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Volume 3.6 June 2013

Founder’s Message

See you soon!

A Time to Believe: The 2013 International Grand Convention THE TIME TO believe is now. The 2013 International Grand Convention is the perfect kickstarter for developing a driving passion for self-belief, highlighted by inspiring keynotes from Dr. D. Gary Young and Dr. Wayne Dyer. An internationally renowned speaker in the field of self-development, Dr. Dyer is the author of more than 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. Dr. Dyer is affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans. Despite his childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, he has overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true. Today he spends his time showing others how to do the same. An adherent of the philosophy that thoughts shape reality, Dr. Dyer offers a powerful, step-by-step program for making your thoughts intentional in order to create your desired reality. Dr. Dyer will be motivating the convention attendees on Friday, June 21. Before Dr. Dyer’s presentation, you will encounter a week filled with discovery and excitement as you immerse yourself in workshops dedicated to helping you achieve the Young Living lifestyle. Every class will give you the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in our industry—from explosively building your business to uncovering the latest benefits of essential oils and everything in between. This is your convention—take control of it! Be inspired to believe!

Everything you need to believe... Believe in you: • Aroma Yoga and Zumba with essential oils • Weight management with Slique™ and aroma shape techniques • Workshops on men’s and women’s health

Believe in essential oils:

Believe in success:

• For your home, mental and emotional health, and cognitive function • School of Nature’s Remedies and Dr. Mom classes • Raindrop Technique®

• Understanding and teaching YL’s compensation plan • Business tips with start-up expert Sandy Botkin • Promoting your business with social media • Going global: expanding your business overseas

and much more!


BELIEVE—THE AFFIRMATION of success! Are you ready to look into the future and feel the excitement coming from Global Headquarters and distributors around the world as we prepare to celebrate the growth and achievements of our company, Young Living Essential Oils, while enjoying the fresh mountain air of Salt Lake City? Convention is almost here! Top leaders such as Wayne Dyer, who is well known in our industry, will enlighten you with new concepts that will help you navigate your path toward success. Clint Walker, a famous film and TV star for over 40 years, will delight you with his vibrant passion for life and his love of Young Living. Clint has been an example of honesty and integrity throughout his Hollywood career and is an inspiration to all who know him. This year’s convention is about learning to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve wellness, purpose, and abundance. You will hear about how Young Living is continuing to accelerate as the World Leader in Essential Oils® through the latest research and discovery. You will learn about our farms and essential oil production worldwide, as well as about the benefits of our unparalleled products. It will be a rewarding week filled with education and networking fun— a time to meet those in your organization and leaders in Young Living. You’ll be flying home on the wings of self-belief, with an absolute conviction of your ability to grow your business and achieve your dreams. Don’t miss the Nitro blast off as it enters the line of new Young Living products that will be introduced this year. I am excited to see you and to share in your success. I appreciate your support and dedication in taking our mission to the world.

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Speaking of the Royal Family... Gregg & Carol Johnson GREGG AND I were first introduced to a Young Living Essential 7™ kit in 1995 and were just told to use it. The next month, when the second Essential 7 kit arrived, we asked what we were supposed to do with it and were given a quick explanation. When the third kit arrived, I decided I had enough pretty bottles decorating my counter and began my path of discovery. As “luck” would have it, I burned myself, giving me the opportunity to have my first lavender experience. I was amazed. It did exactly what I was told it would do: it healed the burn quickly. That motivated me to test Peace &Calming® on my 10-year-old son, Paul. I applied it to the bottoms of his feet and was fascinated with how peaceful he became. The rest is history. Paul, who is now 28; his siblings; and all of our grandchildren have had the wonderful health benefits of Young Living products for almost 18 years. Today, our home is filled with Young Living products, from toothpaste to diffusers. We inhale them, rub them on, and ingest them. Young Living is about wellness, purpose, and abundance. We go one step further and add, “the purpose of abundance.” We love traveling and sharing the oils and how Young Living has changed our lives. Gregg shares this thought: Gary’s vision and hard work have given us the farms that are producing many of our oils and the facilities to test, bottle, label, and ship them to us. Our part is to share these amazing, God-given products with God’s children—those searching for a “natural way.” If you approach this opportunity with the same vision and passion as Gary and Mary, you will be successful.  Sharing what you love with others is not rocket science. Our business allows us to split our time between Colorado Springs and Phoenix, spending time with our family and friends. How grateful we are for the healthier and happier lifestyle that we enjoy because of Young Living.

