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President’s Report


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Board Minutes Cover: Young Life Haiti 20-Year Celebration.

Spring Board Report 2020 1


Spring Board Report 2020

Newt and Susan with G and Neosha Lawhorn, Shaundra Battle and Randy Eberhard in Atlanta!

President’s Report

Newt Crenshaw

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations … ” (Matthew 28:18-19, NIV).

For 20 years, Harriet Henderson has climbed the steep hill behind her house in the early morning hours to pray over all that she can see, and she can see everything for miles. If you saw my recent letter to our financial partners, you know that Harriet’s vision of the valley includes a big disk on the front of the local high school with a mascot painted on it. Harriet asks the Holy Spirit to hit that disk every day like a target. In two decades, Harriet has taken more than 400 kids to Young Life camp from a town of 900. Her faithful prayers have led to sacrificial service and organic growth. Harriet’s hill reminds me of the Master’s mountain in Matthew 28. As you might recall, the resurrected Lord gathered His somewhat disoriented disciples on a mountain in Galilee and spoke a word over all that He could see. YL2020 Parade of country flags.

Spring Board Report 2020 3

Celebrating with staff at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

From His vantage point, I believe He could see everything for both miles and millennia to come. For instance, He could see Peter preaching on the day of Pentecost to pilgrims from “Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, the Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya near Cyrene,” including visitors from Rome. The Holy Spirit had been dispatched and the world had been conveniently delivered to Peter’s doorstep. Jesus launched a global mission from day one. I believe Jesus could also see beyond Peter to the Apostle Paul sitting outside the city gate in Macedonia, sharing the gospel with a group of women beside the river. We read in Acts 16 that “the Spirit of Jesus” had kept Paul from entering Bithynia, but instead led him to Macedonia. One of these women was Lydia, who is regarded as the first documented disciple of Jesus in Europe. The Savior could see clearly that day on the mountain in Matthew 28, and I believe His vision included a target on the front of a high school in Gainesville, Texas. Almost 2,000 years after


Spring Board Report 2020

Jesus issued the Great Commission, His words continued to roll down the mountain, striking the hearts of men and women like Jim Rayburn, Annie Cheairs, Frog Sullivan and Kay McDonald, just to name a few of our early elders in Young Life. The faithful prayers of these and many others over the decades have led to sacrificial service and organic growth that now includes Young Life ministry in all 50 states and 104 countries around the world. We may be relative newcomers to the movement Jesus started, but the mission is still the same: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” What a privilege it is to be included in God’s global movement through Young Life. I look forward to exploring the opportunities for growth that lie before us still today, both in our historic U.S. core and beyond. Like Paul in Macedonia, we will defer to the leading of the Spirit, but the path before us remains the

Proud grandparents.

same: By God’s grace, our faithful prayers will lead to sacrificial service and organic growth. May the Master’s words from the mountain continue to compel us forward until we have hit every target He envisioned. It is a privilege to serve alongside you in Young Life. In Christ for all kids,

Susan volunteering at YoungLives camp in Costa Rica.

YL2020 selfie!

Spring Board Report 2020 5


Spring Board Report 2020

FIELD MINISTRY The Lord has allowed me to be “on the field” as we assemble an elite team of amazing spiritual “athletes,” men and women in the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Global Cities Initiative who have the fire, hunger, thirst, hope, trust and courage to do whatever it takes to get after the “next kid.” The joy of being on an elite team is inexpressible. — Dan Jessup

Latin America/Caribbean, Europe, FORMER SOVIET UNION, Global Cities Group Senior Vice President DAN JESSUP

Senior Vice President, Europe BROOKE JOHNSTON

Senior Vice President, Former Soviet Union TBD

Senior Vice President, Latin America/Caribbean KEVIN SUWYN

Senior Vice President, Global Cities Initiative JOHN WAGNER 8

Spring Board Report 2020

FSU Europe

Latin America/Caribbean

London Los Angeles

New York City

Hong Kong

global cities Spring Board Report 2020 9

Latin America/Caribbean, Europe, Former soviet Union, Global cities Dan Jessup, Group Senior Vice President

To GROW a mission, you must first GROW a TEAM. It’s about time Andy Reid won a Super Bowl! The timing was perfect. Andy had assembled the perfect team of athletes that had a deep hunger and thirst for playing together, playing creative, innovating on the fly and never giving up, no matter how far behind they fell into the fourth quarter! Well, I feel a little like Andy Reid coaching the Chiefs! The Lord has allowed me to be on the field as we assemble an elite team of amazing spiritual “athletes,” men and women in the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Global Cities Initiative who have the fire, hunger, thirst, hope, trust and courage to do whatever it takes to get after the “next kid.” The joy of being on an elite team is inexpressible. When Newt asked Steve Larmey and me to take on the global international work of Young Life, the scope, challenge and opportunity were daunting. I needed to replace myself as the senior vice president in Latin America/Caribbean (LAC), replace Chad Edwards as the senior vice president of Europe,

inject myself as the interim senior vice president for the Former Soviet Union and then engage and get brought up to speed with the budding work of Global Cities. Not only did we replace senior vice presidents in two divisions, they both got significant upgrades! Brooke Johnston joined the team as the first international female senior vice president, taking on the Europe Division, and Kevin Suwyn, living in Costa Rica, took on the senior vice president job in the LAC Division. John Wagner is still leading the charge with Global Cities and we’ve begun to develop a clear and compelling vision to scale universal work throughout this geography. The last six months have been a blur, but man are we having fun. A strategy is emerging, the team is beginning to play as a team, and the Holy Spirit is infusing all of us with joy, courage and hope.

Latin America/Caribbean “There is no strategy that can replace a holy urgency stirring a unified team, where leaders believe God is already working, and He just needs someone that says YES and is willing to go.” — Kevin Suwyn, senior vice president, Latin America/Caribbean

Work crew at La Finca.


Spring Board Report 2020

follow Jesus” into risky places.

Outreach Camp in Venezuela.

Leaving Their Nets Despite political unrest, natural disasters and social crises, we’ve seen God moving in Latin America and the Caribbean in a way we never imagined. Challenges will always seem to abound around LAC which could thwart growth, but since the time our “doubledouble” goal began in 2011 up until today, we continue to be captivated by the courage of our leaders, who are compelled by Christ to press through fear and other obstacles to reach the next kid. Volunteer leaders are dreaming and owning the ministry. As leaders begin to believe and personally embrace the vision to get to the next kid, obstacles lose power and “if” has changed to “how and when”! A vision for the next club, in the next barrio or next town, embraced and owned at the club level, and expressed in a Vision Map has allowed us to see tremendous growth in places like Nicaragua, Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the last few years. There’s always one more neighborhood, one more school, one more kid; and our leaders are both daring to dream and to “leave their nets and

We see growth in places like Venezuela, where leaders might have every reason to throw in the towel and retreat but instead are going beyond to send kids to camp. In the middle of a financial and infrastructure crisis, where daily food acquisition is a challenge, young volunteers pray for provision, wait in line and barter for extra food tickets to ensure kids can get to camp. One club coordinator in Venezuela sold 500 empanadas in order to raise funds for kids to go to camp. Her empanada sales sent 20 kids (out of 70) to Outreach Camp last year!

Former Soviet Union In my 37 years of Young Life I’m not sure I’ve ever been with staff and leaders who have more focus, clarity and fire to reach the next kid for Jesus than the team in the Former Soviet Union. This team has gone through, and is going through, some big changes. The founder of the FSU ministry, Gary Parsons, has retired after 12+ years of leading Young Life in the U.S. and 28 years in the FSU. I’ve been asked to step into Gary’s shoes and help set up the division for the future. Some key areas of focus for 2020: • Settle the team in the transition from Gary to the new senior vice president, hopefully in place by October 1, 2020. • Fortify the structure of the division, making sure we have the right senior leaders in the right place. • Engage the FSU stateside team and the national regional directors in the FSU to buy into a more robust, aggressive financial awareness and ownership of the resources raised and spent in the FSU.

Spring Board Report 2020 11

• Restructure the committee, executive committee and ECC for the next generation of leadership. • Unveil a new way to think about the funding of the FSU, developing new systems of fundraising and having the entire team committed to a self-imposed “zero deficit” policy. • Develop a specific leadership development strategy to prepare the national leadership to have an FSU national staff person be the senior vice president by 2026. We’ve set our goals extremely high for this transitional year. There are few things more joyful to be engaged in than a vision so large that only the Holy Spirit could bring about success!

M i n i st ry b e ga n i n R u s s i a i n 199 2 f o cus e d in t he we s t — cit ie s l ik e Mo s co w, St. P e t e r sb ur g a nd K r a s noda r . B u t t he S pir it o f t he L o r d is mov ing o ur t e a m an d th e mi ni s try to th e Fa r Ea s t pa r t o f R us s ia k no wn a s S ibe r ia . Expanding East Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than oneeighth of the earth’s inhabited land area. It spans 5,592 miles and nine time zones! Ministry began in Russia in 1992 focused in the west — cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. But the Spirit of the Lord is moving our team and the ministry to the Far East part of Russia known as Siberia. Area Director Sukhrab Svetonosov began club in the city of Novokuznetsk in 2016, and the work quickly developed into more than 17 ministries, now with a presence in most major cities of Siberia. The newest work is in Vladivostok, a strategic location because there are university students from all over Russia and Asia studying at the Far East Federal University. Sukhrab and his family are moving to Vladivostok for several months to be closer to this work! They will explore this new area, build relationships and train new leaders!


Spring Board Report 2020

Map showing the distance between Moscow and Vladivostok.

Sukhrab and his family lead the work in Siberia.

A party with a purpose: Young Life Service Club.

Service Club in Germany.

Europe “One area of growth we are celebrating across the Europe Division is in camping: summer camping, school-year camping, day camps and discipleship camping. This growth reflects the ongoing commitment by our courageous leaders to meeting kids where they are so we can lead them to where they were made to be: in relationship with their heavenly Father. This autumn, we had 100 teenagers and leaders at a Campaigners weekend in Scotland ... a country where the number of young people in church is so low they are considered, by formal definition, an unreached people group. Furthermore, 17 of the 65 kids at a weekend camp in Norway this fall met Jesus, and across the Nordic region, Campaigners has grown by 30% in the last year there.” — Brooke Johnston, senior vice president, Europe

Service with a Smile: Service Club in Lurach, Germany Nina Ricca moved into a new role as a team leader in her local high school, FES, in Lurach three years ago. Nina began doing contact work during recess and playing cards with one kid. This lasted several weeks, until more kids began to join the game. Soon, Nina started an after-school club and approximately 20 kids joined the adventure. Over the last three years, what started out as one kid, has turned into 95 kids at club. This weekend, she’ll take over 90 kids and leaders to a weekend camp! The key to her success? Nina is passionate about Jesus, relationships and developing leaders, and her commitment to contact work is unmatched. Nina has also embraced our commitment to innovation and adapted the traditional club into a weekly service club. Her students serve at a local elderly assisted home on a monthly basis, plan and execute service projects for the city and provide needed services for their high school. Kids are meeting Christ and growing in their faith through this process!

