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Volume 2.12 Dec. 2012

New Compensation Plan Enhancements Founder’s Message

Something new and exciting is coming to Young Living on January 1! We are very pleased to introduce compensation plan enhancements that will help you create tremendous abundance. We have simplified our plan to make it easier to understand and explain, with advancements that are more easily attainable.

Compensation Plan Enhancements Qualifications are now based on simple leg and organization volume, making it easier to build. • Executive: 2 legs each at 1,000 with 4,000 total OGV,* directing growth toward Silver • Silver: 2 legs each at 4,000 with 10,000 total OGV • Gold: 3 legs each at 6,000 with 35,000 total OGV, creating a behavior that will direct building toward the Diamond rank • Platinum: 4 legs each at 8,000 with 100,000 total OGV • Diamond: 5 legs each at 15,000 with 250,000 total OGV • Crown Diamond: 6 legs each at 20,000 with 750,000 total OGV • Royal Crown Diamond (new): 6 legs each at 35,000 with 1,500,000 total OGV *Organization Group Volume

UNILEVEL PAYOUT To encourage new builders, we have increased the commission payout on the first level, while slightly decreasing it on levels three, four, and five.


For the minority of distributors who may go down in rank or commission payout with these compensation plan changes, we have a plan to help them maintain their earning level for six months while they strengthen their structure through sustainable business building. Royal Crown Diamond recognition will be given the first time at the 2013 convention, and we are sure that there will be four or five who will make it! Gary Young analyzes oils using the high-resolution gas chromatograph, an instrument distributors will use at this year’s Winter Harvest.

1,000 OGV Leg 7

This is a 1% bonus pool on monthly sales volume, available to those distributors paid as Star through Executive.

100 PV ER 1,000 OGV Leg 6

100 PV ER 500 OGV Leg 5

100 PV ER 500 OGV Leg 4

100 PV ER 300 OGV Leg 3

100 PV ER

100 PV Essential Rewards

Our reports indicate that almost every commission check will stay about the same. We are confident that these enhancements will help you to progress more rapidly, thereby increasing your commission earnings.

100 PV ER

300 OGV Leg 2

100 PV ER 300 OGV Leg 1




TOTAL SHARES EARNED = 6 The value of one share equals approximately $35


Young Living distributors are eligible to earn a Fast Start Bonus on all new distributors they personally enroll in the company. This bonus pays 25% on the volume of each personally enrolled distributor’s total orders placed during the first three calendar months, in addition to base commissions. Each month the bonus payout of 25% is earned by the enroller, a calculation of 10% of the same volume can be paid to the second upline enroller if eligible.* A maximum of $200 may be earned from this bonus per distributor, per month. *When the Fast Start Bonus is paid, the PV used to calculate the bonus is reduced by 70% for all other commissionable payouts. The Star Performance Bonus and second month payout have been eliminated to simplify the process. Continued, see LETTER on page 2 page 1 THE

The remarkable joy of the Christmas season is upon us! We feel this joy as recipients of goodwill brought by neighbors, friends, and family; we experience this joy as selfless givers desiring to make a difference in a stranger’s life; and we see this joy in the eyes of a child who looks heavenward with unrelenting hope and optimism. This is the joy we can know only through the Giver of it—the Babe in Bethlehem, whom we celebrate this season. His was a life of service and giving, of living with perfect selflessness. Through His example, we dedicate ourselves this month to easing burdens, repairing what is broken, and lifting heavy hearts. We lay claim to the sincere, genuine happiness that is inherently ours. As a Young Living distributor, you have the ability and responsibility to share a similar message, one that can ease physical, mental, and financial burdens while spreading wellness, purpose, and abundance—all crucial components to happiness. Sharing such important gifts has never been easier. With our world-class products and your enthusiastic optimism, happiness can be attained by anyone. During this season of gift giving, Mary and I would like to give you something we have been working on for a very long time. It has the power to transform your life and your business through introducing more people to Young Living. It is our new compensation plan, and it will be ready for you beginning January 1. As you read this issue of the Essential Edge News and become familiar with the plan’s many advantages, you will realize that you now have the opportunity to reach farther and climb higher than ever before. My challenge to you is to share the amazing gifts Young Living has to offer. Share our message of happiness and experience always the joy this wondrous season brings.

Essential Edge News

LETTER, continued from page 1



Visit for detailed information regarding the new compensation plan.