“If you approach this... with the same vision and passion as Gary

and Mary, you will be successful.”

Marcella Vonn Harting MARCELLA VONN HARTING’S journey to the wellness, purpose, and abundance she has so successfully navigated hasn’t always been as clear as it is today. The winding paths to success and even peace were wrought with unimaginable anxiety, daily battles, and pleadings for inner strength as she helplessly watched her newborn daughter’s health falter. “There was a moment in my life that changed me forever, and that was when I gave birth to our little girl, Kortni,” she says. “It was really touch-and-go; we had a lot of trauma with her birth, and then at seven months she literally died in my husband’s arms.” After Kortni had spent two weeks in intensive care, Marcella Vonn explains, “God gave Kortni back to us, and that inspired me and put me on a path that changed my life forever.” That path included none other than Mary Young, one of her dearest friends. “Mary called me and said, ‘I think there are some products here that could make a difference for Kortni.’ That one phone call started me on a very abundant life with Young Living.” For more than 20 years, Marcella Vonn has been sharing her story—and her heart— with people worldwide. “I realized that I had created a phenomenal business by just sharing from my heart the oils and the difference they made for my daughter,” she explains. “Because of what my family has experienced, it would be really wrong for me to not share; it would be a disservice.” She admits that the only difference between her and the newest Young Living distributor is that she has talked to more people and has engaged more people in the company. “That’s literally the only difference,” she says. “I stand on the shoulders of many great leaders and wonderful people in my organization. My success comes from all of their hard work and dedication to the Youngs and their personal dreams.” Marcella Vonn, husband Jim, and their two distributor children, Dallas and Kortni,

“Young Living is who I am. It’s who my family is. We live

Young Living and we live it every day.”

Vicki Opfer

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VICKI OPFER IS one of the fortunate ones, not just because she has achieved raving success at Young Living as a Royal Crown Diamond, but because she knows exactly how to pursue her life’s design. “My God-given purpose is to be of service to others,” Vicki says, “and these oils have given me a beautiful way to achieve this purpose every single day. People suffer so needlessly, so my goal has become to empower as many people as possible to share with their friends and family so that together we can touch the lives of many, many people.” This mother of four—grandmother to five—has been actively engaged in the naturalhealth field for more than 40 years, optimistically fulfilling her commission to bless others while at the same time blessing her own life. Young Living has given her the vehicle to do this. “Young Living’s mission of wellness, purpose, and abundance is exactly what my experience has been,” she expresses. “I experience all three of these on a daily basis. Young Living has enriched my life in immeasurable ways, and one of those is having the honor of helping others. I’ve seen miracle after miracle. I feel extremely blessed to go through life with these extraordinary experiences.” It is the art of sharing Young Living that Vicki has mastered, and from it has sprung a masterpiece—a vast number of people whose lives have been changed forever. “I’ve been in the natural-health field for 40 years, and I’m still in awe of what the oils can do for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being,” admits Vicki. “We don’t need to know how or why they’re working; we just need to put them on and let them work. “That’s the key: Use the products every day as a lifestyle choice. Find a simple, duplicable way to share Young Living with as many people as possible. Learn those skills and teach them to others. Young Living gives you the opportunity to do great good in the world.”

