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YL FRIESIANS AND FELIX SANTANA TAKE THE DAY! Winning horses exemplify Young Living’s winning spirit

A MESSAGE FROM MARY The grand opening of South Korea and South Africa achieved our 5×5 goal this year of opening five new markets each year for five years. I was so rewarded to be a part of South Africa’s ribbon cutting of the new office and Experience Center, as well as greeting about 1,000 members at our first official gathering. I found myself deep in thought contemplating the rich culture and natural resources of this country, which is yet plagued with drought, terrible unemployment, crime, poverty, and the struggle to find racial equality. It gave me even greater appreciation for our Young Living family, as we share our mission and opportunity with those in the world who have an innate knowing that there is something better for them, but they just don’t know what it is and from where it will come. These new country openings are a new beginning, a small light at the end of the tunnel that brings hope where perhaps there was none. The light of South Africa is already spreading with excitement and opportunity throughout the entire African continent. Young Living can be that beacon of hope, not only for the wellness that is our foundation but also for the opportunity to be independent and build your own business for your future financial security—a lifestyle of wellness and abundance. Life is too short to live in conflict because of differences filled with jealousy and inequality. The world was Gary’s family, and together we embraced all cultures of people with love, understanding, and the intent to educate for a better world. As this year ends, let’s look forward to a new beginning in 2020 with renewed commitment to share what we have with those who are waiting for us, the messengers. Here’s a tip. Strong bones, youthfulness, and many other body functions are dependent on the production of human growth hormone, which is dependent on the balance of pregnenolone in the body. Pregnenolone is the master hormone that simply does what the body needs, as long as the body has enough from which to do its job. Gary formulated PD 80/20™ to support the body in this regard, which you might like to add to your weekly supplement regimen. It’s done wonders for me and I am grateful to have it. Try it and I’m sure you’ll be grateful too.

Young Living has captured coveted accolades at an exclusive Friesian horse breed event! Like our Percherons, who won the U.S.’s highest honor in their industry, Young Living horses Antonia YL and YL Zana came away from the Keuring—an event dedicated to the preservation and purity of the Friesian horse breed—with some truly remarkable wins. Antonia won First Premie Ster (pronounced “star”), Mare Champion, Champion of the Day, and Provisional Crown, while Zana won Second Premie Ster at the event in Hanford, California, at the beginning of October 2019. These champions are emblematic of a holistic approach to all aspects of life. It’s this approach that sets Young Living apart from the rest, whether that’s in personal wellness or horse breeding. Zana and Antonia’s accomplishments show what’s possible with the Young Living lifestyle. Both of these mares were bred, born, and raised on Young Living’s Mona, Utah, farm. Their new statuses reflect the breeding and training expertise we have at our facility and indicate that there will be more successes to come as we raise future foals. Our Friesian team invested a lot of hard work and skill to produce such excellent and consistent results, and that hard work and skill motivate all YL employees. Antonia’s accomplishment, especially, is the quintessential success that Founder D. Gary Young envisioned upon purchasing his first Friesian horse. Being a home-bred, home-raised Young Living horse, Antonia YL is the perfect archetype of what our Friesian breeding program has sought from the very beginning in honor of Gary’s vision.

As well as their excellent performance in the Keuring, our horses continued their successes in the Mare Show arena, a subsequent invite-only event for the best mares. Young Living presented Antonia YL and her mother, Fredau fan de Lege Geaen. Fredau won the Kroon (pronounced “crown”) Mare Class, having previously received a First Premie Ster status at the Keuring, and passed a meticulous athleticism test. Fredau’s win denotes that she is among the most athletic and aesthetically pleasing horses of the Friesian breed. “I had a good feeling about Antonia YL,” says Felix Santana, manager of the Friesian horse team. “When you’ve been doing this for years, you kind of have your own scores, I guess. After Antonia YL won Champion of the Day, I looked up at the sky and started tearing up thinking of Gary Young and the day we sat in his kitchen. Gary said that he wanted to breed the best Friesians in the world. I just kept thinking, ‘Gary, I think we got it. We’re almost right where you wanted to be.’ "I feel pretty blessed to have been at the right place at the right time when I met Gary. The biggest dream of any breeder is to breed and raise an approved stallion. We’re on the map around the world now. They don’t look at us like an underdog anymore.” Check out the Facebook page to learn more about Antonia YL and YL Zana, as well as the YL Friesian program!

