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A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, Everyone, Are we all keeping up with our 2020 rush? At least it feels like a rush to me. My travel schedule is getting full, so I’m dedicated to our products to help keep me going: Slique® Shake, AminoWise™, Super B™, Essentialzymes-4™, AgilEase™, Mineral Essence™ in cold NingXia Red®, ComforTone®, MultiGreens® (a must), PD 80/20™, NingXia Red® singles, NingXia Nitro®, and Wolfberry Crisp™ Bars. Josef goes into withdrawal if he doesn’t have his favorite bar. Oh, I almost forgot, we’re all in love with KidScents® MightyPro™. I actually think as many adults go for it as the children. Remember AlkaLime™ because of all that airplane and restaurant food. What would we do without our products? I wouldn’t dare leave home without Frankincense, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Lavender, Melrose, DiGize®, Cool Azul®, Brain Power™, Valor® . . . oh, my goodness, I’ll have them all listed before I get through. You all know what you like and what’s important to you. Just don’t forget that “little” case. On a different note, I received an email with what seemed like a strange question to me. This member said that there were some members who were a few levels down in his organization who were not getting any help from their direct upline. He wanted to know if it would be all right to contact them and see how he could help. For me, that is a no-brainer. You have a right to contact and perhaps even a responsibility to help someone in your organization. Maybe this person has never met their upline or doesn’t know who to contact or even what to ask. You’ll never know if you don’t take the first step. However, be careful about sending a text or an email to someone you don’t know. It is so impersonal and most people, like me, won’t respond. Somehow, the human voice lights the fire, or at least should get a response. No one owns anyone, and the sponsor does not have possession of that person to dictate who can and cannot be contacted. If we consider ourselves to be part of the Young Living family, then I would say that family members should be able to contact and help each other. Here is some verbiage: “How can I help? Is there anything I can do for you? We haven’t met before, but I see that you are someone building in our organization. I’d like to get to know you.” As the leader, you should get to know the members “in between” and see what you can do to motivate them. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes people simply want to be recognized and valued. It’s amazing what can happen when you do that. Let’s teach our members to be leaders with how they make others feel. Let’s be who we say we are: the world leader in essential oils, and Gary would say, “That doesn’t mean just being oil users.” Being a good friend or business example is a great way to start. Let’s make this our best year yet! With love and appreciation,

@ y ou n g l i v i n g

@ y ou n g l i v i n g


YOUNG LIVING GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS WINS SIX PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS New headquarters claims construction and green awards in 2019

In the past year, Young Living Essential Oils has won six sustainability and construction awards. Wellness and excellence are evident even in our company’s buildings, and our level of dedication encourages others to follow suit. Help us celebrate these accomplishments and get greener yourself by learning from Young Living’s sustainability journey! The complex curvilinear shape, groundbreaking concrete construction, and employee-focused green design of Young Living’s new Global Headquarters in Lehi, Utah, garnered four awards: • The 2019 Excellence in Concrete Construction Award from the Intermountain Chapter of the American Concrete Institute for outstanding concrete site element and pavement design • The 2019 Excellence in Masonry Design Award from the Utah Masonry Council for innovative use of next-generation masonry materials • The Utah chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2019 Engineering Excellence Award for the mechanical engineering design of the project • The 2019 Most Outstanding Project of the Year, Commercial/Office over $10 million, by Utah Construction & Design magazine for the most spectacular and distinctive commercial/office building project Our new Global Headquarters also took home: • Utah Business magazine’s Green Business Award • The Recycling Coalition of Utah’s Business Recycler of the Year Award These awards also coincide with major improvements made to the waste stream at our largest distribution center in Spanish Fork, Utah. Deven Patten, Young Living’s senior manager of sustainability, led the waste stream reduction project and noted that there were challenges along the way,

