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Volume 2 Issue 10

Founder’s Message

Please accept my challenge: break your old, limiting habits and pursue a life of limitless, transformational discovery and success. Be a part of the Young Living family and envelop yourself in the mission and message we carry to the world.

Congratulations and welcome to Neena Love as one of Young Living’s newest Gold ranking distributors. She shares with us her amazing journey and the very reasons why she is now one of Young Living Australia’s top leaders.

How I became Gold Well, Jim loves to proclaim to the world at large that if Neena Love can become Gold, anyone can, and I have to say there is truth in this statement. I was using the Young Living oils as a home based qualified massage therapist for 18 months before the lights went on and I realised that this was the most amazing avenue for lifestyle and passive income EVER. At the time I decided to make a business out of YL, I had a small but devoted clientele. I lived on 10 acres of secluded paradise, not exposed to the public in any way and I was on my own with two youngish children, a less than ideal situation.

By Neena Love

don’t want to be pushy and sell”. Well that was me folks, I had clients on the table and they LOVED the oils, as you do, and they wanted them. I would casually give them the paperwork and told them this is how they could go about getting some oils and that was it. Thinking that I was not being pushy or selling, the reality was I was plain out indulging in lousy customer service. If you have someone express an interest in the oils and/or products, help them with the paperwork, fax it off and really take care of them, they will love you for it.

There are many keys to success that I feel I have applied, more than I could elaborate on in a short article but one thing stands out. I took the approach of really caring for people.

Around this time Artemis arranged for me to participate in an expo. I personally thrive in an expo environment. I learned that it’s not about the number of sign ups you get on the day, it’s more about establishing contact with people and following through.

Now we have all heard this before but how does it look in a practical sense. One of the things I most commonly hear when I am talking to people is; “Oh, I

This is so important in establishing a solid Young Living business. I follow up with everyone I sign up, get to know them, help with their next autoship,


This year Young Living has been relentlessly focused on helping you—our Young Living distributors—achieve and even surpass the success you envision for yourself. Whether your goal is to build a personal business or to strengthen your family and friends through Young Living’s exceptional products, we want to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Many of you have recently been inspired from unique and monumental presentations and webinars taught by Bob Proctor and me. I am extremely excited as I think about our partnership together and the benefits that will quickly be coming your way as we build an even better Young Living. I am fully confident that this year of transformation is a new beginning in helping you get where you want to be. How am I so confident in the future? Because we are changing our paradigms! For those of you who have participated in the various webinars and seminars, you know that paradigms are a multitude of habits that have been passed on from one generation to another that affect our behaviors and shape what we do in life. In order to reach new heights and accomplish exciting success, the old habits that are holding us back must be broken and replaced with elevated thoughts and actions. The key to changing your paradigms is to understand what you are now and what you want to be. You simply start moving forward and let that conviction lead you. You may not know how you are going to get there as you begin, but as you start on your transformational path, the “how” will unfold in ways you never thought possible.

listen to their enthusiasm, educate on where to get the relevant books and give them CD’s. I encourage my leaders to do the same ie. offer great customer service and educate. In this process A LOT happens; you make lifetime friends, as well as create lifetime users and as a result you will have a business that grows steady and strong. There is a lot more that I could say and share but in closing would like to thank those that have been so very instrumental in my journey. Thank you to Maria James, to Sharon and Andrew Wild for being such awesome people, to not only work with but play with. Thank you to Artemis an incredible example of great leadership, to Gary Young for believing in himself so I could too, and all the staff in head office who I have found to be so consistently friendly and supportive. My heart goes out in gratitude to you all.

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Young Living Around the World JAPAN

Japan’s fourth Success Seminar was held during September in six cities, where distributors learned about the commission plan, sharing products, and business building. Now more than 200 distributors in the region are ready to share Young Living products with their friends and family!


Distributors around Europe are excitedly ordering a range of new products, including the new and improved NingXia Red®, Slique™ Tea, Progessence Phyto Plus™, and AromaGuard® deodorants. The long-awaited Founders Meeting in Germany, as well as regional meetings in Austria and Sweden, was a big hit in late September. In addition, personal websites have been launched for German-speaking countries, making it even easier to share the Young Living message of wellness, purpose, and abundance!


During September, leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong converged in Nusa Dua, Bali, for the 2012 Southeast Asia Leadership Seminar. The enriching seminar included leadership talks from motivational speaker Francis Kong and Young Living COO Travis Ogden and ended with a spectacular tour of the island, followed by a royal Balinese recognition dinner. To further add to the region’s energy and excitement, Gary Young toured Southeast Asia from September 27–October 2. Gary’s visits to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines were very much appreciated by all members in the region.


