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n Issue 87 February 2011


Vikings are

coming! Full guide to the Jorvik Festival inside!

WHAT A RESuLT! Why Local Link spells



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Welcome... We have a new arrival at Your Local Link! Actually, make that four new arrivals – our part time office dog Poppy has given birth to her first litter of puppies. The pups – three girls and one boy – were born less than a week ago. New mum Poppy sailed through the whole experience, leaving all the trauma and sleepless nights to her mum and dad Gini and Mick. Here in the office we’ve all been oohing and aahing and finding excuses to sneak off for a quick peek at the new arrivals. We can’t wait for the day they can all come into the office for a visit. And it looks as if they might become permanent fixtures – at least if Mick gets his way! They’re not the only visitors we’ve had. Two of Gini and Mick’s grandchildren, Freya and Max, paid us a flying visit the other day. Freya was interested in everything that was going on, while Max kept a cautious distance. Not that we blame him! Donna’s daughter

Harriet also called into the office while on holiday from uni. She’d hoped to persuade her mum to buy her a sandwich, but she soon realised there’s no such thing as a free lunch when Sarah handed her a pile of filing! Remember a couple of months ago we told you Robin didn’t Do Public Transport? Well, trauma of traumas, he’s had to travel by bus again. We haven’t seen him that depressed since his snood went missing. He was especially upset when he discovered the bus didn’t have a) a toilet or b) a VIP area. We tried to convince him that the bus driver would welcome £20 notes, but sadly he didn’t fall for that one. For all his reluctance, as soon as he got on the bus he reverted to 15 years old, ran to the back of the bus and resorted to making rude gestures at passing colleagues. Maybe bus travel has its compensations after all...

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Great prize

for gardeners Dean’s Garden Centre is offering an ideal prize for those who want to create a beautiful garden this year... This is a fantastic selection of summer flowering bulbs and tools.

Win a meal for four at the Dean Court Hotel Our friends at the Dean Court Hotel, next to the majestic twin towers of York Minster, are offering readers a delicious prize. It’s a sumptuous Sunday lunch for four people at 1pm on February 13… some top-notch wining and dining to get you in the mood for St Valentine’s Day. Few settings can rival DCH, the hotel’s elegant restaurant, with Minster views from several tables. It is renowned throughout Yorkshire for its superb food, accompanied by the finest, personally selected wines. Local and seasonal produce dominates the menu and the restaurant has received 2 AA Rosettes for 2011, the sixth consecutive year. The Dean Court Hotel also offers bistro dining at The Court, which hosts a jazz supper on the first Tuesday of each month, featuring the Andy Hillier Jazz Trio. For a chance to win this tasty prize, just answer the following question: What is the name of the resident jazz trio that fronts the popular First Tuesday Jazz Suppers? Send your answer on a postcard to Dean Court Hotel Competition, Your Local Link, Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby YO32 2LH to reach us by Thursday, February 10. Please include your contact details, including a phone number.


Dean’s, a family-run business with centres at York and Scarborough, has been serving gardeners in North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas for more than 40 years. The York centre at Stockton-onthe-Forest was opened in 1968 and the Scarborough garden centre opened in 1986. The venture stocks everything you need to create a beautiful garden, including shrubs, trees, roses, perennials, compost, fertilisers, aquatics, tools, pots, paving, fencing and garden buildings. For a chance to win this useful gardening kit, which is worth about £45, just answer the following question: In what year did the Dean’s York garden centre open? Send your answer on a postcard to Dean’s Garden Competition, Your Local Link, Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby YO32 2LH to reach us by Friday 18th February. Please include your contact details, including a phone number.

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Gifts with love

Whether you’re a born romantic or not, Valentine’s Day is the ideal chance to show your loved one how much you care. And when it comes to choosing the perfect romantic gesture, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Capture the unique imprint of your childs finger prints for a truly personal keepsake Contact Debra on: 01759 368593 Visit our website:

You get can’t wrong with flowers. Here at Your Local Link, there’s nothing like the arrival of a florists’ van to get our hearts beating faster! A bouquet of red roses is the classic choice, but any stunning arrangement is guaranteed to find its way to her heart. A good local florist will be able to advise. Or how about a specially designed Valentine package of single red rose, heart shaped balloon and some handmade truffles? Jewellery is another surefire winner. But the key is to keep it special and meaningful rather than big and flashy. For instance, Hannah Olivia Jewellery produces bespoke silver jewellery imprinted with your child’s fingerprint – a keepsake she’ll treasure forever. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not book a romantic Valentine’s meal for two? Many restaurants and hotels in York are doing special romantic packages for the big night – check the ads in Your Local Link for details.

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Who do you think you are? THE UPS AND DOWNS OF LIFE AS SEEN BY OUR VERY OWN GRUMPY (VERY) OLD (ALMOST) WOMAN I became a 25 year old Taiwanese woman a couple of weeks ago. At least, according to a well known social networking site I did. It all started when I received an email from Facebook, telling me I’d signed up for an account. I sign up for a lot of things online, which could account for the number of invitations I get to meet hot Russian women. But I definitely hadn’t put my name down for Facebook. Why would I? I wouldn’t invite total strangers to come in and rummage in my cupboards, so why should I stick it all online for them to snoop at? Also, I can’t think of anything more mind-numbing than finding out my friend Helen has just eaten a Twix, or being poked by some cyber stalking ex who hasn’t got over being stood up outside the Wimpy Bar in 1978. I’m really not interesting enough to share the details of my private life with the rest of the world. Anyhow, I was a bit surprised to find I now had an account. So I checked it out. There was an account, alright. The account holder was called Donna, and it was definitely attached to my email. But that was where the similarity ended. Because the woman in question was in her mid twenties, lived in Taiwan and spoke no English.

And her profile picture featured Tinkerbell. My husband’s view was that it was all some big scam, and that by clicking on the account I had somehow allowed the entire population of Europe access to my bank account details (no over-reaction there, then). So I changed all my passwords, closed down my bank account and set fire to my laptop to be on the safe side (no over-reaction there, either).

I deleted the account (but only after I’d changed her religion to Jedi for the hell of it) The following morning I woke up to an email telling me that Jobee Malabanan had become my friend overnight, and Robert Godinez had commented on my pictures. Pictures? I broke into an instant cold sweat, imagining some random stranger flicking through my photo albums. It took my daughter several minutes to convince me that no one could see the aforesaid photos if they were stuck in a box under the bed. I had to ‘upload’ them, apparently. How

What a result!

We’ve often been told that we don’t blow our own trumpet enough, but then we are such shy and retiring types here at YLL headquarters (and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!). However, it is nice to share some of the recent successes we’ve had for our loyal and most excellent advertisers. After all, if it wasn’t for their support we wouldn’t be able to bring you York’s biggest and best free local magazine every month! This is just a very small selection of our most recent ‘thank you’s’. Thank you so much for the excellent coverage in Your Local Link magazine. It makes a big difference to have this type of support. Many thanks jill (Secret Art Show)

We featured in the Floral Elegance support feature and got some quality responses from even a small ad, great! karen Cooke, Seamstress 706549

We have had lots of enquiries to our advert, The only change to our advert is we want to make it bigger! Hobman Garage Doors Tel: 608951

We have had loads of calls from last month’s edition! Much appreciated! ballett for toddlers Tel: 07763 614231

should I know these things? I have enough trouble working the microwave. I sneaked a look at the dreaded page. No, I definitely didn’t know any of these people. And I didn’t recognise myself in my online pictures, either, although the girls in the office tell me this is not unusual after a heavy night out. From then on things just turned plain bizarre. I was suddenly inundated with requests from people from my past, who had spotted I was on Facebook and wanted to be my friend. Among them was my sister. Now I know she lives on another continent and I don’t see her very often, but surely she of all people would have noticed I wasn’t 25 years old and Taiwanese? Anyway, the upshot of it all was that I deleted the account (but only after I’d changed her religion to Jedi for the hell of it). How she got hold of my email address I still have no idea. But what it means is that I will have to set up my own Facebook account to stop her doing it again. So if anyone wants to come round and have a rummage through my cupboards, feel free.

Dear tracy, WoW. What a great article, it’s exac tly what i hoped for and so well written, thank you. please would you also than k everybody concerned for making such a great job of it, they have done both themselves and me proud. Hopefull y it is going to generate loads of sales for me, it will help give me a presence in the marketplace. fabulous, thanks again tracy you’re a mate. ‘Long Live Local Link ’. Cheers Tony, York Design Works, Tel: 762268

I have had over ten responses to one advert, it has more than paid for its self, thanks. jMD wills, Tel: 799282 Sorry but we do not need to advertise again as we have filled all the positions for our research, the calls were just coming in thick and fast it was great! David Thompson

n If you’d like to know how we can help your business succeed and grow in 2011, call us on 767881.


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bags of presents Your Local Link’s very own Santa Claus made it a Red Letter Day for staff and patients at York Hospital when he delivered several bagfuls of toys. Lee, one of our sales executives, dressed up as Father Christmas to hand out the toys to excited youngsters on the Children’s Ward on Christmas Eve. Rachel, a member of the hospital’s play team, said: “The children loved seeing Santa. It really made their day.” The toys were donated to the Children’s Ward and the Special Care Baby Unit by our generous advertisers.

MBE for York Civic Trust Director Peter Brown, Director of York Civic Trust, has been awarded an MBE for ‘helping to preserve the heritage of York’ in the Queen’s New Year Honours list. Peter came to York in the early 1980s to set up Fairfax House as an 18th century house museum restored by the trust and opened to the public. He established an international reputation for cutting-edge interpretation of the house museum and its collection. Peter was promoted to director of the trust last year with a broader city-wide remit. Current projects include a footstreets review of the city centre, a views analysis of York and an events programme.




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back in


Disabled workers in York have been given a fresh start in the world of work thanks to a new initiative.

Following the closure of Remploy textile factory, the trade union has set up a co-operative to provide jobs for disabled people, including former workers at the factory. John Wilson, who spent 21 years at the Remploy factory, which made garments for the Ministry of Defence and other customers. Discovered a gap in the market for an ethical, ecofriendly venture that made bespoke garden furniture and accommodation for pets, such as dog kennels. After a six month feasibility study, carried out by the unions, the York Disabled Workers Co-operative opened for business. John, who is now a senior coordinator at the co-operative, said: “I was gutted when they closed the factory. Now I’m glad we¹ve managed to get the co-operative off the ground. It¹s been a hard slog but it¹s great to be involved in a worthwhile community enterprise.”


“We only use recycled materials because we care about the environment. We use timber that other manufacturers would normally throw away. We collect their wood waste and make beautiful products, such as nest boxes, plant containers, vegetable baskets, garden seats and picnic tables. We even sell bags of wood off-cuts which are ideal for stoves.”

‘The workers’ co-operative aims to be the gold standard in the employment of disabled people.’ Phil Davies, national secretary for manufacturing with the GMB, said: “The workers’ co-operative gives employment to disabled York workers in an environment similar to Remploy. It aims to be the gold standard in the employment of disabled people.”

The venture has been backed by the trade union movement. For example, GMB members in Warrington have donated workshop equipment valued at more than £4,000 to the cooperative which is based at the Raylor Centre, James Street, York.

at the co-operative, he said he was looking forward to learning new woodworking skills.

Michael Durking, aged 42, spent 20 years at Redeness Street. He enjoys working with wood as well as being a delivery driver. “I received my 20-year loyalty certificate about the same time I was made redundant at Remploy. It was a tough time, but now I¹m enjoying working for the co-operative.”

Christine Beecroft spent more than 27 years as an administrator at Redeness Street and now she¹s using her office skills at the co-operative. She said: “We have got a lot of work through the trade union movement. Now we want to attract more customers in York.”

Darren Hood, aged 41, also clocked up 20 years service at Remploy. Speaking on his first day

Qualified woodworker Paul Kelly has been hired to train colleagues and the co-operative also wants to recruit a disabled apprentice.

n York Disabled Workers Co-operative, 26 The Raylor Centre, James Street, York YO10 3DW. Tel: 421091.

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Drive your own Flying Scotsman York’s National Railway Museum (NRM) has teamed up with RailSimulator. com to produce a virtual Flying Scotsman driving experience. The iconic steam locomotive, undergoing extensive restoration in the NRM workshop, is the star of this free-to-download ultra realistic videogame in which players drive Flying Scotsman through a winter landscape. Bob Gwynne, associate curator at the NRM, says: “The game is an incredibly accurate simulation in which the finest details of Flying Scotsman, including the cab and controls, are realistically recreated to make the driving experience close to the real thing. This is the first time it’s ever been possible to access an icon from the National Collection from the comfort of your own home, and the best part is you can download this game completely free of charge!” Players must follow the signals and speed limits just like a real train driver, while getting safely to the destination amongst the snowy mountains. Flying Scotsman is due to go on display in the NRM’s Great Hall between 28th -30th May. The Steam Our Scotsman Appeal is only £50,000 away from meeting its goal of £250,000, so any fans of No.4472 who are keen to support her return to steam should visit to donate. n to download the free rail simulator, visit

Puppy love Puppy walkers play a crucial part in the training of guide dogs. Puppies go to volunteer walkers from the age of six weeks, where they’re taught how to be relaxed and confident in all kinds of different situations (and given lots of cuddles, of course!). Puppy walking takes time, commitment and love. If you’re interested in giving it a try, go along to Wigginton Recreational Hall on 25th February from 2pm, where Mike O’Dowd will be giving a talk on Puppy Walking for Guide Dogs for the Blind (and bringing along his puppy, too!).



with York author


Books you’ll love

The arrival of a new Jason Bourne adventure is always a big event. And The Bourne Objective by Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader doesn’t disappoint. In this latest episode, Jason is pitted once more against his nemesis Leonid Arkadin. But this time, it’s Bourne who is the hunter as he turns the tables and targets his old adversary in an act of revenge. But revenge can cause great psychological devastation. Has the hunt become too personal for Bourne, and will it prove to be his downfall?

No. 1 bestselling author Josephine Cox returns with Midnight, a powerful, dark love story. Molly and Jack are deeply in love but their relationship is being torn apart by the nightmares that have haunted him all his life. With their relationship faltering, Jack decides to hunt for answers. His search takes him back to the place where he grew up, and it soon becomes clear that he must trace people from his past. But Jack could never have imagined the true horrors of what he is about to uncover...

It may only be February, but we’re willing to bet this will be the least catchy book title of the whole year. The Woman He Loved Before: She’s Out of His Life But Is She Out Of His Heart? by Dorothy Koomson is a tense and moving tale about second marriages. Libby has a nice life with a gorgeous husband and a big home by the sea. But over time she becomes unsure if Jack is really over the death of Eve, his first wife. When fate intervenes in their relationship, Libby decides to find out more about the seemingly perfect Eve. The startling truths she stumbles across make her fear for her own future.

That indomitable detective duo Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi return in the latest tale from Alexander McCall Smith. In The Double Comfort Safari Club, the sleuthing duo are called to a safari lodge in Botswana’s Okavango Delta to carry out a delicate mission on behalf of a former guest. They soon find themselves caught up with bickering safari operators, not to mention fearsome crocodiles and disgruntled hippopotamuses. What’s more, Mma Makutsi still does not have a date for her wedding to Phuti Radiphuti and is feeling rather tetchy herself ...


What do you do when there’s nothing left to lose? That’s the question author Carole Matthews asks in The Only Way Is Up. Lily and Laurence Lamont-Jones had it all: lavish holidays in exotic locations, a top private school for their two children and a beautiful home in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Then Laurence loses his job, and the family end up into a flearidden council house on a notoriously rough estate and start to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. But will Lily’s dream of returning to a world of luxury ever come true -- or have her priorities changed? For with the help of new friends, a little luck and a lot of determination she’s about to learn what really matters. Con men and killers, aliens and zombies, priests and soldiers – these are just some of the characters you’ll meet in First Thrills, a heart-pounding selection of short stories from bestselling authors including Jeffrey Deaver and Karin Slaughter, and some stars of the future, all hand picked by writer Lee Child. Whether you’re reading today’s bestseller or tomorrow’s phenomenon, grisly horror or paranoia thriller, historical suspense or supernatural crime, you’ll be thrilled to the core.

Change your life today The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) in York provides affordable training to help people handle conflict. AVP weekend workshops focus on developing self-understanding, communication, assertiveness and problem-solving skills – all through practical exercises and fun activities. The workshops attract participants from a wide range of backgrounds who want to take control of their lives and improve the lives of those they care about. If you want to be able to stand up for yourself without losing your temper, express your views without provoking arguments, and make others feel valued and respected, even when you disagree with them, AVP can show you a way forward. “AVP has changed my life” participants say; if your life needs to change, visit or call 636318 to find out more. Next workshop dates: 25-27 February (Level 1), and 8-10 April (Level 2).


Malcolm Ludvigsen, of York, and Jean Luce, of Sheffield, are two Yorkshire landscape painters with very different styles. Malcolm, an open-air oil painter, prefers the rolling Wolds and the wide, sweeping beaches of the Yorkshire cost, while Jean, a watercolourist, prefers the rugged cliffs and crags of her native West Riding. Malcolm’s bleak, winter paintings of Bridlington beach are very popular in Florida for some reason! An exhibition at the Whitestone Gallery, part St Peter’s School, York, brings together their work in a true celebration of these two aspects of the Yorkshire landscape. n The exhibition, ‘Sea, Crags and Sky’, is on between 4th February to 17th. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 4.30pm.


A month in the life of the

LORD MAYOR Last year, Councillor Sue Galloway became the new Lord Mayor of York. We’ve been following her and the rest of the civic party as they go about their duties... “Christmas was a busy time for us. On Christmas Eve we held our annual carol concert outside the Mansion House in St Helen’s Square with the Salvation Army. It was freezing cold so the turnout was smaller than in previous years, yet the collection was bigger! “We visited the children’s ward and Special Care Baby Unit at York Hospital on Christmas morning, and met a Christmas baby who had been born 20 seconds after midnight! We then paid a visit to the Salvation Army, who were busy preparing lunch for 40 people. “We have some interesting events coming up in March. World Wetlands Day is on 3rd, and I will be visiting Wheldrake Ings to ring ducks! Like many people in York, I wasn’t really aware of how important Wheldrake Ings is, until I met a man called Ian Carstairs of the Light Owler Trust. He says that the Lower Derwent Valley area is as important in environmental terms as York Minster is to history and architecture. Everyone thinks of the Minster as the jewel in York’s crown, but the fact that we have something like this on our doorstep is even more incredible. If you don’t know this area, I would encourage you to pay a visit.


“February also sees the 70th anniversary of the Air Training Corps. On 6th, 600 cadets will be marching through the city followed by a service in the Minster, which should be quite a spectacle. On 10th, I will be attending a preview of the David Hockney painting Bigger Trees Near Warter at York Art Gallery. It’s the largest painting the artist has ever produced, and the first time it’s been seen outside London in the UK. We are very fortunate that the gallery has managed to secure the painting on loan. “Also this month, world famous auctioneers Christies are hosting a special event at the Mansion House featuring the extensive York civic silver collection. You can also bring your own items of silver to be valued! Tickets are available by calling the civic office on 551011. “The month ends with one of the biggest events in York’s calendar, the Jorvik Viking Festival. I will be involved in various charity events during the festival – I just hope they don’t include going into battle!”

Learn skills in woodworking Master craftsman Bob Lambert is passionate about teaching woodworking skills. He is holding an open day at his workshop on Saturday, February 5, 10am - 5pm, as well as nine courses this month. n The Woodwork Room, York Riding School, Clifton Road Business Park, Wigginton Road, York YO32 2RH. For details, call 348343 or email bob.lambert@ BOB LAMBERT’S COURSES 3 February Turning for beginners 7 February Router basics 8 & 9 February Two-day router course 12 February Scroll saw basics 14, 15 & 16 February Cabinet making 19 February Sharpening techniques 21 February Woodturning basics 23 & 24 February Woodturning 26 February Router basics

fiona Bruce presents BBc tv’s antiques roadshow. picture: BBc

York to host Antiques Roadshow The Museum Gardens in York has been chosen to host an episode of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow this summer. The show, which attracts hundreds of people on the day and more than six million TV viewers, will be in York for valuations on Thursday 28 July. Presenter Fiona Bruce and fine arts specialists will meet the public and tell them more about their objects – including the all important value. On the Thursday the doors will be open from 9.30am to 4.30pm and as long as you are in the queue by 4.30pm you will see an expert. If you have a large piece of furniture or other big item, you can send details and photographs to the Antiques Roadshow. It may be possible to arrange for the BBC to look at the item in advance and organise transportation to the venue. Call: 0117 974 2395, email or write to Antiques Roadshow, BBC, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LR


Going cheap!

Make your holiday money go further with our budget getaway tips! Money right now is very important with the financial squeeze going on, and that means there are holiday deals to be had. The travel industry needs to make money. During slow times, when money is a problem for those who normally go on holiday, you will see more deals. These deals are for special times of the year though. Taking a break during a uK holiday is going to be expensive; it is better to fly a week on either side of a very popular holiday season. This will also go for the other countries you are trying to fly into. It pays to research several dates before settling on one to ensure you clinch the best deal. Compare package deals versus non-package deals and check out multiple destinations. Often the cheapest deals are those you find in a country you wouldn’t think about visiting; this is because these places


need to get their tourist numbers up. However, don’t sacrifice safety for a cheaper destination. Check out all-inclusive holidays. They may seem more expensive at first, but research the restaurant prices where you are going; you could find eating out more expensive if it is not included. Take an assortment of purchasing options with you on your holiday. The cheap holiday is not just about the vehicle that gets your there or the hotel, it is about what you bring to spend as well. You want to use local currency to save the most money. Credit cards are going to be an expensive option. Book a place that has a kitchen. A self-catering cottage or villa will help you save money on food by giving you the opportunity to make your own meals rather than eating out at restaurants.

You don’t have to travel out of the country just to get a great vacation. Check out local deals as well. You might find a wonderful place in the UK you have never seen before.

Take public transport rather than renting a car whenever possible. Many European cities have underground systems or buses for cheap transportation. Choose the attractions to visit before you arrive at your destination. A good tip is to research the entire trip properly before heading out.

Going solo

Holidays can be tricky if you’re single. Which is why we were so excited by the two night Hallowe’en Mini Cruise being organised by York-based AJ’singles. The cruise sets sail from Newcastle to Amsterdam on Friday 29th October. There will be prizes for the best fancy dress, games throughout the evening and fun cocktails as well as on-board entertainers to keep you in the party mood. You’ll also have a day to explore Amsterdam with an optional coach sightseeing tour of the city. Whether you’re a culture vulture or you want to kick back and relax, there’s bound to be something for everyone! Limited places are available at £175 for members/£195 for guests, so you’ll need to book by 1st March to secure your space. n Call 489956 or mobile 07703 263283 for more information.

Simple twist of fate York poets Oz Hardwick and Miles Cain have been published alongside their musical hero Bob Dylan in an anthology in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Oz’s Candlemas Bell and a poem by Miles called Versus were selected from more than 1,000 submissions and are now in a 280-page book alongside works by Dylan, poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Seamus Heaney, Leonard Cohen and Benjamin Zephaniah. Miles and Oz, who featured in a Your Local Link poetry competition recently, both performed in Subterranean Homesick Yorkshire Blues, a revue inspired by Dylan, at York Theatre Royal. n Soul Feathers (Indigo Dreams Publishing, £11) can be ordered on 0845 458 9910, at or by quoting ISBN 978-1-907401-36-7 at any bookshop.



February 2011

BY JAMES CHRISTIE n For details of private readings phone 07884 107100 Email:

ARIES (21st march - 19th april)

LEo (23th July - 22nd august)

SAGITTARIuS (22nd november - 21st December)

A hard slog for the first three weeks but with some notable financial reward between the 21st and 28th. Red tape and petty rules cause frustration at times and a partner will be particularly demanding around the 14th, 15th and 16th. Someone else’s house move will have a ricocheting effect.

Anything you put off last month will have to be tackled at this time, and be warned – you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! Health could be an issue between the 13th and 19th and this is also a time to watch your back with colleagues. Finances improving during the last week.

A very rewarding month financially and a feeling of being part of an elite team. Relationships get very exciting especially if there is quite an age gap between partners. Even the most senior of citizens can look forward to element of romance, though it may come as quite a surprise to some.

TAuRuS (20th april - 20th may) Probably quite a stressful month so don’t be afraid to let other people take the lead. Some domestic upheaval in the first week bringing about the death of the old and the birth of the new. Keep an eye on your health and do not ignore sound advice in this department.

VIRGo (24th august - 22nd september)

CAPRICoRN (22nd December - 19th January) During the first week of the month you get something you’ve wanted for a very long time! This is enhanced by a feeling of unity within relationships and there should be lots of support from lovers and partners. The next few weeks will be a very busy time domestically with paint pots, screwdrivers – and screws!

GEMINI (21st may - 20th June)

Bright financial aspects for the first week but during weeks two and three your attention turns to the welfare of children and all family matters. There is a renaissance of romance in relationships and a feeling that at last you’re beginning to get what you want in all affairs of the heart.

Be receptive to new ideas, especially if they are coming from lovers or partners. Although this is a time of change, as much as anything it’s a change of attitudes and priorities. Travel opportunities should present themselves between the 21st and 28th and I suggest you grab with both hands.

LIbRA (23rd september - 22nd october) Use your instincts and intuition to ease yourself out of awkward emotional situations and pay some attention to the practical aspects of your life. This could be a good time to switch careers or start a new job and you will be given fresh insight to the possibilities of a different future.

AquARIuS (20th January - 18th february)

CANCER (21st June - 22nd July)

SCoRPIo (23rd october - 21st november)

PISCES (19th february - 20th march)

A lovely time for healing old wounds and patching up old arguments. Someone else will need your guidance and wise counsel. An unexpected reunion between the 14th and 20th could lead to some romance and a major boost to your love life. Social invitations should include engagement parties and weddings.

If you have been struggling with a division of loyalties this situation will be broken by month’s end. There’ll be winners and losers – and you’ll be one of the winners! Travel aspects auger well for some in the second half of the month while others will be enjoying new cars and finding new commuter routes.

People will help you and be extremely supportive, but first you must tell them what you want – and also what you need! This is a period of great learning and in your quest for knowledge and information do not ignore the spiritual aspects of your life. This is a month of journeys and reunions.


Sometimes we have to give up some of the little things in life to help us get the really big things. Compromises, especially in the first week of the month, will be worth it in the end. Proof is offered between the 18th and 26th when a door opens for you that has been closed for many months.

National music award for York student Musician Andy Howes is celebrating after being named Outstanding Music Student of the Year at Access to Music and Armstrong Learning’s National Awards Ceremony.

Singer-songwriter Andy, aged 25, has graduated from the two-year Performing Musician course run by Access to Music at the Jam Factory, a recording studio in Eldon Street, York. Tutor Kate Bowater says: “Winning this award is the perfect way to acknowledge Andy’s hard work and huge successes during his time with us in York. He’s an extremely talented guitarist and songwriter who is also comfortable playing jazz.” The glamorous night of music and awards, presented by BBC Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman, took place at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. Guests enjoyed a Brit Awards-style ceremony and were treated to a night of entertainment from the hottest new student artists. The event was followed by an after-show party with a guest performance by French band Slide On Venus and an exclusive DJ set from 1Xtra’s DJ Bailey. n The Jam Factory is hosting an open day from 11am on Saturday 5th February, for those thinking about forging a career in the music business. Access To Music runs two courses at the recording studio Performing Musician and Digital Musician. For details, call 655290.



New Year! Our celebrations might be over, but our Chinese friends are just gearing up for their new year, which begins on 3rd February.

