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A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, My Friends, Summer raced by us and most of our children are back in school. It is amazing to feel the changes in Young Living around the world as we continue to grow with great enthusiasm and awesome stories. Our European convention in Brussels was a huge success, with 1,200 members attending from many different countries. Celebrating 25 Years Young, the convention had workshops and new product launches, and Life Science Publishing was there with great books, including the second edition of D. Gary Young, The World Leader in Essential Oils, which is currently being translated into 12 languages. It was

fun to see the excitement and to feel the camaraderie of everyone sharing, and being “in the moment” was contagious and rewarding. Peter Foss, Young Living's regional president of EMEA introduced Kristen Tod, the new vice president of Europe, to our members, who are excited to see how this Aussie Kiwi is going to Light the Fire with her enthusiasm and love of Young Living and our industry. Kristen joins us with more than 25 years of experience in network marketing both as a member and as a corporate employee, including almost five years as Young Living’s general manager in Australia and New Zealand. She is a team player whose goal is to support our members and help Peter maintain a stable course as we continue to grow. Kristen’s husband, Ron Blackmore, is working with Peter in operations for Europe and South Africa. Ron has several years of experience in operations, supply chain, inventory, and forecasting for their own business, which he ran several years ago. Overwhelming? You would think so, but Kristen and Ron both say they love it, with the creative opportunity to meet the challenges of growth. After the convention we flew to Uganda to meet with our D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation partners. The living conditions in the areas we visited cannot be described and would be unbearable to

see if we weren’t doing something to help. One of Gary’s dreams was always to help the children of the world, and you—our members—are making that happen. Thank you for bringing new life and hope to this world of pain and deprivation. The more we give and the more we do makes a bigger difference. On September 19 we dedicated the D. Gary Young Wildlife Preserve in Tabiona, Utah. In November 2017, when Gary bought this property, he didn’t know that the preserve would bear his name and represent his great love of the outdoors and the animals that live there. About 12,000 acres, this is the largest easement in the history of the state of Utah. It will be a protection and reminder of the responsibilities we have to God’s creations. While I’m thinking about this amazing month, I think we all could use some oil or do some diffusing to help with the daily rush. Simply use a few drops of Brain Power™, Transformation™, Highest Potential™, Journey On™, and many others; and let your mind— your thoughts—be your guide. With gratitude and appreciation,

MOBILIZING THE FIGHT D. GARY YOUNG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY ANNOUNCED AGAINST MALARIA Young Living helps to protect Utah land, animals, and petroglyphs

Young Living Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young, along with President and COO Jared Turner, announced the D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary on Thursday, September 19, at a small, private ceremony in Duchesne County, Utah. The D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary is an almost 12,000-acre easement Young Living has donated to The Nature Conservancy to benefit the state of Utah, its wildlife, and its natural resources. Secured during the latter half of 2017, the sanctuary was announced to the media in September of 2019. Within that easement, Young Living also donated a parcel to the Utah Department of Transportation in a partnership aimed at stabilizing portions of the Duchesne River in eastern Utah to preserve its natural path of irrigation. These donations are just one more expression of Young Living’s stewardship of the earth. Through conservation and conscientious farming at our corporate-owned and partner farms, Young Living has continually demonstrated a strong, 25-year commitment to preserving nature. To ensure that the animal population within the easement’s boundaries can thrive, we will replace

much of the original barbed-wire fencing with fourstrand fencing, which will reduce potential animal injury. Additionally, we will replenish and enhance the native food supply as we incorporate seasonal planting along the most depleted animal crossings, migratory routes, and critical winter range. As one of the largest privately donated easements in Utah and The Nature Conservancy’s largest partnership in the state, the easement will also preserve Native American petroglyphs on the grounds. Save for a potential grouping of small buildings erected to support farming in the easement near the path of the Duchesne River, the property will remain undeveloped to fully leverage the essence of the sanctuary. As the world leader in essential oils, Young Living takes pride in our relationship with the land. With 24 corporate and partner farms throughout the world, all bound by our proprietary Seed to Seal® quality commitment, global sustainable farming practices play a major part in our ability to provide the purest essential oils and essential oil-infused products to our 6 million members worldwide. This commitment to quality and stewardship, coupled with the passion of Founder D. Gary Young for connecting with the earth, are the ideals that fueled this land donation. “Gary grew up in the mountainous wilderness of Idaho and always loved spending time with family and friends on mountain adventures,” said Jared Turner. “Preserving this beautiful part of Utah is a legacy grounded in that passion. Gary and I both shared a deep love of nature and wild places, which is why Young Living as a company is committed to preserving and protecting vital habitat for wildlife and current and future generations of people to enjoy.”