DIAMOND 4 Shares


GENERATION LEADERSHIP BONUS This is a 6% bonus pool divided among all leaders paid as Silver and above. The number of shares received depends on rank and the number of leaders in your paid generations.


GOLD 2 Shares

SILVER 1 Share


The Team Performance Bonus of our current plan is unsustainable because it does not encourage the building of the proper structure of an organization for long-term growth and sustainability. Therefore, we have eliminated the Team Performance Bonus. For any distributor who has a team bonus structure, Young Living will pay half of the team bonus that would have been earned during the month. However, the team bonus will be reduced by 10% each month until it is gone or by June 30, 2013, at which time this program will expire completely.

Exciting Results With these compensation plan enhancements, Young Living will have one of the highest payout rates in the industry. Many will increase in rank quickly and will see the tremendous growth potential in their organizations. Recognition at the convention will be very exciting, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Please look at your own organization to see where you need to build and help others in your organization to do the same. As previously mentioned, everyone will have six months to evaluate and build their OGV; most people are already close to where they need to be. This exciting transformation is scheduled to launch on January 1, 2013. This will be a fabulous new addition to the transformation that began when we returned from Ecuador and Gary resumed his position as CEO. We are the world leader in essential oils. With the enhancements in the compensation plan and new training materials, we will see a new surge in motivation and extraordinary growth in our company. Together, we can inspire people worldwide to greater wellness, purpose, abundance, and vitality. Thank you for all you do for Young Living, for your love and support, and for joining us in this newest celebration of our transformation. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please mark your calendars now for a special webinar hosted by Gary on December 12 in which we will explain all of the exciting enhancements of our new compensation plan. We love and appreciate all of you,





Here are some impressive numbers about leaders moving up in rank; in addition, many distributors are within just a few hundred dollars of advancing to the next rank. • 4 Diamonds move up in rank to Crown Diamond • 3 Platinums move up in rank to Diamond • 14 Golds move up in rank to Platinum • 2 Silvers move up in rank to Platinum • 36 Silvers move up in rank to Gold • 61 Executives move up in rank to Silver • 109 Sr. Stars move up in rank to Executive

D. Gary Young, Founder and CEO Mary Young, Executive Vice President

Young Living Golds and Platinums Change Lives During Leader Retreat in Ecuador

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embraces, tears, and sincere gratitude. Thanksgiving had come two weeks early a continent away. For Darren and Sera Johnson, Gold distributors from Texas, meeting their two sponGold and Platinum distributors getting ready to plant and distill at Young Living’s sored students vibrant farm in Ecuador in November. inspired them MANY OF YOUNG LIVING’S Gold and to double their Platinum distributors took a November re- efforts and change the lives of two more prieve and converged in beautiful Guaya- children—a stunning act of generosity. quil, Ecuador, for the 2012 Master Leader In all, every one of the 23 students who Retreat to celebrate their dynamic lead- were not sponsored at daybreak were acership and to change the lives of students counted for and blessed at day’s end with at the Young Living Academy. the hope of a bright future. The pinnacle of this remarkable event “A highlight of our trip was visiting the came midweek, when many of the dis- two children we have been sponsoring at tributors who have sponsored students the Young Living Academy in Chongon for at the academy met for the first time the the past 18 months through the D. Gary child, and in some cases the children, they Young Foundation,” expressed Sera. “Our have directly benefited. The introductions hearts were overjoyed to be able to hug proved intensely emotional, with both these precious children, meet their mothdistributors and students sharing joyful ers, and see all that the foundation has Essential Edge News

done to give a better life through excellent academics, a healthy nutrition program, and life-skill training to entire families of that community who otherwise would have little hope. Seeing the fruit of such an exceptional school and program and seeing a light of hopes and dreams in the children’s eyes moved us to sponsor two more children while we were there.” Throughout the day at the academy, the distributors rolled up their sleeves and worked in the gardens, played baseball with the school’s championship team, and painted the exterior of the academy’s kindergarten in pink, green, yellow, and blue. For these Young Living leaders, it was a day of giving back and leading by example. “A lot of people wonder what Young Living is about,” said Ben Howden, a Platinum distributor from Vancouver, Canada. “They only know about the oils, and they don’t know about the other side of Young Living. We love to travel; we love to share. We’re a big family and we love all the different places in the world we go. If you really want to see Young Living, you have to come out with Young Living. We love Young Living!” Part of experiencing the world as a Young Living distributor means immers-

