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Welcome to YOUNG LIVING!

You’ve joined the global movement to empower the world with nature’s living energy: essential oils. People everywhere are searching for ways to create healthier homes and a healthier world. They want to ditch the status quo, the toxic lifestyles, and the products with synthetic “mystery” ingredients. We’re thrilled to invite you to not only discover the power of nature’s pure living energy for yourself but to also share it with others. Together we can all shrink our toxin footprint, live healthier lives, and leave behind a better planet for our loved ones.

Young Living’s commitment is to offer everyone, everywhere, the opportunity to live with purpose and wellness. People can live freer lives when they feel well and have peace of mind. Young Living delivers that wellness and peace of mind with our pure, natural solutions. This is an exciting time of growth for our movement as more people are looking for a life free of toxins and products they can trust; a life where they don’t have to compromise on what they bring into their homes.

As the original essential oils company and the standard-bearer for this global movement, we’ve built a community dedicated to providing

the purest essential oils. The beating heart of this community is our proprietary Seed to Seal® quality commitment and its three pillars: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. We invite you to visit our corporate-owned or partner farms throughout the world for a firsthand look at our passion for quality.

This Product Guide represents a decades-long dedication to helping others find freedom in whole-life wellness and toxin-free living. All of us at Young Living have made a tremendous effort to offer safe and effective oils and natural, oil-infused products to replace the harsh chemicals found in many homes. The Product Guide gathers these essential products into one place, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and discover new favorites you haven’t tried yet.

Our products are here to empower you as you create an oasis of freedom and well-being. This is your moment to experience the benefits of nature’s living energy and to learn how this energy can touch and enhance every part of your life. We invite you to read on and discover your new favorites. Thank you for joining us and bringing your passion to our community.





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We are distillers and dreamers, creators and caretakers, farmers and family. We uplift and enhance lives around the world through nature’s living energy—essential oils.

As the pioneers of the modern essential oils movement for more than 25 years, we have established and maintained the standard every step of the way. From our sustainable farming and sourcing practices to our cutting-edge research and testing, we consistently deliver the world’s purest essential oils and oil-infused products.

As the standard-bearer, we leave contentment and complacency to others and have no time for standing still or the status quo. Every day we make lives better, the earth greener, and futures brighter.

We are Young Living: Nature distilled. Life enhanced.



For over 25 years, we’ve defined what it means to deliver the purest, most potent oils possible. That purity relies on our Seed to Seal® quality commitment; our global family of corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers; our stringent product testing at every point; and our certifications, which guarantee that our essential oils arrive in your home using the most responsible, sustainable methods. Check out the back of this Product Guide and SeedtoSeal.com for more information.



Our planet takes care of us and provides all we need. We return the favor by working to leave behind a healthier world through recycling, waste cutting, and carbon reduction. As the standard-bearer for the modern essential oils movement, Young Living takes extraordinary steps to reduce our impact, avoiding the easy path, and provide other companies with an example to follow. As we help you reduce your toxin footprint, we also work to eliminate our own.



The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation believes that empowerment is the key to longlasting, sustainable change. Over the years we’ve seen children overcome barriers to attend college and girls escape the shadows of exploitation and become leaders of their own lives.


We are committed to leaving the world better than we found it, which is why we have supported organizations and projects on every continent. In 2019 alone we linked arms with 89 non-profit organizations and operated three Foundation-owned projects that positively changed 220,129 lives through funding, Young Living product donations, and volunteer hours. Our impact is propelled by the donations of people like you who are committed to empowering the dreams of communities around the world. We believe that together we can continue to accelerate good and change lives for good.


Our initiatives are supported by a 100 percent promise. Because Young Living generously covers the Foundation’s administrative costs, 100 percent of every donation provides a direct impact. Every penny of every dollar contributed goes to lifting up those in need, every time.


Together, we are an incredible force for good, which is why we offer many ways to get involved and stay up to date with the work the Foundation is doing. Follow us across your favorite social media platforms and visit our blog for the most up-to-date stories of impact. Host a Foundation-themed party for your team, shop AmazonSmile, or start a fundraiser. Whether you can join us on a service trip or want to change lives right where you are, we need passionate people everywhere to spread awareness online and in their own neighborhoods.

Visit YoungLivingFoundation.org/get-involved for more information.



Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that are lovingly harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants through careful steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. The result is pure essential oils that are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted. We offer hundreds of single oils, blends, and other oil-infused products that contain the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring constituents to maximize their flawless potency. Whether you’re using oils to create a toxin-free home or for personal care, you’ll discover that every aspect of your daily life can benefit from incorporating these pure, powerful essential oils.



Use essential oils aromatically to uplift the spirit.

• Rub 2–3 drops of essential oil between your palms and breathe in its aroma.

• Add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water. Cover your head and bowl with a towel. Breathe deeply and slowly.

• Use your favorite essential oils in our diffusers.


Many essential oils are safe and beneficial to use directly on the skin.

• Place 2–3 drops of essential oil directly on the desired area and massage in. Repeat as desired. Always follow the label’s dilution instructions.

CAUTION: Essential oils are very potent and may be irritating to the skin. If irritation occurs, apply Young Living’s V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex or any pure plant-based oil to the area to dilute. Citrus essential oils and blends may cause photosensitivity. Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 48 hours after applying them.

Ingesting as flavoring

When taking Young Living Plus oils, try these tips:

• Add 1–2 drops of essential oil to a glass of water, NingXia Red®, juice, yogurt, a sweetener of choice, or plant-based milk.

• Add 1–2 drops of oil (to taste) to meals when cooking.

Note: Always consult individual product labels for usage directions.



Essential oils are the heart of Young Living and the foundation of our product line. Browse through our products to discover versatile, powerful essential oils and blends backed by our Seed to Seal® quality commitment and find the essential oils you’ll want at your side.


With decades of research and experience, we’ve perfected our proprietary Seed to Seal® quality commitment to ensure that our essential oils are the most pure and authentic available. This dedication to excellence is what makes our essential oils stand out from the rest and what delivers a noticeable quality difference you can experience with every bottle.


Australian Ericifolia is a great addition to your beauty routine. It’s also great to keep on hand to soothe the skin. Its dynamic benefits and familiar aroma will have you reaching for this unique oil day and night.

Basil has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that can be calming and refreshing, making this a key essential oil used for enhanced massage techniques.


Bergamot’s effervescent citrus aroma makes it a great addition to your morning routine. It has skin-cleansing properties and has an elegant scent that makes it a popular addition to luxury perfumes, shampoos, soaps, and cleansers.

Black Pepper is beautifully fragrant when used aromatically. It has an energizing aroma that is best paired with Peppermint, Wintergreen, or Clove.


Cedarwood has a warm cedar aroma and is relaxing when used for massage. It has a long history of use as a beneficial ingredient in cosmetic preparations for oily skin.

Cilantro has a fresh, herbaceous, and pleasantly sweet aroma. It features a refreshing and citrusy fragrance that is calming and uplifting.


Cinnamon Bark has a hot and spicy fragrance that is said to unlock feelings of abundance. Many use it aromatically for its warm, inviting tones.

Citronella has a clean and refreshing aroma. It has geranoil that helps fend off outdoor nuisances. Apply topically before hiking and camping.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY: Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after application to skin.

TOPICAL: Apply directly to skin. Dilution may be required. See label for use.

**Available for a limited time only.

DILUTE: Mix with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for dilution.

AROMATIC: Breathe in its aroma or use a Young Living diffuser.