Empowering residents in remote communities with life-saving treatment and education

Healing Faith’s new mobile unit is slated to treat four times as many vulnerable individuals. The past four years of partnering with Healing Faith Uganda have seen incredible successes, from providing more malaria nets that protect vulnerable households to the opening of The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation Malaria Center in Jinja. While the malaria center makes malaria testing and treatment accessible to thousands of individuals in communities surrounding the Lake Victoria region, those who are unable to transport themselves to the center are still at high risk for contracting this fatal ailment. To empower more lives and serve these communities, this year the Young Living Foundation has committed to funding the new Healing Faith Mobile Unit. The mobile unit travels to some of the most remote communities in Uganda and provides life-saving treatment and support. One such community of 8,000 individuals resides on Jagusi on Lake Victoria. Residents here rarely leave the island and have severely restricted access to health care. In the first two and a half days of the mobile unit’s efforts on the island, the team tested 290 patients for malaria. Of those patients, 223 tested positive and received treatment. Two-year-old Kawuthara was one of the first Jagusi residents to receive life-saving treatment. Her case was one of the worst Healing Faith has ever seen The mobile team medical staff immediately administered an emergency IV and rushed her by boat off the island to a hospital to

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CNN PHILIPPINES DOCUMENTARY HIGHLIGHTS YL STEWARDSHIP PARTNERSHIPS Watch the first three episodes of this impactful series

Providing homes across the globe with high-quality, pure essential oils is an incredibly demanding, resource-intensive process. As stewards of the earth, we need to avoid the exploitative, unsustainable shortcuts that have become far too common practice in commercial farming. So how do we fairly and sustainably provide Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™, Elemi, and other favorite essential oils? Young Living has partnered with CNN Philippines to create Essential Oils of the Pacific, a stunning, six-part documentary that showcases how we’re taking the lead on solving the difficult questions about essential oil farming. This new docuseries features the human stories behind the essential oil industry as we fight against the exploitation of resources and destructive farming practices and push for economic growth, fair wages, and sustainable agricultural practices.

In the first episode, viewers learn how we produce Elemi essential oil while protecting the environment. The episode also showcases the practices employed by the Happy Pili Tree Farm and Distillery to ensure fair labor conditions for its workers. Watch that video at bit.ly/2YMvHzi. In the second episode, we go to Hawaii for an in-depth look at the biology and history of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. Wade Lee, managing member of Haloa Aina, a Hawaiian education and forestry organization and Young Living partner in the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project, shares the sustainable processes used by YL’s partner farm at the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project. He highlights the importance of maintaining balance in the environment. Watch that video at https://cnnphilippines.com/videos. The third episode provides another example of our commitment to sustainability: producing Hong Kuai essential oil from thousand-year-old trees without damaging them at the Taiwan Cooperative Farm and Distillery in Taitung, Taiwan. “Everyone has to work together to protect these resources that we could lose forever,” John Whetten, Young Living’s director of special projects, shares in the episode. Watch the episode at bit. ly/2MOVCE6. Our Seed to Seal® quality commitment is the foundation for everything we do. It

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Continued from page 1 receive a blood transfusion and advanced treatment. Kawuthara was on the edge of death, and there wasn’t much hope for her survival; but after two weeks in the hospital, she is now healed and back on the island living a malariafree life playing with her new baby sister. The mobile unit team continues to provide education on how to prevent and detect malaria and hang nets over beds. They also teach families how to plant lemongrass—a natural mosquito deterrent—around their homes, doorways, and windows. With these increased efforts, so far this year we have empowered Healing Faith to more than double the number of individuals impacted from last year. Because of our members’ generosity, the new Healing Faith Mobile Unit will test, treat, and educate villagers on the island and will continue to do so until they reach every household. Support these efforts by becoming a Freedom Builder when you donate at least $1 per month to the Foundation. Join the movement today and learn more at YoungLivingFoundation.org/one-million.


