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FOUNDER’S MESSAGE NEW YOUNG LIVING PRESIDENT, JARED TURNER Part 1 of an exclusive interview with YL President Jared Turner Hello, my friends, These are exciting times for Young Living. In fact, the entire past year has been exciting. Not only are we experiencing great growth with our membership, but we are also expanding our farms in many areas of the world. As you know, in January I purchased 12,000 acres near the Tabiona ranch that stretches for four miles along the Duchesne River, with beautiful mountain terrain on both sides of the land that we will farm. As we drove along the riverside, I was impressed with the peaceful beauty of this rural area of Utah that was offering us so many opportunities. Because we have had little snow this winter, which doesn’t help our irrigation needs, we have been able to prepare the land; and we already have 1,000 acres ready for spring planting. Because our einkorn has grown so well at the ranch, we are going to expand the einkorn acreage not only onto our new land but also, hopefully, with other farmers in the area. Thousands of acres of hay are growing in the valley, and I believe that many of these farmers would love to plant einkorn for us. I approved the plans for the flour mill, and the land is being cleared now; so construction should begin this month. With our own mill, we will take the product from the harvest to the end product—packaged and ready to ship to you—which is very exciting. But I have to say, I am the most excited about building the new distillery. Growing the plants, seeing the distillation, and watching those oil drops bubble up in the separator are some of my greatest joys. This time, I am developing a more efficient way of production by putting large tubs or boxes in the fields, blowing the harvested crops directly into the chambers, and then transporting them to the distillery, where they will be connected to steam pipes so that the extraction process can begin. Besides einkorn, I also want to grow crops such as melissa, conyza (Canadian fleabane), goldenrod, Roman chamomile, yarrow, and even lavender, as it has grown very well as a decorative plant around the lodge. Yes, I have great plans for this new property, which is going to be a wonderful new chapter for Young Living; so stay tuned—we’ll keep you posted as our plans progress.

We join Mary and Gary Young's excitement and congratulate Jared as our new Young Living President. Young Living has already seen some exciting announcements in 2018, but one of the most exciting thus far is announcing Jared Turner as Young Living’s new president and COO. The Essential Edge had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Jared to get our members an exclusive look at his goals, ambitions, and passions for helping Young Living continue its exponential growth into the future. ESSENTIAL EDGE NEWS: Please introduce yourself to Young Living. JARED TURNER: My wife Felicia and I have three wonderful children: Campbell, our 10-year-old; Kai, our 2-year-old; and little Tatum, our 4-month-old. Our family loves animals, which include a dog named Indiana, a fish aquarium, a tortoise, seven Icelandic sheep, and two white peacocks. We love all mountain sports, including hiking and skiing. We also love traveling, cooking, and just spending quality time together. Before coming to Young Living, I was a practicing attorney at a big firm for six years doing international business law. I loved it but felt like I wasn’t living my purpose. One of my clients was Young Living; and after researching more about the company and getting to know more about Gary Young and his vision, I felt the need to be a part of something bigger than myself. It combined my three loves: connecting people to nature, healthy living, and entrepreneurship. I really wanted to empower people to have financial resources to pursue their dreams. So, I joined Young Living as associate general counsel over International in the Legal Department. I did that for about a month, and then Gary asked me to be the vice president of International, where I oversaw the general managers in the foreign markets. Then he asked me to be the chief sales officer, overseeing all the markets in the U.S. After that, chief sales and marketing officer, overseeing all sales and marketing. Two years ago, I became the chief operating officer overseeing the whole company. And a few weeks ago, I became president of this amazing company.

Your essential partner,

EEN: What does a day in the shoes of our new Young Living president look like? JT: Oh, man, there’s so much to say! My top priority is to ensure all teams are working hard, and in sync, to deploy

the projects, platforms, and products that support our 2018 global strategic initiatives. On top of this, I work closely with teams on creative problem solving. Let’s just use a typical Wednesday for an example. I get here in the morning and have an executive meeting with our C-level team. We discuss strategic initiatives the company is involved with and talk about challenges we’re facing. We talk about member concerns and formulate plans to resolve those issues. Every voice is heard, and we build consensus on making the right decision. I’ll typically have meetings throughout the day with different department heads, overseeing major projects that need some strategic guidance. I’ll usually talk to Gary and Mary on the phone if they’re not in the office and update them on important milestones. Daily contact with the Youngs has been important to ensure we’re always on the same page. The executive team loves to get their feedback on the different initiatives we’re working on. I love discussing farm strategy with Gary. We’re a farming company, and we will continue building out corporate and partner farms.

