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Volume 4.3 March 2014

Celebrating YL’s New World-Class Distillery

Founder’s Message DO WE REALIZE what we have? We are part of a movement that is changing lives every day and in every corner of the world. From the D. Gary Young Foundation’s monumental work to a business plan that propels committed members to their dreams, Young Living is playing a remarkable role in the lives of individuals everywhere. Our world-class, unrivaled products replace despair with hope and a once-dimmed future with elevated brightness. This is our relentless pursuit to quality! Yes, we focus on having the best essential oils and health products Mother Nature can provide, but a movement based only on product is uninspired. Young Living’s greater ideal is laser-focused on giving people the tools to live a higher quality life, steeped in absolute abundance. Our essential oils—a true gift from God—are the perfect vehicle to fulfilling that ideal. This is why we do everything we do. This is why I travel to Somalia to discover and learn about the frankincense species. This is why we develop farms in different countries with many unique plants. This is why we built the world’s finest and most efficient distillery in the middle of the Idaho wilderness. In short, this is why we invest our time, energy, and resources, even at the expense of our bottom line. We believe that what we are doing is for a higher cause and can changes lives in a very real way. Steve Jobs said, “We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and everyone should be really excellent. This is our life. This is what we’ve chosen to do with our life. It better be worth it.” Young Living is what we have chosen to do with our lives. It’s an exciting time—and it’s worth it.

A GRAND, STATE-of-the-art facility deserves an equally grand ribbon-cutting ceremony—and that’s exactly how Young Living celebrated the world’s most technologically advanced distillery.

Gathering at the Highland Flats Tree Farm in Naples, Idaho, in mid-February during the Winter Harvest with more than100 Young Living members and employees and guests from the local community, D. Gary Young ushered in a new era in distillation for the production of essential oils and proved that obstacles are no match for his illuminated vision. Gary opened the ceremony by individually recognizing and praising the employees involved in making this project a reality, stating, “This would not have been possible without their contribution.” Many in the crowd were community members who had never experienced Young Living. Gary expressed his excitement and was thrilled to give them an introduction to essential oils. “I am happy that so many community members attended,” he said. “This is what I was really hoping we could do. I wanted people to come and see what we’re all about.” For the first time, semitrucks packed with chips can drive inside a heated building, where the chips are unloaded onto heated floors that melt the snow and ice and then are put into two 21,000-liter extraction chambers. These massive chambers can produce from 17-23 liters of oil per cook while using one-third the fuel of the older cookers at the other distilleries. The new equipment is the result of the latest innovation in distillery technology. An advanced computer program monitors both distillation chamber temperature levels and the steam-injection rate during the entire process. This increased control allows Young Living to further ensure the purity and potency of its world-class products. “This is the beginning for this type of technology,” said Aaron Raymond, director of Information Technology. “In fact, it is Gary’s vision to be able to remotely monitor and control the distillation process in our worldwide farms from global headquarters in Lehi.” A realization of a dream come true for Gary, the new distillery completely eliminates the dangerous nightly drive in the semitruck over the treacherous roads to the distillery in St. Maries. Gary is safer, the distillation process is infinitely faster, and the essential oils have never been better!

In Their Words: Sharnael Wolverton



Winner of Mercedes-Benz+Hawaii adventure “Holy Cow! I am very, very excited to be the winner of this amazing promotion! This company is FABULOUS! And I so needed this car! Thanks, Young Living and Gary and Mary, for this incredible opportunity!”

Dr. George & Amy Hoogeveen

Winners of $10,000 cash+Hawaii adventure “As much as the DRIVE to win felt like a true competition, my faith in these oils and my desire to empower my friends and family and to change their lives with this amazing product from this amazing company is really what DROVE us, and it always will. Can’t wait to meet the rest of our new family of wellness distributors on the beach! Aloha!”

Jessica Gianelloni

Winner of $7,500 cash+Hawaii adventure “It’s a huge and unexpected blessing to be a grand-prize winner in the Drive to Win promotion. Sharing about Young Living comes naturally as I speak from the heart.”

Christopher Tornack

Winner of $5,000 cash+Hawaii adventure “I was very excited and grateful to see all my hard work pay off! Since joining the Young Living team, it has been a whirlwind for me and those around me who have helped contribute to my success. Without them I would not have had the support, the encouragement, and the drive to have achieved these results in such a short amount of time.”

