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Founder’s message

The Youngs celebrate during the opening of the 2012 International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 27.

A time for Transformation, Convention 2012 “The best one so far” IN WHAT IS QUICKLY becoming regarded as the greatest event Young Living has ever held, the 2012 International Grand Convention exceeded all expectations, motivating distributors from all over the world to experience transformation. From inspiring workshops to exciting, new products, those who attended this unmatched convention were enlightened with greater self-belief and an indelible appreciation for Young Living. “This convention is the best one so far,” exclaimed Gold distributor Karen Douglas. “My life has been transformed. It’s been an awakening for me, a very pivotal moment in my life. I am now equipped to go out and do my thing, and my plan is to come to the next convention as a Diamond; I know I can do it!” The sense of an awakening that filled the Salt Palace Convention Center and burst through the acres of lavender at the Whispering Springs farm during the Family Farm Day Celebration was the same moving influence that generated a refreshed Young Living in look and vision. Both new and veteran distributors felt the palpable excitement, including Silver distributor Greg Hitter, who has been with Young Living since 1995.

“I love the theme of transformation; it’s perfect!” proclaimed Greg. “I’ve been with the company for a long time, but this year there’s a change in the air, an extra excitement. I’ve just been inspired again.” With a renewed alignment focused on better supporting every distributor, Young Living organised intense workshops on business building, product research, and health; brought in worldclass motivational speaker Bob Proctor to revitalise your vision and goals; and released a dozen groundbreaking products designed to help you achieve the Young Living lifestyle.

Judging from the response—mission accomplished! “It’s been fabulous. There’s just no other way to say it; it’s just been transformational,” delighted distributor Cynthia Barrett. “At convention, you end up with the true picture of the company. Young Living has put us first this year, and it feels great. It has been life changing for so many people; you just don’t get that anywhere else.” Next year’s U.S. Grand Convention will be held in Salt Lake City June 18-22. Plan now to attend this supreme event. Register today at a special rate by visiting

The Australian distributors who attended Convention celebrating ‘Aussie night’ at Salt Lake City.


I have been floating on cloud nine since the International Grand Convention! Being with all of you in Salt Lake City and at the farm in Mona was a realisation of the beginning my personal dream of taking the magic of Young Living into every home in the world. Oh, my goodness! I sincerely hope that you have felt in the recent weeks the transformational power of what you learned, saw, and felt during our amazing five days together. What you learned was that Young Living provides you with the greatest products on the planet to bless yourselves and others. What you saw was Young Living willing to be the world leader in producing lives of wellness, purpose, abundance, and vitality through groundbreaking products and unparalleled training. What you felt was an inspiring and motivating spirit to reach every one of your goals and share with others the precious gifts you have. Sharing these gifts is your greatest responsibility! As soon as the lights dimmed on the convention, Mary and I headed off to what I refer to as my second home—France. It was here in the French Riviera that we met with 150 distributors from across the globe in celebration of family, love, hard work, and success during the 20th anniversary of the farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde. I do not have the words to express the emotions I felt that week as we retraced those formidable and pivotal moments when I learned of lavender and life from Jean Noel, Marcel, and his beautiful wife—my second mother—Marta. I will never forget that celebratory week. To share it with some of you made it even more special. Please join us at these magnificent events. This is your personal invitation.

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Gary Young: Overcome limitations, achieve success through your divine right THERE ARE TIMES when we need to hear a message unique from the dissection of essential oils, their properties, and their methods of application—a message of higher importance, of more far-reaching consequence. In moving beyond physical properties, Gary Young delivered a moving presentation during the International Grand Convention on achieving spiritual and emotional peace through essential oils.

spiritual lens, Gary reached into the hearts of those in attendance and stirred within them a passion to live up to their potential.

“My hope is that our time together during this next hour will have inspired you to achieve your highest potential,” started Gary. “If I can succeed with just one person, then I will have succeeded.”