16 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 361137 5 ml 1,161 1,530
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 350337 15 ml 1,680 2,210 28.90 20.05
ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL PV PV 352237 350037 5 ml 15 ml 2,297 1,539 3,020 2,030 36.80 26.55
ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL PV PV 351537 5 ml 1,492 1,960 25.80 308537 15 ml 1,293 1,700 22.10
ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL PV PV 350937 26984 15 ml 5 ml 742 909 980 1,200 12.70 15.60

Clary Sage has a mellow, warm, herbal scent that is uplifting and relaxing. It is widely popular for its soothing benefits for women.

Clove is known for its cleansing properties and is an important ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves oil blend. It has a very warm and inviting scent.

Copaiba is a great addition to your daily routine and skin care. Add a few drops to a neutral moisturizer to promote radiant skin and help reduce the appearance of blemishes. It can also be used to soothe tired muscles when applied topically.

Cypress essential oil has a clean, evergreen aroma that can be used aromatically to create an ambience of security and grounding. Applied topically, it has many benefits for skin, hair, and scalp.

Dorado Azul™ essential oil is a Young Living exclusive, obtained from botanicals grown and distilled at the Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery in Chongon, Ecuador. It can help soothe the skin and invigorate the senses.

Produced at our partner farm in the Philippines, Elemi is of the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh. It is used traditionally to support the appearance of healthy skin.

Eucalyptus Globulus contains eucalyptol, which creates a refreshing breathing experience and provides an invigorating sensation on the skin when applied topically.

Eucalyptus Radiata is a key ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves oil blend due to its wide range of purifying properties. It contains citral, a constituent known for its cleansing abilities. It also provides a refreshing breathing experience when used aromatically.

CLOVE ELEMI CYPRESS ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE WSP WSP WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL PV PV PV PV 352137 354637 359837 351437 15 ml 5 ml 5 ml 5 ml 2,940 1,389 2,201 680 3,870 1,830 2,900 890 50.80 23.85 37.95 354037 15 ml 1,373 1,810 23.65
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 352437 15 ml 951 1,250 16.40
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 353037 15 ml 1,192 1,570 20.55 11.65
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 353937 15 ml 956 1,260 16.30
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 353837 15 ml 1,225 1,610 20.95 Available for a limited time only.

FRANKINCENSE Frankincense has a sweet, warm, balsamic aroma that is stimulating and elevating. It is also a valuable ingredient in skincare products for aging and dry skin.


Geranium has a wonderfully uplifting, calming, flowery scent. It is excellent for the skin and is great for adding to a bath or foot soak.


German Chamomile has a calming aroma that helps create feelings of peace and patience. This oil can be applied neat or as part of massage to desired areas.


Ginger has a warm, spicy fragrance that is energizing and uplifting. Traditionally, it has been used during times of uneasiness.


Grapefruit’s sweet, zesty scent is uplifting and revitalizing. It has many cleansing benefits and is often used in skincare regimens.


The flowering tops of Goldernrod are distilled to produce this fragrant oil which has been traditionally used for its calming and relaxing aroma. It inspires an intimate atmosphere making it the most popular oil for the bedroom diffuser.


Helichrysum rejuvenates skin, reducing the appearance of uneven skin texture and tone when applied topically, and is a favorite among sports enthusiasts after intense workouts.


Hyssop has a slightly sweet scent and was considered a sacred oil in ancient Egypt, Israel, and Greece. Its sweet scent stimulates and enhances creativity and meditation.

18 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 356137 5 ml** 500 660 8.55 356037 15 ml 1,092 1,440 18.70
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 356337 5 ml 5,181 6,820 89.70
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 355437 15 ml 2,562 3,370 44.30
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 308637 5 ml 2,286 3,010 39.40
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 355737 5 ml 871 1,150 14.90
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 354937 5 ml 1,899 2,500 32.60 354837 15 ml 4,594 6,040 79.40
RETAIL PV 2,060 26.90
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP 356237 5 ml 1,566
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 356637 5 ml 1,623 2,140 27.85 Available for a limited time only.


Idaho Blue Spruce has a woody and evergreen aroma. It has refreshing and invigorating properties which makes it a good additive for men’s cologne, steam bath, or massage oils.


Idaho Grand Fir has a refreshing aroma that evokes the nostalgia of smelling a freshly cut Christmas tree. This oil also supports meditation for increased spirituality and promotes the sensation of deeper breathing.



Jade Lemon is a uniquely versatile oil that has a delightful, zesty aroma that can cleanse and refresh your home. Infuse it in house cleansers to remove stickiness, grease from surfaces, or crayon marks from walls.

Lavender has a floral aroma with a refreshing minty undertone. It is widely regarded as one of the most versatile essential oils, and is highly regarded for skin and beauty applications.

LEMON Lemon has a clean, energizing scent that makes it a favorite for cleansing applications or for adding an uplifting element to lotions and hair conditioners.


Lemon Verbena has a fresh, uplifting, citrus-herbal aroma, making it a popular addition to fragrances and home cleaning products. Use this bright, zesty oil as a personal or home fragrance.


Lemongrass has a light, fresh citrus aroma with earthy undertones. It creates a refreshing and stimulating experience when applied topically.


Lime has unique aromatic properties that are refreshingly citrusy and also widely used to promote calm feelings and centered attention.

ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 331437 5 ml 1,666 2,190 28.55
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 309337 5 ml 1,834 2,410 31.55
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 468537 5 ml 714 940 12.15
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 358037 5 ml 775 1,020 13.20 357537 15 ml 1,533 2,020 26.35
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 357337 5 ml 405 530 6.85 357837 15 ml 728 960 12.50
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 32718 5 ml 2,605 3,430 44.95
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 358137 15 ml 742 980 12.70
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 307437 15 ml 809 1,060 13.85 Available for a limited time only.


Marjoram has a woody, spicy aroma. It can be used to soothe tired muscles after exercise or applied during meditation practices.


Melaleuca Alternifolia, commonly known as Tea Tree, is highly regarded as an essential oil with a wide range of uses. This oil can be used in skin care because of its cleansing properties.


Myrrh is an oil with ties to ancient traditions. It also has a long history of use in skin care for its restorative benefits to aging and dry skin.


Northern Lights Black Spruce can be used for a relaxing and soothing massage after a physical activity. Its woodsy aroma offers a grounding aromatic experience and supports the appearance of skin and hair, making it a great addition to your lotion or facial moisturizer.


Nutmeg has a warm, spicy, and comforting aroma. Coming from a tropical evergreen tree, nutmeg can bear fruit for over 60 years. Apply to your neckline for a beautifully inviting scent.


Orange has a rich, citrusy scent that provides an uplifting and positive aromatic experience. The sweet undertones are a noticeable component of several popular essential oil blends.


Warming to the skin, Oregano is popular for use with massage. It also has a warm, herbaceous scent that can help purify the air when diffused.


Invigorate your senses with the fresh, herbaceous aroma of Parsley. Not only does this oil help reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes on skin but it is also a refreshing and rejuvenating addition to massages after a long day.

20 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 358437 15 ml 2,153 2,830 37.25
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 534237 15 ml 2,735 3,600 47.50
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 359937 5 ml 854 1,120 14.60
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 26532 5 ml 1,008 1,330 16.15
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 360537 15 ml 1,769 2,330 30.40
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 358737 15 ml 1,666 2,190 28.55
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 359337 15 ml 3,945 5,190 68.45
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 360237 15 ml 714 940 12.15 Available for a limited time only.