Spring Board Report 2020 13

Global Cities “As we eclipse the two-year mark for the Global Cities Initiative, there is lots to celebrate. New York has successfully launched three new regions and now has over 50 staff reaching close to 11,000 kids. Hong Kong has hired 10 new staff in the last two years, most of them local and bilingual, and has transformed from an all English-speaking international school ministry to a mission that’s over half local teens and Cantonese speaking. Los Angeles just launched the ‘Better Everywhere’ Campaign with the goal of reaching 50,000 kids by the year 2025. In London, we’ve hired our first two local staff who will focus on the East London community of Stratford, and are poised to start two more areas in the next six to nine months.” — John Wagner, senior vice president, Global Cities Initiative

Starting in Stratford! Stratford, in the borough of Newham, is our most recent area launch in London and the first Young Life ministry to target East London kids. Kids from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica, Trinidad, Poland and Lithuania all have found a home in the streets and neighborhoods of Stratford. Tom and Phebe Bailey, native Brits who went to university in Stratford, in partnership with Hope Church, joined our staff in September. After celebrating their wedding and honeymoon, they jumped in with both feet, getting to know kids, doing contact work, hanging out in the park and the mall, sharing a soda, playing football and just “being seen.” Our hope is to have our first day camp in Phebe and Tom Bailey with Area Developer Tate Stratford this May. We’re praying for 100 Johnston (far left). kids. That would be close to a miracle. At the same time, it’s just a beginning. We have partners and churches asking us to start in Brixton, Clerkenwell, Enfield, Hackney and Wembley. God is up to something in London and we get to be a part of it!


Spring Board Report 2020

Mark 10:45 — Students experience the joy of serving others and their community.

Spring Board Report 2020 15

Africa, Middle East, Asia/Pacific, India/Indian Subcontinent Group Senior Vice President STEVE LARMEY

Vice President, Africa East MARTIN WAMALWA

Vice President, Africa West JAMES DAVIS

Vice President, Africa South ALEXIS KWAMY

Vice President, Middle East TBD

Vice President, India/Indian Subcontinent TBD

Senior Vice President, Asia/Pacific MIKE GAFFNEY 16

Spring Board Report 2020

Asia/ pacific

Middle East

Africa West

Africa East

India/Indian Subcontinent

Africa South

Spring Board Report 2020 17

Africa, Middle East, Asia/Pacific, India/Indian Subcontinent Steve Larmey, Group Senior Vice President

Locust swarms, famine, coronavirus, floods and explosive growth Swarms of locusts the size of the city of Moscow wreak havoc in East Africa raising the real possibility of impending famine. Uncertainty around coronavirus paralyzes much of Asia. Floods devastate Rwanda and DR Congo. And yet ministry in Africa and Asia continues to grow. Expansive, Holy Spirit growth and the passion to reach the next kid, village and country is deeply baked into the culture and leaders of Young Life Africa/Middle East. “Ebola didn’t stop us. Crashing governments and economies haven’t stopped us. Warlords haven’t stopped us. I don’t think locusts and floods will,” explains Martin Wamalwa, vice president of Africa East. “We’re going to keep following the Holy Spirit and find a way to keep reaching the next kid.” This passion to get to the next kid drives our strategy and stokes the fires of innovation. And these hardships provide a context to lean on the Lord more and to exercise greater faith, courage and creativity leading to greater growth. And that spirit is catching on with our teams in Hong Kong, China and across Asia/Pacific. The areas of growth we think are most significant at this moment in our geography all involve our leadership — both staff and volunteers — around three things:

» Position » Proliferation » Passion


Spring Board Report 2020

Cantonese camp — Hong Kong 2019.

Position: Placing the Right Leaders in Asia/Pacific Mike Gaffney has made some moves repositioning key leaders to help reach more kids across the division. The first key move is that Josh Powell has been elevated to the position of vice president of East Asia. Josh has pioneered and grown Hong Kong, perhaps our most dynamic work in Asia. He will continue to work under Mike’s leadership. Mike Gaffney, senior vice president of Asia/Pacific, explains the importance of this new position:

“Josh is a proven leader, who has grown Young Life in the U.S. and Asia, who as a senior-level leader will work to grow our impact in four significant Asian countries: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Expanding our capacity with Josh will help us increase touchpoints with staff and key city leaders while increasing our potential to raise human and financial capital in Asia. Japan and Korea, along with Hong Kong, can help fuel ministry in China, Mongolia, SE Asia and South Asia.”

This key move also precipitated the filling of Josh’s position in Hong Kong by James Tang. James and his wife, Christina, are Cantonese Hong Kong locals adding much-needed cultural and local understanding at our senior level of leadership. Josh Powell, vice president of East Asia, explains:

“I was overjoyed and gratified to begin the passing of the mantle to new Cantonese leadership, which we’ve long prayed for and is sorely needed in Hong Kong at this highly complex and challenging time.” This new positioning, along with other moves Mike is working on, will lead to reaching and teaching more kids.

Spring Board Report 2020 19

Proliferation: Growing more leaders in Africa with “EACH ONE REACH ONE” In Africa West, East and South, the teams have adopted an EACH ONE REACH ONE strategy. Simply, every volunteer leader and staff is charged with recruiting one new leader who they help train, take with them to see and learn ministry, then help deploy to reach more kids. As explained by James Davis, vice president Africa West:

“Every area director, team leader and volunteer leader has a plan for volunteer recruitment. Motivated by Matthew 9:38, every staff or volunteer is praying and recruiting the next leader for ministry. When they have their lists of leaders who have expressed interest after experiencing Young Life either by visiting clubs, attending leader meetings, joining a team of old leaders to do contact work or serving on work crew, we go and do training for these new leaders. “My most important growth is the 934 new leaders who joined our team recently. More new volunteers mean more kids are reached


Spring Board Report 2020

and taught about Jesus and additional ministries are opened: 370 from Sierra Leone, 460 from Liberia, 15 from Nigeria, 23 from Ghana, 66 from Côte d’lvoire, Mali and Senegal.” From Alexis Kwamy, vice president Africa East:

“I am most excited about our strategy of growth. We are asking eagerly for leaders to DUPLICATE themselves while focusing on three important areas: 1) Intercessors Every leader has to have one person committed to pray for them and their ministry, encourage them, and then have each intercessor invite one other person. This will triple our intercessors within a year. 2) Personal Growth Each leader is called to an EXCELLENT INTENTIONAL Mirroring Training: raise someone up who will be exactly like you — someone capable of doing your job. If we do this correctly, we’ll double the number of leaders within a year. 3) Go! When the number of leaders and intercessors has grown, we won’t have a choice but to go to new areas.”

The Impact in Zanzibar “A small story from Zanzibar (a 98% Muslim nation) on the growth of prayer partners: Because there are few believers in Zanzibar, our team there decided to find every believer they could on the island and go to their house and ask them to be prayer partners. The number of adult prayer partners has grown from three to 14 families and the excitement is growing. We also have the leads for a number of new leaders. It has been so encouraging for Bariki and his team and they have new courage.” — Alexis Kwamy Proliferation of leaders. Each leader a recruiter and a trainer. Explosive growth.

Passion: Reaching the next kid, community and country regardless of challenges We’ve seen this deep passion for “the next” that’s marked Africa and the Middle East now taking root in our Asian team. In the midst of the protests and coronavirus, Josh Powell reached out to his new African teammates — James Davis (who led Liberia Young Life through civil war and Ebola) and Moges Berassa (who has led Ethiopia Young Life through numerous political conflicts) — to hear how their teams responded in courage and faith to keep reaching kids. Josh pulled his team together in Hong Kong as he explains in a text below: “We threw up a SWOT analysis grid on the board and made the point that if we worked on this right now, the Threat quadrant would overwhelm us. So we erased all three quadrants except the opportunities box and began about a 40-minute exercise asking, ‘What’s possible today because of this crisis that’s never been possible before?’ “The result was a whiteboard full of ideas, including an expanded ability to experiment … and now the necessity and freedom to try new things was greatly increased. One of the opportunities now is that kids are available, which they typically aren’t. Our greatest previous

barrier to reaching kids — access and time — have been removed temporarily. How do we make the most of it? On the local front, our Cano team was already working on a whole slate of new ideas ... a basketball league, art jamming at lunch in the park, turning our office into a study hall, distributing surgical masks to meet the felt needs of kids and families. Our YoungLives team threw a ‘YL brand’ on packs of kids’ masks and delivered them to young moms who are scared to leave their homes. “Then as we continued to ask the question ... how do we go to where kids are, the LIVE club idea on Instagram came up. Right now, most kids are at home, on a computer all day, checking in to each class and doing school remotely for a month. Thousands of them all across the city. That will go on for at least four weeks and possibly longer depending on how things shape up with this virus. So instead of sulking and canceling clubs, we’ve decided to bring it to them live from our makeshift studio a few times a week. Our team got excited and produced a 20-minute online club. Yesterday was the first one and we’ll do another on Wednesday and another on Friday next week and then keep ramping. What takes 20 minutes to do LIVE, turns into about a three-hour event for all involved and it’s proving to be great for team morale and a fun way to engage student leaders and new kids as well. Thirty-five people tuned in for our first Club LIVE and hundreds have engaged with it since. We’re aiming to have hundreds LIVE and will be trying to use promotion this week to drive viewers. A week ago I would have rejected this idea on principle, but today I’m game for just about anything. I’ll let you know what we learn, and who knows, maybe this is how we grow Young Life in some hard-to-gather places around Asia in the near future.” Passion to reach the next kid. Whatever it takes. Finding a way. Through locusts and protests and viruses and floods … to the next kid.