Max and Karen Hopkins spend an afternoon with YLA students during the Master Leader Retreat.

ing yourself in any given culture, and it was no different for those who participated in the Master Leader Retreat. Everyone had the pleasure of strolling the local streets, parks, and shops of Guayaquil, dancing in cultural celebrations, and, of course, getting knee-deep in the rich soil at the unique farm. “We are so thankful for the unique opportunity to have hands-on training and experience in the Seed to Seal® process, to work side by side on the farm with Gary Young, and to get to know other Young Living leaders,” said Sera Johnson. “Thank you, Gary and Mary Young and Young Living, for allowing us this life-changing experience at the Master Leader Retreat. We will never be the same!”

Young Living Leaders Hall of Fame Bold = Newly Qualified


Ho Chee Hong (SGP) Joanne Kan (HKG) Patricia Gwee (SGP) Shu Li Law & Chua Hong Leong (SGP) Tan Kai Hiang (SGP) SILVER Jayesh Parekh (SGP) Katherine Susanna Kan (HKG) Lee Hock Seng (SGP) Lee Hock Soon (SGP) Lee Wai Ching (SGP) Pang Kim Choo (SGP) Sabina Koo (HKG) Shamala Tan (SGP) Sheena Ling (SGP)

Cheng Cheng Law (SGP) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Chua Hong Ling (SGP) Claudia Hofmaier (SGP) Cynthia Teo (SGP) Fee Boey (MY) Fong Pooi Yee (MY) Gennet Song (SGP) Jacq Ong Chiu Hoon (SGP)

Siew Kiang Chua (SGP) Sri Mulyadi (SGP) Sum Tong Ng (SGP) Tan Hwee San (SGP) Yang I Fung (HKG) Yonie Bonawi (SGP) Yong Yung Chen (MY)

Young Living News from Around the World Young Living Europe is celebrating a record-breaking sales month as our market goes from strength to strength. This outstanding success can be attributed to the quality of Young Living’s products, the enthusiasm and dedication of our distributors, and the vision of D. Gary Young. Europeans have embraced the launch of the newly reformulated NingXia Red, exciting products introduced to our existing product offering, and the wonderful selection of seasonal gifts. As we move into a new year, the European market has never been stronger, and our opportunity has never been greater!


Ecuador hosted a great group of Gold and Platinum leaders at the 2012 Master Leader Retreat. Distributors from all over the world were able to see the farm’s beauty and work side by side with Gary Young and their fellow leaders. One of the highlights was being able to spend a half day with the Young Living Academy students and volunteer time and efforts to the students and teachers of this wonderful gift from the D. Gary Young Foundation.


With the introduction of our new marketing manager, Nancy Yoshiwara, Peru is showing off the great story of essential oils around the country. Introduction Meeting rooms are overflowing, and more and more people are learning the health benefits and wellness opportunities of Young Living essential oils.


What a transformational year this has been! The management and staff of Young Living Australia would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a blessed and safe holiday season. We look forward to inspiring you to wellness, purpose, and abundance in the new year. An event you will want to take advantage of is our NingXia Red® Revitalized Tour, January 29–February 7. Be one of the first to taste the new and improved NingXia Red and learn about the seven key reasons to drink the reformulated Red from our surprise renowned keynote speaker. To learn more, visit news/ningxiared.


The revolutionary weight-management products Slique™ Tea and Slique Essence have been generating exciting momentum in Japan. These products are proving to be great additions to helping the people of Japan in their personal transformations. In addition to the Slique products, Progessence™ Phyto Plus has been selling well. To support sharing this product, Young Living Japan released an original business tool, The Hormone Book, which was published under the supervision of Dr. Dan Purser and has become a favorite educational tool for Japanese distributors.


Mexico has seen renewed energy due to the great leadership of several distributors and the introduction of key new products Progessence Phyto Plus, Slique Tea, and the new NingXia Red. There are more new products to come in the first quarter of 2013 and many new opportunities to share the oils with all of Mexico.