Patchouli improves the appearance of dry skin, reduces the appearance of blemishes, and has a calming and grounding aroma commonly used in perfumes that promotes feelings of calm and peace.


Peppermint is widely recognized for its clarifying aroma and distinct cooling sensation when applied topically. It is often used after strenuous activity or during focused tasks.



Anciently known as an herbal rescue, Egyptians and Romans used Roman Chamomile in creams and salves. Applied topically, it is a soothing post-workout massage oil and a nourishing part of your skincare routine. Use during meditation practices to create a comforting and warm environment.

Rose has a beautiful, strong floral, and sweet fragrance that is intoxicating and highly romantic. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties. It is commonly used for skin care and is perfect for dry or aging skin.


Rosemary has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that is great as a clean and refreshing addition to many topical and aromatic applications.


Sacred Frankincense is grown and distilled in Oman and is prized for its rarity and luxurious scent. It has a grounding, woodsy aroma that enhances meditation and spiritual practices. Applied topically, it promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin while reducing the appearance of uneven skin tones.


This variety of sandalwood is native to India and is cultivated at our partner farm in Australia’s tropical northern outback. The oil provides an uplifting, warm, woodsy aroma and offers a variety of skin benefits.


Distilled from the leaves of the plant, Spearmint is often noted for its softer mint experience when compared to Peppermint and Wintergreen.

ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 361337 5 ml 664 870 11.30 361437 15 ml 1,389 1,830 23.85
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 24628 5 ml 5,897 7,760 76.65
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 363837 5 ml 714 940 12.15
PV 17.30
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL 362637 15 ml 1,015 1,340
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 355237 15 ml 5,470 7,200 94.85
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 351237 5 ml 2,478 3,260 42.70
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 362337 5 ml 11,284 14,850 96.10
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 360837 15 ml 2,158 2,840 37.10


Thyme has a spicy, warm, herbaceous aroma that is both powerful and penetrating. Thyme is a key ingredient in Ortho Ease Massage Oil and is great for use after exercise. It is also believed to bring a sense of purpose when used aromatically.


Exclusively crafted to blend beautifully with essential oils, experience a sweet delight with every drop of 100% pure Vanilla oleoresin. Experience its rich aroma and skin-loving benefits by adding it to your beauty routine, DIY perfume, and in your home.



Vetiver has a heavy, earthy fragrance similar to Patchouli with a touch of citrus that provides balancing benefits.

Wintergreen contains natural methyl salicylate, which is regarded for its cooling properties, particularly when used in massage.


Ylang Ylang has a sweet, romantic aroma and moisturizing properties, making it a key ingredient in many luxury skin and hair products. It is often classified as a heart note because it emerges just as the top notes begin to dissipate.

22 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 34928 5 ml 1,985 2,610 34.15
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 365837 15 ml 1,153 1,520 19.85
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 365137 5 ml 1,346 1,770 23.10
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 365937 15 ml 2,557 3,360 44.15
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL 365037 15 ml 2,095 2,760 36.20 PV


Many of our essential oils also belong in your pantry! Our Plus line of essential oils is your culinary go-to for fresh, concentrated flavor in both sweet and savory recipes.

PLUS 562437 5 ml 500 660 8.55

DiGize Plus is a great complement to any meal. It’s a unique blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli oils – a perfect addition to water and honey.

Grapefruit Plus can be added to food and beverages to impart a zesty citrus flavor to your favorite dishes.



Lemon Plus can add a bright and dynamic flavor to many dishes. Use it to add flavor to savory food like fish and chicken or sweet food like pastries and cakes.

Oregano Plus can be used to add a bold, herbaceous flavor to your favorite dishes.

Peppermint Plus has a bright, cool, and refreshing flavor that is instantly recognizable. It is a perfect addition to water during workouts, to herbal tea after a long day, or for culinary purposes.

24 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
DIGIZE PLUS PEPPERMINT PLUS ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 562137 5 ml 871 1,150 15.00 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 562537 5 ml 405 530 6.85 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 562837 5 ml 664 870 11.30



When essential oils work together, the results can transform lives. We combine already powerful essential oils to create even more powerful blends that you can apply to every part of your life and every corner of your home.


Abundance™ combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and to magnify joy and peace.


Aroma Life™ is made from the harmonizing blend of Cypress, Marjoram, Helichrysum, and Ylang Ylang. It has a calming, fresh, herbaceously sweet aroma that may energize your spirit and create a sense of connection.


Aroma Siez™ has an invigorating yet calming aroma and provides soothing comfort for tired muscles. For this reason, it is one of the nine essential oils in the Raindrop Technique®.


Believe™ contains Idaho Blue Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense, and other essential oils that may encourage feelings of strength and faith when used aromatically.


Blue Relief is simultaneously cool and minty, as well as warm and spicy with a hint of citrus. This blend creates a soothing fast-acting hot-cold sensation that gives comfort whenever you need it most.


Christmas Spirit™ is a sweet, spicy blend of Orange, Cinnamon, and Spruce essential oils that tap into the happiness and joy associated with the holiday season.


Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend combines Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine, Lemon, and Spearmint essential oils that creates an uplifting and refreshing aroma when diffused.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY: Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after application to skin.

TOPICAL: Apply directly to skin. Dilution may be required. See label for use.


Clarity™ blends Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, and other essential oils for an aroma that promotes feelings of stability, focus, and a sense of productivity for the spirit and mind.

**Available for a limited time only.

DILUTE: Mix with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for dilution.

AROMATIC: Breathe in its aroma or use a Young Living diffuser.

26 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 330037 15 ml 2,319 3,050 39.90 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 330937 15 ml 2,018 2,660 34.70 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 39726 15 ml 2,755 3,620 48 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 334437 5 ml* 484 640 8.25 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 330637 15 ml 2,967 3,900 51.30 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 466137 15 ml 2,326 3,060 40.10 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 335637 5 ml 680 890 11.65 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 332137 15 ml 2,521 3,320 43.50 331837 15 ml 998 1,310 17.10

DiGize® is a blend of pure Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, and other essential oils. It is often used after mealtimes for its distinctively comforting aroma.

Dragon Time™ is a balanced blend of comforting essential oils such as Clary Sage, Yarrow, and Lavender. Its balancing and soothing aroma invites positive emotions for women.


EndoFlex™ features Spearmint, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, German Chamomile, and Nutmeg in a sesame seed oil base. It helps create a calming and balancing aroma, amplifying vitality when applied topically.


Forgiveness™ was formulated as a supportive spiritual blend of 15 essential oils to help create a calm, uplifting environment when forgiving yourself and others.


Freedom™ combines refreshing and grounding essential oils that may liberate your day with feelings of freedom from everyday troubles, inspiring confidence, and emotional freedom.


Gentle Baby™ has an aroma that invites a sense of calming for parents and children. Its soft fragrance is perfect for use in the evening. It also helps smooth the appearance of skin when applied topically.


Harmony™ is an exquisite blend that contains scents which when applied on the temples, wrists, and edge of ears help provide an aromatic and uplifting experience.


Connect to your core and balance your mind, body, and soul with Highest Potential™. Its spiritual, exotic aroma empowers you to see your own potential, supporting you to reach your goals and dreams by elevating your thoughts and actions.

DRAGON TIME ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 332437 15 ml 2,093 2,750 36.05 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 333337 15 ml 1,763 2,320 30.20
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 5 ml 1,736 2,280 29.90 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 332737 15 ml 3,030 3,990 52.35 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 333937 5 ml 3,194 4,200 55.35 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 336237 5 ml 1,347 1,770 23.25
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 337337 5 ml 2,266 2,980 38.95
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 334337 5 ml 1,917 2,520 32.90 Available for a limited time only.