G r e at g r o wt h t hat is po int ing us to t hing s we co ul d no t hav e d r e a med of a f e w y e a r s ag o. Spring Board Report 2020 21

U.S. W est Group Senior Vice President CHAD EDWARDS

Senior Vice President, Focus Ministries and Diversity BEBE HOBSON

Senior Vice President, Northwestern Division LINDSEY PATCHELL

Senior Vice President, Southwestern Division BRENT CUNNINGHAM

Senior Vice President, South Central Division NICK MANOS


Spring Board Report 2020



South Central

Spring Board Report 2020 23

U.S. W est Chad Edwards, Group Senior Vice President

This season in the mission of Young Life has been one of planting. The soil was prepared, seeds selected, strategically planted and, initially, the growth was under the soil and a little hard to see. As we look across the U.S. field, we have many places where the new growth is coming through the soil. I believe spring is here. The Good Way is an example of seeds planted to grow deeper in Christ. The program has two cohorts consisting of staff with 10 years or more experience. Participants “covenant with one another to walk through nine months of spiritual practices together toward the transformation of their lives, their leadership and our mission.” It has received rave reviews. One senior staff told me that it is like a “spa for your soul.” What soul doesn’t need that? We see growth in the way Young Life staff lean into the challenging parts of their job. There are clearer goals being set, more consistent evaluation, and a culture is growing of honest conversations for those they supervise. We are growing as a mission in accurately and regularly capturing our ministry impact. We are creating and implementing cultural intelligence training and continue to lean into hard conversations around healthy sexuality and financial stewardship. This has created fertile ground for creativity and ministry growth. For example, in Phoenix, Daniel Sanders and his team has introduced a ministry model where neighborhood directors work with fewer urban schools (than a typical Young Life area), share administrative resources, have a different funding model and go deeper into challenging neighborhoods. Urban work like this is one of our most challenging fields. There


Spring Board Report 2020

is much to learn still, but initial reports are incredibly encouraging and very scalable to other urban areas. Under Julie Clapp’s leadership as our missionwide WyldLife director, we have the strategic and human resources to help areas that want to grow in WyldLife. My hometown of Wichita, Kansas, got serious about WyldLife growth and has gone from 12 to 17 clubs averaging over 600 kids attending. Only 63% of areas that have high school ministry have a WyldLife ministry. This is some of our most fertile ground for growth. We will focus on these fields. I could share with you about field after field that are going to be ripe for the harvest. In our Catholic Initiative alone in the past 12 months, we have had conversations with 50 Catholic dioceses interested in Young Life. Amazing opportunities. Spring is here. Pray with me to the Lord of the harvest. These fields are growing. We need more workers for this harvest.

Northwestern Division Lindsey Patchell, Senior Vice President

Two years ago, Jeremy Teske arrived in Sherwood, Oregon, with the holy call of rebuilding Young Life in the community. The summer before Jeremy arrived, four high school kids went to Young Life camp. The narrative winning out in Sherwood was, “We can’t get into the schools to do contact work, kids are too busy and there aren’t enough leaders. Young Life won’t work here.”

It would have been easy for Jeremy to give in to this narrative, but he believed and prayed for greater things. Jeremy trusted that the God who called him to Sherwood would make a way. Through unrelenting determination, consistency and prayer, Jeremy and the team of volunteers found themselves being invited into the school to serve and be with kids.

On top of all this holy work, our powerful God is on the move when it comes to camp. Remember the fact that four kids went to camp before Jeremy showed up in Sherwood? There is a new story to tell now. In Jeremy’s first summer, 28 kids went to camp, and last summer they took 56 kids. Camp is already sold out for this summer, and they are pushing 80 total high school campers.

Two years later, Young Life in Sherwood is standing firm on a new narrative: “All glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT). There are now 10 leaders walking daily with kids who they know and love, while also remaining committed to reaching new kids. Club, which was started from the ground up, has grown consistently and now has 60 to 80 kids each week. And 40 to 50 kids are being discipled in Campaigners on a weekly basis.

Jeremy said YES to God’s invitation to boldly follow Him into beautiful Kingdom work. Then, God did the rest, as He always does. The Spirit-led growth in communities such as Sherwood, Oregon, should leave us all quick to acknowledge that “God made it grow” (1 Corinthians 3:6, CEB). It also wells up a hope deep within us that God still moves in miraculous ways to call His children to Himself. To God be the glory. Great things He has done and great things He will continue to do. Let’s hold on, trust, follow in boldness and confidence, and watch in wonder as He moves mountains. Young Life Sherwood at Washington Family Ranch Canyon.

Spring Board Report 2020 25

Young Life in Boerne, Texas.

South Central Division Nick Manos, Senior Vice President

Young Life in Boerne, Texas, had all the right ingredients … adult support, a positive reputation in the community, and a history of good Young Life. Yet, the ministry was floundering. The story you are about to read is a story of ministry turnaround. But it wasn’t through an innovative plan or a new program. It was through good old-fashioned leadership, supervision and management of resources. Laudir Lugo, in his first year as regional director of South Texas, realized something was missing in Boerne. He spent time in the area, heard stories about the past and after a period of discovery and discernment, he made the difficult decision to let go of a 10-year veteran area director in Boerne. Laudir asked Courtney Garrison, a former staff person, and current committee member to serve as acting area director while they


Spring Board Report 2020

began a search for the new area director for Boerne. Laudir said, “During the spring of 2019, Courtney did a fantastic job as our interim area director. She loved and trained leaders well. This paved the way for Boerne’s Young Life summer camp trip to be the biggest they’ve ever had. It served as both a catalyst and stabilizer for the area and for our new area director to land in a healthy place in July of 2019.” During the spring semester, Laudir spent time in all the other areas across South Texas. As he surveyed the region, he realized Josh Bradshaw was ready for something more. After prayer, he knew Josh was God’s choice to lead the ministry in Boerne. Josh had a thriving ministry in Victoria, Texas, and he also had a gifted leader ready to take on more leadership and take his place in the area.

By the way, high school and WyldLife club averages have more than tripled from fall 2018 to fall 2019. They filled all of their high school camp spots on the first night they opened the trip, and they are working on adding more spots. Growth — not for the sake of larger numbers, but more kids are hearing the gospel. Getting people in the right seat on the bus is not an original thought. Jim Collins spoke about it beautifully in his book, Good to Great. It is not new. It is not innovative. But it matters. Moving Josh from Victoria to Boerne has taken Young Life in Boerne from not so good to great.

Southwestern Division Brent Cunningham, Senior Vice President

As a division, our heart and vision is to grow. Together, we are praying more, trusting more and being really intentional about our ministry strategies and movement. • For the past five years, we have seen a consistent and steady decline in our summer camping numbers. For 2020, I am leading our regional directors to focus on our summer camping numbers, praying and moving toward growth in this area of our ministry. The primary way we are focusing on camping growth is getting campers signed up early. We are incentivizing areas to take advantage of the Early Camp Incentive (ECI) program by offering an additional $100 per camper using funds granted to the division from the sale of Oakbridge. We are calling this incentivization ECIX, and the area directors in our division are thrilled about the extra money to help get kids to camp. Each week, we have seen the number of ECI forms for each region double, and we are on trend to more than double the total number of ECI forms for our division compared to 2019! Our intended goal is to increase our summer camping numbers by 10%. • Senior Area Director Randy Giusta said this about the ECIX program: “I just heard the exciting news about the ECIX development. This will be a HUGE help in getting our kids to camp this summer. Thank you!” Area Director Scott Rubin added, “Thank you for your support in getting kids to summer camp. The ECIX program is so encouraging and is a huge blessing!”

• The last weekend in January, the Hawaii Region hosted their annual leadership weekend. Excitement about ministry in the Hawaiian Islands has grown so much this past year that they saw a 35% increase in leadership weekend attendance compared to 2019. In fact, they had so many more in attendance that leaders and committee had to stay in tents because their retreat center could not hold all of their guests. We are thrilled about the excitement of our staff, volunteers and committee as they serve their communities in the Southwest. We are using the sale of Oakbridge to bolster our summer camping numbers and seeing leaders and committee excited to serve in their local communities! God is able. Hawaii Leadership Weekend.

Spring Board Report 2020 27

U.S. East Group Senior Vice President WILEY SCOTT III

Senior Vice President, Global Innovation KEN TANKERSLEY

Senior Vice President, Midwestern Division BRETT HERSMA

Vice President, Steel Belt Subdivision RICH DARGENIO

Vice President, Mid Atlantic Subdivision JOSH GRIFFIN

Vice President, Northeast Atlantic Subdivision PAUL COTY III

Senior Vice President, Southeastern Division JAMES ROCKWELL 28

Spring Board Report 2020

Northeast Atlantic Midwestern Steel Belt mid Atlantic


Spring Board Report 2020 29

U.S. East

Wiley Scott III, Group Senior Vice President The Great Commission calls us to go make disciples. Our hope from the very beginning as a mission was to provide every kid with an opportunity to make a choice about a relationship with Christ. I believe the heartbeat of every staff and volunteer in our mission is to grow, to reach and to teach as many kids as possible. Below you will find a few stories of what the Lord is doing in the eastern portion of the United States.

Midwestern Division Brett Hersma, Senior Vice President

I am delighted to invite you in to share the stories of growth in the Midwestern Division. The Lord has been faithful to bless our vision for growth in many areas of our ministry. I could tell you a story about the 13 new ministries we’ve opened in the Raceway Region or our vision to grow ministry in every county in the Western Great Lakes Region. It’s happening! I could tell you about the growth of our multiethnic ministry in the city of Detroit; or all of the new college ministries that have opened. While each of these are special, I’d like to draw your attention to our growth in WyldLife camping in the Mid-America Region. Rick Mumford, Regional Director in the Mid-America Region

The Barna Group’s research shows 64% of born-

again Christians made a commitment to Christ before their 18th birthday.* We like statistics because they affirm that strategically we’re on the right track. But these same studies also show that 43% of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so before reaching the age of 13.* Forty-three percent. Before eighth-grade! If the first statistic compels us to believe high school ministry is important, the second should compel us to understand our ministry to middle school kids is much too strategic to take lightly. WyldLife is critical! Last summer, the Mid-America Region increased the number of WyldLife campers by 22.67% (from 278 kids in 2018 to 341 kids in 2019). We’re thrilled to introduce these early adolescents to Jesus! Fourteen of the 23 areas in the Mid-America Region have WyldLife. Of these, seven took more kids in 2019 than they did in 2018. We give thanks

These are WyldLife kids from Kansas City, Kansas, where all the volunteer leaders are teachers.


Spring Board Report 2020

to the Lord for this growth, and we see Him using three main factors: First, we believe what a high school kid experienced in the 1970s is comparable to what a middle schooler experiences today. They’re looking for love, truth, identity, purpose and belonging in the same way we were in high school and college. We encourage staff to prioritize ministry to early adolescents. Second, when we launch new areas, we focus primarily on WyldLife. Kids who meet Jesus in middle school become disciple-makers in high school. This maximizes our impact. Third, until recently, the nearest WyldLife camp was Castaway Club in northern Minnesota. Thirty-two hours of round-trip travel for 100 total hours at camp. Now that Clearwater Cove is a mere five hours from Kansas City, the logistics and cost of travel have dropped dramatically. Parents are more willing to let their kids go to a camp nearby, it is significantly more affordable and so WyldLife camp attendance increases. More kids at WyldLife camp means more kids at WyldLife club back home, which means more WyldLife kids will go to camp next year. *Footnote: Barna Group Ltd. “Evangelism is Most Effective Among Kids,” Oct. 11, 2004.