The South East Asia region is on a roll this quarter, with leaders from Singapore building their businesses throughout the region, including Malaysia. As a result, five distributors have reached Silver rank as of October: Singapore members Cynthia Teo, Gennet Song, and Siew Kiang Chua, and Malaysian members Foong Pooi Yee and Yong Yung Chen. The holiday season has also been very exciting for Singapore, with the wonderful gifts and new products available in the Seasonal Essentials holiday catalog. Make sure you get a chance to view it online now through the end of December. Mark your calendars for the launch of the new NingXia Red and OmegaGize³™ with guest speaker Doug Corrigan, Young Living’s director of training and development, January 19 in Singapore, January 21 in the Philippines, and January 22 in Malaysia. Season’s greetings to all of you from this part of the world!



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The reality is that the face of maturity is inevitable, so the goal then becomes to make it as healthy and beautiful as possible. ONE OF MY MOST cherished memories comes from when I was in my 20s. My mother was celebrating her 50th birthday with a group of her close friends, and throughout the party they kept calling each other girls. I was confused and kept asking myself, “What are they talking about? What girls? They are mature

ladies!” We all feel young in our hearts and want to show the world that old age is far away. However, the reality is that the face of maturity is inevitable, so the goal then becomes to make it as healthy and beautiful as possible. If I were to ask you to name seven

signs of aging, most of you would first cite wrinkles, followed by large pores, age spots, dryness, dullness, harsh skin texture, and uneven skin tone. But did you know that the aging face is more closely associated with age spots and uneven skin tone than with wrinkles? One of the best ways to improve your image at any age is to recognize the physical and psychological benefits that can be derived from spa products. We all know that today’s hectic lifestyle, including the current holiday season, often prevents us from even a quick trip to the spa. That is why I recommend that you try Young Living’s recently developed spa products, which allow you to enjoy a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home and when you have time. The creation of the A·R·T® Renewal Serum and Beauty Masque is based on the traditional use of delicate orchid petals, which symbolize longevity, purity, and love. It is believed that the orchid flower is able to renew itself and to absorb and retain moisture.

The A·R·T Renewal Serum is a unique skin treatment that addresses specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration. The serum’s active ingredients penetrate deep into the three layers of the skin to strengthen the cells and deliver vital nutrients. You will want to allow the serum to be fully absorbed by the skin before applying your favorite moisturizer in order to intensify the benefits of the serum. The incorporation of the A·R·T Beauty Masque into your skin-care regimen is one of the healthiest habits you can provide for your face. Regular use of the Beauty Masque will help nourish and refine skin texture while naturally minimizing pores and improving skin tone. Be sure to always follow up with the A·R·T Purifying Toner and your favorite Young Living moisturizing cream. Wishing you all a beautiful and cherished holiday season!

AIRASE: Fighting Antibacterial Resistance in Food Packaging


Have you joined AIRASE yet? Here’s an example of a Hot News research article you will receive each week as part of your membership.




Essential Edge News

Alaska is calling. DERSHIP CR EA





Visit to learn how to qualify for the GLC now! 2013 SE UI

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FOOD SCIENTISTS AT THE University of Zaragoza in Spain understand that essential oils are excellent antimicrobial agents for use in food packaging. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics raises the question, “Do bacteria develop resistance to essential oils as well?” The scientists’ work tested to see if there is a tendency for clinical isolates to develop resistance to these essential oils, as they often do against antibiotics. The researchers gathered 48 clinical isolates and 12 reference strains of gram-negative bacilli to test against oregano essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, and combinations of the two oils. In their study, these scientists analyzed the susceptibility of the isolates and bacilli strains to the oils and their combination and also whether the bacteria would develop resistance to these essential oils. Lead author R. Becerril and co-authors C. Nerin and R. Gómez-Lus used minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) and did serial passages, which means they exposed the bacteria to the essential oils over and over again. In fact, after 50 passages, the study showed that all strains (48 clinical isolates and 12 reference strains) were susceptible to both essential oils and their combination. Scientists define susceptibility as whether an organism is vulnerable to the agent in question. In this particular study, all strains were susceptible to oregano and cinnamon essential oils and a combination of both. It is of interest that just three strains out of the 60 treated with oregano, Serrata marcescens, Morganella morganii, and Proteus mirabilis, changed their antibiotic resistance profile and/or increased their resistance to this essential oil. The August 2012 study in the journal Foodborne Pathogens and Disease provides the food industry with good news of the effective antimicrobial agents oregano and cinnamon essential oils for possible use in food packaging. The abstract of this study can be found at pubmed/22827568.