The sweet fragrance of Inner Child™ can be used aromatically to encourage you to connect with your authentic self.


A sweet-smelling blend of harmonizing essential oils, Joy™ invites a sense of romance, bliss, and warmth.


Magnify Your Purpose™ is a unique oil that has a flowery aroma with an earthy undertone from the blend of 10 oils.


Melrose™ is a blend of acclaimed cleansing oils. It has been an integral part of skincare routines since Young Living created the blend over 20 years ago.


PanAway® creates a cooling and soothing sensation when applied topically. It is often used during moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Peace & Calming® creates a moment of tranquility in your everyday life. When applied topically, it helps improve the appearance of skin and support a healthy-looking glow.


Progessence Plus™ Serum is formulated specifically for women. It is designed to promote well-being and feelings of relaxation, harmony, and balance.

The sweet, refreshing scent of Purification® instantly deodorizes and neutralizes the air. It is a fantastic aromatic companion for outdoor activities.

28 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 336037 5 ml 1,899 2,500 32.60 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 337737 5 ml 2,221 2,920 38.35 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 337237 15 ml 2,615 3,440 45.15 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 337837 15 ml 1,279 1,680 21.95
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 339837 5 ml 2,158 2,840 37.10
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 339137 5 ml 2,207 2,900 38.15 339037 15 ml 4,981 6,550 85.90
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 458137 15 ml 2,395 3,150 41.20 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 338937 5 ml 979 1,290 16.85

Formulated by Gary Young, R.C.™ is a powerful blend of Cypress, Spruce, and three types of Eucalyptus oils. Its robust scent helps create a refreshing and invigorating breathing experience.


Raven™ is a combination of Ravintsara, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Peppermint, and Wintergreen and is designed to give you a refreshing breathing experience.

Release™ is a combination of 16 essential oils in an olive oil base. It creates a relaxing aroma that facilitates the ability to let go of anything that no longer serves you and promotes harmony and balance.


Sacred Mountain™ promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection that are a result of being close to nature. This blend of conifer essential oils, including Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Grand Fir, and Cedarwood, evokes the feelings of sanctity found in the mountains.


Created from Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Melissa, Scent Wise is a decadent and rich infusion of the finest herbs and botanicals. Breathe in its refreshing and earthy scent for an easy pick-me-up. Or sit back and relax, slipping into a hot bath filled with a few aromatic drops.


Stress Away™ features Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender for a calming, exotic aroma. Its sweet scent makes this a favorite of essential oil users around the world.


Thieves® is a powerful blend of purifying essential oils, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. It has a rich, spicy aroma, and is a key ingredient in all our Thieves cleaning products.


Transformation™ combines 9 essential oils that help move you into an environment of light, hope, and joy. Its aroma empowers positivity and a sense of self-awareness to move forward and transform behavior with courage and an inner knowing of achieving your desires.

ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 306037 15 ml 4,182 5,500 72.55
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 342237 5 ml 956 1,260 16.30 342337 15 ml 2,158 2,840 37.10
R.C. ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 340537 15 ml 1,472 1,940 25.20
RELEASE ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 358837 5 ml 1,104 1,450 18.95 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 340237 15 ml 2,175 2,860 37.60
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 331337 5 ml 4,022 5,290 69.55
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 341437 15 ml 2,216 2,920 38.30
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 466337 5 ml 775 1,020 13.20 463037 15 ml 1,899 2,500 32.60


Valor® features Frankincense, Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood, and Geranium. It features a positive aroma to inspire confidence and courage and was one of Gary Young’s favorite products. Apply it to wrists, base of neck, and bottoms of feet to feel empowered and uplifted.


White Angelica™ is a balanced blend containing pure Melissa, Sacred Sandalwood, and Bergamot essential oils that are traditionally regarded for their aromatic association with spiritual harmony.


The Feelings™ Collection features six powerful and uplifting essential oil blends that inspire feelings of emotional well-being.



The Raindrop Technique® is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the body and mind. It helps bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. It also includes pure essential oils to create an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity.

SET INCLUDES | Valor 5ml, Oregano 5 ml, Thyme 5 ml, Basil 5 ml, Cypress 5 ml, Wintergreen 5 ml, Marjoram 5 ml, Aroma Siez 5 ml, Peppermint, V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex 236 ml, Ortho Ease® Massage Oil 236 ml


Ortho Ease® Massage Oil contains a blend of Wintergreen, Peppermint, Juniper, Eucalyptus Globulus, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Thyme, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Vetiver essential oils to warm and soothe tired muscles.

V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex is a blend of all nourishing vegetable oils that are colorless and odorless. It can be used to dilute essential oils for sensitive skin, create custom blends, formulas, and massage oils.

30 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 343037 5 ml 2,420 3,180 41.75 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 342837 5 ml 1,784 2,350 30.75
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 313737 7,960 10,470 138.75
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 35877 12,311 16,200 185.60 SET
Inner Child 5 ml, Present Time 5 ml,
INCLUDES | Forgiveness 5 ml, Harmony 5 ml,
ml, Valor 5ml, Feelings Journal
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 303337 8 oz 2,153 2,830 37.25
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 303137 8 oz 1,341 1,760 23.20 Available for a limited time only.

In line with our mission to take care of the entire family’s well-being, our KidScents® line is our specially curated products for the little ones. These oils are pre-diluted and designed to address the most common concerns of your children’s needs with safe and natural alternatives.


The familiar, earthy aroma of KidScents® GeneYus™ can promote feelings of grounding and clearness while simultaneously helping to ease feelings of occasional stress and distraction—ideal when children are concentrating on projects or schoolwork.


Uh oh! When rough housing goes wrong, reach for KidScents® Owie™. This cooling blend of Balsam, Tea Tree, and Elemi essential oils can be used on dry and sensitive skin. This comforting blend provides a calming aroma that naturally soothes in times of distress.


KidScents® SleepyIze™ is carefully blended with a variety of calming, quieting oils to promote an atmosphere conducive to a calm, restful sleep. Apply topically to help your child naturally relax at the end of the day.


KidScents® SniffleEase™ contains a carefully selected blend of cooling, richly aromatic essential oils. Its aroma promotes feelings of health and wellness while also assisting in releasing feelings of discomfort.


KidScents® TummyGize™ is the calming, relaxing blend for your little ones when feelings of disquiet and discomfort arise. This comforting, peaceful blend can be gently massaged directly onto the tummy for a sense of balance and grounding.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY: Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after application to skin.

TOPICAL: Apply directly to skin. Dilution may be required. See label for use.

Available for a limited time only.

DILUTE: Mix with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for dilution.

AROMATIC: Breathe in its aroma or use a Young Living diffuser.

32 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 531037 5 ml 2,709 3,560 46.90 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 530737 5 ml 1,040 1,370 17.95
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 530537 5 ml 750 990 13 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 530837 5 ml 1,896 2,490 32.80 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 530637 5 ml 1,098 1,440 19


Enjoy your favorite essential oil blends wherever you go. These roll-ons are the perfect travel companions so you can bring the pure essence of Young Living anywhere. Experience the quality difference with every swipe.


With a refreshing and rejuvenating aroma, Breathe Again™ Roll-On is the perfect companion for early mornings, long days, and tough workouts. This blend combines Copaiba, Myrtle, and Peppermint with four different types of Eucalyptus—including Eucalyptus Blue—to create a powerful, invigorating experience.


