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Seasonal Essentials 2 0 1 2 H O L I D AY C ATA L O G U E

Share the Power of Essential Oils with Holiday Mini Kits Relaxation Mini Kit The Relaxation Mini Kit is an ideal way to help you relax and be grounded during the busy holiday season. Includes 5ml bottles of Idaho Blue Spruce, Peace & Calming®, and Sacred Mountain™ and a holiday gift box. ITEM NO. 487102 Whsl. $67.00 \ PV 42.75

The Spirit of the Season Mini Kit Embrace the spirit of holidays past and present with this specially selected trio of balancing oils. Includes 5ml bottles of The Gift™, Balsam Fir, and Orange and a holiday gift box. ITEM NO. 487202 Whsl. $93.75 \ PV 59.75


Portable, Powerful, and Perfect Gifts ROLL ON Collection Featuring three of our most popular and powerful roll-ons, Deep Relief™, Stress Away™, and Breathe Again™, this collection helps you escape to find relief and comfort – no matter where your holiday travels take you. Includes a holiday gift box. ITEM NO. 487302 Whsl. $86.25 \ PV 55.00

Lip Balm Collection Trust your lips to this trio of essential oil-infused lip balms for moisture and protection this holiday season. Includes nourishing Cinnamint Lip Balm, refreshing Grapefruit Lip Balm, and soothing Lavender Lip Balm and a holiday gift box. ITEM NO. 479002 Whsl. $18.00 \ PV 11.25



Transform Your Home into a Spa Getaway

Vitassage™ Vitassage is a first-of-its kind product that combines the benefits of any three of your favourite essential oils with a comforting massage. The revolutionary Vitassage is the perfect gift for any essential oil lover. Patents pending. ITEM NO. 4625 Whsl. $108.50 \ PV 69.00

Something to Smile About Kids Gift Collection Avoid the harmful effects of chemical dyes, colours, and flavours with the all-natural ingredients in the new KidScents® Slique™ Toothpaste and KidScents® Bath Gel. Formulated with a blend of nature’s essential oils, these tasty products are sure to bring a smile to parents and children alike. This collection includes a frog bath mit, a fun way to keep kids clean. ITEM NO. 487702 Whsl. $40.00 \ PV 18.50

Help Them Look & Feel Their Best Men’s and Women’s Branded Polos These great-fitting polo shirts make a professional and powerful statement every time you wear them. Women’s Polos ITEM NO. 48481 ITEM NO. 48482 ITEM NO. 48483 ITEM NO. 48484 ITEM NO. 48485 ITEM NO. 48486 ITEM NO. 48487 Whsl. $63.00 PV 0


Men’s Polos ITEM NO. 48461 ITEM NO. 48462 ITEM NO. 48463 ITEM NO. 48464 ITEM NO. 48465 ITEM NO. 48466 ITEM NO. 48467 Whsl. $63.00 PV 0



Young Living Messenger Bag

This stylish apron can hold up to eight 15ml bottles of essential oils. The ideal blend of form and functionality, this apron is a must-have for any massage therapist or Raindrop® enthusiast. This set comes with Ginger 5ml, Lemon 15ml, Tangerine 15ml, and Christmas Spirit 15ml.

Perfect as a carry-on for flights or for toting products to your next Young Living meeting, this bag is a great way to share Young Living’s message of transformation with everyone you meet.

ITEM NO. 492802



Whsl. $80.00 \ PV 54.25

ITEM NO. 4703

Whsl. $56.50 \ PV 0

ITEM NO. 4702

Whsl. $56.50 \ PV 0

Young Living Oil Carrier This beautiful carrying case provides a convenient way to take your favourite essential oils everywhere you go. It is also great for protecting your precious oils! Holds 10 x 15ml oils. ITEM NO. 4705

Whsl. $15.25 \ PV 0

ITEM NO. 4706

Whsl. $15.25 \ PV 0

Ceramic Diffuser Necklace Combining the elegance of fashionable jewellery with the benefits of essential oils, this necklace will draw attention wherever you go and is specially designed to slowly diffuse your favourite essential oils throughout the day. ITEM NO. 4831

Whsl. $22.75 \ PV 0

ARIA ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER Young Living’s Aria™ diffuser is a unique, stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home. Featuring solid American maple base and remote, glass dome to direct the essential oil vapour, relaxing multicoloured LED lights, and a selection of soothing, built-in sounds, the Aria will make sharing Young Living essential oils a breeze! Includes free 5ml lavender and 5ml Citrus Fresh.

ITEM NO. 362302P

Whsl. $319.00 \ PV 112.50



How to Order Giving beautiful, transformational gifts is quick and easy. You can order your favourite Young Living products by: • ORDERING ONLINE • CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE: PHONE 07 3859 2000 FAX 07 3715 7933 EMAIL Australian Customer Care operating hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday 10:00am to 5:00pm

SEASONAL ESSENTIALS 2012 HOLIDAY CATALOGUE CONDITIONS • Available for all orders placed from 9:00am to 5:00pm, 1 November to 31 December, 2012 • Holiday gift packs are strictly available while stocks last • No PV on free products • Total PV calculated on single orders only • The prices listed in this catalogue are wholesale prices, to qualify for these wholesale prices you must be a registered distributor with Young Living

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Web orders are to be processed prior to midnight on the 31 December, 2012 All times quoted are Brisbane (Queensland) times

Seasonal Essentials 2012 Holiday Catalogue-AU  

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