Essential Edge News


Singapore December 2012 Issue

NingXia Red & OmegaGize Launch

Message from the General Manager When I was much younger (and long before I was acquainted with Young Living) I lived for a time in the Republic of Ecuador in South America. While there, I had the opportunity to enjoy many of the cultural distinctions that makes Ecuador such a fascinating country. One of the many cultural diversions I enjoyed was that at the end of each year people across the country would build papier-mâché mannequins, then fill them with fireworks and flammable materials and set them alight on New Year’s Day. I can remember well how the noise of the fireworks was deafening, and the heat from the burning effigies would peel paint off the surrounding buildings!

I encourage each of you to remember the words of author Maria Robinson when she said “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Let’s all do what we can to be rid of those negative feelings that hold us back, and start today to create a new future of wellness, purpose and abundance for all.

Learn the secrets of the new NingXa Red and OmegaGize at this upcoming event featuring guest speaker, Doug Corrigan.

NINGXIA RED What’s red and now has seven times more essential oils? Our new, innovative NingXia Red®! We took NingXia Red and improved the flavour, used an all-natural, noncaloric sweetener, and increased its antioxidant levels. Love the original? Just wait until you try our new formula.

One of the new beginnings we will be enjoying next year is a change in the Young Living compensation plan. The past compensation plan has been an excellent starting point for us to develop an even better, more rewarding plan that is easier than ever to share with others. Several of us, including Diamond leader Frances Fuller and members from the Young Living Singapore office, recently attended a training session on the new plan in the United States and are excited for the enormous potential it offers everyone. Another fresh new start in 2013 will be the launch of the new supercharged NingXia Red. The original NingXia Red is an amazing product that I have personally integrated into my daily life. However, the new NingXia Red is vastly improved, and is one that I am personally looking forward to using every day. We are also looking forward to more new products, new marketing programs and new friendships across Singapore. With all of the great new changes, what an amazing year 2013 will be! There has never been a better time to be with Young Living, and to use essential oils than now. I wish each one of you a wonderful holiday season, and an amazing new year. Best of Success! Will Halterman General Manager Young Living South East Asia

OMEGAGIZE is Young Living’s newest omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil complex. It combines three core daily supplements into one. OmegaGize3 contains one of the purest omega-3 fish oils available, the heart-healthy nutrient CoQ10, replenishing vitamin D3, and other key vitamins. Leading research indicates that these powerful nutrients offer vital support for normal brain, heart, eye, and joint health.

PRESENTER DOUG CORRIGAN Doug Corrigan is the Senior Director of Global Training and Education for Young Living Essential Oils. Doug began studying and using natural products and philosophies more than twenty years ago to recover from cancer and through this experience became a passionate advocate for botanical and nutritional therapies. Since that time he has worked with renowned natural product companies developing products and educational programs that are used by hundreds of thousands worldwide. For the last eight years he has worked exclusively with Young Living Essential Oils and has been an instrumental part of their rapid global expansion. A sought after teacher and educator, Doug travels extensively to spread the message of integrative and preventive medicine.

19 JAN 2013 (SATURDAY), 930AM-2PM

21 JAN 2013 (MONDAY), 630PM-9PM

22 JAN 2013 (TUESDAY), 630PM-9PM


Philippines (Manila)

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

NingXia Red & OmegaGize Launch with Doug Corrigan Singapore Expo, Max Atria Garnet Room 216 - 217 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150

Nature’s Remedies Training with Doug Corrigan Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila

NingXia Red & OmegaGize with Doug Corrigan Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur Level 2, Junior Ballroom 1 165 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Don’t miss out on the Seasonal Essentials Holiday Catalog! Great gifts available until December 31 only.



By doing this, the people of Ecuador symbolically burned away the challenges of the previous year and welcomed a new year that was fresh and without any of the worries of the past. While I realize it is not always realistic to let go of all past concerns, I have always believed that we should focus primarily on our past successes, and let go of the “extra baggage” that we do not benefit from. By letting go of the negative emotions from the past, and embracing instead our previous victories, we can create a brighter and more successful future.

Try the new NingXia Red & OmegaGize coming your way on January 19!