including finding a starting point and making certain cultural shifts. For instance, getting employees to sort their waste into recycling bins meant educating them about the reasons behind the change. Following trainings about how many little actions can add up to one big difference, the Distribution Center team did just that. By managing our waste streams more effectively and thoughtfully, Young Living eliminated 22 tons of waste per month that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. Our Utah Distribution Center is now 99 percent landfill free! Inspired to take a cue from our Distribution Center team and reduce waste at your house? Coming up against apathy or not knowing where to start? Do what Young Living did. Deven started by establishing waste baselines at the beginning of the year and working to continuously reduce that amount. Find out how much trash your household produces each week. How much of that trash could be recycled? How much of your household’s waste is unnecessary? By creating a complete picture, you’ll know what little improvements to make to add up to a big difference! If you want to become greener and adopt more sustainability practices, Deven advises patience and persistence. “One of our biggest takeaways from this year,” he said, “and the thing I’d like everyone to know, is that you do not need to be perfect at things like recycling. You just need to try. As we have been working to reduce our own waste, we’ve come to understand that there is no way we could immediately do everything just right, and we have communicated that to anyone who hears it. The real impact will be seen when we don’t have a small handful of people being perfect stewards but when we have millions doing it imperfectly.” Want to know more about Young Living’s green efforts and our zero-waste 5×5 Pledge? Visit YoungLiving.com/5x5.


New meeting space for the Khairenitar Women’s Cooperative Gender equality is a critical component to the way societies and economies function around the world. This is why each year the Global Gender Gap Report examines 149 countries and the way they are progressing toward gender parity in four areas: economic opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. Of these countries, in 2018 Nepal ranked 105 overall in economic opportunity and 123 in educational attainment. These numbers reflect the results of deeply engrained patriarchal laws and customs, but one group in rural Nepal is determined to overcome the barriers of patriarchy and close the gender gap. The Khairenitar Women’s Cooperative is a group of 2,300 women from the Tanahun region of Nepal who work together to create economic opportunity through microfinancing loans and vocational training.

Women in rural Nepal now have a safe place to gather and grow. In an area where women have little to no access to financial institutions or loans to scale their businesses and support their families, this cooperative brings dreams to life and empowers women to harness their full potential. The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation has been hard at work for the past year building a center where these women can gather to share their successes and hardships and work together to create long-term change in their communities. On October 24, nine Young Living members attending the 2019 service trip to Nepal had the special opportunity to witness the grand opening of the new Khairenitar

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NATURE'S ULTRA CBD BECOMES OFFICIAL PRODUCT LINE OF YOUNG LIVING We’re excited to announce that Nature’s Ultra is now an official product line of Young Living! We’ve moved Nature’s Ultra in house to make it easier than ever to enjoy world-class CBD products featuring some of your favorite essential oils. Nature’s Ultra CBD Nature’s Ultra CBD is the only CBD in the world that is crafted with Smart Spectrum™ CBD: a powerful combination of pure, potent CBD with 0.0 percent THC and world-class Young Living essential oils. And because it meets Seed to Seal® quality standards, you can feel confident using it every single day. What this means for you Bringing Nature’s Ultra CBD in house comes with some incredible benefits for you. From now on, you can order Nature’s Ultra CBD products right from your Young Living Virtual Office. You can add Nature’s

Ultra CBD products to your monthly autoship order, and you’ll also earn reward points when you purchase Nature’s Ultra products, which can be used to order other Young Living products. We’re also excited to announce that we have two new Starter Kits available: The CBD Starter Kit and the Extra-Strength CBD Starter Kit. The CBD Starter Kit includes 500 mg Citrus CBD Oil, 300 mg Calm CBD Roll-On, and 300 mg CBD Muscle Rub. The Extra-Strength CBD Starter Kit includes the same products but at a higher concentration of CBD. These Starter Kits are available to new members only, so you can use them to introduce people to Young Living and build your business! For more information, visit NaturesUltra.com/blogs/posts.

Continued from page 1 Women’s Cooperative Center. The women in attendance shared stories of the successes they’ve achieved by being a part of the cooperative and expressed excitement over giving other women opportunities as well. Eric Eames, director of Marketing and Operations for the Foundation, explained, “During the opening ceremony, I realized that while empowerment means different things to different people, in this instance it means allowing those who are on the outside of the decisionmaking process into it.” One woman has been able to grow her agriculture business from 5 chickens to over 300. Another has been able to send her grandchildren to school. A family was reunited, as the father no longer needs to work full time in Malaysia due to his wife’s financial stability. These success stories are a testament to the fact that when women are involved and empowered, they can and will positively influence their families, communities, and nations. We are so excited to watch the cooperative flourish as more women are empowered by its efforts. To stay up to date on stories of success from the co-op, make sure to follow the Young Living Foundation on social media and check out our blog at YoungLivingFoundation.org/blog.



