour, would it? We’ve got used to coming to work with our sunglasses and brollies at the ready!

she won’t be going on holiday for the next five years, due to the crippling insurance payments on her new car. She could always camp in the back of her shiny new VW...Anyway, she does have something to look forward to, as she’s off to Kendal for a baking course. Cakes in The Lakes, what could be better than that? Hope she brings us back some samples!

Anyway, it takes more than a bit of rain to dampen our spirits. We’re in definite holiday mood here at Your Local Link. Tracy, Dean and Mim have already jetted off to the sun (not together, you understand – not sure if Dean’s nerves could take the strain!). With Mim not here to tell us off about the washing up and the crumbs on the floor, it’s a bit like Home Alone. Lisa in Design is planning her getaway to sunny Greece (if she can get through her ton of pre-holiday ironing, of course). Sadly, Studio Manager Rachel has just realised

Emily also went on a mini break to Nottingham for a friend’s Hen Weekend. When we saw the number of suitcases she hauled in on Friday morning, we all thought she was leaving the country permanently. But no, it was just the three days. Honestly, how many people do you know set off for a weekend break with a bottle of vodka and a Robin Hood costume? We understand both got put to good use, although Emily was wise enough not to try going clubbing with her bow and arrow.

Advertising: Gini, Tracy, Sarah, Mim, Emily, Kelly, Richard, Zoe, Lee & Avril Accounts: Helen & Claire Distribution: Dean, Jon, Ronnie Design: Rachel, Lisa & Jerry Editorial: Donna & Richard Publishers: Tracy Outram and Gini Guttery

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the best of york

Summer’s here! It’s been an eventful month for our Kelly, too. We thought she was joking when she said she’d taken a tumble off a horse over the weekend. But when she limped in straight from A & E with a bruise so big it could be seen from outer space we realised it was no laughing matter. Brave Kelly’s been a real trouper ever since, even though it takes her half an hour to limp from one end of the office to the other. We’re all dead sorry for her, although we do draw the line at carrying her to the toilet... We’ve got even more reason to celebrate this month because it’s our birthday. Who’d have thought eight years ago that we would not only still be here, but that we’d be bigger and better than ever! You can read all about some of the highlights of the past eight years in this month’s magazine. We might not all be jetting off to the sun, but we were all cheered up when Marcelle from Heavenly Nails & Beauty popped into the office to give us all some mini pampering treats. We took over the Distribution department for a session of massage, mini manicures and eyebrows waxing. Thank heavens no distributor wandered in, they would have had a big shock! It really was a heavenly treat, so thanks a lot Marcelle!

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able t reli Fas support IT

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Space booking, copy, cancellation and editorial deadline for the August edition is 8th July 2011 and 15th July 2011 for recruitment.




your competitions

Win a

Sunday lunch Get your English Civil War voucher Your Local Link has teamed up with York Archaeological Trust to produce this English Civil War picture voucher that entitles the holder to a free activity during the Battle of Marston Moor Weekend between July 1 and 3. Visitors can take a guided tour of the battlefield which, in 1644, saw 46,000 Parliamentarian and Royalist men fight to determine the control of the North of England. Recreated uniforms, weapons and archaeological finds from the 400-acre site will be displayed.

The Woodman is a popular and busy pub located in the vibrant village of Bishopthorpe, near York.

Boasting a wide range of fine ales, excellent food and a large selection of wines and spirits, The Woodman, open seven days a week, is a relaxing venue for a meal and a drink at any time. Pub landlady Carol Temple says: “The highlight of the week is our very popular Sunday lunch. We urge you to book early for as our restaurant fills quickly.”

CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2011 There are activities for all the family, including talks held by The Cromwell Association and

She is so proud of the pub’s cuisine that she is offering readers of Your Local Link the chance to win a Sunday lunch for four people.

The Battlefields Trust,2001 musket–&2011: pike drills, living history encampments, scheduled walks of CELEBRATING 10 YEARS the battlefield, live archaeology, participatory craft activities and a treasure hunt for children.

To win this mouth-watering prize, all you have to do is answer the following question:

The villages of Long Marston and Bilton-in-Ainsty, near York, will be transformed into major historical encampments featuring a field hospital and cannon emplacements.

Where is The Woodman?


The Battle of Marston Moor site at Marston Grange will welcome more than 100 Royalist troop re-enactors to raise money for the MS Society and York Archaeological Trust. n For more details, go to





Join us for a unique York Marriott Hotel Open Day. With complimentary refreshments and your chance to try the hotels facilities including our Leisure Club and swimming pool, you will also have the chance to meet the hotel team and see everything the hotel has to offer.

th y

Send your answer on a postcard to The Woodman Competition, Your Local Link, Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby YO32 2LH to reach us by Friday, July 15. Please include your name, address and phone number.

Thinking of getting married? Why not visit the York Marriott for our ever popular Wedding Fair with The Wedding Affair. Whether you are looking for that perfect location or your last minute touches this is the ideal opportunity to meet up with exhibitors and see our picturesque venue.

For more in York Marrio mhrs.qqyy or visit York

York Marr

Tadcaster R

t: 01904 70 f: 01904 70




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the best of york

your competitions

Win a free makeover! How would you like to look and feel like a celebrity for a day? That’s the promise from shine Studios in Fossgate. They’re offering an exclusive competition to win a fabulous free makeover, especially for our readers. At the studios, you’ll have your hair and make-up done and receive advice on achieving your dream look from Shine’s hair and make-up team while you relax with champagne. You’ll then have a fun session with a professional photographer who knows how to make you look your best. It’s perfect for everyone, from hard-working mums (or dads!) to teens and families. You’ll then have the opportunity to buy any of the photographs taken – perfect as gifts or to brighten up your home or office. Dani Butler, a reader who featured in our March edition, said that the photographer was ‘awesome’ and felt really special during her time at Shine.


Blue Moon Trading

38 Goodram Gate, York, YO1 7LF

01904 624141

n To win your free makeover all you have to do is text ‘make me shine’ plus your name and phone number to 07989097466. Texts are charged at your standard rate.


The way i see it

As seen on TV

The ups and downs of life as seen by our very own Grumpy (very) Old (almost) Woman I was asked to appear on TV last week. This happens from time to time, thanks to the wonders of the internet; researchers trawl desperately online looking for guests and come across your name, usually in some completely random context. And before you know it, you’re sitting in a studio in front of a camera wearing far too much make-up and a rabbit in the headlights expression wondering why the hell you didn’t say no when you had the chance. I’ve been on TV a couple of times, and each time has been a strange experience. The first time was when I had to read extracts from my book for an adult Jackanory type show. My role consisted of reading from an enormous leather-bound ledger, which was easy enough, but then I also had to memorise the last few lines so I could look up and say them directly into the cameras, which wasn’t easy at all. Who would have thought remembering half a dozen words would so difficult? After half an hour of me getting more and more flustered, they came up with the idea of writing the words on an idiot board and holding them behind the camera. Which would have been fine, if I wasn’t so short-sighted. Viewers were treated to the sight of my lurching back and


forwards in my chair peering myopically at a point beyond the camera – not exactly the effect they were hoping for, I imagine. My second appearance was on Fern and Phil, talking about one of my books. I was so nervous I went into a catatonic state and spent most of the morning in the toilet while my friend – who’d come along for a laugh – larged it up in the green room, having massages, eating cake and generally hob-nobbing with the celebrities (well, Jade Goody and that bloke off Embarrassing Bodies). I honestly

“Hauling a giant Bunty down to Kennington tube station with a former member of The Damned has to rank as one of the strangest experiences of my life” couldn’t tell you what happened when the cameras started rolling, but I do remember thinking that Phil was wearing a lot more make-up than Fern. My last appearance on TV was on Richard and Judy’s Channel 4 show. For some bizarre reason they’d asked me to go on and talk about Bunty magazine, and for some even

more bizarre reason I’d agreed. The other guests were Vanessa Feltz and Captain Sensible (a big Bunty fan, apparently – who knew?). I met Vanessa in Make-Up; she seemed like a lovely lady, chatting to me about the show, and about what I was going to say about Bunty magazine. Later, the cameras started rolling and Richard turned to Vanessa first for her opinion. Imagine my surprise when she started coming out with everything I’d told her. Word for word. According to my husband, all viewers could see was her spouting off while I sat next to her, my mouth opening and closing like a stunned trout. But as if that wasn’t strange enough, after the show Captain Sensible asked if he could take the giant magazine cover that they’d used to decorate the set. He then asked me if I’d help him take it down to the tube station for him. Hauling a giant Bunty down to Kennington tube station with a former member of The Damned has to rank as one of the strangest experiences of my life. So why did I say no this time? Well, first because I’ve developed an aversion to making an idiot of myself on national TV. And second, because it was The Vanessa Show. Need I say more?

Make your pet famous! Thompsons of York are looking for 12 very special pets to feature in their 2012 calendar – and they’re asking Your Local Link readers to help! Not only will the calendar feature 12 of our readers’ real life pets, but three finalists from every month will receive a goodie bag of products from Thompsons of York’s Country Store in Murton. And the overall winner in each category will also win a year’s free feed for your star pet! Every month between now and September we’ll be introducing two different pet categories and asking readers to send us their pet photos. Our favourites will be sent an application form to hand in at Thompson’s Country Store. If chosen, their photograph will make it into the 2012 Thompsons calendar! This month’s categories are Horse & Ponies, and Wild Birds. So get snapping in the garden, and email your photos of your furry and feathered friends to us at, or send them to the address on page five to reach us by Monday 11th July. Mark your entry ‘Thompson’s Calendar Competition’ and don’t forget your own contact details. We regret we are unable to return photos sent in the post. And don’t forget, you can still send in photos from previous categories – Dogs; cats; mice/rats/hamsters/guinea pigs; cage & aviary birds and reptiles. Look out for more categories next month!


Horoscopes July 2011

ARIES (21st March - 19th April) A few heightened elements of excitement as you are challenged to open the envelope and break free of your rut. Opportunities to do something daring crop up several times over the month but you have to rise above your own inertia.

TAURUS (20th April - 20th May) There’s always someone telling you what you cant do and what you should do, but no one is helping you do what you want to do. So this month’s challenge is to break a few eggs and enjoy a fine omelette, even if you find you’re dining alone on some occasions. GEMINI

(21st May - 20th June) A moody mid-summer, especially in affairs of the heart. You don’t quite know what you’re looking for, and therefore, will you recognise it when you find it? Work pressures around the 13th 14th 15th make you act impulsively.


(21st June - 22nd July) A feisty few weeks! Your dander is up and God help anybody who gets in your way! If other people don’t understand you, you will ignore them and do your own thing. This is not the best way of making new friends and influencing people, but it does get a few things done.


(23th July - 23rd August) Some strategic changes both in the realms of relationships and careers. As the month

by James Christie n For details of private readings phone 07884 107100 or 01423 339770 Email:

progresses you’ll feel increasingly confident that you’ve made the right decisions and are on the right pathway.

abundance as people find different ways of saying thank you for all you’ve done for them. Look out for presentations and awards.

VIRGO (24th August - 22nd September)

CAPRICORN (22nd December - 19th January) A difficult first week filled with pressure and anxiety… This mood moving by the 8th or 9th when you’ll feel calmer and more philosophical. Important and welcome news between the 15th and 22nd coinciding with a boost to your social life. Anniversaries, weddings and engagements between the 23rd and 30th.

Not a lot of spare cash floating around but nevertheless it’s a darn good month for holidays and a little bit of hedonism. If someone criticises your financial priorities don’t just brush them off, but try to explain what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.

LIBRA (23rd September - 22nd October) Excellent period for all domestic affairs with a notable boost of confidence in family budgets. Younger people and students discover a few short cuts towards achieving ambitions and there is a strong feeling of camaraderie and celebration within the family. SCORPIO (23rd October - 21st November) The first two weeks of July are a very job/money orientated period with subtle but important shifts in work routines. Expect some conflict and challenge between the 15th and the 22nd and watch your back with a fair-weather friend. Holidays and family breaks look promising between the 22nd and 30th

SAGITTARIUS (22nd November - 21st December) It’s pay back time – in a very positive way! Thanks and appreciation come your way in

AQUARIUS (20th January - 18th February) The first couple of weeks sees you acting as peace maker in heated disputes but the mood changes around the 14th when life becomes a little quieter and calmer. Travel aspects look solid for the third week of the month while the period between the 23rd and 30th brings pleasant and welcome surprises.


(19th February - 20th March) Some red tape and beurocracy to be sorted out this month and although it might be a hassle you can’t afford to cut corners and take short cuts. Parents might need to take a harder line with temperamental toddlers and undisciplined children and the 9th, 19th and 29th are auspicious days for financial gains.

Cooking is child’s play The Cooking Rooms at York Eco Business Centre, Clifton Moor, is passionate about teaching children to cook by combining learning with fun. It’s hosting a Children’s Cookery Club with Gilly Robinson on Thursday, July 28th as part of its series of cooking classes for six to 12-year-olds. The children eat or take away what they cook. n More classes for all ages can be found at For more details, call 500700.


Actors rehearse Two Planks And A Passion

Fresh thinking Community drama

Two Planks And A Passion tells the hilarious and moving story of what happened in 1392 when King Richard II came to York to see the Mystery Plays. Anthony Minghella’s touching comedy gives a great insight into the strong community feeling that surrounds York’s Mystery Plays. To enhance this tradition, a 50-strong community cast, plus community production team, will help the Theatre Royal and Riding Lights Theatre Company produce a top-notch professional production. The show, performed at York Theatre Royal between July 1 and 16, will help the city’s theatrical community prepare for the prestigious open-air production of York’s Mystery Plays to be held in the Museum Gardens in August next year. Those taking part in Two Planks And A Passion include: The Rev Ian Birkenshaw, Rector of All Saints and St. Andrew’s, Huntington, who is chaplain to Riding Lights. Carol Backhouse, a staff nurse who pulled wagons for the 2006 and 2010 productions of York’s Mystery Plays. Kris Grummitt, a part-time GP, school governor, cyclist, skier and mother-of-four who, as a student, took shows to residential homes and prisons. Bricklayer Paul Mason who was inspired by his love of York’s history to get involved. As a girl, Sheelagh Joan Loftus danced in professional pantomimes at the Rialto Theatre, York. Now, as a member of St Aelred’s Players. n Two Planks And A Passion, York Theatre Royal, July 1-16. Box office: 623568. help you buy or sell property We offer expert advice and practical assistance to those buying or selling property. “We place great emphasis on building a strong relationship of trust with you by being proactive in dealing with issues and by making it easy for you to contact us.” Kevin Millar, Partner Whether you are a first time buyer or a more seasoned home buyer or property investor, we tailor our approach to your situation. Our experienced and personable team are capable of dealing with all types of property and situations - including: Houses and leasehold flats Newly built homes Period properties that are listed or in conservation areas Conversions from barns or other non-residential uses Shared ownership, transfers of equity and equity release

n n n n n

T: 01904 558600 E: Business advice I Personal advice I Disputes & claims I Property Harrowells LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


BOOK REVIEWS Brilliant beach reads!

with York author

donna hay

Fern Britton’s been a busy lady since leaving This Morning. As well as carving out a new TV career, she’s found time to pen her first novel. New Beginnings tells the story of journalist Christie Lynch, whose life changes forever when she is offered a job as a TV presenter. She might have found fame and fortune, but at what price? Warm, witty and wise, New Beginnings is a behind-thescenes look at the ups and downs in the life of a daytime TV presenter from the woman who knows best. The world of TV also features in Sheila’s O’Flanagan’s latest novel, All For You. Lainey is the nation’s favourite weather forecaster, but even she can’t predict the stormy weather ahead when her relationship begins to fall apart, and her estranged mother returns to Dublin. Uncovering some long-concealed family secrets, Lainey begins to reassess her life. Is the happy-ever-after she’s always dreamed of really what she wants after all?

Tasmina Perry’s sexy blockbusters are like a holiday in the sun, transporting you into the glamorous world of the rich and famous. And she really turns up the heat for Kiss Heaven Goodbye, her most spectacular novel yet. On the luxurious private island of Angel Cay, four privileged students toast the end of their exams, but one dark night will change their perfect lives forever. As the friends move into their glamorous careers - fashion, music, politics - each tries to put the past behind them. But no matter how high their stars climb, they cannot escape the dreadful truth... What would a summer holiday be without the latest Jodi Picoult? And Harvesting The Heart promises to be another corker. Paige has only a few vivid memories of her mother, who abandoned her when she was five. Now, with a child of her own, Paige cannot forget her mother’s absence or the shameful memories from her own past. As the demands of her family become too much for her, Paige finds herself facing the possibility that she might follow in her mother’s footsteps...

Two great treats for history fans this month. Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick tells the story of Matilda, who is determined to win back her crown from usurper king Stephen, and her stepmother Adeliza, who is determined to support her claim. But in a world where a man’s word is law, how can the two women prevail? And finally one for the boys. War Torn by Andy McNab takes us to the heart of wartorn Afghanistan. With two tours of Iraq under his belt, Sergeant Dave Henley knows what modern war looks like. But nothing can prepare him for the posting to Forward Operating Base Senzhiri, Helmand Province. He’s in charge of 1 Platoon, a ragbag collection of rookies who he must make into a fighting force and fast. But this is a brutal, unforgiving conflict which takes no prisoners..

What makes our

historic city

special for you?


There are almost as many opinions about why York is special as there are people who live here. At the city’s heart is its historic centre with winding medieval streets, specialist shops and well-known monuments. The Minster and its dominance on the skyline is perhaps the one thing everyone would agree is part of York’s special qualities. But what about the rest of the historic centre, which is one of the largest Conservation Areas in the country?

Design and Conservation Team, English Heritage, York Civic Trust and others. This is the first in-depth study of the Conservation Area – which includes the medieval walled city and the early suburbs – to be undertaken since the area was designated in 1968.

To answer this question, a detailed study of the Conservation Area has been carried out by consultants working with City of York Council’s

The appraisal will help the council to fulfil a statutory duty to draw up and publish proposals to preserve and improve Conservation Areas.

It’s called the “York Central Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal”a bit of a mouthful but very readable with many of its findings presented through illustrations.

It does this by defining the unique characteristics which make the historic core of York so special and identifying the threats and opportunities to its conservation and enhancement. These are used to develop practical policies and proposals to manage the Conservation Area which will enable it to play a positive role in shaping an

economically and socially successful city. The appraisal is divided into two parts. Part one deals with understanding the city, including a detailed assessment of 24 individual character areas within the larger Conservation Area, and an analysis of key views and building heights. Part two deals

Help bring history to life Would you like the chance to help bring history to life and help explain the fascinating history of fashion through the ages as part of Barley Hall’s new ‘Hamlet to Hollywood’ exhibition? The venue seeking Room Stewards to help guide visitors round the exhibition and the Hall, which itself hosts a wonderful medieval history. Stewards will need to be able to provide a warm welcome to all, be happy interact with visitors and to run activities linked to the exhibition and to have an interest in fashion history and Barley Hall. If you would like to get involved visit the Barley Hall website www.barleyhall. or contact Helen Williams, Volunteer and Placement Coordinator on 543419 / Registrations are open until July 13th with an induction day on August 3rd for any new starters.

Cycling cash York Labour MP Hugh Bayley presented a cycling grant of £1,997 to Kool Kidz, an out-of-school club at Rawcliffe Lane, York. The Bike Club gives grants of up to £2,000 to community groups, schools and youth clubs in the York area to fund cycling activities for youngsters aged between 10 and 20. with recommendations setting out proposals for further work and action.

• Has the report clearly explained the character of the conservation area?

We want you to tell us how you feel about the appraisal

• And, of course, are the facts right!

There will be public consultations on the appraisal, including visiting Guildhall, Micklegate, Fishergate and Clifton Ward Committee meetings in July; having a public exhibition in York Explore on 15th ( 10:00 until 18:00) and 16th July (10:00 until 16:00); and providing ways to comment via the council’s website. Residents living in and around the Conservation Area will also receive a leaflet containing further details.

The leaflet and the appraisal document, as well as an Executive Summary, will be available on our website: from 4th July. The consultation period will run until 12th August. You can register your comments on the council’s website, by Freepost and by visiting the exhibition at York Explore or reception at 9 St Leonard’s Place.

The appraisal has been designed to be easy to read and understand, but we’d like to know what you think of it. We are particularly keen to know the following: • Is the document easy to use and is it legible?

The postal address is: Conservation, FREEPOST (YO 239), York YO1 7ZZ.

The longest independent carpet company in york



flooring specialist

26 years in business still run by the same family!

n For further details, contact Community Planning on 551673 or 551694. Email: community.planning@york.

• Have we got the balance right between text and illustrations?





Pipers and drummers

old. It City Of York Pipe Band is looking for new members, young and a tenor drum, snare a play to how learn to wants recruits who would like s. bagpipe the learn to willing pipers budding as well as bass drum or the s. The band offers full tuition from scratch... and it’s free for under-18 n For more details, call Rachael on 07870 165227.

Art and chat Copmanthorpe Art Group is looking to welcome new members to its Monday evening sessions. There is no tuition; each members paints their own subject at their own pace and capability. The atmosphere is sociable, with topical discussions often equal to the artistic output! n For more details, call John Steele on 744883 or Wendy Yelland on 07955 048318.

Become a friend of York Theatre Royal The Friends of York Theatre Royal is an enthusiastic, theatre-loving group keen to support the historic venue, raise funds and meet others with a passion for the arts. People are always welcome to take part in the group’s social and fundraising events. n For more details, contact Friends of York Theatre Royal, York Theatre Royal, St Leonard’s Place, York YO1 7HD.

Help to preserve railway herit


The Friends of The National Railw ay Museum (FNRM) was established in 1977 to help the York-based museum conserve and operate railway exhi bits that might otherwise have to wait many year s before returning to the public view. Membership brings the satisfaction of being involved in preserving, displayin g and interpreting the best of Britain’s heritage. Members have opportunities to work as volunteers at the museum . n For more details, go to www

Aphasia awareness

nicate as result of a e their ability to commu is One in five people los have similar effects. Th injuries/illnesses can ne Sto n stroke and other brain rto Bu at ets me rk Speakability Group is called ‘aphasia’. Yo 30 6DR on the second lyn Crescent, Clifton YO Eve , tre Community Cen . nth between 2 and 4pm Thursday of every mo al Self-Help Group or loc ation about your it n For further inform 080 8808 9572 or vis tact Speakability on Aphasia, please con . uk te at www.speakabilit the Charity’s Websi




50% off New Balance 876 - Regular Price £75 Simply bring in this advert instore to claim offer TRAIL RUNNNING • TRIATHLON • MTB • ADVENTURE RACING • CLIMBING


o Tesc

ing tirl

The New KIT oN The blocK

o Rok








tri tles



y Wa



From city to summit, we range the UK’s largest selection of specialist adventure brands, designed to help you and your mates get active. Whether you are running, biking, climbing or camping, we have products to help you challenge yourself in the great outdoors.

York Showroom address Stirling Park, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4WU

Does your club or group need new members? Or maybe you have some news you’d like to share. If so, get in touch with us. Write to us at the address of page five, or email us at info@ Mark your message ‘Club News’.

400,000 use visitor centre Visit York’s modern Information Centre has celebrated its first birthday by welcoming almost 400,000 people from the UK and across the globe in its first 12 months – that’s a 60% increase. Annual visitor numbers at the former tourist information centre in the De Grey rooms were 240,000, meaning an additional 160,000 customers have used the service over the last year. Your Local Link was invited to the last year’s official opening and our photographer Richard Foster snapped this picture of Chris Morton, the centre’s manager, opening the hi-tech facility at 1 Museum Street helped by Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger from York Theatre Royal, Cinderella and her Ugly Sisters from York’s Grand Opera House plus characters from the York Dungeon and JORVIK Viking Centre.

Travel in style You have booked your holiday and now want a cost-effective way of getting to the airport. Look no further than Keith Muggeridge, of Quartz of York, who charges £185 return for the popular Manchester Airport Run. You travel in comfort too, in his luxury eight-seater minibus, complete with air-conditioning and DVD player. n For more details, call Keith on 784942 or 07834 023134.


For more information on

food & drink please call Lee on:

01904 767881 15

the best of york

Yes, it’s eight whole years since Gini and Tracy launched the first issue from a wardrobe in Tracy’s back bedroom. Since then the magazine has grown to become a much-loved York institution. It’s now the first place people look when they need information, and the first place advertisers come when they want to boost their business. The magazine’s success is down to our advertisers acting on the maxim “keep advertising and advertising will keep you”. Advertising in Your Local Link does work – just ask York Museums Trust which devised a marketing campaign for the Yorkshire Museum that attracted 8,639 visitors in its first nine days. The total includes the 2,229 people who took advantage of Golden Ticket Day. People clutching their tickets, snipped from the magazine, queued to get into the museum.

York born

&read Your Local Link celebrates its eighth birthday this month by publishing its 92nd issue.


Charlotte Dootson, the trust’s marketing manager, says: “We are delighted with these visitor numbers.” Success breeds success. The new-look Yorkshire Museum was named Visitor Attraction of the Year (over 50,000 visitors) in this year’s Visit York Tourism Awards. In the same prestigious awards, York Theatre Royal picked up the gong for best marketing campaign to promote its ambitious production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’. Abbi Wright, head of communications at the theatre, says: “Your Local link played an important part in our marketing campaign for ‘The Wind in the Willows’ last summer. Spending a fun day with a gypsy caravan, Martin Barrass dressed as Mr Toad and Your Local Link’s photographer took a fabulous picture that made the front cover of the magazine. This, alongside adverts and editorial features, meant the show had a great profile around the households of York and I’m sure this activity greatly contributed to the success of the production and contributed to us winning Visit York’s Marketing Campaign of the Year Award. We will certainly be working with the magazine again for this summer’s family production, Peter Pan.”

The success of Your Local Link, York’s biggest and most popular magazine, is built on a solid foundation – namely its excellent distribution network.

the best of york

Delivering the goods


We have devised an effective way of making nearly 90,000 deliveries each month to every address in York and the surrounding villages. We’ve recruited 80 people to do 140 delivery walks, equipping them with bags and trolleys. Since January 2008 Link Distribution has gone from strength to strength, diversifying into leaflets, many of which are designed by Your Local Link’s gifted graphic artists. Call 767881 for more details. We also publish York’s monthly ‘What’s On’ guide.

Help! Your Local Link has handled numerous calls for help. One woman phoned our office in Haxby requesting help to deal with wild ducks that had invaded her garden. We resisted the temptation to send out a “come on down” call to the chefs who advertise our popular Food & Drink section... even if they did fancy putting fresh duck on the specials board. Another reader phoned to ask us where she could find a Pac-a-mac – she was obviously expecting some good weather for ducks! As the storm clouds gathered, we put her in touch with one of our advertisers. One poor soul appealed to us for help after losing his wallet, while another reader asked us if we knew where he could get an aeroplane to tow a banner across the sky. Gini, our busy editor, once took a phone call from an elderly woman who had reached the end of her tether. Her husband was about to leave hospital and she had no food in the house because she had been unable to go shopping. Even with deadlines approaching, Gini jumped into her car to do a hasty supermarket run, delivering the groceries before dashing back to the office. Sometimes we are the ones who phone for help. One morning our computers were dead so we sent an urgent SOS to our friendly IT engineer, insisting he came to the office. Fearing a mother board meltdown, he quickly found out the cause of the problem... we had forgotten to switch on the power. Oops... red faces all round!

Happy Birthday Your Local Link Magazine! Congratulations on 8 years of success Gini & Tracy, may it continue with the help of your fabulous team.

Lots of love Sales, Distribution, Design, Accounts, Journalists and all our distributors xxx 17

Festival set for a big

splash This month’s Festival of the Rivers (July 9-24) presents a packed programme of family-friendly events on the banks of York’s beautiful rivers. The Ouse and the Foss have played vital role in York’s history, opening up the city to trade and invaders! As their role has evolved, York’s residents continue to celebrate their rich heritage from the Roman and Viking connections to the fantastic sporting and leisure opportunities they offer. During the festival, you can dance the night away in Rowntree Park, take a lazy cruise, do a spot of fishing, cheer on the Dragon boat crews or get cultural with some Shakespeare, live music and poetry.