Eastern Division: Steel Belt Subdivision Mike Chilcoat, Regional Director for Keystone Region

We have hit major milestones of growth in the Keystone Region in the Steel Belt Subdivision. We have added 37 new staff (34 full time and three part time) to the region since 2014. Five of those staff are persons of color as we continue to put emphasis on ethnic and cultural diversity throughout the region. The region has also put a major emphasis on recruiting, training and deploying college volunteer leaders. Pittsburgh College volunteer leadership alone has grown from under 10 leaders in 2014 to over 100 by the spring of 2019. It’s encouraging to see these staff and volunteers impacting the region in such significant ways. Growth in the Keystone Region is directly tied to the strength of these individuals and teams. Below are just a few reflections of the growth we’ve witnessed between 2017 and 2019: • Average Campaigners per week increased from 598 to 898 kids (+50%) • Kids known by name increased from 11,507 to 12,037 (+4.6%) • Summer campership grew from 588 to 792 kids (+35%) Please pray with me for continued favor.

Spring Board Report 2020 31

Mid Atlantic Subdivision Josh Griffin, Interim Field Vice President

For 15 years, I’ve been sharing facts and figures in the board report about growth I’ve seen from the vantage point of my “day job.” This year, I’m excited to add some on-the-ground reporting on the amazing growth happening in the field. Young Life isn’t a plant, it’s an ecosystem. Health begets health. That’s the kind of growth we’re focused on this year. • Staff, growing in Jesus and their skills • Committees, engaged in the work • Pipelines, developing future leaders who look like our communities • More kids known, invited and introduced to the Savior We’re building those disciplines all over the division. Here are just two of those stories. In D.C., the Lord is showing up at Howard University, where the work is new and full of opportunity. At a recent leader recruitment dinner, Isaiah Reeves set his hopes on one person showing up — eight came; four were Young Life alumni; all want to reach often-marginalized kids in the city. That’s growth that will lead to growth we can’t fathom yet. In rural southern Virginia, you’ll find a very different, overlooked community, beset by unemployment and hopelessness. In two years, they’ve gone from no Young Life to 70-kid clubs. The hope of the gospel is contagious in this community, and Evan Dermott, the area director, is faithfully showing up.

. . . A l l wa nt t o r e ach o f t e n- ma r g ina l ized k id s in t he cit y. T h at’s g r o wt h t hat wil l lead t o g r o wt h we ca n’t fat ho m y e t.

Be encouraged! These steps of faith — by staff, leaders, donors, committee and kids — are reclaiming fertile soil for tremendous gospel growth.

This is a group of Young Life club kids from Martinsville, Virginia, and their staff person, Evan Dermott.


Spring Board Report 2020

Northeast Atlantic Subdivision Paul Coty, Field Vice President

We have seen significant growth within the Catholic Initiative across the Northeast Atlantic territory. Ray Villegas, regional director of Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island (QBS), recently hired four staff members to work in partnership with Young Life alongside their Catholic parish. Over 30% of the people in our territory belong to the Catholic tradition — that’s a population of 14,082,858, with 1.9 million being teenagers. Long Island and New York City are over 50% Catholic! This initiative is working aggressively to build relationships that will help us start ministry in new communities. Our growth in 2019 allowed us to connect with four Catholic Church partners in the QBS Region and this is just the tip of the iceberg! We’re also excited about the continued progress of our NYC Development team. Bill Morin, NYC development director,

now leads a fully staffed team, hiring a NYC brand manager and a major gifts manager. These hires will allow us to consistently pursue every opportunity in front of us with excellence and resourcefulness. Between grants, events and personal donations, the team was able to raise $320,000 in 2019. Our FYQ1 funding efforts increased by 32% ($400,135) to a total of $1,670,168.

O ur g r o wt h in 2 0 1 9 a l l o we d us t o co nne c t wit h f o ur Cat ho l ic Ch urch pa r t ne r s in t he Q BS R e g io n a nd t his is jus t th e t ip o f t he ice be r g !

Deacon Nathan Gunn, associate regional director, Greater Northeast Region [pictured with his wife, Tammy, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan] recently spoke at a training event to 100 youth ministry leaders from 25 parishes in Queens and Brooklyn. The session generated significant interest in Young Life and opportunities for Catholic Churches to utilize Lake Champion.

Spring Board Report 2020 33

Local areas sent work teams to have the property ready for the first summer of campers in 1970, which grew a culture of weekend camping that is a ministry hallmark in the Southeastern Division. It wasn’t long before every area began participating in weekend camping in addition to summer camping. Ministry growth exploded as hundreds of teenagers, volunteer leaders, committee members and donors were exposed to Young Life. The culture of school-season camping directly impacted the expansion, growth and creation of new areas across the South.

Southeastern Division James Rockwell, Senior Vice President

This year marks the 50th birthday for Windy Gap. Big plans are under way to celebrate this ministry milestone. In the late 1960s, Ileane Douglas traveled to Colorado to serve on work crew for a month at Frontier Ranch. She returned home to North Carolina and shared the need with her father for a camp in the Southeast. In time, Ileane’s father donated the family dairy farm outside of Ashville, North Carolina, which became Windy Gap. That act of generosity not only impacted over 600,000 teenagers for Christ over the next 50 years, but it became ground zero for creating a culture of growth. Being the first property built from the ground up, Young Life became a unifying point for ministry in the Southeast.


Spring Board Report 2020

Windy Gap became ground zero for diversity as multiethnic ministry grew in the South. The size and design of Windy Gap provided a fertile environment for Young Life to perfect its ministry to ALL kids. Better Together camping is a reality thanks to the innovative atmosphere at Windy Gap. Today, 50 years after the Douglases’ generous gift, over 30,000 campers attended Southeastern Division camps during the 2018-2019 school season. The culture of growth put into motion by Windy Gap continues today. Join me in wishing the little slice of heaven we call Windy Gap HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

DEVELOPMENT We have gone from very little of our international funding coming from in-country, to $6 million annually coming from indigenous giving across the globe. — Eric Scofield

Devel opment

Eric Scofield, Chief Development Officer

Paul ends 1 Corinthians 3:6 with these final words, “but God has been making it grow.” Well, as I give you some of the places where we have planted and watered in this past year, God is the one who “makes it grow.” This truth could not be more evident in Development. This is His mission and He has brought more and more people into it, specifically gospel patrons! • The growth we have seen in the development work over these past five-plus years is nothing less than miraculous. Here are a few examples: » Capital Giving 2012-2017 average: $20.8 million » Capital Giving 2017-2019 average: $43.9 million » Legacy Giving 2013-2017 average: $16.8 million » Legacy Giving 2017-2019 average: $43.3 million » Grants and Foundations 2013-2017 average: $30.08 million » Grants and Foundations 2017-2019 average: $44.95 million » Alumni and Friends in Network 2012 – 102,000 » Alumni and Friends in Network 2019 – 310,000 • Quotes from Development staff: » “The generosity I see from some of our longtime friends is unprecedented.” — Mike Miller, senior divisional campaign director, Midwestern Division » “The leaders, staff and volunteers loving kids in Africa is inspiring, and the Holy Spirit is at work for sure ... but the way the Lord has funded this growth is amazing. He is on the move.” — Candace Grisdale, campaign director, Africa/Middle East Division


Spring Board Report 2020

• We have gone from very little of our international funding coming from in-country, to $6 million annually coming from indigenous giving across the globe. One of the greatest examples might be in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua as shown below. Money Raised Locally (local donors + fundraising activities) Country



Dominican Republic






In my sixth year as the chief development officer, I can only give you a few certainties. First, Young Life is blessed by its mission for the next kid, the next school, the next city and the next country. Second, we have the greatest partners on the globe. And finally, it is God who makes our mission grow … to Him be the glory!

• Three hundred and forty staff went through the Personal Donor Development Coaching program with a total fundraising goal of $8,244,957 — a $1,424,157 increase from 2018. We also had 236 staff attend our 2019 Symposiums — a 14.5% increase. Being new to Young Life staff, I had the opportunity to go through the Coaching Program. The program gave me a biblical view of personal fundraising and the tools to achieve my fundraising target. • We recently launched the 20/20 Coaching Program — a yearlong pilot for staff working in Hard-to-Fund areas — areas that have not historically had networks of donors supporting their ministry work. • We’ve titled the new Young Life philosophy of donor engagement, Relationship-Centered Engagement. So far, we’ve trained 1,328 staff and committees missionwide. • Field Development continues to offer support to areas across the nation with in-person trainings, conference calls and personalized financial reports.

Development Services

“The monthly [financial health] reports are very, very valuable! I use it to quickly review finances, so I can have data-informed conversations with my regional directors, enabling us to create plans. It also allows you and me to determine the best follow-up plans with each regional director and area (if necessary).”

Jamie Efaw, Vice President

— Lindsey Patchell, senior vice president, Northwestern Division

Two areas that fall under Development Services are Field Development and Foundation and Corporate Relations. The Foundation and Corporate Relations department pursues foundations and institutional funders in order to assist ministries, campaigns and initiatives across the mission reach their growth goals while Field Development focuses on the sustainable financial health of the field.

Foundation and Corporate Relations

Field Development Field Development has seen a lot of change and growth this year. We ended January 2020 with 94.58% of U.S. areas in surplus compared to 92.96% in January 2019.

Our team is grateful to serve in ministry through our foundation research, funding strategies, grant reporting and writing of compelling stories about changed lives when the gospel is heard. • Our strategy for FY20 involves a concerted effort within the department to focus on the major institutional funders for the larger gifts. • We continue to assist the field through online trainings and grant writing tutorials as they pursue the smaller foundations in their community. • As of January 31, 2020, we have received $14,576,655 from foundations. • We are well on our way to exceeding the FY19 total foundation giving of $45,000,000 by the end of FY20.

Spring Board Report 2020 37

Young Life Foundation Marty Caldwell, Chief Foundation Officer

The Young Life Foundation has a wonderful history dating back to Bob Mitchell, Ted Johnson and, more recently Jeff Rudder and our current foundation team. As chief foundation officer, I’m charged with accelerating current major gifts and helping secure long-term funding with a focus on hard-to-fund U.S. ministries and growing our international work. I’m convinced new ministry models and sources of funding are readily available. Young Life does best when we dream big, pray big and trust the Lord for “more than we can ask or imagine.” • The total for gift planning activities as of February 29, 2020, is $13.2 million, out of a $60 million annual goal. • As of February 29, 2020, we have current gifts and future commitments to our legacy funds from 449 people and the mission at large from 631 people. • Their projected generosity totals more than $200 million to legacy funds and other bequests. • Because of the Lord’s favor already demonstrated in our legacy fund efforts …

… And because we’re wholly committed to our calling to be followers of Christ as individuals and organizationally of sharing the gospel with unreached kids … … And because we live in a global culture that desperately needs the salvation and healing brought by the cross and the resurrection of Christ … ... And because we want to reach more kids and will need more leaders than ever ... … We believe after nearly 80 years, now’s the time to pursue a goal of $1 billion in assets either committed or given to the Foundation by 2024. The goal of raising $1 billion is about the sense of urgency we feel as we realize in many places around the world we already have the wind at our back and want to run with all sails up! We also know those tailwinds could, at any time, change direction and turn into headwinds. In many places, cultural and political forces are already working to create barriers, and at some point, we may be more limited. Now’s the time for boldness, courage and even greater trust so we, with God’s help, can get to the next kid, community and country!

