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Volume 3.11 November 2013

Founder’s Message BEING PART OF Young Living this year has been exciting! At the beginning of 2013, I challenged our executive team to take us to heights never before imagined in our company. We set goals; we brought in the right people; and we worked tirelessly to achieve the goals I was expecting. With your help, Young Living has experienced remarkable success this year, even beyond my expectations! Throughout this year as I watched our leaders overcome obstacles and attain accomplishments that were once thought impossible, I noticed three attributes that if applied every single day can change your life. The first is the simplest: Be committed and actively engaged every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for success in your home or in the office, you simply cannot fail if you are committed. That is the key to success. Second, listen and learn everything you can from those around you. In any group, there is always something new to discover from someone there. Third, you have to work and help others while making it fun. Life is too short and too precious to let obstacles get in your way and keep you from being successful. Make greatness your goal and success your reward with happiness and joy. This is the time of the year when we turn our attention to the holiday season. We have so many blessings because of Young Living: health, financial freedom, family togetherness, and many others. Young Living offers something for everyone, and it is up to us to share the benefits and this wonderful opportunity.

Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

Gifts of the Season Collection Like our Scents of the Season pack this super trio offers some wonderfully emotive aromas which are naturally associated with this special time of year. With the rich fruity scent of orange, the sweet, spicy blend of Christmas Spirit and the warm balsamic aroma of Frankincense this collection of powerful gifts will be excitedly received. Includes: Orange 5ml, Frankincense 5ml and Christmas Spirit 15ml. Item No: 449008

Relax Collection The festive period is one of activity and celebration but also of relaxation. This special collection brings the recipient three wonderful aids to inducing a relaxed state. Lavender is particularly good for winding down before bedtime, Stress Away is an exclusive blend created to help combat everyday stresses, and Peace & Calming has properties which help calm tensions and uplift the spirit. Includes: Lavender 5ml, Stress Away 15ml and Peace & Calming 5ml. Item No. 338608

Home Diffuser Seasonal Collection Young Living’s Home Diffuser is a well rounded and well loved creation, which combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomiser, and aromatherapy diffuser into one effective and attractive gift. Includes: Home Diffuser, Christmas Spirit 15ml, Lavender 5ml, and Citrus Fresh 5ml. Item No. 440408 (UK plug) Item No. 4635510 (European plug)

The Essential Edge

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DGYF: The Impact You Are Making A BIG THANK YOU goes to each monthly contributor and to everyone who has ever supported the D. Gary Young Foundation. Without you, the children of the Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador, would have no place to receive a quality education. Your willingness to support this most-important cause is wonderfully inspiring! Below is an excerpt from an article written by professional travel and health copywriter Claudia Looi, who recently visited the Young Living Academy. You can read her richly descriptive article in its entirety at Claudia writes: . . . Thirteen-year-old Salomon is one of 177 students enrolled in the Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador. We went to his home to meet with his single dad, who single-handedly takes care of five boys ages four to 13 years old. . . . Three of his children are in public school, and the youngest hangs out with him while he works. . . . I saw a difference between Salomon and his brothers. He looks happier and more focused compared to his 10-year-old brother. You may ask, “Why aren’t his three siblings in Young Living Academy?” I asked the same question, too. Each year Young Living Academy has more applicants than space in the school. As it is right now, the classrooms have been divided to add more students each year. Johnny Oyola Burgos, the coordinator of the Young Living Academy, hopes to see more classrooms built.

The question is, “Where will these students go for high school?”