HEAR FROM YOU! Answers will be selected to appear in an upcoming edition of The Essential Edge.* W H AT I S YOU R G O -TO DIFFUSER BLEND DURING THE HOL I DAY S E A S ON ? Send your answers to essentialedge@youngliving.com *Answers will be screened, reviewed, and edited for clarity and compliance.


Fun favorite products from this year’s convention

Take your business to the next level with help from Debra Raybern, Royal Crown Diamond

Debra Raybern, a certified nutritional counselor, master herbalist, naturopath, aromatherapist, and YL Royal Crown Diamond, was skeptical when she first heard about essential oils. The moment she smelled Young Living’s oils, however, she knew she had to incorporate them into her practice and become a member. Even after she enrolled, she never intended to build a business, but the unexpected death of her husband in 2002 left her in need of a greater source of income. Nearly two decades later, Debra has some gems of wisdom for every member, wherever they’re at, for making their business-building efforts really count. She shared the following insights with us:

• Educate yourself. Buy reference materials. You won’t know how to share the oils unless you educate yourself on what they are. • Share your story by understanding your contacts’ needs. There’s always something to share. Ask questions to get to know the needs of your contacts. Go through the products and make sure there’s something they will use all the time. It’s easy to get people on board with wellness, but you need to be creative with getting them interested. • Don’t do everything on your own. Use the leaders around you. Learn something, then teach someone else that thing. They’ll learn it and teach it, and it keeps going. Share books with people and teach them your techniques. • Share your Young Living story one on one with others. Sharing Young Living with people really does change their lives. Whether they are looking for wellness or a way to earn an income, Young Living can help with both of those needs. • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Wake up every morning hoping you’ll get calls. If today isn’t a good day, tomorrow is a new day and can be better. We’re grateful to Debra for sharing her simple but powerful insights on turning a passion for Young Living into action. Stay tuned for next month’s edition of The Essential Edge, where another top Young Living business leader will share more business-building tips.

Your answers to our question about your favorite convention products delighted us! Our new Feather the Owl Diffuser seemed to be a popular choice. Here are a few of your comments about it and other convention faves: “Without a doubt my favorite convention product is Feather the Owl. I am 63 years old, and Feather’s new home is in my bedroom!” —Lynda D. “The Savvy Minerals® Dual Lash Brush is my favorite product released at the convention. Why? Because I typically use only Savvy Minerals MultiTasker™ on my eyebrows and Savvy lipstick and/ or lip gloss. The first day I did my brows with the Savvy brush, my brows no longer looked heavy and applied. Same application. Same products. Different look, more natural, and the only change was the brush! Amazing.” —Karen D. “Thieves® Whitening Toothpaste! This stuff is life-changing!” —Michael H. “The Feather the Owl Diffuser is my convention favorite. It’s a perfect match for my future grandbaby’s woodland nursery. Starting our wee ones early on loving YL essential oils!” —Dorothy O. “Every night my kids love taking turns selecting the different light and sound options on the Feather the Owl Diffuser before they go to bed. I love how it is so easy to use and runs continuously during the night on low power mode. This is the most ideal night accessory for any parent.” —Ben T.




J U LY 2 0 1 9

ROYAL CROWN DIAMONDS Alyssa & Troy Francis (USA) Annie & Chris Hauser (USA) April & Jay Pointer (USA) Brenda & Scott Schuler (USA) Carol & Ben Howden (CAN) Casey Wiegand (USA) Chérie Ross (USA) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Crystal & Verick Burchfield (USA) Courtney & John Critz (USA) Danielle Burkleo (USA) Debra Raybern (USA) Dr. Marcella Vonn Harting Korbut Wong (HKG)

& Jim Harting (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Franciela Madrid & Juan Álberto Arevalo (MEX) Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Heather & John Brock (USA) Jeanmarie Hepworth (USA) Jeremiah & Monique McLean (USA) Joanne Kan & Eric Yang (HKG) Jodie Meschuk (USA) Jordan & Doug Schrandt (USA) Justin & Joanna Malone (USA) Kathy Farmer & Mark McCaskill (USA)

Korbut Wong (HKG) Lindsay Teague Moreno & Michael Moreno (USA) Lindsey & Evan Gremont (USA) Madison & Tyler Vining (USA) Mark & Melissa Koehler (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Myra & Ernie Yarbrough (USA) Sera & Darren Johnson (USA) Vicki Opfer & Chris Opfer (USA) Vivian Wan & Alan Chik (HKG) Wendy Renee Mercure (USA) Zach & Kari Lewis (USA)