TAKING THE FIGHT AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING TO NEW HEIGHTS The YL Extreme Team joins Hope for Justice to summit Mount Kilimanjaro

With love and gratitude,

“We’ll bring sunrises to the least, the last, and the lost and restore their innocence and light.” —Greg Larsen

The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation is a proud partner of Hope for Justice, an organization working around the world to end modern slavery, also known as human trafficking. Hope for Justice works every day to implement its four-step process to restore lives and reunite families. Through rescue, restoration, reintegration, and policy reformation, Hope for Justice is creating lasting change in the lives of the least, the last, and the lost. Human trafficking comprises three components: the act of recruitment, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons; the means of using threats, force, coercion, deception, or abuse of power; and the purpose of prostitution, exploitation, forced labor, or servitude. According to the International Labor Organization,

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over 40 million individuals are victims of modern slavery. Of those, 24.9 million are entrapped in forced labor, including sex trafficking, domestic servitude, street begging, and debt bondage. The remaining 15.4 million are stuck in forced marriages. Last year Hope for Justice reached more than 72,000 individuals, including children and teenagers, through its Lighthouse centers, community education, and prevention campaigns. Over 1,000 children were safely reunited with their families or family-based care. Each year, however, Hope for Justice works to expand its reach to impact more and more lives, so trafficking can end in our generation. This is why for the past two years, Hope for Justice has organized an extreme challenge to raise funds and awareness for their mission. In 2017 and 2018 Hope for Justice’s Extreme Team pedaled across Europe and Southeast Asia on bikes, but this year they took the fight against trafficking to new heights by summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s largest freestanding mountain located in Tanzania, Africa. From October 22-29, 23 brave adventurers climbed 19,341 feet to the peak of Kilimanjaro. Seven of the climbers are Young Living members Ernie Yarbrough, Andy Jenkins, Jacob Frank, David Trombley,

and Tod Tracy, and Young Living Foundation Executive Director Greg Larsen and his son Hunter Larsen. In addition to climbing, each YL Extreme Team member has committed to raise $10,000, for a total of $70,000. One hundred percent of the raised funds will go directly to Hope for Justice. “My driving force for hiking Kilimanjaro,” says Ernie Yarbrough, “is that it represents three things: an opportunity to support the heroic efforts of Hope for Justice; to do something with some of my best friends, thanks to the network Young Living has provided; and to challenge myself with a lifetime opportunity as a spring-board of inspiration to make myself a better husband, father, and man.” The team members began their climb on October 23, tackling the first 7 miles while fighting through very harsh, wet conditions in the rainforest. Day two brought more rain and more elevation gain and helped the team start to brace for the third and most challenging day of trekking, when for the first time the team really had to fight altitude. The team fought through to day four to tackle the daunting Barranco Wall. “The wall today was metaphorical,” says Greg Larsen. “The Young Living Foundation t-shirt says it all: ‘Every wall is a door.’ Our trek is more than the summit of a mountain; it is a call to arms for everyone to tear down walls and create doorways of opportunity for the least, the last, and the lost!” On day five, the Extreme Team completed the Southern Circuit, where they enjoyed gorgeous views of the mountain and began to prepare for summit day. On the final day of climbing, inspired by Young Living blends Sacred Mountain™ and Freedom™, the team reached the summit just after sunrise, reflected on their journey upward, and began their descent down to the base.