The south bank will be used by the 36 teams and there will be gala atmosphere on the north bank with stalls and a variety of activities.

Each crew, consisting of 16 paddlers and a drummer, is encouraged to wear fancy dress - with the Ged Bell Trophy presented to the best dressed team. The helmsmen are professionals provided by Dragon Boats Events Ltd. The teams with the fastest times in the preliminary rounds will take part in a grand final, which provides an exciting climax to the event.

Each team member seeks sponsorship, with one-third going to York Against Cancer and twothirds going to a charity of the team's own choice. The total raised by the eight previous challenges now tops £500,000.

York Blind & Partially Sighted Society has entered a team – thanks to York College student Ashley Metcalfe. While working as a volunteer for the charity, he came up with the idea of forming a team. He’s recruited fellow students and attracted sponsorship

The festival’s biggest splash will be made by York Rotary Club’s Dragon Boat Challenge. It takes place over a 250-metre stretch of the River Ouse between Scarborough and Lendal bridges on Sunday, July 10, from 10am.

from businesses such as York opticians. Diane Roworth, chief officer of the society, says: “Ashley and his team have been very enterprising and we really appreciate their efforts. We will be feeding them at our riverside barbecue and cheering them on.” Not Cricket Productions is presenting Love Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare in Rowntree Park on July 17 at 7pm. And don’t forget to have a look round MV Syntan, an ex-working barge that carried tanning materials from Hull docks to Beverley Beck. It’s moored at King’s Staith.

Festival Events 7-24 July Artsbarge moored next to Bonding Warehouse. Art exhibitions, art, drama and children’s workshops, community cinema, cabaret, magic, plays and performances from Chris Helme, 103 Falling Birds, Little Num Num Club. 9 – 24 July MV Syntan King’s Staith. The barge is hosting the following 8pm events: music and poetry (July 9), acoustic trio Route 64 (July 14), acoustic duo TWO (July 16) and Anneliese Emmans Dean’s ‘Buzzing by the River’ (July 17 & 23). 9 July Magic Hatter’s Tea Party 11am-4pm, Tower Gardens. Meet the marvellous magician from Wonderland. www. 9, 10, 16, 17, 23 & 24 July York Canoe Club 1-4pm, Marygate Landing. Showcase of a range of paddle sports. Booking is necessary for the Come & Try it sessions. www. Riverside Fun 10am-4pm, King’s Staith. Punch & Judy, dancing, fancy dress, storytelling and street entertainers, plus shows from York Dungeon.

and the Harrogate Gang Show. 11 July Rivers Quiz Night 8pm, The Lowther, Cumberland Street. 15 July Music Afloat York Boat. 16 July York Canoe Club Cardboard Boat Race 11am, Marygate Landing. Design and construct your own 'Cardboard Canoe' to be tested on the River Ouse. 17 July Rowntree Park 90th Birthday Party 2-5pm. Bouncy castles and trampolines, falconry, 40 community stalls and lots more. 21 July Public Trip with Park Rangers 6pm-7.30pm, Syntan Barge 22 July Junior Fishing Competition, 6pm, New Walk. Under-12s, 12 – 16 and 16 – 18 years matches. The draw will start at 5pm with fishing from 6pm until 9pm. Tel: 629126. 23 July Canoe Race 2pm, Millennium Bridge – Butcher Terrace. Bring your own canoe. For more details call Phil Puckrin on 654302 or email 24 July Praise By The Bridge 3pm, Millennium Bridge. Organised by Churches Together.

10 July Gang Show 4pm, Rowntree Park. Performances from the York Scout & Guide Gang Show


York composer’s world premiere

The world premiere of a new concerto by a York composer will be one of the highlights of the third York Guitar Festival.

The Three Ages Of A City, written for solo guitar and string orchestra by Peter Byrom Smith, will be performed at Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick, on Sunday, July 31, by York guitarist John Mackenzie with the York Festival Orchestra, led by Dara de Cogan and conducted by Stuart Nettleship. The concert starts at 7.30pm.

All squashed up More than 1,000 flattened silver objects are being suspended in the nave of York St Mary’s. Thirty Pieces Of Silver, by renowned artist Cornelia Parker, includes plates, spoons, candlesticks, trophies, cigarette cases, teapots and trombones that have been squashed by a steamroller. The objects have been arranged into 30 disc-shaped groups and suspended from the roof of the former church by fine wires, a few centimetres off the ground so that they seem to hover.

Peter says: “The Three Ages Of A City has three movements – Eboracum, Jorvik and York – that capture the history of my birthplace. It’s wonderful the world premiere will take place during York Guitar Festival. “I’ve admired John Mackenzie as a guitarist for years and dedicated the concerto to him. He’s so enthusiastic about the piece that he was instrumental in setting up the York Festival Orchestra to play it for the first time – I find that both inspirational and humbling.”

Cornelia says: “Thirty Pieces Of Silver is about materiality and then about antimatter. The ruined objects are ghostly levitating just above the floor, waiting to be reassessed in the light of their transformation. The title, because of its biblical references, alludes to money, to betrayal, to death and resurrection.”

York Guitar Festival promotes love of the guitar, encouraging guitarists of all standards whilst giving audiences the opportunity to listen to exceptionally talented musicians. The festival’s Saturday evening concert features classical guitarist and composer Gary Ryan, renowned for his compelling live performances. Organiser Ruth Owen says: “We do not set out to make a financial profit, but aim to give money to music charities and towards travel expenses for the musicians, all of whom offer their talents free of charge. We hope to inspire people of all ages.”

n York St Mary’s, Coppergate, is open from 10am to 4pm and is free. For more details, go to: www.yorkstmary’

n This year’s festival is supporting the Nordoff-Robbins music therapy charity. For more details, call 0771 280 9341.

The installation, which will be on show in York until October 30, is part of ‘Art in Yorkshire - supported by Tate’, a year-long celebration of the visual arts in 19 galleries throughout Yorkshire.


Soprano hits charity high note York Soprano Rebecca Newman has almost reached the £5,000 target she set herself when releasing her album ‘Cantare’ in 2008 to raise funds for the children’s charity Childline. To celebrate, Rebecca will be performing a headline concert at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Haxby Road, York, on Sunday, July 3, at 7pm. During the event, she will present a cheque to Childline. Rebecca, who has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, Headingley Stadium, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, many prestigious Yorkshire venues, as well as having been featured on ITV1 and BBC radio, will perform a selection of stunning operatic arias and emotive musical classics. n To book your ticket, call 623568 or go to for a link to online booking.

Holiday clubs for kids Total Sports Ltd has been teaching PE in primary schools for five years, building up an excellent reputation in York and North Yorkshire. Managing director Ollie Holliday was a Head of PE for nine years and his experience has been invaluable in delivering great PE lessons that the children love. Ollie says: “We teach all sports in primary schools and after-school clubs too. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and understanding of the needs of each school and we have a great dedicated full-time team.” Total Sports also runs active holiday clubs so the children can have lots of fun in every school holiday until 5pm and parents can go to work knowing their children are happy. n If you would like any further information as a school, parent or are interested in working for Total Sports, email the team at or call 08458 339 442

Millfield Industrial Estate Wheldrake, York.YO19 6NA 5 minutes away from York Designer Outlet


, s t h g i L


! n o i t ac

There’s something very strange going on at the old Purey Cust Hospital. The building, tucked away in the shadow of the Minster, now houses a law firm, and has been renamed Jerusalem Chambers. But take a closer look and you’ll see these are no ordinary legal eagles. There are lorries and catering trucks parked outside, and all day you’ll find technicians running in and out with cables, cameras and other technical equipment. And there’s something very odd about those lawyers, too. Since when has a solicitor been able to sprout wings? The former Purey Cust building is actually now the HQ for a brand new


ITV drama series, Eternal Law. The show, set entirely in York, tells the story of a pair of lawyers, played by Samuel West and newcomer Ukweli Roach, who are actually angels sent to earth to keep us mortals on the straight and narrow. They’re watched over by their mysterious minder, Mrs Sheringham (played by former Mistresses star Orla Brady)

The series was written by top scriptwriting team Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham, the pens behind top shows such as Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes and Wild At Heart. They decided to set the series in York after day trip up north.

explains Executive Producer Alison Jackson. “We came up to York and simply fell in love with the place. It has everything we need – stunning locations, a wonderful atmosphere, and it’s a small city, so from a logistical point of view it’s brilliant to film in.

“Ashley and Matthew had come up with the idea for Eternal Law, but they didn’t have a setting for it,”

“It was a real bonus being able to set up in the old hospital building, too. It means we have everything we want

under one roof, rather than living out of lorries in out of town car parks as we usually have to when filming.” Many of the city’s landmarks feature in filming, from St Helen’s Square (which was transformed into a street market!), the River Ouse and of course The Minster. “We had a great idea about filming scenes in front of the Minster, but no one told us how windy it was!” says Alison.

“It would be great to do for York what Inspector Morse did for Oxford!” “York almost becomes a character itself in the show. As well as the picturesque side the tourists see, we wanted to show a grittier, more realistic side that viewers might not know about. I hope the people of York think we’ve done their city justice.” The locals have already been more than happy to get involved with filming. As well as bringing a team of technicians with them, Kudos Film and Television has drawn on local talent as crew and extras. “The public have been very good and patient with us

when we’ve had to take over their streets to film,” says Alison. York has already cast its spell on the cast and crew. Especially Orla Brady, who plays Mrs Sheringham. The Irishborn actress moved from LA to York during filming.


for you...

For information on this section please calll our beauty expert Emily on 01904 735205

“I absolutely love it here,” she says. “I’ve even gone native and bought a bicycle! Bike Rescue put me together a 1958 Raleigh, which I adore. I even carry a photo of it around with me to show people! It’s fantastic to be able to cycle to work in the morning through the wonderful old streets. Every day I discover a new eating place or a brilliant shop.” And her favourite? “It has to be Barnitts’. I’ve never seen anywhere like it. It looks deceptive from the outside but inside it just goes on for miles. And they sell everything. I’ve taken to going in there trying to catch them out but they’ve always got what I want – it’s fantastic!” Hopefully there will be plenty more chances for the cast and crew to explore the city. The series continues filming until the end of this month, and it’s due for screening sometime in 2012. They’re also hoping to get a second series. “We’d love to put the city on the map,” says Alison Jackson. “It would be great to do for York what Inspector Morse did for Oxford!”


Russell Marwood, of York Archaeological Trust, leads a battlefield walk at Marston Moor

Tax scam alert HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is warning taxpayers not to fall for a new round of phishing emails designed to harvest bank account details. The scam emails inform the recipient they are due a tax rebate, and provide a clickthrough link to a replica of the HMRC site.



weekend The villages of Long Marston and Bilton-in-Ainsty, near York, are preparing to be transformed into major historical encampments to commemorate an important English Civil War bar. Between July 1 and 3, the Battle of Marston Moor site at Marston Grange will welcome more than 100 Royalist troop re-enactors to the historic battle site to recreate the encampment and to help raise money for the MS Society and York Archaeological Trust, a registered educational charity. Re-enactors will also establish a field hospital at Biltonin-Ainsty and cannon emplacements at Long Marston. Visitors can take a guided tour of the English Civil War battlefield which, in 1644, saw 46,000 Parliamentarian and Royalist men fight to determine the control of the North of England. Recreated uniforms, weapons


and archaeological finds from the 400-acre site will be displayed. There are activities for all the family during the weekend, including talks held by The Cromwell Association and The Battlefields Trust, musket & pike drills, living history encampments, scheduled walks of the battlefield, live archaeology, participatory craft activities and a treasure hunt for children. Danielle Daglan, of York Archaeological Trust, says: “The weekend will give visitors the closest thing to the battle itself. This is the first time an event of this scale has been held on the actual battle site with this many local and national groups taking part to bring this important era of British history alive.” n For more information, go to

The HMRC says: “The recipient is asked to provide their credit card details. Fraudsters then try to take money from the account using the details provided. Victims risk having their bank accounts emptied and their personal details sold on to other organised criminal gangs." It adds: “As a matter of policy, HMRC will only ever contact customers who are due a tax refund in writing by post. If anyone receives an email offering a tax rebate claiming to be from HMRC, we recommend they send it to phishing@ before deleting it permanently.” HMRC is warning customers not to visit suspicious websites, click on links in dubious emails or open attachments.

Free medical transport Do you need help getting from York to Leeds? If you are a cancer patient from York and surrounding area receiving radiotherapy treatment in Leeds, free transport is available from the charity York Against Cancer. Please call 764466.

New Earswick club wins national award New Earswick & District Indoor Bowls Club has been named Community Amateur Sport Club of the Year by the Sport & Recreation Alliance.

The club received a trophy and £2,500 cheque from cricket legend and Strictly Come Dancing star Mark Ramprakash during an awards ceremony in London. Tim Lamb, chief executive of the alliance, says: “New Earswick & District Indoor Bowls Club welcomes competitive players, social members and offers a range of activities for players with physical or learning disabilities. They open their club to the community offering not only bowls, but also a range of indoor sports. They also support 18 athletes at the Special Olympics and encourage all to play at the highest level that they wish to. They are a shining example of a club continually striving to provide the best for its members and the wider community.” Mark Ramprakash adds: “As a professional sportsman, I know that getting paid to do something you love is easy. Doing the day job and then giving up evenings and weekends to volunteer at your sports club is truly admirable. It is thanks to the volunteers that this country has such a love for participating in sports. Without them, there would be no clubs, and there would be no sporting stars of the future.”


Summer shopping at the

Coppergate Centre As the school holidays get ever closer and thoughts turn to jetting off somewhere hot or getting out and about enjoying the best of the British summer, the Coppergate Centre has everything you need to set you off on the right foot. The latest summer ranges are in store at fashionable favourites Topshop, ARK and Joy – not to mention Fenwick with their fabulous beauty department and clothes from Hugo Boss and All Saints. All that and we’ve got your feet covered! Check out Clarks and Clinkards for the latest in footwear. Looking for something to keep the kids entertained? Well the Jorvik Viking Centre is hard to beat, and new to the Coppergate Centre this summer is a falconry display courtesy of Owl Adventures. The feature has a selection of real owls from different parts of the world and other incredible birds of prey. The falconer present will introduce the birds and provide fascinating facts regarding the birds’ hunting skills, incredible senses and more. You can even have your photo taken with the birds and printed straight away – pop down to St Mary’s Square, York, for details.

Free entry to Jane Tomlinson 10K

York Keyboard School

Two mental health charities are offering runners the opportunity to participate in York’s Jane Tomlinson 10K free of charge.

YKS is a fantastic, new keyboard school starting in York. The school loves to teach students in groups of up to three at a time. The groups are streamed so everyone is at a similar standard. This way students can learn from each other and also experience a wider range of pieces. New, professional keyboards are provided with headphones as well as teaching materials for the lessons. The school is based at the Gateway Centre, Acomb, on Saturday mornings. Lessons last 30 minutes so, after you have dropped off your child, you can head off to the shops in Acomb or have a snack in the cafe!

Our Celebration and York & District Mind are offering to refund the £26 entry fee for any participant who raises more than £100 for either charity in sponsorship by taking part in this year’s run, which takes place on Sunday, July 31. As well as refunding the entry fee, the charities will also provide a T-shirt, personalised sponsor forms, and help with setting up an individual donation webpage. n For more details, call Ian Savage on 643364 or email


n For more details, go to




One of my previously reliable employees has been late for work several times in the last month. The first time it happened, I didn’t say anything as it was so out of character. As it is now becoming a regular occurrence, I need to speak to him about it. How should I do this?

Nordic walking classes Former Royal Marine David Brooks is a keen advocate of Nordic walking. He used the fitness activity to walk his way back to health after having surgery on his spine. Now he has qualified as an instructor and is leading classes in Poppleton, Strensall and Haxby & Wigginton. Nordic walking, which was originally used by cross-country skiers as a way to stay fit during the summer, is the world’s fastest growing fitness activity with more than 10 million enthusiasts. David, aged 42, says: “It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, simple to learn and really sociable. By using the specially-designed poles, you can use all the major muscles in the body and burn up to twice as many calories as ordinary walking. The best thing is that the poles actually propel you along, so it feels easier!” The poles reduce the pressure on the knees and joints and the gentle upper body movement is great for easing back and neck pain. It’s ideal for weight loss, rehabilitation and sports training. However, it is not simply a case of grabbing a pair of poles and walking with them. You must learn the correct technique in order to get your whole body working and it is essential you learn this from a qualified instructor. n For more details, call David on 274811 or 07866 433309.

Begin with an informal conversation and ask him an open question that allows him to tell you what the issue is. For example – I’ve noticed that your timekeeping has slipped over the last month. I’m concerned for you as this is out of character. Can you tell me what’s caused the change? Be prepared to listen and ask more exploratory questions. You need to get to the root cause of the problem before you can hope to resolve it. For example, it may be a short term issue that he is having that could be resolved by a temporary change to his start time.


There is no formal or documented dress code at our office; I never felt it was necessary. However, over recent weeks, as the weather has improved, there have been a few instances where the choice of clothing employees have made, has not been what I would deem as acceptable. One of my customers has noticed this and commented on it to me, indicating that it looks unprofessional. Many businesses do have a documented dress code or policy, but many do not and leave this up to the discretion of their employees. The way that your employees present themselves does have an impact on the impression customers have when doing business with you, so it’s important your team are presenting themselves well. You may not need to implement a formal policy, but simply give some clearer guidance on what is deemed as acceptable. Involve your employees in developing this and you have a much better chance of getting them engaged with any subsequent changes.


I need to expand my team and this will mean recruiting two new members of staff. What referencing and checks should I undertake? This depends on the nature of your business, but as a starting point, you should ask for a minimum of two references from their previous employers, or a two year employment history, whichever covers a longer period. If this is not possible, ask for a character reference to substitute one of these. If there are any qualifications or criteria that are specific to the role, you should ask for proof of these before they join you. For example, professional qualifications or a full, valid driving licence. In addition, you must also check that the candidate is eligible to work in the UK. The Business Link website has some great guidance on how to ascertain whether a candidate is eligible to work in the UK.

Rousseau Associates Limited offers support and advice to businesses of all sizes. Contact us for an informal discussion about what we can do to help you, your business and your people.

Tel: 01937 830 173 or 07794 476 430. Email: These answers are general in nature, and not intended to substitute specific advice from an expert.


York students create company website Students studying the Foundation Degree in Internet and Business Technologies at York College have created a website for DBS York Ltd, a television repair company at Clifton Moor. Tutor Richard Hind says: "The professional project module draws together the knowledge and skills the students have gained during their studies. It is an opportunity for them to design, build, deliver and, above all, manage a real project for a business client. “We are very proud of the quality of the projects that our students deliver and would welcome small IT projects from local organisations, which could run from January to May 2012."

David Binelli, owner of DBS Ltd, says: "We made initial contact with York College via the Chamber of Commerce. We wanted to produce a website and the students were able to create one for us. The website evolved through discussions with the students, which provided an excellent learning experience for them.” David is delighted with the new website and is now in talks with the college to produce a Phone App. Other projects completed by other students on the Foundation Degree include an in-house training system for Great Rail Journeys In York and a virtual learning environment system at Millthorpe School.

Top three retailers named Electrical retailer Richer Sounds, handmade cosmetics chain Lush and kitchenware specialist Lakeland are the UK’s top shops, according to this year’s retail survey by Which?. More than 11,000 people told the consumer group what they thought of 100 well known stores. The top three, which all have shops in York, impressed customers with great service and knowledgeable staff who projected a real buzz about their products. Martyn Hocking, editor of Which?, says: “The nation’s top shops know exactly what their customers want and they respond – with quality products, good customer service and store environments that make shopping a pleasure.”

Down Under York PR agency The Partners Group was chosen to work with Sydney-based PR agency, Avviso to spread the word about this year’s Vivid Sydney. The annual festival transforms the city into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas after dark. This year’s event featured spectacular light projections on Sydney Opera House.

Rolawn goes for growth Rolawn, the UK’s largest turf grower and leading topsoil supplier, has been granted planning permission by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to develop its distribution centre at Seaton Ross, near York. The company wants to build workshops, offices, warehouses and a weighbridge on the disused airfield, creating about 15 jobs. Paul Dawson, managing director of the Elvington-based company, says: “This project will play a key part in the future development of the business over the next few years and will help to strengthen the rural economy, both sustaining and creating employment opportunities.”

Women mean

business! York Women in Business are holding their next event at Brunswick Organic Nursery and Craft Workshop, Appleton Road, Bishopthorpe on 13th July from 12 noon to 2pm. A tour of the Nursery and Workshops will be followed by a buffet lunch (including produce grown at the nursery) and drinks. There will also be an opportunity to buy organic produce and plants. The cost of the event is £15 per head. Please book early to avoid disappointment – bookings must be received before 8th July. n For more information, visit 28

Outdoor retail specialist Rat Race is the new kid on the block for outdoor retail. Well known as an outdoor event operator with 30 events in the UK annually and 35,000 people taking part in capers such as its Urban Adventure classics and trans-Scotland multisport epics, Rat Race has adopted a hi-tech approach to outdoor retail coupled with first-class advice from knowledgeable staff. Rat Race stocks a huge range of running, cycling, trekking, mountain, multisport and nutrition products to suit all sorts of leisure and sport requirements. It also stocks mountaineering to camping essentials. Brands include Montane, Adidas Terrex, Endura, New Balance, Mountain Hardwear, 2XU, Smartwool, OMM, Teva, Terra Nova. n Rat Race Adventure Sports, Stirling Park, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4WU. Tel: 409401. Web:

Business skills tested The entrepreneurship of students at the University of York has been put to the test in two competitions inspired by Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice. The events saw students from the York Management School facing tough questions at an IBM-sponsored business idea awards, while members of the university’s York Entrepreneurs Society competed to become York Entrepreneurs Apprentice 2011. The IBM-sponsored competition involved students pitching their ideas on how to start and run a successful enterprise to the ‘dragons’ - leaders from a range of successful businesses. The winning team was ‘Boxed Promos’ who impressed the dragons with their idea for adverts on pizza boxes. In a separate The Apprentice-style competition, the competing teams were asked to devise advertising and marketing strategies for a product. They presented their ideas to a panel of five judges. The winning team – The Three Marketeers and Damien – came away with a cheque for £1,600.

Pictured celebrating the new standard at their Rougier Street premises are Hethertons’ senior conveyancing team (left to right): Clare Weatherley-Wright, Nicola Thompson, Nicola Kersey and senior partner Simon Nellar.

York law firm gains new standard

York law firm Hethertons has become the first practice in the city - and one of the first in the UK - to be awarded a new quality standard for residential conveyancing – just as it announced plans for a move of its own. Hethertons, based at Rougier Street, has achieved the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) status, which marks the firm out as meeting the very highest high standards in the home-buying process. The fast-expanding firm has outgrown its current York office and is set to move into brand new, bespoke offices at York Business Park in September. The firm, which provides the full range of legal services to businesses and individuals, also has an office in Boroughbridge. The CQS has been introduced by the Law Society, which regulates the legal industry in England and Wales, to identify high-quality providers in the residential property market and to deter potential fraudsters. Hethertons senior partner Simon Nellar (pictured with the conveyancing team) said: “We are delighted to have secured CQS status. It is recognition of the high standards we offer our clients and is a signal to future home buyers of the excellent service level we provide at what is often a stressful time for many people. “It is ironic and a timely award in the week we also decided on a move of our own in the autumn to our new premises as part of our expansion plan.” Law Society President Linda Lee said: “CQS improves efficiency with common, consistent standards and service levels and enables consumers to recognise practices, such as Hethertons, that provide a quality residential conveyancing service. “Buying a home is one of the largest purchases anyone will make in their lifetime, so it is essential that it is done to the highest standard by a solicitor. There are many different conveyancing service providers out there, making it difficult for home buyers to identify those which can ensure a safe and efficient level of service.” The scheme is open only to members of the Law Society and to those who meet the demanding standards the scheme sets. It has the support of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the Building Societies Association, and the Association of British Insurers. Hethertons will have to undergo a strict assessment, compulsory training, self reporting, random audits and annual reviews in order to maintain CQS status.


SECRETS OF MY SUCCESS “Some companies in this business do a job, offer a 25-year guarantee and then go bust the following year, leaving a worthless warranty. Our 25-year warranty is insurance-backed, so will be honoured no matter what.” The company uses top quality materials and keeps abreast of new technology. When it comes to home maintenance, customers want a 'fit and forget' solution. The Flat Roof Company’s solutions are Tuffdek, tried and tested for over 25 years, and Tufflex. Both systems conform to UK building regulations, which is an important consideration when selling a property.

Company’s landmark A flat roof company is celebrating 25 years of business success. During that time the Flat Roof Company, based in Tadcaster, has fitted more than 30,000 roofs. The company, which is licensed by industry watchdog the British Board of Agréments, has been approached by others wanting to emulate its success. It now has a network of 20 franchises. Director Kevin Moody says: “We have built up expertise and a reputation for quality work and materials. We are here to stay and that gives our customers continuity and total peace of mind. They know we will be here to answer any queries and deal with any problems.

Tufflex is a tough, reinforced polyester laminate laid on to your flat or gently sloping roof, forming a tough single and totally jointless waterproof layer. It is fully bonded to a quality plywood decking and is available in a range of colours and finishes. The Flat Roof Company uses a super-efficient insulating material. The appropriately named ‘warm roof’ is a foil-backed insulating board up to ten times more efficient than fibre-glass quilting normally stuffed between joists. Up to 30% of heat can be lost through a flat roof, but the ‘warm roof’ reduces that loss to under 5%. Kevin says: “Our materials are not the cheapest, but we think they give the best value for money. We like to sit down with our customers and explain the benefits of each stage of the process so they know just what they are getting and paying for.”

Kevin’s tips for business success 1) Have a plan: When starting a business, establish in your own mind a clear vision of where you want your enterprise to be in the future. Then adopt a strategy to achieve your goal. We have a strategy called the three Ps: Professionalism. Product and Price value .Your customers will expect a professional service, a super product and value for money. 2) Customer service Work hard on understanding the needs of your customers. Ensure they are happy with your services. Remember, an unhappy customer will tell everyone about their gripes. 3) Choose good suppliers Your suppliers are key to the success of your business. You need competitive prices and services. It is also very important to have a good rapport with your suppliers; after all, they are already successful and established in servicing the industry you are entering into. 4) Money matters It is essential to keep control of your business. Make sure you are fully aware of the cash implications of your decisions. It pays to have excellent relationships with your bank and accountant. 5) Never rest on your laurels Be innovative, keep marketing your products and keep enhancing your service to expand your customer base.

n The Flat Roof Company Ltd. Tel: 01937 530788. Web:

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Federation of Small Businesses York Branch meets on the third Monday of each month. Call Christine on 629777. York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce 6 July Business Lunch in York, Park Inn, North Street. 12 noon – 2pm. 14 July Chamber Business Forum, HSBC, 13 Parliament Street. 4 – 6pm 19 July Chamber Networking Breakfast, Dean Court Hotel, Duncombe Place. 7.30 - 9am. York Professionals 30th June Summer Soiree with the Guilds of York. Merchant Taylors Hall. 6pm. Find out what the ancient Guilds do for modern York, meet The Grand Master of Merchant Taylors, and network with members of York Professionals and MAKE-YORK. Call 435363 for details 30

14 July Summer Tasting, Cafe 68 Gillygate. 6pm. The management of Café 68 will provide tasters of its menu to MAKE-YORK members. Visit for more information. WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) York Branch meets on the first Tuesday evening of every month. Visit or email at for more information. Women’s Business Clubs 5 July York Premier Club, The Grange Hotel, Clifton. 10am – 12noon. Visit www. york-premier-club.html for more information n If you have a business networking event coming up, email details to

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investments advice with julie wilson

Please release me!