Young Living Australia would like to welcome Pauline Battersby to our Young Living

family. Pauline has joined the company as the new Director of Distributor Services. Pauline, qualified in both business and stategic management, worked within the hospitality industry for fifteen years, encompassing both operational and sales and marketing positions. For the last eight years, Pauline followed her passion for natural therapies by returning to her studies and opening her own business. Pauline’s sales and marketing experience and her love of natural therapies will be great assets to Young Living!


Young Living Mexico has seen a tremendous increase in new sign-ups. Our Mexican distributors have been working harder than ever to spread the message of better health and prosperity through the benefits of Young Living. The growth has been so consistent that Young Living has hired

a new sales and marketing manager, Ruben Yescas, who will reside and conduct business from Mexico City.


General manager Yail Simon completed a three-city tour around Peru with hundreds of distributors in attendance. The market continues to flourish as members share their love of essential oils.


The harvests in Ecuador are going strong, with dorado azul, oregano, and lemongrass—just to name a few—currently being harvested. Our Ecuador farm continues to show why Young Living sets the research standard for optimal distillation of plants for essential oil use!

Celebrating Success at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador

Students of the Young Living Academy’s new orchestra play at the Chongon town square near Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Success is measured over time. Nearly a year has passed since the D. Gary Young Foundation (DGYF) launched our Sponsor-A-Child program for the students of the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. Today, with 120 of 158 children now sponsored, the DGYF is celebrating and saying thank you to all who have made this program a huge success.

Thanks to generous donations, academy students are currently competing in the Minigenios De El Universo (Genius University), a countrywide competition of 200 schools in Ecuador, organised by the country’s largest newspaper, Diario El Universo. The students are in the third phase of the tournament and rank among the top 45 schools participating! The Young Living Academy baseball teams have also had opportunities to shine at the Campeonato Liga Ricardo Chacon, where the school’s Child AA team placed second and the Junior A team took the championship! The teams are now preparing for another competition later this month, and the Child AA team has been invited to compete in Peru in January.

Because of the support of the DGYF, the academy students are in an environment that enhances learning and are aspiring to reach their full potential. As they continue to move forward, it is time to expand the school by adding another classroom. This much-needed expansion will provide the space required for the ninth graders to continue on to high school. We are currently assessing the costs of a new classroom and need your help to make it happen. Stay tuned to, Facebook, and Twitter @DGYFoundation), where we will let you know how to help make a difference in the lives of these amazing children.

books, uniforms, and tuition for a student at the Young Living Academy. As part of your sponsorship, you will also have the opportunity to help your sponsored child learn English through a meaningful e-mail correspondence. Make a difference in the life of a child today by visiting and clicking on the “Donate Now” button! Don’t forget to check out the Young Living Academy’s Shutterfly page (younglivingacademyecuador., where academy staff uploads the latest pictures of student events, competitions, classes, outings, and more.

With all our successes over the past year, 38 academy children are still in need of a sponsor. For as little as $75 a month, you can help provide

Sharnael Wolverton is Young Living’s Newest Diamond Distributor! Sharnael Wolverton is a shining example of being committed to building a successful Young Living business. As of July, just two years after becoming a distributor, Sharnael has become Young Living’s newest Diamond. In a feature in April’s Essential Edge News, Sharnael provided insight into just what it takes to reach unparalleled success. “Young Living has reignited my passion for health and helping others,” she said. “It is hard work, but most great things require hard work. Seeing the results in myself and others makes it all worth it.”

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Congratulations, Sharnael, on being Young Living’s newest Diamond and living an inspiring, transformational life filled with wellness, purpose, abundance, and vitality.

Essential Edge News

For all those who couldn’t attend our Post Convention tour, we are now sharing the wonderful Jade story so that everyone can hear about her amazing transformation.

My Slique Success Story As a 55 y/o woman I have struggled with my weight ever since I gave up smoking, almost twenty years ago, and in which time I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I have always eaten quite healthly but my metabolism just wasn't working efficiently and thus I became more and more overweight. I was a ‘yo-yo’ dieter constantly trying to lose weight, only to put it back on again... plus more. In the last two to three years I have put on over 38 kilos! The excess weight that I was carrying caused significant trauma to my left knee, and for around five months prior to entering the 'Slique Challenge', I had extreme difficulty in walking. It was so painful and slow, I even spent some time in a wheel chair. Day-to-day activites that I took for granted became laborious tasks. I was so inspired by Marc Schreuder's weight-loss when he introduced the 'Slique Tea' at the 2011 Young Living Brisbane Convention, I just couldn't wait to try it! On the 23rd February 2012, I looked on the Young Living U.S. website and saw that they had launched a "Slique Weight-Loss Challenge", alongside the ‘Slique Kit’. I read the terms and conditions and there was no reason why I couldn't enter! All I had to do was purchase a ‘Slique Kit’ every month of the competition, and be present at the International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, to receive the $5,000 prize money if I won. The only problem was, how was I going to get the money to go? I only had six days left before registration closed, so I entered straight away and would figure out how I was going to get there later. I just had to lose the weight and this gave me a goal to focus on to reach my purpose!