For the five months ended February 29, 2020: Beginning Net Assets 9/30/19 (000’s)

$ 156,093

Capital and Operating Pledge Contributions Operating Contributions Investment Revenue/(Losses) Contributions from Young Life Total Revenues

9,001 4,788 464 4,576 18,829

Pledge Payments Rec’d and Distributed to Young Life Operating Distributions to Young Life Service Charge Distributions Other Distributions and Expenses Total Expenses

5,120 5,612 1,224 319 12,275

Revenue Over/(Under) Expenses


Net Assets 2/29/20


Spring Board Report 2020

$ 162,647

TRAINING and DISCIPLESHIP The seed planted within each of us needs water. We benefit when we receive an outpouring of training on knowledge, skills and attitudes which God then uses to facilitate our growth. — Tricia Blake

Training and Discipleship

New Testament training in Amsterdam.

Tricia Blake, Chief Learning Officer

Impacting all kids — within sight and just out of reach. Learning opportunities equip our staff to impact all kids. Young Life uses learning to spark curiosity, ignite potential and train the skills needed for ministry. In 1 Corinthians 3:6, Paul references the seed he has planted and Apollos has watered. The next phrase is the outcome of their obedience — God has been making it grow. The seed planted within each of us needs water. We benefit when we receive an outpouring of training on knowledge, skills and attitudes which God then uses to facilitate our growth. True growth begins not just when we can recognize where we are and what it will take to get from here to there, but what change needs to happen within us. As you’ll read in the information below, the cycle of training and learning equips us to recognize God’s


Spring Board Report 2020

presence and power as stated in our goal for mission growth. As we pray for God’s presence and His power in our mission, we will … Build relationships with more kids so average weekly club and Campaigners doubles by 2022. Fostering a learning culture in Young Life prepares the seed and soil for God to grow healthy teams and health ministry for the sake of His Kingdom.

Training U.S. — Spark Curiosity Our senior director of Training, Pam Moore, and the training team recently hosted two academic courses: “Old Testament” and “Christology,” following our YL2020 Celebration. Here are a few highlights from our staff: • I most appreciated the professor’s knowledge and wisdom of the Old Testament! My view of God has expanded and that is a gift. • I loved being able to learn new ways to interact with God through the OT. I tend to gravitate toward the NT. Thrilled to have new tools, insights and background. • Christology honestly helped me leave with just a mindblowing love and additional curiosity. Sean was an incredible teacher and Chris, his TA, was awesome as well.

Having him have such a robust context that he’s teaching from (Capernaum, WyldLife, program, speaker, professor, etc.) was amazingly helpful at taking the heady stuff we’re talking about and bring it down into real world application. • While in Christology, exploring the nature of shame/honor culture, and considering how that relates to our view of salvation, sanctification, and impacts the way teen moms experience the gospel through our ministry was very helpful.

2. Devotional Engagement • Going through Rooted last summer across all of our U.S. properties with assigned teams, work crew, summer staff, camp staff and the Camping department, was a very significant “growth spurt” for our mission. This summer, we anticipate the percentage of “primary usage” will grow. 3. Global Engagement

Discipleship — Ignite Potential

• As we develop discipling tools that have global potential (because of built-in language capabilities, e.g., YouVersion, The Bible Project) we anticipate growth in usage and engagement. We have strategically focused on these two specific platforms because of their global nature.

Our vice president of Discipleship, Crystal Kirgiss, shares three tools to help water the seeds: 1. Biblical Engagement • As a result of hands-on trainings on creative ways to read Scripture with students, I have seen more confidence and energy in the area of biblical engagement — both in staff/ leaders’ own lives as well as in their time with students. This is also growing beyond U.S. ministry. I have had the chance to work through this content with Europe military staff, Europe new staff and a group of Europe senior staff.

International Training — Train the Skills As our vice president of Training, Ken Knipp, invests in international staff, we’re witnessing growth in their leadership and vision to create development opportunities for staff.

Benefit to Ministry Beneficial

Very Beneficial

Extremely Beneficial

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Minister as a Person

New Testament

Systematic Theology

Spring Board Report 2020 41

Young Life leaders in Würzberg, Germany.

“I am very encouraged by the energy, vision and commitment of our international staff for continued equipping and training of staff in their various geographies! This was clear to me in the conversations I had with staff at the International Pre-Conference at YL2020. We are implementing more year-round training for area directors around the globe: in Europe, under the leadership of Craig Mawhinney and Stacy Anderson; in Africa under the

leadership of James Davis, Martin Wamalwa and Alexis Kwamy (it continues to be a joy to help coach them); with our gifted staff in the FSU who have been so positive about what our biblical and theological classes have provided for them. Scott Miedema and the Latin America and Caribbean team have also done a wonderful job with multiple staff taking courses from Biblical Seminary in Colombia.”

F o st er i n g a l e a rni ng c u ltu r e i n Yo ung L if e pr e pa r e s t he s e e d a nd s o il f o r God to g r o w h e a lth y te a ms a nd h e a lt hy minis t ry f o r t he s a k e o f His K ing d o m .


Spring Board Report 2020

Financial Services The exciting thing for me is how these charts paint a picture through numbers of the growth we have been consistently experiencing across Young Life. — Scott Brill

Financial Services Scott Brill, Chief Financial Officer

From a financial standpoint, growth is easy to capture in a chart. The exciting thing for me is how these charts paint a picture through numbers of the growth we have been consistently experiencing across Young Life. While we are not growing as fast as we planned and prayed for this year, we should celebrate the growth for the five months ending February 29, 2020:

Missionwide financial highlights include: • Operating Contributions of $139.9 million are $2.0 million and 1.4% higher than last year. • Capital Contributions of $22.1 million have been received with the biggest gifts going to the Texas Camp, Washington Family Ranch, Castaway and Timber Wolf Lake. • 6.9% of areas were in deficit, which is better than last year’s 7.7%. Operating segment highlights include: U.S. Field has a surplus of $23.2 million which is on budget and normal for this time of year since it will be used throughout the school year and summer camping months. Results reflect revenue growth of $6.0 million (+5.1%) compared to spending growth


Spring Board Report 2020

of $4.7 million (+4.9%). Contributions are up $7.3 million (+6.9%). This growth includes the 60 net new areas that we’ve added since February of last year. The International Field surplus of $1.1 million reflected a revenue increase of $99,000 (+0.7%) and spending growth of $1.3 million (+11.4%). Contributions are up $22,000 (+0.2%) and are $1.6 million below budget. We have added 27 net new areas internationally. Camping is in deficit by $9.7 million which is also normal for this time of year. The deficit is larger than budget by $888,000 and last year by $1.3 million. We expect that Camping will end the year in a surplus unless the number of campers declines due to the coronavirus or other unexpected reasons.

MLSS is running a surplus of $3.7 million as expected at this time of the year due to the timing of service charge collections. The surplus is larger than planned due to lower spending on salaries and benefits and contributions being $1.4 million above budget. The Financial Services team played a big role for YL2020 both on the core planning team and with registration and per diem card management at the event. The event was a financial success that drew 5,356 attendees. Thanks to savings on travel, meals, speakers, gifts and free time we spent $1.5 million less than budget. In addition, $50,000 of unspent per

diem card balances was transferred to the Emergency Assistance Fund. Legal and Administrative Services have also had a very busy first few months of the year. The team has been working feverishly to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with policy updates for travel and large group gatherings as well as developing and implementing contingency plans for the entire mission. This was after the fiscal year began with similar efforts to support the Hong Kong team during the government protests.

Spring Board Report 2020 45


Spring Board Report 2020

HUMAN RESOURCES and MISSION COMMUNICATIONS We pray our work supports our desire of becoming a mission that more closely resembles the communities and kids we serve. — Sha Farley

Human Resources/Mission Communications Sha Farley, Chief Human Resources Officer

A fundamental premise behind all we do in Communications and Human Resources is that robust, sustainable mission growth — more kids experiencing and responding to the love of Christ — begins with our most valuable resource: our people. To that end, our team is committed to supporting staff in their personal and professional lives and enhancing systems and resources that enable them to focus on their primary ministry roles.

Blessing Those Who Bless Kids Every four years, a team from across the mission that includes


Spring Board Report 2020

staff from Communications Services, led by Vice President of Communications Terry Swenson, helps create an experience for Young Life staff and spouses that mirrors what they offer young people every day: an opportunity to learn, worship, play and know how deeply the Lord loves them. As with past celebrations, YL2020 was a chance to stretch and learn as we created everything from 5,500 personalized registration packets to stunning digital materials to a giant 3D conference logo. In the process, we learn new techniques and technologies that enable our team to support the field, camping and senior leadership in their design, video and communication needs.

Healthy Things Grow It has been said healthy people grow healthy ministries. To that end, Ann Shackelton, vice president of Mission Care and Enrichment, has created and led a “Personal Health in Ministry” class in partnership with Dr. Jaco Hamman, director of the

Program in Theology and Practice at Vanderbilt Divinity School, for 10 years running. This offering focuses on the interior personal health of the pastoral leader in Young Life. Topics included are inner space and capacity; loss, grief and shame; lament; the value of a playful life; healthy use of technology; and healthy listening and offering counsel. We continue to see welcomed receptivity on the part of our staff. After offering this experience to senior leadership in Communications and Human Resources, we’re encouraged to elevate this training to more senior leadership teams to contribute to the overall health and functioning of Young Life, because healthy things grow.

Total Care for Those Who Care for Kids This year, the Total Rewards team, led by Vice President of Total Rewards Troy Mulder, is working to fuel ministry growth by enhancing dated HR and benefits practices to free staff to work on reaching and teaching more kids. Recent strides include automation of our excellent health coverage offerings via online enrollment participation (physical well-being), simplification of, and earlier enrollment into, our generous retirement plan (financial health for the future), and continued enhancements to our medical and non-medical benefits plans at the best possible cost available. On the retirement front, a new task force has begun to assist staff with pre-retirement planning, and the response has been positive! We provide world-class benefits and service which we believe assures our staff, and their families, that we care deeply and want the best for them.