Essential Edge News

Essential Edge News


Singapore December 2012 Issue

Life Changing Experiences with Essential Oils

I first saw Young Living at the Suntec exhibition in August and became a member there. Friendly Angel from the Young Living office explained the products beautifully. I had known about essential oils, but knowing it is 100% pure and food grade made a lot of difference to me. From the beginning I was interested in the emotional oil blends, Release and Valor being the favorites, I stopped using synthetic perfumes and started using Release and people loved the smell and I loved the calming effect it had on me. Within one week of using it I felt a mental and emotional detox happening and re-discovered a more confident and composed self. Now having added Ylang Ylang and Joy to my emotional well being perfume list it gives me a relaxed and a happy persona. As next step towards spiritual enlightenment have started using Frankincense after Gary Young conference in Singapore and the effect is really special and lovely. I must say all in all it has been a wonderful experience with the YLO and the friendly staff together with Cierra’s sharing sessions makes me come back for more. Swetha Chandrasekar

Ana Ow

Young Living oils and supplements have totally changed my approach to parenting and taking care of my children’s health. I have prided in being a natural birth proponent and have always felt uncomfortable with overmedicating my son. Before I found Young Living products, I did resort to vaccinations and clinical drugs to treat common childhood conditions that he encountered from time to time. When he began preschool and began contracting common illnesses like coughs, colds and flu on a regular basis, I reached a point where I refused to continue giving him pharmaceuticals that were obviously not dealing with his overall health and immunity. Fortunately I was introduced to the Young Living oils around this time. I began to only treat his ailments with basic oils like Thieves and Peppermint as well as performing Raindrop Therapy on him when he was down with HFMD. The results were very positive and I quickly grew in confidence to totally abandon the use of synthetic drugs. Now, I am glad to say that I am able to almost completely avoid doctor visits and more importantly, their prescriptions. My second child aged 1 benefits by rarely falling ill (only once since she was born) and is currently completed vaccine-free since birth. I thank Young Living for giving my family a natural and gentle option to health and wellness!

Send your story to and get a chance to win a Home Diffuser.

Let’s Hear It From Our Success in Six Achievers Success in Six was just launched last July and now we already have 8 achievers who have reached their goals in less than six months!

Congratulations to our newest Success in Six Winners: Yonie Bonawi - Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever and Chua Hong Ling - Route #2 Two New Leader Legs in Six Achiever Yonie Bonawi, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Executive As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them – John F. Kennedy When I won the grand prize Convention Trip last year, deep inside I felt I am on a journey of transformation. Looking out from my hotel window, it tickles me when I saw the banner theme of the convention was TRANSFORMATION. Hmmm….is it just a pure coincidence? The quote above by John F. Kennedy, I read them when I visited his museum in Dallas after the Young Living Convention while extending my stay in USA. Many times when I listen to Gary Young’s speech, Gratitude, Faith & Grace are three words that is continuously repeated by him, even during his recent visit in Singapore. How the gifts of the oils have blessed him and his family - with grace, he shared his knowledge to the community to show his gratitude. He has faith that he will never stop sharing his oils. When I came back from the USA trip, my faith deepened and I received enlightenment. I had the transformation of my life! I was blessed to have crossed paths with many of Singapore’s contingents at the Convention. They became like family and that gave me the courage and support that has driven me to where I am now. Christina Wan helped me recognize my true Highest Potential, 3Wise men and Valor. Lynda Chen shared with me her Abundance that I could receive it. Cynthia Teo my upline shared her Surrender which has helped me to let go and have faith in this journey. Those highlighted are the oils that open the pathway, for me from being a personal user to being Executive within a month and Silver the following month. My down lines Mdm Norsaadah pushes me to my max ability to start sharing with my Malay Muslim community the Young Living oils. She had so much confidence that the Young Living oils could help many with chronic illness and other challenges either physically and emotionally. I started out sharing the gifts of these oils with my community. Many lives have been transformed by them. It’s such a great honor to be part of making a difference in someone’s life simply by sharing my knowledge of the oils and the skills of multi modalities of alternative therapies. By this, awareness starts to build. Empowering people that they have a choice to be their own physician further strengthen them. Lastly, infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own dreams. And whatever your beliefs honor your Creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from up above, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. So start sharing! Look out for testimonials from our other Sucess in Six winners in subsequent issues!

watch out for

What’s New in Young Living in 2013! We have so much exciting programs and initiatives in store for all of you! Watch out for the What’s New booklet included in your Essential Rewards order in January.


You may also download it from your Virtual Office starting January 1! Essential Edge News



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