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Party Like Gatsby! On-site registration is limited, so register today at

Young Living Leaders Hall of Fame DIAMOND Fuller Life (SGP) PLATINUM Patricia Gwee (SGP) Shu Li Law & Chua Hong Leong (SGP) Chua Hong Ling (SGP) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Claudia Hofmaier (SGP) Cynthia Teo (SGP) Fee Boey & Nigel Pendrigh (MY)


Bold = Newly Qualified

Foong Pooi Yee (MY) Ho Chee Hong (SGP) Pang Kim Choo (SGP) Tan Kai Hiang (SGP) Yonie Bonawi (SGP)

SILVER Jihan Saleh Kinnear (SGP) Khairul Ariffin (SGP) Lee Hock Seng (SGP) Lee Hock Soon (SGP) Lee Wai Ching (SGP) Ng Wei Suan (MY) Noorsaadah Binte Noordin (SGP) Nyit Kiew Leong (MY) Shamala Tan (SGP) Sheena Ling (SGP) Sie Hun Sim (MY)

Siew Kiang Chua (SGP) Sri Mulyadi (SGP) Sum Tong Ng (SGP) Tan Hwee San (SGP) Thia Woon Ling (SGP) Wong Siew Yen (MY) Yoon Yung Chen (MY)

Young Living South East Asia Leadership Seminar 2013 September 12 - 15, 2013 Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket

Event Highlights:

2013 Updates and Feedback Session 2014 Strategies and Plans

Leadership Talks by Guest Speakers A whole lot of bonding and fun at the pristine beach of Phuket!

Open to all members in South East Asia who have achieved Silver for at least two consecutive months from September 2012 to August 2013. All expenses paid*. For more details, visit or call the Sales & Marketing Department at (65) 6391 0170. THE

Bee Hoon Eng (MY) Chai Chee Ong (MY) Cheng Cheng Law (SGP) Cherie Tseng (SGP) Chong QiuLong (SGP) Donna Lim (SGP) Gennet Song (SGP) Huang Hsiu Keen Geene (SGP) Jacq Ong Chiu Hoon (SGP) Jayesh Parekh (SGP) Kok Wai Hoi (MY)

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Young Living’s World News ECUADOR

Young Living Ecuador took part in the Expo Cosmo 2013. Sales were successful, and Young Living’s name was displayed in front of thousands of people. Dr. Leida Arguello, director at the Nova Vita Clinic, was featured on a popular TV show, where she taught with so much excitement about essential oils that the show’s host felt compelled to purchase Young Living essential oils.


Young Living Peru continues to thrive. The city of Trujillo gathered more than 250 people for a presentation focused on products and opportunity. On April 30 Brigham Iraheta conducted the Everyday Oils seminar for more than 200 people, including distributors and prospects. Everyone gained a greater knowledge of Young Living products and a motivation to share what they had learned. There was also a coaching session on personal finance linked to the business opportunity Young Living offers.


Young Living Mexico continues to see great activity from all of its leaders. With the help of Ruben Yescas, Young Living Mexico’s sales manager, distributors are holding introductory meetings at a rapid rate, spreading across the country and taking our message to every corner of the country.


South East Asia continues to grow, as both Singapore and Malaysia opened the second quarter with record-breaking sales. Thanks to the leaders in these markets, who have been driving this growth with so much passion and dedication! There is already a long list of new leaders who will be recognized at this month’s International Grand Convention. Compared to last year, there will be a bigger group of delegates from the region, including the 10 winners of the 2013 Singapore Raceto-Convention incentive program. The next big event to watch for is the Healthy Living with Essential Oils tour on July 10 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and July 13 in Singapore. This special event will feature very timely and informative talks by Crown Diamond Teri Secrest and Diamond Frances Fuller.


Young Living Japan recently welcomed Royal Crown Diamond Vicki Opfer for a business training tour in Osaka and Tokyo. Her Heart-Centered Sharing presentation was so meaningful that many committed to start sharing Young Living. Vicki also held leadership seminars in two cities, where more than 60 qualified distributors attended.