EEN: So, speaking of Gary and Mary Young, how would you describe your personal and working relationship with the Youngs, and how do you plan to continue making their vision a reality? JT: We have a trusted working relationship. They trust the executive team because we understand Gary’s vision. I personally align with it. I love what he’s doing; I love our farms and Gary’s farming stories. I love connecting people to the farms. We're a company with soul. We're not just about the numbers or profit—we're about human connection. A big part of my job is keeping people aligned with the fact that we're different, because we prioritize caring for people and the earth. And that quality and the purity of our products is imperative. A key part of my role is to ensure that the gatekeepers of the quality process —R&D, Product Management, Legal, and Sourcing—are all aware of and, every second of the day, and in every process, applying our stringent Seed to Seal quality standards. I focus on reminding people every day of our legacy—where we come from—and our vision of the future—where we’re going.

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HOPE FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING SURVIVORS Updates from the Foundation's Hope for Justice service trip

to five years of school. That’s why the Young Living Foundation is fully supporting the Shine Career School with your donations. This school provides the girls with accelerated education that is recognized by Cambodia’s Ministry of Education. Providing a girl with an education means that she will enjoy greater economic opportunity and have a positive impact on her community. Learn more about Hope for Justice in Cambodia at *Survivor’s name was changed to protect her identity.

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The Foundation took a small group of members to Cambodia to visit the Foundation’s partner Hope for Justice. January was National Human Trafficking Awareness Month; so for the first time ever, The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation took a small group of members on a service trip to Cambodia to visit the Foundation’s partner Hope for Justice. Hope for Justice is fighting a noble battle, combating slavery by rescuing girls of all ages from human trafficking and bringing hope to the girls that they never thought possible. Hope for Justice gives the survivors an opportunity to receive an education and plan a bright future. The girls are passionate about providing others with hope for the future and find that giving back to their community helps them share the promise of a better life. Many in the senior class at Hope for Justice Shine Career School joined the Foundation team and Young Living members in delivering classroom supplies to one of the poorest primary schools in the Takéo Province of Cambodia. Many of the girls from the school donated their own money to help pay for these supplies. After members learned about Hope for Justice’s extensive recovery programs, the Foundation team taught the girls about Young Living essential oils and about the power of

yoga, photography, and career planning. Each of the 37 girls received a variety of single oils and blends, including Joy™ and Valor®, to help promote overall well-being. They also received a Savvy Minerals by Young Living™ Lip Gloss, which for most of them was the first item of makeup they had every owned. Close to the end of the group’s time in Phnom Penh, the students shared an amazing presentation at the Shine Career School, performing a traditional Khmer dance— something they had never done before. They also made an amazing video about the school, and three girls shared how the school has positively impacted their lives. “Before I came here, I had given up on my education for three years,” Ata* said. “However, since coming here, I have completely changed myself from my previous goals and dreams. Thank you for supporting us and believing in us. Because of you, we can all have our dreams again.” The entire presentation was a testament of what can happen when incredible girls like these are empowered to accomplish their goals. The trafficking survivors at the Shine Career School had missed anywhere from one

JARED TURNER INTERVIEW We are, after all, the pioneering essential oil company. I also seek to ensure there's disciplined execution of the projects and programs we need to support our members to continue growing our company. Our members are everything, and when they’re happy, we’re happy. They are the lifeblood of the business. These elements comprise the Youngs’ vision, and it’s exactly what I plan to keep alive and thriving. Want to know more about Young Living’s new president, Jared Turner? Watch for Part 2 of our interview in next month’s edition of The Essential Edge. We’ll ask about his vision for the company, what he wants all YL members to know, and even his favorite go-to Young Living product.