This is the Year of the Rabbit, which means it should be a lot quieter for everyone after last year’s ferocious Year of the Tiger. According to Chinese tradition, this is a year when we’ll all be taking it easy, enjoying ourselves and overindulging. It’s also a year when we’re likely to put off disagreeable tasks for as long as possible. Fortunately, this is also the year when money can be made without too much hard work. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We can’t wait! So whatever your new year brings, as the Chinese would say – Gong Xi Fa Cai (May You be Happy, May You be Wealthy)!


THE YEAR oF THE RAT 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 People born in the Year of the Rat are noted for their charm and charisma. They are perfectionists and work very hard to achieve their goals. They can be quick-tempered and love to gossip.

What’s your sign? Each year is symbolised by a different animal. People born under that year are believed to share certain characteristics. Check your year in our list below (since the Chinese New Year starts in mid to late January or February, you might find you belong in the previous year).

THE YEAR oF THE oX 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 People born in the Year of the Ox are patient, quiet yet inspire confidence in others, which make them great leaders. Mentally and physically alert, they are generally easy-going but can be very stubborn and they hate to fail or be opposed.

THE YEAR oF THE TIGER 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 People born the Year of the Tiger are deep thinkers and very sensitive to the needs of others. They are adventurous, courageous and enjoy taking risks. However, they can be extremely short-tempered and don’t respond to authority. THE YEAR oF THE RAbbIT 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. They are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky.

THE YEAR oF THE DRAGoN 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 People born in the Year of the Dragon are energetic, excitable, shorttempered, and stubborn. They are also honest, sensitive, brave, and they inspire confidence and trust in others. THE YEAR oF THE SNAkE 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 People born in the Year of the Snake are emotionally and spiritually deep. Snake people are often selfish and vain yet can show tremendous sympathy for others. They hate to fail and are determined in whatever they do. THE YEAR oF THE HoRSE 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 People born in the Year of the Horse are very popular. They like to be entertained and enjoy being around large crowds. They are cheerful, skilful with money, and perceptive, although they sometimes talk way too much for their own good. THE YEAR oF THE SHEEP 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 People born in the Year of Sheep are elegant and highly accomplished in the arts. They are wise, gentle, and compassionate. They can also be shy, pessimistic and puzzled about life.

THE YEAR oF THE MoNkEY 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the zodiac. Clever, skilful, and flexible, they are remarkably inventive, original in thinking, and can solve the most difficult problem with ease. THE YEAR oF THE RooSTER 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, very capable and naturally talented. They are very devoted and like to keep busy but are deeply disappointed with personal failure.

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THE YEAR oF THE DoG 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They are great leaders, have a deep sense of loyalty, and are honest. They are very trustworthy because they can keep secrets. THE YEAR oF THE boAR 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 People born in the Year of the Boar are gallant and always do their best. They have tremendous fortitude, great honesty, and are very optimistic. They have few friends but the relationships they do have are lifelong.

Now offering energy rated windows







Join the Guild

Ladies, are you looking for a way to socialise and make new friends? Then join your Loca l Townswomen's Guild Group! There are four Guilds in York and they all offer a warm and friendly welcome. They have monthly mee tings and enjoy making new friends, listening to speakers, supp orting local good causes and taking part in quizzes etc. n For more information ring Jo on 798694 or email HQ at tghq@townswom

Choir wants more tenors and basses Following a number of recent recruits to the soprano and alto lines, the Stamford Bridge Singers are now looking to recruit more tenors and basses to their ranks. If you are aged between 13 and 70 and enjoy singing a wide range of sacred and secular to music, ranging from Mozart to Lloyd Webber and from Haydn singers The choir. friendly this with touch in get do Abba, please from meet every Thursday evening in Stamford Bridge Junior School in works new of 7.30 to 9.15pm where they are learning a number . preparation for services and concerts at Easter and in the summer n Contact the singers via their website: , ring Rosemary e Downey on 01904 787181 or just come along to a practic think! you and see what

Anyone for cricket?

play in the York & District New Earswick Cricket Club, who recruits, both senior and Senior League, are looking for new The club also require junior players, for the new season. play at the Sports Field in scorers. Dave Lockwood says: “We d playing facilities and a goo very have White Rose Avenue. We good after-match social side.” on 07533 655470, Adam on n For more details, call Paul chri il 07894 863012 or ema

et bowls Indoor carpBowls Club in York is looking form

ad Carpet ay, from 7.30p The Stray Ro ever y Thursd ay pl rs be the em .M ity Centre in new recruits Road Commun y ra St d e th an ly in iend to 9.30pm, join a very fr ffee ea. Come and ude tea or co cl in Ashley Park ar en ev ey Th . le op pe p of rship fee. sociable grou r week membe in the £2.50 pe ts ui sc bi d an 415447. details, call n For more

Calling all bridge p


New members are req uired for South Ryedal e Bridge Club. A reasonable standard of bridge is played, and improvers are welcome to join thi s friendly, sociable gro up. The club meets every Monday at 7pm at the Folk Ha ll, New Earswick. n For more details, call 01904 760639

DoES YouR CLub oR GRouP NEED NEW MEMbERS? Or maybe you have some news you’d like to share. If so, get in touch with us. Write to us at the address of page three, or email us at mark your message ‘club news’.

A picture is worth a thousand words A video production is an effective way of getting your business message across to potential customers. This is the view of videographer and website designer Dave Tew, who works for Your Local Link magazine. He says: “Video is very versatile. Thanks to sites like YouTube, people are waking up to its potential for promoting small businesses.” For example, it can be used as an introduction video for a business website. “Customers find it reassuring to see the faces behind the names and to know who they are dealing with,” says Dave, who has been helping small businesses promote themselves successfully online for ten years. “A short introductory video tells people you’re human, and not just a faceless website full of jargon. People remember pictures more than

words, so it’s a memorable way of getting across your company’s image and values.” Video can also be used to demonstrate products and services, so customers can see them in action before they buy. Estate agents, hotels and guest houses can use it to post virtual tours of their property. Dave can also create event videos and DVDs, which are powerful promotional tools. It isn’t too expensive, either. “A lot of people are put off by the potential cost, but depending on their requirements they can actually have a professional video created and edited for less than £500,” says Dave.

He will discuss clients’ requirements before developing a promotional solution to suit their needs. “Having had a wealth of experience I can often make suggestions that are more costeffective and get their message across in the way they would like.” He will then shoot the video, and edit it into a three or four minute film. “There’s no disruption to the working day, as I work very unobtrusively – most of my clients forget I’m even there!” says Dave. Your Local Link can testify to that after inviting him to film the team for our own promotional video. You can check it out for yourself on

n To find out how a video can make your business shine online, call us on 767881. 20

New cots for old

They’ve seen generations of York babies come into the world, but now the 30 year old cots at York Hospital Labour Ward are in need of replacement. The York Teaching Hospital Charity has launched an Appeal to raise £13,550 for ten new cots. The new cots will not only look fresh and new, they will have the added benefit of having electronic variable height adjustment. This is a particular benefit to women who have had caesarean sections as they will no longer need to bend down to the cot height. “Over the last 30 years we have had over 90,000 babies use our cots at York Hospital and Fulford Maternity,” says Liz Ross, Matron of the Maternity Unit. “Three generations of our local community have used these cots and we are looking forward to having new cots that will meet the needs of our future generations.” n If you’d like to make a donation to the Lots of Cots Appeal, or for information about the Appeal, contact Lucy Watson on 721737, or email Do you have a story to tell about York Hospital Labour Ward? If so, we’d love to hear it. We’re collecting birth stories – funny, touching or just plain bizarre – for a future issue of Your Local Link. We’d also like to hear from you if you were born at York Hospital yourself and have also given birth there. Just send your stories to the address on page three, or email us at info@ Don’t forget to mark your message ‘Birth Stories’.

Looking for charity sponsorship? First, York’s principal bus operator, is giving away £50,000 to charity. The company is asking charities and individuals looking for sponsorship to apply for a slice of the £50,000 on offer in West and North Yorkshire. It is particularly keen to hear from charities linked to health, young people or the environment. And to ensure the money goes to the most worthy causes, staff, including bus drivers, have been selected to serve on a charity panel. They will get the final say on which causes are most deserving of a financial helping hand. n For information, go to First’s website


MEET YOuR NEIGHBOUR We meet a Viking mother-of-ten named after Frig, the wife of mighty Norse god Odin

Frigga has done rather well for herself since moving from Denmark to Jorvik as a teenage mother more than 1,000 years ago. Her husband, Ragnar, a warrior, died in battle, leaving her with two children to look after.

colleen Devanney and nathan Wade play ‘hnefatafl’ - a game played by viking warriors on their shields. picture: richard foster


She had an additional four children with her second husband, Ulf, another warrior who also died in battle. Frigga then married Sigurd, a trader from Kiev. Their short union produced one child and a lot of arguments before Ulf died of a stomach ailment, leaving Frigga a wealthy widow.

Husband number four was Edgart, a merchant who traded in arms and slaves. Again they didn’t get on, even though they had two children, and the husband quickly succumbed to abdominal pains. It may come as no surprise to learn that Frigga is a cunning woman who knows her herbs and potions and is able to convince the gullible and superstitious that she can shift into animal shapes. As a cunning woman, Frigga assists in animal and human sacrifices to placate the Norse gods and she is not averse to using her black arts to get rid of incompatible husbands.

One of her daughters made the fatal mistake of trying to usurp her mother’s influential position as a cunning woman and ended up poisoned. Frigga lost another child when her 10-year-old son was gored to death by a wild boar in the Forest of Galtres. There’s a theory that the name Jorvik means “wild boar creek”.

“I am fascinated by how ordinary people lived during the Viking age in York and the way they talked.” Frigga’s fifth husband, Einar, is a jarl, the Viking equivalent of a lord. They have one child – her tenth – but Frigga is already plotting to get rid of him, even though he’s a member of the aristocracy. She fears another poisoning might arouse too much suspicion, so she’s thinking of denouncing him as being homosexual. Such a slur in the macho world of hard-drinking, violent Viking warriors would force Einar to build a new life well away from Jorvik.

Frigga is the creation of history enthusiast Colleen Devanney, who works for York Archaeological Trust, which runs the JORVIK Viking Centre, the medieval town house Barley Hall and the hands-on archaeological centre DIG. Colleen, York born and bred, says: “I am fascinated by how ordinary people lived during the Viking age in York and the way they talked.” “Words like ‘fight’, ‘mighty’, ‘anger’ and ‘ugly’ came to us from the Vikings. A language expert told me that the Yorkshire accent is the closest we can now get to old Norse. Vikings living in Jorvik 1,000 years ago would be familiar with the speech rhythms of those speaking in Yorkshire dialect.”

Viking festival The annual JORVIK Viking Festival, between 19 and 27 February, is a city-wide celebration of York's Viking heritage organised by York Archaeological Trust. More than 40,000 visitors flock to York to take part in family-friendly events, lectures and guided walks and watch Viking re-enactors stage battles. n For more details, go to

Law firm launches

weekly clinic

An expanding law firm has launched a free weekly clinic to coincide with the appointment of a new consultant to take care of family law cases at its new office in York. Coles Solicitors took over York firm Daniels & Company, which had previously specialised only in accident work, in September. Existing customers of the York firm, based in Micklegate, at a stroke gained the advantages of access to other legal services offered by Coles, such as will writing, conveyancing and probate and financial planning. Coles, based in Northallerton, gained an office right in the heart of York city centre. Peter Gibson, managing director, says: “I am delighted to announce the addition of a further consultant to the growing Coles family, with the appointment of Shauna Finch who joins us as a part-time/ad hoc consultant for the provision of private fee paying family law work for clients in York.” Mr Gibson said that Ms Finch would initially offer a free initial consultation to people in need of confidential family law advice, as part of a weekly clinic held each Thursday, between 4pm and 6pm. Her expertise ranges from separation, divorce and child custody issues to money wrangles.

n Potential clients seeking an appointment can call in at the office at 96 Micklegate or phone 01904 679990. 23


Seize the

dream Patrick Smith always enjoyed art classes when he was a pupil at Derwent Secondary Modern School in York.

Patrick recalls: “It’s a real Billy Elliot story – a working class lad dreaming about earning a living in the arts deciding to make it a reality.”

His art teacher, Peter Combie, recognising his raw talent, urged Patrick’s parents to let him go to art college.

He did an art foundation course at York College, where he was taught by Peter’s wife, Linda, and then did a fine art degree at Leeds Metropolitan University - gaining a scholarship to study print-making and painting at Utrecht School of Art in The Netherlands for three months.

But he ended up doing a heavy engineering apprenticeship at Adams Hydraulics. With hindsight, Patrick recognised he was a victim of his working class background when “real men” did not become artists – instead they got a trade.

patrick smith at work in his studio near shipton-by-Beningbrough.


After 12 years, he was made redundant and, after doing other manual jobs, he took the plunge and set out to become an artist.

He says: “Due to my industrial background, I found a natural affinity with print-making.” However, he was careful not to become a prisoner to printing’s technicalities. He saw himself as a fine art printer, using the process as a tool

to explore his creativity and find his own voice as an artist.

to keep working as an artist that aided his recovery.

Patrick fulfilled the oft-quoted prediction by pop artist Andy Warhol that everyone would enjoy “15 minutes of fame” when he used live maggots to make etchings. He attracted national media interest as “the maggot man of York” but declined to appear on breakfast TV alongside extras dressed up as giant maggots. “I’m happy to have a bit of fun with my work, but that was going too far,” recalls Patrick, who came up with the idea of using maggots as art assistants while doing a spot of fishing.

He describes himself as “York’s abstract expressionist”, using acrylics on canvas to experiment with colours and shapes at his rural studio at Shipton-by-Beningbrough. One of

The maggot etchings featured in his degree show and Leeds Metropolitan University bought one, earning Patrick the prestigious William Tier Memorial Award. As well as an artist, he has also established himself as a tutor, working at York College, York St John’s University and Harrogate College. However, he had to leave his lecturing jobs when doctors diagnosed a serious lung condition. It took medics 18 months to make a diagnosis and when Patrick was too weak to paint he turned to poetry to keep his creative juices flowing, eventually becoming a performance poet. His illness is now managed with steroids; but it was his determination

‘It’s a real Billy Elliot story – a working class lad dreaming about earning a living in the arts deciding to make it a reality.’ his main influences is the acclaimed American artist Richard Diebenkorn.


And he has not neglected his teaching, running art classes with his wife, Nicky, at Studio 58 at the Old School House, Mill Lane, Wigginton.

This month Patrick, is launching print-making sessions at Shipton-by-Beningbrough. He plans to teach printing on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, with the first two classes being held on 12th & 26th February. n Call Nicky on 339461 for details.



Local Culture


David Hockney, Bigger Trees Near Warter, 2007 copyright David Hockney. Photography by Richard Schmidt, Collection of Tate, London.

Hockney’s biggest painting in York David Hockney’s largest painting will go on show in York Art Gallery this month, for the first time outside London. ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’, measuring 12 metres by 4.5 metres, is made up of 50 smaller canvasses of a landscape near the East Yorkshire village of Warter. Its arrival in York marks the start of ‘Art in Yorkshire - supported by Tate’, a yearlong celebration of the visual arts in 19

galleries throughout Yorkshire. Works from Tate’s collection of historic, modern and contemporary art will be showcased through a programme of exhibitions and events.

traditional techniques and new technology to create the piece. The painting took six weeks to complete, with Hockney painting each individual canvas in the open air.

Hockney’s painting was originally exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, before the artist presented it to Tate. The painting is made up of 50 panels joined together to form a whole, with Hockney using a combination of

n ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’ will be on show at York Art Gallery between February 12 and June 12.

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jim Tupling Viking building & Roofing

thank you Local Link for writing a very nice article about the memorial Hall, Haxby in your august issue. Joyce and i are very pleased with it and lots of peop le have stopped us to talk about it. You have really succeeded in bringing the Hall to the forefront of everyone’s attention. You may like to know that copies of your Loca l Link have been sent all over the world (sligh t exaggeration but only just) because it features “their school”. The Memorial Hall, Haxby

Advertising in Your Local Link magazine has been well worth it. People who have enjoyed our guided tours of York have told us they read about them in the magazine. Our numbers are certainly up since we’ve been featured in your excellent publication.” Mike burkett, Christian Heritage Walk.

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Buy Berwick’s frock Do you fancy owning one of Berwick Kaler’s famous pantomime frocks? If so, then make your way to York Theatre Royal’s rehearsal studio at the Maltings, Walmgate where this frock from the 2009-10 production of Humpty Dumpty, along with other costumes, accessories, props and pieces of furniture, will be on sale. The sale, which starts at 10am on Saturday, 19th February, is part of a project to move the theatre’s extensive wardrobe to the De Grey Rooms; its costume hire service is due to open there on 5th March.

Going solo Steve Knightley, of acclaimed acoustic act Show of Hands, is undertaking a solo tour, stopping off in York on February 11. He told me: “I enjoy doing solo gigs; it’s more intimate, more confessional.” The tour coincides with the release of his debut live solo album ‘Live in Somerset’. n Steve Knightley, with special guest Jim Causley,National Centre for Early Music, Walmgate, York, Friday, February 11, at 7.30pm. Tel: 658338.

Hi Local Link team. Just an update on the show. It was just the best ever - numbers UP and entries most definitely UP!! Difficult to give accurate numbers of visitors but we estimate in the region of 10,000 many of whom were delighted with the information on hand and the great value for money of not only the days entertainment but the price and quality of the food and the bar in particular. Sam and I would like to thank you all at The Local Link for your involvement and interest in our show, many visitors said that they had heard of us through The Local Link and it was their first time at the show but certainly not the last. We had a really positive post-show committee meeting last night and it was totally positive with new volunteers coming forward - we are particularly delighted with the interest of the younger generation and their wish to become involved with what we think is the greatest little show in Yorkshire!! Thanks once more beryl otley, Tockwith Show 2010

We have had a much better than anticipated response to our first advert in Your Local Link magazine, and yes, we would certainly like to re-run it again, it is certainly launching our new business for us Sue, York Dance Works Tel: 07981 553465 Hi everyone at Your Local Link, Just spotted the extra plug on page 22, thank you! We keep getting new people who see the items in Localink, it really works. We've had recordbreaking meetings lately - in summer, turn out usually drops to the teens, but it's kept up nicely this year. We just completed a review of our game collection - turns out we have over 400!! And we got another parcel from a German publisher last week. Thank you for your continued support. Cheers, jon Power. beyond Monopoly! We did a survey at our event and we found most people had heard about the event from Local link, well done. The Pavilion, Tel:

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SPoRT REPoRT I don’t like cricket, I love it Well the Australians didn’t like the sprinkler dance as England retained the Ashes as it was seen as rubbing their noses in it. I think I had more sympathy for Ashley Cole when I read that he had wept over seeing Cheryl and new love Derek jet off for a New Year’s holiday. England were simply the better team; had better players and I had to look twice when I saw R Harris down to bat, thinking the Aussies had fallen so far down their hopes rested on old Rolf. I think numerous England players could have drawn the urn and said “can you tell what it is yet?” long before the Melbourne Test. Fittingly, it was Yorkshire star Tim Bresnan to get not only the golden scalp of Ricky Ponting but also the Ashes clinching wicket.

Another one bites the dust Closer to home York City Knights are gearing up for the new rugby league season. Things were looking positive when ex super league player Jason Demetriou signed on the dotted line to join the club. This was shorter lived than an X Factor winner’s music career when it was revealed that little under a week after his arrival he moved on to join the Keighley Cougars as player-coach. Another York sportsman to leave has been York City utility man and cult hero Djoumin

Prices from only

£28.00 per 1000



“Jimmy” Sangare who seemingly swapped life as a Minsterman for a contract with African Champions League and Moroccan champions Wydad Casablanca. Whether it was his desire to play in a Muslim country, to swap playing in front of 2,500 for a potential 67,000 or purely that they get slightly better weather; he went with the club’s blessing after a fruitful spell at Bootham Crescent. A week later, the move hadn’t gone according to plan as Sangare was trialling in the sunny climate of Lincoln before signing for Oxford United.

Can we play you every week? Sangare has left behind a team that is definitely on the up under Gary Mills. A side that more than matched Premier League Bolton Wanderers in the FA Cup as well as various Blue Square Premier opposition in recent months. In fact the only thing that has beaten them recently is the weather and the inevitable fixture backlog that could derail any late bid for the play-offs. The future looks promising, even if the Chairman Jason McGill is now sporting a Jedward-style hair-do that is as fashionable as a kappa tracksuit. February represents a huge month with home games against Wimbledon (1st), Mansfield (5th), Fleetwood (15th) and creepy Crawley (19th) which should go a long way to defining their season’s aspirations.

Lords of the ring Three York boxers are all scheduled in to fight at Elland Road, Leeds, on Saturday 26th February. Harry Matthews, Matthew Doyle and Graham Fearn are all on the bill against yet to be named opponents and all three are also expected to form the main part of another bill in York, scheduled to happen in May with Energise Sports Centre a touted venue. All three are expected to be well supported in Leeds and start 2011 with a bang.

Triathlon club launched

A club has opened in York to help triathletes improve their swimming, cycling and running. Club chairman Richard Saunders says: “Support from a number of triathlon retailers and promoters means that we should be able to provide a strong programme of advice, support and structured training.” The club is planning to hold weekly swimming, cycling and running training sessions. n York Triathlon Club, sponsored by law firm Harrowells, was holding its official launch at the David Lloyd Club at 7pm on Friday, 28th January. For more details, go to *Yorkshire brothers Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee have been named on the World Class Performance Programme by British Triathlon. Jonathan Brownlee, 20, won both the ITU Sprint Triathlon world title in Lausanne in August and the ITU World U23 Championship in Budapest in September. He and brother Alistair, 22, have already accumulated five world titles between them. The duo are based at British Triathlon's Satellite Performance Centre in Leeds.

Sports village bid The University of York has submitted plans for a £9 million sports village next to Grimston Bar Park & Ride. The first phase will feature an eight-lane 25-metre pool, learner pool, 100-station gym, full size Astroturf pitch and three five-a-side pitches. All the facilities will be open to university students and staff, and the public. The university is contributing £5 million and City of York Council is providing £3 million, with the remainder being allocated through sporting grants. The complex, expected to create 30 jobs, will be run by a company called York Sports Village. If planning approval is secured, construction work is due to start in Spring 2011, with the facilities opening for business in July 2012.

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n If you’d like to know how we can help your business succeed and grow in 2011, call us on 01904 767881.


your wedding

The icing on the cake Did you know, the wedding cake is the second most photographed subject at a wedding, next to the bride and groom? So it’s important to choose the perfect one. Here’s how… Today anything goes when it comes to wedding cakes. As well as the traditional three tier cake, you can have lace designs, ruffles, ribbons, flowers, bows and swirls, sugar or even fresh flowers. You can even have your very own bespoke customised design made especially for you featuring you and your other half immortalised in icing! There are several points to consider when choosing the wedding cake: Taste: Choose from the plain sponge or chocolate, fruit, carrot cake, or even cheesecake. If you can’t make up your mind, why not have different tiers in different flavours? Size: The size of the wedding cake will depend on the number of guests you’re expecting. If you are planning to save some cake for guests who are unable to attend, keep this in mind while determining the exact number of people. Design: Most wedding cake makers will have a portfolio of designs to give you some ideas. You can also find inspiration from the pages of

Ask Emily...

Need help with a wedding dilemma? Q. How do I go about choosing bridesmaids’ dresses? I’m having four grown-up bridesmaids, and they’re all very different. They also have different ideas about what they want to wear. How do I go about finding something to keep them all happy?

A. Whose wedding is this? It’s your big day, don’t forget, and you should have the final say in what your bridesmaids wear. Having said that, I’m sure you can find a compromise that works. How about choosing a specific fabric and having your bridesmaids’ dresses made in different styles to suit each of them? Or choose the same style, but in different shades from your colour theme.


I’m a bit confused about the wedding gift list. Should we have one, and what should we put on it? My fiancé and I have lived together for nearly five years and we have everything we need – should we tell our guests not to give us a gift?

A. Perhaps you could ask for something special, such as a china set or some beautiful wine glasses that you will treasure for years to come? Or how about a work for art for your home? Kentmere House Gallery has a scheme where guests can either contribute to a general

bridal magazines. If you already have a fantasy cake in mind, a good cake maker should be able to bring your fantasy to reality – or at least suggest ways to make your ideas work. The only limit is your budget! ordering your cake: Place your order at least two months in advance. Make sure you get a sample tasting session before you place your order! When you’ve decided on your wedding cake maker, take along any photos or ideas you have for your dream wedding cake. If you want to tie your cake in with your colour theme, remember to bring along some swatches too. Check delivery arrangements: Will your cake maker bring your cake to the reception and set it up for you, or do you have to do it yourself? Find out if there are any hidden costs, such as hiring the stand, pillars and columns, etc. Will these items need to be returned after the wedding? Put down everything in writing so there’s no confusion later on.

Sales executive EMILY CuTHbERT is in charge of our wedding pages, which means she has access to experts from all over the city. Whatever your wedding woes, Emily can find out the answer for you! paintings fund for you to make your choice later, or you can select and reserve a specific painting and invite your guests to contribute. Call 01904 656507 for details. Or why not ask guests to chip in towards the trip of a lifetime?

Q. Since we got engaged two months ago I’ve been looking around trying to get some ideas. But everything is so expensive! How do I plan my dream wedding without spending a fortune?

A. You’re right, it’s very easy to get carried away! The most important thing to do before you start planning your wedding is to set yourself a budget. You might consider opening a new credit card just for the wedding that will earn you airline miles, cash back, or other incentives. Once you’ve set your budget, decide how you want to spend the money. This means sitting down together and working out what is really important to you and what you’re willing to compromise on.

n If you have a wedding problem you’d like answered, write to Emily at the address on page three, or email Mark your message ‘Ask Emily’ 30

your wedding

Style on a shoestring

A budget wedding doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Here’s how to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank... • Timing is everything. Winter weddings are the most economical, as suppliers tend to be less busy. Monday to Thursday weddings can also help save cash. • Learn to negotiate. This doesn’t always mean cutting the cost – look to get more for your money, such as an extra photo album or an upgrade on the wine. • offer to pay upfront. This can sometimes help earn you a discount, especially from a smaller supplier. • Get Crafty. Professional wedding invites can cost a packet, so why not make your own? You can buy plain cards and envelopes plus all the bits and bobs in any craft shop. • Suits you. Many suit hire companies run special offers, such as four suits for the price of three. Or you can ask the best man and ushers to pay for their own suits. • Flower Power. There's no need to go overboard with flowers – a simple arrangement can often be just as effective. Going for flowers in season can help cut the cost – your florist will be able to advise.

Wedding planning made easy Are you looking to create the wedding of your dreams but don’t know where to start? Then come along to a unique event at The Grange Hotel, organised by Sammie Brambles from Piz-zazz Wedding Events. Experienced wedding planner Sammie will be taking brides-to-be through the basics of wedding planning, with lots of useful hints and tips to make your big day the best ever.

10% off

With this advert

“The event is intended to be fun and relaxing, and definitely not a sales pitch,” says Sammie. “We have arranged for some great wedding industry suppliers to offer advice and demonstrations. We hope that by the end of the evening brides will have the knowledge and skills they need to start planning their wedding.” Tickets cost £10, and brides are encouraged to bring along their mum or friend for £5. It’s all happening on Thursday 31st March from 7pm-10pm. For more information, call Sammie on 07979 210 353. Spaces are limited, so book early!


health & beauty for you

The battle of the


If you want to shed a few pounds, you’ll need all the help you can get. Here are some winning ways to fight the flab and get fit DANCE YouRSELF SLIM: If you’re a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, you’ll know how contestants Pamela Stephenson and Patsy Kensit dropped an amazing two stones each during the 2010 competition. Admittedly the idea of appearing alongside those super-slim professional girls would probably be enough to keep us away from the sausage rolls too, but the pair put their amazingly toned new bodies down to all that dancing. No one’s suggesting you should practise several hours a day, but joining a dancing class, whether it be Latin or line dancing, ballroom or Bollywood, is a great way of getting into shape. And because it’s so much fun, you’re more likely to stick to it! joIN A GRouP: As with any kind of lifestyle change, it’s easier to achieve when you have the support and encouragement of people around you. Which is why weight loss groups like WeightWatchers and Rosemary Conley are such a great idea. It’s far easier than going it alone – you’ll pick up lots of advice on nutrition and exercise, and you can give each other a boost when you need it. And knowing you’re heading for the weekly weigh-in might be just the motivation you need to keep up your new healthy eating plan.