N A T U R E ’ S U LT R A

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Meet Jordan and Doug Schrandt

Royal Crown Diamond Jordan Schrandt says Young Living changed her life. Because of that transformation, she says that she and her husband, Doug, will never stop sharing the message of empowering individuals with natural tools to care for health, home, and family. Jordan and Doug power through life, running their YL business while also raising their eight children, publishing a natural living magazine, and homesteading. With all these important and time-consuming passions, this husband-and-wife power duo has found that it’s crucial to rely on Essential Rewards (ER). Jordan says it’s the singular reason she’s gone chemical-free in their home. “It’s imperative for making a real change in the products you use. It forces you to think about what products you can swap out. It gives you freedom by shopping online and having the products delivered to your home. Plus, it rewards you with free products you would have bought anyway.”

For those getting started with Young Living, Jordan points to joining ER as a crucial early step in embracing the YL lifestyle. Jordan says teaching classes has made a big difference in their efforts to share Young Living, as does believing in the power of everyone to reach their full potential. “The true magic is seeing people walk into their own voice,” she says. “It’s so fun to have a front-row seat to cheer them on to greatness.” For Jordan, cheering others to greatness means connecting with a few people on a deeper level versus connecting with many people on a less-personal level. The people she’s connected with most deeply are the ones she feels have become the most passionate business builders. Building greatness also means drilling through challenges to remember who you truly are. It means speaking affirmations and truth. She reads a mini-book called God’s Creative Power or her Bible when she needs to refocus. “The key,” she says, “even if you are not a person of faith, is to find something to help you reconnect with your identity. Knowing your true identity is crucial to building a successful business.” Those looking to emulate Jordan and Doug’s connection-focused businessbuilding approach may find it useful to ask: What’s my true identity? Do I accept all of it? Answering these questions today can help lay the groundwork of a successful business tomorrow.

New decade, new start, right? If something about 2020 and its possibilities stirs your soul, chances are there’s an oil that’ll amp up your efforts to make and keep New Year’s resolutions. When we asked what Young Living products you were most excited to try in 2020, you jumped in with a variety of answers. Here are a few of your responses: “With not only a new year but also the beginning of a new decade upon us, I think it’s the Nature’s Ultra CBD oils. I believe there is a list of multiple potential benefits, and I’m very excited to give them a try!” —Patti B. “I’m most excited about the shower steamers! I haven't tried them before.” —Elaine C. “In 2020 I want to really dive into everything Savvy Minerals® and explore non-toxic alternatives to my current makeup.” —Kylee J. “My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time in the gym, so I made sure to stock up on PanAway®, Peppermint, and R.C.™ to help me keep my resolution. I’m super excited to try something new and get active at the same time!” —Jenna S. What oils or products are fueling your resolution efforts? Stretch yourself this year by trying a new product! PAG E 2





