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2015 Holiday Catalog


Give the Gift of

YOUNG LIVING The holidays are some of the most important times of the year because they’re when we can gather together and enjoy the company of those we love. We have the opportunity to give and receive—not because it’s expected, but because it’s a way to give a piece of ourselves to those we hold close to our hearts. No matter if you’re celebrating old traditions, starting new ones, or just looking for a simple something to show you care, you’ll find the perfect gift in these pages. We wish you a joyous holiday season from the Young Living family to yours.

假期是一年中最重要的時光,它讓我們跟最愛的人聚在一起,讓 彼此享受相伴的愉快。我們藉著機會在節日中贈送禮物,將我們 跟親密的人的心緊緊拉近。無論您正在慶祝傳統節日,迎接新 一年的來臨,或正在挑選精緻的禮物向您的至愛送上無限的祝 福, Young Living為您隆重呈獻一共10款的限量版聖誕套裝,讓 您歡渡溫馨假期。 Young Living在此祝您和您的家人聖誕節快樂!


Breathe in the


The Aria combines beautiful aesthetics with ultrasonic technology and a variety of useful features. Plug your personal music player into the built-in speakers or use the included soothing sounds to relax. Comes with a 5-ml bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce. Item No. 452429 I Whsl. $2,220.00 I Retail $2,921 I PV 135

享受節日中的芬芳香氣 Aria精油擴香機

Aria結合了審美學和超聲波技術及多種實用功能。只要您將音樂播放器插入擴香 機內置的揚聲器,即可收聽舒緩的音樂,讓您放鬆心情。Aria精油擴香機內置北 極光黑雲杉5毫升精油1支。 產品編號:452429 I 批發價 $ 2,220 I 零售價 $ 2,921 I PV 135


RAINSTONE The Rainstone Ultrasonic Diffuser combines state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and traditional Chinese craftsmanship with robust features, including up to 8 hours of diffusion, ambient light settings, and a negative ionizer.

Item No. 533129 I Whsl. $1,670.00 I Retail $2,197 I PV 101.75

超聲波擴香機 Rainstone超聲波擴香機結合最先進的超聲波技術 與中國傳統的工藝,具有強勁的特性,包括長達8 小時的香氣擴散功能、環境燈光設置功能及負離 子機的功能。 產品編號:533129 I 批發價 $ 1,670 零售價 $ 2,197 I PV 101.75


Ready to



Collector’s Edition Roll-On Set Bringing together three of our top blends, this set features Breathe Again, Deep Relief, and Stress Away essential oils. All oils are fitted with our unique roller fitment for easy application, making them the perfect gift for anyone on your nice list. Gift the roll-ons separately or give all three to one lucky recipient. Item No. 553029 I Whsl. $720.00 I Retail $947.00 I PV 73.25

您準備好滾動嗎? 珍藏版滾珠套裝 集合了三款最受歡迎的混合精油滾珠,包括Breath Again滾珠、Deep Relief滾珠和 Stress Away滾珠。所有的精油都配有獨特的滾珠部件,使用方便,是一份即窩心又 實用的禮物。您既可把精油滾珠單獨贈送,更可將珍藏版滾珠套裝(一套三支)一 併送給您的至愛! 產品編號:553029 I 批發價 $ 720.00 I 零售價 $ 947.00 I PV 73.25




Essence of the Season Continue an enduring holiday tradition with precious, spiritually uplifting aromas. This set includes 5-ml bottles of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils, Christmas Spirit essential oil blend, and frankincense and myrrh resin, all collected in a festive gift box. Item No. 311829 I Whsl. $735.00 I Retail $967.00 I PV 74.75 7

永恆的節日傳統 Essence of the Season

繼續享受傳統節日為您帶來既珍貴又提神的香氣!Essence of the Season節日禮盒套裝包含5毫升的乳香精油、沒藥精油和Christmas Spirit 精油各一支,以及乳香和沒藥樹脂等。 產品編號:311829 I批發價 $ 735.00 I零售價 $ 967.00 I PV 74.75 8