Deep Relief™ Roll-On features 9 penetrating essentials oils, including Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Copaiba. It is the perfect on-the-go companion to help soothe tired muscles. Apply topically for a refreshing, cooling sensation, and invigorating scent that will inspire greater feelings of energy and positivity to help you stay motivated.


Peace & Calming® Roll-On is a combination of Blue Tansy, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang. Prediluted for topical application, this easy-to-use roll-on gives you a moment of tranquility in your everyday life.


Valor® Roll-on features Frankincense, Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood, and Geranium and was formulated based on historical writings about Roman soldiers who were said to apply plant extracts and botanticals to instill feelings of courage and confidence before going into battle.


Tranquil™ Roll-On combines Cedarwood, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile with a soothing aroma that create a calming, serene and peaceful experience amidst your busy daily routine. Ease occasional tension and stress with a single swipe so you can center yourself and find serenity.

Available for a limited time only.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY: Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after application to skin.

TOPICAL: Apply directly to skin. Dilution may be required. See label for use.

DILUTE: Mix with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for dilution. AROMATIC: Breathe in its aroma or use a Young Living diffuser.

34 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 352837 10 ml 1,645 2,160 28.35
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 28403 10 ml 2,699 3,550 46.35
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 353337 10 ml 1,834 2,410 31.55
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 353437 10 ml 1,709 2,250 29.40
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 352937 10 ml 3,058 4,020 52.75


Transform your home, office, or personal space into your personal essential oil oasis! Our elegantly designed diffusers infuse essential oils into every part of your space and create a spalike experience anywhere life takes you!


With its Moroccan-inspired design and soft glow, the Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser is an elegant addition to your home décor. It features remarkably long run times, a full spectrum of lighting options and a customizable design. Comes with 2 pcs of 5 ml oils.


The Dewdrop Diffuser functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use product. Custom designed with up to ten hours of diffusion, automatic shut-off, and 11 LED light options. Comes with 2 pcs of 5 ml oils.


Feather the Owl is a Young Living-exclusive children’s humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light, and white-noise machine—owl in one! Comes with 1 pc of 5 ml oil.


Complement your décor and set the mood with the Lantern Diffuser. A warm and welcoming invitation for guests, this stunning lantern made with exquisite metal and glass details transforms any room. With longer run times and 11 light features, including an alluring candle-flicker mode, the Lantern Diffuser is the perfect complement to any setting or gathering. Comes with 2 pcs of 5 ml oils.


The Young Living Lucia™ Artisan Diffuser hails from the Pearl River Delta of China, a haven for artisans, poets, and painters for hundreds of years. Every Lucia glass cover is handcrafted by a master glassblower trained for years in the art of glasswork, making each Lucia Diffuser a unique work of art that will illuminate the decor of any home. Comes with 2 pcs of 5 ml oils.


The Lustre™ Artisan Diffuser features a handcrafted blown glass cover, two diffusion modes, and eight light options to add a touch of elegance to your decor. Comes with 2 pcs of 5 ml oils.


The Sweet Aroma™ Ultrasonic Diffuser features 10 lighting color options and a compact, space-saving design that’s ideal for offices, bathrooms, or your bedside nightstand. Comes with 1 pc of 5 ml oil.

36 ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCTS These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 24918 3,728 4,910 38.90
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 32671 3,601 4,740 31.30
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 30156 2,326 3,060 20.10
KID’S DIFFUSER ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 27013 3,137 4,130 25.20
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 533037 3,728 4,910 38.90 ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 32689 4,447 5,850 38.70 ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 24919 4,957 6,520 51.70 Available for a limited time only.


Keep your family and home clean and protected without compromises. Our naturally derived products are powerful enough to deliver results and gentle enough to give you peace of mind. Our home care products feature the ingredients you want, without the ones you don’t.


We’ve infused our proprietary Thieves ® essential oil blend into a range of personal care, oral care, and cleaning products. Our Thieves line provides pure, plant-derived alternatives formulated to work hard without the toxic chemicals. Reduce your toxin footprint and fill your life and home with safe, gentle, and effective substitutes.


Thieves® Household Cleaner is an ultra-concentrated and all purpose cleaner formulated using only plant-based and naturally derived ingredients. Thieves® Household Cleaner is biodegradable and complies with EPA standards.

Naturally derived and plant-based, Thieves® Dish Soap cleans with the power of pure essential oils, leaving dishes sparkling clean with no residue. Enhanced with Jade Lemon and Bergamot essential oils, it has a fresh citrus scent that makes daily chores a little brighter. With no sulfates, phosphates, dyes, or perfumes, it’s gentle on your skin and won’t over-dry your hands.



With a formula that effectively and gently cleans clothing, Thieves® Laundry Soap is made of plant-based ingredients and leaves no chemical or synthetic residue. Natural enzymes and cleaning agents, alongside powerful essential oils, leave your clothes fresh and clean with a light citrus scent that everyone in the family will love.


Thieves® Whitening Toothpaste combines pure and safe ingredients from nature to whiten teeth, fight plaque, support healthy gums, and remove stains, leaving you with a brighter smile and minty-fresh breath. Free of fluoride and other harsh ingredients, it offers a superior clean that’s safe for the whole family.

A powerhouse of clean, Thieves Spray® is formulated with denatured alcohol and soapbark saponins combined with Young Living’s signature Thieves premium essential oil blend for a quick and effective clean at home or on the go. It can freshen surfaces instantly and leaves a rich, spicy aroma.


Thieves® AromaBright™ Toothpaste brushes away buildup and helps support strong and healthy-looking teeth with all-natural ingredients that are gentle on teeth and enamel.


Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap combines effective, plant-derived ingredients and powerful moisturizers to thoroughly clean hands without drying out skin. Each rich pump of this instant foam makes it easy to lather and rinse for a thorough wash.


Alcohol and fluoride free, Thieves® Fresh Essence Plus™ Mouthwash cleans hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and gums for a whole-mouth clean.

Get clean hands anytime, anywhere with Thieves® Waterless Hand Sanitizer. This lightweight, non-sticky sanitizer has been tested and proven to kill 99.99% of illness-causing germs yet gentle enough to leave the hands soft, lightly moisturized and smelling divine.

40 AT HOME These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE WSP WSP WSP WSP WSP WSP WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV 374337 28441 367437 534937 535037 303937 368337 326537 326637 14.4 fl. oz 4 oz. 8 oz 32 fl. oz. 12 fl. oz 4 oz. 8 fl. oz 1 fl. oz, 1 pk. 1 fl. oz, 3 pk. 1,368 694 760 1,797 854 636 678 557 1,481 1,800 910 1,000 2,360 1,120 840 890 730 1,950 23.65 11.95 13.25 31 14.70 10.95 11.70 9.60 25.50
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 1 oz 1 oz 3pcs 290 805 380 1,060 5 14 8 oz 1,644 2,160 28.40 Available for a limited time only.


True wellness starts from within, which is why our Healthy & Fit line offers optimal nutrition with a boost of pure, potent essential oils to jump-start your journey. Go the distance with drinks and supplements that nourish your vitality, satisfy your nutritional needs, and tantalize your taste buds!


For more than 700 years, the northwest region of China known as Ningxia has earned a reputation for producing and cultivating premium wolfberries. Also known as goji berries, wolfberries have a rich nutritional profile. NingXia Red® is our powerful superfruit supplement that harnesses that nutrition to energize, fortify, and revitalize both body and mind. This delicious, proprietary blend features pure essential oils, Ningxia wolfberry puree, and other superfruits to supply the body with vital phytonutrients.