MIND PoWER: As any yo-yo dieter will tell you, diets don’t work. What you really need is to re-educate your eating habits for a lifetime. But for most of us, that’s easier said than done. Which is why hypnotherapy can help. Through hypnotherapy, you can learn to let go of your old eating habits and develop a new, healthier attitude. It can also help you overcome over-eating, cravings and other negative patterns of behaviour. GET MoVING: We don’t just mean aerobics classes (although they’re a terrific cardio workout). Even just small lifestyle changes, like walking for half an hour every day, or using the stairs instead of taking the lift, can mean a slimmer, fitter you. Or why not get back and enjoy some of the sports you used to love at school, such as football, netball or hockey. Local teams are often looking for new players – look out for the notices in our sports pages, or our ‘Join the Club’ section.

Dog walking for everyone is a new health walk being introduced in York from February – but no dog is required. City of York Council’s Sport and Active Leisure department has teamed up with the RSPCA animal home in Clifton, to arrange group walks for the dogs in its care. The walks will take place every Monday at 11.15am and 12.30pm and will last approximately one hour. Each volunteer will be matched with a dog on arrival for one of the walks and will walk together as a group. Volunteers are first asked to attend a training session (including an initial walk with the dogs) on either 14th or 28th February. No previous experience of dog walking is required. The Dog Walkies initiative is one of the new walks organised as part of the city’s Walking For Health programme. Walking has many health benefits and walking a furry companion from the RSPCA helps keep the dog happy and healthy too. An experienced walk leader will accompany the group each week. n If you are interested in taking part, call Fiona Barker, on 553440 or email

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Let’s go walkies

Let’s Talk About... with JANE TAI

How to break habits like smoking. Why do so many people find it so hard to stop smoking? We all know it’s bad for your health, causing potentially fatal illnesses like cancer, heart attacks and emphysema. And before it kills you, it gives you rotten teeth and gums, a smokers’ cough, and shortness of breath so that it’s harder to do the things you enjoy, or even just to walk upstairs or run for a bus. Add to all that the fact that it’s now so antisocial it’s hard to even find a place to smoke and it makes your breath, clothes and hair stink, and you’d think that would be enough to stop anybody instantly! But it isn’t. The three reasons people find it hard to stop: Denial, Enjoyment and FEAR.

York dentist

Some people know the risks, but enjoy their habit. They feel they should stop, they don’t really want to. Others simply don’t think about what it would really mean for them if, say, they did get cancer. For some it’s the old “It won’t happen to me” syndrome. For others it’s just too scary to go there. And then there are the fears that keep a lot of people stuck… fear of giving up their crutch, fear that they won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress, fear of putting on weight, fear of cravings, fear that it’s going to be just too difficult,


commended A York dentist was highly commended in a competition to find the country’s best young dentist. Jenny Kabir, principal dentist of Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, Manor Lane, Rawcliffe, received the accolade during a ceremony in Leicester for the UK Dentistry Awards 2010.

What do you have to do to break a habit like smoking? To break any habit, you have to:

The organisers said there had been a high number of entries of an exceptional standard and it was an outstanding achievement to be highly commended. Jenny says: “It is a wonderful testament to the quality of work carried out by the practice and reflects well on all who work here.”


Have a beautiful 2011!

Pamper yourself for less at York College. We offer a range of beauty treatments including micro-dermabrasion, Indian Head Massage and holistic therapy at our newly equipped teaching studio, all at highly competitive prices. For more information call Sue, Jacky or Karen on 01904 770254 Booking required. Individual or group bookings welcome (term-time only)

a) acknowledge and emotionally feel what it is doing to you; and b) want to be free of the habit more than you enjoy it or fear losing it. Masking cravings with nicotine replacement therapies or drugs addresses the symptoms, but not the underlying causes. It’s like chopping the head off a weed but leaving the roots intact. They just grow back. It’s only when you want something massively more than the habit, that you can change. The problem is that most people think they want to stop, but they haven’t really got their minds to the tipping point, the point at which why they want to stop outweighs the fear. Habit Breaking Prescription: Three Steps To The Tipping Point. 1.

Write down all the things you hate about smoking, (or any other habit). Go into detail. What does it do to your life?

2. Write down all the reasons why you want to stop smoking. State it in the positive, for example: “I want to smell fresh and clean”, not: “I don’t want to smell.” Dig deep. Explain how your life will improve when the habit is gone. 3. Write down your commitment to breaking the habit. When, and what steps, or professional help, you are going to take? Follow this prescription, and your chances of success will massively increase. n Jane Tai – Oxford Graduate, with a mission to help free people who are stuck in their lives, uses techniques she developed as a lawyer solving the problems of multi-national companies to help you find solutions in your life. Face-to-face or Skype consultations available.


Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Depression Check out or Call FREEPHONE 0800 083 1681 for a FREE 15 minute consultation. Follow me at: or www.facebook/fromstucktofreedom


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Is it true love? Is your relationship made to last? Try our fun Valentine’s quiz and find out...

1. Your husband sends you flowers. Do you think: a) That’s the third time this week b) He’s finally remembered our anniversary (shame it’s a week late) c) What’s he done now? 2. His idea of a romantic Valentine’s date is: a) Whisking you off to Paris for the weekend b) Cooking a special meal for two c) The drive-thru at Maccy D’s 3. After a row you: a) Can’t wait to kiss and make up b) Simmer for a few days, but eventually settle your differences c) Have to replace all the crockery

4. Your new job takes you away from home for a few months. Would he: a) Move with you – you can’t bear to be apart b) Phone you every night and spend every weekend together – absence makes the heart grow fonder c) Pack your bags for you 5. Your car breaks down in the rain. You call him. Does he: a) Rush straight out to rescue you b) Give you the number of the local rescue service c) Tell you off for interrupting Match of the Day

Mostly a’s You’re not just loved up, you’re totally obsessed! You’ve either been together for about five minutes or you’ve truly discovered the secret to keeping your love alive. You’re so involved with each other you really don’t need anyone else. But be careful to keep up your own friends and interests


6. If your relationship was a car, it would be: a) A Ferrari – Intense and full of high octane excitement b) A 4 x 4 – comfortable and built to last c) A Datsun Cherry – clapped out and ready for the scrapyard 7. You buy a new dress for a big night out. Does he: a) Shower you with compliments b) Only notice it when you point it out c) Only notice when the credit card bill arrives

Mostly b’s You’ve probably been together a while, and the first flush of passion has settled into something more lasting. But be careful your relationship doesn’t turn into an old pair of slippers – comfy but hardly exciting! Make time for some extra romance occasionally.

Mostly c’s You’re lucky you’ve made it to the end of this quiz! Are you sure you two really belong together? You may be together out of habit, or it could be you just get a kick out of tormenting each other!

In today’s fast-paced world, we seldom have time to think about or take care of ourselves. People can be poor judges of what makes them happy; they search for happiness in the wrong places and end up accepting their lot, never really knowing what they could have achieved, never reaching their potential. Others know there is something that needs to change, but just don’t know how to go about it. This is where Green Shoots Coaching, a York-based life coaching and professional development service can help. Michaela Oldfield, founder of Green Shoots Coaching, says: “We are dedicated to working with you to achieve your goals, to improve your life, to feel in control and grow your potential.” n For a free consultation, call 01904 733663 or 07847 300914.

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Get fit for life

The qualified coach, who has 20 years experience in people development offers coaching for: • Confidence, self esteem, self doubt • Career management, redundancy, CV, interview technique • Stress management, creating a balanced life • Moving on after divorce • Parenting • Breaking bad habits • Relationships • Weight loss and wellbeing • Leadership

Bring a friend to Vida! If you’re a regular client at Vida in Boroughbridge Road you’ll already know how great their hair and beauty team are. So why not let a friend in on the secret? If you recommend a mate this month you’ll both receive a terrific 20% off any hair treatment. Or recommend a friend for a full set of nails and you’ll both receive a 10% discount. Don’t forget to bring along the ad in Your Local Link to claim! n Call Vida on 799944 to book your appointment.

Valentines Day Romantic Treats

Pamper yourselves in our exclusive couples room by candlelight

Couples full body massage


Back, neck & shoulder massage

Includes Champagne & Chocolates


Gift Vouchers also available

(Offer valid for 6 months after purchase)


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10 ways to

boost your energy! Has your get up and go got up and gone? Re-energise your mind and body with our instant vitality guide...

1. Take a deep breath. Shallow breathing results in less oxygen reaching your brain and vital organs, leading to an energy gap. Place your hand on your abdomen as you breathe to check you’re breathing deeply enough.

making a conscious effort to relax. Take 20 minutes every day to recharge your batteries. Relax, read a book, listen to music, meditate or just have a nice cup of tea (decaff, of course)

2. Get a good night’s sleep. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But the time you fall asleep is just as important as how many hours you get. Hormone secretion, body temperature, digestion, and other important restorative processes follow a 24-hour cycle linked to natural light exposure. The later in the evening we fall asleep and the later in the morning we wake up, the more out-of-sync our cycle becomes.

6. Increase your magnesium intake. This mineral is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including breaking down glucose into energy. So when your levels are even slightly low, energy levels can drop. Boost your magnesium levels with almonds, hazelnuts or cashews, wholegrains and fish.

3. Cut down on sugar. Excess sugar causes fluctuations in blood sugar, which can result in plummeting energy levels. Rather than reaching for the chocolate, boost your energy levels with wholegrains, which provide a slow and steady release of fuel, keeping your energy consistent and balanced. 10. Cut out caffeine. Although coffee initially raises stress hormones and gives a rush of energy, consuming several cups or more of coffee per day can promote burnout.

4. Drink more water. Even slight dehydration can leave you feeling tired and lethargic. 5. Reduce stress. Stress and anxiety erode energy levels over time, leaving you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. The good news is, you can counter the ill effects by

Swimming Lessons At Yearsley Swimming Pool and Energise Quality lessons for toddlers to adults Friendly, experienced and qualified staff Amateur Swimming Association approved programme Competitive prices Call today for more information 01904 552424


7. Take a walk. Strange as it may seem, exercise – especially walking – increases energy levels. Research has shown that a brisk ten minute walk increases energy levels for up to two hours. 8. Have a blood test. If you’re often low on energy, it could be you’re anaemic or your thyroid function is impaired. A simple blood test can identify the problem, which can be helped by medication (for thyroid problems) or iron supplements (in the case of anaemia). 9. Take a nap. Research has shown that a 30 minute power nap can refresh our brains and help us concentrate better. But make it 30 minutes max – any longer and you’ll end up feeling groggy.

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Get in shape for a

York charity An advertiser of ours has asked for our readers to get involved in a charity run. The Wilberforce Trust, based in Huntington, needs 15 volunteers who can gain sponsorship of at least ÂŁ150 to run in its colours at the BUPA Manchester 10km run on Sunday 15th May.

The charity supports people who are blind or partially sighted and have other disabilities, including learning disabilities. The money raised will be used either in the trust’s supported accommodation in York and Tadcaster or the 'Living & Learning Zone' community facility in Huntington, which is used by the trust's tenants, clients of its rehabilitation services, and their friends and family. The trust has had a team in the run for several years now, including some of its tenants, and there may be a possibility for a volunteer to take part by helping a tenant to participate. n For more details, contact either Helen Ambrey or Roger Livesey, by email to or or phone 760037.


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Beauty begins at home We all love a bit of pampering. But with so much to fit into our busy lives, when do you find the time? That’s why mobile hairdressers and beauty therapists are such a great idea. Having all your pampering done at home means it’s faster and more convenient – and there’s no problem with finding a parking space, either! And there’s less chance of mishaps, too (if you’ve ever smudged your new manicure or pedicure on the way home you’ll know what we mean!). Claire Henson offers all kinds of hairdressing, including cuts and colours, in the comfort of your own home. She also offers manicures and pedicures, including Minx nails, the latest in A-list glamour. n To find out more about Claire’s services, call her on 07773 427071.

Blood donor sessions

urse 3 February York Raceco m) (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.15p Church Hall 8 February Acomb Parish (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.30pm) Rooms, 8 February The Reading -7.15pm) 5pm , 4pm mDunnington (2p lors’ Hall, York 9 February Merchant Tay m) (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.15p ick Folk Hall 16 February New Earsw (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.15pm) Recreation Centre 18 February Wigginton (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.15pm) Taylors’ Hall, York 28 February Merchant m) (2pm-4pm, 5pm-7.15p


We’re always excited to hear about a new hair and beauty salon in York. And we can’t wait to try out Loves Hair & Beauty in Tadcaster Road. They have everything you need to keep you looking good from top to toe, from Dermalogica facials, body massage and anti-ageing treatments from their qualified nurse. Or visit their Nail Bar, where you can choose from a whole range of nail treatments, including manicures, acrylic nails, Minx or Shellac. And for real celeb glamour, try their Lash Perfect Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions – a big favourite with the A-listers! If, like us, you’re still trying to lose some of those post-Christmas pounds, try their amazing FlabeLos machine, which promises the equivalent of an hour’s

Sports students visit centre of excellence York pupils studying for the Sport and Active Leisure (SAL) Diploma visited the English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Sheffield, which has helped some of the country’s best athletes, including boxer Amir Khan and world heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis. The SAL Diploma students from York High School and Huntington School visited the venue as part of their principle learning work and were impressed with the facility and the staff who worked there. Manager Rob Evans gave the students a guided tour, telling them how the centre operated as a business.

workout in just ten minutes. It burns fat, reduces cellulite, increases bone density and builds muscle tone. Even better, you could drop a dress size in three weeks! n There are always special offers and packages available – call 708200 for details. The students later took part in a boxing session run by a professional coach, and visited the very gym where boxers Amir Khan and James DeGale trained as amateurs. Mike Fitzsimons, who acts as the SAL Diploma Champion for York, says: “This is exactly the kind of employer engagement that will make the SAL Diploma so successful. The diploma relies heavily on good sustainable links with employers which can be used to enhance the learning and overall development of the learners. The diplomas are bringing learning to life outside the classrooms and we are truly excited about what our learners are going to achieve on the SAL course.”

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Feel the love at


February is the month for romance so Kuki Hair & beauty Spa is focusing on Valentine’s treatments. You and your loved one will relax in the warm, candlelit double treatment room scented with oil burners. The two of you will be pampered with either a back, neck and shoulder massage or a full body massage. After the treatment you will be taken into the relaxation area in your dressing gowns where you can enjoy a glass of champagne and handmade truffles together, all for either £58 or £78. But it’s not all about romance. Kuki Spa is the best place to find the latest high fashion looks, such as up to the minute wedding styles, hair extensions and high definition eyebrows – defined, dark brows that really make the most of your eyes. “We’re always looking out for the latest trends to keep our creations fresh and new,” says owner Lisa Carlyle. “Entering all the latest competitions and photo shoots keeps us up to date with fashion. I am very lucky to have such an amazing team’. Lisa is also raising money for Alzheimers charity this year. She and staff member Claire Huitson are wing walking on 3rd July. Watch out for other forthcoming charity events to help raise money for a cause that’s very close to Lisa’s heart. n Call 659007 today to book your appointment, or log on to

Pilates taster sessions Fancy trying Pilates? Louise is offering free taster classes during York International Women’s Week. The sessions will take place on 7th March at Fulford Social Hall from 1.45 – 2.45pm, and on 9th March at Rufforth Primary school from 6.45 – 7.45pm. n To book call 07773 794301 or email


Human Hair Extensions The No1 in hair extensions! Confidence and a fantastic new look in minutes!

Water Meadows, 367 Huntington Road, York YO31 9HR

Telephone: 01904 659007 39

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New treatment

offer Do you suffer from migraines, anxiety, arthritis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Or perhaps you’re looking for relief from the troubling symptoms of the menopause? Then you’ll be interested in a trial being offered by the Northern College of Acupuncture.

Fighting hair loss

The college is looking for people to take part in an extensive research project into the use of acupuncture and nutritional therapy to treat common medical conditions.

Hair loss is cause by many things, including stress, the auto-immune system, medical conditions, post-operative, medication and scalp problems.

You’ll receive a free consultation at both the acupuncture and nutrition clinic (normally priced at £35 for acupuncture and £25 for nutrition). This will be followed by a series of half price acupuncture treatments and one half price nutrition follow-up treatment (normally £20 each for acupuncture and £15 each for nutrition). “We want to offer people who might think they can’t afford acupuncture the chance to try it,” says Denise Magson of the Northern College of Acupuncture. “The trial may suit people who have reached the end of the line when it comes to traditional medical methods and are looking for an alternative. They can receive treatment and help research at the same time.” This offer is open to the first ten people signing up for each condition. Treatment must begin before 1st May and patients must complete the course of treatments. n If you’re interested in the offer or you’d like more information, call the clinic on 343305 or visit the website –


According to recent studies and statistics, 8.2 million men and 8 million women are affected with hair loss at any one time in the UK.

However solutions for the fight against hair loss have become far more advanced than ever before, say leading Dermo-Trichologists David Charles and Peter Hart. Careful microscopic analysis of the hair and scalp is paramount before any treatment is given, in order to assess an individual’s case. A course of topical treatment is used or, in the more severe cases of hair loss, non-surgical grafting may be more suitable. “Non-surgical grafting is simple, painless and quite affordable and can guarantee hair for life,” says David. David himself lost his own hair before he reached 30. However today he has a full head of hair, due to his new hair replacement system. n If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning, David Charles Trichology offer a free initial consultation. Contact them on 0800 7567748 or visit . There is a small charge for home visit consultations.

health & beauty for you

Off-road cycling Fancy getting off the beaten track in Dalby Forest and picking up some off-road cycling skills? Cycling City York has a limited number of places available on a series of free, guided, mountain bike rides in the forest. Some of the rides are ideal for beginners, but there are also rides suitable for those who have enjoyed mountain biking before and want to develop their skills. Transport to Dalby Forest and all of the equipment that you need to take part, including a mountain bike, is provided free of charge. n There are rides for beginners on Sunday 30th January, and Sunday 3rd April, and rides for improvers on Sunday 6th March, and Sunday 17th April. For more details, call 553440.

PURE PLATINUM Have you discovered Platinum Beauty @ Toni & Guy yet? Combining over 30 years in the beauty industry, Rachel and Lisa welcome you to come and experience their wide range of treatments, including waxing, facials, massage, manicure, pedicures, tanning and much more.

New treatments for 2011 include PRIORI Advanced AHA Skin care and Professional treatment range. PRIORI's pioneering AHA scientists have incorporated the latest AHA technological advances combined with state of the art ingredients to enhance product performance and results. Platinum Beauty also offer Advanced Sports Massage, which incorporates techniques to treat sports injuries, sciatica, frozen shoulder, postural and work related problems. They would also like to welcome Jane Pilsworth a qualified nurse and independent nurse prescriber offering Dermal Fillers, Line Softening Treatments, Sculptra, Dermaroller and Sclerotherapy. n For more information, call Platinum Beauty on 633844.

Weigh in, work out, weigh less! MONDAY St.Aelred’s Community Centre 216 Fifth Avenue, Tang Hall, YO31 0PN 09:30 - 11:00 am St.Lawrence Primary School Heslington Road, York, YO10 5BW 6:00 - 7:30 pm 7:30 - 9:00 pm TUESDAY Huntington & District W M C 1 North Moor Road, Huntington, YO32 9QS 09:15 - 10:45 am

TUESDAY Canon Lee Secondary School Rawcliffe Drive, Clifton (Without), YO30 6ZS 6:00 - 7:30 pm 7:30 - 9:00 pm

THURSDAY Huntington & District W M C 1 North Moor Road, Huntington, York, YO32 9QS 09:30 - 11:00 am

WEDNESDAY Melodies Park Country Club Wigginton Road, Wigginton, YO32 2RJ 10:00 - 11:30 am

Canon Lee Secondary School Rawcliffe Drive, Clifton (Without), York, YO30 6ZS 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Joseph Rowntree School Haxby Road, New Earswick, YO32 4BZ 6:00 - 7:30 pm 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Receive UNLIMITED exercise for 5 weeks!

Call Helen on 01904 790922


Class Fee £5.80. * When you pre-pay £29 for 5 weeks. Valid until 31/03/11. Bring advert to class to claim. Ref: HHOW

Free £10*


Free £25

Pack worth


your family

Keeping kids safe online

We’ve all heard the horror stories about children falling victim to predators online. But how can you protect them when they know their way around a computer better than you do? Whatever you do, you shouldn’t leave it to your child to safeguard themselves online. You may not be as technologically savvy as they are, but there are still some steps you can take... • Check some of the sites your child visits. Particularly those that collect personal information. Norton Internet Security includes parental controls that stops personal information being transmitted. • Change the settings on your search engine. Set it so that it does not return any results containing explicit words or imagery. (You can do this by clicking ‘Preferences’ or ‘Settings’ on the search page – look for ‘Safe Search’ options.) • Change your browser. You can get internet browsers that are designed especially for children, which filter out explicit words and sites featuring chat, gambling, or adult content. Try MyWeb or Noah’s Web. • Install surveillance software. If you have cause to be concerned about your child’s chatroom activity, you can install a piece of software that records chats, emails, and keystrokes. Try Guardian Monitor or Computer Cop. • Set limits on downloads. Free games, free music, animated toolbars, and other downloads

can expose your computer to spyware and other unwanted software. Get your children to ask permission before they download anything. Also, install good antivirus and antispyware software. • Create different user accounts. You can give yourself an Administrator account and your children Limited User accounts. Administrator accounts have full control over the computer. Limited Users cannot change system settings or

install new hardware or software, including most games, media players, and chat programs. • Remind kids not to talk to strangers online. Teach them some basic safety tips, such as only using a first name or nickname to identify themselves; never disclosing their phone number or address, never sending photos of themselves, and never ever agreeing to meet someone they meet online without supervision.

8TH FEBRuARY IS SAFER INTERNET DAY. For more information, log on to

York Family Information Service provide free and impartial information for mums, dads and carers of 0 to 19 year olds on anything and everything!


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Children’s Centres And much more!

01904 554444 42

Due to popular demand, Poppleton Pre-School is now offering parents a session dedicated to the needs of infants from birth until two years of age. The Laugh & Learn Baby Group encourages little ones to develop their senses and communicational skills; it’s a place where carers can enjoy spending time with their babies while socialising in a warm and friendly environment.

FAMILY PORTRAITS An exclusive portrait drawn from your photographs of loved ones past & present contact Nick at: 0794 640 74 84

Sisters Charlotte and Gemma, who set up the pre-school, says: “We will have different activities available as well as songs and musical movement to ensure the beginning of your child's learning journey is stimulating and enjoyable.” The baby group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm and 3pm. Poppleton Pre-School also caters for children up to the age of five as well as offering parent and child messy play sessions plus an after-school craft club for four to eight-year-olds. n For more details, call 782047 or 788853 or go to

Children’s centre celebration York’s nine children’s centres are hosting an open day on Thursday 3rd February, to celebrate their success. There will be a variety of activites taking place between 10.30am and 2.30pm, including the toy bus, movement play sessions and story time to mark National Storytelling Week - look out for the three bears! City council locality manager Paula Richardson says: “This is a great opportunity for families to come and find out about the work that we do within the city. There are lots of exciting opportunites that you can engage with. The celebration event will give you the opportunity to meet staff at the children’s centres, join in with fun activites and find out about other organisations that work in partnership with children’s centres across the city.” n For information, go to, visit your nearest children’s centre or call the York Family Information Service on 554444.

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Welly Boots crèche is a warm, friendly and exciting place for children to learn and develop. Located next to Energise, it plays host to fantastic toys for children from birth up to 5 years and has a great outdoor area that can be used all year round. Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am – 1pm To arrange a show around and speak to a member of Welly Boots please call Energise 01904 552424 or visit


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Laugh and learn sessions

your family

Do you fancy being a

governor? There are about 300,000 governor places in state schools in England, helping to guide the future of millions of pupils. At any one time, however, about 40,000 governor places are vacant. By volunteering to be a governor, you can help secure a positive outlook for future generations. In addition, volunteers can benefit through developing transferable skills. As a governor you can build on your team-working skills; network with useful people; gain experience in project management, finance, marketing and administration.

‘You don’t need to have a child at the school to become a governor.’ All types of people can become school governors. No special qualifications are required, but you must be 18 or over on the date when you are elected or appointed. Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities. You don't need to have a child at the school.

Taster days at York College Schools are run by a governing body working with the head teacher and senior management team to ensure pupils get a good education. These bodies make their decisions based on the advice of committees that deal with specific issues like the school's curriculum, premises or finances. The amount of time involved for each governor varies between schools. However, in a typical month in a typical school you can expect to spend at least six to eight hours on your duties. Where to apply You can apply to be a governor: directly to your school ; through your local authority; or through the School Governors’ One-Stop Shop (SGOSS), which is an independent charity dedicated to recruiting volunteers. Their website is

If your son or daughter is thinking about further education options this September, head along to a couple of Level 1 and 2 Taster Days at York College during the February half-term. Taster Days are an ideal opportunity for Year 11 students who are thinking about further education to try out college life and taste up to four half-day vocational subjects in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Taster sessions are available in Music, Child Care, Travel and Tourism, Cookery, Sport, Administration, Motor Vehicle/Engineering, Bricklaying, Electrical Installation, Carpentry/Joinery, Information Technology, Public Services, Performing Arts, Art & Design, Painting & Decorating, Plumbing, Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing, Health & Social Care and Business. n Call York College on 770239 to book your place.

Babbling babies The University of York is looking for babies from English-speaking homes to take part in one of several studies about how children learn language. The Department of Language and Linguistic Science wants to get in touch with parents of full-term babies aged between seven and nine months. You will be with your child throughout and be paid £10 for visits to the university or home. To find out more, call 433619.

Fostering... Thought about it?

Do it!

Call for a chat on 01904 555 333 Who can be a foster carer? Foster carers are ordinary people who open their homes to children and young people who need to be cared for away from their own families.

Where can I find out more? If you would like to find out more about fostering, please call the number above or the council’s duty family placement worker on 01904 555333 or email:


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Open days at

Queen Margaret’s Queen Margaret’s School in Escrick prides itself on offering a quality education, with excellent teaching, superb facilities and varied opportunities for learning. Around 90% of girls are boarders and they also welcome day girls from York and the surrounding villages. Exam results in 2010 were their best ever: at A Level 25% of entries gained the new A* grade and 93% of entries achieved A*, A or B and at GCSE 92% of all entries were awarded grade A*-B. They also offer Scholarships in Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Sport. You can find out more at their next two Open Days on Saturday 12th February and Saturday 26th March from 10:30am. They are also pleased to welcome families for individual visits at any time. n Contact Jackie Hallewell on 720072 to arrange an appointment.

Hair & beauty


Students showed off their flair and creativity during York College’s annual hair and beauty competition. The event, held York Racecourse, involved about 250 full and part-time hairdressing and beauty therapy students. Denise Morrison, Head of Division for Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies at York College, says: "This annual event provides a superb learning experience for the Hair & Beauty students at York College, each year they rise to the challenge and prove to themselves, and to employers, that they can use their skills effectively whilst under pressure.." The winning students will go forward to a regional heat in Gateshead and the winners from the regional heat compete in the national finals to be held in Blackpool in March. 45


Researchers say music lessons can enhance the sensitivity of the brain to speech sounds and help children improve their language skills, as well as their musical ability.