Crystal & Verick Burchfield (USA)

CROWN DIAMONDS Adam & Vanessa Green (CAN) Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Anita Hartono & Johannes Rusli (IDN) Artemis (AUS) Betty Chu (HKG) Carla & Bill Green (CAN) Carol Yeh-Garner & Scott Garner (USA) Connie Marie McDanel (USA) Darlene & Matt Weir (USA) Denise Lewis (USA)

Diane Mora (USA) Dr. Thomas & Evangeline Reed (USA) Echo & Danny Hill (USA) Erin & Bronce Rodgers (USA) Gordon & Corie DeVries (USA) Gretchen King-Ann (HKG) Hailey & Jeremy Aliff (USA) James & Stacy McDonald (USA) Jen & Adaryll Jordan (USA) Jessica & Nathan Petty (USA)

Jessica Garvin (USA) Jessica Gianelloni (USA) Jilene & Duane Hay (CAN) Jill & James Young (USA) Kari Friedman (USA) Kathy Breen (USA) Katie & Zach Harris (USA) Keith & Emily Anderson (USA) Logan & Brian Randazzo (USA) Maggie Tong & Hill Ngan (HKG)

Melissa & Wayne Poepping (USA) Nanette & Ward Symes (USA) Rachel Jamiro (PHL) Sabina Mary DeVita, EdD (CAN) Sandi & Kyler Boudreau (USA) Stacie & Todd Malkus (USA) Teresa Valmonte (USA) Teri Secrest (USA) Ulrike & Vijay Churfuerst Hanzal (AUT)

Adrianne & Jeremy Lentine (USA) Alan & Linda Simpson (AUS) Alejandra Pompa Chavez (MEX) Allissa Davis (USA) Amanda Gregory (USA) Amanda & Gabe Uribe (USA) Amber Hauser (USA) Ana Karina Cardenas (USA) Andrea Lahman (USA) Anita U. Barbara Ochsenhofer (AUT) Anni & Dave Dayan (USA) Annie Chan (MYS) Becky & Jonathan Webb (USA) Bethany Shipley (USA) Brittany Bollard (USA) Callie & Jeremy Shepherd (USA) Carrie & Michael McVige (USA) Carrie & William Liebich (USA) Catherine Rott (USA) Celeste McLean (USA) Chelle Carter (USA) Chelsea & Jamie Flaman (CAN) Chelsea M. Humphreys (USA) Chelsea Young (USA) Christie Mohamed (USA) Claudia Dosamantes (USA) Colin & Taylor Quigg (USA) Crystal & Larry Hoskins (USA) Dale & Jeanne Schloesser (USA) Dallas Harting (USA) Dan Keskey (USA) Danette & Jim Goodyear (USA) Danielle & Michael Keen (USA) David & Lee Stewart (USA) David & Star Moree (USA) Debbie & Daniel Erickson (USA) Dell W Robey (USA)

Deny Sentosa (SGP) Donna Grace (USA) Dr. Olivier & Ellen Wenker (USA) Dr. Pat McLean (USA) Dr. Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Drs. Jim Bob & Cindy Haggerton (USA) Edie Wadsworth (USA) Emily W. Recker (USA) Evariny Andriana (IDN) Faith & Jonathan Teo (SGP) Fiona Lui (HKG) Frankie-Gene Ellis & Lucas Ellis (USA) Gabriele Hauser & Markus Idl (AUT) Gailann Greene (USA) Harada Hitomi (JPN) Heiko & Bronwyn Deiter (USA) Irela Balderrama Hernandez (MEX) James Niederland (USA) Jami & Mark Nato (USA) Janell & Derek Vonigas (USA) Janie Leek (USA) Jeanna & James Lichtenberger (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) Jennie & Mohan Radhakrishnan (USA) Jennifer & Ryan McManus (USA) Jihan Thomas (USA) Jill Sager (USA) Jodi & Brian McKenna (USA) John Wong (SGP) Jonathan & Laura Hopkins (USA) Joshua & Paige Williams (USA) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Julieta De La Garza (MEX) Kai Tan (SGP) Kara & Andrew Cozier (USA) Karen Douglas (USA) Karen Vavrick (USA)