York diving club makes a splash

A York scuba diving club has seen a tidal wave of hits on its website – thanks to BBC TV’s Sunday night series, Britain’s Secret Seas. Interest in diving around Britain’s coast has been boosted by the prime-time TV show which has visited many dive sites that are regular haunts for members of Excalibur Sub-Aqua Club based in York. Hits on the website and enquiries about membership are running at twice the usual levels for this time of year, according to club spokesman Matthew Roberts. The club received a major boost with a £10,000 grant from Sport England which enabled it to buy a new 10-man rigid inflatable boat and trailer, exclusively for use by club members. As well as chartering dive boats around the UK coast, Excalibur divers now organise their own diving trips off the East Coast aboard their very own Silver Fox. n For information about Excalibur, visit

There are quite a lot of emotive issues when it comes to money, but the subject of “equity release” causes more than its fair share of heated debate. Equity release schemes allow you to raise money from your home, either as a lump sum or income, or a combination of both. Some feel that it is a sensible way of providing extra funds for people who don’t want to move house. Others feel it is akin to selling the family silver. As with many things, it’s not black and white, and each case should be considered on its own merit. When you own your own home, it is obviously a valuable asset. And one which is often viewed as a potential inheritance, not only by the owner of the home but by the potential beneficiaries. And herein lies the problem, in my opinion. Owning your own home is a major financial commitment over the years in terms of mortgage repayment, maintenance etc. And often that financial commitment means that there are few other resources to fall back on in retirement. So when times are hard, as they no doubt are at present, what with low returns on savings and the cost of living increasing, many homeowners suffer unnecessarily when they could call upon their biggest asset to help out. There are several ways of releasing equity from your home. You could, in the right circumstances, take out an interest only loan. You could simply “downsize” – that is, move to a less valuable property – releasing the difference between the value of your current home and the cost of the less valuable home, and this is a viable move for many people. Some, however, don’t wish to move, but are finding making ends meet increasingly difficult. There are many different schemes available and some are quite complex, but the general idea is that you make no monthly repayments on the amount borrowed during your lifetime. The capital and interest becomes payable on your death or when you move or sell your home. This clearly will reduce the value you are able to pass on to your beneficiaries – often your children. But in my experience, the majority of those children would rather their parents had a decent quality of life in their later years rather than worrying about passing on anything to them. And for the minority – those who are banking on getting their hands on “their inheritance” – I do wonder whether the grasping little so and so’s deserve to get anything at all! A word of caution though. Releasing capital in this way can affect means tested benefits and income tax, and in some cases result in the loss of certain allowances. And the impact of the accumulating interest can reduce the “equity” or value left in the property substantially or even totally. It pays to get specialist independent financial advice if you are considering this course. Pen-Life have several advisers who specialise in this area and would be happy to have an informal chat, without cost or obligation, about your options.

n Pen-Life Chartered Financial Planners, Equinox House, Clifton Park, York YO30 5PA Tel: 01904 661140; Fax: 01904 466206; Email:; Julie Wilson is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and Director of Pen-Life Associates Ltd, Chartered Financial Planners, who help individuals and small businesses make the most from their money including advice on residential and commercial mortgages and equity release, individual and business protection, pensions and retirement planning, savings, investments, tax planning, Inheritance Tax and long term care.



Sport report Football After bemoaning the end of the football season in last month’s column, this month edges a little closer as York City start their pre-season campaign in July with eye-catching friendlies against Premier League Sunderland (13th) and League One Hartlepool United (30th). Striker Liam Henderson and exciting winger Matthew Blair will be aiming to impress the supporters and show why Gary Mills has plumped for their services ahead of the 2011-12 season; York’s eighth in the nonleague. To cope with the loss of live action, I have reverted to playing football manager on the computer. After taking the York hot seat, I almost took the club down. The fans wanted my blood, but in the second season I went on an unbelievable run of form that can only be likened to the BBC’s Eggheads. Thankfully I wasn’t as patronising as old Daphne and CJ in defeating other teams. The game suckers you in with its realism in

places such as winning the manager of the month for April, but when Barrow fans celebrated like they won the World Cup when they had scored in the last minute of a 7-1 beating you know it still has a way to go to be like the real thing. Wayne Rooney’s new hair transplant has had Twitter agog. After feeling like he was looking like a roll-on deodorant in his Manchester United polo neck, Rooney splashed out a mere £30,000 on getting hair regrowth treatment. I can sympathise with Rooney’s predicament, having hair thinner than Victoria Beckham’s waistline but I could only afford a £30 hair treatment which effectively gets you someone else’s unwanted hair staple gunned for your forehead.

Rugby League York City Knights manager Dave Woods may have more reason than most for hair loss given his teams current run of form. This season was always going to be challenging, playing catch up on other Championship


sides having been promoted through the play-offs. Two massive backto-back games in July could have a massive impact on their survival chances, so get down to Huntington Stadium for the clashes with Batley Bulldogs (July 1st) and Toulouse (9th). Batley defeated Knights 50-16 earlier in the season in front of the Sky Cameras which I endured until a re-run of Grand Designs became a less painful alternative viewing.

Boxing There has been a boost for York sport with the return of boxing to the city. Energise Sports Centre hosted the British Masters Middleweight Title bout between Pocklington Rocket Harry Matthews and Rocky Chakir. Unfortunately for Harry, he was narrowly beaten 96-94 on points given by experienced Doncaster referee Howard Foster. But there was celebration for Matthew Doyle who knocked out his opponent in 24 seconds. Clifton’s Lee Stewart won comfortably on points 59-56 in his

professional debut. Harry Matthews has since split from long-term trainer Glen Banks, and has set his sights on a rematch with Rocky Chakir for his next contest, rumoured to be in Leeds in September. In the wider world of boxing, July will finally see the unification title match-up between David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko on July 2nd; the most talked about grudge match since Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.


Horse racing

(Flat Racing unless otherwise stated)

Fri 1st Doncaster Fri 1st Beverley (Evening) Sat 2nd Beverley Mon 4th Ripon (Evening) Tues 5th Pontefract Wed 6th Catterick Thurs 7th Doncaster (Evening) Fri 8th York (Championship) Sat 9th York (Championship) Tues 12th Beverley Wed 13th Catterick Thurs 14th Doncaster (Evening) Fri 15th Pontefract (Evening) Yorkshire Racing Summer Festival Sat 16th Ripon Sun 17th Redcar (Family Day) Mon 18th Beverley (Evening) Wed 20th Catterick Thurs 21st Doncaster (Evening)


Fri 22nd Thirsk Fri 22nd York (Championship; Evening) Sat 23rd York (Championship) Sun 24th Pontefract (Championship; Family Day) (festival ends) Tues 26th Beverley (Family Day) Wed 27th Redcar Fri 29th Thirsk Sat 30th Doncaster Sat 30th Thirsk

Yorkshire County Cricket Club (LVCC1 – County Championship division one; 40L – Clydesdale Bank 40 League; T20 – Friends Provident Twenty20 Cup) 1 Northamptonshire, (Away) (T20) 3 Nottinghamshire, Headingley (T20)

6 8 10 11 15 17 20 27 31

Leicestershire, Headingley (T20) Durham, Riverside, (T20) Durham, Scarborough (T20) Worcestershire, Scarborough (LVCC 1) Derbyshire, Derby (T20) Middlesex, Headingley (40L) Lancashire, Headingley (LVCC 1) Sussex, Hove (40L) Netherlands (TBC) (40L)

York City Knights (Co-operative Championship) Fri 1st (H) Batley Bulldogs (CC) Sat 9th (H) Toulouse Olympique (CC) Sun 24th (A) Halifax RLFC (CC)

Ali Bradley and Don Derrett get ready to run for Alzheimer’s

Stepping out for Alzheimer’s

Rat Race Urban Gym is fitness training brought to York city centre. It is group exercise that gets results while being convenient and sociable. The Urban Gym offers an all-body group circuit workout broken up with running. Like all circuit training, this is as demanding as you want to make it, with qualified instructors on hand to give you that extra push if you want it. The sessions last for up to an hour. The Urban Gym starts at 6.30pm in Parliament Street, York, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. n Book your place by going to

Staff from Home Instead Senior Care in York are raising cash for The Alzheimer’s Society by participating in the Jane Tomlinson 10K run which takes place in the city centre on Sunday, July 31. Staff co-ordinator Ali Bradley and training co-ordinator Don Derrett both joined Home Instead in January and have been so impressed by how the charity helps sufferers of the disease that they wanted to do their bit to help. Ali says: “We have seen at first hand the impact Alzheimer’s has not only the individual, but their families and friends too.” You can sponsor Ali and Don at n Home Instead Senior Care offers personal care, home help and companionship services. For details, call 690884 or visit www.




If you watched The Apprentice recently, you might have seen the team trying their hand at Lava Shell Massage. It’s a relaxing treatment using heated clam shells to ease tense muscles. The shells contain a mixture of a minerals and algae with salt water and essential oils. When they are combined inside the shell, it creates a chemical reaction that generates heat for one or two hours. Now you can try this relaxing, soothing massage for yourself, as Gloots Massage Therapy is offering the treatment for £30 for 30 minutes. Even better – if you bring along the ad in this month’s Local Link you’ll get 10% off! n For more information, call Jacquie on 673050 or 07790 716902.

We love a party. And when it’s a party with pampering involved you can bet we’ll be there before you can say “pre-bonded hair extensions”! So we were very excited to hear that Loves Hair & Beauty in Tadcaster Road is having a Summer Party on 2nd July from 5pm. As well as a free glass of Pimms, you can have a mini makeover using their new Mi make-up range, try out a new hairstyle for summer, and generally pick up some tips from the experts. There’s also a prize draw with some fab freebies on offer. Tickets for the party cost £5, which are full redeemable against any treatment or taster session on the night. Loves Hair & Beauty are also now suppliers of

And don't forget Fake Bake Fridays at Loves Hair & Beauty, where you can get a fab tan for the weekend for just £12.50! n For tickets to the party or to book an appointment, call 708200.

Blood donor

Shape up for summer!

4 July Merchant Taylors’ Hall (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm) 7 July York Priory Street Centre (10am-noon, 1pm-3.45pm) 12 July Rawcliffe Pavilion (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm) 19 July Acomb Parish Church Hall (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.30pm) 20 July Merchant Taylors’ Hall (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm) 21 July Rawcliffe Pavilion (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm) 28 July Osbaldwick Primary School (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm) n For more details, call 0300 123 2323

No, it’s not too late! York Marriott Hotel in Tadcaster Road is offering you the chance to get fit in just six weeks. Sign up for a trial membership at the exclusive Marriott Leisure Club and you can enjoy their fabulous facilities, including an indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna and solarium, plus cardiovascular equipment and free weights in the fitness area. Everything you need to get in shape, in fact! The price is pretty trim, too – just £49 for single and £69 double for peak membership. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or you just fancy meeting friends for a dip in the pool after work, this is ideal for you.



Party time!

Cinderella Hair Extensions. These have become a celeb favourite, thanks to their high quality, plus the fact that they’re so easy to apply, don’t shed and are kind to your hair. And with 51 shades to choose from, you can get a perfect match every time. They’re ideal for brides to be, or anyone who wants an A-lister look!

n For information, call 0800 0195 888.

health & beauty for you

Happy Birthday Shine! It’s a whole year since Kirsty and Natalie opened the doors of Shine Hair Salon on Burton Stone Lane. The glam duo, both experienced stylists, decided to open their own place after working in city centre salons for 11 and nine years respectively. “We wanted somewhere we could offer the kind of service we wanted,” says Kirsty. “Somewhere with city centre style but a friendly local feel.” They offer the whole range of services, from cuts and colours to hair-ups, with a 15% discount for students and NHS staff from Tuesdays to Thursdays. Prices are very reasonable, but with no compromise on quality; Shines uses keratinrich Joico products, known for their amazing conditioning results. Kirsty and Natalie would like to thank their loyal customers for making their first year so successful, and to welcome new customers to come and see what they have to offer. To celebrate their first birthday, they’re offering 20% off all their services throughout July. To claim this very special birthday gift, just bring along the advertisement in this month’s Your Local Link. n You’ll find Shine at 175 Burton Stone Lane. Book your appointment by calling 656506.


Turn back time Getting older is a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to look your age. Follow our anti-ageing tips and you’ll be holding back the years!

before, you’ll need blusher as you get older. A little on the apples of your cheeks will make you look rosier, healthier and more youthful, as well as helping define your cheekbones. A creamy blusher may be easier to blend than a powdery formula.

Skin facts Nothing shows your age like your skin. Pollution and over exposure to the sun can really take its toll on your looks. It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, depending on your age...

20s Up to 80% of all ageing

is directly related to exposure to sunlight. UVA rays can cause permanent damage to the collagen fibres and elastin coils in your skin. Prevention is better than cure, so start using an SPF moisturiser every day, whatever the weather.

30s This is the age when fine

lines usually start to appear around your eyes. This is due to collagen fibres becoming damaged. Give your skin a boost with a diet that’s rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Use skincare products with vitamin A and peptides to plump skin and boost collagen production.

40s Hormone levels drop and your lymphatic system slows down


once you reach 40, which means skin can lose elasticity. Keep skin fully hydrated by using a targeted moisturiser containing vitamin E and Pro-retinol.

Magical make-up • Flat, matte make-up absorbs light. Opt for a light-reflecting foundation for a flattering ‘soft focus’ effect. Avoid using powder – it’ll settle in lines and creases, making them look more obvious. • Even if you’ve never worn it

• Eyes need more definition as you get older. But now’s the time to ditch the black mascara and eyeliner, as it’s definitely ageing. Go for a more flattering grey or brown liner and a dark brown mascara instead. Avoid sparkly shadows, which will only draw attention to crepey lids; a subtle shimmer is much more flattering. • Straggly, thick brows can make skin over the eyes look more hooded. Keeping them neat lifts the whole face. Eyebrows lose pigment, too, so keep them defined with pencil or eyeshadow – remember to keep the colour subtle and the strokes light!

Looking for a new career? The Northern College of Acupuncture in York is currently accepting applications for its well established PG Diploma/MSc in Nutritional Therapy starting in October 2011. This unique course is currently the only MSc in nutritional therapy in the country fully accredited by the NTC (Nutritional Therapy Council). The course consists of two years part time study in College (for the course starting in 2011 this will be two weekdays a month in term time) to complete the Diploma, and then optionally another two years leading to an MSc. On completion of the Diploma students will be qualified to work as a nutritional therapist. The course is open to healthcare practitioners and to people who already have a degree (or equivalent). In the summer the college runs a foundation course so that students starting in the October can get up to speed with the basics in science and clinical skills they will need. If you’re interested in finding out more about this or other courses, visit website www. .

Salon welcomes new beauty therapist A health and beauty salon in York has taken on a fifth therapist to cope with the demand for its services. Simone Potter set up Capricorn Nails Health & Beauty six years ago after running a mobile service. After opening new treatment rooms in last September, Simone and her three fellow therapists have seen a steady increase in business. Now she has hired Tracey Biesley, who studied health and beauty at York College, to join her busy team. The salon’s success is based on the skill and expertise of its staff as well as its affordable prices. Simone, who has more than 13 years experience as a beauty therapist, says: “We always use top-grade products such as Minx nails and Nouveau eyelashes. We never skimp on the products. We can offer affordable prices because we have a high turnover of people coming through the door.” Capricorn, which has five treatment rooms plus a nail reception area, is a modern, holistic beauty salon offering health treatments such as reflexology and deep tissue massage as well as cosmetic services such as nail extensions, airbrush tanning and air-bush make-up. n Capricorn Nails Health & Beauty, 131 Tang Hall Lane, York YO10 3SD. Tel: 413660. Website:

River dance Celebrate York’s Festival Of The Rivers by taking part in dance classes at Rowntree Park, from 4pm until 7pm, on Saturday, July 23. You can then try out your new steps by remaining for three hours of dancing, including Jive, Samba and Line Dancing. Bring a picnic; you can even make a Rio Head Dress or Mask to wear on the evening by attending a class in Rowntree Park between 1pm and 3pm.

Let’s Talk About... with Jane Tai

Practical steps you can take to help break those unwanted habits like smoking or snacking Last month we talked about how habits like smoking and snacking on chocolate or unhealthy foods get locked into your unconscious mind and how, if you want to change a habit using your conscious willpower, then it takes about 30 days of consistently behaving and thinking differently to break the habit. Hypnotherapy and NLP are brilliant mechanisms for shortcutting the process and getting direct to the unconscious mind. What they can do, in effect, is flip an internal switch which turns off the habit. But if you want to try to outsmart your habit yourself, and stop your unconscious mind from constantly making you think about and crave the very thing you want to give up, then here are some tips to help you: Drown Out the Chatter - First, you need to drown out the chatter in your head that constantly reminds you that you want a cigarette or chocolate biscuit. To do this you have to catch yourself saying those things. Awareness is the first step to any change. So start to listen to what you say to yourself, become aware of what that chatterbox we all have inside our head, is saying to you. Then, every time you hear it, challenge it! Say “No, I don’t want it, because it will make me cough/ill/fat/ unhappy”. Or simply say “Reject” and refuse to entertain the thought. It helps at first to say it forcefully out loud. Absolutely refuse to accept those thoughts. Use Your Imagination - Second, you need to replace those old thoughts of having a cigarette or chocolate or crisps with thoughts that are far more attractive and compelling to you. The new thought must be very strong to drown out the old one. So you need to take some time to really think about what you want from stopping smoking or losing weight and build a vivid picture in your mind of how much better your life will be when the habit has gone. Can You Feel It? Third, you have to attach strong emotion to the new picture. Change only happens when you feel very strongly about something. If you don’t feel that passionate about something, why would you bother going to all the effort to get it? So if you want to change a habit, you’d better be very clear about why you want to change it, what that really means to you, and use all the power of your imagination to really get into the feeling of it.

Missed a column? Now you can catch up with my columns on my blog

Overweight? Or Need to Stop Smoking now? I specialise in helping people stop smoking or lose weight with no feelings of sacrifice or deprivation. If you’ve tried and failed, maybe many times, if you’ve had enough of struggling to lose weight or stop smoking, then I can help.

Call me: Jane Tai (GHR Registered) FREEPHONE 0800 083 1681 Follow me at



Got a health or beauty question?

Whether it’s about fitness or foundation we can help! Q. I’ve noticed my nails are starting to flake and split. I work in an office so I wondered if it was the central heating and air conditioning that caused the damage?

A.. It’s more likely your work that’s causing the problem. Your nails are made up of lots of separate plates which interlink, says Master Nail Technician Marcelle of Heavenly Nails & Beauty. Abusing your nails, for instance by continually tapping a computer keyboard, can cause the plates to rock, damaging them and leading to splitting. The best way to keep them healthy is to feed them with a good quality oil, and keep them short while they repair. Q.Do I need a science degree to choose a new moisturiser? All the labels claim to contain miracle ingredients, but I don’t know my antioxidants from AHAs. How do I know which is best for me? I’m 36 and starting to get fine lines, by the way.

A. There are a few beauty buzzwords to look out for when it comes to choosing a moisturiser. ‘Peptides’ are amino acids which have been proven to soften wrinkles and fine lines. ‘Collagen’ is a substance which occurs naturally in your skin, but is broken down as you get older. Boosting collagen in your skin helps with skin cell regeneration. ‘Pro-retinol’ (or Vitamin A) helps the cells on the outer layer produce new collagen and elastin. AHAs are natural acids that gently

slough off the old layer of cells, brightening your skin and reducing the signs of ageing. Another ingredient to look out for is ‘Hyaluronic acid’. This is able to hold more water than any other natural substance, which means it hydrates and smooths your skin.

Q. I’ve heard somewhere that drinking tea helps you lose weight. Is this true? I could do with shedding a few pounds before my holiday.

A.. It depends what kind of tea you’re drinking. Your ordinary, everyday brew might not have much effect, but green tea is said to have a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits. Drinking it before a workout has been found to increase endurance by as much as 24%, meaning you can exercise longer and burn more calories. And according to a study by the Journal of Nutrition, drinking five cups of green tea per day can help you lose twice as much weight as normal dieting. But bear in mind you do need to count the calories. Q. My foundation looks okay in the winter but it’s too heavy to wear in the summer. What’s the alternative?

A. Have you thought about a tinted moisturiser? As the name suggests, they’ll give you just a hint of sheer, sun-kissed colour which is perfect for the summer months. Make sure you choose one with a high SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Alternatively, try mixing your foundation with a few drops of moisturiser.

n If you have a health or beauty question, write to us at the address on page five, or email Don’t forget to mark your question ‘Q & A’.


Let’s get

Fresh! Fresh, a dynamic new hair salon, has opened at Creepy Crawlies, York’s popular adventure play park.

So now the whole family can combine play time with getting their hair cut… perhaps even going for a fresh style to give them that important new look. Gifted hair stylist Jade Palmer, formerly of Blue and TD Fifteen, is excited by the prospect of running the salon. Her versatility is such that she can cater for all ages – from children to pensioners, both male and female. Jade, who combines top-class professionalism with a friendly, informal approach, says: “I’m looking forward to welcoming clients, old and new.” Fresh is open between 10am and 6pm Tuesday to Saturday and from 10am to 4pm on Sundays. n Fresh at Creepy Crawlies, The Arena, Wigginton Road, York. YO32 2RH. Tel: 0845 6804609


To all those people who were in the queue like us for the dermal fillers at Freshdental Smile Clinic for £99 we have to admit we got it a little wrong!! The treatments are still fantastic value but it is the botox procedure that starts from £99 not the dermal Fillers. I think we were just a little excited about the prospect of great value treatments!! We hope you are in still the queue like us but please on this occasion shoot the messenger. We do try and get it right but we will always be the first to hold up our hands when we get it a little bit wrong. n Call 623687 to learn more about the offer.



Hair today, hair tomorrow…

When Ludwik Drewniak first arrived in Yorkshire from Poland in the 1940s, he had no idea that he was destined to create a hairdressing dynasty that would still bear his name nearly 60 years on. Ludwik set up his barbers shop on the corner of Burton Stone Lane back in 1952. He may have hung up his scissors in 2004, but the business, now run by his son John, still bears his name. John may seem like a youngster in comparison, but he’s been a barber for 30 years. “I started when I was 15. I think it was inevitable I would follow in my father’s footsteps,” he says. And he’s not the only one; the shop has seen generations of customers over the years. “We get young men coming in whose grandfathers still have their hair cut here!” says John. Their customer base may be loyal, but Ludwiks have moved with the times. They use high quality salon exclusive Goldwell products to achieve today’s high fashion styles, and there’s a flat screen TV for customers to enjoy while they’re groomed to perfection. But there’s a touch of tradition too; next time you pay a visit, take a look at the display of the original Ludwik’s photos and certificates!


You’ll find Ludwiks at 175 Burton Stone Lane. Call 656506 to book your appointment.

Head start Does stress go straight to your head? Without you even being aware of it, tension can gather in your neck and scalp, leading to headaches and stiffness. Which is why Indian Head Massage is so brilliant. Having an experienced therapist’s healing fingers massaging all the tension away from your scalp, face and neck is just sheer bliss! Revive Hair Design & Beauty in Heworth now offers Indian Head Massage as part of their extensive range of treatments. It usually costs £30 for a whole hour of relaxation but if you mention Your Local Link when you book your appointment during July they will do it for just £25! So what are you waiting for? Call 430612 today!

Shelley Wilson

mobile hair

Modern & Affordable Qualified & Experienced Friendly & Relaxable

Tel: 07709 156520 rch Chu .30pm s t in to 7 l Sa - Al - 6.30 b u urs kH Yor nd Th a s Tue

Now IN YoRk

No sign-up fee when joining before June 30th - Use code FREEJF Let our fully qualified Urban Gym instructors put you though our innovative urban-based group workout that we call ‘Street Circuits’. Get a complete balanced workout using the city itself as your gym and experience the benefit of stepping out of the office into a great all-body fitness session. If you want to train for a sporting challenge or fancy a workout after work with other folk, Urban Gym is for you.

Find out more at 41

Girls’ night in

Can massage

help you? Do you find work a real pain in the neck? Slaving long hours over a computer can result in stiff necks, shoulders and chronic tension headaches, while manual jobs can leave you with sore, tired muscles and even back pain. A regular massage can really help sort out stiff muscles and help you relax. After all, you maintain your car regularly to help you get from A to B, why not do the same for your body? Marjorie of Bespoke now specialises in remedial massage at her established beauty salon within Studiojo Hairdressing on Tadcaster Road. As with all her treatments Marjorie offers a service that’s tailored for you. She will carry out a thorough consultation to find out your needs, before suggesting a package of different treatments to solve a problem. n Call Marjorie to find out more on 700805 or 078884024380.


Remedial relaxation Remedial Massage is a type of deep tissue massage that can be used to relieve a wide range of problems, from long term chronic tension to stressrelated stiffness, to injuries (sports or non-sports related), and much more. It’s a hands-on treatment that alleviates muscular pain, increases range and ease of movement, and removes any scar tissue (muscle knots) that have built up in the body over time. Because it’s a deep tissue massage its affects are usually deeper and longer lasting than with traditional relaxation style massages. It’s also ideal if you’re about to undertake a sporting challenge, as it improves muscle tone and muscle activity. n York Remedial Therapies on Fulford Road offers Remedial Massage and Sports Injury Therapy. Call 07707 379990.

Have you been Minxed yet? Just in case you still haven’t discovered the best thing to happen to beauty since fake tan, Minx is a solid film which is sealed to your nails using heat activated adhesive backing. The results are chip resistant and last for weeks, so they should see you right through the summer! And now Marcelle at Heavenly Nails & Beauty has come up with a genius idea – Minx Parties! Just invite your friends round, crack open the wine and you can all get Minxed together! Parties and pampering all in one – what’s not to love about that? Even better, Marcelle has some great deals for parties, so you’d be saving money too! Marcelle offers a range of other treats for parties, too. Choose from a neck and shoulder massage, a mini facial, manicure, pedicure or waxing. She actually came round to the office and gave us all treatments, so we can vouch for how fab they are! Of course, you don’t have to get the girls round; Marcelle also offers a wide selection of treatments, from facials to spray tanning, in the comfort of your own home. n So what are you waiting for? Give her a call today on 07710 669945.

Hair extensions Kuki Hair & Beauty Spa is one of largest stockists of Racoon hair extensions in York. Its team of four stylists are well qualified to add extensions without damaging your hair. They will give you a full consultation, prepare the colour to perfection, apply with precision and finish with an amazing, yet natural style.

Afterwards you will receive a free blow-dry and treatment to the hair and follow-on appointments to ensure the extensions are being kept in pristine condition. Meanwhile, Lisa Carlyle, of Kuki, is wing walking on the July 3rd to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Kuki is also running a ‘Double Your Money’ blind auction at which ends on midnight, July 3rd. For the highest bidder, Kuki will double the bid in vouchers to be spent on treatments at the spa. For example, if your winning bid is £500, Kuki will give you £1,000 of treatments. All proceeds go to charity. n For more details, call the salon on 659007.

Need some support? When you or a loved one is facing a cancer diagnosis, it’s good to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through and can offer much needed moral support. Mr Russ Wilson, Consultant Urologist at York Teaching Hospital, will be speaking about ‘PSA testing - to screen or not to screen’ to the York Prostate Support Group on 25th July from 6 – a 7.15pm. The group will be meeting in the Postgraduate Lecture Theatre on the 5th Floor at York Teaching Hospital, and everyone is welcome. n For more information on this and other cancer support groups in York, contact the Cancer Care Centre at York Hospital on 721166.



Mrs. Julie Perry M.Inst.Ch.P.

Registered Member of the Institure of Chiropodists & Podiatrists - H.P.C. Registered



your wedding

Surprise surprise!

A magical mystery bus tour, a Caribbean steel band and fish and chips at the wedding reception…guests at Nick and Paula’s wedding really didn’t know what to expect next! When Nick and Paula started planning their wedding nine months ago, they were determined to make it a special day for their guests as well as for themselves. So they hit on the novel idea of keeping the arrangements a surprise! “All we told everyone was to turn up at the Monkbar Hotel at 12.30 on the big

Ask Emily...

Need help with a wedding dilemma?

day,” says Nick. “The hotel staff were brilliant about keeping our plans a secret.” At 12.30, the guests and the happy couple were picked up in an open-top bus, courtesy of York Pullman, and driven to York Register Office for the service. “It was a beautiful setting, and afterwards we went to Museum Gardens for our photographs,” says Nick.