Unfortunately, I did not win the Slique Challenge but was very close! The winner from my age group was Debra Pirtle, whose total weight-loss percentage was 26% and mine was 25.5%. Jim O'Reilly presented me with a $1,500 cheque for coming second place at the Post Convention meeting in Sydney. I was so surprised, I couldn't believe it! My S.L.I.Q.U.E regimen gave me a complete system for rapid, sustainable transformation. The ‘Slique Kit’ that I chose was the vegetarian option, which contains a powerhouse of nutrients to help in weight management. The kit included a combination of valuable bio-active products from Young Living: 2 x Power Meal 2 x Slique Tea 1 x Slique Essence 1 x Detoxzyme 1 x NingXia Red Singles (30 pk)

By Jade Taylor

metabolism and decrease appetite. In May 2011, scientists reported in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology that citral improves insulin sensitivity, amplifies metabolism and reduces accumulation of fats by hindering the formation of fat cells. The study concluded that citral's mechanisms of action prevented diet-induced obesity. It has a corrective action on liver enzymes to support weight-loss and reduce Type 2 diabetes. It all has to do with blood sugar conversion. Therefore, citral can both Balance and Burn! I included Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass and Idaho Balsam Fir essential oils to my daily regime.

Thanks to Young Living and Slique, I have experienced many benefits from my weight-loss, but the biggest of all is that I can not only walk again, but I can run again, without any pain at all. I have full mobility back and my knee has healed without having any surgery. Slique has reprogrammed and reset my body's metabolism so that it now works efficiently.

1st submission photo

3rd and final submission photo

23rd February, 2012 Start weight 89.4 kg

31st May, 2012 Total Weight-Loss 22.8 kg (50.16 lbs) in fourteen weeks!

I have increased vitality. I'm happy, healthy, and full of life to enjoy! Jade Taylor Natura Amala Natural Therapies

They all work synergistically with one another to produce, what Doug Corrigan calls, "The 3 B Effect". Burn, Balance and Build. It is a threefold weight management plan. The first B, “Burn”, emphasises strategies that will increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories. The second B, “Balance”, includes approaches that balance your emotions, blood sugar and helps control hunger. The third B, “Build”, focuses on methods to build cellular health, enhance cellular communication and help our cells use energy more efficiently. I use many of Young Living's bio-active products, but one product in particular deserves a special mention; Lemon Myrtle! Lemon Myrtle essential oil contains 90-95% citral. Citral has been investigated for its ability to enhance

Progessence Phyto Plus™ is now available! ITEM NO. 458102 15ml WHSL. $55.51 / PV 35.00

Product story Specially formulated by D. Gary Young, ND, and Dan Purser, MD, this essential oil-infused product enhances moisture absorption through the skin and contains pure frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils. Progessence Phyto Plus is portable and has a pleasant smell. The product’s clear bottle showcases the purity of this unique serum formulation.

Primary benefits + Naturally encourages youthful appearance of the skin + Does not require rotation of the application site + May have a calming effect if used at bedtime Who should take progessence plus? + Women seeking natural balance + Women looking for a calming effect at bedtime. Complementary products NingXia Red

Suggested use + Apply two to four drops twice daily on neck or other soft-tissue area. For added effect, apply one to two drops along forearms twice daily. It does not need to be rotated on different areas of the body or cycled throughout the month + Progessence Plus may be used after a warm bath or shower. Cautions Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.


Product summary Progessence Phyto Plus™ is a USPgrade wild yam extract infused with vitex and essential oils to help women find balance the way nature intended.