Other research has found that it can boost a child’s memory as well as improving their behaviour and intelligence. It also helps children to read music scores, improve motor skills, boost self-confidence and develop social skills when playing in music ensembles. Music is especially good when children aren’t particularly sporty. For young children, the descant recorder is an ideal first instrument that can be used as stepping-stone to move on to other wind instruments, such as the clarinet, flute or oboe. Other options are the string

instruments, such as the violin or guitar, keyboard instruments, such as the piano and organ, and brass instruments, such as the trumpet, cornet or trombone. Check out the music tutor adverts in York Local Link.

Daniel became a regular at Irish pub sessions. This experience stood him in good stead when he successfully auditioned for a place on the acclaimed folk music course at Newcastle University.

Making friends

Daniel, aged 21, says: “I have met so many good people through music. Learning to play the violin at school, going through the grades and learning to read music, gave me a solid foundation.”

“If you learn to play a musical instrument, you will never be without a friend.” So says Daniel Foster, of Holgate, York, who started playing recorder at English Martyrs’ Primary School. He was soon playing gigs, reels and hornpipes on his violin, encouraged by Jackie Jones, a peripatetic music teacher employed by City of York Council who continued to teach him when he moved to Millthorpe School. During two years in Manchester,

Find out why we are one of the top 10 FE colleges in the UK*

Open Event

for prospective A Level and Vocational students Wednesday 2nd March 6.00pm to 8.30pm • Over 40 A Levels on offer. • 80 Vocational programmes. • Outstanding results in 2010. Talk to our students and tutors. No need to book, just turn up. York College, Sim Balk Lane, York YO23 2BB 01904 770400 *DCSF, 2009



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Sounds of

Music lessons shake-up Music teaching in York schools is undergoing a major shake-up. The model, to be adopted by City of York Council in September, will enable 3,000 pupils per year to learn musical instruments; currently about 2,250 children learn to play instruments at school.

Whilst the number of teachers providing small group and individual lessons will fall, the new model includes an approved tutors scheme to enable freelance teachers to offer their services directly to pupils and parents. The York Arts Academy sessions on Saturday mornings at Canon Lee School, where musicians can play in a variety of ensembles, will continue. However, the Wednesday afternoon sessions at Millthorpe School may end in July. Gill Cooper, the city council's Head of Arts and Culture, told Your Local Link: “We are reviewing the provision at York Arts Academy in line with Government funding guidelines and so, from September 2011, it is likely that provision of York Arts Academy

your education

pianist manny vass, a castle Howard regular and Daniel foster playing at a pub session

music groups will be consolidated at Canon Lee on Saturday mornings." n For more details, call 554660.

Piano man There are a lot of gifted musicians studying at state schools who tend to fall by the wayside because of limited opportunities to fulfil their potential when compared with their counterparts at private school. To prevent this musical talent going to waste, Yorkshire Young Musicians (YYM) was established in 2004 to provide advanced training for gifted performers aged between eight and 18 in Yorkshire & Humber. Overseen by Opera North, Leeds College of Music and all 16 of the region’s local authority music services, YYM operates every Sunday at Leeds and Hull.

Nick Vass, of Wheldrake Pine & Cane, has nothing but praise for YYM because it enabled his son, Manny, to take his music to a higher level. Nick says: “It can be difficult for pupils in the state sector to excel at music. YYM has done my son proud.” Members of staff at the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music were so impressed by Manny’s audition that they offered him an unconditional place as well as a scholarship.

Realise your child’s potential Maths and English After-School Programmes

Now in the final year of a four-year degree course at the Manchester college, Manny, aged 21, wants to forge a career as a cross-over artist. “I don’t want to confine myself to one genre of music,” says Manny, who regularly plays the grand piano at Castle Howard, near York.

• Work at a pace tailored to your child’s needs • Give their confidence a real boost • Develop invaluable study habits and concentration • Complement the school curriculum


Every child can shine

STUDY CENTRE For more information contact Jenny Scanlon 01757 268114

Contact your local Instructor today.

Taster Days for Level 1 and Level 2 courses

21st - 24th February 2011 Year 11 Students: Thinking about what you want to do when you leave school? Come and try out college life and sample up to four of our courses. Booking essential!

For more information and to book your place call 01904 770239 York College, Sim Balk Lane, York, YO23 2BB



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Diary of a puppy Connie may look cute, but the little pup has a very big future ahead of her. She’s been selected to train as a Hearing Dog for Deaf People. But before Connie can start her hearing dog training, she’s spending her first year with socialiser Sheila Pilliner in Copmanthorpe, learning the basics of good behaviour. This has been a big month for Connie, as she underwent her first official Hearing Dogs assessment. “Her assessor Jane started off by having a general chat about how she’s doing, how she copes with everyday things like car travel and handling,” says Sheila. “Then I left her in the kitchen with Jane to carry out some more tests. Obviously, the first thing she checks for is separation anxiety. She had a little whimper at the door but once she realised Jane was there she seemed quite happy, which is a very good sign for a Hearing Dog.

obedience using both verbal and sign language commands, and grooming. She passed that part of the test with flying colours, which was a big relief as Bichons can be very awkward and fidgety when it comes to grooming.

As a socialiser, we get so much support from Hearing Dogs. If there’s ever a problem we can always contact them, and as well as the regular puppy training classes they’ll offer one to one training sessions if we need extra help.

“This was followed by some sound work. Hearing Dogs are not allowed to have squeaky toys as squeaks are used as part of their training. Jane used a squeaky toy to see how she reacted to the sound. She then set a puppy timer to see how quickly Connie learned to follow the beep. This kind of target training is very important for Hearing Dogs.

“And knowing we’re doing such a rewarding job makes it all worthwhile. I recently received a letter from a lady who has one of ‘my’ Hearing Dogs. She had recently lost her husband and she told me how having little Nemo had made such a big difference to her life. Hearing something like that makes it all worthwhile.”

“Finally, Jane took her out for a walk to check how she coped with meeting other people and dogs. The whole test took about three hours and she slept for a full day afterwards! Although I’m glad to say she passed very nicely.

“The next stage of the test was general

n Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are always looking for socialisers to look after puppies until they begin training. If you have plenty of time and commitment to give, call 01759 322299.

“It all sounds very daunting, but it really isn’t.




any stickered 12-15kg bag from our canine range *Stickered bags only, whilst stocks last.



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Home or


If you’re planning a holiday this year, now’s the time to find a place for your pet to stay. But should you opt for a boarding kennel or petsitter?

Which you choose really depends on your pet. Lively, outgoing cats and dogs may prefer the sociable environment of a kennel. Older, more timid pets may be better off staying at home.

Choosing a kennel or cattery

Visit the boarding kennel before you go on holiday; have a good look around at the places your pet will be sleeping, playing and exercising in. Check with the boarding staff what items you will need to provide. These may include your pets’ favourite toys, treats, bedding and a collar/lead. Familiar toys and bedding help your pet feel more at home. If your pet requires a special diet or has any medical conditions discuss this with the boarding staff before booking to ensure their needs can be accommodated.

No place like home

If your pet is elderly or gets stressed easily in unfamiliar surroundings, you might prefer to have them looked after in your own home, where they can enjoy familiar surroundings.

PET PORTRAITS A beautiful portrait drawn from your photographs of your best friend contact Nick at: 0794 640 74 84

Professional pet sitters offer various combinations of services. Like boarding facilities, pet sitters become booked early, especially over holidays. Allow plenty of time to interview several sitters so you find one you’re comfortable with. When you meet your sitter, find out if they are insured and what experience they have looking after animals. If your pet has special needs, such as needing injections, will they be able to do this?

Give us a


All over the city there are cats and dogs looking for homes. Could you be the one to offer them the love they need?

Once again FREYA is plaintively staring at you from the pages of Your Local Link… this lady really wants a cosy new home for the New Year! Freya is a likeable, if somewhat cheeky 4 year old cat. She enjoys attention and loves to rub her head on your hands – a sure sign of affection from felines. CHUCKY is an energetic and excitable fella, who’s sure to keep you well entertained with his ping pong ball chasing and catnip mouse wrestling shenanigans! He may be a little shy with new people at first but once he’s made friends with you you’ll have a buddy for life! n If you’d like to offer either of these cats a loving home, please call York Cats Protection on: 760356. BILLY, is a friendly four-year-old lurcher who would thrive in the home of an experienced dog owner where there are no young children. While LILY, a three-year-old Rottweiler would make an ideal family pet at a home where there are no children under the age of ten. Our friends at the RSPCA home in Landing Lane, York, say both Billy and Lily would not be comfortable with other dogs. n If you can offer any of these dogs a home, call the RSPCA on 654949.


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Nest is best! 14th – 21st February is National Nest Box Week. By putting up a nest box in your garden, you’re not only helping the bird population survive, you’ll also have the pleasure of watching a feathered family grow. Traditionally, nest boxes for small birds are put up in the spring. Pairs begin to search for a home in the latter half of February, so a box put up at the end of the winter stands a good chance of attracting nesting birds. However, it is never too early or late to put up a nest box, as some birds will use them to roost in during the winter months.

Where to put it Your nest box should be sheltered from prevailing wind, rain and strong sunlight. The front of the nest box should be angled slightly downwards to prevent rain from entering. Small-hole boxes are best sited 1- 3m above ground on tree trunks, but avoid sites where foliage obscures the entrance hole. If there are no trees in your garden, place your box on the side of a shed or wall. Nest boxes of the same type should not be sited too close together as this may aggression between neighbours.


Also, avoid placing nest boxes near to bird feeders or bird tables as high levels of activity of visiting birds could disturb nesting pairs. When siting your box, make sure it’s not easily accessible to predators such as cats and squirrels. Fitting metal plates around the nest box entrance hole can help keep squirrels out.

Cleaning out When the breeding season is over, remove old nests and clean the box out. Bird protection law permits the cleaning out of nests between 1st August and 31st January. Some hole nesting species, including sparrows, may have second or third broods in the same nest. These should be left until the end of October and only removed when you’re certain they’re no longer in use. Wear surgical gloves and a dust mask, as old nests may harbour fungal spores in old nesting material. Put the old nest into a plastic bag and seal it before disposal.

your garden

Britain in


York will be representing Yorkshire in the 2011 Royal Horticultural Society Britain In Bloom competition, competing against Richmond upon Thames, Bury, Stockton and Wrexham in the city category. Judging will take place during the first two weeks of August 2011. City of York Council is encouraging entries by businesses and communities into Yorkshire In Bloom. The closing date for entries is 4th February. n For more details, go to

Gardening Club A practical demonstration entitled ‘Agapanthus - Everything There Is To Know’ will be given by Steve Hickman to members of Askham Bryan College Gardening Club this month. Steve is from Hoyland Plant Nursery, Barnsley, which holds the National Collection of both Agapanthus and Tulbagia. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 8th February, at 7.30pm in The Conference Hall, Askham Bryan College, York. n For more details, call David on 707208 or Peter on 795059.

Orchard planted Residents in York, advised by members of the city council’s Parks & Open Spaces team, have planted a community orchard on Scarcroft Green. Nine trees were planted, including apple, plum and damson, to provide fruit for residents of Micklegate Ward. The project came from a resident’s suggestion to the ward committee as part of its budgeting process, which allows residents to have a say on improvements in their ward.


your garden

Make sure everything in the garden’s lovely with the team at Dean’s

Heathers Almost all species of heather require acid soil conditions to thrive. Therefore, before you can decide which heathers to grow you need to know the pH of your soil. The degree of alkalinity or acidity of your soil is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 known as the pH scale. Soils vary from very acid with a pH scale of 3.5 to very alkaline with a pH just over 8. Ericaceous plants require significant quantities of iron, which in soils with a pH above 6.5 is rendered virtually insoluble and iron deficiency sets in, causing the plant to yellow and then die. If you do not know your soil pH, purchase a soil testing kit. Kits are inexpensive and available at most Garden Centres. Investing in one could save you money in the long run if your soil is unsuitable. The species chosen will depend on whether the soil is acid or alkaline. If you are fortunate and your soil is acid, you can grow any heather cultivars. If your pH is higher than 6.5, the best policy is to restrict your choice to Erica carnea, Erica x darleyensis, Erica vagans. For those prepared to put in the effort, the other species may be grown with by adopting one of the methods below.

Normally the best method is to create a raised bed approx 60cm deep on top of your existing soil. Edge the bed with peat blocks or allow the bed to drop to normal soil level, in which case, plant lime tolerant plants around the edge, such as Erica carnea. The next approach is watering twice a year with an iron compound which remains soluble in the presence of calcium. Such a compound is called chelated iron or sequestered iron sometimes sold under the trade name Sequestrene. Heavy soils will still need conditioning by the addition of humus such as sphagnum moss peat or fine bark. The third approach is to dig flowers of sulphur into the bed, which has the effect of tying up calcium, allowing the iron which is already in the soil, to become more soluble. In clay soils, use 4oz per square metre (square yard) for every one pH drop required and add peat or fine bark to improve the condition of the soil. In sandy soils, reduce the rate to 1oz per square metre (square yard). With careful choice of varieties it is almost possible to have flowering heathers 12 months

of the year. Starting in November Erica carnea and Erica x darleyensis varieties will go on flowering until April, these are followed by Daboecia varieties flowering from April until September and final Calluna varieties starting in July and going on until November. Many of the Calluna varieties have stunning coloured new foliage in spring, good example include Spring Torch, Spring Cream and Robert Chapman. Heathers associate well with dwarf conifers and ornamental grasses, looking especially attractive during the winter months when the colourful flowers and foliage of the heathers, the architectural dried seed heads of the grasses and the colours and forms of conifers complement each other so well. Underplanting with dwarf spring bulbs like narcissi, snowdrops and crocus also add to this effect.

n Dean’s Garden Centre, Stockton Lane, Stockton on the Forest, York • Tel: 01904 400141

ESTABLISHED 1977 IN HAXBY. A Local Family Business Built on Customer Recommendations:


your garden




Dean’s Garden Centre, at Stocktonon-the-Forest, is offering an ideal prize for those who want to create a beautiful garden this year... it is a fantastic selection of summer flowering bulbs and tools, worth about £45 Find out how to enter this blooming good competition by turning to Page four.

Driveways & Patios. Block Paving. Concreting. Yorkshire Flags. Drainage. for a free quote

T: 01904 413434 M: 07747 178358 SPECIALISTS IN ALL TYPE OF PAVING

Garden sharing Edible York, which creates community vegetable gardens, wants to set up a local database of people with land to spare, and people who want to garden that land. Those interested in helping with the project should attend a York In Transition seed-swap event at York Environment Centre on 19th February from 10am – 1pm. n For more details, email Edible York chairman Chloe Smee on

Open eco house Members of York In Transition, an environmental campaign group, invite you to a Victorian terrace in the city that has halved its carbon use. Have a look at solar electricity and thermal water, solid wall insulation and other features at 24 Grange Street, off Fulford Road, YO10 4BH. n The open house takes place on Sunday 13th February, between 3pm and 5pm; just drop in. For more details, call 654355 or email


your garden

Ask Chris...

Got a gardening problem? chris Brown from BROWN’S NuRSERIES can help Q. Could you please help me identify a plant that is growing in my neighbour’s garden? It has pink, trumpet shaped flowers that bloom in the late autumn. Any ideas? A. It sounds like Nerine Bowdenii. This is one of the best late-flowering bulbs and is ideally planted in clumps. In autumn, it bears open sprays of trumpet-shaped, bright pink flowers with curled, wavy-edged petals. The strapshaped, fresh green leaves appear after the display, at the base of the plant. Provide a deep, dry mulch in winter. In areas prone to heavy frosts, grow at the base of a warm sunny wall, or as a pot plant. Q. I have recently started gardening, and I keep hearing the term ‘mulching’. What are the benefits of this, and how do I do it? A. Flower beds and borders can quickly dry out or get taken over by weeds. Using a layer of mulch across the soil surface can prevent this. Many different materials can be used to cover the soil’s surface, including bark chippings, leaf mould, crushed shells and manure. Mulching has many benefits. It can provide nutrients for plants, lock in moisture, form a barrier against weeds and can also help to insulate the roots of

vulnerable plants during cold winters. Worms will slowly take the mulch underground around the plants, which will also help to aerate the soil. The best time to mulch is in late winter or early spring. This will trap moisture from wet weather and ensure beds don’t dry out quickly in the heat of the summer. Before mulching, make sure the site is clear of weeds. Fill up a wheelbarrow with your chosen mulch and spread a two inch layer around each plant, leaving a little gap around the stem of each plant.

Q. I have a Clematis Montana growing on a fence. When can I prune it, please? A. Clematis Montana is a ‘Group 1’ Clematis, which flowers early in the year on wood produced in the previous growing season. Clematis Montana with its cultivars, such as ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Tetrarose’ is the most vigorous of the fully hardy, deciduous species that bear small, flattish, usually single flowers in late spring to early summer. They will cover large walls and old buildings or clamber up large trees. When established they need pruning only when overgrown. Prune immediately after flowering. Cut back overlong shoots to healthy buds. Remove winter damaged growth only after danger of frosts has passed.

Q. Could you recommend some nice scented roses to plant as a hedge? I would also like to use the blooms as cut flowers if possible. A. English rose hedges are particularly valuable in the garden. Unlike most other hedges they will repeat flower prolifically, producing flushes of wonderful, fragrant blooms. Rose hedges may vary in height from low to quite tall. When planting, space the shorter varieties about 1 ½ feet apart and the taller varieties about three feet apart. The final height of the hedge can be adjusted by pruning. Rose hedges benefit enormously from good feeding and generous mulching with well rotted manure in spring. Roses for shorter hedges (2– 3 feet) include Blythe Spirit, Little White Pet, Sophy’s Rose and the Mayflower. For medium hedges (3 – 5 feet) try Golden Celebration, Harlow Carr, Kew Gardens, Mary Rose and Queen of Sweden. For tall hedges of five feet or more, look out for Chianti, Corvedale, Hyde Hall, Port Sunlight, Shropshire Ladd, Snowdon and Tam O’Shanter.

If you have a question for Chris, write to him c/o Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby YO32 2LH


your garden

garden Community composting group York Rotters is encouraging people to love their garden (or backyard) by growing their own fruit and vegetables and making their own compost. Growing your own is a great way to ensure you eat your five-a-day, get some physical exercise in the fresh air and save money. York Rotters Project Officer Catherine Bamford says: “Home-grown fruit and vegetables taste far better than the ones bought from a shop. Nothing beats the taste of home-grown strawberries or peas straight from your own garden. “Home composting is an important part of gardening and both growing your own fruit and vegetables and making your own compost can be done in the smallest of spaces.” Members of York Rotters are holding a free training course entitled ‘How to Compost’ on Saturday 12th February, from 10am to noon, followed by a free lunch. Between 1pm and 3pm, there will be a session on ‘Using Your Compost to Grow Your Own in a Small Space’ run by Your Local Link gardening columnist Sandra Geere. n For more information on composting, or to book a place on either one or both courses, call Catherine on 412861 or email

C 0, M 53, Y 100, K 0 R 247, G 143, B 30

C 68, M 0, Y 100, K 28 R 63, G 144, B 54

C 57, M 77, Y 100, K 15 R 119, G 76, B 46

C 8, M 10, Y 10, K 0 R 216, G 192, B 176


your garden

GROW YOuR OWN with SANDRA GEERE Growing your own fruit and veg is rewarding, good for the planet – and your pocket. Here’s how…


Jerusalem artichokes If you haven’t grown Jerusalem artichokes (quite different from Globe artichokes) then why not include them this year? They are a perennial (and a good substitute for potatoes) that can grow up to eight feet in height with large leaves, small yellow flowers and knobbly tubers up to 4 inches (10 cm) in length. When siting make sure that they do not shade other plants. Related to the sunflower they were introduced into England by the Dutch in 1617. Tubers of named varieties can be obtained from specialist suppliers or simply buy a few from the greengrocer. Plant tubers in spring 6 inches (15 cm) deep and 24 inches (60 cm) apart. They grow in most soils but do best in moisture retentive soil. Grown in rows three feet (90 cm) apart they will create a windbreak in an exposed spot. On the subject of wind, be warned that the carbohydrates in Jerusalem artichokes do not break down in the intestine and may cause slight embarrassment for some diners! If this is a problem follow your meal with a nice cup of fennel or mint tea from your herb garden. In autumn, when the tubers will be swelling,


cut the stems to 6 inches (15 cm) above the soil. Tubers can be left in the ground until required or stored in boxes of damp sand if they are threatened by slugs. Like parsnips, the flavour improves after frost and you can expect up to twelve tubers from each plant. Unless you want to continue growing them in the same spot you must be careful to remove every single tuber when harvesting. Jerusalem artichokes are usually pest free but keeping the soil healthy is the best pest deterrent. Don’t attempt to sow directly into cold, wet soil. Better to finish pruning currants, cut autumn fruiting raspberries to the ground and begin sowing in a greenhouse or cold frame. Warm up the soil for later by covering with black plastic sheeting, fleece or cloches. Continue to put food and drinking water out for the birds. It might be worth digging our some recipes for Jerusalem artichokes too. SERVING SUGGESTION: The tubers are delicious sliced and boiled, cut into chips or made into soup and gratins. A friend bakes sliced Jerusalem artichokes with pancetta and cream.

jobS FoR FEbRuARY ✓ Finish pruning ✓ Chit potatoes ✓ Spread compost and manure ✓ Make indoor sowings ✓ Warm up soil LoCAL SuPPLIERS Mr Thomas 01759 371549 Spent mushroom compost £11 for 5 bags delivered n Sandra specialises in creating sustainable organic kitchen gardens in small spaces and can show you how to grow crops all year round. Contact Sandra Geere Kitchen Garden Design & Consultancy 01904 655366 or email

your environment


Water, Water

everywhere... sue Lamb, of solarwall, receives the award from neil mason, of the national insulation association

Solarwall wins award... again Solarwall of York has topped a list of other insulation companies for its internet and marketing campaigns. Neil Mason, Chief Executive of the National Insulation Association, presented the award to Solarwall’s managing director Sue Lamb at a ceremony near Swindon, Wiltshire. It is the second year in a row that Solarwall has won the award, which is open to energy conscious companies across the UK. Sue says: “It is a great achievement for our company to win this award two years running. It shows the commitment and dedication of our marketing department to ensure our company is in the forefront of PR activity.” The event, attended by more than 250 delegates from the insulation industry and energy suppliers, featured a keynote address from Gregory Barker, the Minister for Climate Change. The award came after Solarwall launched the website of its Energy Centre at Clifton, York, which promotes the benefits of renewable technologies. n For more details, go to

Stop the flood before it starts, protect your pipes and your home this winter. Now that the snow has finally thawed and the recent big freeze seems to have passed, the floodwaters have started to rise and many homes have been left with a rather soggy clean-up. Many homes also suffered from burst or frozen pipes, costing residents hundreds of pounds in expensive emergency call-outs and repairs. The Met Office say there could be more snow on the way and certainly more sub-zero temperatures, so now is the time to prevent any further damage to your home before it happens. A few small preventative measures can make all the difference to ensure there is no costly cleanup this winter!

Cheap protection One easy and cheap way of protecting your home is to make sure all water pipes are insulated with good quality pipe lagging, but don’t forget to check the pipes and the cold water tank in your loft – even if your loft is insulated it gets very cold up there above the insulation is often a place we don’t think about for lagging pipes and is the most costly place to repair should a leak occur. Pipe insulation and cold water tank jackets can be bought from any major DIY store and are easy and cheap to fit or you can have them fitted by an expert for a small charge. All insulation companies will include pipe and cold water tank jacket insulation free of charge when they insulate your loft. So, if your loft needs insulating or needs a “top up” (current regulation states 270mm minimum), make sure the workmen insulate your tanks and pipes at the same time. Insulated pipes are much less likely to freeze saving costly emergency call-outs and helping to keep the water where it should be!

Don’t get caught out If you want to ensure you don’t get caught out at home if you do have a burst pipe or live in a higher risk flooding area, it is a good idea to keep a few sandbags handy during the winter period. These can be bought at a very reasonable price from any DIY store but wont last long; most degrade within six months. Alternatively, there are more efficient and cleaner varieties of sand bags available to buy at a reasonable price. If you don’t have much storage “instant sandbags” such as Floodsax are a great alternative; ready to inflate in minutes, they soak up excess water and then prevent any more water getting through. Easy to use on both internal and external burst pipes or even something like a washing machine leak, instant sandbags don’t degrade and are clean enough to store within the home. They are inexpensive and give you emergency protection and peace of mind for your home or workplace. n Solarwall offer insulation and flood defence solutions for

your home and work place. To find out more call free on 0500 127 005 or visit their show room at the Green Lane Trading Estate, Clifton, York.

Green Lane Trading Estate, Clifton, York, YO30 5PY. 57

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Have your say Cycling City York is encouraging as many York residents as possible to provide feedback as part of a survey looking at people’s cycling habits.


It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, which can be accessed via the City of York Council website at consultation. A link to the survey can also be accessed via the Cycling City York website at Paper copies will be available at City of York Council libraries, Explore Library Learning Centres and the council reception areas at The Guildhall, 9 St. Leonard’s Place and the City Finance Centre. The findings will provide Cycling City York with valuable information about what can be done in the future to promote and encourage

New cycle routes to York railway station A £550,000 investment to improve facilities at York railway station includes two new cycle routes. Train operator East Coast, City of York Council and Cycling City York are investing more than £400,000 in the construction of cycle access ramps to the north and south of the station. The northern ramp will lead into the short-stay

strategic deal sustainable travel. All responses must be received by Friday 18th February. The survey examines the reasons why people cycle and the factors that influence their decision. It also looks at why others choose not to cycle in the hope that further work can be done to remove any barriers that deter or prevent them from giving it a try.

car park from Leeman Road, linking the station to the path next to the Royal Mail depot that leads to the River Ouse. Access to the south will be from Lowther Terrace and into the long-stay car park. New CCTV cameras and lights will cover the new access points. East Coast and Network Rail are also providing £60,000 each to replace stair coverings and the flooring of the station’s internal footbridge that links platform 3 to platforms 5-11.

Rolawn, the Elvington-based turf grower and topsoil supplier, has acquired Hallstone Developments Ltd (HDL). HDL has the waste licences and environmental permits required to take in various materials which are suitable for composting and manufacturing into topsoil’s and mulches. Using these, HDL will supply Rolawn with high-quality composts for use in its various topsoil mixes.

Paul Dawson, Rolawn’s managing director, says: “This is strategically important given the increasing number of suppliers selling topsoil products which may not comply with current and future legislation.” HDL will operate as a separate company, selling Hallstone-branded products directly to the marketplace. It has launched an ecommerce website,, supplying landscape and garden products including topsoil, bark mulch, decorative aggregates, de-icing salt and sandbags. Hallstone, which supplies ethically sourced and recycled products, has invested heavily in environmental permits, which means it can recover certain recyclable materials. It is also a member of the Green Achiever Scheme, which highlights how it cares for the environment.