Sales executive Emily Cuthbert is in charge of our wedding pages, which means she has access to experts from all over the city. Whatever your wedding woes, Emily can find out the answer for you!

Q. We’ve got to select the menu for our wedding reception soon, and I have no idea how to go about it. How do we choose? Every time I think I’ve got it sorted my mum tells me that this guest is fussy about fish, and that person doesn’t like chocolate. Just to add to the problem, I’m a vegetarian and my fiancé loves a juicy steak! Can you help?

dancing lesson? Many dance studios offer ‘first dance’ packages, which can range from a single lesson to pick up some basic steps, to a fully choreographed routine!

A. Catering for more than 50 people is a real headache, and you’re never going to make everyone happy. So the only thing you can do is please yourselves. And if your guests don’t like it – well, it’s not their wedding, is it? Your caterer should be able to make some suggestions for crowd-pleasing dishes, and veggie options for you.

A. Even if you’re a dab hand with a mascara wand, having your wedding make-up done professionally is a good idea. First, it’s one less thing to worry about on your big day – a little oasis of pampering in the middle of all the wedding stress! Second, bridal make-up is different from ordinary make-up; it has to look radiant but natural, look good in the wedding photos, and last from the moment you walk down the aisle to the last dance. Which is why hiring a professional is a good idea. Many beauty therapists also offer wedding day package, which includes a trial for you, and make-up for other members of the bridal party. Look out for ads in Your Local Link!

Q. I know this sounds silly, but my husband and I are really nervous about our first dance. We’re both quite shy and terrible dancers, and we know all eyes will be on us so we don’t want to make fools of ourselves. Any ideas? A. The wedding first dance is a special moment for the bride and groom – it’s often the only two minutes you’ve had on your own during the whole day. So don’t let nerves ruin it. Take heart that no one is expecting a Dirty Dancing style performance. But if you’re really lacking in confidence, why don’t you treat yourselves to a

Q. I’ve noticed lots of beauty therapists offering wedding day packages. Are they a good idea? Why do I need one when I’m pretty good at applying my own make-up?

Q. We wanted to go somewhere really exotic for our honeymoon,

n If you have a wedding problem you’d like answered, write to Emily at the address on page three, or email Mark your message ‘Ask Emily’ 44

your wedding

But the biggest secret was yet to come, as the guests boarded to bus to the reception – and fish and chips! Paula came up with the idea of having fish and chips for their wedding breakfast. “We wanted to break with tradition and make it a really fun celebration,” she says. “Once we’d come up with the idea we searched the internet and found Triton’s at Bilbrough Top on the A64. I called them and spoke to Dawn, who couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. We also dropped in anonymously to have a meal before we booked, and it was the best fish and chips we’d ever had! “Everyone at Triton’s was so incredibly helpful and supportive, they really couldn’t do enough for us. They didn’t try to push us into having anything we didn’t want, but they went over and above to give us the wedding of our dreams. Because it’s a family business, it felt as if they were personally involved in wanting it to go well for us.” The venue was certainly a surprise for the guests. “When we pulled in, some people thought we were just stopping for petrol, while others thought we were going to McDonalds!” says Nick. But it was the couple themselves who got the biggest surprise when they walked into the venue and found it transformed. “Everything was utterly wonderful, far better than we could ever have imagined,” says Paula. And the food was excellent, too: “Dawn suggested mixed platters of starters, which really helped get guests mingling. Then we could choose whatever we wanted, from traditional fish and chips to giant Yorkshire puddings with sausages. Dawn makes lots of the desserts herself, which were delicious. I’ve never been to a wedding where guests took photos of the food!”

10 weird and wonderful

wedding facts Weddings are surrounded by all kinds of traditions and superstitions. We’ve been looking at some of the strangest...

We’ve all heard of the bride throwing her bouquet. But apparently the groom should also throw her garter, too. And the lucky man who catches it is the next to be wed! A wedding is only legal if it happens between 8am and 6pm. This is thought to go back to the days when the groom needed to be able to see his bride’s face clearly to make sure he hadn’t been duped into marrying the wrong woman! The phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from the ancient Celtic ritual of handfasting, where the bride and groom’s hands were tied together.

After the meal, the wedding party continued on a specially chartered YorkBoat cruise down the Ouse, with entertainment from Steelworks, a Caribbean steel band comprised of young people from Middlesbrough.

It’s considered unlucky for a woman to marry a man whose surname began with the same letter as hers. “To change the name and not the letter is to change for the worst and not the better,” says the old rhyme.

“We really couldn’t have asked for a better day,” says Nick. “All the companies we dealt with, from the Monkbar Hotel to York Pullman and YorkBoat and, of course, Triton’s, all worked so hard to make it really special for us. Even now people keep sending us thank you cards – it’s usually the other way round!”

The bride should not wear her entire outfit before the big day, as it’s considered unlucky. Some brides even leave a final stitch on their dress undone until it’s time to leave for the wedding ceremony. Girls who sleep with a piece of wedding cake under their pillow will dream of their future husband. Either that, or wake up with a sticky ear. According to the old wives’ tale, if the younger of two sisters marries first, the older sister must dance barefoot at her wedding or risk never getting married herself. Seeing a rainbow, meeting a black cat or a chimney sweep are all lucky omens for a bride to be. Spotting a pig, hare or lizard running across the road are not so lucky, as is spotting an open grave. And avoid monks or nuns, as they foretell barren life dependent on charity. We’ve all heard of the old rhyme that begins ‘Something old, something new...’ But did you know there’s a final line – ‘...and a silver sixpence in your shoe’? Most go for good old carnations, but the groom is actually supposed to wear a flower that appears in the bridal bouquet in his buttonhole. This stems from the tradition of a knight wearing his lady's colours as a declaration of his love.


your family

Children’s sleep services

Sleep and getting enough of it is a major challenge for parents of young children. Sleep is essential to a child’s health and development; it helps growth, concentration and self-esteem. A goodnight’s sleep can improve performance and behaviour in school. For parents, lack of sleep can affect their ability to cope with the day ahead and put a serious strain on relationships.

Have a healthy holiday No one wants a bout of illness or a bad case of sunburn ruining their holiday. Stay happy and healthy with our tips! Tummy upsets Tummy upsets will often go away by themselves within a few days if you stop eating for 24 hours and drink plenty of fluids. The biggest risk is dehydration; keep fluid intake up with frequent water, juices and oral rehydration drinks (in an emergency try fizzy coke with a pinch of salt added). If it continues for more than three days, see a doctor. Keep gippy tummy at bay by avoiding food that has been cooked and left to go cold, or unpeeled fruit and vegetables. Be scrupulous about hand hygiene, especially before eating or preparing food, and drink only bottled water from reputable sources.

Sunburn Prevention is better than cure. Stay out of the sun during the middle part of the day, and always wear a wide-brimmed sunhat. Look out for kids’ t-shirts that offer UV protection. When it comes to sunscreen for the children, use water resistant lotion with a high SPF. Apply an hour before going out in the sun and reapply regularly, especially after swimming. Bites and stings The hours from dusk to dawn are peak biting time for bugs. Spray your clothes with repellent containing the chemical DEET to keep them at bay. Electrical plug-in repellents can also prevent bites while you’re sleeping. If you do get bitten, apply antihistamine cream.

do you want to host an international student for bright world guardianships?

‘This is a great job and has provided our family with a valuable extra income as well as being lots of fun and a cultural experience for us all.’ Bright World Guardianships Ltd takes care of international children studying at UK boarding schools in the York area. We are looking for families to host our students for some weekends and half terms.

For more information please contact: Lindsay Tribe, Host Family Recruitment Manager or call 01273 835745 46

If your child is about to start school, this may be a good time to consider sorting out those disrupted nights. A well rested child will do better in the classroom and the whole family will appreciate a better night’s sleep. Sleep problems include refusing to go to bed, night terrors, nightmares and early rising. Sleep problems can pile up; a child who doesn’t want to go to bed may also come into the parents’ bed in the night, rise early and have irregular nap times. Children’s Sleep Service York, set up last year, works with children aged between four months and eight years who have sleep problems. The service is delivered by a qualified, registered health visitor and offers an assessment and an individual progamme tailor-made for the family. Ongoing support is offered through meetings, telephone and emails as required. For more details, call Jacqui Dawson on 766979, email or visit the website at

Did you know just 30 minutes a day can change your life? Experts agree that doing half an hour of physical activity every day can make your healthier, fitter and happier. And that doesn’t have to mean hardcore aerobics; any kind of physical activity, whether it’s walking the dog, playing with the kids or even doing the housework, can help.

Ask the Expert...

Family Law

with ni C K I M I TC H E L L

Here in York there are lots of easy ways to make sure you get your daily half hour of exercise. You can find out more at the Just 30 Fair, being held at Rowntree Park on 23rd July from 10am to 4pm. You’ll find hundreds of ideas for fun ways to get fit, from local things to do to organisations that can help you and your family lead a more active life. Try your hand on the climbing wall, join a running club or take up Nordic Walking. Watch demonstrations or even try them for yourselves with taster sessions in a variety of sports, including volleyball, Karate, grit track and trail and Boccia (don’t know what that is? Come along and find out!). Whatever your level of fitness or ability, there’s bound to be something for you.

Behind the super injunction

n Find out more from

You might think that it would be easy for the spouses of the latest high-profile super-injunction cases to wave a copy of the News of the World at the High Court and have their marriage dissolved on the grounds of adultery. But they are governed by the same law which applies to the rest of the population.

Host families wanted Bright World Guardianships is looking to recruit more host families to take care of their international students in UK boarding schools starting in September. These students are full boarders at schools but need host family accommodation when schools close for short breaks such as half terms and exeat weekends. Hosting international students is a very fulfilling and rewarding role. Bright World pay a generous nightly rate to cover expenses, which can offer a valuable extra income to families. As well as helping a young person feel at home, your children will also benefit from learning about new cultures and countries - think of it as a geography and culture lesson at your breakfast table! n For more information on becoming a host family for Bright World Guardianships, contact Lana Foster on

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Don’t just sit there...

In recent weeks it has been impossible to escape tales of the infidelities of the rich and famous. You could be forgiven for thinking that the worlds of sport and the media are full of celebrities having affairs and then paying the lawyers to hush them up. Whether you have any interest in the personal lives of “the great and good” or not, or any sympathy for the individuals concerned, what lies behind each and every one of these stories is a great deal of pain and heartache and, in many of them, the start of the long road to divorce.

The only ground for divorce under English law is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. Unless it can be said that there is no prospect of saving the relationship divorce proceedings cannot be started. However, this is not enough. Every divorce petition must rely on one of the following five “facts” set out in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973: • Adultery - where there is a sexual relationship with someone outside the marriage whilst the marriage still exists, this amounts to adultery. That relationship does not have to come before the separation and does not have to be the cause of the separation. Adultery petitions these days are generally based on a written admission given before the process starts or at an early stage; • Unreasonable behaviour – most divorce petitions rely on this fact. Fairly detailed allegations are required of conduct which makes it intolerable for the couple to live together. The test is subjective and so what might seem trivial incidents to some can be enough provided the behaviour makes life intolerable for the other spouse. • Two years’ separation – a divorce petition can be issued provided a couple have lived apart for at least two years. In some cases some or all of this period can involve living separate lives under the same roof, although the court will require more detailed evidence before granting a divorce in those circumstances. This fact can only be relied on if both of the couple consent • Two years’ desertion – this is a fact which is very rarely used and requires a complete abandonment for the required period; • Five years’ separation – there is no requirement for the consent of the other spouse to a petition on this fact. Whichever path is chosen, the reality is that the way in which a marriage is dissolved is rarely the most important factor. What is of far greater concern to the majority of separating couples, and indeed the courts, is to ensure that, once a marriage has broken down, suitable arrangements are made for children and that there is put in place a financial settlement which is fair – a fact which may not make for exciting headlines but may be worth bearing in mind.

n For legal advice on this or any aspect of family law, contact Nicki Mitchell at Denison Till Solicitors on 01904 611411 ( Nicki is a Specialist Family Solicitor and an accredited member of Resolution – First for Family Law. She is also a Collaborative Lawyer. See for further information


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Community Stadium challenge

Could you build York a new Community Stadium for £15 million? That’s the question York College HNC Construction students were asked.

Voice of youth

York Youth Council gives an important and influential voice to young people in the city. Secondary schools and youth clubs each nominate two members who serve on the council for two years.

Holgate’s School, joined the youth council to promote volunteering opportunities in the city. She says: “We are building up a database for volunteers aged between 11 and 18.”

The 34 members, aged between 11 and 18, work to make positive changes for young people by meeting monthly in the Guildhall as well as holding meetings in the youth drop-in centre at 29 Castlegate.

Lucy Hampshire, a 17-year-old pupil of The Mount School, is using her council membership to raise the profile of young people. She says: “Young people in York are hidden and not that well promoted. We want to improve the image of young people and improve facilities for them in the city.”

Poppy Hindby-Smith, a 17-year-old pupil of The Mount School, says: “Being a member of the council is brilliant because you can really make a difference. You also learn a wide variety of different skills such as project management and getting on with people. It’s also great fun.” Poppy has also been elected to serve on the UK’s Youth Parliament where she is promoting the interests of young carers by backing a project to introduce an official carers’ card. Katie Walker, a 15-year-old pupil of Archbishop

York Youth Council is working on three main projects: York Youth Festival is being held at Rowntree Park on July 16 featuring live music, drama, dance, sports and stalls. Youth Cafe. The youth council is raising funds to open a city centre venue for young people. Positive Image. The youth council is promoting a positive image of young people in York by organising a variety of events, including an art exhibition.

They were given the task of designing a stadium at Monks Cross. Their brief included creating a facility that met both football and rugby league requirements; brought benefits to the wider community; had a minimum of 6,000 seats; was commercially and environmentally sustainable; and came in under a £15 million budget. The five groups of students presented their feasibility and design plans, costings, construction methods and building materials to a panel of lecturers and members of City of York Council’s community stadium team. The best two schemes were presented to the council’s directors and, such was their quality, the directors could not distinguish between them. Tim Atkins, of the community stadium team, says: “We’ve been really impressed with the standard of work from the students and their innovative ideas.” Tutor Dean Starkey says: “This project has given the students a taste of real initiatives and a chance to showcase their talents. It’s been a really exciting opportunity for the students.

Summer Holiday Club FOR AGES 5-‐11 )


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York pupils to sing with The Drifters Pupils from a York school will be performing on stage with The Drifters, one of the biggest selling groups of all time. About 20 children from Our Lady’s RC Primary School, Acomb, will sing the song Hero by M People at the Grand Opera House, York, on Sunday, July 3. Now in their 58th year, The Drifters have seen massive chart success across the world, with more than 114 million album sales and 214 million singles sales. Their hits include Under The Boardwalk, Saturday Night At The Movies and Kissin’ In The Back Row. Michael Williams, of The Drifters, says: “During rehearsals, we have been completely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and excitement of the children. It is a very special project to be involved in.” n The show starts at 7.30pm; for tickets, call 08448 472322.

Make a bear Attend a crafty ‘make a bear party’ at Crazy Tykes and you’ll return home with a new furry friend for life. All teddies are 40cm tall and there are plenty of different characters to choose from – and that’s part of the fun. The kids have even more fun choosing a name for their teddy. A friendly and helpful party hostess ensures everything runs smoothly. Each party lasts two hours and includes party Invitations, a reserved table for the adults, teas and coffees in jugs, hot or cold kids’ buffet, children’s drinks and a party bag. nCrazy Tykes, Thorp Arch Trading Estate, Wetherby LS23 7BJ. Tel: 01937 541007


your family

To mark National Childcare Week (11-18 July) we look at ways of giving your child more independence.

Teach your children

independence Help your children develop their own opinions by asking for them. Allow your child to choose their own clothes, even if you are paying for them. Let them wear what they want as long as it does not go against your standards. Money allows them to choose their own clothes and activities. Give them an allowance and teach them to use their money wisely. Letting your child have a job teaches them responsibility and valuable life skills. Allow them to create a Facebook account. Protect them by creating your own account and having them place you in their top friend spot. Also make sure you have passwords to their accounts.

Looking for a holiday activity? ‘Shine’ is City of York Council’s guide to all kinds of sports, arts, play activities and youth groups for children and young people aged five to 18. It also has information on family activities plus events held in parks and libraries. n For details, go to

Leaving children at home alone The law does not set a minimum age at which children can be left alone. However, it is an offence to leave a child alone when doing so puts him or her at risk. Factors to consider before you decide to leave a child alone include: the age of the child; the child's level of maturity and understanding; the place where child will be left; how long the child will be left alone, and how often; whether or not there are any other children alone with the child. For example, most parents would think it is okay to leave a 16-year-old alone for the evening, but to leave them for a week would be unacceptable. Many young children play outdoors with other children without supervision; most would agree this is an important part of growing up. You are the best judge of your child's level of maturity and responsibility. If you do leave a child alone, remember: • Leave a telephone number where you can be contacted. • Talk to your child about keeping safe at home; tell them not to answer the door to strangers.

Realise your child’s potential Maths and English After-School Programmes • Work at a pace tailored to your child’s needs • Give their confidence a real boost • Develop invaluable study habits and concentration • Complement the school curriculum


Every child can shine

STUDY CENTRE For more information contact Jenny Scanlon 01757 268114

Contact your local Instructor today.


• Give clear instructions about what to do if there's an emergency. • Leave a list of trusted people they can contact. • Put medicines, chemicals and matches out of reach of children. • Tell the child when you'll be back, and make sure you're back on time.

Choosing a babysitter When deciding to use a babysitter always: • Follow your instincts - if in doubt don't use them. • Ask for at least two references and contact the referees yourself. • Choose a babysitter over 16 years old. • Talk to your child about any issue of babysitting that they are unhappy about. • If your child is unhappy about a particular babysitter, find someone else. n Only use registered childminders; City of York Council keeps a list Tel: 554444.

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Keith Hall



Are you aged between 11 and 19? Can you sing? Can you dance? Heats for York’s popular talent competition Community Idol – now in its fifth year – will be held in Clements Hall, Moss Street, on August 2 and 12 starting at 2pm. The final will be held at York’s Grand Opera House on Saturday, September 3, at 7pm. Mini Idol, for children aged between seven and 11, will be a one-off final at Clements Hall on July 15 at 4pm. The top three acts from this show will be invited to open the senior event on September 3. All profits will once again go to SNAPPY; last year’s event raised more than £3,000 for the York special needs charity. Police Community Support Officer Keith Hall, who helps to organise the competition, says: “I’ve had letters from parents to say their children were on the edge of anti-social behaviour when Community Idol came along just in time to give them a sense of focus and self-belief.” Application forms are available from or from your school/college. Please return completed forms by July 25 to Community Idol Competition, Safer York Partnership, Lower Friargate, York YO1 9SL.


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Your questions answered

Divorce and Financial Statements

Sarah Burt, Richardson Gildener Solicitors

Together with bereavement and moving house, divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. In the event of marriage breakdown, dividing the finances and property of the marriage can be very complicated, especially if there is insufficient money to be divided to re-house both parties. It is a common misconception that the finances of the marriage are automatically dealt with as part of the divorce procedure, this is not in fact the case. When dealing with the finances of the marriage, the parties need to provide the solicitor with as many financial details as possible, e.g., the last 12 months bank statements and wage slips, pension valuations, valuations of all assets e.g., the family home, furniture and any other assets the parties may have, as well, of course, as all debts, e.g., credit cards, bank loans/overdrafts, etc.

In most cases agreement can be reached amicably and if the parties can agree a financial settlement, a solicitor can prepare a legally binding document called a “Consent Order” without the need to apply to the court for guidance. It is often the financial negotiations which cause most upset, anger and confusion between the parties consequently, if an agreement can be reached amicably this saves wasted costs at court and limits animosity. In the event that a financial settlement cannot be agreed, the parties will have to apply to the court. This leads inevitably to a significant rise in legal costs so it is imperative that every effort is made to resolve issues without seeking the court’s assistance. In the event that there are insufficient funds to rehouse both parties, the court will usually ascertain which of the parties is in the greatest need.

In order to reach this determination, the following factors are usually taken into account: the welfare of any minor children; the value of jointly and individually owned property; pension values, earnings of both parties; any other assets and the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage; the age of the parties may also be relevant. The court will also consider the duration of the marriage; contributions that each party has made to the marriage (this can either be financial or by way of looking after the family home and caring for the children) and, of course, all debts. I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation so if you are currently in the process of obtaining a divorce or you have been served with divorce proceedings and want to discuss your financial or other circumstances, please contact me to make an appointment.

n Should you require further information on obtaining a divorce or financial settlements I have prepared an Information Leaflet detailing the divorce procedure, please e-mail me at or, alternatively, contact me on 01904 642727 for your FREE copy of the Leaflet or to make an appointment for a FREE 30 minute consultation.


your family

Information for parents York Family Information Service provides free and impartial information to all parents and carers of 0-19 year olds (up to 25 with a disability or additional need). The service, run through City of York Council, is part of the Children's Trust Unit. You can meet York Family Information Service during its Summer Outreach programme. A spokesman says: “You’ll have the opportunity to talk on a one-to-one basis about your needs. All our staff have experience offering advice and guidance on a range of topics relating to children, young people and parenting.” Will your childcare requirements be changing are your circumstances due to change over the summer holidays? Get in touch with the Family Information Service for a tailored list of childcare providers, vacancies, costs and contact details. Now is the time to plan summer activities. A local family service directory is available online at and holds a wealth of useful information for parents and carers. Services listed include swimming lessons, dance classes, support groups, art & craft activities, youth clubs and leisure facilities. n For more details, call York Family Information Service on 554444, email or go to


your family

Dementia Awareness Week (July 3-9)

Coping with memory problems It’s happened to all of us at some time or another. You can't put a name to a face. You forget where you put your keys. You can't remember where you parked the car.

• find that other people start to comment on your forgetfulness • feel confused, even when in a familiar environment.

Most of the time, such slips are a nuisance rather than a sign of something more serious.

There is help available for people with dementia and treatments which can sometimes lessen the symptoms, so it is important you speak to your GP as soon as possible if you are concerned.

Many of us notice that our memory becomes less reliable as we get older. Tiredness, stress, overwork, anxiety, depression, some physical illnesses or the side-effects of certain medications can all affect our memory. And, of course, some of us have always been more absent-minded than others. But when memory problems get worse and begin to have an impact on your daily life, you should visit your GP for a check-up. Dementia is not a single illness but a group of symptoms caused by damage to the brain. The symptoms include loss of memory, mood changes and confusion. Dementia affects people in different ways, but you should seek help without delay if your memory is not as good as it used to be and especially if you: • struggle to remember recent events, although you can easily recall things that happened in the past • find it hard to follow conversations or programmes on TV • forget the names of friends or everyday objects • cannot recall things you have heard, seen or read • notice that you repeat yourself or lose the thread of what you are saying • have problems thinking and reasoning • feel anxious, depressed or angry about your forgetfulness

Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Awareness Week (July 3-9) is backed by the Alzheimer’s Society. Many of the society’s 25,000 members have personal experience of dementia, as carers, health professionals or people with dementia themselves. Tel: 0845 300 0336.

Who is affected by dementia? • There are 750,000 people with dementia in the UK with numbers set to rise to more than one million by 2021. This will soar to 1.7 million by 2050. • One in three people over 65 will die with dementia • There are more than 16,000 people under 65 with dementia in the UK.

Smiles better... Are your dentures ageing you? Are they ill fitting – causing irritation, embarrassment and lack of confidence? Are you afraid they might break whilst eating? If so, Denturecare can help by offering a range of dentures to suit all budgets. The company’s qualified clinical dental technicians make bespoke dentures. Dealing directly with the technician, means you can explain your exact requirements to the person manufacturing the dentures, achieving the benefits of: Better facial definition, Healthier 54

more youthful appearance, Brighter confident smile, Natural looking teeth Denturecare is committed to providing a first class service. All of its dentures are individually handcrafted for the most natural look and comfortable fit possible. For a free consultation, call Denturecare, 117 Nunnery Lane, York, on 0800 096 5222

your family

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? You’ll find plenty of help and advice at the mobile Osteoarthritis (OA) Pain Information Point, which will be stationed across the city in July. As well as the latest information and educational leaflets on pain management, you’ll also have the opportunity for a private consultation with a nurse to discuss ways to control your pain – including advice and information on lifestyle changes, treatment options and how to get the most out of your GP appointment. York is one of only three cities to benefit from the OA Pain Information Point, so be sure to take advantage of it! The Information Point will be at Wyevale Garden Centre from 12th – 17th July from 9am – 6pm (Sunday 10.30am – 4.30pm), and Coppergate Shopping Centre from 18th – 23rd July from 9am – 5pm. For more information, please visit

Happy birthday OCAY! Do you sometimes feel nobody is listening to you? Or perhaps you’re daunted by dealing with organisations and can’t face fighting through red tape. Older Citizens Advocacy York (OCAY) aims to ensure that the over-50s have a voice. They provide volunteer advocates to support you during interviews, appointments or meetings, to help write letters, fill in forms and generally make sense of officialdom. The service is free, confidential and independent. This year they are celebrating their 10th birthday and will be holding a small celebration at their AGM on Thursday 14th July 11.30am at York CVS in Priory Street. If you’re interested in hearing more about OCAY or attending the AGM, call Linda or Roisheen on 676200.


your pet

Give a pet a home... Blue Cross, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and unwanted pets, has teamed up with Your Local Link to give our readers the opportunity to adopt an animal.

Connie may look cute, but the little pup has a very big future ahead of her. She’s been selected to train as a Hearing Dog for Deaf People. But before Connie can begin her official training, she’s spending her first year with socialiser Sheila Pilliner and her family in Copmanthorpe, learning the basics of good behaviour. As you remember, Connie recently had two operations to correct a slipping patella which might affect her future as a Hearing Dog. But after a lot of TLC, it seems as if she’s finally on the mend. Going back to her normal routine means Connie can get back to her Hearing Dog training. “Having short walks meant we couldn’t get much done,” says Sheila. “But last week I took her into town in the car, we went to M&S and she practised queuing in the Halifax! She also sat in St Helen’s Square and watched the pigeons. I was concerned that after such a long break she might forget some of her training but she took it all in her stride. “She was also very good when I took her to Dean’s Garden Centre. She waited very



patiently while I chose my plants, walked nicely alongside the trolley, then queued up in the cafe and was very calm when I carried the tray to our table – all very important for a potential Hearing Dog!” Connie faced a tough test when she attended a Canine Day at Castle Howard, where Sheila’s other two dogs Boris and Crisp were involved in an agility demonstration. “There were dogs everywhere, which meant a lot of distractions for her, but she still hadn’t forgotten her recall and came when I whistled. Jane from Hearing Dogs was there to assess how she coped. She also came to our home last week and took Connie out to see how she coped without me. There were a couple of moments when she looked around for me, but she soon forgot all about me when she was offered a doggie chew instead!”

Its adoption centre at Thirsk, which serves the York area, has cats and dogs looking for loving new homes. It opened in 1987 and much of the centre was rebuilt in 2009 to create state-of-the-art dog kennels and other new facilities. It can accommodate up to 25 dogs and 40 cats. Blue Cross says: “Owning an animal is one of the most rewarding things you can do and we’re here to champion both people and their pets. You can help us in lots of ways, for example, by adopting an animal, volunteering your time or making a donation.” n Blue Cross Adoption Centre, Parklands, Station Road, Topcliffe, Thirsk YO7 3SE. Open: 10am – 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Tel: 01845 577759.

Give a dog a home Gyp, a four-year-old border collie, is looking for an adult-only home in a rural setting. Ruth Haycox, of High Catton Dog Training Centre, says: “He has a lovely bubbly character once he has bonded with you. Gyp has been abused in the past and needs an understanding home. We are happy to offer any training free of charge to Gyp’s new owners. He is vaccinated, chipped and neutered.” n For more details, call 07733 701030.