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Bob Proctor and the Farm Experience “When distributors come here, go through a tour, and see everything, their business could multiply...” —Bob Proctor Since this summer’s International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Bob Proctor’s vision of what Young Living is has come full circle. Through guest speaking, webinars, and after many hours spent with Gary and Mary Young, distributors, and Young Living employees, Mr. Proctor had to experience just one more thing to truly grasp what differentiates Young Living from everybody else: its farms. During late August, Mr. Proctor flew to Utah for a few days to learn even more about the world leader in essential oils. Gary Young made sure Mr. Proctor’s few days in Utah were filled with eye-witness, hands-on experiences that included a day at

the Young Living lavender farm in Mona, Utah. “You can’t call this place a farm,” said Mr. Proctor, while looking out over the endless fields of plants and the various villages. “This isn’t a farm; this is an experience. I saw the boiler room and watched as peppermint was distilled; I tasted it. You would have to come up with a name for this place, but a farm is not adequate. I’m really glad I came, really happy.” Known for consulting with major companies throughout the world, Mr. Proctor believes that the Young Living farms are a breeding ground for running a successful Young Living business.

Sourcing Citrus Essential Oils in Brazil

Young Living is out in the world guaranteeing that our Seed to Seal® process is followed by our sources.

By Mary Lou Jacobson Young Living Director of Purchasing

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Young Living Essential Oils recently visited Brazil to look at citrus and eucalyptus essential oil sources. Our Seed to Seal process of examining farm practices, various distillation processes, and quality processes, remains the top priority in all of our sourcing. We were especially interested in visiting citrus farms. Citrus essential oils are pressed from peels of the fruit and are not steam distilled. Most of the citrus oils are byproducts of juice extraction, but not always. The essential oil in citrus fruits is contained in small pockets just below the surface of the skin. The fruit produces essential oil to discourage pests and insects from attacking it. Brazil produces large amounts of orange juice, and Young Living visited two different producers, each of whom claimed to produce 30 percent of the world’s supply of orange juice. Imagine the essential oil quantities produced just at these two facilities! After the oranges are thoroughly washed, the juice is squeezed from the bottom while the peel is pressed upward. The juice runs out the bottom of the press, and the essential oil is pressed upwards, collected in tubes at the top, and transferred to large centrifugal containers that spin fast enough to separate the essential

oil from other liquids. The essential oil is collected in large tanks and kept near freezing because the cold temperature separates out any waxes left in the essential oil. Both of these large producers own and operate massive multicultural farms of orange, lime, and mandarin groves. In addition, we visited a smaller multicultural farm that is dedicated to the production of essential oils but not the production of juice— although some of the peel is candied for fruitcakes at Christmastime. At this facility the fruit is thoroughly washed and then run over large graters that look very similar to the grater in your kitchen. The grated peel is mixed with water, and a slurry of peel and water is sent to a container that separates the water and the oil. Waste product is composted and returned to the soil. This farm produces bitter orange, lemon, lime, and bergamot. It is interesting to note that there is no waste at these large facilities. All of the pulp and peel is dried in a kiln and processed for animal feed. We also visited a eucalyptus farm that uses university studies to determine the best practices for planting eucalyptus trees. After healthy nursery stock is planted in soil prepared with organic matter from distillery by-products, the

Essential Edge News

trees are cared for and let grow for five years. At that time a few of the trees are marked for future timber or telephone poles. The majority of the trees are cut at ground level, and the leaves are removed with traditional machetes. The leaves are then piled on trucks and sent to a steam distillery located on the property. To avoid waste, the tree trunk and branches are made into charcoal. The lot number of each batch of essential oil is tracked and filtered and a GC is analysed before the lots are combined in large stainless-steel containers. In addition to using the distillery waste for organic material in the fields, this waste is also used to fire the boilers, so all parts of these eucalyptus trees are used for products or returned to the earth. This includes collecting the smoke from charcoal production to create liquid smoke flavouring for foods. Young Living is out in the world guaranteeing that our Seed to Seal process is followed by our sources. We know that ensuring quality from seed to seal is absolutely crucial so that we can continue to provide the world with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

“I think every distributor should definitely come here,” said Mr. Proctor. “When distributors come here, go through a tour, and see everything, their business could multiply, for sure, because they get a great sense of what business they’re in.” Young Living, like its farms, is focused on creating an experience and abundance for its distributors, according to Mr. Proctor. “Gary and Mary want to help people build a business. I can see them doubling the size of this company in a short period of time because it is so well positioned to really make something happen.”

Upcoming global events Mark your calendar for upcoming Young Living events!

School of Nature’s Remedies October 13 Teaneck, New Jersey

Raindrop Technique October 20 Hamburg, Germany

Raindrop Technique October 21 Munich, Germany

Raindrop Technique October 28 Vienna, Austria

School of Nature’s Remedies November 10 Denver, Colorado

Master Leader Retreat November 12–16 Guayaquil, Ecuador

School of Nature’s Remedies December 1 Houston, Texas

Winter Harvest

January 7–February 2 Highland Flats & St. Maries, Idaho

School of Nature’s Remedies January 19 Guadalajara, Mexico

Visit for more information on these exciting events!

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