“Participating in the D. Gary Young-sponsored Extreme Challenge of fundraising and climbing Kilimanjaro this year afforded me an opportunity to once again be a part of a movement and an organization I can passionately support,” explains David Trombley. “We are more impactful, influential, and capable together. This is a powerful force multiplier in the long war against modern slavery.” While not everybody can climb one of the world’s tallest mountains in an Extreme Challenge, everybody can make a difference by helping the team members reach their $70,000 fundraising summit. Visit Fundraiser. to contribute to the cause and take a stand against modern slavery today!


HEAR FROM YOU! Answers will be selected to appear in an upcoming edition of The Essential Edge.* W H AT YOUNG L I V I NG P RODUC T A R E YOU M O S T E XC I T E D T O T RY IN THE NEW YEAR? Send your answers to

*Answers will be screened, reviewed, and edited for clarity and compliance.


Favorite essential oil recipes to get you in the holiday spirit!


Vicki Opfer and Chris Opfer, YL Royal Crown Diamonds, share tips for success

Vicki and Chris Opfer are a unique mother-and-son Royal Crown Diamond distributorship. Vicki was introduced to Young Living in 1994, and Chris enrolled as a member in 2002. He has degrees in political science and criminology and a Juris Doctor and practiced as a successful prosecutor in Colorado.  In 2016 Chris left his law career to partner with his mom. He has since co-authored three books about sharing Young Living and lectured nationally and internationally. Vicki has taught hundreds of classes all around the world and authored four books on sharing Young Living. Together, Vicki and Chris seek to help people live happier and healthier lives. They have a single sentence that they teach and abide by: To be successful in Young Living, you must consistently help people share with family, friends, and others in a

duplicable way, emphasizing the Young Living lifestyle and Essential Rewards. Vicki and Chris evaluate everything they do by those criteria. Can they do it consistently? Will it help people share? Is it duplicable? Does it emphasize the YL lifestyle? To build a successful Young Living business, they advise members to commit. “Too often people stop and start this business. Make a promise to yourself that you are going to do whatever it takes for two years to be successful in Young Living.” To those who are just getting into Young Living, they say: “You have to know that this business is all about helping people. First, you have to help those you know by getting these amazing products into their lives. Then—and this is where a lot of people miss the mark—you have to help those people share these amazing products with the people they know and then help those people. If you continue to do this, without expectation of anyone doing anything, statistically, some people will begin to build with you. Rinse and repeat.” We’re grateful to Vicki and Chris for their great examples. Stay tuned for next month’s Essential Edge, where another top Young Living business leader will share more business-building tips.

Looking for some bright seasonal blends to diffuse to bring on the holiday spirit? Our members provided some great ideas when asked what their go-to diffuser blends for the holiday season are. “My favorite diffuser recipe this time of year is 4 drops of Stress Away™, 3 drops of Christmas Spirit™, and 1 drop of Thieves®.” —Jerri G. “My go-to diffuser blend during the holidays is 3 drops of Clove, 3 drops of Cinnamon Bark, and 3 drops of Nutmeg. It makes my house smell like a fresh-baked pumpkin pie, which also happens to be my favorite fall treat.” —Ethan R. “I love to bring the outside in by diffusing woodsy smells all fall and winter. Right now I diffuse plenty of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Peppermint, and some Christmas Spirit. Whenever people come over, the first thing they ask is, ‘What smells amazing?’” —Ashlie W. “I diffuse Thieves and Orange daily during the holiday season. Not only does it smell fantastic, but I know I’m also getting all the amazing benefits Thieves offers.” —Karen Q. “All the Christmas Spirit! That is one blend my diffusers are never without during the most wonderful time of the year. In the boutique I work at, we love it with Stress Away and Lemon.” —Brittany C. “My diffuser holiday blends include Christmas Spirit, Cinnamon Bark, and Clove.” —Shirley S.