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Jet (2 years old, neutered male) A very purry two year old boy who loves to play with his toys. He isn't keen on being picked up but is affectionate when he wants to be! He would need to be introduced to any children, dogs or other cats in the home. n If you would like to give Jet a home, call 0300 456 8500 and select the option for Yorkshire. Prince (5 years, neutered male) A typically independent cat who likes to do his own thing for much of the time. He loves a game, especially with catnip toys and also loves the great outdoors. He would be happiest in a home with lots of space, such as a small holding or farm. Linus (7 years, neutered male) A friendly sociable chap looking for a quiet companion to share his time with. He came to The Blue Cross as a stray so we don't know anything about his background but have spent time assessing his behaviour. He would like a new home where he can relax and enjoy the summer sun and a warm winter fire. Woollie and Smudge (5 years neutered male & female) Brother and sister who are looking for a home together. They would make lovely family pets for a family with older children. They are both friendly and affectionate and enjoy being stroked and made a fuss of. Woollie is a little bit more reserved, although she will soon develop a relationship with new owners. n If you would like to give Prince, Linus, Woollie or Smudge a home, please 01845 577759

Give us a home...

All over the city there are cats looking for homes. Could you be the one to offer them the love they need? SUZETTE is a quiet lady who is really not happy being stuck in their Adoption Centre. She yearns for the luxury of a comfy sofa and a patient and caring new owner. Suzette has had an unsettled life recently and it takes her time to trust people, but once you have earned her affections you'll have a friend for life. BULLSEYE is a fun, playful cat who loves being the centre of attention. He is a chatty fella – the team at Cats Protection reckon he has the most endearing miaow they’ve heard in a long time! If you want a cat who's always pleased to see you, then Bullseye is your man! n If you’d like to offer either of these cats a home, call York Cats Protection on 760356.


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Does the idea of mixing colours and patterns fill you with fear? Step away from that magnolia paint and follow our interior design tricks. You’ll never play it safe again... • Decide on the theme of your room. Patterns and colours work best when they’re kept within the same theme – eg, rich Asian-inspired designs, kitsch vintage pastels or country house shabby chic.

or patterned means all the elements have to compete for attention, when what you want are exciting focal points to lead the eye around the room.

• Don’t go too crazy. Stick to patterns in two or three colours for the best effect. Any more than four and your scheme will start to look a bit confused.

• Similarly, stick to two to three patterns that complement the colour schemes of the room. Patterns often dominate colours, so having too many patterns can be even more distracting.

• Keep something neutral. Go for plain walls in a room with heavily patterned or coloured furniture or accessories, or vice versa. A room where everything is bright

• Size is everything. Interior designers talk about the ‘scale’ and ‘density’ of patterns. Scale is the size of the individual motifs, and density is how much background is visible (a small,

trailing rosebud design would have less scale and density that an overblown floral pattern, for instance). To add sophistication and avoid a migraine-inducing design scheme, combine interior patterns of different scale and density.

• Some patterns work better together than others. When it doubt, go for geometrics like stripes or checks, which mix effortlessly with other patterns without competing for attention.


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Furniture sale Hambleton Furniture, York, is hosting a fantastic summer sale. Offering discounts of up to 50% off everything, the sale starts on Saturday, July 9. The wellestablished retailer provides beautiful hand-crafted home and house furniture. It offers a carefully selected choice of quality hardwood furnishings, including dining suites, kitchen furniture and beds. Solid oak, beech and ash are all available in handsome designs that maintain an air of understated elegance and grace. A spokesman for the family firm says: “We only supply high-quality designs in solid wood furniture which means great quality and great design. This ensures a really good long-term investment in high-quality furniture at unbelievably competitive prices.” n Hambleton Furniture, 6 Walmgate, York YO1 9TJ. Tel: 622707.

Quality upholstery service Do you have a favourite armchair or three-piece suite that is showing signs of wear and tear? If so, then contact top-notch upholsterer Abe Charles who specialises in giving quality furniture a new lease of life. He served his apprenticeship with the highly-regarded Leeds company Bridgecraft and has been working as an upholsterer for 30 years. He has countless customers who can vouch for the quality of his work. Abe says: “I will travel to your home with my pattern books. You choose the fabric, we agree a price and then I arrange transport of your furniture to my workshop. “A short time later – usually two-and-a-half weeks – you will receive your completely re-upholstered furniture which will give you many more years of service. I offer a convenient, flexible and cost-effective service and can attend evening and weekend appointments.” n A & V Upholstery can also make bespoke furniture for those who want it. For more details, call Abe on either 01977 699222 or 07889 431691.

Managing your building project – simple steps to success In the final part of our steps to success we tell you about how you can ensure that you get the best out of your project by choosing the right builder.

Finding a builder Once you’ve reached the stage where the design is finished, your ideas have been developed and turned into detailed drawings, all the materials have been specified, the approvals are in place and you are ready for the physical work to begin. Where should you start? How should things be organised? Like many aspects of any building project, people want a simple answer and to know the ‘right way’ to go about things. Unfortunately, the simple truth is that building is not simple and this stage can be surprisingly difficult for anyone who has not had building work done before. We’ve all heard stories about substandard work – how can you stop it happening on your project? If you have no clue where to start then remember that the best way to find a builder is by word-of-mouth recommendation. Has someone you know had building work done recently? Were they happy with the process and the end result?

Ask for references Always ask for references. Any reputable builder will be happy to provide you with a list of customers for whom they have recently carried out similar work that you can contact for references. If possible ask if you can see the work they have completed, narrow your list down to two or three possible builders, or ask to see finished photographs.

Get competitive quotes The detail drawings for construction that your Designer produces will contain an adequate specification of your building work. It is also very useful to make a more detailed list of any fixtures and fittings that you require the builder to include in his quotation. Always make sure that you give the same information to each builder so that you can compare likefor-like. Even if all the builders are quoting on the same information, the cheapest builder isn’t necessarily the best for the job. If a price seems particularly low, ask yourself why it may be so. Check the small print on the quotation for exclusions, and ask what materials they intend to use – cheaper materials can compromise the finished result. Ultimately you need to make a decision based on balance of price, references, the reputation of the builder, and the quality of their completed projects. Put it in writing When you have chosen a builder, it’s always wise to get a written contract – one that not only details costs, but also a payment schedule and an agreed time frame for signing off all the completed jobs. A written contract protects you, and it also forms the basis of a good working relationship with your builder, simply because it lessens the chance of confusion. ADDS has been involved in the building industry for a number of years now and has worked with a number of different builders and contractors, we can advise you of reputable builders and we will help you through the process n For more information and help on getting your new project started plus details of our full design and drawing service. Call us at ADDS on 01904 762691 or visit our website

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Would you like crustier pies, lighter baking and more succulent Sunday roasts? Then now’s the time to invest in a new oven. Today’s state of the art cookers have a whole host of features guaranteed to turn anyone into Masterchef. But how do you choose the right one for you? Cooking capacity If you’re a keen cook or you have a large family to feed, then obviously a double oven is the best option for you. Traditional built-in double ovens generally have two cavities of 50ltr and 30ltr, while the stylish range-type doubles have two whopping 60ltr ovens. If your kitchen is too small to fit a mega-oven, don’t worry – thanks to improvements in design, even single ovens now have larger cavities of up to 70ltr (or a whole tray of roasties to you and me). For single people and couples, you can buy an oven with a divider that creates two separate zones with independent temperature and time controls. This also gives you the option of using half the oven at a time, saving you money.

The heat is on Look for fan or forced air settings, which distribute heat evenly so that different foods can be cooked at the same time without mixing flavours or smells. A conventional cooking function, using a mix of top and bottom heat, is great for giving a crisp finish, while bottom heat alone is idea for slow cooking casseroles. In addition, many of the new ovens also offer specialised settings such as pizza, bread and pastry functions – ideal if you’re a keen baker.

Keep it clean We all hate cleaning the oven. But new technology makes it all much easier. Pyrolitic ovens heat up to 500 degrees, reducing grease and grime to a layer of ash which you just sweep easy. Or go for a catalytic liner, which oxidises cooking residues when the oven is heated to 220 degrees. Other alternatives include an enamel finish which makes it hard for grease to stick, or a steam cleaning function.


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Aerial firm offers electrical service Aerial Solutions, which has been installing aerials in the York area for 20 years, is now offering a comprehensive electrical service. The family-run business now carries out domestic and commercial electrical installations, including re-wires, internal and external lighting, fault finding, new sockets and plugs, fuse board upgrades. There are no call-out charges and OAPs can get discounts. Don’t forget, the switchover to digital TV is coming to York soon. Emley Moor’s BBC2 analogue signal will be switched off on September 7; the remaining four analogue channels will be switched off on September 21. So it’s worth giving Aerial Solutions a call to ensure you are prepared. They say: “Straightforward and flawless installation at a very affordable price – that’s our aim when we install your new aerial, dish or set-top box. Our friendly and highly experienced installation experts will arrive at your home, install everything with 100% reliability and make sure it’s working perfectly before we leave; with every channel in crisp, clean clarity - guaranteed.” n Aerial Solutions. Tel: 654144.




Heating & lighting

for patios Innovative use of mood lighting will bring an outside area to life whilst external heaters will prolong that evening of al fresco drinking and dining. Patio heaters come in all shapes and sizes. There are freestanding units and heaters for table-tops or for hanging, which is great for small spaces. For trendy homeowners, Olympic-torch style outdoor heaters bring warmth and style to a patio. There are also Tiki-style outdoor heaters as well as chimney type heaters and fire pits.

that have industry-approved designs to ensure safety. These heaters should have CSA and CE certification seals. Check for safety features such as flame controls, sealed burners, electronic ignitions, and safety tilt switches, which automatically cuts off gas flow should the heater tilt over.

Size is an important consideration when shopping for outdoor patio heaters. Ideally, the height should range from 3ft to 7ft.

Let there be light...

Outdoor patio heaters usually radiate heat 15ft to 20ft from the base all around the unit. Make sure the patio heater you buy will be able to warm most if not all of your patio area. Portable patio heaters are a good choice if you camp out a lot. If you are buying a large patio heater, look for those with wheels so you can easily move and store. Purchase only outdoor patio heaters


Remember to place outdoor patio heaters away from all flammable materials. Shedding a little light on your patio has never been easier or more fun. You can illuminate your patio with a variety of lighting options: Tiki torches come in a variety of heights; you can use them to illuminate the perimeter of your patio and line the sidewalk or walkways. Citronella candles, which repel mosquitoes, come in a variety of forms like a traditional candle that you could use on table-tops and also in galvanized buckets that you can put in strategic places.

Christmas lights can add a certain illuminating ambience to any occasion on your patio - from multi-coloured strands to pure white lights. Hanging lanterns provide a great decorative touch. As well as battery-operated versions, there are also lanterns that use candles or even lamp oil. Neon signs can add a funky touch to your patio setting. Solar powered lights come in a variety of styles from old-style lanterns to contemporary fixtures. Floating candles are another way to light up your patio area. Float some candles in pretty water bowls on your patio table, water gardens, and birdbaths.

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 62202 2 or 631818

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 62202 2 or 631818




Property of the month

13 Campbell Avenue, Holgate, York £184,950 An extended three bedroom semi detached property in Holgate, a popular location to the West of York’s city centre that is ideal for families with children at the well regarded St Paul’s Primary School. This beautifully presented property briefly comprises of an entrance hall, a lounge room with open fire, a separate dining room, a modern fitted kitchen, a three piece family bathroom with shower over, two double bedrooms and one single one. There are gardens to both the front and rear of this property and a driveway and attached garage provide ample off road parking. The heating is gas fired via a combination boiler and the windows are upvc double glazed throughout. Viewings are a must and can be arranged at times convenient to potential purchasers. For more details or to arrange a viewing call:

01904 529530

bespoke design


Townhouses for modern living Representing a modern ‘take’ on some of York’s most sought after period homes, a recently built three storey townhouse is a really appealing package. There are examples to suit a wide range of budgets with a cracker at £180,000 on Tedder Road in Acomb which is beautifully presented with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The next step on the ladder is a superb 3 bedroom home in Princess Drive at Sovereign Park just off Boroughbridge Road with a wonderful first floor lounge and kitchen/dining room priced at £215,000.  In Swinton Close, Rawcliffe we have a lovely 3 bedroom townhouse with a spacious ground floor kitchen/dining room and conservatory at £229,950.

For more details or to arrange a viewing call

01904 621532


KITCHEN WORKT WORKTOPS K OPS KT We design, manufacture and fit domestic and commercial worktops in Granite, Marble, Quartz Stone and Corian®

Over 100 Corian® colours available. Granite & Quartz in polished, honed & textured finishes

Samples & free estimates available to public and trade Telephone: 01845 522523 Fax: 01845 527198

LT D 66

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 62202 2 or 631818

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Property of the month

We know first impressions count and all that, but looks can also be deceiving. Which is why OPUS Estate Agents would like you to take a look inside a bungalow that’s currently on their books. Modest and unassuming as it may seem from the outside, inside it’s full of surprises. It’s a wonderfully spacious home with no less than three bedrooms, including two doubles on the first floor (surely that fact that a bungalow even has a first floor is a surprise in itself), a roomy lounge, dining room and modern kitchen. There’s also a very useful conservatory that would make a comfortable sunroom. Outside there’s an open plan lawned garden to the front and a side drive providing ample off street parking with gates leading to a fully enclosed rear garden with timber store. The bungalow is situated in the convenient location of Woodthorpe, with a good choice of local amenities, excellent secondary and primary schools and within easy reach of the ring road and city centre. And all this for the bargain price of £179,950! n For more details or to arrange a viewing contact OPUS on 790070.

For more information on

the family pages please call Zoe on:

01904 767881 Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 62202 2 or 631818


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On the move... Paula Matthews at Opus Estate Agents has been chatting to buyers and sellers all over York answering their concerns and queries Q.


I am thinking of buying a property overseas as an investment. Do you think this is a good idea? A. I’m sure you’ll find a number of properties abroad that are good value for money, as long as you do your research first. Make sure your finances are in place and that you take lots of advice from well qualified professionals who can talk you through any problems that you could encounter.

I have just inherited some money and find myself in the fortunate position to have some spare cash. Is it a good time to invest my money in property? A. I think prices have gone about as low as they will go. As long as you are looking long term I think it would be as good a time as any and there are some well priced properties available on the market. Providing you don’t expect to see massive returns for some time now could be the perfect time to buy.


I need to sell my house as I am changing my job and have to relocate to another area. I’m not sure of the best way to go about it. I am under a lot of pressure at the moment and am not sure how I will handle the stress of moving as well as changing my job as I have not sold before. A. Buying and selling can be stressful so start by having two or three agents out to make sure that you start with a realistic asking price that is achievable in a relatively quick time. Ask lots of questions of the agent to find out more about them. You will be working to timescales so it’s important you know how they will approach selling your property and the services that they

Q. We are first time buyers and are

can offer. The agent will put you at ease and it is up to them to ensure that the sales process is as easy and stress free as possible.

n Opus Estate Agents, Tel: 01904 790070,


desperate to get onto the property ladder. We have been saving for a couple of years and seem to be no nearer achieving our goal. What can we do? A.There are a number of part buy schemes available that you could consider. To get the best mortgage deals you really do need a good deposit, this could set you up for life. Prices are stable at the moment so stay positive and carry on saving. Make sure you speak to a good advisor who will give you great advice and then look for a property that offers good value for money.

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With summer upon us, it makes sense to extend your home comforts on to the patio and into your garden. With modern technology it’s possible to create an ‘outdoor room’ ideal for wining, dining and chilling out with some music. Matthew Todd, of York electrical specialist Herbert Todd & Son, says there are hi-fi speakers on the market that resemble rock and are designed to blend in with you garden. The cables required to link them with you music system indoors can be easily hidden. Another option for outdoor music is the OutCast weather-resistant, wireless speaker, which lets you enjoy rich, multi-directional stereo sound both indoors and out. This powerful wireless speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings without the hassle of running wires. It delivers premium audio quality and can be taken anywhere. You can connect your MP3 player, computer and your TV to the OutCast. Talking of TVs, there are water-proof sets designed for use either in the bathroom or on the patio. Evenings can turn chilly, even in summer. Matthew says that need not be a problem – thanks to electric patio heaters. Being odour free, silent and effective, even in windy conditions, the wall-mounted heaters provide instant heat at the flick of a switch. LED garden lights deliver beautiful after-dark effects while being easy to install and safe for plants, animals and children. Coming in various guises, they are cheap to run. n For all your electrical needs, go to Herbert Todd & Son, at Percy’s Lane, York, and York Road, Acomb. Tel: 628676.

Tel: 01904 690400


The wow


A sleek, modern contemporary kitchen is the ultimate in décor chic. But how do you achieve the look on a budget?

Forget the country kitchen pine – the look of the moment is minimalist, modern and contemporary. Sleek, high gloss units, high spec appliances and state of the art lighting all give your kitchen the wow factor. Unfortunately, high style often comes with an equally high price tag. And since kitchens are a huge investment, it’s no wonder many people decide to forego fashion and play it safe with something more classic and long-lasting. But you can get that modern, contemporary look on a budget, if you know where to look.

Doors & Units Units are the biggest investment in any kitchen. Modern units have high shine, glossy finishes, often in a rainbow of bright statement colours. They have clean lines, with finger pull drawers, doors than open at a touch or simple stainless steel handles.

While a bright red or purple kitchen is a definite statement, the novelty can wear off as quickly as this season’s jumpsuit. If you want a high fashion look that will stand the test of time, go for a classic monochrome, glossy black and white or even grey (you can add bright colour with accessories). Classic cream or coffee is always stylish, as is an imitation wood finish, such as walnut or maple. If you’ve set your heart on a rainbow bright statement kitchen, look for a bargain. Many kitchen showrooms have end of season sales at this time of year; ask about discontinued stock. Or if your units are still in good condition, why not save yourself some cash by changing the doors? Dream Doors, Fishergate offers a huge range of replacement kitchen doors, from fabulous high gloss colours to monochrome or wood. They also have a range of door handles and accessories so you can ring the changes.

Worktops Worktops should also be sleek and minimalist, usually black or white. For a really contemporary look, opt for the same colour tiling for splashbacks (you can buy plain white tiles far more cheaply than colours or designs). Or why not use a length of worktop as a splashback?

Appliances Your brilliant new modern scheme can be ruined by a tatty old cooker or fridge, so invest in something more up to date, preferably in black or stainless steel. You can find a wide range at the Domestic Appliance Warehouse on Clifton Moor, and at Herbert Todd, Percy Lane, York.

New hotel for York York company S Harrison Developments Ltd has sold its hotel development site on Walmgate to Sojourn Hotels LLP for an undisclosed sum. The move marks another major step in the rejuvenation of the Walmgate area and will provide a significant boost for tourism in the city.

S Harrison successfully gained planning approval to build a new 102 bed hotel on the former site of motorcycle accessory store, Infinity, earlier this year. Throughout the planning process they had worked closely with Sojourn Hotels and Leeds-based property agents Christies to shape the potential for a boutique hotel on the site. In Spring this year, Infinity finalised a deal to move to premises on Piccadilly, closer to the retail centre of the city. Sojourn Hotels LLP is expanding in the UK and plans to create one of 70

its Hotel Indigo branded hotels on the site. The three storey building with reception and bar facilities as well as 102 en-suite guest rooms will provide employment for around 40 people. It has been designed to complement the Walmgate streetscape and will be built using traditional brick construction to respect the conservation area in which it is located.

S Harrison, which moved to the former Terry’s site in 2007, has already been involved in several regeneration projects in Walmgate. It is the company behind the awardwinning new halls of residence for York St John University students at Percy’s Lane and Gray’s Wharf. The two schemes, which together provide homes for around 500 students, have been praised for their design and the positive impact they have had on the area. “As developers, it is our role to

bring forward opportunities for investors and operators and we’re delighted to have worked with Sojourn to bring this scheme to site. Once completed the hotel will boost the Walmgate economy and help the tourist trade in the city.” Says S Harrison Developments Ltd chairman, Martyn Harrison. Sojourn hopes to see contractors start work on site as early as July this year with the hotel opening its doors

to guests in Autumn 2012. Says Sojourn MD Clive Viner: “Strategically, York is an important destination for us. With the recent Harrison-driven developments there, Walmgate is certainly an upand-coming area. We are confident that our new Hotel Indigo, located within the city walls, will add to the rich variety of business and tourist accommodation in this vibrant city.”

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Mr. Foster (centre) of Little Houghton proudly displays his renewable technology. Pictured with Tim Weeks and John Mallinder of Barnsley Council

Alleviating fuel poverty Solarwall, the York energy and insulation company, is working with Barnsley Council to help villagers reduce their fuel bills. Little Houghton, near Barnsley, is an off-the-gas-grid community. It was chosen for a pilot scheme for the Dearne Valley Eco Vision initiative which aims to alleviate fuel poverty by offering ‘affordable warmth’ to customers who were paying expensive fuel bills for LPG and oil central heating. Solarwall provided cavity wall and loft insulation plus renewable technology. In all, 11 customers had their cavity walls or lofts (or both) insulated and nine had solar thermal systems installed. Solarwall says: “Typically loft and cavity wall insulation will save the homeowner approximately £200 per year.” Mr Foster, one of the villagers, had loft insulation and a solar thermal system installed by Solarwall and paid for by Barnsley Council. He was so pleased with the work done that he requested Solarwall back to fit a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Based on what he’s saved so far, Mr Foster estimates he will reduce his oil bill by £1,500 this year, and his PV system will supply a portion of free electricity as well as approximately £1,000 each year from the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff scheme. n For more details, go to



DAW £740

Offers Traffic Lights


Domestic Appliance Warehouse

Bumper Castle Auster Road


ax R oad

Tesco A1237

DAW £550

Kettlestring Lane

Clifton Moorgate


Energy price busters Cavity wall insulation is not possible for Anna as her home has solid walls. To make it warmer, she has lined the inside of her outside walls with Sempatap solid wall insulation which is 1cm thick foam. As easy as wallpaper to apply, it can be decorated with paper and painted – you can even hang tiles on it. “It’s made my house three degrees warmer,” says Anna.

‘People don’t realise it costs 19p to boil a full litre kettle.’

Householders can alleviate the increasing cost of home energy by using less and investing in efficiency measures and green technology.

open events so anyone can see how measures like insulation, draught proofing, a condensing boiler and green technology can cut household bills.”

So says eco-campaigner Anna Semlyen who is encouraging home owners to save energy and take up Government clean energy incentives.

For example, she uses an eco-kettle that boils the exact amount of water required. “People don’t realise it costs 19p to boil a full litre kettle. It’s a waste of money to fill a kettle for one cup,” says Anna.

To date, she has held four open days to explain how she cut the carbon footprint of her Victorian end terrace home by half – from 15.8 tonnes of CO2 a year to 7.95 tonnes. And she’s planning to hold more. Anna says: “People can be scared of trying something new. That’s why I’ve started hosting eco

Visitors to her home are offered a short talk on saving money at home by using less and investing in renewables. They will see solar PV panels, a solar water heating system, insulating wallpaper and can pick up Energy Saving Trust information, including discount brochures and certified installer lists.

Feed-in Tariffs became available last year. Under the scheme, energy suppliers have to make regular payments to householders generating their own electricity. Cheques come in the post that are tax free, index linked and payments are guaranteed until 2035. Anna uses her solar PV system, which converts energy from the sun to electricity, to complement and feed into her mains supply, reducing the amount of National Grid electricity that she uses. When her solar PV system makes more electricity than she needs, the excess flows back to the grid. She has fixed part of her electricity bill. Anna spent £10,137 on a 2 KWhr solar rig. It’s achieving a 10+% investment return and will pay for itself in less than eight years if electricity prices continue to rise by 10%+ a year.

n Anna is planning to hold more open days at 24 Grange Street, off Fulford Road, York YO10 4BH. She is also happy to show visitors the green technology at her home by appointment. You can call her on 654355.


your environment

Award for compost musical Community composting group York Rotters have received The National Masters 2011 Innovation Award from Garden Organic for the creation of ‘Compost – The Mini-Musical’. The musical was composed by Anneliese Emanns Dean, of The Big Buzz, to teach people all about composting whilst singing and banging on compost bins. Catherine Bamford, of York Rotters, says: “The musical is a fun way to get the message across that composting is really easy and a great thing to do.” The partnership between York Rotters and The Big Buzz has enabled the musical to be taught to 11 children’s community groups and seven York primary schools. n For more details, call Catherine Bamford on 412861 or email

01904 234 543


your garden

Ask Amanda...

Got a gardening problem? Amanda from skelton garden centre can help

Can you grow wisteria in a pot? Wisteria are vigorous climbers but they can be grown in constainers and trained as standards. Alternatively provide horizontal support wires set 30cm apart and grow against a wall. You will need a large pot and a good compost, such as John Arthur Bowers Multipurpose with added John Innes. Feed with a liquid tomato fertiliser, phostrogen or Miracle Gro. We use a slow release fertiliser called Osmacote in all our containers. Be sure to water well regularly and pruning is essential to prevent your wisteria overgrowing its pot. Prune twice a year, in July or August after flowering, cut back the long trailing shoots of the current years growth (soft green stems) to about 5 or 6 leaves from the base of stem. This will control the size of the plant and encourages flower bud formation. Then in January or February cut back hard the same stems to 2 or 3 buds. This should only be done when the plant is dormant or leafless.

What plants are suitable for the deepest shade at the bottom of my garden close to my hedge? Deep shaded areas are always the trickiest to fill. The first thing to do is to address the soil. As all

of its moisture and nutrients will be used by the hedge, it is vital to add plenty of humus and apply a general fertiliser, such as Bonemeal, to the area. Shrubs suitable for deep shade include Buxus (box), Mahonia aquifolium, Prunus laurocerasus and Vinca minor (periwinkle). Perennials include Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’, Alchemilla mollis, Hostas, Bergenia, Dryopteris filix-mas (ferns), foxgloves and Lamium. Consider bulbs too such as Alliums (lily of the valley), Anemone blanda, Cyclamen hederifolum (hardy cyclamen), bluebells and snowdrops. During the summer you can add a splash of colour by planting Impatiens (bizzy lizzy) and Begonia sempierflorens. To conserve as much water as possible be sure to mulch your plants.

I have had an Oak Leaf Hydrangea for three years and so far it hasn’t flowered. What can I do to encourage it to bloom? A non-flowering hydrangea could be caused by several reasons including frost damage to flowering wood, over pruning or pruning at the wrong time, or over feeding with a fertiliser too high in nitrogen. The oakleaf hydrangea requires minimal pruning in spring only to remove dead and long stems. They

thrive in a moist, well drained semi-shaded spot in the garden. If planted in a rich soil and overfed, hydrangeas can be less likely to develop flowers as this encourages soft leaf growth, which are also more susceptible to frost damage in cold winters.

When do I need to prune my lavender? Pruning lavender varies according to the type of lavender you're growing. The most commonly grown and hardest lavender is English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Varieties of English lavender include ‘Hidcote’ and ‘Munstead’. English lavender should be pruned in the latter half of August as the new growth that shoots from the base of the plant will have time to grow and harden up before winter arrives. Cut the lavender back by two thirds, and into the bare wood if necessary. This pruning regime will keep an English lavender plant compact for many years and a well-pruned plant can last for twenty years or more without becoming woody. You can give English lavender another tidy in April to delay flowering time. Give them a very gentle trim after the first flush of flowers has faded, in late June, but do not ever cut back hard as this will kill them. Shape with shears in August.

If you have a question for Amanda, write to her c/o Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby YO32 2LH

ESTABLISHED 1977 IN HAXBY. A Local Family Business Built on Customer Recommendations:


your garden

Open Gardens Every year, thousands of enthusiastic gardeners open their gardens to the public under the National Gardens Scheme, either for charity or for the joy of sharing their passion. Here are some of the gardens open this month... The Willows, Lumley Lane, Kirby Fleetham, Northallerton DL7 0SH. Well stocked mixed herbaceous borders, raised terrace incorporating insect hibernation house. Patio and pebbled areas displaying a range of container planting. Open 2 & 3 July, 1 – 5pm. Boundary Cottage, Seaton Ross YO42 4NF. Ponds and lined streams in bog gardens, extensive yet intimate mixed plantings, giant island herbaceous borders, National dicentra collection. Acre garden has 50 maturing specimen trees, gravel gardens, outdoor cacti and seasonal displays. Open 3rd July, 11am – 4pm. Cawood Gardens, YO8 3UG. An attractive, historic riverside village. 9 Anson Grove is a small garden with tranquil pools and secluded sitting places. Ash Lea has shrubs and fernery which lead to colourful formal borders. 21 Great Close has all year interest, with mixed plantings in ever-changing borders, including vegetables, herbs, grasses and exotic perennials. Open 9th and 10th July, 12 – 5pm. n All dates and times available at time of going to press. For more information, log on to or call 01483 211535.