NEW MEMPHIS DISTRIBUTION CENTER Learn more about the new YL Distribution Center their orders from the Memphis Distribution Center. However, if an item is out of stock in the Memphis facility but is in stock in the Spanish Fork facility, it will automatically ship from Utah.

Why Memphis?

The new Memphis facility opened in February and is expected to be fully functional by April. On February 1, Young Living successfully started providing members with an improved shipping and distribution service through the new Memphis Distribution Center. The new center will open in four different phases until it becomes fully operational in April.

What does this mean for members? Our members deserve the best service, and this new facility will do just that, increasing delivery speed and capacity, with all our products being available at the new Memphis Distribution Center. When members place an order, the order will be automatically routed to the best distribution center based on inventory levels and the shipping address. For example, members on the East Coast will usually receive

Young Living selected Memphis as a strategic hub for shipping and distribution, especially with its prime location near the eastern states. The new distribution center will be busy; Young Living’s target is to ship 1.2 million orders each month by the end of 2018!

Is the Memphis facility owned by Young Living? The new Memphis facility is owned by a third-party company, Visible Supply Chain Management, which has been a leader in supply chain logistics for 25 years and a business partner of Young Living for over 10 years. We are grateful for this partnership that will allow us to better serve our Young Living members across the country. We look forward to improving your shipping experiences and want to hear from you! Some members will receive a Feedback Survey flyer with their orders during the startup of the new distribution center. We’ll use this feedback to help correct any potential issues and ensure that our new distribution center makes receiving your orders quicker than ever!


Grab your passport and pack your bags, because you’re about to embark on a grand adventure to a place like none else: your living room! With a little help from your diffuser, you’ll be transported in an instant to your dream vacation. In case you missed the Young Living Blog’s “Destination Everywhere: Diffuser Blends for 7 Cities” post, here are two of the seven city diffuser recipes that you’ll want to use on those days when cabin fever has you down.

Honolulu, Hawaii Aloha! Enjoy this tropical blend when you’re missing those golden Hawaiian beaches.

• • •

4 drops Stress Away™ essential oil blend 3 drops Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend 3 drops Cedarwood essential oil

Paris, France This floral, herbaceous blend will transport you to a Parisian café or flower shop on the famous Avenue de Champs-Élysées.

• • •

5 drops Lavender essential oil 3 drops Rosemary essential oil 2 drops Clary Sage essential oil

Can’t get enough of these exotic diffuser blends? There are more on the blog! Just search “Destination Everywhere: Diffuser Blends for 7 Cities” at



ROYAL CROWN DIAMONDS Adam & Vanessa Green (CAN) Alyssa & Troy Francis (USA) April & Jay Pointer (USA) Brenda & Scott Schuler (USA) Carol & Ben Howden (CAN) Carol Yeh-Garner & Scott Garner (USA) Casey Wiegand (USA) Cheri Ross (USA) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Connie Marie McDanel (USA) Courtney & John Critz (USA) Darren & Sera Johnson (USA) Debra Raybern (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Greg & Carol Johnson (USA) Heather & John Brock (USA) Jeanmarie Hepworth (USA) Jodie Meschuk (USA) Jordan & Doug Schrandt (USA)


CROWN DIAMONDS Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Alan & Linda Simpson (AUS) Anita Ochsenhofer (AUT) Annie & Chris Hauser (USA) Artemis (AUS) Corinne & Gordon Devries (USA) Diane Mora (USA) Echo & Danny Hill (USA) Ellen & Olivier Wenker (USA) Erin & Bronce Rodgers (USA) Fiona Lui (HKG) Franciela Madrid & Juan Alberto Villarreal (MEX) Hailey & Jeremy Aliff (USA) James & Stacy Mcdonald (USA) Jen & Adaryll Jordan (USA) Jessica & Rit Gianelloni (USA) Jilene & Duane Hay (CAN) Jill & James Young (USA)

Kari & Zach Lewis (USA) Kathy Farmer (USA) Lindsay Teague & Michael Moreno (USA) Lindsey & Evan Gremont (USA) Madison & Tyler Vining (USA) Marcella Vonn Harting & Jim Harting (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Melissa Koehler (USA) Monique & Jeremiah McLean (USA) Myra & Ernie Yarbrough (USA) Vicki Opfer Or Chris Opfer (USA) Vivian Ting Wan (HKG) Wendy & Tyson Mercure (USA)