Kingdom Leadership Vice President for Talent Management and Mission Capabilities Jane Renken and a crossfunctional team of mission leaders have been working to enhance key phases of staff selection and development. Focusing first on improved senior leader

hiring practices, we’ve integrated behavioralbased questions into our interview processes. These questions align to four core principles: self-awareness, courage, collaboration and developing others. Looking next at ways to support staff and their supervisors in conversations and decisions about career paths, we’ve implemented additional practices to assist with talent planning. These disciplines enable us to support our leaders in their growth and leadership journey. Finally, we’re investing in senior leadership with the launch of Developing Kingdom Leaders (DKL). DKL will bring learning and development cohorts of 20 leaders together twice annually over a period of two years to build capability in our four core principles. The first two cohorts will start in May and June of 2020, and will include senior leadership from across the global mission.

A Bigger and More Inclusive Leadership Table Our efforts toward creating more leadership opportunities for women and people of color are bearing fruit. Missionwide, the percentage of staff of color at the vice president tier increased from 19% to 27% over the last year. Internationally, women are being promoted into leadership roles, with the number of female area or regional directors increasing by almost 12% during the same period. You can learn more about our work in the report (p. 61) by Arthur Satterwhite, vice president of Multiethnic Ministries, Diversity and Belonging, whose efforts are integrated with the work of our team. We pray our work supports our desire of becoming a mission that more closely resembles the communities and kids we serve. As we continue toward GROWTH TOGETHER, we are confident that the excellent benefits and the enrichment and leadership opportunities will encourage and sustain ministry today and into the future.

Spring Board Report 2020 49


Spring Board Report 2020

OPERATIONS Thank the Lord for Mrs. Clara Frasher and her small group in Texas who prayed for the kids at Gainesville High School for six years! God continues to use their seeds of faith, sowed in the 1930s, to sprout new growth today! — Chad Sievert

U.S. and international operations Steve Thompson, Chief Operating Officer

Our team is coming together to innovate new products and creative ideas for serving and supporting our partners in the field. Three standouts are Core Ministry Impact (CMI) Dashboards, Integrated Support and YL Connect Camp.

» Number of women on staff (area director and above) » Number of people of color on staff » Camp numbers » Volunteers Anneke Brown, regional director in the Capital Region, shared this about the CMI Dashboard: “It has been so helpful to learn about new tools like the area dashboard to get resources from CMI that will help our area directors. After discovering the area report one said they would love to show this to their committee and team leaders.”

CMI Dashboards

Integrated Support

The Operations teams around the world are working hard to support ministry in new ways as our mission grows. As we do this, we remember and are thankful for the vision of our ministry, which has not changed since 1941: introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

U.S. Operations

• With the new YL Connect functionality, we now have the capability to help area ministries have a better idea of their impact in their local communities. The CMI dashboards are embedded in YL Connect and give area directors, and all levels of field leadership, visibility into exactly how we’re progressing toward our Forward goals, specifically around Together and Growth. The seven key metrics included in the dashboard are: » Kids known by name » Number of kids in club weekly » Number of kids in Campaigners weekly » Funding


Spring Board Report 2020

As we continue to implement and release program functionality around YL Connect, we realize we need to facilitate better support for our staff. Therefore, we’re creating a new department by assembling staff from various departments in Mission Services already supporting individual functionality for YL Connect products. Our goal is to focus and facilitate support by creating a new team, co-located and trained to support all aspects of YL Connect (reports, events, websites and camping). This team is utilizing Salesforce service cloud as their primary technological

platform to support the various products and programs.

YL Connect Camp The YL Connect Camp product is designed to be a seamless transition that allows area directors to assign kids known by name into various activities and or camp trips (summer/school season). By doing this, area directors can design and utilize a variety of email, marketing and communication tools to kids and parents, track registrations and payments, and specifically design follow-up once the camp trip/activity is complete.

International Operations The incredible growth of our international ministry requires an ever-developing infrastructure. Young Life values our staff and has made the care and safety of kids a high priority. Our infrastructure is vital to living out those values. We continue to develop our staff and systems to have the right infrastructure to allow all aspects of our ministry to grow: Developing a team to handle operations wherever we have ministry — At the Asia/ Pacific staff conference in Thailand this past fall, Julie Wiggins, our divisional director of Operations, pulled together 40 staff with operational responsibilities and led them through a session on ministry systems and resources. A year ago, the room would have had half the number of people sitting in it. From that meeting, Julie launched efforts to create a network of Operations staff throughout the division. She’ll use this network as a platform for developing and sharing best practices, training and planning future rollouts of new systems. Working together, this team will be far more effective and help us become more sophisticated in these areas. International Operations Prioritization Summit — As international has grown, the list of operational needs and projects has greatly

expanded. We’ve been in a reactive mode, but must become proactive. Last November, we gathered staff from Legal, Finance, HR, Development, International Operations and our five International Division Operations directors to review our major needs and projects and prioritize what work to focus on accomplishing this year. In preparation, we went through a diligent and deliberate process of creating strategic plans, crafting objective criteria for comparing our needs, scoring the projects and having initial discussions on each item. These efforts allowed us to work together to prioritize the work and map out the next 12 months of when items would be started with goals for completion. We will hone this collaborative process and build it into our annual rhythms, along with developing clear standards for our work outside of the U.S. The complexities of operating in over 100 countries are endless. Our leadership and teams must use the collective experience and wisdom of our group to build the infrastructure that will allow our ministry to grow exponentially. Please continue to keep our collaborative efforts in your prayers.

Spring Board Report 2020 53


A snapshot of the ministry taking place this school year through this camp:

Chad Sievert, Senior Vice President

Thank the Lord for Mrs. Clara Frasher and her small group in Texas who prayed for the kids at Gainesville High School for six years! God continues to use their seeds of faith, sowed in the 1930s, to sprout new growth today! Conversations about a Young Life camp in Texas began in 2013 because of a growing need to: • Support and encourage local area ministry growth; • Offer quality school-season camping opportunities; • Provide discipleship opportunities through work crew, summer staff and camp internships; • Provide a platform for developing adult involvement in local area ministries; • Offer more affordable camping opportunities for economically disadvantaged Texas students. Like Mrs. Frasher, we prayed and waited on the Lord for six years in Texas. In His perfect timing and perfect way, God provided a camp in the hill country. We purchased it in 2019 and it’s already helping to meet many of the ministry needs in Texas!

• 13 outreach weekend camps: » Approximately 4,811 campers and leaders » WyldLife, senior high, college and family camps • Within each of these outreach camps, other ministry is also growing: » Kids are growing deeper in their faith by serving on work crew or as weekend wranglers. » Adults are invited to “come and see” the ministry in action. We’ve had 96 adults stay overnight and 68 day tours have already occurred. » Assignments are providing robust staff training opportunities. • The first Work Week will host 150 college kids from University of Houston, Houston Baptist University and Texas Southern University — a beautiful picture of the hands and feet of Christ preparing this place for kids to hear the good news! Here’s how the camp is supporting one area’s efforts to grow ministry: “Jersey Village High School is diverse. Their club and camp numbers have been all over the map for the past six years. Last summer, we struggled to get any momentum for camp sign-ups and took three kids to Frontier Ranch. One factor in getting kids to camp is economical. Sixty-three percent of JVHS is economically disadvantaged with a Latino population of 60%. When we began to talk with kids about going to the Texas Camp, we were pleasantly surprised by their response. When we left for weekend camp, we had 30 kids on the bus! We’re blown away at how the Lord used the Texas Camp to get kids from Jersey Village High School to the feet of Jesus.” — Kyle Boles, area director, Cypress, Texas


Spring Board Report 2020

Strategy and Marketing Josh Griffin, Vice President

The Lord comes alongside healthy things and allows them to grow. My teams help fertilize soil for staff so they can plant seeds of truth in the lives of kids.

From STRATEGY … To grow, we need to know where we’re headed and how we’re doing. The board retreat last summer laid the groundwork for an ongoing conversation about the mission’s long-term strategic plan. Our mission leadership is identifying key action steps, then aligning and communicating those globally. We’re also gathering information, listening to the Lord, and building consensus around not just the steps we need to take in 2020, but in the season beyond Forward. A major project, called Core Ministry Impact (CMI), is changing how we collect data (moving to frequent, mobile and real-time), how we display it and how we leverage it in decision-making. We’re moving toward our goal of having all U.S. ministries reporting weekly this school year, with an international roll-out next school year.

To MARKETING … The Marketing team is building and testing new technology and programs to enable the mission (at all levels) to communicate well to our various audiences, at scale. That way we can enable staff to share new and relevant information to support the work of growth and transformation. Here’s one great example:

We provided a “plug-and-play” set of resources to local areas for their year-end campaigns. This effort took the guesswork out of building an omni-channel campaign by providing content, platforms and schedules for emails, social, direct mail, video and web. This approach combined with strong calls to action helped the (500+) areas using the resources raise awareness and funds more easily. With the ability to track results out of YL Connect, we know these areas raised $1.2 million in total and each area over $27,000 on average (55% more than those not using the resources). What our field staff said: “It took less time and raised more money than any previous strategy.” “It made my time very effective. I did not have to take time writing emails. Instead, I could use the extra time to sit face to face with a donor.”

And, finally, YL2020! At 5,500+ guests, we had more people than ever before, but the real growth was in the intangibles — people’s love for Jesus, their faith in our vision to reach all kids, their desire to go back into the field. I’ll close with one quote from an attendee: “We saw, heard and felt Holy Spirit movement. We are family, together, one mission. We innovate and claim truth. We celebrate, we grow and we seek the Lord. For us so that we can reach more kids. SO GRATEFUL!”

Spring Board Report 2020 55

Information Services Josh Smiley, Vice President

We are witnessing ministry impact and GROWTH: • With senior leadership’s focus on Core Ministry Impact, our Information Services investments allow staff to record, as often as weekly, how many kids are known by name and how many of these are going to club and Campaigners. » With this data, staff are growing in their ability to monitor and lean into their local ministries, producing healthy conversations with their leaders and supervisor on what is regularly happening in their ministries. » This improves our celebration and support of the work of our staff and volunteers who, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, are better equipped to set reasonable GROWTH goals and make better ministry decisions.

