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Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are derived from premium botanicals. You will find some of these botanicals throughout the catalog, including eucalyptus, pine, rosemary, cinnamon, orange, rose, peppermint, nutmeg, frankincense, sage, and marjoram.

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From enjoying your favorite traditions to gathering around a crackling fire, the holidays are centered on love. That’s why it’s no surprise that we want to spend the season sharing moments and gifts with the people we care for most. Whether you’re looking for something big or small, simple or extravagant, you’ll find the unique essential oil-infused gifts you’re looking for in our holiday catalog. And if you pick up a few things for yourself while sharing goodies with others, we won’t tell!


Oils for a Favorite


ESSENTIAL OILS BASICS SET Treat the people on your list to these Young Living must-haves. This set includes three of our most-loved, easy-to-use oils and a helpful usage booklet, making it a great gift for family members, neighbors, and friends who are ready to discover the power of essential oils! It em No . 19 2 81 I W h s l . $ 3 2 . 7 5 I Re t ail $43 .09 I PV 32.7 5

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT™ ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Capture the scent of the season with this festive blend, featuring Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce essential oils. Its warm, comforting aroma taps into the feelings of joy, happiness, and security that make the holidays special. I t e m No . 3 3 56 I W h s l . $ 10 .25 I R et a il $ 13.49 I PV 10 .25



Seasonal Exclusive. Indulge in decadent artisan dark chocolate infused with exotic flavors and pure Young Living essential oils. Crafted by an award-winning chocolatier, these limited-edition bars showcase the complex flavor of our exclusively sourced Ecuadorian dark chocolate. Skip the ordinary chocolate—fill their stockings with this rich delicacy made to be savored. C I N N A M O N , C L O V E , A N D N U T M E G Item No. 19029 I Whsl. $8.75 I Retail $11.51 I PV 5.75 T A N G E R I N E A N D G I N G E R I t e m No . 19 030 I Wh sl . $ 8.7 5 I R et a il $1 1.51 I PV 5.7 5 C O M B O P A C K (4 o f e ac h ) I t e m No . 1 9 2 9 5 I W h s l . $ 6 6 . 5 0 I R e t a i l $ 8 7 . 5 0 I P V 4 3 . 7 5

G A RY ’ S T R U E G R I T ™ C H O C O L AT E - C O AT E D W O L F B E R RY CRISP BARS Featuring whole grains, fruits, nuts, and chocolate, these delicious, satisfying bars are a wholesome snack that tastes like a treat. You’ll love that they contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives—and little ones will love the taste. It e m No . 57 58 I W h s l . $16 . 7 5 I Re t a il $ 22.04 I PV 9

Breathe in the

CERAMIC DIFFUSER WITH TREASURE OF THE SEASONâ„¢ Carry the spirit of the season anywhere you go with this handcrafted Ceramic Diffuser. It comes with a free 5-ml bottle of Treasure the Season, a holiday-exclusive Frankincense blend with a grounding aroma. It e m No . 19 2 85 I W h s l . $53 . 7 5 I Re t ail $7 0 .7 2 I PV 39.7 5

TREE SCENT SET Spruce up your home with this set! Add Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil to the unscented rattan sticks and stash them in your artificial tree to bring a forestfresh experience to life. Item No. 19289 I Whsl. $30.50 I Retail $40.13 I PV 23.75


Through the




This beautifully packaged set includes five traditionally significant oils and resins. With 5-ml bottles of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils, Christmas Spirit™ essential oil blend, and Frankincense and Myrrh resin, your home will be filled with the beautiful, uplifting spirit of Christmas.

Experience the ancient way of burning Frankincense resin while elevating the spirit as the aroma wafts throughout your home, bringing a feeling of serenity and sacredness. Frankincense resin included.

Item No. 3118 I Whsl. $74.75 I Retail $98.36 I PV 74.75

Item No. 4880 I Whsl. $32.75 I Retail $43.09 I PV 16.25

STA I N L E S S ST E E L T H E R M O S This Young Living-branded thermos is slim, chic, and ready to store your favorite Yuletide drink. Both hot and cold drinks stay that way thanks to its essential oilsafe stainless steel design. Plus, you’ll get a free 5-ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality™ for instant holiday flavor! I t e m No . 19 552 I W h sl . $ 24.0 0 I R et a il $ 31.58 I PV 1 0



This year we’ve added 15 new Vitality dietary oils and blends just in time for the holiday season. Use them in your favorite recipes, as dietary supplements, or in other creative ways.