There was not a hint of sadness or poverty in Maria Jose. She sat in front of me in the van as we headed toward Chongon to visit her single mom, Melba. Maria Jose is 10 and has four brothers and sisters ranging from 18 months to 12 years old. Her 18-month-old sister has Down syndrome. The main part of the home has a ripped canvas roof that leaks when it rains. This room has the kitchen, dining, and laundry area. They have another room with a proper roof but no windows, where all the children and mom sleep together. Melba showed so much gratitude for the Academy. I couldn’t contain myself while visiting this family. Tears began to form in my eyes. I’ve been to 37 countries and have seen poverty in many nations, but to see a single mom caring for a helpless child, havMaria Jose with her mom and sister. ing five children under her care, living in an unsafe shelter, and still looking happy and showing gratitude when we visited was beyond my comprehension. Here we were complaining about the humidity, heat, and lack of toilets while traveling. . . . Salomon with his dad and siblings.

I can’t help but wonder what Maria Jose’s future will look like. Can you?

Help us make a difference today! For as little as $3 a month, you can join Jacob’s Team and help us build a high school. Visit and impact a child’s future forever!

Swedish Founders Meeting This Month!

YOUNG LIVING EUROPE is excited to announce the Swedish Founders Meeting, which will take place in the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, on November 30! Young Living is fully dedicated to Sweden and greatly values the passion and amazing work of its leading distributors. The Founders Meeting marks an important stage in Sweden’s growth toward the official opening of Young Living’s business operations in this beautiful country that is so full of potential! We would like to invite everybody to join with us and Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young in celebrating this first step! Hosted by John Doughty, managing director of Young Living Europe, the event will include special recognitions, presentations, special offers and promotions, a welcome reception, a Product Expo, and much more! We will close the event by announcing the date of the official grand opening of Sweden. Make sure to reserve your seat now and be part of this momentous event! Register at page 2

The Essential Edge

Shine bright like a diamond! We are pleased to announce that Aromaakademie Churfuerst Hanzal OG - Vijay for many of you – has reached the rank of Diamond! Vijay is a trained masseur and aroma therapist based in Vienna, Austria. Please join Young Living Europe and the rest of the Young Living family in congratulating Vijay for this fantastic success! When Gary Young was notified he said: ”I’m so happy; I always knew he could do it! Congratulations to Vijay and his team”. It is great to see Gary’s vision of bringing essential oils into every home in the world come true!

Looking for an extra incentive to grow your business? In our 2014 European IGC Vacation Challenge, not only will your business-building efforts bring you greater wellness, purpose, and abundance, but you will also earn the opportunity to win your way to the International Grand Convention 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah, participate in special European VIP activities AND spend exclusive time with our founder D. Gary Young! Young Living Europe is giving you the chance to come and celebrate 20 years young at the International Grand Convention 2014 and to be part of this amazing milestone! There are 5 ways to earn your place on this once in a lifetime opportunity: You must earn a minimum of 1,000 points during the promotion period to qualify to attend the 2014 European IGC vacation challenge. Earning the point minimum, however, does not guarantee a spot, as only the 50 highest total point earners will win a prize. You can qualify with any combination of points. Go to to find out more! PRIZE CATEGORIES


Business class flights Executive accommodation for two +

€1000 prize money

2nd - 5th Economy Comfort flights Executive accommodation for two +

€500 prize money

6th -10th Standard Flights accommodation for two 11th - 30th €500 travel voucher accommodation

for two

31st - 50th Accommodation for two All qualifying members will receive free convention passes for two and be invited to take part in exclusive European activities.

ACTIVITIES Exclusive European activities are planned on top of a full week of convention celebrations and participation, more information to coming soon!

Brilliant news for business builders!:Since 1st October 2013, Distributors, Stars, Senior Stars, Executives, and future members can take part in the Europe Silver in Six (Si6) programme and receive the stunning Aroma Complete Collection for all their hard work! The programme rules can be found in the Virtual Office.

Visit your virtual office for programme rules!

November 2013 PROMOTIONS



Bursting with

Festive Energy!


Breeze through this active time of year with these wonderful gifts of nature, renowned for their uplifting, energising and rejuvenating properties! Particularly popular during festive times, they are sure to promote a rush of activity this November!