Tip Times

The opening times of York’s three household waste recycling centres: Hazel Court will be open Monday to Saturday, 8.30am – 7pm, and Sundays 8.30am – 4pm. Beckfield Lane will be open Monday to Friday, 5pm – 7pm, and Saturday and Sundays 10am – 2pm. Towthorpe will be open daily 8.30am – 7pm.


your garden

GROW YOUR OWN with Sandra Geere Growing your own fruit and veg is rewarding, good for the planet – and your pocket. Here’s how…


The beetroot plant (Beta vulgaris) that we grow and eat today has been cultivated for thousands of years and evolved from wild seabeet.

Originally only the leaves were eaten and the small roots were used by the Greeks and Romans in medicine. Today beetroot is popular throughout Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Russia. Closer to home we don’t eat nearly enough beetroot, despite its proven health benefits. Whoever decided to chop it up and cram it into jars of strong vinegar is probably responsible for putting many people off beetroot for life. It is, however, so easy to grow both in the ground and in containers and is relatively trouble free Eating beetroot or drinking fresh beetroot juice is said to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. There is also scientific evidence that beetroot and beetroot juice is excellent for supporting healthy liver function. It is rich in antioxidants and the leaves, which are best eaten when young, are a good source of calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. What more encouragement do you need to get sowing? Beetroot seed resembles small pieces of cork which are best grown at intervals from February (under cloches) through to August in soil that has


been enriched with plenty of garden compost. Soak the seed for an hour in warm water before sowing them one inch deep in well-watered soil in rows twelve inches apart, spacing seeds about two inches apart. They take about fourteen days to germinate. Thin seedlings to four inches apart whilst small and do not allow to dry out as this will make the roots woody. Keep rows weed-free but take care not to damage the roots as they will ‘bleed’. Beetroot can also be grown in containers following the same rules. They look particularly attractive with mixed salad leaves. Harvest beetroot when they are the size of a golf ball. Store as for roots in boxes of sand making sure that they do not touch each other. Carefully twist off about four inches of stalk, being careful not to damage the skins. Beetroot can be round or stump-rooted, dark red, golden and even red and white striped and all have a sweet, rich earthy flavour. Beetroot is extremely versatile hot or cold. It can be grated or sliced in hot and cold salads, baked in foil, used to make a moist chocolate cake and Borshch - a Russian clear soup. There is plenty to do this month but if you absolutely must you could pickle some beetroot in vinegar!

BEETROOT VARIETIES 3 Boltardy, 3 Pablo (early), 3 Burpee’s Golden, 3 Chioggia (Italian pink and white striped) JOBS FOR JULY 3 Lift garlic 3 Thin stone fruits 3 Keep harvesting and sowing 3 Weed and water LOCAL SUPPLIERS Mr Thomas 01759371549 Spent mushroom compost £11 for 5 bags delivered n Sandra specialises in creating sustainable organic kitchen gardens in small spaces and can show you how to grow crops all year round. Contact Sandra Geere Kitchen Garden Design & Consultancy 01904 655366 or email

your garden

Don’t waste fruit

A fruit tree in your garden may produce more than you can cope with; the fruit falls on the ground or is left on the tree for the birds. Maybe the job of picking all the fruit is just beyond your capabilities. Now help is at hand – thanks to volunteers who will pick the fruit and hand over to you whatever amount you can cope with. The rest will go to a produce-sharing event organised by Haxby & Wigginton in Transition. The next one is being held on Saturday, July 30, at Wigginton Recreation Hall from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. All welcome, with or without surplus produce. n For more details, call Tim on 760659 or email

Free compost Green-fingered gardeners can collect their free compost from Yorwaste’s Harewood Whin site, in Tinker Lane, Rufforth, on Sunday, July 3, between 9.30am and 2.30pm. Residents should bring a shovel and bags or containers to take the compost home in. For more details, call City of York Council’s waste team on 551551.


your garden

Make sure everything in the garden’s lovely with the team at Dean’s

wildlife garden With many open spaces being lost to developments of one sort or another, along with the documented decline of butterflies and wildlife species in general, we the gardener, should step in to help. Even if you only have a limited space, there are lots of ways in which you can encourage wildlife to your garden. Obviously we find all flowers attractive; however, from the butterfly’s point of view some are more beneficial than others.

Butterflys The one plant we all know of course, the ‘Butterfly Bush’, is Buddleia davidii, a tall flowering deciduous shrub with honey scented cone shaped spikes. More well known favourites for butterflies are Lilac, Syringa vulgaris, again a sweetly scented, large flowering shrub. Hebe is a genus of plants with lots of different varieties to choose from, also Lavender, both English and French types can be seen laden with bees and butterflies when in flower. Lonicera (Honeysuckle), is a very sweetly scented climber with nectar rich flowers that rank high on the list of butterfly attractants.

The Cottage Garden A lot of flowers that would come under the bracket of ‘cottage garden’ plants are perfect for attracting nectar loving insects; other favourites of the butterfly are Violets, Antirrhinums, Asters, and Sedum varieties. Piles of old logs and branches make perfect hide outs for all sorts of creatures. You may have to change your attitude to caterpillars and how to get rid of them, as several of these may turn into butterflies, so try not to spray everything with chemicals.

Home from home As well as providing food for wildlife you could try and encourage them to stay by providing both shelter and roosting sites. Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’, (Twisted Hazel), is a perfect plant for small birds. The tangle of branches allow small birds to dart inside for cover from larger predatory birds, or cats, whilst providing a food source when covered in catkins. Another shelter providing shrub is Pyracantha, (Firethorn) with thorny branches, sweet scented flowers and winter berries. Are you aware that you can now get all sorts of habitats for insects as well. Butterfly Habitat

Feeder provides a small shelter along with a brightly coloured sponge that you can charge with either sugar water or specially formulated Butterfly Attractant. The Interactive Butterfly/ Moth Habitat has a window to allow you to view inside. The Beneficial Insect Box is made up of Bamboo canes clumped together, providing lots of small holes to hide in; this is something you could try making yourself. The Ladybird/ Lacewing Box gives these insects somewhere to live during the cold winter months, then using the Lacewing attractant from March onwards will encourage these predatory insects to stay in your garden. (They are particularly fond of Potentilla shrubs and Coreopsis, an herbaceous perennial.) Having wildlife in your garden that feeds on the plant eating insects can only be a good thing. Hedgehogs love slugs and to encourage them in the first instance you could provide a hedgehog house and sprinkle Hedgehog Niblets around it Having a pond in your garden also attracts wildlife, Frogs are another creature that will eat slugs and snails and are, therefore, well worth encouraging with Frog and toad houses to give them extra protection..

n Dean’s Garden Centre, Stockton Lane, Stockton on the Forest, York • Tel: 01904 400141


your garden

Blooming good The Ancient Society of York Florists, believed to be the world’s oldest horticultural society, is holding a flower and vegetable show in the conference hall at Askham Bryan College, near York, on Sunday, July 24, between 11.30am and 3pm. The summer show will have displays of seasonal flowers and vegetables as well as sections devoted to flower arranging, handicraft and baking. There will be exhibition and nursery stands as well as home-made cakes, sandwiches and refreshments.

Village garden trail The residents of Tollerton are holding an Open Gardens Artsfest on Sunday, July 10, from 11am to 4pm. As well as delightful gardens on show, there will be a string quartet, a children’s corner, break dancing, a falconry display and a wine bar with champagne. Other attractions include a photographic competition, stalls, food, music and dance.


your garden

Train your lawn to use

less water During the dry summer months, it’s important to adjust your lawn maintenance habits. The good news is that you can train lawns to use less water. By reducing the amount of fertilizer recommended, there will be less growth and less demand for water. When mowing, adjust the blades so that a maximum of one-third of the leaf is removed at a time. It is also very important to keep mower blades sharp; damaged grass blade edges turn brown quickly and make your lawn appear to need water. Most importantly, only cut when necessary; your lawn will slow or even stop growing in times of drought. Research by Rolawn, Europe’s largest turf grower, confirms it is important not to apply more water than the soil can hold in the root zone. The

Elvington-based company says: “A quick and easy way to test the moisture level is to push a long screwdriver into the ground. If you can do this easily to the depth of the roots then the lawn has adequate moisture.” Follow these lawn maintenance tips: Raise your lawnmower's height. Taking off more than one-third of the height of the grass at any one time will reduce your lawn's ability to photosynthesize. Leaving a taller lawn will not mean you have to mow more frequently. Like all plants, grass relies on its leaves to produce energy. When too much of that productive area is removed during mowing, the plant races to grow more. A taller lawn will also shade weeds from the life-giving sun. Mulch your grass clippings. Use the mower's mulching setting to return extra nutrients to the lawn. If you need the green matter




for compost, great! Adding compost to the lawn once a year will improve your soil quality. Water infrequently. Only water when the grass leaves start to curl just before they turn brown. By doing this consistently you can train your lawn to grow deeper roots. This means that when the upper few inches of soil are very dry, the grass roots will be able to reach the deeper moist layers. Weeds, with shallower roots, will wither and die. Have your soil pH tested. Your lawn's health will improve with the correct pH and sufficient nutrients. Adding sulphur or lime will increase or decrease pH as needed. Pull weeds by hand or mow over them frequently. Weeds, like grass, rely on sunlight for food. Frequently removing those leaves will hinder their ability to grow.

your garden

Garden party Acomb Flower Guild is holding a garden party at 8 Granger Avenue, Acomb, York, on Tuesday, July 19. There will be a bring-and-buy stall, tombola and refreshments. Coffee and scones will be available from 10.30am with tea and cakes served in the afternoon. All proceeds raised will be shared between Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Older Citizens Advocacy York. Call 331245 for further details.

Horticultural show Copmanthorpe Horticultural Show will be held at the Methodist Church Hall, Main Street, Copmanthorpe, on Saturday, July 16, from 2pm. Classes include fruit and vegetables; flowers and floral art; baking, cakes and preserves; handicrafts; and children’s activities. Free admission. Show schedules are available from David Whiteman on 707208.

Tree trail New Earswick Nature Reserve is hosting an open day dedicated to trees and shrubs. It will take place on Saturday, July 16, between noon to 4.30pm. You will be able to follow the tree trail around the reserve, which is a reclaimed brickyard, and enjoy the vibrant colours of the shrubs in bloom.

Fed up with your driveway? Driveway Doctor can restore your driveway, patio paving or decking to look as good as new. · Restore the original colour · · Remove stains, weeds and moss and inhibit further growth · · Low slip finish · · Unique protective coatings ·

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01904 750903


Drive on home... Sponsored by north eastern tyre and autocare. Tel: 01904 692500

Going the extra mile for the customer... Customer service is the top priority at North Eastern Tyre and Autocare in York. The family firm, which made its name as a tyre and exhaust specialist, now offers a comprehensive service to the motorist, including mechanical repairs, servicing, MOTs and re-charging airconditioning systems. It works on cars, vans, 4x4s and motorcycles. It added-value extras include a free courtesy car, a free local pick-up and drop-off service (both subject to availability) plus free internet access and

complimentary hot drinks.

to ensure we retain the highest standards.

A company spokesman says: “We have 30 years of knowledge in tyres, exhausts, brakes and vehicle servicing. We have always prided ourselves on giving an excellent service whilst offering very fair and competitive prices. We carry over 100,000 tyres in stock, 10,000 exhaust parts and a huge range of servicing products ensuring we are almost certain to have the part you need.

“At our flagship outlet in York and you will find reception area where you can enjoy a coffee whilst reading a complimentary newspaper, or browse the internet free of charge as our technicians work on your vehicle. There’s no need to book, just drive in; we are open seven days a week.”

“All our vehicle technicians are fully qualified in the work they carry out and undergo constant training

servicing preps & submission. l Timing belts fitted. l Brakes & exhausts supplied & fitted. l Caravan road worthiness checks. l Mobile car valeting service available.

n North Eastern Tyre and Autocare, Centurion Park, Clifton Moor Gate, York YO30 4WW. Tel: 692500

l Vehicle




For a healthier, happier you visit

Two-thirds of drivers think rumoured changes to the MOT test – moving to a first test at four years then every other year – would increase the number of unsafe vehicles on UK roads. In the AA survey, 94% of those questioned thought the MOT test was very (71%) or quite (23%) important to road safety in the UK.

Safe Motoring with


Richard Loft Store Manager

As a result, 62% think there would be more hazardous vehicles on the road if they were MOT tested every other year rather than every year and 41% said delaying a vehicle’s first MOT test to the fourth year, instead of the third, would lead to more defective cars on the road.

Choosing the correct tyres for your car

Edmund King, the AA’s President, says: “All too often you spot cars driving with a headlight, tail light or brake light out. The only time many of these drivers do anything about it is when the car goes for an MOT test or if traffic police pull them over. The Government’s idea to extend the MOT test intervals may be portrayed as an olive branch to drivers by reducing the burden on them, but the AA and most of our members believe it is a false saving which could lead to more expensive repairs later, and that’s before the safety argument.”

Remember – your tyres are the only thing in contact with the road and, more importantly, what stop the car when braking. A well-maintained tyre will give better fuel efficiency, perform better and stop more quickly when braking than a poorlymaintained tyre.

LPG conversions LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is much cheaper to buy than either petrol or diesel. Far less tax is added to the pump price because it makes far less pollution. Converting your vehicle to run on LPG will reduce your petrol bill by about half. Almost every LPG conversion done in the UK is of the 'bi-fuel' type. This means the converted vehicle will still be able to run on petrol. Any good quality petrol engine can be converted. You'd be wise to use a reputable conversion company to ensure the job is done safely and properly. Make sure you get a warranty on both parts and labour and a conversion certificate for your insurer. A new multi-point LPG system can be fitted in one day from only £900 at Richard Pick Specikalist Cars of York. n Complete servicing of all vehicles is also available at the Clifton Moor business. For more details, call 07810 433354.

your motors

AA concerned by possible MOT change

Choosing tyres for your car can seem like quite a daunting task, with all the information that appears on the side of your tyre wall. Here are some tips to ensure you get the right tyre for your car:

Tyre Brand: The sidewall will show the tyre brand and pattern name for the tyre currently on the vehicle, for example, Pirelli P-Zero. You can replace your tyres with any brand you want and this will depend on price, performance and the type of vehicle. Section: This number refers to the width of the tyre and is measured in millimetres. For example, a 205 section tyre will measure 205 millimetres across the width of the tread area. Profile: This number refers to the depth of the side wall and is measured as a percentage of the section. For example a 55 profile tyre will measure 55% of the section width.

Rim: This number refers to the size

Driving on illegal tyres could cost you a fine of £2,500

of the wheel the tyre fits on to. For example, a 16 rim tyre will fit on to a 16-inch wheel. This is the main part of the tyre size and would be referred to as a 205 55 16.

Load Index & Speed Rating: Load index and speed rating are often shown together, for example 91Z. The number relates to the maximum load capacity of the tyres and the letter relates to the maximum speed capability of the tyre. The safest option is to replace the tyres with the same load index and speed rating that were first fitted when the vehicle was manufactured. Tyre Safety: We would recommend that you change your tyres when there is 3mm or less tread. If your tyres are worn to less than 1.6mm of tread they are illegal and dangerous to drive on. Driving on illegal tyres could cost you a fine of £2,500 and/or three points on your licence, per tyre. Drive into our York store and we will offer you a free tyre check. This includes the tread depth, wear patterns and pressure. Tyre pressure is important as tyres that are under or over inflated will affect how the tyres wear. Tyres could become more worn down the centre, or on the outside edges. Tyres that are not properly balanced or aligned will also affect how they wear.

Call: 01904 692500 For a healthier, happier you visit


Drive Talkin’ Our very own ‘Stig’ looks at hot topics in the land of petrol heads

Hundreds injured in driving tests Taking your driving test can be dangerous, according to official figures. The statistics reveal that 339 candidates and examiners were injured during driving tests last year. Of those, five examiners were subject to physical attacks and 209 reported verbal assaults as tensions in the car boiled over. The Driving Standards Agency information reveals that 147 major injuries were sustained where the candidate or examiner needed medical treatment. The remaining injuries were classified as minor - requiring first-aid, selftreatment or no treatment. The figures also record 1,070 'incidents' on the road or the test centre, which has resulted in the examiner taking time off work or lodging a third-party insurance claim.

Man passes advanced driving test aged 90 Bob Dowd, a retired garage owner from Tintwistle, near Glossop, has passed his advanced driving test - for the second time, aged 90. The test, undertaken by the Institute of Advanced


Motorists (IAM), requires a re-test to ensure your driving skills remain up to the organisation’s high standards. Bob was accepted into the institute at the age of 70. He also holds a motorcycle licence, passing the test first time around at the age of 65, and he learned to fly in his fifties.

£72,000 insurance quote An 18-year-old driver was quoted £72,000 to insure a £600 car. The astronomical quote - enough to buy a 5.0-litre Jaguar XK Convertible - was given to new driver Joe Chute, of Slough, who was looking to insure his W-reg 1.0-litre Vauxhall Corsa. The quote came from First Central Insurance, which put it down to a ‘computer glitch’. Joe eventually found a more ‘reasonable’ £2,469 quote.

your motors

Fuel for thought Drivers of low-carbon cars could face massive increases in their fuel bills if the Treasury is to avoid shortfalls in the amount of tax it gets from motorists. As ministers encourage the take-up of low-carbon cars, the Exchequer must decide whether its long-term strategy is to hike the price of ‘green’ fuels, such as electricity, or take a hit on its revenue. The warning comes as the RAC Foundation publishes a new report, ‘Shades of Green’, which analyses the environmental performance of 51 cars over a 57-mile eco-run from Brighton to London. The run – the inaugural Royal Automobile Club Future Car Challenge – demonstrated just how much cheaper electric cars are to run. On the journey, drivers of electric vehicles each spent, on average 3p per mile on fuel. By contrast drivers of hybrids spent 7p per mile on fuel, and the cost for those behind the wheel of a diesel car averaged 9p per mile. Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, says: “The Government faces fundamental issues about how you tax fuel. Currently there is a major push on by ministers to get people to buy ultra-low carbon cars, many of which are electric. A big attraction of these cars is their low running costs. When a driver charges his car battery at home he avoids the large whack of duty payable at the pumps on petrol and diesel. He also pays VAT at the reduced rate of 5% rather than the 20% that fossil fuels attract.



“At some stage a point will be reached when the Government is likely to either start putting up tax on green fuels or the Treasury must accept a cut in its income. For all the talk about sustainable transport there also needs to be a sustainable and equitable tax regime."

We don’t repair so you know it’s fair

David Wood


Cars Motor Homes Vans


York Van Centre


York Van Centre has expanded by opening a new site in Poppleton to complement its base at Shipton-by-Beningbrough. The company, which supplies new and used commercial vehicles, was founded by Tony and Liz Huggins in 1991. They say: “Our success has been the result of providing the highest standards of customer service. Being independent of manufactures allow us to offer impartial advice focused at supplying the right vehicle for the job. Our vehicles are prepared to the highest standards in our workshop, body shop and MOT centre. Our excellent facilities are staffed by our highly-trained team of motor technicians and body re-finishers.” York Van Centre has a wealth of experience within the motor industry, particularly the years of service clocked up by managing director and sales manager Tony and Colin Huggins. This has resulted in a lot of repeat business and recommendations from satisfied customers. The new site at Poppleton Garage is managed by Laura Huggins. n York Van Centre Ltd, Station Lane, Shipton-byBeningbrough, York YO30 1BS. Tel: 470170 n York Van Centre Ltd, Poppleton Garage, Boroughbride Road, York YO26 6QD. Tel: 792651


Council clinches police contract City of York Council’s Fleet Services team at the EcoDepot has clinched a contract with North Yorkshire Police to maintain the force’s commercial vehicles.

council's vehicles and also inspects the city's taxis. The council is planning to train the technicians to level 7, which would enable the workshop to offer a full MOT service.

The council will also provide an ad hoc repair service to other police vehicles based in the York area.

Fleet Services is also looking to create a 'Public Sector Hub' which would service vehicles from other public sector organisations, such as the NHS and the Fire & Rescue Service.

With eight servicing bays and six vehicle and plant technicians plus one apprentice, the team already looks after all the

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818

n w o r u o y k c i P

g e v d n a t i fr u

The award-winning Balloon Tree Farmshop & Cafe at Gate Helmsley is the ideal place to entertain both children and adults during the summer school holidays.

Pick your own strawberries and raspberries along with broad beans, peas, currants and gooseberries and enjoy a new attraction - Kune Kune pigs, which are tiny and adorable. The homegrown summer vegetables available in the shop are simply delicious and bursting with nutrients – having been picked only minutes earlier.

All the ingredients you need for your summer barbecues can be found under one roof, including rare breed meats, super-fresh salads and home-grown new potatoes, dressings, chutneys plus a wide range of home-made desserts. Children can stay occupied for hours in the play area while their parents relax in the cafe garden, being tempted by the ‘specials’ board.

n Balloon Tree Farmshop & Café, Gate Helmsley, York. Tel: 01759 373023. Web:

Off to market 14th to 17th July Summer crafts and food, including tea on the lawn, York city centre. 16th July Local meat, vegetables, Yorkshire cheeses, homemade soups and fruit wine are just some of the tempting treats on offer at the Farmers’ Market at York Auction Centre, Murton. 29th July The best of Yorkshire’s local produce at the Farmers’ Market in York city centre. From fresh vegetables to local meat and the best of British baking. 30th July Charity market in York city centre n For more details about the city centre events, go to

INDIAN EVENING AT BURN HALL Join us for a fabulous four course Indian meal served in our Garden Room THURSDAY 23rd JUNE


For all enquiries call 01347 825 400 or visit Tollerton Road I Huby I York I YO61 1JB I

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Great meal deals The Gillygate is a traditional pub within easy walking distance of York’s historical attractions, fabulous shops and boutiques. The pub serves a fantastic range of freshly-prepared meals throughout the day, including steak & ale pies, fresh warm baguettes and a great steak house in the evening. The Gillygate also serves hot and cold drinks, ranging from tea, cappuccino, mocha to cask ales, lagers, bottled cider, wine and delicious cocktails. The pub has six en-suite letting rooms with tea & coffee making facilities and free secure car parking. Residents get a full English breakfast along with cereals, toast, and fruit juice.

For Ladies that lunch Take some time out for yourself and join diners for a Ladies Luncheon in York to learn about a top-class cosmetics company. The event takes place at the Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa on Thursday, July 28, which was named 'Hotel of the Year' at the prestigious Visit York Tourism Awards during a glittering ceremony earlier this year. Enjoy good company at the Cedar Court, in Station Rise. Arrive at noon and you will be welcomed with a refreshing glass of wine. You will then sit down to a delicious twocourse lunch at 12.30pm followed by tea or coffee. At 1.30pm, the diners will settle down for a presentation and demonstration by Molton Brown, which specialises in plant-based make-up, hair, body, skin and grooming products. You will learn about the history of their products, how they source their ingredients and hear about their latest products and news. What’s more, all the guests will receive a complimentary Molton Brown goody bag and a ‘Spa at the Grand’ discount voucher. The mouth-watering menu features slow-cooked braised belly pork, colcannon potatoes, panache of baby vegetables, served with an organic cider sauce. The dessert is Vanilla Panacotta, with fresh raspberries. n The Cedar Court kitchen caters for all dietary requirements; just let them know what they are. To book your place on the lunch, call 380038.


n The Gillygate, 46-48 Gillygate, York, is offering meal deals (look out for the pub’s advert in this month’s magazine) as well as a special offer on accommodation. For more details, call 654103.

Good food The spacious restaurant at Blakeney House in Stockton Lane, York, offers the discerning diner wonderful a la carte home-cooked food. It is open for traditional Sunday lunches and evening dinner, making the restaurant an ideal place for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. The Victorian building, which has 15 en suite rooms, is also famous for its fabulous Yorkshire breakfast. n To book your table, call 422786

Meal deal A landmark pub in Wigginton Road, York, has been fully refurbished with a new children’s area to make it really family friendly. And the Bumper Castle is celebrating by offering a mouth-watering meal deal to readers of Your Local Link. The voucher in the pub’s advert this month entitles you to a free starter or sweet when ordering one paid-for meal. n So pop along to the Bumper Castle. Tel: 690078.

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818


Verdict VVVVV

Food glorious food Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel nestles in a secluded English courtyard garden in the city centre. It offers relaxed, unpretentious dining for evenings and traditional Sunday lunches. We sent David Clarke and his partner to sample their dinner menu.


“We arrived promptly at our booked time to be greeted by a pleasant, smiling girl who directed us to a table, offered drinks and gave us menus to peruse while we waited for our table in the restaurant to be prepared.

“The bread and starters duly arrived and we tucked in. I’d ordered pan fried chicken livers flamed with brandy and cream and served on a croute, which was delicious. My girlfriend opted for the goats cheese and tomato galette, a very thin disc of flaky pastry which melted in the mouth.

“We were very impressed by the menu. It had an excellent range of dishes to cover all tastes, which all sounded delicious, and with even more options available from the chef’s specials menu the only problem was choosing what to have!

“The main courses followed. I’d gone for the rib eye steak, which came served with peppercorn sauce, mushrooms and caramelised onions. This can sometimes be difficult to get right, but I’m pleased to say it was cooked to absolute perfection. My girlfriend ordered the lemon sole, which was supposed to come on a bed of couscous, but she asked for potatoes instead and they were happy to oblige. Both courses came with a selection of side vegetables which complimented the meal very

2 for £20.00* 2 starters, 2 main courses and 2 glasses of wine


Monday to Thursday until end July 2011

well – obviously a well trained and experienced chef with an eye for detail. “Then it was time for dessert. Sometimes the choice can be a bit unimaginative, but the selection on offer at Lady Anne Middleton’s was impressive and not run of the mill. I went for the intriguing-sounding Red Velvet Cake, which was a delicious

raspberry and chocolate concoction. My girlfriend went for a toffee cheesecake which was another big hit. “All in all, it was a very good experience and excellent value for money. We’ll definitely be returning, and I’d recommend anyone else do the same.”



“We eventually gave our order and were shown to our table in the dining room. It’s a very unusual room, slightly circular in shape, with a vaulted ceiling, wooden beams and lots of windows giving a light and airy atmosphere. It felt like being inside a windmill! The background music was tasteful, not too loud and made for a pleasant, relaxing

“The staff were polite and attentive, had no problem with a minor change to the menu and brought iced water without being asked. The wine, a very nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, also arrived properly chilled.

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818




Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818

yorkonafork Lunchtime menus from £3.95 Excellent Evening Dining (Booking advisable) Examples: Steaks from £9.25 Fish £9.95 Chicken £8.95 and so much more All served with hand cut chips, salad, onion rings Vegetarian menu from £8.50

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818




22 July

Every night

Inaccessible York, Museum Gardens

Ghost Trail of York, West Doors of York Minster. 7.30pm. Dare you cross the centuries and discover York’s spine-chilling history? From tragic plague victims to murdered orphans and the plumber who spotted a whole Roman legion marching through a basement, you’ll find out how York earned its reputation as one of the most haunted cities in the world – and have a few laughs along the way! No need to book, just turn up and enjoy. Call 633276 for more information.

2 July Butterfly Walk, Nostell Priory & Parkland, Doncaster Road, Nostell, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 1QE. 1pm. Discover the range of butterflies in the park and learn how to identify them. Meet the Parkland Ranger at the front of house for a two mile walk around the parkland looking for butterflies.

9 July World Heritage Site Tour, Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, 10.30am-1pm. Find out why UNESCO has designated Studley Royal & Fountains Abbey one of the greatest cultural or natural sites of its type in the world. Call 01765 608888 for more information.