C A R DA M O M V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5634 I Whsl. $25.25 I Retail $33.22 I PV 25.25

M O U N TA I N S AV O RY V I TA L I T Y Item No. 19171 I Whsl. $24.75 I Retail $32.57 I PV 24.75

C O R I A N DE R V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5635 I Whsl. $31.25 I Retail $41.12 I PV 31.25

NU TM EG V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5633 I Whsl. $13.00 I Retail $17.11 I PV 13

F E N N E L V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5636 I Whsl. $8.75 I Retail $11.51 I PV 8.75

S A G E V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5642 I Whsl. $12.50 I Retail $16.45 I PV 12.5

G E R M A N C H A M O M I L E V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5637 I Whsl. $36.50 I Retail $48.03 I PV 36.5

TA R R A G O N V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5643 I Whsl. $20.50 I Retail $26.97 I PV 20.5

L AU RU S N O B I L I S V I TA L I T Y Item No. 19174 I Whsl. $24.25 I Retail $31.91 I PV 24.25

G L F V I TA L I T Y Item No. 19168 I Whsl. $62.25 I Retail $81.91 I PV 62.25

M A RJO R A M V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5592 I Whsl. $14.50 I Retail $19.08 I PV 14.5

J U VA C L E A N S E V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5638 I Whsl. $50.75 I Retail $66.78 I PV 50.75 J U VA F L E X V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5639 I Whsl. $24.00 I Retail $31.58 I PV 24 LO NG E V I T Y V I TA L I T Y Item No. 5640 I Whsl. $15.25 I Retail $20.07 I PV 15.25 S C L A R E S S E N C E V I TA L I T Y Item No. 19175 I Whsl. $14.75 I Retail $19.41 I PV 14.75

BAKED WITH LOVE Warm hearts and your home with your favorite holiday baking. From breads and rolls to sweet treats and baked goods, your family will create treasured memories that last years, and our Holiday Cooking Set is a great place to start!

E I N KO R N H O L I D AY C O O K I N G S E T Whip up festive favorites with Cinnamon Vitality™, Lemon Vitality™, and our wholesome Einkorn Flour. These kitchen staples make creating homemade holiday treats a snap. Plus, this seasonal exclusive collection includes our updated cookbook, From Our Fields to Your Table. It em No . 19 2 90 I W h s l . $51. 2 5 I Re t ail $6 7 . 4 3 I PV 40.7 5

WARM THEIR HEARTS W O L F B E R RY T E A S E T Warm up after playing in winter’s chill! Our Wolfberry Tea Set is the perfect way to cozy up and enjoy the comfort of the holidays. This set comes complete with two exclusive mugs, a full 16-ounce bag of Organic Dried Wolfberries, and a recipe card of your favorite or soon-to-be-favorite tea. I t e m No . 19 2 86 I Wh sl . $ 35.7 5 I R et a il $ 47 .04 I PV 19.7 5

GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING N I NG X I A R E D HOL I DAY S E T Packed with wolfberry puree and superfruit juices such as cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate, NingXia Red makes it stylish and easy to maintain your wellness goals—especially during the holidays. This twobottle set also includes five greeting cards, featuring designs created by children at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador, and $5 from each order will go to the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation! I t e m No . 19 2 7 6 I W h sl . $ 85.0 0 I R et a il $1 1 1.84 I PV 71

This year your purchase of a NingXia Red ÂŽ Holiday Set includes a $5 donation to the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation and its efforts to brighten the lives of children and families everywhere.