Over a 12-week period, many Australian distributors embarked on a weight-loss journey to a healthier lifestyle. The Slique Challenge involved distributors using Young Living’s Slique™ products as part of their daily regimen. We would like to congratulate the biggest losers: Female 18–40: First: Kim Thomson; Second: Abbie McElevey; Third: Carley Kendall Male 40+: First: Shane Gallagher; Second: Warren Dyer Female 40+: First: Beth Shuttleworth; Second: Suzanne McTier-Browne; Third: Nicki Thomson A big thanks to everyone who participated! Remember to stay Slique!


The Canada grand opening event brought a lot of excitement to the market, as evidenced by Young Living Canada seeing another great month of record sales and growth! Young Living distributors and leaders in Canada have caught this vision and are traveling across the country sharing the Young Living story and mission with everyone they meet. Young Living Canada is excited to have its first Diamond distributors, Carla and Bill Green, with others on the horizon.

Upcoming Global Events Introductory Meeting July 9 Denver, CO Introductory Meeting July 10 Albuquerque, NM Introductory Meeting July 11 Phoenix, AZ Introductory Meeting July 12 Oklahoma City, OK Lavender Day July 13 Young Living Lavender Farm Mona, UT Introductory Meeting July 17 San Diego, CA Introductory Meeting July 18 Grand Junction, CO Raindrop Technique July 27 Teaneck, NJ Silver Retreat August 1-4 Coeur d’Alene/St. Maries Farm, ID

Germany Opening a Huge Success


YOUNG LIVING RECENTLY celebrated the grand opening of its new market in Germany. This latest Young Living market launch offers German residents the opportunity to market the company’s industry-leading products and build a Young Living business. Young Living distributors and guests from around the world were on hand to celebrate the European distributors celebrate Germany’s grand opening with launch and enjoy inspiring mesD. Gary Young. sages. D. Gary Young expressed his enthusiasm for Young Living’s expansion and discussed his years of research and discovery of essential oils. Dr. Olivier Wenker was also on hand to give participants valuable education on essential oils and nutrition. “Germany is the eighth largest direct-selling market globally. The entrepreneurial spirit here is amazing,” said John Doughty, general manager of Young Living Europe. “The German consumer demands the highest quality products. Young Living has invested the time and resources to make sure all of our products are compliant and registered for the German marketplace.” The launch of the new market in Germany is one of several major expansions for Young Living in 2013. German Platinum distributor Aditya Nowotny during the grand opening ceremony. New markets, including Hong Kong, are slated to open later this year as Young Living aggressively expands its global reach. Essential Edge News

What’s Red and a Convention Must? NINGXIA RED® IS a superfruit beverage infused with powerful essential oils that provides long-lasting energy support. Because of its energizing nature, NingXia Red is the perfect companion to the upcoming International Grand Convention. Young Living Platinum Dallas Harting agrees, “NingXia Red is a must because it gets people pumped up and keeps them energized throughout the convention.” The NingXia Red bar, located in the Product Expo, is an exciting place where distributors can go to get a variety of NingXia Red products, including NingXia Red shots (with or without oil mix-ins), slushies, and even SWAG. According to Young Living Crown Diamond Debra Raybern, “It is a great place to get our NingXia Red for the day.” For just a few dollars, attendees can intake sustained energy and fortify and replenish key nutrients—helping them stay alert and focused for a week of learning. Young Living Crown Diamond Brenda Schuler explains, “Stopping at the NingXia Red bar daily is an absolute must! You never know what surprises you will encounter. The entertainment is top notch; the bartenders are hilarious; the creations they make like ‘The Nuclear Explosion’ are amazing; and if you are lucky, Gary Young will be behind the bar!”

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Singapore June 2013 Issue

Message from the General Manager

Save the date for our Diamond Studded Healthy Living Tour!