ROYAL CROWN DIAMONDS Alyssa & Troy Francis (USA) Annie & Chris Hauser (USA) April & Jay Pointer (USA) Brenda & Scott Schuler (USA) Carol & Ben Howden (CAN) Casey Wiegand (USA) Chérie Ross (USA) Chris Opfer & Vicki Opfer (USA) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Connie Marie McDanel (USA)

Courtney & John Critz (USA) Danielle Burkleo (USA) Debra Raybern (USA) Dr. Marcella Vonn Harting & Jim Harting (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Franciela Madrid & Juan Álberto Arevalo (MEX) Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Heather & John Brock (USA)

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Diane Mora (USA) Dr. Thomas & Evangeline Reed (USA) Echo & Danny Hill (USA) Erin & Bronce Rodgers (USA) Fiona Lui (HKG) Gordon & Corie DeVries (USA) Gretchen King-Ann (HKG) Jen & Adaryll Jordan (USA) Jessica & Nathan Petty (USA) Jessica Garvin (USA) Jessica Gianelloni (USA) Jilene & Duane Hay (CAN) Jill & James Young (USA)

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Ana Karina Cardenas (USA)

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Our recognition retreats immerse our members in an unforgettable Young Living adventure. Members who consistently strive and achieve Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond—for at least three consecutive months—are rewarded with a trip to one of our flagship farms, where they experience portions of the Seed to Seal® quality commitment firsthand in addition to dynamic leadership development. P L AT I NU M R E T R E AT


采妘工作坊-高盈楹 (TWN)

Amirah (IDN) Arindita Ayu (IDN) Cheung See Kwan (HKG) Grace Tanti Putri (IDN) Inkyung Lee (USA) Jayde Elmaleh (USA) Nur Asfin Mardini (IDN)

S I LV E R R E T R E AT Rachel Fraditha Clarizky (IDN) Terrie & Troy Forrest (USA) 蔡帛蓁 (TWN) 蛋之森工作坊-王薇筑 (TWN) 貓吉拉工作坊 (TWN) 陳葳葳 (TWN) 高逢樑 (TWN)


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Get to know Sacred Frankincense You may have learned a few new ways to use Frankincense in last month’s Essential Edge, but did you know that Sacred Frankincense™ can help you reach a higher spiritual plane? Boswellia sacra, a species distinct from Boswellia carterii— the Frankincense you may be more familiar with—is a go-to for creating a heightened sense of spiritual awareness and for moments of deep, personal meditation. No matter how you celebrate in December, consider using Sacred Frankincense to draw yourself closer to a sense of gratitude, peace, and spiritual connectedness. • Carry a tissue infused with a few drops of Sacred Frankincense in a small bag in your purse for a few minutes of peace, perhaps even compassion, during your harried Christmas shopping hours.

Touch 2 drops to your neck just below your jaw to embolden your efforts to live a more empathetic, helpful life. • Diffuse Sacred Frankincense at your feast table as you greet loved ones. • Infuse a leaf or a few needles of your front-door wreath with a drop of Sacred Frankincense. • Add 5-15 drops to 8 ounces of Bath & Shower Gel Base. Bathe or shower with it before participating in a holiday gathering. • Diffuse it whenever you gather with family and friends to heighten feelings of gratitude. Earn Sacred Frankincense at 400 PV during all of December!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new South Africa market, our first open market on the African continent! This was a historic event in Young Living’s journey to bring essential oils to the entire world, and we are thrilled to write this new chapter of our story along with members in South Africa. This opening offered an amazing business-building opportunity and was part of our 5×5 Pledge goal to open five or more new markets each year over the next five years. Young Living members brought guests and potential new team members to dazzle them with the festivities, meet Young Living all-stars, and experience YL products in the Experience Center. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on site at the Young Living South Africa Headquarters. The grand opening was held at the Indaba Hotel, where attendees could rub elbows with Young Living leaders, meet potential new friends and team members, and soak in all things Young Living. Thank you to anyone who came to our South Africa launch to celebrate this momentous occasion and help us pen the newest chapter in Young Living’s history.