Joanna Malone (USA) Joanne Kan & Eric Yang (HKG) Kathy & Chip Kouwe (USA) Katie & Zach Harris (USA) Kelowna & Paul Giuliano (USA) Korbut Wong (HKG) Melissa Poepping (USA) Nicole Barczak (USA) Prakama & Markus Hauser (AUT) Sabina Devita (CAN) Sandi & Kyler Boudreau (USA) Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Stacie & Todd Malkus (USA) Teresa Valmonte (USA) Teri Secrest (USA) Vijay & Ulrike Churfuerst Hanzal (AUT) Yonie Bonawi (SGP)

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Colin & Taylor Quigg (USA) Corinne Delis (NLD) Courtney Scruggs (USA) Crystal Burchfield (USA) Crystal & Larry Hoskins (USA) Cynthia Haggerton (USA) Dallas Harting (USA) Dan Keskey (USA) Danette Goodyear (USA) Danielle & Michael Keen (USA) Danielle Burkleo (USA) Darlene Weir (USA) Dawn Hampton (USA) Denise Easthon (USA) Deny Sentosa (SGP) Donna Grace (USA) Edie Wadsworth (USA) Paige & Josh Williams (USA) Emily & Keith Anderson (USA) Evangeline & Thomas Reed (USA) Frankie Ellis (USA) Fred & Judy Zerr (PAN) Gailann Greene (USA) Gretchen King (HKG) Heidi & Kevin Hovan (USA) Heiko & Bronwyn Deiter (USA) Hitomi Harada (JPN) Irela Balderrama (MEX) James Niederland (USA)

Jami Nato (USA) Janelle & Barry Chambers (USA) Jason & Krista Haymes (USA) Jay & Janie Leek (USA) Jeanna & James Lichtenberger (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) Jennie Radhakrishnan (USA) Jennifer McManus (USA) Jeremy & Hannah Tallo (USA) Jessica Petty (USA) Jihan Thomas (USA) Jill Sager (USA) Jodi & Brian McKenna (USA) John WongCW (SGP) Jonathan & Laura Hopkins (USA) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Julia Ferguson (USA) Kai Tan (SGP) Kami Bear (USA) Kara & Andrew Cozier (USA) Karen Douglas (USA) Karen Vavrick (USA) Kari Friedman (USA) Kate Kowalczyk (USA) Kathleen & Matthew Harvey (USA) Katie Ganger (USA) Keith Stewart (USA) Kelli Fras (USA) Kelli Wright (USA)

Please visit for Diamond Retreat qualifiers. P L AT I NU M R E T R E AT Allison D'Alfonso (USA) Angela And/Or Brock Vaughters (USA) Angela Shim (CAN) Angela Wong Yee Tak (HKG) Anthony & Brittany Parker (USA) Anthony Or Deanna Gott (USA) Ashley Pate (USA) Audrey Whitesides (USA) Beata Dolan (LTU) Becky And Daniel Reece (USA) Catherine Doo (HKG) Danielle Williams (USA) Donna Wysong (USA) Heidi Bencsik (USA) Heidi Orth (USA) Hillary Lefebvre (USA) Jerry Williams (USA) Jolanta Puziene (LTU)

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Rachel & Ryan Holland (USA) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Reagan & Danny Jewitt (CAN) Rhonda & Frank Favano (USA) Sara & Justin Wallace (USA) Sarah & John Harnisch (USA) Sarah Lee (USA) Sha-Faun Enterprises, Shauna Dastrup (USA) Shelby & Tyler Paulk (USA) Shelby Nowak (USA) Shellie & Brian Garrett (USA) Sherry Lamarche (USA) Stacie Hartzler (USA) Stacy Mcquade (USA) Star Moree (USA) Stephanie Moram (CAN) Summer Davis (USA) Sum Sum Yip (HKG) Susan Heid (USA) Teresa & David Gingles (USA) Terry & Ladonna Beals (USA) Teryn Robinson (USA) Tracey Black & Trevor Nielson (USA) Vanessa Romero (USA) Yin Mei Chu (HKG) Yvonne Litza-Vandedrink (USA)

Our recognition retreats immerse our members in an unforgettable Young Living adventure. Members who consistently strive and achieve Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond—for at least three consecutive months—are rewarded with a trip to one of our flagship farms, where they experience the Seed to Seal process firsthand, in addition to dynamic leadership development.