Kate Kowalczyk (USA) Kathleen & Matthew Harvey (USA) Katie & Joe Giordano (USA) Kelli & Les Wright (USA) Kelli Fras (USA) Kelowna & Paul Giuliano (USA) Kim & Booker Edwards (USA) Kimberly & Ryan Prather (USA) Kirk & Britta Dimler (USA) Kortni Harting Langsweirdt (USA) Kristen Critz (USA) Kristi Currier (USA) Kristy & Jake Dempsey (USA) Lauren Bretz (USA) Lauren Crews Dow (USA) Lindsey & Casey Leif (USA) Lisa Blackstock (CAN) Mariana Lorena Ibarra Peart (MEX) Marilee Tolen (USA) Marinee Yuprapan (IDN) Marlo Bontempo (USA) Mary Buck (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Mary Starr & Jay Carter (USA) Megan & Thomas Burns (USA) Melissa & Clayton Sanches (USA) Melissa & Ryan Renno (USA) Melissa Stoltzfus (USA) Melvin & Lois Peachey (USA) Midori Lin (TWN) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Nicole & Kade Martin (USA) Nicole Barczak (USA) Nicole Neesby (USA) Norhidawati Abdul Aziz (MYS) Patricia Gwee (SGP) Phoebe Li Hoi Ki (HKG)

Rachel & Ryan Holland (USA) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Rhonda & Frank Favano (USA) Robert & Alina Rinato (USA) Ryan & Ashley McKenney (USA) Sam & Lesley Graham (USA) Sara & Justin Wallace (USA) Sara Jo Poff (USA) Sarah & John Harnisch (USA) Sarah Lee (USA) Scott & Tricia Gilchrist (USA) Shannon & Brandon Garay (USA) Shannon Conover (USA) Shauna Dastrup (USA) Shelby & Steven Nowak (USA) Shelby & Tyler Paulk (USA) Shellie & Brian Garrett (USA) Sherri Vonlobstein (USA) Sherry LaMarche (USA) Stacie Hartzler (USA) Stacy McQuade (USA) Stephanie Moram & Jp Paradis (CAN) Steven & Lula Schiller (USA) Sum Sum Yip & Samson Cheung (HKG) Summer Davis (USA) Susan Heid (USA) Susana Armstrong (USA) Tammy & Eric Walton (USA) Teresa & David Gingles (USA) Terry & Ladonna Beals (USA) Thomas Teschl (AUT) Tracey Black Nielson & Trevor Nielson (USA) Vanessa Romero & Tom Nikkola (USA) Wynne & Stephen Elder (USA) Yonie Bonawi (SGP) Yvonne Litza (USA)


Please visit bit.ly/YLrankadv for a complete list of all rank advancements.

Our recognition retreats immerse our members in an unforgettable Young Living adventure. Members who consistently strive and achieve Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond—for at least three consecutive months—are rewarded with a trip to one of our flagship farms, where they experience portions of the Seed to Seal® quality commitment firsthand in addition to dynamic leadership development. DIAMOND R E T R E AT



Thomas Teschl (AUT) Mariana Lorena Ibarra Peart (MEX)

Fei Cheng Iun (MAC)

Jackie Rempfer (USA) Choi Teng Si Tou (MAC) Chai Wei Kuah (MYS) Eva Mariana (IDN) Yee Kwan Chong (MYS) Ma Olga Sarmiento Márquez (MEX)

S I LV E R R E T R E AT Kara Elyse Woolery (USA) Susanne Tischberger (AUT) Jessica Sundojo (SGP)


Please visit bit.ly/YLretreats for a complete list of all Silver Retreat qualifiers.

Continued from page 2 means that when we’re faced with a choice between doing things the easy way or the right way, we’ll choose the right way—every time. Essential Oils of the Pacific exemplifies Young Living’s commitment to creating a sustainable, fair future for all of us. The next episodes of the docuseries air: • Saturday, October 5, 8:30 p.m., PHT—Gihndagun Farm, Australia • Saturday, November 2, 8:30 p.m., PHT—Kalipay Coconut Farm, Philippines • Saturday, December 7, 8:30 p.m., PHT—Season Finale Stream episodes live at CNNPhilippines.com/videos and join the conversation online by following and using the hashtags #EOofthePacific and #YLPHonCNN.


