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11 WEEKS TO GRADUATION DAY. 11 WEEKS TO CHANGE THEIR FUTURE. Directed by Cory Lutz, TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN is a documentary film about Founder and Principal Dr. Andrew Manley’s mission to improve the lives of his students in South Central Los Angeles. New West Technical Academy is a nonpublic, special education school that provides a safe haven and supportive environment for at-risk youth who have been displaced from the public school system. In addition to learning disabilities, many of these teenagers must overcome drugs, gang mentality, incarceration and broken homes to graduate and change their futures in 11 weeks.

To Whom Much Is Given (2011)


Cory Lutz

Executive Producer

Dr. Andrew Manley


Cory Lutz

Film Editing by

Nicolas Allen

Sound Department

Adam Schmidt

Sound Editor

Adam Schmidt

Sound Re-recording Mixer

Adam Schmidt

Digital Effects

Thom Obarski

Camera Operator

Cory Lutz Gabriel Sanchez


Thom Obarski

Manley Movie Productions is a full service motion picture production company in Los Angeles dedicated to producing unconventional and unique documentaries along with groundbreaking independent feature films.

The Manley Production family consists of 3 primary producers that pride themselves on their ability to attract original creative collaborators with an authentic voice. Manley Productions, with its creative infrastructure, partners with other production companies to develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres.

As a young company, Manley Movies has a firm hand on the pulse of popular cultures, classic, counter, urban, youth, and world. Manley Movies recognizes the current creative imperative that is driving the paradigm shift away from large studios producing the most relevant films. This allows Manley Movies to flourish as an independent production company with the unique opportunity to fill the content gap.

Focusing on films that highlight various social and cultural issues, working with innovative minds, and engaging material is what makes Manley Movies a new and important voice in independent entertainment that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition.

Manley Movie Productions, LLC. 4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 809 North Hollywood, CA 91607 (818) 275-0368

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