Kimberly & Ryan Prather (USA) Kirk Dimler (USA) Kristen Critz (USA) Kristy & Jake Dempsey (USA) Laura Peiffer (USA) Lauren & Nat Bretz (USA) Lauren Dow (USA) Lee Anderson (USA) Lesley Graham (USA) Lindsey & Casey Leif (USA) Maggie Tong & Hill Ngan (HKG) Mark & Angela Meredith (USA) Marlo Bontempo (USA) Mary Buck (USA) Mary Starr & Jay Carter (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Mary Salentine (USA) Megan & Thomas Burns (USA) Melissa & Ryan Renno (USA) Melissa & Clay Sanches (USA) Nancy & Dick Weber (USA) Nancy Knittle (USA) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Nanette Symes (USA) Niccole Perez (USA) Nicole & Kade Martin (USA) Pamela Rich (USA) Pat Mclean (USA) Patricia Gwee (SGP)

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We designed Elite Express to reward the success of even more members. Elite Express spans from Executive all the way to Platinum and offers big rewards every step of the way. Elite Express is a 20-month program and is available for members across the globe in four tracks, lasting from 3 to 6 months each: Executive in 3 (Ei3), Silver in 6 (Si6), Gold in 6 (Gi6), and Platinum in 5 (Pi5), with a bonus Elite in 20 (Ei20) track for those who successfully complete all tracks within 20 months or less.


Alinta Fidzewicz (AUS) Arlette Galvan Lopez (MEX) Chelsey Corazza (USA) Emily Recker (USA) Wing Yan Lau (USA)

Please visit for a complete list of all rank advancements.

R E T R E AT QUA L I F I E R S Please visit for a complete list of retreat qualifiers and to get full details and information about each retreat. PAG E 3

Abagail Or Jared Pumphrey (USA) Abarca Anormaliza, Maria (ECU) Abby Mcquade (USA) Agus Halim (IDN) Alex Bawden (AUS) Alexis Losey (USA) Amanda Martin (CAN) Ana Bela Tani (IDN) Angela May (USA) Aubrey Conley (USA) Caleigh Duell (USA) Centro De Terapias…(Ecu) Chrissy Lepine (CAN) Connie Blair (USA) Daisy Chan (HKG) Deanna Teufel (USA) Dwain Beck (USA)

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Get to know March's product of the month!

Region Update

With spring just around the corner, one thing is on all our minds: spring cleaning! While for some it’s a great feeling to clean everything after the long winter, for others it’s a dreaded chore. Whether you love it or despise it—or perhaps somewhere in between—Thieves® Household Cleaner will make spring cleaning a breeze. Plus, Thieves Household Cleaner is formulated with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and no harsh chemicals, so it’s perfect to use around pets and family. That means you can get your little helpers involved in the cleanup! Its versatile formula is also safe to use on most surfaces.* Starting March 1, you can buy Thieves Household Cleaner in single-use packets. Each kit contains 10 packets, so you don’t need to compromise when you are running on the go!

Here are some simple ways to use Thieves Household Cleaner and the single-use packets: • Give friends and family a sample, so

is as a multipurpose cleaner! The single-use packets are a great way to introduce Young Living to others. Create the ultimate tub scrub! Make a thick paste with Thieves Household Cleaner and baking soda, apply it to your tub with a soft cloth or sponge, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then completely rinse. Clean glass chandeliers, mirrors, and windows by combining 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner, 5 drops Citrus Fresh™, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, and 3 cups water. Clean your wood cabinets by combining 5 drops Citrus Fresh, ½ cup olive oil, and ½ capful Thieves Household Cleaner in a small bowl. Apply mixture evenly to wood cabinets with a damp cloth.

