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Table of Contents Section 1…………….Introduction Section 2…………….Hopi homes: what are they like? Section 3…………….Hopi clothes Section 4……………..Transportation Section 5…………….Why are they called Hopi and what do they speak? Section 6……………Linda’s journal Section 7…………….Essay Section 8…………..Glossary

Introduction The Hopi’s are a group of Pueblo people. They lived in the southwest. They did a technique called dry farming that helped them adapt to their home. They built special homes so they could escape in a hurry. And they had their houses made from adobe so they could have a cold morning and a hot night. Learn more about this amazing tribe that adapted to their environment, it’ll be fun!

Hopi homes: what were they like? The Hopi homes were like apartment complexes. These homes were made from mud and straw but when it is heated its called adobe. When it was done heating it was cooled into brick form. When the adobe houses were complete they were very large and had the capacity of one entire family! The Hopi’s lived in Arizona where their moms, dads, Grandmas , and Grandpas have always’ lived.

Hopi clothes Pink skirt and jeans maybe. Listen to what the Hopi’s dressed like. The women wore skorts that had a strap attached to it and went over one shoulder and back to the back of the skort. But men are completely different. They would only wear pants (aka trousers). And both men and women wore moccasins made out of deer skin. On occasions like ceremonies, girls liked to paint them white and add white deerskin leggings. Head dresses Many people think Indians wore head dresses, well this one doesn’t. Men wore soft head bands and had their hair up into figure eights and if women still were single they had their hair up into what looked like a butterfly. If the women were married they wore their hair up in pig tails. However things have changed since then. So their style might have changed, but they’re still Hopi right? Wait how about blue dress, jeans and moccasins? LOL well I guess looking back in time does help.

Transportation Most people think Indians rode canoes. Well they had horses and a travois. Read this paragraph and find out if it’s true. Hopis did not ride canoes. However they did travel on foot even for long distances like hunts but they did bring a travois. A Travois is a sleddish thing that pulls game, and heavy loads. Travois’ are pulled by dogs, but when Europeans brought horses into the land which the Hopis used they could go farther places. That was a very good thing for the Hopis.

Why are they called Hopi and what do they speak? The Hopi language is very complex and is hard to explain. Not only that, but the words are very long and hard to pronounce. This language is very similar to the Aztec language. Although many Hopi people speak English now, some still speak it. Wanna learn a fun fact? A small Hopi word is “ha’u”. It means hello! Oh and Hopi means “peaceful people.”

Linda’s Journal December 18th I am glad I am inside. The snow is blowing everywhere and the winds are very fast. I hope my adobe home will keep us warm. It is time for me to sleep. I just hope tomorrow will be better. I don’t think I can last any longer without food and if my Papa cannot hunt, we will not make it. It’s bad enough we are melting ice for water. I am starved. I will complete this journal page tomorrow. I just hope it will be a better one.

December 19th The snow has started to stop. My dad is going hunting in the afternoon. I hope he gets food back. Thank go my Mama found some seeds to eat. And if you are wondering all I want for Christmas is my father and some food back to me. Got to go do chores. Bye!

Essay The Hopi people were able to adapt to their environment because they had houses that could stand crazy temperatures, they hunted for their own food, and because they made their own clothes. One way the Hopi were able to adapt to their environment is because they had houses that could stand crazy temperatures. The Hopi people made their homes out of adobe so they could have a cold evening and a hot night. And that is a good thing because back then they did not have air conditioners or heaters. They lived off the land. This is very lucky, especially when it over 100 degrees during the day and 50 below zero degrees at night. This is one way they adapted. A second way the Hopi’s adapted was that they hunted for their own food. The Hopis would go as far as the eye could see for food. On these long journeys the Hopi’s would bring along a travois to carry their game. (game means food collected from hunting) They also used it to carry heavy loads. A third reason that the Hopi’s adapted to the environment is they made their own clothes. The Hopi’s did not go to Target or Walmart back then, they made their own clothes. They would shear the sheep and get the wool and weave it until it was big enough to wear. The Hopis were very different from our clothes today, different patterns, different styles, you name it. And since they probably did not have a lot of cloth they did basic stuff like a strap over the shoulder and a skirt attached to it and moccasins. This is another way the Hopis adapted. The Hopis were able to adapt to their environment because they had houses that could stand crazy temperatures, they made their own food, and most of all they made their own clothes.

Glossary Apartment complexes ……………Apartment complexes are basically apartments in groups of ten or more, kind of like a village. Adobe……………Adobe is mud and straw that was into brick form and made into apartments or houses.

Skort………….....A skort is basically a pair of shorts with a skirt attached that go’s on top of it. Environment………….An environment is a place where something or someone has made a home and lived there

Canoes………….Canoes are a long skinny rowboat with paddles.

Aztec langue………A very complex language with very long and confusing words.

Hopi facts by katelyn scheeler  
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