19 & 24 July Riverside walk, Museum Gardens Gates, 10.30am. The history of York’s riverside, from bustling Viking port to Victorian chocolate centre. Call Yorkwalk on 622303.

Gates. 10.30am. Visit cellars and attics of a great Georgian mansion and a medieval house, plus the hidden chapel and priest hole at the Bar Convent. Call Yorkwalk on 622303.

22 July Secret Passages, Museum Gardens Gates. 2.15pm. Visit parts of York not open to the public, including some of York’s fine guildhalls, the Roman East Angle Turret and a hidden crypt. Call 622303.

23 July Choccie Tour, Museum Gardens Gates. 10.30 and 2pm. Hear the history of Terry’s and Rowntree, visit choccy and sweetie shops and taste free samples! Call Yorkwalk on 622303.

24 July Jewish Heritage Trail, Museum Gardens Gates. 2.15pm. A walk recalling the Jewish contribution to York's history, visiting sites connected with medieval and modern Jews. Call Yorkwalk on 622303.

31 July Graveyard Tour, Museum Gardens Gates. 10.30am. Descend to a secret crypt, sample Roman and medieval coffins and visit plague sites. Call Yorkwalk on 622303.

31 July Royal Tour, Museum Gardens Gates. 2.15pm. A new walk to celebrate royal visits to York. Call Yorkwalk on 622303.

n DAYS OUT & ATTRACTIONS Jorvik Viking Centre, Coppergate. Visit York’s top must-see attraction and take a journey through the reconstruction of Viking-Age streets as they would have looked 1000 years ago. Explore the exciting exhibitions, find out more about the Viking way of life and even come face to face with a Viking! Even better, with the voucher in this month’s issue, kids can get in free after 3pm (two children with every full paying adult). Call 615505 to pre-book Beacon Farm Ice Cream Parlour & Tearooms, Beacon Farm, Beacon Way, Sneaton, Whitby YO22 5HS. 10am – 4pm. Set in


Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818

Helmsley Walled Garden, Cleveland Way, Helmsley YO62 5AH. 10.30am – 5pm. Since it was abandoned from dereliction in 1994, work has continued to restore Helmsley Walled Garden to its former Victorian splendour, conserving old, rare and endangered plants. Explore the paths and vine house and admire the magnificent towering walls covered in clematis and old-fashioned fruit trees.  Visit the propagation house, pick up tips from the staff and volunteers and enjoy a picnic on the lawn or local produce in the cafe. A must for gardening fans. Call 01439 771427. Mansion House, St Helen’s Square. 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm. Situated in the heart of the city, the Mansion House is an architectural masterpiece which plays host to an extensive collection of civic regalia and artefacts. The impressive collection of silver, paintings and furniture is unequalled by any other provincial city. The house is open to the public every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for Open House Tours at 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm – no pre-booking required. They also offers a series of bespoke tour packages. Call 552036 f

Until July 4 Art & music, The Pyramid Gallery, Stonegate. 10am – 5pm. Exhibition of work by Cornish artist/printmaker Trevor Price. It also

includes the work of Peter Layton and glass-makers from the London Glassblowing Workshop. For more details, go to

2 & 3 July Duncombe Park Steam & Vintage Rally, Duncombe Park, Helmsley. A must for all fans of big boys’ (and girls!) toys! There are engines and vehicles galore to enjoy, including full size steamers, miniatures, commercials, tractors and stationary engines and vintage cars and motorcycles. You’ll also find several organs, models, crafts and a working area. You’ll also find a huge range of organs, crafts, models and trade stands. A variety of stalls, a fairground, can-can dancers and licensed bar with evening entertainment make this a great day out for the whole family. Visit www.gytec.

Thyme Festival, Yorkshire Lavender, Terrington YO60 6PB. With thyme having flowered earlier than expected this year, Yorkshire Lavender’s Thyme Festival has been brought forward! Join us in this unique celebration of Thyme, designed to provide visitors with a fun way of learning tips, advice and information on how to grow your own. The free weekend of festivities will explore Thyme through the ages, looking at the benefits of Thyme and how it has been used throughout history for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Call 01653 648008 for more information.

English Civil War Exhibition, All Saints’ Church Long Marston. 10am to 5pm (Sat); 10am – 4pm (Sun).

2 July Copmanthorpe Carnival, Recreation Centre, Barrons Crescent, Copmanthorpe, 12

noon-6pm. A huge line-up of live music, dance and circus entertainment look set to make this year’s festival better than ever. The extensive lineup of bands includes Oceans, The Pauper Kings, The Fear, The Bon Bonz and The Buccaneers. Global York, a highly experienced group of youth workers in York, will be running an amazing range of children’s activities, including Sumo Suits and a giant inflatable human table football table. For more details, go to

Picnic in the Park, Tower Gardens. 2pm. In case of bad weather, the event will take place at Manor School, Millfield Lane YO26 6PA.

3 July Upstairs, Downstairs, Treasurer’s House. 2pm. June 1900 is when Treasurer’s House hosted the Royal visit of the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII. Discover what this meant for the staff of the house on a guided tour of their living quarters in the attics at 2pm followed by a glimpse of high society with a decadent afternoon tea. Booking essential on 624247.

3 July The Art of Beekeeping, Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Murton YO19 5UF. The Yorkshire and District Beekeepers Association are based at Murton Park; this will be a buzzing day of talks and demonstrations on the ancient craft of beekeeping and a chance to visit their apiary and bee garden. There will also be the opportunity to try out some honey-based recipes. You’ll bee amazzzzzed…Call 489966 for more information. Hope & Glory, Bustordthorpe Field, York Racecourse, 10am-4pm. A grand family day out to raise money for the military charities Help For

Travel back in time Get stuck in and hands on with history this summer at Whitby Abbey, Clifford’s Tower and Scarborough Castle with Time Travellers events and activities Sat 23 Jul - Mon 29 Aug SMO11 or call 0870 333 1181

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17 acres of idyllic Yorkshire countryside, family-run Beacon Farm looks out over the beautiful Whitby harbour. Stop for a cup of tea and a home-made light snack in the authentic barn conversion. Or indulge in one of the farm’s trademark ice creams, all made on the premises using milk and cream from Yorkshire cows grazing Yorkshire pastures. Beacon Farm also has a campsite and holiday cottages for rent. Call 01947 605212


Stockton Village Hall. 10.30am – 4pm. Stockton on the Forest & Hopgrove Local History Group will be launching their book, In Days Gone By: A History of Stockton on the Forest. There will be a display of interesting artefacts and refreshments.

9 & 10 July The English Lavender Festival, Yorkshire Lavender, Terrington YO60 6PB. 10am – 5pm. A celebration of lavender and herbs. Learn about cooking with lavender and herbs, the magic of lavender essential oil, lavender for health and beauty including talks from herbalists and aromatherapists. Hundreds of different varieties of lavender and herbs together with perennials, annuals, grasses, alpines, wildflowers will be for sale. A whole range of lavender foods, conserves, condiments, lavender ice cream, lavender honey beer, etc will be available for sale in the Gift Shop and also served in the award-winning EJ's Tea Room. Call 01653 648008 for more information. Heroes and Army Benevolent Fund. Attractions include a flypast by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the Yorkshire Volunteers marching band, live cannon fire, a display by York’s Red Shoes Dance School, and live music. There will also be a display of military vehicles and Rolls-Royces. Children’s entertainment includes bouncy castle, slide, and trampoline. Tickets are available from York Visitor Centre and on the gates.

Barry Sheene Road Race Festival, Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough YO11 2YW. Oliver's Mount is the British mainland’s only natural "roads" circuit and has over the years been the proving ground for many future world champions and TT stars, including the legendary Barry Sheene. The champion named Oliver’s Mount as his all-time


favourite circuit, so it’s only fitting that Oliver’s Mount should host a festival in his name. Call 01723 373000.

7, 15, 23, 31 July Upstairs Downstairs Tours, Nostell Priory & Parkland, Doncaster Road, Nostell, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 1QE. 2 – 4pm (2 – 3pm on 15th). See parts of the house not usually open to visitors. Visit the impressive vaulted cellars and the near derelict servants quarters. Discover how the family and their servants lived and worked at Nostell. Booking Essential on 01924 863892.

9 July Gala Book Launch & Open Day,

10 July Jaguar Day, Newby Hall & Gardens, Ripon. 10am – 4pm. The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club gathers to display hundreds of old and new Jaguars in the ground of the Hall. Whether you own a Jag or you enjoy a spot of wishful thinking, this is the day for you. Call 01423 322583 Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge, River Ouse. 10am – 4pm. Watch 36 teams of paddlers in colourful costumes competing for the trophy, while enjoying the great gala atmosphere on the Museum Gardens Bank.

Burton Constable Country Fair, Burton Constable Hall, Skirlaugh, near Beverley, 10am-5pm. Call 01964 562400.

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16 July

17 July

York Stamp & Coin Fair, York

Bishop Wilton Show & Craft Fair,

Racecourse. 11am – 6pm (Fri); 11am – 4pm (Sat). The largest stamp and coin fair outside London, with more than 160 dealers buying and selling. You’ll find first day covers, new issues and classics as well as literature, banknotes, tokens, medals, stamps and coins from all over the world. Entry is free, and there’s a bar/buffet and free parking available. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you’ll find plenty to interest you. Find out more by visiting

Pocklington Road. Terrier racing to tug of war, Morris dancing to half marathons – the Bishop Wilton Show has it all this year! Attractions include demonstrations of sheep shearing, vintage cars and tractors, Driffield Brass Band, pet shows, trade stands and a falconry display. For the kids, there are sports, a fun fair and a children’s entertainer. Grown-ups can browse the craft tent and enjoy displays of photography, floral arrangements, horticulture and home-made cakes. Or why not check out the ever popular Beer Festival, with ten real ales on offer?

Historical Vehicle Rally, Newby Hall & Gardens, Ripon. 10am – 5pm. The North East Club for Pre-war Austins assembles over 1000 vintage cars and assorted auto jumble. A must for petrolheadds everywhere! Call 01423 322583 for more information or visit

16 and 17 July Go Potty! Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Murton YO19 5UF. Have you ever wanted to get crafty with clay? Now is your chance - come and meet the resident potter and have a go at making your own clay pot, Viking style! As usual there will be tractor rides and trains will be running throughout the day. Call 489966

16 July – 4 September York Maze, Elvington. 10am – 6.30pm. York Maze wants you to get lost – in the nicest possible way, of course! Follow the clues around the giant maze, climb the viewing towers and find the talking sculptures. Plus giant children’s sand and water play area, adventure climb, jumping pillow, The UK’s largest inflatable slide, farm animals, pig racing, crazy golf, maze of illusions, water wars, café, barbecue and gift shop. New for 2011 is the Crowmania tractor trailer ride. Join the farmer on the tractor in the battle to scare away the pesky crows. Call 607341 or visit

Coins around York Minster, the British Heart Foundation wants people to encircle York Minster with 50p pieces and other coins to mark the charity’s 50th birthday. Call 270776

16 & 17 July The 46th Masham Steam Engine and Fair Organ Rally, Marfield Fields, 1/2 mile north of Masham on the A6108 Leyburn Road. A whole host of wonderful exhibits for steam fans, with miniatures as well as 36 full size steamers, plus a display of tractors and associated equipment from the Ferguson Club.  There will also be guest appearances from the exciting Inch Perfect Motorcycle Trials Team, Ben Potter’s Falconcry Display, The Graham Atkinson Dancing Show and a fairground featuring the very beautiful Screeton's Gallopers carousel. Call Mrs Grainger on 01765 689569 or visit

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 622022 or 631818

20 July Driffield Show, Driffield Showground, Kelleythorpe, Driffield YO25 9DN. Where can you try your hand at pond dipping, see wheat turned into bread and find a team of dancing diggers? At the Driffield Show, where else? There’s a whole host of country-themed events for the whole family enjoy, from forestry fencing to fly fishing, show jumping to rural crafts and delicious home-made treats. You’ll also find all creatures great and small, including birds of prey, heavy horses, dogs, sheep, goats, pigs and even alpacas! Visit www.driffield for more information.

23 July – 4 September Summer Fun, National Railway Museum, Leeman Road YO26 4XJ. To celebrate the return of the legendary Flying Scotsman (due to take pride of place in the Great Hall in August), the NRM is bursting with indoor and outdoor activities for all the family. There are daily talks, explosive science shows as well as steam and miniature railway rides. Listen to an interactive storytelling session, or see the story of the railways brought to life by the Platform 4 Theatre company. Or let off some steam of your own in the outdoor play area! Call 08448 153139 or visit



15 & 16 July


23 July – 29 August Time Travellers Go...Medieval, Cliffords Tower. 11am – 5pm. How would you have fared 500 years ago? Take a trip back to medieval times to find out! Have fun dressing up in regal costumes, discover medieval etiquette and even sit on a throne! Or visit Scarborough Castle, where you can join Pirate School and find out if you have what it takes to sail the seven seas? If you prefer your history even more horrible, take a trip to Whitby Abbey and explore the truly gruesome side of life! Call 0870 333 1181, or visit www.

23-31 July Knights, Castles and Chivalry, York Castle Museum, 9.30am to 5pm. Call 687687.

23 July – 5 September Children’s Trails, Treasurer's House, behind York Minster, 11am - 4.30pm. Spend some time in the garden playing traditional games or follow the free children’s trail around the house. Closed Friday. Call 624247 for more information.

24 July The Event Day, North York Moors National Park, Danby, Nr Whitby. 11am - 4.30 pm. Join us for the biggest event day which includes a host of activities. This event is the biggest event of the National Park’s event calendar. The day includes information, demonstrations, walks, talks and activities. Pick up tips on woodland skills, see artists at work and have a go at candle rolling, pot making and much more. For details Tel 01439 772738.


26 July 145TH Ryedale Show, Welburn Park, Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire YO62 7HQ. Probably North Yorkshire’s biggest and best one day Agricultural Show. Situated within a natural amphitheatre, there are eight rings running throughout the day, exhibiting prime cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, fur & feather, Dog Show (including sheep dogs) . In the region of 200 quality trade stands attend each year. The atmosphere is unique, warm and very friendly. For more details contact the Secretary on 01653 602142 or visit For schedules please send an A5 envelope inc 50p postage to Cundalls, 15 Market Place, Malton. YO17 7LP.

stage their first adventure race on the edge of the North York Moors. The event features of 30km of biking, running and kayaking and is suitable for a wide range of abilities. No specialist kit required – the organisers provide everything including kayaks. Bring your own bike or hire one from Rat Race. Then relax post-event with a beer tent, music, free wine sampling, kids’ inflatables and the Rat Race’s bargain-laden event shop, featuring all the best brands from the world of adventure sport. Call 020 3195 0185 or visit

31 July Archaeology Day, Archaeology Day, around Sutton Bank, National Park Centre. 11am – 4.30 pm. For details Tel 01439 772738

30 July

6 August

Rat Race Green Belter Run

Tockwith Show, Cattal Moor Lane,

Bike Kayak Challenge, Newburgh Priory Nr Coxwold. York-based Rat Race Adventure Sports

Tockwith YO26 7QH. Tockwith Show is a traditional country show with a countywide


reputation for its displays of working rural crafts, farmers’ market and wide range of attractions. They also boast one of the largest farriers’ competitions outside the county show circuit. You’ll also find trade stands, a farmers’ market and a craft marquee. The show offers great value for money, with a full and varied day of entertainment and education. To buy tickets in advance or for more information, visit

and green, and all proceeds go to charity. Don't miss it! Visit to book your tickets. Please quote ‘locallink767’ to earn a discount that amounts to £3 off a day ticket, £5 off a weekend ticket and £15 off a family weekend ticket.

Shepherds and Shanties, Salvation Army Citadel, Gillygate. 8pm. The Micklegate Singers, an amateur choir in York made up of around 30–40 mixed voices, presents a varied programme of choral music. Tickets are available on the door, or from the box office on 557208.

n Concerts

Ave Maria: music for the blessed Virgin Mary, St Olaves Church, Marygate.

14 August

Late Music Concert, Unitarian Chapel, St

Ripley Agricultural Show, Ripley Castle Park, Harrogate HG3 3EA. Heavy and Light Horses (showing & jumping), Dogs, Sheep and Cattle, Vintage Machinery and Yorkshire's largest and finest display of Vintage Tractors are just some of the attractions on offer at this year’s show. There will also be horticultural, produce and handicrafts on display, plus the famous live ‘Sheep Show’ (complete with dancing sheep!), farrier demonstrations and a guest appearance from Cyril the Squirrel! What more could you want? More information from

26 – 28 August Galtres Festival, Crayke. Who needs Glastonbury when Yorkshire's got Galtres? Combining five stages of music and cabaret, more than 100 fine beers and ciders all from Yorkshire, excellent local produce catering, loads for kids to do from film making to music workshops, and all set in a beautiful rural setting overlooking the Vale of York. Music ranges from top chart-topping bands to local emerging talent, ranging from pop and acoustic to jazz, blues and ska. Comedy, theatre and offbeat performances at the night cabaret, films, family camping and clean loos too! It's organic, fair trade

2 July Saviourgate. 7.30pm. Tickets:

York Symphony Orchestra Summer Concert, Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York. 8pm. The York Symphony Orchestra, the city’s oldest amateur orchestra, presents its summer programme. The concert features Debussy's rarely heard Printemps, which includes a piano duet and a harp in its orchestration to suggest the delicate sensuality of springtime. Works by Ravel and Barber create a more prayerful atmosphere that is dispelled in the high spirits of Russian offerings from Borodin and Khachaturian. The orchestra is led by Claire Jowett and conducted by Alasdair Jamieson.

Summer concert, York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir, York Guildhall, 7.30pm. The ‘Phil’, as the choir is affectionately known, has played a significant part in the rich musical fabric of York since 1925. Listen to this award-winning choir sing their distinctive brand of four-part harmony choral music in a striking venue. You will hear folk songs, hymns, secular music and songs from the shows, plus a selection of solo pieces. Book your ticket, which includes a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink at the interval, by calling Terry Yates on 728423.

8pm. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary was fundamental to worship in 17th-century France, and the Ebor Singers explore Charpentier's highly varied output in her honour, from pieces intended for performance by nuns to a large-scale oratorio. Free pre-concert talk at 7.15pm. Call the Minster box office on 0844 939 0015

Rossini Petite Messe Solenelle, St Michael le Belfrey, opposite South entrance to the Minster. 8pm. The Chapter House Choir presents Rossini's sparkling and witty chamber oratorio for choir, soloists and two pianos and harmonium. This joyous, and occasionally irreverent, work was Rossini's final offering to his ardent Parisian followers. Call the Minster box office to book on 0844 939 0015

3 July The Drifters, Grand Opera House, York, 7.30pm. Now in their 58th year, The Drifters have seen massive chart success across the world. They will be joined on stage by about 20 pupils from Our Lady’s RC Primary School, Acomb, to sing the song Hero by M People. Box office on 0844 847 2322. Rebecca Newman In Concert, Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Haxby Road. 7pm. Box office on 623568.



5 July Jazz supper: Enjoy an evening with good food and live music from the Andy Hillier Jazz Trio, Court Cafe, Dean Court Hotel, York, from 8pm. Tel: 625082.

10 July Music Night, Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Haxby Road. Call the box office on 623568.

16 July Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Ripley Castle, near Harrogate. Join Jools, his fantastic Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and special guests Sandi Shaw and Ruby Turner. Gates open at 5pm with music from 6.30pm. Bring a picnic. For tickets, call IML Concerts on 01603 660444 or go to www.

Just Dance First Anniversary Show, New Earswick Folk Hall, 7.30pm. Pupils from the dance school will present their exam work and new dances. Tutor Stacey says: “Performing on stage helps the pupils to build confidence and achieve high standards.” Call 07538 723010.

23 July Music for Two Harpsichords, St. Chad’s Church, Campleshon Road YO23 1EY. 7.30pm. Masumi Yamamoto Masumi Yamamoto is a prize-winning harpsichord player who regularly performs across the world as a soloist and continuo player. She has also appeared on the BBC Radio 3 programme Discovering Music with St. James’s Baroque and the BBC singers. She and fellow harpsichord virtuoso Takako Minami will be playing


original works by JS Bach, Couperin, Krebs and Le Roux.

n COMMUNITY & CLUB EVENTS Every Sunday Wigginton Car Boot Sale, Home Farm, Wigginton YO32 2RD. 7am – 1pm. We all love a car boot sale. The chance to rummage around in other people’s stuff, exercise our haggling skills and maybe pick up a bargain. And as we always say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure! Wigginton Car Boot Sale is York’s oldest established sale – can you believe it celebrates its 21st birthday this year? It’s definitely our favourite for spot for some Sunday morning bargain hunting. Call 768463 for more information.

28 June – 2 July Secondhand book sale, St Helen’s Church, St Helen’s Square. 10am – 5pm.

1 July Jorvik Woodturning Group, Earswick Village Hall, Earswick Chase, Earswick, York, 7.30pm. Tel: 704092.

2 July Dragon Boat programme sale, city centre, 9am – 4pm. Look out for Rotarians and volunteers from York Against Cancer selling Dragon Boat programmes. Lucky number winner gets four first class tickets anywhere on East Coast Rail.

Huntington Road, YO32 9QA. 1 – 4pm. Stalls will include home produce, plants, bric-a-brac, cat goods, books, a tombola and more. This is their big fundraising event of the year so please show your support. Entry (which includes refreshments) is £1.50 or three tins of Felix or Whiskas.

2-3 & 16-17 July Windmill weekends. See how the restoration of Holgate Windmill is progressing by attending the open days between 11am and 4pm. Call Helen on 331402 or Bob on 795851.

3 July Family fun day, Oaken Grove Community Centre, Haxby. Young volunteers from Haxby & Wigginton Methodist Church are staging a family fun day. For more details, call Hannah on 761141. Helperby & Brafferton Hidden Gardens & Street Fair, 12 noon to 5pm. Open gardens plus a street fair with stalls selling books, cakes, gifts, plants, jewellery and local produce. There will also be a tombola and a raffle. Attractions will include brass band, Morris dancers, dog show, art & photography exhibition, children’s train rides, trampolines, traditional fairground games, storytelling and music. All this plus a beer tent, homemade lunches and teas, ice-creams and strawberries and cream. For more details, call Jim Johnstone on 01423 360524

4 – 9 July ‘A Pearl of Great Price’, The Guildhall. 10am – 6pm (Mon – Fri); 10am – 4pm (Sat). Bible message exhibition presented by York Christadelphians

5 July

city to do your shopping? Then head out to Haxby where you’ll find a whole variety of goods at great prices, all in the pretty, relaxed surroundings of one of our favourite towns. Parking’s a lot easier than it is in the city, too! Come to browse or pick up a bargain – you never know what you might find! For more information, call 768300.

Open Day, Quartz Travel, Heworth Road. 11.30am – 4.30pm. Open day devoted to holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Refreshments will be available, including champagne. People booking holidays on the day will be offered a choice of incentives. Call 411188.

15 July

7 July

Dunnington Playing Fields Fayre,

Litter Pick, River Foss. 2 pm. Organised by the River Foss Society. For further details phone 766196 or visit

9 July Summer Fayre, Skelton Primary School. Experience all the fun of the fair (or should that be fayre?). Lots of fun things for the whole family, including games, stalls and refreshments.

12 – 23 July Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point. The mobile OA Pain Information Point will be offering offer advice and information on OA pain management at Wyevale Garden Centre 12th – 17th from 9am – 6pm (Sun 10.30am – 4.30pm) and Coppergate Shopping Centre from 18th – 23rd, 9am – 5pm.

13 July

‘Life is a Hoot’ Talk, Wigginton Recreation Hall, 2pm. Haxby & Wigginton U3A presents a talk by Pat Smith

21 – 23 July Dunnington Playing Fields. Dunnington plays host to three days of fabulous family entertainment this month. The fun starts on Thursday 21st with a comedy night from 8 – 11.30pm. On Friday 22nd, there’s a family disco from 5.30 – 10.30pm. Then on Saturday 23rd, it’s the Fayre itself from 11am until 4pm. Events include terrier racing, birds of prey displays, a children’s fair, and fun dog shows. Then in the evening from 7.30pm – 1am you can get your groove on to live band Bluephunk (NB all the evening entertainment is ticket only). Buy tickets by calling 07890 230778.

23 July Summer barbecue, Rufforth Pre School, 7.30pm. An opportunity to relax, socialise and unwind without the children. Everyone welcome. Tickets available direct from Rufforth Pre School or call 07791 284030 or 07771 347507. (The cut-off date for tickets is 8 July).

Haxby Market, Haxby WMC Car Park, 64 North Lane, Haxby. Don’t fancy trekking into the


Sutton-on the-Forest, York YO61 1DP Tel: 01347 810249

Email: • This lovely early Georgian house is the Yorkshire home of Sir Reginald & Lady Sheffield.

HOUSE OPEN to the public every WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY from APRIL until end of SEPTEMBER - 1.30-5.00pm and all Bank Holidays last tour 4pm. Our superb award-winning GARDENS are open 11.00am DAILY until end of SEPTEMBER. We are also delighted to be able to offer the use of Sutton Park as the perfect location for your wedding ceremony. Our stunning Dining Room is unique and individual. Fully licensed to conduct civil ceremonies. Our award-winning tearooms are open WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY from 11.00-5.00pm serving the most delicious home-baked fare.



Grand 10th Anniversary Open Day, York Cats Protection Adoption Centre, 582


24 July Castle Triathlon Series. Triathletes are being urged to swim, run and cycle at Castle Howard, the stately home near York, to raise money for York Against Cancer and the military charity Help For Heroes. Participants range from elite stars to first-timers and children aged eight to 15. For details, visit or call 01892 870 681.

28 July Multi Sport Activities, New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club, Huntington Road, YO32 9PX. 9am – 4pm. Fancy trying your hand at a new sport? New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club will be holding a day of coach-led sessions aimed at introducing visitors to some new activities. Carpet bowls, boccia, badminton, table tennis, new age kurling and indoor football will all be on offer, with expert coaching. And when you’ve tried them, you can turn up and play any time you like thoughout the summer holidays. You’ll need to book if you want to try out a particular activity – call 750230. Children’s Cookery Club, Children’s Cookery Club, The Cooking Rooms, Eco Business Centre, Amy Johnson, Clifton Moor YO30 4AG. Gilly Robinson presents a series of cooking classes for 6 - 12 year olds. Their aim is to combine learning with fun. Children will acquire basic skills in the hands-on sessions which they will be able to translate into practice at home. Even better, they get to eat or take away what they cook. Their small group size ensures lots of individual attention. For more information on classes for all ages, visit their website email info@ or call 500700.

Starting 28 July Theatre Workshops, Melbourne Centre, Escrick Street, Fishergate YO10 4AW. 6 – 7pm (ages 11 – 13 years); 7 – 8pm (ages 14 – 16 years). Theatre workshops do much more than unleashing your child’s creativity or tapping into undiscovered talent; they can also improve their confidence and help foster a ‘can do’ work ethic. All ages and abilities catered for. For more details call Ashley on 07517 861009 or Tiff on 07923 264475.

30 July Pet Show, York Auction Centre. 10am – 4pm. Thompsons of York, with the support of Minster FM, is hosting this event, which is open to anyone who would like to come along with their pet and join in with a range of informative and fun events. The Pet Show will feature a number of different show classes along with expert advice covering pet

Box Office Tel: 0844 871 3024 Or visit our friendly Box Office on Clifford Street in person


feeding, grooming and general pet care. Whether you’re a proud pet owner or just an animal lover, this is for you! Admission is free. To enter your pet download an application form at www.minsterfm. after 27th June.

1 – 5 August Summer Holiday Club, York City Church, Trinity Methodist Building, Monkgate, York, 10am-4pm. To book a place, call Emily on 541444

n ANTIQUES FAIRS & AUCTIONS 1, 15, 22 and 29 July Antiques and Collectors Fair, Helmsley Town Hall. 9.30am- 4.30pm.

Antiques and Collectors Fair, Wetherby Town Hall. 9.30am – 4.30pm.