Hannah & Blaine Crews

Winners of $2,500 cash+Hawaii adventure “Thanks to the Drive to Win prize money, we have been able to pay off the remainder of debt we owed for the birth of our first baby girl, who is due this coming June. We will continue to be faithful supporters of the purity and integrity of this life-changing company.”

The Essential Edge

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Gary Young: A Somalian Adventure

This is the second of an expected five-part series highlighting real events from Gary’s frankincense exploration in Somalia, written by Gary himself. AFTER LANDING AT the Bosaso airport, an older gentleman with a cane walked up and greeted me, “Are you Dr. Young?” “Yes,” I replied. “I am Yusuf Ahmed. I am here to take care of you. Come with me.” I was amazed at how well he spoke English and greatly relieved at the same time, knowing that I would be able to communicate without frustration. We went outside, where we were greeted by more soldiers. There were three Land Cruisers waiting for us, and I was ushered into the middle one with one soldier sitting beside me holding his rifle in a very alert manner. There were four soldiers each in the car in front of me and behind me. Yusuf began to explain as we drove into Bosaso 2 kilometers away, “Dr. Young, people called from Hargyisa yesterday and told me about this American doctor who was coming to Bosaso to do some research.” In a very concerned voice, he continued, “I have arranged for you to stay in an enclosed compound, and I’ll be staying there with you.” Then he asked, “What is it you really came here for?” “I came to see the frankincense trees and collect some resin to take back for research and identification,” I replied. “Well,” he said, “I can get you the resin, but as far as seeing the trees, that is not possible. You do not understand the logistics in order for you to travel 400 kilometers inland to the mountains and see the trees and collect resin samples. It Gary with convoy that includes Chief Yusuf Ahmed could take weeks to contact the village chiefs and arrange for their people to take you, not to mention the security night(in yellow shirt), drivers, and two guards. The men are standing in front of a cave in Puntland, Somalia, mare it would be.” where Boswellia fereana and carterii resins are “Well, let’s get started and see what happens,” I replied. stored and dried during the summer harvest. “You are really insistent on going even with the extreme risk?” “Yes, I am. As I said, I did not come this far to turn back now or to return home and say, “Well, I made it to Somalia but did not see the trees.”

Rubber Bread A Fast-Food Staple THE NEXT TIME you go to your favorite fast-food joint, beware of ordering the unique, one-of-a-kind flavor of a tire. In February, seven of the nation’s largest fast-food restaurant chains admitted to “strengthening their dough” by adding azodicarbonamide, a chemical typically found in rubbers ranging from shoe soles “Sneaker Burger” by Max Berliti. to yoga mats. The chemical can lead to respiratory and other problems when ingested by humans. If you’re wondering when the last time was that you chowed down on this rubbery compound, the list of chains that use it in some of their dough include McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Jack in the Box, Chick-fil-A, and Subway (as stated on these companies’ websites). Of the seven, only Subway has agreed to remove the chemical from its food—but hasn’t said when. You may read the articles by Googling “Subway Rubber Bread.” For healthy alternatives, try the “rubber-free” recipes from the regularly occurring “Cooking with Chef Jan” in The Essential Edge, the Young Living cookbooks, and Young Living’s complete line of wellness products.

Brava! A YL Success Story In Italy FOR THE SECOND straight year, a donation from D. Gary and Mary Young has helped a young ballet student reach her dreams. During the 2013 Vancliffen International Ballet Competition in Bari, Italy, Noemi Castellaro, the donation’s benefactor, won the semiprofessional category and received a tuition scholarship to a special intensive training in Salzburg, Austria. Thanks to the Young’s donation, the Vancliffen Arts Foundation provided Noemi with room and board in Salzburg, where Noemi performed four solo dances that crowned her one of the winners at the competition. Noemi Castellaro Recently, Noemi signed her first professional contract with Korea Ballet and will continue to be taught by master coaches in Romania. The Vancliffen Arts Foundation would like to express its gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Gary and Mary for permitting them to continue to work in discovering young talents and opening the doors to their future. The Young’s donation was instrumental in Noemi’s success! page 2

The Essential Edge

Live Your Dream! 2014 International Grand Convention

Visit for all the details.