Includes 1 Frankincense 15 ml only

Frankincense is stimulating and elevating to the mind. The precious oil is


* Due to rebrand transition product labels may vary.

also valued world wide for its natural benefits for aging and dry skin and was applied by the ancient Egyptians to create rejuvenating face masks. NingXia Red is Young Living's super supplement specially formulated

Includes 4 bottles of NingXia Red & Joy 15 ml

to energise, fortify, and replenish the body and mind. It combines the

extraordinary wolfberry fruit with 100% pure essential oils in a powerful,

10% OFF 3 Wise Men 15 ml 3 Wise Men promotes feelings of reverence and spiritual awareness with a blend of essential oils formulated to open the subconscious. Code 342608

Discounted pricing: Whsl. £53.78


whole-body nutrient infusion. Joy is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that bring joy to the heart. When diffused, it can be refreshing and uplifting.


For all current promotions and terms and conditions please visit:

Recognition for September 2013 Congratulations to the following distributors on their recent leadership rank advancements:


New Rank

Last Month Rank

Aromaakademie Churfuerst Hanzal OG Diamond Platinum Energy Coaching Company



Anja Freese Gold Silver

Discover our unique


Veronika Auer Silver Executive Ursula Blaser Silver Executive Petra Jäggi Silver Executive Michaela Liskova Silver Executive Vital und Gesundheitszentrum Lydia Pohl Silver Executive Marie Louise Bartsch


Senior Star

Lorenz Bruckner


Senior Star

Angelika Eckhardt


Senior Star

Birgit MK Fuller


Senior Star

Angela Garcia De La Rosa


Senior Star

Herbert Grill Executive Senior Star Jakub Dorosz Executive Senior Star Justyna Gawad Executive Senior Star Sergiy Karyakin Executive Senior Star Marek Liska Executive Senior Star Mag. Christa Mayramhof


Senior Star

Elisabett Mery Rusnac


Senior Star

Claudia Seyer Executive Senior Star Veronika Stockinger


Senior Star


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Young Living’s World News SINGAPORE

This November the South East Asia region will launch its Sky High Rewards Challenge, a point-based incentive program open to all members within South East Asia. Rewards include trips to the Simiane-la-Rotonde farm in France and the 2014 International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah! For more details, visit the Young Living Singapore website at youngliving. com/en_SG. Everyone is invited to attend the Malaysia Founders Meeting on December 14 in Penang, Malaysia. If you would like to attend this very special event, or if you have any questions on how to build your own organization in Singapore, Malaysia, or other markets in South East Asia, please send an e-mail to


We had our largest event—the Japan Convention—last month in Tokyo, and the room was jam-packed with many new and existing Japanese distributors and guests. All of the participants had the opportunity to listen to Gary Young’s presentation about the Young Living philosophy and the latest product developments. One of the most exciting moments was when Gary spoke about the benefits of the newly launched OmegaGize3™. Guest speaker Melissa Shelton gave presentations regarding the efficacy of essential oils on pets. Thanks to this information, Japan distributors see an enormous possibility for the natural pet-care market. Also well received were presentations by Craig Aramaki, Young Living CMO, and Jared Turner, Young Living CSO. Every Japanese distributor is feeling very confident about Young Living’s bright future in Japan.


Australia has launched its new product-sharing program—the Product Discovery Program—as well as the new Integrated Business Development System across five major cities. The Product Discovery Program is designed to allow interested people to try products before they buy them and experience our full range of products through various product workshops. The two-day product conferences were hugely successful: the workshop kit sold out within one hour at the first conference, and each city’s conference sold out, blowing away expectations. There is an energy and excitement among Young Living distributors in Australia as we open up new multibillion-dollar markets that have never been tapped into before. Coupled with this launch is a growth incentive to take top distributors on the ultimate African adventure to witness one of the wonders of the world: the migration of more than 1 million wildebeest across the African plains. E-mail au for more information.