Region Update

Get to konw some unfamiliar uses for this familiar oil While Orange essential oil has a sweet, citrusy scent that many associate with summer, sunshine, and all things fun, it can also fill your fall days with some uses you may not have thought of before: 1. Remove your makeup the natural way. Your face will love this chemical-free way of removing makeup and smoothing your skin’s appearance. At night, simply dab 4 drops of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and 1 drop of Orange oil onto a cotton ball and sweep over skin before cleansing. Make sure to avoid the eye area. 2. Get rid of gunk. Chewing gum stuck to your child’s clothes? Orange will help you get rid of it! Put some on a sponge or paper towel, rub on the affected spot, allow the oil to soak in, then remove the gum with a butter knife or metal utensil. You can then wash and dry the clothes like normal. 3. Pep up your Thieves cleaner. Thieves® Household Cleaner is a staple for all household chores, from wiping down doorknobs to scrubbing sinks. Add some zesty sweetness to your cleaner with a few drops of Orange.

4. Take a moment. Dilute 1 drop each of Lavender and Orange in a small amount of V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and apply to your wrists and temples for a calming, uplifting, and clean-smelling aroma. 5. Stay calm and believe in yourself. Work or school stressing you out or getting you down? Drop some Orange oil in your diffuser to perk up your perspective. 6. Massage muscles and joints. It’s no secret that physical activity is good for your health, but sometimes strenuous workouts can make your muscles strain and cramp. Give them some love by massaging Orange essential oil on tender areas after your trip to the gym. Orange is a versatile classic that no essential oils kit should be without. Like all citrus essential oils, it may cause photosensitivity. Be sure to use it only on skin that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Visit http://bit.ly/2kq3qAj to learn more about this sweet and uplifting favorite!

Come celebrate a year of growth and a future full of promise at the Latin America Convention November 7-9! Because Latin America is one of our fastest-growing regions, we’re hosting this event at a bigger convention venue: the Cumbre Latino Americana in Mexico City. Both veteran and new members are invited to this special party as Young Living continues our 25th anniversary celebration. Join us for this unique opportunity to unite with the rest of Young Living’s Latin American community. Build new friendships and create unforgettable memories with fellow members who share your love of essential oils and Young Living’s culture of inclusiveness. Expect to see visiting celebrities and hear exclusive announcements as we unveil new markets that will join the Latin America region in 2020. Convention tickets are still available, so grab them while you can. Come make history with us at Young Living’s biggest Latin American bash of the year! Visit bit.ly/2lwGjUW for tickets and more information.

Sylvie Shirazi is the recipe developer, food photographer, and real food lover behind GourmandeInTheKitchen.com. There you'll find a collection of recipes that celebrate your inner gourmand with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are free from gluten, refined sugar, and processed ingredients. The recipes on Gourmande in the Kitchen are fast and fresh with a focus on quality ingredients and minimal preparation that let the natural flavors of the food shine because you don't need a lot of time or a long list of ingredients to make good-for-you, satisfying, and delicious food if you start with the best ingredients possible. G ou rm a n d e I n T heK

INGREDIENTS ¾ cup Gary’s True Grit® Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons coconut sugar ½ teaspoon baking powder 1 /8 teaspoon baking soda Pinch of fine sea salt 1 large egg ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons unsweetened pumpkin puree 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted ¼ cup plain yogurt ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 drops Cinnamon Bark Vitality™ essential oil 2 drops Nutmeg Vitality™ essential oil

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• •

G o ur m a nde i n t he Ki t c hen




G o ur m a ndeI nT heK


Serves 6

1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Line a six-cup muffin pan with liners. 2. Whisk the pancake mix, coconut sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together in a bowl. Whisk the egg, pumpkin puree, coconut oil, yogurt, vanilla, and Vitality essential oils together in a separate bowl. Stir the flour mixture into the pumpkin mixture until well combined. 3. Fill the prepared muffin cups evenly with batter. 4. Bake the muffins until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 15-17 minutes. Cool in the pan on a wire rack for 5 minutes; then turn out muffins to cool completely.

Heber Valley Draft Horse Show: October 3-5 in Heber City, Utah The Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show & Pull: October 17-20 in East Lansing, Michigan


Profile for Young Living Essential Oils

October 2019 Essential Edge  

October 2019 Essential Edge