Noting that every choice we make in life is an emotion, Gary explained that overcoming and removing emotional roadblocks from our minds is critical to moving forward and making clear, correct decisions. To help us create a clearer future through emotional damage removal, God has given us essential oils.

Instructing thousands of distributors to think as the ancient peoples did, when everything was seen through a

“Stop telling yourself you can’t; stop telling yourself you’ll try; the only time you can’t do something is when you convince yourself you can’t,” admonished Gary. “You can overcome your limitations because it’s your God-given, divine right. You have all power to be, to do, to have that which is spiritually right for you.”

“Who else but God could have created essential oils?” he questioned. “The power of essential oils goes beyond any of our imaginations. When we use essential oils, we are fusing molecules in the oil with molecules in the body—and, hence, emotions—that are identical to each other, and that’s why essential oils are so effective. There is an essential oil to match any emotion, to recover from any emotion.” Immediately upon the removal of emotional roadblocks, our conscience can open up to achieving our highest potential through a realisation of who we really are. “When you identify who and what you really are—children of divinity—you can change your life today,” proclaimed Gary. “Take your life back and own it!”

Bob Proctor wows crowd with self-belief presentation “DEDICATE YOUR LIFE to an idea to believe in yourself.” So began success speaker extraordinaire Bob Proctor’s masterful International Grand Convention presentation, designed to instil within all ardent attendees a confidence to reach their goals and achieve lifelong success. For two captivating hours, Mr. Proctor guided the audience through life-altering strategies built around the ideologies of self-belief and transformation. “Our belief system is built upon our evaluation of something. You have to believe in yourself. You have to evaluate yourself and never put yourself down.” A vibrant, intense belief in yourself is critical to your finding any amount of success in life and business. According to Mr. Proctor, we have been given intellect to create our own environment, to create our own economy; and yet deeply demoralising habits inherited from others darken the inspiring flame from within that each of us has to be our best.

“Most of our habits we inherit,” explained Proctor. “Control your habits—your paradigm—instead of letting them control you. If you shift your paradigm, you will watch your life change; change your paradigm and change your future.”

Quoting Thomas Edison, Mr. Proctor said, “If we all did the things we’re capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.” Living up to what we are capable of doing requires recognition of what and who we are.

When attempts are made to change our paradigm, Mr. Proctor noted, we must pattern our new habits after those who are successful. We must avoid actions made by those who often fail, as the common denominator of success is forming a habit of doing things that people who fail do not like to do.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you figured out who you are,” said Proctor. When you understand who you are, you can then determine “where you are and where you are going.”

“No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” According to Mr. Proctor, success—like failure— requires consistency, persistence, and commitment. “Persistence to success contributes to success more than anything else. Be willing to pay the price to get the reward.”

When we discover who we are and decide where we are going, the crippling fear that so often accompanies us along the way is eliminated. “Faith and fear both demand that you believe in something you cannot see,” explained Proctor. “Conquer the unseen mountains that are within you.”

HK Lin, PhD: Young Living’s focus is on taking the best products to the world AS THE WORLD leader in essential oils, Young Living’s global vision of providing the world’s people with these most precious of gifts is being realised. During the International Grand Convention, scientist and doctor HK Lin shared his unique insight into Young Living’s magnificent efforts.

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“We want to go beyond the Young Living community,” he said. “There are a lot of people who don’t know about essential oils. We need to educate them and show them how good Young Living essential oils are.”

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Citing the company’s intense focus on constantly researching groundbreaking products from every corner of the world, Dr. Lin revealed the news of Young Living’s forthcoming farm and distillery in Taiwan and the company’s exploration of new medicinal plants in Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. These combined efforts in Asia are leading to a Young Living supply pipeline for many years and even generations to come. It is Young Living’s willingness to explore, research, and develop products originating from around the world that

guarantees it will remain the world leader. “You cannot go to the dollar store and buy a bottle of essential oil and expect it to help you,” joked HK. “It takes years and years of experience and training to understand essential oils. We at Young Living are doing everything we can to ensure our essential oil chemistry is correct.”