I am so excited about convention this year! In just a few days the largest group ever from Singapore will be attending the International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love having everyone together and sharing in the energy that you all bring to these events. Some of the recent events here in Singapore and elsewhere have been inspiring to me, and I look forward to being inspired again at convention. The recent Next Generation Leadership meeting was a great time for many of our upcoming leaders to get together and hear from top leaders on how they can take their business to the next level. During this meeting, I had the opportunity to share my own observations of what it is to be a leader in Young Living. Five points that I shared include: 1. Your organization is either growing or dying, there is no other option. Many members, even leaders, build good organizations but then become complacent and do not focus enough on the growth of their downline members. Once complacency starts, attrition starts as well and a once good organization begins to fall apart. It is important as leaders that we always focus on the growth of our downline members, and continually work to grow the organization. 2. John C. Maxwell, in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, coined the term “the Law of Magnetism.” As leaders we will attract people who act like we do. Thus, if we are consistently taking action, we will attract other actionoriented people. Conversely, if we are lazy and do not look after our organizations, we will attract the same sort of people. 3. Consistent action is required to keep your organization growing. I gave the example of Newton’s second law of physics which states that Force (F) equals Mass (M) times Acceleration (A). If you want the size, or mass, of your organization to grow at a faster rate, you need to apply consistent action, or force, to your business. Make daily goals, set aside some time each day, and take action. 4. In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins identified a Level 5 leader as one who couples professional will with personal humility. To go from a good organization to one that is truly great requires leadership that is ambitious and determined as well as humble and open to learning from others. 5. Finally, what I truly love about network marketing is that one can only be successful if they are helping others grow and develop as leaders as well. Sharing with others is truly the mark of a great leader. Many people have different observations on leadership than what I do. Regardless of how you view it, I encourage each of you to take a leadership role and develop Wellness, Purpose and Abundance in those around you. To those of you who cannot attend the International Grand Convention this year, I hope to see you there next year! Don’t miss such a fantastic opportunity to hear from experts in essential oils and be inspired by so many members from around the world. Best of success!

Our Thieves Household line was recently featured by Square Rooms Magazine, May 2013 issue.

Will Halterman General Manager Young Living South East Asia

Our Everyday Oils Collection was recently featured by Mother & Baby magazine, May 2013 issue.

PR Corner Square Rooms Magazine


Mother and Baby Magazine

Essential Edge News

Essential Edge News


Singapore June 2013 Issue

Next Generation Leaders Meeting May 31 was a very special day for Young Living Singapore as it held its very first Next Generation Leaders Meeting. This by-invitation meeting focuses on Executives who have been indentified by their uplines as high-potential, high-performers - who are on their way towards leadership. It was a wonderful experience to gather all our upcoming leaders in Singapore for a day full of sharing and learning from each other. The participants were in for a treat with enriching talks from our YL leaders, Frances Fuller (Diamond), Hong Chua (Platinum), Patricia Gwee (Platinum) and Yonie Bonawi (Gold). It was definitely a heartwarming experience for the YL Singapore team to see our region grow and expand at such a fast pace and to witness the development and growth of these upcoming leaders. We look forward to more leaders joining us on the next run of Next Generation Leaders Meeting! Karen sharing with our YL leaders our latest company updates.

Enriching sessions by our very own YL Singapore Leaders (L to R): Frances Fuller (Diamond), Hong Chua (Platinum), Patricia Gwee (Platinum), Yonie Bonawi (Gold)

Leaders and Executives spending a day to learn and share with each other.

Members enjoying a wonderful bonding time over good food at Swissotel Merchant Court.

Success in Six Updates As Success in Six Take the Challenge (SG) and Silver in Six (International) Year 2 continue, we are happy to congratulate the region’s newest achievers who have reached their goals in less than six months! Each of them has qualified to receive their very own Aroma Complete Kit. Congratulations to our latest Success in Six – Take the Challenge (SEA) Qualifiers:


Khairul Ariffin, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 month of becoming Executive

Essential Edge News

Patricia Gwee (Platinum), Deanna Koh (Executive), Yonie Bonawi (Gold)

Members enjoying a wonderful bonding time over good food at Swissotel Merchant Court.