Nitro Tour: Igniting Members In Alabama YOUNG LIVING INTRODUCED itself and NingXia Nitro™ to Alabama in early Febru“I fell IN LOVE ary with a thunderous party that ignited WITH MY OILS over excitement in one of the fastest-growing a year ago, but this areas of the country. Boosted by Young Living brand ambasweekend I fell IN sador, member, and former NFL player LOVE WITH THIS Stevie Baggs, Jr., the Nitro Tour event was a tremendous success that broke records for COMPANY.” sales, orders placed, and new enrollments —Kelli Wright that exceeded 3,500! “What a weekend!” exclaimed member Kelli Wright. “It was amazing. Amazing!” In addition to the record numbers, the anticipation building up to the event was unparalleled. The first meeting sold out within hours after the registration site opened; the second meeting was even more popular, selling out even before the registration site went public. The excitement for the event made for the perfect environment to introduce the brand ambassador program. Through this important program, Young Living is partnering with several world-class athletes who are also Young Living members to promote our world-class products. Stevie Baggs, Jr., wowed the crowd with his inspiring speech about Young Living products and his leadership philosophies. We created a video to introduce Stevie and to promote Ningxia Nitro. The video represents a new age in the quality and sophistication of our marketing materials. You can see the video by going to

Young Living Recognition For January 2014


Debra Raybern (USA) Essential Health Care LLC (USA) Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Kathryn J Farmer (USA) Marcella Vonn Harting (USA) Michael & Connie McDanel (USA) Scott & Brenda Schuler (USA) Vicki Opfer (USA)

CROWN DIAMONDS Frances Fuller (SGP) Jeanmarie Hepworth (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Teri Secrest (USA)


Adam Thomas Green (CAN) Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Alyssa & Troy Francis (USA) April Pointer (USA) Aromaakademie Churfuerst Hanzal Og (AUT) Artemis (AUS) Barbara Ochsenhofer (AUT) Carla & Bill Green (CAN) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Dan Keskey (USA) Darren & Sera Johnson (USA) Diane Mora (USA) Dietfried Wruss (AUT) Dr Sabina Devita (CAN) Eldon & Nancy Knittle (USA) Evangeline & Thomas Reed (USA) Gailann Greene (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) JFZ Enterprises Inc (PAN) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Kathy & Chip Kouwe (USA) Lindsay Moreno (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Melissa Marie Poepping (USA) Monique McLean (USA) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Patricia Gwee Mun Ee (SGP) Prakama Hauser & Id:Love (AUT) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Shauna Dastrup (USA) Sherry LaMarche (USA) Star Moree (USA)


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Bold = Newly Qualified = Silver in Six Countries Australia (AUS) Austria (AUT) Canada (CAN) Costa Rica CRI) Cayman Islands (CYM) Germany (DEU) Ecuador (ECU) Hong Kong (HKG) Iceland (ICE) Japan (JPN) Mexico (MEX)

New Zealand (NZL) Panama (PAN) Puerto Rico (PRI) Romania (ROU) Singapore (SGP) United Kingdom (UK) US Virgin Islands (USVI)

The Essential Edge

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Young Living’s World News SOUTHEAST ASIA

A very special guest, Diamond Aditya Nowotny from Austria/Germany, graced Singapore with his presence and shared a lot of valuable lessons with our members about the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture. The Southeast Asia Sky High Rewards Challenge just got even more exciting with an increase in the number of prizes. We are now sending the top 10 winners on an all-expense-paid trip in July to southern France that includes a tour of the Young Living Farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde. Other top winners, including those who place 11-30, will fly to the 2014 International Grand Convention in June! The contest runs until April 30.


Young Living Canada started off 2014 with the addition of an exciting product launch that Canadians have been waiting for: Progessence Phyto Plus® was added to the market, and we are already seeing the high demand based on our current sales. Young Living Canada is looking forward to celebrating its one-year anniversary with an event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on March 16. This will be a can’t-miss event with fun and exciting speakers talking about Young Living products and business-building techniques. This event will help propel the Canada market into the rest of the year.


We have seen a fantastic start to the new year with our successful New Year Tour across Europe and the launch of new products such as the Starter Kits and many new nutritionals! We also celebrated the launch of new websites for Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic; and we are looking forward to presenting more websites in the following months! Our “Share to Win” contest is still running until the end of March. The response from our members is fantastic, and we are looking forward to congratulating the successful participants for winning their way to the 2014 International Grand Convention! We are proud to have hosted two events in England and Scotland with Michael and Connie McDanel, Royal Crown Diamonds from the U.S.! Attendees were captivated by their program, “Creating a Lifestyle of Advantages.” We are looking forward to many more exciting events across Europe such as the grand opening of Sweden on April 26 and a series of events across Austria, Germany, and Switzerland with special guest Dr. Olivier Wenker! In April, we will also be welcoming Dr. Luba Vozar as a guest presenter for two special Beauty School training events in Germany and Austria! More information will be coming soon.