Gary Young, left, competes in the jousting tournament during the 2012 International Grand Convention. By shattering his lance and beating his opponent, Gary was crowned the tournament champion.

Family Farm Day: A massive celebration to end 2012 Convention in style THE WEEK OF transformation cultivated within the walls of the Salt Palace Convention Center culminated outdoors at the Whispering Springs Farm during the captivating Family Farm Day Celebration. More than 5,000 distributors, friends, and guests were treated to the relaxing getaway at the farm and took advantage of the fun events throughout the day. From enlightening workshops to firstclass entertainment, the Family Farm Day Celebration was an exciting exclamation to a hallmark week. “This celebration is the highlight of the week because we learn from the workshops, and then the farm is when we

get in touch with what exactly is in the bottle,” said Star distributor Alina Tovar. “So many great events are going on. I feel really good here; I don’t know how to even explain it.” Of the events, perhaps the most anxiously awaited was the jousting competition— Gary’s first since retiring more than two years ago. Armed with full armor and regalia, the competitors galloped toward each other riding enormous trained horses. In the end, Gary’s expertise prevailed, as he won both competitions. The fun-filled day was capped off by the toe-tapping entertainment of country music legend Sawyer Brown. It was a joyous celebration!

DGYF sees huge success at Convention

The booth, displaying student pictures on a huge wall, provided information about the Young Living Academy. At the close of the event, the DGYF excitedly reported that there are 55 new sponsors for

students and that more than 100 of the 160 students at the academy now have sponsors. This is great for the foundation and for the students! On Friday evening the foundation hosted a dinner and auction for more than 400 of its supporters. The event gave attendees the opportunity to be with some of Young Living’s top leaders, including Gary and Mary Young. The auction was a fast-paced event, with auction items from all over the world. Attendees had the opportunity to bid on a wide selection

of beautiful jewellery, artwork, many other items, and even an hour-long teleconference for their team with our founder, Gary Young. The auction was a wonderful experience that provided all who attended with the opportunity to contribute. At the Young Living Family Farm Day Celebration on Saturday, the foundation hosted the bargain tent, where distributors had an opportunity to buy at bargain prices, thus raising additional funds to help transform lives.


THE WINNER IS—the Young Living Academy! We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful financial support from so many who attended the International Grand Convention. The D. Gary Young Foundation (DGYF) opened its first informational booth during this convention.

The 2012 International Grand Convention was the foundation’s best fundraising convention ever. Thank you to everyone who contributed! If you missed out at the convention and still want to be a supporter, please visit to donate and/or to sign up for the DGYF e-newsletter to stay involved throughout the year!

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Young Living around the world JAPAN

The much-anticipated Progessence Phyto Plus™ has arrived and is one of the bestselling products in Japan. This serum will be the ideal product for Japanese women who are suffering from the negative physical and emotional effects of the loss of female hormones; in July, Dr. Dan Purser visited six cities in Japan, talking about this very thing and the importance of Progessence Phyto Plus.


We would like to thank everyone that attended our European tour with Gary and Mary Young in Austria, Sweden, and Iceland. It was great to see nearly 1,400 distributors over these three meetings as our European market

goes from strength to strength. The European team now looks forward to seeing everyone in September at the regional meetings in Austria and Sweden and at the much-awaited Germany Founders Meeting in Numberg, Germany, on September 22.


Young Living Singapore and South East Asia had another record-breaking month in sales! We are expecting this trend to continue, as our very “transformed” and driven distributors from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong have come back from the convention eager to spread their energy to the rest of the region. Dr. Dan Purser was in Singapore in

July and did a great job educating members on women’s health and the newly launched Progessence Phyto Plus™. Everyone is also very excited to get fit and fab in August with the launch of Slique Tea™ and Slique Essence™!