Take the power of NingXia Red® anywhere you go with NingXia Red® Singles. These convenient, portable pouches are packed with powerful antioxidants and superfood, including wolfberry, plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts to help support overall wellness.

HOW TO USE | Drink 1 pouch 1−2 times daily. Shake well before use. Best served chilled.


NingXia Nitro® is a delicious wolfberry drink infused with essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract to increase alertness and support overall performance. It can help increase your overall energy reserves and become more focused.

HOW TO USE | Consume NingXia Nitro directly from the tube or mix with 2-4 oz. NingXia Red or 4 oz. water.


Packed with powerful antioxidants and superfoods, NingXia Red® features wolfberry, plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts to start your day off right. It also contains a blend of premium essential oils, including Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine. These ingredients combine to help support overall wellness.

HOW TO USE | Drink 1−2 ounces 2 times daily. Shake well before use. Best served chilled.


NingXia Zyng® is a refreshing, lightly carbonated drink that combines Ningxia wolfberry puree, pear and blackberry juices, and essential oils with naturally occurring caffeine for an energizing boost.

HOW TO USE | Drink 1 can as desired. Best served chilled.

44 HEALTHY & FIT These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
307137 12 pk 2,197 2,890 27.90 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 306437 14 ct 2,442 3,210 42.15
3042515 750 ml x 2 4,531 5,960 77.75 304437 750 ml x 4 8,110 10,670 139.75 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 3525515 2 oz. x 30 5,449 7,170 93.50


Nutritional support is vital for whole-body wellness, whether you’re hitting the gym, keeping up with your children’s boundless energy, or simply striving to feel your best. Young Living’s nutrition products help create a foundation for wellness, as well as target specific wellness needs.


Inner Defense™ uses potent essential oils including Oregano, Thyme, and Thieves® to offer wellness support. These liquid capsules dissolve quickly for maximum results.*

HOW TO USE | Take 1 soft gel each morning.


These capsules are made with all-natural ingredients and ideal for those who are vegetarian or with other restrictive dietary needs. 100% natural, preservative-free, gluten-free and starch-free.


Sulfurzyme® supports overall wellness by bolstering your joints, aiding your immune system, and supporting normal metabolic function, circulation, and bone, hair, and skin health.*

HOW TO USE | Take 2 capsules twice a day.


Thieves® Essential Oil-Infused Menthol Comfort Drops help cool nasal passages with the triple-action strength of Young Living’s signature Thieves blend and menthol

HOW TO USE | Dissolve 1 drop slowly in mouth every 2 hours as needed.


Carefully formulated to help promote joint flexibility and mobility, this herbal supplement is most beneficial for athletes, active, middle-aged, and elderly individuals. Each capsule is infused with Frankincense resin powder and Wintergreen, Copaiba, Clove, and Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oils that are known for healthy joint support. It also contains UC-II® Collagen that helps produce healthy cartilage and Calcium Fructoborate, a natural plant mineral, that helps with movement to improve quality of life.

HOW TO USE | Take 2 capsules daily.

46 HEALTHY & FIT These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
ITEM NO. ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE SIZE WSP WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL PV PV 329537 319337 576437 30 Softgels 250 capsules 60 Capsules 1,659 452 2,841 2,180 590 3,740 28.65 49
ITEM NO. ITEM NO. SIZE SIZE WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL PV PV 324337 576037 300 capsules 30 Drops 3,502 1,239 4,610 1,630 60.75 21.35


Free from harsh chemicals, Young Living’s essential oil-infused skincare products will cleanse and moisturize your skin for a natural, healthy-looking glow. Pamper your skin with the power of essential oils!


Enjoy youthful and radiant skin from within with BLOOM Collagen Complete. Packed with 10,000 mg of 10,000mg of Peptan Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals to help maintain a healthy collagen level in your body.


Bloom by Young Living Collagen Complete® delivers the glow-giving benefits of 10,000 mg of Peptan® liquid marine collagen, as well as wolfberry extract, CoQ10, jasmine green tea extract, and skin-supporting vitamins and minerals infused with pure Young Living Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime Vitality™ essential oils. Its single servings help you enjoy radiant beauty from within every day.


Lavender Lip Balm soothes dry lips by harnessing the power of Lavender premium essential oil, along with the powerful moisturizing properties of jojoba oil and vitamin E. It also uses clean ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, wolfberry seed oil, and rosehip seed oil.


Rose Ointment™ is a deeply nourishing blend for dry skin. Rose essential oil improves skin texture, while Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) works to soothe rough, irritated skin.

ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 30706 37046 50 ml x 10 50 ml x 30 2,295 6,541 3,020 8,610 32 91.20 ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 520337 4.2 g 247 330 4.20
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL PV 3709519 24.5 g 1,481 1,950 25.50


Keep your essential oil stash balanced and organized whether you’re at home or on the go. From durable carrying cases to essential oil displays, it’s easy to keep your precious oils organized with our accessories.


Take your 10 favorite 15 ml essential oils on the road with a compact and durable carrying case. Branded with the Young Living logo.


Transform many of your favorite Young Living essential oils into an easy-to-use roll-on bottle with the patented AromaGlide advanced roller fitments technology. Each fitment is customized to fit a 5 ml or 15 ml bottle with an “Sb” marking on the bottom.


This essential oil carrying case allows you to transport up to 30 essential oils or blends with style. This case is made out of sturdy EV foam and designed with a durable handle and foam insert to secure and protect each bottle while on the go.


Easy-Fill Pipettes provide a simpler way to transfer oil from the 5 ml and 15 ml bottles to the 2 ml sample bottles. Designed with a narrow tip, the pipette can be easily inserted through the 2 ml orifice, reducing spillage and allowing for simple and quick refilling.


These color-coded labels fit perfectly on any 5 ml or 15 ml essential oil bottle cap to help you stay organized and find the right bottle quickly and easily.


Essential oil sampler bottles are a convenient, simple way to pass out essential oil samples to friends, family, and prospective customers and members. Take these empty 2 ml bottles on the go to fill with your choice of essential oil. All 25 bottles come with lids and drop reducers.


Transform chaos and clutter into a beautiful, orderly display with the Essential Oil Bottle Organizer. The two-tiered system can be used in a drawer or assembled to stand on a countertop or in a cupboard, making it easy to see and select your favorite essential oils.


This wreath-designed canvas bag has a large capacity to fit all your Young Living essentials. It also has side clasps so you can further expand the bag.

ITEM NO. ITEM NO. COLOR COLOR WSP WSP RETAIL RETAIL 528037 527937 528237 Green Blue Fuchsia 935 2,195 935 1,230 2,890
ITEM NO. COLOR WSP RETAIL 492737 15 ct. 230 300
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL 576537 590 780
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL 457837 10 ct. 575 760
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL 393937 312 ct. 175 230
ITEM NO. SIZE WSP RETAIL 319437 25 ct. 560 740
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL 38193 150 200 1,230


We’ve dedicated decades to developing products that provide each of us with a healthy body, mind, home, and planet. We’re proud to bring you choices that support wellness and sustainability in every aspect of your life without ever wavering in our Seed to Seal® quality commitment. Our goal is to provide you with more ways to incorporate wellness and toxin-free alternatives into your habits and home. Sharing Young Living with those around you is your opportunity to invite others to enjoy a community of whole-life wellness and bright purpose.



you join Young Living, you join a supportive global community dedicated to enjoying and sharing the benefits of nature’s living energy. Young Living membership is much more than access to our pure and healthy oil-infused essentials; you also receive:
24 percent off retail pricing on all Young Living products
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With Essential Rewards program, you’ll never be without your must-have Young Living essentials— and you’ll earn exclusive rewards along the way! All it takes to enroll and earn rewards points and loyalty gifts is to set up a monthly subscription order of at least 50 PV, or point value (every product has a point value).

