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Elswick Garden Neighbours This project will be managed by West End Women and Girls and they plan to engage with residents from the Elswick area. The group will engage with at least 100 different residents overall and the projects will be made up of the following activities:    

Garden make overs Community tidy up and plant events Gardening and cookery sessions Beginner’s gardening and cookery session A ‘thank you’ event

This project will be managed by Investing in People and Culture and they plan to engage with around 250 different residents from the Benwell, Elswick and Westgate areas. The project will act as a bridge between refugees/asylum seekers and the local community. A series of socio-cultural activities will be held to bring together British and new and emerging communities (refugees and new migrants). Stage one will be to recruit refugee volunteers who will then deliver the community activities and tell their stories. By the end of the project, the volunteers will feel more integrated into the community and will have formed a committee that will go on to support other refugees and asylum seekers. Strengthening community participation This project will be managed by Denton Youth Community Project and they plan to engage with 120 people from the West Denton area. Activities will include: 

Open access youth provision, and parent and toddler sessions.

The project aims to build on the confidence and aspirations of young people and their families. The aim is to give young people a sense of belonging to the community and, with activities provided for all ages.

Hat-Trick Girls’ Hub Newcastle This project will be managed by Hat-Trick and they plan to engage residents from the North Kenton, Benwell, Walker, Elswick, Cowgate, Westgate and Fawdon areas. They will lead and develop a partnership approach with other charities / organisations that will target women and girls who are not currently active on a regular basis. There are two main avenues for this project:  

Training courses which will include fitness and multi-sport. Incentives will be provided as part of the projects to keep women and girls engaged throughout the training course. Mapping out activity within each of the communities mentioned above to bring together partners, strengthen the community offer for sport, and provide progression routes for the women and girls involved in the project.

Elderberries Gardening for Dementia This project will be managed by Scotswood Community Garden and, once complete, will have the potential to engage 200+ residents in their garden from the Benwell, Elswick, Cowgate and West Denton areas. The funding for this project will directly go towards installing a ramp to their community garden, a compost toilet and a covered seating area. Funding will contribute towards:  dementia friendly gardening sessions  outreach sessions  social activities All of which will be designed to enable participants to forge new social connections, reduce isolation, and increase their sense of belonging in the community. Customers from YHN’s sheltered housing schemes will also be invited to take part in these sessions once the garden is complete. Community Advocacy This project will be managed by Newcastle CVS and will provide 121 intensive support for socially isolated people living in our communities. The support will help them integrate back into their community, maximise their independence and improve their lives. They will concentrate on the areas of North Kenton, Kenton Bar, Cowgate and Fawdon. The engagement will happen via a bespoke referral process, specifically designed for YHN staff, to ensure the individuals receiving support are YHN tenants.


Make your family budget go further This project will be managed by Healthworks and has been designed to offer families the skills and knowledge to plan, budget, and be more food smart and creative around healthy family meals and fuel saving cooking methods. They are looking to engage people within the areas of Benwell, Walker, Elswick and Westgate. The project will include workshops with an element of partnership working with Newcastle City Council, to provide key messages around recycling and waste reduction.

Men’s Pie Club This project will be managed by Food Nation and aims to set up three Pie Clubs in the areas of Shieldfield, Walker and Elswick. The idea of the Pie Clubs is to target socially isolated men within the community so they can come together, bake pies and socialise. The project will include community pop ups to give a ‘taste’ of the Pie Club and generate enthusiasm and interest. Following this, Pie Clubs will be established using local venues in each of the above areas. By the end of the project, members of the Pie Clubs will be encouraged to take over so that the clubs remain sustainable once the YHN funding comes to an end. Want more info? Contact Jill Hayton on ext 28721 or email


YHN Community Investment Fund Roundup  

Round up of all the projects funded to September 2018 through the YHN Community Investment Fund.

YHN Community Investment Fund Roundup  

Round up of all the projects funded to September 2018 through the YHN Community Investment Fund.