Young Living Canada saw record growth again in September and is confident that this growth will continue. The Canadian leadership is dedicated to getting out and sharing essential oils with everyone they meet. Recently, the Young Living Canada corporate staff has been holding many Introductory Meetings to promote interest and growth in the region. These meetings have been a great success, with high attendance and many people signing up as new Young Living distributors.

South East Asia: Historic Convention

YOUNG LIVING’S GLOBAL reach continues to expand at an increasingly rapid rate, and South East Asia is a hotbed for this growth. The accomplishments of this robust region were celebrated in October during the inaugural South East Asia Regional Convention in Singapore. Guests and Young Living leaders from all over the world, including the U.S., Austria, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia, converged on this historic event to laud the inspiring work of the region. The many milestones South East Asia collectively achieved include 175 percent year-to-date growth; the announced grand opening of Malaysia; and over just the past year, the emergence of 40 new Silvers, 10 new Golds, 2 new Platinums, and Asia’s very first Crown Diamond, Frances Fuller. Keynote speakers delivered informative and inspiring talks, each of them leaving Young Living leaders from across the world impactful lessons and insights. meet in Singapore in October. The convention was a great experience for all. Guests had the most amazing time at the mini Product Expo trying all the different oils and beauty products—and getting their own NingXia Red® slushies! Most of all, everyone was excited about the launch of the new Believe™ essential oil blend, Essential Oil Sample Packets, and NingXia Nitro. The regional office would like to extend its deepest gratitude to all those who made this event possible with their hard work, support, passion, and dedication! The next big event to look forward to is the Malaysia Founders Meeting on December 14. Everyone is invited to attend this groundbreaking event! page 4

The Essential Edge


With the amazing success of the Pan European Convention still fresh on everybody’s mind, Young Living Europe is preparing a series of founders meetings and grand openings to recognize the continuous passion of our distributors. The first will be the Swedish Founders Meeting in Gothenburg on November 30. We are looking forward to welcoming distributors from all over Europe to celebrate this momentous occasion! Our European distributors are embracing the abundance of wonderful new products that have recently been introduced to the market, with the unique Young Living Provence Collection being especially popular. All of the gifts in this collection originate from the Young Living farm in Simiane-laRotonde! Our website,, has been built to showcase this beautiful location, and we are excited about the future of the farm. Watch for more information on the website and in our newsletter! At the Pan European Convention, Young Living launched the Europe Silver in Six program! We are looking forward to rewarding successful participants with the stunning Aroma Complete ™ collection. The growth rates in many European countries are fantastic, and we are increasing our recruitment efforts in order to support our existing team of committed customer care advisors to better serve our passionate distributors from all over Europe! We are pleased to announce that our Austrian Member Aromaakademie Churfuerst Hanzal OG - Vijay for many of you - has now reached Diamond! Please join Young Living Europe in congratulating Vijay for this fantastic success!

Upcoming Global Events Master Leader Retreat November 19-23 Ecuador

Education Seminar November 14 Lehi, UT

Discovering Nature’s Remedies November 23 Chicago, IL

Introductory Meetings November 5 Austin, TX November 6 East Houston, TX East Peoria, IL November 7 Orlando, FL November 7 Marina del Rey, CA November 8 Wausau, WI November 18 Baldwin Park, CA November 19 Austin, TX

Malaysia Founders Meeting December 14 Penang, Malaysia

Experience the

Seed to Seal process ®

firsthand at the 2014 Winter Harvest! January 6-March 1

Registration begins November 1

Visit to learn more

Farm Report: Ecuador THE YOUNG LIVING farm in Ecuador is being readied to host Young Living leaders from around the world during the Master Leader Retreat November 19-23. Preparations for the event include the ongoing harvesting of ylang ylang and many other crops on the farm. During the first week of October, 531 kilograms of ylang ylang flowers were harvested and more than 2 acres of

oregano was harvested. In addition to the harvesting, 123 ylang ylang trees were planted, along with more than 4 acres of rosa de muerto.