6 & 29 July Tennants Antique & Home Furnishing Sale, The Auction Centre, Leyburn. 9.30am Tel 01969 623780

20 July York Antique Sale, York Auction Centre, Murton. 10am. Tel 01653 696151

25 July Antique Fair, York Racecourse. Stall holders from 7am (no public admission until after stall holders). Please note there will be no admission from Bishopthorpe Road before 9am. Admission past the racecourse stands. For information, call K&J Brown Promotions on 01429 881917.

30 & 31 July

Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal. 7 – 9.45pm. Let the Lord Chamberlain’s Men entertain you with classic Shakespeare performed in the Abbey ruins. Bring a picnic and chairs and soak up the unique atmosphere. Booking essential on 0844 249 1895, or visit

Memphis Night, Sutton Park, Sutton on the Forest YO61 1DP. 7.30 – 11pm. Do you remember the music of the 60s? Did you strut your stuff like John Travolta in the 70s, or more like Boy George in the 80s? Whatever your era, you’ll have fun dancing the night away as Sutton Park takes a trip down a musical memory lane for Memphis Night. Tickets are just £12, and there’s a licensed bar available. Get your boogie shoes on and book your ticket today by calling 01347 810249.

15 July Psychic Evening, Black Swan Inn, Peaseholme Green, York, 7.30pm-9.30pm. Demonstrating the PSYcards by giving a reading to the audience.

Antiques and Collectors Fair, Ripley

16 July

Village Hall. 9am – 4.30pm. Call 01423 889163 or 0776 5006996

Just Dance First Anniversary Show, New Earswick Folk Hall, 7.30pm. Pupils

The Great Antique Fair, Wetherby Racecourse LS22 5EJ, Saturday, 8am – 5pm, Sunday 9am – 5 pm. Excellent on-site catering, free parking.

from the dance school will present their exam work and new dances. For more details about Just Dance, call Stacey on 07538 723010.

n THEATRE & NIGHTS OUT 9 July Big Band 1940s Night, De Grey Rooms,

16 July Canterbury Tales, Nunnington Hall, near Helmsley, 7pm (gates open 6.15pm). Picnic-style theatre in the garden. Booking essential on 01439 748283.

St Leonard’s Place. 7.30pm. To book, call 623568.

22 July

A Midsummer Night’s Dream,

Summer Party, Fountains Abbey & Studley

Royal. 6pm - 11pm. Discover an evening of entertainment at Fountains Abbey this summer. Enjoy the delightful sounds of a string trio as you begin with Pimms and canapes in the Elizabethan Garden. The evening continues with a delicious two course BBQ in Fountains Restaurant, and an opportunity to dance the night away with ceilidh band The Roosters. Tickets cost £37.50 and booking is essential; call 01765 643198 / 643197 or email

23 July Victorian Séance and Ghost Hunt, Black Swan Inn, Peaseholme Green, York, 7.30pm.

Naked Maze Night, York Maze, Elvington. 7.30pm – dusk. Get naked and get lost at this special naturist evening. Event held in association with British Naturism. Normal admission charges apply. Call 607341 or visit

29 July Comedy Night, York Racecourse. Where can you see four of Britain’s brightest up and coming comedy stars and enjoy a tasty supper, all for £16? At York Racecourse’s Comedy Night, of course. It has to be the best value night out in the city. Book your tickets by calling 638971 or email

17 September Grease Tribute Night, York Racecourse. Join the T-Birds and Pink Ladies for an evening of rock’n’roll. With a tribute show, disco, three course meal and late night bar, it promises to be an ‘Electrifying’ night. Book your ticket by calling 638971 or email events@



2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 July

e r t a The Much Ado About Nothing (29 June - July 3 & 6 - 9 July) Let York Shakespeare Project transport you back to the summer of 1945. Set in rural Yorkshire in the immediate aftermath of World War Two, York’s Rowntree Park provides the perfect setting for one of Shakespeare’s most popular romantic comedies. Soon-to-be-married lovers Hero and Claudio conspire with Don Pedro to set a ‘lover’s trap’ for the resolutely unmarried Benedick and Beatrice. Meanwhile, the evil Don Jon plots to break up Hero and Claudio’s wedding by accusing Hero of infidelity. Will he succeed and will Benedick and Beatrice ever admit their true feelings for one another? This production features iconic songs from the golden post-war era and period dance numbers. Tickets are available from York Theatre Royal on 623568.

Show Stoppers (1 & 2 July) SLP Company presents a fast-paced musical extravaganza that will give you great family entertainment with show-stopping numbers from musical theatre to pop & rock - and a bit of fun as well at York’s Grand Opera House. Box office: 0844 847 2322.

1 July Brit Floyd, York Barbican The Blueprints, Fibbers

2 July Copmanthorpe Carnival Acoustic Showdown, City Screen // Transfer, The Duchess

3 July The Drifters, Grand Opera House // Rebecca Newman, Rowntree Theatre

5 July Andy Hillier Jazz Trio, Dean Court Hotel

6 July Glamour of the Kill, The Duchess

7 July UK Subs, The Duchess



Parlour Song (30 June - 23 July)

Love’s Labour’s Lost (16 & 17 July)

This hilarious black comedy explores what happens behind closed doors on a typical suburban street. Staged at York Theatre Royal’s Studio, it delves into the deceit, paranoia and murderous desires that can lurk in the most unlikely households. Box office: 623568.

Return to the era of rock ‘n’ roll. Buddy Holly and Elvis dominate the charts, the Jive is in and the King of Navarre and his friends have sworn off wine and women in a bid to get some studying done. But will they keep their oaths when the beautiful Princess of France and her delectable entourage arrive on a diplomatic mission? Expect misunderstandings, mayhem and music. Not Cricket Productions present William Shakespeare’s comedy at 2pm in King’s Manor Courtyard, York and at 7pm in West Bank Park, York, on July 16. The following day, the open-air drama is on at 7pm in Rowntree Park. For tickets, go to

Two Planks And A Passion (1 - 16 July) In the shadow of York Minster, labourers from the Painter’s Guild are preparing to perform their Mystery Play for the Festival of Corpus Christi in 1392. To their surprise, King Richard II and Queen Anne arrive in the city to escape the political intrigues of London. Suddenly, York explodes in a fever of hilarious posturing as rival guilds battle it out to impress the royal party with their wagon plays. This funny and poignant play, staged at York Theatre Royal, is an exciting stepping stone towards producing the 2012 York Mystery Plays in the Museum Gardens. Box office: 623568.

X-Treme Attitude (9 July) Attitude Dance Club returns to York’s Grand Opera House with their dynamic blend of contemporary, street, lyrical and jazz routines. Box office: 0844 847 2322.

City Screen: 0871 902 5726

Fibbers: 651250

Grand Opera House: 0844 847 2322

Stereo: 0121 234 5678

Black Swan Folk: Club: 679131

Dudestock Goes Metal, Fibbers

8 July

16 July

Vintage Trouble, Fibbers // Captain Zippy, The Duchess

Jools Holland, Ripley Castle // Small Fakers, The Duchess // Jon Windle, Fibbers

Whole Lotta Led, The Duchess

10 July

17 July The Stow, Stereo

19 July

Waterfront Blues & Soul Club, City Screen // SCUM, The Duchess // Dream of Apollo, Fibbers

Deaf Havana, The Duchess // Blackbeard’s Tea Party, National Centre for Early Music

12 July

20 July

Babeshadow, The Duchess // Anberlin, Fibbers

All The Young, The Duchess // Viva City, Fibbers

14 July

21 July

Wendy Arrowsmith, Black Swan Folk Club

15 July Mantra, The Duchess

After several rounds of new writing evenings, the finalists come together at York Theatre Royal’s Studio. See several new plays brought to life as rehearsed readings by Script Yorkshire and York Settlement Players. Discuss them with the writers before voting for your favourite. Box office: 623568.

The Duchess: 641413

Steve Phillips, Black Swan Folk Club

9 July

Script Factor All Winners Final (18 July)

Singers & Musicians Night, Black Swan Folk Club // DV8 Festival, The Duchess

22 July Gary Numan, Barbican Centre // Toyah Willcox, Harrogate Theatre // DV8 Festival, The Duchess, Fibbers & Stereo

23 July DV8 Festival, The Duchess, Fibbers & Stereo // Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Harrogate Theatre

The Duchess

29 July Athlete, The Duchess

24 July

30 July

DV8 Festival, The Duchess, Fibbers & Stereo // Claire Martin & Richard Rodney Bennett, Harrogate Theatre

Guns 2 Roses, Fibbers // Julian Cope, Harrogate Theatre // Gary Ryan, Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick

25 July

31 July

Erasure, Dalby Forest // Ash, The Duchess

John Mackenzie, Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick // Morpheus Rising, Fibbers

28 July Serious Sam Barrett + David Broad, Black Swan Folk Club // Hells Bells,


Laurence Sterne On Stage (23 & 24 July) Mister Macaroni and his bungling troupe of players come to York for an evening of Georgian comedy: Laurence Sterne’s major works, A Sentimental Journey and Tristram Shandy as you’ve never seen them before. In ‘A Sentimental Journey’ we follow the absent-minded, and easily distracted Parson Yorick as he encounters an assortment of lords, ladies and chamber maids in his travels through France and Italy. Things get complicated; he forgets that England is at war with France, he doesn’t have a passport and he finds himself stranded in a storm in the mountains. ‘Tristram Shandy’ introduces us to the love story of Captain Toby Shandy and the Widow Wadman. Just how serious is the captain’s war wound, and will it influence the outcome of his “amours”? HC Productions is staging the two plays at the National Centre for Early Music, York, from 7.30pm. Box office: 658338.

A Summer Gala Evening of Dance & Song (24 July) The show, in aid of the Yorkshire Ballet Summer School, will feature stars of the Royal Ballet with Derek Jacobi, Imelda Staunton, Samantha Bond, Alexander Hanson, Alan Titchmarsh, Richard Clifford, Wayne Sleep, Ballet Boyz and students from the summer school at York’s Grand Opera House. Box office: 0844 847 2322.

Armada (28 - 30 July) York Musical Theatre Company, in a new musical by Rob Winlow, presents the untold story of The Armada. When country girl Sarah is summoned by Elizabeth I to venture on board the English fleet in 1588, she has no idea of the battles, espionage and trickery she will find herself caught up in. How can her supernatural talents help the English fight the Spanish Armada and will she unravel her entangled love life? Find out at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Haxby Road, York, 7.30pm (2.30pm matinee on Saturday). Box office: 623568.

Peter Pan (29 July - 3 September) From the team that brought you The Railway Children and The Wind In The Willows comes another family summer spectacle at York Theatre Royal. Join Wendy, John and Michael Darling as they re-count their action-packed adventures in Neverland. Stories of Lost Boys, Indians, Mermaids, Crocodiles and Pirates unfold before your eyes in a magical land, free from grown-up rules. J. M. Barrie’s enchanting story of the boy who refuses to grow up is given sparkle and soul in this new adaptation by Mike Kenny and promises to be fun for all the family. Belt Up Theatre will work alongside the York Theatre Royal team to create an unruly bunch of Pirates and a young cast will feature as loveable Lost Boys. Box office: 623568.

Film guide The Conspirator Actor turned Director Robert Redford takes on the untold story behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in his latest movie. Mary Surratt finds herself charged as a co-conspirator in the president’s murder. As the whole nation turns against her, she is forced to rely on her reluctant lawyer to uncover the truth and save her life.

Larry Crowne Tom Hanks has been off our screens for far too long. But he’s back with a bang in this comedy drama about a Navy veteran who loses his job and decides to reinvent himself by enrolling in community college. There he befriends a group of outcasts and falls in love with a speech therapist professor. The film was also written and directed by Hanks.

West Side Story (4-6 August) William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet is transported to modern New York, as two young idealistic lovers find themselves caught between warring street gangs, the American Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story is one of the all-time great American musicals, with explosive dancing and electrifying music. This summer’s Stage Experience production at the Grand Opera House stars York’s most talented young performers who will work with a professional creative team to put this classic show together in only two weeks! Box office: 0844 871 3024.

CINEMAS: Vue: 08712 240 240 City Screen: 0871 902 5726 Reel Cinema: 0870 801 0870

Hallows and vanquish the Dark Lord Voldemort and all his evil minions? You probably already know the answer to that one, but you won’t want to miss the epic battle all the same.

Cars 2 Feel-good sequel to the 2006 Disney hit movie. Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own. Arrietty East meets west in this Japanese

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2

animated fantasy film, based on the classic children’s novel The Borrowers. 14-year-old Arrietty and the rest of the Clock family live in peaceful anonymity as they make their own home from items ‘borrowed’ from the house’s human inhabitants. However, life changes for the Clocks when a human boy discovers Arrietty.

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, the final part of the Harry Potter saga. Will Harry, Ron and Hermione find the missing horcruxes, discover the secret of the mystical Deathly

Huge Television comedian Ben Miller – one half of the comedy duo Armstrong and Miller – exposes the feuding behind the funnymen in his film-making debut about a warring double

act trying to make it in the cut throat world of comedy. Starring Noel Clarke, Michelle Ryan, Thandie Newton and a whole host of real life comics, including Jo Brand, Kevin Bishop, Ronnie Ancona and David Baddiel.

Super Frank (Rainn Wilson) is an ordinary bloke living an altogether uneventful life with his beautiful wife Sarah (Liv Tyler). When Sarah leaves him for Jacques (Kevin Bacon), the local drug dealer, Frank is devastated. Armed only with a monkey wrench, he turns from humble burger flipper to avenging superhero The Crimson Bolt, with a mission to deliver justice to Jacques and all wrongdoers who happen to cross his path. If you liked Kick-Ass, you’ll love this dark comedy drama. Horrid Henry The Movie You’ve read the books, now see the film. Children’s anti-hero Horrid Henry comes to life in this must-see kids’ movie starring Anjelica Huston, Richard E Grant, Noel Fielding and Matthew Horne. A surefire summer hit. *Listings correct at time of press.



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01904 767881 Aerials 107 Building & Property Maintenance 108 Cleaning 111 Decorators 113 Electricians 114 Fascias & Soffits 115 Garage Doors 115

Handypeople 116 Joinery 117 Locks / Security 117 Plastering 118 Plumbing 118 Removals 121 Roofing 122 Worktops 123

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AERIALS / building & property maintenance


Tim Stockdale, carpet and upholstery cleaner

Tell us about your business. Tim Stockdale (Fabric and Floor Care), which started nine years ago, mainly centres on deep cleaning of domestic carpet, rugs and upholstery. I have done some commercial work in nursing homes, offices and shops. However, my work is mainly domestic. I use Stainshield Professional Protector Treatment because I believe it is the best quality protector for fabrics and carpet. I’ve found it repels spills and stains, whether from soil or oil. It does this by forming a durable, microscopic barrier around each fibre. How did you get started? Ten years ago the nearest I got to cleaning was lifting my legs as the vacuum cleaner came around. What an education since then, with training courses in carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain treatment, leather cleaning and protection, hard flooring and related subjects. Courses are provided by companies in the cleaning industry and trade organisations. The aim is to provide standards of work the public can rely on.


Local businesses at your fingertips

Building & property maintenance

What do I like best about my job? Seeing the “before and after” results as carpets and fabrics are cleaned and brought back to life. Also my job brings me in contact with interesting people from all walks of life; it broadens my outlook. What do you do in your spare time? Any special interests or hobbies? Interests, apart from a busy family life, include all aspects of engineering. Although not an engineer, I have had the privilege to work with talented engineers during many years in the agricultural and motor trades. A few years ago I attended college to achieve Levels 2 and 3 City & Guilds Motorcycle Engineering. I’m interested in classic cars and motorcycles and try to get to race meetings when time allows.


Family? I am married to Diane and we have two sons, Michael and Richard. Diane and I have spent many thousands of miles motorcycling (in all weathers). Do you have a favourite saying? A bit of Yorkshire dry wit; “ ’ard work in’t easy if thou sticks at it”. (It’s best said in an East Riding accent). n Call Tim Stockdale on 413612 or 07950 822939.

To advertise in the next edition please call us on 01904 767881


Building & property maintenance


Adam Bell,

plumber and heating engineer What do you do and how long has your business been going? My business has been going for seven years. BPH Services is a fully-qualified plumbing and heating company in York, where customer satisfaction is the top priority. We have attracted by domestic and commercial customers through the quality of our workmanship. How did you get started? My dad was plumber, so I started work with him What did you want to be when you were at school? At school, I wanted to be a musician What’s the strangest job you’ve ever been asked to do? My strangest job was being asked to walk a dog What do you like best about what you do? Best thing about my work is flexibility and diversity




Local businesses at your fingertips

building & property maintenance / cleaning

What do you do in your spare time? Any special interests or hobbies? My interests are golf, going to the cinema and enjoying nights-out What’s your favourite place in York, and why? My favourite place in York is the restaurant J Bakers. Describe yourself in three words. Easy-going, reliable and honest. What would your last meal on earth be? A Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings. If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on? I would spend any National Lottery jackpot on my family and a house. Who is your best friend? How long have you known them? My best friend is a bloke named Tristan, who I’ve known for about 20 years Tell us a joke (keep it clean!) What’s a specimen? An Italian astronaut. (The question is best asked aloud, in an Italian accent).

n You can contact Adam at BPH Services on 640522 or look out for his advert in this months magazine

      


  

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News In Brief


Outdoor centre for hire

Joseph Rowntree School has named its outdoor centre after a much-loved teacher who died from cancer. Ken Ather, who worked at the New Earswick school for 19 years, was involved in many activities, including music, drama and adventure training. He died 10 years ago. The Ken Ather Outdoor Centre, in the hamlet of Stape, four miles north of Pickering, is available for hire. The 33-bed accommodation is ideally situated for mountain biking, orienteering, Dalby Forest and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which runs through TV’s Heartbeat country. Dan Hield, the school’s business development manager, says: “We want community groups and families to make use of this fantastic outdoor centre. It offers economical self-catering accommodation with dormitories and camping ground.” n For more details, call Sandra Judd at Joseph Rowntree School on 552100 or email



Local businesses at your fingertips

cleaning / decorators

New Montessori school Stephen and Bernadette Phillips have been involved in Montessori education for more than 25 years. They have written an essential guide for parents who want to learn more about Montessori approach to teaching and learning. Now the husband-and-wife team is opening a new school in York in September to cater for children aged between three and five. Pupils will have access to a full range of beautifully-designed Montessori equipment. n Best Montessori, Clifton Moor Church & Community Centre, Rivelin Way, York. Tel: 476350.

Gary Roe

Painting & Decorating all aspects of decorating Interior & Exterior No job too small Free quotes & advice given All insurance work undertaken

call today on

01904 612419 or 07717 116489

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decorators / electricians

Hi-tech conference venue The ÂŁ30 million Joseph Rowntree School in New Earswick offers hi-tech facilities for business conferences, including 120-seat lecture theatre with 3D cinema screen and various break-out rooms equipped with white boards. The school can arrange conference catering; it even has a Costa Coffee counter.


Local businesses at your fingertips

News In Brief

electricians / fascias & soffits / garage doors

The Ken Ather

Dan Hield, the school’s business development manager, says: “We have excellent conference facilities at the school and want businesses and organisations to make use of them.”

Outdoor Centre

Facilities available to hire at the school include main theatre/hall with tiered seating and flexible stage area; sports hall with wooden sprung floor for badminton, netball, five-a-side football, tennis, basket ball and volley ball; Location and activity studio for Contact martial arts, dance, aerobics and Pilates; multi-gym with cardio vascular machines and weights; 120-seat Lecture Theatre with 3D cinema The screen; Ken ICT AtherSuites each with 30 PCs; music recording studio; art Outdoor Centre rooms with darkroom facilities; multi-use classrooms; six outdoor netball/ tennis courts; and hair & beauty suite for sports therapy and massage, hair & nail treatment. n For more details, call Mrs Cris Howes on 552100 or email

For booking and other enquiries, please contact: Joseph Rowntree School Haxby Road New Earswick York YO32 4BZ Tel: 01904 552100 Email: Website:

Economical self-catering group accommodation and camping ground Located in the North Yorkshire Moors FASCIAS • SOFFITS • GUTTERING FASCIAS • SOFFITS National Park• GUTTERING at Stape near Pickering We Are 100% Roofline!

POLYPLAS York’s Longest Established Fascia & Soffit Replacement Company

Find us at E:

Tel: 01904 782300

This spot could be yours

Call: 735202 To advertise in the next edition please call us on 01904 767881


garage doors / handypeople

Heating health check A heating health check is a cost-effective way of improving your domestic heating and hot water system. So says Darren Smilie, of DRS Installations Ltd, Strensall, York. The check typically has four phases: 1. Boiler service. The gas boiler is given a routine service. A flue gas analyser test is carried out and a copy of the CO2 emissions left with customer. 2. System flush and drain. Chemicals are used to clean and remove sludge and debris from the boiler, radiators, cylinder (if present) and pipes. 3. Inhibitor added. A second chemical is added to prevent sludge build-up. 4. A new energy-efficient A-Rated circulation pump is fitted. Older systems may require additional works. These could be: Heating controls. Replace radiator valves with thermostatic radiator valves and an upgrade to a programmable room thermostat. A heating filter is fitted to the pipe work, which strains and holds any debris. The filter is then cleaned once a year. Darren says: “This is a very cost-effective way of reducing carbon emissions.� n For more details, call him on 499247 or 07866 387846



This spot could be yours Call: 735202 116

Local businesses at your fingertips

joinery / locks, security & alrams

RGS Joinery


This spot could be yours Call: 735202 To advertise in the next edition please call us on 01904 767881


locks, security & alarms / platering / plumbing

A piece of cake

News In Brief

Rosemary Allsup has turned her hobby into a successful business. She launched Celebration Cakes to produce beautiful cakes to order for all celebrations. After working from home and then sharing a corner in a gift shop, Rosemary took over the lease of shop in Tadcaster, near York, to cater for her growing number of customers. The venture has now grown to include other cake makers and a range of crafts. Associates sell hand-crafted jewellery, hand-made greetings cards, fabric bags, pictures, mugs, coasters and name plaques. There is also a range of materials and tools to enable customers to decorate their

    

Registered Plumbing Company


Local businesses at your fingertips

News In Brief


own cakes and make their own jewellery or cards. And the business hosts popular day and evening classes. Rosemary has opened an internet shop at www. She says: “We hope to service the growing demand for cake decorating materials. There is an almost unlimited variety of materials which inspire creativity in our customers.” Rosemary adds: “My shop is a friendly place, full of atmosphere and a fun place to visit or attend a class.” She has been running her cake decorating business since 1995. While training at Thomas Danby College in Leeds, she obtained a City & Guilds 121 in Design and Decoration of Flour Confectionery. She also took an ‘Advanced Course in Sugar Flowers’ at Bishop Burton College. Rosemary says: “Cakes can be heart shapes, round, square, or hexagonal. They can be covered in marzipan and royal icing, or sugar paste, in white ivory, peach, or whatever colour you prefer. If you would prefer to make your own cakes, I am also happy to decorate these for you.” n Celebration Cakes, 56 Stutton Road, Tadcaster LS24 9HJ. Tel: 01937 831173. Web:

The Plumbing & Heating Experts

To advertise in the next edition please call us on 01904 767881


plumbing & heating

News In Brief

Let there be light Spectrum Sound And Light specialises in the hire of professional sound, lighting and special effects equipment. The York company caters for everything from children’s parties, special events, conferences and weddings. It has hire packages to suit all budgets, so why not bring your event to life with its stunning range of sound equipment and light effects? n Give Spectrum a call on 360280 or 07828 899684 or go to


Skelton Plumbing services Plumbing Maintenance Bathroom Installations Emergency Repairs Tiling • Power Flushing Free Estimates

Tel: 731398/07766 625584


No Job Too Small

Local businesses at your fingertips

Plumbing & heating / removals

YORK 01904 295033

MAN & VAN Reliable & Modern Any distance Any time

07772 568526 (24hrs)

This spot could be yours Call: 735202 To advertise in the next edition please call us on 01904 767881



A.P.M. 122

Local businesses at your fingertips

roofing / windows, doors & conservatories

WINDOW Solutions

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Specials Board

Can you spare an hour or two?

What are you doing on Thursday 15th September? Why not make it the day you do a good dee d and help Macmillan Cancer Support celebrate their 100th birthday? The charity is appealing for help at a colle ction taking place at York Railway Station. As it’s their cent enary year, they are hoping to raise as much as possible, so your support will be greatly appreciated. The money raised will allow Macmillan to continue providing practical, medical, emotional and financial support for those affected by cancer, improving their quality of life.

And you can help. They’ll provide you with all you need – all you need is a smile! n If you would like to join in, plea se contact Sally Millington on 01904 756 404 , or email smillington@macmillan

A picture is worth a thousand words A video production is an effective way of getting your business message across to potential customers. This is the view of videographer and website designer Dave Tew, who works for Your Local Link magazine. He says: “Video is very versatile. Thanks to sites like YouTube, people are waking up to its potential for promoting small businesses.” For example, it can be used as an introduction video for a business website. “Customers find it reassuring to see the faces behind the names and to know who they are dealing with,” says Dave, who has been helping small businesses promote themselves successfully online for ten years. “A short introductory video tells people you’re human, and not just a faceless website full of jargon. People remember pictures more than

words, so it’s a memorable way of getting across your company’s image and values.” Video can also be used to demonstrate products and services, so customers can see them in action before they buy. Estate agents, hotels and guest houses can use it to post virtual tours of their property. Dave can also create event videos and DVDs, which are powerful promotional tools. It isn’t too expensive, either. “A lot of people are put off by the potential cost, but depending on their requirements they can actually have a professional video created and edited for less than £500,” says Dave.

He will discuss clients’ requirements before developing a promotional solution to suit their needs. “Having had a wealth of experience I can often make suggestions that are more costeffective and get their message across in the way they would like.” He will then shoot the video, and edit it into a three or four minute film. “There’s no disruption to the working day, as I work very unobtrusively – most of my clients forget I’m even there!” says Dave. Your Local Link can testify to that after inviting him to film the team for our own promotional video. You can check it out for yourself on

n To find out how a video can make your business shine online, call us on 767881.


Local businesses at your fingertips


What a

result! Hi Zoe

Just wanted to let you know that even though this month's issue of The Link has only just come out, we have already had a fantastic response. We have had a large amount of enquiries from potential care staff and the quality so far has been really good. It has been a vast improvement on other local publications that I have previously used. Thank you so much for all your help and advice regarding the ads and for your very fast and efficient service. It has been really appreciated and I will definitely be placing ads with you in the future. Kind regards Anna Francis Branch Manager, Prestige Nursing

recruitment advert We ran an identical ur Local Link. The in The Press and Yo guys was far far far response from you at a fraction of the better AND it was . ITELY use you again cost. We will DEFIN English in York. llent response We received an exce we will definitely from using you and . be using you again rk ity , Univers of Yo Babbling Babies

We always receive exceptional customer service wi th a real personal touch from you Zo e, Thanks for all your help. Goldsborough Ca re Home Thank you Zoe for all of your kind help in promoting ou r new business, it has made a real dif ference. Poppleton Pre-Sc hool

Advertise your vacancy with us! Zoe Gowland is our specialist recruitment sales advisor. She can develop a strategy that will help you target exactly the right people. Whatever your budget she can find the recruitment solution for you. n Call us on 01904 767881. 125

your jobs


If you have a job to fill ring our recruitment expert Zoe on: 735208



e accountancy & financ

human resources

e call & contact centr


construction & buildi services


information techn


Healthcare Assistants, RGNs, RMNs & Student Nurses North Yorkshire £excellent driving We have immediate positions available with fantastic companies across a variety of settings, such as general and mental health hospitals, nursing and residential homes, and learning disability establishments. tive search If you’re interested, please contact RebeccaexecuSwift on 0113 308 8052.

insurance & financ services


legal Search Consultancy Ltd, an employment agency and business, is an equal opportunities employer.


hospitality & cater



your jobs


your jobs

Recruitment NEW

Changing the way Estate Agents Sell Properties Visit or call 01904 529530 to find out about our flexible packages

Would you like to sell your property for as little as ÂŁ150 + VAT? Call Now for details... Terms and conditions apply.


If you have a job to fill ring our recruitment expert Zoe on: 735208

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