Are you looking to refurbish your home and don’t know where to start? That’s where we can help! The

Home Design Consultants

For your free initial consultation please call; 01904 443344 / 07895 654773 email; or see us at;

Any room, any style, any budget


your home

Hunters expands lettings franchise Hunters, the York-based estate agent, is expanding its franchised lettings service, Lettings Lite, with the recruitment of a dedicated staff member. The appointment of Zara Fernandez allows Hunters’ franchisees to offer their clients a full lettings service, under the Hunters brand, without having to deal with the related back-office work. Based in York, Zara supports any franchisee wanting to take advantage of the region’s buoyant lettings market. Lettings Lite is billed as a ready-made solution for smaller franchisees who have not traditionally capitalised on the lettings market due to perceived administration costs. The service is also designed to be used by both franchised offices and by Hunters’ personal agents, who work from home. The franchisees take responsibility for valuations, marketing, viewings and logistics, while head office looks after additional paperwork, deposit protection, maintenance and renewals. Kevin Hollinrake, Managing Director of Hunters, says: “The scheme allows excellent profit margins with minimum extra work for our expanding network of franchisees and Zara’s appointment shows how seriously we are taking our expansion of this service.” n For more details, go to



On the move...

Paula Matthews at OPUS ESTATE AGENTS has been chatting to buyers and sellers all over York answering their concerns and queries Q. My partner and I spoke to a Financial Advisor some time ago and have saved a substantial deposit. We are looking to buy our first house in 2011 but there are so many Estate Agents in York we don’t know where to start.

Q. What are your predictions for the property market for 2011?


I think 2011 will still be very challenging as deposits are still a hurdle for a lot of buyers. There does seem to be a few properties coming off the market as vendors who need to achieve a certain price to make their move work for them will take their property off the market until prices pick up. This could mean that the gap between the sellers and the buyers will lessen and the market will possibly improve. York is still a very good place to buy and it is a great time to buy.

A. Start by getting yourself on as many mailing lists as you can. You will then be contacted by the agents as property that matches your price and criteria come onto the market. Find out what services different agents offer. Ideally you need to be dealing with professionals that offer a one stop shop to make the process of buying as straightforward as possible for you. Most importantly you need an agent that will give you a real personal service, listening to your needs and offering you honest advice. Q. I have been unable to get hold of my agent for nearly two weeks over the Christmas period. I have left messages and have not been called back; I am getting very frustrated and feel that my house will never sell.

A. This can be a problem where an Estate Agent works from an office. In the internet age buyers and sellers expect a 24 hour service,

and this can be very important in the current competitive market; a few days delay can mean a missed sale. As we are internet based we do not have the restrictions of office opening hours. If we are on appointments or another call our phone will divert to us wherever we are. This means there is always someone to answer your call or get back to you in a short space of time. This gives us flexibility and allows us to fit in with vendors and buyers as and when they need us.

Q. What made you start up Estate Agents in what must be one of the worst times in the housing market and how have you managed to survive?

A. We started the business after being made redundant and decided that this is what we wanted to do; we believed we could make it on our own. We knew it was going to be tough but we are passionate about our work and feel that there is a need for the small independents that can provide a very personal service to their customers. We are starting our third year in business this month and have had a busy start to 2011. OPUS is the Latin word for work and we will continue to work hard whilst remaining confident and optimistic.

n OPUS ESTATE AGENTS, Tel: 01904 790070,

bespoke design



KITCHEN WORKT WORKTOPS K OPS KT We design, manufacture and fit domestic and commercial worktops in Granite, Marble, Quartz Stone and Corian®

Over 100 Corian® colours available. Granite & Quartz in polished, honed & textured finishes

Samples & free estimates available to public and trade Telephone: 01845 522523 Fax: 01845 527198

LT D 60

Pizza Choice | Delivery Service | Fantastic offers available | Tel: 62202 2 or 631818

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Double success

Hunters, the York-based estate agency chain, is celebrating after winning two prestigious awards. It won the ‘Estate Agency Innovation Award’ at The Negotiator Awards in London – thanks to its ‘Personal Agent’ initiative. Hunters’ personal agents do not operate out of high street offices, but instead pay a fee to work for themselves, from home, under the Hunters brand. All personal agents retain about 75% of their own gross turnover. They are given their own territory and have responsibility for sales and lettings in that area, along with full access to Hunters’ marketing tools, such as iPhone and iPad apps and presence on property portals. The initiative was seen as the most innovative in the industry by an influential panel of judges, including James Caan (Dragons Den) and Miles Shipside (Commercial Director, Rightmove). This success was followed by Hunters’ managing director Kevin Hollinrake being named ‘Business Personality of the Year’ at the annual business awards run by York’s daily newspaper The Press.

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Family home


Stylish bungalows in great locations

Holme Lea, Strensall £349,950

Sefton Avenue, Off Malton Road £170,000

Stablers Walk, Earswick £269,950

Ashley Park Crescent, Off Stockton Lane £189,950

no onWarD cHain. famiLY HomE. soUGHt aftEr Location. foUr BEDrooms. DEtacHED propErtY. commUtaBLE for LEEDs anD WEst YorKsHirE FAMILY HOME, located on Knapton Lane one of York's most sought after areas. This spacious four bedroom detached property has many selling features including a beautiful rear garden which is not over looked and offers easy access to the A64 bypass making it commutable for Leeds and west Yorkshire. The accommodation briefly comprises an entrance hall, lounge, dining room, garden room, kitchen, utility room and down stairs w.c, to the first floor is the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, guest bedroom, two further bedrooms and a family bathroom. Outside are gardens to the front and rear and a single integral garage. The property is offered with NO ONWARD CHAIN.

Tel: 01904 621026

For more information or to arrange a viewing call

01904 621532


Measuring & fitting service

20% OFF All stock materials



Choice for Blinds

your home




As we all know, moving house can be a pricey and stressful business. So it really helps if you can find somewhere you can move straight in and save yourself the cost and hassle of renovations and redecoration. Step forward Opus Estate Agents, who are offering this well-presented family home on the Acomb/ Foxwood border. The three bedroom semi is extremely well presented, with wooden floors in the lounge and dining room (Caramelised Oak, no less), and a large modern white gloss kitchen. Upstairs there are three decent-sized bedrooms and a family bathroom. There’s also a very pretty garden and a side drive with ample off-street parking. Looking at the internal decor we could almost imagine ourselves living there! It’s also in an ideal situation, well situated for local amenities, schools and within easy access of the by-pass. Not only is the decor tasteful, at just £179,950 those repayments shouldn’t make you wince either. n For more details or to arrange a viewing contact OPUS on 790070.





your home

your home



the Blind Side Window blinds are a practical and stylish alternative to curtains. Here’s how to choose them… There are various different types of blinds. These include: • Venetian blinds have horizontal slats, and are ideal for controlling light and improving privacy. They come in a huge variety of colours and materials, including wood and plastic.

Top Tip:

Bring along any fabric and paint samples if you need your blinds to match an existing décor


Blinds look great on their own in a contemporary scheme, or with curtains for a more traditional look. When choosing blinds, bear in mind these tips: -

• Vertical blinds are idea for use with a patio door, or if you need easy access to open windows

• Think about your home style. A sleek Venetian blind would look great on its own in a contemporary scheme, or try teaming a softer Roman blind with curtains for a modern traditional look. Classic wooden Venetians tend to look good in any type of scheme.

• Roller blinds, as the name suggests, roll up out of sight when not in use. They aren’t so good when it comes to varying the amount of light into the room, but they are useful as blackout blinds in a child’s room

• Consider weight. Wood blinds are heaviest type, while metal tends to be lightest. Using two or three smaller blinds on a very large window might be lighter and easier than one big one.

• Pleated blinds are similar to roller blinds in that they can’t be used to vary light into a room. However, thermal-backed varieties are very useful for cooling down an over-heated conservatory

Although DIY options are available, for the best quality and excellent fit it’s best to consult a professional. Look out for blind suppliers in Your Local Link

• Roman blinds are a stylish option; the fabric is pulled up in neat folds

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Northmead Developments One of our advertisers has been named Yorkshire’s Master Builder Of The Year for its stunning renovation of a family home. Northmead Developments, based at Stillington, near York, has won the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) award at its first attempt. The company saw off a record number of entries from across the Yorkshire and Trent area to win the Regional Large Renovation category for its work transforming Lea Close, a large house in Brandsby, near York. The honour completes a remarkable turnaround which saw Northmead’s husband-and-wife owners Phil and Fiona Mead reinvent the business in response to the collapsed property market, moving away from new-build housing into the extensions and refurbishment market The company was nominated for the award by delighted clients Jane and Martyn Harrison. Northmead removed the roof of their farmhouse and stripped it back to its original shell before restructuring the interior and extending the property. The Harrisons wanted the updated building to be as sustainable as possible. Northmead fitted solar panels and underfloor heating as part of the beautifully-appointed modern interior. Northmead, which employs six full-time members of staff, now goes through to the FMB national finals, where it could be named Britain’s best builder in March.

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Home Sweet Home with ANNE LEGGETT

of HomEmaKErs HomE DEsiGn consULtants. Meet Anne Leggett, of Homemakers Home Design Consultants. She specialises in the design of functional rooms – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and home offices – as well as general interior decor and home styling. Her aim is to produce a room scheme that works well from a practical point of view as well as being attractive and affordable. Now she’s offering her extensive design expertise to readers of Your Local Link. She’ll be taking you through the basics of good design and offering tips on refurbishing whatever your budget.

Back to basics Q. What can a Home Design Consultant do for me? A. A Home Design Consultant will discuss all aspects of the

project with the client, taking into account the age and style of the property, who will be using the rooms (will it be designed with children, the elderly or less able in mind?) , your personal taste and budget. They’ll measure the room, take the client brief, draw a plan, specify, cost equipment, order and arrange delivery to site if required. They can also arrange installation and project management if required. It’s up to you how much of the service you require; you may just want a layout and equipment specification while you organise everything else yourself, or you may want someone to come in and take responsibility for the whole project.

Q. It sounds like a good idea – is it expensive? A. It can actually save you money. Because the Home Design Consultant works for you rather than a specific company, who will only recommend products that they sell, they can find you the look you want at a price you can afford. A Home Design Consultant can also prevent you making costly mistakes and may save you money.

Q. We’ve been in our house for ten years and it’s in need of a makeover. But we don’t want to spend a fortune. Where do we start?

A. You have some important decisions to make. •

How much can you afford / do you want to spend? You don’t have to sacrifice style because you’re on a budget. With careful shopping you can achieve the look you want.

Which room / rooms do you want to refurbish? Doing all the house at once is incredibly disruptive and all that planning at once can be a little mind blowing. I suggest you take it one room at a time.

What timescale do you want the work to take? Ideally you should take some time to plan. Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms in particular are major projects and need serious investment in time and money to get them right. It’s well worth spending extra time on these in order to get them absolutely right.

How much experience / time do you have to do the work yourself? Painting and decorating is a job that a competent DIY enthusiast can do themselves but bigger jobs really need a professional touch. A budget product can look fantastic when installed by an experienced professional, while expensive products can quickly be ruined by an incompetent installer.

n If you have a home design question, contact Anne c/o the address on page three. Or email your question to Mark your question ‘Homemakers’. Log on to her or call 01904 443344 07895 654773.

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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or you just fancy a change, planning a new garden can be a great deal of fun – if you follow a few basic rules. The key to successful garden planning is to work with what you have. If you fill your shady garden with plants that need full sun, or try to plant bogloving plants in desert-dry soil, you’ll always be struggling to make it work. Some points you need to consider include: • Your Garden's Aspect Is it north/south/ east/west facing? This will affect the type of plants you can grow. Plants that require full sun will generally need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. Don’t be too disheartened if your garden is shady – there are some wonderful plants that will thrive in the darkest plots. • Soil Type Is it heavy, light, dry, wet, acidic, neutral, or alkaline? Soils range from light and sandy to heavy clay, with various combinations in between. The easiest way to find out what type of soil you have is to take a fistful of soil and squeeze it into a ball. If it is unable to hold its shape, your soil is probably loose or sandy.


Now try to break the ball apart by pressing on it with your thumb. A good soil will break apart readily; if not, you may have too much clay in your soil. It’s possible to modify soil, although you should try to concentrate on plants that work with your soil type. • Plant Exposure Is it exposed to wind, frost, or sheltered? This can affect the type of plants you can grow, and how well your plants do. • Soil Drainage Do you have areas of standing water, or is it dry? Unless you want a bog garden, you may need to condition the soil to help excess water drain away. Creating a raised bed may also help to grow plants that need a lot of drainage.

• Topography Is your garden level or sloping, and to what extent? If it slopes, are you happy with it? Do you want to terrace the garden, or level it off? Next, think about the functions of your new garden. There are some elements you will need to include, such as pathways to link up areas of the garden; storage areas to keep garden tools, a composting area, outdoor safe electricity supply, and outdoor water supply.

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york on a fork


Sample romance at

The Grange

Treat your loved one to a romantic dinner at The Grange Hotel in Bootham, York. Dine in either the The Ivy Brasserie, the hotel’s modern restaurant where the décor blends sublimely with the Regency elegance of The Grange, or in the New York Grill, located in the hotel’s original brick vaulted cellars. From Saturday, February 12th to Monday, February 14th, guests can enjoy a delicious four-

course menu, with a glass of pink bubbly on arrival, for £34.95.

The AA 2 Rosette restaurant prides itself on offering top quality dishes, created from the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients, and first class service in a relaxed and informal atmosphere whilst, in The New York Grill, the cosiness of the vaulted booths makes for a very romantic atmosphere. ♥ Tel: 644744

Chips with everything!

Off to market 18th February Enjoy the best of Yorkshire’s local produce at the Farmer’s Market in Newgate Market. From fresh veg to locally sourced meat and the best of British baking, you’ll find it all here!

19th February Local meat, veg, Yorkshire cheeses, homemade soups and fruit wine are just some of the tempting treats on offer at the Farmers’ Market at York Auction Centre, Murton.

22nd – 27th February

21st – 27th February is National Chip Week. But as far as we’re concerned, every week is chip week! We love them. And with good reason – according to scientists, chips cheer you up. It’s true! A study at Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences revealed that after eating chips people experienced a 10 and 13 per cent increase in calmness and cheerfulness respectively. The boffins are still trying to work out why. But we reckon it’s because chips just taste so good! So now we know they’re good for us – officially – let’s break out the salt and vinegar and celebrate!

Stallholders from all over Europe with be coming to York for the Continental Market in Newgate Market. Among the treats on offer are fresh olives and pastries from Greece, German beer, fabulous French boulangerie and real Spanish paella!

£19.95 aLso aLso


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york on a fork

The spice is right

Curry in a box is the 21st century’s answer to chicken in a basket. The spicy concept is being offered by a fast-food outlet in St Sampson’s Square, York. It has proved so popular that CurryBOX is now offering free delivery to customers based within a five-minute walk of the outlet. There are plans to extend the delivery service to the rest of York. Spokesman Greig McGill says: “All our authentic curries are brought in fresh every day. The customer chooses which one they would like – there are currently ten to choose from – and we simply heat it up for them. The whole process takes less than two minutes. It is by far the best-value curry in town” As the name suggests, the curry is sold in a microwavable box, so the customer has the option of eating it hot or taking it home and heating it up for themselves. If curry is not your thing, the CurryBOX also offers a wide range of other items, including sandwiches, pies, pizza, paninis plus hot and cold drinks. n CurryBOX is open seven days a week, from 11am to 4am. Tel: 658251.

Love chocolate? On the 12th February why not come down to Love To Eat, the new food store in Dringhouses, to create your very own chocolate gift for your loved one? Love To Eat have decided February is their month, because they Love To Eat and they Love to Love! Having combined lots of fantastic goodies and gift ideas with a chocolate factory and a chocolate


tasting, run by Sophie from ‘Little Pretty Things’, this free event open to all will be great way to see the beautiful food store, meet the team, try some delicious love to eat nibbles and make your own chocolate lollipop to take away. Come and buy your loved ones a fabulous foodie gift this Valentine’s Day and enjoy a lovely afternoon out.

♥ Love To Eat, 52 Moor Lane, Dringhouses, York, YO24 2QY. 01904 778880. From 12pm onwards. Watch out for more events being held throughout the year.

Beautiful place, beautiful food

If you think finding a quiet spot to meet friends for a peaceful lunch in the middle of the bustling city is about as easy as finding a full price sofa in DFS, you obviously haven’t discovered the Bar Convent Cafe yet. It’s an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city. The food’s great, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the surroundings are simply stunning. They offer a fresh daily selection of tempting homemade soup, cakes and desserts. Sandwiches are made to order and their Specials' Board changes regularly with new dishes and mouthwatering puddings. Gluten free and vegetarian options are always available. n The cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 8am – 4pm. Call 643238.

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warmer Scouse




Ingredients n 2lb potatoes n 1lb carrots n Large onion n medium joint of lamb n mixed herbs n Dash of Worcestershire sauce n oxo cube n Gravy granules n salt and pepper

Method Peel and dice all your vegetables, dice your meat (you will need a good knife). Put in a large pan cover with water, season with the Oxo cube, gravy granules, Worchester sauce, salt and pepper and mixed herbs. Bring to boil and then simmer for two to three hours, until the meat is tender.Thicken with gravy granules if necessary.

Many people have a signature dish – a meal they love to cook and eat with family and friends – and we at Your Local Link will are inviting our readers to send in their favourite recipes, explaining why it’s such a tasty hit. We are kicking off the monthly series with a recipe for Scouse provided by Lynn Williams, the mother of Mim, one of our sales executives. While we were beavering away to produce the magazine in sub-zero temperatures during the Big Chill, Lynn, a proud Liverpudlian who lives in Acomb, kept us hale and hearty with her pan of steaming Scouse, which was delivered to our office in Haxby. It proved so tasty that we invited Lynn to share her recipe with our readers. Project1



Scouse, not to be confused with Liverpool’s distinctive Scouse accent, is a type of lamb or beef stew. The word comes from lobscouse (originally lob's course) or lapskaus, Norwegian for "stew" and refers to a meat-based stew commonly eaten by sailors throughout Northern Europe, which became popular in seaports such as Liverpool.

TELL uS AbouT YouR FAVouRITE RECIPE, with any stories associated with it. Send it to Monthly Recipe, Your Local Link, Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby , York YO32 2LH

Page 2

Sunday April 3rd 2011


sunday Lunches

£5.95 (12-4pm)

£21.95 UNDER 12s £11.95


Every Mum will receive a complimentary Raceday ticket to the Grandstand & Paddock*

Advance bookings only. To book please contact the York Racecourse Hospitality Team

T: 01904 638971

E: W: Free entry for one adult on Press Family Raceday *Sunday 4th September 2011 Under-16s go free on racedays Additional badges and County Stand upgrades may be purchased at the standard entrance change (01904 620911)

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york on a fork


york on a fork





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york on a fork


Welcome to the 26th annual

joRVIk Viking Festival! The year is 1014 AD, and a bitter war is raging in England. The old Danelaw is once again under the heel of the Danes, who yearly exact bloody tribute from the miserable English. The ousted English king Ethelred, recently returned from exile, plots vengeance on them, but lacks the means and the manpower to fight his own battles. His unlikely ally is Olaf Haraldsson, a young Viking adventurer and heir to the throne of Norway. The two have already crushed the Danish force in London, pulling down London Bridge and capturing the Viking fortress, but Olaf’s hunger for battle is undiminished. He scours the English countryside for the Danish warbands and any who might harbour them, coming at last to the outskirts of Jorvik. Will the Danes make a stand here, outside the walls of their old English stronghold? Will the men of York support them? And who will win in this clash of Viking vs Viking? MEDIEVAL EVENTS 2011 sees the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Towton, a decisive struggle for the English throne and one of the bloodiest on British soil, fought just outside York on 29th March 1461. In 2011 the JORVIK Viking Festival will mark this momentous occasion with its own series of medieval events.

Saturday 19th February 2011 JORVIK Viking Festival Conference: Modern Answers to Ancient Mysteries. Registration from 9.15; introduction at 9.45. Fountains Lecture Theatre, York St John University, £70 (£60 Friends of YAT) A one-day conference to complement the opening of the new galleries at JORVIK in 2011. This special event brings together speakers from across Britain and Europe to reveal their most recent archaeological research and findings on an intriguing range of subjects from prehistory to the 19th century. Pre-booking essential call 01904 615505. FESTIVAL FRINGE Odin's Tales. 14.00 Explore York Library Learning Centre, Museum Street, £5 per family. Viking myth is full of well-loved stories. Join in with lively and original teller Adrian Spendlow as Odin looks down from his high seat upon the nine 76

worlds of fairy tale and classic yarns. Suitable for all ages. Pre-booking 01904 552828.

Monday 21st - Saturday 26th February

Sunday 20th February

Viking Challenge. 11.00 - 16.00 DIG, normal admission prices apply

Festival Coach Tour - Ancient Mysteries. 9.30 Depart Memorial Gardens, off Leeman Road, £12 A rare chance to visit two of the most enigmatic sites in the north of England in the company of expert guides. The tour will be introduced by Dr Chris Tuckley of York Archaeological Trust; a rare chance to visit Sockburn with David Went of English Heritage will follow, and the day will conclude with a visit to Escomb Anglo-Saxon church with Dr David Petts of Durham University. Please wear outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. Bring a packed lunch. The tour will involve a total walking distance of approximately 3 miles over uneven terrain. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505.

Test your strength and dexterity with a series of challenges inspired by the traditions and games of the Dark Ages. With categories for male and female competitors, plus a special challenge for children, everyone is in with a chance to win a special prize! Gateway to the Past. 10.00 - 16.00 Micklegate Bar, normal admission prices apply Meet a range of costumed characters from throughout Micklegate Bar’s turbulent history, including a medieval gatekeeper and a member of the besieging Parlimentarian force of 1644.

Mon 21st February

CHILD FRIENDLY Insects under the Microscope at DIG. 10.30 - 13.00; 14.00 - 16.00 DIG, normal admission prices apply

CHILD FRIENDLY Coppergate Camp. 10.00 – 16.00 Coppergate Square, FREE! (small charge for some activities)

Drop into DIG to meet Dr Philip Buckland of Umeå University for an informal, close-up look at modern and fossilised insect remains. Find out how they can be used as evidence in research as diverse as environmental archaeology and climate studies.

Learn about Viking life at sea and on dry land in this fun encampment, which includes a replica Viking ship, kitted out for war! Delve for buried artefacts in DIG for Viking Treasure, have a go at a range of fun crafts and construct a Viking warrior from root vegetables in our annual Mr Swede Head event! On Monday: Try leather working.

FESTIVAL FRINGE Be a Viking! 11.00 and 14.00, Danelaw, Murton Park, £5.50 adult, £4.50 conc, £3.50 child, under 3s free Meet our experienced staff and dress up as a Viking before being taken into our Viking village and enjoy hands-on activities such as pot making and spear drill. Pre-booking essential: 01904 489966 or email Event runs until 25th February. ‘Gladiator - Fight for Freedom’ with Simon Scarrow. 11.30 - 14.30, DIG, FREE! Join the acclaimed writer of historical fiction to hear about his latest novel for young adults, which brings the world of Rome's elite warriors to vivid life! With readings at 11.30 and 14.00. Festival Walk. 18.30, Departs Micklegate Bar Museum, £4 adult, £3 conc. Take a walk below the ancient city walls of York. See how the history of York is the history of Britain. This guided walk takes you along Roman foundations, Viking borders and Civil War defences, right through to Georgian destruction and Victorian promenades. Be prepared to walk long distances and up steps as you follow York’s fascinating history. Lasts approx one hour. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. MEDIEVAL Monty Python and the Holy Grail (15). With a special guest appearance by Neil Innes. 20.30. City Screen, £9.50 adult, £8 conc. Journey back to the Middle Ages with King Arthur and his knights as they embark on a silly and low-budget quest for the fabled Holy Grail. A rare chance to see this cult favourite on the big screen and in the company of the brilliant Neil Innes, the 7th Python! Pre-booking: 0871 9025726.

Tues 22nd February

‘VIKID’ DAY CHILD FRIENDLY Coppergate Camp. 10.00 – 16.00 Coppergate Square, FREE! (small charge for some activities) See listing for Monday 21st February. On Tuesday: Stories with Viking storyteller Stewart Alexander and Nettlefoot Kate, York’s first eco-storyteller! (for under 7s at 10.30 - 11.30 / 13.30 - 14.30; for 8s and over at 12.00 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 16.00). CHILD FRIENDLY Historical Crafts! 10.30 – 16.00 St Sampson’s Square Marquee, free admission (small charge for some craft activities) Try your hand at a range of historical crafts: meet Lee Steele, the Potter Man, and have a go at making a Viking pot; try leather working, lucet braiding, bead craft and willow weaving. With candle making and a chance to lend a hand to build a Viking shelter in the middle of the marquee!

Viking’) comes to life on the big screen as this colourful live action adventure gets its English premiere at the JORVIK Viking Festival. Pre-booking: 0871 9025726. CHILD FRIENDLY ‘The Runaway Troll’ with Matt Haig. 13.30 City Screen, £3 adult, £2 conc. Join the brilliant Matt Haig to hear the story behind Shadow Forest (Blue Peter Book of the Year 2008) and its sequel, The Runaway Troll, both inspired by the fantastical world of Norse mythology. Includes a chance to ask Matt your questions and to buy your own signed copy of the book. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. Crafts Activities for All Ages. 11.00 - 16.00 DIG, normal admission prices apply

CHILD FRIENDLY Wickie the Mighty Viking. 11.30 City Screen, £6 adult, £5 conc.

Hungate update at Barley Hall. 14.00 Barley Hall, £6 adult, £4.50 conc (includes admission to Barley Hall).

Hey, hey, Vicky! Hey, Vicky, hey! The 1970s cartoon (known to British viewers as ‘Vicky the

Join Pete Connelly, the director of the Hungate Dig,

to hear about and to see some of the amazing finds from the last year, from Roman burials to Viking-era remains. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505. Festival Walk. 15.00 Departs Micklegate Bar Museum, £4 adult, £3 conc. See listing for Monday 21st February. Teatime Terrors with Terry Deary. 16.00 - 18.00. The Guildhall, £12 per booking. Includes refreshments. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (admission free). Due to limited capacity, a maximum of one accompanying adult per child. Suitable for ages eight and over only. Join the fantastic Terry Deary for a festival teatime treat! Terry will be your guide to a host of horrible characters from the Seven Ages of York. With a chance to meet the man himself, ask him your questions and get your books signed, this exclusive event promises to be an unforgettable addition to the 2011 JORVIK Festival programme! 77

Addyman bequest, which contributed to the creation of DIG. Addressing the guests will be one of Britain’s most eminent archaeologists, Dr David Griffiths, on the Irish Sea Viking World and its Northumbrian links. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505.

Thursday 24th February CHILD FRIENDLY Coppergate Camp. 10.00 – 16.00, Coppergate Square, FREE! (small charge for some activities) See listing for Monday 21st February. On Thursday: Hilarious performances from Inner State Theatre as they bring Erik and Hilda Viking (with Dolly the Saxon sheep) to life! Timed performances throughout the day. Plus: meet children’s author Rosalind Kerven, creator of the Grim Gruesome series of Viking books (13.00 - 16.00). CHILD FRIENDLY Battlefield Bloodshed. 10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, St Sampson’s Square Marquee, £3. The evolution of warfare in Britain, from Roman times, the Viking period and the Middle Ages, brought to life in thrilling displays of battle tactics. Lasts approx. one hour. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. CHILD FRIENDLY Have-a-go Sword Combat. 10.30, 11.15, 12.00, 13.15, 14.00, 14.45, 15.30, The Guildhall, £3 A chance for kids to get a taste of sword fighting, just like in the movies! Suitable for ages 7 - 11. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505.