June was quite a month for Young Living Australia! It was a month of new leaders, as Neena Love advanced to Gold and Maria James, Sharon and Andrew Wild, and Sharon Neal became Silver. Fifty-five Australian members travelled to Salt Lake City for the International Grand Convention, which was a great success and left distributors feeling transformed

Marc Schreuder reveals keys to healthy weight with Slique NOT LONG AGO Marc Schreuder, Young Living’s vice president of research and development, was a sugarholic, endangered by the foods that ballooned his waistline and—with seemingly every bite—took away days of his life. That was early 2011. It may as well have been an eternity ago. Transformed by a revamped diet and an insatiable relationship with Slique, Marc stood in front of hundreds of distributors at the International Grand Convention in his new, slim frame and energetically discussed the necessity for less sugar and more Slique in everyone’s life. “Our bodies have not adapted to our abundance; we are killing ourselves with abundance,” he said. Pleading with distributors to “pop the hood” and find out what we are really eating, Marc laid out a 12-step plan for those struggling with weight management.

“We need to retune our palettes,” explained Marc. “Our palettes are corrupted. We fall into a sugar trap through personal rewards and excuses— excusitis. What we need to do is reprogram, reset our brains.” Replacing grains with greens, eating foods high in aroma, eliminating sugars and sugar imposters, and eating smaller bites and smaller portions are all vital to taking control of your health. When combining your diet with the powerful benefits of Slique, magical things can happen. “We want to feel full without the caloric penalty; Slique does that,” said Marc, joking that frankincense—a main component of Slique—is like “happy sauce for the brain.” “Isn’t it wonderful that we at Young Living go through the trouble of finding the best frankincense trees? We appreciate your loyalty to the best, and what we represent is the best.”

Marc’s twelve steps to a healthy weight

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Track what you eat Recognise why you eat Recognise your sugar addiction Get and stay motivated Break old habits Maximise retronasal aroma Slow fat creation Biochemically reduce appetite Pre-fill Recognise pitfalls of sugar substitutes Join a support group Physical activity reduces appetite


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and full of passion about Young Living and its messages of wellness, purpose, and abundance.


The Mexico market is growing at a healthy pace. Last month Young Living trainers and various distributor leaders held their first introduction to Young Living meeting in the colonial city of Xalapa, Veracruz. The meeting was the kick-start to a three-city tour, where hundreds of distributors and potential distributors gathered to learn more about natural alternatives for a better lifestyle. Here at Young Living, we could not be more excited about the amazing growth in Mexico and project this market to become one of the largest in Latin America.

What’s new Farms Simiane-la-Rotonde, France The Young Living lavender farm in France hosted 150 distributors during the 20th anniversary celebration. The visit to the farm and the distillery was a highlight of the event and gave the distributors the opportunity to participate in the distilling of lavendin. In addition to participating in distilling, attendees heard from Jean Noel, Benoit, Gary, and others who play important roles in the farm’s operations.

Upcoming global events Mark your calendar for upcoming Young Living events!

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Oregano and lemongrass continue to be harvested, and field expansion is ongoing. This is an exciting time for the Ecuador farm. The new spa is very close to being completed.

Mona, Utah

September 8 Denver, Colorado

With convention’s Family Farm Day in the rearview mirror, attention now turns to expanding and planting more lavender and peppermint and to preparing the distillery for the lavender, hyssop, and clary sage crops that will be distilled this summer.

Master Leader Retreat

St. Maries, Idaho

Introduction to Raindrop August 25 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Introduction to Raindrop

October 18–22 Ecuador

School of Nature’s Remedies November 10 Denver, Colorado

School of Nature’s Remedies January 19 Mexico City, Mexico

Visit for more information on these exciting events!

The St. Maries farm, like the farm in France, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Part of the celebratory festivities will be in conjunction with the Silver Retreat, August 2–4. Those attending the Silver Retreat will notice the many upgrades and improvements Young Living has made to the farm throughout the year.

Naples, Idaho

Cultivation and nutritionally supplementing the trees that were planted during the reforestation project earlier this year is ongoing.

The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 8-AU  

The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 8-AU

The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 8-AU  

The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 8-AU