We are GROWING in our maturity to support the field and the senior leadership’s directives through our infrastructure: • Through iterative feedback from field leadership and staff, we are adapting and pacing infrastructure improvements alongside ministry GROWTH globally by: » Instituting a product beta test program for each new major feature with active field users and future volunteer users. » Setting the foundation, in the last quarter, for international use with language and currency updates alongside the start of an integrated Connections Team to provide world-class, comprehensive support to field staff. • We’re experiencing GROWTH in leveraging our software platforms, with faster build times of new features and reporting requirements: » Both Salesforce and Information Builders are key investments moving us from yearlong build times down to weeks, addressing critical and ever-changing organizational needs. These changes represent incremental growth in our capability and capacity empowering the day-today ministry of field staff; key platform examples:  Our staff developed our own Young Life Revenue Processing system, resulting in significant savings in annual software costs while better serving our donors and following each dollar toward ministry growth.  Young Life’s first modern data warehouse now runs in production, where our Development department is utilizing this new system to deliver increasingly sophisticated analytics to better engage and support our donor relationships.

GROWTH story from the field: Core Ministry Impact has most affected the day-to-day ministry work. Leaders are noticing things: ‘‘Oh, I don’t think I’m doing enough contact work,” or, “I haven’t met a new kid in a week.” — R. Garcia, staff associate


Spring Board Report 2020

FOCUS MINISTRIES AND DIVERSITY “Working with people who have a vision that goes beyond what is immediately in their path inspires and humbles me ... “ — Kristen Johansen, YoungLives coordinator, California

Together Office BeBe Hobson, Senior Vice President

We recently completed a highly successful $1 million Hard-to-Fund (HTF) Grant distribution. Our initiative started in November 2017 and concluded in December 2019. Over 100 HTF areas received grants, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. Each grant was matched by the area’s corresponding region. In total, $2 million was disbursed to HTF areas. Funds were allocated to these areas for the purpose of creating and sustaining healthy ministries, as well as contributing to the reduction/elimination of chronic financial hardship. Of the areas we helped, nearly two-thirds ended 2019 in a better financial position than the year before. The average financial increase among these areas was $13,741. Beyond the financial success, many HTF staff commented that this grant provided them hope to continue growing healthy ministry. As our country continues to grow in diversity among young people, efforts to equip and train staff in cultural intelligence (CQ) continue to expand. Our second and third rounds of “Diversity Deep Dive” are scheduled for this year to take a select group of participants through an immersive three-day workshop. Our February training of 30 individuals will include many from Young Life College, and in September, those in Legacy Leader Training will be equipped as our next-generation leadership. Plans are also underway to design an effective orientation for all staff and volunteers on the topic of CQ. Participants will be taken through a series of video trainings and select resources to help them in their understanding of how growing in their knowledge and practice of CQ can ensure our ministry’s impact in all communities.


Spring Board 2020

Young Lives Karil Connor, Vice President

YoungLives is passionate about growing TOGETHER. One way we pursue growth is by focusing on camp scholarships for local areas, so that finances are not a barrier to bringing girls to camp. In January 2020, our global office gave out 11 camp scholarships across the world from our year-end campaign, “See Her Thrive.” “Working with people who have a vision that goes beyond what is immediately in their path inspires and humbles me. I’m praying for the girls that this will affect when they hear the gospel and are introduced to Christ.” — Kristen Johansen, YoungLives coordinator, California YoungLives senior leadership continues to find innovative ways to support this growth: “We created a Campership Legacy Fund for Central America YoungLives. This allows over 26 teen moms attending camp for the first time to receive scholarships.” — Jane Lemmen, divisional coordinator, Midwestern Division

Spring Board Report 2020 59

Capernaum Pam Harmon, Vice President

God has grown Young Life Capernaum in ways we had never imagined as we grow in relationships of mutual respect. Leaders are gaining greater vision for their friends, and God is using Capernaum to influence growth in culture and systems within the mission. There is growth in the knowledge that people of all abilities belong in Young Life. Through the message that we are better together, we are experiencing that Capernaum is no longer an optional ministry. There is great awareness of the need for tangible action to reach adolescents of every ability and all economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This growth has come through perseverance and grace in relationships between Capernaum coordinators and regional and area directors. New ministry has started because of many conversations that happen at regional meetings because Capernaum staff are visiting multiple areas, because Capernaum is collaborating with well-known, like-minded organizations and because there is an awareness of the need and value of including people with disabilities.

This growth comes through exposure. We are seeing value when we spend more time together and when we serve alongside one another. Lives are impacted when staff serve on camp assignments where there are Capernaum campers and when local staff are part of Capernaum day camps, weekend camps or discipleship experiences. The entire camp is impacted when our friends serve on work crew and summer staff. We are grateful for the ways God is growing Young Life in and through Capernaum!

. .. G od i s u s i n g C a p e r n a um t o inf l ue nce g r o wt h in cult ur e a nd sys te ms wit hin t he mis s io n.


Spring Board Report 2020

Multiethnic Ministries Arthur Satterwhite III, Vice President

The year continues to be a busy one for the Multiethnic Ministries team. Here are some highlights of what we have accomplished: • Working with a cross-functional team, we continue to press forward on developing the new Together dashboard and plan to have a working product for deployment to regional leaders (and up) by May 2020. • To achieve our Together goals, we must increase the cultural intelligence (“CQ”) of our organization. To this end, we are developing a strategic framework that will serve as the basis for integrating diversity, inclusion and CQ across the mission. The first deliverable under this framework is a new, mandatory CQ onboarding program that every staff must complete. • We have developed a new survey that will help us better understand the experiences of women serving in Young Life’s domestic mission. We will launch this study in the spring, and the data collected will help us identify the opportunities that will affect long-term, sustainable change. Additionally, our team continues to support field leaders in growing Young Life’s efforts to reach and teach multiethnic kids about Jesus. Here is an example of our impact: • Working with the Young Life College team, Sam Coleman, our Southeast Multiethnic divisional Wo r k ing wit h t he Yo ung L if e Co l l e g e t eam , coordinator, has worked to expand Young Life’s reach on Historically S a m Co l e ma n, o ur S o ut he a s t Mult ie t hnic Black College and University (HBCU) d iv is io na l co o r d inat o r , ha s wo r k e d to campuses. This past year we hired Adler e x pa nd Yo ung L if e ’s r e ach o n HBCU ca mpu ses. Corvil, the College director at Florida A&M University. On his first college trip to Southwind, his team brought 45 college students of color, making the weekend the most diverse it has ever been.

Spring Board Report 2020 61


Spring Board Report 2020

GLOBAL INNOVATION Staying true to our core, and growing in our ability to broaden our context will be the keys to growth in the coming years. — Ken Tankersley

Global Innovati on and Growth Ken Tankersley, Senior Vice President

The job of every Young Life staffer can be summed up into two things — health and growth. We are easily distracted by countless urgent needs but these two tend to be paramount. From spiritual development to financial resources, from volunteer leaders to direct ministry — we want them to be both healthy and growing. Making that a priority allows us to work within a framework of not only success in starting a new ministry, but also sustainability in keeping it going. It has been said that in today’s culture, “Young Life is so retro that it is cutting edge!” This simply means that the core principles of our ministry have not only held true for close to 80 years but in today’s world, they are especially strategic. At a recent training, the following summary was written in response to a conversation about “kids today.”


Spring Board Report 2020

KIDS TODAY They are busy, so we teach them how to UNPLUG They are alone, so we help them find FELLOWSHIP They are aimless, so we instruct them to find PURPOSE They are empty, so we show them FULLNESS They are depressed, so we give them reasons to LAUGH They are in isolation, so we help them experience RELATIONSHIP They are distracted, so we provide DIRECTION They are fake, so we teach them how to be AUTHENTIC They are lost, so we help them find MEANING They believe lies, so we show them the TRUTH They are restless, so we help them experience PEACE They are ADOLESCENTS, so we help them GROW

There are many areas of growth within the Global Innovation and Growth team. Below are a few highlights. • Brilliant at the Basics: Dozens of U.S. regions are receiving cohort training for regions that look deeply into the key values and methods tied to healthy ministry. Currently, 12 regions representing 174 clubs have experienced an increase of an average of 20% in weekly club attendance, with the goal to train all U.S. regions by spring 2022. • WyldLife: Early adolescence provides a significant three-year window for outreach and discipleship in a junior high context. Julie Clapp is focusing on three priorities in field training of early adolescent specific training, ministry excellence and greater parent engagement. • Volunteer 101: A core and principled training for every Young Life leader regardless of their context would allow alignment of training missionwide. We are in year three of this training pilot led by Brian Summerall (2020 Goal — 15% of all U.S. volunteers trained). • Young Life College: If you reach the colleges and universities, you truly reach the world and this is why Kenny Nollan and his leadership team are engaged with students around the world via Young Life College. The summer staff pilot 2020 goal is to have over 500 college students in a monthlong discipleship experience (representing 45 summer assignment teams). Young Life College also has a goal for a multiethnic student staff program in all U.S. divisions by 2021. • New and Next, Small Towns: Mission communities are key to sustainability in a small town and helps address potential loneliness issues as well. The Small Town goal (JC Bowman) is to have over 150 small towns in development in the U.S. with a net growth of 75 new ministries (1,397). A 5.5% increase.

• Area Developers: Steve Schmitt has created a network of over 125 area developers whose passion is starting new ministries. Focusing on foundational principles of area development will start these new Young Life areas from a healthier perspective than ever before. • Young Life Committee: Eighteen regional summits focused on the development of the committee chair/area director partnership are ongoing. The goal is to equip the 12,885 committee volunteers to have a better understanding of their role in the local area. Currently, over 500 committee members and staff have received this training with a plan to train all 1,500 committee chairs by 2022. • Adventure Camping Pilot: From 2020 to 2023, over 25 Young Life regions in the U.S. will have Young Life areas with no history of discipleship camping participate in the Adventure camping pilot. The 2020 goal is to increase discipleship camping at our national properties by over 20% with over 750 students participating over three years. • Camping Plans: Starting in the summer of 2020 all Young Life areas will submit a yearlong camping plan. This will provide a comprehensive plan for the 11 years of ministry. The multi-year goal is 100% adoption of camping plans. Staying true to our core, and growing in our ability to broaden our context will be the keys to growth in the coming years. Growth will be a product of the pillars of Young Life Forward, and to make it sustainable we must grow at a Godowned and Spirit-led healthy pace. That is the goal of the Global Innovation and Growth team.

Spring Board Report 2020 65


Spring Board Report 2020


Young Life Board meeting minutes November 21-22, 2019 The 2019 fall meeting of the Young Life Board of Trustees was held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on November 21-22, 2019. The following trustees were present: Nanette Ballbach, Sue Beré, John Brandon, Newt Crenshaw, Doug Eaton, Brooks Entwistle, Berto Guerra, Bill Haslam, John Hummel, Susan Hutchison, Regg Jones, Moyo Kamgaing, Kevin McVaney, Curtis McWilliams, Harold Melton, Susan Peterson, Mark Rodriguez, Michael Stain, Tom Thomas and Phyllis Washington. The following trustees were absent: Mac Briggs, Chris Roberts and Mark Zoradi. The following staff members were present: Tricia Blake, Scott Brill, Karil Conner, Chad Edwards, Sha Farley, Josh Griffin, Jon Houghton, Dan Jessup, Steve Larmey, Kaleah Ojewola, Eric Scofield, Wiley Scott, Ann Shackelton, Paul Sherrill, Ken Tankersley, Steve Thompson, Matt Walker and Ayesha Wilcox. The following guests were present: spouses of board members and staff, former board members, friends of Young Life and kids who came with Young Life staff.