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Jim Bob & Cindy Haggerton (USA)(USA) Kelowna & Paul Giuliano (USA) (MEX) Ryan & Ashley Jason & Krista Haymes (USA) Marilee Tolen (USA) SarahGraham Laird (USA) Crystal &Edie LarryWadsworth Hoskins (USA) (USA) Kim & Booker Edwards (USA) Sam & Lesley (USA) Jeanna & James Marinee Yuprapan (IDN) Sarah Lee (USA) Dale & Jeanne Schloesser (USA) Emily W. Recker (USA) Kimberly & Ryan Prather (USA) Sara & Justin Wallace (USA) Lichtenberger (USA) Marissa Meade (USA) Scott & Tricia Gilchrist (USA) Dallas Harting (USA) Erika Genoveva De Lira Garcia (MEX) (USA) Sara Jo Poff (USA) & Brandon Garay (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA)Kirk & Britta DimlerMark & Angela Meredith (USA) Shannon Dan Keskey (USA) Evariny Andriana(USA) (IDN) Sarah & John Harnisch (USA)(USA) Jennie & Mohan Kristen Critz (USA)Marlo Bontempo (USA) Shannon Conover Danette & Jim Goodyear Radhakrishnan (USA) Florin & Simona Roman (USA) Kristi Currier (USA)Mary & Matthew Salentine (USA) Sarah LeeShauna (USA) Dastrup (USA) Danielle & Michael Keen (USA) Jennifer (USA) (USA) Mary Buck (USA) Frankie-Gene Ellis & Lucas Ellis (USA)& Ryan McManus Kristy Dempsey Shannon Shelby Conover & (USA) Steven Nowak (USA) David & Lee Stewart (USA) Jeremy Tallo (USA) Shelby & Tyler Paulk (USA) David & Star Moree (USA) & Markus Idl Gabriele Hauser (AUT)& Hannah Lauren Bretz (USA)Mary Hardy (USA) Shauna Dastrup (USA) Jihan Thomas (USA) Mary Starr & Jay Carter (USA) Brian (USA) Garrett (USA) Dawn Hampton Gailann(USA) Greene (USA) Lindsey & Casey Leif (USA) Shelby & Shellie Steven & Nowak Jill Sager (USA) Megan & Thomas Burns (USA) Sherri Vonlobstein (USA) Debbie &Hailey Daniel&Erickson (USA) Jeremy Aliff (USA) Jodi & Brian McKenna Lisa Blackstock (CAN) Shelby & Tyler Paulk (USA) (USA) Melissa & Clayton Sanches (USA) LaMarche (USA) Deborah Heiko Lahman (USA) & Bronwyn Deiter (USA) Logan & Brian Randazzo (USA) Shellie & Sherry Brian Garrett (USA) John Wong (SGP) Melissa & Ryan Renno (USA) Shuk Han Emma Tong (HKG) Dell W Robey (USA) Harada Hitomi (JPN) Manuel Portillo (PHL) (USA) Sherry LaMarche (USA) Jonathan & Laura Louise HopkinsAnne (USA) Melissa Stoltzfus Skyla & Brian Mann (USA) Denise Dunleavy (USA) Irela Balderrama HernandezJulieta (MEX)De La Garza Mariana Peart (MEX) Sonya Swan (USA) (MEX) Lorena Ibarra Melvin & Lois Peachey (USA) Stacie Hartzler (USA) Deny Sentosa (SGP) Kai Tan (SGP) James & Stacy McDonald (USA) Marilee Tolen (USA) Stacie Hartzler (USA) Michelle Skoczek (USA) Stacy McQuade (USA) Donna Grace (USA) Kara & Andrew Cozier (USA) Niederland (USA) Marinee YuprapanMidori (IDN) Lin (TWN) Stacy McQuade (USA) Stephanie Moram & Jp Dr. OlivierJames & Ellen Wenker (USA) Karen Douglas (USA) (CAN) Cheung (HKG) Nancy & Dick Weber (USA) Sum SumParadis Jami &(USA) Mark Nato (USA) Mark & Angela Meredith (USA) Yip & Samson Dr. Pat