Achieving Gary’s vision of getting Young Living products into every household continues to be our key driver in 2014. We will achieve this vision through people development and the development of business leaders. We are putting in place a number of initiatives to attract, engage, develop, and retain talented business leaders. The combination of duplicable business and product sharing systems operated by dynamic business leaders will add to the exciting growth opportunities in Australia. Our positioning statement is “We are people led, customer centric, and product focused.” We know that if we execute with excellence in these three areas, we will have an outstanding business.


In March, the youngest Diamond in the world—and a rising star—Adam Green will come to Japan and present seminars and leadership training to Japanese members. Don’t miss these exciting movements in Japan!

Upcoming Global Events Raindrop Training March 22 Moncton, CAN

Discovering Nature’s Remedies March 22 Birmingham, AL

Introductory Meetings March 3 Bellevue, WA

March 4 Pleasanton, CA March 5 Albuquerque, NM March 6 Denver, CO Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Spanish) March 17 Phoenix, AZ March 18 Baton Rouge, LA March 19 Sarasota, FL March 20 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

The Smiths: A Family’s Quest For Life HAVING ALMOST AS many kids as sunlit hours in a day, Christa Smith simply did not have the time or energy to invest in pursuits outside of her home. Days were measured in diaper changes, completed homework assignments, and meals, not in minutes and hours. So, how did this mother of 14—yes, a baker’s dozen plus one—from Oklahoma turn a passion for essential oils into a wildly successful Diamond venture that is changing so many lives so quickly? The answer is found in two words: simple and duplicable. “I have been forced to raise the bar in my business because of my lifestyle,” said Christa. “I had to make the classes fit my life and my schedule, which forced me to live by the motto: Keep it simple. Keep it duplicable.”

Raising the bar would be an understatement for what Christa has been able to do since January 2013, when she was a relatively new Silver. By creating a “perfect script and class” for her team to use in her place, Christa’s business began to grow without her and away from her and propelled her to Diamond in just 11 months—four of which were spent on doctormandated bed rest. “I work with people who use the script because page 4

The Essential Edge

it sets them up for faster success,” she explained. “I have the stories, I have the passion, I have the love, and I look for leaders who want to grow quickly; but they have to use the script. I don’t care who gets the glory; and if you don’t care who gets the glory, your business will grow.”

The Beginning of a Journey

Christa’s and her husband Jason’s lives changed forever in 2012 during a summer day at the local swimming pool. With most of the family playing, someone took five-month-old Malachi into the pool for splash time. As fate would have it that day, Malachi, whose immune system had recently been battered from RSV, contracted a serious virus from the pool water that would eventually mutate into four bacterial infections and leave doctors “waiting for Malachi to die.” Many young children from the community were sickened with the virus. One succumbed to the effects and passed away. It was not Malachi. Through the efforts, insight, and prayers of many, Christa walked out of the hospital with her healthy little boy two weeks later. Malachi’s wrenching struggle had opened Christa’s eyes and mind to the responsibility she was now feeling to share her experience. She knew then that she had to commit to Young Living. “Malachi helped me realize I had found answers,” said Christa. “There is nothing better than what Young Living can offer. This company is so incredibly powerful.”

The Week of Change

In August 2012, Christa joined many new Silvers in northern Idaho for the annual Silver Retreat. Christa saw firsthand the integrity of Young Living, its farms, its products, and its leaders. She was excited and ready. Then came the “aha” moment. “During the retreat we took a river-rafting trip. I remember vividly floating down the river and coming up on these huge trees that had fallen and blocked our route. I was thinking we’d get out of our

It’s been a SUPER AMAZING journey. I’m just SO BLESSED BEYOND BLESSED that God brought me Young Living.” —Christa Smith

rafts and walk around these massive trees. But instead of going around the trees, Gary came prepared with a chainsaw and chopped the trees into pieces, and we kept on floating. “Seeing Gary do that was just really profound. I realized then that there’s no obstacle that can’t be handled.”

Family Business

“The reason it works for us is because it’s a family business,” said Christa. “My kids are involved, my husband is involved, and it’s a real team effort. I’m able to do this because of my family. “I have two goals. The first is to see everyone on my team pass me and do it faster than me. I’ve challenged my team to get to Diamond faster than me. That would be so awesome! My other goal, and I’m kind of serious about this, is to become Triple Royal Double Crown Diamond because I’ve got to have income to support my kids’ Young Living habits— specifically NingXia Red® and Nitro®.”