Business Session — Thursday, November 21, 2019 Called to Order Chair Haslam called the meeting to order at 9:28 a.m., welcomed the board and asked Sue Beré to share a devotion with the group. Newt shared a preview of the meeting and explained some of the recent leadership changes that have been made.

Report on Forward Newt provided the following Forward measures: • Campaigners – 5.4% growth over last year,


Spring Board Report 2020

with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.8% over the last four years (much of the growth is international) • Club – 6.7% growth over last year, with a CAGR of 8.4% over the last four years • Campers – 3.6% growth over last year, with a CAGR of 5.2% over the last four years • Volunteer Leaders – 4.5% growth over last year, with a CAGR of 6.6% over the last four years Newt also shared about several recent innovations: • Core Ministry Impact: This is a new ministry measurement tool Young Life has developed provides insight into the number of kids at Campaigners and club each week. Previously, measurements were taken twice a year, in May and October, and now staff are tracking weekly numbers and using it as a diagnostic tool to provide healthy supervision to ministry. • Global Performance Management: This is a new tool which promotes goal setting and regular reviews with one’s supervisor. It is being piloted by the top 300 leaders in the mission. It is a simple way for regional directors and above to have regular, standardized reviews. • Executive Development: This program will help develop staff who have been given considerable amounts of responsibility at the executive level (regional director and above) through cohortbased learning. Ken Tankersley, Senior Vice President of Global Innovation and Growth Ken explained that Young Life staff are entrepreneurs and self-starters, and that within the Young Life mission, innovation means giving staff the ability to try new things. He noted that his job is not to be the idea guy but to identify movements already happening that might become the next model

for the mission to follow. Staff provide their ideas and Ken thinks about how to grow and scale it. Ken mentioned that the three main challenges to innovation within Young Life are alignment, integration and leverage. Alignment presents when all staff are on the same page with the same task and the same purpose. Integration reduces redundancy. Leverage utilizes the idea once staff are aligned and integrated.

Group Senior Vice President Update Newt invited the four newly appointed group senior vice presidents (GSVPs) to participate in a questionand-answer session about their new role (alignment with other field leadership colleagues) and share what the Lord has been teaching them and what the board can be praying for. • Wiley Scott III, GSVP U.S. East • Chad Edwards, GSVP U.S. West • Dan Jessup, GSVP Latin America/Caribbean, Europe, Former Soviet Union • Steve Larmey, GSVP Africa/Middle East, India, Asia/Pacific

Healthy Sexuality Update Ann Shackelton, Vice President of HR Mission Care and Enrichment Matt Walker, Regional Director of the Golden Gate Region Ann and Matt shared the conversation Young Life has been having around healthy sexuality. They walked the board through three topics Young Life addresses about “healthy sexuality.” • Pornography – No amount of pornography use is healthy or acceptable. As a mission, these conversations happen on a case-by-case basis to move toward a healthy outcome. • Sex Outside of Marriage – Young Life has a clear sexual conduct policy that states sexual intimacy is designed for the confines of a heterosexual marriage. Staff and volunteers who are clearly outside the alignment of this policy

need to be counseled and, in many cases, need to step down from leadership. • LGBTQ+ – Those who cannot be aligned to Young Life’s sexual conduct policy cannot serve as a staff or volunteer. Staff are being trained to have this conversation in a sensitive way because this is a complex conversation, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Religious Liberty Matters Update Paul Sherrill, Vice President of Administrative Services Paul presented on the following religious liberty matters: • Employment Discrimination – Several cases are before the Supreme Court in which an employee claimed to be terminated on the basis of sex. These cases may impact whether the Equality Act, which has been passed by the House of Representatives, will be brought forward in the Senate. • Equality Act – This act would eliminate the ability for an employer to raise a cause for defense based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which essentially states that religious employers have the right to discriminate in their hiring practices based on their religious beliefs. The act would change the definition of “sex” to include sexual orientation and gender identity. • Registered Student Organization Nondiscrimination – Registered Student Organizations cannot discriminate in the hiring of officers within the registered organization. This means that Young Life has created a college constitution in which our officers are not asked to agree to or comply with Young Life’s religious beliefs or conduct policy. However, if those officers were asked to lead Young Life, it would be under the work of Young Life itself, not the student organization, and when stepping into that role, they would be asked to agree to Young Life’s religious beliefs and comply with the conduct policy.

Spring Board Report 2020 69

Committee Reports Finance Committee Michael Stain asked Scott Brill to present the financial update for fiscal year 2019, as follows: • Operating contributions – $296 million, down 1% percent from last year. • Number of donors – 220,000 individual donors. • Capital contributions – $41 million. • Net operating result – $14.9 million. Four Operating Segments: • U.S. Ministries – Year ended with a net operating surplus after coming off the year of the service charge true-up. • International Ministries – This is down, but is not a cause for concern due to the service charge true-up among other things. • Camping – There is a big expansion in the camping net surplus due to acquiring Lonehollow in Texas. This is currently being run as a for-profit camp — Lonehollow charges more for camp than Young Life, which has created a fair amount of revenue. Camp surplus will be used for major maintenance. • Mission Leadership Support Services – There was a big expansion last year from the service charge true-up, and now there is a deficit, which was planned and expected. A deficit is expected in this area for the next three years. Surplus and Deficit Totals (U.S. and International combined) • Surplus: 2,287 areas are in surplus. • Deficit: 28 areas, or 1.2%. The Finance Committee presented one resolution, as follows: Accepting the Audit Report for fiscal year ending September 30, 2019. Human Resources Harold Melton reported on the following discussion


Spring Board Report 2020

topics from the Human Resources Committee meeting: • Executive Development Report – The subjects of the program will be regional directors and above, and this program will have a 70/20/10 platform, meaning 70% of the program will be on-the-job training, 20% will be counseling and mentoring, and 10% will be training. • Core Ministry Impact – This tool is beginning to create measurable change and it will help in the future to measure where the mission is and where it is going relating to diversity. • Benefits Summary – Total Revenue = $35.2 million, Total Claim Cost = $34.8 million, Cash Balance of $7.4 million. Administrative costs are 7.8% (the standard is 10%). Enhancements to the benefits package include coverage starting on the first of the month for new hires, routine dermatology visits and otoplasty. • Retirement – The pension plan will merge with the 401(k) plan. There will be an escalating and enhancing of the vesting schedule, and there will be no pre-vesting forfeiture. The Human Resources Committee had no resolutions to present. Corporate Governance Committee Brooks provided a summary on the key takeaways from the Corporate Governance Committee meeting: • Data Security – Young Life has instituted a WyldLife permission form, and the adoption rate has been extraordinary, which is a testament to staff and to parents who are welcoming this requirement. The form has given staff an initial touchpoint with parents and a reason for reaching out. • Camp Security – There were several security events that happened this summer at Woodleaf, Crooked Creek and Malibu. Several changes have been instituted based on what was learned during these events.

• Better Business Bureau – Young Life recently became approved by the Better Business Bureau which has been a yearlong endeavor. • Insurance – Young Life has saved more than $25 million in the last 10 years by being a part of an insurance captive with several other ministries. • DRC and Bangladesh Updates – There have been hardships and missteps in these countries, but lessons are being learned about international ministry and future training opportunities. • International Operations – There was a crossfunctional prioritization summit for International Ops which helped created a multi-year plan for setting legal entities in new countries among other work. The Corporate Governance Committee had no resolutions to present. Trustee Governance Committee John Brandon reminded the board that the purpose of the committee was to evaluate the current board of trustees and consider potential new trustees. During their time together, they reviewed a number of trustee self-evaluations from those who recently completed a four-year term and they reviewed several potential new trustee candidates. The Trustee Governance Committee presented two resolutions, as follows: Honorary Tribute to Jerry Colangelo Honorary Tribute to Bruce Hosford Committee reports were concluded and the chair called attention to the minutes of the April meeting found on pages 67-73 in the board report. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes. There being no corrections, the minutes were unanimously approved as written. He also called attention to the minutes of the July meeting found on pages 74-76 in the board report. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes. The chair made note of the Executive Committee actions located on pages 77-79 of the board report, for

which no action was required. Newt asked Mark to pray and the board dismissed for lunch.

Business Session (continued) — Friday, November 22, 2019 The chair called the second day of the meeting to order, and continued the business session by bringing the formal resolutions from the Finance and Trustee Governance committees for a vote as follows: Resolution: Accepting the Audit Report for FY2019. There was no further discussion and the resolution unanimously passed. Resolution: Honorary Tribute to Bruce Hosford. There was no further discussion and the resolution unanimously passed. Resolution: Honorary Tribute to Jerry Colangelo. There was no further discussion and the resolution unanimously passed.

Mission Leadership Update The following people provided ministry reports concerning their areas of responsibility: • Karil Connor, Vice President of YoungLives Ministries and Ayesha Wilcox, YoungLives Divisional Coordinator – Karil and Ayesha shared about YoungLives ministry in the U.S. • Jon Houghton, Regional Director and Kaleah Ojewola, Associate Regional Director of the Chicagoland Region – Jon and Kaleah shared an update on their region’s creation of the Together fund. Eric Scofield, Chief Development Officer Eric shared an update from Development. International currently uses a top-down model, where $25 million comes from the U.S. and $6 million is raised locally. The mission is innovating toward more indigenous giving, stewardship summits and hiring new development staff, all with the hopes that in the long term, international local dollars will

Spring Board Report 2020 71

surpass U.S. funding of international ministry. In the U.S., there is currently a bottom-up model, where a majority of the funding comes from the local level. We are innovating toward Regional Funding Plans (big gifts coming in at the regional level), and engaging the mission’s under-engaged donor base with the larger vision of Young Life. Eric updated the board on the progress of the Forward Accelerator (December 2019 goal of $260 million was reached) and Legacy giving ($85 million raised in the last two years).

Closing The chair concluded the business of the board and reminded them of the spring meeting that will be held in London, England, on April 14-17, 2020. The chair noted that the Young Life Foundation board meeting will begin after this meeting adjourns. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m. Respectfully submitted, /s/ Paul W. Sherrill Paul W. Sherrill, Secretary (Original minutes signed and placed in corporate minute book. Copies of all approved resolutions from the 2019 fall board meeting can be found in the minute book maintained in the office of the corporate secretary.)


Spring Board Report 2020

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