*Please follow the directions on the bottle. Perform a spot test in an inconspicuous area before using on any surface.

they can see how effective Thieves

Sylvie Shirazi is the recipe developer, food photographer, and real food lover behind There you'll find a collection of recipes that celebrate your inner gourmand with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are free from gluten, refined sugar, and processed ingredients. The recipes on Gourmande in the Kitchen are fast and fresh with a focus on quality ingredients and minimal preparation that let the natural flavors of the food shine because you don't need a lot of time or a long list of ingredients to make good-for-you, satisfying, and delicious food if you start with the best ingredients possible.

Go urm andeInT h eK

Konnichiwa from Japan! In the last year, the Young Living Japan market has seen some great accomplishments, including eliminating over 50 product shortages in one year. This was a major achievement. Another major achievement was the Japan EXPO event last October, and it was a huge success. With over 1,000 members attending the two-day event, it was a valuable opportunity to experience the momentum of the company. Members were able to try different Young Living products, join yoga classes, and attend various seminars on important YL topics such as the updated Seed to Seal® program and the new Savvy Minerals by Young Living™ line. The excitement surrounding the Japan EXPO catapulted the market toward even greater successes. In September, member Erika Yanagawa became Japan’s second-ever Diamond. In November, Japan hit a new sales record; in December, it broke that record. Japan was also excited to introduce the new Aroma Routine App at the APAC convention last month. The new app has new features like the Social Media Function, which will allow members to easily share their Young Living passion with their friends and family.

Go urmande in the K i t ch e n

Gou r m a n d e In Th e K

SAUTÉED SNAP PEAS AND RADISHES IN LEMON HERB BUTTER INGREDIENTS For the Lemon Herb Butter 2 tablespoons butter, softened 2 tablespoons very finely chopped herbs such as parsley, chives, dill, and cilantro 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt 2 drops Lemon VitalityTM 1 drop Dill Vitality

For the Sautéed snap peas 1 pound sugar snap peas, strings removed and cut in half on the diagonal 3/4 pound radishes, thinly sliced Lemon herb butter Sea salt to taste

INSTRUCTIONS • Combine all of the lemon herb butter • Add radishes and remaining butter; ingredients together in a small bowl continue cooking, tossing frequently until and mash together with a fork until radishes and snap peas are crisp-tender, 1–2 well combined. minutes more. Sprinkle with a pinch of sea • In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon butter salt to taste; serve warm. over medium-low heat. Add snap peas and cook, tossing frequently for 2−3 minutes.

AN INSIDER'S LOOK AT YOUNG LIVING'S RESEARCH TEAM We know how important it is for your family to have pure, authentic essential oils that you trust. At the core of providing you these products is the Seed to Seal® program, and integral to that program is our research team. Members of our expert research and sourcing teams frequently travel together to our corporate farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers. On these trips, our research scientists collect soil, irrigation, and plant samples for analysis. The research team is also able to pull the DNA from the plant material to establish a profile of the plant and its essential oil constituents to ensure the oil’s authenticity. “In terms of chemistry and analytics, we truly are the world’s experts on the science of essential oils,” explains Dr. Richard Carlson, the Senior Director of Research and Development who oversees the research team and reports to Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Buch. “We easily have over 100 years of combined chemistry experience on the research team.” Dr. Carlson received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Brigham Young University in chemistry and went on to earn his PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology in chemistry with an emphasis in mass spectrometry— an invaluable skillset that he brings to the research team. Other members of the team have degrees in chemistry, molecular biology, clinical laboratory science, conservation biology, environmental science, neuroscience, and information technology. Although we are experts in essential oils, we also work with leading industry experts to continue researching claims we can make with our products. The research team is currently collaborating with universities and organizations all over the world—such as with experts on sensory science, for example, to explore aromatherapy and other beneficial effects essential oils may have on the human body—to enhance the information you can share with others. “The burden of proof is pretty high if you’re going to make a claim,” says Dr. Carlson. “Our team does the research that supports the claims, and we also reference other researchers to find more claims. We have 36,000 research articles in our offices about essential oils and ingredients for our products.” Watch for next month’s edition of The Essential Edge for an exciting look at what our development team is doing.