McLean Karen Vavrick (USA) Steven & Lula Schiller (USA) Nancy Knittle (USA) Drs. Jim Bob & & Derek Vonigas (USA) Janell Marlo Bontempo (USA) Summer Davis (USA) Karlie & Matthew Holtby (CAN) Sum Sum Yip & Samson Cindy Haggerton Jeanna &(USA) James Lichtenberger (USA) Mary Buck (USA) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Susan Heid (USA) Kate Kowalczyk (USA) Cheung (HKG) Edie Wadsworth (USA) Nicki Ham (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Susana Armstrong (USA) Kathleen & Matthew Summer Davis (USA) Elsa De Los Santos (USA) Nicole & Kade Martin (USA) Jennie & Mohan Radhakrishnan (USA) Mary Starr & Jay Carter (USA) Teresa & Susan David Gingles (USA) Harvey (USA) Heid (USA) Emily W. Recker (USA) Nicole Neesby (USA) Jihan Thomas (USA) Megan & Thomas Burns (USA) Teresa Valmonte (USA) Kathy Breen (USA) Tammy & Eric Walton (USA) Erika Genoveva Nora Leticia Martinez Katie & Joe Giordano (USA) Jill Sager (USA) Melissa & Clayton Corona Sanches(MEX) (USA) Terry & Ladonna (USA) Teresa &Beals David Gingles (USA) De Lira Garcia (MEX) Melissa & Ryan Renno (USA) Terry &(AUT) Ladonna Beals (USA) Essential Jodi Oils & Brian McKenna (USA)Katie Ganger (USA) Noviza Istidarianty (SGP) Thomas Teschl Kelli & Les Wright Melissa (USA) Stoltzfus (USA) Healthline LLCWong (USA) (SGP) Teryn & Alvin (USA) Pamela Hunter (USA) John Tracey Black Nielson & Robinson Trevor Nielson Kelli Fras (USA) Melvin & Lois Peachey Evariny Andriana The Ana Family; Patricia Gwee (SGP) (USA) Jonathan(IDN) & Laura Hopkins (USA) (USA) Kelowna & Paul Giuliano (USA) Maria & & Lavinius (USA) (USA) Florin & Simona Phoebe Li Hoi Ki (HKG) Vanessa Romero Tom Nikkola Joshua Roman & Paige(USA) Williams (USA) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Kim & Booker Edwards (USA) Thomas Teschl (AUT) Frankie-Gene Ellis & Rachel & Ryan Holland (USA) Wynne & Stephen Elder (USA) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Nicole (USA) Lucas Ellis (USA) Kirk & Britta Dimler (USA)& Kade Martin Vanessa Romero & Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Yonie Bonawi Julieta De La Garza (MEX) Kortni Harting Langsweirdt Nicole Barczak Tom (SGP) Nikkola (USA) Gailann Greene (USA) (USA) (USA) Rhonda & Frank Favano (USA) Yvonne Litza (USA) Kai Tan (SGP) Wynne & Stephen Elder (USA) Heather & Christian Kristen Critz (USA)Nicole Neesby (USA) Robert & Alina Rinato (USA) Midori LinYonie (TWN) PortwoodKara (USA) & Andrew Cozier (USA)Kristi Currier (USA)Nora Leticia Martinez Corona (MEX) Bonawi (SGP) Robyn & Randy Murrah (USA) Heidi Hovan (USA) Yvonne Litza (USA) Kristy Dempsey (USA) Karen Douglas (USA) Norce Ika Ayu PutriRyan (SGP) & Ashley McKenney (USA) Heiko & Bronwyn Deiter(USA) (USA) Lauren Crews DowNorhidawati (USA) Karen Vavrick AbdulSam Aziz&(MYS) Lesley Graham (USA) Hitomi, Harada (JPN) (USA) Laurie Azzarella (USA) Kari Friedman Patricia Gwee (SGP)