Wednesday 23rd February CHILD FRIENDLY Coppergate Camp. 10.00 – 16.00. Coppergate Square, FREE! (small charge for some activities) See listing for Monday 21st February. On Wednesday: Leather working and Viking T-shirts. CHILD FRIENDLY Deadly Duels! 10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30. St Sampson’s Square Marquee, £3 Displays of deadly single combat from throughout history. See Roman gladiators, Viking warriors and 17th century duellists do battle! Show lasts approx. one hour. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. CHILD FRIENDLY Viking Workshops. 10.30; 12.00; 13.30; 15.00, The Guildhall, £5 Join our Viking workshops to learn how York’s Vikings fought, used medicine and told tales of gods and monsters. Includes a battle drill for budding Viking warriors. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. CHILD FRIENDLY Poo Day at Barley Hall. 10.30 - 16.00, Barley Hall, normal admission prices apply Visit Barley Hall to learn about the muckier side of archaeology! Have a go at making your own replica historic poo and learn how poo is used to solve ancient mysteries. 78

CHILD FRIENDLY Viking Poo! 11.00; 13.00, Barley Hall, £6 adult, £4.50 conc (includes admission to Barley Hall). Talks for all the family by Dr Andrew Jones (YAT) and Dr Lisa-Marie Schillito (University of York). Learn how archaeologists use this invaluable material to learn about our ancestors. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505. Eirik Bloodaxe with Gareth Williams. 14.00, York Mansion House, £4 Dr Gareth Williams of the British Museum introduces his new biography of Eirik Bloodaxe, the last Viking ruler of Jorvik. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505. Festival Walk. 18.30, Departs Micklegate Bar Museum, £4 adult, £3 conc. See listing for Monday 21st February. MEDIEVAL Medieval Merriment. 19.00. Barley Hall, £20 Hear the history of the Battle of Towton, then enjoy merry music and tales from the Middle Ages, all in the candlelit setting of Barley Hall. Includes a goblet of wine and a light supper. Two hours approx. Prebooking essential: 01904 615505. Helen Thirza Addyman Lecture. 19.00 DIG, £4 (£3 Friends of the Trust) This special evening acknowledges the financial support provided by the late Helen Thirza

The History of Swinegate and Grape Lane 14.00, Barley Hall, £6 adult, £4.50 conc (includes admission to Barley Hall) Gareth Dean talks about the latest research into these streets at the heart of old York, and describes the evidence for activity there from the Viking period to the close of the Middle Ages. Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505. Festival Walk. 15.00, Departs Micklegate Bar Museum, £4 adult, £3 conc. See listing for Monday 21st February. Egil Skallagrimsson Keeps his Head. Doors open at 19.00. Music from 19.30. Play commences at 20.00. National Centre for Early Music, £12 Harpist Sarah Dean introduces this acclaimed production by North Country Theatre, first performed at the 2010 JORVIK Viking Festival! When Icelandic hardman Egil and his crew are storm-driven up the Humber and into the hands of his old enemy Erik Bloodaxe, their days of travelling, trading and trashing seem numbered. But Egil has more strings to his bow than Erik might imagine. A fun and entertaining version of a Viking classic! Suitable for ages 10 and over. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. FESTIVAL FRINGE Funi Doors open at 20.00; music from 20.30. Black Swan Inn, Peasholme Green, £8 adult, £6.50 conc Anglo-Icelandic folk duo Chris Foster and his wife,

one of Iceland's top folk singers, Bara Grimsdottir, present an evening of Icelandic music and song, together with a slideshow backdrop of Icelandic images. Pre-booking via

Friday 25th February Tenth-century Traders. 10.00 - 16.00 St Sampson’s Square Marquee, £2 adult, £1.50 conc., £5 family Vikings from around the world gather to sell their wares, including weapons, jewellery, costume, chests, bowls, tankards, lanterns, belts, shoes and pottery. CHILD FRIENDLY Coppergate Camp. 10.00 – 16.00 Coppergate Square, FREE! (small charge for some activities) See listing for Monday 21st February. On Friday: Walking Wounded and Hair Braiding (11.00 - 16.00); let our make-up artists give you the cuts, bruises and war wounds suffered by Viking warriors, or lovely locks braided in Viking style. Guildhall Market and Living History. 10.30 - 16.00, The Guildhall, £2 adult, £1 conc. Join the Vikings in the glorious setting of the Guildhall for a hands-on approach to Viking history. See them demonstrate a range of life skills, cookery techniques and weaponry. Includes a market selling leather and cloth bags, pouches, belts, tools and tablet weave. FESTIVAL FRINGE New Perspectives on the Viking Age. 14.30, Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, £3 (tickets on the door) Join scholars from the University of York in atmospheric surroundings for this informal presentation of some of the latest research on the Viking and early medieval periods. Dr Matt Townend, Dr Pragya Vohra, Dr Tom Pickles and Dr Steve Ashby will all be on hand, together with Alison Leonard, Isabella von Holstein, Nick Smith, Hilary Paterson, Filip Missuno and Russell Comrieto to present aspects of their work on a wide range of topics. Please be aware that Holy Trinity does not have toilet facilities. A University of York / Churches Conservation Trust event. Fit for a King. Doors open at 19.00; event starts 19.30, York Minster, £12 adult, £10 conc Celebrate the JORVIK Viking Festival and join King Ethelred for an evening of music and poetry in the splendid candlelit surroundings of York Minster, including performances and new work by the Ebor Singers and Soundsphere. Pre-booking recommended: 01904 557208.

Saturday 26th February Hungate Open Day. 10.00 - 15.00, Hungate, FREE! The Hungate Dig celebrates the JORVIK Viking Festival with an open day. Come along for an insight into some of the stunning discoveries uncovered in this quarter of ancient York.

Tenth-century Traders. 10.00 - 16.00, St Sampson’s Square Marquee, £2 adult, £1.50 conc., £5 family See listing for Friday 25th February. CHILD FRIENDLY Coppergate Camp. 10.00 – 15.30 Coppergate Square, FREE! (small charge for some activities) On Saturday: hear Viking tales from the Yarnsmith of Norwich (timed performances throughout the day) and meet our make up artists to get some of the cuts, bruises and war wounds suffered by Viking warriors, or lovely locks braided in Viking style. Guildhall Market and Living History. 10.30 - 16.00, The Guildhall, £2 adult, £1 conc. See listing for Friday 25th February. Prepare for Battle! 10.30 - 15.30 Museum Gardens, FREE! Word has reached Olaf Haraldsson and his AngloSaxon allies of a hostile force outside the city walls. See him and his troops prepare for the battle ahead. With have-a-go archery, bird of prey displays and face painting (11.00 - 15.30; small charge for face painting) March to Coppergate. 13.00, Starts Museum Gardens, FREE! Olaf Haraldsson leads his men across the city in a show of strength. CHILD FRIENDLY 4th Annual JORVIK Best Beard Competition 14.00 Museum Gardens FREE! A fun competition for men, women and children wishing to parade their facial hair to win the ultimate Viking beard trophy! Homemade beards are permissible. Judging at 14.00; Participants to register before 13.30. CHILD FRIENDLY Festival Battle Finale and Boat Burning. Bustardthorpe Field, York Racecourse. Doors open at 5pm, entertainment from 6pm, battle starts 6.20pm. Event ends 7.30pm.

Meet the Vikings in our living history enclosure, witness one-on-one duels in the combat arenas or grab a delicious bite to eat while the armies gather for the spectacular final battle and firework display. The Danes have mustered their forces to halt Olaf’s onslaught, and a longship has been prepared to receive the body of a fallen warrior; will Olaf’s spirit be sent in flames to Valhalla at the end of the battle? Please dress warmly and wear comfortable footwear as this is an outdoor, standing event.

Sunday 27th February Guildhall Market and Living History. 10.30 - 16.00, The Guildhall, £2 adult, £1 conc. See listing for Friday 25th February. Tenth-century Traders. 11.00 - 15.00 St Sampson’s Square Marquee, £2 adult, £1.50 conc., £5 family. See listing for Friday 25th February. MEDIEVAL The Other Boleyn Girl (12A). 13.00 City Screen, £6 Two sisters contend for the love and affection of Henry VIII. Based on the best-selling novel by Philippa Gregory. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. MEDIEVAL ‘The Red Queen’ with Philippa Gregory. 18.30, Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum, £5 (£3 if attending the screening of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’) The bestselling author introduces her latest novel, which follows the ambitions of Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry Tudor, across the blood-soaked years of the Wars of the Roses. Concludes with a chance to put a question to the author and to buy a signed copy of the book. Pre-booking: 01904 615505. n For more information on the 26th Annual JORVIK Viking Festival or to pre-book tickets, please call 01904 615505 or visit Events correct at time of press



The 26th annual jorvik Viking Festival runs from

19th - 27th February. See a full listing of all their events on P76-79

Do just a few minutes more phys

Visit the website for fitness prizes, promotio become more active. www.justafewminu

of the best of the best in their latest exhibition, Ringleaders, which features contemporary gold and silver rings by 15 selected British designers/ jewellers.

Ghost Trail of York, West Doors of York Minster. 7.30pm every night. Dare you cross the centuries and discover York’s spine-chilling history? Then join an Equity qualified guide for this award-winning tour – now in its 18th hugely successful year. Call 633276

1 FEbRuARY jazz Supper Dean Court Hotel, Duncombe

Mansion House, St Helen’s Square. Discover one of York’s hidden gems

Place. 8pm. Enjoy an evening with good food and live music from guest jazz trio Bejazzled. Call 625082 to book.

by taking a guided tour of the Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of York. The tours take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tel: 552036.

1 – 27 FEbRuARY Celebrating Severus –York’s African Emperor Yorkshire Museum. It’s

Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, Fossgate. Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm; Sat 9am – 3.30pm. Closed Sundays until March. Uncover 650 years of history at the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. The Hall is home to many remarkable collections including silver, furniture and paintings, which provide a glimpse into the rich history of the Hall and the people associated with it. Tel: 654818.

27 jANuARY Meet the Author Explore York Library Learning Centre. 7pm. Bestselling author Peter James will be discussing his popular Roy Grace detective series. Call 552828 to book.


29 jANuARY Ringleaders Pyramid Gallery, 43 Stonegate. Since it opened for business in 1980, Pyramid Gallery has established an impressive reputation as offering one of the country’s finest selections of British made contemporary crafts, jewellery and original prints. Selected for Quality by the Crafts Council, the gallery displays work by many leading designers and makers who work in Glass, Ceramics, Wood and Metal as well as work by designer jewellers. And you can see some

1,800 years since the death of Septimius Severus, the African Emperor who ruled the Roman Empire for three years from York. To mark the anniversary, the Yorkshire Museum is holding various Severusinspired events For more details, go to www.

2 FEbRuARY open Rehearsal York Rose Singers, All Saints School, Nunnery Lane. 7.30pm. If you’ve always wanted to sing, head along to this fun and informal open rehearsal with conductor Tim Knight. For more details, call Victoria on 799453.

For a healthier, happier you visit


Do just a few minutes more physical activity every day.

Visit the website for fitness prizes, promotions and loads of local ideas to become more active.

beyond Monopoly Revolution, Coney Street (next to City Screen). 5 – 11pm. Join York’s friendliest boardgame club for adults and families. Email for more information.

of three A-levels; there is also an option to do a one-year Foundation course in digital music. You can find out more about the courses on offer at their Open Day. Call 655290

‘The Mysterious Neutrino’, Café Scientifique, The Basement, City Screen. 7.30 – 9pm. An informal evening of lively discussion revolving around contemporary scientific issues of the day. Advance booking on 0871 704 2054.


‘Dancing’, Central Hall, York University. 7.30pm. York Guildhall Orchestra plays a programme of dance music including works by Glazunov, Delibes, Gounod, Smetana, Johann Strauss Jnr, Khatchaturian and Tchaikovsky. Tickets are available from the York Theatre Royal box office on 623568 or

open Event, Children’s Centres.

York Ramblers Walk. 1pm. Join York

10.30am – 2.30pm. All nine of York Children’s Centres are hosting a celebration event so parents and carers can find out about the services they offer. There will be a variety of activities taking place including the toy bus, storytelling and play sessions. For more information, visit your nearest children’s centre or call 554444.

4 FEbRuARY jorvik Woodturning Group, Earswick Village Hall, Earswick Chase. 7pm. The AGM is followed by a talk by Simon Whitehead at 7.30pm. Tel: 704092.

Ramblers for a five mile walk starting from Healaugh, junction with York Street. Turn up on the day or text Chris on 07881597934

5 & 19 FEbRuARY 5 FEbRuARY Studio open Day, The Jam Factory, 106 Eldon Street. 11am – 3pm. Thinking about making a career in music? Or maybe your child fancies themselves as the next Bruno Mars or Katy Perry? Access To Music runs two courses at the Jam Factory ¬- Performing Musician and Digital Musician. Both last two years and are the equivalent

For a healthier, happier you visit

beyond Monopoly, the Railway Institute, Queen Street. 10am – 6pm. Join York’s friendliest boardgame club for adults and families. Email for more information



5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27 FEbRuARY Abbey Tour, Fountains Abbey, near Ripon. 1.30pm. Join a free tour to discover fascinating facts and stories about the National Trust property. Meet at Porter’s Lodge. Tel: 01765 608888.

5 FEbRuARY - 2 MAY quilt exhibitions The Quilt Museum and Gallery, Peasholme Green. Quilt Art, an international group of 20 textile artists, celebrates its 25th anniversary with an exhibition that demonstrates its diversity of inspiration, artistic and technical skills. Tel: 613242.

6 FEbRuARY Vapnartak ‘11 York Racecourse. 10am – 5pm. York Wargames Society’s annual show has become one of the north’s biggest and most important wargames shows. This year promises to be even bigger and better than ever, with more than 50 leading traders taking part. There’ll also be the chance to bring along your old games, figures and equipment – and maybe pick up a bargain – at the new format Bring & Buy sale, as well as plenty of demonstration games and exhibits. Whether you’re a dedicated wargamer or a novice, you’ll find something to enjoy. For more information, email

7 FEbRuARY Parkinson’s uk, Community Centre, 26 Strensall Road, Huntington. 7pm. Speech therapist Lindon Joyce will address members of the York branch. Call Kate Pearson on 758355.

8 FEbRuARY Heslington Flower Lovers’ Guild Annual Dinner, Heslington Village Hall. 7.30pm. For more details, call Lilian on 653267 or Kathleen on 631982.

Yorkshire Philosophical Society Talk, Tempest Anderson Hall, Museum Gardens. 7.30pm. Kirsten Smith, of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will give a talk on ‘The North Sea, our living sea’. For more details, call 656713.

Haxby & Wigginton Flower Club, Wigginton Recreation Hall. 7.30pm. Members will be taking part in a practice session. Call 765676

York Anglo-Scandinavian Society Talk, Norwegian Study centre, Harald Fairhair’s Building, University of York. 7.30pm. Sally Walker, of Native Architects, will give a talk entitled ‘Green building in Yorkshire – learning from Scandinavia’.

Meet the Writer, Explore York Library Learning Centre. 7pm. Historical adventure writer Seth Hunter talks about his writing and research. Tickets £5, including glass of wine, from Explore York on 552828.

9 FEbRuARY Ebor Lecture, York Minster. 7pm. Baroness Haleh Afshar will a talk is entitled ‘The Politics of Fear’. Book your free ticket on 876474. Apprenticeship open Evening York College, 6 – 8.30pm. Meet some of the city’s largest local employers and see the facilities at York College. There will also be presentations on what it is like to be an apprentice at the college.

10 FEbRuARY jazz Night, Churchill Hotel, Clifton. Enjoy a three-course dinner while listening to Karl Mullen’s Jazz Band. Call 644456 for more information.

Win four tickets to see

Be My Baby Rowntree Players are proud to present Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington. The play, set in Northern England in 1964, revolves around four unwed pregnant teenagers who are brought together at St Saviour’s, a church-run home. Over two months we share their fears, hopes and aspirations, in their unforeseen and unforgettable circumstances. Surrounded by the music of the Dixie Cups, Dusty Springfield, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, the Shangri-La’s and the Ronettes, this play couples tragedy with humour, resulting in an unforgettable evening of drama. Be My Baby, directed by Nik Briggs, is being staged at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Haxby Road, York, between March 3 and 5 at 7.30pm. Book online at, email: tickets@ or call 07927 026071. Our friends at the Rowntree Players are offering four free tickets to see the show. For a chance to win the tickets, simply answer the following question: What is the name of the church-run home in be My baby? Send your answer on a postcard to Rowntree Players Competition, Your Local Link, Oak Tree Farm, The Moor, Haxby YO32 2LH to reach us by Friday, February 18. Please include your contact details, including a phone number.


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Homestart Concert, York Minster. 7.30pm. The Independent Schools of York combined choir will be singing in aid of Homestart, a voluntary organisation which supports vulnerable families with children under five. The concert includes music by – among others – Britten, Carter, Bruckner, Vaughan Williams as well as the premiere of a piece by Richard Shepherd. To book your ticket, call the box office on 0844 939 0015 or log on to

11 FEbRuARY An Evening of Mediumship with Trev and Wendy Jones, New Earswick & District Indoor Bowls Club. 8pm. Celebrated Yorkshire husband and wife psychic team Trev and Wendy Jones make a welcome return to York for an evening of mediumship. They will be demonstrating their skills and bringing messages from loved ones. They are well known all over the country for the accuracy of their readings, with many people reporting that they have been comforted, reassured and also astonished by what they have heard. Seeing believing so book your ticket today by calling 750230.

as well as jewellery and beads crafted from natural and semi-precious stones. Bead enthusiasts will also find a wide range of precious and semiprecious gemstones and beads, as well as findings, thread and beading kits. You can expect a very friendly welcome, as the majority of stallholders are more than happy to chat to visitors and fellow collectors. Call 07817 511360 f


10 & 24 FEbRuARY

Valentine’s ball, York Racecourse.

York Speakers Club the Railway Institute,

The lord Mayor of York invites you to join the civic party at their annual charity ball. This fantastic event – the highlight of the city’s social calendar – promises to be a superb occasion, with a drinks reception, a fabulous four course meal, dancing, casino and various other attractions. And with legendary York party band HUGE providing the entertainment, how can you fail to have a good time? Proceeds will be going to the Lord Mayor’s nominated charities, the British Heart Foundation

Queen Street. 7.30pm. Tel: 416308.

12 AND 13 FEbRuARY York Rock Gem’n’bead Show York Racecourse. There’s something for everyone ranging from pocket money prices to thousands of pounds. Around 50 exhibitors will be offering an amazing array of crystals, gems, fossils and minerals,

For a healthier, happier you visit

and Our Celebration. Tickets are £59 each. For more information, call the Civic Office on 551011.

Composting course, York Environment Centre. Free training course on ‘How To Compost’, from 10am to noon, followed by a free lunch. From 1 to 3pm there will also be a session on ‘Using Your Compost to Grow Your Own in a Small Space’ run by Sandra Geere. To book a place, call Catherine on 412861 or email rotters@ An Evening of Classical Wind Music York Baptist Church, Priory Street. Doors open 7pm. Enjoy an evening of classical wind music with ForceFive, a quintet of professional musicians. The concert, which includes works by Ibert, Mozart, Gerhswin and Elgar, is being held to raise much-needed funds for church work in Malawi and the Zambezi Mission. So as well as enjoying an entertaining night out, you’ll also be helping a very worthwhile charity. Call Isabel on 07981 912540


Studley Royal. 1.30 and 2.30pm. Meet at Swanley Grange. Booking essential – call 01765 643176.

with a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner a deux? Enjoy a glass of pink bubbly on arrival followed by a fabulous four-course dinner. To book, call 644744.



Charity Fair Haxby Memorial Hall. 10am –

Yorkshire Philosophical Society Talk Tempest Anderson Hall, Museum Gardens.

Make a bird box Fountains Abbey &

1pm. Whether you’re a local charity or you want to offer your support, this St Valentine’s Day themed event is for you. Charities are welcome to book a free table – call David Dixon on 764393 or email with your registered charity number. Entrance is free for members of the public and there will be refreshments on sale in aid of Haxby Memorial Hall.

7.30pm. Prof Anthony Birley will give a lecture about Emperor Severus. Call 656713.

18 FEbRuARY Farmer’s Market Newgate Market. Enjoy the best of Yorkshire’s produce, from fresh meat to fruit and veg Classical concert Sir Jack Lyons Hall, York University. 8pm. Florian Kitt (cello) and Aima Maria Labra-Makk (piano) perform for the BMS York Chamber Music Series. Tel: 704052.

Love To Eat Chocolate Workshop– Valentine’s Day Event, 52 Moor Lane, Dringhouses. 12 noon onwards. Love chocolate? Then why not come down to Love To Eat to create your very own chocolate gift for your loved one? Having combined lots of fantastic goodies and gift ideas with a chocolate factory and a chocolate tasting, run by Sophie from ‘Little Pretty Things’, this free event open to all will be great way to see the beautiful food store, meet the team, try some delicious love to eat nibbles and make your own chocolate lollipop to take away. Call 01904 778880

She’ll also be there to offer advice while you practise. With a buffet and a free crèche, this is an event you won’t want to miss! Book your ticket by calling 07981 553 465 or 07821 765422.


open eco house 24 Grange Street, off

Valentine ballroom & buffet

Fulford Road. 3 – 5pm. Visit a Victorian terrace house which has halved its carbon use. For more details, call 654355 or email anna@yogainyork.

York Danceworks,11 Redeness Street,Layerthorpe. 1 – 4pm. Whether you’re a beginner, you’ve taken your first steps in ballroom or you just love Strictly and you want to have a go, you’ll love this very special event from York Danceworks. Join ballroom and Latin expert Sharon as she takes you through your paces in a two-hour ballroom workshop.



14 FEbRuARY Valentine’s Day Dinner Grange Hotel,

Gallipoli lecture Holgate Block, York St John University. 2.30pm. Peter Hart will talk about V Beach, Gallipoli, to members of the Yorkshire Branch of the Western Front Association. Tel: 01484 531412. odin’s Tales Explore York Library Learning Centre. 2pm. Join Adrian Spendlow – aka Odin – for a lively Viking storytelling session. Tickets £5 per family from Explore York on 552528.

York Theatre Royal Costume Sale The Maltings, Walmgate. 10am. Costumes, accessories, props and pieces of furniture will be up for sale.

Clifton. What better way to say I love you than

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19 AND 20 FEbRuARY York Antiques Fair National Railway Museum. 10am – 5pm. York Antiques Fair has earned its place as one of the top events in the Antiques Calendar. You’ll find many of the region’s top dealers all under one roof, selling a whole range of quality antiques. Whether you have a taste for bygone toys, a passion for porcelain or you’re just looking for something pretty to fill that space on your dresser, you’re bound to find something perfect here! And if all that browsing and bargaining gets too much, there’s a cafe to relax and take a break. Call 01423 889163 or 0776 5006996.

19 & 26 FEbRuARY Chocolate tour Museum Gardens gates.

York Ramblers Walk. 1pm. Five mile walk starting from Newton-on-Ouse village green. Turn up on the day or text Chris on 07881597934

Music for Lent from Rome York Minster. 7.30pm. During the 17th and 18th centuries Allegri’s Miserere drew listeners to the Vatican Chapel from all over Europe, and the work still retains its popularity. Join The Ebor Singers as they perform the music in the candlelit Chapter House of York Minster alongside Victoria’s ‘Lamentations for Holy Week’. Book your ticket on 0844 939 0015 or log on to www.boxoffice.

10.30am and 2pm. Ever since the Rowntree and Terry families produced their first chocolate bars, York’s history has been built on sweeties (so to speak). Now here’s your chance to find out more about the confectionery industry that helped make the city great. Hear the history of Terry’s and Rowntree, visit choccy and sweetie shops and taste free samples! It’s a delicious treat for the whole family. It’s just one of the tours offered by Yorkwalk, which offers a fascinating look at the side of the city which visitors and locals rarely get to see. For more information, call Yorkwalk on 622303.

19 – 27 FEbRuARY Half term holiday fun Swanley Grange, Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal. 11am – 3pm. Free drop-in activities for children. Tel: 01765 608888.

Georgina Grace Trust

Charity Celebrity Ball

York Minster HOMESTART CONCERT 10 February, 7.30pm

Ball website Bookings on line at £55pp or £500 for a table of 10 or send payment to 2 Little Garth Nether Poppleton

The Independent Schools of York combined choirs in concert. In aid of Homestart who support vulnerable families with children under 5. Tickets from £9-£17.50.

EBOR SINGERS CONCERT 19 February, 7.30pm

York YO26 6NH. Tel: 01904 780880 Tickets: £15

Allegri, Victoria and Lotti: Music for Lent from Rome. Performed in the Chapter House alongside Victoria’s Lamentations for Holy Week.

Box Office: 0844 939 0015

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19 – 27 FEbRuARY

delicious hot roast sandwich supper (vegetarian option available). Sandburn Hall is located just eight miles north east of York in a picturesque lake and woodland setting with ample parking. To book your ticket, call 01904 778116. For more details, go to

Hogwarts Express National Railway Museum. Wannabe wizards will be descending on York for NRM’s nine-day celebration of Hogwarts Express – the steam locomotive from the popular Harry Potter films. Attractions during February half-term include steam rides, owls on display, storytelling sessions, lantern-making and mystical free performances by some wizards that film fans may recognise! For more details, call 0844 815 3139 or go to


Free Valuation Day Bar Convent. Do you have a fortune hiding in your attic? Why not bring your antiques, jewellery or collectables along to the Bar Convent and find out. Experts from Tennants Auctioneers will be on hand to value your item and give you an idea of what it might be worth. You never know, you could ever be a secret millionaire! Even if you haven’t made a mint, you’ll still be able to enjoy morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea from the Bar Convent cafe. To arrange a home visit for advice on the sale of your antiques and collectables at auction please contact the Harrogate office on 01423 531661

Story-telling session Swanley Grange,


20 FEbRuARY Hidden Wildlife Walk Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal. 2pm. Discover the hidden wildlife on this two-mile walk. Meet at the Visitor Centre. Tel: 01765 608888.

Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal. 2pm. Lots of stories for 4-9 year olds. Booking essential on 01765 643166.

bistro sounds Dean Court Hotel. 8pm.

Civic Silver Collection Mansion House,

Enjoy the music of York singer-songwriter David Ward Maclean as he sings, plays and chats - and introduces a fellow-musician/singer. Tel: 625082.

St Helen’s Square. 7 – 9.30pm. Auctioneers Christies will be discussing the Mansion House’s silver collection. Bring along your own items of silver to be valued. Tickets from 551011.

Six days of superb continental fare, from pastries to paella


Free Taster Weekend, Millers Yard


buble Tribute Sandburn Hall. 7.30pm. In association with Sandburn Hall, Evviva! Events presents one of the UK’s premier tribute shows to Michael Buble featuring Vinni, who is renowned for this stunning representation. The evening starts at 7.30p.m. in Sandburn’s beautiful oak framed Grand Function Hall. Priced at just £22.50, tickets include bucks fizz and canapés on arrival followed by a

– Centre for Positive Living, 2 – 4 Gillygate. The Chiropractic Wellness Practice specialises in musculo-skeletal conditions and the effects of nervous system dysfunction on health and wellbeing. It’s Yorkshire’s only provider of state of the art 5-technology nervous system scans and NSFi which shows the function of the nervous system. As part of the ‘Miller’s Yard

22 – 27 FEbRuARY Continental Market Newgate Market.

Yorkshire Philosophical Society Talk Tempest Anderson Hall, Museum Gardens. 7.30pm. Prof Tony Morland, of York University, will give a lecture on ‘Reading the brain: Seeing brain mechanisms’. Call 656713.