MISTLETOE Moments Lip Balm Gift Set Get ready for those up-close moments with this set of essential oil-infused lip balms. Packaged in a reusable tote bag, this set of four lip balms includes the holiday-exclusive Vanillamint flavor. Item No. 552929 I Whsl. $160.00 I Retail $211.00 I PV 16

浪漫的時刻 潤唇膏禮品套裝 您是否已為接吻時刻做好準備呢?潤唇膏禮品套裝包含一套四款的潤唇膏, 並配有獨家的香草薄荷味,及精美的tote bag。 產品編號:552929 I 批發價 $ 160.00 I 零售價 $ 211.00 I PV 16


Find Your


Get into gear for the New Year! Each of our gym bag kits includes a Young Living-branded gym bag, plus a set of workout-friendly extras. Whether training for a half marathon, strength training, or hitting the links, this gift will show your loved ones support on their road to wellness. Fitness Favorites Pack up your workout essentials with ease in this Young Living Gym Bag Kit. This set includes a gym bag, Cool Azul Sports Gel, and Breathe Again Roll-On. Item No. 552129 I Whsl. $985.00 I Retail $1,296.00 I PV 62

尋找活力健康 新方法 請即將為新的一年做好準備! 我們 的健身運動套裝包括Young Living的 健身袋及其他運動用品。無論是半程 馬拉松賽前訓練、體能訓練,還是揮 桿作樂,這個健身運動套裝盡顯您對 親人追求健康生活的支持。 健身人至愛 Young Living健身袋套裝讓您輕鬆收 拾您的運動行裝。套裝包括一個健 身袋,Cool Azul運動Gel及Breathe Again滾珠。 產品編號: 552129 I 批發價 $ 985.00 零售價 $ 1296.00 I PV 62


ALL-STAR Stocking Stuffers Terra Cotta Diffuser Take the spirit of the season along with you everywhere you go. The Terra Cotta Diffuser can be used as an ornament, car freshener, or shower diffuser and includes a 5-ml bottle of Christmas Spirit essential oil blend. Item No. 552529 I Whsl. $270.00 I Retail $355.00 I PV 9.25

最佳的禮物 陶瓷擴香器 無論走到哪裡也可隨著季節的氣氛奔走吧!陶瓷擴香器除了可用 作裝飾、更可當作汽車空氣清新劑或淋浴擴香機。陶瓷擴香器附 有5毫升Christmas Spirit精油一支。 產品編號:552529 I 批發價 $ 270.00 I 零售價 $ 355.00 I PV 9.25



Experience Home

Massage Gift Set This spa-themed set is shipped in a beautiful ready-to-gift box and includes instructions on how to give basic back, hand, and foot massages. Aroma Siez, V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex, and a free download of peaceful music complete the Massage Gift Set. Item No. 552429 I Whsl. $320.00 I Retail $421.00 I PV 32.25

將Spa的體驗帶回家 Spa 禮品套裝 這個以Spa為主題的套裝配以精美的禮盒,並提供基本的說明,教您如何按摩背部、手部和足 部。Spa禮品套裝包含1支Aroma Siez精油及V-6植物油,並免費提供音樂讓您下載。 產品編號:552429 I 批發價 $ 320.00 I 零售價 $ 421.00 I PV 32.25




Gift Bag Set Make your gifts stand out with an elegant white and gold gift bag. This set includes two large Young Living bags and two small bags, perfect for gift giving all year long. Item No. 554229 I Whsl. $80.00 I Retail $105.00 I PV 0

最後一步 時尚禮物袋套裝 選用優雅的白色或金色禮物袋,讓您贈送的禮物更脫穎而出。時尚禮物袋套裝分別包含兩個 Young Living的大袋和小袋,適合作全年送禮之用。 產品編號:554229 I 批發價 $ 80.00 I 零售價 $ 105.00 I PV 0 13



Keep track of the passing seasons with this beautiful Young Living calendar. Listing national holidays with room to write in your own important dates, this artful calendar filled with Young Living photos is perfect for every home. COMING DECEMBER

2016 Young Living


利用精美雅緻的2016 Young Living 日曆追蹤不同的節日。您可在日曆劃上節日假期,並標示您 的重要日子。日曆附有優美的Young Living照片, 適合放在家中的任何角落。 12月推出 14

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