Please visit bit.ly/YLrankadv for a complete list of all rank advancements. Please visit bit.ly/YLrankadv for a complete list of all rank advancements.

Our recognition retreats immerse our members in an unforgettable Young Living adventure. Members who consistently strive and achieve Silver, Gold, Platinum, or ® Diamond—for at retreats least three consecutive months—are withYoung a trip Living to one adventure. of our flagship farms,who where they experience portions of the SeedGold, to Seal quality or Our recognition immerse our members in an rewarded unforgettable Members consistently strive and achieve Silver, Platinum, commitment firsthand in addition to dynamic leadership development. ® Diamond—for at least three consecutive months—are rewarded with a trip to one of our flagship farms, where they experience portions of the Seed to Seal quality commitment firsthand in addition to dynamic leadership development. P L AT I NU M GOLD R E T R E A TP L A T I N U M R E T R E A TG O L D R E T R E AT R E T R E AT Clarice Anne Avinante (PHL) Endang Anggit Catur (IDN) 采妘工作坊-高盈楹 (TWN) M Andhithaurik Putera S (IDN) Maria Cristina Hernandez (USA) Nelida Elizabeth Rodriguez Sanchez (MEX)

Adfirani Adisastra (IDN) Jim Bonney (USA) Sonya And David Thompson (USA) Amanda Johnson (USA) Lius Reny (IDN) Madison (USA) Amirah (IDN) Rachel FradithaStefanie Clarizky (IDN) April Collins (USA) Lyn May Van Der Giezen (AUS) Stephanie Fedora (IDN) Arindita Ayu (IDN) Terrie & Troy Forrest (USA) Brittany Vail (USA) Ma Socorro Lavadia Monge (PHL) Cheung See Kwan (HKG) 蔡帛蓁 (TWN) Tanja Junčaj (HRV) Cari Oliva Sanchez (ESP) Terry Martineau (USA) Grace Tanti Putri (IDN) Maria Daraban (AUT) 蛋之森工作坊-王薇筑 (TWN) Diana Carolina Cortez Valdez (MEX) Mayra Del Carmen Hernández Tyler W Zaruba (USA) Inkyung Lee (USA) 貓吉拉工作坊 (TWN) Donny Goeltoem (IDN) Jayde Elmaleh (USA) Arroyo (MEX) 陳葳葳 (TWN) Vanessa Parrado Lobo (FIN) Emily Homan (USA) Nur Asfin Mardini (IDN)Oil Up (NLD) 高逢樑 (TWN) Yenny Susanto (IDN) Gray Tiffany (USA) Pramesti Liringtias (IDN) J.R. Keurentjes (NLD) Rene Fargo (USA)



Please visit bit.ly/YLretreats for a complete list of all Silverfor Retreat qualifiers. Please visit bit.ly/YLretreats a complete list of all Silver Retreat qualifiers.


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Get to know Ylang Ylang Say hello to a little bit of sunshine and love in a bottle! Our 15 ml Ylang Ylang is available at 190 PV in February, so use it to rev up your Valentine’s Day romance or brighten winter-weary hair. Try these fun Ylang Ylang uses: • Treat your hair to its own spa day by making a Ylang Ylang hair mask: 1. Create a double boiler by resting the rim of a small pot or glass cup inside the edge of a larger pot filled halfway with boiling water. 2. Add 2 tablespoons coconut oil to the smaller pot/inner bowl and warm until liquefied. 3. Add 7 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil to the coconut oil. 4. Mix the ingredients together and remove from heat. 5. Let cool until slightly thickened. 6. Put a towel over your shoulders to catch any drips, then dampen your hair by spraying water on it. 7. Using your hands, apply the mixture to your hair and gently comb to disperse it throughout your hair. 8. Let the mask sit for 30-60 minutes before rinsing. 9. Wash and style your hair as usual.

• Freshen musty air by diffusing 8-10 drops of Ylang Ylang with 6 drops of Clary Sage, 4 drops of Peppermint, and 1 drop of Lemon for 30 minutes. • Cuddle up close by wrapping you and your loved one in a blanket after tossing it in the dryer with a Ylang Ylang-infused dryer sheet. • Replenish your skin’s moisture by mixing 8 drops of Ylang Ylang with 1 cup unscented lotion, 3 drops Jade Lemon, and 3 drops Orange in a small bowl. Slather onto dry skin and store remainder in an airtight glass container. • Bring the sun inside, even if it refuses to show itself outside, by diffusing:

• 5 drops Ylang Ylang • 5 drops Lavender • 1 drop Ravintsara • 1 drop Eucalyptus Globulus

Come revel in the beauty of cherry blossom season and inner wellness at Asia Pacific’s March 2020 convention! Following the success of the market’s first-ever convention in Kuala Lumpur in 2018, its second biennial convention will happen in Kobe, Japan, from March 27-30. This must-attend event will include: • Inspiring addresses by Young Living Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young and company executives • World-class speakers and trainings • Valuable product and personal development workshops • Informative YL Expo and Essential Oil Festival events • New product announcements • Exciting promotions and incentives • Fun awards gala, recognition, entertainment, and more Discover a new you at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall. Tickets are still available, so be sure to grab yours today! This is a terrific opportunity to build solidarity with your fellow oil lovers a world away. Most of all, you can expand your world as you take in the sights, tastes, and sounds of a new culture and see what new heights are within your reach! What opportunities await you in Kobe, Japan? Visit bit.ly/2uKOul3 for more information. G o ur m a ndeI nT heK

Think of what you can do with more sunshine and love in your life! Ylang Ylang may not be your go-to winter oil, but it might just give you the glow you need.