Sports Fixtures YoRk CITY kNIGHTS Wed 2nd (H) Leeds Rhinos (F) Sun 6th (A) Barrow Raiders (NRC) Sun 13th (H) Featherstone Rovers (NRC) Sun 20th (A) London Skolars (NRC) Sun 27th (H) Keighley Cougars (NRC)

HoRSE RACING (all jump racing) Fri 4th


Sat 5th Wetherby (Championship Race Day) Mon 14th Catterick Tues 22nd Wetherby

(Key: F Friendly, NRC Northern Rail Cup)

YoRk CITY FC Sat 5th (H) Mansfield Town Sat 12th (A) AFC Wimbledon Sat 19th (H) Crawley Town Sat 26th (A) Hayes & Yeading

Wed 23rd Doncaster Mon 28th Catterick 86

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circuit since 2003. His guitar-based act is particularly unique since he can’t actually play! Tickets are £16, including food. To book your ticket, call 638971

5 MARCH Fashion fair Park Inn Hotel, North Street. 10am – 5pm. Shop at SOUK, a collection of sustainable fashion, independent fashion labels, vintage clothing, designers, artists and jewellers. For details, go to www.souk-fashion-bazaar.blogspot. com

5 AND 6 MARCH The beadwork Fair Pavilions of

Centre for Positive Living’ free taster weekend, the Chiropractic Wellness Practice will be at hand to perform free non-invasive and pain-free nervous system screening scans and the chance to discuss any health issues you have to determine if chiropractic care can help you. Call 351288.

4 MARCH Comedy Night York Racecourse. Doors open 7pm. Quirky comedian Tony Simpson is your host for this evening of top class comedy, featuring two of the country’s fastest rising stars. Steve Harris has been voted Northwest Comedian of the Year; the BBC has described him as ‘Quite simply fantastically funny’, while City Life says he’s ‘A hip hopping, gag spinning bundle of joy.’ Ashley Frieze has been performing on the UK comedy

Harrogate, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate. 11am – 4pm. Ever fancied trying your hand at making your own jewellery? Then head along to the Beadwork Fair this month. You’ll find everything you need to get started, from beads (of course!), to findings and fixings, plus lots of inspiration, information and ideas. Whether you’re an experienced beadworker or a complete beginner, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. So why not come along and find out more about this beautiful craft? Call 01737 841 080 for more information.

7 AND 9 MARCH Pilates taster sessions. Fancy trying Pilates? Louise is offering free taster classes during York International Women’s Week. The sessions will take place on 7th at Fulford Social Hall from 1.45 – 2.45pm, and on 9th at Rufforth Primary school from 6.45 – 7.45pm. To book call 07773 794301 or email

4 APRIL Annual Celebrity ball York Racecourse. 6.45pm. Meet stars of stage, TV and sport at this fabulous annual event, now in its sixth successful year. Enjoy a sumptuous four course dinner with coffee, charity casino, live band, DJ and auction. It’s all in aid of local charity Georgina Grace Trust, which aims to help existing organisations that work with disabled and special needs children throughout Yorkshire and the Humber. So you’ll be helping a very worthwhile cause as well as enjoying a great night out. Complimentary coach from Scarborough and Malton is also available. Tickets £55 – book online at or call 780880

Sales&Auctions 19th and 20th February. York Antiques Fair, National Railway Museum. 10am – 5pm. Call 01423 889163 or 0776 5006996 26th and 27th February.Antiques and Collectors Fair, Ripley Village Hall. 9am – 4.30pm. Call 01423 889163 or 0776 5006996

Tennants, The Auction Centre, Leyburn. Tel 01969 623780 2nd February. Books, Maps & Postcards. Starts 12 noon 12th February. Antique & Home Furnishing Sale. Starts 9.30am. Beswick & Border Fine Arts starts 11.30am 19th February. Antique & Home Furnishing Sale. Starts 9.30am. Toys, Models & Collectables starts 11.30am 23rd February. Stamps & Postal History. Starts 12 noon 24th February. Free Valuation Day, Bar Convent. Bring along your antiques, collectables and jewellery and have them valued by the experts at Tennants Auctioneers.

boulton & Cooper Fine Art. Tel 01653 696151 2nd February. General Sale at Central Salerooms, Market Place, Pickering, YO18 7AE. Starts 10.30am 9th February. York Antique Sale at York Auction Centre, Murton, YO19 5GF. Starts 10am. 23rd February. General Sale at Central Salerooms, Market Place, Pickering, YO18 7AE. Starts 10.30am

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Theatre Chase The Dream (9 February) Get ready to be blown away as the 10-strong dance troupe Flawless, finalists of Britain's Got Talent in 2009, perform their breathtaking show at York’s Grand Opera House. Box office: 0844 847 2322.

The Naked Truth(12 February) Five very different women struggle hilariously to conquer pole dancing for an event to raise money for a breast cancer charity. The Naked Truth, celebrating strength through adversity, is a comedy for women, about women, that men absolutely must see (if they dare!). It’s on at 7.30pm at the Grand Opera House. Box office: 0844 847 2322.

To kill A Mockingbird (11 - 26 February) This gripping stage adaptation at York Theatre Royal of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel features a 20-strong cast. Duncan Preston, who plays iconic lawyer Atticus Finch, is best known for his recent appearance in Emmerdale as well as the popular TV series Dinner Ladies. Set in America’s Deep South during the 1930s depression, To Kill A Mockingbird shows Jem and Scout Finch’s childhood innocence shattered when they realise that bigotry and prejudice rule in their small town in Alabama. When their father Atticus defends a young black man accused of raping a white woman, the family become the target of gossip and abuse. Box office: 623568.

joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (15-17 February) More than 80 students and staff are involved in Joseph Rowntree School’s production of this entertaining musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Staged at New Earswick school’s impressive Vaudeville Theatre at 7.30pm. The role of Joseph is being played by 15-year-old James Shipley who, according to his drama teachers, demonstrates fantastic musical talent and characterisation.

Film guide

CINEMAS: Vue: 08712 240 240 City Screen: 0871 902 5726 Reel Cinema: 0870 801 0870

bRIGHToN RoCk Many critics


Danny (Adam Sandler) is a successful plastic surgeon who pretends to be unhappily married to get women. When the girl of his dreams asks to meet his soon-to-be ex, he has to ask his office manager Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his wife in order to prove his story. But one lie turns into another...

consider the 1947 original the greatest British film ever made. So it was brave decision for director Rowan Joffe to tackle a remake. The action is updated to 1964, and Sam Riley has the daunting task of filling Richard Attenborough’s shoes as brutish teenager Pinkie.

THE FIGHTER The Fighter tells the real life story of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980s. As a welterweight from the wrong side of the tracks, Irish-American Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale) is a working class hero. Living in his shadow is his halfbrother and sparring partner Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg). Dicky’s rising star takes a nosedive after he plunges into a nightmare of crack addiction, violence and prison. Like a real life Rocky, Micky fights on his own terms and pulls his family out of despair with his meteoric rise in the ring.


WEST IS WEST It's been more than a decade since East Is East appeared on the big screen. Now most of the original cast have got together for a sequel. The action moves on five years, to 1976; Worried that his son Sajis is in danger of becoming a juvenile delinquent, Dad George drags him off for a holiday in Pakistan. But he is faced with a culture clash of his own in the form of his Pakistani first wife.

CHALET GIRL Pretty tomboy Kim Matthew used to be a champion skateboarder, but now she’s stuck in a dead end job trying to support her dad. Opportunity comes knocking in the form of a catering job in the one of the most exclusive chalets in the Alps. At first, Kim’s baffled by this bizarre new world of posh people, champagne and skiing - but then she discovers snowboarding, and the chance to win some much-needed prize money at the big end-of-season competition. But before she can become a champion again, Kim’s going to have to dig deep to overcome her fears.

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Pinteresque (16 - 26 February) The term Pinteresque is used to describe a particular mood or feeling in drama created using stylistic elements inspired by the work of Harold Pinter, who has been described as the most influential, provocative and poetic dramatist of his generation. Members of Old Bomb Theatre Company present some of Pinter's short plays alongside new writing inspired by his work. Expect a potent cocktail of power games, sexual politics and laughter in the Studio at York Theatre Royal. Box office: 623568.

billy Liar (23 - 26 Febraury) Billy Fisher has managed to get himself engaged to two girls simultaneously, neither of whom he likes,. When Liz, the girl he really cares for, returns from London, Billy’s lies start to catch up with him. York Stage Musicals present Keith Waterhouse's famous comedy set in 1950s Leeds at Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Haxby Road, York. Box Office: 623568.

Horrible Histories (1 - 5 March) It's time to prepare for Horrible Histories live on stage! Using actors and ground-breaking 3D special effects, these two astounding shows at York’s Grand Opera House are guaranteed to thrill you and your children. Historical figures and events will come alive on stage and hover at your fingertips! The Awful Egyptians: From the fascinating pharaohs to the power of the pyramids, discover the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies in Egypt. Dare you enter through the Gates of the Afterlife? Prepare to be ruled by Ramesses the Great! The Ruthless Romans: From the evil emperors to the gruesome gladiators, find out why there's no place like Rome! Experience the terrible tactics of the Roman army. Hold on tight for a terrifying journey back into Roman Britain! Box office: 0844 847 2322.

Crazy For You (1-12 March) This a high-energy comedy features mistaken identities, plot twists, fabulous dance numbers and classic Gershwin music. Bobby Child, a banker, is banished from New York by his father to a family-owned ranch where, it is hoped, he

will mend his ways and become a more responsible person. Stage-struck Bobby travels west to Deadrock, Nevada, to foreclose on a rundown theatre, where he falls in love with Polly Baker. But if he forecloses he will lose Polly, so he convinces her to put on a show that will pay of the debt her father owes on the theatre. The plot involves mix-ups and misunderstandings, disguises and improbable appearances but, eventually, everything is happily resolved. The score includes I Got Rhythm, Nice Work If You Can Get It, and Someone To Watch Over Me. Members of York Light Opera are presenting Crazy For You at York Theatre Royal with music and lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin. Box office: 623568.

Ghosts (2-12 March) York Settlement Community Players are presenting Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama at the Studio, York Theatre Royal. Mrs Alving is preparing for the opening of an orphanage in memory of her late husband. When her son, Osvald, returns to the family home to celebrate the heroic memory of his dead father, she is forced to reveal the ghosts of the past she is desperate to forget. Amelia Bullmore’s vibrant new version of Ibsen's powerful psychological drama will shock and entertain in equal measure. Box office: 623568.

be My baby (3-5 March) Northern England 1964. Four unwed pregnant tearaways are brought together at St Saviours, a church-run home. Over two months, we share their fears, hopes and aspirations in their unforeseen and unforgettable circumstances. Surrounded by the music of the Dixie Cups, the Shangri-La’s and the Ronettes, this play couples tragedy with humour, resulting in an unforgettable evening of drama. It’s staged by the Rowntree Players at Joseph Rowntree Theatre. Haxby Road, York. Box office: 07927 026071.

jesus Christ Superstar (15-23 April) This was the first musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to be produced for the professional stage. Released to celebrate its 40th anniversary, York Stage Musicals is performing the show at York’s Grand Opera House. Box office: 0870 770 5741.

The Duchess: 641413

City Screen: 0871 902 5726

Fibbers: 651250

Grand Opera House: 0844 847 2322

Stereo: 0121 234 5678

Black Swan Folk: Club: 679131





Fairport Convention, Grand Opera House // Teddy Thompson & David Ford, Fibbers

The Feeling, Fibbers

Frank Turner, Fibbers // Duncan McFarlane & Anne Brivonese, Black Swan Folk Club // The UK Vader, City Screen

Yuck, Stereo

2 FEbRuARY Junip & Cocoon, The Duchess

3 FEbRuARY Shadows Lie Within, The Duchess // Wooden Wand, City Screen // Lander Mason, Black Swan Folk Club // The Last Fakers, Stereo

4 FEbRuARY Glass, The Duchess // Sacred Mother Tongue, Stereo // Spear of Destiny, Fibbers

5 FEbRuARY The Smiths Ltd, The Duchess // GNA, Fibbers // Wilful Missing, City Screen

6 FEbRuARY The Vaselines, The Duchess

7 FEbRuARY Tomorrow We Radio, City Screen

9 FEbRuARY Flawless, Grand Opera House

10 FEbRuARY Roll Deep, The Duchess // Singers & Musicians Night, Black Swan Folk Club

11 FEbRuARY I Like Trains, The Duchess // Panic Room, Fibbers // Singing Adams, City Screen

12 FEbRuARY Drowned In Flames, The Duchess // Sea of Bees, Fibbers

13 FEbRuARY Shatterfest 2011, Stereo // World Service Project, Fibbers

16 FEbRuARY Doll & Kicks, Stereo // Jonny With Norman Blake, City Screen

18 FEbRuARY Glamour Of The Kill, The Duchess // Frankie and the Heartstrings, Fibbers // We Could Be Astronauts, City Screen

19 FEbRuARY Gilbert O’Sullivan, Grand Opera House // Tears of Ishtar, Fibbers // Blackbeard’s Tea Party, The Duchess

20 FEbRuARY Polly & The Billets Doux, Stereo // Vessels, The Duchess

21 FEbRuARY Beardyman, Fibbers


24 FEbRuARY Funi: Bára Grímsdóttir & Chris Foster, Black Swan Folk Club // Sound of Guns, Fibbers // The Paper Tigers, Duchess

25 FEbRuARY Anti Nowhere League, The Duchess // John Otway, Fibbers

26 FEbRuARY 10CC, Grand Opera House // Adler’s Appetite, The Duchess //

27 FEbRuARY Leddra Chapman, Fibbers

28 FEbRuARY The Crave, Fibbers // Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The Duchess // Middleman, Stereo *Listings correct at time of press.

Let’s Hang On, Grand Opera House // Kill It Kid, Fibbers

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mr BriQ Wood

Out of Town Briquettes BuT NOT OuT OF REACH!

beat mould misery you thought had been covered up is more than likely going to strike again. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of condensation and mould, but want the solution to be cost effective, EnviroVent is the answer. EnviroVent can provide a lifetime cure to the problem and they’re so confident they can help you, they even offer a money back guarantee! Remember the misery of condensation and mould last winter? The time it took to clean? The money spent redecorating? The puddles of water and the musty smell throughout the house? With winter approaching, the mould

They’re the experts in solving these problems and have been doing so in homes for over 20 years. So why not call now for your free home-check, before it’s too late? n Contact EnviroVent on 0845 2727807.

Renewable energy Call today to find out how the Government ‘feed-in-tariffs’ can give you great savings and a guaranteed tax free and inflation linked income for up to 25 years. British Eco Ltd was established in 2002 and is a National MCS Accredited Renewable Energy installer. n Its Yorkshire office is based near York. Tel: 01904 234543.


Mr Briq wood briquettes are a cost-effective, clean and convenient alternative to logs and coal. They are perfectly suited to use with Woodburning and Multifuel stoves. Mr Briq wood briquettes are made from virgin timber blended with recycled hardwood and softwood. They are chemical and additive free. Mr Briq wood briquettes have proved to be a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to logs and coal. The wood used in the manufacturing process is dried to a moisture level below 10% (seasoned logs are often in excess of 30%) , this ensures a typical heat output in excess of three times that of logs. Mr Briq wood briquettes provide a consistent heat output, from your first pack to your last. Low levels of moisture are guaranteed. When used in a stove, this promotes highcombustion temperatures, clean glass and, on average, an eight-hour burn time. Mr Briq Wood Briquettes are made in the Yorkshire Wolds, thereby reducing transport pollution, landfill and CO2 emissions; this should give

you a double warm glow – one from sitting beside a cosy stove, the other from knowing you are doing your bit to help save the planet! n For more details, call Mr

Briq on 01377 267900 or order online at

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need more


The Loft Space Company can help you make the most of your home’s roof space by transforming it into an easily accessible, dust-free area from only £395. A company spokesman says: “Our beautifully-crafted wooden loft stair ladders are designed for comfort and safety; they take just a few hours to fit and come with a manufacturer’s 10-year parts guarantee. They are incredibly easy to use, quick and convenient, folding out of sight when not in use. “We provide a full range of boarding services, including bespoke eave-to-eave boarding. Regardless of the area, we’ll offer you the most efficient and effective use of your available space and budget, with a high-quality finish. “We can also help maximize the energy efficiency of your home, reducing the loss of valuable energy through the roof with various insulation products.” n Call 0800 5876662 for a free, no-obligation quote

Tree felling, fencing and patios CLDH Ltd, which has been trading since 2001, specialises in the supply and installation of many different types of fencing and gates. The company’s work covers stock fencing, security fencing, commercial fencing and domestic fencing. A spokesman says: “We can construct fencing for our customers using bespoke designs. We also undertake tree works and scrub clearance.”

01904 234 543

CLDH Ltd, as a Marshalls approved contractor, does hard landscaping work, using Marshalls products for drives and patios. The company offers a 10-year product guarantee and a five-year workmanship guarantee. n CLDH Ltd. Tel: 01759 304047 or 07766 746846.

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directory AERIALS > > > > > > > > > > > 92 buILDING > > > > > > > > > > 93 CLEANING

> > > > > > > > > 96

DECoRAToRS > > > > > > > > 98 ELECTRICIANS > > > > > > > > 99 FASCIAS / SoFFITS GuTTERING > > > > > > > > > 100



HANDYPEoPLE> > > > > > > > 101


GARAGE DooRS > > > > > > > 101


joINERY > > > > > > > > > > > 102 LoCkS / SECuRITY > > > > > > 103 PLASTERING > > > > > > > > > 103 REMoVALS> > > > > > > > > > 107 RooFING > > > > > > > > > > 108 TILING

> > > > > > > > > > > 110

WINDoWS / DooRS > > > > > > 110 WoRkToPS > > > > > > > > > 110 MoToRS > > > > > > > > > > > 115




Tool Academy

Before embarking on a DIY blitz, it makes sense to ensure you have all the tools necessary to complete each task. First, get yourself a good toolbox. Foldable steel-framed work bench, with built-in clamps, will also prove its worth. DIY tasks often create potentially hazardous splinters, dust and splashes, so protect your eyes with safety goggles. For any DIY task that requires working in confined space and/or with the electrics turned off, a torch enables you to see what you’re doing.



ToP tips buILDING

The number one rule of DIY is ‘measure twice, cut once’, so get yourself a tape measure. To drive nails in or pull them out, for general carpentry, chiselling and even some mild demolition, a claw hammer is a must. For cutting any length or sheet of wood, a handsaw is indispensable. A screwdriver, with a set of changeable heads, is a vital part of any tool kit. An electric drill is vital for making holes in wood, masonry and metal. They’re often useful for tightening and loosening screws too. When erecting anything from shelves to garden posts, a spirit level allows you to tell whether your surface is exactly horizontal, vertical or at 45 degrees.



from just

£9.00 per m2

When drawing cutting lines on any surface, a set square helps you to achieve 90 degree angles. To create neat carpentry joints, a mitre box is a great tool for guiding your saw strokes. For any work at height, a decent ladder is necessary to do the job safely. An adjustable wrench allows you to tighten or undo nuts and bolts. Pliers are ideal for pulling out nails as well as clamping objects. Their wirecutting blades come in handy for small electrical jobs. To make small, accurate incisions into wood, for general carpentry and hanging a door, a small set of bevelled chisels is very useful.




TRuST tHE traDEsman 

A breath of fresh air

      


  

EnviroVent products create fresh and healthy indoor environments free from condensation and mould. What’s more, because they control humidity levels, dust mite populations are reduced which can improve the health of people suffering from respiratory problems, such as asthma. Richard Foster had a hi-tech fan fitted in the ground-floor bathroom of his 1902 terrace house in York along with an EnviroVent loft-mounted unit, which gently ventilates the home. Richard says: “After having double-glazing fitted, I noticed an increase in condensation, with streaming windows and mould spots on the walls. I was impressed with EnviroVent’s approach to solving the problem. “The air quality in my home has improved and the fan is efficient in reducing condensation in the bathroom. The EnviroVent employees I dealt with were all courteous, professional and helpful.” n For more details, call EnviroVent on 0845 27 27 807


Reliable cleaners fully insure d and vetted






York craftsman Steven Popple loves restoring things, including this former post office van which now promotes his furniture restoration business Steven set up the venture five years ago with Ben Flockton and they have just taken on Jim Lee as an apprentice to cope with the increasing workload. They are attracting customers from as far afield as London, including top interior designers. In his spare time, Steven is a leader with Dringhouses Scout Group and competes in off-road trials in a 4X4 vehicle modified by him and his son, Ryan, who is a keen mechanic. Steve says: “I enjoy working as a volunteer with the Scout Movement. I joined as a Cub Scout at the age of eight and it gave me a good start in life. Now it’s very satisfying seeing youngsters learning to work as a team when embarking on different challenges.” n Antique Restoration by Steven Charles Popple & Co, The Warehouse, North Lane, Huntington, York YO32 9Su. Tel: 400728 or 07974 590530.





Roofer leads the way Roofer Mark Winters, whose expertise working with lead is known to hundreds of customers in York and beyond, relaxes away from work by listening to music. Over the years he has built up a large collection of albums, both vinyl and CDs. As a father of three young children – two girls and a boy – much of his spare time is taken up with family matters, though he likes to watch Chelsea when the Blues are playing up north. Mark, aged 41, has been fascinated by lead since he was an apprentice; he believes the material, which has adorned roofs for centuries, has a bright future because it is so eco-friendly. Lead is 100% recyclable and never deteriorates, being both durable and flexible. No matter how many times it is recycled, lead retains its flexibility and durability. York’s leading leaders are now the city’s newest roofers because Mark has taken on two colleagues to offer a comprehensive roofing service. n Mark Winters Leadwork. Tel: 612169. Mobile: 07976 845678. Email:

Gary Roe

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Opportunity knocks for budding apprentices Employers have the opportunity to come face to face with the workforce of the future when York College hosts an Apprenticeship Open Evening on Wednesday 9th February, between 6pm and 8.30pm. School leavers and their parents/guardians will be able to meet some of the city’s largest local employers, including the Minster Stoneyard, Craven & Co, Jaguar Land Rover, Nestlé and Superbreak. The budding apprentices will also be able to view the learning facilities at York College and attend presentations on what it is like to be an apprentice studying at the college. Louise Lawrence-Crockford, the college’s Assistant Principal for Employer Engagement, says: “Apprenticeships can ensure that a workforce has the practical skills and qualifications employers need. The mixture of on and off-job learning ensures that apprentices learn the skills that work best for individual organisations. More than a quarter of UK businesses rate this form of vocational training higher than any other qualification.”

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Make sure you do your homework when having electrical work done in your home. This is not a job you want to give to an amateur electrician who “knows something about electricity”. Matthew Todd, of York electrical retailer and contractor Herbert Todd & Son, says: “When you have any electrical work done in your house make sure you hire someone who is fully qualified. You need a professional to do the job safely so that it conforms to the latest regulations. You also want a craftsman who can do the job in a neat and tidy fashion and at the right price.” There are strict codes when it comes to electrical wiring which are enforced to keep you safe and prevent your home from burning down due to faulty wiring. Whether you are having the entire house re-wired or just a light fixture installed, this is a job for a professional. Matthew’s father, Graham Todd, an electrical engineer, says: “You need to have a qualification to do any domestic electrical work, but what many people don’t realise is that you can get an accreditation in only four days. All





our electricians have done a full apprenticeship up to NVQ3 level, which can take up to four years to achieve. In addition, we ensure their training is kept up to date and they are all qualified to current standards.”


Last year Herbert Todd & Son apprentice, Robbie Simpson, was this area’s Apprentice of The Year. Recently Robbie and Andy Hoare, another former apprentice at Todd’s, both received 100% in their safety accreditation. Herbert Todd & Son belongs to the Electrical Contractors Association which means all its work complies fully with the standards laid down by the Institute of Electrical Engineers and is covered by an unconditional guarantee. n For all your electrical needs, go to Herbert Todd & Son, at Percy’s Lane, York, and York Road, Acomb. Tel: 628676



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Solarwall warms up York pupils Solarwall, the York-based renewable energy company has installed insulation at Canon Lee School to help keep the pupils warm. The York school, which opened in 1941, was in great need of modern insulation and extensive work was carried out on both the cavity walls and two loft spaces above the lunch and assembly rooms. Thirty-three large bags of fibre were injected into the walls to prevent the loss of heat. In the loft spaces more than 90 rolls of insulation were laid down, each with a thickness of 170mm. Combined with the cavity-wall filling, the insulation will save Canon Lee School a huge amount on energy bills and reduce its carbon footprint. To coincide with the project Solarwall offered the parents of Canon Lee pupils home insulation at a severely discounted rate. Sue Lamb, managing Director of Solarwall, says: “Canon Lee is setting a fantastic example to other schools in York by insulating their buildings. It is hoped that other schools and businesses in the area will realise the financial advantages of loft and cavity wall insulation and follow suit.� n For more details, call Solarwall on 0500 127 005




ToP tips


It pays to maintain your


Guttering and its associated pipework are designed to carry rainwater away from your home. If they are not properly maintained, the water can run down the outside wall, leading to damp problems. It is important, therefore, to keep your guttering and pipework in good repair. If water is seen coming over the side of the guttering during heavy rain, it may indicate there is a build-up of rubbish laying in it. It is surprising how much rubbish can build up; the common sources are leaves from nearby trees, moss and other growths from the roof, rubbish washed off the roof, scraps of food dropped by birds. If you look up at guttering around buildings, it is surprising how often you see plants growing up there, which indicate a build-up of dirt and rubbish. To work on guttering you need a good head for heights. If you don’t fancy carrying out the task yourself, check out the adverts placed by roofing experts in Your Local Link.

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HoME maintEnancE

The heat is on Boiler manufacturers now require that pipes and radiators be thoroughly cleaned when a new boiler is installed. New heating systems should also be flushed to remove flux or other installation debris.

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HC PLuMbING Tel: 01904 477623

Untreated water causes both limescale and sludge (magnatite) to form. In time, the sludge will clog the pipes, radiators, pump, valves and boiler. For the householder this is both wasted energy and money. Sludge build-up can usually be identified by cold spots on the radiators. In some cases, the heating can be operating at only 40% of its full potential. George C Stone & Son carry out power flushing as standard on all boiler changes. They say: “Failure to carry out thorough cleaning and addition of recommended chemicals will invalidate the warranty on the boiler. Power flushing can also be carried out as a single and cheaper operation instead of changing the boiler, together with upgraded heating controls.” George C Stone & Son have carried out more than 600 power flush operations in the Yorkshire area since 2007 and are experts at heating refurbishment. n For more details, call Jeff on 077 595 61637

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ToP tips How to avoid

water damage The water pipes in your home are vulnerable to leaks, particularly when temperatures plunge below freezing point.

Returning from a winter break to be confronted by extensive water damage caused by burst pipes is a nightmare scenario that can be avoided by simply turning off your stopcock before you set off on your holiday. The stopcock is a valve for turning off and on the cold water system in your home. When you turn the stopcock in a clockwise direction the water supply will be shut off. Stopcocks are usually found in your kitchen, below the sink unit. However in some houses the stopcock is found in a front or back hall or in a larder unit beside the sink unit. It is important that you know where the stopcock is and that you check that your stopcock is working. If it needs repairing, contact one of the plumbers advertising in Your Local Link.





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TRuST tHE traDEsman The recent cold spell proved a domestic disaster for Richard Clarkson when his house literally froze. “I had no running water, no sanitation or heating,” he recalls. “Then as the thaw began water began to cascade through the ceilings. I had 21 burst pipes in all!”


MB Plumbing to the rescue


Fortunately Matthew Benstead of MB Plumbing came to his rescue. “Over the course of ten days he replaced my hot water cylinder and a radiator in the kitchen, fixed all the burst pipes and got my central heating up and running. He was punctual, polite and nothing was too much trouble.” Professional service with the personal touch is what MB Plumbing is all about. “I’m not striving to employ lots of staff,” says Matthew. “I’d rather keep the business small and personal.” As well as domestic plumbing, MB Plumbing also offers specialist drainage services. “Most plumbers don’t have the specialist equipment to deal with blocked drains,” says Matthew. “We have lining technology and CCTV cameras, so we can usually do in ten minutes a job that might take another plumber four hours.” n For more information, contact MB Plumbing on 07921 760727. If you have a similar story to share, write to us at the address on page three, or email us at

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usefulnumbers LIBRARIES

York Customer Centre Tel: 551550

Tel. 655631 or 552833 (24/7 renewal line)

The York Customer Centre (YCC) offers access to information and advice on a wide range of City of York Council services. Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm.