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SKIN CARE SET Light up the room with glowing, pampered skin. This skin care set is a must-have to keep a fresh face during the busy holiday season. It features some of our most-loved skin care essential oils—Lavender, Tea Tree, and Frankincense—making it a great gift for essential oil beginners and aficionados alike. I t e m No . 19 2 87 I W h s l . $ 47 .50 I R et a il $ 62.50 I PV 47 .5

SOFT AS SNOW LIP BALM SET Get ready for moments under the mistletoe and New Year’s kisses with the return of our popular Lip Balm Set. The set of four essential oil-infused balms comes in a giftable box and includes Vanillamint™, our holiday-exclusive flavor! Item No. 19288 I Whsl. $16.00 I Retail $21.05 I PV 16

ART ® SKIN CARE SYSTEM Remember to take care of yourself this season! The luxurious three-step ART Skin Care System gently cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. Each set includes a free Young Living-branded spa headband through December 31 or while supplies last! Brushes not included. Item No. 5363 I Whsl. $109.75 I Retail $144.41 I PV 109.75




Refresh your special guy’s routine with Shutran Bar Soap. Infused with woodsy, masculine Shutran essential oil blend and formulated with plant-based ingredients such as aloe and wolfberry seed oil, this soap creates a creamy lather without drying the skin. I t em No. 57 1 1 I Wh sl . $ 19.7 5 I R et a il $ 25.99 I PV 19.7 5



Help him look and feel his best with this soothing aftershave lotion. The plant-based formula uses essential oils and natural botanicals such as aloe and argan oil to moisturize and restore skin, so it feels totally touchable. I t em No. 57 1 0 I Wh sl . $ 26.0 0 I R et a il $ 34.21 I PV 26

Get Everyone

PICTURE-READY Between snowball fighting, tree hunting, baking, and other holiday adventures, it’s no surprise that everyone needs to freshen up before family photos. Make it easy to clean up the little ones with KidScents naturally derived, essential oil-infused bath products.

K I D S C E NTS ÂŽ B AT H T I M E S E T Everything your kids need for a fun-filled bath is right here! This set includes a custom character bath mitt and our KidScents Bath Gel and KidScents Shampoo with an all-new look. The exclusive packaging is available only in this holiday kit until all KidScents products make the switch next year, so get yours today! It em No . 1 9 309 I W h s l . $3 7 . 50 I Re t ail $ 49 . 3 4 I PV 31.7 5

KIDSCENTS® OIL MINI SET Use our kid-approved essential oil blends and get more cuddles during the holidays. Owie™, SniffleEase™, and TummyGize™ are safe, gentle, and created just for little ones to help everyone have a more enjoyable holiday. I t e m No . 19 2 7 5 I W h s l . $ 55.25 I R et a il $ 7 2.7 0 I PV 55.25

Walking in a



This new Young Living product takes the science behind our best-selling Life 5™ supplement and raises it to another level. Created with 9 active probiotic strains, 4 more than the previous formula, this supplement contains 16.5 billion active cultures to support your digestion, immune system, and intestinal health.* Item No. 18299 I Whsl. $28.75 I Retail $37.83 I PV 28.75

WINTER WELLNESS SET Support your immune system* all winter long with this discounted set of Young Living wellness products. It’s filled with Thieves Vitality™ essential oil blend, Super C™ chewables, ImmuPro™, and our new Thieves® Cough Drops to keep you and yours feeling great. It em No . 1 9 279 I W h s l . $9 0. 0 0 I Re t ail $1 1 8.42 I PV 90 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The new year is all about making changes for a happier, healthier life. Make it easy to stick to resolutions or create new ones with some of Young Living’s best fitness products!

FITNESS SET This specially priced set of Young Living products helps support an active lifestyle and includes two recently launched products. With AgilEase™, PowerGize™, NingXia Nitro®, and Peppermint Vitality™, it’s a gift that benefits everyone, from the fitness beginner to the regular gym-goer! It em No . 19 3 71 I W h s l . $11 2 . 0 0 I Re t ail $1 47 .37 I PV 112

Give the

GIFT OF CONVENTION! Looking to really show someone you care? Give them an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime!

The Young Living International Grand Convention is our biggest celebration and the best opportunity for Young Living members to gather and learn. Just like the holidays, our convention happens only once a year—so don’t miss it! Treat a friend, family member, or yourself to this exciting opportunity to connect and grow. Need another reason to gift this thoughtful present? Through December 31, you’ll get $10 off the price of general admission when you use code YLConGiftUS.*

Visit Y O U N G L I V I N G . C O M / 2 0 1 7 C O N V E N T I O N to purchase today!

*Applies only to new general admission registrations (cannot be applied to existing registrations). Cannot be combined with other offers.

To order, visit YoungLiving.com or call 1.800.371.3515 to speak to Member Services. All items in this catalog are available October through December 2016 or while supplies last.

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10-pk. Item No. 19280 v.1