G o ur m a ndeI nT heK G o ur m a ndeI nT heK G o ur m a nde i n t he Ki t c hen

Sylvie Shirazi is the recipe developer, food photographer, and real food lover behind There you'll find a collection of recipes that celebrate your inner gourmand with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are free from gluten, refined sugar, and processed ingredients. The recipes on Gourmande in the Kitchen are fast and fresh with a focus on quality ingredients and minimal preparation that let the natural flavors of the food shine because you don't need a lot of time or a long list of ingredients to make good-for-you, satisfying, and delicious food if you start with the best ingredients possible.

HOLIDAY SPICE HOT CHOCOLATE INGREDIENTS 2 cups dairy or non-dairy milk of choice (preferably full-fat for a richer hot chocolate) 2 tablespoons Young Living Yacon Syrup 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 1 drop Cinnamon Bark Vitality™ essential oil 1 drop Ginger Vitality™ essential oil 1 drop Orange Vitality™ essential oil 1 drop Clove Vitality™ essential oil 2 ounces dark chocolate, chopped Orange slices and cinnamon stick to garnish (optional)

NEW EINKORN PARTNER FARM IN FRANCE Young Living brings the Golden Einkorn Farm into the fold Welcome the Golden Einkorn Farm to the Young Living family! The Golden Einkorn Farm, located in the sunny fields of Sault, France, is our newest partner and the exclusive producer of ancient einkorn grain. This 600-acre, family-owned farm is run by long-time Young Living partner Jerome Reynard, known affectionately as “Blondie.” He and his family live on site in a traditional 18th-century French home remodeled by Blondie and his parents, who also live nearby. While the Golden Einkorn Farm is a new partner farm, it has longstanding connections to Young Living as part of the same farming co-op as the Young Living Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery. With deep roots in Provence, the staff of the Golden Einkorn Farm does everything they can to protect the land that produces the einkorn we all love. Their team uses only rainwater irrigation on the naturally low-maintenance einkorn crops, lowering their environmental impact on the area. They fertilize using organic matter such as manure, plant compost, and leftover einkorn stems to ensure that the farm is as environmentally efficient as possible. They are also currently building a solar-powered warehouse to store their tractors and other equipment.

The Golden Einkorn Farm focuses on sustainability by recycling whenever possible, with goals for zero waste. Anything remaining from the einkorn flour milling process is used as feed for animals or as additional natural compost fertilizer, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. This farm is more than a Young Living partner, it is a partner in the community, providing nutritious einkorn flour to local bakeries and pasta makers in the area. The staff also hosts community outreach through student field trips and agricultural experiences to share their farming expertise. You can visit the Golden Einkorn Farm too! Check out to visit the farm and take in the rich sights of the French countryside. Few farms in the world have worked as hard to integrate sustainable, environmentally responsible practices into the heart of their organizations or do so much to open their arms to the surrounding area. With eco-friendly, sustainable practices and rich community ties, the Golden Einkorn Farm is a true steward of the picturesque fields and hills of Provence, and Young Living is proud of this new partnership.


Serves 2

1. Whisk together milk, Yacon Syrup, cocoa powder, and Vitality oils in a medium saucepan set over medium-low heat. Continue whisking until mixture just comes to a simmer and turn off heat. 2. Add chopped chocolate and whisk gently until chocolate is fully melted and hot chocolate is smooth. Whisk vigorously over low heat for a minute to froth and serve immediately with garnishes if desired.

Come support the Young Living Percheron Show and Exhibition Hitches Young Living Country Christmas & Live Nativity December 14 in Mona, UT


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December Essential Edge  

The latest issue of The Essential Edge is now available. This month travel from Mona to Africa with the turn of a page as you read about the...

December Essential Edge  

The latest issue of The Essential Edge is now available. This month travel from Mona to Africa with the turn of a page as you read about the...