Mobile library Tel.416429 Local libraries Explore Acomb: Tel 552651. Email: Explore York: Tel 552828. Email: Bishopthorpe : Tel 705386. Email: Clifton: Tel 627464. Email: Copmanthorpe: Tel 709457. Email: Dringhouses: Tel 706046. Email: Dunnington: Tel 488456. Email: Fulford: Tel 555444. Email: Haxby: Tel 768811/ Email: Huntington: Tel 768991. Email: Poppleton: Tel 794877. Email: Strensall: Tel 490876. Email: Tang Hall: Tel 416429. Email:

York Family Information Service Tel: 554628 For advice on finding and paying for childcare, working in early years education and advice on aspects of parenting.

CHILDREN'S CENTRES Tel. 555066 Tel. 555066 Tel. 555066 Tel. 552323 Tel. 551250 Tel. 552323 Tel. 551250 Tel. 552323

CRIME Non-emergency number - 0845 60 60 24 7. York Police Station, Fulford Road. Open every day from 8am - midnight Emergency Number: dial 999. 114

NHS Direct Freephone 0845 4647 24 hour medical information. Out of hours pharmacies Prescriptions can be dispensed from: Tesco, Clifton Moor Boots, Monks Cross Asda, Monks Cross Sainsbury¹s, Monks Cross The Priory Pharmacy, Priory Medical Centre, YO24 3WX.

Tel. 880449 Tel. 656360 Tel. 689410 Tel. 613779 Tel 721541

York NHS Walk-in centre, Tel. 725401 31 Monkgate Open seven days a week 8am ¬ 6pm. York Hospitals Main Switchboard Tel. 631313

Waste Recycling Centres Household waste special collections Tel:


Commercial waste:

Tel: 553270 or 553282 Hazardous and clinical waste:

Tel: 551551 Beckfield Lane Beckfield Lane, York YO26 5PW


Hob Moor Carr Westfield Haxby Road The Avenues Clifton St Lawrence¹s New Earswick


April to September: Monday to Friday 5pm to 7pm Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 2pm October to March: Monday: 5.00pm to 7.00pm, Friday: 5.00pm to 7.00pm The site is closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during winter Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am to 2.00pm Hazel Court James Street, York April to September: Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 7.00pm Sundays 8.30am to 4.00pm October to March: Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 5.00pm Sundays 8.30am to 4.00pm Towthorpe/Strensall Moor Lane, Strensall, York YO32 9ST March: Monday to Sunday from 8.30am to 5pm April to September: Monday to Sunday from 8.30am to 7pm

October: Monday to Sunday from 8.30am to 5pm November to February: Monday to Sunday from 8.30am to 4pm

Household Waste Recycling Centre Permit Scheme York householders with vans, trailers or hire vehicles will need a booklet of free permits to take rubbish and recycling to any of the sites. Landlords and students are also affected by this scheme. If you use a hire vehicle (van), trailer or larger vehicle such as a 4x4 you will need a permit each time you use the site. You will be provided with 12 free permits, these permits have no expiry date. How to apply Call the City of York Council Customer Centre on (01904) 551551 or download the application form from their website

BUSINESS INFORMATION Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber Innovation Centre, York Science Park, Innovation Way, York YO10 5DG. Head: Susie Cawood. Tel: 567838. Web: Institute of Directors (IoD) Yorkshire office, 3 Albion Place, Leeds LS1 6JL. Regional administrator Susanne Foxley. Tel: 0113 243 0152. Web: Federation of Small Business Regional office, Christine Wright, Tower House, Fishergate, York, YO10 4UA. Tel: 629777. Web: WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) Visit or email Tel: 01952 815338 York Professionals NTel: 435363. Email: Science City York Enterprise House, Innovation Way, Heslington, York YO10 5NY. Tel: 870040. Email: York, Selby and Malton Business Advice Centre (YBAC) York Eco Business Centre, York Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4AG. Tel: 699590 Email: Web: York Economic Development Unit City of York Council, 9 St Leonard’s Place, York YO1 7ET. Tel: 554433. Email: York.economy@

sponsored by jjb Motors , Unit 1, the raylor centre, James street, York, Yo10 3DW Tel: 01904 426691

Happy birthday JJB Motors workshop if they need more information on the work we’re doing. We use only genuine or OE quality parts and we’ll always keep the parts we’ve replaced to show the customer so they can be sure the work is done to the highest standard.”

Alfa Romeo, Audi and prestige car specialist JJB Motors celebrates its third year of business this year. And 2011 promises to be their best year yet, as the business goes from strength to strength. Founded in February 2008 by Johnny Barber, within months the business had expanded to a larger workshop. In July 2009 they moved to their current 3000 sq ft premises on the Raylor Centre. The workshop has more space and facilities, including three ramps, a compound for vehicle storage and a spacious customer waiting area as well as a well-maintained workshop with state of the art equipment. So what’s the secret of their success? Johnny reckons it’s a winning combination of quality service, customer care, high class workmanship and after care.

specialists in the country, with customers coming to us from as far afield as Newcastle and Staffordshire. We also get customers coming to us when other garages can’t help them. And they return to us again and again because they know they’re going to get the best possible service without any hassle.

“I started the business because I was disappointed with the level of customer service offered at other places I had worked, and I knew I could do better,” says Johnny. And their results speak for themselves: “We are known as one of the leading Audi and Alfa

“We take a high tech approach to our work but we don’t blind anyone with science. We consult every customer before we carry out any work, explain what needs to be done and how much it’s going to cost. Customers are also welcome to visit our

JJB Motors are experts in Audi and Alfa Romeo specialist car servicing. Between them, Johnny and mechanic Kris have had more than 30 years combined experience working with Alfas and Audis. The latest member of the JJB team, Simon, also has extensive experience of dealing with prestige cars and is a Master Technician – the highest level of qualification available to vehicle technicians. Between them, they can offer the same level of service as a main dealer without the hefty prices. n JJB Motors is located close to the centre of York within easy walking distance of the railway station and town centre. So for specialist service with a friendly, professional approach, give them a call today on 426691.


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Drive on home...

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Driving down the cost

of motoring

Petrol prices are on the up. Follow these eco - driving tips and you’ll save pounds as well as the planet! Easy does it Drive smoothly, accelerate gently and read the road ahead to avoid unnecessary braking. Decelerate smoothly When you have to slow down or to stop, decelerate smoothly by releasing the accelerator in time, leaving the car in gear. Rolling If you can keep the car moving all the time, so much the better. Stopping then starting again uses more fuel than keeping rolling. Change up earlier Change gear as soon as possible without labouring the engine – try changing up at an engine speed of around 2,000rpm in a diesel car or around 2,500rpm in a petrol car. This can make a significant difference to fuel consumption. Cut down on the air-con Air-conditioning increases fuel consumption at low speeds, but at higher speeds the effects are less noticeable. So, if it's a hot day, it's more economical to open the windows around town and save the airconditioning for high-speed driving. Don't leave air-con on all the time – you should run it at least once a week throughout the year though to keep the system in good condition.

Stick to the limits Drive at or within the speed limit – the faster you go the greater the fuel consumption and the greater the pollution too. According to the Department for Transport, driving at 70mph uses up to 9% more fuel than at 60mph and up to 15% more than at 50mph. Don't be idle If you do get caught in a queue, avoid wasting fuel by turning off the engine if it looks like you could be waiting for more than three minutes. Stop coasting Rolling downhill or approaching a junction with the car out of gear - is inadvisable because the driver doesn't have full control of the vehicle, though it used to be quite a common practice to save fuel. These days, coasting is still inadvisable and changes in vehicle fuel systems mean it won't save you fuel either. Modern fuel and ignition systems are controlled by one Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Take your foot off the accelerator and the ECU cuts the fuel supply to the injectors anyway, so there's nothing to be gained by coasting. Modern diesel engines also have the ability to shut off the fuel when you take your foot off the accelerator.

Turn it off Any electrical load increases fuel consumption, so turn off your heated rear windscreen, demister blowers and headlights, when you don’t need them.

B & S


David Wood

motorcycles 116

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Deals on wheels

The Government has officially announced the cars that will qualify for its £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant. Nine cars qualify for the £5,000 discount, which covers full electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Buyers of any car on the list, which includes the Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Volt and the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, will receive a 25% up to the value of £5,000. To qualify for the grant, a car must emit less than 75g/ km of CO2. There’s a £300 million cap on the money available for grants, which means that 60,000 cars can be registered. A further £100 million is being ring fenced for the set-up of electric charging points across the UK, as well as research and development into a green car infrastructure.

Eligible cars ✓ Mitsubishi i-MiEV ✓ smart fortwo electric drive ✓ Peugeot iOn ✓ Nissan Leaf ✓ Tata Vista ✓ Citroen CZero ✓ Vauxhall Ampera ✓ Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid ✓ Chevrolet Volt

Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond says: “Government action to support affordable vehicles and more local charging points means we are on the threshold of an exciting green revolution. 2011 could be remembered as the year the electric car took off.”

We don’t repair so you know it’s fair

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Drive Talkin’

Our very own ‘Stig’ looks at hot topics in the land of petrol heads

FoR SALE: Lennon’s first car Paint it

black A 1965 Ferrari 330 GT, formerly owned by John Lennon, is to be sold by auction house Bonhams in Paris on 5th February. It's the first car the the Beatle bought after passing his driving test in February 1965. Lennon's biographer, Philip Norman, described the star passing his test as an event that made headline news. “Within hours, every luxury car dealership in the Weybridge area, hoping for business, jammed the road outside Kenwood's security gates with Maseratis, Aston Martins, and a Jaguar XK-E. John strolled out to inspect this


gleaming smorgasbord, eventually selecting a £2,000 light blue Ferrari.” Lennon quickly tired of it. In November 1965, Autocar magazine noted that it was up for sale after only nine months of ownership. The subsequent owner is unknown but, according to Bonhams, the car spent time with Ferrari specialist Modena Engineering in the 1980s. It also underwent a full restoration in the 1990s and is expected to fetch between £100,000 and £140,000.

Black is the new black, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. They have The top ten colour published a list of last choices in the UK year’s most popular 1. black (24.7%) car colours – and, once 2. silver (21.4%) again, black has come 3. blue (16.5%) out on top. Nearly a 4. grey (14.4%) quarter of all cars sold 5. red (10.2%) in the UK were black. 6. white (10%) This was followed by silver (21.4%), and blue (16.5%). The least popular colour was brown, taking just 0.4% of the market share.

7. green (1.1%) 8. beige (0.9%) 9. yellow (0.4%) 10. brown (0.4%)

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safE motorinG WitH



The cost of not servicing your car Got the t-shirt? Petrolheads who dream of owning a Lotus can invest in the next best thing (sort of) this month when Lotus launches its new luxury lifestyle brand, Lotus Originals. The collection of performance outwear, luxury knitwear and leather goods are, according to Lotus, inspired by the company’s “DNA of innovation and design excellence”, that reflect the craftsmanship, heritage and spirit of Lotus. So if you appreciate the finer things in life but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to an Esprit, how about a 100% cashmere sweater, a leather jacket inspired by a 1970s driver’s suit or a pair of lightweight canvas and leather driving gloves in Lotus Green instead? Wiebke Bauer, Director of Licensing and Merchandising for Lotus said: “Our goal with the Lotus Originals concept was to create a range of apparel and accessories that really capture the true spirit of our iconic British brand. Lotus Originals isn’t just for traditional car enthusiasts, on some of the pieces the branding is very subtle allowing the style and quality to shine so we hope that it will appeal to a much broader audience. We have developed a collection that is luxurious in a classic, understated way so it is easy to wear every day yet still make you feel part of our very special brand.” The Lotus Originals collection will be exclusively launched online on 23rd February 2011 to mark London Fashion Week’s Menswear Day.

Motorcycles - Quads

£26 M.O.T.

MOTs Petrol & Diesel Servicing all makes Alarms & In-Car Entertainment Full Tyre & Exhaust Fitting Service Engine Management/Emission Warning

Repair Computer Diagnostics Steering & Suspension Air Con Service & Repair

Running your car is becoming a costly business! None of us drivers feel like we’re getting any support and probably feel a bit hard done to. It can therefore be tempting to try and reduce the costs of motoring by not having a regular service. In truth, this could actually end up costing you more. Like any machinery, your car needs to be in optimum condition for the most efficient performance. Plus, if your car is still under warranty it must be serviced to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, in order for the warranty to remain valid. You do have the choice as to where this service is conducted, as long as the garage performs the service to manufacturer standard, which of course we do at North Eastern Tyre & Autocare. A complete service history will, without doubt, help you achieve a better value should you decide to sell your vehicle as it proves the car has been well maintained. More importantly if parts starts to deteriorate, such as the brakes, exhaust, oil filter or tyres, this will lead to reduced fuel efficiency, costing you more to run the car. You would also want to detect this before any parts affect the safety and handling of your vehicle. Every working element of your car is powered by the engine, which runs on fuel. If any seals become worn or parts become clogged up, they take more engine power to operate which means more fuel and none of us wants to spend any more time at the petrol pump.

Combining a service with your MOT can often save you time and money.

At the store on Clifton Moor Gate we have Jaguar, Land Rover, Vauxhall and VW trained technicians, as well as the diagnostic equipment required to ensure your car gets the correct service level for the make, model and age.

We can offer interim or full service depending on your requirements and how many miles its been since the last service. Other products that will improve overall performance and efficiency include wheel alignment and air conditioning re-charge. Our newly refurbished reception area is a comfortable place to relax while we carry out a service. You can even enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, watch the TV or catch up on e-mails with our free internet access. To make the experience as hassle free as possible, we can also pick you up and drop you off or offer you the use of our courtesy car. Our workshop area has been recently extended with more bays and ramps so that we can get your car back on the road quicker than ever. This expansion also included a dedicated MOT bay and a VOSA qualified MOT technician. For any advice on what type of service your vehicle needs or when, just call in any time. We’ll give you straightforward, honest advice that will help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Call: 01904 692500


Business is buoyant in York, despite what some people are saying. Here’s your chance to tell the city about your successes, talk about new products or services, offer tips and praise the people behind your business. Call Your Local Link (01904) 767881


keynote speaker Allan Leighton, one of the UK's top business leaders, will be the headline speaker at Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner in York. Described by The Guardian as “the best connected man in the business world”, Mr Leighton is President of Loblaw Companies Ltd, Deputy Chairman of Selfridges & Co, George Weston Ltd, Chairman of Pandora A/S and non-executive director of BSkyB Group plc. He began his career in 1974 as a salesman with Mars Confectionery. The dinner will be held at the National Railway Museum, York, on Wednesday 30th March, from 7pm.

Plum posts York St John University has completed its top team with two key appointments. David Chesser will join the university as Pro Vice Chancellor (Resources) and Sue Reece will become the new Pro Vice Chancellor (Development).

Enterprise day Are you thinking about starting your own business? Learning first hand from those who have already succeeded in business - and made mistakes along the way - is extremely valuable, so come along to an Enterprise Day at York St John Business School on Wednesday 2nd February, and get inspired by the following speakers: • Robin Bennett, successful entrepreneur and author of Start-up Smart • Ned Hoste and Jacky Fitt, creative experts from The Big Ideas Collective • Adam Thorpe, Superior Stay CEO • Andy Cripps, a design management consultant n the free event takes place starts at 10.30am in the Dianne Willcocks Lecture theatre, De Grey court, York st John University. Booking essential; call 876868.

David Chesser is currently Deputy Vice Chancellor and Finance Director at Northumbria University. Sue Reece spent several years at University of Sunderland where she has held the post of Director of Student Recruitment and Business Partnerships.


We deal with Accidents at work Accidents in shops Slips trips and falls Road traffic accidents




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York’s fastest internet service York Data Services provides the fastest broadband in the York area, according to, which measures internet connection speeds. The internet service provider and IT support company, based at York Science Park, secured the top spot for delivering an average speed of 21.38 Mb, plus five stars for customer satisfaction. Managing Director Mark Fordyce says: “We work hard to ensure our customers receive the very best service in the industry, so we are delighted to be officially recognised as the fastest provider of internet connectivity in York.” Since forming in 2003, York Data Services has built an enviable client list, including Thomson Reuters, Alliance Medical, Pindar and the Health Protection Agency. The company has a strong track record in providing Internet connectivity to business parks having connected the York Science Park on the University of York campus. Andy Gardner Managing Director of Highlander Ltd, an IT training specialist at the science park, says: “We have found the consistent high Internet speeds and service that York Data Services provide are exceptional.” n York Data Services. Tel: 217000

Where there’s a will In last month’s article, I tentatively offered some advice to Prince William, namely that he should consider making a Will in order to provide for his fiancée if the unthinkable were to happen before their marriage next April. Of course, if their relationship were to break down before they actually tied the knot, the Royal coffers would be protected simply by William revoking the Will. That is the advantage of a Will – you can change it whenever and as often as you like according to how you feel at the time. Many people – perhaps most people – delude themselves by saying that a Will is unnecessary because their nearest and dearest will automatically inherit their estate. How wrong can they be! If you don’t make a Will, the “Rules of Intestacy” step in and dictate what will become of your estate, regardless of what close friends and family have to say. The Rules state that an estate of a person who dies without making a Will must pass to the following persons in a strict order of priority: • Spouse • Children • Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren • Other close relatives. In some cases this will reflect what the deceased would have intended in any event but in many cases the Rules fail to recognise the reality of modern family life. Let me give a few examples: •

The Rules make no provision whatsoever for step-children, even those children who have been treated by the deceased as part of his family for many years • Similarly, a cohabitee or partner (other than someone who is a recognised “civil partner”) is entitled to nothing, no matter what the length of the relationship • If a person dies leaving a spouse, he or she may not receive the entire estate but only the first £250,000 absolutely, one half of the remainder and a life interest in the other 50% • A spouse who has been separated (but not divorced) for many years is treated in exactly the same way as someone who was happily married to the deceased at the time of death • Lastly, if there are no surviving relatives of sufficient proximity to the deceased, the entire estate will pass – horror of horrors – to the State. Help may be available to someone who feels aggrieved by the Intestacy Rules by making an application to the Court for “reasonable provision” but Court action is the last thing one would want to bequeath to one’s nearest and dearest when such a situation could have been avoided simply by making a Will in the first place.

n For legal advice on this or any aspect of family law, contact Nina Banerjee at Denison Till on 01904 611411 Nina is an Associate Solicitor and an accredited member of Resolution - First for Family Law. She is also a Collaborative lawyer (


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We shine the spotlight on Liz Wilson, chief executive of York Theatre Royal

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Liz Wilson is passionate about theatre – but she had no burning ambition to become an actor. Although she acted in and directed shows while studying Drama & English at the University of London, Liz saw herself as an organiser rather than strutting her stuff on a stage. Her career spans an impressive list of posts across the arts sector, after spells in fashion and media. Her position at the Eastern Angles Theatre Company, a small-scale touring company, was an introduction to the arts that allowed her to experience all aspects of a theatre company, from marketing shows to building the set. From there, Liz went on to work at the Derby Playhouse. She then spent five years at the Arts Council and left to become Executive Director of the Regional Cultural Consortium in the East of England. Before moving to York, she was Executive Director of Oldham Coliseum Theatre for six years. Liz says: “It’s a privilege to be working at the Theatre Royal with such a theatrical heritage but, more importantly, I look forward to being part of a theatre that has a magnificent reputation for being part of the city’s contemporary culture. That’s why I am so excited about our ambitious programme for 2011, which has something for everyone, with great plays being performed ‘in the round’.”


1. Have a clear goal It’s vital to ask the question ’why are we doing

what we are doing?’ on a regular basis. It’s easy to get bogged down in detail and lose sight of what we are striving for. York Theatre Royal exists to give members of our audience excellent entertainment week after week after week. Keep that in mind and everything else should fall into place.

2. know the whole business To be a chief executive of a theatre you need to be familiar with all the other jobs carried out in the venue. Being the administrator of a small theatre company that put on shows in village halls in rural Suffolk taught me the importance of versatility and flexibility. The only other permanent member of staff was the artistic director; we ran the company, sold the tickets, put the sets up and took them down again. This excellent grounding gave me a working knowledge of all the tasks required to keep a theatre going.

3. Encourage staff development It’s important to enable your staff to understand all the different tasks their colleagues carry out. This will make them more aware of the importance of team work and how their job fits in with the entire business.

4. Cultivate your people skills Theatre is a real people business;

people who work in theatre are generally passionate about theatre. Their salaries are not high, their terms and conditions are pretty poor; but they know the importance of giving theatre-goers a good night-out. I don’t think you could do a job like mine without genuinely enjoying working with people; I can’t reward my colleagues with a bonus, but I can give them a sense of being part of something special. I don’t impose targets from on high; instead I ask colleagues how they would go about achieving those targets. This approach gives them ownership of their role in the business, a stake in its success.

5. be open to new ideas Theatre is an ideas profession. Some of

the best ideas can be found right under your nose, coming from your employees. It’s important to encourage your colleagues, no matter how junior, to put forward any new ideas about how to make your business or organisation more effective. Many people will have ideas that have the potential to make your business great.

Modern Apprenticeships at Like many teenagers, Rob Greatrex struggled to know what to do with his future after he left school. “I’d always been interested in engineering, and thought about joining the Royal Engineering regiment,” says former Fulford School pupil Rob, 19. He heard about Nestle’s Modern Apprenticeship Scheme through a friend. “I sent in my CV and was invited along for an interview and aptitude tests. I was really pleased when I was offered an Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering.” Rob is now in his second year of the four year apprenticeship. He spent his first year full time at York College studying Mechanical Theory; now he spends one day a week at college and four days a week at the factory learning the practical side of the business, including how to maintain plant and equipment in each department. “I move between departments every three months, learning different

skills. I was unsure about making the move from college to the workplace, but I actually prefer being at the factory these days; the atmosphere is great and we have a good laugh as well as learning.” The atmosphere is supportive as well as fun. “Nestle really care about you,” says Rob. “If you have a problem or you’re not happy about something there’s always someone you can talk to.” He’s looking forward to a very positive future once his apprenticeship is over. “One of the biggest attractions of the course was the fact that as Nestle is such a big employer, there are great prospects for advancement,” he says. “Once my apprenticeship is over I’m hoping to work abroad, either in Thailand, Brazil or Australia. I’d like to see the world, and working for Nestle gives me the chance to do that while pursuing a successful career.”

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beat the taxman I’m going on a mission in 2011 to keep more of our clients’ money in their family’s hands and less of it in the tax man’s hands. And I need to start by getting the message across that most tax and wealth preservation planning needs to be addressed before an event happens. Perhaps this is best illustrated by two of my recent cases. The first involved a client who has assets – property and investment – valued at around £1 million (not that unusual a scenario when taking property into account). The chap in question is aged 82 and his health is failing. So his two children sought advice as to how to solve the Inheritance Tax problem. The Inheritance Tax ‘limit’ – the amount below which Inheritance Tax is not payable - is currently £325,000. The mother, who died several years ago, didn’t use any part of her £325,000 ‘allowance’ on her death, so we can use that one as well. Which means that Inheritance Tax won’t be payable on £650,000 of the Estate value. So that’s good news. Unfortunately, the rest of the Estate - £350,000 will attract tax at a whopping 40%. That’s £140,000 in tax. Ouch!!

‘The earlier you plan, the more options you have’

So what can we do about it? Well in this particular case – not much. Many Inheritance Tax planning strategies take seven years to become effective. Even fast track strategies take two years. Had we seen this client early enough there’s a good chance we could have put strategies in place to avoid the tax altogether and saved a cool £140,000 for the family.

Nursing home costs The other case was an elderly lady whose children were worried about how she was going to pay for the nursing home costs from her small pension. She doesn’t have an awful lot of savings – around £80,000 – which isn’t untypical – but isn’t going to last long when the care home fees are £25,000 per year. Anyone with assets above £23,000 is usually expected to pay their own care home costs.

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WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) York Branch meets on the first Tuesday evening of every month. Visit or email at For more information. Federation of Small Businesses York Branch meet on the third Monday of each month. Call Christine on 629777.

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So what can we do about this one? Well, again, in this particular case not much. Because once again, the individuals have left it too late for us to put effective strategies in place to address the problem. That’s not to say that tax efficient solutions are not available at the point of needing care – they are. But the earlier you plan, the more options you have. The right solution(s) depend on many factors, but the range of solutions diminishes as you get older. An initial meeting – at our expense – will establish whether you have a problem, and if so, what you can do about it.

n Pen-Life Chartered Financial Planners, Equinox House, Clifton Park, York YO30 5PA Tel: 01904 661140; Fax: 01904 466206; Email:; Julie Wilson is a Chartered Financial Planner with Pen-Life Associates Ltd who help individuals and small businesses make the most from their money including advice on residential and commercial mortgages, individual and business protection, pensions and retirement planning, savings, investments, tax planning and wealth preservation.


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service sector Home Sales and Home Orders, of -23% and -31%, respectively. • Manufacturing also reported positive results in its exports. Export sales and orders for the sector both increased 9%. The service sector reported an increase in export sales of +14%. • Business confidence in Leeds, York and North Yorkshire remains cautious, with the service sector recording its second consecutive fall in turnover expectations and a 23% fall in profit expectations.

Yorkshire economy ‘still recovering’ The latest Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber Quarterly Economic Survey suggests the regional economy is still recovering, however, the pace of growth continued to decline in the fourth quarter of 2010. Positive results in the manufacturing sector were dampened by a decline in the service sector, raising concerns about the strength of the economy in 2011. Key findings from the survey include: • The manufacturing sector reports a significant increase in Home Sales and Home Orders of +31% and +51%, respectively, on the third quarter 2010. The increase in Home Sales is the largest for 36 months and levels are at their highest rate for three years. However, these positive results are tempered by a decline in the



• Both sectors report an increase in their capital investment plans and investment plans for training over the next 12 months. Similarly, both sectors report a rise in the number of businesses that increased the size of their workforce last quarter. Susie Cawood, head of York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, says: “This quarter’s results show some encouraging signs for the year ahead, particularly within the manufacturing sector. However, there have also been some disappointing results, particularly in regards to the service sector and overall business confidence. “There is concern over the pace of economic growth in 2011 and, clearly, Yorkshire is not immune. Both Government and businesses must remain vigilant to ensure that sustainable recovery continues and growth is not hampered by poor decision making. “The next 12 months will be a challenge for businesses across Leeds, York and North Yorkshire, as we are still to witness the effect of the austerity measures and the VAT increase. It is vital that Government strikes the delicate balance between cutting the deficit and encouraging business growth.”


Book keeping The Forum of Private Business is warning small firms to keep proper financial records or face fines in excess of £3,000 from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Firms are expected to keep records going back at least six years. Information including invoices, bank statements, receipts and cheque stubs have to be supported by upto-date accounts books. The Forum’s three top tips to business owners for better book-keeping are: 1) Seek advice – if you are struggling for time or don’t have the expertise, make use of freelance bookkeepers or virtual assistants. There will be a cost involved, but you will be buying peace of mind and precious time to concentrate on making money for your business. 2) Embrace mobile technologies – there are smart phones and numerous apps to enable you to keep on top of your finances, including one that allows you to photograph and record expense receipts. 3) Consider new, cost-effective online accounting packages that allow you to store and analyse much more information compared with older desktop programmes and manual filing systems.

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