G o ur m a ndeI nT heK G o ur m a nde i n t he Ki t c hen

Sylvie Shirazi is the recipe developer, food photographer, and real food lover behind GourmandeInTheKitchen.com. There you'll find a collection of recipes that celebrate your inner gourmand with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are free from gluten, refined sugar, and processed ingredients. The recipes on Gourmande in the Kitchen are fast and fresh with a focus on quality ingredients and minimal preparation that let the natural flavors of the food shine because you don't need a lot of time or a long list of ingredients to make good-for-you, satisfying, and delicious food if you start with the best ingredients possible.

GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE CREPES WITH BERRY SAUCE INGREDIENTS For the berry sauce: 6 ounces fresh or frozen mixed berries ¼ cup Gary’s True Grit® Ningxia Berry Syrup (Optional: 1 drop Lemon Vitality™ for a lemon-berry sauce) 1 teaspoon arrowroot powder 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

THE SOIL BEFORE THE OIL Did you know that the quality of Young

soil-management practices regenerate, re-

Living’s essential oils starts from the ground

habilitate, and conserve the soil to support

up—beginning with the soil? If it doesn’t

long-term, sustainable crop production.

contain the right balance of properties,

Through careful management of these and

nutrients, and microbiology, the plants

other naturally sustainable farming practic-

struggle to fully develop the elements nec-

es, our plants have everything they need to

essary to produce truly potent essential oil.

provide the oils we love.

To make sure we harvest only the high-

Healthy soil interacts with everything

est quality essential oils, we first test our

around it. That’s why Young Living consid-

soil. Based on those findings, we cultivate

ers all possible factors that could impact

the optimal environment for our plants.

our farms’ soil. From the microorganisms

We use various farm-tailored methods,

present to the nutrient exchange with the

including conservation water management

roots, it’s the soil that empowers the plant.

strategies and reduced tillage to pre-

Want to get your hands dirty and learn

serve the soil’s natural structure. We also

more about our soil and Seed to Seal®

maintain the soil’s biological health with

firsthand? Book a visit to one of our farms

timely crop rotations, multi-species cover

at bit.ly/2QZeHDU.

crops, and microbial soil inputs. These

Come support the Young Living equine teams FHANA Annual General Meeting February 27-29 Lexington, Kentucky

DIRECTIONS Makes about 8 small crepes Make the sauce: 1. Combine berries and syrup (and optional Lemon Vitality if using) in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook until berries start to soften (about 3 minutes). In a small bowl, whisk together arrowroot powder and lemon juice until well combined. Add to saucepan and stir to combine. Continue to cook, stirring constantly, until mixture begins to thicken. Remove from heat and let cool until needed. Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge. Make the crepes: 1. In a blender, combine eggs, milk, water, pancake mix, salt, oil, and maple syrup; blend on high until smooth. Set aside and let batter rest for at least 20 minutes before using (batter should be loose and have the consistency of heavy cream). Stir batter thoroughly again before cooking. 2. Heat an 8-inch nonstick skillet or crepe pan over medium heat. Brush with a light coating of melted coconut oil.


For the crepes: 4 large eggs ½ cup coconut milk ½ cup filtered water ¼ cup Gary’s True Grit® Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix Pinch of fine sea salt 2 tablespoons coconut oil (melted), plus more for pan 1 tablespoon maple syrup 3. Quickly pour about 3-4 tablespoons of batter into the pan while swirling to coat bottom evenly. Cook until the edges are set and begin to lift from pan (about 1-2 minutes). Using a spatula, run around the edges of the crepe to loosen it, then check the underside to see if it looks set and is beginning to color. Use the spatula to lift up the edges, then carefully grab the outer edge with your fingers and quickly flip the crepe in the pan. Continue to cook on the other side for another minute or until set. 4. Slide crepe onto a plate and repeat with remaining batter, brushing the pan with more oil as needed and stacking the crepes as you go. 5. Serve crepes with berry sauce.

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February 2020 Essential Edge  

Read all about the prestigious awards our Global Headquarters received in 2019, learn about the new and exciting products being introduced t...

February 2020 Essential Edge  

Read all about the prestigious awards our Global Headquarters received in 2019, learn about the new and exciting products being introduced t...