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The Hopi Tribe By Aston Shrum

TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1………. Introduction Section 2………. Houses Section 3………. Clothing Section 4………. Transportation Section 5………. Weapons Section 6………. Trades Section 7........ Arts and crafts Section 8……… Essay Section 9……… Journal entry Section 10…….. Glossary Section 11…….. Conclusion

Introduction You are about to read many very interesting facts about the Hopi tribe. If you travel back in time with my latest book you will know everything. So do you want to take a trip and go back 100 years ago? Keep reading to find out all the information about the Hopi village. If you want to find out more keep reading and become one of the Hopi members.

HOPI HOMES These are some interesting facts about the Hopi homes. The Hopi lived in adobe homes which were story houses. The adobe homes look like a modern day apartment building. The houses were usually made out of clay, straw, and hard bricks.

CLOTHING Here are some interesting facts about the Hopi tribe’s clothes. The Hopi men would only were breechcloths. The women were knee leggings and cotton dresses. They used deer skin to make their clothes. The men would wear cloth head bands. Most men would put their hair into a figure 8 like a bun called a homsono. Hopi people were silver jewelry like rings, bracelets, and rings. These were some interesting facts about the Hopi clothing don’t you think?

Transportation Read to find out about how the Hopi tribe moved around back in the day when there were no cars to move around in and no bikes to pedal. The Hopi Indians did not use canoes to move around they usually walked everywhere. If they were carrying heavy cargo they would bring a sled to drag the heavy cargo. Once the Europeans brought horses to America the Hopi Indians started moving faster. Is this the way that you would move around?

Hopi weapons Come on and read about how the Hopi put up with war and what they used as nice and easy weapons. The Hopi men went out hunting with bows and arrows, and cross bows. Hopi did not go to war very often but sometimes the Spanish would attack them. When they did have war they usually used bows and arrows also they used spears. They used the arrows to dig up fine gold and silver. So what do you think of the cool things they did with their weapons?

Trades Read along with the extreme trades and whatever they traded. Most of these trades they did were very price less. The Hopi traded with the pueblo tribe. They all traded in Mexico. They traded shells and jewelry. Other tribes that the Hopi traded with would raid their village. So would you trade these valuable items?

Arts and crafts Enjoy the amazing arts and crafts that the creative tribe made. They carved silver jewelry and nesting dolls. They made very fine pottery work and basket work. The Hopi art work is still seen today in very many places in the world. In World War 2 the captain asked the Hopi artist to make something special for the war. Much of their art is seen in many museums today.

Essay The Hopi people were able to adapt to their environment because, they built homes from natural resources, they were skilled hunters, and they traded. One reason that the Hopi tribe could adapt to their environment was because they built homes from natural resources. For example, they used clay, mud, and hard bricks. The cloth they put over the houses made this not too hot. They used animal skin for their houses. A second reason that the Hopi people could survive in their environment is because they were skilled hunters. For example, they used bows and arrows to hunt down their prey. They used the animal skin for clothing. They also used dear skin for houses. My third reason that the Hopi people could survive in their environment is because they traded. For example, they would trade gems for important materials they needed. They were often traders. All the people they traded with were in Mexico. As you can see, the Hopi people could survive in their environment because they built their houses out of natural resources, they hunted, and most of all they traded.

Dear Journal, I am so scared because there is a war going on outside and my dad is in it fighting. I and my mom are in a bomb shelter underground trying to be safe. I wanted to go help my dad but my mom said no. later I looked out of a little window and all I could see was dark ash floating through the air. While my mom was sleeping there was a hole to give us air. So I snuck through it really fast.

-Caleb Simpson

Dear Journal, On the second day of the war my dad came down to the bomb shelter that they put me in. when I saw him I ran to him. I was so glad to see him but he said he could not stay long. After dad left I remember that my friend ben from the Navajo tribe, he told me that the people that there tribe traded with they raided our village or we had war with.

-Caleb Simpson

Glossary Adobe homes-figure 8 shaped houses Breechcloths –are leggings for men Homsono –a figure 8 bun that the Hopi men would put their hair into Cargo –packages Raided-taking over another village

Conclusion So as you can see the Hopi Indians did many different things. Most of the tribes would not do all these different ideas that the Hopi tribe had. How was your tribe 100 years ago?

The Hopi by Aston