Visit bit.ly/YLPHEssentialRewards for more details. Join ESSENTIAL

This Premium Experience Set is an introduction to discover wellness in every part of your life, free from harsh chemicals and toxins. If you are serious about transforming your life, this is the most powerful way to get started. Containing some of Young Living’s core favorites, this is a selection that will give you an immersive experience with the goodness of high-quality essential oils.

With this set, you can get to experience:

• a 24% wholesale discount on all Young Living products;

• the convenience of our loyalty program, Essential Rewards, and earn free gifts;

• and potential to earn commissions and bonuses.

Experience wellness through senses with a YOUNG


SET INCLUDES: Kit Box, Swatch Card, Lavender 5ml, Frankincense 5ml, Thieves 5ml, R.C. 5ml, Purification 5ml, Deep Relief 5ml, DiGize 5ml, Valor 5ml, Lemon Plus 5ml, Peppermint Plus 5ml, V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex 58ml, 2 pcs. of 5ml glass bottles with roller, 4 pcs of 2ml glass bottles with caps, and Funnel



ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 35251 8,825 11,610 100
ITEM NO. WSP RETAIL PV 35260 8,825 11,610 100

We created Seed to Seal® as a set of rigorous quality benchmarks that put people and planet first. Seed to Seal’s three pillars—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—let you fall in love with Young Living products knowing that inside each bottle, tube, box, or bag is a powerful product with a sustainable story.




Quality products come from quality sources. That’s why we work exclusively with Young Living corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers around the globe, so we can source conscientiously and prioritize quality as well as community and ecological impact. Our sourcing philosophy means that you never have to choose between quality and conscience.


Purity starts in the field, but it’s proven in the lab—two in-house labs and more than a dozen leading independent labs, to be exact. Every batch of Young Living essential oil undergoes advanced purity and efficacy testing and retesting by the 50+ highly trained scientists at our D. Gary Young Research Institute. Products that aren’t pure enough or powerful enough—or that simply aren’t perfect—never make it to your home.


Our decades of leadership mean that we’re responsible for setting—and surpassing—the definitive green standard for others to follow. This requires rigorous commitment to environment standards that put people and the planet over profits. We proactively design, evaluate, and regulate our process to ensure we do things the right way.

Seed to Seal informs and inspires everything we do. For more detailed information on our Seed to Seal pillars, please visit SeedtoSeal.com.



Pure products start with a pure source. That’s why our farms are the heart of what we do. Young Living is the only essential oil company to source exclusively from corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers. We’ve hand-selected each farm for the innovations they’re making in sustainability and fair labor practices—all while producing the purest botanicals possible, of course.

Young Living Lavender Farm and


Mona, Utah, USA

The Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery is an iconic lavender farm, not only for Young Living but also to the essential oils movement and the wellness community. This farm strives to continuously improve its green efforts and sustainability practices. A recent redesign of the farm’s distillery created a closed-loop system that saves approximately 260 million gallons of water a year. Only a short drive from Young Living Global Headquarters, this lavender farm is home to events such as the Lavender Day Festival, Fall Festival, and the Draft Horse Show and Rodeo. It is also a center for innovative new distilling methods.


Lavender • Clary Sage • Goldenrod • Melissa • Juniper • Blue Yarrow

Skyrider Wilderness Ranch

Tabiona, Utah, USA

The Skyrider Wilderness Ranch—nestled in the hills of Tabiona, Utah, and home to stunning vistas and wildlife—held a special place in D. Gary Young’s heart. The ranch occupies 28 square miles in one of the largest pinyon pine forests in the world. It’s one of the locations where Young Living grows einkorn, an ancient grain that was one of the first plants cultivated by early farmers. The first signs of domesticated einkorn date back nearly 10,000 years ago.


Skyrider River Ranch

Tabiona, Utah, USA

This location is an addition to our Tabiona ranch family. Located near Young Living’s Skyrider Wilderness Ranch, this location grows many botanicals for essential oil research. It’s also the location of the D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary, a 10,880 acres (17 square miles) conservation easement Young Living donated to The Nature Conservancy. The sanctuary protects a migratory corridor nicknamed the Utah Serengeti, due to the large herds of elk and deer that migrate between their summer and winter ranges. The easement includes seven miles of the Duchesne River, two mountain ranges, and sage brush habitat that provides a haven for endangered greater sage-grouse.

St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery

St. Maries, Idaho, USA

The St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery is where the Young Living farm family got its start. Young Living Founder D. Gary Young brought authentic, unhybridized lavender and melissa seeds from France and planted them on this beautiful 200-acre farm. Years later, when viral and fungal blights threatened France’s hybrid lavender crop, Gary carried seeds from the St. Maries farm to share with lavender farmers in France, helping to re-establish resilient true lavender.

BOTANICAL SOURCED FROM THIS RANCH: Lavender • Melissa • Goldenrod • Blue Spruce


Vida De Seville Distillery

Almaden de la Plata, Seville, Spain

Located less than an hour from the city of Seville, this distillery crafts some of our most-beloved essential oils. The distillery puts passion and craft into the process, including distilling Cistus oil from handpicked, wildcrafted plants that grow in the Sierra Norte Nature Park. The distillation process and zero-waste practices further our efforts to sustain the land and produce the highest-quality products straight from nature.


Labbeemint Partner Distillery

White Swan, Washington, USA

Founded in the early 1940s, the Labbeemint Partner Distillery started out as a small, family-run facility and grew to become a premier peppermint and spearmint supplier. With its distillery located in White Swan, Washington, and working with mint farmers in strategic locations, Labbeemint provides a scalable, sustainable source of Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils. This partner distillery is still family run and maintains a level of unmatched supply chain honesty and transparency that makes it the ideal mint supplier for Young Living.


Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project

Big Island, Hawaii, USA

The Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project is a great example of how our Seed to Seal partnerships strive to preserve cultural values. At this location, only dead or dying sandalwood is harvested to maintain the ecological balance and to follow the deeply rooted Hawaiian belief in humanity’s responsibility to maintain a respectful relationship with the land.


*Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is a trademark of Jawmin, LLC.


Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery

Chongon (Guayaquil), Ecuador

Building this farm and its state-of-the-art distillery started as one of D. Gary Young’s passion projects. Today Chongon’s tropical climate helps nurture the farm’s 2,000 acres of rich soil, year-round harvests, and lush botanical life. To protect the crops, part of the farm’s biomass is composted with manure and given to worms. The worms eat the compost and transform it into worm humus, which provides higher saturation of additional nutrients into the soil.


Ylang Ylang • Palo Santo • Mastrante • Eucalyptus Blue • Dorado Azul • Ocotea • Ecuadorian Oregano

Dalmatia Aromatic Farm and Distillery

Split, Croatia

Dalmatia’s striking landscape is home to a rich history, as well as the highly specific conditions required to grow helichrysum. Helichrysum is one of the rare plants that doesn’t require crop rotation, since it takes its nutrients from the calcium carbonate found in rocks, not from the soil. Though this farm was established to be a sustainable source for our popular Helichrysum oil, it has since continued to grow and cultivate even more botanicals, protecting wild populations of helichrysum and other plants from overharvesting.


• Bay Laurel • Dalmatia Juniper

Amanzi Amahle Cooperative Farm and Distillery

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The Amanzi Amahle Cooperative Farm and Distillery works with local growers throughout the region to produce some of Young Living’s most popular essential oils. This partnership provides the valuable resources smaller farms need to produce high-quality essential oils, while also dedicating efforts to the conscientious treatment of people, land, and resources. For example, in 2019 Young Living helped fund a distillery that allowed one of the Amanzi Amahle Cooperative’s tea tree farms to distill on site.


Radiata • Lemon • Orange • Grapefruit

Ord River Sandalwood Farm and Distillery

Kununurra and Albany, Australia

While this farm is headquartered in Perth, the sandalwood plantations extend across Australia’s tropical northern outback, with a distillery located in Albany. The Ord River Sandalwood Farm and Distillery developed its own seed orchards that allow continual improvement of the seed stock. While Ord River is one of the world’s largest sandalwood distilleries, this partner strives to leave the smallest footprint possible by recycling over 50 million gallons of water since 2010. For its efforts, this partner has received the prestigious Champion Award from the Western AU Water Corp.


Taiwan Cooperative Farm And Distillery

Taitung, Taiwan

With a coastline and mountains over 14,000 feet high (4,260 meters), Taiwan is home to diverse microclimates, giving the island a rich range of biodiversity. Similarly, the cooperative farm and distillery is made up of smaller individual farm operations that focus on different oils, including the oil harvested from hong kuai—the Taiwan red cypress. The farms seek to nurture and restore much of Taiwan’s unique plant life after a century of deforestation and depletion.


Jade Lemon • Hong Kuai • Xiang Mao • Camphor Wood


Finca Victoria Farm

Ciudad Victoria, Mexico

The Finca Victoria Farm comprises 2,400 acres of rich farmland, with 50 groves of hand-tended fruit trees. Fresh lime and grapefruit rinds are cold pressed to produce essential oils of the highest quality. This farm is currently on track to become a zero-waste facility where every remaining part of the fruit is put to good use.


Outback Botanical Reserve and Distillery

Darwin, Australia

Australia’s Northern Territory outback is the backdrop for this location’s plantation of Australian cypress trees. The Outback Botanical Reserve and Distillery drew upon ethnobotanical use in aboriginal practices to discover a new, now-patented method of distillation that resulted in Blue Cypress essential oil. In 2007 D. Gary Young reached out to the reserve about this discovery. Young Living provided the funds for the distillery, establishing one of our earliest partnerships.


Happy Pili Tree Farm and Distillery

Bicol Region, Philippines

Chosen as a partner farm because of its ethical and conscientious harvesting methods, the Happy Pili Tree Farm and Distillery is Young Living’s main supplier of Elemi essential oil. With expertise in legally and sustainably sourcing this precious plant and providing fair wages to workers, the farm protects natural resources and helps ensure long-term viability of highquality Elemi essential oil. The farm has also vertically integrated the production process by building a distillery on-site, as well as by keeping job opportunities and expertise within the community.



A rabian Frankincense Distillery

Muscat, Oman

Young Living is the first company in the world to distill and export Omani Sacred Frankincense oil and bring it to the Western world. Gary and Mary Young traveled to Oman in 1995 and learned the rich history of the Boswellia sacra trees that had been harvested there over the past 5,000 years. Gary was determined to build a distillery there and enlisted the help of Dr. Mahmoud Suhail, who used his special relationship with frankincense growers and harvesters to help Young Living offer Sacred Frankincense oil to the world.


Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery

Simiane-la-Rotonde, France

Young Living’s Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery is located in charming Provence, a region of France renowned for its beauty, fragrant lavender fields, and summer-long festivals. Keeping with our innovative sustainability initiatives and quest for pure, unadulterated oils, the farm uses sheep to weed its fields. Sheep prefer the leafy forbs that include most species of weed, leaving the essential oil-producing plants unharmed.


Lavender • Clary Sage • Hyssop • Oregano • Einkorn

Golden Einkorn Farm

Sault, France

The sunny fields of the Golden Einkorn Farm grow low-maintenance einkorn that is milled into flour on-site. The farm is devoted to adopting sustainable, environmentally responsible practices such as using only rainwater irrigation on the crops. Any leftovers from the einkorn flour-milling process are fed to animals or used as additional natural compost fertilizer. With its eco-friendly practices, the Golden Einkorn Farm is a true steward of the picturesque fields and hills of Provence.


Northern Lights Farm and Distillery

Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

After extensive scouting and research in 2014, Young Living purchased land in British Columbia, Canada, for the Northern Lights Farm and Distillery. Northern Lights serves as a main source of Black Spruce essential oil, an important oil in many popular blends. Ever mindful of the care it takes to preserve and protect these beautiful forests, the Northern Lights farm obtained a horticulture license and coordinated with local governments to manage the nearby forests. By thinning out old and dying trees, the farm enables surviving trees to grow and thrive.


Highland Flats Tree Farm and Distillery

Naples, Idaho, USA

The Highland Flats Tree Farm and Distillery is home to beautiful conifer trees that produce essential oils reminiscent of the great outdoors. The farm has a registered monarch butterfly waystation habitat where migrating monarch butterflies can feed and rest during their travels between Canada and the Yucatan. The farm is also the first to replace its distillery’s steam boiler with two steam generators, which produce steam on demand, improving efficiency while reducing waste. Keep an eye out for our Spring Planting and Winter Harvest events, so you can register to see the generators in action!

BOTANICAL SOURCED FROM THIS FARM: Idaho Blue Spruce • Idaho Grand Fir • White Fir


Ningxia Wolfberry Farm and Distillery

Ningxia, China

While traveling the world, D. Gary Young encountered the powerful wolfberry native to China’s remote Ningxia region. This region hosts a diverse geography of forest mountains and hills, deserts, flood plains, and basins carved by the Yellow River. The significant irrigatio from the river supports the production of wolfberries, wolfberry puree, and wolfberry seed oil. Gary knew the world needed access to this superfruit and partnered with the family-owned Ningxia Wolfberry Farm and Distillery as the provider for our popular NingXia Red line and other products.


Bella Vista Farm

Reggio Calabria, Italy

The Bella Vista Farm is a third-generation farm and cold-press facility located outside the city of Reggio Calabria, Italy—a region that produces nearly all of the world’s Bergamot essential oil! Founded in the early 1930s, the farm uses best practices to ensure the quality and purity of its Bergamot as it works to meet the demand for this popular essential oil. The farm takes full advantage of southern Italy’s sunny climate, using solar energy to power all its buildings during the off season.


Mera Ocotea Farm

Pastaza Province, Ecuador

The Mera Ocotea Farm presents Young Living with a unique, powerful opportunity to further honor our commitment to the planet. For starters, we’ll plant another 6,000 ocotea trees that will help accelerate oxygen production. Additionally, the farm relies on the region’s year-round rainfall and uses only non-GMO seeds that are cultivated through natural pollination. In time, wildlife corridors will surround the farm, creating vital links between habitats that protect and re-establish threatened populations.



Kalipay Coconut Farm

Polillo Island, Philippines

The Kalipay Coconut Farm is located in the lush, tropical landscape of the Philippines and is our main source of coconut oil. We chose this location because the Kalipay team shares our passion for giving back and supports communities by donating a portion of its profits every year to help fight generational poverty through education, leadership, and technology scholarship programs. The Kalipay Coconut Farm also uses green chemistry, a new discipline that focuses on the efficient use of resources and the elimination of waste during the production process.


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